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2019-09-28 | 🔗
This one is a real head scratcher. Jessica Johnson, a 37 year old single mother,  is found hanging from a mailbox in broad daylight. Police immediately label it a bizarre suicide but almost all of the evidence points to something much more sinister. The Facebook page Jessica's mother Linda set up:https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Interest/What-happened-to-Jessica-Johnson-886316114880842/Elly Vikere's video about this case:https://youtu.be/pr2dAkY85AU?fbclid=IwAR1bERyewfRQpm1vXfohObJzgkR6iiegreQIC_DWad_jSXb_NXvEKcpEUaoOur Sponsor: Hello Fresh! Visit HelloFresh.com/MORBID80 for $80 off your order!
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What many about my many is the re z curious at what I believe is unsolved case of Jessica Renee, Johnson, oh hey! Now I had not heard of this one before I haven't. I just came upon it and I was like well and by the way guys if you here, like a giant hog, snorting the background. It's not a hall! That's my beautiful pogo Bailey, just snoring away, but she seemed in and I don't want. Weaker up, please. she's too shew sleeping beauty right now and I feel like we owe it to her to let her sleep because I brought another human into the house, so I did or dirty so sleep, a dinner This is another case of the investigation immediately focusing on what they wanted the crime scene to reflect, instead of actually looking at the crime scene deeper and seeing the signs that things
not what they initially appeared to be perfect snow rose. You know that was it the LAPD it wasn't. This is very recent too. Oh shit, so angry Second, two thousand and seventeen o Bush. Yeah yeah. cigar remain Johnson was found deceased in a bizarre and gruesome. Seen that has never been fully investigated are understood. Ok, when I get to the scene, your brain might, just explode because its bonkers dude, I should be like brain dead from how many times my brain is exploited and you really really sure it's maybe I am- and I just have this- do you know some that listening a thick ashes, definitely Britain to one hundred percent, guess why jokes on your right, because you have something you I fucking no green. So so
Jessica. Johnson was a thirty seven year old woman. She was a mother to child during our no yeah yeah. Come on single mother. She was from Horn Lake Mississippi. She had a daughter who was eight years old and a son who was nineteen years old kind of a bigger. She was very petite lake. Five three, I think, she's like hundred fifteen pounds, was very tiny ITALY in a couple of things that legitimately every single person agrees on when describing her she's the nicest person that ever lived. You know well that she one absolutely adored her kids, ok and would do anything for them and that she was absolutely turning. you look at any pictures of her and you, like, oh my god, readily be if a woman like she's just gorgeous I'm a google gorgeous everyone, a good, that's one of the first things, and I know people like it wiser to one thing. But it's
one thing that really stood out of others? Just like everyone agrees, she's like universally just beautiful now everyone recalled that she wouldn't go out dressed like a slob or without some glam ever she was not one to walk outside. in pajamas she was not gonna walk outside without make up. Like all her friends, I like she went everywhere Glinda she always had a full visa make upon He always had her hair, I would really days later and the first article Open said: she's fancy a glimpse of diva safe. All her friends agree like she's a glamour girl, love that, unlike good for her, how ya gotta. Do it so she was gonna. Look like a superstar, no matter what she was doing. According to true crime, daily quote, she was always dressed up and really pretty and she knew it and that's what her sister Caleb men still said. Okay, so she had struggled a bit in recent years, but was always there for her kids
her mother said she did suffer with drug addiction, mainly does annex on an opera, but she was trying to get it together. Just Justino shoes have in a time of issues a little lost. Unfortunately, recently before her death, she started to get him with a bad crowd. All her friends agree with this village. She was getting. It was some bad people she dating a guy named Garland Heart Garland. Yes, and he was a he was it a lot. He was a guy, so we're not talking Judy Garland we're not talking Judy we're Talkin like were not taken some over the Rainbow Treaty to Bang Bang. When I do in any that we're talking, garland hearts. Ok, he was in the drug, oh now using selling drugs. No, he was abusive, I'll fuck him so he's just not a good do be not a good. Do we not have time for that? Lady? We don't end. He used her car for
drug dealing come widgets like. Why do and that also your drug dealer by young Eric S uncle you of money, I mean and in a prison, blame All her friends were like it's weird like he was not her type like in the past. Living like a tattoo Dino lake Guy is usually not her thing, but recently she had been going for that, so they were like. I don't know. I think she is why the fixed people valet, who hasn't been there, the up the open so October, tents, two thousand thirteen, so going back a little bit Jessica was actually arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance in possession of paraphernalia. Oh no, the charges were dropped and it ended up that she was caught with some dudes. Then they are there
he had a bag of math on them, but they were unable to pin it down to whose it was like. I wasn't on her person, it was just in a Europe where they were here and that's why the charges or drought- but it's worth mentioning she was running into these situations as a boy. Unfortunately, but again recently, she was really trying to get it together. It said a lot I read on the lot of, like you know, read it threads like forms and articles that they kind of describe her as like a party girl or like she liked pretty all the time Bob LE but her mother, Linda, whose very outspoken about her death and I'll get to her a lot in this. She actually commented herself on a read it. at about the case of dashing several times, and she said that this was a complete misconception he said she was not and she was, like, I admit, like she was struggling with drugs like I'm, not trying to pain her as this like angel, that didn't have any flaws rain, but she wasn't a party girl she
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though it was like nice, because her kids were growing a brown or grant their grandparents who take care of them alive, like it was a good dynamic. So she left the house and said she was going to be with garland fur dare to their turn a work on their relationship only by yadda yadda. So she ended up at a house on angel, Dr Weir. Her boyfriend, Garland was staying with a guy named Jesse and you know, he wasn't super stable, so you haven't seen these houses of other people. This home was only about five miles away from her parents. House wasn't far away everyone in our life says that this relationship of garland was not good. It was not healthy and her mother actually says that it was quote toxic. Now, this is giving me serious, Phoebe Headstart, biopsy every candidate. In fact, a lot of friends and family really just couldn't understand this relationship because, like I said she was never ending, So then she wanted to thank sitting here. The oceans
very weird and they were like, but lately she was just getting into this lifestyle and he was sucking or deeper into it. So none of them were psyched about it. I think, once you are connected to lot lifestyle to it, I am very hard to get away from areas. You know things that they don't want you to know for sure. Like you seen some shit, you ve been of some shit like that. It's probably really tough, and you know when you feel when you really trying to fix someone you feel like it. you can't leave until the are done remain in Europe. So in honey, just leave honey just leave. I know. Let me tell you when I went to extreme it from the rooftops when, unfortunately she did so in an article on W M C. Five action news Linda her mother said quote, she told me Mamma, if anything happens, to me, go find him. You know I'm not going to mention his name but go find him she's. And in the same article, the owner of the home, that he was staying at Jesse his room
kind of spun a convenient narrative about what happened to Jessica and Curtseyed idea, and it seems it's it's it's suspicious if he asks me so he says the sky Jesse, who was the owner of the home. She was going to be hanging out with garland that for a couple days, He said quote from the time that they showed up on Wednesday to Thursday Jessica seemed out of You know normal self, that's the first time I've seen them in months together, and she just I don't know she was just really, I think- love sick. She was more dramatic than I had ever seen, her think what I mean, and once you find out what this whole thing is like what happened here. You're gonna see why this seems very convenient, ok, she's, being dramatic and emotional. Like I see what you're saying apparently the evening of June. First, two thousand seventeen. There was a lot of people at this home in an out and out like new drugs parting. All this was going on in this and according to the sky, Jesse,
Jessica in her boyfriend, Ireland got into an argument outside their arguing. for the time they were there, and he said that when they were arguing on the driveway. She pulled the street the shoe strings out of her sneakers and said that she was gonna, kill yourself. Ok, the witch League That doesn't make any sense. Garland was like our whenever they get out of here and dislike shut the door on yellow left, let's not keep this in mind, because this is very convenient later when you find out what happened to Jessica and that he happened to see this scenario. also did. Did she just like throw up a tiny outside and be willing to take them in early pull out each of earthlings umbilical, very dry. moments inordinately. Usually she didn't you The amount of your slick plague you would pull out like a table cloth right, I mean lichens and it doesn't make sense of it like. I don't think that so the guy
so Jesse again, the owner of the home said later that night June first, he also got a text message from her after Garland heavenly get out here, like you're crazy, go where you come in this text message he said was her talking about quote. She just didn't want to feel the pain anymore. Anything convenient again go now on June, First Jessica spoke with her mother and her daughter on face time so. On that day, she had spoken to her mother. She had spoken her daughter on face time and she told both of them I'm gonna becoming form. Today. She didn't, obviously that's not like her. This was not it's. It's not and for her to say I'm gonna be home and then just not come because she cared about those kids. She wouldn't do that, I'm just wasn't. She wasn't in the habit of Can you please note how she was wasn't in according to true crane, daily. Her mother, Linda said: quote Thursday I kept trying to get in touch with her. I said this is very
usual for Jessica? She always made sure that she texted and most of the time she would even send me her location shouldn't, do any of that. Nothing! She can get in touch with her at all. at three? Twenty nine a m on June first so that night after garlic has already told a go. Glade forgot her son third eighteen nineteen year old Son received a text message from. phone three thirty in the morning saying I have not been able to find what this text message. Come on. I can't find it anywhere, but why Would she text her son had three thirty in the morning, another mediating level. Now in what was in the text, message isn't so important. It's the time that the second message was sent and keep that time in mind. Three hundred and thirty, a dot m. Three hundred and thirty, a dot m so on the morning of June June. Second,
a woman male carrier walked up to the mailbox that was outside of this home and discovered Jessica's deceased body. Next to the mailbox, the scene was horrifying. Yes, next to the mailbox, but you'll, never guess so this male carrier ran and got another male carrier to come to the scene because she would freaked out yeah and this person this male carrier took an infamous photograph of the crime scene, which is good that they did because obviously the police box the so that only know if they would have taken a further. The photo is varied Doing it's very graphic: did you look it's not likely how just go and want to be remembered trade. I looked at it for this case because it's her mouth there are actually sent this photo to news outlets when she did interviews, because she was like show this photo now, because this is not what they're saying it is right in
It be warned if you, Google it it is it's an upsetting photo us. It's not a something to work. If you, Google, the case Jessica, RNA Johnson, it will pop up just so. You know if you want to or not suggested goes found in front of the home. She had been saying She was next to the mailbox she was in the kneeling position. Setting up this mailbox was surrounded by tons of long grass like overgrown. There were two shoelaces tied together tight around her neck with the other end of them, tied to the wooden pole, holding the mailbox into the ground. So she was hung on the mailbox. Allow one of the shoelaces was pulled tightly across her face cheese and across her mouth as well, so it pulled her toppling up and the slight creepy snarl kind of thing and her head was looking upwards leg tilted up to me. This with this would make it look like someone stood behind her and strangled her while she looked up at them.
we'll get into that after now, if you were, they cause, they initially obviously everybody's like suicide. She hung herself on the mailbox. If you were to kill yourself in this manner, you would need to use your body weight to strangle yourself, so you would likely face away from the post and leaned forward. You use your weight leverage to strangle yourselves. You could just kind of like far forward and let your body way do the work for you. He was found leaned against the post, with the string across her face, which being should have this. Like pull her head to the side to strangle herself but which doesn't make you wouldn't be able to give her self, and I won t have just like stayed in that position makes actually it just needs to take in we're gonna go very far into this later, but it's just weird now, only her hair is down and the shoe lace with that was tight. Around her neck was also tied over her hair linger here, wasn't pulled out of the shoe lace for it to lay against her skin. Here, that's weird
There's there's been a lot. This has been a topic of interests is one piece of evidence because, when you would like think about it as well as a girl, Ursa or anybody with long hair too. For that matter, if your hair is stuck in something, you pull it out it's unusual and if you are trying to kill yourself by hang yourself of this, way string you'd want that you lay to be up against your skin wrapped buffered by your hair right, because that would give you enough to strangle so just keep that in mind. Her purse was, open in situated on the ground between her legs right hand was also between her legs and appears to be clutching a wallet or a small change purse of some sort. in her other hand, is not really seen, but it's like slightly behind her on the ground here like distant a weird position, she's also wearing really casual clothing, she's, where
a grey cam, o t shirt, handling, baggy em, just like regular genes. Much like was on her. Do you know, and she doesn't have any make upon and her hair is not done at all, which normally wouldn't be of importance to Jessica is a known glamour girl in May she would never seen without make up done. Rice is weird. There was closed. That, he was wearing everyone whose looked at that knows her like I've, never seen that those calls on her. I ever heard like she did not on those clause in they were like, and she wouldn't that right. It's just not does not matter now police really Botz the shit from the Joan because this is a really weird fucked up seen it's a woman hung never heard on email hawks in broad daylight, Legged she's, very odd. They were apparently parking their cars like way too close to the bar. In the scene and if you look a crime scene photos, you can see they ve cordon off the scene, but the car Zoellick right on it miraculously exhausted as people walking through this, like they really fucked it up.
and they basically looked at Jessica, as is sometimes struggling attics hanging out with tough people, and they said, while this is clearly a suicide case closed, It's not fair, they didn't even consider another possibility there like suicide. She hung herself on the post So the Desoto County, coroner, Jeff Pounders, said her death. as death suicide via asphyxiation by ligature, and that was it. And her mom was like yeah right yourself exactly in on the d. certificate? It says that no autopsy was performed? Well, I lay there will later they they discover that a partial one was performed. So that's weird yeah. And immediately everyone she knew was like no, no, no way and, of course, everyone's gonna. I know people here like that She would never commit suicide. I know her. She wouldn't do that.
A lot of them said that and of course none of us can know what's going on in someone's brain? I will devils advocate that and say, like you could say, and I I wouldn't a peg that person they commit suicide, utterly of every single person. You know essay on it's like I mean that its shore for share, but like I can also see how that's like version, you can see me as I do. You can't always know someone who struggling and put on a happy ending Robin Williams in our leg get sometimes I don't I don't happen around the ugly Chester Bennington. He was super depressed and had done it like tried it before the night before. There's like a video of him, smiling happy playing with his family of suicide. Omega Chester Bennington certainly does not lie. so the suicide angle just doesn't make sense and its worth noting that
She did not o D. That was proven. There was a toxicology report, but she did have mass and annex in her system when she died. There was not enough to kill her or come incapacity but that wasn't your system, and this is why a lot of people think the case is in getting the proper attention that she deserves, because they just leave investigators and just looking at it like she's, a drug addict ring she got in with a bad crowd. She was probably depressed she's on the stuff. She probably just went crazy and hung herself on a meal No, it doesn't make any sense, but that's probably what their thinking. Detective were exactly now also There was a security camera that was owned. the homeowner Jesse and it was pointed at the mailbox, so it was like pointed it of the mailbox- is right on the road. You know legacy pointing towards that area. It would include toenail dogs. Tell me what happened in this video. Well, obviously, that's the smoke
none. That's going to tell us what happened right. Yeah, no police never asked to access it. In the homeowner, never offered it or looked at it himself, and now it's gone so he lit a suit. This happens on your mailbox outside. You have a video camera that points right at it in you. Never look about video to be like. I need to know what happened yeah or give it to the police. Yeah yeah, we're according to true crime. Daily Jesse also have tons of different stories. When it comes to this all era, it was it wasn't. Just like. Oh no here's one story, you think it's actually not even mine. He literally said he never looked at the video. He said he didn't. You recall pass Code and he didn't have the basket why you're another Pascoe dear and holding hearings, I'm cool, and then he said you Know- and it may not have been on at the time- oh
No, what I think it already recorded over like the next day lino the police didn't ask me like he came up with literally forty five different stories and so far we have no idea what was on the actual too. Now you and tell you, so. Obviously the Johnson's don't believe any other shit and they hired a private forensic scientists in investigator named Maurice. Darwin and Maurice Godwin worked on the Casey Anthony case so shut, so he's really like noted as like working on high profile cases, he also disagree, but the suicide angle like vehemently he was like immediately he was like, is again now yeah naughty. a little bit, and he also set was the one that was like a partial autopsy was performed. I dont know why it says there wasn't one he told crime much daily, that he doesn't agree with any of this and he said
quote based on the way the string is around her Adams Apple. Here she would have never been passed out anyway, because I dont think there was enough pressure to cut off the air and he said the majority of the force and the pressure was on cheekbone, and he also said in this position. She would have been an excruciating paying the entire time. He was like this is literally the worst way to go, because if she really did this to herself, she would have been pulling to the side and literally slowly strangling while her hair ripping out in the shoelaces. Unlike you just and do not have it nonsense. It doesn't make any sense. So he also said about these shoelaces themselves, because there were two shoelaces tied together once tied in a new surrender neck. The other one is tied to the pole and then tied together. They were tied together at the very
ends of the shoelaces? Very precisely, and she was supposedly in doing this if she data herself in the middle of the night, you are incomplete darkness and she did this perfect, precise, like now, sir. I don't think so, and Doktor Godwin said quote. In my opinion, she didn't die. This kind not used to tie the shoelaces together is so precisely tied really close to the end. So to me that will be difficult to tie this without proper lighting and the Johnson's also hired another expert, who was a former Memphis police officer named Roma arena. He said quote someone that's coming in, radically trying to hang themselves in the cover of darkness? And you look here- and this is a royal rural area worlder. It was very dark, know: ST lights, no, nothing! It's not going to be precise!
to me into anyone has any common sense. They would know that this is not suicide by hanging. She was placed here a hundred per cent and they both This was a stage seen review stage to set up either as a message or either way she was set up to look like she killed herself, but I didn't do a good job. They just happen to get past the fact and police officers. Where was the signal Mississippi Ok now the whole scene is bizarre, obviously, but the purse to me screams that this was staged because her hand is resting next to it and clutching what looks like a wallet, and this would be the case. if she was desperately and in an odd way, trying to hang yourself in the dead of night. Why would her while it be in her hand,
to be, holding her hand was and how it should stay. That way, like a word and to be honest it it makes it look like more like she was murdered because it looks like she was. There was either stays that way, which I dont know. Why would we save our? After her dying somewhere else where she was possibly desperately trying to plead with her killer, to stop and perhaps pulled her Waller out while it out to play, bribe them or something Leon I would she be holding that men coming out of the press is like a pink phone chargers. Cord, that's like spilled out at the top of the person in its just on, because it looks like she was looking through her purse winter. Something happened yet it was placed in That makes it look like she was on her knees. Digging in her person may be trying to get something out in an boom, something here. It was therefore interpersonal. Her phone, where actually gonna get to the phone line, is a big deal also,
one side of the purse with a strap like the metal part of the strap connects to the purse. It was ripped like someone torrid away while she was holding it. Ok, yeah it was we that's cause are so none of the in none of this was looked at as evidence of an awesome Greer. So when the family saw postmortem photos of Jessica taken, it morgue. They also noticed something else strange about it that nobody had mentioned what her left arm, the one that's obscured and the photo it was in shocking condition. Bowser only live first. There was mark that looks suspiciously like a shoeprints on her arm in They were trying to investigator stridency. Now like. Oh, I think it was the grass those like imprinting in, No it's clear It looks like a blueprint. It looks like them. stood on her arm ouch, and it was a very insane indian. There was also clear bruising around her wrists.
like like somebody was like writing it, sir, or with grabbing her, and then these these bloody speckles all for her hand and arm- and it looks like a chemical burn like some splattered like something some chemical on her that with little burns in her skin, ok and nobody thought anything I've not now and also there is clearly blood around and in her fingernails up? What will come from what use is bleeding out of her fingernails? Like that, don't make any sense to me all the time and its under her fingernails. None of it was tested, none of it and nobody question this chemical burn in these ligature grabbing, marks like again. What's your name Tammy, that Britain? Do you, commissioner, on your face when they really go yeah, that's a rug burn. It's fine really allow for sure Lake
her friendly and Marino said quote: there were holes in her hand, holes like any. I there is a picture of her left arm, though, on the date that they were looking at and the one that they took on line. If you google this case, it will come up and images to say no in its shocking illegal. Have what that's normal hand, language willing to day just an armed like today does not want to do anything. I guess so it's very odd. So there in her mother said there were marks on her wrists and arms. Like we said, and she said it looks like she was bound impossible injected with something like some of the breathing looks like yeah, it's very odd. Now. The next thing is her cell phone. You laugh what about what's up, but that herself was found. It was in her purse. Her phone was locked and no one has the code now the past code.
was changed during this time. After that, three hundred and twenty nine, a dot m text message was sent to her have son. So we have to change your passcode now she's trying to kill herself in the middle of the night and sending a thing to her son. Somehow, are you going to go change your passcode? No, no you're! Not now this could mean that somebody sent those texts that were supposedly sent by text Jessica, which is what I believe yeah to like throw the timing and like make it look like that or the poor in the person could have either known the pass code which supposedly garlanded, or they could have used her finger to unlock the thing and then, already in that it had been when they are ready, killed. Her or incapacitated are used her finger right now. Police have not tried to access it. The police were like nope, we can access it. Why no idea and they all right refused to
use her finger print to open it because, even though she's dead, you can use a lingering open it, and even though the cell phone is in her others name. It's not even in her name, Father is alive and well, he can say apple won't unlock it. Why I've known yeah. But it's making me nuts and I like what I feel it going to be so for us, I, Maria Frustrating, my very frustrated police could have used her fingerprinting. didn't it makes me nuts, it's such a botched opportunity and now she's cremated, oh shit up, so the opportunity is completely gone now what happened was Jessica's parents were so like distraught and just like crazed when this happened that they need The decision to cremate her for financial reasons all and now they are like filled with regret
They thought that the police had taken all this into evidently and they thought, but the phone could be open and they didn't think they would have to use her deceased finger to open Uncle John thing I thought so they didn't think any of that was going to be an issue and now she's cremated and they ve lost a lot of their stores we some way to get into her phone, though I like jailbreak, there is something I can apple open. Another wall, it's ridiculous, so everybody thinks that that cell phone, pulled. Everything probably were like they think it's gonna tell you everything you need to know what happened, and I bet it does much about they're gonna lose at another and I'm sure, because, oh they lost some of it.
And so we can get a car and surely not chairs going as air. You shocked even now. Remember, like I said her son received a text message from her three twenty nine am that day, Doktor Godwin, the guy, the forensic investigative at the Johnson's hired said that he thought Jessica had been dead for at least eight hours according to what he had seen her. She would have already been done yet when the male carrier had found her. That would mean that the text was sent either right around when she was dying or her or even after you used it, and what he said his quote: either somebody had her phone somewhere else and sent that message or they were standing at the mailbox at around three hundred and thirty, a m send a message to try to throw everything off and then just put it in her purse and walked away
either way and now their thinking her time of death is actually between twelve and two m that night, so even earlier than they originally thought. So that would put that text message way after she died right, Sir, didn't, send their tax. I search it didn't happen. It didn't make sense to me anyway, because she's a mother she's carrying mother, despite any of her faults, You don't he's not gonna taxes. Are you here at three thirty in the morning? That's like that. Just it didn't make sensory. So what happens when alone off now The boy friend girl indefinitely looks like it gives us a hundred percent him and Jesse. In my opinion, girl in her relationship was volatile. Like we said, there was abuse, but he's him and Jesse- and this is crazy to me- are both saying now dead You don't think it was suicide there we are agreeing in, but their green,
now being like. No, I don't think she killed us out like we didn't do it, but I know somebody which could either be while they're telling the truth or could be wild as a really good weight. o F gases such an idea, which is kind of what I think also Garland has a girlfriend now who he was, I believe, cheating on Jessica with her hand, and she claimed recently that garland was with her that whole night when garland and everyone who was at that House are already saying that he was at that have sooner eager all shut off so easily giving him a weird alibi that he doesn't need. Is ITALY, you're just make you look worse yon here now it doesn't go, go away! Girl! Gonna! Now her friend said he was mentally abusive, physically abusive there in that she knew that he could hurt her events. They said, and some of them actually said. I think her friend Michel Bland said that more than one occasion she would have till I come
get her after they were fighting all in. She would say this guy he's, gonna, kill me, ok, let's not on which that socket end again, Jesse said when they showed up on one say they gonna huge fight in whom were fighting the entire time and on Thursday, before she died, she actually called a friend to help her and they said it was Lee, am I think it was late. Yeah Leon Marino, she said quote: she was locked in the bathroom with her cell phone afraid of garland. She wanted her girlfriend, come pick her up and get her out of their thats, not kind. So that should tell you something,
she said when she got there, Garland wouldn't let her in he said. Jessica was being crazy. She was one starting everything. She was the problem and he said you know. Maybe you should just take her out of here. I can't handle her. I began taking my front and she's never coming back here and she said that happened, but after like forty five minutes, just her for her friend ended up believing and Jessica stated the house because she was like she wasn't coming with me. She wondered work things out. I was like, whatever you do, things for wasting began the exactly and now, at the time now recently part was up for domestic abuse charges and assault charges recently in someone else's perfect, so he's got it in him, yeah to be a shit now in he's. Also claiming he's really leaning into this he's saying I don't even care about my name being cleared, unlike that family is accused
me of this, and I understand that they need someone to blame. Will you strand of guy, he's trying to be as trying way to anything, but all I want to know what happened to just. I don't care if my name gets cleared of us right. and he's any man he's going like you know wise her mother spreading all these lies. Doesn't she want to know the truth doesn't want to really investigate those in ITALY. Duty is Gaelic what the fuck yeah come on now its work. Mentioning that at some point, during their stay at Jesse's House Jessica went to pick up her friend. I believe her name was Katy up from work and when she went to get her, she was very upset Jessica and Katy was like OSHA, apparently Jesse had called you cigar and was like hey girl and is in the bedroom with two ladys all She was like a mass, so Katy well drove her back to the house and was like I'll go get your stuff for you I'll. Just take you away from ITALY factor here
but Jessica was so upset and she was like. I want to talk to him. I went to work things out. I wanted like. I want to see. What's going on and Katy ended up being my what dude, and just and brazilian point you just have to be like yeah like she was like. I can't you re so This is when the suicide threat with the shoelaces allegedly happened. Jesse was talking about where, like they were fighting and she was like I'm just gonna Gomes. The beef, and so that was when he sent her packing? That's when you if I go out until you anymore, you're crazy go when that was. I regret at six p m. I think So then, there's nine hours between then and when she found that there are unaccounted for countries found Jesse's house right outside perhaps the outlying right outside it wasn't just Chillun there for nine hours. No note that's the thing it doesn't make any sense in so that again the fact that she, so the fact that she didn't pull her hair out from under that's it makes no sense laws on. Why would she go back there to kill herself exactly it's like? Where did she go
right. We ve been mainly men and women. I want. I want to do it at this male waxlike. No, that's in this outfit that no one has ever see me where not it's! None of it makes now and now heard that cause of death is still asphyxiation by hanging suicide and still labelled like that. the state medical examiner, was going to do another report. I couldn't find anything about what came out of that or if it has come out of that it still could be happening cuz. I was going to take forever. But a couple of other things that make this even weirder is there. His blood found on her shoes, the sneakers that were sons laces, Those shoes were not on her when she was found. They were in the house, okay, so that- no one can say in the shoes were never processed or in that blood was never tested. What the end, though, shoes were sent back to her family with blood on them. And it would also make sense to check those shoelaces for touched dna.
If somebody outside those someone else's hands on me, well yeah, but they lost them. They law and with it, ass, the shoelaces. They literally lost the thing they killed. Her couldn't go, what's lost them, don't over there like the biggest piece of evidence at that scene, they lost. Are you want like? I can't. I don't know how happens, it's like how in a chain of custody situation in evidence, Do you lose evidence? I don't understand that better and they deserve to be obviously just Didn'T- give a shit cause. It's like where's the chain of custody. Where did he get broken or the? Whereas this is like some weird, like others, no chain of custody, there also the clothes she was wearing the ones that everybody's like what the fuck out of their last those they were so that nobody could find these close out like they will be lost and they were like what the fuck her clothes were, incinerate
It is at the funeral home because they were sent to the funeral home in a bio hazard bag which it doesn't make sense because they didn't have any fluids on them right. So they were incinerated, so any evidence on them. Argon these shoelaces are missing. This is botched as far right and also that night she had collected like five hundred bucks from three friends because she was going to be I asked whether she didn't spend it all. A man has five hundred dollar. No, I guess it's not so she had like a ton. Leftover. Ok, I think, like altogether, she had three five hundred all shooting get em like two five hundred dollars from friends like shoe altogether had that on her her while it was empty and the drugs or non her purse.
Your wallet remember, was in her hand so, and I had no money unaids like did someone kill her then go and her wallet take that money and take the drugs and peace. Maybe you don't know so all this, and we still don't have that video footage. The camera that was pointed out, the foggy mailbox and what I would love to see is the report like the autopsy report, because I want to see like levity. Like rigour state like I want to see all of this, because none of this out there and it's so pertinent in their report. You can't find sobering. I don't know what's going on here.
I also want to Know- and I haven't found a yet if I do all this- if there is particular hemorrhaging or petty gay on her, because that's common and hanging cases and what it is it some haemorrhages that occur when blood leaks from the capillaries that are in your eyes, and it can it ruptures because of the increased pressure on the veins in the head and when the Airways are instructed obstructed, earth s city. That's why it often happens and hanging cases what they show up as I like tiny, tiny little linked, pinpoint dots of red, and there are often found in like the conjunctiva of the eye, which is the part.
underneath your, I led like that shit under their of- and it can also be found around your face like around your eyes, and it's just base its hemorrhaging, because your airways are cut off. You know me up when these are found a kind of suggests that the victim was hung while still alive. Oh, so it is often very helpful to look between, like murder, that stage to look like a suicide or an actual suicide right because of the persons dead before they pretended to hang them. They're not gonna have a particularly damaging right, but if they have tv online merging they were alive and that new. So am I right. So that would be very pertinent, and in this case, because she had them, then it doesn't still does improve the cheap. Did it
herself, but it would show us that she was alive when she was next to Melba. Wraith is just so much a botched like opportunities now, Linda Jessica's mother is a fierce advocate for her daughters case and there's a facebook page run by her called what happened. Just Johnson and I'm in a leg. I mean a link, this facebook page and then shone out. I got some of this information like the one about her friend Katy. You know bring her back to the house, but after finding out about that, girls. I found that out from a Youtube or named Ellie vicar. I think it is the gear she does she's like awesome her channel merely yeah, I was really start fell and the like a hole in her channel a lovely. Does these like true crime, I think like Sundays, or something she goes really hard into a case potent you did a great job on this one. So few looking to hear more, go check her out, cause she's, pretty red, and she doesn't. She does a lot at your crime, really justice in sheep
actually spoke to Linda for her episode o also? Yes, if she got some stuff to directly from Linda and what she said was Linda told her that any information would ease her mind. So she said, if you have any information about this case or know, anybody surrounding this to contacts will end of the year the Facebook page and she was like the police. Don't give a shit about this case nobody's coming after you had so. Sir. Just tell me- and she was like all they want to Know- is what happened to my time To honour kill herself right in that's where it ends. That's like really frustrating I need so many more there is, I know you do that I know I'm sorry but this always such a lake in and I'm not telling you all to go, look at the photo, but the photo we'll just have you sitting there screw in your head cause. You like, how do you look at them say suicide rate, how leg and then
again worth noting just sick. Wouldn't have done it that way. That's not! How are you can buy that. Not everybody knows when someone is suicidal. People can hide it very. Easily. I'm not saying she was, but she could have been depressed. Who knows, but You know the person and you know that they wouldn't have done at a certain way, there's a middle way once you ve got to tie themselves to a male, do all weirdest way to do and ensure disappeared for, like nine hours like she wasn't just setting exactly at the mailbox for her nine hours, and it's like she was knock her mother said. I think I think it was her mother. Unlike her friends, they all said if she was gonna kill herself with, as it were, with buying into that You would have taken Xanax and she would have a full face and make up and was all it would be. Laying in bad luck, sleeping beauty where they are She would have looked phenomenal and there
there's no way, and statistically women like females do tend to kill themselves more passive ways break taking overdoses, so this is out of the norm and obviously people do deviate from the norm like it's, not all statistically perfect, but this just as it makes initially. Somebody that's like very letting out of the single currency is in his leg, very all about how they are presenting themselves in this. Doesn't this isn't a brutal way to present yourself for your land Yeah, it's just and it's like the way that the shoelaces like and cross her face and makes her like my seat aren't allowed herself yeah it just doesn't. Unlike the physics they don't make sense. When you look at it because the way she would have fallen, that doesn't make sense that she would have the name the syrian Lebanese, I'm fine. The video Erlich did nothing with super shady the hair. In the end,
string instead of on top of the string where it would have made more sense, very none of it. It's just. It's really frustrating Guiana. understand any of this one. I one hundred percent do not believe she covers of one hundred percent. Now. One party believes that now me either So that is the really unfortunate and very open case because they are still trying to get this thing. You know, cracked back, oh yeah, and the police all say like well to death. Investigation of something else comes up. We worlds like we ve, given you more having fully what you have left to look eggs as you, ve lost everything That was like a wild rodya, those a good one to come back to the same, so that is the brutal and hopefully someday solved case of the death of Jessica. Rene Johnson, while you guys are looking more into this case, make sure you had over two instagram and follow us at morbid. Podcast set us up on Twitter, a morbid podcast joined the Facebook group. It's amazing really is morbid colon
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