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Episode 93: The LuLuLemon Murder Part 1

2019-09-29 | 🔗
In this two parter, we will be talking about the brutal murder of Jayna Murray in a Bethesda, Maryland LuLuLemon store. This case is not as it seems and the twists will have you questioning everything. Sources:https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/crime-scene/post/jayna-murray-alive-during-322-injuries-prosecutor/2011/11/02/gIQAtVxgfM_blog.htmlhttps://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/woman-convicted-in-lululemon-murder-wants-new-trial/33734/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2057040/Brittany-Norwood-guilty-Lululemon-yoga-worker-Jayna-Murrays-murder.html The Yoga Store Murder: The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletica Killing By Dan Morse Sponsors for this episode: Care/Of! Visit TakeCareOf.com and enter Promo code MORBID for 25% off your first Care/Of personalized vitamin subscription!VistaPrint! Visit VistaPrint.com and enter promo code MORBID for free shipping on your Vistaprint business cards.
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Things. I thought could never happen in humpback whales, lady, once a new regional calmly, streaming only anti got confused mixed hash, anthems, sour girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute, tuna from where we are lady parts, all sorts dreaming now only on Peacock hey, weirdos mining Lena my name is ash and this is me: What.
It's a full length morbid. I just literally went to say something in mind. I just stopped ashes lake. I think you're batteries does work out and she just like we were I to go deeper out. I got my disease among and then nothing else came out and I just stared at her wide eyed like what's happened, Are you ok, you're, not gonna, know this, but does anybody know that episode of Sponge Barber he's trying to figure out the answer to something and there's all these little sponge I'm ready, you're out these brave like five five, that's it I just it's been a week all these little she's your husband ashes, run and everywhere don't find mutely, so yeah ass she's? We never quick little battery charge easier and yeah, so the first thing I just wanted to quickly talk about is. We posted are episode about Jessica, Renee Johnson and I posted the photos from the episode honor
Stu, Graham and one photo shows her arm. Postmortem like in the morgue spooky it's real spooky, but some Harry Lake Eagle, Eyed listeners pointed out that in the future, No, underneath her arm like on the floor, you can see someone's wearing a flip flop, and so people were like why the fuck would they be allowed to wear foot plot, that's very astute astronomer. That out that's a good question. Knapsack yield stamp set you for bringing up, but I have an answer for that and I think I just bring it up on the absurd instead of answering the Instagram comments, but I M so if they so, I believe that photo was taken by the family and what happens when we have at least at our Morgan. We have a view, when a family wouldn't because not every family wants to view after the fact from not tried some do and when do we set up what's called an anti room, which is the room between the morgue freezer.
The outside of, like the more hallway and its Mr Room, it's not refrigerated, it's just like what you enter to get into the freezer. That's where we would put the body. That's why bring the family members and there so they can have privacy and they can say their goodbyes. now that They are allowed to go into that room wearing whatever the hell they want, because they're not entering a sterile space there not entering the autopsy sweet they're, not entering the morgue freezer, nothing from the drip on them. Nothing's going to you know, they can where foot flops if they want. So what I'm assuming happened there is that the family members went to see her to view her. They were rang. Flip flops they took their picture makes. I think, that's what probably happened. That makes sense to me. Yes, I just wanted to point that out, but call. So we hope you enjoy that episode, even those bonkers, crazy bananas and had no closure at the end. I just I really don't like when there's no motion goes about
but hopefully will get closer sometime hopes are hoping that really all the business we had to take care of where he talks about alive, chosen, less absurd in their sold out still higher again. If they open up- we'll let you guys know right away seeking dive on him. If you want, but one thing. I just want to say, as I keep seeing people say that they're coming from so far away to the show I saw someone's, there coming from Like Washington. The far and I was like you guys- are fucking awesome, and I swear we're gonna make this arson because you deserve it guy. Can we just please everyone who I to squeeze the life out of I just love you off it. Just a war, my soul? Today I was lying on beautiful, weirdos sewers. So excited we're getting close india that I think we're just gonna dive into our case. Today. We have a lot to cover some diversion, but first I would like to say the reason why we decided to do this
because I had thought, and so my salon recently moved locations and the old location. the LULU Lemon STAR. And I said to my boss: did we stage this place. He says that energy moving forward. He was like what the Do, you think happens. We lose em and lit a sage. Simply you like what do I think up and I said to him while Sir one time somebody was murdered in a LULU, lemon Social and do you know what he just walked away from a has. He was interested in my should end. He didn't starts aging and in no way I found alarming, but somebody was once murdered the tax and the lemon store. It happened and we're here to tell you about it, strap, and it said it is. It's really said so. On Saturday morning March, eleventh two thousand and eleven Rachel a word. I believe her name is
who manage the Bethesda LULU Lemon Store walked a very short let distance to the store that she managed and arrived at work shortly before eight a m? What she found was that the door was unlocked, that's not already not thus acted. Very unusual lotta cause confer concern, because, when you close the night before you're supposed to lock up and Jane Murray were coworker. He was the one who had closed up the night before and this was not something but she expected to find after she closed you like what the whole what's going on. Not only half when she walked in the store was an absolute mess. Things were tossed everywhere, and television was literally shattered on the floor and it looked like someone have ransacked the store she looked around. She walked towards the back and all of a sudden, she spotted blood and she spotted bloody footprints that were on the floor beneath her at the time
You looked down, it was like shit, then she heard something very low that sounded like a small grown coming from the back, no You got a fuck about in their wisdom, wise Mart Rachel her over was their area Herbert was waiting shoes, but to get that two minutes, urged now when she got out there. It was real busy outside that morning, because this was a no. shopping block and in Bethesda in there was an apple store directly next LULU Lemon store. It actually shed a wall with them. There they knew Ipad coming out. I believe it was the Ipad too well taken a trip in the back machinery on Malik Ipod. Forty seven hundred, I'm pretty sure it's approximately beer and peep, obviously were lined up outside the store, because that's what happens in any apple release so she frantically ran out looking like she just saw ghost, and people were obviously concerned when they saw her. They were like a UK a guy,
Ryan HUF asked her if she needed help when she told him. Yes, I do. So he was like you know I'll, go back in the store for you and I'll check when alone, good samaritan. Man's Ryan is that's above and beyond the call of duty, as it human behaviour, because guess what I'd? Probably just look at her and the like are poor thing. seriously. I d, like you, ok, Like known, I beg and would give my appeared, though see late. I get my head, but I'm gonna start, but I'm going to start. But let's talk about you look so He said he saw all the craziness that she had seen like all the other tv, everything and ass. He walked further into the back. There were a ton of bloody footprint concentrated on the the back called the store and there was tons of blood. random item scattered and broken everywhere, broken glass there was blood, spattered
literally all over the walls in spattered as high as six feet up on the wall. That's fucking! Why addled bonkers? It was an absolute must, and he saw what he thought was a man on the ground in a pool of blood, any all suspended a woman in a bathroom lying on her back on the floor. She was based on our hands arms chest and she had a huge long cut along her forehead, and she was so bound by zip ties on her arms and legs. was a large slice that had been made in the crash of her black yoga. Pan leaves losing her genitals, oh god, yes, her arms, also above her head just to point that out, so he runs back outside and he's like. So he tells Rachel call nine one one right now, gone down. Shit has gone awry in there and he was like so
This is what I assume is a dead man inside there in a very injure girl who he assumed had been sexually assaulted because of the ribbon her pet right so monk, Ray County police officer, Kristen Canoes, they believe her name is was the first one on the scene and she was absolutely shocked at the carnage that she walked into. I mean yes, six foot I blood ass. I know things blood thing when things are not there for six hours, I've loved things, I hate six Mittal blood things were She made her way when the officer made her way to the back, we're all their craziness was concentrated. She found not a man, but the body of Jane Murray. Oh no, she was lying face down in a pool of blood and she was legitimately covered in red from head to toe, so her head was bashed and battered and there was a toolbox that looked like it had fallen across her
and shoulders wages on her back, like the woman bound in the bathroom. The crash in back of her yoga, pants and underwear had also been split open. Now she had no pulse, so she was, now. Instead January was thirty years old, maillet, so yeah, and she just turn thirty, like a couple weeks on, he was about five five very us politically bill. She blonde hair and what everyone who ever knew her described as a megawatt smile. Looking at pictures, this is easy we confirm duly. Does she has a great smile? She was beautiful. She appears vibrant and happy and like every picture, you see of her now she was known as an over achiever, a street, a student and a huge adventurer who love to do risky things like bungee jump. What she did for her thirtieth birthday about. So
in skydive, which she had already done previously as la healthier, and she looked like do Aachen like high acting raw client like anything crazy, you think of that illegally shit. She was doing that's not to she was doing it, Fucking is fuckin cat like why water, rafting or not, I lay needed like kayaking and unlike kayaking rock I'd, like the rock climbing, is dangerous this is like excuse. Picturing, like those like the lie all round clear, now likely jet rock lining ally, rocks yeah, that's fucked up! That's what you want catch me. You like. I don't be out of place either facility. Let's be real! Look, let's be honest. I'm at Starbucks, simply physically, she seems like one of those people who, just like took life by the balls, ended everything she got upon us. She just looks like she was like I'm gonna. Do that like she just did ever got a girl like those people,
ask them to me. We are causes so many things that are my I'm not gonna. Do that usually, but like you're also one of those people like you wake up one morning in early, I'm gonna do this, you do it and unlike, but it's only not something that link risks. My life, that's the thing that I think Good Mozilla does respect. You know what yeah I've already impressive feel irony Also. You wanted to be a police officer, I did ass, the police exam and the physical test, everybody just, but none of them all over the internet accomplishments make it look like I've had no You wanted to be a hare sellers in you, damn hair us. That's true said that shit out You did it. You have to talk to people in the wreck. That's risky ready having just kidding risky rates, that's real risky, so Jane. I had spent a semester at sea, which I didn't even know the real thing she travelled to every single continent except Antarctica.
And she died not having been able now don't tell me She was also a known goofball who can make you laugh at your hardest moments super athletic. She did shot put and discus and high school said a ton of records. She did gymnastics and she was also a dancer apparently excelling at tap dance, so much so that she had actually planned to become a broadway dancer. Oh my god, but changed at the last second and decided to pursue business and communications at George Washington University. She then went on to pursue to grad graduate degrees wow at Johns Hopkins University. At the time of her absolutely brutal murder. She was only ten weeks, I am bringing her degrees, oh my god. She also claimed to have if she claimed herself to have no sense of style. The other shoes like I don't know how to dress.
Lou lemon likes you wanting future exactly and I think that it, but she liked it more fully the lifestyle me. I do not like that. It was in the healthy, like the real money by EU area. The pants gives us Q, Microsoft, leisure, but she seems like she's one of those girls who, like it, doesn't matter what she's wearing, because she so charismatic and lovely that it's just like you could wear potato sack and you're still like the first thing that everybody will examine the rump. So she left behind her two very devoted parents, two brothers in a boyfriend, name Frazier who lived in Seattle and who was they were like head over heels and love revision and they were planning on my spending their lives. They also knew each other since seventh grade now. Here what is love? I was just about to sing that I now I desire you Davy alike, thought is that is love, flatters, love,
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but joint today. So Now, though, we know Gina was the woman lying alive, but brutal the injured. On the bathroom floor, that was twenty. Eight year old, Brittany, Norwood Brittany was petite but very strong. She had four brothers enforced sister Felicia World like yeah. That's a lot more and a lot of kids. She grew up in a very happy and tight family She was a star athlete in high school in college. She was often amazing student. She played soccer at stony, broke university on Long Island and she was apparently like the star of the team. She was also a self proclaimed Phooey who enjoyed fancy food law, and she was very concerned with, like looking good being in shape, having all the prices things the trends, things, she had become very high class lifestyle for working at a little eleventh, Sir the people around here were, like I just didn't know who she was.
forded all keep this dislike persona. He's getting things when she made like twelve dollars an hour at Loo, Loo, lemon break. You know get before them solar deal. She was pleased that she was actually planning to leave Lou Lemon and she was going to switch careers to become a personal trainer at Equinox. Around of hers had just gotten a job there as a personal trainer and her friend was like YO come get a job here. I'm making really good money. Oskinson equinoctial do yeah big, so she was actually she and interview a couple of days before this whole thing and they had actually asked her back for a second energy so immediately upon arriving at the scene, police sent Brittany Right of a hospital because she was in Russia in a cop was sent with her to go.
Story, because you want to get that story for right, right away, fresh out the gate and fresh out the gate. The officer who spoke to her was officer and Deanna Maki, and this is what Brittany told her happened. She said she and Jana, who is the manager of the lululemon store, had closed up the store and we're leaving the night before This was sometime around nine hundred and forty five p dot m. Brittany realized once they've gone. There's like separate ways. I think Britney was going to be taking public transit and Jana was just going to her car britney was like shit. I forgot my wallet at the store when she called Jane and was like hey. Can you back in Kashmir, the keys, so she said the main reason she needed that, while it was because she was taking the public transit and she needed her metro card to get home so they went back in they searched. I think she said Billy ten fifteen minutes in the find the wallet anywhere so Jane. A Jane. I actually offered her own matter kind to you all.
so now they're leaving the legal cake or as they're leaving two men show up out of fucking nowhere they burst in the front door they had to their head to toe and black and wearing black mass disguised faces. She said one was really tall and moon was short and by their voices they seem to be white man, ok She said one of the men punched Gina head, he's a and then the other dragged Brittany back somewhere by her hair, blue and just started, cutting her all over no cuz. She have like a ton of cops all over here very strange. While this is all happening there screaming should at them like these men are screaming, should have them. Them whores calling Brittany. The end word who, like repeatedly then the man who was assaulting Brittany raped her on the bathroom floor, while using horrific racism, racial slurs over and over again, I mean
I'm not going to repeat them here, but I actually used for this episode. One of my main sources was book about this case that you should go read if you really want, like full so much detail in this work that we did not include an air it's called murder in the yoga store and its by Peter Ross range you're getting a book on Amazon or you can order the actual book, but it's great in the book he has all of the actual quotes that Brittany said that these men said to her: oh, no and their rough. So if you want way more detail, defiling army
above its great so so? Yes, this man apparently raped Brittany, calling her awful racial slurs, and then she said he grabbed a wooden clothes. Hangar heatedly raped her with it as well yeah. He then made her open the cash registers and save so they can steal the money and, during all their spread me said she heard just like a night, Mary going on with Jana. They said she was east. She said she was screaming bloody murder and she could see in
here that the man was literally just repeatedly beating her, and she said I mean she said it was like screaming screaming, screaming fighting fighting fighting and then I just started slowly fainting like fading out, and she said she could see him like beating her in the hallway any just kept doing at choose like I don't know how long he did it for, but it was a horrific. How do you like become normal? Again, I'm not lose dont, you don't and after that they threw Brittany in the bathroom and zip tied her arms and legs and then just left her where she blacked out on the floor until police came in the next morning. No Brittany was sobbing while telling this to the directive. literally, like inconsolable lay couldn't even they said they could even understand her at times she was just like shaking like clearly. She was totally try, Michel as Torah
and she kept saying there was so much blood so much blood and she's got two things so much more blood. I've never seen that much blood in my life like she seemed incredibly us and she said she tried to help Jana, but they wouldn't let her she was like he was she kept saying. I tried to help her. I tried to help her and she then apparently said the phrase she was so innocent and also kept saying that it was her fault for forgetting her wallet. She was like this is mine, evolves, hasn't refinery skill, which I can't imagine feeling that well, that all of us annually, if I didn't forget my wallet, did not literally when it happened. She also had the idea that China was dead and she said she and she and the police said she kept asking like is my friend, ok how's, my friend doing
Meanwhile, an autopsy of Jane was done at the Maryland Medical examined his office by Doktor Mary Rebel. Now this is where she gets crazy. This demographic shit. So this forensic pathologists said that GINO was assaulted, with literally hundreds of different wounds inflicted by several different weapons of two hundred and thirty, two blunt force injuries to her body. Ninety nine sharp force injuries to her body more than a Jude wounds to her head alone, which was cracked in eight places. Oh my god, and they said her face- was just demolished completely demolished There were also thirty seven injuries to the back of her hand and one third. In a half inch deep knife wound to the back of her head low near her neck that had penetrated directly into the cerebellum of her brain and her spinal cord was severed.
This was labelled as the fatal blow total three. Thirty one separate injuries wall. Now that is counting the ones that were overlapping each other, but they couldn't count three hundred three. In and thirty one to thirty one gallery, distinct ones that they could see. One hundred and five of those were defensive wounds. her hands and forms. There's no way like a stranger did not like. This is, U. Aids are nine or- and this is anger and ripples said that she had- ever seen many defensive wounds on one person ever, and this is a frenzy of algae who has done over three thousand autopsies tat must have been jarring beer. And she said Jane was alive for almost all of this struggle and she fought hard. She said it must have an excruciating and brutal you are no when I say alive for almost all of it, I mean
he's alive and felt three hundred and thirty of those wounds and didn't die until the knife was stabbed in turn brain. They knew that this was the final one that stab into her brain, because all the other wounds bled, which means her heart, had to be something which mean she was alive now the weapons, the weapons that they found that were used where at least five different weapons and possibly up to ten. What they know is used on. Her was a hammer of two different kind of box cutters, a wrench, some metal thing that used to hold up Melick man big serrated knife, a metal rod that late, I think, was used to get clothing off our young, another lighting, a razor and a rope was found around her neck. What the actual yeah fuck me up guys. We want to talk to you about Vista print,
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on the now at mister print dot com, promo code, morbid use porter our show when you support our sponsors back to the ship. Now the two detectives on the case were Jim Drury and Dmitri ruin immediately. A tip line was set up and they received a ton of tabs, but the town of Bethesda was literally going insane with fear like so because the apple store was like right next door. The police check this cameras from the apple sword and on the security cameras. They see two men walking quickly away from the scene right around the time of the crime so they're like this isn't like dots are dynamic boom and I'm pretty sure they said. One was like taller and women short, oh yeah, out exactly what they were looking for and at these like at the same time, it's like incidents. No, no, I think not.
So they were unable to confirm based on like where the cameras place, if the guy's definitely came from the little lemon store, but because they match for these description and the timeline fit, they became. The promised aspects makes sense like laid aside. This hit the media and people were losing their shit like they want answers. They wanted this to be laid to rest like they want to know what the fuck was going The fact that none of these guys like roaming around the town like once long legs. when he came in elections like that. That is not all of you get shot, but I came in like shot someone visit different. This is like a rude insane, so detective Dmitri ruin started to stake out the little lemon store her waiting to see if these two guys, we're gonna shop again, and they fucking dead were so. He approaches diamond chose them. The film, like the skills of the village,
from the night of the murder and they say yeah, that's us, but we're busboys engineer by restaurant, oh shit and weird walking home their alibi check, though, and now back to square one, and it makes sense that they were rang out. Black was hands, are aware. Ghana, restaurant, usually where our black, especially as legal busboy area that send a good two one. It's like perfect, like almost dollar one was short area. She also mentioned not one of them out a backpack and one of these guys hunt Backpack, oh shit, what a couldn't think what a coincidence so then make up as other tat bullies that a homeless man named Keith locker, whose known to be pretty violin. He hangs out at this one specific bar every night except the night of the murder. So, while questioning people about Keith, the detective also learned that Keith was hanging out with another guy, the night of the murder and their hopeful about this, because a lot of the weird puzzle, pieces, kind of fit together the detective.
find out that Keith has checked into a hospital nearby, he's bloody he's being and he's so out of it, but they go in to check on him, but he's not the guy. His clothes don't have like that. Much blood on them at all and he's just babbling about a fight that he got into with a different homeless. Man he's super incoherent. And the directive, no, that this guy, like didn't, have the capacity to carry out this crime out, because it was so like involves elaborate, and so entirely required a shit turn of energy to do this right and measures like some babbling. Yes, This doesn't work so now that all those leads flopped which bummer, which how many coincidence is, by the way, do the fact that, as you very well we're walking by right around the time and dollar, guy assured again one of the back at all and black and they had ski. Have. so yeah, they couldn't see their faces, but it looked like. Potentially they say you, let us call them on their faith right. It's so nuts
So now they started looking into the fact that the apple salespeople would definitely still there at the murder time. They're, not looking them as suspects. Pavilion didn't you hear because they found out because remember the Ipad to come out, it was a big day for apple, so those salespeople are probably there still accounting sales in Everything Sahara. There late will. What they found out was pretty disturbing and terrible, and they came across survey. We voted to confirm it. So, during the murder there were a couple of employees in the store. Jaynes serves none of the same name: SB, Arza threats so there s no door manager. Ricardo Rio's was also there, and I think there was also a security guard, but he doesn't really have anything do that these people heard the whole struggle why their walls, like I said, shared with lemon and they all said, they heard a craziness going on over there, but they ignored it and the video surveys
shows them all listening at the wall? Are you in an end, just ignoring it? So what's worse, is according to an article in the lobby, J Outlay, ABC seven Jane, the employee said she heard some odds and grunting in said quote. It sounded like something heavy was being hit, are dragged and then quote some thudding some grunting, some kind of high pitched squealing yelping a female voice like hysterical sound. And you didn't think to call up. They does nothing so she went and got Ricardo the manager, and he listened and said here. agonized breathing like when you can't breathe and then one forced exhale used like I'm gonna go anyway. That's probably fine so Jane said that they heard a woman say before, like this, like breathing happened in everything she heard a woman say talk to me. Don't do this talk to me what's going on my gone, so
Surely they heard the same? What she thinks the same woman say: God help me. Please help me now, then they heard panting sounds Ricardo when they asked him about this, like what the fuck you domain, This is why would you not call nine hundred and eleven? How do you feel okay about yourself, like a human being ever again, didn't call nine hundred and eleven and you're not like sending you have security at your store right like send them over there? That's what they fucking. Do they security right? So Ricardo said he figured. It was just quote just drama between the women at that store. You think that there beating the shit out of love like so, did you think it was like a cage leg death match between two people who are just an argument. Lay two girls just having an argument lie that their work in the to go in there and they let lit only did he later there. He was just like auto organ wolf. They did nothing but there's no sized andor effect. It is the only time it's the kitty. Genovese there, it's nuts, if you fuckin, see something
There's something say: someday man, you don't have to get involved, don't by all and don't get us all in anything like that, because amendment one what's the worst that can happen That's one! Nine! When one is therefore, if the worst second happen is that, namely one comes and no ships going down and you feel stupid, that's it but you probably want even have to know about it. Exerts I'd suggest, don't just call so those dumb ass. He didn't do anything but forensics found something new. They found a pair of large men sneakers size fourteen. Like hidden on a shelf in the store. They were spattered in blood, but the souls were clean and when they compared them to the men's shoeprints found in all about blood, it was a perfect matching mean. This is weird, so police work,
stumped and there like what like wiser leave, has spoken geology. What choose was he wearing like what's going on here and that's why they were so hopeful about Keith too, because they re out some homeless that carries a shoes that must have been a yeah right, So the lead detective spoke to Brittany again, because we need to figure this out and it was when she had gone home only a day after the attack she went home because all of her wounds were wet with referred to by the doctor. Each time is very superficial, ok she only had stitches in the gas on her forehead in one gash. That was in the wake webbing between her feminine point a finger. and live. Everything else was like just skin deep wreck, which was So she, when they talk to her again, she brought up a few more details that she had said before and she said at one point: the men pushed her down on top of Jane S body and they told
the only reason she wasn't in the same state as Gina was that she was quote more fun to fuck you witchcraft. Thus they said again that she was inconsolable telling the story again. you didn't change anything else. There is still consistent right when he brought up the shoes. Brittany said those shoes were the stores shoes, those renewal, lemon shoes. They are a few men's items like choose where they would like use them from. Like alteration: I guess yeah immediately. The sectors were like that's weird: why did they match the footprints than what did the killer glided to put those shoes on an ignorant around way, the second so here the weird things that just started bothering especially detective Ruben. The one who is really starting to question. What actually happened here? He said so we're bothered? Him? Was the assailants didn't bring weapons with them when they use things in the store? That's weird! Even
the ties use on Brittany, we're on a shelf right in the end ok, we're either in the book. Or in one of the articles. I read about this detective and was saying leg so this visit. This is and ammonium. It's like nightmare situation of just rage in blood an awful this and these guys, like her wonderful Sceptre is here: we dislike looked for them. It doesn't make any sense. then the injuries like I said, Jane as were beyond way, overkill, rain and Britney's were very superficial. That's where and then the shoes, the footprints, never went outside the store, so there's body footprints islands nor they never left a store right. So what happened and then what the hell were, the killers wearing. If the shit like, if the shoes on the shelf were the ones who left the marked from his leg, None of this is making sense, but it's all little things that he can't really grab onto
So, in an oxygen special about this case, ruin said, the description of these men was also bothering him I watched. He said the way Britney's describing these two guys? The racist, their rapists, their robbers, their murderers, it's like the word. human being that you could possibly describe brain and that's the thing it's like when she was, These things like holy shit, leg, we will increasingly be running around in these two of them lead us to forget, youth, this awful of like woe, and it was then that Reuben thought. I think Britain he's lying about what happened and he started thinking that she might be. Be the killer, so another officer had found had just found. Jane is missing car because initially? She? I think Britney had mentioned that she parked in front of the store when they went back to run in and get the wallet, and so it should have been in front of the store and it
right they found the saw the car three blocks away in summer in the blood which is very Are they so when they looked into it, they found blood smears all over the inside. There was only the wheel. the steering wheel like the handles. Like a LULU, lemon hat with blood? Yes, well the DNA analysis said that that blood was Britney's in JANUS. There was also the hat that you're talking about in the back seat, it was a little lemon had they did dna analysis on the brim of like the head. The part that like touches your forehead and it was Brittany sat. so they ended a brain Brittany back in to talk. They said they wanted to catch her. Unlike smaller lies so they said, that's how they like start seeing that she's, probably lying about more things, gray eyes. You can live a little things. If you don't need to write,
they immediately asked guarantee linked. Do you know what JANUS car looks like and she was like a kind, but she was very like I've only seen at once Papa, and so then they said. As you know, have you ever been in JANUS car as she ever like. Given your ride or anything and Brittany said, no, I've never been in her car she's. Never given me right. I've never said why was your blood in her come immediately? There were like well that's our first lie ally which you lie about that right. You have no reason light like. There's no reason lie about that because they like, while we have your blood and your hats in the car, so sue, you were boom the car, so We're gonna, leave you right there by that's right is a two part or mother fucker we're gonna leave you there because there is a whole lot more in this case that we're
bring to you in the beginning of next week's Adele, where you have to wait. Was you ain't even ready, fallen? Leonardo only a few days time and just wake us gets. Cocoanuts Manly hell yeah shit is is happening. Here is going to act as a kind of seems like the detectives. Have Brittany packed into a corner it now, Who knows what will happen? Die, don't go it in ruin. It fears of no support, don't do it? Don't just wait for us. It'll be fun, that's great, so the that is part one of the LULU Lemon murder, keep your eyes peeled for part two and, in the meantime, all us on Instagram, morbid podcast, set us up on Twitter A morbid podcast centres, listener story through Gmail, morbid podcast at Gmail, darker, and by the way, I think we're gonna do another listener stories next week is also join. The Facebook group Morbid Colin a true Grandpa cast
its awesome in their check out the website that awaited designed, morbid podcast outcome, when also, I sometimes wonder, to save us, but please please, please, please, please don't eat were patriarch. Peter under com, Slash refocused. We hope he was an egg and we hope you It appeared another Bruno Matter Bonanza really in line four points bye.
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