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In this Ash-tastic Mini Morbid, we discuss the truly senseless and tragic murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer. On July 18, 1989 Robert Bardo stalked and eventually ended the life of a star that was truly on the rise. Although no one else is to blame for his decent into homicidal madness, his mental health and the lack of help he received for it seemed to play a big role in this horrific crime.Take a look at our sponsor for this episode!Visit VistaPrint.com and enter code MORBID for free shipping on any business cards, any style and any quantity. 
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everybody's? Like oh weird, I can open the wrong by everybody's like wow unsubscribe, so we don't have a lot of business today, especially as its many up a soda. We trends to re from the business at the surface. But one thing we just wanted to tease your with real quick is next week we are going to be covering the list the board in case which a lot of people have been like hey you're from ass. She said what's wrong with you not covering that case or the reason we haven't covered. It is because we wanted to cover it in a very special way, so we're gonna be covering it from a very special location and when I can tell you that location, but I think you might be able to deduce, we are from Massachusetts. What's in Massachusetts, Lizzie burdens,
now that's too so we're not gonna tell you anything else, but get really excited for that guy's in that's, really all the business ass we had so why, without a while ago and without further Ado general. Please attached aspect. I stand for a whole series of all. We thought it was our central, financially ash tactic and July eighteen, Woe Rebecca Schaefer, who was waiting for the script of the Godfather three to be delivered to her home and West Hollywood? Oh now, also it was nineteen. Eighty nine didn't tell you that you didn't. I did so. The godfather role was huge, like only ass, a b was further Godfather three, even.
to be asked audition, for this part, was like a huge deal. Yeah we'll know no writer got AST. Damn I want to say, like Madonna, maybe got ass likelihood be wrong. She was in fact, in movies and shit. You know I couldn't remember meta if she wasn't movies. I said to myself a league of their own ouch obeyed go and choose a visa to the movie of either through MEG May.
Yeah made me all the way. My all the way may that was her darkness skirt, ok, some really going off, and it is definitely we're done yet so Madonna was ask well known. Writer was ass and Rebecca Schaefer, with ass till she was waiting to get this script delivered that morning, in a few years earlier, Rebecca Schaefer had moved to California after living in New York. For a little while and that's where she started out her acting career, she was on shows like one life to live, which have never seen, and my sister SAM, which I want to watch because I watched previews and I was like that looks right at my alley. Really, yes, just like so fun, it's very facts of life. He kind economic sense facts of,
It is like the reason it got came home. So I will have you subject definitely give Rebecca was super super talented and like from a young age. She started acting when she was like sixteen and everybody that acted with her said that she was like a natural and legal happened. A presence exactly analogue people said she,
well beyond earth. When she began gunning fan mail, her friends that she worked with were concerned that because she would right people back and they were like. That's really nice that you're doing not yeah but you're kind of setting yourself up for, like always doing not tat, always do that people might get a little attached and expressly would like celebrities like actresses. Instead, I feel, like people get sue burden to it and it's like, if she's writing, back they're gonna feel like they are owed, something you know like they're gonna feel a kind of too much of a connection where they can overstep ya. Don't owe them exactly so they urged her to please like maybe stop doing now. Yes, Almighty stepped back, and they also said please never ever ever put your real name on your mailbox, oh yeah, which I I got a lot of information from a twenty twenty special. So that's like where I got that. But when the woman I thought I was like oh shit, that such at any link of Algeria,
So anyway, it's a perfect one fan and particular became super obsessed with Rebecca. His name was Robert Bardo. He grew up in Arizona and he was the youngest of seven kids alive children. He one might be led to many. I it's me I said to bid me. I said at times without even the yes and he had suffered a lot of physical and mental abuse which one of his teacher, said that he was quote a time bomb on the verge of exploding. Oh yeah, that's not good. His teachers would get like threatening Earth from him in settling now and he from a young age showed a lot of signs of not good and it sounds like nobody took these signs seriously and I guess not at all. The story here, while he had been hospitalized more than once, and definitely struggled with mental health issues So nineteen eighty six was when his obsession with Rebecca began.
Saw her on the tv show, my sister SAM, where she played PAM Divers Little Sister, Patty, ok, and he decided to write her letter from when she responded. She said that his was one of a nice. that she had ever receive TAT was it she literally just simply. She was the sweet it'll take a genuine human, like appear l, and so, but he took that alone or too, like ok, so request. We got there. Yes, so he decided to go to California to try to meet her, which is scary that someone can like make that jump wake. You know what I mean like just go from. What is out of touch with reality really. So, let's so sad, and it has also fucking terrified tariffs, They sat in that's what it's like you do, so you get. It's like. You can't just be happy having this letter connection with fairly cool, or disability, are only Balnette Euro back and got it's like I'm Stan
lads like Eminem sang. It really is it's exactly that it's really sad so he'd. He did go to California to meet her and went to. I think it was Warner brothers where my sister SAM was filmed and he showed up with a teddy bear and flowers on sat. Oh my god. That's really said it is really such actually really said and when he arrived at the gate where security as they were like no like you can just like. I want to meet Rebecca may relating to people who are like a lot of people. Do any of you got like super super agitated, unlike pissed off, and then I think one security guard was like. You know. Man like I'm sorry like where you stand like. I want you to have to log that Teddy bear back on the bus and they gave him a ride back to where it was.
So they weren't like dick idea. They returned to be, like sorry, may understand, like now. Actually by myself, I felt most another ten times like people are, they would have, unlike get the fuck out of here, you weirdo yet lake exactly on, so he came back again about a month later, apparently with a knife. This tolerance different from a teddy bear, which is the big leaps and bounds very different but again he wasn't one into the studio. Timor, that's good that time, it's very good! So when he got home now he was really fuckin pissed off that you are unable to her and he started to become more and more obsessed with the idea that they were either together or like destined to be together so Rebecca started, getting more acting opportunity. She was starting to appear and like made for tv movies and like a bunch of different stops,
he's gonna be like huge and that really sack oh, she was there like, shooting, probably would on the godfather. She was on the trajectory to be like this great actress, and yet she was. She was really up and coming here, and she did this movie class struggle in Beverly Hills and in the movie there's like I love scene with her co star when Robert saw that he lost his nude alone. Yeah. Oh, I didn't even think of TAT Yak as he let he want to feel like she's, his leg you'd feel jealous more exactly and he felt, while exactly like, I felt very jealous when Clare Danes, Meda, with Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo and Juliet me too, but that, as far as I was when I didn't want to kill no I didn't I was I did not LEO, could have been me I literally with like, but I
In writing. I am angry. Clarity begins above, but I'll get over it exactly well Robert, and feel that way he fell like she was supposed to save her innocence for him oh, which is all that takes a day, a whole different level? Yup, that's not just like man. She, like you're hot NAM, sad that you're making out that other person like that's all different thing, any said something along the lines of lake she had become like another Hollywood whore. Would I got that's whore I don't like that. You said that I didn't write. It doesn't feel good, no letter that I dont off, ever say that were no I've. Never I love. Why dropped the word come like it's nothing yeah, but the news I can't aim or yellow or some regulation yeah. Some reason like can't feels less harsh, then better whore telling us, because I was reads own Irish bub anyone anyway. If anyone-
back to the year. This is dark and it's fucked up, so he decided he was going to meet Rebecca once and for all. But this time it was gonna be a different idea than what he had before now. So in the days leading up to July Eighteenth part, I was planning and plodding fairer back as murder. God I can't believe it went that far that pass law, and it was just like your typical. If I can't have you the nobody else, is going to come out of self scary. He went to buy a gun when the man in the store one and sell whom one, because he liked the actually pulled up his record, and it showed that he had struggled with mental health when he even went as far as hanging is photo in the gun store so like nobody else would sell him, while by Robert convinced his brother to buy the gun for him telling him that he just wanted it for target practice. Any promise that he won. He wouldn't use the gun unless you,
with his brother now, but also he's got that on his head. Yeah yeah yeah, it's rough, but obviously that was not the truth either that the guns gonna you're, just going to shoot it It's fine, so nineteen year old, Bardo than hopped on a bus headed to allay to carry out this whole master. My and also just decide note he had been inspired by Arthur, Richer Jackson, who had stopped and then attacked Teresa Saldana, Who was an actress from the early eighties? She actually survived the attack I remember that story. So Jackson draw I'm going off on this. I know just because this is where a robber guess kind of idea from so Jackson got Teresa address after he found her mothers phone number foolish. I told her mother and saying that he was to deliver and illegal, really important script to her in
he lost her address, and could she tell him what it was? My mom is sitting there like as best I can the early eighties, like this hadn't really happened along. No one had really been like stalked yeah shit. Wasn't lady like how they are. Everybody has a sort of people like us, people and stuff online and right. You know right, so she was like ok leg and gave it to him, and he in luck and stabbed her like multiple times and like I said she survived and he went to jail. But this is where Bardo got his idea, so my God, so when he got to allay, were back to Bardo. Now he hired a private investigator to find out Rebecca address and when he got it when directly there. On the morning of July Eighteenth, he the super where he like wandered around her neighbourhood. First, like showing her picture to people and being like alike, to have you seen this girl or on the neighbourhood like
They're like it's fuckin, Rebecca any other way. I've seen her on tv and, like a lot of people, were like not like wanting to talk to him because he was super creepy out. That's weird, there was less Hollywood, so didn't think any yeah. So this private investigator he hired. She gave him her address. I think he got on it from like the DMZ, because back then the DMZ. Ah, there was no law against like going out irises sing. You could you could go to the DE envy and just like fill out a piece of paper saying who you were and why you wanted it and like they could they would just give it to you that so far, yeah? That's real fact, so he got he literally put him to Anne and fifty dollars and not her address God for two hundred and fifty bucks yeah. Why arm and people like the look of him when he was there like walking on the neighbourhood like one lady was like he literally look, demonic like he and others
I came in. I love those of Jos people by what they look like, but he's a short stay in Serbia is really fuckin terrifying. Looking here, no, he is. I really do you love ass. You look silly spook, spook yeah. He does. He wondered round, holding the Manila envelope with a site, and he heard assigned picture of her that she had sent him. Oh can like when she when she was a nice enough to fuckin, run it back. And he also had a copy of GDP, challengers catcher in the room dick bag suggests Lake Mark David Chapman when he killed journal then exactly so. This guy is literally just taking pieces from other depot. Yeah he's a fucking BT cave celebrity murders and what the fuck do. beer original nature in the rye, comma, literally go fuck. You Can you be more on the finance in saying that old and oh you're, a phoney you're, a phoney anyways
so eventually, he got to Rebecca S apartment and he buzzed her intercom. Her intercom was broken at the time, so she had no. choice but to come down and our enemy Maybe she normally wouldn't have done that, but, like I said this was a big morning. She waiting for her. She would have gone down like anybody can deliver a script, so she wouldn't have recognised the per year would have been somebody that she knew. So that's why she was like so easy to go downstairs. What shitty coincidence right now, why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn too tight is the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab. Your favorite hoagie is Sally in more get your next reward twice as fast just by shop, your dinner favorites after four p m
wow rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. While. I acknowledge going today, whatever you're funny peacocks guided exclusively stream classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy phase. Could a peacock dvd com to get started. So when she opened the door to Bardo, he explained that user biggest fan. He showed her the signed picture of her that he had and she was super nice to him and entertain the conversation for like a couple minutes. That's impressive because out immediately bitter if I'd yeah like I'd immediately Billig. Oh no! No! No, no, you weren't might have five young. This is taken waiting for monsieur As far as to who she excused herself, but not before shaking his hand and saying please take Oh like she was super fucking nice
and then she like excused herself, she laughed and he laughed and then so he had this very pleasant interaction with other. Yes, very so then he goes to eat at a diner. like not too far from her apartment, and he is sitting there like stewing, because here he thought he was gonna, kill her and then she was superfluous. I myself am a need parliament. How many reason do exactly so, but then he went back because God only knows why. Yet so he's just piss that he doesn't have the motorway Should he needed so he went back any said. Something to her, like I forgot to give you a cd or like something like that. according to him, but I don't believe this just based on who Rebecca was as a person like based on what everybody says He said that she said something along the lines of that. He was wasting your time and on political away. He, I don't believe- and I was like I don't think so when he said that she was acting brad or something like it, probably because she was like ok dad you enough
Breathing me. I was the first time you the first time was way overstepped. yeah way and the review that honey back to come back. I believe o k like this is totally taken a turn way too much. So I wouldn't that's on acting like a brat, that's being a fuckin human being gas like ok, I'm a little upset here right. So then that is when he reached into his back waistband pulled it and fired pulled the gun and fire. Two shots out Rebecca one head her directly in the heart o, my god that just like, like the saddest thing off- and there is like video footage of his interrogation or whatever it is- and he like rain accent and he's acting like he's like a man
veers any like a now put the gun- and here I think I saw this so Buddy Fox himself, because his lawyers were trying to say that, like the gun was in the bag killed herself, it wasn't meditated exactly because they they were trying to get him out of first degree, Maria and Horse Marcia mark. The rock was like watching his interrogation video over and over again. She was like something about. It was bothering me and he when he explains how he shot her. He reaches around to his back pocket literally Erlich his back way span and does this kind emotion and then says that he higher so its clear that it was their all along that it was in his back pocket or in his back way span the I had to reach all the way around yacht rabbit. I like he had staff yeah. So that's how she got it and I think I remember seeing that interrogation video cause, it's terrifying, gaiters he's very like excited to show
how he shot yeah he's already like, and then I was like, and then he obviously she like screamed, and he's like Ulysses, organizers. Yes, that's it like guess so he does this weird, like slow motion like Nancy, like, like men like lilies back just like yes, I remember they Sykes Britain, ITALY in my region. I remember watching you killed someone stirred and he's acting like it was this really cool movie seen then he did in fact, so after he killed her, he immediately fled the scene and like she went to Arizona. So in the meantime, Rebecca parents flew out to identify her body. Somebody has to
and her father and learn to achieve twenty one. Oh my god, you're like a baby. She was literally sooner than she had her whole career. Andy, it's just like it. So sad anyways what anybody fuckin dies, but this girl had like brightest future. She was such an. She just seemed so now there she seemed like a genuine person left. She shook his head and said, take care, you wrote him back and because she like slept with somebody on camera forum. Oh yeah. Does she acted the other job right? Could she did what you liked her to do everywhere else and that she was protected behind the Warner Brothers, the security fence at her job, like you, so so, fuckin entitled when her parents flutter identifier body her dad remembered that her?
he's at her body. Was there, but she wasn't. Her spirit was gone. Oh my god, which is like event just like forever, but just gave me Ligon Le Loup hardy, constant heartache, cassettes, illegal child and show the annual she was there only child. Oh my god. I can't even so sad. I can't not her parents. Early Babbage is, though, just wait until the good. So the next day, Robber Bardo was arrested in Tucson after running into and out of traffic on interstate ten, there vey casual they thought maybe you'd like turning to buy a car, something he was running in a knot of traffic yelling. I killed her like a Shaver Lothar
fuck, like this guy needed serious lighted legal here. He clearly needed a lot of help here so shortly after he was arrested. His sister notified authorities that she had suspected he'd been responsible when she heard about Rebecca Shavers s, because he had written her letters describing his obsession with Rebecca and telling her like. He was so pissed off that she became and a Hollywood w word, and he was like basically telling assessor about this was his plan vanishing into killer exactly so later during the trial. Vartos brother and father testified that once they heard about Rebecca death, they look to see if the gun was gone, that they knew he had new imagine and when they saw that it was gone. They knew there.
but it's a guy's when he's telling you like how pissed off he is that this celebrity is having a love scene and that she's a whore now and that he's leg felt betrayed by her. Because of this, we don't you think you should take action. Then yeah, because that's fucked up and that's not normal lake, logical human thinking, no killing. You shall be Tsar like put some where they should have did them unlike okay. This is this is started to turn. This isn't just like his celebrity crash, like we need to take action here run I didn't write what the FUCK Isaac his sister, you go for. The letters worries describing opacity is about this. You take action, yeah like what the hell guy that's so fucked up so like I said the defence tried to build like this insanity case, where they were like all like he's guilty because of worth Marcia Clark was like a fuck you. It was premeditated Hebrew
he, put the gun in his way span, and I know it and also other defines tried to set, he tried to say that a u two song made like spoke to him in my possessed him and made urging wanna kills a month, and if you want to see the most terrifying fucking video in your life, oh no, you can watch them play the you two song in court and he'll literally it's like die and on styling. She was like nodded her head too humble unreliable, but here is going nuts, so over their son he's like ahead banging and like singing in the arrears literally but back and forth, we should posted if possible. Oh, my god, I was stir, and I had four fuckin body child. What song is, as you know, it was exit and it was exit. I don't know, I'm sure I might not like no
song. If I heard it headstone sounded familiar when I, but it wasn't off that album that everybody has to have on their phone by you to know it's in your bed, so yeah, so the defence, but the defences like fuckin, stupid, ass defence thing stupid, asked a fancy. It didn't work because Marcia Clark is about bitch and the judge found Bardo guilty of capital murder. And he was sentenced to life without the possibility of thoroughly and later on in jail. You got stab like eleven time, full shit that he survived. Oh tat S, a bummer Philby choose above he got stabbed, eleven tat, the sea serpent and such like gleefully you should be sound eleven times daily. That's fucked up accurately, is something that we can well. I can,
no one should be stabbed eleven times daily but like if anybody deserves to be solved. Eleven gas. For talking and like you know hypothetical- I mean you know wherever, the same. The only good that did come from the murder of Rebecca Schaefer were stricter laws regarding stocking shortly after her death, a law was passed that prohibited the dm thee from releasing address is in good hands. The LAPD put together the first threat management team, while Rebecca remembered by those who love her, including her mother, who now does alive, show remembering Rebecca Life and the day had ended. That's fucking amazing! If you watch the twenty twenty she puts on like this,
it's, almost it's not improv, but it's like an improved. Oh that's cool it like a one woman show. Yet one woman show- and it's so touching and lying all she's like I got the call, unlike she describes getting the phone call, but she like also describes Rebecca like moving to New York and then being too holly. Oh, my god that must be the most heart wrenching now show. I have children like you. I have chills just thinking about that like describing your child's Lee, go like their success, climbing up the ladder making it and then this awful fucking tragedy that happens yeah. I can't even like that she's a bad bad language too, for one doing that, like keeping Rebecca, pronounced Dana like memory alive, keeping her like success leg. Let live somewhere and I think that the whole reason- yes, you wanted to do a plus, I'm sure it's like
some have wider could have art. I think that it only ask me it has to be like just to go over that over and over again must be. It has to be some form of therapy for young, but whole shit about as the big old bummer case of Rebecca Schaefer P, Rebecca Schaefer are a p. Syria has a real bomber. They said that her cast out her funeral. There is like a shit on the people there all the shower and they put the casket next your mom, and somebody said that her mom didn't take her hand off the casket. The entire, like ceremony like that that has not got wrenching. Ah stab me right. My chest, re majestically, really sad that hurts. I know well fuck, that guy, unlike fuck, that guy for like taking little bits and pieces from other shit bags have done that. I invite you to possess. Do you like fuck? You knew fuckin to you too, and you know it. That's just taking from other people to adjust being like
gonna, take little bits and pieces from all these other psycho, but I will say obviously key areas some there. He clearly was, I mean he's a ship's dame, but he was obviously failed. I think they might have later bend. Agnes with schizophrenia reality. So he was so. He was failed. Many timeline by many that situation as some people just in which is use here, not antics, use. Your life in Washington recognise yeah that, like mental health stuff is no joke like he can't broken, ignore it and that's it. thing. Don't fucking ignore even the littlest thing yeah like that, so like absurd as it sounds like I'm. So in love with the celebrity like I'm gonna go meet them like yeah. I can't let your friends do that
You have to be like. Do you mustn't meetings? Do you want to sit down and like talk about what this is like? Do you like at least talk to people, try to communicate with the issue now people, just like? Don't yeah people don't want to get into that shit and it's like, but if he's right, you know he's talking no sister about how pasty is about this love. Seen that should a bit I mean if my brother, or, if, like You were like I'm, I'm truly passed in this actor. Obviously, something is wrong. Is now an asshole because he had a love seen on screen. I Billig. Can we sit down and just talk about this in, like do you should see? Some cassettes problem. The only thing that I will say about a sister. I think she lived only Tennessee Mere, but still it still like teachers and I'm not gonna things, anybody else's fault, but I'm saying like
you got a year is a lot of people who should have who failed tags when they should have acted here like you can't buy somebody again here that I know not how things that he said exaggerate held with the struggles external many. moving parts usually go into these kind of scenario, a hundred percent and when somebody is seemingly having a mental break of some sort- and you see that there is some mental health issues going on. When they want you to buy them a gun, don't don't do that so when they start talking about a person but their obsessed with who, as we know, it will be the celebrity here or other people or common folk or common peasants like us, do you know? Maybe don't let them fly somewhere or go somewhere to? up at their house violently with said gun. Yeah just do everything in your power to not let that happen
Yeah I mean I don't think that's that's asking too much from no normative like. I hope. No one gets back at us for that, but you know like. I feel I feel pretty confident saying that that's those are good tips yeah right totally here, don't start people, gas, don't do it, don't keep it that we are told you can stop our instagram yeah morbid podcast! You can follow our twitter, a morbid podcast. You could write us the listener story for Gmail and keep doing it because we got so many and their amazing morbid podcast, a gmail dot com, Joe make sure to put listener story in the title you're all doing really. Well, that is really helping me organise them. So thank you for that fell, appreciate appreciative. Also, you can join the Facebook group. I ll
love morbid call in your grandpa gas journey to the patriarch. If you have an extra dollar patriarch dotcom, slash, morbid podcast and check out the website that my lovely co host awesomely designed ass. That's me morbid podcast dot com. We hope you keep listening and we hope you. He don't answer these sorts of things. Somebody and then show toward her brothers. Will the Teddy Bear and the new turned the Teddy Bear into an open the new line, their house, because that's really wrong wrong wrong and then just fuckin recapture the riot you haven't already because you're a phoney, if you have an end, but don't forget anywhere with you to do any bad things, because I bet shady Saunders Second, I don't give me that weird by gaiety soldier is sick about jobs. Signalize shit, you said enough for years to see dead,
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