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Episode 96: Lizzie Borden Part 1

2019-10-20 | 🔗
In this extra special Morbid, we are recording in the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Ma. Yup, we are sitting on the couch that Andrew Borden was murdered on and we are not okay. In part one, we discuss the family dynamic a bit as well as the horrific murders of Andrew and Abby Borden in the home that we are currently sitting in. There is a lot more to this case and this family than meets the eye. So come in and have a decent alibi figured out, would ya?Check out our sponsors, guys!Download the puzzle game Best Fiends. Discover your latest puzzle game obsession with Best Fiends.Check out Lola: A Modern Approach to Feminine Care. Visit MyLola.com and use promo code MORBID for 30% off your first month's subscription!Get down with Simplisafe. The best choice for home security. Visit Simplisafe.com/ MORBID to get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial for yourself.

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