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Episode 99: The Schoolbus Kidnapping of 1976

2019-11-03 | 🔗
Guys, this Alaina "Mini" Morbid is a doozy. How did we never know about this harrowing tale of 26 children and their heroic bus driver who survived over 24 hours of terror while being buried alive? Seriously, this one if intense but it has a happy ending that will leave you satisfied....at least somewhat satisfied. Sources:https://www.cnn.com/2015/11/19/us/rewind-chowchilla-school-bus-kidnapping/index.htmlhttps://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/hero-bus-driver-ed-ray-saved-kidnapped-children-1976-dies-91-article-1.1081059https://www.latimes.com/visuals/photography/la-me-fw-archives-the-1976-chowchilla-bus-kidnapping-20190709-htmlstory.htmlhttps://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/doi/10.1176/ajp.138.1.14?url_ver=Z39.88-2003&rfr_id=ori%3Arid%3Acrossref.org&rfr_dat=cr_pub++0pubmed&
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Tell me that it's a real money They really is we'll find out guys. I promise it's an actual many. I swear mainly because I'm tired this week in this case just happens to be many. Is it a little tiny, little tiny small? Oh, I meet a really gross mouth noise. Just then that you're gonna die when you added out later Coup worry ENG. What did India for Halloween Hobby As I had a spooky whoopee spectacular Halloween on Facebook, page people have been posting photos of all their hallowing costumes in As for the kid kill, I'm just saying, whoever dressed up as old drag you. Why everything? Because that's been my favorite video, since when did I even find strewed she found their way young. I think I was probably like
nine or ten and me, and my best friend, Allison at the time, used to literally watch it over and over again yell about it to each other deal of my dear love. Could you learn to love me, and you know, what's funny the guy who plays old, Gregg, so ash used to tell me about this all the time and also yeah, ok and she never lot. It was funny everybody. Well, I never watched it. Oh you didn't. I never watched it. I was. I was just like I've seen like the league. I know what it is. They seem like the screen shot of it and that she never had? She never lie. tat, my impersonation of old Gregg? I did in Belgium Mama loves the great british bacon and
Mamma she means herself and not me except ash wants. Is it literally every time I put it on so I have no choice. She can protect, but she loves it, but I really love it and get it into. I love baking shows of all kinds and cooking shows. So that's just who I am as a person, but the great British Bake off is so soothing in so wonderful and the guy who host- what's his name old Gregg, his knee who's, not old Gregg, but the comedian. Flash actor such whenever he is he's one of the hosts now and he's the guy who is old Gregg and when he mentioned on an episode out like work as its holds Gregg hosting, so our world CUP. I did. I I want to know why he hasn't said anything on the baking show about it. He did that's what I just said he said. I set it on the show, on the show that I used to play a mere man named gold Greg
I, like somebody, was like that's cool and then somebody else was like you have drunk bays from issue and now I've watched it at its head. here- is the sun. Now men I do want to colors, say you know what good job old, Gregg Mother liquor, good job person who dressed up as old Gregg. He killed it I'd, they may my whole year, so yeah everybody honestly, everybody did an amazing job there, a bunch like beetle juices. There were a lot of atoms family. There was just so many good ones, so you guys killed it per use. This year I just brought my kids out. Cosette was actually kind of warm outside, which was gonna, nice and down the street from us. Theirs is house that in front of it- and has this like weird, like almost like a mausoleum looking thing that sits on the sidewalk that you weren't creepy yeah, you walk by like the door to the mausoleum kind of thing, and it's always spooky. It's always been this spooky thing and then on how
between the owner of the house is brilliant and they open it up and they put a fog machine and their lights, and they make it like a little haunted mausoleum that everybody can go into in the owners in there dressed up leg, spooky new outlets, so cool, so We went by now. My kids are three and a half years old. We go by. It I'm like oh yeah, it's fine, let's just scoop by excited when they get freaked out and as we're going by one of my kids was like what will while mom wait a second go in the cave and others like lots of liquids spooky in various aren't. You is that I want to go in the cave we went to. Six more say with you said the entire time, the entire time she's like getting free, candy and she's like, but I'd like to go in the case by the warrant circuitry anymore, and I was like ok spooky and she goes.
I love spooky Mamma and I was like another land and bread into a puddle on the floor and died. I have done it right and then she became resurrect yes and then I took my three and a half year old into this mausoleum room and she loved it, the other one not so much. She gave it a try, but then she was like Nano and she had John pick her up, but one of them was into it. I straight up fell asleep at seven thirty on Halloween, because it was the day after our lives show, and I hit a mother fucking the wall, the adrenaline, but don't worry. I woke up like an hour later and watched Texas chains all by myself. I love that, for you, Rousseau Soothing, we actually cause. That's one of my favorite parts of Halloween is that every single horror movie ever is on and you can just flick through the channels yeah, it's all kinds of em, so I go through and beetle juices on some like, oh hell, yeah, so I go to beat algae.
And John Psyche. I've never seen this movie. I've never seen beetle juice the whole way through. I have only seen bits and pieces who are both of you who are both of these people that are in my house right. My house cuz, I was like. Oh no. This could change our relationship if we watch this and he's like this is dumb. I'm going to be like what's happening though, and he we watched it and was I that's sick movie linking guy, I have bits and pieces. I've seen have been good pieces, he loved it, and now I have to get him to watch the atoms, family and out of certainly values, because he never saw those either under popular opinion. I don't love a general atoms. Family values is way that I, like him, show me that I really don't think that's done popular opinion. I like the original we I mean do but the Adams family values is superior eyelike when she's like Wednesday's at the age of a shoe One thing on her mind and alarm is like and Wednesdays
homicide, because I feel as though that was you as a child, its one hundred percent. I think I related so hard to Wednesday of tourism that when I was little pearl of love for you, but enough about my spooky childhood shit, this is a mini episode, sir. We ve actually done more talking. Then we normally do much shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up and get to the case. Shall we we shall is right. Let me preface theirs. I debated whether to preface this story with it having a happy and they are not enough time. I'm gonna preface it with it, has a happy ending because it it can and needs to be preface that way. I know I needed here and I have a lot of lake quotes from the people involved in it, so it can against that
way like seven o clock in the morning, are you going to really fuck me up? I mean it's not like gruesome, it's it's more just like slightly to serve, but it has Then I have to do seven blowdryer later, so don't be fuck it up my day, I'm gonna fuck up. You know, I'm gonna make it. Ok, IBM, ok! So this NEWS from July 15th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six vintage vintage in. Actually, I am going to bring up the person who suggested this case right now because they suggested it to me like literally yesterday and when they did, I just happen to like peek at it and I'll take a look at it, real, quick cuz. I take a look at the cases you give me that I don't know, and this person's name was Thomas. So thank you, Thomas. I'm not going to say your last name cuz. I don't know if you want me to, but I looked this up and when
did oppose like oh, this is perfect for many, and I have to do it now, because I was just so fascinated by nearly three or other many of the wider literally did, and I and I couldn't believe I never heard of this- Tell me what it took place in child Schiller, California, and its known as the school bus kidnapping of in seventy six. So the day before the final day of Summer school, a dairy land, elementary school, twenty six children raging in age, from five to fourteen or on a bus to be brought back to their homes. The bus was driven by Edward RE. He was known as ed, but his name was Frank, Edward RE. He was previously a farmer, but he later became a bus driver, the kids absolutely loved him, and he was just one of those bus drivers that we all remember that we loved you know like they were just nice sweet they clearly loved
kids. They cared about you, like the total opposite of the bus driver, that you remember that like hated kids and was the worst rest driver, I know a lot about bus driver know not everybody had like that warm fuzzy bus driver in than that like demons I'll wait, wait! Wait I had stryver one time, and I was little and I forgot to get off at my stop and then he going- and I was like no no no like yours- was to stop there and he was well, you missed. It allows like I'm five now, so you didn't have a terrible faster. I did. I did, I think, he's resurrected a memory yeah. I was going to say those deeply buried. Mary, the dupe could so end was great like an end was legitimately great legally, we love it now, according to a CNN report on the case, the kids, all this summer school so much as well that they all signed a petition that day to have at last to more we shut up
that's so cute, isn't that a door? I would never have signed a petition. Oh, but apparently was all that like they have all these interviews that these kids now because again, this has a happy ending and they all talk about how like it was like so much fun, they loved it. They did. It was almost like a summer camp Yang, so these
I'll, just happy kids who were going home after funded summer school zombies, blocks lunches, help to protect the ice by keeping harmful blue light out, because their virtually clear add blocks to any any frame for stylish all day, protection get a complete pair proscription or non prescription blocks glasses, starting it. Just twenty four dollars protect your eyes now at any dotcom streaming. Only on pick up a new, a rigid upon me in punk, we are lady parts, a confused mixed, a hash champions, silent gum, Bp Tunisian from in reality parts or the so streaming now only on visa while driving down. Railroad, rural road, rural is so hard to say truly a rural road, well under the royal jar. The bus came across a White Crete, then that had parked across the road was blocking their way.
Yes, the bus had to maneuver around it to get by and as they went by Ed being the kind of man he was noticed, the hood was up as in the van, so he stopped briefly and just called out the window. Does anyone need any help? Cuz? He thought this person is broken, don't ever offer help you don't ever offer help. What was I think I said this at the live, showed a somebody I don't remember who, but, like my main, like affirmation that I use of life is never help. Anyone says why she's never help anyone. I don't do it so as soon as he offered the help. Three men, with pantyhose over their heads, jumped on the bus with guns, what's sawed off shot guns. What pointed at this kind, man and a bus full of essentially babies
yeah the and I use I use the term men very loosely here. Let's say be creature, because what man or Hugh man jumps on a bus full of children with a kindly old. Bus driver with a off shot gun nobody minds on getting know this case me, sir. I was so angry, by the end of anything kids in there all alive in, like literally fuck, all of you seriously. These guys are discussed. I know the whole point of this thing so it's Riddick. There really is that this is the worst browser, there's no borrowing we appoint to keep going. There is, but this it's a stupid boy. The men were twenty four year old, Fred Woods. Twenty four year old James shown felt and his younger brother twenty two year Old Richard Show and fell. I was expecting them to not be twenty two and re or that's wild. It's because I it's frustrating all three of these guys had come from rich families and Fred
a trust fund of lake over a hundred million dollars waiting for him, so Fred what the fuck you be deal. So what are you doing? So you may be wondering why the fuck they did this well I'll. Tell you a bit. Demanded end to go to the back of the bus and they screamed at the kids to shut up and follow orders. Of course, the kids are freaking out and I was just trying to calm them all down. One of the survivors, Jennifer Brown, hide as an adult said in an interview quote Edward kept telling his kids just be quiet, sit down, do what they say. Edward was speaking in a harsh tone and that normally was not Edward. That without normally was at the Edward that we knew and loved so poor and is trying to be like guys exceed the fact tat. You know really Hieing Rooney's like getting he's trying to be like some more firm with them to make them, listen because he knows, if they know listen, were fought. This
get really bad, really vast. I have one of those lump sum. Gonna crying. Oh I that while I was reading it, there was a couple times. I was like, oh no one if I cry upon costs for the first two guys, so that means I'm definitely. I regret the young baby on. The bus was a little girl named Monica and she was only five years. No and these three men with sought, I shotguns yelling at them. Now, apparently they like, I said the kidnappers rang pantyhose over their heads, but they wore them so that the legs dangled down like next to their heads were just stupid. So like a like bunny years so much They asked one of them if he was the Easter Bunny, and here I go sobbing. I mean that when I heard that this little five year like are you the Easter Bunny in this guy, has like a sort of shot down in her face and she's like? Are you the Easter bunny? Oh my god, this poor little we always put the fuck as eastern isolating. What are you in the research,
So one of the men was pointing the shock and of these children while another one drove the bus. He drove the bus through straight through a bamboo fields and am all of these kids in the buzzword jolting around. They said they are being thrown around the bus logos, really aggressive, an awful when it finally came to a stop in the bamboo fields. There was another van waiting for them. Now the men pulled the bus up to the back of that man enforced half the kids in there and the other half with Ed the driver into the white, then that the initial used the vans were out fitted with wood, paneling and blacked out windows. They had made the kids jump from the bus to the van, so they wouldn't leave any footprints. So this was a very plans. Wow yeah now one of the survivors Larry Park. Who is amazing, I'll tell you what later
C B s news quote as a six year olds, oh my god, six years old. The only way that I can describe this darkness in the van is that it was trying to get me like these poor kids, I'm pitch black in these friends. I got in there I'll crammed in their the kidnappers, drove these kids into to vans, blackmail, vans and a hundred degree, whether they were minorities and those Van God. I want to know how long they drove them for like ours eleven hours. I've been our eleven hours straight with no water, no bathroom breaks. So these poor children are not drinking water. There all screaming and crimes
Furthermore, as young as five years old and colleagues like dehydrate they're, paying their like nowhere to go to the bathroom, some of them are vomiting like theirs. In their stuck in these tiny little ban might arrive and yeah and poor Ed is one of the vans with one of them just trying to keep them all like and probably like what the fuck is happening in the other van in he's sitting. There thinking I dont know what's going to happen, and I Having to tell these kids everything's gonna be all right, and I dont know that everything's gonna be all right if you're sitting and opposition you're, like a rag, is surely not going to be responsible for these twenty six babies. In his and he's in, instead of like just cowering and being like, I don't know, what's going to happen and crying himself, which I probably wouldn't yeah he's like stepping up and being like, I need to be, I might die right. I need to pretend that I'm not scared of their kids
then disguise amazing, like we love, and so as this is happening, parents are obviously freaking out because their very young children are nowhere to be found after supposedly getting on a bus at school like all day and this we are eleven hours and they're all calling the police and then they and then started helping the police looked for the bus, because that was the first thing. They will we find this. Where could this bus gray? It's a huge, in school by piling yeah, and I think that's probably people like what the fuck.
and growled. The FBI was called in to help it was mayhem and finally, they found the Basle II in Vienna AIR search because it was so well hidden in the bamboo field law that they just found said. The parents just found this a bad zeal with us and they found tired tracks moving away from the school bus, but again no flow of immigrants, so they it was clear and the police said its clear that somebody has pulled another vehicle up to this bus and driven away. My can you imagine, being apparent Lou. I can't imagine any my childs being on that bus into seeing like they ve been kidnapped off the bus right leg. How do you wrap your brain right on who so children
screaming crying, like I said like vomiting, it was a nightmare situation. The older kids, as well as at the driver, would just trying to consult them. Even the older kids were stepping up just trying to link these kids are amazing. In this bus drivers, amazing disease, older kids, were like there's some that were like the old songs fourteen his name was Michael and he likes step to write up in just became an adult, through these kids, like you and me, while these are children beaten? Fourteen years old, your child yonner having to be an adult for these little kids trying to be like it's ok, they said that end was trying to keep them com by singing them. Songs, like buggy nights level, keep us together and if you're happy- and you know it, clap only too well there in the angelic. I'm not happy, and I know it well. I guess they changed the words to. If your sad and you know it, clap your hands call my car.
Suicide isn't, as you know, and literally every one in the vat is like clap, clad illegal after almost twelve hours. In that, then they were driven off the road and we're again thrown all around the vans because they were like offering at this point, then they stopped events. So first the kidnappers reached in the van and took out and shut the door. No, so these kids said they just saw the Van door open at be dragged out in the darkness I die now, oh good! Then the kids said they would open the door and just grab the nearest kid to the door, take them out of the van and shut the door. So they were doing this one at a time, so they would do it again and again and again to every kid. So these kids, I had no idea what was happening right as far as they knew they were being taken out one by one and killed right. I mean that's what it looks like rain and one takes out. You don't hear anything else.
anything. Next, one gets taken out like I'd, be gathered, taking the mountain, shooting them in the woods and leaving them for debt. So as they were pulled from the Van one, man ass, their name, the other ass, their age and the third ass their dress, they also took a little piece of clothing from each of them, so the oldest boy named Michael Marshal, the one that was fourteen. He said that the kids were just clinging to him in the van that he was, unlike all the younger kids. They were just clung to him and he was just trying to be there for them. Fourteen years old, he said. Finally, you it was just he and the youngest of the girl, my Monica, whose five years old in the Van and she was just clinging to him for dear life, the kidnapper came and he went to grab Monica, but Michael said he couldn't bear to hand him her over to him now because again,
He had no idea what was happening right and so he said he pushed her behind him and went ahead of her like a brave fucking man at fourteen years old, like a brave ass adults, anywhere. Monica was like sitting in the van alone well, and he said to CBS News quote: I had to take her hands from mine and rip and tear them apart, say it would be ok and go with them and leave her. That was so hard cod, so this thirteen year old, awake understands lake. I need to know why this is happening. What what happened was the kidnappers month months before the kidnapping had buried a moving van and a ditch in the California Rock and gravel Corey? Why,
had each child and add climbed down a ladder into this van that they had buried in the van they'd put mattresses, water, peanut, butter, bread and cereal enough for one meal, not enough for any more stocked on one side and holes cut into boxes for makeshift toilets. They put all twenty six kids and add in this little moving them that was buried under the earth in Iraq. Corey. Then they took up the ladder and told them all we'll be back for you and Europe before leaving the kidnappers put a manhole cover on the entrance that they apply. The kids in like on ties is my absolute worst nightmare, and then they put two truck batteries over that manhole, so they can move the cover
like you're just sitting there like? Are they gonna fuckin, come back and then they buried the top of the van? They were buried under links between six and twelve feet of of earth, nope yeah and they can. They said they could all here. and gravel being thrown on top of an so they were literally in my mind. I believe this is like this is how we're gonna do they all said that they said we all sat there. My like we are being buried alive like we're buried alive, and some of them were like. As soon as I got down there. I was like this is our coffin. This is our giant coffin that they're putting us in. Why is this happening here? yeah yeah, one survivor Hurray whole Levin dearer was ten at the time and she said quote. There were times. We all thought we were dying. I promised God. If I survived this, I would be the best little girl I'd be the best little girl my whole entirely, Oh my god heart I got. I just got like a little one, May I just thinking about
this ten year old? Being like I? I want anybody bad again like please just get me out of here. They were in this whole for twelve hours together they said it was awful. I mean the bathrooms were literally holes. Cuttin two boxes, there's twenty six kids. So these are just holes. Filling up with everything, so the whole place is smelling of urine and feces. Kids are vomiting because one there in about a billion degree was innocent people. They have a he's drunk they appropriate heat stroke. There also just hysterical rain course. So this whole place is filled with urine facing I've. Never pay, children on the bus? Oh I'm a little. I never was any ways entirely told journals like not then buried dead. The irony told Ed there never going on about. Like my kids, I don't know any, that's just no happening. I don't trust anyone I know there are beautiful bus drivers like add many of most of them are we
Therefore amazing human? I try to change it, but I don't know you. and I don't I now- and I know this story- I'm just like- I think I'll drive make it everywhere, while their wrapped in blasted grab pretty, I meant to say, bubble, Rob Nightlife, Gray Box, I'm just gonna Dexter out my kids and drive them places. He asked of events. Did it's true? It's like you. Can I don't trust anybody ever since all so the kids were crying for their parents? Like add said, there was a lot of crying for Mamma. Link which just destroys my. Why are you doing this to me right now, because there is a good, yet We concentrate like ailing mines, glass, Michael, the brave thirteen year old. I want awake, should legally change his name to the. He said that it would just be quiet, lay dead, silent there, all of a sudden and then one kid
start crying in the whole place would erupt into buying. It was just an fuckin nightmare, they all eight the food and then the figures again. This was like you know, they're going on what almost twenty four I as an instrument, even more hours of just insanity. So all the food was gone cause. It was only enough for one meal and then they had put a ventilation like a makeshift ventilation system in their because they would have just suffocated right away rate. And obviously these guys looking to keep them alive for some period of time, because it is this. What does this have to do with like ransom? Recently? Yes, ok and the ventilation system, they put him we're just fans that were like put into this thing and there the batteries all died. So the ventilation says failed so now they're, all literally suffocate, like suffocation heat stroke. Just all of this.
And then the roof began to literally came in under the way it was starting to bow in and like they could hear. The creaking like pieces of dirt were falling, and so all the kids were like. Oh we're, gonna die here after being literally buried alive, so Jennifer. The survivor that I mentioned earlier told CBS News that once this started happening, they were in full panic mode thinking this is it then she says quote: we thought, and they said the older kids and end if we're going to die, we're going to die, trying to get out of here. Yeah So this is when Ed and Michael and a couple of other of the other bigger boys took the mattresses. They stack them all up under the whole that their placed in and they attempted to move the cover, but it wouldn't budged because it was you know so Michael said, the kids were all cheering him on like they were. All litter look come on, Michael you can,
You get started. Turning into this, like I just got full by train. I still get chills at last. After, like weren't I mean, add: in my girls it isnt ever were move. They were trying for. They said like ours. They were trying to get this thing. They gone if they were sweating there like dying of heat stroke. and all of a sudden and you head, looks and says it's moving, I see it and will make them going to cry right now: rights, so they were all able to collectively pushed to the cover out of the way, once was moved there with their kidnappers, had made a wooden box that was placed around the entrance, so it didn't go directly into the earth. You know what I mean like. I was a wooden box over the whole, so Smigel I hadn't had Michael squeeze through the whole to get into that box and try to see what they were working with.
Out of the back re. So we, when he got up there, he realized that outside of the box was just earth. It was just dirt, so he had to dig so he and Emma Jane he they just dug and dug and dug for another hour so until they reached sunlight and when they saw sunlight. All the kids are freaking out that some lights pouring- to the place. There are like holy shit, we're gonna get out of here, but then all this, a all the kids I like and where are we into what? If they're waiting up? Cuz suddenly, like we'll fucking, know what We already know how you know what's happening? We don't know if they ve been sitting outside of this thing, the whole time just watching us try to escape like we don't know, but they were like
we have deal ivy, yes, so one by one, they hoisted each other up out of the hole. Luckily, the kidnappers we're not outside their the kidnappers. Where were they, they were all taking a nap, we're yeah. They were taking a nap at home. They had tried to call the police department of demand ransom of five million dollars for these children's lives, but the lines were jammed because the kids families in the media were calling nonstop. So these guys legal trust fund, yet so they couldn't get through to the police station to demand the ransom. So they're, like you, know what we're all tired listen go to sleep. Let's take a fucking nap. While these kids die beneath the earth we buried children alive, let's sit, I always tiring were yeah. We buried children and kindly old bus driver alive in the earth, but we are so much of a sociopath that weakened lay our head down on the fucking pillow and go to.
What I need to know is how did three people this evil meet each other, I have no idea. How does the world bring that much evil together that it? It derives me not in what boa kills me as well. They're, all fuckin sleeping their quota quote. Victims are just pushing through just committing acts of bad ass, very getting the fuck out of that thing. Against all odds. This is like a street up movie, it really is, and it's like, I love the idea of them just snoozing away thinking they ve buried these fuckin babies in the earth and the way to the other guy laws in these babies in this old, a guy like fuck off- and I love here that they were like. We are not dying just sitting passive. He and I are waiting to them- we are. Die getting out of here, how you die like yeah, baby so once they escaped out of the hole they saw, a man in the rock quarry he was up here,
because if this was a rock worry so to working place, people heard on machines and stuff and the man looks overrun. seize them all coming. He had waited six children coming out of the fucking guy. I know what he says. He looks at them and he goes the world's been looking for you, right leg what you do like who, when I read that I was, oh, my God, ISIS had chills revival minute. Yes, literally vodka worlds, when looking for all because the world had been looking for that most of these are I was waiting for you to be like he was go sailing. The world is and like businesses, Etons undead Army, a clique odds with what the fuck. I would think you see all these kids, climbing out of the earth, probably just covered, like all other. I believe this is Satan's workers. This is the work of the devil, some bags of foot, and I would run
Hurrah turns around and says the most movie worthy. I have ever heard into this world been looking for. This whole shoot as a movie and there like yeah. Can you bring me back to the civilisation of the world's? These? Are me they were more than a hundred miles from Chacha more than a hundred miles, they were driven away from where they were the police came this week. That's what they do in Let all these these in had led all these kids out legs to safety, my card Did he get like the biggest Heroisms Malaria, just wanna heroism, center heroism, correct close, so the police had to take them the only place I was like safer anthem d go, which was the local jobs, they weren't put like Sally. I know put in these things like these rooms, but I guess the kids when they pulled up there are like we're going. In jail like allowing in jail. They were all photograph. They were checked by doctors, they had interviews
You kept saying like the survivors, and I was I do some pretty. That's why I didn't want to I give too much away. That's Ireland say They were all relatively unharmed. There was some heat stroke, those obviously shock trauma, but physically they were all relatively my god. I hope this kid when he gets caught. I hope, is trust fund paid for their therapy seriously, while they were, given soda and apples at the police station will not stop it also Peter, and then they were free to go with their families, which of them said late. I think the guy I'm Larry Parkway mentioned. He said that he literally just like when his mom picked him up in her arms, and she can. He said I just said I mom but my head on her shoulder and fell asleep is he was six like he was six he's a little sick uses like hi mom. he picturing your kid. That's all I comprising I, I I
I don't even know than what I would do. No to these people when they are caught, I I would go to jail. I would one hundred percent I would just start ripping number part without teeth. I could not in the thought of. It is unfair that Really, I would to articulate any kind of thought when it has still putting myself from this situation and none are come. I would turn into a creature Andrews wrap them tat. I would literally turn into my true form, and every time I will call upon see after Satan is worded India there, like a yo, sir, I need your help, give it a power game of the power. I would call upon the power I was literally going to say that after you said what do you say mourners craft style so hit?
yup without these mother fuckers that cause. So, unfortunately, none of the kids can say a lot about what they looked like, because their right to animals and lose nobody except publicly Easter Bunny, but a team went back to the quarry to search the buried van for clues. Figured out tat the only person who would have access via a key to this. What rockery was friend woods? Who was the son of the owner of the rock fucking shit? Read up eighty fussing idiot, thank God. Of course he became the chief suspect and once they put it together the other pieces. They were led to the other two fuckin fools. And was also able to give one of their license. Plate numbers along noses, I guess they put him under hypnosis and he read aloud their license plate. And what I would remember under hypnoses, here's a just helping, even in Lincoln subconscious state as just a big old help, add Ed Ed,
I say: he's a hero: terrorism, two years before this kidnapping Fred and his friend woods and his two friends, James and Richard, show and felt the three kidnap resolution for they had been. Sid, four grand theft auto, so they we already had arrest warrants on your right. each why're. You stealing think that's what kills and that's what nobody truly understands about this. There were three rich fuckers I therefore give my lord. ass, a gaiters served and executed a search warrant at Freds Fathers mansion, and they found one of the guns used in the kidnappings, though they are able to tie him They also found a literal document labelled plan the detail later, ire thing along with a ransom note. Apparently they have been meticulously planning this for all. a year. I believe- and I mean that was so yeah Well, today, what I was going to say, I hate to say well work a street in it was, and I
in eight months before they were caught? This whole thing happened. That's when they started bearing this man so we're already like we're running the design together to put the whole madly place together, and they and actually they re, really could gather witnesses. That said, they had noticed people digging in their like months earlier, but they didn't know why Sir Richard shown felt, was the one who turned himself in and, as will see, Richard seemed he's the youngest one, the kidnappers he seems to be the one that was along for the ride. He shows the most remorse. He turned himself in three years on one of the unique acknowledges that it's her effect in that, like he's, He acknowledges that I'm not saying he's a good person, I'm guessing he's the one one of the three that seems too, unruly have full remorse in into truly grip what he did and what he did to these kids for the rest of it.
Yeah. I just think, and what we'll see you later, one of these kids actually like went and met him in like talk to him. Yeah So James and Fred left fled California, so rich in turn himself in a lily. James and Fred fled California. Fred, went to Vancouver and was caught by the royal maybe in mountain police, because there are some yak and rural Canadian mounted police. I want to be a royal the police, the police, put the three of them in and James was also caught. I think just like somewhere outside of California. They put the three of them in a video line up and told them to say phrases that the kids they use during the kidnapping, God and the children were all able to identify them through, like it was not mother, fucker them therefore career, another mother, they literally had them, say things like shut up and set down get to the back of the bus us into what I say like all these things at the kids will again they send others, and then they had the kids come in and day out, recognise them.
more bad assets because like to leave, you won't be able to do that. Now. All three pledge guilty did twenty seven counts of kidnapping for ransom and robbery. They were all charged with accounts of bodily harm as well, but they refuse to plead to it because of them that was gonna, carry a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of pearls, and none of them would plead guilty. Do it, even though they were guilty. As far as will the kids I'll testify that the trial right, so they were like bad asses again February, seventeenth, nineteen, seventy eight all three were charged with mandate, life sentences out the possibility of correct a few sat here and told me they got like twenty five year yeah. I would lose my noodle well, unfortunately, what their lawyers appealed the charges of bodily harm because they say it said, although from attic real bodily harm, as definition by law. Did not occur, eat my shorts. Certainly, are you fucking kidding me? I
Oh my god, just what I just thought: how do you, defence lawyers, how it like the defined liners. I defend the scope of these, What are they should? Then? Devalue lay your hand on the pillow. The ones are defended. These guys should be ashamed of themselves, do you think you're gonna, let alone I don't know how you go to sleep at night, defending someone and when you know their straight up guilty and it's like bodily harm, I don't give a shit if physically they're, all together, they are ruined. You agree me in your body willing, as I read a ton about these kids later, adult heard, how do you function fact? They were fact I mean most of them had phobias well into life of like the dark. He asked the young. They wouldn't let their humans alone. We all have kids a lot of them have kids now and they won't let their kids anywhere like they're, like I am the most over protective parent ever in its like, affecting I Billig. Well, let me tell you about the time I was buried alive, child
and so these sentences were gotten rid of and they were sentenced again to life with the possibility of pearl Ok, I mean I'm still purse, but as long as its life. Well, today, at one on a regulatory role Richard who was the one who turned himself in the when I said the seems to have the most remorse for it. He was granted parole in June, two thousand and twelve. Why? Thirty, six years after the crimes, three years after that and his brother James was pearls. Are you fucking kid? Fred is still in prison. Fred seems to be the ringleader. He was always labeled, as the ringleader and the sheriff actually at the time said that James and Richard were just too kind of like dumbasses. That just like did stupid shit Fred, they said. The true psychopath, like he, was a summit that we who are fucking devises this plan, the air. My he's still a piece of shit to this day, like he's in his like seventies,
thing is you piece of shit. He breaks all kinds of rules in prison, which is why he's not getting corrode keeping those rules red exactly because they always say an indicator of how you will be on the outside. How you are refund can follow rules on the inside and he can't follow rules on the inside. He still you constantly gets caught would like porn events. Phones in his cell he's trying to run his businesses from inside prison and he's like actually doing what businesses. I guess he has businesses that are already in his name because he's a little rich bitch and they just got put in his name, and so he is able to run some businesses from inside. What is the point? You're not getting the fucking money, that's the thing he still getting like richer in prison because I assume he thinks he's gonna, get out at some point or other so causing such a fucking idiot he's never gonna get out. So why did they do that lie apparently James and Fred, where in debt, from being done
masses. They would you have asked us fund and but that trust fund wasn't gonna kick in until he was awake, a certain age, so he couldn't have access to it. Yet so he was like. Oh instead of working hours is key. nap, a bunch of kids enjoy eyes. And again, I said, like you know, Richard just seems like usually younger brother taken along for the ride. James told the parole board in two thousand and fifteen. When he was paroled quote, we needed multiple victims to get multiple millions and we picked children because children are precious. The state would be willing to pay ransom for them and they don't fight back their vulnerable and they will mind you It is the most fucked up sentence ever word and it's like. I understand that they're saying like they purled the two of them, because they showed remorse they ve been gun, imprison they get in
Guess that was the first time in two thousand and fifteen. That was the first time that any of the three of them had given any motive. They had no idea before this. Why they do this, and so, but what's bothering me, that's like okay, so in two thousand and fifteen, the stewed standing before Pearl boldly board being like this is why we did it and it's the most fucked up reason ever that children are born bull and precious and will mind you also. Can you let me tell him, I believe, what, like, I understand, you're looking at it like he's telling you the truth and he's giving you the inside here, but the truth is horrifying bullock. How do you know? He doesn't still think this way right like like? Maybe he doesn't I'm, I heard he and I do believe in rehabilitation yeah not for everybody, but I do believe in rehabilitation, so God I'm hoping these guys did come out here and be like. I was twenty four years old, I was twenty two, that's not who I am like holy shit like that:
Harry to me the so crazy, because I'm thinking of like my friends, like I'm twenty years old- and I could I Can you imagine on like them thinking this way? Now well in Larry Park, though one I've mentioned a few times like six year old who was like, I fell asleep on my mom. He met all three of these. and gave them. While he that's the thing, though it's almost like would have to, because if you don't, how do you go on with your life? I think that's what it was too. He said he was like that, so I would that all night and he was like he said he liked looked up and was like God how forget them. Look, I'm never going to be able to move to move pass this and so Richard in particular, has been cited as being in the one that showed the Mister Morris and there's a picture of Larry and Richard like smiling with each so why it's so bizarre, but you look at it nearly holy shit like I think it must help to like him. It's like meeting. stir it's like somebody out in their Moscow
yeah I got it wasn't real like it was real, but like the like, they you, you can strengthen down to size. Instead of them being it's like largely than life sanctity because, again use they were, like. You know: five, six, seven, ten twelve that, like they were little in these men, were these big scary in their mind. There probably always been this big scary monsters and to meet them as adults and be like. Oh your job, No rights and I can share its shrinking them down to like a size. You can just flick them aware, aren't you so the children after after the whole, like experience, children were granted attempted Disneyland Economic got amazing. We, I'm gonna go and add the California School
Employers, association in Sacramento, presented, Ed Wood, the Associations Association, citation for outstanding community service quote particularly to twenty six precious child cello schoolchildren. The award was given by the governor and he got many more heroin that and then five weeks after the kidnapping, the entire town of child Schiller created and celebrated Ed Ray, children's day huge celebration and parade were added. The kids were on flow. Stop it stop it right now, like video does like pictures of this and everything. I can't believe I've never heard of this case. It blooming League Thomas. Thank you for bringing you anything. This should be. A well known, cage yeah and then I just found out like these kids did have tons of issue. Of course,
a woman named Doktor Lenore Terror, who is a San Francisco psychiatrist, actually wrote a book called too scared to cry. She wrote about their trauma and this book and she said quote in nineteen. Seventy six, we didn't know much about childhood trauma, much less how to treat it. Despite their very backgrounds. Every child shall a kid I interviewed suffered from Peter these symptoms four years after the kidnapping and burial alive yeah, many of them were well into adulthood having to sleep with night lights, because good dark was just so much that way. they were just traumatized by an they suffered from constant nightmares. Phobias, a lot of them had substance, abuse and legal issues for a little while most of them turn their shit around public on recognised what was happening and what this was coming from and they were able to turn it around and their story
only amazing to read now, but a lot of them would say they still have these nightmares without where they will be buried alive, like their lined up and shot by these guys and stuff like they just have these awful nightmares in a lot of the parents of these kids said that when they first came back, it was years of them screaming. In the middle of the night I abandoned I'm in the middle of the night, like thinking they were being chased a little while they didn't know who the kidnappers, where it took a little while define those to the time between then and when they were caught, they said was unbearable, must follow he because they felt like they're, going to come back and get, Also, I feel ass if I was up here and I believe, no you're, not sleeping in your room tonight legalised in my room, for I was going to say I'm pretty sure I ruined my kids even further cause ogling you're, never leaving myself, I do like you're. Never you don't have a room anymore. We share yeah, and these for these poor parents were just like the after. This hugely traumatized experience. That day,
Now there are living through the aftermath once again with their kids. It's like holy shit and was hailed as a hero like we send like his whole life. But he was super humble unlikely. now I know you will and leg he's just adorable his kit. His own kids said he just loved Kansas whole life. Like he was an amazing father, he's amazing grandfather and amazing great grandfather. He had great grandchildren Holly, I goodness EDGAR, to live to have great. grandchildren, and they said he was just one of those guys who just kids were his world and he felt like he had a duty to protect kids yeah, and he said about that day. He was like. All I knew was that I had to protect these kids. I had to make them feel like everything was going to be because, even if they were dying TAT day, he was like. I wanted them to to die. Thinking that everything was ok,
and he was like- and I wanted to make sure these kids his main goal use like we weren't dying that day, My main goal was to get these kids back to their parents. He did and he did, he moved a man whole covered with huge rock batteries on, as he kept his shit together throughout this whole thing and leg means and I would not be able to sing songs. I would be following my eyes out don't touch me. Interior Ali and add live to be ninety one years. Only amazing which it's like yes Holly yes like I want it that does it dont tell me, live to be like seventy, like tell me, he's got a long life ninety one years old he passed away in May two thousand and twelve, and according to an article in the New York Times his entire life, those children were by his side only God he ass, they all maintained, like best friendships with him. Like
real talk to him all the time line to visited him. They said a lot of those children that he saved were there by his side when he passed away and they had visited him consistently through his entire life, like they were with him through. I love the family. Members said re collected newspaper clippings about the kidnapping, the like you wouldn't talk about it. He just like silently and have the step, and he also bought the school bus from it for five hundred dollars because he said he didn't want to go to scrap ban because he was like. I feel that this is an important thing like we meet. We survived I want this Thursday love, if you put it his son said, quote he parted in the barn and he go out and started every once in a while. He kept it for many years, but then he ended up giving it to an old equipment museum in Legrand, where it's still there for public viewing tat,
If I was him, I wouldn't want to go in it ever again. I got my not era, see as he goes. An early start centres make sure it's like still working. I Wouldn'T- and van is there in the museum today in the grand and a lot of the kids came back after he passed away and they wrote messages to him on the outside of them. of the bus law, and you can look at it online. They over, like ed you'll, always be my hero and stuff like that lay my god. I know a guy like you I just I just got another alarmed that came, came on Iraq and improve that's the tale of the nineteen seventy six Churchill, a school bus kidnappings. Thank you, Thomas for sending out who, as I can't believe, I had never heard of a case before. I'm sure the airlines, but I can't believe I never heard of that case before yeah. It's one of those that, like you read, it knew just think of all these what these kids won through, but then you like, thank goodness I mean from I read I didn't see any like stories of you know them really going down into like a dark play
is forever Adam you out? Most of them were able to them say like I want people to know. These kids grew up to have wonderful lives. You didn't let these men take that from us. Some of them stumbled bed I'll, be worried. Cuz, I couldn't imagine living through the most of them, came out of it more like fuck that I'm going to I'm going to forgive them, I'm going to move past this and it just even forgiving them. As yeah wild ten. As far as I am what I read James and Richard have not been back to prison, they have not been in trouble again I hope I don't like they're doing them like Lizzie boarded oh yeah. I hope they get heckled with some fuckin. Their surroundings friend I dont, know, feel ever get out of prison, better long, fuckin rats in their because he sounds like a fuckin asshole. He truly does so yet so pointless so point is so pointless. That's the part that kills me like I'm done so pointless everybody's in dead who started debt that, like the man that sea nobody's, raising known
this way, we already know what it is worth wasting. Nobody in this world raising my ok while law, thanks for that you're welcome way to live my life again carried to hug my babies, I'm not bringing the school with you anymore. I am an answer. I bring them I walked around. Is that way school? I renounced enough. They renounce them, going services that say yes well in the meantime, if you need to take a minute for yourself and hope and stood round. Who could follow us while you're there Morgan POD Cas, go join the Facebook group for a nice laugh morbid, calling a true crampon cast to eat at us a morbid cod
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So yeah we hoping keep listening and we hope you heap at all, but not so where that you gotta start, U S mounds and put them over your hundred like why look at these are running about. I should get up some kids because that's really fucked up and guess what we already have a trust fund, so wanna you'd supping. If a conditional cylinders, maybe we do you trust, fund heads and stop? Fucking can happen to people and also how fucked up? Are you to dig the earth into the earth and put people and their interests like go? Fuck yourself, Fred, redden poop, does your names. I was here bye,
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