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Illinois Spooky Roads/Listener Tales MASHUP

2020-12-27 | 🔗
Hey weirdos! We figured we would grace your ear meat this week with a mashup of spooky roads and listener tales! Alaina tells us about two spooky roads located in Illinois: Bloody Gulch Road and The Devil's Backbone. Then we dive into a couple of Illinois themed listener tales. We’ve got a lady in red, who doesn’t love a game of tag and a camper who makes Wednesday Addams seem like a more desirable bunkmate, I mean wasn’t she anyway? As always, thank you to our sponsors: Everlane: Go to everlane.com/MORBID and sign up for 10% off your first order plus free shipping! Gabi: See how much Gabi can save you. It’s totally free to check and there’s no Obligation! Go to Gabi.com/MORBID. Audible: Visit Audible.com/morbid or text morbid to 500-500
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holiday season, is over it's over. I took my Christmas tree down last night. I took every single decoration and put it in the Christmas box that went directly in my closet, Christmas you're out of here to proceed. A Christmas seal later go by sea. Next year Christmas. I bring It was a really good Christmas. Personally, I had one of the best Christmas is, and I would just like to offer my condolences to all of you out there who are not related to Alina because this bitch, but sitting across only Ahmad of his or her girlish got me as if you follow me on any form of social media. You saw that my serotonin levels were boosted by at an all time high, because she got me a cameo of Lindsey low Hen.
and telling you that if I shaved my had, I would not look like a man and what else did she say that she said a lean is not like a regular mom she's alone, and she not bodily knows. My mom did think I was her mom. Would it was of you might as well be? Then you are. What else did you also get me a fucking kitchen aid cause? You should have a kitchen aid, big you. While I do not hear a baker a bit more candlestick maker, I Baker. strolled on their. I cried, and I also have some old old Gregg mugs. It then that you got any this bitch over here again. If you follow me until Marianna, so I posted that the guess who board that you made really Jack has Alina made a guess who board and made it into a drag re skies, drag race, Gus, shillings spray painted the board pink made. The cards for like different, draw grace, contested and then put all the tiny little pictures in the slots and everyone's like. Where can I get this? Where do I one of these I've seen these and I want one word you get it and living room only made
everyone's like what doesn't and unlike now, and no you're, not unlike unlike she doesn't that's true, I don't sleep, she does not cause, is the one they got up and say on. That's me, bragging about everything that I got from Billina Annie also got me a record player. Yes, she did that's pretty random Yuca for Christmas. I got some really good stuff you ash got me which I'm so excited to use because we had ever bathroom fixed because we had a leak under arts under era tub. Should Gaza is leaking into our kitchen, so that was fun, but while we're having that fixed, I've been like, you know what we're getting looks: kind of a deeper tub cause, our tub, sucked anyways, and so I am looking forward to taking a bath for the first time in my house, the weapon in the fight for like almost five years, and I was You know what I would love to have a towel warmer and then she was like. I think, I'm gonna get myself. Was they gonna by myself it out and I didn't cause? I never do.
they never buy things that have like. I should buy myself. That thing that's more expensive than I normally by thing. Didn't I just don't right and of course, ash dummy cash. hard war. My dad and I was so excited by the first baffled by towel warmer. Whenever I gotta get about about the game. I got for windows, gift or to Alina, for both of us like a murder, mystery dinner game and I'm so excited for covert to Beata here so that we can have a dinner party. You have a full on murder, mystery dinner party cause I've always wanted to elect. Sets it up for you like all the cards and should now you get legal envelope with their character in it, and we know I love to play a character tat ice already. I'm so excited an John got. You John got me my exercise bike that I really really really really want inciting I'm so excited because I didn't think I was gonna get it because our our houses
Billy cramped right now. Khazar. Let me tell you three: kids is a lot of stuff want and what was really should he is that I used to have my own room until, like the youngest was born until she went ahead and got born God, damn it. No. I love her so much, I sacrifice my room so that you can have remembered her own home, but now I'd like you to get a different house, please so that I can have a room again, but I why didn't? He goes. Gonna get my exercise, bakers. We literally on our we made what I had put it but he got me one anyways and we're going to figure it out. so now I convey it is putting on the front porch we're gonna bike as a family can see God issues to go in the two so excited hell. I might even get some she's illicit twenty twenty one we're we're off to a good start. Was it. I am not going to say a word about it. Love coming this thing like Instagram or social like that, and it was like now. Buddy, say twenty twenty or twenty twenty one is gonna, be your year. Don't, let's all just walk slowly ass! You expect the worst. What your hands of ourselves out, you know, have you had on a swivel yo
Can there be out Bueller, learn Bueller their young. Ok, we all gotta be careful here, but that's why we figured. You know that was the holiday week. We're gonna leg fully taken off, but then we are like without really now about we're not going to do that, it feels we are to do its work, maybe next year, Thou Cacena, I think. Maybe next year will take the week off just cause wow, it's really stressful, but we just wanted to still give you give your cup episode, Sir we're gonna, have this week an ash centric episode which I'm really excited about. This is a really good case. Yea adds next year, but this episode. we decided. We were gonna, do alone, mash up low risk. Spooky roads flash listener tales because it all started, because I got an email and I got an email from a girl named JANET, I'm gonna in Jenna wrote me an email about how she lay. Lives in arms
lives in Illinois and she show me all about these roads. She gave me with four of them and she was like they're really creepy. They had crazy ass names and I was like I gotta do this. hell yeah, but then we also wanted to do a listener. Tells episode. Is there really fun swirling? Why do we just makes them together and Here we are- and here we are an area- is spooky road, listen or tails mash yeah we're ready for this, so I'm gonna start out by doing my two spooky roads and then we're gonna go right into a couple listener tails listen or tales about. I picked. I tried to pick ones that we're from Illinois yeah hello, Illinois, Illinois swung as this one goes to you, Illinois Disciplines for you. What did they say, and then the aim was that you are right. So, let's start out with, a little place. Nice place called bloody, Gulch road, I also hope we refer you like extorted bantering forever. Until I die
absolutely no that work this morning in the autopsy they think it's called a morgue leave my brains. And I was like at home bebop and get ready for the shit, and she texted me that she on her way, and then she like texted me again and I had asked what the roads that she picked were, and it will be, We were having like two conversations at once, so she third, the question I had asked above like what roads, where you, what roads did you pack, but I also ass, like a different question. Look alike. Are you on your may yet and she was like? Would you sailing Edie, I said, Letty Gulch. I said settling bloody gulch and devils backbone. Before that you were like sorry like I actually just left like bloody gulch and devils backbone, and I was like yeah.
those Sarka, like a thinking that she was talking about body parts that late took a long time that I was using bloody as like. The bloody gulf shows like idols lack bone, verges british now I guess, and then I was last oh, she was answering other causes like I, those are just road ass like where you can, as it goes, nothing in your body called the dove. backbone. I promise, I don't know, I don't know why the devil, the autopsy or say Nino, the autopsy place, a delicious I can hear in coffee, because I think this clearly show that I need. I was really buddy believes it will start with bloody gualterotti, because it's an act. All road, it still called it's like the street sign, says bloody culture. I wonder how many times here, people still to you right, just so you can live, how cool? Would it be too big? Where do I live bloody globally, one seven bloody gulch road. I would like to live on six explaining you're you're, like five well funny. You say that oh, that plays into that there is a success.
Exploiting Gualterotti Honey liquor, you it's where I'm gonna, it's a plot of land, I'm about to buy, look at it so notes a house. So I just keep thinking, though, like what like a four year olds, whose, like learning thereafter eleven bloody zeroed man? It's like what and it's what's funny is. This comes its named after an incident that happened on that road. While you would think that you would maybe like not Tanya bloody? They ve drilling memorialize, this heinous murder that occurred on this road, our aim, so it's in Dixon, you know be no good old, Dixon Do we now organised Earls, that's like its dikes and I'm sure we set out don't nap! Urville me! Don't do it so Dixon when we know that Dixon onto it, hello, Dixon soon, Dixon it's right off the exit for Interstate eighty, eight, the road. actually named a from a murder that occurred in eighteen, eighty, five, so old, school
No, you know I love an old school murder. You certainly do we love and eighteen hundreds murder there always like they're, just so their jazz There are normally there just all and they all feel like sepia toned to be absolutely no. So This was in September of its people. The cpu tuned sepia toned murders. There was a farmer named James, Penrose Serena. All farmers are named logic.
John room is an old baby. Hundreds of open that wine, though James Penrose. This farmer was walking his cattle down the dirt road, because you do that and then it was the road that is now bloody. Gulch road are he'll, so he lousy cattle. The stop till you know, get some drink or something Khazars like little streams on the side of the road, so he's letting I'm just hang out, and there was a subtle culvert near a stream, and he said that the cattle stop they began to drink, but then on Sunday got really like spooked and they wouldn't drink any more and they were kind of like learning him to something going on so use like what the hell's going on so he walked over and he doesn't see. Anything is like this is weird, so we just walked home with them to his farm and even really think anything of it. But this happened again, as happened again to a couple of other farmers. They apparently like Pekin ones, would like
Worse is, unlike other animals, they would stop to drink, get freaked out. They wouldn't see anything when they go over there and they were like what the hell is going on things. I thought never happen in a punk back, lady, once a new regional calmly streaming only on pick up a confused mix of hash anthems. Sour go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar. You really good repute to live in front, we are leaving all the Celts feeling now only on peacock right now, was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible porn.
Have your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your ex reward twice as fast by shopping. Your dinner favorites after four p m while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the while, I added join today So finally, it was like a few years ago. This went on for days and it was on September eighteenth- that James Penrose, the first guy happened to be walking by again- and you say happened and he let it would have wanted. I see tat he was like enough is enough, so he comes over. It had recently reigned in so when he looked into the ditch this time, something was sticking out. No thank you because the rain had washed away some of the soil right. What was sticking what's the bloody hand of a human being, so he contacted authorities right away. It was one thousand eight hundred and eighty five, so I don't think he pulled out a cellphone. I think he was just like Cher.
and the sheriff was like yeah only you hardly like right over there or maybe he'll rode his cattle tapestry. You wrote ye ha he's a literal cowboy he could be put. so stupid our boys, they should be called hoarse voice, abstain, Thea. So the authority sheriff and then they come, and use of a sharp came and what they found was the Babel mutilated body of a seventeen year old Bible, salesmen, o name rank TEAL. I almost said feel, but its teal now seen a free TEAL seventeen years old Bible studies, Zella style, is into a bible, study, salesman, Nobody else when his throat had been sweat open to the point of almost beheading Lee. His head bore signs of a brutal beating with his skull actually crushed in and several last
duration, Oliver, his head, his arms and hands had clear and extensive defence once he had apparently only come to town a couple of weeks prior from Elgin and he was staying in like a boarding house and he was just trying to sell his bibles and now make some money. So police immediately went searching for the killer. They pretty quickly focused syn. On a twenty two year old man named Joseph MOSS why's that he was a french Canadian, he barely spot any English. Ok, so I do wonder if that had something to do with it. They were like you might be a good scapegoat exile. Eighteen hundred and sudden greater really have anything to go by then there's some other things at your leg you might have been it. They called him. Therefore Dumas Frenchy, that's very You know like coconuts also what they call somebody on the real housewives of New York, though, and that's not his name's, there you go and he spent try. Well, he was actually a farm hand and he was working on a farm that was owned by far
Julius Lloyd, Julius low lying. and this farm was near the grave site shore he was seen by witnesses near the site of the body carrying a shovel and acting strangely, tried to find out what acting strangely means. No one can really tell me I don't know if this like walking down the street like back Avenue, bat or if he was just walking with a shovel, maybe it s strange trying not to be seen and like you, maybe you a weird look. If you saw him yeah, maybe I mean who knows maybe he was wearing a color. That was who stood at the foot of the hill. He was not wearing overalls, and that was strange. Maybe I don't know- maybe he's eat enough suspenders though he did not have a cap covering his head. That could have been it. I think them out of it. You didn't have a straw coming out of his mouth. Oh, that was a thousand. They were like that's on a farm handler units have straw coming smoke that aim and better. They also said
They saw when they picked him up. They saw some stains on his coat and they just assumed it was human blood. Will they don't have dna testing YO? They obviously contest. did they didn't? We really know leg it wasn't. It was like a dark coat, so they were Likud stains. They don't, even though their red stains like that probably blood. Meanwhile, you just our land, something greasy that night and it's like he's a farmhands leak that could be litters. You think that could be cowed, dung mother, photography. Anything right. I can just be dirt, we no but they're. Like that's good enough for me. I wonder if even disliked attempted to smell in all this where it gets a little like okay, Joseph so went to the farm to pick him up and he was they. Can I just quickly have a glass of a drink of water before I leave cheek and there are like ok and so he walked to a nearby well because eight and hundreds and they watched him cause they were. He was right there and ass. He walked to it. He tossed something into the bushes near the forest.
I tried to be she likes lie about. It adds resource they search and they found tales. Pocket watch So I'm really going any say very did it. He did Frank so his trial was January one. Eighty six. It was a huge trial. It was like the Casey Anthony trial is like people. People would wait outside to get a seat in the strives, all the big ones of today, Theatin hundreds or the fuck out. Yeah, let's go watch. This dude get trial, TAT God, let's go, let's make it happen, so it was huge trial. One of the biggest witnesses on the stand was actually a twelve year olds. who do Louis Dixon. I guess he was the great grandson avoidable. The founders of Dixon
so, of course, he's reliable and of course he is an east wealth. He and his friend, who is sixteen year old James Curran, were actually play baseball in a baseball game very close to the site. I was close to the roadway and they both said that they saw MOSS, Anti walking together on September twelve. This was the day that you they found out, determined he was murdered on and they said they heard MOSS, telled sealed he knew where he could sell some of his Bible and that's why they were walking to others like in Heaven. So they said they thought MOSS was holding a bad and it made sense because he was seen out the baseball game he could have described about right and it was later determined that the brutal beating teal had experienced was from a baseball bat. Oh, my goodness now does now yeah, that's like so personally, I see Elphick Gaelic, just a seven you're, a bible salesman links. Are you trying to do here? I so January's twenty seven the thousand eighty six Moscow
found guilty and sentenced to life in prison while he was in prison. He actually saved a prison guards life. He was like twenty something years into a sentence to have saved a prison guards life when he was attacked by another inmate. While the guard later said that MOSS had been never been, a problem had been model prisoner and he said he believed he was a truly good human being. He didn't believe that he did at LA may only be used in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been cut in who knows if that pocket watch thing. These are eighteen, hundreds in a cop saying they saw that happened. No one else sought happen, YO and I'll never know. Maybe that was just like his power. Watch that reaches the people. We want to get a stolen or some shit. I don't know, I know in an you. No one any also could have done it. We just have. No. I didn't. I wasn't there because maybe you just was maybe did well in prison. He was a ship aggregates did well in prison, used or no gap. What we know, people I mean fuck and Catherine,
Maybe they collared manna. For example, people get real good imprisoned because I want to get out of prison well because he saved a prison guards life. On December eighteenth, nineteen eleven governor demean commuted his sentence, so he was released on Christmas Day and nineteen eleven la never returned to Dixon never saw him again. People think he just went back to Canada, but nobody really knows. No one ever saw him again. It was never tell South EAST out. Here's the crazy thing too, though. Apparently another Bible salesman, who worked for the same company to dead was murdered about two weeks after teal, while MOSS was already in custody, oh shit, and it was never spoken about in the trial. Why isn't thou weird? so a lot of money laundering. Mass was innocent and just kind of like a scapegoat yeah. Because again he didn't speak, English. She was there whose can easy a farm hand to write, really argue. This he's gotten over
later anyone NATO's an entire year, so you never know because nobody ever looked into it now. What's this is really funny. There's a ghost metal banned in Dixon Cubs, Bloody Gulch named after this all right, I don't know wondering what ghost metal is. I was, and then I didn't know if I was the only one not in I don't I didn't know either. I still don't really know. To be honest, go ahead and google it for yourself it's really hard to explain, but it's kind of like good for you guys is it just a lie created a new genre security metal. I dont know how to explain it. Are you just gotta? Listen dude cigar, listen, a bloody gulch, I'm gonNa Dixon Band good for them Now that's a minor, yet atelier bloody gulch. Could I ask gonna cultures? A gulch is like a covert elegant. It showcase as just another realler yeah she's, a bloody Gulf
local now, apparently on dark and stormy evenings, you can see a either full body, apparition of Frank or you can just see his bloody hand, sticking out of the dirt, and I want that the whole be nor because then you like I wonder how many times people columnar like I see a body politic and and there's nothing. I know. I really wonder that where there is also this you're legend. I couldn't find anything else about it, but a couple of people being likely. I saw a little girl earlier girl running down the road that businesslike young girl that Rome's down that road and apparently she was murdered in like an abandoned home near it off the roadway. I couldn't find anything to like substantiate this by people. Talk but it so it is like a weird long or now. There is a six six six bloody gulch road. That's an octagonal home! Yes, and the owner set its very haunt so much so that he can felt compelled to become an ordained minister to keep himself safe, wa, yes,
so that is a home. I looked it up on Google MAPS. I like creep tired on this person. fear listening right now I like scooped right and on your home, but as I go, my god look at this, so there is, I just can't imagine being like. I live at six. Six. Six blood gulch from Rome I mean you must be hard chorus. Fuck, you aborigines. I saw a metal yeah and it's like an you have to haggle over like that's crazy. An arctic no home would be really good tag nor to garner actor octagonal. I think it is acting on all sounds stupid. Does yeah octagonal? Don't don't tell me how it's like hex radiators, octave octagonal? I don't know it's an octagon shape. Tell sigh! That's all that's one of those words. I don't care to know the knew how to say at the outset, octagonal so that its body Gualterotti Wowzer,
I just think the name alone is pretty rad. I want to buy that house yeah. I realized that house must be a trip. I don't want to move out of my home though so now, but it's a cool, but it's cool so the next one I want to talk about is the murder of Mary, Jane Red on the devil's back and near the devil's back. But that's really familiar, It's no. This case I had never heard of its legal, there's only so much information because it was in the nineteen forty, yes, but it's like unsolved down, but I kind of look into a further if I find anything else about it. Maybe we're doing a patriot episode about it or something. If I find more, I just found like a really. You know generalised overview this, so it happened in nineteen forty eight hours, nineteen year old, Mary Jane Reed met twenty eight year old Stanley, skin scribbler screwed lots gridlock-
so they met working together at the DE com au goal telephone company at the phone book at the phone book, she was a switchboard operator which is so forties. I can't stand. I love that some I can't handle it you will. It is not like when you ring like the two numbers than you're like can you connect major my plans? They, let you down their own little little things in the thoughts, those switchboard, those really information or thank you. You know you know it. They have that set. They stick the things in the world. They can't state would like you to the person you on a car and in all areas, but they sit there were that switchboard important things into the sleigh sick, the things in the slots. Ok, boy, like what happened to you guys over Christmas, Vienna Holiday, it's the holidays, you know it's not it's over Christmas has gone up, so he Stanley was working as a linemen, which my dad was at one point. So, like gold linemen, I believe My dad was also alignment weird, and you know what you mean: weirder telephone this guy
was a Navy veteran, which my dad was his well, my divers. I also that's really weird. You know my dad is not a Stanley, my Father, It is not. I order. So it's not him, but I doubt that was weird. You gotta down, I gotta thumb and we feel the cadets name is lambs is unable to Tom Tito. But I love colleague farms in he much to his dismay. Of it, so they immediately doug each other. Now again she was seventeen use, twenty eight, but you know age deference whatever different time. Different shit, I'm not good ever she had a thing. I really like in the forties that happened, although she needed as Addy there you go so Mary. Jane was known as very independent kind. wrong, like not one to take any shit, how it seemed like a bad aspect. She was, she was a switchboard Ophir. She was so. She also had big dreams and photos
her. You look at photos Virginia like. Oh, you are going to be a star like you. Just as that. Like way about area very forties like pin up you look to her and it's just like, I would one I would again to live in that time right, so her parents names or Clifford and Ruth adorable, adorable June, twenty. Fourth, nineteen, forty eight Mary, Jane and Stanley were set to go on their first date. Also, their first date was in Stanley's Buick. They were going to go have so they went and had some dinner, and then they just went to different like taverns and bars, and just had some drinks and like danced and just had time they were seen by many witnesses, so their whereabouts are confirmed in different places. They stopped last for the night at this place called the stench house, which is now the roadhouse. It still stands at tat, neighborhood house, not just a road house.
The road house about. Then they were going to just do some driving and they were going to plan to park at a lover's lane. I was just gonna. Ask you emails was, can be a lover's lane because for the fortieth in that they did- this lover's lane weirdly enough is in the air like is in that, like devils backbone, which slick what a place for a lover's lane runaway scope, the devil's backbone. It was trying to change its image. What fishermen, The term are no showed that have an image make over it and so on. Fortunately they were last seen at the stand house and they never came home Now, Mary Genes mother was of course worried, sick. She called police. She told them that she would not just not come home without calling she.
Where did that? The next morning, early the next morning, a highway worker named John occurred, was driving down country farm road when he saw a random bloody shoe on the side of the road use like what the fuck and, of course, he's a highway employed. So he gets out needs like. I have to do something about the his cause. I'm a highway employ and he looks at it and then he happens to notice a body,
lying not too far off the road. It was Stanley all stand where he was shot a ton of times with what I believe they so is a thirty two caliber hand gun they found shells at the scene. He was on his stomach and the grass a path of streaked blood had showed that he was dragged their. He called. So, of course, I we worker called police. They started a huge search. They soon found his Buick not far away nearer than it was near the lovers lanes and they were like trying. There were basically parked there right. There was no blood in the car, but they did find a cigarette on the floor with the lipstick stain on it and they are all. I must have been Mary, Jane, yeah, thus spooky. I knows enough creepy, so merry genes. Parents were informed of stainless Stanley body being found, but they were told there was no sign of Mary Jane right now there obviously a wreck, but now there hoping it is she kidnapped. Someone have her. She alive right, hold
yeah and some of her family members. I think it was her siblings. Could she had older, siblings and younger ones? They went to a psychic during the time that their way it was only a few days, but they went to a psychic and the psychic said that she was alive and being held in a shack by an older man. Oh ok, now there was a huge multi county search for her loose. Go. Not so it wasn't until June. twenty ninth, a few days later, that Mary Jane S body was found. Oh no, she was seen by a passing truck driver like who is high up in the truck, so he could see her. She was in the weeds off the road on silica road, which is now the devil backbone. Ah, she was shot once in the chest. She was wearing brown, loafers, a white blouse and no pants. All her pants were folded neatly and placed on her back spooky. She was also wearing her mothers wedding ring all because their mother like given it to her for the night too, where all yeah
That, just like makes me sad rumours circulating about her head being missing and that will come back later. So hang onto that, you know it also at some really bad luck towards somebody else's wedding ring. It is really bad luck. You write so, but usually I feel like it just bad luck in relationships not like, usually by those who, like really bad luck. It is now when her parents were told her brother, who was five at the time. His name was worn and he's been like instrumental in trying to get this case solved still he sat at the time. Even though use five, he remembers that vividly he said quote. I was holding my mom's hand and I could feel the energy just ran out of her own house, not just like alternately. Sad will at such a dramatic event to it makes sense that here my umbrella everywhere, yeah, because it you, you always think, like kids at age, don't remember things at like really anything
cause you they could forget what they had for breakfast. The diversity of the date of a landowner thing is certain events like one of my my twin who was in the hospital earlier this year. She remembers every freakin detail, oh about hospitals, surely subtle ensuring a bit like the doctors me. Oh yes, you will remember the little detail and she brings up all the time and, unlike I wish, you would forget that like Skype, wanted forget anything. Let's forget, but ass to agencies bore like us, crazy. Thirty. Five, though no you know, there's a baby, so the chief deputy Willard Jig spur right, getting juvy would answer you wear that he was the leader investigator. K C immediately ruled out robbery cause. He said nothing was stolen
the basic wearing out aware raise wearing the ring. His wallet was still in his pocket, with his pay check and his money in it. While, yes, so they're like this definitely wasn't robbery that there really gets very like vicious than they had to have been a reason for it. So witnesses were interviewed ex boyfriend reluctant to Ex girlfriend witnesses did say they sought to strange, like really suspicious men outside of one of the bars that they were out that evening, and they cannot that theory like Macduff, very cunning lives on to strange men outside of a thing like people think those guys had something to do with it. The theory everyone held, though, is that this was can illegal love, triangle thing or some jealous lover of Mary Janes. I think people like to hold onto a love triangle thing because its interesting exactly, but they looked at it because Stanley had like been done,
I wish to pull it. I mean he was tat. All really taken out in shoe is possibly held alive for a little bit and I feel like we talked about in like one of them. I think it might have it that you hikers that went missing. and they found folded. Pants Yassin folding, the pants, show some kind of aspect of like any says, yeah like some kind of an old, and I think it's almost like a message of sums, or so Unfortunately, the case when cold, because they're just wasn't anything they could go with. also they found shell casings at the scene where Mary Jane was found to meaning she was shot in the chest in that field. Right. So that's right! That's why they I'm like the US. That's. Why do you think that shit? been held a couple of days, and then there are like was that psychic right? Will you held a shack by an older man? Was that have canary the thought of being crying a shack by an older? Do? Who do we all now know? No. Thank you so the case when called for a bet they kept
reopening and every now and then like in the fifties they tried, but they couldn't get anything go and right. So when cold, for again for a while and a lot of the original evidence actually like the photos, sum of like the reports and interviews, Wang, longing eyes factors that how I dont know can someone tell me how it ever did he ask? Nobody tells me and tell me how you lose evident it somewhat. Belatedly, carbonic listen up buddy boy, so the guy who became the Ogre County sheriff in in nineteen seventy. His name was Jerry Brooks and he was like. I'm gonna go ham. Trying to solve this case. I think I feel like it can be solved. He noticed you know that most of the stuff was missing or it was like, destroyed or whatever, and he tried to interviewing older old witnesses, but he said most of them are already dead or some more so older. It was so long ago that there are like Africa remember earlier in you and to think about it you don't remember no one, you can ask me something about next last week and I believe I don't know idea like it's to Ireland,
even know what today is well Jerry, actually left. Jerry bricks left his job and nineteen ninety, but he had worked on it, the entire time for decades, while and he still believes to this day. It can be solved. He was like. I know it will be, so I want it to be now this Europe brother, we mentioned Warren. He never stop trying to find his sisters killer in two thousand and five. He requested that her body being zoomed cause. He was like. We have to find a clue and he was having trouble getting it done, but the sky named MIKE Arians, who was the mayor of the town from ninety ninety nine he also under restaurant in town. He said, I'm gonna help you cause. He was like. I believe this do not only have we shouldn't.
Zoom her. We should find this out and he believed that there was a cover up happening and twenty. I did all that evident able so weird scenario. So he also said he owned a restaurant called the roadhouse shot and he said it was the original stand house. He bought it and he was like there s like. I know it sounds weird, but like there's some weird paranormal stuff happening in that place- and I believe it's connected to this- and I think we have to solve- This too may now be allowed to rest right, and so do I just got a whole. I do right and again remember the stand. Ass was the last place that they were before they were killed. Gas dandelion marriages, and maybe she goes back to try to like a guy so he said he thinks that it was definitely Mary, Jane's ghost and therein. He thought it was possibly her mothers as well all I, like what they found each other. I, and he said one of the things that will happen is on the jukebox randomly like spontaneously, and it will repeat
the Thai whole ass out. Only the jukebox will just start playing Sergio, and as in Brazil, sixty sixes after sunrise, which I did a lesson to, but I kind of want you now. We should pause and quickly to hear a part of it hold on. I feel as though can be hunting. We just listen to it, and let me tell you if that shit started playing on my jewel box. I would burn everything I owned ground that. Are you the exerts, like a wonderful song if it is a fitting to but hearing it in that context, is like? Oh, no yeah goal, I don't know we can play a part of it. Are you going to do We can't I dont know if again, I'm not going to bed and I am losing anyone Brazil sixty six is. I think that seventy seven sir, but it's after sunrise and its up. It literally starts in it sounds like like ghosts, ranch. Creepy- is unlikely. Hosanna chalkboard among them is the level of cologne alone. It's almost go more girls ask but like terrify leg, scary Julia, I dont, like
not at all, I my whole ass body. Ever since you said that has been covered and chosen. They won't go away yet. Lot? Well, I'm HANS employees at the restaurant won't work certain ships because they like no fuck, that I've seen too much shit on these ships. I will not work and I like they'll, see Oh apparitions official just stroll through the restaurant, like just hey irish times, she could talk to, I know and tell them what open and they said they smell, perfume and flowers. Randomly not happens all the time at our child. I now tyres in ITALY. Colds memorandum spots in the restaurant, in weirdest of all o o idea. A flower delivery addressed to Mary Jane, was sent to the road house on Mary, Jane S birthday and they couldn't track. Who came from June when, like what I dont know what year was, but they said it they couldn't trace. Who is from what the fuck in? Why was it somewhere? What the fuck it
and dishes will fly and chatter and stuff it's crazy, my Whole last body is vibrating in gash hills and too their Warren and you know mayor guide their compelled him make area and they help to get that they were able to get the judge to agree to having her body exams and they wanted to should be examined by a forensic pathologists. Unlike really do the damn thing so August, twenty third, two thousand, In five, it happened while they zoomed her. She was completely intact, including her head and there even skin. Still on our bones la weirdly, there was a dress and slip found inside wrapped in newspaper that had a story of her murder. I don't know if I why my end there. Nobody goes into that barely gap that was found in their nose. Weird, I wonder if to unite, people will do we're chip
they bury people now wonder if it's just, I don't know somebody being now. Unfortunately, they did find some things. I guess it that would possibly lead to some leads in the case But then the investigators said that the handling of the original case was so poorly done and so poorly handled that there are like it's basically tainted forever it's kinda hard to pieces all back together, but do it, but the two people of in dressed originally. You know talked about that we're like outside of the bar. You to stay weren't yeah. They were brought up again after the exclamation, because witnesses came forward again, naming them, but they were dead damn it and there was enough to name them publicly because they still have families in the UK do not actually show their names
Oh, I think it was on the Cuba County Sheriff Melmoth. Sir said they're not here to defend themselves. They do have families that are still alive and we can't definitely say they were the people committed the crime, so it's literally just lake right there I wanted. All this by white December, two thousand and seven LISA color it what it LISA, clapping her sorry LISA Lisa clapping her she's a board certified friends again apologist at the University of Illinois. She was assisted by John more, whose a professor of anatomy path of physiology and forensics at Parkland college in champagne They were asked to examine the bones? They took a look at it and they said The bonds in that casket are from two different bodies, so her skull and her upper spine are from a different body shot fell far yeah. I saw her head
still missing, so it indicates that the rumours about her being found without ahead head, presumably true and they just grab some we also had an they put out is going ahead in this casket with her Warren says. His older sister was the one who identified the body when it happened, causes for her parents or just to upset, yeah or answer she said when they showed her Mary Jane. They did not show her whole body. They should. She was able to identify her because of the ring so she did and though she had, I didn't see it had. I did not see her head and then also he said, crime scene photos which we don't have any more dont show her head that is so yeah spooky is a metal. They are any said, the theory of whoever killed her with like could have been like jealous and obsessed. Maybe they took her head to keep me
maybe like it makes several and locked up. Morons like it could be in a Fuckin box somewhere or on someone shelf like someone could have the skull. My god and they were like and then they said they think it might have been a local police officer who may become of who had become obsessed with her and that's why this cover up happened because it was a lawn, forspent officer, one The thought I need it. I need to solve this case going. I that is easily one of the more bizarre isn't it is we ve got up You're gonna learn my legs elevator healing like having a hard time talking. While they did exude Stanley as well his body or he was our last year. He was altogether in it. in two thousand and fifteen. They said nothing new really came of his yeah, the raw, The house is still like a ghost hunting location. It's a huge tourist attraction. Now as photos of Mary Jane up in the restaurant left school and allocates like TAT
It is kind of cool and then also MIKE areas started the Mary Jane Red Foundation in the website. It says the Mary Jane Reed Foundation has established as a tribute to her as a living memorial, Ding women and their families of any age, race, color or creed, who have been brutally assaulted and assist them in any positive way possible to ease their pain, stress assuring that they have a network of support at no cost to them, while just what a nice thing to do in her name, that's all some! You God, oh no doubt where it, but I was just going to say I think it ends the founders were so moved by the brutal unsolved murder of Mary Jane raided nineteen, forty eight that they set this course as a path of life and hope and her name for those who have suffered a similar fate. Oh, I love fine. It's still unsolved. It's also very interesting. I feel it. Whoever it like. I said with the genes and everything it seemed personal and also somebody. It seems like somebody who knew her new, where she was gonna, be
that my ignorance tat. She was going on a date yeah and was like pissed off about it actually was not happy about it interesting. I know right while no end indefinitely the overkill of the man. She was on the date Wiggly Disease, where everything I read described him as riddled with bullet right. she was shot once once in the chest, but her head was obviously in her head was missing taken off. Somehow it was what the those are not that is real was so I wanna keep looking into this case is now I feel like I'm like. I want to solve I do too I'm connected to that now and also, I don't think you ok I'd better, go my chargers. I could move my laptop and earliness this weekend and so nice. While I. A while and also that song, oh yeah, that again as you have again see. What's the song again, it's after sunrise, is so spooky its soul. it's all. You wouldn't think of it. Turning on randomly yeah later,
Cleaning up a restaurant at night after everybody's got oh fuck that fuck that thought that fuck sites like this Christmas I ruined or I almost ruined. I didn't actually do it, but I was like the little drummer boy came on and if you listen to our Myra Hindley and embracing episode, you know that that song has been ruined forever from view and near us too, and it came in our kitchen. and I looked at my mother in law. Nose like you know, I could ruin this for you for ever and choose Don't do it knows like ok and I didn't do it, but I would like just know just now I can read. The three when she was like. I don't want to know, and then she was like I hate it has now. Thinking of, why could be frozen? Snowflake she's, like them in your eyes, open alive and John hasn't. Listen to that up as soon as you know the song and he was like, don't I realise that you didn't change. Did you change it and I walked out of the Roma's like I'm not listening to the island and be able to
I can't I literally can't link. I gave me chills down my spine. Somebody actually commented on that Instagram randomly the other day. While I was on our like morbid podcast Instagram in the picture of Leslie and Downy love, the cute one came out, but I can't get her without seeing the crime, eyed and literally I'll, get our act in my head and I knew tat. I wanted scream yep, it's terrific, leading it's like getting shot you know it involves when it pops into your head. You literally feel it taking a bullet. My stomach just hurt yeah, it's fucked up guys, that's a real case of Israel. Never get over about. One oh Ghana room with two beds at a hotel. Isn't exactly your idea, the romantic getaway Corbett's gets it. Does it bits, dot com, slash pride to find hotels, welcome you to travel, as you are orbits
well, as you are streaming only I'm Peter a new original. Permit me punk bank. We are lady parts, it could fees. Mixed hash happens, sour our people to live in front. We are lady part, all the so streaming that only a baker, What let's get along interceding lighter exactly we're gonna end on a fun? No, which is your breakin listener tales, and I'd like to think this person who wrote best. I dont know if you're supposed to say their name, it doesn't say not to sign just gonna say the first though it says you can use my name thunder, so this is from Hunter envy, subject line as the time
girl. Scout demon attacked my twelve year old, a solicitor story ready for the nice, and I also want to thank Hunter because they not only wrote a whole last email but also attached a google dot. Doc words double spaced, I love, that's really help. Let me just tell you that so little figure, the real envy you are you do that when you go the extra mile like that to save me from myself, it's appreciate it. Fever might save me from reading. So hey you two weirdos to start, I want to say morbid. Is my favorite podcast I've gotten to the point where I'm already re listening to episodes? I love you weirdos in your amazing way of telling these gruesome stories, while also shining lights on the victims and their family. Thank you. Thank you before I tell my story. I just want to say that paranormal activity and true crime seems to follow me before. I was even born a lady at my mom's work used to tell my mom that I was going to be a girl and I was going to be quote, be able to see beyond this world Blue she pretty much predicted my gender and the fact that I have a sixth sense, I'm not really sure what else to call it which
mom didn't truly believe until I was born throughout my life, I've come into contact with the numerous sit, numerous spirits, I've survived, a kidnapping bodies have been dumped by my house, I've seen numerous ufos or what I can only assume are ufos by my house. I have spoken to my recently deceased relatives and I have a wicked ability to send someone if something is going to happen and pick up vibes from people places and things. I know it sounds like a lot of be us, but a pinky promise. I'm not aging, but I believe you, I love that phrase, but without further ado I'll start my tale of how a crazy demon girl scout and on dragging my twelve year old ass to hell. Sub herbs kicked microphone, so excited I'm system. So since I was about seven or eight, I have been going to spend a week at a girl scout summer, camp and Northern Illinois. I would choose what I
levities I wanted to be a part of when I got there would be assigned to a cabin and make friends, etc, etc. I would get to ride horses, make friendship, bracelets, learn, archery, go swimming in a fairly nice pool and make a ton of friends. I always bought a dispute brought a disposable camera with me as well. To take pictures of the nature and the friends that I made, I mean it's on super great right. Wrong ideas like yes, it does us. I mean there were never really any strange happenings at the camp until the summer of twenty twelve, but go stories were told, and I would sometimes get weird vibes but brush off, because nothing ever happened to me. The campground I was staying at staying on consisted of four cabins and a huge rec room for indoor activities, two out of the four cabins house, girls, who are part of my activity groups. For the week my cabin was peachy and the other seven girls I was bunking with- were super chill
The other cabin, however, was a nightmare. There was one girl who was absolutely bonkers. Let's call this girl Abbe, since the second we got to our cabins. Abbe was already fighting with girls. The girl she was bunking with there was one girl in particular. She did not get along with, but anyways. It was about three days into the weirdest week of camp I had experienced. Yet it was the middle of the day in all the girls were. Does hanging in the cabins before we went to do our next activity. Next thing you know we hear screaming coming from the cabin next two hours of the cabin was about thirty feet away from us. We picked out of our screen windows of the cabin to try to see what was happening when two girls from the other cabin rushed over to our cabin and flung open the screen door. They were so pale, they looked sick. Everyone asked what was wrong and if they were ok and then one of the girls just looked at us and stated Abby, stabbed her what we were all silent and I went to lock the cabin doors like that would do anything because they were screen doors, but you know
you do you do. You do for the other girl explain that Abbey and the other girl had been fighting an apple, took scissors out of her friendship. Bracelet answer adapt. The other girl threw the hand with four shit Bracelets is Ireland is not fringe Not what friendship is about crafty now. Are you ready for this Alina I'm ready for thy already I picked these one. Have you got it the trouble but stayed at the camp for whatever fucking reason and the other girl was taken to the infirmary to take her of her hand. Okay, this is one way. I never went to summer Campo into Theatre camp. They had very much and then to why my kids are never going to sober fact. Summer weather bug you fat about summer K all barely go to sea link and Annie Cabin or not cabin Annie's like what's amp ground campground. It's like clamping like they don't even use tents in other political, like our be sure not larvae, but really I dont know if any they have a nice thing.
You can shower in their bedrooms, and it's really beautiful by everybody, make fun of me cause. I don't wanna go camping, no way anyways the next day then you'd as usual, and we all went to bed the next day or excuse me the day continued as usual, and we all went to bed the next day was a normal day, except we all kept our distance. from crazy, scissor girl ocean. I don T get on her bedside yeah could plan that night, the girls in my cabin we're supposed to be sleeping, but we were all talking. We were all up talking and making jokes. Everything was fine until one girl stopped laughing and turned very pale. I noticed she was start staring out the left side of our cabin towards our neighbouring cabin. She said, returned to us and whispered we're not her onto super confused until she pointed out her window and we all went by and we all went to the left side of the cabin to see what she was talking about. So early each one of us side standing by a tree between our cabin and our neighbours was a black figure.
staring into our cabin. It was the shape of a human, but we could tell it was not human know. There was a, long silence, and then we all started whispering frantically back and forth to one another trying to figure out what we were all seeing most of the girl including myself, started to cry all. I was filled with fear. What was this thing? What was going to do to us? Where did it come from? After about ten minutes? having a staring contest with this Mediterranean. It started slowly moved toward our cabin fuck. I'm saying my house, I fuck that All at once, every single one of us turn just scream at the top of our lungs. I cry I climbed into a top bunk with one of my friends and we held each other while she paid her pants and sobbed so hard. I didn't even notice that I was covered with another twelve year old girls, Europe. This is this satisfying I've ever heard so much a little girls like literally Yasser
big terror liar ban fully actually operating there. We screamed our councillors names at the two, a name at the top of our lungs. I honestly thought my throat was going to start bleeding. We watched as this thing crept up to cabin. Then, when I thought it was all over this figure- creature, demon, guy, on all full knows, ran back to the tree. Climbed up this, not fucking tree backward, no backwards on all fours about like why. then, our council ran into our cabin and we all shouted to her. What it just happened. We were so income solar ball. She could barely understand any of us. She ended up deciding to take us out of our cabins and walk across the camp grounds in the fucking pitch black dead of night to the wreck centre to our other three councillors who were staying there. It took about five minutes, but it honestly felt like a lifetime, and I have to get to that fucking building. We all explained to the counsellors. What we had seen and what happened, one can,
first that with us, while the other three went to go out and look around the grounds, I was certain she was dead, but then she came back to explain. She didn't find anything, but the weather was getting extremely bad and we needed to sleep in the rec room because there might be tornado Orange, was on, I hope, of a demon citing grail eggs. They say which was my number, one fear is a child even over deem it good also stated that the other cabins on our grounds needed to come sleep of us. This included scissors girl. What this is literal night it is, I was not thrilled. Looking back the weather. Turning on its head like that air, like a dead, was extremely weird. I ended up not sleeping that night because I was so sick thinking about
how there was a literal demon, making its way to my cabin to drag my child ass to the peoples of hell. Guy like excuse me, but I was also nervous because Abbe was sleeping right by me and she had actually stabbed someone. So I was not having the greatest time no. The next morning I walked a breakfast in silence and so did every other girl for my cabin at breakfast to other girls from the other car cabin started, asking us about last night and what happened we require and unexplained much, except for that. We got scared of something in the woods. One of the two casually said they saw something that night that freaks them out to and was wondering if we had seen the same thing. I looked at her and asked what she had seen and explained. There was a weird figure lurking around their cabin last night and they started and they started to hear screams from our cabin. The other girl ended this short tail by stating that the figure climbed up the true backwards by their cabin and disappeared, I love that this girl was like you know, weird. I saw something that was like well freaky last night to it was this weird
gear who walked up a tree backwards, unroll forests and I, like it, did you guys I hope, as I will use very kind. sure. I wonder feeling heard the rumours like every same thing so weird girls for my cabin leaned out, and we also need to discuss what we had seen and everything matched up. We walked back to our cabins and silence again still processing what had happened when we got back to our carbon, we sat there and started to talk about last night, all the sudden abbe ran up, screamed and smashed her favorite of the screening door. That's really funny picture bizarre. is crippled, needs somehow she beat the dog immediately the girl, who first saw the figure, screamed and burst into tears, pointing yelling? That's the face, that's the face. I saw What is the demon had Abbe says we alter into Abbe who stood there. Missis Hamley until she silently walked away from our cabin without a word guys: dude fuck Councillors hear me
style: send out three whole Hobbes parents, heavies legs, you know caregivers, her sires! I don't know I've heard like emperors or whenever she has now. You know what they all knew that Abbe had no contact information they relic. While we can centre heroic well, we can't call hell so we're just gonna have to keep her here. The phone line to Satan is busy right now that, inter oh, we all turned up she so their menacingly. In she walked away, or not Where are you sure that we all started crying again in the counsellors? Let all the girls culture moms? Oh that's, nice of that. What the fuck Elsie, who are these counselor, similar public? Sixteen get it together. I told my mom everything she told me stay the rest of the weekend and enjoy camp, and I would see her soon, but explained I was afraid to die and lose my soul while sobbing on the line she convent. Me to stay, but many girls ended up leaving for the weak, the rest of the week. I was they can on edge. When I saw my mom at the end of the week, I sobbed after that I never went back to camp your notion
a couple years later I heard the camp got shut down for leaky pipes, but I do believe that the property is currently for sale, but I don't know who, in their right mind, would buy that land to this day. I have not developed the pictures from that summer and did not keep in contact with any of my friends can I also still have vivid nightmares due to this incident. They have well up The photos immediately or even look at them to send them to us do not pass. Go just send known ass, dire need to see those that's crazy. Thank you for reading my long ass demon camp story. This was easier easily one of the scariest moments of my life and if you do not choose to read it, and if Do you say that you can shorten it? However, you'd, like Doha, p s I wanted to. Let you guys worked, though, that I work right off. Archer Avenue Illinois and I ass, resurrection, cemetery. Frequently it's extremely creepy- and I know people who have seen Mary roaming around I've never seen her them and then they corrected are not provoke pronunciation,
and also to push things they always say pronounce them. They were corrected it yeah. I know people who live in not prevail in its pronounced neighbour vote like paper, will also do neighbourly map prevail, not avail, ok here, for that. We also when I looked up another avail do Papa. I love you so much do p Jaeger. When I looked up like emails from Illinois, ninety percent of them are just now other people. No ninety percent of them were other people from Illinois. Like other parts of Illinois saying that people from not prevail sucks, so we're not saying it but sorry care and your fellow Ellen noisy and start spilling anyway. So they said. Thank you guys for bringing your wonderful podcast the world. I hope you keep it weird, but not so really establish road says, is from your French. A bracelet can also be a demon instead into my soul until I cry until I cry and kind of a tree backwards after scaring a cabin for children, love Hunter while
and also a hunter said that you can use my name and, if you're interested in any of my other true crime, paranormal or extraterrestrial sightings stories, I would be thrilled to share with you here knows. I also Hunter would like to know about the time you survived a kidnapping and I would love to know about the bodies that are more led along your hunter come at us Some spleen until you gotta bring us more. This rate sounds really good hunter. Thank you. I forgive you for correcting now prevail. I do, but this was wonderful. This was this is absolutely wonderful. You lived a nightmare About hey yo. Let's talk about audible with an audible, membership? You can download titles and listen offline anytime anywhere the audible apple. free and can be installed on all smartphones on tablets. You can listen across devices without losing your spot. Inaudible members don't have to worry about using their credits right away. You can keep your credits for up to
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Hush morbid or more than five hundred okay. Well, that was a good. should we read one more time for one more, I think. If I were you, I would reed, lady and mama. That's the one I was gonna reads: I knew it all right. So this lesson or tails, lady, that was beautiful, but you woke Franklin up sorry for Did you just like that? You, like you, like ok area, it will ninety lady just winked and went back to freezing the guy's mom. I gotta eat her alive haywire, those love, your show and loved the listener tells me to thank you so much so I'd like to take a second to thank you and the listeners both for constantly giving us all news stories to enjoy great. Thank you say no. I like that. You think the listeners I was that I was nice All weirdos, please give yourselves a well deserved, Pat on the back, and because I'm the sank champion of the world. Here's my tale. I love that shortened sweet My name is Aaron, but my friends call me Erin,
because most of them, so my friend is that my name is this by my friends commonly last look, my friend goby areas, I'm from South EAST Michigan and my story takes place in a weird bermuda triangle of the murder: mitten, yes, murder, mitten are Our state is shaped like a mountain, and we are home to two states: cities that are often on the top ten most dangerous cities list. Why? Because those areas in particular have a pension for illegally making people a lot less alive. Now, one away to say it: let's awesome pure Michigan TM,
I loved him gee. I, liquid people t underlines in this formula triangle of sorts. You can throw a stone in any direction and be in a different city. Also in this area is also in this area is a lot of strange activity. It's made some of the most sceptic people, I've ever known admit, even if only once that there's plenty of unexplained clearly paranormal fucker you going on in our backward, our backwoods hood. The years two thousand and five, my dear friend, Amy names accept mine, have been changed out of courtesy, lived a bluff just down the street. For me with her grandmother on this particular evening. Amy's family was in town visiting from Illinois and they were but having a bonfire. And were welcome, which is why my axe Nathan and I were present- it was beautiful, early fall, so the air was crisp, leaves or changing, and the corn fields were unharnessed did you know Can I make a side note? I run another lesson or tell that just like I couldn't put it in what they say.
When you live in Illinois like they're on one part you either, I like, like city slicker, oh yeah. On the other part, they said you are literally made of corn and then they put in parentheses. I am Corps and I just want to shop. I personally, I love that will these cornfields were unharnessed it. The sky was, clear and, if memory serves, the moon was also full they got later in the evening. The crowd around the fire dwindled until the only people left were Amy, her cousins, Ross and T J Nathan and myself. We wasted absolutely no time in getting to the good stuff, ghost stories at this time I only had a handful of ghost stories and only one where it actually seen a ghost I would later found out. It was much more than that much more than one, but they often don't look much different than any of the wife people. I see protests, there's always something off about their eyes or the way they move. So I was content.
To listen to the group. Tell their stories when we were all good and on edge, the cousins dared Nathan to take us it on a walk to take a walk on a very specific path behind us in the backyard there were some fruit trees impasse. Those was a cornfield. No, no, no. The field had a small path that sort of split that portion of the field so that you could walk out to the woods behind it. If you needed, I dont know why you need to buy, I don't need. You could then take that path around and find yourself between corn stocks and offence that separated the old shutdown gravel pit from the property. This is a literal horror movie gazing at the beginning of it either way I know where you were. You are surrounded by corn on both sides, woods and corn, or gravel pit in corn children in the corn. out of the realm of possibility. Nathan, wasn't particularly spooked by the idea of this, dare, after all, he and I met while working on a hunted attraction as monsters what a love story. I'm sorry to our together. I hope it was an amicable split
to me, and I thought that there was a scandalous- is daring, someone to high five? The person so the Mets LEO at asleep over senile big whoop. If Nathan completed his task, the cousins were going to give him ten dollars or his Nate referred to it hell yeah, that's dime bag. I see why you so off. You went trail alone ashes like I get it. He neared the beginning of the trail Amy and I both jumped to our feet and yelled for him to stop which startled she and because neither of us knew wide. We turn it much less expected to do it in unison. Nathan, looked at us like we were insane, which was fair. I even begged him to come back, but he was hot, but he was hot furs dime bag. So I ended up jogging out to him telling him he was still going. Then I would be accompanying him in that moment. I watched a look come over his face that echoed the experience Amy and I just said he wasn't sure why, but he was walking that stupid trail
Naturally Ross and T J gave him crap for not going, but not for long. Our backs returned to the fields and that feeling that I was being watched came over me. So I turned around in a matter of minutes. A thick fog had stretched from the woods over the top of the field, stopping right where the trail began and nowhere else knocked down by parents ouch, which could easily be seen from here, not across the street or the gravel pits solely that area. I am aware that fog can do this. I guess, but this was the only time I ever witnessed it myself and it seemed like awfully coincidentally timing. Everyone in a little group agreed and didn't feel it was enough to shut down the party, of course, not now than ever, not a little paranormal fog rolling and that's just like the start of the parties, which added some more and then heard a woman's voice calling out I love it she's as that which, out it's more than a woman called out to other windows explorer. None of us could make
what she was saying, much less see where exactly she had called out from. Oh disembodied voice right wrong, it's not uncommon out their sound travel round them sound travels round them. Their parts are those hard for sound apples round them. Their part very sound travels around them their parts. That our are tm so unfazed. We go back to our conversation still surrounded by our ominous fog- and we hear the woman again and really call me, can you I believe you gotta come we're having a bad? Could you got? Could you go talk somewhere else now because its lately, we soon that maybe it's a family member inside the house, yelling from darkened window, or it's probably just big assumption of Hake is fairly. Is a family river in the house yelling from darkened window we would probably we're probably being too loud and keeping them up so that we so that we began putting out the fire and heading back towards the driveway. That's when we all freeze
there's a woman in a red nightgowns standing by the cars and since she is on the other side of the vehicles, we can only see her from the waste up shed black hair with awful bed head like home girl really needed brush, but haven't seen her touch Jordan. Yet right away, Ross clicks on his flash lightens shines it on her face her eyes, reflect the the same way in animal. Does I remember how I too do their eyes, gave them away she's, even acting like an animal cornered. Her shoulders raised up here, brought her head down and round her milk. No, no! No! I would like it to a human doing, an impression of a scared cat, but staying on two feet, I let you know it's funny. I literally pictured my cats. When I was right you right now because they make a fuckin like EU shape, would thereby haste as we are staring at her spellbound, but her eyes remained fixed on Ross. Then she
when her mouth as if to scream, but no sound came out. That's fuck no know her yah opened wider and dropped lower than I had ever seen a human jaw. Do I dont, like I don't move on from the naughty the ones who can unhinge freaky little joyous state again raw showed deciding. He would chase her. What the fuck was not running what the You look. A bigger joy is running at the damage raw sweater. Just be please. No asses over six feet tall and built like a brick shit house in this woman is approximately five feet tall book to be in her six new. I hate that used to be a nurse. I hated all old go sir tat. The moment he pursues her. She takes off into the garage literally flying now
There were no feet, no, no head bobbing up and down to indicate running because she was too busy taking flight she's, just a red blur of her nightgown up much higher in the year than it had any business of being. We watched her go through the door into the house. Raw set up was to open the door before continuing his pursuit now. He screaming like a she tearing, a house full of peaceful slippery for up what everyone is probably has. Therefore, again, how high did you guys get outside so pissed them or of a search it on frozen staring at the only two ways in and out of the house. The only word spoken at that time. Work yours truly up up up up up up there, is exactly what I would say, exactly headset, ready silence that all happens. You see? That gets very anything that, ideally, yes
Do you guys you that Oh shit o r, because it all that my window brain cells could come up with while they tried to Prague to process the metric fuck ton of insanity than in just occurred. I feel you rascal, soon after out of breath, declaring he the heat lost her in the house. I don't think he'd fully processed what he had seen at that time either. Because none of us expected him to catch whatever that thing had and that inexplicable fog it had completely disappeared as quickly as it is. But now all the relatives who are super soaked stoked about waking super stoked about the abrupt wake up call were side, half asleep and having none of it. They tried to claim that ass. His mom had played a prank on us, but the five of us believe this was is just in an effort to keep from scaring Amy's grandmother and her younger cousins. While those are good adults, but is yes
because I believe TAT was probably a deep and I believe we should learn the house down and gotta. Go is highlighted, Guide who has holy water, throw a crucifix that someone is anyone any here in our data maneater, I village, it's going down. Hell is happening, now Ross, his mom was in a red nightgown, but it had white poker doubts on it and her hair was in much better conditions and also her eyes didn't reflect the light like a damn woodland predator, which I feel is important to mention the next. hey Ross was having none of their denial. He insisted his mom needed to run because this thing out and him and that's not an easy feet. She immediately said you know I can't run but tried anyway. At best there was a whole no outrunning her son or set inability to fly to this day. None of us, you know what that thing was we just? No, we saw it and it's not a fan of being chased by large midwestern men wielding flashlights, but then again who is less assignment you know what that reminded me of. I think it was.
brother, my uncle J P, who came home like really late for curfew, one night: oh my mom, so like my grandma Lena's mom, as you all know, my mother's side, to scare the shit out of him when he came home it up all night and she has like very but her hers, beautiful, like silky white, but when a varied planter literally snow white, but it's thin. So when she goes to bed at like tangles all up and let's dance on top of her hair and she went and made it crazy. and when she heard she liked. I didn't she turn off the security like. Oh, yes, she turned off all the lights because he was trying to be like a little punk coming home late and ask it to sneak in like it was no big deal. So she he goes to open the door like quietly and she whipped open the door cuz. She was waving on the other side in just put her out
stop. It is quite clear and scurry, and he said he would Jude mutely thought it was like a mythical vanishing on that had come to warn him of his impetuous fluency, because straight up our houses hunted anyway in his room, actually is like the ammonia added room in the house. So he probably thought that was me. He was like it's come. Finally, but really it was just more just man and I live in her life, just havin fun and she said she couldn't stop laughing and EVA Euro or, if you know, MOSS, laugh at the most infectious hilarious loud scream. So that's it does or by me of it right. guys those were grades, we were also is our greatest spooky roads and those are great tales and I appreciate it want to solve Mary Jane. In Mary, Jane Reed. We're gonna be that I want to solve that dynamism you're, one of the inherent that song men that familiar Ike. We got a solid we're on the case for aid,
We know that one's nineteen forty eight is one that we can do that, like General detective jacket out from our first, virtual I've shall I got my magnifying glass. Let's do it I'll wear my flapper dress. I guess you go. I love. I need a reasonably again no shoes. women are well guys. That's it you. It follows from its morbid vodka and I'm gonna die. Grace do under said to it. No there's a at a morbid bud Ass, a gmail. Add more report. Gaza, GMO Thou man we hold you gave and we hope you came It does not somebody. You got a summer camp and I we stabs you in the hand with a French, a bracelet says: there's a nazi where the lady and register eat you but run out, runs you because over us thinks Ross Lobby Ross
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