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2020-05-23 | 🔗
It's another round of Listener Tales and WOO it's a fun/horrific one. We have some Australian madness, a badass survival tale, a super haunted house, a mass shooting story, a terrifying car and more. Come on in and listen to tales sent in by you crazy kids. Thanks to our sponsor!GrubHubJust for our listeners, if you download the Grubhub app you’ll get $10 off your order of $30 or more every day from participating restaurants. So download the Grubhub app today!
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Whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears beats the office on pick up stream every moment from the donor, middlemen and export bonus actors, an exclusive plus if you're looking for more classic. It's? U can stream every episode of parts and our creation, tuna bent and every season of Estonia in the mood for something brand new. Second peacocks original comedies began Rough himself and say about about whether you are creating a new danger familiar face, you can find sends a comedy gets on pizza, get started for free at peak on tv hey weirdos, I've ash, and I'm only- and I almost forgot the introduction to morbid.
as does that, every single, I always say, hey weirdos, then I wait for early thought, but I'm supposed to say I'm actually, where two years at the bet, she's forgetful almost a hundred fifty episodes at every time. I love it, will your own eye. I saw it happening and I didn't do anything about it. I love it that I know the I smoked allowed a weed before my brain develops at the thought of how is a problem in my life lino. It not a problem is we got a ton of listener tales that work on us
bill all over your cause. It's a listener tales up, as I have the tea in its piping hot bitches. It's true, it's gonna be awesome. We have some really funny ones that we have done a listener tales episode in so long. It's been a long time. Some people are like you guys do them too often, and actually we just kept forgetting to do another listener. Episode had nothing to do with the people. I don't like them know. We were definitely not pandering to the people who don't like them, because this is our show, but We also just got into a groove of doing some collabs. That kind of we wanted to make sure we're spreading those in with regular episodes. So we didn't want to do some of the special episodes to take away from the regular episodes you know we're just trying. Nice are explanation, but everything we can, but now we're back and don't have much business to get to before the episode Bay, sickly. All we really have to say, as some of our shows are still being rescheduled, but we just wanted to hold off on like reading all of the dates, because not all of them are locked and yet so we'd rather just start saying them when there are locked in yes. So
if you have a ticket for a show this year and you're not sure, what's going on just hold off and you're going to let you know when all the new it's our assuming they're gonna, be like the end of the year and possibly in the next year. So just hang on Definitely no keep an eye out. We're gonna be announcing things. social media on our website? I'm also announced them back on the pod cast next week. So yeah that's basis. Yet. Well, guess what I have for you unless and do less than a tale get you listen entails here, I'm ready this one is called. I don't go camping any more. A story of Australian of Austria country, town nightmare fuel. I love all of that, because one I don't love ass earlier. I'm too, I love Australia. I dont go camping, Annie, whose here with me currently just like sitting here watching me
I like her, she likes to go camping and her family links to grow camping, and it's like a little bit of a joke in the family that I don't really like to camp that ask us go lamping. You know an apparent trap. What's her name, Meredith Meredith Meredith by all women are alarmed. I am I wrong. This one's as high. You, wonderful Ladys, I I am a huge true crime hard. I urge my contacts God system into a computer is turned into the lake voice. Transcription serve, but I'm sorry Alexa up up up up I am a huge true, cried Bob Van and I was so happy to find you before my life Last long, haul flights, my girlfriend hand an island in Australia, but I'm from New York. So we visit my family there. I don't
like a million episodes of morbid for the plain- and I was in love, yea eleven people say morphs editor without got them orbs, I love the way above tell stories and how you celebrate bad ass hurry. You guys are seriously fab, thinks for being you and bringing morbid into my daily routine Omagh. Ah, my name is Danny and this is story of. Why don't go camping anymore, because my girlfriend and I almost got murdered. I think oh boy, Danny GUT Instant, are so important, and now we know that more than ever I've tried to tell us friends and family, but I can never express how terrified we were for our lot in this moment and what it felt like TAT, bad that horrible gut feeling anyway, here we go ready, Danny my partner Hannah and I were going on a two week- long road trip in the middle to start to Middle Australia. In October, twenty nineteen well Did you all here in the house? Just literally was a dog
his eyes those jug leaving the house, but that was him leaving those in very normal way, he's fucking, but Henry time he walks out the back door for some reason that door makes the entire house shape boy. You have an old, so whenever we recording he walks outside to walk my dog. It's always like. does it just like the earth shattering while ok Laddie, not even I was having ok so they're, going on a lot on the last road trip to admit Australia in October, because then they're going to go back to New York in November tonnes? Awesome I disagree. I love you guys so much and I hope you hungry, Roger, but Fucker Road, Europe Alike, Australia, New York, Zircons, a good thing Happily I love it so having massive visa immigration problems and was maybe saying goodbye to the country. I love before before potentially being back in New York for along ass time, though no one asked us each her for a while. We decided to have one you drugs
before we left to enjoy the red australian outback, repacked, the car full of food and supplies strapped our ten and care that to the roof of hands, Subaru Forrester, because we are basic, lesbian, bitches and headed off to get even molested verb, actually really funny, because any- and I were talking about how Annie's next car is gonna, be a Subaru and Annie also works at a Subaru dealership up up up up a lesbian, none. I love it. lean and Ivan Melodic is Ivan. Great added is great and terrifying on the subject. I've been Malone food. We live in well, where you got prove you got Ivan MILAN, terrible us actually real fucked up. Sorry, we live in wearing, and we were driving to say was wrong by australian people are nice and they don't yell at me, oh Lou room I love you. I like it LU, LU, LU, which about right. Australian people, just like you guys, are funny. what part of area but asked. I love you. I don't know why.
southern though even forgive you for giving them the American Southern Europe does done. Lady, daddy liver is about fifteen hundred miles away. Everybody a black, they got me any other liners and fucking laughing at one of those guys was a perfect listener stories to it is most it DR, is on the steward highway. Where there is nothing but redder and dead kangaroos, that's really so humble the eight. Why body and render keg shoe you? That's all you got to get That's all you got to offer deal it's about now, five two hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit during the day where we were so we for most of the day in the air conditioned car and found the least fucked up spot on the side of the highway to camphor the night by fucked up, I mean loads of checks, higher tracks, rubbish and anywhere that looked like a local hang out. Great roads are fuckin, spooky, they're dead
Wyatt except rustling in the bushes and the occasional car in the road and is much more advice. Europe than me, and I made a rule that we had to camp and a designated camping area along the highway, or there was at least One car or another camper. This made us here safe, knowing there was a family or other people on their way to LULU, be around because they're zero cell service fog, the sun's, likened the hitch her. This is why I am not yet, as I got a family that he kills idlers, that's why I'm not into robe troops or camping or where there is not self. says the hitter. You need a satellite radio if you want to communicate with anyone how'd, you even communicate with anybody. Anything you like serious exam, though that's. which is the saddle, they rubio legal, kids are key to way. oh I'm gonna,
Need serious act? No one! I wouldn't reading this. I was like so you like, you, feel you have company. I look at the time he left the room and you gotta talk to them too great station or tat mighty radio. The letter, Do we really? I was due to its needs. to find my place, but I was allowed to put it into perspective Hello, isolated! These roads are, you must stop at every single gas station. You pass and carry extra gas with you just in case. If your car breaks down you're fucked, no one's coming to save you, pass, so many abandoned cars on the road that have probably been there for thirty years, Why did you want to go to this place? so Lala. It says here and we're on the trip a totally rue unharmed, but we really need is a goddamn shower all good. We stated in the illusory campsite and packed up to go home. Now, stake was that we got too confident we had no issues with people
car troubles and everything was great on our way back to Melbourne, we decided to fuck the schedule we mean and just fine campsite as we were, we draw longer into sunset, it should be known at these road should never be Germany night, you will hit a ruined fuck up your car and yourself you're gonna do Wanna hit a rule. That's not australian! am I already now now you know we. Finally, at the very river which is the river that borders this New South Wales and Victoria, where we live, drove until about six pm. Where we realise we really pushed it needs define camp, a sap. We found a campground on the Victorians the merry river. We could throw stones and it would lead to New South Wales. We could I also see a town right across the river called Tooley Buck. Oh, I love the the devil's fucking town. Oh I,
love later restarted kindness town Titty bought for then she wrote for law. That is that it gives the law allows salami call it titty Bob. a couple more hours of what can we name is absurd, titty biogas rhetoric but more hours of light, so we made a fire cook some dinner and talked about how we protest, and tumor our the loom tumor nights on the road spoiler this last night, where we spend on the road this camp. might seem so safe at first. There repeat: fishing and lights of a town of tidied up tat about exactly there was no one else camping here, though, which was one of those which was one of my campsite. Brig deal burgers, I'm fine. I let it divide, because we are so close to tear it Bob. There was scope
There was one away in one way out of this campsite spooky the whole time we were around a firing hearing, lots of rustling in noise and overall feelings of being watched. We really thought that this was because we had eight days and the most isolated parts of the country that where the It is getting used to it again. We are both so on edge as the sunset, but we didn't really talk about it because it was getting too late to find a new campsite, the sun, down at about ten p m and got into our ten weeks having sex, Antonov adds to tee. Am I but I think it may be, had something to do with the suspense or laws but facts. You know straight up. We were the ten half naked when all of a sudden, a big ass, dark, blue Jeep turns the down the campsite road and drives past our tat. We tried to hocker ourselves out of being spooked here so ideas we through around its properly justified. Leaving the pub in going home for night. It's not that's. Probably someone can finally know I'm sure the we'll just drive down a dirt track on to one of the products they absolutely won't. Maybe their laws ya know
No, no, no, no! No! No! I! Finally, we just took out our phones now. Finally, we took our phones would spotty cell service, as we try to Google maps and saw that there were no door dirt roads or any roads that went up the campsite, I literally We feel my heart racing hasn't taping this out. For me, so where is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time, enjoy, notes of three brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the war were apt to order ahead or get it delivered. your morning, even brighter with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited I gotta have a wild things could never happen in humpback whales.
Lady, once a new regional calmly streaming only Anti got confused mixed hash anthems, sour girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute to live in front. We lady- puts all the so screaming. Now only I'm Peacock Neither of us knew we would be able to sleep, so I grabbed the hatchet and we got into our sue before hysteria and went to see where this cheap web. This is about twenty five minutes after the car showed up. Hannah was driving because girl, I'm from New York, driving on the opposite side of the road, a scary enough during the day on unpaved, reminded him. Think of that yeah fuck, that's crazy! I would it I can't imagine driving on the opposite side. Our own, I was just looking for a ten so that we could tell ourselves, it was just somebody camping hand, was for rules and warm bath, and I'm looking for a scary jeep
We get to the very end of the dirt road dead end. Then our headlights barely caught the reflection of the jeep. This mother, fucking Jeep, was part two around down an embankment covered with leaves there were no lights on the hard. No ten, no people near the car, the gut feeling got so much worse. We need some shit was up no glow from cell phone or a car like just pitch black Hannah turned the car around so fast. The whole time we were saying, maybe assists the skies, smoking weed, or maybe he hired a sex workers, something but now that was a bad feeling. So as soon as we got back to the campsite, we didn't speak to each other, just packed up the camp in about five minutes. We, surely tighter Shilaley shadowy. I love that should only tighter Matt and turned to the roof and got into the car to drive over the bridge to tell about us one minute away, parked across from the pub without truckers were sleeping in their trucks and summoned closing, sometimes closing the pub for the night. We and
and the tent and mount off the roof and retain it. So we can actually get the fuck out of tat about without shelter flying away. We were street fine, it's eleven p m and we have nowhere to go, but we knew we needed to go as here this time, the ten back onto the room as fast as possible, and I'm googling Google mapping for our hotels, the fucking G man drives over that period. About of rain turns right in front of us I start with your arrived at his joy ride. All by can't wait to occupy later I started spurring whisper yelling to hand that he's here he's going to get us and we have to go now and I d script that goddamn hatchet so tight. I wished it was an ax, this mother, fucker slows down as he's driving past us in his windows rolled down enrolled down his window. Sorry, he made I contact with me and then made a left hand turn into the motel I'll, never forget, stupid, asked ginger beer in green eyes. We and to be so fast we got and got back on the highway. I have never seen
instead journal and like that in my life we did it. shortly after next to ours, hands stopped at a motel. I gotta, We tried to get it. To try to get a room until we found one in Swan Hill about forty minutes from data about, we barricaded ourselves into the room shaking and nearly crying didn't sleep. We were so scared. He followed us in would see car out the front of out at the front of the hotel. We went on next morning and have been too terrified to camp ever since we went on Labour Day weekend, but there is about nine hundred people in the camp ground for one night, because fuck being alone myself for saying this, but it made me realize being to early twenty something's with no man around made us targets. I don't know I don't know that's not true, but I can't even explain the fear hand on. I didn't speak of it for a few days, then we came up with these explanations. We think he parked on it. bank and had the car and purpose, and he was dead at the motel, where he obviously could have smoked we'd if you wanted to
fuck. I don't know those are the only deviant things I could think about that time. We have concluded that it would have taken the same amount of time to off from our campsite back to his car and to drive back over the bridge. Basically, We think he parked any and bake men and was walking to our campsite. We almost got even melodic fuck cared about an honest, I'm sorry. If I offended the nice people who live there, but yeah your tone is scary for supper, and if you read this, Thanks so much reading this over doesn't seem a scary but fuck. It was if you Tell me if you want to tell it feel free to use our names, the good, because I did, but this was truly the scariest experience of my life. Thank you both for being you and for giving me a place where I feel like the story, belongs cheer Danny and then tat. Some photos on this map, Sheila Growth, a bunch of stuff- and she goes the Mattel that fucked. Into and ensure a ship map of tune about the figures that is supposed to say, fucker, not fucked, don't ask me, or my powerpoint say, also was virtually great Powerpoint scale Sammy you kill their dying.
Also, can you imagine if lake and I'm I know, people in Australia can imagine this, but I cannot that you I have to worry about hidden kangaroos instead of hitting like a dear, I know, because, where it is worried about. Dear and we're not even that worried about you know, you're only write about it like a certain areas. We are. There are signs that say like careful ruse yeah, because this careful dear yeah I'm assuming this, I grew crossing those I shall like horse crossing signs here. Here in Amerika here in Amerika, we dear we demand and you can keep them. If you want. Did you know that? That's fine fact, if you hit a deer guys, you can keep her if you hit it with their only if its, not I'm her, but you ve developed, a deer runs out in you had it, they ask you. If you want to keep the dear, I mean that's good, because a few accidentally hid it. It's just its your private. Now, the hang it on your Baldwinsville use it man thing if you're gonna, I believe you know, think you had hidden a rule must be an experience I wish I could do in Australia MAX. I just think of those
really jacked rules that you see that link that looking over a jacket that literally look like strong men were, I wish they will kill you like. They look things up and put them down. I just think of that, but probably not, So this is my next listener tail. It's called the weird forgery which happened to me during the course of I don't know feet me and my stupid substitute, spheare cursing I dont know what any of that means I don't know ever bludgeon means, but I like that she says it. I love all of it. So this is, can I say her name gee. I call her dream mega. Okay, so hey weirdos. Let me introduce myself before getting to the creepy sure, I'm an actual Grady trash bag, warm Wala whom stooping com, from the land of tea and weird hats. Yes, the actual hell or country of Britain much rates scenes and its darker than Satan vessel in the winter.
I ve been listening dear podcast for only a couple of weeks and I'm hooked, you guys are defeating my covert boredom, a sofa that thanks I've always been a fan of the creepy stuff, like the movie at an urban legends. I also weird real red weird asked japanese folklore on the daily. A school labyrinth is an amazing movie. That's why I picked this one. Ah, I picked it for you ve labyrinth. Even though only us trying to figure out if she can show her four year olds. Labyrinth are not right and never answer in. I say yes, but jobs has now illegally One of the fur freer concern. She says that shawl fast forward over the closet part yet like the beginning of labyrinth, where their hiding the goblin, Sir in the closet. I would fast forward over that out only start. It literally the second batch Erreth, just like appears in the room, because then I saw my belly. Other thing is my girls, no David Bowie cry. They know him very well. Good cry. What could I do?
I mean it. You know I think they would sheriff and there they wouldn't be like. Oh, that's, the God. king and he's gonna get me they'd. Like that's David Bowe, right and they would like sometimes will show them like the cool episodes of face off just to show them that, like monsters, are make up here. In fact, I recommend that, because this actually worked for make idea- if I don't know, if anybody watch his face off, it's, I don't think so- it's not on any more, which is a real sad face because, I think it sounded like a year which is our real surreal, sad, crying a movie, it was on Syphon network and it was like mu, its special effects maker and really cause like project runway, but for a special effects make its constantly. playing on away very cool in intrigues me a lot. I love that stuff. I wish I could do that stuff, but I have added on before, and the girls have like wandered into the room and they usually Blake. I don't watch anything that would free them out when their wake.
some who were there was one that was on those like a monster and I like quickly went to shut it off, and why, my girls was like is at a monster nose like will. Actually it's a person in monster make up. Do you want to see how it was And then they'll show like how it transitions, alas, and slowly into amounting, to show them putting the make up on them. In honestly, its my girls now will be like oh that's a person and make room like yes, it is, as I see it happen. So if you have like kids, that might be maybe, if they're having like nightmares of again spooked array. No, it might help to show them something word like face off where are you see them being put in the make up the more you now, I'm just saying that some of this is my friendly preventing Tipp of the day. I don't know if it will work for your kids been worked for mine and actually to be logical. the british tee so back to our labyrinth is an amazing movie and being a trash bag is an all that bad, so both of you for my severe animals without further ado, let's get to the scares so just before I start this happened over the course of seven years.
Yours and although there ain't any diamonds, I love that word. I shook off to the core whenever I think of those things, so I'm gonna start by saying I used to live on a road where everyone knew everyone knew everyone in that all of the houses were old, ass, victorian terraces, which were actually really nice. My house, nearly on the end and guess what it faced. An abandoned, broken down house know how nice surprisingly, all the weird sheet happened on set a ban: and houses entered the room a mind. So this all began with me. Changing bedrooms changes bad changes, horrible. I used to share a bedroom next to my mom's, with my twin sister, whom I shall call ie so at seven I was fed up of sharing around with my knowing sister just kidding. I love her, but she always through water on me in the morning when I just want to stay in bed staring at the ceiling because Sleepest for the weak, I moved. I agree like like I agree, and why she theory water. I knew I love at all. This is what I have to
forward. I know right I moved room and yet another cliche horror story moment said: new room was basically in the attic, so we had a laughed right above my new room and the actual room was embedded in the roof and due to the annoying British, whether the actual roof itself for bludgeoning creaked in the wind I love lodging of obliging leverage for blood lodging foot footfall blood for the actual rib itself for blogging creaked in the wind. I love that word So now so moving into this room, it was real, big and nice. I loved how cosy it was, but all good things come to the first creepy thing happened in the day and night there was, but one door to get in and out of my room in it mother for blogging, Craig, but the black mother flood jerk you opened and you look at it the first time the creeping this happened was the second day in the room I remembered so cool it. Clearly I was sitting on the
cool sponge window seat, which I thought was a sugar was the sugar back. Then it may I knowed it had a view of the abandoned house so sitting there reading my copy of the wind in the willows classic british child. Also, that's a great book. I read that when I read that has it and the door which was shut, shrieking, creaked open shaking creaked own van. Yes, what shut again then opened then shot my seven year old middle. Last child mind was immediately soiling. My pants, I was like nope and flew down the stairs Ella. Well, this happened a lot over the next year too, so fast forward to when I was nine and still do. fudge same. This would happen every night and also like the persistent door. Freaked me the for blood out. So remember what I told you the attic was above my room. I have got through simply every night. I guess what around three what sounded like mother fudging tapping through the ceiling of my room, mother Fucker, as if some sheet show gas
those who was in the attic tapping on the roof beams, also whenever he went up the stairwell that went to my room. I felt a presence behind me like it was the weirdest feeling it felt like a mix of someone watching me in tiny hands, feeling up my back fuck that I mean for blood that oblige the I would always turn around like who's that, for just feeling. We, whom I thank rooms all the time, so I will not lose. The foggiest beat me up my back only to find nothing. This prison guts for this presents got so frequent that I would go up the stairs with my back to them
While all can I also say that, although my mom always puts up the heating too, like sheet stick high, I was always cold in my room, my stairwell in the corridor leading to my bathroom guy, also helping Nope. When I was ten and a half, my parents had a gnarly to part break up to bar breaker wolf, so my dad lived in a flat with his girlfriend and my mom lived in our house by herself when we weren't there mom, which was every Wednesday. So anyway, it was the night before one of my exams and lovely array of spooky sheet had now become three things. Since I moved into my room, bear in mind I'm ten and a half. Now these things were the lovely rube tapping spooky demon, the creaky opening shutting door in more cliche, horror, stuff, mother, fudging, creaky floorboards, so wealths getting to sleep Remember that all of these noises, for the first time in ages had stopped hold onto your butts ladys. Here's where we get spook beer booty check. I have only ever had three nightmares in my life good for you,
seriously have never been prone to night terrors or sleep paralysis, I'm gel, but the universe decided that on this quiet for once night, they would bless me with my third nightmare. I remember it clearly I was walking dead. round which looks like the inside of a dirty toilet bore no, and it was not only said dream because a fella, my body, was willing itself to move. So I have no control over my body. I kept walking down what I call what I shall call Sheep bag lame, as you think you are absolutely opposed, which was, may I add, flickering on and off about through nightmare and tied to the lamp post, was rubbish bag my hand moved to open it on its own. When I opened my heart, stopped inside was a hacking body, not just a hacker body. My hacking body not is not like so symbolic, some shit right there. I want a new Orleans her and I want to dream person to undo the sick. It gets where I know it was me with a slit throat and my no its eyes were closed
she said and my no it's no eyes eyes were closed Alai. Lids of that of said demon me suddenly slicked open. I had no fudging eyes, then I woke up. I have no idea how the mind of ten year old me could fathomless, but then I wore when I woke I couldn't for blogging scream or even cry. That's the worst. When you wake up from a neighbouring scream, it felt like all of the sly than tears had been taken from my body and guess what freaky deeming she chose starts tapping again, and the tone on my clock is the earth the term time on my clock is three a m by now done with these crazy floorboards, Megan Door Open and in sealant happen obsess demon, it's dark outside. Hence my notion of Satan, whole sky state underneath my coven covers because fudge this covers the shields
I'm sweating uncontrollably, but it was, as I said, it was full blood Bingley Cold. After a while, I ran down to my mom's room and slipped into bed with her waking. Her up man in the may I say now, my mom is bad- is a badass top lawyer who judges and specializes in family law holyshit. She is a kick ass with awesome so yeah, my Mama's Kika, has she told me it was ok and rubbed circles on my back with one hand and hug me tight with the other. While I went, even though the unholy sour in the morning flashed back to three years earlier, my family in the family, a few doors down were robbed within the course of a fortnight. That scary, not you up. The whole windowpane in my kitchen was taken out and the thief had lovingly taken the time to leave us a lovely muddy, put footprint Lou, who the other families Caravan was stolen without a trace. Okay. So now, back to the future, love that movie with her and our neighbours, neighbours car was crushed by the construction lorry after the chains holding some log snapped.
So all this happens on the side of set abandoned house and guess get this. My twin sister shut out to the beach love. Her said she and her friend went into the got back garden of the Weird house and look through the window. She said that she saw a man sitting on a chair in their get this. The guy who used to live in the house died twenty one years prior to this of a heart attack so yeah, that's the creepy sugar that happened on my old road doesn't stop there and my dad's flat. I would always wake up at night and see glowing orbs or behind my door like eyes. Oh fuck, that know my dad recently mentioned that our landlord for reason had peaks pieces of nazi helmets in the attic no, I was like why, though, but thought nothing of it until my dad said he took them out of the attic ear back, I stopped laughing at the randomness. That's when I stop seeing the glowing orbs wool,
so yeah, that's the creepy shenanigans. That happened me over a few years. I no longer live in. My old house, keep do what you do and just say you know you guys are also beaches, keepin, weird, but also where they are of a demon tapping on ceiling at the asked crack of dawn goodbye from the front. new legends G do that with a baby. The holy shit for bludgeoning Raising Euro luxury leginn. You really are there one is wild son. I dont know MRS Evans, not considering how can you get it together again? I don't know if I'm supposed to say this person's name, so I won't until the end. If they signed it and it will say it Oh, you I was gonna related, I do sound, say ashen, Alina. Ok, let's get down to business pellets. The letter couldn't help myself, I'm glad you didn't, So it seems me a while to get all the information from my mother and grandmother.
the mass shootings wherein oh shit? I was only fifteen months old or as normal people say it a year and three hung up. I've got you said, but my mother cousin and I stopped by the hospital and fair Child air Force base to visit my grandmother who worked there as a nurse. My mom says my mom doesn't want you. I was like what my mom's says she does and she does not recall how long we were there, but it was during my grandmother's lunch break. We were walking back. to the main part of the hospital. When my mother says she noticed what looks like big fly, shooting down the hallway, they were heading towards. We, the sorry She noticed what looked like big fly, shooting down the hallway they were headed towards, and then she heard the cops so she's like sand. From the add that my mind was turned I picture and I was trying to say sorry. She said she froze there could, not be shooting happening. They were out an air force base. My mother
She saw a man that looked like Santa with the white hair and beard budding cocky shorts and hawaiian print top walking up the hollow where the ball we're coming from towards her and when he close enough. He told my mother to run. She says it. Click to them there was a shooter thought shooters in the hospital. I can imagine that feeling biggest here she d She turned around with me in a buggy, also you're fucking pushing a carriage legally. That's even bed like that, just the fear of a shooting being in a mass shooting. I was thinking of that. Having your baby with you, Luck that says she turned around with me in a buggy and my grandmother. Holding the hand of my cousin and started running in the operator opposite direction: yelling at people to run somehow everybody got split up. My mother lost track of my grandmother. My cousin
my cousin we hold up in an empty office. She said that I was screaming as someone in their rush had spilled hot coffee on me. Oh my god, and she fought for a brief second, that it was blood as the wit the liquid was wet and warm. Oh, my god it was not. This is too much this'll already. Unlike note, Babo jumping to my grandma, she was helping to direct people to follow the rules that they were taught at the hospital while trying to keep my cousin com. The only issue She was without was she found out that, the only issue was she found out that the directions were to meet up in the main lobby area? It was like putting more more efficient, small bull. All of the nursing staff our dressed in their whites and all uniforms had to be starch and bleach. So these women are practically glowing in the dark white foolish glow in the dark white Grandmother stated to some other people nearby, that this is ridiculous. If he comes this way, we're like fish in a barrel, he can easily take us all out. He turned around and started ushering people back into the hallways to find offices in closets to heighten she ended. A pie
in a janitors closet with seven other people. She said me I still to this day. I dont know how we often in there, but we did while he's a bad ass round. Did she turned around was like fire. call. This does not make them right. I'm in a color doesnt makes that needs to be an overall view and lobby egg. What back to me there we had in the empty office. She had got me a quiet down and put me back into my buggy. I love lurid buggy law in that stresses me because you have to be like she's crying right who so much man she We need economic bodies so that way, her hands were free when she were free to push over a heavy filing cabinet. She had moved closer the door in case she needed to use it to barricade us em. She then said she heard a woman yelling out in the hallway. I remember her yelling not screaming, there's a difference between yelling and screaming. She sounded com, but panicky and was yelling. Someone call for help. I'm shot dont come out, but call for help My mom told me she wanted to go out and to help her, but she couldn't leave me alone either my mom.
tell me she cried because she was so torn but followed what the lady had said and did not leave the office. She tried to you. The phone, but the lines were all busy. We waited for what like ours and then a janitor found us and said the police wanted everyone who could who could take to the boiler room as there was a possible exit down there, the janitor pushed buggy, as my mom ran with me following him. She said she Two further woman who had been yelling but did not see anyone but did see bullet holes in blood. Running God. I think I was running, but you know times, like that. It feels like you're running in mud and new thinking me yourself. Why are you running so slow? You could reach for the run faster if you just ran faster, and that was a quote from her mom MOM that the janitor we the janitor and about fifty to sixty other people were hiding in the boiler room for hours until the police came to escort them to buses and get them away from the hospital. She had no idea where my grandmother and cousin were, but she did find them up the safety point after the bus drop them off. My cousin, I got
separated from my grandmother in the rush and a man with his daughter had helped him run all. Can you imagine no and hid? thus passed his daughter to my cousin and shoved them in a cloth. And locked the door when the shooter had come up to them and hit the man in the head with the butt of his rival, the man The man when He came to had kept MIKE and by his side and gotten him to safety to the safety point where they met up with my grandmother and mother. Can you imagine the day you would want that man on earth for saving or two I like, I would be like TAT. I was face to face with a mass shootings. Endlich save someone else's trying. Yeah creed and ended up living like it. My mom said she tried to find the Santa looking Man and the hawaiian print sure, but no one had seen him. The police did not know she was talking about even the security too, had no one of that description, my moms stay so to this day, the holder
I'm on to this day the man she saw was her guardian angel. I think this is gonna say that definitely alike somebody universe, projection Tellin, you, my grandma, their found that there was a book written by the officer who fired the shots. I killed the shooter, it was cool warnings unheeded. I have recently about the book, I'm listening to it, the shooter, Dean Milburgh, who had been diagnosed by two professionals as obsessive paranoid and possibly dangerous they recommended, his discharge, that was a superior off with superior officer. That said, he could remain in service as long as he did his job holy shit yikes. Who back to work for me. While I listened to the story and keep it weird, your Santa of noxious foot and peculiar weird look for your Santa of noxious flora. Laura occur runs a holy she is wild, sorry that I couldn't returned. I ok terrifies yes, I'm sure that's just insane, and I want to know that Santa looking man we re really do.
Will our aid, so mine is called listeners story? Where did you come from? Where did you go spoiler? It's not caught my job and you know a lot about the kind of headline that will really catch my intention that we're looking for that man leaned ash. Please leave identifying and farewell because this dude wasn't caught and I live in like a whole, ass different state now, but you know I do. I know we know of your PA cast, it's been so called here. You go from audio that literally destroyed my your drugs. Having like real ass, sponsor the pay. As you know, the audio was really shitty for Olaf. L did the first thing I say when I'm like. Yes, I have upon us, don't listen to the first slide. Wasn't lying YO gets better, just hang in there. We figured it out. I also but you started listeners stories because it gives me people to laugh and cry with, and I know it's done and is doing so. hurting souls good to see two awesome people that look up till they look up to say the words you aren't you are a bad ass in. We believe you, ah your law
car listeners- I'm sorry, I say, asked so much I'll- try to keep it to a minimum ass, the Earls, ok, so I'm a set the scene for you. I was a cocky know it all slightly bitch task, first semester, freshmen and undergrad. Of course, with the great okey bitch ass, tested myths which comes into even greater flare of dramatis em. So in my first mid term, paper came knocking on my door. I decided that the only way to tackle it was pulling in later at the library, despite having an entire week, the right it some large annually. In the logic I know so here I am on the quiet floor The library writing my ass, I until between twelve and one a m in the morning and pajama pants and no shoes y know. I guess it, is felt more dramatic cuts, which was really the theme of the first semester. Also, looking back, I think I was going through a whole notion.
you think I've been doing not my entire life. I will, I think I have said it before. All shown by the way, this house with low shoe public how'd you get here, though I now want to your kids, is like I don't want to wear. Shoes has tease not we're in shoes history, so I appreciate that you're welcome, ok, side note. I was totally going through a no shoe thing because someone said they thought it was gross on yet Jack and I got into a yak or with her and like three years later by coworker mention that when she got the fight on geographical over the word shoes- and you better believe that I just laughed and did not admit I was on the other- side of that Europe. Did you have a guy like you and your Jackie? I want. Do you remember your back and I used to like avoid that shit like the plague. It was like a cat. I don't exactly remember it was like you could write something and people yeah. It will anonymous, but people could like comment on your yuk yuk that but like they didn't know that you wrote it in. You didn't know who they work. Commenting
this has all anonymous. That's straight up! Hell yeah! We know it's like the perfect tool for bullying. I think that's. Why didn't last long? I yeah, I think it's Honestly, I bet one of my high school bullies created bad I believe that also dear mother form spring, I got We then form spring and like middle school, but I was like whatever I'm cool way Bertha I dont know what any of these things are and I'm really glad, because the only way I could get it act when I got home was three I spoke so that was enough. Also. I was the lead on my staff and I didn't want her to respect me less because if I were in her shoes which probably on her feet like they're supposed to
I will respect me less to remember you yeah what a weird time anyway. It wasn't your time life. It is not by us at just super proud of myself, because I wrote that stupid ass. I say in one night I packed everything up into my bag and started to walk back to my German, the pitch black dead of night. My dorm was really close to the library in my camp was pretty small, so just felt safe while turns out that I was not. It was not a good idea to be walking in the pitch black dog night by myself and no fucking shoes, and here is why I am in eyesight of my dorm when this tall linking us dude starts working behind me. Don't love this already my gloves true crime same mom same and I grew up with the idea. Channel on so my first thought was blind. I also agree with the idea gentle on. I do not know where he came from literal back out of hell. Meat loaf I just gave walking it ignored him. He ran up to me and started walking beside me fuck
DE I started working a little faster because on five three on a good day and stop going to the gym, once I got to college, don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. He said Daddy S, something that showed me to my very bones. Are you going to those buildings because that's where I'm headed to now, you may be thinking. Why is that so weird now, not thinking. No, I thought that's. What can we do it yourself? Well, I will tell you the buildings he was pointing to is actually just building my dorm and anyone who had any business being there. One. I am would know that it was just one building now I'm freaking the fuck out, but before I can read it, or anything. His dry ass lotion lacking hand is around my mouth Europe, who I mean we throw my shit to the ground and dip out from his arms and break out into a sprint good for you Polly. I love you.
recall that I haven't worked out in a while. I was on anyone team in the track team in high school, so I wasn't slow either, because I had that good that good, good muscle well, this dude was faster than me any ways and was able to catch up and grab me from behind. He puts his hand back over my mouth and started dragging me. Luckily, I will never know where he was gonna dragged me too, because I started thrashing like a fucking fish and biting anything he got near my mouth. Yes, when a bit his hand, he withdrew it and started screaming. Let go of me you sick son, of a bitch at the top of my lungs. I was so close to my dorm, like it had like it. I had if I had just been a little faster, I could have been at the door in less than a minute. The dude realised that I wasn't going anywhere easily, so
will the knife on me, which I felt on my back any told me that aid to shut up, I feel ass. If I could just stay in place, some one would find us, so I dropped to the floor like a rock. Yes, that's so smart was you're killing men. Unfortunately, this gave him the chance to get on top of me, I'm still thrashing like an out of water, fish and start but start asking him. What do you want? He said he just wanted my stuff, but remember that I had thrown my shit down like it was on fire. The moment he touched me. I reminded him of that listing all the things that were in their my computer, my wallet, my ideas, my debit card. It was all in there. This asshole didn't go grab any myself. He just kept me down he's getting pissed off and he's now holding the knife to my neck. Honestly, I think he's just confused on. What's going on as I
because he keeps saying he doesn't want to hurt me, but he just wants my things will excuse me, sir, but you are hurting me and you are not taking. My should really gets over failure get a guy for a second. I was like well fuck. This is how I go, but then I remembered that I wanted to get into bed school. So I couldn't I love up here. This is a big. Yes, that was the first thing. They came to my mind. So with all my strength, I grabbed the blade of my knife, the knife in my hand and throwing it away while Europe bad ass, other bad, ass, bitch alert. Even if you try to get it back button against my neck, it wasn't gonna happen. He was going to have to saw my thumb first. I always should I alternate between between. Please, sir, don't hurt me and I'll fucking kill you asshole, so I'm sure sending mixed disguise done with my bullshit. He tosses than oversight and starts straight up. Choking me his hands are so fucking
strong in my hands are slippery with blood, so I can't pry him off I'm losing consciousness. Now, who this truly? Is it? Well? It wasn't because just right there Jesus or whatever anyone believes in as a higher power. Even no power idle judge sends a mother fucking, a shelter. The chick heard me dreaming and by herself walks up to us and ask the guy point, blank in a regular conversation void voice. What do you do in mind? hey wasn't. I know it's not what you don't mind. You I'm on the ground, with a full grown ass. and putting all his weight on me and bleeding from my nose in hand at my face, a swollen and my his hands around my neck. This chick is ass, cool ass, a mother, fucking refrigerated cucumbers, Will the dude and are both caught by surprise and for a second were frozen and opposition before that stupid, but
since the euro that I'm having a bad trip and tried to attack him? Yes, me, the attacker. That was his cover story. I start screaming, but actually rasping, because this man was like trying to choke me to death or something that I don't know who he is. But please don't leave me not. Please help me. Please don't leave me. I've been wrestling stewed for so long. Without any one hearing me screw that her presence was more important to me than anything else. She walks out of my line of view and I legitimately thought she left for a second limp and started crying for her to come back. I was so tired. Then I heard her ass from behind it I don't know how long after because time was a blur to say the least. If you know her, what's her name fucking plot twist, she was one smart cookie, because he didn't know what my name was. Then he said then she said I don't believe you things get a little blurry here. I remember seeing people coming out from the dorm and her
Ireland's, the guy said fuck this in literally disappeared into the night, not being found never to be found. Are you kidding me, I think, even grabbed his knife again, but I'm not sure. Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from? stupid ass, her other areas cry laughing. While reading this email, I was sitting by myself in our red dislike laughing, so I'm screaming. I was taken to the hospital get stitches in my hand. The Mps were the best. I remember one of them telling me I fought assure fought hard me what I wanted and all I can say was water water. She wasn't was to give me any case of DNA being on my teeth because of biting him, but she said I could take a little step as long as I didn't put. The bottle up against my lips are teeth, fucking angels, any M tease out there. I love you guys, know all dude, I'm with you, because when my daughter had to go and an ambulance like I fucking love em to you sleep, thank goodness for any empty there, like the best,
angels turns out that my attack was the only one when I gave the description of the guy. Noted that he had a wife Indiana round his neck will, wouldn't you know, a nursing student was kidnapped from behind the hospital by two guys would bid, then, is not long before my attack. They didn't harm her because she went willingly and have they had her withdraw money from an atm coincidence. I think not. I woke up until on pain like the worse work out ever because his full weight was army. At one point I had to get stitches in my thumb from gripping the knife in couldn't bend my fingers for a while. The follow up was horrible and I couldn't God cited night for a long time. Anything would make me lose it like. I accidentally killed, they bade official cleaning, his tank, and I just cried for like hours and hours you did you just before. After myself, my bike had been stolen in my gas had been siphoned, so I straight up thought I had a stalker nope, just shit lump all after the first semester, guess what
I got my shit together and decided. I that's I have since my only reason to keep fighting was so I could go into that school. I'm proud to say that I matriculated this year and just started my second semester were bad aspects are so bad ass. Here is my warning for all you peeps. If you think you need to be somewhere until one a m to write an essay that isn't due for a week bring a person with you you'll be thankful in the long run, also wear shoes, because if you are in a situation where you gotta know bout fast, it doesn't hurt actually beeper run well thanks for listening to my story. Once again, you guys are literally the best. I keep it weird for your every day, much Love anonymous shit. That is their just pay. I built around my skin cleared up. I love you. That's looking officer had grown a bone. You're like I'm gonna, be a veterinarian, that's so bad health. That is so bad. I am. I love that you didn't let that Stapi Alec FUCK, that guy are at war.
as we have to moral and tails, and I think this is this- is such a good batch of development? It is. This is so good. Listener story, the car that follows a k, the scariest event in my life, this one I like felt the I was like I kept like sky when I was a kid who, when I fairly Willie's unready, ok, hey, hey spooky, Bookie sisters, hey hey! First off, I want to say I'm a huge fan. I discovered your podcast when my husband and I decided to take our two sons eleven months and three years on an overnight road trip from Missouri to Florida. Last summer, Wowzer fucked up, I thought you had it in order for me. That is or but not about it as fodder. In order for me to stay awake and alert, I put your podcast on with your buds and you have me company the hallway. Needless to say, we became great friends that night we did all. I love you I must say, oh mom and I love my quote. Job don't want not included. That's a job J, O B. I watch online. Do that job and I got out and like I get overwhelmed, learn so much that it does
lonely from time to time, because I just don't get that quote girl time, like you used to that's, why I come over all the family discussion ass. You can't get you get yourself an ash. However, week my husband's days, but the kids while I get away and grocery shopper run errands. Needless to say you as a cut me company week, while I mindlessly stroll the isles of target harp hobby lobby in Walmart or sitting in my car eating a dick. You blizzard, because you know sometimes Mama just doesn't want to share I'm so with you girl anyway. Let us get to the story. Shall we this story he's gonna sound, unbelievable, and I know that, but I can promise you it's a hundred per cent true and even thinking about it, scared the hell out of me and gives me anxiety and hives like for real. I had to take it. And a girl to even right. Fulla shit it was a warm summer evening, my mother and I went to see a movie at the theatre. We used to go all the time to movies. It was the way we bonded after my dad died when I was fourteen sorry, but since I had movie dates for us became few and far between
we were seeing was teutons over that meant for me, a forty minute, Dr Twenty down, the interstate than take one highway for twenty minutes instantly. Lou self service, take a small, dear gravel road that connected to another highway and then enter my private data community via a clicker. I like the idea of oligarchy liquor to enter an uneven is the path we have taken several times with no problems. The movie was long. Two hours so once the movie was finished, it was about eleven p m. After it's my mother and I stood up my many when talking about the movie and our favorite parts before we hugged and departed on separate paths as pulling out of the theater. I noticed a car behind had a really loud muffler. The car fall me until I got to the interstate at this point in question. Myself of the car was following me because being very paranoid point the being paranoid person. Naturally, after listening to some need true crime podcast Kafka off. But I pushed this thought from my mind immediately and focused on the road, because you know that could never happen to me of course. However, after
A couple minutes. I noticed that the car was tail. Writing me. So close, I could barely see the headlights on my rearview mirror long that I don't like this already suddenly became annoyed because I was in the slow lane and there was no passing car in the fast lane. I decided, since the car behind me was being an asshole and when pass me in the fast lane, I would move lanes and London pass me in the slowing. However, he didn't pass me change lanes as well know, so I changed back and he followed me what fuck this continued on with me constantly changing lane and the car constantly following me, no matter how how fast or how slow I would drive at this point the thought that I was being followed suit of kept creeping into my but the rational part of me was to still trying to make excuses. The thought quote: being followed, kept repeating itself like a broken leg. Play in my mind. I finally I saw my highway exit sign and breathe a sigh of relief. Thinking I just made it to the sign in the car would see me pulling
two into the woods and keep driving, because, honestly, you don't mess with people who live in the woods in Missouri, however, they did in the car Paul. Off with me onto a highway as they drove down the hills of the Kirby Dark Highway. I kept looking in the mirror. The paranoia was now too much to take and the fear was taking over. The car remained still following so close. I couldn't see the headlights even after a break checker to the car, followed close by now I was so scared. I pulled up my cell phone call, my husband, but realize: realising them but really that the area had no self service. I focus my breathing trying to remain calm, knowing that a panic attack was right around the corner. If I allowed myself to get worked up and I turn was coming for a gradual gravel Road short cut that was led from one highway to another honestly, you would miss it unless you knew. Is there swung onto the narrow road heated to,
I floor, the gas than driving fast them fast than I ever had on this road before and repeatedly checked my phone for service, the car revved behind me louder than ever, almost growling daring to put daring me to pull over political. I could think that was he was gonna bumper taught me and caused me to crash. I began to shake and tears immediately started to stream dummy face fingers on my right hand, English anxiously, topping my husband's number only to get no mobile service available. Only in my life ten holding the steering wheel so tight, my knuckles burned white. Finally, we through the trees, and I drifted onto the main highway, a move. I didn't know many men could do without even stopping at the stop sign again. I frantically tapped husbands name in it suddenly began to trail polo. How is your movie? He said in a sleeping ways, there is a guy following me. I screamed into the phone what he asked more alert this time. I repeated that What I had said, I may push my gas a little harder I'll meet you out.
He said hanging up later. A minute later, I could see the street light marking the entrance of the community approaching in the distance. Suddenly, the squealing of tyres and looked at my rearview mirror to see the car came to a complete, stop and turned his head little or no. No, no, no like I watched his headlights turn his fucking headlights turn off Now this was a moonless night and in the Missouri Backwoods, when it gets dark, you cannot see more than a half inch in front of your nose, this metal the car turned his lights off. I completely lost him, but at that point I didn't care I turned into the, in community and opened the gate but through the community streets the entire way to my house, I could see my husband standing outside as I jumped out tears streaming down my face between sobs. I told him what happened? We called the police, but they said all they could do was a drive by since I didn't have a description or license plate. This event gave me bad PTSD now and I drive on constantly making known of the car descriptions and licence plates. If I die, at night. I stick to main roads only and have to
be talking to someone on my car's handsfree speaker to stay. My mind will sometimes creep to those dark places. What would have happened if this card gotten me off the road somehow holy shit right? If You don't read this on the pod gas, that's ok! I am also going to write in again about the time my mother, my cousin, my aunt and I went ghost hunting on Zombie Road in Missouri K, holy shit. not insane had spooky of the highest order. Even like when I think I always think somebody spiders, unlike at night, because I'm Wallack, I'm gonna my house, times at night and I literally will drive past my house of those are car behind me. I will never Poland, the driveway. If I now think someone's following makers, I'm beginning to find a way unlike others, could drive and all not know him we'll just keep doing this, you will run out all night will write cave Jesus, I'm glad you can
out of that, this one we're gonna and on such a creepy, one and you're gonna be shooting your pants also. So this one's called fucking cripple, duct tape, listener store. He weirdos. I love the podcast. I cited a few months back and have been listened to. Most live were have been listened to most episodes. It's all just jump right to my listener story. About five years ago I was twenty four, my best friend who was the Fucking Room besser me ever had just moved in with her then fiance. I know fuck her. My right just kidding he's wonderful those living alone. I lived in a not so good area. Some one had been shot in the chest.
Mcdonald's down the street no added in the knee around the corner. Allow you gonna Wendy's, saddened me damn ouch. At the time I usually worked random hours, because I was a supervisor and had to fill in shifts of my staff to ensure for work. So I had worked at six, a m to two p m shift. I got home after my shift and there were two Goober Gough people, a man and a woman sitting on the stairs up at to my building entry. Now I'm kind of a spook spook that, whereas all black but I'd like to think unpleasantness, luck, so I don't judge people or how they dress, but the man was wearing black duct tape over his mouth and had a sign around his neck. That said, don't talk to me same so I walked out of that just me every day, if it does the ducks variable, so I walked around them up the land into my apartment. Building entrance ass, I walked by duct tape. Dude may be made barking notices. The woman said to me,
Oh, he likes you could be like. I dont want in places where insider went back to my Byron agreed in the building was not locked or secures, or anyone can come in and out any time they wanted. A few days later, I ended up working at two p m. Due to two p m. At ten p m shift. I got homer and ten forty five p m. It was in January, so was cold and dark ass. I walked for my car to my building. I noticed some one standing under the lending to the front door like under the stairs. I was trying to mine my own fucking business, but have my keys ready in my hand, as they got up the stairs and got to the landing the man stepped from under and stated he was in started going up the stairs? It was the barking duct tape dude from before he liked to you. He liked you. I quickly went into my building any followed after me. I quickened my step down the hall and got to my door. I already had my kiote ready to go inside. I glanced up,
and the man was walking street at me. Why'd. I fucking staring unblinking at me closing the space between us knowing got my door open and slipped inside, but as I closed the door, I thought to try to push the door open to get in. love when you read them. Like my father, I panicked and I put my full weight as hard as I could, and we struggle the door, but I finally got the door closed and locked went. Then I heard a knock em, Door ailed go away. There was another louder, bang, Bang, bang on the door. I grabbed a self defense key chain. My friend had give me that I was basin, was basically a brass legal brass knuckles. That's awesome and I heard him say- are you home here Isn't that so I didn't know what to do so. I just you know the grip of a sword-
no. She, just as I went to grab a sword, so I went to grab a summer that I had in my closet. Also from the same threatens ran down this Friday. Can we are about bread? I heard you say I just want to talk. I came to my senses and called nine hundred and eleven and got really quiet for a hit, so I looked through the peephole and he was across the hall knocking on other people's doors. I sat on the floor front entry with my sword and black brows knuckles, not your what today's children, just a sordid blast, Brass Nicole but you see blah blah. Those blast knows no glass monkey bogeyman. Kid So what's the lack of my ass sir? She sitting around whether sword and professor, and I heard another knock at the door and yelled leave me alone. Insiders hysterically, crying
Someone say this: if the police I look, there might be like we wall, it was in fact three police officers. I opened the door a crack and asked to see their badges smarts minds Marty. Show them to me and I opened the door and explained everything. Apparently they had received multiple calls because of the banging and me yelling. One officer stayed with me, while the other to search the building and then look then looked outside to make sure he was in hiding anywhere. He was gone. I slept with my brass knuckles that night terrified, come back? Luckily, I never saw him again, but how did you come down from not enough to go to sleep like he barked out you this woman's? Like he likes you and then you see him than any waters again your fuckin apartment, like nothing, you know not into it, but I realized
now that all my friends and family lived forty five minutes away in my boyfriend at the time also lived forty five minutes away had worked nights near by. Unfortunately, he could not have his phone on shift, so I in no way of calling him so that lesson is helpful. So at any point any person I know unloved lived almost an hour away and was unavailable. I then move forty five minutes away from my work to be closer to friends and family. I felt safer and happier ever since so Now I can be forty five minutes, but hey at least if a creeper Gough dude that barks at me interest forced his way in my home happens again. I have friends and family I can be closer to, and at least I can listen to morbid on my drives tune framework. Now, sorry that was a long and rambling stay fucking weird name
One was a good ass about of listener to us. I know- and I was like that's your only menace went to hand me her ipod. We often a sugar blows ignoble, it's not mine. So yes, Sir Bow is crazy. You guys killed it and keep sending because do thou. We fuck and love them, and these were so much typically. We do them like every two or three weeks, the outrage and be too much longer before the next bout till I get back into regular schedule. Have some spooky roads coming up to all of them about spooky role and see we're getting back to business? Let's get back. To a business to to fleets. Yah. Well, guess what everybody in the meantime of waiting for our fun up Assad's you can follow us on Instagram at morbid. Podcast hit us up on twitter. A morbid vodka send us a gmail, more replied cast at you,
overcome donations of nature and, if you're feeling so inclined, we'll be shutting people out in the main episode this week. Patria com, slash morbid, podcast, as always, you can follow us on spot. If I, you can listen to emphasise for free on Spotify, because you don't need a premium account in spite of his great follow us cause, it's easy. We hope you heap listening to it and we hope you. We heard about us aware that you have a guided working on you and he's like will fulfil if I like you and then lottery, and that there is a tap tap tap an erotic dorimont so weird like a samurai has like hey get out here, but maybe keep it that way, because he was pretty helpful and keep it so weird by you, go camping and the jeep tries to get you and I'll. Keep it so weird that what happened in between and really remember, but all those tell her so quickly, but don't keep us aware that you have to analyse in detail because their livestock creepy by don't do it man,
do, keep it out. We're because, like I do like that, you're right and listeners Elsa, like maybe do keep it that way by three. I keep it that way and keep sending us the story. Hope in here close to Home Cooper University Healthcare, a complete academic health system from primary care to more than seventy five specialities from evolution, neurological care to advancing care. Sir care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper, with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice. Cooper committed, compassionate, complete. Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry,
three brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense, stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the war, were apt to order ahead or get it delivered. your morning, even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler, coffee back for a limited I gotta have a while.
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