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Listener Tales 14

2020-06-14 | 🔗
Tonight it is a Listener Tales episode full to the brim with actual murderers, growling daymons, spooky ghost stories and a seriously clutch shaman. Come on in, the water is weird.Thanks to our sponsors!EmbarkRight now, Embark has an exclusive offer just for our listeners! Go to Embarkvet.com now! and use Promo code MORBID to save 15% off your Dog Breed and Health kit. Care/ofFor 50% off your first Care/of order, go to TakeCareOf.com/morbid50 and enter code morbid50GrubhubJust for our listeners, if you download the Grubhub app you’ll get $10 off your order of $30 or more every day from participating restaurants. So download the Grubhub app today and get $10 off your order of $30 or more.

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