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2020-07-05 | 🔗
Tonight we have a brief relationship with a killer, a grandma levitating things to the other side, a demon sighting shared by strangers, a mafia betrayal gone right, a toilet that can transport you to another dimension and a witty response to getting mugged. Guys, you never disappoint! Send your listener tales to Morbidpodcast@gmail.com and use subject "Listener Tales" with a fun title! Thanks to our sponsors! Simplisafe Head to SimpliSafe.com/morbid and get FREE SHIPPING and A 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s SimpliSafe.com/morbid to make sure they know that our show sent you. Honey If you don’t already have Honey, you could be straight up missing out on free money. It’s literally FREE and installs in a few seconds. And by getting it, you’ll be doing yourself a solid and supporting this podcast. Get Honey for FREE at Join Honey.com/MORBID.
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less than our tat. Energy has brought you by you for you from you and all about you. I think we could all use some fun lesson or tails right now, some light, hearted, listen. A tail is like a warm blanket of weird. shit and always makes me feel like I'm with you guys around it. Fire and we're gonna rose, the mallow live our best lie. We are in a really does fellow. It always feels like we're. Dislike hang out telling mixer stories with everybody, and I love and the poor bob- is really dark right now that I like, I feel ominous spooky, vibe Israel, so let's yeah, we don't do. We want to do business in listener tells usually so once you jump right in this ok, My first listener tales called my smart ass mouth will be the death of me and I really resonated with this
I must say that I love the name of this already like my Smirnov. Mouth will probably be the death of me as well. Apparently will so? It s high, my name is Kelly. You can use my name nothing to hide or shame. I am originally from Winchester Massachusetts. Whoop will be my husband the Navy, so we move all the african time and we are currently living in Norfolk. Virginia woe as I isn't Norfolk. North Norfolk I love when you guys banter and talk about Massachusetts things, because I can see the things you are talking about and describing so vividly in. It just reminds me of home. Ah anyway, my tail isn't so much spooky as it is fucking tipper to my whole goddamn life. I love this already. I know my husband always tells me that if I am ever murdered, it will be because of my sarcastic bitch ass attitude. Same he's right. So here goes the story of how I am lucky I wasn't murdered, but probably should have been. My husband is jewish. I am not. I have no clue. What I am I just exists
In brief, the neat receives cups in bed and then sleep in the crumbs, I'm legit trash wow. That's why Erasmus that also Felix. I feel so seen in that my when I but I felt so saying because literally last night, but this is about me now- I guess eating those little dove chocolates, and I woke up with like three wrappers on top of my party amend, forget now kid a great south, on Saturday. He observed Shabata, I said it emerged of hot Iranian fastened, some around philomel, sometimes I'm reading age. You that, yes, David he will take my two older girls, but with him to synagogue to David. Will meet them around noon with our youngest to observe Kurdish and have lunch I enjoy my Saturday mornings with my little demon because I can log earner stroller and we walk around in downtown Norfolk and shop. So one particular
Saturday, my tiny Helen and I are brutally walking along the main road making our way to my husband, who is dutiful bullet dutifully, praying and probably asking God to intervene and make sure his wife doesn't spend so much goddamn money, because, oh my god, how much could you possibly spend it target and how many quirky kitchen towels does one household need. The answer is infinite. does a lot. My dear I digress, the answer is infinite. I digress I am pushing my sweet devil muffin. Her boss of love, you're gonna get this expert. I don't get it call. I also they also picked this for you because it is Adam, pushing my devil. Muffin in her bus service stroller one of those get up where the It is facing new and there is a shelf that pulls out on the bottom, so that other angel face terrorist, constituent and free load off their poor, tired mother, I have one and seven
his do she do that when I see a tall man leaned up against restore fraught with his back to the wall glances at me honestly, I'm thinking nothing of it. My concern is that Oughta want to run over his foot with my stroller and I'm hoping he was missions himself, so we won't have any of those awkward and counter as and where I have to apologise for being an inconvenience and ask him to scoots glued on over. So my bigger stroller and I could pick it passed on the very skinny sidewalk anew scoot scooter over. Can you scoots group, as I get closer he steps away from the wall any faces me. He is now probably three feet in front of me and he asks do you have a dollar. I politely tell him. I do not because this was the absolute truth I didn't have. purse with me that morning I had my cell phone, but no purse now before anyone moans who leave. Our house without their purse. Let me explain that, equally unshattered, though so again, Chaba should bought sorry Abbot, I'm ok! Let me explain that technically untrue.
But you are not supposed to spend any money so more often than not. Unless I'm going to be shopping, I leave my purse at home, vague I get that doesn't want anybody being like while why would you everywhere? The man then reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gun, o cool pay doesn't not me, but he shows me it and said. I asked you. If you have any money now, you're gonna Fuckin told you. I told that is essentially what she says. I've got my baby with me, my precious only seven or eight month, old baby, I look. The guy. Dead? It is stupid phase. Let us say yes, I say not today cowboy renew rumours stroller to go around him. He points his gun at me. Now I'm scared and kind of getting mad, because what kind of ass hat points a gun at someone and what kind of asshole point gun at someone with a mother fucking baby for real, I turned to him. I take a deep breath and I loudly say I said
today. Cowboy she's like here my witty, redouble our efforts. I start to quickly walk away. I did not dare look back, but I sure, as buck with listened, behind me and simultaneously counting thing to maintain my composure, the synagogue was only a block or so away within minutes. My husband was standing with me in the lobby of the Chaplet house, but were jabbered house. I do not know. She Can you go Gunnar? Aren't we do though they shouted shove. It fell Husband was standing with me in the lobby of the Shepherd House and I am retailing him the story as calmly and sing song as I can, because all my Children are hanging off of me, enchanting Mama's, here Mama's here, who pick up my husband, looks pissed me thinking here, man at the guy and ready to throw some hands up the gun,
in bitch is completely taken aback. When he says loudly and my husband never raises his voice to me, you could have been killed. He was going to shoot you and you Give him an attitude. Why can't you just comply? I stumbled to find the words and I muttered- I just Didn'T- feel it being mug today is made him laugh and he starts howling and wider call him cowboy things like. Where did that for us? It goes. I had no answer for this. I still don't. But it was sarcastic, spoke in it literally just came out, it was lame, but it worked so how'd he duty. So that is my smart ass attitude. Both saved me in probably should have killed me thanks Ladys, my dear friend from Florida introduce meteor podcast a couple months ago. When she asked have you heard those two girls from Boston attitude that due to crime- and I replied with while shit, I wish to all of your podcast. Keep it weird, but not
weird that you mouth off to a gun wielding ass. All of my god. I love it thing off, I'm so frightened for you in that, I know not today. A cowboy out today, council said not to do I'm. I love how she was like. Let me say at last I don't know you heard me the first. I was real funny the first time, but I must say it again again, while Kelly. Well, you did. The damn thing really did well. My listener tail is called a listener tale that will keep you up at night and it will and it well hey guys meant Ms John, we loved John. We do. My name is John and I recently started listening to your podcast literally my first podcast. I love onward people's first till I gateway I know I guess I love the gateway drug into park. I hate when they told me they started with episode. One paper am I, it's really nice of you to have said without. Oh, I love it when they're still here, like you, are true, unlike you, What you ve seen some share of censorship,
and yes, I started on episode. That's why I just said that I did end up skipping to the listener tales, which is why you're getting this email. Also I apologize. length of this one so span. Here's a story about the time I lived in a hunted foster home hold the fuck onto your seats. I was fifteen years old. My brother Kyle was thirteen and we state in this house for about a week or two before a decided. We need to get the fuck out of place. Wow, that's quick, even so my brother and I were placed into this- holds home in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Hey in right away. I did not feel comfortable there. I didn't realize until later in life, I'm extremely empathetic, so I feel that others, I feel what others are feeling on an uncomfortable level. I get that I was just who say ashes very sympathetic as well. Here I am not know but it's cool hurriedly, each other out of the Gaza shocked everybody either one of those regulations, but but it's cool
actually judge a person person and get a solid bide from them, after speaking to them for a few minutes, anyways my bad agenda get sidetracked alive. Same I stepped foot into this house and, like I said, was not okay with it. After a few hours of getting settled and thrown two yard work. She told my brother and I about her adoptive son in her deceased daughter- will geologists pay like woe? Small talk? How to meet you mom went on now a dead daughters, something to normally be freaked out by, but this wouldn't be a listeners tell if it ended there. No, this is when the story gets. Fucking, weird man, the first few nights were fine, uncomfortable, but fine. We went to church that son. gotten trouble for taking all the cookies afterwards, nothing new. We got home, we met the adoptive son, You ve been diagnosed with cancer. You need a team of cancer experts by your side, every step of the way working together. Coordinating
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this mother fucker was carrying an oversized raggedy Ann dull when he walked into the house like what the actual shifts that above No, obviously I was like what the fuck, but being the curious little boy and man. I am. I asked what but the doll dude. If it turns out this fucker, is a quote ghost hunter. I honestly should have kept my mouth shut, because not only did he explained why he has a doll, but he bought He brought my brother and I into his bedroom to show us his ghost evidence was which was surprisingly a decent man around the dolls and neck was a lock. It so explained his girlfriend passed away and he claimed her spirit was within the dim doll and to keep it in this plain he anchored at with a piece of her hair in the lock it brought of the raw shit. Only gets rigour, forbear, lady, so set to how to get ready them ready. A couple minutes later. my brother and I are home alone watching the shining, no idea why but fucker
Well, I thought I heard something so we pause the movie and we listened- and I shit you not. We heard some one calling my name Nope Kyle and I got off the couch and sorry walking into the kitchen, and we heard it again well at this point in at this point in I'm about to ship myself. So I tried to call my mom, but the foam wasn't working. The third time we heard my name we figured out where was coming from down the hall behind the one room in the house we weren't. loud in this room was the room. The ladys daughter died in which a so's idle at this point Kyle an iron done with life work to do the other room, turned up the tv and turn on every single light. We could find when the first your parent came home from bingo, we went to bed and cape cod. People always have that one room with two single beds. Oh, my god, is so accurate. This is so real with two single beds, three Peter.
apart from each other, every fucking cape, how so real so real my grandparents wherein the Cape and wow I spent a long time there. Needless to say, we barely slap that date and when I actually did fall asleep, it wasn't for long. It had to have been three, for. I am, of course, and I heard my name again, but this time it was in my ear and I immediately woke up, but I couldn't move. Instead, I saw a black figure in the corner of our room, pressed up against the wall with one hand and one foot on the war on the left law and its right hand and foot on the right wall. What the fuck no thank you. The meteor slid to the ground and walked to the foot of my bed. Entire time I could only move my eyes. You haven't slept sleep paralysis.
I couldn't even speak to wake up my brother, whose literally right next to me, the shadowy figure pressed its hand on my chest and leaned over the bed, and my body came face to face with me. It's body came face to face with me and I swear to fucking God. I felt like it took every ounce of breath. Out of my body, I literally thought I was going to die the next morning. I called my social worker and demanded to be moved to a new home. Now I found out later I experienced sleep, or else is for the first time that night, because a lane a diagnosis, high sir did. However, I am not entirely convinced that what it, what that's, what it was I've had sleeper else's several times and every time I see a shadowy figure, but Three years ago I met a girl, no, not a romantic thing. She was actually a piece of shit, but we all get it I was twenty four thirty nine years later and it turned out. She stayed in the same foster home as my brother, and I, That's when one small world can you imagine tat when I told her
my story, she literally started crying turns out. She experienced the same thing in that same house is amended sounding crazy slept in the same bed in everything she crying because four year she thought she was crazy and whenever she told anyone about her experience, they sought thought she was lying and actually made the whole thing a lot worse, because at that point I knew I experience something supernatural and terrifying goals: you ve made it this far. I appreciate you reading this and hope. I didn't scare you too much Holy shit John. I know things might seem crazy, too crazy to be true, but I assure you this in this knight will never leave my memory and its one hundred and ten percent completely true. You can absolutely share my story and feel free to use mine and my brothers names. I already asked him before typing this novelty. You guys, I just want to say to our fucking rad and care waits, listen to every episode you about so far. Also, please, let me know if I say
this too. The right, ladies, because I suck at sending emails and I'm always afraid I send them to the wrong person. That's us, hey John! It's in that story was fucking terror by literally it can you imagine anyone like you're you're young you're in a new place like a foster home, where I'm sure, like a justice, so many different you're already uncomfortable on top of the hats like Some serious scary should is happening off what forthwith new think you know. Thank you, my excellent Tell us called: did my grandma levitate an object to Heaven or where she just drunk up up up up, Can we do this? I love it really excited p. Beautiful and wonderful, weirdos its, but an absolute pleasure having you guys in my ears during this crazy time. Twenty twenty, what a year who what a year's right right, your pocket, has given me so much besides. Your podcast has given me so much of their right to my loser life because clearly, I have nothing better to do than to listen and murders, whilst
my eight hour shift at work. Yes, I'm one of those essential workers Romeo. Please come to England or Australia. trust me. I want to come now gesture. If I could get there right now, it would and stay because I travel between both and that would be awesome, but obviously not renounced stain of our common. Don't touch anyone know. How are you? Ok, ok. I really hope. put the story on your listener tales cause. I would be dead and happily dead. So here we go. What up? Happily dead are a piece era. By the way you can use my name because it Sarah Gus this new law business starts when I was ten years old and moving in England, my mom a reasonably responsible mother. Didn't like me to see my grandmother who lived in Wales at the time her name was Eileen. She was a heavy drinker and drink every day until the day she died, but he had a heart of gold pity she knew she had a problem, and I remember one time when
I was around this age. I asked her, why do you have a beer in the morning gravel and she politely replied cause. I have two Sarah up one why what I'd exchange articles shut up, I thought ever submits a failure. Grandmama popular number of appear the morning, but looked so dark. Do they're like what you just said a mouthful. Ray, she also has a massive hippy. I feel like I dislike resonated. Others want this. Is this I don't drink dear in the morning get but maybe someday she also with a mass of heavy and believed in a higher power that would watch over me while she says creepy I know, but unlike same Burma,. Didn'T- you truly believes that there was a faint very that directed your fail, I also like into this ashes. All like I'm your grandma. How does it want fair if, for example, she gone,
the wrong train home when she was eighteen and met my granddad, and she says that there was no way she skills, there's no way they would have met in normal circumstances and then it was her fate very putting them together. I love that, even if you divorced him after eight years, but that's another story very at work again. So anyway, back to the drinking receiving this one time where we managed to get her into rehab clinic and she legit escapes through a window into the night and went to the pop she got so drunk. Then she fell down the stairs and broker hip, I'm so glad that this is somewhat grab. there also five weeks, but he had no. This is great and even in the hospital she was like yell. When can I leave? It was never a violent drunk, but my mom did her best and one, and we only want to see my grandma once a month just to make sure her piece of shit. New boyfriend didn't do anything
No honestly, there was more of a chance of him killing her than the alcohol. Oh, no, I know grandma, that's not the faint varied you deserve more grandma, so we went for our usual ups. Tori always allow Google, so we went. Our usual visit to see my grandma, and when I tell you she looked strange, she looked strange how stream a she was making coffee when we arrived, she doesn't make coffee and listen. That's a beer mindsets in Irish Covey GO be She was dressed in big walking boots and was covered in mud hut and see she had put her here. But a ponytail, and as I say she was a massive here. be: she always were her down her hair down with a couple of butterfly clips. That's a maid Lizzie Maguire style Ass, so we already knew that was it a normal day. She began
To tell us about two weeks prior, she woke up in the dead of night to see a little boy ghost. She explained that this little boy visited almost every night to tell her that he had bought something and he needed to find him and every night quote like a hippie, she would either try and get information like. What's your name, are your parents dead too? How old are you most? People would freed the fuck out if the house, but oh no, not my grandma or she would try to tell the boy that Heaven needed him, because a bitch need some sleep now that piece of shit, new boyfriend gave us a washee answer that he had not see my grandma wake up in the night and he'd never I heard any boy and my grandma was crazy as if he was home because he was evidently fucking not improbably off doing something awful. He sounds like the worse need us well, there's where it gets worse. Her new boyfriend would on purpose unplug the fridge, so all the food would go off and he would tell her that she did it when she was drunk and she believed it. He did all these
weird mine games, and so I wasn't taking his word for nothing. That's all. I know so after my failed attempts, attempts of talking to say so I said that a town in detail, so after many failed attempts of Talking to the ghost my grandma actually decided, she was gonna find this something, and maybe in ten years old was like bulky estimates They got which my grandma had actually already started. Grouper she Doug little tiny holes in no particular place or order, and it looked chaotic and I loved it- would turn your whole swiftly. Love that I think the best. At this point, my my This very scared that maybe the alcohol has actually done enough damage that my grandma was losing her group of reality like it. Oh, I probably would have it with the mom know me. I would like you know, I get it he's a village, I'm with you either way I could. I could tell she was curious by Mama. Grandma. What is it then? Click the object and my group makes and that she just knew it was square. That's all she knew not looking for good I feel it.
So that was all the evidence. My mum needed to be like ok, she's lost her mind because what the fuck a square shapes, but I begged my mom to let me help her for you, but she said now after we had lunch and talked about other things, we immediately left and immediately. I said we gotta come see her next week. Not next month Mom was not too keen on this idea, but she obliged, I think she only agreed because she thought her. She thought a piece of shit me boyfriend was putting some weird cyanide poison in her drinks to killer eider bonuses. Awful get him away, She agreed that we would see her next week, but I would remain at my aunties house until it was safe. My aunt lived nine houses down from my grandma. So like a bad ass, I was already planning unconvincing. My auntie to go, get some milk or cookies or whatever shit, and I make a run for it to my grandma S house to see this fucker. Oh my god, I love is. Let's just say I didn't need to the following week.
went there and, as promised, my mom took me to my aunties, my auntie answer the door and was not ok, He told my mom to come inside to see my grandma, who was digging up my aunties guard and as whole Eileen. That's the girl, but actually convinced all nine fucking neighbours to let her let her in and dig up their gardens because of some ghost boy that told her. He had lost something I was beyond extend my god of wonder if some old lady walked up, it was like hey. So can I dig in your garden because does a ghost boy, any law, something I feel it? I would have a hard times no alive. I would have a hard time like saying yes, quick enough. The alike I feel like. I wouldn't be a limit. No, I really can I help you do need gardening gloves, let's get it. I believe you know, I just don't, kill my paeonies and that's really things out for it. I built out of fuck about those any one. You lie to stop you from finding. This goes voice missing thing, let's find out if grammar finds it or mixed
and my grandma had actually sobered up by this point, because it turns out you can't hold a beer and a shovel at the same time to learn of the new everyday, but you can smoke and hold a sham otherness. My grandma was, popping thirty to forty cigarettes a day while rather than thirty beers, so actually nice having a normal conversation with her. So unfortunately, for this bed I wasn't there, but sometime after this my chain, smoking. Graham, called my mom to tell her she fucking found it. She. had found a rusty old box square makes sense. Now, because how does a ghost explained authority object, huts true to the box with super damn old, seventeen hundred them for my grimace, just option. The sides were all dented in and the hinges to the lead were almost melted into place. Parts of it were obviously silver, whilst the wreck the rest with some other metal, I'm not a metal expert. I didn't get a look at which I have not forgiven my mom for the Bush. The same way I be supposed his milk, I need to go to grandma's. Let me
watch it. But before we went to see my grandma for the next week, it was gone. My group that the little boy had taken it. He needed the box to be above ground because he needed to take to Heaven Omaha Things underground, don't go to Heaven. They go to the underworld which I'm not gonna, lie. That makes sense thanks, grandma for making sure I'm never getting buried. That is so logically correct I get it. I get that now you believe might and now. I do believe that my grandma saw the ghost and found the box, but I'm not having it that it magically floated to have them. I do believe that piece of shit boyfriend actually had something to do with its disappearance, but I hope the boys happy and let it got found either way. I think the boy brought it personally, though, but who My grandma was right about everything so by whom My grandma was right about everything else. After this my grandma expressed- she never saw the little boy again and how happy she was. She could finally sleep.
now that she wasn't being chatted to buy some six year old boy, and she could also go back to her drinking. Who look at that. The funny thing is that the smoking that it was the smoking that killed She peacefully died on the toilet, ass. She passed out from her pneumonia, which hilarious and I couldn't leave that out- like that's incredible, Ivy League Eileen- would it like it is what it is bitch, epic Oh god I leaves a fucking, God are a piano after doing some super duper research later on, I found out that there was some crazy old house that had a fuck load of land back in the MID seventeen hundreds, which makes sense as to why The boy appeared at my grimace house, but the box was actually in another garden anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my story and I hope you know how much I of listening to you If you ever showed up and Mount Snowden to say hello. If you're ever up at Mount Snowden say hello to my crazy grandma stay weird and slay, weird love. Sarah
Sarah we need to go to Mount Snowden to visit. My friend I lean for real, like I'm upset. with your great amount, your soul system we are being island, would have been Biff Sea. Would you would impose Eyelike had to pick maxillaries said that I lean as in Rome free to hang out with I'm pretty bummed about it too. Damn Sarah, you just killed it right whoop, while my next tail is called my dad screwed over the mafia. That's an ever good thing, never know you never want to mess with the mafia on might do less t weirdos. I mean National Anna Sergei Hinges, calls weirdos nets, the title says it all my dad's. but over the mafia, when he was twenty four years old, live to tell the story, that's crazy! That's insane! This decision was not. Only ballsy but was the defining moment of his life. Without its this decision, my sister would not be my sister I may have been canadian and my dad when the hunt would have been murdered in June.
wow while murder or just say my dad could have been murdered. Oranges I married so I have a different last name now, but grew up in a jewish. Last name growing up because a lot of my family still has his last name, and this is a shameful tail in their eyes. I will forego saying it here: that's ok! My maternal grandfather Harry along with his parents and siblings, escaped the Holocaust from Polish Poland to Canada, and this time he experienced trauma. I'm sure defined to defined his psyche for the worst there's stuff crossed lovers. I bring amazing news. Papa Johns has heard of demand and thanks to us, their farming launching the new melting mouth watering, epic, stuff quest pizza. Oh it's a lot of process with all that deliciously melt the cheese packed into our signature crossing there apparently with a final adjective that may come in handy when describing this Peter Epic, new ethics, stuff, Crest Pizza from Papa John.
With one topic for twelve bucks: better ingredients, better Peter Papa yachts about it. Just happens. Interconnection legislator, If you ve been diagnosed with cancer, you need a team of cancer experts by your side, every step of the way working together coordinator, care ambient Anderson Cancer Century Cooper softer the largest and most experienced cancer team. Personalized care for every type of cancer with Malta locations close to you Full range of supportive care services empty Anderson Cooper appointments available, within forty eight hours. In Toronto. He became the right hand, man to the leader of the jewish mafia, named knit Navy, as I read it as Navy Navy. I think an aide de why I ever met, either of them, which I find to be a blessing, serpent arrests and the story. I will refer to my grandfather as Harry Harry married
alcoholic dancer and conceived two sons with her. My dad was his first childs when my dad was five Harry went to prison with a twenty year sentence with this is the first time my family refers two? As when quote Harry went on vacation, I am unclear what the charges or for, but I know he would kill without a thought, was a master insurance, scam, craft and craftsmen and was at one time the largest heroin disturb later in Toronto. While he was busy, damn seriously. A man of alternating jack of all trades is right. He also said all of my grandmother's clothes on fire about six months before he went to prison for unknown reasons. Greek, I am I right. They pulled him broader you do with my father. I was raised in project housing by his alcoholic and abusive mother and became a statistic that sad
He joined the gang started living on his own at fifteen and had extreme food insecurity, his whole life. Oh, that's, really, sad son. He also got hooked on heroin. He failed the tents tenth grade twice the eleventh grade three times and finally graduated high school and he was nineteen. This was not due to stupidity. My father's actually extremely intelligent, but this will give you a sense of how erratic his home life was. He had no one that cared about him and he was left to figure it out. He was understandably, very angry and lost. All. That's really sad is sad. When my dad was twenty Harry got out of prison early Harry immediately resumed his mafia activity and had plenty of illegal money at his disposal. My dad still in poverty, swallowed his hatred for his father and tried to form a relationship with him. Harry saw the single pair of tattered jeans, my dad owned. And that he didn't have a winter jacket. Instead of giving my dad money or buying him close, he offered my data job. Oh no. It's like
please. For a few years my dad was a driver for the mafia. He said his job was to not asked questions. Fucking drive and if a conversation was happening, he wasn't supposed to here to step outside the car and wait until he was told he could return. During this time he became very close to lady the leader. I told them saying that Right Navy, my dad describes knee. Is the father. He wanted at the time Harry remained aloof to my dad and rarely interacted with him. However, Navy saw my dad's intelligence and they often bonded over discussing philosophy man. Member does it make, if you think of that time and on boy meets worlds. When John Like becomes a for the mob. Oh my God for Christmas. I don't think I've ever seen that upper. So it's great episode: I'm gonna, watch that when I get home gotten, you should do it it's one of those very special up. So I loved anyone who joins a colleague, John, the odd that episode and Minister
Phinis like hyped as banks when Cory's dad like throws the call leader against anyhow, and it's like you can't- have shot. I wash their recently announced like. Oh I'm, thirty now, because Cory's dad I was like I get your legs adios inflationary, I digress. Navy was never imprisoned. There was an extremely and sent inventive and intelligent criminal. He was actually a genius, yet photographic memory and a genius level. I q, you wish you like, used it for so like to help rate for good. He could have been anything any chose, evil Navy, also at a drop dead. Gorgeous wife, whom I am whom I met years earlier and is actually one of the swedish Ladys I have ever met he they had it daughter, Vicki, who my dad to this day still describes as the most gorgeous girl, the world's Mickey and my dad actually dated for a short time. I met her too, and she grew up, ironically, to marry a lawyer having the same intelligence and photographic memory ass, her father. She could recite line by line a newspaper article from years ago. That's really cool as micro. Unfortunately, when Vicki was an hour
entry school. She was raped by her school bus driver. Isn't that so far the diver went missing the next week or what No, why that's tough MA am getting Navy took care of it. I hope so Getting back to the story. Navy called my dad to join him at a chinese restaurant. When my dad arrived, the restaurant was empty and the hostess without a word walked him upstairs upstairs. He found fifteen mafia members sitting at a single table, despite his relationship with NATO and being Harry son. My dad knew that didn't mean anything. He couldn't stop thinking about what he could have, what you could have possibly done, and if this was it so he's thinking he's working ever for use in a dark. Was he going to die in a fucking Chinese or a swift canoe man, like God, Navy sitting at the head of the table, told my dad to sit down in order something, but dad order, sudden food, while everyone, currently stared at him, the most illuminating, see after the waitress laugh Navy began speaking I want you to
go to California. Does a gem ology school there you'll get certified, come back here and run our jewelry store in case you're, not getting it. They were going to open a jewelry, store or sell diamonds and use the shop to launder money. They agreed to pay him handsomely and if he was going to have a job in the mafia, I guess you can consider this somewhat safe. My dad knew they were really asking, so he agreed they smell
old and dismissed him. Yet he left before his food arrived. I was literally just gonna get it. You know my dad packed up with his best friend and move to LOS Angeles and he attended Gee. I Jamal adjusts Institute of the arts on the jewish mafias time. During this time. My dad met a woman who had a six month old, baby Marisa. He absolutely fell in love with this baby. However, he graduated school, and it was time to go back to canada- is best of his best friend stayed behind and he made a long drive back alone, the whole time he kept thinking about the life he was returning to when you join the mafia. There's no such thing as quitting you're in or you're dead. My dad knew he was looking at a future. Just like his dad's. He got five miles away from his desk nation and had ten dollars locked in his pocket before he finally stop the car and said to himself what the fuck am. I doing, he ended a going back to the: U S fully expecting to one day be shot by his own father and has never return to Canada. He ended up Mary
the girl, adopting my sister Marisa opening his own diamond business and hasn't touched a drug since Why then awesome? I was raised by a wonderful in loving father who never let us know what it would be to be raised in that nightmare. Oh, my god, this is make me like. I now feel things Harry dies of long working. For you know it's crazy harry died of lung. answer, and Navy lived until he was eighty still never being a day in prison in a prison cell. No one in my families, in the mafia, nor does the jewish mafia exist in Toronto. more. My dad will never know where the mafia, let him go when I asked him, why asked him to guess? He said I think Navy, like the philosophy of it all. Thanks for your kick ass podcast, my dad admits that he still thinks he has some psychopathic tendencies and struggles to show emotion or empathy he has just
always chosen to do the right thing ever since the man truly never lies are would hurt anyone. I think my dad and grandfather story shows that nature verses nurture can play a role in becoming a psychopath, but at the end of the day you always have a choice. If that makes if this makes it on your podcast, I just want to say that I am thankful to have my dad and even psychopaths with fucked paths can pass, can be great fathers Julia. I loved that that's cool Is it true? I totally believe that you always have a choice. I we say that constantly that it's like yes, your words you're situation in your circumstances can play in two things right, but you make the choice. You make the choice to be a good person a bad person a victim. It's all up, T Iver, it's a really as well as a crazy story, was wild wood onto the next one I did in a murderer, whoops my listener, tailed whoops, whoops disclaimer,
feel free to use this unless their tails. Obviously I would be totally fan growing. If you read this on an episode of lesser details, I know its long sorry, some names have been changed. Call me lies a gene. Yes, I live in the middle of the woods in the south, but during this time. I was in the big old city briefly the big old city so I dont even know where to start, I guess maybe from the beginning, yeah yeah, may be a good place, so it was two thousand six. I was twenty one or twenty two. I think a lot that time. My life is a blur because me like you to party heart, you keep finding neared souls the certainty like. Why pick them an old ninety one, twitter, Curly Ya'Ll that freaking car does what it die. All the translation was temperamental. None of the windows worked. They were held up by rubber door, stoppers out the old gray ones that you see at school, ass, the ones or teachers per in their door, open with ya got those we have those in the morgue to fill up. As you know, the ones you find in the morgue
all the handles were broken off. You had to pull pieces of wired opened, the doors is amazing, I mean damn. I only paid hundred dollar our it, and it was mine. It got me where I wanted to go. it also had a slow but steady oil leak which sent me to the auto part store about once a week life there must have been like. I feel it properly spent more money take longer than you get in the car. Absolutely this make it was Saturday morning, while like three in the afternoon, but close enough, see Saul sisters, I had driven all over beacons Bill Miller the names change. Remember assuming that an things the night before I was hungry and I knew I needed oil. While I was out, I figured you know, get too heard stoned at once. Trailer park, boys reference. Hopefully you got it actually, don't know that is the older ones that either I know what it is, but I haven't seen it sorry.
so I stopped by the auto part, store around the corner. From my house now mind you, I hadn't showered taken my make above brush my air or teeth, or even attempted put attempted to put on something that was raised, all. This literally sounds like me every morning in high school, like earth like on the weekend of schools, amazing was standing in line Ex boyfriends, boxer, shorts and old, as Marty guarantees from the nineties and flint flops too. It's mine and my own that my own damn business. Looking like super trash and this tall glass of water walks by HU. Ladies, he was so easy on the eyes o. Yes, I was young, dumb and full of well. You know I was if he was clean. Shaven had a nice bill, short hair on the side and a red foe, hot bright blue. Eyes a smile, but I would never in a million years believe, was aimed at me why this is poetry. It's fucking likes it up in the back, but it was boy. Was it I watched him walk by
the corner of my eye ever so slightly turning my head. He stops to do what Those turn around moves you the army, men in the movies to him there he'll. I know exactly what she's talking about. I smoked and looked back ahead, he was standing next to me staring at me, fuckin weirdo. I love she's like what his luck, I'm destined to love him forever. And she's like fucking, weird ray, I love it's a long story. I tried to ignore it. because I knew what I look like. I could only imagine what I smelled like, and I was just waiting for him to get a good with and run away, but he did in. I was like ok, dude I'll buy. I looked at him and smiled and he said something along the eyes of damn your beautiful. I just rolled Mise waiting for guy with a camera on his shoulder to jump on NGO smile, you're, Uncandid, camera ha yo. I too really just stunned that nifty little jingle showing me ha same like I was a legit. I thought this was a legit set up or a joke. I with him, but he then go away rude. Like I'm, ignoring you
he'll, be persisted in shit, but he was Fucker loafer. I do he asked, I was from around here and I was thinking about answering but before I could eat, but before I could even get a chance. to that great, a smart ass. He had a chance to be that greatest Myrna Alyosha before I could. Even get it chance to be thy great, a smart ass. He had like Wren skipped up. The register and asked the cashier for a piece of paper and a pen, then he came rugby become run skipping back with the previously mentioned objects and demanded my number I was thinking how a door that dumb shit, just dumb Did you just did? Was he claimed my eyes? Just threw him in and he couldn't just walk by without saying something while, I have shit browner shit brown ads. They black under and even my own removed eyeliner mascara, but I was like ok
by what you're selling my dude white hot, insert shoulder, shrug and got shit else to do in a You may be a little fun for one or two Jirga nights, she's, a hero, incredible the hero to us all, honest, he took my number and went to the parking lot by Yellow Nokia FLIP phone rang. There was a number I didn't recognize. I answered and thinking this guy was gonna call right away, but he did I laughed asked him his name. We will call Tommy Thompson, Tommy Dumbson. He said he called rate before he left to make sure I didn't give him a fake number. I thought about giving him aid six have been five, but he might have figured that one I used to work at a restaurant, you had to take people's phone numbers for take out and my lost through like trained me, would always right down eight six, seven, five, three or not- and I was like- but that's not help Would that be neighbours not help now can be able to call them anyways back to his story. wait until I went to my car to get on his work
cycle Motorcycle Ya'Ll than a hard heart eyes, a refugee and drive away down the main drag. I thought wow. This is gonna, be fine. I wasn't wrong winkie face, but I saw it was either way he had a roommate. We shall call her Bobby Sue. We should we shall hear they dated back in the day and she was still hung up on him, but had a man what yeah, I didn't care. I was twenty Isherwood hubs. With serious to be at the time, while maybe accept skimmed bag from the weed man fucker. Anyway, I met this chick turns out. She was related to someone I had known for a long time. Smart small world. What of such Bobby? I talked for awhile party together, for it Never serious. He was pretty cool, so very is to me so urgent, and so very loving towards me. He was protective of me. making sure I had a home in on his biography button. The car, that's just like common decency, has a heated Jordan like flies or the windshield right
I would go to Tommy's house, but he never let me in seriously. In the eight months we were we dated not once archives, think, that's what you're! That's weird! I am sure that, as I thought that was all, but one ebbs This is entirely me a full house where she can be deployed. Stating d need just goes word. However, whatever It was about serious, usually I was just there to meet up and go out with him. Not hang out of this place. Well, one day he me to meet up with him at his place, he was on his way home from work. I got there before he did at my knocked at the door. Thinking maybe Bobby Seale would like two chit chat, Lowood Attack to Bobby soon I do oh turns out. She would and she had a lot to say. Oh no, now I didn't really know this girl sooner face a few times, but didn't really know anything other than what Tommy had told me. He said. She was loud, obnoxious, crazy, hung up on him and she had a fairly bad temper, which is why it and work with them: ok, cool cool. So she was the problem: cool, likely,
sorry. Yeah. Her story was very different, isn't it always it always while talking to her she says he was abusive towards her visit. she said he was a monster. What yeah I didn't! believer at first, because I never saw any of the crazy any of that crazy. She spoke of in eight months, nothing Then, while she said she had proof, she said she wasn't lying note. So my, Face totally. Does the thing where I can't control my expressions and by this by the time I realized I made a face, I shouldn't have its too late holdups. She brought me inside house was in disarray and there were holes in the walls. As I broke a broken picture frame on a table, can chair sitting next to the trash by the door. She claims he did all that. Ok, then she showed me the police reports with pictures pictures, Ya'Ll of damage to the house. Things broken bruises, she's acquired with this guy was a total douche douche canoe and I was about to stick around for that shit ride. He got
Bobby soon I had already been back outside. I looked at him completely different like I didn't want to because he was so. but even though the last eight months with him were a freakin blast, I had never seen that bad side. He treated me so well. I broke up with good for you good good. For you with very little explanation, something I didn't want to be tied down, or someone should in actuality I hopped so fast on the knob trade and headed right for fuck that Libya has so he came to my job a few time with flowers and food. My weakness vulgar I told him I was over it and that he was wasting his time after a few more failed attempts of wooing me he finally quit about. Six years later. I got a call from my best friend. We shall call her Sammy job love. The incredibly like this is also Bobby Sue in Samara, Joe and loves it as a dream. Palazzo doom Sammy oh told me, that someone she knew was missing and good old Tommy Thompson had been stood as a person of interests, Homey Thomson Tommy Thompson
you me to turn on the news, but to be sitting down she wasn't lying, I was Sammy said this dude was helping in the missing woman's family. Look for her for a month up into he was arrested and then confessed to shooting her and just dumping her body in the woods like what below Bach, who does oh yeah ha that's psychopath, Sammy Joe and I talked about the. I've, Sir awhile and, quite frankly, just fucked with their own heads super smart thing to do at eleven p m ha anyway. That's me, story of how I ended up dating a murderer, Ladys feel free to use it. In short, men, if need be, never never remember to keep. It we're, but not so weird, that you kill your lover. Dump their body help their family look for them, and I confess, when you find out that you ve, been arrested his person of interests later babes kiss him. Oh gee lies the gene lies a mother, fucking is it Gina war insanity that is bonkers I encourage you imagine finding out later. That idea
earlier. I wouldn't be shocked. Based on my history, I feel I definitely one shut up till now. I want to turn on the light, because behind you, it's all dark and scary spooks bookies, oh that's a brighter play. It we were literally sitting in the wound. You know that feeling weird like oh father, oh well, there's the son of but Easy did like Looking at you and then behind you, there's a corner and then that whole, like black image, thing earlier reliably ass Bianca's, I'm not kidding guys. We were sitting in the actual Pittsburgh like actual pitch black. The sun went down and we're like whelp guess we'll just sit here and there but then I just decided never mind so visible ass listener tell her. Today it is called the bathroom at my summer. Camp was a portal to another dimension. Same swell. Rail is due as quick little be getting note for personal reasons. I would like not, like my real name said so Yoke and
me. Cecy acc acc he weirdos. First of all, I want to say that I'm a huge fan, your PA gas, and I love you also much. I stumbled upon your pod cast on accident when looking for neutral, Crampade, castles and stone spot by and I've been hooked. Ever since one of my friends, a college was a fellow weirdo suggested. I submit a listener stale since I've been I've. Some fucked up crazy shit in an twenty years of existing and that's on trauma, Pooh Pooh is right. Who this story, however, is a bit more light? Hearted I'll, be it incredibly strange. Entropy is how we love that we are here for in twelve years later, I still am I can say what the fuck was that should even about so without even about a lot if they ask through so without further ado. Here's the story of the time I experienced a glitch in the matrix, Slash travelled to another dimension by just using the bathroom at summer camp. I am ready,
so little. Baby Cecy was eight years old to me and my sister went to a summer day camp on a farm where we would learn more about animals, how to take care of them or on the farm and do fun active at ease round the property and even swim in a nearby lake. It was super fun and I got to play with cute animals all and hang out my friends that sounds like a fuckin dream seized one day when we are having a break between activities. I really had to use the bathroom and asked one of the council's. If I could go, there was porter parties for us to use. We are mostly outside and on a farm, but they were all on. side of fucking course they were hushed. If I could wait a little bit, but a year old me with a tiny bladder, an impeccable timing was like now I gotta go now. She didn't, tells me that I can use the bathroom in the main house on the farm which you weren't allowed to go into, but she said it was all right and led me in the house and show me where it was right before I could
the bathroom door. To do my thing, you could help me to come right back to where the other kids were, which was about a hundred feet from the house. When I was done, she then went out the front door. No, keep this in mind. The bathroom door was right across from the front door. At the other end of the front hallway on the right of the bathroom door, was the living room which had a huge window where you can clearly see where the other kids were and where me in my councillors came from. Before I went into the bathroom, I could see the other kids playing outside the window. That description is so ominous. It really is she's like this is where everything was and I could see every and I could see all these children playing outside its like ok, fast forward to a couple minutes later. No I'm in the bathroom washing my hands and I'm about to leave to go back to where my councillors from friends were. But when I opened the bathroom door and looked in front of me to star walking towards the front door, I noticed that the front door was fucking gone nowhere to be fucking scene.
what right? I thought I was just seeing things so I walked up to the blank door list wall and felt for the door, but there was just wall no door you're old me is immediately like what's going on. I want my mom, but then I remember that the place where the kids was playing was visible from the giant s window in the living room. So I figured if I hang on the window. The kids would see me and someone would help me, so I go back towards the bathroom door and look right towards the living room. The big window. The window is still there, but the kids, the farm buildings, the fences and everything visible outside that when for I went into the bathroom was gone. Weird. All I saw was the grass the mountains, the sky, pretty much everything natural, but no one and nothing was there. I mean really started panicking and crying running around that Damn house, like a maniac looking for any rooms to go into either find someone in there to help me or to get out of the house, and I kid you not every door, whether as a bedroom door, a closet door, a backdoor winds
was locked, who that's like so ominous in every window I looked out of. There was nothing just the landscape I started screw. Coming and asking for my mom and I even prayed to God that he would get me out of there from what the clock in the living room was telling me. I was probably in there running around for like ten and it's trying to figure out what they always going on in trying to get out, but it felt like ours, but no matter what I tried the front door. Wasn't there every other door was locked and there was nothing out. The windows I eventually just went back into the bay threw him and sat on the floor crying because I was so scared and confused and didn't know what else to do after a minute about a minute after I went back to the bathroom, I heard a knock at the door. Cecy are you ok and there you ve been gone a while it was my counselor. I opened the door and there she stood. I looked behind her in the front doors back where it was before I look out the window and barns and kids and fences were all there should there absolutely dumbfounded by council can clearly see that I've been crying and was like. Are you ok, honey?
you crying. I dont know why, but that question may me breakdown, and I told her everything that happened. She stood there with this. Incredibly confused concern. Look on her face was probably thinking this kid is for. crazy and I'm calling the car and all she's really said, was well. Maybe going back to our activities. Makes you feel better because imagine if it kid so that, like what am I supposed to say what a councillor move right like what school have made, a macaroni. Nonetheless, let's see so, I figured if she took me by the hand to the inn brought me the other kids at the time. I was thinking Lee The door was gone. The kind of man that you didn't take me to seriously, but now is an adult. I think her response was appropriate, considering circumstances and that its not every day. I could tell you some crazy shit like that. Those true knives, a really is she never
brought up the issue with me again, but I'm pretty sure she told by parents what I said, because when me and my sister got home from camp that afternoon, my parents were teasing me about it and just said it was the product of my overactive imagination and my sister which fantastic told you. I made up the story for attention. I rarely ever told the story because I assume no one will believe me, but after lots of time, reading glitch in the matrix stories on read it and going down internet rabbit, holes and other dimension about other dimensions. The multiverse another spooky Yuki Chan. That coincidences. I realise that this weird little blip in reality are probably a bigger phenomenon than I thought and that I'm not crazy. So in conclusion, I think that eight year old me experience some weird spooky dimension shift or glitch in the matrix and that the bathroom up by summer camp was a portal that sent me fifteen minutes of trip into its
the minutes of trippy warped hell. I used to do Hellas psychedelic in high school, and it was nothing compared to the shit. I saw that house. I hope you enjoyed by listener. Tail sorry was long and I hope was good enough to put in an episode, doubtful, ha ha ha regardless. I love you and I can't wait to see the cool projects you have in the future. Keep a weird but not so where they go into your summer. Came back. And have a beumer so intense that it sends you do another dimension. You see see you was a new crew muffy. I love it, wouldn't what wonder end on onest Philip. I was like the perfect one on truly was worthy of that and soon guys you killed it like. You always do away I looked at her tales. You really kill in it. We lost saying a man could be Breakin lover, yah yah! Well,
check out. Our instagram morbid vodka is up on twitter, a morbid vodka as your own listener tale to our Gmail Morbid broadcast sent you build our called on Sundays anywhere else. We ll see it and make sure you title them listener tales and in some fun title cause it's but yeah. The fun titles make me read them Ireland and new. Hope you keep listening and we hope here he is. But it's aware about you don't send, analyse the retail swastika throughout them
oh, I am, but don't keep us aware, they use a Dutch. No cowboy is that's gonna. Get you shot. Don't do that! It's bad, not so, weird that you have to have like a like a figure, Syria in middle the name, and then you find other. The other figures staring at the same person is really crazy. Don't even though we do not like I leaned, not you're gonna, because I really wish that I leave as migrant, even though I do like my group, I wish I'd like my other grandma's Eileen and also don't give it somewhere that your dad lakes rules over the mafia, because I know you know a lot of trouble. I'm really happy relegating get your dad and trouble. Don't keep. So where were you data, fucking murder? I mean come on driving saving also up and don't give us a worthy. You have available than that, and you never know dimension. I love you. So much Open,
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