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2020-11-01 | 🔗
It's a scary truly Listener Tales edition this week, kids. Tonight we have a terrifying reminder to always walk with a buddy, a horrific hometown murder, a seriously close call with a killer, a plague doctor with a cursed foot, a brush with the Manson family and one seriously ghoulish old lady. Spooky season may be winding down for the rest of the world but in here, its all year 'round. Join us, ghouls. Thanks to our sponsors! Pretty Litter Get the world’s smartest litter without leaving home by visiting PrettyLitter.com and use promo code MORBID for 20% off your first order. That’s PrettyLitter.com, promo code MORBID for 20% off. PrettyLitter.com, promo code MORBID. Embr Right now Embr Wave is offering our listeners $50 off when you go to embrwave.com/morbid. That’s E-M-B-R wave.com/morbid. Hunt a Killer Right now, just for our listeners you can go to HuntAKiller.com/MORBID and use promo code MORBID at check out for 20% off your first box. Head to HuntAKiller.com/MORBID for 20% off and to show support for our podcast. HuntAKiller.com/MORBID.
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Summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted, blueberry, pottery, brown, crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop it try this perfect summer cup or you can the war. Why, after order ahead or get it delivered your morning even brighter. With a cup of freshly brute bluebeard. cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a wow, hey weirdos Billina. I am ash and this is a listener tales morbid October observe to listen entails and because this
week as Hell a week, and we have Three live virtual shows this week, so it has been bunker and we went live on Instagram twice and we had grown countdown recordings twice and you had to record first scream yeah, it's been a real expire Science, and it's been a blast because we're gonna do so much, but when so much is it's a lot. I tweeted the other day as crazy as this week has been and how little sleep both of us are running off of I'm gonna be really sad when it's over. I know it's been such like a crazy whirlwind. I now normally to be honest: we probably should have taken this week off Revalenko courting regular seriously, because I we can't even begin to explain to you how how much work it's been, but we did not no one here we are very high and we decided that we're gonna do one listener tales episode, which is this one and the other one. That's gonna be released on Saturday, How are we to our is going to be an actual case and its an ash centric case, and it's a really good one from Australia without
still, his royal yet allow upon who'll so yeah, so you're getting you're, too episodes. But you know one of em solicitor jails, because it's just On a week, you know eight hour week we found good listener tales. Yeah, we dance so we're making it work. Your wife and we're gonna be like more than we usually do me. I'm just gonna go we're gonna go crazy. the closure of all hollows Eve Eve it in that's all how's! He be it so in so blessed be. that you started. Yeah minister with my more court and let's do so curve. So my first one is called the horrific murder that happened in my hometown, Ellison or to MA, Ok, so well, hello, you, wonderful, weirdos, hello. I've decided to write to you again with a different story for my weird hometown, except this time you can use my name so high, I'm Tricia, pronounced like Patricia, but without the PA. Allow TAT is Patricia
I'm eighteen and I work a full time job from six. A m to four thirty p m and your podcast is the only reason I haven't thrown my shoe at some of the old. I work with moving onto the story for clarification. My hometown of wines, fellow Heil, is technically a village with not, many people in it. We really don't like some. We really don't make the news no matter. What in this story, did not reach a national level so that undressing huh so the first time I had the first story. I have is the story of eighteen year old, Justin back just in Gregory or us in Gregory, Myers and Timothy Mosely were convicted of murdering Justin in his own home, and we got the real reason for the murderer is unknown, but its claim to be a safe. That was captain families home just in had graduated in two thousand and thirteen from wanes Veil high school and was a few weeks away from entering the navy. Just in Austin had both attended, wanes, well middle school and were best friends. According to Timothy Mosely Austin had asked
bothy. If he wanted to make some money and of course, like any other teenager, he was interested. They both discussed if they wanted to rob a local drug dealer or just in stepfather, whose name I will leave out. I love this there's like how should we make money work now? Let's just rob people re, rob our friend or local drug dealer who take both of us He might really bad options like because everyone is about option to rob yeah leg, Maybe I don't know, rethink your lives. Maybe you just like try to get a job rethink and try to make Betsy Shop, I don't know, do some babysitting just tries try this. Given the shock ten new, that just a step farther had a safe that held money and a gun in the home which he believed to be up to twenty thousand dollars. Myers and Mosely drove to the family home planning on robbing the safe, but upon her having they realized. Justin was home and decided against. It. Remember: Justinus hid their friend yeah litter,
what the fuck was about to leave for the Navy yeah. They then left and talked about how they could get the money. Myers came up with the aid, to strangle Justin with a wire what then Martha crime scene. Look like Justin stole the safe than ran away from home. What what the fuck trigger warning as on the morning of January, twenty eight, two thousand and fourteen Myers, and mostly purchase septic enzymes, ammonia, septic tanks, cleaner and rubber gloves. I am one real scared to see what their Millville. Ah, they then drove to Justin's family home around one p m, the play and was for Myers to distract Justin, while mostly strangled him Mosely armed himself with the wire and six inch pocketknife Myers, not on the door and just and let them both in as he knew both of them react. They talk for a while and then just and went to the kitchen. Mostly
Ah, this opportunity and attack just in from behind and attempted to strangle him, while Myers held just in from the front just and fought against them, and there was a struggle causing all three men. To fall to the fore. Myers then realize the rat. The wire was wrapped around Justin's chin instead of his neck, but mostly in an act of panic, pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed Justin from behind a link on his feet, and just him was stabbed a total of twenty one times which resulted in his death. You know what this sounds like Rivers- Sarah stern case that I have heard where her friend, because numerous Liam you wanted to get our money yeah yeah, that's it. They were friends forever news like whelp. I want our money
so, after they left the house, they began to become paranoid about being followed in disgust where they wanted to dispose of the body they decided put just behind a log in a field and indifferent county Myers then poured a Mona and septic enzymes onto Justin Myers than wanted to shoot just instead body. So he grabbed the stolen gun and fired two shots into Justin's back what the thought after they left just and they went to the Inglewood. Oh hi. They went to NGO Widow Heil and bought a crowbar to get the twenty thousand dollars that they thought was in the safe. Oh no. Instead, they found some paperwork, loose change, bullets, gun, assessors and random items.
the case received attention because mostly was used, who use the knife to murder just and received a sentence of life without parole because of a plea bargain, while Myers received the death sentence, the murder caused proposed changes in Ohio State LAW to increase penalties for murders named Justin's. La Myers was sentenced to death at the age of nineteen October, seventeenth, two thousand and fourteen, and is currently on death row awaiting execution mostly was sentenced to life imprisonment November. Fourteen two thousand fourteen, I remember the day we were told at school that just him back was found dead. We sat there for a minute s. Silence, His memory, all they heard, were sniffles and his little sister in the back of the classroom, letting out the loudest cry o the mood was altered from then on wings. Your high school has his football jersey hanging up his lockers no longer in use and is covered in notes and pictures from what I can remember of Justin was that he was the nicest person there were many times where he would see someone upsetters.
are going and he'd always go out of his way to help them. He was always smiling and was never not laughing. He also graduated for more in county career Centre as a fire fighter and worked at Hamilton Township as one too He made it if you made it his job to help as many people as he could to this day. On January, twenty eighth of every year we hold a moment of silence in his memory at school and the sheep with it. She included a picture and he saw handsome- and he has just like that he has one of those faces where you can tell. He was just a genuinely nice, her son s kind eyes, see dollar really. Does she also included a link which will post in the shone out? This is linked to the only apology the family of Justin had back received fast forward to forty seconds. If you'd like to play the sound on them, ass. The family is accepting donations that go towards a scholarship and his name and towards helping military families and other murder victims, families. You can email them about donations at J B B,
a h e r, o so J, B B, a hero, a gmail dot, com and Finally, I would like to end this story with one of Justin's favorite sayings and remember, to always be a here of. Oh thank you for reading. Go hug, your family and friends, because you never know when the last time will be. I apologize for the length of the story it just needs to be told the trader it dear reassure you just like you'd, be appalled at my heart. You set me up with all the fields, and you know I will play that apology really quick now, because she included it. So here it is. This is from Timothy Mosely occupies myself the past. I have much. Why did I just can't you? There is also no doubt will be able to give you that actually and there's not a day or night. That goes. It doesn't hurt me of what I did
Absolutely no excuse us when it comes to know that I really am sorry you're right Timothy. There is no excuse, I'm glad you will be hunted. I was going to say I dont care that it hans you every night, forty right out, they go cool Wowzer. I was really sad. I know that like really gave you the ooze, if you will always remember to be a hero, I love you. I love that and will include that email address and all the information show note the Usher Hooky mine mine, listener tail, because I don't like to talk correct. later Memorial, none listener tail. Is that one time I was almost murdered at one time, not one time. So. First off just want to say that you guys are amazing and listening to you throughout my days had has made things so much easier and has brought me out of this weird funk. I was finding myself in all I'm happy about the hut. I am always glad to pull people.
fuck me too, I'm a nanny and while the baby sleeping- and I am doing all the mindless tasks around here- laundry cooking tidying up blah blah blah. It goes by so much faster and much more entertaining listening to your and send it in unity and a better, and it makes me feel like I'm just hang out with my bestia talking about fucked up shit and its awesome. So thank you for finding their way into my life. I even got my wife hooked. on our anniversary get away. Last weekend, we listen to the three parts King Dennis, DR therein back ha. So romantic is all How do we feel good? as for finding your way into our lives seriously thinks TAT thinks all of you for that. you're so anyway, onto my story. Use mania. If you want it's ok, they're case has already been to court and has been closed and the duties in jail no! We are jumping into my Delorean, as I say that, yes, I love that you just said ESA. That's like a back to the future car right. The upcoming, that's like back to the past
your car race, shut up, I'm going back all the way to the year two thousand, as there are being away. That's three thousand. Never seventeen year old me and my friends Beth and Mary. I did go ahead and change their names because I don't talk to them anymore and I dont know if they would want their names to be out there. With this. Beth and Mary Beth and Mary. It is love. They were driving around the back roads of Lebanon, Ohio around ten o clock at night, jamming out to system of dawn tor. A system of it down ash? What's this our system of a downward so yeah. I know Tory most uptore most system of a dog men- oh god, no change You know that you could. and all the person may offer ass. She had said diamond snails. I know that a man made from the dog eat
You speak of any Defranco yeah. Ok, thanks a lot. this carry men, for there are listening to a lot of old people. I may make a habit of smoking amount of Mary Jane, see now your talk as well ha ha ha, We literally had no destination just driving around until twelve M curfew up my house, as the girls were sleeping over at my house that night and we and to stop at Duncan doughnuts for some blueberry. Ah that before we headed back to so we were in car- and I had been doing the driving and at the time Beth and I were dating, but Mary had been in the front seat with me all night we decided to switch from seats, Beth was going to drive and I was gonna ride, shotgun and Mary, gonna be in the back seat, so, along this very, very dark, isolated road. We were looking for a decently safe place to pull over and do the exchange
finally saw little pull off industry lamp. So I pulled over along this varied weight so toppled over We all got out of the car and as soon as we were all walking to our new seats, we heard a male, oh fuck, fuck, a male voice. We heard a mill voicemail hold me. please someone help me. Oh no, no! I won't it has been the stones dumb, teenagers jumped back in the car and drove off as fast as we could good. we discussed smart. Should we go back now should reach. I got him now, and this is my answer and upon the issue was and Mary call someone definitely cholera and potential and the problem, we all felt what we heard was the male voice sounded so calm. So so monotone so much so very much not in need of help. Oh
gross Paypal sounded more like a trap to get three teenage girls to come over down to the ditch. You are right. I am glad that you didn't. We were totally freaked out children. The bone scared shitless. We drove back to my house in complete silence I was just going to say. I hope you stop to get your blueberry doughnuts, but you literally told me never even stopped for our the very Donna halls and eggs me, sir. I am disappointed in you little stone ass, also on the way to our virtual I've show today we're getting blueberry, don't fuck Yemen, no no, no, no we're not going blueberry donut holes were going to go back. Jonah said good. Good luck! The girl go fuck the world. We went to sleep, and woke up the next morning. I got some coffee and I hope some fuckin Donna holes and we were enjoying my mom in the living room where she was watching the news, big story of the morning, a car, fire on the road we were on the night before, but not just a car fire, a car fire with a body inside o YE freaked out Was it the man who was calling out for help? Could we have saved him? We told my mom
everything that happened and she had us call the police after what folic hours and hours, of course, turning and days and days of waiting for any kind of answers, it turned out that no, it wasn't a man and that burned car. it was a young woman. She was shot to burn to tell what else happened to her. They put the time of the car fire to have started around one thousand and forty five p dot m forty five minutes after we slowly she had so it was totally the killer, yup a hundred percent one hundred percent. So who does that somebody out who does somebody Iver, but especially at random, owned? and he was literally trying to lower them down the debt write holy shit. Our gut instinct was right. We were being learned over there to a ditch, most likely to our and our instinct told us something wasn't right and we left good for you and I believe this to be the day that it saved our lives. They were eventually able to find the guy. Thank God we had to our testimony in court, something about putting him there earlier than he says, squashing his alibi. So that's my foot.
story about how I was almost a murder victims. While I would like to think, though, if things had not worked out in our favour, you all would have done up on me. What too weird little ever, keep it weird carry, I won't say or less obviously, never too weird. We should endeavour to wear, but I'm really glad there we're doing a listener tales episode from your point of view and not attend about me too, and I am also glad that you reminded me about blueberry, doughnuts wow. You know, Google Coffee is a thing to be added. It's a little too sweet sure is. so or is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted, blueberry, pottery brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla flavour is in every sense, stop it try this perfect summer cup or you can the war. Why, after order ahead or get it delivered your morning, even brighter with a cup of freshly brute bluebeard
cobbler coffee back for a limited time, Gotta have a wild right now Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh big possible. Poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads and more get you. Ex reward twice as fast by shopping. Your dinner favorites after four p m while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the. Why? Why? A joint today Let's see what the next one we're gonna get, it starts off with a yellow Pham and I feel, like I love that, maybe over so this one is called a plague doktor and his curses right. Foot Kerr said his curse straight at the curse
the right for men incur said men theology, thereby man you're gonna, tell job that as soon as we gonna its one hundred percent. You will live with that till the data among many others, such as Yo Pham Heart, emerging no, no, no, not heard a bogey old school heart. Would the fuckin spam sign above the three. Do you know what I'm gonna go ahead and say that ashes B is really shaming us cause? I call that an emerging they do what unmowed you at emoticon. Yet said about it, they. Don't even do they like all three now and you know what I appreciate that. Thank you, fellow old. I do for you so here I am just having finished the debit box. Thingy episode. What's eating garbage into the void of a compact, her that is my livelihood and I think to myself. Yeah I've died a few times
Let's send my life's too pod gas. We are those who get a chuckle from a fellow basement goblin, I'm obsessed with. I love you, oh, but before I delve into the what the fuck that is growing digs feel free to use my name and stuff and butcher. Whatever is written here for your own means, I realize you right really Fun LP, so the title had her: that's thing right will long story short. I became a runny renaissance, fair enthusiasts over the course of my youth and felt head over heels for the plague. Doktor aesthetic same not with the runway stuff. Like do you, I was going to say: why are you lying to every one leg, doctors, aesthetic? I would leave as a played doctor if I could gather mask in my living room. I find that disturbing. It's amazing, so dank basements of stone, buying, cursed, paintings from antiques in hoarding all the books, bottles and knowledge. I could get my grubby little crackers clause on related to the spooky arts. I run.
golly. I just finished my first plague. Doktor get up as of October, two thousand and nine the corona head and yes, all of my outings were in garb. I think my favorite reaction was a child right around the corner and Walmart and Nope the fudge right out of there only to be egged on by siblings, to go, say hi to the spooky birdman, the parents were busting a gut and I loved it. At one point, several friends, several friends attended a protest and I decided a load up on wipes and candy to hand out as a Hufflepuff mom friends. This is the way f, why I can do? Is black licorice ajar labelled leeches? How dare you say that you handed out cans money when you actually handed out nasty? You headed the black death, not exactly what Doktor handing out the plague black licorice is growing, is added to the garage disposal. It was a liberating experience, stopper small bit of levity in an ever growing and tense situation. I like the way you were looking at it. I know I'd like to think I helped him
some small way. Every chuckle is progress, you're right but yeah. So I died like twice both from bleeding out, myself, I know already I've had some sixteen major injuries in my life, all being my right but it's weird and the only hiccup otherwise would be when I snapped my arm ex candy, but that was a boys will be boys. Hygiene said bobbing jousting, with poor noodles on bicycles, wearing world blades. Well play basketball! That's exactly how it sounds yup I need to run again with a java ready with pianos, with pool noodles on ice girls wearing rollerblades, wobbling basketball. Boys will be boys, man wow, so it says rabbit bringing back to death. So the first time I died was one. My family was out swimming with distant cousins. We no longer speak too, because reasons have been set up.
Both of you a six year old beans, juggling orthodox having a hoop love a time when I notice all the adult Have a grand old hyssop at screaming. Looking behind me now, baby the sherlock that I am, I turned around to look at what they were gawking at to see a scene. From Jaws her. She skirting several yards behind me into a lovely cone of Gore. In my wake now, my seven year old, brain Bethink, shucks bullshit. I can read it my seven year old brain be thinking. Sharks are eating me and is in the unlikely chance that I survive I'll be grounded for weeks, for forgetting myself, forgetting myself almost eight years, grounded for being and by a shark, almost q, panic attack and blackout, next thing. I remember fuzzy memories of being in a bathtub with my blood everywhere, full on psycho streams, up the wall and everything fade to along bumpy.
in a we will wagon and dreams of loved ones screaming at each other that I'm going to die or something to that effect. My next cohesive moments are several days later Chillun in a hospital bed with my new best friend, Mr Rat, a plushy. The story for my Pham is that my crazy bird on bad bitch doubt after she found us trying to first aid in the bathtub at the beach house and she VIN Diesel our way back when diva their way. The long trip back to civilization, at least as much sooner as my mom's minivan would have allowed The scary part of this is that we were hours away from any town with more than a pall. Blurt ask medical professor Monti that could hardly handle booze, let alone geyser, foot and soccer answered So, where you bit by a sharp enough to those rights, some happen that, and there was a ten mile stretch of construction. Of course I was likely my aunt knows of the secret lane and spat dust on the shoulder resembling the.
blood. Seen from potent, but were you eaten by a shark? Do you have your leg still? I need I have my students but need answer. After a short lived couple, copper chase she pulled over leaped out and yelled something about a child bleeding to death well covered in blood and then glared them to becoming her escort in goddess to the hospital in time. Finally, I would say, but did I die except I did the ball why I love. What have you a technically died yeah. It sounds like there was an actual shark. Was there to see ya see. Will it sounds like it? Just some happened to your foot. I don't know some happen, so, let's see fast forward DEC. in three years of being a squire for local Renaissance equestrian guilds. I am a goat faced man. Child thy thinks my. Four shaggy hairs are cool like the goat resemble and I've just been elected as king of the fairies, due to being the sole mail that went to the club.
I love it. I mean I mean that, unlike the best wailing, I love. It is great to your awesome. things are could never happen in a punk bank was Lady, once a new regional calmly streaming only Antigua, confused mix of hash anthems, sour girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute tunisian front, we lady puts all the cells screaming now only I'm peacock more is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time, ensure Noted blueberry battery brown, crumble and fragrant vanilla, flavors it every set stopping try this perfect summer cup or you can.
The war were apt order ahead or get it delivered. Make your morning even brighter. With a cup of freshly brute blueberry a cobbler coffee back for a limited time. Gotta, have a while. shallow Three, Burma Eagle, will take her with pride good for you. I would too. I am thereby gifted with a basket of gift from this very blossom reward ceremony for the royalty. This event was fantasy theme entirely. combatants in said basket was an assortment of fruits, coupons for very spenders honeys and a freak and knife. But they'll come back into the story later I love like like nicely made honey and then he just said Ok, it's later, although the fair wrapped up my night asked his joust, but one the sword, fights and the merchants and fair goers have out we're all leaving, leaving just myself the question, a quest
free and manager and the other squires in the middle of an empty field. Waiting for word. If we were meeting the rest of the gang to suicide, cos be mad backs beery road in theatres or hitting a cracker barrow for dinner. First, you know run for things. Boast would have both would happen, but sadly, Is it meant to be, and so, while we are waiting, I'm sitting in the truck carving into an apple with my new knife, and I set the knife on my lap and forgot about it. Stress memories intensify while a few minutes go by and we get the call. So I turned to hop out of the rig and everything went slow motion, guys the knife leapt. From my lap summer salted and hit the ground right. As my foot came down with the full weight of my body driving the foreign shaft into my foot completely vertical, I have to go big. ouch energy. Here, a lovely sure the unresolved is attached both below while scrolling down until we go again, Ben. Oh look foul that
absolutely mother, fucking, foul cameos! I felt the I am not sure. If we all, I really don't care, I really feel you would care or both. That's literally insider dealing with a treat your warning luck, the managers day job as a nurse of twenty plus years. Like all things considered, it was the best case scenario for me to die in panic. They did the worst thing possible and pulled the knife from you immediately. Fountain spurts spilling with my heart, beat from the into in slit in my boot. Nodded not a guy, not a good. I dropped to the ground like a turnip head. I M, like the turn a pet, I am and ripped off the boot. Having watched all the murder medical dramas, I went straight to applying pressure to the wounded alert the confused squires in my manager about the blood geyser erupting from my foot that by now I was becoming far far too familiar. One squire what pale and with quick thinking, pulled off his belt and ill good and started to tourniquet my leg, while the nurse manager kept me saying and distracted the nurse manager but high
he all I be mad, sweat and right now just recall that break Voodoo is brain voodoo. It's a bad stuff, carry lived the pain if you think about it enough to restore a month later, when I was finally recovered enough to drive I about flipped, my jeep thinking, I had a vain ripped, the and was so real back to dying. We bend to the local hospital me being honeymoons by one squire, while my boss, at the other one. We are keeping me from bleeding out in the entrance to be welcomed by the most disinterestedness on the planet, but she saw the blood and left let to a roman, unjust left after a very long while I was getting rather pale and my boss, who quite livid as she went after any one to help eventually, the nurse returned having been goaded to prioritize this and was all so has the floor. and all I feel I can think of is like I was stabbed by a knife. She was not amused and shoot the Squire hand away
pulling back the sackcloth all her eyes, bloated to saucers at the gush and moved like lightning to the biggest red help button they keep on the wall. Apparently I may severed my artery Lincoln to completely did a hell. A lot of other damage enters enter. Phil, swift quote and yeah shit got intense after that, but the drugs were lit so there's they ended up having to crimp up each side of the ardor you couldn't. You did I, like that is dying, so my body had to grow new new route veins or something either way. The healing process was like a combination of wiggle worms under the skin and the needle oak there. I have a lot of big memories asking to her one squires hand crying thinking. I was going to die again choking with the nurses that they can take the leg so long as I don't have to pay
I wasn't joking given over the strongest memory was the colds. Now I'm a big boy from the north, so I'm good with the cold most of the time, but this was different. I was like standing. It was like standing in a barren winter. Would the cold biting your flesh into alabaster? Silk beautiful, you paint with words, the kind that doesn't go away willingly. I dont know how to describe it when you're so cold. Everything feel smooth and painful. I do know that holds. Did you learn your most? I did. I will stay. I dont know super spooks veil, ten on a ten. Don't recommend that actually really great way to say it. Needless to say, I've lived an interesting life. Ya could go on for hours about fares, pranks and world exploration, Australia, sick totes go, but we will keep to the spook spook themes and maybe it ok, maybe my deaths hardly count as they were only seconds, but any good stories worth over embellishing right. So long as it's tasteful at least or tactful air.
but as for other injuries, they ran from drop Mason jars that bounced shatters, shrapnel old barn would hidden under hey getting caught in between sandals, causing the worst grouping Splinters finding any and all needles, legos gopher holes that ever existed and stopping my toes gazillion times a week. Minor injuries abound, but I think it's a severe lack of injuries anywhere else. That makes this really weird for me. Thinking about why or how I could perceive ably be cursed, maybe because my initials are. Mayo, but much but much doubt I bet I missing out on a super biomass story. My gramps is holding out on me with. I could have demon injure grudges for all. I know man, what a tale I could have told I hope this randomness. That is my spur of the moment to twenty three. I woke up Lincoln Martinis energy in jail for a smooth. It did a got lots, awhile details in me, but sadly not much spook pass these. So thanks for reading and
when it weird, but not so weird that you obsess over being plagued doctor, but a really just a goat in a trench, coat trying to be cool enough for the term club and not so where they re foot becomes a knife magnet and you believe, everyone's every twelve years and are encroaching on the time of the decade. Again. Ok, bye, PS, maybe I just make chain male socks. Maybe that's! A good idea is a good idea. Gps, new fangled, you view fan girl shit sticks to get out can leave out or motion fuel use this fertile one day, I'm a grounds keeper and work with a very large contact or the compact. Your case you covered has brought me a few concerns tonight. and now I began every so often just in case, but for reels. I love the show and am now caught up and up and look forward to more interesting spooks to bother my co workers about a love. This, I would also say my initials are email and rolling into the plague. Doktor vibe to eventually have skipped somewhat, not to educate people at fair and sell nerdy ass bottles of
Later aid and look is Lou Loki. My dream so excuse the bad joke, but by handle is much more practice. Oh my god, I underscore practice the leather worker for most of my life, a squire blue, color, everything and all around weirdo with barred and nurture hopeful. I apologize for the rather brain email thing, but I failed english class, so well ok, I'm no writer and it's nearly witching hour and my job is done so been fun Ladys and I'm done proofreading and I'm off to die till to Morrow rest well and hydrogen weirdos and keep it wild value. Hydrate though You are odds apps, every wild, and I believe it's Mikhail yeah yeah, I think so- You're amazing. I always off area european with yields. Rampage was everything we needed at our alive. I loved always right us with a jet fuel.
I hope I think that's like my innermost. That's kind of like a lot like my inner monologue. Thou is great. It will really was while was out it's over to you. I am too, but I am excited that the next listener tailors my family in the Manson fan I'm so ready. I'm rack, my body is ready. He Pham I wanted. This email, since I was an eighth grade, but because you weren't podcasting in two thousand three, how old, ass two thousand three while those the year before I graduated high school. So I was seven while cool. So, since we weren't doing that in two thousand and three yeah I've held on to it since now. My dad is a baby boom, baby boomer and grew up in San Jose in the 1950s and 60s back then his neighborhood was full of day tortures and his neighbors next door with Basset Hound breed the poppies were super groovy. Go live like really in the man's inflow of super groovy puppies man, how those pub
are far out of poppies- were Super Guph and would adorable each trip over all their own ears. Only on China, family next or add three kids and the middle daughter was in my dad's class. Who was this girl next door with the queue puppies? Was a deletion coups bearing the girl next or that's? A movie nope I got it, I got your old nope. It was Susan Atkins, I've got that is soon to be a member of the man and family fast forward to twenty eighteen. My dad's fifty of high school reunion was this year and he reconnected with some of his classmates. Did they all sit around and gossip about what? happened to Susan Atkins. You know it shall yeah the Lee High School class of nineteen. Sixty eight were all a bunch of Marinos. Well, specially my dad's friend Deb, who kept a copy of her eighth grade yearbook like the rest of the eighth graters dead, passed around her. Your booker passed her your book or on the classroom and had each of our class made sign it. When the book was passed back to Deb at the end of the period so
an Atkins had signed the two tab and not only did she sign it. She used her pen to scratch big axes over Debs eyes in her yearbook photo wow. I am not saying that was a red flag, but I'm not knots. You convey it. I hope you guys keeps laying the podcast game. I am torn up that I didn't get to listen dear podcast, when I lived in Boston, are I p, keep it weird, but not so that you join the most ambitious common history of infamous cults, Mikhail my god, my wish Deb had at this juncture. Good lover yearbook. I know I wanna hear I want to hear that important area I was just reading. Let's see there was a really good one. I loved I carefully. She scrapped doubt axes over her eyes already. I didn't eighth grade, I mean like that's a situation. She was mister, that's a real situations, Sheila messed up and then she found another
most people rate the next one I am going to do is listener tales. I was almost kidnapped now. Oh hello, amazing, Ladys, hello too, you have. My name. Is aware I want to start off by saying I love your podcast. I listen on my long ass drive to work every morning and I love your banter. In the cases you cover, I find myself laughed in shooting my pants at the same time that I live for it. I wanted sure my story about a time I was almost kidnapped in Assisi, place parking lot in EAST long, Meadow Massachusetts. Oh shit! We have family from the and other western Moscow. Ok here we go buckle up bitches buckled at a quick. I got off work at like nine fifteen p m, and I was like wow. which could really use some Seuss right now. Are you ass you to? Let us know about him. I mother fucking saw your thing ass though I think I'm gonna get sued best out of her. So I ordered at this place down the road and I went to go pick it up. I secured the precious package as I'm walking. fat ass, all the way across the pacific- and I see it
in turn its lights up and I hear door close and b D. I keep walking Almost to my car and I hear man's voice say MA: am you dropped some cash care by don't carry you can keep it? It's fine me being held, Such ass was like nope, not mine, I don't ever carry cash. His response was, I saw it, fall from your purse. It has to be yours so, as I do Keep it merry Christmas pal goodbye, you aren't, you got closer to being said, I wouldn't feel right keeping it here. Please take your money and at this point my blood is love, and I have my keys grouped ready to throw hands I begin to walk faster and astute matches. My speed towards me I immediately screamed and set my car alarm off good, for you ran like the fucking win towards my car. This man ran to my car to in slammed his hands on my window. Called me.
skunk and told me to open my door, who even says the words Cancun will argue that the fuck out of Europe out of the parking lot and drove nine thousand miles home and called the police, etc, etc. As scare at moment of my entire life- and I would not be here if I hadn't gotten some real good advice on how not to be murdered from european gas Ashen Alina Toby. Don't trust anyone get away from me? Yes, literally, we are here they tell you everyone throughout trust, anyone get away from me anyway. I love you guys, keep do and all the good stuff you do and obviously keep it weird, but not so. Where do you walk up to men and women and try to tell them they drop money, even though they know they don't actually carry cash? You cock breath Mimi, growth. Niimi, that's amazing, and I am so glad you are a livelier seriously, you killed it. You did all the right things and I hope you enjoy your sushi. I do wonder. Adrenaline went to I do because we here we know and adrenaline crashes, tough,
Halloween tomorrow, and it's gonna be a little differently. Here, but guess what it can still be scary and fun. Spooky you want to know how I do break king opened one of hunter killers. Immersive murder. Mysteries is the perfect way to spend a spooky night. Andorra is actually a really great idea for Hell. It's also really go. I mean we can have Halloween parties right now, obviously, but next year, if you want to have a hunter killer party, all baby credit me for that. I want to do that, while Hunter killer Those who don't know is a murder mystery game that really feels like an escape room in a box whew. I like that. You're like live, acting with its delivery, Alina you'll sift through piles of documents, evidence audio recordings and case files alive,
gaining suspects and identifying murder weapons until you, cracked the case and catch the killer? What's member that game clue, I remember I mongering loved. It looks like the adult version of clue I am acting like. I don't do this spot every month, Blake religiously and take so much time of my life to try to solve these cases literally some days, Alina has a notebook dedicated to hunt account with so fund. It is in hunting, killer, honestly, isn't just about solving a murder. The game creates an ongoing narrative. And you'll learn about back stories for each of the suspects, their complicated relationships to the victim and walk story, unfold, Blake right in front of you as you complete each episode or box. It's fun. It's like a choose, your own adventure. Almost it is don't worry if he can't beard await a month for your xbox all not to do as hit that expedite button and have the next piece of the mystery sent to you? A sap rocky happens to me all the time
it's easy to play whether your solo or with family and friends during this time and you can do enjoy their spoiler free online community. That has over one hundred thousand members you guys can share theory with each other and help each other out along the way under killer, has over two thousand five star reviews, its literally no wonder why people love them so much, and my favorite part of the entire thing is that part of the proceeds for every box goes to the cold case a nation, an organisation that is dedicated to helping with real life called cases re now. Just for our listeners, you can go to hunt a killer, dotcom, slash, morbid and use promo code morbid at check out for twenty percent off your first box had to hunt a killer, dot com, slash morbid for twenty percent off and to show support. For our part, Gasped unto killer dot, com, slash morbid right. My next one is called always use a goddamn mother, fucking buddy system, o k K and what good advice that is, and also this is highly and she's. The funniest writer
ever love, so he weirdos, I'm Halley like hair like Holly bear I carry bearing like Mary of Area like Mary bury my colleague bury I've been bending your podcast hard for the last few months, because I fucking love is the fact that I love that you offer a variety of morbid shit and not just your crime, because I am also said to be Scooby and stringent on you well as well. So thanks for bringing all of US weirdos together, ah here so sweet, I listen to listener tales and think about my freaky s moment by far and my long ass, twenty six years of living, so I figured I'd, shoot my shot and right in anyway, let's diamond industry, three. I must first preface this by saying that I have an awesome mama, who also loves all thing, serial killer and spooky and have had a lot of paranormal experiences in life, but we will save that for another day. With that being said, I also learned a lot about serial killers and how to protect myself, but I never thought I would need to use any of this bizarre knowledge. I hope my kids have the same kind of knowledge. I mean they d, how by succeed, they have both of us so yeah.
of their good? I'm just gonna, like Pat us, on a macro they're good, up in the middle of a fuck, nowhere Iowa, where the number of livestock literally numbers. The number of people. That's a base is incredible. I grew up in the country and lived there for nineteen years before I finally was brave enough to move twenty five minutes. Therefore, I am in bar riddled town of Fort Dodge Fort Dodge as an old river town with tons of bars, a community college that I attended and tons of fun, stuff and tons of stuff to do, but just like any bigger town Fort Dodge always gets about rap. I mean some,
two nicknames our fort dirty, dirty, Dodge Loo and little Chicago Oil, Chicago or Chicago bet. Just like any town, it has great people and a community that really can come together and bring out the best and people. But I digress. I was twenty one, my best friend at the time and I considered looking at places to move together around four Dodge one, how sunning of what one house hunting. We also considered some very important things, meaning how close we were to our friends and how close we were to the bar to the nearest bar a huge selling point to the apartment was that we had was that we had a bar almost in our backyard in some of our closest friends, lived only three blocks away: censorable whites, a bar in your backyard. No thank you Gabby when you're like twenty, I think, even at twenty. I would again like to thank the other different people that ever existed. I wouldn't like folks, will accept my fake. I do you
this was also because they always he always through some crazy ass parties, and we could just always walk home if we got two crazy. So one night I did, that it was a normal Sunday summer night, when I got off of work- and my friends asked me to come over for some cards against humanity and a couple drinks I made some bar, mass chicken Alfredo through it in a ball grabbed my keys phone charger and my just in case I ever have to stab mother Fucker knife is love it and walked happily to their house. My roommate and all of my other friends were. It was still light out at this point, and there were a ton of people around identifiable out about. So I didn't think anything of it when I decided to walk after all, there are when I decided to walk after all, their house was three blocks away. My roommate had to be home before tend to get ready for her grown up job the next day, but me being the Jude, me being the degenerate demonstrates that I wasn't my early twentieth stayed until four a m. This is very related, literally just they rapid hours ago, at ashcombe,
I like just got out of my dumpster fire Fazio at I'd that I just need to clarify. Like it my twenties, I would go to bars, but I would not want one in my back yard yet because I don't want like drunk people in my back yard, and I get why there's one to clarify that a total wept like I just was drunk person all the time and my early twenty so like I would I wanted other me. I would want other means in my back yard, where you would- and I feel like other on my back- our enemies, I tried to call it a night and I gather my things. My girlfriends wanted to walk me home, but they were just as plaster me- and I really want them to walk me home, I was in that strong, independent woman- that don't need no man phase. That's a great phase, and it was only three blocks away. After all, everything was normal for the first time look just your usual siren cricket sounds in the night didn't see any one else out on the roads or sidewalks for the first blocker. So, but I stayed vigilant at all times. school. I was naive of the city and evil people, but not stupid it was when I saw a man on the other side of the street,
again the man was on his cell phone and going the opposite direction of me. but, as I said, Mama prepared me for times like this, so I took mental note of what I could make of his make out of his face and what he was wearing. I open my knife and I had nine one one ready to call when He looked up and noticed me clear, Rosa she's, really on it. I know I love that she did that. I definitely was not the sort theres many times that I should have died. This is what my freak flag when a fly, We have started to pick up his pace and even turned around going in the same direction as me. Still not super weird, as he was still across the street from me. That's when he hung up his phone and started running toward me at full God, damned sprint, not all goddamn spare no by No. I kicked off my sandals and started to run. Like I said my mama didn't really dummy. I mean not my dad. Only had us two girls, I knew how to fight yes, girl. I love this girl. All of you highly bury your parents did so well. They did wow, he
running so fast that he dropped his phone in the middle of the street and had to go back for a while. I was more than ready to sound my Sammy ground and stop this dude and maybe even possibly kick him in the dick or stout magnetize, but I thought about how boring four rooms, are how much this she is money. How boring courtrooms are and how much time it would take out of my dream in scheduled. If I had to go to send more in a cart courtroom for stabbing this low life, so I kept running as fast as I could, which wasn't super fast. I had put on some weight from all the booze and half price Perkins advertisers after nine. This is my early twenties. I could hear that he was just right behind when I finally got ribbon when I finally made to my apartment, I threw my knife down and locked the door and a yelled for my roommate and sure enough about two seconds after I locked the door and yelled for her. He was this nasty What are you Dick bag was knocking on my door, demanding open what I think I think she's gonna open the fucking door for real. He heard my dog barking and law
seeing as shit at some point, so he does ran away. We called the cops immediately and I gave them my description. My friend was on the force at the time and stayed with us when he heard it was my dress. He brought back my sandals tall, ah in three other cops set out to find this nasty dick bag. Sure enough. They found him in an alley. Just chilling a few blocks away for my heart. My ma am weren't out for his arrest on a domestic violence and a drug charge, so they arrested him a sap, my friend and I finished Charlie's with no other issues. It didn't really do much to traumatized me, but my dogs, has really bad anxiety when any one is at the door, and he can't seem all pointed to relay she's like us. That night taught me to always be aware of your surrounding and always used a god. Damn mother, fuckin body sister, ass, honestly sorry, this was so long and super random at times. If you spooky, goddesses, read this all the way through. Thank you. So much keep doing what you're doing you guys literally make my day with every episode and remember
a weird, but that's over that you're, a drunken degenerate, dumpster fire of a girl, it stays outweighed. You long playing cards can see. Many were the friends until four p m, then mocks him alone, because you don't need no man and then she gets face on by a sweaty criminal bag criminal, Dick back, don't even though we are by eleven those seven basic. That was incredible. Why are you guys so fucking whole areas, so that need to be revised away. You guys Ray is just perfect and you're just use smart. You are and I appreciate I want to get out of your sandals that smart, smart I'll nigh one one. Well, you got all the details of his face: real, quick and hung out your phone. You pretended that you were talking to someone that smile it is. He really I mean and look when the cops game you are able to give it corruption and they found a boom roasted your honor. He was boomer, oh man, I love you guys, so I think the last on we have is called an intruder, a gun in my half naked husband, hello, morbid Mama's, babes of bad
Sorry sisters of spook, while I'm obsessed- or I think I love you, my name is courtney- feel free to use my name. Thank you. Courtney thinks court. Before I begin, I want to be cliche, although always warranted and profess my love for you all. I've been listening dear podcast for about a year, and I feel, like I'm, just kill him with my girlfriends. When a new episode drops, I love when people say that the best compliment of all honestly, that is the best compliment, cause that's exactly how we feel yes even turned my husband into a weirdo. It he's a particularly picky podcast person. I love another creation. I love that my babes three and five. Yes, even Bert.
even bust out ashes many morbid intro when they know I'm listening on my god. You take me away from my daily mundane routine and the way I'll tell stories advocate for victims and researcher topics is so admired and much appreciated you just you know what this has been a long week and you just that really just gave me some feel it did. So here goes my tale of the spooks book in my life I'll. Try my best not to ramble, but let's be real problem happen any who my little famine I live in a small mayberry Ask Town and Eastern Pennsylvania about of an outside of Billy. I say this because, where we live, there is essentially no crime and walking down the street is like walking into cheers. Everybody knows your damn name, so flashed back to two thousand and fifteen. My husband was working middle shift in the warehouse.
Coming home between eleven and twelve each night. I know I break your rules, but at the time ass I would sleep on the couch until he would come home each night. Yeah, I'm a fucking mother mother hand, cluck clock honestly. I do the same thing if any like go somewhere at night, I weighed up for her on the couch highway, sleeping so in the middle of the night. Here my backdoor not being twisted, thought nothing of it. Knowing Zack you can use, this name is well was coming home, but for some reason the knob just kept being jingled and he wasn't coming in our doors are old enough and often stick. So I was about to go. Let him in, but before I did. I quickly peered at my phone to check the time three M my stomach about, fell out of my ass. He had to have been home already and I slept through it that wasn't fucking him at the back door. I quickly opened my friend court courtesy of his truck was parked out front in Dammit shit. There was I channel my inner you seen both and darted up the stairs to wake him up there
he was asleep snoring, like a damn bear getting into that precious from cycle. I flipped on the lights hopped on the bed ripped the boy get up and shook him like a wet to show my God. Yes, somebody's break again, I yelled he mumbled, still half asleep. there is someone at the back, fucking door. Dude sat up like Billy Butcher, said in his grave governed from a hidden compartment in the bedroom. My six foot to an fifty pound hunger a hub storm down the stairs boxers. Only firearm at aside ready to Papa Bitch to prohibit protectors I'm obsessed stay here and don't move, he told me: we went to the backdoor, appeared out the curtain, nothing, no one. He opened
the door, and I hear me I'll your messing with the wrong house. Mother fucker. That's my man, nothing! No one! No one! He came back in. We sat on the couch to cool down and decompress and finally, he told me to go to bed and get some rest. We decided to sleep on the couch to play it safe with the gun right next to him. On the end table I mean, let's be real. I wasn't about sleep knowing my luck. Some murderer was trying to get into my house, but, as I kissed him good night turned the corner to go upstairs to bed. My front door now began to turn nice reamed in an octave I didn't know, was physically possible and Zack boxers at all. Under the deadbolt I'll shoot mother Fucker he yelled in the door. Knob shook again. We don't have a people the doors. So just then he flung the door open and there stood a wait for it, let alone
lady behind her a middle aged woman trembling. As my beastly happen, I stood there were the gun. Zack took a deep breath and put the gun down a baffled asks what the hell is going on. It's the middle of the night, the middle aged woman. Us do you know her. She said she lives here. She tried getting into another house too, and she didn't live there either. Just trying to say where she lives. We didn't know the old brow so decided to call the police to get her back home turns out old woman loop close by suffers from dementia and often does not know where she is all my trial time mistaken other homes for her own officer even said she walked into another homo month prior while the family was eating dinner and become I rate when she was told she didn't live there. She even tried to pick up that families.
Cobbler child. No, but this particular night we were the lucky winners of her sad mental dieter deterioration. Luckily, scared shitless, as we were hubs, was the first responders training and he is aware of gun safety and was able to keep control even in the heat of the moment for him. Eventually, the police escorted the geriatric ghoul back to her house, where her husband, sound asleep, had no idea she left. Since then. She has, thankfully, moved in with other family members who are more able to keep an eye on her and keep her say. Ok, I was going to sound, like is not only looking out for this. Like I'm glad it's little ghouls geriatric cool, thank you for taking the time to read by story, stay bad ass, keeping astounding, storytellers and, as always, keep weird, but not so weird that taken away ash. Oh ok, although we looked at Heathrow who take it away, I jus politically dub. Ok, we're not arrive at your livin in your name on a quieter where nothing ever happens, and then one night, you're sleeping on the couch you're like omega hasn't gonna come on, seems I'm gonna. Think on the contrary, for him in and out of the door
starts. Turning and oh, my god, your husband's already home, and what did I tell you- have to jump on the bed and wake him up: anti snoring and earthquake the fuck up. There's somebody breaking allows and please I'm gonna shoot em an issue for the photo motherfucker mother. Fucker. Haven't you hope to work? It's an old ass, lady, a geriatric Jima, given how we're don't give me that we need excellent work, so coordination, I mean those motherfuckers to catch up, guys, I beg you Those either this perfect one to die in truly was this is everything we needed after this crazy weak guph? You guys always deliver. You never disappointed. I like that. You said after this crazy meekly conceiving over. I know it's over it's over, but you know what we love you. We appreciate you a new, always deliver and we have had so much fun with you guys. This week we really had as exhausted as we are. It's all been in the name of fun Oh my god, you don't. I remembered what merged ups today
I will be saved lives. Well guys. You know it's. It's been We could then solemn gonna, say literally looking right now to see if our new merged dropped in control of our business bird. What is your name right now? We are very out of control and you know again, my youngest does not sleep. That's a thing. Heads so where work and offer I mean and ashes and slept because of the shows and everything with all the research and all that could yesterday stayed up until four o clock in the morning. Also, together, we are working off of lake may be a minute manifestly, not just about ok, so it looks like nothing has been added yet, but merge isthmus, Riad Peter to yes, but as I know that fact so keep a look out for its at shop, dot, morbid podcast. Our calm in the meantime follow us. Stu, Graham at a morbid podcast or no morbid vodkas cod dear mouth,
up on twitter at a morbid forecast and send us a gmail, morbid podcast, edgy Imelda while we hope you keep listening, we all believe it. I get your people here, because that would take my lab. At least I gotta tell you some advice right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh big possible, poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads. In more get you next reward twice as fast. By shopping. Your dinner favorites after four p m
While rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the. Why why a joint today. Streaming only on pick up a new regional comic me punk. Then we are late. He puts a confused mixed hash anthems, sour our people to live in front. We are leaving all the cells dreaming that only on paper
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