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2021-01-17 | 🔗
Hey weirdos, happy Sunday! We have a special guest this week joining us for this edition of listener tales since Alaina had to stay way late at work because: pandemic life. We hope you like this week's guest, Ash has a special soft spot for him. This batch of tales includes a grim reaper sighting, of course a potential kidnapping and one listener tells us of the time he was almost axe murdered by his neighbor who lived in a hole!! No, we're not kidding! Enjoy guys! As always, thank you to our sponsors! Hellofresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping! Everlane: Go to everlane.com/MORBID and sign up for 10% off your first order plus free shipping! Caliper: Get 20% off your first order when you use promo code MORBID at TRYCALIPER.com/MORBID  Betterhelp: Special offer for Morbid listeners get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Gabi: See how much Gabi can save you on car and home insurance! Go to Gabi.com/MORBID 
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gun that tallow fresh dot com such ten morbid and use good, ten morbid for ten free meals, including free shipping, hey you weirdos, I mash and Billina, and this is morbid and that is an impostor who are you to secret into secret. Today we have a special senior gas on the five guys. Naw man mob over em, my boyfriend drew haywire
Those so yeah Alima is stuck at the hospital today and it was like panicking and was like. Oh my god, like I know, they're going to be home in time to record like it's crazy in here with the pandemic going on. There are so many cases that she hasta it's not really get into. What exactly she's doing, but you know, she's gonna, be there do the damn thing. So I said: don't worry sister, I know just the guy and areas I wasn't busy. So no revalued, but it by I would even recording- and you probably would have just but like funding off the cats while we recorded but the cats are eating, drew his here. I'm here and we're ready to do some listener tiles. Who have you ever univer down like a listener? At the sewed rate, I did a listener hell I sat and on a listener tales I feel you ve signed and unlike a lot of listeners, but I've never actually been like fully apart at one
all its your time to shine body a are it so do you wanna? Do it like all read them to you and you can? You can react in a funny guy? I think that's must equal. No, it's all start off because really there's no business and like oh, who am I to do business with my sister Eureka listener tells this one is called. You are not welcome and double nodded plastic bags and yes, I don't really know we're getting into cept ideal. Can I can, I guess, we're sure about shirts. I used to be a beggar at a grocery store and people would always ask mean a double, not their banks, so does it have to do with a grocery store? No
That's a good story that high weirdos I wanted to take a moment and share my listener tail with you bought aspect, even you guys, reading this tale as honour enough for me, but if you use that you can absolutely use my name, I have attached the pdf of a double spaced. I know that makes it easier on you. Thank you for being a light to me in twenty twenty enjoy. What is sweetie for doing this double space, because I knew she knew it up. She did. I, gothic astigmatism, even though I don't know, I think that's just like when you can't focus, I think, of Dyslexia no, I don't have that. Sometimes I like wonder if I do, but I don't. I just can't red and sometimes I can either, but you know that's not about, as it says, hey where those I'm Ricky and then she offers a pronunciation for us, because its are. Why k I are Y, see K. I she says it's pronounced like Ricky, not Ricky.
Rye bread is delicious. It's not a part of my name imposed. People think it is too, which I really ask. Does that sound like a name to you? Now, though, just to be clear, I am a girl yeah. I know Turkey is more commonly boys name, but here I am rocking the Ricky and loving it. I digress, but let me start by saying, like everyone else does, because we are thoroughly obsessed with you knew to love. We ladies, are a light to us all. You are not only hilarious, tenacious and brutally honest. You create a safe space for all walks of life, with no judgment except Harry Tongue, tiny deck tapeworm, infested shit stains who commit the fucked up crimes. We don't include those in a compliment. Thank you. That was really nice. Accept that, on behalf of both anyways, these stories there still are about a black apparition, any haunted children's book. So no, not a grocery store.
Well, I'm sure this is not as big a deal to some listeners, but these two spooky experiences were to more than I ever wanted to experience in my lifetime. All right here we go. I apologize for the length, but I wanted to include every detail when I was growing up in the land of beer and she Yes, we lived in a spacious, two story: Whitehouse perched on a hill, nothing, not anything substantial, but enough to catch a bit more of the piercing frigid wins than I would have preferred you guessed it. I'm talking about Wisconsin. To be honest, when you side like the land of beer and cheese I was just like. I was just picture you my mind like a stadium of Green Bay, Packers fans ere. I immediately news was content because when I would go to Chicago, we would fly in the west content for some reason. Weird and driving through. There are a lot of like cheese, themed buildings. I love the yeah, I loved
This entire episode is just gonna, be APOLLO clubs we would drive into Chicago. I was raised in a christian household, attended christian school and went to church every Sunday that sound familiar to you very much the semi Goethe hauntings aliens and anything else on that matter was a fantasy conjured to merely cause unnecessary anxiety, anxiety for said, thrills and shells. Obviously my young thought process was, in fully ignorant. The stairs leading up to the second floor were somewhat like his exact. You walked up. The first fight turned right, unto the landing and then climbed up the second flight to reach the upper level where the balcony overlooked living area, that's beautiful. My room was essentially in full view of the beginning of the stairs. I hate that for you on the first,
ending. There was a large window that often allowed the moonlight to grace the threshold of the stairs and would eliminate the upper level at night. I cannot quite recall my exact age, but I believe I was eight or nine years old. I usually wake up in the middle of the night. I usually would wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom cause. I am fully convinced I haven't anatomically small bladder, so waking up to a full blotter was nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up and begrudgingly rolled out of bed, but something was different. That night, I noticed a deep sense of dread. The moon must have been folder night or perhaps in uncharacteristically, clear sky, but I could easily make out the contents of my room. It was so bright. I tried it. I tried to shrug off my feelings and open the door to relieve my ever pestering blotter. When I looked up there on the threshold of the stairs was a black shrouded figure that resembled the grim reaper. It's terrifying! No, thank you. I could not see its face. Just a hood in that seem to many a personal fog. I thought I was imagining it, but I could
I could see the moonlight framing its black figure. I was utterly frozen with fear. It didn't move except for its fog. It didn't speak. Finally, remembering my christian upbringing, I managed to stutter. You are not welcome here. I am a child of God. I love that job dignity bridge the picture. Gotta. Remember that one may not her attempting to be brave. I turn to the corner. I turned the corner to my left and walked into the author. I love that she was just like why so ftp. So let's go now. That's why I turned my After the thing I don't know because for all I know it could have run up behind me and taken my soul, who knows once I sat down a mustard up, every ounce of bravery left in my body and turned toward the stairs. The figure was gone and never returned, but my memory will never fade is necessary. That is scary, skip forward a few more years and it was finally the day of the scholastic book. Fair. Do you remember those shit? Ok, you!
I definitely have varied. Remember. Creators of those sick book fair. I have books on this book shelves that are from the school book. Fair young girl, lady, doesn't have a single fucking scholastic like because my mom was too poor to give me money and probably didn't care to either. I also had a poster of a cat like hanging from intrusion. Hang in there Daniel answer that you should have suffered such Now I remember early dreading, the scholastic book, fair and, like I remember like even sometimes being like. Maybe I could like steel, a book which I never did, but I would still books from the library straight up still I had no so bad. I don't wanna go talk to people all having not just say vibes. So yes, we do you remember those was always a day of excitement. No wasn't curious. City in the enticing smell of a new book. You know that small. So don't act like you, don't know what I'm talking about. I do know. That's my passport
seen and I decided I would purchase a bug labelled as mystery thinking it would. I was thinking I would be titillated with the suspense visor that titillated titillated titillated titillated. I cannot recall the name of the book exactly and I tried to look it up, but to no avail. I'm sorry, I can remember, was at an end. Being a ghost story about a hunted dull who, despite my gut saying no, I read the book anyway with its tail, creating full body chills with each page. Once I was done, I placed in my book shelf on the bottom shelf toward the Middle skip ahead. My dad used to sometimes sleep in the guest room where I kept my books because of his work. He would frequent frequently be called in the middle of the night and in one awake, my mom. This was back before he turned out to be a piece of shit and
nice, I'm sorry about that, and one morning he mentioned how cold it was on the guest room, despite the heaping on it was winter in Wisconsin, and if you don't know it gets cold, is the arctics asshole up in here the next day he mentioned again how cold it was in something odd had occurred. My dad noted being woken up to our yellow love. Our yellow lab Lucy does adorable standing on allowed share, Harry's down the length of verse, fine and barking at the corner of the ceiling. What the actual fuck the next day I had off from school, and I was determined to figure out what was going on in that room. Thereabout bitch, I would not. I sat outside of the guests. Urban felt warm and comfortable. I walked in the guest room and I felt as if I had willingly leapt into that arctic asshole. No, the windows were not open. I immediately was like nope. No thank you and walked out. I sat at the entrance of Meda
and was drawn to that Damn book no way. I thought I broadly sat there for ten minutes pondering my ludicrous idea that the bought that the book was haunted or something attached to it. I ended up going downstairs and grab some Walmart plastic bags. I'm not your wife out of plastic bag would protect me from the diamond that lives in non bullock. But you know it's what I had. You really think I throw away in a purse or sports backpack. For that thing, I proceeded to wrap the book in several plastic bags and double nodded the handles again. I have no clue why I thought a double not would protect me, but it seems logical. At the time I launched the parcels, and of the driveway and went about by day. When I went back to the guest room later in the afternoon. It was his warm as a summer s day and nothing else has ever happened, holy shit balls and that's all folks thinks are being amazing, kick aspects as I seriously adored the both of you and weight with anticipation for each new episode. Sorry, the frog ploys early doing some way upstairs
they suck. I seriously adore you both and for anticipation for each new episode, since I benched all the others. Thank you for reading my listener. Tail. Keep it weird things. I thought could never happen in a punk back a new regional calmly streaming only on pick up a confused mix and passions, sour go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute, tuna from you. We are lady parts all the Celts grooming now only on peacock, You know I can tell you how to travel as you are orbits once help. You discover where you want to go, who you want to go with you want to do when you get their desire for
start com, slash pride to book your strap orbits as you are that was seldom China thanks, Ricky Guy, like that one I like that, you thought it was gonna, be about a grocery store in that it was not a lot of things. I shall tell you a lot of things I relate back to my grocery stores were. Definitely I feel it you'll be like a leather cakes that they act as a grocery store. Yeah me wine. If you want to never see a grocery store. The same again, I D drew up a bit.
Are you gonna guess what the next one is about. What, after I tell you, the deadline do listener, tells a fucking omen or an angel. What do you think he's gonna happen here? An omen once an omen like a bad luck like like a sign of bad luck. Ok, I mean oh, no. I have no idea. I've never leg had. I hope it. I hope it's more of the angel. I think it is. Ok, don't worry about it. So this wines, as I want to start by saying that I am obsessed with your podcasting. It really helped me get through the loneliness of lockdown, because I've been out of work since March of twenty twenty and in very board. That sucks and I'm really sorry, I am happy that we got to keep you company costs for best friends. My name is Katy and only twenty one year old, super weirdo from Northern Ireland. Thus we love Ireland feel free to use my name also. Sorry, this is long and took it I would also like to say that I am not a very spiritual purse and are very interested in the paranormal, as I am a big old science bitch to Barcelona on here
this alone alignment of events has caused me to be very conflicted. The story begins when I was around eight to ten years old and I started having nightmares. This is due to spicy childhood trauma. As I come from an incredibly abusive family, I'm sorry, one night, while I was drifting off to sleep, I was awoke to the sound of gentle scratching at my bedroom door. I thought maybe that it was a family cats were ignored it, but the door opened, and I watched as the light from the hallway poured into my room, revealing the shadow of a wolf followed by a growl Yoda. Remind me of what my unknown calls house growing up was crazy, haunted and my cousin told me that she would like shoe like think of turning off the light like see a light on and think of like oh, I need to go turn that often it would just turn off. That's crazy! That's like some Matilda typeset. While this as I should you not as clear as fucking day, I saw a beautiful grey wolf standing in the doorway and his eyes were fixed on me, but he didn't seem to be angry. Just staring up
I tired, I tried to scream and move, but I couldn't. The only thing I could do was close my eyes and when I open them he was gone. When I woke up, it was just a normal ass day until the night after my Father gets a phone call from his brother explaining that one might be because it had sadly passed away during the night do due to health complications. This was a very sad time for my family and I ll never forget how much we all cried. A few years later, I had moved into another home with my mother and continue to have nightmares occasionally, but didn't see the wolf until one night I was lying in bed and just like before the wolf scratches at the door, growl softly and stares deep into my soul. I try to keep my eyes fixated on the wolf this time and try screaming at this experience is just like dream paralysis. I can't scream or move. I closed my eyes
and the wolf has gone. I wake up in a panic and my mom was in the next room. So like a piece of so like a little pissy baby, I ran into her and asked if I could sleep next to her before she could even reply. I jumped in urban and fell asleep almost instantly view which I did not wait to its focus, but the next day my mother informs me that one of my baby cousins has passed away during the night due to complications after birth surrealist I'm sorry, you lost many cousins. I went to the funeral and again my family and I were devastated, but, having gained another beautiful little angel, I was so confused and never told anyone about the wolf, because I was convincing myself. It was just a coincidence until Saint Patrick Stay of twenty seventeen, I was getting fucked up at a friends how security, because I'm from Ireland Alcoholism is running through my veins. Therefore, it's ok to get stinky one can do regretful things on Saint parties. You just spoke to yeah by inner, be anywhere from Boston, slow. I am basically same here, and I am like mostly irish, so we got real fucked up around here.
So I fall asleep in about five m, with my boyfriend of five years on my friends, uncomfortable mattress and the room is spinning. That's the worst! When I finally get to sleep, I am awoke by the a king, Wolf, so she's, not even in her own house- and this is happening him- I'm having a panic attack because I know what's gonna happen, I wake up crying to my boyfriend, but I can't tell him because I think I'm insane so I just told him- I had a bad dream and he comforted me as we fell asleep. I completely forgot about the incident. The night before or until I'm home and sitting in my room watching tv, and I hear the unholy sounds of my mother- screaming Katy get the fuck downstairs now.
And I just knew some one had passed away or someone was in the hospital, so I got dressed and ran to her, but she was gone. She was running across the street where my grandpa grandmother and grandpa loved, so I quickly followed her turns out. My grandmother had just gotten home from work to find. My grandpa had, unfortunately passed away in his chair from a mass of heart attack. This destroyed me, as I was very close to my grandma, and he was kind of like a substitute father for me after mine had abandoned me, and I know ash can relate to the parental abed, and soft neglect yes again, and this like reminded me of my group, because I love him so much. This is the last time I ve seen the wolf and I dread the next time. I see him, but I was wondering if maybe anyone had any explanation for these occurrences. I've had a few friendly sad. I excuse me. I've had a few friends that, sadly part,
away over the years, but I didn't see the wolf before any of these deaths, so maybe it's just a family thing. I don't know anyway, thank you for keeping it weird with me and for your company, because quarantine has been very lonely, but your quirky personalities and sweet voices has made me feel like we're. Lifelong friends. That will probably never me keep it weird, but not so, where that you have creepy premonitions about family members debts. Know what that's like practical magic with the beetle. Oh my god, that's exactly what that's like how they hear the veto before their husband is gonna die yeah! That's crazy! That's really really wild! So maybe your family, like, maybe or which, an that's like the curse or something that was put on your family or maybe it's kind of like a guardian angel thing. We're like you're, just your gaining a guardian angel and the Wolf is symbolic somehow in your family, guys give Katy some answers. If, if you know UK this one
got me because of the subject line. It's called hide and seek time to eat, and anybody that like lives with mere, is around me. You knows how much I value the word he did. I say you about everything. Will you? What do you think it's about? I mean definitely hide and seek the extra, probably seeing something you don't wanna see or like hiding somewhere like something else is in there with you! Ok linked up was a pretty good get so pay weirdos MIT, the state you can share my name, I don't care and I'm from Buffeloni York budget. I said this story and months ago and it never got told so I'm trying one more time because I believe it needs to be shared. I absolutely love your podcast and you guys remind me a lot of me and my sister well of thought and thanks resenting it again because the subject let him Tonia got me
now, let's just die very then I have experienced paranormal phenomenon for as long as I can remember, but the tale I have for you today is one that happened inside my house. To give you some background, my house is built on top of the world. I keep wanting to say world, but it literally just as work on top of the war of eighteen, twelve battleground. So obviously some shit is bound to happen. Sometimes, can I can I do law? I grew up, but right by the and conquered in Lexington battlefields. We argued in so I feel, like I'm gonna relate to this Alot Proba House. I grew up and was a old mill house. Why did I not northern until we now there's a mill in my hometown immensely two hundred years old la I've been there yeah? That's crazy! Ok, my family and I moved into this house when I was seven years old and it is always rubbed me the wrong way. I never got bad vibes at your house I like always felt someone there lay like something
yet- and I feel like they liked us, so they just never bothered us so I've had object objects. I found objects fly across the room, heard footsteps walking through the house when no one else was home door. Opening and closing by themselves the first floor of the house as to bedrooms about firm living, room, kitchen and dining room, upstairs is supposed to be an attic, but my parents turned it into a bedroom since upstairs that built for storage, there are many holes in the walls that are covered by pieces, a fabric I hate stairs. That's where I have never felt safe. When I was sixteen years old. My best friend at the time will call her mo came over after school to hang out. We were board and wanted to get our mind off the day and decided to play and seek now activity in the house had been silent for months, which is why we decided to give it a whirl monos. My house is haunted now my house as that
The house, no matter where you are you can always here where someone is walking. It's nearly impossible to not nowhere. Someone when, even if you're a few few rooms away, which is why we decided to seek her, will count in the garage which is attached to the house, because it would muffle the sound of the person height. Two muffled sound of hiding even more. We turn on the tv and radio and set them at a decent volume. Now it was time to play. We took and counting in the garage and finding each other. Neither of us the first few rounds had upstairs the first view. We're a normal and we were having a corny good time. The last round, which we didn't know, was going to be the last round everything chain It was my turn to seek. I went into the garage and started account lawn too all sound start, straining from the garage three four the sound of the radio and tv fade away. Five six, I can't hear MO hide. I can't you anything at all, and when I mean anything I mean anything, I can't hear the everyday life outside
I can't even here the soft buzz of silence when everything goes. Quiet, I can't hear anything: it's terrifying, ever seen the movie dead silence? You know the scene where all the sound is drained out in the room. That's when it was like seven eight My heart is in my stomach. I know she went upstairs. Nine ten. It's time to buck up and find me because I am no longer the only seeker, the Ngos. We chose the ape I opened the garage store and walk into the kitchen. My heart is pounding and am dreading having to go upstairs. I walk to the living room in the tv, is still on as well as the radio, but no sound is coming from it. When I checked the volume its they'll send it was such a twenty six, so so no mo did not turn down the volume to mess with me. I searched the button I searched the bottom of the house twice. I could not bring myself to walk upstairs. I have to know what happened after putting off the inevitable. I told myself to men up and go
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After a moment. After what happened, she said that the moment she started to go upstairs. This is gonna fuck you up, I'm not the moment. She decided to go upstairs. She could no longer here may count she she's. She couldn't hear the tv or the radio She couldn't even hear me looking for her as I was calling her name a lot downstairs. Everything went dead silent when she hid in the whole, she started to get an uneasy feeling. She looked into the dark inside pair of red eyes staring at her Croatia should, when she saw the eye she was ready to eat on out there. But then there were footsteps, pacing back and forth in front of the curtain that was concealing her like a hot Blake Mozart frozen in fear. She had a pair of red eyes staring at her from one end and another, an entity pacing back and forth. On the other before I called out her name when I got the courage to go upstairs. She said a hand grasp the curtain and started to pull it back
once I called her name. The hand dropped the curtain and she ran out of her hiding spot, needless to say, We did on after that and then went to her house. Instead, we never play hide and seek again anyway. I hoped that my story, hope you like it and guess what there's a bonus story. Hookah bonus story, you don't have to do with envy now. Why did you want to play after I used to love him see? You know I used to play hide and seek with my friends and abandoned building That's why I love that you survived that. I am very happy about that bonus story. She says you don't have to read if you dont want to, but it still a good story in the short term This also happened when I was sixteen. I was home alone in Chile in the room. I had aloft bed at the time desk underneath, but on the top, which I want that now I was lying in bed chilling on my phone when my door opened by itself. I heard footsteps. Walking around in my room heading two, the latter that leads to my bed, not wanting to
You know that I laid down faced the wall and closed my eyes. If that have, I would like we run out of the room like I wouldn't like. I can't imagine laying down and like face the wall like with my luck, all exposed ip, so Frito. I felt the weight of footsteps walking up my ladder. My bed was shaking when, whenever it was got to the top I heard breathing, then in the deepest man voice. I have ever heard it said never mind. When I jumped lecture I jumped down, I heard a foot. Run out of my room and my door slammed shut. I got up and left the house for the day as I do not have time for that and yeah. That's my bonus story. Hopefully guys like this. I look forward to your podcast. Every week. Stay we heard here. Looking for someone else, probably or maybe you know, I was thinking as my grandma always because my houses like super fucking hunted like weird shit, would happen all the time. As you know, but I my grandma always says like, like people like that lived there before are still kind of existing like they lived there
in the past. So maybe you like thought that it was his bunk there's. Something I M is like and then like realised that it wasn't like realize you were in. There now arose like really Frankie, as our doors used open at my house just think: oh yeah, my bedroom door. Actually, before I moved into my grandparents, it was a Lena's room, the door. We just when all the time- and it happened, especially after, like our family dog died. That was like, like Alina Dog, basically like a whole family, but she was the one that like lived with it, the most lived with him the most and he would always come in her room at night and after he died, you could like see the door wide open like a little bit. Almost like a dog was coming through open San Marino he's buried in the banker. He's still there. Okay. This is the next for storing why I was never allowed to play outside of it as a kid. The story of Leslie Renee Heckler to a donkey s. What this is because I feel it baby. Cash Billina, I'm a huge fan of you guys, but I'll get to the point
wanted to share a story about my amazing cousin and her murder. Never seen her story covered by any one, probably because it's closed case, although it does have a super suspicious unanswered part to it? I guarantee it would have been much worse of some bad aspects didn't come forward and an excellent detective wasn't on the case. So gather round, and I share with you the story. My mom told me when I six and wanted to play outside by myself without adult supervision. Leslie Renee Cutler was a beautiful girl who had just started school at Bowling Green College in nice. Maybe nine she was dating her long term, boyfriend and overall loving life. She was looking for a job around town and decided to apply for if you open positions, she got a call back for a restaurant supply sales, possession, not Bob Evans and was asked to meet with the interviewer Jeff Bennet at a holiday in so they could first interview and then drive the sails
She would be covering afterward. She was excited about this opportunity and let her mom and boyfriend. No. She would be gone for about three hours on September, twenty six, twenty sixth. She was never seen again the next morning her boyfriend called her mom and let her know that Leslie had not returned home, then returned home the night before and he was worried. It was highly out of character for her. They filed a missing persons report that day and interviews were conducted. Interviewer John Home recognised a similar incident that occurred in May five months earlier of that year. Regarding another woman who had gone on a job interview with a you guessed, it Jeff Bennet for a waitress in possession that had her meet the interviewer at these same holiday. In this previous victim got into the car with him for his business route.
And started getting and he started getting real creepy with her. He had began. Commenting on her skirt length thing was too long, driving back down sketchy roads. You know the normal Scooby things. She got crept out and thought about jumping out of the moving car, but she didn't. He ended up taking her back to the holiday. Am this girl recognise the hopes and finally jump? out of the stopped car after he asked her if she would do other things for him or what she would do. If somebody pulled a knife, a fucking knife out on her the fuck right and this chick was awesome. She ended up getting away and filed a police report complete with a composite sketch of Jeff because of the investigators, quick timing. The sketch was completed the day after Leslie, went missing and was broadcast via local media. Bravo, John Home. Unfortunately, despite this quick action, Leslie was already gone
Four days later, on September, Thirtieth Leslie S body was found in a ditch on the side of the of a back road by two local boys, with multiple stab wounds and ligature strangulation. It turns out. Jeff was actually a man named Richard Fox, a piece of human trash. Any line cook at Bob Evans. We're Leslie, had applied to ignore you ready. This is insane God Fox, had swiped her application from his managers desk and made the Collins subsequent action that our family is still been healing from to this day. So he saw her up occasion like took it for himself here. Licks probably saw her drop, offer obligation, fucking creep, Leslie, met him at the holiday Inn and ended up going on the fake sales route with him. According to his confession, reports, when Fox
I d put his slimy ass gravy covered fingers on her. She fought back and tried to run away. She called him an asshole which apparently his fragile ass ego couldn't take fox, told detectives quote: no one calls me an asshole like while ok and grow up Fox pulled her back into his car and stabbed her in the back strangled her, which sickening Lee enough he said was just sure that she was dead. The autopsy report said Leslie had died as a result of asphyxia from ligature strangulation and multiple stab wounds. She had been stabbed six times in the back. Three stab wounds had pennant penetrated her lungs, her right rest, I too, deep defensive, wound, gash and her face had bruises on her left eye upper lip and knows consistent with blunt force injury. So he link when knots on her. That's terrific,
fox. Was a monster like to say the least, I say because Leslie MOM thought hard to ensure Fox would never do this to another woman again. Her and muslim brothers were certain Fox would do this to another woman. If he were to get out, he definitely would Fox was found guilty and sentenced. To death and ninety. Ninety, however, as I am sure you all know, after sentencing sentencing some unto death or a billion in one appeals that occur during these lengthy battles. Leslie Melinda would pass away and ninety ninety five thrilling silence on her death bed. She begged family members to keep fighting for Leslie, they did and Fox was put to death on February. False two thousand three. So back to that super suspicious unanswered part, I told you about foxes. Daughter who was only six one Fox killed Leslie made a pleaded. The court before his death that she would be left an orphan, a fox were to be executed, must release
yeah what's interesting about this, is that her mother had filed for divorce from Fox and shortly before their final divorce. Hearing Kim Swine Heart Fox was found dead with her arms and head over the side of a bathtub in her apartment and apparent suicide, her wrists had been slit and blood was found in the bathtub, but the coroner determine she died from asphyxiation as a result of net compression, not blood loss. You can't tell me that's a coincidence, refresh. Your summary, why why reap a heap with our handcraft smooth these pressures or refresh or handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or struck red dragon for refreshes and mix barrier strawberry bananas smoothie crafted keep you cool,
repression. Your summer, with our handcrafted refreshments, Moody's made brush your way at why? Why. You all know, I can tell you how to travel as you are orbits ones to help you discover where you wanna go? Who you want to go with, You want to do when you get their desire for its dot com, slash pride to book your extreme orbits as you are
anyways. That's a brief ovary overview of Leslie case. Even if you don't share, I'm gonna could share with you the story of Leslie to keep her name alive. I attach and pictures you, but some faces two names, keep it weird shoes so pretty, and he is so yucky link. That's just disgusting. She wrote human shits day the nickel thing to be absolutely us That's horrible! Sorry for your family! Here! Ok, this one is whole areas, but also like terrifying. That one time I was probably going to get acts Bernard by my neighbor who lived in a hole in the ground. So do you think that's a battle I think the neighbor had their house, but also, let probably like a man made by tunnel Lord Hole that day did shit in ok, says Ladys, I'm not sure. If your soldiering listener tales, we are,
those you recently, I think what year is it and I'm only on episode- ninety one, you have been my quarantine catharsis. I love hearing, not I want to tell you the tale of what is actually one of my very earliest and most vivid memories. It didn't mess me up, probably maybe ok alive. But it's fine, I'm fine. It's fine prefer background. I grew up in rural rural. It's also a hard to say about Montana in the woods like all the You cannot see another house from the house. I grew up in at this time. It was just me and my mom who, at the time was about recent widow living on her own. Raising a kid on our homestead that she built her damn self, but we were in the dark alone, miles from anyone else and had no phones or running water, but that's a different story. I am two and a half for three years old. I remember my mom scooping me out of our bed in the middle of the night and telling me to be very, very quiet. She hug me tight and opens the front door just a crack, I'm starting to wake up more and make some noise, so she gives me a shut. The fuck
Look in her eyes, I can remember how scary that face was, and I am sure it made me- keep quiet. We all know that face near oh yeah sure then froze opened the door and sprints to her truck. As I click on she starts the car and we tear out of the driveway and down road she is driving like a maniac and I'm so scared. We drove all the way into town and stay at my answers, which I was actually really excited by this because she had a water bed and I loved it- Can I come down and I fall asleep The event was never mentioned again and eventually we went back to our home. I would think about it from time to time over the years, but wasn't sure where to place this Marie. So finally, one night when I was in my late twenties, I asked my mom. If this was a real, memory or something I made up she when as white as a ghost now, apparently on this particular cold winter night, she got up to Stoke the Woods stove and she thought she saw movement outside. She checked the windows and saw nothing, but she couldn't shake the creepy feeling she had trust, yo, good social.
Grabbed her gun and a flashlight in one outside to investigate boss pitch and she shiner flashlight into the treaty is she says she saw movement at the edges and at the edge of the light and swear she saw a man dodging bind a tree. That's terrifying! yeah. Why? One time I thought I was home alone and that someone was it. I just knowed forever. My parents, whereby I thought someone was shovelling. My driveways, I called my mom and told her. I thought someone was shoveling, our driveway and she's, like So why are you going to stop? The lake was walking number one like. I guess that would be greedy of your room alone. Was it like at night, arrives at nine. I could hear shovelling and I thought it was our driveway. Blank, or rather lonely, levelling out the window and like seeing that it was probably just a neighbouring. I called my moments and I think someone's shoveling our driveway she's like
then let him do it she's, a good boy. You don't have to do at the end of it then was your driveway shovelled? No, so it was an arrogant, lopped off my ear. While bid this says she saw a man dodging behind the tree. That was enough fuck. That says she grabbed me and we ran. She says she called the cops later that night and the next day she went with them to inspect the property they large tracts of snow all around our house and a cinder block had been moved from the garden to under one of the high windows. That's really terrifying. She was so freaked out. She said the cops were useless. They basically were acting like. She was a hysterical woman, fucking nineteen eightys, but she insisted they check of the other buildings on the farm which were a shed in a barn down a bit from the down a hill abet from the house at the barn they found more footprints that did not belong in a fucking acts. That was not ours, yea and acts. That was not
hours. No, thank you. Just leaned up against the barn dislike Chillun there still probably nothing right. My mom says we stayed away a while longer, but you have to go home eventually right wrong. I hear floored as nice. They read She now thinks it may have been. Are weird neighbour, a creepy guy named Sandford, no last name, probably not even Israel, for name also. I am using the term neighbour very loosely here, as he actually lived in a whole that he had dug in the side of the hill on some public land down the road. He would you there and then would suddenly disappear sometimes for years. At a time I think he may be was unpleasant. None o one time we came home to find him stealing mine and my mom's underwear off the close line and the kicker kids, we were allowed to run wild all over our side of the mountain, but we do have one rule. If we saw Sandford, we were to run and hide, never talk to him and never go near his Heidi hole. Good room, so yeah. If this was
in in. If this was inside out. You could file that one time I was probably going to be acts murdered by my neighbor who lived in a hole in the ground as a core memory, don't keep it Sandford weird. You of that. Will be such a good movie? I love it. I try to watch at one time and I was like this is ridiculously side me and my friends like we all assigned each other motions. Can you guess which one I got sadness now? What anger? and here I don't really see, but every time I was very angry purse of alright. Well, this next one is called the man who ruined my nonexistent future and modeling. What do you think that's about? What do you think happens? A man ruined her nonexisting future nonexistent future modeling, a dead air
I mean it. You got me out the non existent part, because so is she not a model but a nurse boasting? I'm, trying to make peace at the fifth is about. I think this man did something to her to make her not model yeah. Sir I want to gas and then twenty six hi, I have a very slow thought, perhaps highly them I have to say you guys are my favorite podcast. When I listen to you, I was to them anywhere at the gym on my way to school and even pulling into the parking lot of my child care job online, as I have finally found a podcast. That does not make me feel, like I'm fucking weirdo, for being fascinated with true crime. I guess it's. Normal to discuss how Jeffrey Dahmer tried to make human sex zombies. Unfair states anyway,
I had Doria relationship, but I don't know much about Jeffrey dumbing down. He like wanted to make like a sex on me, and I guess she talked about that with somebody on a first date, which sounds like some. Polina would do anyway I adore your relationship and get so excited every time I see a new post Annie whose Yours, I love that I want to tell you about how I have the worst luck when it comes to steer when it comes to scary situations of being alone. For some moments anxiety. I have a lot of panic inducing things happening to me. This is the story of the reason I will never model things. I thought could never happen.
In a punk bank was a new regional calmly streaming only on visa fees, mix of hash anthems, sour gov, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute. Tunisian from you, we are lady parts all of a sudden screaming now only I'm Peacock refreshed summer it while why beat the heat with our handcraft? smooth these pressures or refresh or handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy? Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or struck red dragon for refreshes and mix barrier strawberry bananas. Smoothie. Crafted keep you cool,
repression your summer with our handcrafted refreshments. Moody's made brush your way at why why, As I said, a super inches person. Usually, I don't like doing things alone, saying this went in August of this year. When I started school, I wanted to say, money, so I decided I would take the light rail and walk the rest of the way to my school. I gotTa Sacramento state in California. I was nervous to take the light rail alone fuck, but I took the morning before the height myself up, oh, but I took the morning before to hate myself up in the mirror. Telling myself I was a boss aspect should could take their light rail alone. I've never heard of called light were also. I keep look once a late, I'm assuming its like a train, but never heard it before us. I am I keep saying it weird I feel like the little did. I know I would be in for inexperience. It was eight thirty
when I got to the station- and I call on the first car and families of fantasy by myself of no one was on the train. Yet so it's a trade, then a big ass man came and sat down across for me and just stared at me. I try to be a person who does not judge people based off of looks, but this man looked like the person you see on a wanted sign for kidnapping. He had all black clothes and his hood on his head. It's August in California, it's our the eighty decrease out. I could feel his eyes boring into my soul, and then he tapped me politely. I looked over and took me you're about out and he asked if I was a model first all I want to. Let you know, I am not a model nor have I ever wanted to be it's not my thing and the idea of being in the spotlight freaks me out, Obviously my stranger danger senses began tingling and I responded with oh, no, I'm not interested, but thank you and put my ear by backing. He continued to stare at me and talk to me either though he saw I couldn't hear him. He tapped me again
I would be self King lot of a stranger on that of a stranger on area. Train like I'd, be like if this was the tea I'd, be like weapon over it, open that, like middle door, too go to the other car literally idea. Tests are just Melick, stop fighting touching me. He tapped, and I being the dumb ass pitch than I am looked up at him. One more time He continued on with this conversation about me modelling and I just said the laugh where you blow air through your nose. Then the light rail started to pull away from the station, and this man says: are you ready? not even supposed to get in today. I smell do ass. He walked past me and I had to follow these small ter, tough, I smell do as I asked me, yeah, the Sunday. You very often experience very boss, dieting literary it'll. Take sharing myself like in a life, click on the red light. This was gonna happen on any line. What line would have allowed? One? Two three
Around right, no readiness sketchy. I used to take the red line every single day and were no no thou. Super weird line was at the blue line, nor think the blue line is nice. What's the one now goes by the aquarium I don't know. I hated that line, I honestly hey most of them and I worked at the aquarium for hot second, my favorite earlier Tennessee My favorite line was always the red line to be honest, other red lines along, so you got to sit there and just space yacht, and then you get about like you pass the water at one point and that I was always like. Oh it's gotta be a good day cause I'm gonna. Look at the water Waste Susan about me, so that I smelled her ass. He walked. It asked her and had to follow. When I say I shut my pants at that point in time you better fucking believe it. I automatically started seeing my face on the. Have you seen this person segment of the six o clock. It was me, by myself and creeper model scalp ball, but not as an aim I love that she, that's that's not as her. Was sweating. My ass off in trying to think of ways. I could pretend that this wasn't happening to me,
So during this time my dramatic ass was texting, my family goodbye, because I was sure I was going to be found in a ditch, then save your walked toward the front of the car. It was a security guard. I live their security guards on the strength is my ass never saw one on any train. I've been on. The tea has like those like emergency buttons that leg literally don't work. The young there like Mary, run down. I dont think I have ever scream so loud with my eyes at someone in thank God he saw it. He stood, between me and this man and they begin arguing because creeper don't even have a ticket after what seemed like a fucking lifetime, only two minutes we got to the next station and he got kicked out ass. He was leaving he looked at me and smiled, which sent chills down my spine fast or to now I was looking through a crime, much page for my area and guess who's fucking face showed up. Mr Martyrs Model scout was actually a registered sex offender who has been followed in harassing women in the area. Once again, my heart, robbed out of my house. I never saw him again, but probably because I decide
to get on the light rail at another station. Also- I never forget my pepper spray anymore when and by myself, and I never take my ear buds out for anyone. I learned it's better to be a rude bitch than a dead anyways? That's my story. I hope you enjoy that I seriously lovey and so much and please come visit. California. I will travel anywhere to see you guys. Life will make that was created for California. A hundred percent, I can't wait to go. I also like the expression, it's better to be a rude bitch than it at the child. I wanna put them oh sure, thanks for about an hour, I oughta. I think I think we have time for one more. What do you think? Do you have another do and this one is from a genji. And you know how I love the gems- is a region these, I think, we're millennials yeah, I think frenzies are born in like, like, I think, where the last of the Maloney I'm the last of them on eels. I think, like ninety seven starts Jones S like my little sisters agency farming on something son. Yes, then excellent Zone
learn Kalulu are itself. This one says my listener: tail of a crusty dusty old dude, who tried to steal me I'll weirdos? I'm don't use. My name call me queen Idiot, ok, What means that Europe is off with I'm a huge fan of urine. I've been bending so much. I've listened to one hundred something episodes and, like two weeks holy shit, yes the speedy rat. Also, this is the fourth time I've sent this end, because I felt it was an amazing enough for Yawls huge number out of ten podcast. I love you so just to give your mental image of me. I'm such a look, Tarzan, I'm a girl, but Tarzan is hot. So I'm good with looking like in many ways, and I was also really adorable as a child. So I was about ten or eleven three to four years ago, yes and young period Z right here: sunglasses Oji, blowing smoke out of Facebook, which I love that this
makes me feel all's. Lithuania was here she be like holy fuck, em ancient I'd, like the fact that I feel are really says some phobia. I might I might have to focus hard who delight pay attention like, maybe I should go, get an icy hot, better! That's like for my back. I was plagues Baskerville, my driveway, that was more more cracked than some old Ladys heal. Thinking hose doing amazing. In reality, I was absolute truth, She wrote it in, like you, so called while bawling worse than a three year old, with sixty five pound, balsam crusty dusty old man pulls up in his Red Honda, Civic five thousand It's for my memory being better than my mom's. When recalling some sin, I committed twelve, your sick, I love this nasty wriggled. Old toe of a man is like so help. List innocent Eleven year old. Do you know where this non existent houses? Ok, he didn't say about, but I bet that's what you
thinking. So I was like no, but I can look it up bobbing up my top notch Iphone five that had forty thousand pictures on it didn't work as a phone, but rather as an ipod. I googled the house wow. What a surprise the house didn't exist and put my phone back back in my way too long, boys, basketball, shorts from Walmart. I was a very hard core. Tomboy still am but less hard core. I told him the house didn't show up he was like were no way and asks me to show him stepping clothes like the idiotic eleven year old, I was, I unlock my phone while at last more than my brain during mass. At that moment, my friends mom, who I'll call life's having bad ass speeds out the front door and his like queen. Eighty come here, while probably thinking I was the stupidest child to ever breathe. She walks out to the car with her. Flaming, red hair, adding to her terrifying this and ask the man what he wants. He asked her the House and she said she looked and she looked it up but didn't find it either pc
kind of annoyed now that I think about it, probably cause he wanted my sick eleven year old booty people boot up, but I love you do drove away and I'm afraid, I'm assuming lifesaving badass cursed him out. Like a drill sergeant, I continue weighing basketball, trying to impress the ancient people who walked by with their dogs, but they probably could barely see half a lemon front of the sea. So my efforts were away you, oh guess what about thirty in its later crusty worms sniffing. Dude has the audacity to pull up again. I guess I've, really was thick. You. If I love that she's taking his government is like a statue issue, spelling at sea care to see that you have to smoke thick with. You see those that I don't know. I really was. I love that this is like a self validated amendment for her, because I like about resonates with me,
May he calls me over again and being the genius I was. I walked over by the way, This dude had disgusting hands. They were all grow in his nails were longer than a twelve foot snake interest. Overall disgusting anyways, saving bout asses, zoomed out of the house faster than my mom driving when she doesn't see the cops around she asked I'll stealing man what he wanted and he asked about the fake house again. Bitch pole these unique, sucking moist sock just wanted my eleven year old, thick basketball player. Ass anyway Lifesaving badass got the man to leave me and told me to come inside. It's my story of how crusty dusty elbow slipping old, do try to steal me but lifesaving bad. I saved me. I have many. Our stories of people knocking on my windows, neighbour, shooting in the middle of the night. People were talking right outside May windows. Three am knock on the door and much more, but those are for another time. Sorry if this was long, if you gotta edit, it go for it. If you read this
if it makes it on the podcast, woe doorway, that's so cool hell. Yeah good, if not me, writing this four times was waste. A well sucks to be me anyway. Keep it weird, but not so where'd. You must get kidnapped a warm sniffing son of a nutcracker old do with gross answer your friends Mamma to come. Savior eleven year old, booty hold onto your bouts of that kind. The old man, doesn't try to steal it. Adios Ya'Ll, Queen Idiot, while Sound was ass. She made my year those great I was incredible now like thing I, like all the weird blank almost kidnapping moment I had that, would like, where an actual I was like very cautious of people when I was a kid refresh your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcraft smooth these pressures or refreshes. Handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or struck
red Dragon for refreshes and mix barrier strawberry bananas. Smoothie crafted keep you cool repression your summer with our handcrafted refreshments, Moody's made brush your way at why? Why. Do you still need money for college? Consider a p a forward student loan. This low cost option can help bridge the gap between your financial aid package and what you still need to pay that to wish and build p a forward student loans. Give you what you are looking for: fixed interest rates, no application or origination fees and multiple repayment options, click the banner for more info or to apply One time I neighbour, I d, give me, and my brother Plato and we ran inside screaming, will not just means that your mom taught you
Oh I'm gonna teach our kids to do that yeah and then he my mom, went outside talked home. He gave her the Plato, she told us and we made him things from the Plato you unknown, Madame I'm dying to know a snow man. You were like. Do you wanna? Have this may appear so well. Thank you filling in his little shit, Spain problem over soothing, where I keep calling jewish state in like a loving way and he hates it, but I think it's really fun so anxious aim, as people now know that I'm just like one giant pellicle in there yeah, you're, literally you walking pallor club when I did valid question thing: a mainstream another day people are like are those real like now? its main are the political answers. Real yeah people who asked me if they really true move, by my favorite Latvia, all right. Well, yes, they give her coming on and fuck. How do we end? This island forgot how we entities
Ok, but if you want to send a solicitor, tell you and do so at morbid, podcast, add sheemale dot com and then, if you want to follow us on Instagram, you can follow us at morbid podcast. If you want to send us a tweet, you can do so at a morbid podcast we'll be keep listening and we hope you keep it We therefore really weird, but not so that across the dusty old dude, once you're eleven year old, booty knots aware that you have to double not the plastic bags, while the ghosts away. Not so we're Bela go. Why? While I want you to come its aware that a wolf comes in IRAN, because I think that's like a good thing for you, like. I think it's your family and if we don't even know where that your house is so high that you can play hide and seek because everything turns out, because I would really cyclic even like your brain turns often you can, hear anything about suckle ought not so Where'd. You get acts murder by your neighbour that lives in a whole and not so weird than a man stairs out. You on the light rail in ruins, your non existent future and not allowing bag
I think our guys love you, right now. Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earned? who times the rewards on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salad, in more get your next reward twice as fast just by open your dinner favorites after four p m, la rewards. Members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined today things I thought could never happen in a punk.
Whilst a new regional calmly streaming only antique up fees, mix and passions, sour silent, locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute tunisian front. We, lady parts of assuming that only I'm peacock
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