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2021-02-13 | 🔗
Time to hear from some fellow weirdos and, man, you guys kept it hella weird this time!! This batch of listener tales has everything from a 28 toed cat named Thumz to a weirdo skiing away from a potential murderer. If you have listener tales be sure to send them to morbidpodcast@gmail.com with the subject line “Listener Tales” and whatever else you’d like to add to grab our attention!  As always, thank you to our sponsors HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping! Betterhelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Stamps: with promo code, MORBID, you get a special offer that includes a 4- week trial PLUS free postage and a digital scale! Squarespace: Check out Squarespace.com/MORBID for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code MORBID to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain Embark: Go to Embark vet dot com now to get free shipping and save $30 off your Embark Breed and Health Kit with Promo code Morbid.
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a weirdos. I am Katy Heron, I am Cully see, and this is more bed. just check your party so confused. If you didn't know how to stop the guess why you don't have to be because tickets are still available and you can click the link in our biota buy a ticket if you missed the show lug right up for it. to really fun showed it really was a fun shows a lot of fun. It was fun to get all dressed up again, get wise, I loved getting all dressed up any excuse for a costume and some go stories about dead brides and we decided to Johnny all the proceeds to some black lives matter. Chair
the Azores because it's an honor of black history month. If you go check out the show you can find out which ones those wearing that we decided I am opposed to later Jarrell posted Jesse, guys know, but just nowhere monies go and yet so it's a good good, good, good thing. Now we are doing listen or tails today, because we haven't done one four February and man at Spitten like preparing for the show. It's been a crazy. We yeah and I have a two part, her coming up that the patrons Jonesy, so we figured we would just give a little. breakin between with some listener tales, so next week are actually getting at three episodes. Because Alain are you doing both parts not yet cause? I'm gonna make you wait now you're doing, but and then I already have my thing done so well. You, my yes to so you'll get one of those for the one who's gonna, be an ad free bonus episode. Just because I know you
red and we appreciate your support, so we want to give to you as much as we can but yeah. So this is a fun one. We ve already I've taken a look at them and these are gonna be good. I saw I I think I think we both ended up. Picking like each. I am angry did so you know it's a crime countdown. You know three fatter banging three to the table and I haven't seen them and vice versa, and now we're gonna find out. I think that's all we have for business to. I literally can't think of anything else. No more business should be like rock paper she live rapidly, ironically virtue. Yes, again, rock paper says issue. Rob paper, says or shoot ah raw papers is issued, wrought papers, this issue God, I'd rug favours this issue. When one did you guys what that means,
We have the same tactics. I keep it like rock for the first two yeah and now that I should to paper, but then I get nervous because if you keep it for two, sometimes people catch on and they and then to paper cover you. You guys know yeah you can deserve our rock paper scissors shoot there's. So you know all you on that vicious rounds go ahead. I let's see so I think I am going to pack my first one is going to be how my sister got her extra toad cat from a murderer. I mean. How could you not pick that in there's a photo of this cat and I'm gonna ask if we always oppose it, because it's most durable cat. I didn't even seen a picture. I love it. So if you are like yeah he's are so fucking human wait until you find out how many toes this cat has many many too. Oh, my god, I feel bad for her. Ok, all these plants to leg yet off. So what will see if we can process, because this really good
imagine cutting this cat snails. You don't have guys. I was gonna fat cats. I don't even know Shyly Anna, my name is Heather and you are welcome to use mine and any other names in the story. Thank you Heather. I other also Heather. Is it ok if we postpone obliged Let us now will email area. My son, Dear Charlie, yes, the one with the extra toad cat introduce me to morbid by making me listen to the toy boxes this latter I fucked up because we grew up in New Mexico. no idea about what flaming bucket of potholes ever resided in our home state also we used to have for you miss Packard, afoot It should also we used to have lake days on Elephant Butte Lake near the Toy Box Killers House, where he paused Billy dumped his victim and not just a test. To my rational fear that there are always dead bodies and lakes, and you should never swim in them. I totally agree with that. O c I
lakes, or so I mean they're safely, lots of dead body, one hundred percent there also so peaceful and love swimming in a lake, I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. I, like you, Uncle TIM's house yeah that led us Gorgeous Heather, I'm with you. I don't see any links, new doll. I can decide that we can confirm. I'm african mermaid up in the land wave I was immediately hooked on your podcast, because you guys are so sweet hilarious, super good at research and have sailor mouths like me, which will not be displayed in the story, because I told my innocent mother I'd. Let her know if my store made it on the podcast, so she could listen. I think I'll I'll try to keep mine in check for this, for the story got me to. I love how reliable you both are, and I feel like I'm just chatting with might be. I facts about gruesome murders when listening. I love that you are the efforts you are in a lot. I always love and people say that some yes seriously
to be a large zoo and chill vibes only. Needless to say, I have become a huge supporter of you both and have already bought two of your items from murder, apparel that I love Alina. You even inspired my husband to possibly become an autopsy tech because he was working towards a nursing degree but realise dealing with the dead instead of shoddy patience, is much more suitable for his personality. Ok, that's fucking me damn. I already sucker out of her fudging, amazing, that's fucking about using cool and that's like the fourth time we ve heard that can be in great last night. There was at least three people that we're like I'm gonna go equalling love be like a forensic like pathologists straw. While it may you our hearts or making a difference. I love that have makes my heart sore and good luck in it. That's amazing, can do it now onto the story of how my nephew cat food cat became a part of my family of ever since our childhood cat had passed away. Charlie had been bugging, my parents, let her get a new cap at the time,
Parents owned a tire store in one day, one of their employees brought a young cat to work and told my dad that he could take the cat if you wanted it and if it, if not, he would just put it outside his house to feed the coyotes. That's fucked up for the lux please closure, and also in parentheses. I know so sad and really master of Lee was basically like. You have to take this. Take this cat, I'm gonna kill it, while my dad made cage out of shopping, cart in the garage of the tire store and put the cat in their little. You then called Charlie and told her. He had a cat that you get out of it have if she wanted it, but he wasn't sure she would because there was something wrong with it. Just software my dad was joking and always makes dark, slash, messed up, jokes about our paths and such what is actually a total safety when it comes to animals- and this is a huge reason why Charlie and I are such animal lovers and spoil our pets so much all that's, unlike my dad too yup, he lay talks a lot of shit about here.
literally the most like mine to link Bailey in him about bonds. That no one has ever seen like, like no other like no He was the first one when John and I wanted to get Bailey. He was like yeah. No, I don't need to be taken care of a dog. I already had one I'm not doing this, and now he dies when she comes oh yeah in Bailey, just like melts into a puddle on top of him. Bailey will smell Papa coming from and down the street. I swear to God I'll be utterly in this house for my grandparents come over here, and she also has the specific bark legate Sheila. We actually squeal when Janos Literal, squeal and her, but wiggle so hard that have always scared. She's gonna like break a happy thought she gets so excited. So I totally understand in public. It goes up the accurate when the girl, we were a little early myths Chris. If you ask them what is Papa say they go
that's just some wholesome contaminated click. It and you were a exclusive Yeah so Heather, I totally I could. I know who your dad s now like I see it. I totally get it so Jaso her dad the total safety. Of course Of course, Charley was so excited and rushed to the store to get her new fur baby. She goes see the cat and what was supposedly wrong with it, but immediately knew that nothing was actually wrong with him. He simply was Polly Tactile, meaning He has extra toes. He has twenty eight toes to be exactly what the fuck, how also tied with the world record cat for most toes la one, brick and honor. That's crazy! That's amazing, and he was given the appropriate name thumbs. Only women with she took thumbs home and they became instant best friends or make well
a little while later the employee that gave us thumbs was still working for my parents and one day they got the terrible news that this repulsive piece of human garbage had chase down and stopped his ex girlfriend car with his own and shot her in the chest before turning the gun on himself high. They were both pronounced dead after being rushed, by hospital by first responders. He took this poor woman away from her loved ones and left their seven year. Old son perilous saw GOSH from what I have gone back read, they were going through a custody battle at the time over the child's and she was trying to get a paternity test. I am not sure of all the facts regarding that situation, though, so I cannot speak much on the details. Things I thought could never happen. in a punk bank, was a new regional calmly streaming only Antigua fees mix and passions sour go site,
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brush your summer, with our handcrafted refresher and smooth? These made brush your way at why why my breaks for her friends and family, especially for her son, me too, and I can only hope that they are all thriving now. My dad later told me, he got a weird feeling when this employee lost it at work one day and was king for a reason to fire him at the time. While, while I know it's, it's really hard to fire some yeah, I remember when I worked at a salon. There is like a really big situation going on and liked this girl needed to be fired, but my boss, who worked so closely with, was, like you, don't understand like all that we want to jump through the idea. You actually talk to lawyers and shit more time, because it is very easy to turn around and sue for wrongful firing right now that I have we made you very sad. I will tell you how great thumbs as life has turned out after his rough start. He lived in New Mexico for quite a few years before being being the biggest baddest.
Four hoods Charlie in him then move to Oregon where he became a calm, son, sunbathing, plant, loving, hippy cat What his days running the streets were merely memories. They know live in Hawaii where he spends his looking out at his ocean view and being a loving big brother to his new sister cow MIKE on early, and I often joke about his past running the streets of New Mexico and saving him from Hungary Coyotes and residing with a murderous man, yeah thanks, much for reading my story. My sister and I are full of wild stories because New Mexico is a great great place to crew, said Billina, maybe we'll right you, some listen or tails together to send him one day. I hope you do or if you already have. I hope we find them. Yes, keep it. weird sending all a ghost hug. You can't feel it, but it's there. I love you virtual hugs. I love this p s. I attached an article with the murder and a pic of the handsome thumbs. Also, his instagram is ok,
Ok, guys, are you writing. I literally journalism interview just Amy Eshton grabbed her phone at thumbs, the cat and that's thumbs, t h, you NBC the cats, our it lets. You can't help but want to see more of this big old PA. Oh my god. He's a tour guy all give thumbs. The cat is he's everything you need. He is living has thus life. I love that he has his own instagram, some assuming we composed this picture of the Ets. respect your on his install. Can I like shared my answer right now? Yes, Umsuka, ah Heather! Thank you so much for that, though, is so needed. That was so. This has been the most mercury in retrograde weak, and there was just like that. Just soothed mice Now I'm in Germany so asked me how I feel about naturally very easily vessel with a lot of people. It is even listening to the sexy me podcast, which I mentioned it alot go! Listen to
I know actually you'd. I will like listen to it when I'm in the car with you and I'm always like. I need to remember that I myself it's the sub podcast, like Suv, its with large sharing halls in carrier, Donald and I follow carry on twitter? They are really go. You wouldn't have only using follow and I think they're they're, so our people yacht in fighting against mercury and retrograde. This week's, I feel like a kindred with them, yet so go listen to them because there are some. She has an amazing patria onto. Oh, really is Maison bonus upsurge of effect and we donate to its. I can listen to that area because I dont nature, but yeah so just plug it back. There really good pilot, also they rallied who need our blog, but I mean whatever I want to plug, no matter what My next point is called: if I only knew what you would do in the future, written by a brat child may. who knows. My name is brat.
This place, I will mention in this story- is a super small community of just nine hundred people. So, even though I no longer live there, I would rather just not put my name on it. I feel you know that's too discernible. I am by no means a writer, but I think you guys will enjoy this particular brand of weird. My family moved to Gore Oklahoma. Ninety ninety eight, what an aim and that's what drew me into You ve gotta think go. I didn't even know that existed at a neither Gore Oklahoma. As soon as I started, I was like well put that into the folder area, so I was seven time and was already so sad to leave the only place I had ever known for this backwoods monstrosity was the adventurers child and I didn't mind the woods part as much as I mind it being my by myself. Most of the time my mom quickly secured a job at a restaurant. Not far from my new home called the stake house. I bet you can't guess what they sold their chicken Obviously, to give a small background into why the events unfolded as they did. I feel it necessary to start with my new home. The house was on two acres of the house, was onto acres and super tiny.
My dad was a retired Vietnam bat and still suffered lingering effects from his three Torres unknown. While that will do something my dad's of Vietnam, but now my grandpa, he was very medicated and would sleep for what seemed like twenty hours a day. He was violent and even though he never hurt me personally, he didn't treat my mother to the same courtesy. He would Anyone who had listened, not quote there are only two women in my life. I haven't hit my other and my daughter, Jesus Lowood, slew, quite a proclamation, so he was a peach this being said he couldn't hold down a job, so my mom was who feel it on that front. She would go to work and leave me at home, but I was so afraid to wake up my dad that I would make her come get me and bring me to our job brat child. I know that's not even Brad. I know that's it sad now you just like nervous. So this is where I met James kid. Well, I believe, as I said, who at the time was a cook at the stake house. No Jimmy as I called him was kind to me. He was
super tall, like seven foot, Suki, six foot, seven and two hundred and nine pounds, and then she wrote in parentheses I looked at. I was going to say that very specific. He was two hundred and nine pounds I think drowned about also six foot, seven. How will tell us at camper again he was I remember when I look it up. I think he's like right around their use is a little time. I think. Ok, you maybe six eight. I think anyways. I can remember once that when I was being a kid Wemyss, nine o six now get em I can remember ones that I was being kid running around the kitchen of this establishment. Again Bradshaw hoped he accidentally spilled hot Greece on the fire on the back of my legs that will like her I'm not destroyed him. What leg he was so upset. He actually cried when he told my mama. I don't blame him. I can also remember him picking me up. I may feet and swinging me upside down. Quite a bit. Keep in mind, I did not fear this person has a child's now to them
You see, bet my mom and I moved away after two years back to our original town and left my doubting Gore. The stake has closed its doors and we didn't really think much of it until, ass, a teenager. I was watching forensic files with my mom and James Kid, while showed up as an episode, I asked my mom if this was the same guy, because my child brain only vaguely remember, I recognized him. She said yeah, I believe so he had read. ten killed a woman and Tulsa. He also killed her husband or ex husband. I can't remember, but it doesn't stop there. He tore. to the house with them inside and then shot the guy who stopped to report the fire wholly wow He was arrested, obviously because he had went on a date with that poor lady and when she refused to sleep with him he was up and she refused to sleep with him. He was highly recognised. but because of his size anyway, you should look he's not a serial killer per se, but he is a crop human he's in prison without
her role and from what I read it. They haven't treated him while he's lost all of his teeth. He only had fourteen to start with and he tried to apply for dentures, but they declined his application because he eats just fine and has gained fifty pounds, so they didn't want to use taxpayers money on him. And to that I say thank you, stingy bitches anyway. I had no way of knowing the same gentle giant of my childhood would be capable of something so horrendous it's not even the only story I have of meeting a killer, but that's another ballgame right and other fellow well. I hope you enjoy this story. I love listening to you both, and even if you don't pick this, I'm glad I got to tell someone who wouldn't judge me like its contagious or something for being in close contact with these crap humans. Keep it weird, but not so whether you totally just to use up well mechanic.
started over, but not the way that you totally just lose all common decency and turned from the jolly green giant into the psycho, murdering Jain of nightmares. Never keep it that weird thanks for reed. Why? Oh, that's not! I also just elected opera, quick in the first article that came said, toothless murderer loses bid for Densher that was the first thing that the cable announcing. Alright, I want to see their. It is. That's nuts, that's not toothless murderer. That's fucked up wow! Thank you! Brad! low, but rather video brat. That's truly outrage. Allow he's like terrifying. Truly, truly, truly truly trip arrange a truly cheaper labour. Cannot that's not wow allow he he really changed, he sure dead and from thousand and four to two thousand and eighteen may lot. He looks like a totally different person, so my next one is going to be called murder conviction without a body. Oh how highly I now shallow. My name is magazine.
and after a ready to tell you the story of what happened to my cousin Courtney, Hoag Hoag, Hague, OSHA hold her great Courtney, was born about nine before me. So we are essentially irish twins but of the cousin source. We spent the first nine or so years of our lives living not far from each other. In long Beach, California, where we spent summers at the beach and swimming in our grandmothers pool we attended school and girl scouts together, had sleep over all the time and spent every holiday with each other's families. We are inseparable if I warping she wore purple. If I was, if my baby doll had blonde hair, hers had brown hair, you got the idea the summer before six grade, my family moved from southern California to this Pacific, Northwest and Courtney, and I grew apart. While I was focused on academics and performing arts. She drifted towards the wrong claret crowd and wound up getting pretty heavily into drug abuse.
My heart and while I tried to keeping contact through letters and phone calls, we click to quickly realized. We had less and less in common. I hate when that happened. I now, as nobody is like you know, a lot of people have had that happen, so I totally even just like close friend yeah just like drifts, you realize you're, just not the same people any Martin. By the time I graduated high school in two thousand and two I haven't heard from her. Quite so time, I joined the military bad us shortly, therefore, thereafter and moved frequently because that's life in the military,
and by two thousand and nine. I was stationed in Cardiac Alaska about a week before my birthday in September that year my mom called me up at my desk, something she rarely did unless it was an emergency and asked. If I was sitting down. Oh that's ever good, I could tell she was upset. She told me that she had just heard from my uncle her younger brother. Not they think that Courtney had been killed by her boyfriend. Oh no, I collapsed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I quickly book to fight home, to meet up with my mom in Washington and then a fight, a flight for both of us to fly to California to meet up with my aunt uncle and grandfather, as it turns out at a party a couple of weeks before a few of Courtney. Friends were there One of them looked visibly upset so her friend ass. What was wrong and she said that she had just come back from Arizona where she thought she saw Courtney dead in a hotel room. What's in that, it was a man named Christopher Rousseau's faults, her friends, she hired you out an alarming one. It was like.
think. I saw someone dead and I think I know exactly whose fault it is, but here I am at this party with the thoughts party. I guess like what the fuck up so master. While her friend said she had to tell some good friends, the friend said she was too scared that Christopher would do something to her. She told the police, that's a horrible yeah, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream. Classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up regional comedies, like eighty bio say by the Bell for all Europe's lucid comedy phase, could a Peacock dvd comp and get started whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have meant plus pact pick up regional comedies, like eighty via say about about for all Europe through the poverty phase, could a peacock dvd com and get started
instead she wrote a written confession and turned it over to her friend, along with a plastic tub of Courtney. Clothes is very bizarre that tub contained a bloody clothing and a man's glove. What the fuck, I'm sorry, whites different. immediately, took it to my uncle, who informed police and then called my mom and grandfather. My aunt her mom still didn't know. Oh my god. Why When my mom and I landed in long beach, we met up with my uncle grandfather and my mom's middle sister to go. Tell my aunt what had happened to her dot all know when she opened the door and saw of us she knew immediately what was going on. She told us that it was a strange for coordinated, go missing for weeks on end and that this was the longest. She had been gone she said she hadn't seen Courtney and almost two months she told us that she had come home from work one day in July to find her house was a complete mess, would tables and chairs over earned and random objects scattered about her dog was visit,
We shall now. Why was a small trail of blood leading from the bedroom to the front door? What is held we in why did nothing, I'm all carries the next sentence. Apparently this was a com occurrence in coordinating Christopher relationship. No, that's not a common! That's! Ok leg! Oh my god I stress out, but it's like what is the moms was do like those entering went all diner awful. This is why we are going to terrible situation of an he was controlling and often tried to limit her contact with anyone, especially men. This comes into play as a factor in her death, because Christopher was jealous of her relationship of another man, one or Roscoe Roscoe yeah. She was also present time of Courtney, stuff or who will open up. I got I just get pregnant, you doesn't so this person was also present at the time of Courtney, Statics easy from what I was told. The written confession from Courtney spread described how she had met Kristen. She had met Christopher
Courtney at a hotel and tenth where she had allowed Courtney to use her phone. When Christopher found out that she had told her, which had told her mom where she was, he lost his temper and essentially beat the life out of her lights. Ah, he demanded that her friend leave, which she did for a few hours to give him time to come love her friend didn't know. Courtney was dead at this point and when she returned to the hotel room, Courtney appeared to be asleep on the floor, but there was blood all around her like that's, not Christopher, Christopher, handed her friend the been with her clothes and told her to leave. Much of the story is detailed in the notes from Christopher Appeal, which, links below wow by the time my mom and I made it to California. Christopher- was already in jail and Orange County on drug charge, so he had a what a whit. So he had we
had to wait, awhile for him to be extradited to Arizona for his murder trial. Although the Maricopa County police conducted a thorough search of the area, they were unable to locate Courtney body, it is assumed that Christopher dumped her in the Arizona desert- oh my car, and by the
I'm it was brought anyone's attention. It had been months, so her body was either loss to the elements are animals. That being said, it took almost five years for Rousseau to be brought to trial for what he did to Courtney and one on September. Third, two thousand and fourteen he was found guilty of felony kidnapping, premeditated murder and felony murder, and then she links it. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Since then, he has tried to appeal his conviction. Any completely revolting facebook page has been set up. Honestly. Facebook is worse for everything. Cesspool has been set up in support of his appeal and his named ad free, Christopher Russo FUCK as the date of the add at the date of this email. If the page has over five thousand six hundred followers, here's a link to
two thousand and six between appeal, which contains details of what really happened that day and much to my delight shows that his appeal was officially denied good guys. We ve since had a memorial for Courtney, but her mom still struggles with fine enclosure without having her body. I can't imagine I always say that whenever we cover guess where the body is missing, it's always the worst that actually young case the dietary pops into my head, because its two separate things to grief your young man, half of your child and then the fact that you have no idea where this baby is that you brought into you're lying what's happening to like, I can't saw them it's too much.
We all are so angered that someone could take her away from us like that, and it breaks my heart that my aunt has lost her baby. I've lost one of my best friends, even though we had our differences, I still it back at our shared childhood. With fondness, I've attach some pictures of us together twinning, I'm the one with the street blonde hair and doing girl scout stuff. This is how I remember her whole. I'm not sure if this is enough of a story for a full episode, but I hope that you consider featuring it somehow, because her story is one that shouldn't be forgotten amidst the judgment and critical. I'm a breach of Rousseau's quota unclothed fan base on Facebook, and I hope that one day he comes to his senses and tells us where she is so that we can have a proper burial for her thanks so much? I love you guys. You're podcast has gotten me through some of the darkest times, and I am truly grateful for your sisterhood all take are Ah, you do. They lay heart like that grab my soul. I learnt anything honestly. Thank you for sharing that with us.
I'm so sorry, are you lost your larger? That's terrific, like that. That's terrific and honest I can, let's all send good vibes said he comes to his senses and says where she is because what is the point civilized, torturing, a family, more, that's Yosemite that supersonic exactly like, not second away. You know- and you know, tat exact- that so much that's awful guys. We're adorable! I know you guys are like I can't like she was beautiful. Shrilly was hey. This annex one is called Yede shot in the testicle yeah, though, so nobody will bring a back up. I suppose now resume its findings would they are so hello? My name is Amy sounds like Amy cause, it's Amy with a why I think she said we can use our last name her lasting sorts. Almost fourteen years ago, I woke up in the hospital after being shot. I can tell you what being shot feels like why
it does not initially hurt. It feels like a lot of pressure and very hot. The pain comes when the adrenaline decreases and your brain finally realised what has happened in my situation. The pain finally came back when people showed up to help me like my brain, told my body. It's ok, to feel now and felt I did tat make so much sense. Also already written this beautiful I've told this story several times, but I've never written it down the only written record of this or the newspaper newspaper articles found online many and which are wrong because the writer pierce together scuse me piece together their own story or only heard his side of the story as if his side of the story actually mattered, I was shot with a three hundred and fifty seven revolver may fourth, two thousand and seven even at that time, Ex boyfriend destined anchors and Missoula Montana. Please use all names if you don't want to be called out, don't fuckin do bad things while it Oh just a month before, before my twenty first birthday June. Second, ash image
when I too, and a very true one at that. What was the bullet went through my left palm out my wrist through my left, breast went between my sternum and my heart through my liver, my diaphragm and my right long before stopping between my ribs and skin underneath my right arm pet. While why the fuck, oh my, I need a second while not is insane wow, ah doctors later, the bullet out and inserted a drainage tube in the same location for reference? A three fifty seven bullet is exactly the with I have between my heart and Burnham. I often wonder how I am alive that like a huge bullet, that some kind of universe interval Jim serious that its exact well well, that's not some just shocked dusty. Data for about two years. Prior to that night, we met during our freshman year of college. I regret
So much of that for so many reasons being shot set aside, we moved in together way too quickly. Story of those two years is very similar to every domestic abuse case. He threatened me and my family. every time we thought he isolated me for my friends in my family. Told me when I was getting fat told me that I should be a blonde had an online girl. For an at one point. Just your run of the mill over controlling piece of garbage thinks the world owes him and he owns you. This is horrible. He sounds off I do not think I need to go into too much detail a sadly. Everyone knows that story fast forward to March two thousand seven I've been looking for a way out of this relationship for a while. I would get out and he would wrote me back in
somehow the stars aligned and my best friends roommate was moving out of their apartment. I took the opportunity to move in with her honestly. I don't remember much about that and I move my stuff into my roommates apart. We ought to my roommates apartment and he moved in with one of his classmates. He was still in college. Sadly, I was not. I had almost flunked out due to him. I failed psych, one o one, because he wouldn't allow me to go by mid term test or my final, the semester before all too familiar story. For some, this guy's like horrific, is horrible. He played many mine games with me. The month of April has Grandpa passed away and he called me yelling at me asking why, then go to the funeral. Well that same time, my best friend slash roommates cousin, a guy we all went to school with was killed in Iraq by an aide de is ice. Yeah. I was singing at his funeral the day of his grandpa's funeral. He then got pissed at me for not including him in that he would show up to our Arab,
meant straw and sad, asking me just to sit with him. I did for a couple times, but eventually told him he needed to move on. I do believe he was stopping me for a couple weeks. I even went as far as looking for footprints in the Flower Box outside my window. All my senses were telling me something was going to get very something was going to go very wrong, refresh your summer. It why? Why beat the heat with our handcrafted These were pressures or refresh or handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit. or strawberry dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas. Smoothie crafted keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted refreshes in smooth these made brush your way at worldwide level,
Then, when you ask the questions, no one else, does you get the answer's? No one else can and that's why pen medicine. We were, to create a place? No one else has one. Where women are not only cared for but listen to and they Be confident in the health care the receiving end Listen women's health is Another reason why your life is worth pen, medicine visit and medicine, DOT, Org, Slash win This helps to learn. More may forth was a Friday. The college Rodya was in town. My roommate sister and boyfriend came to found for the night we planned I'm going to the rodeo pre gaming. Bingo two mile. I want my favour holidays and just having fun, hang it had been so long since I was allowed to hang out with my friends because two of us not twenty one. Yet I borrowed an idea that some have an idea. That said, I was twenty seven from a neighbouring small town. Ironically matching my best friends borrowed Idee saying she was twenty eight.
and from that seems to have those ideas. Looking thing like us, but they worked. We were really ready for a fund night. I have to say I looked smoking. That night I had on my tight genes with three inch platform. I added I had two since my word. I D said that I was a lot tolerance when I was a black lazy tank with a white button up over the top and a black leather. oh god, it's gonna, say hinges and my make up with spot on Anna had a great heritage for use. Stars were aligning live said that in their well out Gang Marguerite. As at the local mexican restaurant. I started to get a lot of text messages from dusty. They were starting to sound, frantic and crazy. So I quit responding. He then replied with your dogs in the pound apartment and allow dogs he had to take the dog. He gave me for my birthday the year before all part of the control he used. That dog is upon many many times. The last time was this night.
That's so that so me the mind. Controls are your dogs in the bound, as he knows, that's what is valued at sir. You answer that so fucked. This is where it gets a little confusing Currently he still had a key and stole my car. I had not ready- heard or ensured. As I was walking to work- and I didn't want to spend the money while I've been around in my car. He got pulled over for no registration or insurance and he received tickets for this in the amount of two hundred dollars. So he said my friends and I were out another bar. When I got the call, I told them I'll be right back I had to take care of this out of the bar still on the phone with him. I told him. I would get the tickets and pay them if he just left me alone. He said he was in the parking lot of the place I worked. It was only to block so I walked down. He, of course, was walking up the street also my phone rang. It was his mother telling me dusty was a bad place and I just needed to talk to him. You know what leg, no, its, not her responsibility to talk. Your son
No, it's not everybody ought her responsibility and you shouldn't that's not cool note that on someone else notes He saw tat, I was on the phone grabbed. It ran back to my stolen car, shut the door and locked himself in I try to open. Or telling him to give me my phone. I saw him going my recent calls in contactless I turned around and said I turned out inside just take my phone, I don't care anymore. I heard the door open. I turned background said give me my at this point. I felt so much power. Here in my hand, in my chest it felt so hot. Like my skin was burning. I looked down and didn't see anything I asked. Did you just shoot me with a black? Did you shoot me? I stay, I stayed standing there the entire time and thinking is this what it feels to be shot. It can't be, it doesn't hurt. I started to fuck. I stepped over parking block. When my foot hit the ground what pressure in my lack of
came down again. I didn't see anything on my chest, but my left hand felt hot and what the black leather sleeve was hanging over my hand. So I couldn't see anything wrong. I saw something drip and I knew it wasn't good. I started screaming. I've been shot someone please help me. Oh my god. This must be sk unlocks feeling this is so crazy. I saw someone running into the Alex Lodge across the street. No one was going to help me every one was scared for themselves. Oh, my god that must be the lonely ass feeling in the entire were in the most helpless viewing. He opened the back door of the and told me to get and I started to and then I thought no, I have to get out I'll drop me off in the woods either killing me there. so the way or I'll die bleeding. I said Could it feel or see anything I got out of the car pushing him away? I saw blood on my end from from my hand, on the car seat. I knew it was bad at this point I started. Yelling hope for began. Someone help me. I've been shot for. People came out of a word homely good coastal areas, good Pullyu, Mihail a bid scenario. I later found
now it was too young couples that had just graduated college side. No recently, one of them has reached out to me feel so good to make lifelong. a strange situation arose. They asked me I was shot. I said I think my chest something's wrong with my hand. The Ladys helped me on the ground. One of the guys took off his flannel. To put it on my chest and the other went to talk to dusty, who at that point, was up against a brick wall with the gun to his head a while I put, can you imagine having to intervene in this ash and situation is terrifying. I put my hand above my head, knowing it was bleeding at that point. I saw him with the gun to his head said: shoot yourself, you, mother, Fucker. I then saw my hands. The muscle was protruding out of my hand. My breathing was becoming a little bubble. Bubbly and I thought I can't die are small town. My family and friends can not handled the death of another young per hour. I am like this is a motion.
I really didn't take long for the ambulance to show up my phone call list just that I was shopping, tween, one thousand one hundred and fifteen at one thousand one hundred and eighteen, the ambulance record record indicates it showed up at one thousand one hundred and thirty seven wow wow. Remember the paramedics talking to me because I can start small talk with any one in every one. I said my friends apparent asked who it was turns out. The lady paramedic said. The sorry it turns out. The lady paramedic was the teacher of the class in which my friend and the other parents on the ambulance that night we're only cause. They knew him over and called him telling him he should come to the hospital. Thank goodness for small communities. The paramedics asked for my idea. I had to although I was not the girl on my part of my name was Amy again, thank goodness for all the small town community, the ambulance Ride was short. I remember complaining about a pain in my shoulder. I remember profusely APOLLO rising for claiming only cod at that point. Breathing was getting up harder and my hand felt in Autumn Assistive, Tingley hot lots of pressure
the pain in my shoulder and back continued to get worse and my chest no longer burnt areas. We're being in the emergency room. They injected me with the stuff for the MRI or cat scan, whichever one they told me I would feel a hot sensation like I was being, but assured me. I was not in which I responded good. That would be. Harrison, considering uncomplaining. So much already two whole like that. She's like I'm so sorry for my longing I've been shot liver. Then they told me I about to go into a little chamber and it might be tight, I responded with. It looks like a tanning. Bullet tend to my god? What a hot shit I love it! The next thing I remember is being told the countdown from ten. I then woke up to my paramedic friend in the eye. see you telling me I was going to be ok. He was crying telling me he loved me and everything was going to be. Ok, love your paramedic friend, oh, my god that was there ten years ago today, as I write this to you thirteen years ago, I've just got like We should be a thirteen years Oh right now I was lying in the. I see you getting ready to be transferred.
To a normal hospital room. When I, two main normal hospital room. So many of my friends and family were there, which was amazing to me. This all have and one town and my friends and family lived in another town about an hour and a half away when news got out that this happened, every one came. There are also more flowers than I think I had ever seen before. To this day this of. Lilies makes me smile to Europe and think about how many people were thankful that I was alive. I found out the two couples that help me that night also helped me ends and family. They went to the store and bought them food and drink snowing. They would need at all about whether I usually I spent six days in the hospital, all my hospital say was quite pleasant. Everyone was so nice and carrying. I didn't look at my hand for a couple weeks the thought of what it looked like terrified me, but the doktor shared When I was ready to go on dates, I could turn my hand over and no one will ever know only of sweet mothers adorable. He was right. It just looks like I had an early surgery, my insides hurt the most
man's I turned the most. I could not sit up on my own. I could not laugh too hard or cry all the pressures hurt laying down. hurt, staying still her sitting her moving her. The Anastasia made me throw up that felt like I was being my incise out insides out one by one, which then made me cry and her even more for a few afterwards, anytime, I ran, or did too many set ups. My insides would remind me of the incident I think the worst part. However, was the feeling I got from taking the morphine, while in the hospital and the open, the purkis at home. Those drugs made me feel out of my mind, Lupi they raise my anxiety and altered my mood, I didn't take those four along, like I said, once your body nausea. yeah. Ok is one that allows you to feel also. I had to be on morphine and purkis at once for breaking my pelvis and makes you the idle insane star, but it's not funded with the morphine you'll get like so so so earlier I got incredibly SEC when I got up supple, kill ya
dusty spent a year in county jail before pleading guilty to deliberate, mitigated, homicide and getting five years in prison with sixty five years probation. While that's right, only five years in prison or trying to murder someone. I always get so fucking matter, because it's like this just because a bell right like that, I can. He also got time served. He ended up spending only two years and counting l, so he only spent three years in prison. He had to pay me twenty five hundred restitution If you odds and ends they say, money can't buy happiness well that
measly amount actually bought a lot of anger and resentment ya. I don't blame you whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively bears reads the office on pick up stream. Every moment from Donor Midland Export Bonus actors Annex loses plus, if you're looking for more classic. It's? U can stream every episode of parts in operation to an adventure and every season of Estonia in the mood for something brand new sick out, peacocks original comedies, the Amber rough and shall answer by the very worthy of creating a new
and you're familiar face. You could find sends a comedy. It's obvious, get started for free. If you got tv Dhaka, do you still need money for college? Consider a p a forward student loan. This low cost option can help bridge the gap between our financial aid package and what you still need to pay that to wish and build p a forward student loans. Give me what you're looking for fixed interest rates, no application or origination fees and multiple repayment options, click the ban, for more info or to apply I ended up paying most of my hospital bells. The fact that she had given a little bells. You should leave enough to pay dollar. No, although some entities either donated to them or just wiped them away from being what circumstances they were. Why do I sometimes feel I was being punished for living? Very honestly, people always say I'm so us add that happened to you.
I respond, I'm not it had to happen. It was the only way he would leave me alone, and better. You shoot me and I live than him. Then I shoot him and he dies. I'd be the one in prison. I don't want to go to President Obama since then. Yes, I was able to get back into call. I have two bachelor's and a masters degree and a decent job that I enjoy. How my masters degree. I know, and I left hand kind of I have a feeling, in my thumb, in two fingers. It likes to curl up on its cold and I constantly drop things. My lung capacity is in great I am able to hike and pass the pack test for wild for wild and fire fighting both. Oh, my god. Let's stop you literally a bad like while by huge accomplishments. For me, oh yeah, for anyone TAT Lake what might FR. I am only reminds me of its wounds. When I drink alcohol attend to get the hiccups alot the big body shaking loud hiccups that people think we need to cut me off. Would it have been met
spending on how much I've had to drink I'll tell them the story they usually by. me another drink and polish identity with my hands, thankfully, which is why that bullet didn't go through my heart, my hand slowed down, would essentially those banks would then give me my phone lay out. That's why she was shot in the hand, while so sometimes they forget, I'm holding a drink and talking with my hands, dropping the drink and making yet another. Seen at this point or One can do is make the best of things by friends. Joke may the fourth be with me as oh, because she was shot me, the fourth as my hands, the bullet from doing more damage. I joke about my leather jacket and Kelvin Klein push up for receiving need saving my life that night Kelvin Klein, maybe to double market. Those brought hell, yeah, I'm an avid vivid dreamer, but I've only had about three dreams. Regarding this situations. Good loud noises do make me jam and sometimes guns are hard to be around. Obviously, thank you. Imagine I was diagnosed with PTSD. I think they're wrong. I have a very bubbly upkeep.
Personality, though being a true Gemini that does flip on occasion. I do have a hard time of relationships, but don't worry about it. Whatever happens happens. Ok, I like totally thought that your friend that showed up in the I see you would like it to be and now I totally pursued using thirteen years ago of sick and then you really like analytical Canada, yeah disorders, great regardless, like I said this is my stated that side of the story, there is a lot of speculation that can be made like why he was so jealous. might. Ultimately, I dont care, and they don't spend my time. Thinking about that it I'll just sounds like justification for a very poor decision made on his behalf. Yeah doesn't matter why he was jealous No, nothing justifies shouting. Somebody keep in mind. He transported that gun from his house in a vehicle to my apartment, then took that gun from his vehicle and is tat, my vehicle, that he stole and drove around town, exactly Israel
for wanting me dad doesn't fucking matter nope. I now live by the motto you you do not have to forgiven forget you must remember and recover, because fuck forgiving, someone who try to murder me yeah and I'll be damned. If I ever forget the night, I was almost murdered last. I love her so my she's such a bad. I love that you must remember and recover. I'm gonna tell that to every eye. I wonder you have no obligation to forgive now forget and people are was again. differ gave for years. No, no, you don't you don't have to urge plenty. People are not forgive me if you don't feel like you want to. Forgive you don't have to know it's all to you. Give her reading my story. I M very excited excited to have you girls, Rita. Overall. This is a happy story. I'm ok! You, ladies get to tell my story publicly for the first time and I got to tell you what it feels like to be shot. That's a win, win, win, right. Take it away ash, keep it so weird, but not so weird that you let this
if I could ruin the rest of your life and not joke about your Calvin claimed pouted brought yeah. Oh my god Aimee what am break it? warrior seriously. That was amazing, while thou is truly truly away, I also of that everybody should argue. I love that. I love that. So how is like what I was so emotional was. I was trying to say I think we should end. I guess I'm like a unlike paranormal whatever, this one skewed away from a murderous kid. I wonder writer. I think that's a good one. Actually good enough javelin good, I'm totally getting say. Let's do skewed away from a murder. Ok highlights an ash thanks for doing their amazing work. You do you rock! Thank you. I started listening your podcast a few months ago and have almost caught up. You keep me company during my ten our ships that a machine shop only downside is work of a night shift in the whole places. Almost empty sounds like a dream. Then I'll have to drive home in the middle of the night through the empty town and right past,
Ok, now I live behind a cemetery while, needless to say, I drive home every night, like demons were following me. Fortunately, the drivers only seven minutes so My name is Sarah, the worst. Sarah, it's two a's. I know I've never seen Sarah, like that. I like it either way. I like it a lot you can might use because I don't have anything to high level of the horror I live in Washington, pretty close to Seattle. I was born in Finland and moved to the. U S with my family or NOS eighteen. Let me tell you that I am the oldest of nine children. I know you think, that's crazy, but hey my doubt as one of fourteen kids. By the way, big families are definitely not a normal thing and fair that's a huge family. Anyway, let's get to my story. About how I skeet away from a possible murder and was stupid enough to go back. This all happened when I was about sixteen six years have passed and I hope I now have a then I got my brains back. My family lived in the middle of Finland in a relatively big city. Actually not there.
big but big for a small country. Are I love that lakes thought processes such as it is, but you know what that will get attic. Our neighbourhood was right to the edge of the city and behind that was just woods and some more words. Then, of course, there were a couple of lakes, because Finland is just fill with the whip filled with woods, and Lake saying Finland is just fill, does like ants are like a roof over. There was a path in the woods for jogging biking and what not? In winter there was a ski trail for cross country, skiing I love cross across country skiing and when skiing almost every day until the snow, melted. Of course, I use that path, because it was right behind our house part of the path headlights, but I skeet everywhere. There is not a lot of southern Finland during the winter months or actually you don't see that precious son at all for a couple months, so it was really darkest sin and I had a headlamp to light by LE by way. Well, let us not about us always fine. I enjoyed my skiing work out in the fresh air. My mom was a little worried that I'd hurt myself in the dark. I promised to always care
my phone now that I think about it. My phone was mostly dead. Some big Brent, some big brain time you did the smiley face, was held with the glasses. I started seeing a creepy man on the part of the path that didn't have light. No, no! No! No! No about you slowly, walking on the side of the path, almost hidden in the woods, no I'm leaving once he came closer and started talking to me. I don't remember what he said, but that doesn't matter. The disturbing thing was that he spoke in the first place how dare he why I in Finland, you do not talk to us, dangers and stay away far away from people. Can I come to Finland, Now I that's like I made out o my heart went crazy and I flew passed him like my skis, had rocket engines attached. I decided not to go that way, anymore, smart, a week later, I woke up to seeing news of a murder young
When a young woman had been found on the path, just a mile from my home, raped and murdered cash, that was the spot where I flew pass the creepy guy oh now, my mom was really worried me going skiing down that path. holds her. I would only stand the lighted parts and not go in the direction or the murder happened. Oh my god, I would decrease ability. You know you're, not my mama, and happy at all, but I sneaked out and when skiing on the path where murder happened the day before her all are all. I guess. Who is more important than safety has been split. I e I continued skiing in nothing happened. There are at least two reported rapes and the only got nothing happened for them. There were at least who reported rapes in the area during the next month or so, but the dumb ass bitch, I am I continued skiing like nothing had happened, I don't know where I left my brain. I see where they in your home at something happened about a month later I was again going skiing, but suddenly didn't feel like going. I'm not sure why
and go but ended up playing. Mario super smashed brothers of my brothers, that's irony the very next morning I found but there was another murder again. A young woman was found, raped and murdered on the path, but this time it was even closer to my home on the part where I speed every day most shit, my pants yeah, the murder had happened around seven p m and that's when I usually one scheme asking that night, I would have seen the murder or gotten murdered hope that's tariff, guess I would have most likely been the victim I stopped seeing for that whole winter. Smart choice! at last. It was March and the snow is melting anyways. But honestly, I was just too scared to go on that path. The next year I lived in Germany and then move to the. U S, I never got a chance to go skiing again on that path. I'm glad I didn't, because knowing me, I would have gotten back gone back there
next year. As far as I know, the case is still open and no one has been charged with those murders. That's terrifying! On you're gonna go back, I'm stressed I'm pretty sure but the creepy man knows something, but the police were not able to find him. My google search didn't give me any information and I have to stay not knowing what happened South creepy guy is still me area. I've been quick, he's been quiet for a few years. I am glad to be the four thousand six hundred and fifty and I'm glad to be the four thousand five six hundred and fifty miles from that place in West Coast, Washington, where quoting quote nothing. Ever happens, visited congrats for finishing the novel. I jumped the moon. If you were to read this on, the podcast will get Jumpin Jumpsome I might read you some other novels of life. Like my haunted home. Please do that almost killed me, oh yeah, but decided to burn itself to the ground. Lead it needed ended at immediately, so do keep up with the awesome work and keep a weird, but not so, where that you go skiing on a path or bad shit happens, but you don't care because skiing is more important than life
your fellow weirdo weirdo. Sarah already Lara is more important than life wow die. Listen, hotels! Bunch was not what a roller coaster duchess took us through. We didn't of true crime and not one that wasn't there always much more heavy true crime yeah. Well, last night we did like a bunch of dead brides. I guess we needed some true crime, Wowzer fairly easy to him. Thank you guys for sending those in for. New money in theirs. Those like maybe I'll, send you by other one. Please do said the other one to impose you're you're, all amazing. These are all great. Please send us more and make sure you title them listener tales and whatever you want to name them, because that's always fun and we always love. I mean like a good subject. Time will pull us right, who doesn't love a great subject. All these,
Jack binds like each shot in the chest, a goal, murder conviction without a body like sister got her extra toe. I cannot tell I should buy extra toad tat from a murderer and speed away firmer yeah. You can't I mean oh it and read those if I only knew what you would feel. If what will you do in the future, written by a brat child? I mean like that that all dresses perfection I mean if you used the word here in your thing on indefinitely than us instead, so thank you So much guys you rock yeah, sending me, then Are you going to see the cat on the instagram? Yes go. find thumbs with a z, the cat here, and I think I'm feeling, because that's a public thing we can close. The pagoda category can oppose him our message and ask these beautiful, eleven. Well, go on over the instagram. Add morbid podcast finish up on twitter. At a morbid podcast sent us a Gmail broadcast edgy build,
We will begin listening and we hope you he said, but not so whether you think that skiing is more important than their not getting murder because, like you to fling opening up murdered on schedule because, like nobody would find you not be really scary and us aware that leg you hang out with the kitchen would like a guy. That's gonna murder people in the future. That's it we're that, like you get your car from a murderer because, like while Bali Company, they have as many tells us back, because that kind of keeping it weird that's over that happen, not a party, and you think you know somebody that was murdered there, don't keep it that way and that's a weird that you got shot majestic all eat raw Let me guess
Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry battery brown crumble. Fragrant, vanilla flavour is in every sense, stop indeed try this perfect summer cup. or you can use the why why, after order ahead or get it delivered, make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while streaming. Only I'll pick a new over it'll come at me in a punk bank. We are lady parts. Confused mixed hash saw a girl, our repute, tuna, from where we are all so streaming that only a bigger
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