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2021-02-28 | 🔗
What's funnier than 24? 25!!! Due to a sudden switch in the plans for recording, we've handpicked some listener tales! We have a couple follow- ups on Willie Pickton, a creepy bathroom ghost and a history lesson all wrapped up in one creepy package for ya! Enjoy🖤 As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/10morbid and use code 10morbid for 10 free meals, including free shipping! Hunt a killer: Right now, you can go to HuntAKiller.com/​MORBID​ and use ​MORBID​, for 20% off your first box. Purple: Go to Purple.com/morbid10 and use promo code morbid10 you’ll get 10% off any order of $200 or more! Bestfiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play.
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national Guy booze is morbid well well, so the we have some technical difficulties regarding this episode so based What we are doing is like patriarch, were picking the cases we gave them like a couple options and then the winner of the pole. We would do that case. So I think the options that I gave her this week was Dominique done and Venus Extravaganza Venus Extravaganza, one, the pole by on researching I started to come across some stuff that I was like you know. Maybe it's not the right time to tell her story. Yeah and the quote that actually came across was on her nephew did an interview with billboard and he said, I dont think Venus and her wildest dreams. According to my family, members would have ever envisioned herself becoming a transgender martyr I think she just wanted to live her life and just be who she was without dealing with any social pressures are persecution,
But the reason why were so quiet about Venus is because there is a lot of fighting over her legacy. So when I read that I was like there's a lot of fighting over her legacy and right now, just doesn't seem like the right time to get into the store Inga and in this light? Not a lot is known about the crime either. It's like that. So little bit of a tough one year on every front seems like you know the respectful thing to do to not do not touch it re so I mean we so wanted to stay true to our word and give you three episodes this week and actually drew was gonna join us where the Venus episode cause. He loves. All things drag. All things Paris is burning. so instead we're gonna do some listener tales. Just so that you make sure, though you get your three episodes, we wanna stay true to our word and we have you hang out, withdrew yet There is little mix all of those things possible and then the second thing that we just wanted to address envisages really brief. It's nothing like crazy, but ah
just been hearing a little bit of feedback about the Brittany Drexler episodes about how the two girls that. She went to Myrtle Beach with you know a lot. People have a lot of you know, opinions about them and whatever we cannot have our own opinion, but I think that people were taking that like peering about what that what was going on down there and are now like attacking them personally, like finding them on social media, and we just want to make it very clear. I I thought it was clear, but I want to make sure that we say it very clearly in black and white. We do now condone harassing anyone associated with these cases. not at all, we we don't encourage it. We don't condone it opinions. Our opinions, they're, like assholes. We are we as one who I we never want. You know if we say someone's at an asshole that doesn't mean go, find them on social media. My tried out, you know, make them come off of such because I don't want anybody harassing any Leah?
we do have unless it's Myra, Hindley and even Brady, but they're both dead, so go ahead. Eager ass, we can take that one right off the table around I'd say: go find them, but no we really just wanted to be very clear. We dont harass anyone, it's just not you know it mother, I think most people listening all again No that look like in case anybody like just I will stand that, like emotions, run high in these cases, people get angry. We get angry and you wanted just scream at people involved about it, but it's just not a good idea. It's let it let it happen. Let these cases take their course and just just don't do it We don't condone it. We're not call that. So we just wanted to say that and then we just wanted to end our little business portion, though, that it is not us out on like a real high. No, I think Gallina almost like shot her pants when I told her what hands- and I almost shout my pants when I saw items so I like I'm, I'm an old so I don't like you.
it's like a little four and in some ways to me like there's some things on their from like when I was younger, but like its turned into something totally different, but I love a lot of these true crime chin. Because I have searched for the word like we ve talked about Billy Syrian Legal Handle, Randal Ray and then one that I have been really really really unto is Eleanor kneel and one, I think her accent is the most delightful thing I've ever hurt like I could listen to her. Talk about any her broke. Is a wild amazing and then was wisely amazing she's amazing at research she's really good at presenting, I just loved her yeah I've always been into her, and then we just found out that she like shouted ass out on her recent, the same about the Mattie Clifton case, who we talk to Jessica Clifton. We did an interview with her while back I'm just talking about Mattie talking about the case, how it affected her and her family. And it was that in our view, I remember we left it and we were just like high because we're like that
was so like it was just so sad fine to talk to someone that was like. So I don't know it just legal environment. We came and we're like. This is why I want to do this. We can talk to real people, real. She was just so amazing she was so sweet you so so informative and so honest and like real interest gracious and we, loved that episode. So when Eleanor Neil just shouted out on her recent episodes amount Mattie Clifton, which I am telling you go listener Channel for sure is really really satisfying, because it was like all that was one that, like really was like special to us, that one wife, I will remember that interview forever. Yes, it was just like a really big one, so we I wanted to say thanks to Eleanor kneel and it's so cool that you listen because Rebecca this allows like a nice is an I shot. Me are my link. I think Genji would call us mutual me really as I without that means. I have no doubts by three really Baden.
Agenda. does anyone know a good portion of our listener through us off both those are publicly I'm gonna go now and among my head out, I love that are eight while, while drew outnumber ain't, but do you stick around? We got a lot, so this is like a listener, tells episode obviously, and we got a ton of listener tales regarding Willie picked it yeah. So I just wanted to read a couple of them because a couple of them were like what not at a crazy. The whole thing isn't gonna, be Willie Listener to know that just a start, us we disfigured we'd start off with them, because that was the most recent episodes done say. I know so. This first One that I have is called the listener. Tell when Picton was my neighbour o, which, while Madame living extort about farm right out of,
eight just who do you want my legs, you about that noise sparely! No one could just kept going our endless. Another Willie picked up his own, but leg. I imagine it was wrong. Oh it's exactly what you're picturing the lake picture, what your picture? other pictures of yeah yeah. That's all you need to know. You just need to see a picture of him and then you're like I get it. The imo by that I, like a thousand totally get a little closer, so it says: hey my. your nose, I listen to your podcast our work in love in love, just how you girls just be little the fuck out of these scum. Thank you Anthony, if there was any by the way he said I could say so he says My name is tony hello Tony, I tony Can I call you tony Tony in you can use my name see. I told you
The story I'm gonna, tell, does not physically link any one to Willie Willie's, evil ways. This is going to creep you out cause well now that I'm thirty five and know so much about the story. Grosses me out hallowed fellow thirty five year old, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classic, but the office parks and recreation and two and a half men plus original comedies, like Ap Bio, on saved by the bell for all your food to comedy phase. Could a peacock tv dot com to get started,
as Red Robins, voiceover artist? I here to explain bottomless. How do I get across to free retails on fries and drinks? Well, here goes bottomless at re. Robin means free, unlimited recalls on the fries inside that come with every browser or voluntary. That means free refills on state price. We potato fries, Yukon, kettle, jibs, garlic, right, broccoli, size, zealots after his eyes, these vital lemonade and even rope air flouts operate at the next fire into your appetite. Does my brother who's, going to send you a different listener tail, but because you brought this up to the fellow weirdos, I thought well fuck about his well tell you this one. Instead, let's take you back to the mid nineties where this guy was just a wee lad. I was about years old, my brother, who was seven years old, then sometimes had to baby set, while my mom had to work nights or decided to go out with my aunt by bingo beloved icon,
the Ngos the best or as in seven years old, by the way, seven years older than him. We wonder I a seven year old was baby said. Excite reading is hard on a Sunday. Okay, we just got a hard on an o is it's. My dad was usually at a town until the weekend, because he was a long haul. Trucker side. Note, thanks to my wife. Fascination would serial killers. I always wondered about my dad, but really he's too much of a cry baby to be one put it cheating, husband, Reg, LAR yeah, he was that Ella. Well, anyway, back to my brother companies like casual boots of being young in dumb my brother had to take me along if you wanted to go out, sometimes right, we would ride our bike down the street to this Bush boggy area and play around. We knew this plot of land belong to yup, you guessed it right, the Picton family and they did not like trespassers. We talked about the episode so as he played in the swamp Bush, mucky, fuck area, catch rugs and just be kids, but any time we hear
vehicle we would duck and hide so that they would not yell at us and chase us off their land event. Really they sold part of their land to be housed. Well, that didn't stop from climbing the new mounds of dirt. Yes, now to this day, I think women who may be women were buried. There may ask one day, I was climbing up this mound with my best with my brother and his best friend, and lo and behold. What do we see driving in this area, a red pick up? Let's Willie's car, that's Willie was grumpy all Willie as we too get out of this hill of modern dirt? My boots gets stuck and I am trying to pull it out. All of a sudden. My brother says fuck. It leave it, and I start running with one. My boots in a muddy, saw what are my boots in the hill and a muddy suck. My gun on across the street where my houses and then we he really slowly drive by an yells at us to stay the fuck off his and William you that's escaping really well
years, go by island of moving to Maple Ridge, which is two towns over and my brother, who was the troublemaker growing up, started a party with some shady people extra sat the picture. Farm started hanging out with health angels. We call these type of people, Hank would be Stiva. People hang around, which aren't quite prospects, but still did some dirty work for them. I love Canada, That's all I have to say. We were always aware, there's something going on it that farm, but we didn't know, is as bad as it was in. This also is when the Piggy Palace was hopping. The fact that you are just like around for that boy, YE power or Can you tell us about the Piggy palace good Times society? Why do people get out was only one you don't so eventually they caught Willie thank fucking. God you piece of shit. Yes, I do believe his brother was involved so
Last year, I really got into true crime, especially serial killers, and I went down the rabbit hole of what really really did and what happened on that farm, and I collude in my include in one day. Oh fuck, my brother was nice. One thousand eight hundred and twenty years old, around one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and was hanging around with Hells angels. So I called him up one day, so it pretty much went down like this bro. Hey? What's up me? Hey man, you remember Picton Bro yeah man Ella! Well. Why me well fuck, I just listen new podcast about him in his fucked up family bro, he's like you do. He says you don't even know the half of it me do. I just realized you were nineteen or twenty around that time. Did you ever go to the piggy palace brow all the fucking time That's, where we would go after the bar clothes stooge me dude holy FUCK, you know what went down in that place. Did you see anything bro for home?
hang around were hanging out there. You didn't have a wandering. I me I hope to God. You didn't eat the barbecue, their bro, oh yeah, for sure me, I'm like dude. He grunted the victims into the meek, grinder bro! You only live once It was so we ate the barbecue. Did he them everything? My love, I ve said oh yeah for sure. someone's been legal, fourpence, your brows wild. I incomplete shock of Bro said that, but at this point, what could you do? It's been many years since then, but I what any good brother? What do I totally rapid on him to my mom Ella? Well know we ve never bought, beat off them there with their meat. Look terrible anyways, my RO, isn't being a shit had any more and I still have to crime, even though my neighbor was a prolific serial killer and canadian history anyway, I got a lot more scary stories from crime to spiritual, and hopefully you like to hear them thanks for the Red away. The photo to show you where we lived and where he lives well, keep a weird and I'll. Let ash do her thing
even where bonanza, where that eleven exportable depicted in you, lose his you and you who's your shoe in his hill. You lost your shoe and is hell. You lost her view maybe I was part of like the excavation and everything your shoe was found. Your shoe, maybe unlike in evidence chains and he sent out like a map photo and they were very close. I am not looking Ireland glows, so scared, wow, Tony wow, Tony, like the? U just casually out in there that you brother, might have eaten the barbecue like. That's have actually got to go Wowzer like that's a lot civil. I think we have one more Willie Picton Ask listener, tale that I will read to you this one's little short, but we're gonna go for it. This one's called Picton and pull Compton a listener. Tell maybe just finish listening to part two of your podcast impressive. I love your take on it. If you could keep my name confidential its appreciated, I can do that. You got it if it's easier, you can call pork port co, quit loan, cocoa or poor Compton like us,
local stew. So here's my near picked inexperience after TAT. I love that there's like a near picked him up something at this at the time and right up Until all this shit with picked him was exposed. My boyfriend had friends that rented from Picton they lived in a house on the burns road property. Don't worry, though they did not smell a barn animals and neither did the house we used to visit that property frequently to hang out until his friends had to relocate, because you know serial killer landlords, finance the even shut the property down to dig up for evidence. Luckily they didn't find anything there. I cringe when I think of all the times I'd pot by later in the evening and the pitch black property on my own meta, my boyfriend there, of course, and would walk for my car, alone in the pitch black to the door, although luckily I never actually met Willie, at least to my recollection. So not young at the time and super naive and oblivious, but it sounds like I'd
member that smell you. Will you evidently remember that it's my do recall a time I showed up at the burns. Road property and my boyfriend's friend was in the driveway and says just hanging over the stables to meet Willie. If you wanna come see the horses what what I me know thanks. Luckily, I was still in the very lovey dovey stage of our relationship, so I couldn't wait to see my boyfriend. I know Willie pop by the property from time to time, so my boyfriend like to remind me, you probably sat in the same proceeded shudder. Mama that's it. I'm gonna break here first hour. They were true within connections to this case. When you grow up in the Hood of Pope Compton. I love your podcast in your light. Hearted take on cases, you guys are awesome and then it says p s. We have lots of crazy canadian cases, but you should look into Delanne Millard that duties Fox NEWS well now, gonna look into one hundred percent because we still have to have one of our favorite Canadians on the podcast Jordan from the night.
by my eyes. Yeah we're gonna have to pick a case for him to be on. Maybe that's one. We gotta, while guy thank you for sending your near Picton experiences, who reminds you have won my dad leg. Just casually mentioned his connection. And John Wayne gases such as we were eating dinner. That he's like. Oh just like what case are you doing, and I was like our working on John Wayne Gacy he's like the schools. What is his victims and then just like, took another bite, evolutionary madame on one leg. Why didn't I That is just never come up with a little. Nothing about that, because I just never came out. for like how anyone currently going with you ve, just never flat out, asked me his home town is twenty minutes away from where jangling, oh, my God, and he also has like this connection to a case because he was in the military and one of his life. Sergeants or something was on a forensic files episode fur. He killed us.
either wife already here. And what are you saying that, in a picture with him and just like sent it to me one day, just just live India, Joe Joe is why don't you know is on. I have very I mean I guess, that being those things never come up when your family is just now interested in and then I came along. Did you savage like one day someone's like I'm, going to ask you guys Does it have a connection to John Wayne Crazy, like I've been waiting for setting up it's like I walk ETA might. Does anybody have a true cried out an action? Anybody have a listener. Tail pogo the clown money desiring a belt anyway. My shows like dinging day he's, like I smell what you're stepping in and let me tell you that this is done this for years, Sofa Lawiya, so that's that Willie picked him now, we're gonna be all right out of that for ever and ever yet now by Willy forever mine
Solicitor tail is called Mummy who's that lady, oh yeah. I know right alien and ass? I thought I'd email, you a story that happened a few years ago when I think about it. Now it still freaks me out hold onto your butt. so it all started where my marriage broke down. I was living in the south of England with my son and now Ex husband, who was serving in the military as I'm from the north. When we were separated, I decided to move back to Manchester to be closer to family and friends. Myself and little boy set off to try to build a new life. We moved in with my sister for a while until we could find a home to rent didn't take long and one came up in the village where I grew up perfect. I knew that area really well and I was closed to family and friends and my favorite chippy was across the road. You can't beat a northern fish and chips shop. Oh, I feel that oh yeah made fish and chips. Last night delicious. Ah, it was a little terrorist, how small but big enough for me, my two year old Son Noah and our cap- oh my god, I'm sure, said puppy but out, its poppy
I don't like your cap, the inner tat. We know our cap poppy, which is still too we knew we moved in inside to build our lives, our new life. I got a job and started to find a new normal. I couldn't subtle, though you know when you move into a new place and it takes a while to feel at home. Well, I never felt comfortable. I never felt at home. I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I just had this bad vibes and the cat was unhappy either. That's when, Now they always went copious man she's like that's, not my cab. Whenever she was in the house, she was skittish and any opportunity she had. She would dart out the door. Oh no Franklin does that all the time I don't think we're hunted. till one day she just point blank refused to come back in the house. She said: we're going in the neighbor's house instead, no matter
Let me in the neighbour tried she would not come back and I spoke to the neighbour about it. She was an old lady who had lived on the road forever. I told her about my experience of not feel uncomfortable and house, and she said the previous tenant previous tenant had said the same. She just left it at that and I thought the house must be on homely. Refresh your summer. It why why people here with our handcrafted smooth, these were pressures or Pressures are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy trade. delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and mix barrier strawberry, bananas. Smoothie crafted keep you cool. So brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth made breast, your way at. Why? Why refresh your summer it while why beat the heat
with our handcrafted smooth. These were pressures or pressures are handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy trade, delicious flavors like mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and mix barrier strawberry bananas. Smoothie crafted keep you cool, so brush your summer with our handcrafted refresher in smooth, made breast your way at why why. fast forward a few months, my cats moved out to live with the old lady. Extorted, a betrayal. I told her pol pot while she gave birth. You know ah, and my son had his third birthday. He was speaking a whole lot more and could hold in can hold a really good conversation. He's her. He had always been a really light sleeper as a toddler and ended up in my bed at some point in the night one night, like usual, he woke up and gotten better
me? Fine. He lay down- and I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. Well then he sat himself up and said Mummy who's that lady? No! No! No. I asked what lady he said. The lady stood at the window well my heart stopped volume in my mouth. I look up at the wheel, go and there's no one there. There isn't a lady Noah there she is. She stood at the window, then my spooky child started giggling, saying stop it: lady, oh my god. I am not ashamed. Who are doing what you do? I don't I would not ask. I am not ashamed to admit that I had under my covers that night literally shot the bed that was the start of it. My son started speak about this lady. Quite often he would see her and other places in the but mostly in my bedroom, which obviously freaked me out massively. I convince myself that he had an imaginary friend and I knew to stop being a shed house and embrace my creepy childs new. May I smoke to friends and family about it, and they were unsettled as I was about the situation and then they did
want to come around my hopes anymore. Why? God that's fucked up A month after Noah started, seeing and speaking to this lady, I happened to be leaving the house around the same time. As my elderly neighbour she asked how we were getting on and whether we were feeling more at home. I told her no and begin to real everything off my little boy had been saying she started to look at, flustered like she was having an internal argument with herself, then she said verity. I really didn't want to tell you this, but a ninety. Ninety three doktor Shipman came round your house and killed the lady who lived there. Okay, like that's, that's like Joe drop in the jungle Engrais seafaring. It's just like the book. I didn't to tell you this by wanted Laelia ride but literally well. Well,
my jaw hit the floor. I could have believed it ice at home that night and couldn't actually believe what evil had taken place. I honestly believe that the bad vibes I had felt all that time, we're because of the horror the house had witnessed. I felt so much sadness sadness for the victim I'll post, a link to an article about her, my son, carried on speaking to the lady. For a little a longer and then suddenly it stopped. I dont know why I dont know whether it was linked, but it seems too much a coincidence. The feeling of unease never left and we moved out a few years later. I often wonder if whoever lives there now huh, the same feelings I did. My son is now nine and can't remember the lady at all. Well, at least I don't think he does. I'm not going to mention it because I know he's not ready to hear that story for a long time. Well, that's my spooky true crime story. I hope it met expectations. Here's a link to the victim love. You both very t wow that's nuts ilium. She was like nice, hurricane yeah, that's true when he was a boy you crazy, lady,
gives me. I didn't have a body she was just made about tabs. It really does but why does my bones have ever told you? That's why I've never told you that story Really. How are you and fir tree see? You know, though, like place where I point out to you like near her house that I used to live in like above, that certain media put me trying not to training education, and if you know that play you know that place above, not only here that this got it occurs, there wouldn't be in my mom and allow lived there. I would like the upstairs at night by myself. It was like a loft apartment and she would like leave me up there after it was time to go to bed and my mom like would not come to bed until superbly, and I was always tariffs and I would see this lady sitting by the closet and she didn't a body. She was just made of bones and lucid alike. What's it like it, but I think I got a head right. She had hair like she had her face was
skeletal, but it was still a face and she, Still, I say, scary shit to me and I don't remember what it was but like like when you Older you're gonna have a big tax bill lies. I know I feel like I'm going to eat. You right now allow non, and I always get so scared, and actually I got so scared one night that my mom I was like uncle solar bore inconsolable or whenever and my mom had to call my dad till I come suddenly down like now and they were divorced what five not exactly the joy of outbreak but yeah, so hopefully our kids Sunday earnest creepy as me, see the way amount of my ghost shit, you ve had happened, and I never had anything how and to me because you didn't live like a nineteenth century farmhouse the farewell. My my house, I grew up and was from eighteen hundred and I knew there is definitely some feeling of like spirits, but they like, I feel like they tell us the unlike and only time like, I'm really had like a ghost encounters when the
in your grandparents house, would fuck with me. Oh yeah you say you hard, yeah I was like laying like I was lying, on average in leg? Let's not say please you! I was asked what about anyway. I I heard a whisper and I looked up and it is unclear not ass. I did I ask you is this: zone. The fifteen current did you just say something and others like now, and then I would like, and that's when I would have to leave for work at like three, a m and like I would walk down stairs and I can literally like sometimes I would like feel like something like right. O is there were likewise like they were like operate on my face like who are you? What are you doing? What the fuck
why you and I have held it. Are you a lesbian? Are you one of those lesbian? Let's get out of here up until this point, we have only had the streets where they were from the aged. Under this, though, there are like what such a fund, but now I think they were very protective over me. They were, I moved into that house during some very different, Yes, and I always remember the at the ghost ease in that house. Railways, like very chill cause you and I would like when you were younger and I didn't live there yet like if Man Papa went somewhere He would stay alone. I wouldn't let alone now enough and then, when you moved out an island there Mamma had gone vacation. I would watch the how yeah- and I remember I there is always one like this weird whiff of perfume now go via lot madhouse than it was when I was feeling like creeped out and I believe will and none of us and I get a waft of perfume and it would be hard on. So I feel it it is like one of the ghost being like it's like. He assumption on number five spirits or what I'm your grandpa
throw away- and I was like I don't want to stay here. It creeps me out like being here alone. I don't want to be here. There are goave seer and, as I said, there were ghosts like the leaf he fell. I was like, whereas we live we are out of here. It sounds like a lot less dramatic than it was, but we are literally like arguing like yours, like I'm not staying here, and I would like it's fine I literally live here like nothing is wrong. Like gather, go spot whatever ass being like it's fine and like underpinning the entire situation, not only did a leaf all I think it was a books or something fell off the table, and I was like thanks a lot guys like our rights, because at that point we were commuting an hour but over an hour to see each other. So we had to go driving. also like I was that fucking kidding me thanks. Thought my mom was so unimpressed. Up which areas like really
like you, I ll leave about that's crazy me and done a really vibe together about. May your kid is extra, like ie sugar and one of those ghost hunting. That's compelling evidence. Donna like has this way of just going really like that, just like the ones that she said. I love it, but Lily listener to go there. They found means. This is a fun listener tales since because it's like the mission I shall Gang MASH of Willie picked in other people's ghost reason our early paranormal relationship and then I can bring you a pretty fuckin terrible murder,
Arthur was written by somebody who has banned that you should check out, because I just listen to another like woe. Oh yeah, we reject but trying to decide like who your band reminded us of, and we said the used mixed with the story so far he adds like it brings very like early odds. Pop punk real nests tonight, like net than a stall generally came bubbling back and I loved you guys are really don't. You are so and I'll tell you who they are signals and Ah, so this is called listener. Tail Samaranch delivery driver murderer piece of shit all right, so just in case you were about to press, go on your door Dashaway one second known soppy, all fuckin weirdos. My name is Chris. I work in apartment, industry and tax. this get ready to say all a lot Lee writing this, while in an apartment where Ladys Throat was slashed, while her boyfriend was on a mess, bend rage, but that's another story. Later, so this is an open wound about one. Why there even a bow
that what I did that one as well, please cry he's bringing it already. My wife showed me your podcast and I've been hooked ever since I want that it wanted to share something that happened around five years ago, Seven years ago I was dating a girl named Heather maples we dated on and off for two years and in two thousand and fifteen. While we weren't together, we spend to weaken together and we're talking about the possibility of getting back together. She had moved to Tennessee and was working as a leasing agent for an apartment complex the weekend after we spend together, I received a text around too I am where she was asking about some song. I told her which song it was and fell back to sleep without receiving a response back from her I went on with my day at work. The next day when I received a call from a fat friend telling me to check social media when I logged on, I saw that Heather had been brutally murdered around two or three
am I jar. Obviously, Europe dropped to the fucking floor in the next week or so is a complete blur of talking to detectives. I was one of the last one in communication with her and morning. They finally arrested the scum human about a week later in detail started coming out. This dude was a delivery driver and reportedly had been delivered to her previously and I'm not sure if he became obsessed with her or what, but he broke into her apartment, raped and strangled her. She died from blunt force, trauma I've attached to nautical with a few more details. Apparently I wasn't the only guy she had been talking to during the trial. It came to a light to came to light that he recorded the attack on her with his cell phone. What does far regardless of what activities she was engaging in this still fucked me up pretty bad for about a year till
together with my beautiful and amazing wife, anyways there's my story and I gotta get the hell out of this murder apartment and too many spooky vibes going on you I'll, say weird, but not so where'd you let a sandwich delivery guy break into your apartment. Vs Yo can use my name, and you can also check out my band. His band Christmas band is keepsake and you can find them and spot a fine. They real. If you like that, like I do, I feel like when you go to you're gonna, know exactly what I'm talking about it's like, I'm, really good vibe to it. It's very It really reminds me a lot of guys leave our it gave me like ITALY brought me back and I was gonna say in high school. That was one of my favorite ban. I got kicked in a face in the face of their show there. You go again we'll Chris It's like really sad and I'm so sorry that that happened to you, because that is way too close to home, so how's that you for sharing it with us, though, also can you send us about your scary
Hartman YAP. Please send the second lesson or tail please. Yes, the second lesson her tail and also his like spooky apartment five reminded me of that case that you did in New Orleans some body and Zack. Yes, the area around me of that. I know the does have the same kind of vibes. Do it we love spooky apartment, accept not at all. I love that my apartment was built into those in sixteen year could be a Brittany bitch ghost, which one should I read next you picked most of these show you wanna do kinky bathroom goes I shouldn't do I guess that's what you're telling me You know what you can do. Kinky moaning Myrtle is that we hold one can only hope and moaning Myrtle is decreed. It is here that can give out through it, I just say the cream. I say thank you to the creepy. Is in a way aware to think he is ok. Well, this
and, as I have a random history of hearing in seeing things, I can't explain, but I've never shared any of my experiences with others, their small things sitting on a swing in my back yard and seeing a blurry misty figure, walking between pine trees or setting up my dorm desk and a deep whisper repeating my name. The story, I'm sharing is from nine years ago, when I was twenty three and living in Oshkosh Oshkosh Pugwash. Nothin lovingly known a slash clock, slosh, Amelia, slosh com,
The council offered some alarm and me, and my oh, my god, I'm eminent recent move up. My then boyfriend and I lived on the second floor of a neglected college student apartment building. When I say this place should not have been legal. I mean our smoke detectors dangled open with wires hanging, lose our freezer kept warm await. You did her freezer kept warm with a layer of mould full in the kitchen roof, pissed gallons of melted snow over the orange linoleum every other week delicious. Why the bathroom was off the living ermine triggered my claustrophobia. Every day, creaking shut the tall old wooden door closed only with a force pull from the inside. The only lock was a silver hook through and all I hate that a silver hook through an eye at tit level unfit found a lazy when my boyfriend was on the couch watching tv. I went in the bathroom, pulled the crooked door shut and secured the hook latch.
I know I locked it because, as I did, I thought this is stupid. The only person here is ass face not his real name and he's not coming in and I'm bathroom, but I'm bathroom shy and I wanted the security of the sophisticated law could provide a fifth I was on the toilet. Contemplating important was constant dilemmas like do brat school, better with monster or cheddar cheese when the door opened a third of the way just enough for me to see out in the living room and shit myself. Good thing you already on the to his legacy ass, face still sitting across the room on the couch and no other people were in the apartment, the door at the door opened into the living room. So it's not like my ninja cats could have pushed it open to visit their mommy while she peed I shot up pants around my ankles and yanked the door shut as hard as possible. There was no way it could have. It could open on its own, even without the walk it take. It takes muscles to move it from the frame
sleep tat night with my phone flashlight on and for the rest of our lives. I was highly on whatever kinky spirit haunted. The built I haven't had an unexplainable experience, although we now live in a house where the previous owner died, so I'm holding onto my butt for whatever comes up next, keep it weird, but not so. Where that deliver the goes with no boundaries kills. You smoked, detectors and HANS. Your bathroom it's from Sarah, not swim. Sarah are you gonna, reader of all ages. Sarah had sent us to double space in pdf switches just great, because it knows what the fuck is up and she knows in barely red Double Spaced, as is, but it was this really great, though I appreciate that fairer in that was the kinky ghost at Yale says one the green man, all right. I moved to Bilbil Wisconsin and ninety, Ninety four, when I was six in first heard about the green man when I was a teenager bell, villas, a town of two thousand three hundred nestled between cornfields, with no stop lights. main street has bore bars. We have replaced
every year to honor, you are frozen, Ilium Iconic, their grocery store has changed names at least three times in the past fifteen years. You know you're a pre wide UK resident when you know what old Jim's is or crawled your way out of the shed after one too many shots of blue raspberry uv cranked years teenage stuff, a clue, ass, very uv. While brought me back my fears, we lived in town until I turned thirteen, he bought a lot. We bought a lot in a wheat field, two miles away from the nearest soccer field, moving I'm having neighbours behind and on both sides of us being isolated in the country serenade by coyotes, every night was freaky, Living room had tall windows stacked on each other to reach the fifteen foot high ceiling, while my parents thing get blinds in them for a few years, so I spent nights huddled alone on the cap under a heavy blanket holding the remote as both a tool and a weapon as the darkness stared back at me, that's tariff, and when I got out of that was, if you celebrate Christmas, you could
had the most ball or are you just tree? The green man? Of course. Mr now agree you then Supposedly he was a man released from prison after serving time for something violent. His house, was out on highway. Ninety two hugged in the curve of the road by a healthy wall of pine trees blocking its twisted frame from view. His name came from the paint used on his skin when he went out hunting more than one friend, told me stories of how he crept through their backyards, climbed into their back porches and tapped his machete against their window. Goodbye others spoke of him walk, walking through cornfields to step out on a desolate road. Looking for someone to cut there are no street lights in the country and stop signs for stop signs, provide perfect chances for a person or dear to pounce on the newly licensed victims, although I spent here's terrified to look out my windows at night. The only time I saw what could have been green man was during my junior year when I was on a midnight drive with two friends. That's when it all happened,
Those are the best after dropping One girlfriend off at our house a majestic cabin on a hill. You could get it to only by driving on miles of two curvy wooded roads. My other friends, nice, loudly to our follow up boys city, as I too tat, while they pulled up to an intersection and stopped check cars, there were no lights, only half dead corn waiting for Harvest- I looked left then right in screamed when I saw a man standing on the shoulder of the road heels, kissing the grass as he stared at us. You are a great writer by the way. Yes, she is. the Department of Veterans Affairs is so innovative. It not only approves the lives of veterans. Eight transforms the lives of health care professionals who served them with access to the latest technologies and remarkable benefits, transform your future at Viagra, where's that the eight that Gov you
in a room with two beds at a hotel, isn't exactly your idea. The romantic getaway torpid gets it. Does it orbits dot com, slash pride to fine hotels, welcome you to travel as you are Corbett's travel as you are. There were no. cars around and no near by houses he could have come from. He must have walked out of the corn. Just as I pulled up, he didn't move didn't, say anything just stare into the window of my friend, hit the dash to get me to drive, and I slammed the gas of my ninety six Mazda, so it pushed ahead. I looked for a forum while my friend turned around to stare at the man saying that he was still watching us stepping into the road and turning his body towards my car? We worked.
terrified and actually really lucky my car had Jim problems back. Oh my god, I didn't know not. Whenever I would come to a complete stop, the engine would shot off and I'd have to put it into park. Remove the key then started back up again hope the spider would turn into a hum. Oh my god that was so many cars that I drove in high school. I was gonna all my friends card is all of my car. I wasn't my salary. I dont know why it didn't happen that night at the stop sign. I do know that. Sixteen years later I have a fear of dark nights and roads I drive the Green man's old House weekly to visit family. It's been listed for sale but never purchased, adding to its mystery. It doesn't look like any one could be living there, but I'm not about to go knock on the door to check. Thank you for eating my small town.
Tail, keep it weird, but not so weird that you drive by a dying car. You drive a dying car at midnight and almost get murdered by field by field wandering maniac, who wears his favorite color like a creepy badge of crazy who has houses spooky, but the landlady visible adds little creepy house, courtesy of his ill eliciting well done and the credit there, while Sarah that's bunker you're, an amazing writer. First of all and your life is hilarious, and I love it. I love that so much that I imagine, if you were just driving in the middle of the night, not happen to you and everybody has that, like one thing in the town like that. One crazy do, though Leginn ok ones, but when you like, oh I got one year, my friends when and we drove down this like dead end, but we didn't know was a dead end. It was like on cause, I grew up like on the asset River and like we're trying to get to the river and we drove down the stairs and turned around
and when we are coming back, there was a guy standing in the middle of the road, like literally just standing in the middle of road to like just blocking us in, like I am like creeped up in Like EAST screw aiming at us has. Apparently I was going too fast First of all, let me pop in here to say that was it's not apparently you definitely we're going like fifty living in like enough already, according to some circle, drew it never things that means driving. In fact, as you know, the road on your house or useless, really twenty physically, like forty the other day, I did what are you doing so so it's debated whether yeah and afterwards, as we like my best friend, whose dad was a police officer in our town, and we called him uneasily gathered
that guy's crazy! Don't let go you he's like go. You guys are stupid, you're, lucky you're alive. They came murders, people on the regular. We have. We actually avoid those parts ourselves. Only gonna wanna, amazing that he had one in our town, but he used to dislike, get really mad and he would like hate your car with a shovel. He would come running out of the back of his house and like your car, with a shovel you as Eve as these will around there we are. Did I don't have he passed away before I got into high school? No, no! No! No, we never went there. He was scared to whom the kids are the worst at your
twin. Should I read next, I could read: ok, I'm when I read the Nottingham Castle, one I'm excited for this one I m so excited. Let me just pull it up here all and we got another pdf, hey Ladys. My name is Louise. I M here to tell you some tales about history. Well, some of it and of Nottingham Castle in England and sorry about the length. Never be sorry. Never we love a lengthy listener tail. We do. First I'll tell you how we started Nottingham began in the sixth century. We are, and we be an old ass city, her. It was a spy. settlement known as not a ham Europe's not so let me explain: oughta anger him Sonata, Inga him, Europe's no hot, so let me explain the word ham means, or at least meant village income
belonging to and Sonata was a man, probably the chief of the village, so the name just meant the village owned by Sonata overtime. We dropped the US and there you have it Nottingham, one that I like that when Denmark conquered Northeast and Eastern England in the late nineteenth century. I think that means Viking deeds and my dna is fifty percent scandinavian and my family has been nowhere near about play. So I'm SAM, a legit Viking, Hale, Eo Nottingham, became a fortified settlement. The town grew after the Norman Conquest, that's the french and in ten sixty seven, William, the conqueror built a wooden castle there, and this is still the sight of that castle today. Now Nottingham Castle is no longer a castle. It'd do call mansion built in those sixteen seventies and has an interesting history. Look into it. There have been sieges wars, murders, it's been burned down and rebuild honestly its fascinating. If you like, that kind of thing, so
How much you guys know about royalty, especially in history, but let me tell you they be some of the most. Why me over privilege self serving fucks that you have ever that of ever existed. I've loved you wanna, take over without takeover here's. One horrific example of that hold on to your tits girls. The ship be disturbing. In twelve twelve, a welsh prince was causing King John, the first a little trouble. I mean you probably just didn't like the shitty rule of this english fuck face, but who knows in some effort to bring this prince back under his control? Shitty king John held twenty eight boys ages, twelve to fourteen. Hostage at Nottingham Castle. This was quite common back. Then they were generally treated well and raised in a way that made them have some loyalty to their parents, enemy, think thee. great joy, living with the Starks, it's that kind of such values might relieve you get you you made me understand. I got it, he was your face, I know and then required and then recap weren't thing: do you die? That's because you haven't seen
get but we're gonna do not Lisbon. You will, I think, we're gonna do it. I can't let you right now, but I'm I'm pantomimic going. You will these boys, where the children of whilst noblemen- and I guess this privileged arse thought holding the kids Hostages- would keep the welsh prince and check. This was not the case. The prince revolted then and King John decided, to execute their children as punishment. Ok, yeah. This piece of shit hung all twenty eight of these children by tying a rope around their neck and having them thrown over the castle Wall Jesus and then she, has taken from a short story of Nottingham Castle. A chronicle are states that the big boys pitiful cries rang around the castle as one after the other. They were taken up on the ramparts and hanged in a row the boys being taken from their play, some screaming others pleading in vain for mercy and hanged on, castle walls seriously. What was wrong with people in this day and age, this wall bill stands why why, when they just knock down because they have to knock,
breathing down on not everything down bad should happen on everything. It's also said that, rather than have the boys buried, they were left to rot hanging on the wall and now people still here, the boys pleading for there lived a tear down just one more note, to show what an utter can't. King John, the first was here's another quote about some other shit. He did done. He did a clerk of the note that word or less scratch her a scratch. You're a clerk of the S share her Jaffrey by name on small suspicion, was thrown into a dungeon at Nottingham Castle and their done to death. He closed him and lead, and so by depriving him of ill of ill air bereft to ok, I get it it's like old english once I can read he closed human leave in so by depriving him all of all air bereft him of his life withal. Let me translate likely that old.
English speech. They lay lead on his chest until they crushed his lungs. Oh shit. I did not gather that that's insane. They guiles curried him. They dad wow, but those poor boy These are not the only goes to use an era in and around the castle, possibly the most Non ghost story is that of mortimers hole. Now, lady failure, Hell Ladys, pull your minds out of that gutter. Mortimers hole is a cave, nothing else. That's not what I was not aware of. His full of games were city built on sandstone, which is very easy to dig into Nottingham Castle, sits on top of a massive state, Sandstone outcrop Castle rock. We be good at names that capital and has a network
of tunnels leading up and into the castle, there are some grisly happenings in here to sorry for the length. The story begins with King Edward, the second yet another ship bag unpopular king, who ruled England for twenty years between Edward the second son of Edward, the first became heir apparent following the death of his elder brother of funds. Dude, we could have had a king called freakin. Alphonse fulfil Edward descended to the throne after his father's death, because you know that's how that works, his troubled and was in no small way caused by his relationship with a member of his personnel. Households, peers, Galveston Galveston, had been introduced to court by Edwards Father, but he was later banished in exile because he was quote unquote a bad influence on Prince Edward. Now, let me tell you why this is bullshit. Galveston Galveston was unpopular sure, but he was not my opinion about influence? There's a lot of evidence that Prince Edward and Galveston were actually lovers. I well that's what it was, and now
the reason king over the first, unlike their relationship when Edward the second became king. He recalled the man he loved to court were Galveston Power and influence over the king was resented by the baron's cause jealousy the baron's hated this dude so much they forced the king exile him again, but instead he made Gaveston Lord lieutenant of Ireland, so he could still see him wow in one thousand three hundred and eight Edward married Isabella of France, daughter of King Philip, shit. What does that number? I'm gonna I've I've, but I dont know ivy ivy, for for I thought. Okay before it's like one less awesome there you go thank you drew back. I don't know my roman numerals his tracks out on Google. They go Edward Hurried, Isabella, France, daughter of King, Philip, the fifth riddles. No fourth, sorry forth, as my to give you an is an idea of Isabella RAP. Her nickname was the
she Wolf of France. Was she Wolf in your country? What a bad health mic iconic, I'm screaming! Sorry, I just like far into the night, and whatever her husband's relationship of Galveston was. She grew to hate him and soon enough. She did her job and popped out a kiddo future King Edward, the third, Gee another Edward, the imagination of these fuck. This up. If this brought the coupled together for a while, but soon gab steam was back in the picture and the queen and the baron's were not in breast no Galveston killing it as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland yeah, no clue what the Lord of the Heavens is either. Sorry so Edward convince the barons to allow gaveston back into England, but once again they could not stand Gaveston and Edwards relationship and they took action against him, bringing the country to the brink of civil war, the peerage and Clergy
the king, an ordinance which restricted his powers and they added an addendum to the ordinance which was the exile upon pain of death of peers. Galveston. Oh, oh, how new guy suck, not you talking, but like these people, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively dream classic, but the office parks and recreation and two and a half men plus original comedies, like Ap Bio, on saved by the bell for all your food to comedy phase. Could a peacock tv dot com get started?
as read Parliament's voice over artist. I here to explain bottomless. How do I get across to free refills on fries and drinks? Well, here goes bottomless at re. Robin means free, unlimited, recalls on fries inside that come with every browser or voluntary dummies, free refills on state price. We potato fries, Yukon, kettle chips, garlic, right, Barclays, thyself, softer anxieties, right eliminated, even wrote, their flouts operate at the next buyer and your appetite does my brother yeah like the lonely lover. He was that dude came on back, but this time, Thomas of Lancaster, and guide the Beauchamp Earl of Warwick hunted him down and put him to death by sword, so yeah poor Gaveston was stabbed to death on June 12th, one thousand three hundred and twelve. Don't worry, I'm getting to the ghost honest, but contacts are
Barton honestly, I'm loveliness! So not only was the king devastated by the death of his friend and lover. He was also losing the war with Scotland and had just lost the battle of Bonnac burn to Robert, the Bruce while I may be English, whoop, whoop, Bobo bad Times Edward? Now I don't know what you know about English and scottish geography, but apparently the Scots getting the english and sterling meant that Queen Isabella had to flee York. Two Nottingham sterling is two hundred and twenty five miles from New York in York is ninety three miles from Nottingham, so honestly not sure what difference that action Ninety miles would make to the marauding hoard that had acts travelled over two hundred miles, but hey royalty appear it's because Nottingham Castle was a very strong fortress. This is where we meet our main man, Roger Mortimer, who would soon give his name to a whole. Roger De Mortimer LAW
Wigmore, third Barre and Mortimer First Earl of March fuck me names were complicated back then was born 12in, one thousand two hundred and eighty seven and with a royal blood, a second cousin, twice removed of King Edward, the second and fourth cousin once removed Queen Isabella go incest and also an ancestor of tensely Mortimer That's all I have to give you much to offer us of history? I just love that little a poorer, apparent theatrical there. That's us Oh it's like most of the barons and Nobles Mortimer had been when bed been one of the men who opposed Edwards release relationship with Galveston, but this doesn't mean to have affected his relationship with the king,
He was even made Lord lieutenant of Ireland after Galveston murder. Around this time there was some kerfuffle among the visual, reliable outward loyal to the king and those who thought it was an utter tat. I love the like of british slang during this time as the king reestablished, our authority, there were some minor skirmishes and Mortimer, was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London. Oh your money, no good! We know that this dude is not executed but condemned to life in prison. This turned out to be a mistake on the kings part and would lead to its downfall after two years murderer Mortimer, managed to escape and fled to France. Now this was the beginning of the end for good old King Edward. The second, his marriage was in the Better, his kingdom was in ruin and internationally politics was just against him, so they sent Isabella to France with their son, the future king on some dip
the commission, and this is where she met and fell in love with Roger Mortimer yeah the queen was having an affair and they plotted against the king of England. They invaded England if a queen can actually invade the country. She rules and Edward and its supporters were take by surprise. The king was captured near curve fully. What this carefully carefully carefully that be ok, baby in Wales, they while trying to escape to Ireland and imprisoned in CAN Castle Kenilworth Castle, Sir Edward was forced to abdicate and his son. You, at Edward became King Edward, the third of England, now Edward this New Edward. Was only a child and soon needed a regent. That's like a response. well adult who actually makes the decisions and his region. Was his mom King Isabella. guided in no small part by her lover Mortimer. It said King Isabel, king isn't she might as well. Then she. well, she's issue Mortimer needed the old king gone can see suit. He would probably
We raise an army and claim the country again and soon the old king died of natural causes, cod and woe while being kept at Berkeley Castle leader we find out it was far far from natural, and this man died. A horrendous and painful death hold onto your Botz, the chronicle of Jeffrey Le Baker. States he was held in a cell above the rotting corpses of animals in an attempt to kill him indirectly. What I wouldn't work. This would nastiness an infection grossness with stank, but Edward was extremely strong fit and healthy and survived this treatment. Lou Until on the night of September, twenty first thirteen, twenty seven he was held down in a red, hot poker pushed into his anus through aid drenching horn. His screams could we heard for miles around. I think I just heard his scream. I could still hear his screams. I heard it over now I E. Apparently this
was done so there would be no suspicious marks on his body fun times, fuck that there, like a look just a couple of hemorrhoid, no big deal, just just a burnt on it. Mortimer was now acting like he was king and soon his control. Of the king and his shitty running of the country began to split the realm into fractions. Those who supported my mortimer and those who supported the king after a few years, Edward planned who against Mortimer and his mother Isabella. He gathered a group of. near so young men who he made knights and looked for the best time to surprise Mortimer.
His chance came along when Mortimer, who is now apparent. I'd Fucker called me car called parliament to obtain attend him at Nottingham, where he was safely ensconced with Isabella the castle, one of the countries most comfortable and secure row residences, and this my dad's is where we get mortimers whole. What happened next was obviously planned. Those twenty nights close to the king were shown into the castle. The secret underground passage, leading up through the rock someone as a top, possibly Edward himself unlocked the door inside the castle and let the knights in these nights ended up fighting with Mortimer and some of his followers one was killed and a terrified bishop was caught. trying to escape through a privy, shaft yup. This dude full on tried to escape via the boot shoe, Mortimer was arrested and the dowager queen placed under armed guard They bound Mortimer and took him back and down into the tunnel. All of that leads to just two ghosts: ha
So in the castle you hear shuffling footsteps that workers are credited to abound. Mortimer often hear woman crying out for mortimers life. Fair son have pity on the gentle Mortimer, ah sweet solve that word. Vomit was just a few goes, but I think it's a fascinating tail of a very brutal time now that was like nowadays. Louise. Thank you for the history lesson Luis girl, you That was awesome Billy kid that just be an episode all by itself. I would like us that I was very you know so fund those very like prince in the tower yeah yeah spun. Like me, evil torture, episode started last, so much fun bass, so bad guys. well they're body that was released, or tools episode with my man, you guys rock
while guys we hope you keep listening and you know I will. If you have listener tales, make sure you send them to morbid podcast such email that come with the subject, line, listener tales and then something really funny stuff and we hope we keep them. The name, and we hope you keep it joined the Nazis short a you, have the rapid them all up and gray, but you can do as I say it so fast, but not at all. No, but not so weird die you he'll live in what Scotland. Order. There was some Scotland and not anyways, not so here I have to gather myself One the rainwater exists.
Odin Ready, but not the way that you have to export a really big too, because that would be crazy. That's really! You leave your boots. Willie Picton, like yucky, lucky thing, nuts, aware that your child's like money who's that lady like can we go doktor only got lady you're, so funny. Definitely not so really gonna Nottingham, Cassandra's gonna leave that back as I was wild, not worthy of a kinky bath and goes to not so weird that your band, a super cool, but your expire It was not an. I think. That's it not so weird that you see the green man just shown no you're, not bad, so that that happens to you and the ESA would being said by thanks guys oh, you mean Right now, why was inviting you to come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times the rewards on your purchase? Build Europe perfect burger in fries or get it? wish big possible poor,
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