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Listener Tales 27

2021-05-02 | 🔗
It’s the most wonderful time of the...month: listener tales!!!! For our 27th listener tales episode we will read you some tales about the importance of buying a hitchhiker a hamburger, trusting your gut and most importantly insulting murderers! Have a great time listening, and keep it weird til’ the next one! As always, thank you to our sponsors: Daily Harvest: Go to DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code morbid to get twenty-five dollars off your first box! Modern Fertility: Get $20 off your fertility test when you go to ModernFertility.com/morbid Chili Technology: Head over to chilisleep.com/morbid for ChiliSleep’s best deal, available to Morbid listeners for a limited time! BetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Morbid: A True Crime Podcast listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid
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You weirdos, I am and I'm Alina and more God look increasingly reared its a gorilla real fast into it. happy. Yes, we are. It's been a very long day. We are recording after a an unsuccessful attempt to getting my kids to go to sleep and law. I think we're a secure now, so I think we can put to you actually record pulled. Let's hope If you hear anybody going to settle in his kindness, every time we try to link their others like I have to tell you something my legs.
Pretty after moved the stock animal over here, and I was obliged to go recorded episode that exact You haven't models like I love. You were gonna kick up. Do you want to buy one more hog? Mercury? Luckily, today is a may listener. Tell that time again it feels like to spend a hundred thousand years I don't know why. I know it really. Does it always, does it it it does it do I'm doing my headphones right now. It's just continue to cut in an out and out sieges. Here, like a year like it's like when your second, your voices outside of yourself, oh yeah, swedish, look as we have, we got the headphones going with without the headphones go would go to her verge Gruner our boy you're here with Us- and we love you for that better be so that's a dive into these listener tales could result from some good ones. I think lots of murder.
So murderer. Lots of. What's the Elk we'll called Julia, which interprets lots of super creeps. Let's do this first geographers sorry Threed is going down the line. We just go to the law. Sometimes you go out of order and then I'm like weight, which, when do we sometimes I feel like. I want to go out of order. Okay, if you ok, you know. When you go out of order, then you do you? U? God now start with the first one hour re. Are it so this one is key odds, spree, killing acts, murderer friendly ghost. What's the difference, I don't know at sea so it's his hey. We're knows I ask that you don't use my name, so we won't so instead, you can refer to me as cat. My cat, the families name in the following story has also been change. Thank you appreciate that. But the names of the victims and aforementioned acts murder have stayed because they deserved it,
their story told any probably deserves whatever's said about him. One hundred, I will attach some links of this story as well, that the following is the probably still too long abridged version. John Morgan was a man that lived near my small hometown in West Virginia in November eighteen. Ninety seven John I visited the ship, I don't know, I was safe havens, I'm gonna, look it up, pull down, fell asleep the p, a silent, I think it has seen, but I'm gonna make sure Khazars speck time span. Santa post told your host its boast. We looked it up. We listened to somebody Faye it several times its post, so John visited the first green home where MRS boast Green and her three children lived. John had lived through the family. At one point, it was said that MRS boast Green treated him like a son mall at the time of his visit John had learned that the family was due to receive.
Money from the sale of a horse. Oh no, I say: hey we're just talking about horses, not good, not goods, nay, nay, nay, nay, not, good, cannon, on the morning of November. Third, one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven John went out with James Green to feed the hogs, never go out with someone to feed the hogs. I always good ends. No early. Never ever do it now, which point he attacked and killed him with an ax wow so lot. He then returned to the home where he killed. Matilda boast then turned on our spouse, Nonoperative Mont Matilda and Alice Snow Maguire on striking her in the head with the axe thinking she was dead. He then, what after MRS boast. Green meanwhile Alice fled from the home bleeding profusely from her head wound and manage to get help at a neighbour's house. Only imagine flooding flooding imagine Let us imagine fleeing a home without an act.
Swoon with an ax food in your skull, literally, oh, what a bad bed Aulis John Morgan was quickly arrested, good and confessed to the murders on December, sixteenth, eighteen. Ninety seven, he was publicly hung drawing a massive crowd member. Those times, so he was just killing them over the horse. Yea just wanted that horse money. That's stupid, is killing people over nay, nay, money. That's ridiculous, the location of the gallows has been confirmed to now be the site of the local high school football field seems probably very same field where I graduated high school while works said town in serious wild shortly after Morgan's execution, public hangings were outlawed in West Virginia, making John Morgan, even more infamous in my area and what a distinguished the title to other ass public hangings now comes my connection to the sacks murder, I'm waitin, for it when I was growing up. My family was very close with another family that I will call the Smiths Ludwig Van, very creed.
While we were Mister and Missus Smith were basically bonus. Green parents to me. Ok, I love that I'm upset I loved and it makes sense because I does Smith's admitted this method, grandparent, it was Brad Pitt and Angelina were mere surrogate get grandparents eleven. I think I was my history. Teachers name unlike software ear Probably. I was always told that the Smiths House was haunted but didn't know the backstory until owes much older. This is when I learned that the property where the Smiths lived was formerly the home of John Morgan and he was the ghost which so many people had encounters with them at home, o brought for one such encounter occurred. When MRS Smet's, Mr Smith's son broadens the same mister and Missus Smith, but I correct corrected ears like no. It's MR says, Mr Smith's son brought his girlfriend over. They were sitting in the kitchen when she suddenly became very cold, despite the fact that she was sitting directly.
Over the hearing that you know what that mean when she told Mr Smith's son this, he firmly said John. Stop it as soon as you said this, the girlfriend was suddenly warming I love that an ax murderer, just listened to Mr Smith, being like Johnny cut that out of the bats, That's what I said. John John Start, its I've heard it and he stops making it cold So when I was I was when I was still a toddler. My family visited the Smith home one night at some point during the night, my mother real is that I was missing inward. Looking for all ready, then well shit. Why are you missing birds, a happy ending met? She realized your service Well, we stiffening the laundry room staring and waving at someone off somewhere the laundry room, but I was completely alone in the room. I would hope that, after that he would have hoped nope write them right, the hell out of their, but I'm pretty sure we stay the night at the
Cool, although the smiths have always been very important people in my life, I've never felt comfortable in their home. Part of that may just be that there are an older couple who apparently don't believe in turning on light in the home, so the rooms are constantly filled with shadows that play tricks on your eyes sounds like my. How the house also stays eerily quiet and any sounds you might hear- are constantly playing tricks on your praying for her works what's happening for spin along. That was really funny. My mouth is just like not meet. Your mouth is plain, in its policy inspiring tricks for because it's not meeting what my brain is doing its dislike a little. It's a step behind therefore sounded how your youngest would have said it wants to its animals per annum. Tapping my brain while I do it of light. Mowbray appear handed sources, I'm looking at Ashby going. You know my brain, and can? Unlike? Oh it's, not your butt loads and see us. The sounds you hear me are constantly playing tricks on your brain. Did the hell
just settle, or is that an unknown someone on the stairs? Who hate that game? anyway, anytime that I visit now, I politely try to stay outside as much as possible, despite the groups nature of the murders and how uncomfortable the house makes me. None of the encounters with John schools have been negative. In fact, by all accounts by the Smiths family John is very friendly, and even protective of them. We're not sure how one goes from spree, killing two casper, the friendly ghost, but to each their own Maybe it's not John Mayer it's. Not, I don't think it is, but I dont think that if they believe it is- and they want to believe that, go for me Well, maybe he was reformed in the afterlife, maybe dago. Maybe you took a class of yes, the varied think did community service,
but about an acre, really great tv show. It would mean a high nervous on the other, the good place, exactly where I only suit you know we were there. The lie we have. The same thought is Michael Shirt, so I apologise for the length of the story you don't need to, but I thought you you might find it interesting. We did keep it in my keep it weird, but not so weird that you murder a family with an ax over horse horse money and then become a friendly goes that scared off girlfriends plays with children in the larger em. All my love cat, the arrow I'm so glad that you also did that. I am also glad that this next one is utterly mother, Falcon pdf. Ah we love a baby. This one is called listener tale The time I bought a hitchhiker a burger and he saved me from being merged. Ok, that sounds like an adventurous guy Sometimes I just don't have the time or the energy to cook, especially something healthy.
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will it so hard and I'm happy that I can beer escape Can you be my my I'd? That's ignite early. I like stopped myself from singing every now and then I'll just stop myself from singing before you. Don't need, I know I've. Let me not to never stop. Yours now. Also relying k, Tb Tita, one one Some responded and I lost my absolute fucking mind anyways. I have been thinking about that. The story for a while, but I wasn't sure fit as it's not merely is terrifying as some of the stories you read, but it has permanently been invented in my brain and gives me nightmares to this day. You know moments where nothing bad happened, but for some reason it's. Only sheer luck that I didn't yeah peace. So here is my moment that still sits with me eight years later To give some background, I'm a veteran! Oh, oh thank you. Her husband
of time in the road driving from my duty station in Florida back to Texas, where my family was I joined at seventeen and road troops have always given me a sense of freedom and independence. I feel that way to I love driving. However, I was not always the smartest road, super wise. This word heart. I love that she wrote route and I love what my brain didn't see that at all in literally wrote road trip or wherever it is hard. I love them Wade was just like it's not hard. I had a tendency to pick up. Hitchhike on my way, always thinking. I was smart, like a dumb ass seventeen year old, by telling the hitchhikers to put their bags and my trunk they couldn't be wearing any jack, its or heavy hoodies tied murder gear yeah. I was clearly above it. I love you, you were try and though you knew right, you make it as safe as by give it a good effort, and you know what I feel like you're like an M path. So, like I gotta, help this person, but I gotta help myself is actually tried your best you're working with what you got. My parents and sister would lecture me constantly mine. What if,
but my head was done, sir than an oak tree, so I kept doing may fish how nothing happened to me. Don't ask me no clue by all accounts. I, be dead or someone stuffed animals, Skinner something! That's foul. How dare you that's also but love you? I swear too many years later, a marriage destroyed by booze and domestic violence that at one point led to my husband, ripping the phone cord from the wall. So my five year old son couldn't call nine one one and me being dragged down the stairs by my hair and running to a neighbour to get help. My eye rod. So sorry that you went through that cheap for you in your son- oh my goodness, after a long divorce, court proceedings and feelings of hopelessness, I was devoid of divorce, single mother for boys, working as a medical call quota at working as medical coder in a small town in
rascal my family was still back in Texas and I was intent on reestablishing visits and vacations and my sense of freedom and independence with four little heathens into if it while he didn't pick up, the tigers anymore, because of my boys. The road always made me feel free and cleared my brain of any worries. I was always filled with excitement for my trip. Try for my house to my parents was roughly sixteen hours and the boys, and I would hook up dvd players and drives straight through for a long weekend. Every chance we could. I love that. I know on Mambre, clearly had more patients than old Mambre, because you can pay me enough line to do that. Ok, I'm glad you. They said that because I was like that's really fun love that sounds like a fucking made me. I don't want to do that at all. Now, literally in ever, you drove to Florida with Isles one year when they were too yeah. Do your old twins fuck that yeah we're do that again not for the having to your little of driving the driver opportunity for our fishermen to Europe
and one of our first Europe's down. We stopped in a small town in Kansas that attracts up and saw an old gentleman outside who is looking for food and a ride south for a moment. The insect instinct to give this guy right far south, as I was going with strong, but looking at my sweet voice faces. That was a risk I was not going to take. I did, however, buy him a Mcdonald's Beale and offered to book him a room at the holiday and express across the way. Why are you a favor? Will you flew while he took the food, he declined the room stating he was going to make itself. I slept in a twenty and hit the road, not thinking and other thing about it again and angels. Oh yes, I know there are a lot of thoughts about giving people money, but it's my firm belief. I would rather help someone who doesn't need it then not help someone who does I agree with you. What a wonderful person you are people who are like don't give people how much money
shut up shut, so on our way we rise a great argue as it stood, and so on our way. We we, when we had a great visit with my parents and headed home three days later now to the moment driving north from Texas up to our home into brass. God, takes us up through Opel, Homer and Kansas, just north of Oklahoma. We stop at, for. I must We stop for a late lunch and some fuel at the time. My boys are twelve, ten, nine in sex God fucking, while I'm not a mother at all, and God fucking bless you normally pain for the loot. You normally paper gas at the pump up. For some reason my card wasn't working, so I had to run in I found out later is because the bank had stopped it as potential fraud. Since I never travelled side note, DV isolation real, so so real that your bank, its confused when you leave the town you live man, that's wild.
Any. Who now don't hate me, but I left my boys in the car at the pump when I ran into pay, telling them to keep all the door's locked and not open them. Also, I'm not gonna hate you cause that takes like five seconds yeah. So, like a twelve year than their exact, I will watch them so they children, the more mobile dying and I ran inside they weren't dying, I'm dying and villages. How should I know five die dying? He called it a Mamma, veal, mobile anyways and I ran inside thinking. I would give them some snack ease. While I was in there because clearly, caffeine in sugar, with something that wasn't gonna make I live suck with ten hours more to go. What was I, store there may be for people plus the young lady working the counter. With my hands fall. I waited. And keeping an eye on my ban in the parking lot and not really thinking anything thinking of anything other than the fact that I didn't like that, I left the kids in the car while standing there. I get the feeling that someone was staring at you. You know that kind of feeling where the eyes of some one are boring into your soul and if its ear significant other, you look up and grin, but
not you kind of earlier shoulders and wonder why you have a burger on this or if you have a background, your faith yeah that was me, where my shoulder and see the older man standing to close for my personal space and look at him and gave him a tight smile kind of annoyed but I'll just kind of like jeez dude. I can't push lady in front of me out of the way the guy doesn't smile back. He just keep staring at me TAT. I turn around and kind of shift back and forth getting kind of nervous, but blowing it off. The man was, over six feet, muscular, but not bulky clean shaved. Kind of rough and tumble, look but less scarier, but less scary, biker more cowboy. I don't know how to explain it but think John Wayne, but creepy, not haughty description. I think I've I have followed up really do as they stand there. I can stay fill his eyes on me, so it's my turn. I hope to the counter and pay anxious to get my kids back on the road. When I leave, I turned to give creed
me too close guy one last enormous fuck look with my. I hope I have also and realized he wasn't at the counter or behind me shrugging it off but disappointed he see. My eve lies I had outside. I walked, my van unlocked the doors and see that my kids have any them looked up from their cartoon tossing snacks into the passenger, see I feel someone on my shoulder and lose my shit. I'm not kidding this the startled me to the point where I dropped. My eyes d and yelps, like someone had stepped on. My dogs, PA when I finished my pants. I realize it's. A man who was standing behind me looks familiar but was not the guy from the store he apologises for, scaring me and tells me that I should get in my car and not stop until I had gotten all the way home or got to a police station would like excuse, I feel like who are you,
point. All that is running through my head is how the fuck did. I find two creepers out the same gas station and be a field alma. Let us be Effie return him like bomb, FUCK laced, serum five fuck anywhere, oh no everywhere, now steadily bum FUCK but while endowed in us bomb fuck, I know the following will be a bit unbelievable unthinking back. I can't believe it but I will forever be thankful for it and a bit of kindness I was given back. I look and seeing plenty of people at this point at the pumps I politely say: ok, I'm sure the question was in my voice, but I had enough, This gas station in his name I don't know but she's and dying over here. Sit
Bates Helen: you did you get your garden, he did arise, but they had not stop to get home radicalization and she just likes around is like ok, ok, vague side, one more question, a question Shit while, I am sure the question whether my voice, but if but I have had enough of this gas station and was planning on doing exactly what he suggested anyway. It wasn't until the guy smiled, but I realized where I knew him from here. The gentleman I like that I had given food to a few days earlier, who was trying to get further south I smiled and Something along the lines of all looks like you made it south. I kid you not! This man looked at me deadpan and said there is a guy in a ring in the USA. A guy in a reg who was in the store with you and is now sitting in his truck he pulled in after you watched you get gas followed you in and then he left for checking out and has been sitting in his dark just staring at you through the window o his truck is
fired up, buddy isn't going anywhere. I dont know what he's doing, but I know you staring at us right now and I wasn't sure if you knew him or not, but just in case you needed to know shit. Now, if I looked over my shoulder and there he sits just staring the same guy from in the store. Clearly do not know this guy, I'm freaked out, and I have many of us many bus of many humans. So I thank him and hit the road with the sole entitled, not stopping until we get home as we drive this truck it's on the road behind me and follows me to the highway. I have no idea how fast Adra ninety one fifty no clue I was overwhelmed the feeling of losing that truck of getting away from it as quickly as possible and putting as much space between my babies and that man is God. I feel stressed for MRS, like joyride, but look with short with babies yeah as quickly as possible, with no option to call the police service, even with Verizon, on a large section of the northern Oklahoma. Southern Kansas is non existent and and
what I say a hitchhiker. I picked up three days ago just found me at the gas station and told me I was basically being stopped by a truck or through Oklahoma. Yeah, probably not you know them we joyride officer, hydraulic, half, exonerate I'll survive kid, so I just RO as fast as I could down that highway mile by mile putting that creepy truck is far behind us, as we could looking back every mile to see if I was making the distant spread, eventually he was gone for my rearview mirror, but don't I dont think I dropped speed until we got home. Clearly, nothing happened. My boys and I are all fine safe, happy healthy. No, I said he I e for so here we are happy healthy, but rode troops are different now from piece of that freedom was taken that day and I now trouble with protection and a weary eye of every vehicle around me for months nightmares of getting home from an errand and seeing that truck parked in front of my house who that is terrifying empty with all my kids in our home, when
driving through local home in Kansas, I always keep my eyes on the trucks looking for the big, yellow reg with the black stripes and thankful. For that one time I bought a hitchhiker a burger, and he paid me back with what could have been the life of myself and my boys Anyhow, thanks for listening to my moment feel free to use my name, and I can't wait until live, shows are a real thing again. Can we to me ass, an fuckin awesome. Jennifer Jennifer, come to alive, show Jennifer that that was so well told. Also, I feel it Back, I was like, I think we all have liked little guardian angel, think that he might have been won your guardian angel loan. You did something like selfless for him Mamma and I came back for you. James but he made itself. Thank you so much for that known as green. I mean it. Read a really short one and then I'll read irregular size. One just causes ones really short. That's why I'm citizens called? I insulted a murderer, don't ya, don't do it This is actually do that this is. Why did I say? Don't do that? Do look is don't you telling their face if like they're, not in chains or something
yeah, yeah that'll, when you're in danger, Vienna, Sup you beautiful, b, Just just dunes motion or tails how bout you he's gonna get everything's gonna marry now monkey This is a short one, so jump right in I work in the EU are in a small but popular tourist down in California and a few summers ago, middle aged white dude of fucking course lost his mobs and murdered his remit. In the afternoon on the front line of their residence on a fuckin Sunday get a grip. Medusa together must pursue far too much anyway. He was brought in to be medically cleared for incarceration and as I bent down to put a name bracelet on him, he said my name and then said pretty all remember that I Billy go fuck yourself. She wrote fucking gross cut. You about a year later, I'm again working when that same murderer is brought in from the jail with some vague complaints that didn't require any are, and I again go to give him a name bracelet
now. I had recently gotten into the habit of saying spank you or shanks in place of think your bags, because I'm obnoxious that way. Watch into the room he lifted his arm without me asking to make it easier for me to apply his bracelet No thank you. I love you. I love you in the face and said o Schenk, you fucking convicted murderers. Any responded with well, I haven't been yet, but when I get back to the baby, I turn right, red and exchanged and embarrassing look with the ceo by the bedside and left the room. I don't feel that bad methodology treat me all the way out when I met him in your prayer, but what a poor time for me to be so fucking Corky anyway, you play its It's really
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There are one time we escaped a kidnapping attempted nobody believed us, because we are apparently drama queens. I feel that what happened me at some poor, Hilda, filthy, what everybody thinks I'm a drama queen? No, I'm not really that german and we do not think that hey, hey, I'm writing with this bill. I'm writing with this blissfully, ignoring my melodramatic kids Minecraft drama honestly. I don't know where they get it for a visit. I've been bidding on your part, gas for the last six weeks in Amerika. Great anyway, with worth says, put that's the last sixty Do you suppose, like a fool, you're, a liar, but that's not the tributes up up up up up up Are you ready to do? Your part does for the lax signalize six years, and I know
no no, you have no ashes like call about twenty twenty one and, if he's a liar we buy return through today we do reactors are what what did episode to put out about what really were really a vote. It. Also Jane, really Hellboy are saved impinging on your podcast, the last six weeks and it making great headway, who knew murder could be so much fun, Mohamed, but a period That's why I broke I'm not great on small talk me either. Let's be friends, I love small Malta soldiers. Dive right in I grew up in northwest, in the? U K, one, not the one in the: U S about the one in the: U S, one answers Europe and the official name for the remoteness of where I live too is fur is referred to as
arsehole of nowhere and well sure you know the kind of place that reeks of the famous five style adventures, rolling fields: forests in rivers. The kind of place were seeing a person in the next village driving their new car was considered a hot topic for the whole fucking fair, but is, of course, lead you're, a bunch of kids with overactive imaginations. You know shit like an old radio. We found in the forest was, of course, from a nazi spy that hit in the forest like fuck. It was but hey whatever gets you through. The shit like this would occupy us for a good couple weeks, digging up in the forest in search of bodily from iconic up front the neighbours that dog at a couple of cat, slash rabbit skeletons whenever fuck all of much interest. I love you love how people talk every now and then we do some mortal combat training and create a labyrinth of seeker, pass hidden behind hedges, etc. Just in case
you're. All preparation is keep just in case of what will let me tell you home, it was the summer holidays we would, rather than at the beach or a theme park, or even just the shitty park in town with a broken round about in the boiling hot metal slide literally brand, the back of your skinny little kid leg, oh yeah. Instead I was out the only other girl on the street. Let's call her daisy daisy was of years younger than me making her about eight and myself about ten at the time give or take a year. This is fucking Yanks Yanks ago to be fair. We ve been sent to collect hours. You know that conversation where board will go and collect flowers or something so we did of course, being little shit we were, but also just in case. I sneaked moms memes about memes memes, big sowing seed.
There's out with me now I so I can totally see how that would have piss my mama and of Gore and off. We went down the winding country rode down from our street. If you watch british dramas, you know the type I do I'm seeing it in my head and just about widened. For a tractor yup huge edges on either side. That's generally worry I'll pick you up. If two cars were to meet than there usually be a stand off between the drivers over who would reverse. First there we were picking flowers using them scissors to cut the wild roses with memes precious sewing scissors and whatnot. We were approximately five hundred metres away from the first house of Street when a silver, Volvo drove past with a man and a woman in it The man had a shitty moustache and the woman had a firm that should have been illegal and huge square glasses. Look up, Deirdre Barlow Coronation Street MID Eightys to get an idea of what we're too
came out, Pierre beheading too. Now I already had a keen interest in murder stories. What can I say kid growing up in the arse hell hole of nowhere? You get your kicks where we can. Oh Jesus Christ, this woman looks awful. Oh no! Thank you. No thank you say no that sorry, if you're a good per Deirdre. I commented the daisy that man was so serial killer and we laughed ha ha ha like we were so fucking cool. Well, what do you know? The car only fucking turned round and came back down the road and stopped about two car distance away from us. Well, shit, a brick that took a turn. We weren't expire doing and the woman got out of the fucking car. I just remove were muttering for fuck's sake, lighted bodies, ten for fuck's sake. I love that like this was something I was fed up of happening easy said: it's happening
like some many zombie killer, Deirdre Barlow started edging to edging towards us. I muttered to Daisy, run the hedge she sprinted off. I did that. I did that twenty tooth, bearing face that kid, when trying to be tough and flashed my mom scissors before turning Garren picturing man in Highbury interest gave me everything I just lash. The cities is like fuck you. I got scissors is made out of nowhere. I just made out daisies disappearing under one of our heads holes. I knew I didn't have time to scuffle through, so I and a bit further down to the spot where the hedge was a bit decrepid and scrambled over my arms and legs shredded from the Blackberry Bush. That was just for tat. Just blew the guests had to fucking, be there as they fell to the ground. On the other side, the car sped past, we ended up having to scramble down a little rocky cliffs, not a cliff, but like a but not really hill.
Our hearts racing adrenaline, absolutely fucking pumping it took us a while until we got to the field gate that was facing our street, we got behind the hedge until we sorry neighbour, coming outside petrified to go any sooner in case they were way for us around the corner. As soon as we saw her, we screamed her name in scaled, the fence. We didn't stop and ran straight to my house, whilst she stared at us with bewildered stumbling through the door. I screamed for man who saw the state me and asked what the hell I had done to my new shorts and teacher priority. We relate the story and she sighed I'd inside us and said bullshit I genuinely believe that we were lying, so we wouldn't get in trouble for ruining our clothes. I was livid system. It was all true. I got accused of being a drama queen and send to bed day, my aunt and uncle happen to be visiting. He was a copper mum brought up that
all tail and made me show the state of my arms and legs anyway. My uncle asked me to give him details. I told him about the silver Volvo Deirdre BAR low and her serial killer, partner. I had a gentle chat about wasting police time. Blah blah stormed off in a huff again got accused again of being a drama queen and refused to speak about it again until a few weeks later, I was in the field behind our house with Daisy we'd, actually found dead mouse and we're trying to revive it with Cpr Pr and some fix it didn't work when my man, when my ma am and her Mammy started, telling us to get back in the house quickly, we walked slowest, civil back to the house while discussing what they could have possibly caught us out on that there were quite a few options, but let's skip that, I feel that we work
up an excuse for a couple of more serious possibilities and decided a wing the rest. But generally the plan was to blame our brothers. I can this picture than like walking up to those like talking on. The side of them are literally like okay. So right now- and I said the cat, this you're gonna say that Thomas told us too, for FUCK's sake arriving at the fence to our garden. I love how their from Wales and I went full Boston with that for fuck's sake, lovingly language like after fast manufactured from other factors, kid Duncan arriving at the feds to our guarded. I instantly said we didn't do anything, but a lamb and Anti daisies man looked shaken and we could see my uncle policemen satin than you kitchen in his uniform. My mind was racing. What the fuck we done without would warn a police officer. They assured us into the kitchen my uncle asked me,
describe the car we ve. Seen that day I told him then he asked us if we recognise the people I kind of shrugs. He then showed me some pictures above five different men and women and asked me if I recognized any of them, while I only fucking pick them out. Didn't I at that point. Both mother started crying and hugging. Us colonizing profusely for not believing us, Daisy Nigh were still confused as FUCK health even said that they never doubt us again lasted a day that one better. This turned out. This was a known pedophile and his wife, my god it attempted kidnapping. Another two girls, similar and age to us about thirty minutes away but were caught in the act of our past, by was so yeah was nice
he believed PS I'd. Rather you didn't use my name. You can use any name you want, but not Karen. I may be forty, but I'm not a Karen and not too nice to sounds a bit too Dennis E. Doesn't it love peace out? I love you so much I'm going to call you parry. It gladys- I wasn't expecting that so thank you, glad we're gonna love that was made. That was a really good story, also doing no, if Deirdre BAR low or whoever it was about First of all its please old pause, but you have not yet not a bad person, turns out she's a fictional character, so that's cool ba. That tells us and really was my next one- is listener. Tales may be kind disorder. I reckon Owen eat whatever. That means. I have the old some forty four and I don't know it ediths up up up up up veal.
Of the old? Obviously I of the old set at this point in my life. I love you so much already operates space age. Lord knows I love me, somebody all and not saying a lot, because I'm one scary, mother, Fucker in euros spooky ass pitches, one scary, mother fucker. Just like I love you guys, but I'm scary issue will be so. What's my name Rwanda, the eye it is a short I sounds as in I have a short I sound, doesn't dick not a long e sound as in Fleek, so it's rodica. I love you so much, it's an unusual name, but I love you my mom. I love you so much. His name was, I really hope and Roger NET, I think so. I was at my really didn't want to suck it up and she said that she wanted to name me after her. We love her Gilmore Girls moment: okay, my story
isn't really spooky and I'm not sure that it will make the episode. But here goes I wasn't I too share after the store a listener shared her about her mom. Coming back as an owl, I will never forget that I love that story gets some tissues. You may need em, no, no, my mom, Her wings may have twenty fourteen after a courageous battle with oral cancer. I gotta. Can you imagine that I'm sorry for your loss, Rhonda, but- and I were blessed to have her live out our final days in our home and she went on for her eternal rest with my brother and I on either side of her holding her hand to telling her. It was ok for her to go sorry for the run on sentence. My emotions are all over the place, so grammar can suck it for now. Absolutely can I love rollin sentiments personally, that was the biggest ever told my mom, I did not want her to go and I definitely resound ok, but I didn't wandered her anymore.
I knew she was hanging on for us and she wasn't going to go until we had told her be ok. Moms, hospice nurse told us right before people passed. Usually they see people or other things, such as angels before they die that we can't see. My mom was full on faith in God and I rest easy, knowing that she is home with him and finally free of the pain that plagued her during her last days. The night before she died, I crawled into bed with her and spent. What I didn't know would be the last would be the last night with my mommy. Oh, she woke me several times during the night to point at the foot of the bed and with a look on her face. That's I do see that she was uneasy, The talk clearly than because of the cancer risk is me because of the cancer had whew. This is hard. It basically hardened her tongue. She couldn't move its much, so she couldn't speak clearly. She usually communicated by writing things down toward the end. If we can understand what she was saying, she continued to and got exasperated and rolled to her eyes at me, when I said I couldn't see what she saw, my mom was a character
in that I roman girl. What the hell is wrong with you. I know you can see what I'm pointing out it's right at the foot of the damage that they love it. She loved odd, but she still cuss. Oh my god. I love her due to to this day. I regret not getting her note. So she could at least right down which he saw. I was exhausted with work, family and just plain life finally able to rush towards morning and slept until she passed the next day around ten. In the morning I miss my every day, and some days are harder than others stirring those times. It seems as if Mama sends me assigned to call my heart and soothed my soul. One afternoon taking it up on the love, see I'm short, squeezing I'm a short Jack like Alina, so I am terribly hell. Yeah anyways, I was sleeping
and missing. My mama when I felt her hand brush my cheek, and I felt- and I felt more than heard her say- I'm ok and I love you. Ah daddy died in February of twenty sixteen and there are no words to express the emptiness I feel with both parents gone. I can't imagine I can not. They still come to visit, though they come as the little bright dancing orbs outside the window, On our deck one day I saw a dark orb floating outside and I heard Mama clear as day say: don't let the men baby! That's us, your full chills, yeah holy shit tat, is why my God, look at yonder literally look at my our cause. I wish you guys could see this full on goose. Then you know its wild. I read this a couple weeks ago, input in the folder and I'm still getting too. Oh. Ok, I promptly. Told whatever it was, that they weren't welcome in our home and they had to leave in the name of Jesus. I'm a believer buddy promise I'm no hateful Christian,
anyone India, hateful and claim to love Christ is beyond me because he was nothing but love, but I digress. I got. I really love you. I love you around Therefore, there is another time when I was grocery shopping when Casanova by address it. Liver liver came over the notch. Evna sheriff I'm right with you tried over the store radio, while I was in the dairy section and they broke down while trying to find a gallon of milk with the furthest expiration date. My mom loved music, music and love to dance, and this was one of her favorite songs that and head to toe, LISA least oh, my god. I love it and the cult jammed by anything ask me and the cold german anything by prince. Where am I oh yeah, the dairy section and crying to what did you say, liver, yapping, he saw me crying came over to comfort me. This was in the time of this was in the before times when you could actually touch people. Social distancing, wasn't a thing. Remember those days really know you. I told you was crying because I was missing my mommy somethin fierce and she loved dancing to the song. She smiled and said
mom, loved the song and loved answering to I wish you guys just broke out and fuckin guy reception, but by the time we finish talking, I felt better and we both said our moms are probably german in Heaven to Heaven together at this moment and brought us together. Who knows, I know I rambled and I had to take a bit of a break and came back to the several times before I could finish. I hope you can make sense of my garbled mess, keep it weird, but also weird that you can feel your mama's brush your cheek and tell you. She loves you and you're taking a nap and miss are like crazy and she your daddy dance, like fireflies, but in the daytime on your deck, and you have a crying dance party jamming to Casanova by Levert the supermarket. While looking for milk with a stranger and you'd, both leave stay in your mommy's are dancing and having having a hell of a good time who dance on Mamma. I love you for ever and ever Pooh. All that was not true. I me at all, but it was like paranormal and we needed to revenue as I looking loved it that, read this email like weeks ago? I think I was with you wasn't you worry, because I was like all Michael,
just like made me feel some type of when I was that we have to read that currently attached a picture of her with her mom and archimedes? say. Your mom is beautiful seriously your boy, such vehicles in your browser to individuals. You really are, and also you like, a very familiar face. You too, maybe just because you're lovely ecologists, YE gods. Oh my goodness, I was like that right here, the the amount of goosebumps that I during that was outraged adult let us in baby that reminds us that yeah, that's is blue. My this next one is what we need to lighten things up. A low aright citizens called Ella Cool J, beat up cool J beat up. My grandma's murderer, alright, alright already array a radio that he did. And your listening to this pod gas than it safe to say you love morbid stories just as much as we do. Unfortunately,
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add my dad when she was thirteen wow. I believe it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven when she was twenty six in and went missing. She was found murdered in an abandoned warehouse. Like God, the man guilty of the crime is named Jonathan Kirby, a member of the Kirby vacuum family guy. The way he was wow, that's crazy. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in nineteen. Eighty eight sentenced to six years released after only one, unfortunately, there's not much of it. Will the research pertaining my grandma case? I have equal morbid curiosity. If you owe a year or so ago, my dad sister, also name Samantha, sent us an article from two thousand and twelve that blew our minds all attach the specific one, but there's multiple articles veil ball on line in the middle of the night. In August of two thousand and twelve l, L cool Jays security alarm was set off as his family was sleeping soon he was face to face with Jonathan Kirby the man
who killed my grandma and Texas. Twenty five years before and while ILO Cool J was interviewed about the home intrusion and said he was afraid of Kirby receiving a Charles Manson type of I've from him due to his looks into meaner, I am also going to include a link to an interview he did with Oprah, where he discussed his fear in situ. Asian, despite this the wrath, that is the level coups left Kirby with a broken. Is broken Jai, broken ribs third wrath, that is De L, L, a cool j. However, I'm not you're with illegal aftermath, was for Kirby with all that. What is what it said at the time was. He was facing thirty eight years imprisoned, since he was a quote thirds. Striker its unnerving to know his children and wife were present. When you are aware that Kirby escaped what what Kirby is capable of it's a good thing, his mama said: knock you out, my god. I'm fucking dead,
If not you out of here, you know our Jonathan Kirby needed, love, God, though a sofa ya got his Mamma said, knock him a new better little of the wild. Those agree one does really good. There was a nice or the like, yeah we did that to bring us. I really did this one's fuckin terrifying allowed. This is called the tale of MR acts or how my daughter is prime to be an even bigger weirdo than I am cool, hi guys you're the best, and so is your podcast, and I'm just gonna jump right into a lawyer that thank you This story is about my four year old daughter and her absolute creep fast behaviour in a few years ago, when she was two, we finally got her sleep train to stay in her own bed, so I could get more than three hours of sleep at a time and function like a normal human being without seven cups of coffee every day, sweet relief, while you're speaking directly to my sisyphean, tired, tired.
Tired. So literally, the opening few lines were like part of the reason I picked this tough guy I just would like wow wow were one we set up a monitor, so I could keep an eye on her because as much as I cherish unbroken sleep, I also have an insane anxiety when it comes to make its and basically think they're about ten seconds away from being abducted. All time is this yeah did I write this elucidated light of my husband insistence because I listened a true crime and paranormal podcast on a routine basis. I say: push posh fish, push, always been a big believer in the paranormal and a true crime junkie. I blame it on my grandma used to tell me that her house, which was in the fucking so earlier, which was in the fucking suburbs, was built on native american burial ground and was haunted stupid eight year old me seen poltergeists, and why did I believe, especially when she would play tricks on me to convince you tat, a goat studies, Hogarth ass. That's also would read grandma like telling me how they
turn the lights on. So if I woke up and a light was on a goes to prove that far and then she turned on the light wives, asleep savages ADA issue for by Mommy anyways, I found other spooky supernatural. Things happened to me. So I'm a big believer, even if it scares the shit out of me sometimes so we the monitor, got my daughter and MILAN a blanket older today, not that we're going well. I could actually watch Netflix wrapped up in my big fluffy bed and she was bees and she was sleeping well that is until Mr X arrived. I hate this already got into it. Some backstory on my Yes, it's from nineteen, forty, not as old as some of the shit you haven't boss. I know, but us Floridians, that's like attention. I mean that's brave, like an old book p s boss. And rocks and old buildings are the best I lived in Salem for a year and while was spook, tabular and also real fucking scary, but that's another story for another day who I want that story, as do I anyways my house, his oldest,
according to Florida standards and is basically one central room with a bunch of other oddly shaped rooms. Added on to it. I feel that Europe and as a ton of owners over the years and but apparently started out yet started out as one of the first houses on our streets and was goat farm, not gonna lie wish. It was still go ahead. Ok, I know watch darling, farmhouse, fixer upper. I don't really know what it's called, but if the guy from new kids on the block, oh yeah, who sent me like fix farmhouses on hdtv, I will any thought. Somebody, goats- and now I want goats. Oh, I know the end the end it so way back from history and has a lot of old trees that hang over it. So it's always dark inside the house. I love that when we bought it. I was legit concerned that it would be hunted, but my husband basically told me to stop listening to the paranormal shit and calm down. I didn't, but also didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, so at around to my daughter starts waking up at night again, but we're not talking waking up calling Mamma Mamma through the monitor until I come in
Talking screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. Familiar Lena. I'm still thinking I might have for it like written this in any way a haze tired noticing it sounded Walter had earlier the first time it happened. I think I fucking. Operated a Turk. Did I say that operated in this is to real cause. I literally to that a couple of weeks ago literally, I think I just material I stood in her room because the baby lately is screaming waking up in the middle of the night and screaming no idea which is so Phrygia happy. I ran as fast as I could check on her. She was screaming and crying in her bed until we got there pointing in the very, very dark corner at what looked like nothing, at least to me, understood that it to her vocables still limited. So she couldn't really tell me what was wrong. I come too down got her back to sleep and then went straight to Google to ask what the fuck The Google
night terrors, although she was very little for it. I so I ok and I went on my Mary way with my revived seven cups of coffee, routine. The waking up happened the next night and the next night and the next night the same shit screaming at the top of her lungs, pointing into the dark corner and crying got to the point where I would just lay awake waiting or it she was so hysterical that it freaked me out to call this gives me that it freaked me well enough to call her pediatrician, who then referred to, to an anti doktor to ship to check for sleep Albania they basically her analogy, medicine and said sorry sucker, oh my god, that's literally it that's awful. My husband didn't want to her to revert to sleeping in our room. Again, though, I thought it was a phased. There are no therein ghost blah blah blah. So I start dragging the twin mattress into her room and sleeping with her, but not sleeping. You know just laying there with my eyes wide open staring into that corner and inciting the Lord somewhere in my head. She would literally crawl out of her bed and onto the mattress and sleep next to me, clutching my ship
one more thing was so freaked out that, like the kills based, I would be self. Looking man ever goes into systematic heads. It all came to a head one night, which woke up screaming. Like a ban. She she pointed in the car. Her and said Mister racks, Mr X, I would like that son fire and take my family and Leif item ahead, I whipped around I gotta give up yeah like what I whipped around like TED Bundy was behind me and looked again, but nothing but darkness trying to calm her down, but she started screaming again he's here is he heard on less light they place on fire? I'm not kidding. No literally almost shit, my pants. She definitely went to bed with me that night, fucks, legendary out and the next day I had a talk with her about ghosts,
her up to be a weirdo early high five and how? If something scaring you, you should tell it to go away. It's not welcome here. My very cool on who is also into the paranormal stuff has always given me this advice to use. If I think a ghost or coolly is in my house, didn't know if it worked or not. Apparently it worked for her once, but I figured at this point. Anything was worth lying? I also didn't. I also had had time to buy any say that night, the screen, he started up, and and did I mention it was always around three. I am which holy mother of God freaked me out same, nor is it fuckin tell me that I'm dip in an attack by the UN. Then my daughter started screaming them all fuck. Now, I'm even freaked out cause like we're in that. As added to my started, daughter started screw that Mr X was here. I almost peed myself and then pointed into the corner and through tears. Yelled go away, go away. I was shocked that she remembered, but then she
calm down and went to bed with me and it stopped like what that should not have worked, not but she never woke up again screaming like that, and she never brought up Mr X again, I know the fucking terrifying. So then four to twenty twenty the earth bullshit and were quarantine at home at home. My do you so I can't fucking leave my daughters three in sitting at the table where you can see the dark, guest bathroom I'll fuck. This she's staring and looking kind of weird, I ask her hey: what are you looking up? She partially answered me. Oh mister acts about kneeled over and fucking died right there. I hate this so much. I asked her in a high pitched voice, but what she looks like she personally slick she studying and my daughter. I don't want to know or fuck. This fact is so how far she knew
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attaining great therapeutic matches, so they make it easy and free to change a councillor of necessary. It's more affordable than additional offline counselling and financial aid is available. Better help wants you to start living a happier life today visit better help. Dotcom, slash morbid, that's better Ici LP enjoy me over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help an experience professional in fact, so many people have been using better help that their recruiting additional councillors and all fifty states. This broadcasters sponsored by better help and morbid eight, your crime pot guy. Listeners get ten percent off their first month, better help dot com, slow, lash, morbid? She birds are lives, like she's, still study again still staring into the bathroom, and she goes he's all black like a skeleton but red eyes. That's a Damon! Let us down
David nice shit, you not, I almost ran out of the house right, fuckin there and then leaving her and her brother to share their budget Strauss with MR acts and all his demon, friends that might also be living in my house. I scream laughed government put, she didn't think it was fucking speak only cod Sheikh, whose mama he's in the bathroom while you go see. How do I'd be like you know why? that's when you look at your child and it's ok to say, fuck, you people look at that three year olds you got it, you know what fuck you risk attack. That's what you do clearly, not literally, why don't you go fuck Israel they give your kids every tell them that I said fuck you to them, because they asked me to say I did something: that's not that they tragedy that big casually described as a skeleton network, lifelike you see, I don't mommy, I like you
you're hurting the guy had to say, go away, go sad. Aren't you go check about fuckin poser, while hard fuckin tasks, thanks. I literally was afraid to pee four days, especially through the night daughter, would literally walk by the bathroom old mister ex very casually, like their fuckin best friend is forever. And finally, I went to the bathroom to stick of incense and said it should go away and all stopped without the gods. Gone, we're moving in a month or two. Thank God. Piece out, goat farm goes demon, Mr X. Hopefully follow us or I will die. You ass. It fits go anyway. That's it thinks we're having the best cookie podcast out there and also for being. The wish was that you are here some of my fave people in it. Ways makes me pub to see a new episode waiting for me. Also
Please schedule. I've shown Florida like in Orlando Aesop, keep it weird caresses Chris. I care we reject where's, please violation of meat in Greece because I got China beat you. We gotta find you. So screw you go away, go away. Ah. Ah, thank you for that. I'm crying so the last one that will do is. Thank God. I said no to that. Fucking scavenger hunt It's a word document I, like all of you, sending where documents. Just like the life, hello, you beautiful, bad asses Fred. Need to apologise, because I'm not agree writer, you need to apologize, should hashtag business student However, my stories chilling in the realist way possible and I had to share with you all. I also want to say a fucking love. You too, we fucking, love you. I love you. I found your podcast rate before this past spooky season, Sir
and now cannot do my make up without listening to your podcast, specifically those in her tail if that were to happen shit hook to all my shit o also. I should apologise because this may be long, and I promised some other bitches out their need to hear this,
but my roommates all call me a witch because apparently I have spooky Yuki ability spur to predict events and also have an insane sense of being in tune with my feelings and surroundings. My name is Erika which you are totally fine to use. However, I am changing the other names in this story. Just to set the tone, I go to a small college out west and it gets fucking freezing in the winter. It was my second semester, my first year college, no car and of course I had a class that was about that was from five thirty two seven at night, well shit get stark at five here so walking to class in the dark, always luckily, this class was only once a week. I remember the first couple of weeks. I was analyzing the type of people in my class like I would not like. I normally do. Let us try to catch the vibe. Everyone seem pretty Chillun chatty, except for this one guy. He was short
scrawny in pasty with pitch black hair. We call it. We will call him Seth southward, just stare like stare to the point where I thought he was going to take my soul, which is ironic since I'm engender, don't have one yes, anyway, I just dismissed as him being that one weird kid and just tried to ignore him, but oh no. He had other plans for me I was sitting at my apartment one day and I got an idea request from some guy named Seth. His account was private, and so I did not recognise who it was at first, I requested to follow and accepted his request. Big mistake, I was accepted and realized it was ass the weird kid he had DM me stating how I was the most beautiful girl at the school and how he wanted to take me on a date. I politely declined because it because the remainder of the reminder of his dark and desolate scare had given me in class that he said that he had given me in class scream, to me inside, say no, you dumb bitch do not trust him. I found my feet
super abrupt but told him that is, that is very kind, but I have to politely decline as I'm not looking to go on dates. Now that's a very nice way to say now he is clearly that was not the response. He was looking for any message me for weeks. He had again asked me on a date, and I said no then told me that it didn't have to be a date and we could just hang out and go for a drive Yet again, no, it was getting annoying stuck fuck at this point and it started because I had started to become rude and hopes you just get the hint and get the vibe. This is also making me think of that. We just did a patriot episode about steam roster. I learned to be nice and say no and they don't let it go. No, that's how you certainly learn their rude. I was uncomfortable, but no, he had to take this all too a whole fucking new level. I gotta do I'm from him one day stating I have a surprise for you, fuck them
I told him I didn't like surprises yet again, trying to be blunt rude. He then told me that it was a gift and I would love it. I told him I didn't need a gift from him. Sir said my mom told me the best way to get a girl to like you is to buy her a gift and do something special. No offense, but what the fuck to his mom are, you sure, I'm sure you'd monsieur you're thinking a bitch and he's just trying to be sweet, but bear with me we're not think not. I think Europe, we're, not, I think, other bad bad. I figure about bitch. I told him I just didn't like surprises their gifts and would feel bad accepting, because I was not looking to go on dates. He then said. Have you heard the rumours about me? Girls on campus have been telling people that I'm weird and haven't spreading lies. I just want a chance. I told him. I hadn't heard these rumours, which was true
but I can't say I was surprised you didn't respond and then I got a dm later that night from him he said. Are you home? I said no. He said I really want to set a scavenger hunt up for you around your apartment, so you can get your gift. What is the code to your apartment? the fuck. She won't go on a date with you, but you think that she's gonna give you the code to her apartment. Come on, sat get it together. Me just say I was freaked out about how he knew that and my college. We only have apartment complexes, some people get keys, some get fobs and my place at the time had doors with a set of buttons to push your code in the door with Unlock. I dont know how hit how the hell he knew. I had it. Or code. However, it spooked me that's true, I told him I wasn't home and did not feel comfortable, giving out my apartment code. He told me you wouldn't take too long and again, I said I am not giving you the code to my apartment. I also have roommates and respect their privacy. They deserve to feel safe and we don't
If our code out, he told me over and over how it would be okay, and it would be worth the surprise at this point- I was fucking pissed. First, I'm not a dumb ass and second, all I could think of was he's going to take my panties set up a camera, or some other way shit based off of what I know now. I wouldn't be it wouldn't be dramatic. I guess worry. It wouldn't be a dramatic ass, sir. I decided to block him because he clearly haven't figured out. He had clearly had figured out where he lived. He would try and follow me home or drive me home after class and got to the point where I had to have my friends meet me onto walk me home or have to call someone just to make me feel safe. I randomly got a text for my neighbour back in my home state of Indiana, who just how
to go to the same school at West's me. We will call him Blake. Blake said: hey Erika my roommate has been asking for your number. He really wants to take you on a date. I asked him. Who was and can you fucking guess he said his name assess how the fuck did SAS know that Blake knew me and just hat they just happened to be roommates. I told Blake everything and begged him not to give my number South Blake as a good guy and kept that promise. What that guy too, I mean like not like wanna. Do not ask you worried about your number, but some people- wouldn't you like that's nice, already- did that a couple more weeks went by and south was not coming to class. Any. I was relieved but had also wondered why hold onto your fucking tidies sitting in an early learning class one day and Blake sends me a text. I read, I thought you should know, and there was a news article attached,
He opened the article to read that south has been arrested for raping a fourteen year old girl, I'm sitting in class fucking shaking with tears. In my eyes I guess this girl had made a tender account in which her and second matched he found out about her true age of fourteen, not eighteen, but decided that love didn't need an age. He had fucking raked the rape to this poor girl and claimed. He quote found love in the wrong place. Let me say it again: he fucking knew her age still pursued her than took that poor babies virginity. He told this girl. He wanted a fucking family with her and wanted to settle What even worse is all news outlets stated that this was not his first time having sexual relations with a child, but this was his first conviction that has so far as far as I know, has only been sentenced to four years with the potential ten some fucking bullshit. If you ask me yes, I walked home from class. I d counting my blessings that I had said no ended.
Given. That is where the story this story ends, but wanted to share this story, because I need all my fellow podcast listener friends to know that it is ok to trust your gut, even if you dont know why it's ok to be rude and you have every damn right in your for your personal safety to you get those feelings for a reason who knows who could have happened to me? But thank God. I trust him myself enough to say no, I love you also much keep it spooky and keep it weird. The under that gave me whose wow that's terrifying is horrifying Hang imagine if she said yes and Michael ART, I mean like a mountaineer. She gave him her Hartman clear anybody that would do this out in the legal act. You never know you yeah Pisa. People are to smooth Jocker, Higgs, very manipulative, he's doing the gift thing he's like bringin, it's mom and the whole thing is strand of its very strange far too
Why should also get a lot more than ten years that was very stressful, hated unreal Seth grows ill, and you know what she's right, it's fine to be rude, don't feel bad being rude if somebody keeps keeps pursue it, not desirous jirga. You gonna do what you gonna do in there's this. Really great button on Instagram. Actually that I will tell you all about. Instead of locking somebody. You can restrict somebody so that they cannot message you if their bothering you, who know what it tells them, but at least they will think that their blocked yak. That's really that's a good one, because it is a thing like one of those people take blocking as like rejection and get Gabriel MAD, and then some people also take blocking us like a trophy were like a thing that they can like holds up. So that's good for both of us thing in only mean restrict them. Bitches restrict your struck. Do ya
strict. Alright, my doubts that was like a super fun, terrifying, spook, Yuki, Tine, emotional, beautiful, horrifying, the Isle of it yeah. Every last thing I don't just I felt a essentially all the emotions that one could possibly feel in an hour to smattering of things smattering so guys. Thank you. So much for sending these and keep sending the men we would do. I swear we reduce every single week if we could, because there so much fun to do seriously, he does rock you guys. Do Brok, my song Rossi role, you rule doing the rock Johnson. I really like that that didn't say that now I just the raw you made it sound like he sighed that close did. Maybe he did for help
would we be surprised? No, no! No! You up a bunch of Rio beekeepers and I really hope to keep flips how pleased we all feel key Pit- Renate Weber, you of in house, while Udall of their not only about legs, of the misery, smooth and MRS Map of in a house where you feel really unsafe, because a murder goes lives there, but apparently is reformed a nice now not to read that you buy a hitch. That's it we're that local J beat up your grandma's murderer but, like I think you should keep thy weird honestly. This whole thing is just turn into housekeeper that weird, until we got to this part, we shouldn't given that weird, because Mr Act should not be living in your bathroom in our child should not be telling you that you should go, so weird, the! U turn away. Eat means com on Rwanda just kidding. I love you, that's a weird, but
Uncle J beats up your grandma's murderer, but, like I think you should keep about weird honestly. This whole thing is just turn into how you keep that weird until he got to this part, we should keep an eye weird, because Mr Act should not be living in your bathroom in our child should not be telling you that you should go out and because that seems like a challenge like latest that definitely keep it so far. Where where'd you say no to a fucking scavenger on. I love you buy,
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