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Listener Tales 28

2021-05-15 | 🔗
Listener tales 28 coming at ya! This bunch of listener tales features a crazy story of a listener’s near death experience with a cannibal, a random but spooky occurance of a classical music loving ghost and a tale about the dangers of jumping over Mary Jane T’s grave!  As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/morbid12 and use code morbid12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Capsule: To sign up, visit capsule.com to get your prescription hand delivered today—for free. BetterHelp: This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and [Morbid: A True Crime Podcast] listeners get 10% off their first month at betterhelp.com/Morbid Caliper: Get 20% off your first order when you use promo code MORBID at TRYCALIPER.COM/MORBID
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Thing. I've made the past year way easier being a long time user of Hell Afresh its America's number one milk it for a reason, and now is the best time to find out why go to hell afresh dot com, slash morbid, twelve unused, morbid twelve for twelve three meals, including free shipping, hey weird, rose. I am only now and I am is morbid. my in the morning, but its morbid for you no tail by you for you and all about you may go. I don't think you did that last few times in it. I haven't done it why I left a hole in my soul? I don't even over it felt wrong brought to you by you for you,
u, I fear, there is another thing I don't know, but I like it either way. Think he makes me feel better. Yes, so we have had you know a crazy week where we hope you guys enjoyed the extra episode with Heather Bash, because that was amazing to doing all my God, so good really ought to have their. She was amazing. I mean you guys if you listen to you heard she she's just so eloquent the way she is able to talk about the case Oh yeah she's a also so easy to talk too. She is, it was. It was real. we really I opening it was awesome. If such an easy conversation, we are now she's welcome back any time she wants to come back and hopefully Eventually, we will have updates that. I now come back and we can all be like you, and you know who can help us, but that is all of you all of you guys. So definitely you know listen to the episode. I we put all the links and everything may need in the show notes, wherein the description of the episode is
they know sometimes below what our show notes and I understand cause for a solid ice hunting to God. Castles. What's a show note, but it's just the decent, where the descriptions of the podcast, wherever you listening to it, exempts put links there. So make sure you do that, because I think you know what she had to say was important and what she's doing as important and will support the bishops in families, like them cops look Lady said, but we are today we're gonna do a listener tail, because if we love listen entails we We do have a little bit of business first, that I literally remembered, as you have recorded, say you're. Looking at me like. What's our fuck about, we had an avalanche this summer, soul, state ass, it was now do not have an instagram or twitter you under Iraq. I guess Libya, we argued to do another virtual alive show just because they can't get enough of me out and we're going to do on on the actual somersaults. Does its also fathers day so like it's for you dad's, yes or dad, like figure
God, like, though it's going to be June twentieth at eight p m eastern standard time and it's gonna get weird: it's gonna get kooky, it's gonna be awesome. We have an idea for a like costume yeah, we arena. Do, I think? Ok, so if you want to get tickets, you can go to on location, live dot com, slash category, slash morbid now there also a t shirt on not I've, seen a lot of confusion on the inter web you. So there The t shirt bundle where you can like decide to get a t shirt with your ticket and there's no prompts that's like a what size. Do you want your supposed to get an email later on check your spam folder? If you don't see it right away, and you can you're sizes should go up of, should go from small two x x, x, L. If you
only received an email that was up Taxol, you're gonna get another email and wolf fix everything for you. It was like a weird thing and, like the coding of the web flared little glitch Schmid that a glitch there but promise sun sets completely yogi you'll, get it you'll get a national anyway. Don't wool melon specifically to yes, he don't will fix it ourselves for energy What's she suddenly became like a gourd managing this whole men Jenkins, Spongebob you, that's a thing now. Geriatric um, I think I'm a area. You are unaware, that's fun! I wanted to. Not upon myself with my youngest, I was almost considered geriatric pregnancy. I was like right on the cassettes really funny which, like what
what it under its also pretty room, because it's not like the rude way to describe. I'm not like you know. I just come on: their pregnancy earns like hey, I'm just a millennium, ok I'll, take older millennial actually to be second alone Geriatric Maloney. I was going to say. I thought I would rather be a geriatric millennial, Mozilla Neil, which I am. I dont, like listen Genji like things for listening. You guys are cool. Has high level that our listening, I want to keep my skinny genes silent, never wear away. I do where a middle part I was there. I will never wear aside part, but that's actually your Jem, so it makes sense they say you know what I think she doth protests. to my knowledge about unfordable any limits by but either way, let's get you let's get into listener. Tails alright wall? Should I started off fraudulent use? sorry.
I first tailors called: does the dead guy in the backyard come of the house? I sure hope so Bala, you know it's a courteous knight, sir, it says I will save us all that we gooey stuff. I love you and all of your shenanigans, as I'm sure, from the opening line. I'm gap as sure just for me opening line. I must be a nice southern lady yeah. Well, that's t total baby backup bullshit what I'm Clare and and from the good old swamps of Louisiana O Clare. You were like a person where the food is so fallen, there's all kinds of ways around every corner. I love you clear, so a hold on to your backsides cause. Your girl here has partaken in some high class arrogant, and I finally have the courage to send me all this event that is fifty or that fifteen years later gives me nightmares. You can use names. I already changed the off Clare, I love you wear a notary and you're gonna love or even more for this. Next, I'm so excited. Ok in Sophia's vice picture it, but could
of american Money and Louisiana Circa, two thousand seven men by Bestia girl. Andrea, MILAN, sin and I being the little mud crickets. We are at a whopping ten years old are in her backyard fucking around throwing creek, but at each other in the far backside of her families land. While in normal Louisiana fashion? I had just gone to go, exploring to see her she to see if her shit bread should oppression shit had brother Jamie had his ship had best friend. Blake were just messing with us when they said that there was a gator in the pond on the far backside of a land, so in mud cricket River Roach Fashion, we ran to investigate opener little excursion, which wasn't that much of an excursion, since we were all of a football field away from her house anyway. I walked from the pond because was not shit back there, except in old rusty Volkswagen vein,
and a beaver damn what I discovered was not at all what I expected. You know when one of our beloved family pets die, we cremate them or bury them in the back yard or whatever pay. So when I stumbled on tiny headstone saying shit like Jack beloved friend, who caught the car? Ok cool no big deal so kind of weird, but each thrown foots hell. me why I see a full size. Headstone, like these people got money too, on a boogie, ass, headstone, further family dog So I want all over to go. Full Nancy drew on this odd discovery. Ok, ready, here's! What the headstone says quote: Kurt Macleod, Mcclarnon, beloved husband, Father and NASCAR fan. Ok, what Fuck here comes Andrea she's, just like yeah. That's my dad. I'm just leads me back to the house like that. Didn't just happen, but on a systematic basis made as this would have
But whatever we had a sick night plan to play on those old school video games that you plugged into the AV cable tv and let Spongebob go eat shit around bikini, bottom up, That's funny that I just tell you it's much bob but of course that instrument. Jamie and Blake had the bright idea to watch a scary movie no lie. Blake was a total haughty, like think young Justin Bieber, but in wranglers and NASCAR. So of course, be obliged. Ok, don't worry, we're getting to the end and meant what you need, but this is a shit show not we're not taken Andy nothing, I have a blot on the size of a grape, so all that sugar, gasoline the Oji monster drink with the purple, scratches that shit slapped ran Rayther. I just walked over to the party room which has dear antlers over every possible service at a camouflage. Shower curtain, see picture nine on the listing because she sent like the listing of the how I love it: oh yeah, what a taste and day core we have in the south. So whatever do my business stand up wash my hands, and I kid you not the shower
and swings open faster than my cats when they hear the food? Can pop? That's really fast. I screamed, but I thought oh, it's just Blake, oh no, it was definitely not Blake. There was nothing there. I go to open the door and get the fuck that situation, but guess what the door was locked. Ok that didn't that door. and have a lock so like again what the fuck I just shut, the fuck up, and I think, ok, well, there's a demon and hear about to drag me too. How nobody here, that's fine but then the lights go off like ok sister, you don't want me in your bathroom, but I only drink like three energy drinks and I had to go Well as I'm lying there, thinking about how pissed my mom is gonna, be when I call her as I get out of that tacky possess bathroom to come, get my ass, Andrea, opens the door and asked me if I fell in or something like bitch inserts, Bianca Delmar rolling. Did you not just here all that nonsense. She said no Blake and Jamie are asleep so we're going to bed. I reluctantly followed and curled up in my fabulous Kim
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in the actual fuck would not be considered a joke. I just Andrew Sheila she's, like I'd, ask my dad. I anxieties as my auntie shelves at last. I just gathered by shit, my sparkly Hannah Montana Duffel Bag and called my mother to come. Get me. She asked if I had fund, to which I replied. No mother, I did not have fun. I almost got by my best friends dead on who likes to mess with people at their most vulnerable vulnerable. She was quiet and just said something like. I hope it was a really good time really mom really anyway. I grass, I'm sorry for the lengthy nonsense, but I've been wanting to tell this story for a long time. So when I saw the creepy asked was for sale. I thought this was the perfect time to share so I attacked the real estate listing listing and when you look in the backyard just remember through all that Brook book brush, and greenery that has grown up this whole Baghdad is Chillun six feet under with the dogs. The house's has creepy vibes, but any who, I hope, you'll keep it we're, but not so, where that you and your best friend turn into a mud cricket river,
queens. At ten years old little exploring the family landed, stumble upon TAT, daddy, very mixed, the dog and then go back to the house, but city scary movie, and get back to it by your friends dead. While trying to evacuate three energy drinks. They should not have drunk from your blogger and end up looking like a blubbering India, because you just ten in that's fucked anyway. Ok, let me buy and sale of yet unaware of that clear. also ash by catches named Frankie, but we regularly for refer to harass, Frank, Frank and Frankfurt Franklin and Francesca? That's her legal name and my personal favorite cunt, realistic, page diamonds, the greedy bathroom or whatever is left of it. This family fell off them up. On the last picture, the long skinny are in the back area. Is where all the dead things, I guess making posters public reckon where all the dead things are. My love that so watch, that's phenomenal, so funny who write so mine is titled. Teen murderers in my boyfriend's high school fun wow and are not at all. What do this? Hey, Ladys, I'm a huge fan of your podcast. I just started list.
A few months ago, and I have listened to every episode. You guys really brighten up my day and I love the way you guys do so much research. It shows how much you enjoy it. Thank you so much easier to enjoy it. How do anyways? I've always wanted to send you a listener tail, but I haven't had any thing too crazy happen, that close to me, I guess you're lucky I was gonna say yesterday. My boyfriend sent me an article and I realized it's. Finally, my chance. It is your time to shine who have the goal. Didn t feel free to use my name in my boyfriend's of useless for the pod cast. This isn't a super personal story, but it happened pretty close to me, so I thought I send it in so here we go. My name is Aurora. I love that name, Princess Princess Aurora Princess one of my daughters,
certainly there prince. Also that's apparently becoming it's like one of the very common line is now the ever Billig babies is here: it's it has a resurgence. Everyone was at home watching sleeping, and you know I think it's because of you are wrong. I think so too, and get as so many name and it's a robbery, Alice Hira. We love your name Aurora many was Aurora and I'm a junior in high school? I live in LAS Vegas Nevada, yes, scary shit happens here all the time, but this one of them, especially crazy. My boyfriend had a friend group last year preach over Now that's a and there was one kid that was always a little weird yesterday- that kid was arrested for murdering his girlfriends dad. The murderer was Arundel Guerrero, an eighteen year old Junior in high school apparently he's sixteen year old. Girlfriends dad was not very approving of their relationship always hate these. I know because you know where you're going hate these so my every time, so they decided to murder him. You might think. Oh, they
probably just shot him. That's what I thought at first to, but no they did something much much worse. Not all the details are out yet because it happened so recently, but from what we know now they stabbed him to death. First then, tried to dismember His body with a chain saw a circular saw and a hand saw why so many saws nervous must have not been as easy as they thought, because they then set the whole house on fire most likely trying to burn away evidence Yanks. Evidently they weren't very smart, because the same the one day, a few hours earlier, surveillance footage at wink go showed the daughter buying who gallons of bleach and a gown of orange juice. His own daughter had so fucked up, and also do you guys not know that surveillance exists what we are all on tv, all, the mother fucking time in these are the young. So these are the youth. Do
the only known a world that has that is watching those everywhere. Yet they still do this shit. I don't know if I mention this before, but I recently found out that like Instagram was having problems where, like people ya know, thank you like when you were scrolling through Instagram. They were watching you through your camera ass, so Instagram see me on the can like far too many times so far, sofa slick. Why do, and it's no matter like, even when you're on Instagram, if you lay close out the up the little camera button that links as your camera was an use new up. If freaks me the fuck out you, I don't like that at all. I just you know it. Whenever, like the old make this mistake, I'm like ok I can kind of undressed, because it's like you, VE, lived in a world but didn't help cameras. Everyone like I get that, but when the youth stew it inside I'm glad they make the Milanese don't got I wrong this mistake, but, unlike what an idiot din guy, I didn't care for adopting I the plural of doing
This is another lesson with ashcombe thinking for being here today. The more you know, so the other footage, Erin leaving Home depot buying multiple saws and gloves forgot Cacus. Also, I think like em, I dont really go to home deep us, I dont know thyself check out, but a man In being the person that- and charges a person on your like. Why would he do lobbies thaws Doo, doo doo? Are you a lumber man and later in the hall, try to have a conversation with you to be applied in a garden what're you left building today will ensure in their like you workin on a tree house, but their linking the something like that somethin with these got everything up in here, all the bleak, but they wouldn't know what I'd literally Billy Are you and someone? May you d, I beheld only the pursuit of profit riot idyllic have fun.
Your murder, I suppose all I want is like a listener tale of somebody who knows like a cashier that zapped operator down in his tracks by being ready or even someone so late, you're ordering someone I like it. I can't tell you this: if you're gonna be that you're not stupid enough, just go through my line with all their share red men go murder somewhat right. They call that security in the UK security cameras. You can't be that Brent rate, or rather what look at the idea that your face right there boom. We got you This runs out of their like. Never mind reminded do why I need that Turkey is a lot of laundry so unfortunate really they stole the victims car and ran away to you tat. They weren't found till five days later when they were catching a train. Ride in a police officer asked to see Aaron's ticket, he admitted he didn't have one they ask for. As I d and quick search,
to find they both had warrants out for their arrest by were brought back to LAS Vegas and rested. As for the girlfriend, not allowed information is told about her because she is a minor, but she was definitely one hundred percent involved and help throughout the process that we heard my soul, her father, her father and for some sixteen year old little Dingus, like you, ruin your entire lives and take the life of some one else because of some serious, her old little ding like us. Why, I feel, like you, guys, Polly Work and I like get out. I dont lunch, but I dont think this was gonna, be endgame statistically not so much. I think. I think that we can then pretty soon. I'm sure, we'll find out once much more once their trial begins. My boyfriend was so shocked at someone that he had been friends with could have done something this awful, more is still unravelling, saw, leave some links to articles and south in stuff in you guys can follow along to see what
comes out. Thank you so much Ladys for making my day so much more morbid. If you read this on the show shout out my boyfriend Keogh for me, please help here. Oh I promise will keep it weird, but not so weird that you do this. That's all you don't you know, and through the work in the home depot with eight solves. Why din guy is that of boat? So you know it. thank you worry and then you go for this and even other names were. I love that one. It's actually joint names nor its. O Connor alone, la la LA thousand me moment guys? It's been a long, weak off we twice already. My brain has short circuit is quite a bit. This we yo worry, is a great nickname for it is, moving along, merely vaguely so much for that story, because I was crazy. Allen was bananas and once more IKEA packing.
My next one is called listener: tail childhood fun in the witches cemetery, I'm observing that come under the description, spooky tail of a local which haunted cemetery with a heavy metal ban twist. You won't want to miss out it's about a ten minute read if that helps love, you guys. Are you speaking directly to my soul. Not only do they come with a description, a tiny, of how long it would take me to read it. It also came with a pitiful will put a pdf if you will prefer a love, a powerful Athos. Subject? But if I already said that I was a little problem anyway. I'm very excited for this. When everyone says lined with me. I also want to know if this person timed themselves till I will read it out loud and time themselves, to see how long the red would be a minute I'll. Do it but see I'm a little bit stressed because what, if I might add and don't try to like speed through it, will I do by LEO if a soothing, ok, just feel it do Are we are realising time further comments, yeah sure of it
ten minutes and change. Exact, ok Tommy ended up hello, Ladys of morbid, my name is J C feel free to use my name. I hope it's J C and not J C, and I'm saying it all correct: a mini Goethe, Tracy anyways. I see our anytime I of course, have to start off by saying how awesome I think the both of you are every time they get a notification of a new episode, dropping it feels like Christmas. You are easy Excuse me easily my favorite, your crime podcast and impress me every episode with how much time and effort you put into your research thing. All you love is really nice. I know I live for your car Tent and your energetic and hilarious personality seriously. You weirdos are amazing, urinating. I know you're amazing. Today I for you, a spooky local legend about a which that might still hot her cemetery ground offering it. Now every grain lever needed in my life. I grew up and still living Jackson County Minnesota. This is a small rural community. Damn it it's a county on
southern border of many similar to that it's a community of the southern border of Minnesota based equally Iowa, but I don't wanna talk about it. I don't know. I don't know anything other than nothing. Why don't you We talk about what happens, and I am now. I want to talk about dollar one talk, but I guess it explains it in the next sentence. We Minnesota's are proud of as a family. We like to camping in the local county campgrounds, and it was a big part of my childhood. We didn't go real camping, you know sleeping intensely. Colorful of hot dogs for survival. We cheated and had a camper, and it was simply just a place to hang out with other families by the lake. Had it that's real camping as far as I'm concerned, if it s the most, the truth. If I only loves camping and they have like a gorgeous camper like no sorry, I can't come now and again, the merrily. Please, will you just camp ashen, unlike someday? No, there is plenty to keep US kids busy at these camp at these campgrounds, we entertained ourselves
by swimming in fishing in the lake. Getting splinters on the questionably builds playground and, of course, writing likes wherever we could, we often would rider bikes to the rickety, but also look out towers scattered in the parks I'll attack. We ensure below very sweet home Alabama. I love the the camp groundless. Exactly what I pictured than as to the picture is exactly what I picture. I thought you'd hate homo them too, Yes, the campgrounds are fairly large, with many beautiful paint by trail surrounding them, so we had no shortage of places to ride, knowing what I know now about child abductions and other terrible things from all the true crime cases. I've heard about a question or parents, Berlin. I assume around our bikes wherever the wind took us, but it was a simpler times back that no, he really was. It was one of our favorite activities, of course, was to quote,
venture are again my kids love to do invention in winged. That's what it's called. They literally asked to go on. Adventure. Let's go adventure. Can we go on in an amendment or by its announce its its becoming everything, its adventure death? It's the new! I don't owe a venture so hot rhino. Yet that's what I've got fine. Ok, our adventurers meant writing or new our bikes to new places, building forts and all things we adults miss about childhood. We had an ensure that I remember doing a few times and now looking back, I wonder why the hell we were out there, my memory these days is imperfect, same system, but I am also almost. I am almost certain that we were dared by someone's dumb ass, dad to go out there. The local engine bludgeoned surrounding this place was definitely something to be told about told around a smouldering camp fire while we shoved our faces. of smaller is made with burnt marshmallows, like God. Yes, we were told
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I am able to give up your body. I was beheaded. Fuck I wanna make, but because lab scared EDGAR Mary Jane, was a which that was beheaded in eighteen, eighty by townspeople of Petersburg, Minnesota side note I actually live in Petersburg and I owe say in order to live there, you have to be aware. And this only solidifies, the theory hell. Yes, it is said that Mary Jane was buried and Loon like cemetery with the axe used, murder, her that's rude. I don't know why you give her a weapon in the afterlife Milosevic's really rude, and it is many people say was not the only one in the area, but that she was the lead which have a cousin of bad mother, fucking vibes, very J. Let's get it. I was going to say of course, Mary Jane wasn't alone. She had a common vision. Of course she dead, she's, Mary Jane Tina, maybe your duty at the time its people tolerated the literary until it started to cause trouble these, which is
were buried and Loon Lake Cemetery because it was desolate and was a place to bury orphans and other outcast members of society who why they played might not even exist. There is a desolate cemetery for origins when she with Israel? What does all that sounds like everything is gonna get real fucked up for them in the afterlife at Stephen King. Have you heard of this point likely. We know you did pet cemetery, but let's talk about Loon Lakes, cemetery about the witches and orphans buried in this desolate secretary of the lake would make such a good movie gonna Twitter, Stephen King. Go ahead in Twitter, Stephen thing, it is said, you got to the lunatic cemetery and jump over Mary genes grieved three times you will have bad luck for the rest of your life has presented to the ILO. would you do that they like it, you can avoid the rest of your life, not just like seven years now say it only takes one job and you will die and unnatural death within three days. I think there are a lot.
Of car accidents, suicides and other supernatural things that some locals a tribute to marry genes, curse, doesn't stop, You sound like a perfect tale to tell a group of curious children, of course, whether it was dare childlike curiosity. We eventually all road, our bikes down to Loon Lake Cemetery, contrary what you may be picturing in your heads. This was not a far adventure for us at all. This haunted cemeteries leniently located directly off the gravel road that goes right through the family fun Park. We wrote our bikes right onto the entrance of the path that led to the back of the cemetery from there. To walk up the path to the cemetery, the essentially, is just one pass with the lawnmower through the tall prairie grass. Thankfully, you can see cemetery from the entrance of the path I feel like I've said path along the path to bath again path. It sets on a new role in the middle of the prairie land. If you know anything about this part of them
last, you know that our land is mostly cornfields and flawed as a pancake. The cemetery on the hill, surrounded by red pine trees is eerie in and of itself, let alone being haunted by witches and so into this I want all of their. We walked back to the summit, to find a sad excuse of a chain lent link fence surrounding what look to be like a lot of nothing. The only thing posts eighteen hundreds about this place was the newer headstone right at the entrance of the cemetery that, despite is the name of the known people resting in the cemetery. Of course, we looked for the name, It heard about around the camp fire marriage ain t. We found name out there in screeched and excitement goal to have bad luck for there s really. A few of my braver friends explored the desolate cemetery. While a few of US chickens never made a very far pass the fence, I kept thinking back to the legend of jumping over Mary in grave and, as you can imagine back in the day, a bitch was not trying to jump over that shit. Hell no you're smart. We visit
the lunatic cemetery. Quite often, during our childhood camping days with all the adventures. Turning up pretty similar, there aren't many heads bones left in the cemetery. So we could never find Mary genes grave nothing to wild. happened to us, and luckily none of us ended up with a curse of bad luck or worse, Sometimes it pays to be a little bit of a chicken. The legend of the witch Mary Jane is still alive and Jackson County and it's fun creepy to those who don't know anything about it as much as locals would like at all times as much locals, would all like it to be. Unfortunately, it is not really the truth about Mary Jane Mary, Jane Tea was born on January. Fifth, eighteen sixty two and border planes Iowa. She was the eighth and final child of John and Phoebe T Janet Phoebe resided in Minnesota Township in Jackson County. They were, pioneers who made their living as farmers until Johns death at the extraordinary age of a hundred and one Damn John S Cry Holy Shit fee. He also lived a long life living to be about ninety two years old and was finally buried and Loon Lake Cemetery. Next to her husband, Mary, Jane and Fortune,
They did not live the long life that her parents had Mary Jane died on March Fifth, eighteen, eighty at each eighteen she's been her. an old days and Cherokee Iowa, where she was working as a domestic serbian official record, say her cause of death, diphtheria, respiratory disease, with no known carry till the nineteen twenties. So she wasn't axed off do like that. Don't know acts at all well come on Syria that sucks her remains were brought it. X and county, to be interrupted, wow to be its erupt. He interrupted to be interred Korean Interrupted Corpse and to be entered by her morning, parents, a boon like cemetery, that's awful! By all accounts! Mary genes Head was fully attached to her body, no sign of a brutal murder, these good for marriage. What is good for you? I wish she lived alone, going me too, the origin of the legend Mary Jane of Bee of marriage and being a which is unknown. The director of the Jackson, counting historical society, has a hunch that the story was fabricated in the eighteen eightys by a guy
James S, Peters James, lived in the area and ran a mill in Iowa. He always had a weird. Think about witches. Whoever is a thing went wrong at the mill he would blame, which is why it makes sense. Yes, he works like Mister Crocker Cherry pick up fairly birds areas like he's, like my guess, who hope to achieve local bus. This is like bakeshops I'd customers coming from dry towns miles away to buy their beer. The shopkeepers would tell us Laurie to entreat their customers and get them talking about the store. These type system is just spun on for years and years to where we are now today, the same sort of you're drinking folks telling Mary genes alleged story just now around a campfire will in her name is Mary, which I get into needed to like which are real. a lot of really all kinds of spooky legends like bloody Mary, older and yet, like the name. Just some some girl died at eighteen per name was Mary. She was a witch, but which is off very.
With her out email pointing had diphtheria. They only cemetery could truly have been such a beautiful and historical tribute to pioneer settled the land years ago. It's the final resting for many who fought right for rights and liberties veterans of the civil war in one veteran of the world. Eighteen, twelve into Will the cemetery likely, as the final resting place of over a hundred people, unfortunately desk, She is all you see when you went to her gates that sucks the church you one take care of the cemetery abandoned at long long ago. How do you just abandoned a cemetery? I know that bums me out like what they for once around seventy headstone standing in the graveyard yard, and today there and today less than ten remain Only modern thing about the cemetery adorns as the memorial stone at her entrance. The cemetery is not only fallen victim to abandonment and the elements, but also vandalism show is waiting for. I knew I was gonna happen: local ass
knocked over headstones and even stole them from the cemetery I feel like. That is the worst to lock. You could possibly bring upon yourself what kind of dumb do you have to be a special kind of done. Steel headstone or not going over, not only what kind of DUMBO kind of asshole do you like TAT, so deeply They knew that none of us all, literally wow, literally while it certainly. Why would you ever do that really should be so these headstones would that were covered by the local police thrown out and random yards and road ditches. It's terrible, Mary Jane, obviously was a huge target for these piles of garbage vandalized grave. Her headstone was stolen in the nineteen nineties and eventually found abandoned in somebody's yard. It was taken to the county court, where it sat until it was taken by the Jackson County, historical society to wear it now rest safely inside the museum. I love it like Mary, Jane, just got to be in a museum. She's got to be fancy. We ve her someone even attempted to dig up her grieve at one point: thirty,
the six foot wide Hall and then got about a foot and a half down before stopping for what that, up to what are they gonna all right, we're like most crash. I do know that everyone is six feet under us out just a joke. This of most abandoned cemeteries is that the dead will harm the living who enter their graveyard, but the lunatic cemeteries, quite the opposite. The living have been harm to the unto the undead. In recent years, there's been some effort. Effort made to improve the cemetery. The Ass is regularly mode and you can actually see all the headstones. It looks much different now then I remember as a kid and things are improving thanks to some great local people. I wish I my own, crazy spooky story of lunatics cemetery like hearing voices or even seeing the ghost of Mary Jane herself, but, alas, I can only dream. I do feel stories of Mary Jane need to be shared, because who knows what these women went through being labelled as witches during this time in history,
cemeteries, not home to any witches just like there were no witches and sale of village in sixteen. Ninety two on a bit of a lighter note. If you are Phil familiar with band mega death, wrote a song titled Mary, Jane inspired by the legend vat is also needs. Wicked cool is David ELF, Ellefsen yeah. David Gulfs and the ban spit about basis is from my home town of Jackson Minnesota? He grew up with a firm here with the legend in CO, wrote the song with y'all here on the album so far, so good. So what, in nineteen, eighty nine, the lyrics the tale of being haunted by the witch of the wind around a bridge of the song of schemes, and the bridge of the song matches the faded epoch epitaph, I can never say that in I've done Mary, Jane tombstone after ruining a perfectly good spooky, which story with a bunch of historical facts. I will leave you and intriguing piece of Mary Jane tease legacy that may make you since some of the facts in her favour marriages, epitaph me be a permanent and ghostly reminder to those who pass her grave. That may be
he does in fact have some supernatural power here. It is kind friends be, whereas you pass by as you are now so once was I as I am now so you must be prepare, therefore, to follow me, girl, Mary Jane, was a watch. My whole body do Flink marriages was a whole ass, which I just became. A goose spoke. I just because you away again the olive public. What following she's like yeah, we'll give a student like some day, you're gonna die. Trying here. Do you think that's fucked and follow me? That's ominous. Oh you into the dark to have. I wanted out my too soon to scare the shit out of every that makes a lot of awesome well, let's say you can end. Therefore, super spooky effect if you made it this far. Thank you so much for the red again, you guys are simply amazing, and then they gave a couple
sorry says and some photos that will definitely have to past. That is, though, a novelist thing. I've ever seen, laughter postal, epitaph cassettes, really cool. You have it really cool. Thank you for your story. Thank you for your service and you know what I think that was around fourteen minutes, but because, stop to chat. Yes, I was like the enormity of comments and I was a pretty good, like estimate of what it would be good job, Gacy good for you good on yeah. My next one is called spooky Beethoven. This one it's hilarious and I M very excited about this hey. Ladies first, you women are amazing and hilarious. Thank you for bringing me some riddled with impressive relief to my crew. life. I looked. I looked. I love you, I love you. I love you lady. She said I signed in your head and you remind me of me and my best friend we both listen to you and I've thought about starting our own podcast. Do I was born and raised in Sun burst money.
Yes, this. I wonder: why is there this belief in voice exists? Son burst. I don't want to live there because I hate the sun. I mean I don't like the sun very much, but son burst. I feel like I would make that my name and deserve to be sunburn yet, but I am currently active duty in the army at Fort Hood in Texas, what a bad ass you are seriously. Thank you. By the way my job is nineteen k, which I think you should just look up for yourself. see how bad ass. I really am for yourself on my way like she's, literally in my brain. Dry, no re enter you and me too. We got it. I thank you for reading my story and hope it isn't too long. You may use my name. My name is Nicole and I have a spooky paranormal story for you, my mom unity, She does yeah. Tell me the: U S: Army, I'm one armor crewman works as a part of the team to operate armoured equipment and fire weapons to destroy enemy positions during combat their role is to operate tanks and amphibious assault.
Vehicles to engage and destroy the enemy Nicole, you're, a superhero. That's insane banana is wow. Look at you are right and call. I feel like woe I feel you held here in my presence right now and I feel very link. Flustered there's something interfering with your happiness to preventing you from achieving our goals, having society, and sometimes that definitely prevents me from achieving my goals and better help. Is there to help me when I need it better help will assess your needs and match you with your own licence, professional therapist. You can start communicating with them and under forty eight hours, it's not a crisis. Fine, it's not self help its professional counselling done securely online. There is a broad range of expertise available that might not be locally available in your area and the service is available
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I could tell you everything you need to know. Is it better helped outcomes lash, morbid? That's better hd LP, enjoying the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. In fact, so many people I've been using better help that their recruiting additional councillors and all fifty states, this podcast sponsored by better help and morbid a true crime podcast listener. At ten percent of their first month at better help, dotcom slash and burn. It all begins with my friends house which, from some of the story she has told me, seems to be the portal for the paranormal, but that's for another time. My story begins. When I came over her house one time to hang out, she lived in Kevin Montana Kevin where I live. I live in a hurry. You know my kids named one of these is this: when a baby. So there's this thing up the leg
ground, no railway- and we don't know, there's like one piece of equipment that no one really knows how you plan. You have like a weird piece of equipment, so we named the US and now they're just, but can we planned Kevin? I believe that this is the funding of firearms So much everything is Kevin. I hope I've seen a dog named Heaven and it just isn't. The dog in may me follow Oh no, that bird in the movie up his cabin I'll bet, it's cave in Dammit. while we just had that whole she just gave me right after the so is pronounced like the name, but with an emphasis on the e like even can't even keel,
I'm still gonna call uncommonly quietly. Nobody I'm on key of an earth. So slight, sir, I said sludge outside that. I note pretty much. Every other home in this, so called town was a mess house, because drugs suck Ella well, they do choose a sophomore in high school and I was a freshman. It was after school. We both got off at her bus, stop and walked over to her house. We put our backpacks down and got some drinks and snacks. No I've never felt fully comfortable in this house. Any time I was ever there in the dark or even in the daytime, something just never felt right. I felt ass though I was always on guard. That's when you know you can always tell the creepy as places where the closet in her bedroom, the actual Porto Health another story for another time and of course, the basement. The basement always creeped me out, even if her and I and all of our friends were down there, but this is the creepy a swan in this, but this is the creepy EAST and one of the last times I ever went into that basement. So we got back from school and we're having our snacks. She asked me to go to the freezer in the basement to grab some ice cream.
damages for us. I would say no. I believe this is your house. This is your house go get it. I hesitated then said: yeah, of course, I'll go down there, the statement being late we coated with sarcasm and evolving in so I began my descent. I slowly may away down the stairs the hairs on the back of my neck began to stand on end. I ve always felt I have a sixth sense when I can feel someone else's. Something else is present. I make it to the bottom of the stairs and turn left. My entire body is on high alert, my nerve endings too doing throughout my body. I am prepared to haul my skinny ass behind straight back up the stairs of some freaking ghosts wants to pull some shit on me. I make my way through the laundry portion of the basement and through the little hallway to the entertainment area. The freezer to the right is right ahead of me to my left. I get in front of the Fraser and all of a sudden, a love me. I hear some old ass, classical ass powdered wig habit these problems are collecting on what sounds like a rate of powder
I now invite seaboard that I didn't just take the fuck off then, but my friend listens to all types of music. I beg to differ music, even weird old, Ass Beethoven, music. I love classical music, so I chuckled to myself and think this bitch is really listening to US Fuckin Beethoven. Now this is merely at your house assets. I turned to the freezer grabbed the ice cream bars and head back upstairs and it's quiet No music me trying to rationalize this creepy ass music situation think she might have just stop the radio or turned it off because she didn't like what was playing. So I find my friend and laughter and shake my head. She says what are you laughing about? I said girl, didn't you just have the radio on listening to beta Tobin or some old, classical shit This bitch said no. I didn't. I have just been sitting here in the living room waiting for you, what the actual fuck, what
I excluded in just stood there staring at her hoping she was lying. She said yeah the only ones here and I didn't turn on any muse out a shot. My heart, sunk in a wave of supernatural Tingley shot through my body. I told her what happened- and I explained to her when I heard she went downstairs and showed her where I heard the music coming from above my head. We went back upstairs in this crazy cycle of a friend says to me yeah. That honestly doesn't surprise me. I see my old cat down there. Sometimes too, that's literally the entire reason. I picked this story. Will the girl silent? I see my dead cat down there to if what am I or end extradite my old dead cat. If one of my friends looked at him is like Ali Alec member that cat we used, I wanna go check it out, I believe, will know it's dead and then she be lake worlds in the basement. I Billig well we're not friendly more debt, it that's just like really casual. I gotta go like
not surprise. You just heard Beethoven playing above your head because site I'm doing my leg, geriatric dead cat adults. Do this episode brought to you by geriatric? Is he did you want to see like? Did you want to tell me that before you sent me down spyware. She said we could. You may be village if you see a cat, it's my old dead. Don't worry about it. Try not to patent jazygae that heads up. That's all I'm asking for so she says I stared at her. The supernatural kingly still rushing through my body. We hung for a little longer than went to hang out with a different friend. I was relieved to get out of there. I never really wanted went back into that helps house much after that time. We ve since grown apart, but still talk here and there she's doing really well, and we laugh about me being totally paralyzed by hearing ghostly Beethoven music in her basement. Thank you, Ladys for My story, if you do hope all is well with the kids and things. Thank you. Lastly, keep we heard, but
that you here we are not told us classical ass powdered wake, haven't ass Beethoven, musical you're, just trying to get a snack, you get a snappy snack. It says. Oh, my god! I like that haunting surmounting, like that, where I just hear Beethoven, Wanna Beethoven hunt up a Beethoven haunting I want you to tell me how I went to migratory haunting found seems chill. Does a good one. I like that. I mean I'd like you to see your cat. He disliked Beverly, big fat he's got very big. I would let you go. You did you say you s attack? Are you ok They don't you dare islands had sack, I said saccharine being. Thus I was like twenty years old when I finally realise that I think a lot of people instead of about oh side is a trial. Those like oh, my god. I thought his name was accurate alma. Hurry. My next one is called shadow to my mom for not getting married that one time, so I could lead the world with my existence. Ellison are already Shin, came with apologia for a pitiful, put weirdos. My name is Madison, I'm from a city in on you,
Mr De in Ontario, Canada really gotta reading. This is so my second time writing you the story, but I read the email I sent you guys a few months ago and I was like he likes. This could have been way better. I They want to start by saying how much I love you two years as the first and only podcast, I have been able to listen to trust me. I really try. two, because about the point where I'm completely caught up in releasing to old episodes, while waiting for new ones just want to say thank you for They may get through a year of being at home with a three year old. Just Usually, have you talk about brutal crimes? Just casually have You talk about brutal crimes and my headphones, while my offspring is watching whatever she is obsessed with current. Let me get. This will be no problem. You also help he got through long comrades, cooking and cleaning fun side. Note a few weeks, I was woken up to the sounds of someone to trap someone trying to open my apartment at thirty. I am after a few minutes, heard them get on the elevator, and I was fine, but I was not going back to So I listen to an episode of morbid to combine our eyes like that. Morbid comes, your nerves has stressed for you, you guys,
Definitely my kind of people- and I appreciate you feeding my true crime addiction. I also had a blast at the bleeding. Small, you you're the best company somersault his party and eleven am notice. Referring to these as party says parties that are basically what there so on to the story? Isn't really about me? It's about my mom, but she gave me permission to tell the story to set the scene. It was this. or of ninety three. Ninety four, some of the details are a little hazy because it was so long ago and my mom's memory is not the best. That's all right, we'll get the and they said but she remembers the most important parts. So that's all that matters, my mom, When her best friend were about seventeen eighteen at the time it was around three. I am and will allow us to dumb ass, his walking home alone from a party. I said that not cheese about not me No already. This is a bad situation, but to make matters worse, they had to walk about two hours through a lesser undesirable air area in the city, to our walk seriously, that, after being a party to no thanks. I mean there.
A whole lot of nope going on for me just walking at night, but If my lazy ass would ever that fire, but as my mom likes to remind me for them it was no big deal and they walked literally everywhere, no matter how long it took hats offer the motivation, though, that could not be me me either. Since it was summer, it was at least nice enough temperature, but the streets they were walking on were dimly, let with barely any street lights, giving off major spooky vibes while they were walking. They noticed a car drive by a few times, but for some reason did not raise any concerns they kept on them home and about halfway into the walk, there were passing by a shopping centre there. the car in an otherwise empty lot with three men said again it the one dude start waving at them and telling them to come over to the car if I were in this situation, I would just running in any direction? That's not in the cars direction but, like I said these we're a special kind of stupid, unjust, Habakkuk, intolerance, the car, the closer they
got my mom noticed. The car was a green for escape. She also note that this was the same car that they had seen drive by earlier now, his when she was starting to feel a little uneasy, though she still told herself they were harmless. No, no, no three guys! in four escape or not harm another, not never, especially when their driving by multiple times. Definitely now, guys in the car start asking a bunch of questions like where they were going and why they were out solely oh, like my dad no This was raising some red flags and then one of the guys explained that they were off duty. Police officers just concerned for their well being nope. Show me your bag. How fuckin convenient he told them that if they continue, Walking he knows, of an officer parked not far ahead. Who would stop and find them for being out past curfew? That's fine. They do then I'll. Go they told to get into the car and they would drive them because they were just such nice guys looking out for them at first they kind of them and were worried that they could really get into trouble
then one the one guy that offered to take my mom to the dark phone booth to call this stationed approve who he was, but she was like. No, no thank you. He said, my mom in her bf ass did not know to do in all three men and were still in the car at this point then body in the back seat gets out, and this shady mother fucker is wearing a white t. Shirt covered in blood splatter earth to which he exe leaned as being the aftermath of being in a bar fight. you just tell me you're a cop when you're in a bar fight, this dude is literally wearing a sticker. That says hello? My name is serial killer, hello. I murdered someone just minors and now he's wearing Yanks. However, However, my mom being into true crime herself with smart enough to know that the amount of blood on that sure did not come from a bloody knows. This is when all the warning alarm started going to cut our side for you re ninety ninety three, retroactively my mom politely to and that they were just gonna, take their chances and walk and if they got arrested than whatever, exactly naturally
like any nice, worried guys this pissed them off, and so she could hear the aggravation and their voices. The red flags were really flying so they slowly started tobacco nonchalantly wallets. seeing that they just want to walk this. when the man standing outside the car started to approach them. Now, my my his was screaming run now before you end up dismembered in the trunk of that car s. Luckily, they had backed off it up enough that they were able to. Golly turn and run across the street into a different parking lot, where they cut across and onto the extreme the men them from the parking lot and started slowly driving next to them. My mom thought for that she was gonna end up a missing person, but because these super creeps were having on the wrong side of the road to be close to the girls and honour in car spooked them off and they did not see them again. What? Ah, thankfully, they made at home, safe and sound and to no surprise they did not see one police officer where the men had said that they should be waiting now fast or to the next day or so, when my mom got home former friends House, her stepfather.
told her. He heard a story on the radio and he wanted her to be extra careful while walking at night, because only a week ago there was an attempted kidnapping of a girl in a city only a few hours away. She fortunately was able to go, way and report what happened hold. dear, but for this next part, because she said her, abductors were three men who drove a green Ford. Escape pool full circle, they learned the car by saying they were police, always there's no way to know for sure if it was the same guys, but it is the same guy obviously, but that is just a little too it coincidental. If you ask me, either way my mom. No, she made the right choice, not getting in that car absolute. I also tried fought very hard to find any information or articles about these manner, the kidnapping, but I wasn't able to that's. Ok, while that
the story of how my mom almost became a stereo type for why girls don't walk alone at night. I just wanted to an end this by also adding that I am related through marriage. My mom stepped adds first cousin to a guy, who murdered a pregnant hitchhiker and her boyfriend here is a link to an article I found about him, but we should thank you, your life seriously. Well, that's I got for you. I hope you enjoyed my story and keep it weird, but not sorry that your driver on his blood center in your buddies, pretending to be cops getting that women. golly. That was a crazy. What ya that one was now seven distressed me out seriously to the fullest extent to the call ha ha. I ate any time a car drives value multiple times get the fuck out of there. I ve. Never that experience lucky I e there don't even requested it I'll get out of there. There's no reason cars should be driven by you more than once Should I tell them my listener story of target. Last week, oh yeah, unless ok guys
is a personal listener story. Man just really give you some time. I was so freaked out at target and I got extra. Freaked out, because one time we got a listener story from somebody that was in a target and she was convinced these sex trafficking, people were following her and I think they were so. I was at target last week. It was like the day before mother say and you know I'm just like setting their reading some cards whatever I'm in the baking. I'm gonna make some key lime pies and come out of making I'll and I swear. I saw these two guys and I swear. I heard one of them say that one I swear to God. I heard them say fuck and then they crashed into my cart. Alina knows this entire story Bastille staring at her variant, unlike love like yeah, they crashed into my. and I was like. They were like all EC sorry and I was nowhere It's cool nonetheless, like all you're, really beautiful, and I just kind of like nodded like ok and just kept on my way, and then
I'm going away and I'm just like whatever like shopping, and I see them out of the corner of my eye. They were going the opposite direction as me. They whipped around and started to follow me and I was like what the actual fact like as we are. They also had nothing in their court now. That's the part that really got me now. thing in their car and not shopping. They were like they were like dirty and like a very big. Had they scooped me up. I literally would never have gotten away. So I, go up till the mother's day section to look at the cards again because I was like that's like closer to the front. The store like I'll be around like a lot of people like yeah, so I'm a dip into I'll, and then I see these motherfuckers looking leg, them in the main I'll, like flipping their heads back and forth. Looking for someone was probably me that eight, which is terrifying and and the creepy one, the previous one they're both pray creepy whipped around and one on the other side of the island blocked his blocked. My way out of the oil with his cart. So I lit
They couldn't get out of the actual, so aggressive, so aggressive. Still nothing in the cart double checked. Any go Oh, you look really familiar like. What's your name or no excuse me, you just said: what's your name, and I said I looked at him, I said why do I look familiar, which I think is socially don't walk up to someone and say: what's your name, yelling have no obligation to know who you are required. If you want a leg, no someone's name, you can save it much nicer than that. Like I can. I have your name. Or like to start off. Would like my little sloping like dealing we're. Ok, I think I recognize you like our you from here. I say: hey my name. Is there when are your your Bialik? What's your name fuck right off, I just so crept up by the situation already that I just like. Why do I familiar and he was a guy. I think I know you from somewhere and I was like Why really wanted to be like when you go to a lane s house or my apartment of veal meat? You play that. I got like other than target, so you broadly owed read me. I don't think you know me, and I was like It was like a weird, you don't look familiar and he was like. Oh
and then my guy like turned around names. I also that touts goby- and I was like yes in us and I disliked an answer and now they lie. but I could still hear them, but I called drew when I made him pick me up from Mister. I'm so glad you did. That was smart. I was scared and then, when I got out there was a white suv parked in front of target which I just seemed weird, I mean how many white suvs apparent her at I don't know, I don't know how many. Why does he was there? I was very late at night and I swear there is like a bigger person driving, and I was like when you pardon stamina, like throw me into, I think, I'm so just way to adopt at your crime, because then we drew like I don't want you getting in your car sweet, true to a different grocery store across town in his car, and then he finished my grossly shopping. Any drove me back to my car, you wouldn't, let me get out of the car, so I hopped over into the driver's seat of its copper. Did he drove I got to a corner store where we promptly looked.
see if there is any tracking, the Ex husband, copper. Why I guess what everybody you can never be too careful. It's true you did. I feel a little bit crazy afterwards. Yes, The man literally only asked me for my name, but I swear, I heard him say that one and I was freaked out and they did turn around and follow me. That is really creepy was scary. Either waves creepy let us not a good interact, it's not a good interaction and like even a super if he was even attempting to like flirt or like have it be a normal interaction that was not the way that wasn't it off I also believe it I'm seventeen seventy go away like now. Please go away, Sir there's your bonus listeners area that I do not at all. It's all. I don't like it and about trust your gun and like if you think that something's wrong, then call your man, I can tell you that my own errors, gonna Mama, somebody who makes you feel safe if I didn't have a direct call for controlling a meal when outcome gay, you beat up those dupes for me right.
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right off suit her governing. If you too, have almost been eaten by a cannibal yeah. This is just a lot of narrowly nest. So if you wanna like if you're like not prepared- and you want to end the episode here like I won't- let me live it too. Much but everybody else, hello men than you crazy. I had high weirdos. This is a fellow weirdo. All the way from Sweden come in at you with a cry Z list here today, as it was creating that Jones. The whole country be aware, that English isn't my first language and will probably not make sense at times ha ha ha ha. But at least I tried by best a new nailed it by the way did great, but at least I've tried my best to write this whole ass. Sit down. Apologies for the long story, but it's hard to make a shorter, and let me just warn you that it contains cannibalism and may give you horrific pictures in your head so see they're, letting you know too. Ok, let's just jump right into it
go all the way back to the gloomy and rainy early morning of March thirty of two thousand and five in a small town outside of gavel. I'm probably saying that wrong and I apologise actually reveal Google scan gavel. I think a man named Lennart person woke up. Oh, I know this name. I know this name. I know this. Isn't a crazy name yeah, it's crazy. A man named Lennart person woke up after a long night filled with horrible dreams or awesome. If you like, murdering people, he took the bus to gavel the vigour city outside of his home town, to meet his new born nephew that has grown up that is grown up, foster sister had just given birth to to get there. He first had to take a bus into the city since the little town he and I are from- is like the quote country and after that he had to take another bus to the outskirts of sit
parts of the city to a place called sacra, I'm probably butchering these. I apologize to resume in your eyes when he arrived at the apartment. Complexes sister welcomes him and the door with only a nightgown, and he followed her up to her apartment. Although what she do, what she didn't know is that Leonard at all times kept a knife in his pocket because of his social anxiety makes no sense to me, though he takes his shoes. Often they walk into the kitchen to catch up since they have met in a long time, but it doesn't take long until he just pulls out the goddamn knife and stab sir multiple times.
until she collapses onto the floor, her boyfriend and baby daddy, whose in the living room, comes running wondering what the actual fuck is going on in the kitchen and sees a bleeding Anna on the floor, with Leonard, on top of her repeatedly stabbing her his flight or fight his fighter flight kicks in, and he runs out of the apartment faster than a scared cat when the vacuum goes off with the baby. So to the police. Lennart later said, and I quote quote, he should have done something to try to stop me, but he's a coward. Also, I would have
killed him to lay down as the boyfriend fled the scene Leonard stop stabbing an unjust looked at her, and then he did something horrible Anna who was still conscious, but could it moved look delicious to letter so he started to drink the blood that was gushing out of her. He then took his knife and caught her nightgown open sliced, her chest up and ate a few pieces of her ass. He was chewing on her body. He suddenly Alas, she was dying how weird ha so when Anna dies in his arms he gets up. Any suddenly remembers the new born baby No, my dear boy, their babies, ok, I was like. I know too crazy, because when I saw those like no no not go in there, I mean this is all crazy but his blood. There said gone away yet, but luckily he can't find the baby and heads out of the apartment alike. I imagine it feebly. Try to ah he goes to the bus and hops on with bloody hands in close onto the bus, arrives back home and
straight into the towns library to clean himself up when he takes another brought to his apartment and burns up his clothes, but before he did that he cut out a small piece of closer clothing with blood on it. So we could keep smelling it when he wanted to why the first night he couldn't sleep, he said because he was so worried. Police would show up any minute and arrest him, but he was lucky since he hadn't met his foster sister. That much in the last few years he hadn't met Amis boyfriend so and so, and so when the boyfriend told police what had happened, they didn't believe his story that end to him unknown that to him the unknown man that had been let into the apartment was just leaden by Anna the next day police arrested. The boyfriend, an Lennart, could relax again and finally started planning his next and this poor man and the poor baby. We're gonna be got everything. Why this man run out of their without his baby. I know that's not cool, it's not call it all in his head
and made calendar he drew a circle around the date he killed Anna and the one year anniversary of her death. He was going to go back to such in honour of her memory on that day, he had also drawn a circle around October, thirtieth Halloween. That's when he planned to drink the blood of his next victim months. Go by and Leonards blood thirst has calm debate. Police still have the boyfriend in custody, but keep looking at other possible killers, and so they contact lens to talk about the murder of Anna when he was released again after the questioning in the demons in it and the demons and his head, the nightmares and the blood thirst all started coming back all this time he had managed to keep this all away out of his head of them, just ass, my place in an area where he was close to hurting his family and other kids in the neighborhood, but doktor on October, twenty fifth, two thousand and five. He just couldn't stop himself.
Anymore, so he was going that all this time be wanting to do this again, telling everyone around him, but was stopping for this specific day we wanted to do and how we yet he takes his bike rise aroused in search for his next victim. He wanted to feel a human die again and, of course, he wanted to drink there, what he's driving around for a long time, looking at kids and forts in force, finally, they were all accompanied by their parents and therefore not chosen a god. Thank you parent, and this is where I come into the picture o girl. I forgot the euro my hour to this at the time I was seven years old and was first grade. I remember the stay clear ass crystal school just ended for the day and I dont know if you have it in the: U S, but it's something called fretted Madonna affronted, spreads its central government organise school. That just ends for the day, and I dont know if you have it, it only affect has read the same thing: it's a central govern
organised system for kids, who need quote baby setting baby sitting after school hours, sound like an after school programme. A girl I was always up alone- is basically like an after school day care for the kids who aren't allowed to go home without someone taking them up. It's all just play time and basically the best part about school. He up are you so long after school care me and my friend had a really fun day, so we decided to ask her mom Camilla. If I could follow them home, so we can keep the fun all day since her mom was studying to become a teacher. She would come pick her up before my mom was done at work, so he decided it would be fun to have a played at her house all excited fur plan. We say down a waited for her mom. Usually she would only have to stay at this hour. After school programme for a short time every day- and so we know one belong until she showed up but time passes and when she doesn't arrive the teachers for the after school programme, I dont know what to translate into Ella tries to call
no answer and half an hour later. Still no answer who know in ours have gone by. They call the police since Camilla, whose sister had been brutally murdered and eaten in her apartment in March. Yes, it is what you think it, Is she was the sister of Anna had little to no family left in life because she was a foster says right, the only option left was to call the police. By this time my mama had come to pick me up and I was devastated because my friend couldn't come with me, since no one could get hold of her mom foreign, two story is getting hell along. I'm trying to make a short, also carry it's. Ok, so good. The next day, my friend didn't show up and no other day after that, because what police found in the apartment was Camilla, stabbed several times lying in a pool of her own blood. On the kitchen floor, soon police put the pieces together one by one and realise that who was stabbed and eaten back in March was in fact Camilla sister
and soon they understand who had done it. They're foster brother, whom they had moved in with US kids, police drove to his we'll cabin he lived in and as they pulled up a week and bloody leonards stumbles out onto the lawn, both of his wrists had been cut up and made it because he had tried to kill himself and they arrest him immediately to the police see you later told what happened as he was driving around looking for a victim. He remembered hither. His other quote: sister still left in life and her daughter. He wanted to kill them both, why. So when he arrived at camellias apartment, she was home alone, doing dishes and very shocked to see him. She said. Are you coming to visit me now, all of a sudden, and then he just took the knife out of his pocket and stabbed her several times. Camilla put her hands up trying to protect herself it, but he only stopped for a little while to go wash his knife and hands. He said the
life became too slippery. Oh my god, she told police, and then he goes back out stabs her until he killed her drank her blood and search the apartment for her daughter
Luckily, she was in school with me. Thank goodness he leaves the apartment and bikes home a happy man. His desires had been fulfilled, blood had been chugged and the demons have been quiet, but he knows belief. Police will get him now, so he drinks bleach and cut his wrist and hopes that he would die. So that was the crazy story about the cannibal who could have during my blood as well. If I wasn't as lucky as I was that day and tell us the scary to think about- and I still can't even fathom what my friend had to go to, two kids lost their moms and aunt both to a cannibal in the same year. It's disgusting and Lennart person is institutional, hopefully rotting away, even though I feel bad. He experienced those horrible horrible demons. This will forever stay in my memory and my friends who, in my friend, who I have not seen
since that day will always be in my heart. She had to move away since she had no other family left in life except her eight month old cousin. I miss her and think about her. Often this was a very long story, but I hope you had some fun reading. It's not that it's funny at all, but you get what I'm saying P s. I love your podcast, so much of just recently found it no obsessed, I listened to you all all day at work from eight to eight to seventeen, which ensures but back listen to me until twenty four, so I just can't get didn't get enough. Also. I just have to point out how much I laugh it to myself every time you stumble on your words or tie your tongue up and almost every episode, but always this stuff like what's wrong with me today. Why can't I tar properly as if it never happened, I think I was a little more directed at me and I thought I could being of entertainment. You really make my later, even though you talk about dark shit, I really mean it. When I say I found my cup of tea hope you can come in to cover
show in Sweden one day, though sick when the virus finally has settled it would be awesome or I'll just have to come to a show. the: U S and last but not least, keep it weird, but not so where these stab entering the blood of your to foster sisters and have to be locked up forever, far away from society. aches thought was really were. Why blew my mind like wow blew my mind? That's really. God. I I want to know more about like how that guy got out of prison. Yeah we're gonna. Look that up man you have only recently, even just like cover the whole army, may well be an episode of vote. One person cause. That's its that's just like very sad all around, because obviously the another thing going on that was not looked up exactly like there is obviously in you know it is it's like he was in foster care, so he also was it. You know
yeah elegantly. We clearly do not parents at sea, and it seems like you just like- didn't get the help. He very clearly needed yeah, that's really terrible, and then it had turned Two women are lives like I was terrible, thank God that the little girl wasn't there. Oh my god, I'm so glad that you want to know where that she's. Ok now I know I hope, she's doing all right in that eight month, old guy huh I became a better down no oil, the tools. I believe your kid and their real life is getting fired. You really gave hope he got like a little more. Like you know, instinct for TAT serious efforts. I was IKEA and those like yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah was a good yeah, sorry yeah outbreaks, or that it really does want to bring you all. The way down was in Betty, but now it's it's always fun to get tales from people like around the world, though, to I know like away from Sweden,
This interesting, we need another Australian once you haven't, we haven't A lot of australian listener tales. Oh yeah, we gotta, so maybe we are we going They decide you guys, but they tend to be the best. They are there, some guy that is so that Outback man's Australia, who does it by you guys killed it. This episode was crazy, like your chelles, always amazed us and make us laugh and make us cry, and only above Absolutely do so. We hope that you continue to listen to the listener. Tail apis out, and we hope you keep, but it's really hurt references and there's a dead guy, the backyard but like at least he loves NASCAR cassettes, unlike a cool quality, love it and that's a weird bad, your boyfriend. As friends of somebody who killed somebody's dad, because you just really- I keep that company not so we had that link
not so sure still of Mary is a which are not Mary, Jane t- and I remember her leg: did you hop over a grave? You do, but I gotta know, is at an what's gonna happen: you not so either Ernie Front Basement and Beethoven, just like! Ah don't do that cause like battlefront. You ought not to be feared that your mom didn't get murdered, so she could have you maybe keep it that weird, actually there and just never ever keep. It is where it is the last or elevates. I don't do that billions
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