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Listener Tales 31

2021-08-03 | 🔗
This edition of listener tales brought to you by you, for you, from you and all about you features a haunted redneck palace, an abandoned body on grandma and grandpa’s lawn and some spoopy New England listener tales. You guys always send in the best tales, and we appreciate your guts! If you have a listener tale please send it to Morbidpodcast@gmail.com and include the term “listener tale” in your subject line!!  As always, thank you to our sponsors: Gabi: Put your policy to the test like I did. Get a better insurance with Gabi. It’s totally free to check and there’s no obligation. Go to Gabi.com/MORBID Amazon Music: For a limited time, new customers can try Amazon Music Unlimited FREE for 30 days. No credit card required! Just go to Amazon.com/morbid FirstLeaf: Firstleaf is the perfect summer staple. Join today and you’ll get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 and free shipping! Just go to TRYFirstleaf.com/morbid Monday.com: Create the perfect workflow for your team with monday.com Work OS. To start your free 14-day trial go to monday.com/podcast

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