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2021-09-04 | 🔗
Listener tales 31 brought to you by you, for you, from you and all about you!! This set of listener tales includes your grandparents purchasing a straight up murder house that then becomes yours, a murderer who gets out of prison and curates his own Taco stand, a trip to the hotsprings that takes a terrible turn and SO MUCH MORE. You guys never cease to amaze us with your tales. If you’d like to send in your own tale please send it to Morbidpodcast@gmail.com and include “Listener Tale” somewhere in your subject line! Pumpkin Loaf with Maple Glaze Recipe Half Bakes Harvest Recipes (THE BEST) (Recipes are not ads or sponsored, just good recipes and chefs that I wanted to share!) As always, thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Get up to fourteen free meals—including free shipping! —when you use our code morbid14 at HelloFresh.com/morbid14 AthenaClub: Show your skin you care with the Athena Club Razor Kit! Sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order! Just go to AthenaClub.com and use promo code mtc. Rothy’s: Head to Rothys.com/MORBID to find your new warm weather favorites today. Embark: Go to Embarkvet.com to get free shipping and save $50 off your Embark Breed and Health Kit with Promo code MORBID. The Jordan Harbinger Show: Check out jordanharbinger.com/start for some episode recommendations, OR search for The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts
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spooky sees also mysterious o physically. All busy await. You know who says that talks I was just going to say: I knew that sounds familiar Bela, that Tibet spire yeah, welcome and welcome to the first listener tales episode of three October. Yes, Mitch in case your new here, Pre October's just September necessary in case you could put together, we don't really like to call it September, because what boring everything really just in reference to October, which is the greatest month of the year. Everything is all relative to October, and I know that you know- sometimes you really got my god. It's fall everybody's obsessed with fallen, it's like, but it just has something in the air. It is magic, it may me feel warm and psychedelic winter to its like. The startling idea noted is falling. the start of like all the like holidays. Let you spend liquor fayoum level see it's cozy and obsessed smoothly. I can wear
Sweaters Viking eat all the extremely guys. I've already made to pumpkin loads with a maple butter, frosty Yon step back for a second sit down sit down, because that is the best and I've ever seen in my life, I had a piece for breakfast and it's so good for breakfast with coffee we're not close the recipe, because it's a recipe I found online, so I'll repose stick as a person who made it, who tat our hearing or less sorry, if you heed this word, but is the moist IST fuck it is. I hate that word to but like a bitch is its great opposed. The recipe for share out of my social event. I'll put it in the show notes, even do what you know, what let's give that person a bunch of traffic to their cooking bog because their bad us and I use their recipe every single year So that my grandma loves that we drop down under a loaf- and I also made pumpkin pasta-
I was really good too, was like a sage butter where it is right that recipe was. I got that one and a half baked harvest laws, so, if nobody's looking for some really good meals and easy, like I know- It is not a cooking pod Castro. It's all install it's a listener tales episode and also its it's time to cook Dillon. Just things that we want to have to bake best. I think her name is Teague Anti Gonna she's amazing. I have all her cookbooks and your stuff. there's like one pot meals, there's quick, stop, there's vegetarian studies and effort. We won the in its like all different cool shit that you would not like: pumpkin, pasta, lights out, sweet beer, how sweet potato Nokia men, like all this delicious stuff, so go check it out.
Hell. I like that to why not all the posts her to give you all the food stuff in this political install on my instead so good, and I have I have all her cooking books and every time she post something on Instagram, I write down there at EL yeah cause a lot of people like a mention. Cooking things are actual people. We, like all, can you post the recipe, and I forget a lot of time, so I will definitely process for this. the time to cook delicious things if you are able to and want to know so now that we ve talked about false Should we listen to tell it up. I think we should listen to tail it up. Are you going first or am I going for? I look First love it. Mine is called which is worse, creepy, nudity or a shirt tied in blood. I would go with shirt tied in blood. Probably I would shortly, I obviously I'd, say it's kind of a toss up depending on the situation.
because nudity is like ok, nude bullet Gavin, including unity, take secure differently, exact, let's find out it's as hey guys just like everyone? I want to start by saying how much I adore listening to you too. You two are so funny unreliable pale. I love the goofy banter. Thank you because we just give a perfect example. Blue are welcome. They do. It makes me feel, like I'm hanging out with friends rather than having a couple of boring steps talk at Let us ass, we never want it now. You, like that's my favorite compliment. You just want to be with you if you ever want to do a lab, show at a historic two hundred seat theatre in a town of less than fifteen hundred people in one of the most inaccessible world places in the lower forty eight. Let me know I'll hook you up high. This is me letting you know, honey, we're gonna talk after a lull. Does that dozens of maize, letting you know I'm not kidding we're talking after this, I thank you below you find a one hundred percent. True story that happened years ago to my husband, myself. It starts out bad has what seems like a happy
ending than blind sides. You, with around house, to the testicles, just giving you fair warning that it love it both and I M kind of brutally civic testicles, but it's a jet. I thought I suggest a gulf. Maybe I miss her dress. I don't know either way it's got around us, kick you it's gonna, either round house you and majestic goals or the testicles dependency on both hubs, and I are kind of professionals now Baja gasped gas snort. Got you dont know how ridiculous that is for us, but true, and also don't really know what happened to the main character in any real sense. So please don't use names. I didn't put any names in the story, so probably shouldn't be too hard outside coming to you that I sometimes that, like your brain, just my brain aids to fast like that's, why I fuck up on my words, yeah and then, unlike only said the name in them, it's like fuck. That's what happens to me. I always end up like whoops, I said the name and then I feel terrible man. I, it's just a lot, it's a fact, so I really appreciate not putting them to him. Then if you don't want me to read them also this
is really long, but the details really make the story. In my opinion, get on your boots put your Riggin four wheel drive in a way we go a rigged now you do I live in the northern Rockies and have spent a ton of time exploring all the Jed middle of nowhere. That can be found in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon Wyoming etc. I was just talking about mundane where one thing hugged, one hubs and I always seek out our natural hot springs for soaking. I love that. That's the thing you do, why's that your vibe, let's very relaxing of the anthem, be my vibe right as you can, Jane you meet a lot of character. Is that these place? I was there. I've talked with my fair share of trust fund hippies in quotes. transience off the greater crunchy spiritual, ass, witches collapsing, weirdos unfair, Finally, many like to bathe nude and you can see a lot of wrinkly tits and bets that you'd be very, very much rather not seeing. Isn't this story occurs at one such offspring? It was towards the end of a two week
slash camping trip and were planning on spending one last night at a pretty remote hot spring, a few hours from home when we got there late morning and decided we would go up and have a soak before we set up our tent and stuff. We arrived at the gravel parking area. The trail head. There were already two rigs. There are new or Subaru Outback and pick up that was straight out of the seventies horror fuck you already. I love it. Now. I myself happened to have my very own: One thousand nine hundred and seventy three slash four miles to the gallon indestructible: rust bucket with gun racks to forty five years of unwashed mud and dust and unidentifiable, smell stains and sounds amazing, actually were lightly, mocking the new Subaru Honour, O Brody. Where am I going to get my arm and milk latte out here? Something completely ignored the merger rich. We completely ignored the murder machine. I love that, as you walk up the trail to the hot spots,
There are several undeveloped camp spots flat areas with rock rings for fires, no toilets, no tables there was one with a bunch of nice new gear Brody. I forgot the Derek free range eggs for breakfast, including a variety of expensive, high tech, women's clothes hanging around coolers, firewood and food strung up in the trees and fancy bear proof. Containers at the very next spy there was an old, torn up and duck taped back together single person puffed, and it looks like someone pulled it out of the dump. Stir behind the army surplus store twenty years ago and used a daily ever since the flap was open and the only thing inside was a single ratty stained blanket who works? There was nothing. set the site, no evidence of fire, no clothes, nothing at this point, hubs- and I were lamenting how annoying it is when someone camps right next to you at an empty campground but still didn't think much of it, that would be me doing that, because I believe we are kept.
right next to the only other. We are very stupid, like this is happening. We continue up the hill to the hot spring. First, let me describe this hot spring. Oh thank you for doing that. To imagine a hot tub made out of rocks that someone stapled to the side of a cliff, ok. Now make that the prettiest thing you ve ever seen at the trip ends directly at three narrow steps that go into the pool the sun's beautiful. I jaws is the only access point in and out one side a really steep waterfall of hot water. The other side's are like an infinity pool. Water runs off the edges, downhill. That is basically a ninety degree, cliff that false two hundred feet into a white water section of the river It is beyond stunning that sounds like picturing that I'm literally feeling com yeah right like her- was that Ricky that aid some feel in it. Now, as we are
roach. I can see a man sitting on the steps effectively blocking the entire way in and out of the pool word as we walk up to his back as we walk up his Bacchus to us. He was rail, thin and filthy, with mad and looking shaggy gray, hair, He was definitely naked for Joe again away soaking make it is just a thing out: hot springs you get used to it. Personally, I get a sunburn and moonlight, so I always have softened swim, sorts and lungs Rash Guard because sunscreen is expensive. Ya'll yield is so hard, yes, so hard, long sleeved bathing suit this year, because unscreened is expensive and I also have the world's most sensitive scant. That's literally, and when you said I get sunburn in moonlight, meet you there is, one part of me that doesn't feel that they can save early, we're excel irish lamp in my house and I'll get a sunburn. I put my arm out the window and I literally and burned within three psycho.
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approaching before the guy hears us. They look up and see our librarian who married SAS Watch ACT coming up into a coming in view of the Earl, and you can just see them tier up with a really. You always know targets mahars librarian who married SAS Watch ACT. I love that. I love that that is who you guys. Are it at this point? The guy noticed their attention behind him and whips around. He gives us this. Look that froze my fucking booze I have never before and never since had seen such men. Alison anger on someone's face here, must immediately goes completely blank thou like someone pushed a button and turned him off. He turn his back towards the girls without saying a word at this point, I see he's got a gnarly pack with a rifle in a pistol sitting. On top. Oh ok, of course this is grisly, can't country, so both hubs and I were also carrying weapons and bear spray. So an immediate little miss the boat, LU, LU, LU, LU
not an immediate red flag that he had guns with him, but it didn't ratchet up risk level of the situation and the girls clearly had nothing of the sort. Also, on top of his pile of clothes was a grungy tie, died shirt. It was clearly tie I'd because it had the eye. On EC swirl pattern. Polyantha wasn't bright, psychedelic colors, it was a symphony of EL tans, dirt browns and a rusty color that looked like dried blood. I actually the joke as we walked back down the hill. Later that it looked like he tied it in shit and blood, that is not sir. We down our stuff close to the edge within reach at all times. If we enter the porn sit near the steps, we and stand by the stairs, and I brightly chirp. Excuse me, sir: can we get in doing my best? Oblivious, wanderers me and all the men stands up and window.
little over to one side, clearly expecting us to squeeze passed him and go further into the pool. Now my hubs is a big dude, he's tall, he's, muscular and he's chubby He also is one harry, my phone. He owns that shit majestic chests back, carpets, I just want to Harry Bobo and he owns that shit with majestic chest, flashback, carpets and enormous beard, and after two weeks camping some serious dark brown hair. I am picturing your husband good for I'm picturing called Euro go, he looks, he looks amazing sweetie. I love it's good for you. I love nodding. actually someone who looks easy to push around, but does look like someone. I'd want to jump please
Oh, my god, I love you roared member would read that so many people are working well like there are always so fancy. I love you, so I love would be boy just like unabashedly in love with their spies. Digest gave me like such as I love that you're like. Oh, I don't want to jump at union level. Is that it's like rare now I was just going to say how sad as if that were like only God. This is so cute that you still want to jump. Your husband like I am. I want everyone to feel about Wednesday. I understood hired another. I aspire to have that love for years to come, hell yeah Russian, always really just you should always want to jump. Leguminosae here are two drew when I get home reason would always want to roar at your person run. Look that There was no way hubs who is going to be able to get past the guy without spooning him getting to at least second base and pitching them both into the water. Also
fucking way were we going to let him block the entrance to the pool with us in their no, so hubs pulls out the jolly green giant routine and chuckles and Patsy's beer belly and make self depreciating marks about how the guy will have to move further into the pool, because hubs won't be able to get past him, the guy kind of stands there and stares at US hubs this slowly starts to shift from cheerful to come the menacing himself. I love this for your husband, of course, any one who knows him knows he's the swedish squish highest gentlest butter, ball of a man you can find. I love your love, like I of your are back at wrong. However, he will go from Teddy Bear to Wolverine in five seconds. If he feels he's got to defend, somebody in those girls were definitely seeming like they needed defending, I'm literally obsessive your husband and that he was I go in and then just was like. I will help you ready to brawl. So how so well, he was being all ho ho ho young Santa with the belly like a ball full, a jelly. There was a clear
don't try me buddy and his eyes too. Meanwhile, I'm just standing there pretending to be an oblivious debts. All goofy smiles, hoping he decides to back down. Also Remember this guy's wearing nothing but his birthday, soothing, grime. Oh, I forgot about how to actually always nay so I'm trying to avoid eye contact with either the upstairs or downstairs set of balls, the guy. Eventually grumbled inside but moved across the pool to sit close enough to one of the girls at their thighs were touching you with a far at that point. The girl, leaped up and swam over to me and made some asinine explanation about my clothes, but was really just trying to get away. I fucking hate us her friend so came over and we made high pitched chatty small talk, while hubs clearly position himself between the three of us in the dude good hubs, hoping to come The situation tries to make small talk with the guy, but can't get him to give even more than one word. Vegas fuck answer stand anything until he s about the model of the guys rifle
The guy then begins to talk in a fever pitch about all the things he shot with. That gun hubs is a hunter, so we tried to carry the conversation along safe lines. You prefer white tail or immediately release is Adam is at it. I think it's me last year, you prefer white tail or mules yeah MRS Tag last year, but never saw on all season, but the guy just wanted to talk about the thrill of taste. Down a predator and all the stuff he's poached willing, Kogi for most dangerous. That's ably com now, with a healthy dose of quote goddamn fucking government can tell me what I can't I can't kill now this is extra creepy in contacts you actually come across the occasional and, unfortunately, not so occasional ass wipe with these opinions in the area. We are,
from so wasn't a super huge red flag at the time. Just oh shit, one of those club that he's like I'm just gonna, kill whatever I want those red flags are starting to add up. There was going to say it all of these together, yeah scanty. After about a half hour of this, the girls exit the pool talking about how they're gonna make that they're gonna go make lunch as they get out the man's eyes. Never leave them as they get about ten yards down the trail. The guy starts to mutter fuckin self, righteous whores, look at those slut outfits. I bet those filthy concert. Why are a very powerful derogatory term for a lesbian yeah. I know sir yeah, and he said I know it. Slut outfits Ike. Might my bathing saving suit in your naked earlier leverrier, Aslan your naked sir? It she says we, of course, our horrified, but before can launch into a tongue lashing that would paint a gigantic Bowles. I, in the middle of my forehead for this bastard hubs, kind of awkwardly chuckle
and babble something to the effective, not really of our businesses. It doesn't impact me who other people love. If I was a woman, I'd be a lesbian too fond of you, like I dont, want. There's gotta kill me, but I gotta make sure he knows that that's fucked up the exact the guy ignore, him and then looked directly at me and says: women are the root of all evil Eve led Adam into the original sin. Maybe you need to get the fuck. Are we I'd like to find it? You gotta leave now I've had a beat. I've had a beat to let my brain catch up to my mouth for the most part and recognise starting an argument here, probably isn't the wisest thing, I think you're being smart, but most in Iraq deem about fucking smart, our, how ya! I feel that on such a high level Europe, so I responded with well what the fuck do you back from a rib.
But you could maybe scrub it's true. You have not to promote real respect for my ribs drew and she's in which has been by all time, favorite response in so many situations. Ever since I heard a kid say to a man, a nun in Fucking Sunday, school, legendary, Mountain iconic child well flung mixed him in conversation petered out entirely very go. That's all. It needs to be adjusted ends the conversation barriers hubs and I did our best to ignore him while we soaked for another twenty minutes, or so, we then gathered up our stuff and headed down the trail to start getting camps set up. This is when I'm the bloody tied joke still not really take this guy seriously gaddi. As we came up to the girls camp, they were not in fact making launch, as they said, but instead were frantically packing up their shared Europe when they heard as coming. They both looked up in sheer terror and panic, but sagged in relief when they saw it was us, I feel so bad for them. They waved us over and told.
their story. They had been camping, there knights and generally enjoying themselves. The night previous they'd state are pretty having a fire and some drinks and dreamt generally just having a good time having the place to themselves, one, then woke up around on only a few hours after they turned in and had to pee when she exited the tent bleary, eyed and half drunk she was faced with the guys ten that had not been there when she went to bed fuck. I just want to, pause here and highlight this some time between three and six, a m. The sky arrived parked, walked up the trail and pitched his tent less than fifteen feet away from these girls. Ten. So, quietly and with such little light that he d not wake them. He's a hunter: he was close enough that if he had any be made any real noise or even used a flashlight, it would have woken them up. Even a bit. Drunk hundred reliant he's a hunter. Who knows what he's your aim and he arrived at
three a dot m somewhere between three to six, a dot m. The girl said she was a bit creeped by it, but went into the woods to pee, not thinking much of it. But when she came back, he was sitting at his firing. No fire eating a cold fucking hotdog, no bun filthy bare hands and staring at their tent, no My first she said he was eating. It lay corn on the car view what the fuck is wrong with this matter and she wrote clearly this detail stuck with her and just added to the weirdness, which I only one that I would have stuck with urgency. Gamin eating your fucking hot dog, like a piece of computing raw hot dog at leghorn over the cop fucked. She said he smiled and then turned to face the other way. She kind of justice, Lord him and went back to bed shocking it up too. There are so you fucking. We're knows that hot springs. They are generally harmless hit or no. This guy's got a weird something bad here. eventually got up made breakfast six cetera, no sign of the guy. They then walked up to the hot spring and within minutes the guy showed up to this,
they were sure he had to have been listening to them or watching them waiting for them to go up there. They had been at the far side of the pool, because that's the best view and he immediately stripped and sat down on the steps blocking the men. He then begin to ask a lot of no questions about age where they lived if they had boyfriends, etc. He angry and weird when they gave him short, vague answers and began to grow them aggressively about if they were lesbians, I dont know they were weren't. I didn't ask, because it was a relevant to my life is in fact a matter by way of putting it. It is completely irrelevant to my life. I would just say: yes, even if I wasn't yeah you good with thereby, but they did they denied it adamantly, because it was clear that this was a danger zone. I was just going to say that when you said that, like this guy looks like he's a scary person, I wouldn't leave. Unless I would even talk to well, that's been failing, which it sounds they were trying not to ya. Clearly is blocking the men, so so it's like what you gonna do it. I would say literally nothing that I saw thought would even slightly set him
I was just scare you redeem. Why are you mad that I'm a lesbian fight? He refused to believe them at this point he started to vaguely preach at them, often on with long periods of awkward and- Creepy silence. He thought they were largely. Aids is preaching our family later illegal fuck yourself in Bolivia, and they set at one point. One of them asked him to move, so she could go p and he told her no just p in the hot spring. Why why? I really? How would I know night, like I can't at first they thought he was joking buddy clearly wasn't moving. I guess they kind of dropped it because they were afraid to hear his answer if they pressed the issue. Thank God you and your husband showed up old. Imagine if you hadn't well, then she She said this seems like it's. Gonna have a happy ending and then, like round house kicks you in the chest, tackle some. Little nervous agent. Actually, just got hopeful want me,
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possible sustainable stylish shoes and bags from rockies had to write these outcomes. Lush morbid to find your new warm weather favorites. Today, at our own He h why ass dot com, slash morbid, we showed up maybe half hour after that, the girls were like fuck, this fuck that guy we had planned to stand other night, but we are noting the fuck out of here. We were all pretty this about what might happen if he came down and saw them packing up, so we offered to help them with their gear. You are wonderful ready, so pure, as the four of us were packing, we started to hear gunshots from up the hill. The guy was clearly firing off rounds from both his weapons for no apparent reason, literally just trying to out of it wasn't just a couple either. It was a shot every few seconds for probably five plus minutes straight deaf. We more shots than would fit in the clips, so he had to the ammo and his pack, such as Secondly, we all kicked it into super high gear and got our asses out of their a Samuel we had arisen,
we plan on staying there, but obviously left and ended up stress driving home, getting back super late and crashing, and our own perfect bed one of the best parts a camping is that first night clean and in your own bed we thought that was the end of it and didn't really think of much about it after that, until oh god, a little. Over a year later, I was bored and scrolling way back on a hot springing. Facebook group, I came across a posts about that hot spring, insert trigger warning here. Oh, it said, The police were looking for any information about a suspect. They sent a man assaulted a young woman who had been traveling alone. He shot her door, Sob raped her and beat her into unconsciousness, He also slash the tires of her rig before leaving this places at least a forty five minute derive from cell reception, let alone civilization, so walking to safety is a no go. She was
and almost a day later by, a group of campers that arrived police were looking for a man and his late sixties, driving a late model seventies pick up tall thin with gray hair I am very stressed. The assault that happened was the day after We had been there why there is zero doubts and I'm not higher like wave of I'm so law There is a zero doubt in my mind, it was the same guy absolutely I called the police department there, and they told me that he had been caught a couple months later. Someone called the cops on. As he was trashing families campsite at a hot spring. A few hours away from the one we are at didn't give me any information about a cause accidents in his chair. His truck match the victims description and he appeared and we had some other warrants out as well. When his truck with searched, it apparently held evidence that linked him too assault in several other crimes blow he was incarcerated.
the time, but I didn't get any information about for how long or what a list of charges were anything. I shudder to think about what and was there when we were walk when we walked by that truck so nonchalantly seriously, like you literally you imagined. By about my vehicle yeah, I know we protected those girls that day but it makes me so sick to think about how, by leaving rather staying likely originally planned, we may be miss the opportunity to prevent these salt that did happen. I hate that you like feel that on withdrawal, no, you did everything, because it honestly it could have been. You like this guy was scary. Absolutely then, again, if we had said aid. Who knows what might have happened to raise exactly an you saved to those girl? You did absolutely ok, friends, that's my story. Why no longer assume weirdos that hot springs are harmless, even though most of them, I'm sure stellar. Maybe next time I'll send in the story about how hubs his best friend for middle school to be clear. They hadn't really spoken since the ninth grade over twenty years ago grew up to murder. His ex girlfriend then drag their third friend into force that person
dismember her and help dumped the body on the road. My mother in law lives in and now I am definitely say that story and keep it weird and happy started spooky season. Booze summer you suck your favorite redneck neck hippy librarian weirdo and her lovable SAS squash, even though we won't listen to the podcast that runs the even though he won't listen to a podcast that runs longer than thirty men could find us into. This part. Is that you get listen to any person, did nothing. I love you guys so much. That was a wild story. I came I believe that you literally saved them. You dead, but oh, please know that and please feel good about that, and I know it so hard in those, kind of situations, because no matter what you're gonna feel like what. If I had done this, what if I always I mean everyone else, but you everything you could you did the smart thing got gotta. You gotta think you yourselves to hear SIRI help to other people get out of it.
ass. You like in the beginning, I was like oh my gosh, I wanna go too hot springs and so beautiful and download the fact that no way thank damn. That was wild. Thank you in just knowing that that happened the day after you, axed and they were sitting there talking about Guy Wolf likes the worst like so much. I mine strong is picture at murder, a hamburger and a storied crime family in the middle of the country. We leapt up no rights, as has shown a leaner. I recently started listening to the pod from the wreck of my cousin, be our parents are twins and raised us both to the sweet sue, sounds of dateline blaring. At all times of the day, I was raised that way accept with forensic file snigger. The story I wrote today is one that is genuinely horrifying in captivating, but we have never had covered on one of our many crime. Pod costs low. We listen to attached as a pitiful, with the story of Nikko Jenkins, enjoy
had no idea how to sign this off. This software appears a double space. To also I like sorry, I'm gonna bet in war broke out into my vocal generate, hey weirdos welcome. I prefer the story. I am telling happened in my home town of Omaha Nebraska, yes, whereas when I was
ten years old and thoroughly foe, wreaked me out, but also I could not stop following it. It is a duty so get ready. We have murder self mutilation and a crime family plus just straight up horror. So our bend to the sounds like a lot. It certainly does in two thousand thirteen, the star of our story. Nikko Jenkins, committed four murders and the span of among fully show at is literally one a week. He had just been released from prison the month prior and came from a family quote known for being notoriously violent criminals dating back generations. Hashtag humble brag, I guess Jesus has first known. Criminal act was bringing a gun to school at the age of seven home and culminated with a car jacking an assault. At the age of fifteen that sent him to prison until the summer of two thousand thirteen. Two weeks after his release, a police officer was patrolling an area and saw an area. Hungary, Argo her an area park in South Eastern Omaha when he noticed a white truck sitting in the parking lot near a city pool it was five, am
So it was a little sad because no one is that excited assessment of all that is very true londono upon investigation, he discovered to victims that had been shot in the head. Oh, my gosh want a Ruby Pina in as I think it may be. Whore yeah, I think idea or hasty. Cohiba Ruiz had been learned to the park under the impression that they would be able to hook up with two women. Instead they were brutally murdered and robbed by Negro Genk Geese Jesus Christ. Eight days later, Curtis Bradford was found inside of a garage northeastern omaha by a man. Returning from his night shift, the convenience Store Bradford had been shot in the back twice the day before Bradford and Jenkins had posted a picture together on Facebook. You wonder if Jenkins was already planning it chill
Curtis Bradford had met Nikko Nikko Jenkins, Bonn prison and was the only victim, not Jenkins new. I can't believe he paused for a photo with them like any, no able or that he's gotta call. I might God. Finally, on August twenty first, two thousand thirteen Omaha police responded to a shots, fired call. Andrea Krueger was found lying in the middle of the road and Southwest Omaha Andrea, had finished her bar tending shift and had stopped to grab dinner for Mcdonald on the way home. She was driving down Fort Street when a car carrying Nikko Jenkins pulled in front of her car and forced her to stop. The total funding then killed her with police, finding multiple wombs wounds from twelve gauge shotgun to her face neck and shoulder acts. That's insane. Dickens then removed her from her car finished. Her half eaten hamburger. Why? What the fuck dude then drove away in her car.
Hu. I shit on August thirty, eight Jenkins was arrested for an unrelated for unrelated terrorist threats charge because this guy apparently liked a double a diversified, criminal profile view. However, police had gathered enough evidence to charge him with four completely randomized murders. That had been committed over the span of ten day. This is it's like there's, no, there's nothing that connects these, nothing, nothing and I thought they were over the course of a month. They were over the great attendees. That's wild chickens confessed to the murders, telling police that he had done them. Ass quote a sacrifice to the egyptian date, deity of profits while to protect his kingdom with quote animal mystic, savage brutality, his own words from a letter written to the local. Meanwhile, I also wonder if he's one of those like one like the night stalker, whose just trying to do it for shock value exactly like do even care about that. Exactly now buckle up your seat belts and hold onto your hats. The trial for the murders is where the story
really gets creepy, as if the brutal murders were enough by the way creepy as a mass, I was going to say how did they get worse and also, if you hear somebody mowing their long. I'm sorry meeting in February of twenty fourteen before his trial began Jenkins, tried to sue the state of Nebraska for twenty four point: five Leon. Why, sir? Kindly for? Why? The why you must be out because they wrongfully released him from jail in the first place, which I kinda agree with, but it is neither honey Saint weirdly about ended like you release me from jail. So you owe me money. Where lay money now we fucked up, I actually we're not paying you for love thanks, though he went on to blame Correction officers for the four killings he said he was struggling with his mental health on prison, but the correction officer is ignored. His schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and OECD Mobile is fucked, but does not give you the right to kill for people except look at the next month. The judge had Jane evaluated, and it was determined that while he had anti social personality disorder, he was faking psychotic symptoms and did not have schizophrenia
a bipolar disorder. Oro cd good trial makes you like ten times of more that you want to lie about yeah when people actually suffer from those like ral awesome. You saw, while I'm really nay, Nikko Jenkins was declared competent to stand trial and the judge ruled that he could represent himself in court, never a good sign now. He bundy that throughout the trial Jenkins continued to tell the story of his devotion and sacrifice to a pompous. He spoken tongues howled and laughed the prosecutors detailed, the murders of Wanna, Ruby, Pina, Jorge see, Cohiba Ruiz, Curtis, Bradford and Andrea Krueger. He was found guilty of all
former airs April. Sixteen two thousand forty I've never heard of neither have I raising we're gonna have to cover those yeahs entirety. Now Turkey not to keep this horrible story going, but there's more Nebraska had legalise the death penalty within the span of Jenkins close, it's ok. The psychiatrist, who had previously declared him competent to stand trial, approached the judge with concern that to concerns that Jenkins was unable to understand the death penalty proceedings against him. One That's like a real thing. If you ve been here, but if these competent to stand trial, you could be competent to stand trial Adele, not as their land or hear them about their that happened in like another, like pretty prolific key yeah, we gonna Ray, I forgot or Molly. I forget what it was, but it was like you couldn't get the death penalty cause. You don't understand, you could understand the Russians thing it made of it in a crime countdown that recovery, oh maybe anyway, he once again underwent a competency evaluation and the judge rule but Jenkins was not competent to proceed with the death penalty. To write
this is getting wild is Jenkins himself rebuked. The claim saying quote: I am competent to proceed. I am not going to participate in any more evaluations. That would be a waste of time, he was then declared com, I have to say, and sentencing and the date set for July's guy. You thousand fifteen. That's crazy! Oh wow! It's only gonna crazier in the months leading up to the death penalty. Hearing Jenkins engaged in several acts of self mutilation. Mutilation be up. I don't know why utilization mobilization, nude mutilation. First, he curved six six, six on his forehead. Cept he did it while working in a year or so it was backwards. Fucking idiot up North West, oh I hate this next one. If of aid it to everyone, even sliced his time to make it look more serpent, lay a question mark and call on carved the free Satan on his face new problems with them. Mirror stitch. This was a mere time you know you learn to the area
finally, he mutilated his penis twice and had a total of sixty five stitches on his face and generals. Delightful, while in May of twenty four also? How does he able to Munich mutilate himself that many times it like that of the other family? My intention here? If anyone watching him now what is going on you're, diagnose, pretty much everything about you. They know all about those late night Amazon Purchase says they know you're really doing when you call him sick and let's face it, they probably even know what goes down in your d items. So you try to get to know them a little bit better? A margin of your dog had dams. I'd be really funny, while anyways the best way to decode your dog is with embarks breed and healthcare. The embarks breed and healthcare was developed by phds. An veterinarians embark provides the most accurate breed identification and genetic health results. Can I
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they are now and part of that really is thanks to embark. Learn your dogs, inner secrets but embark. The highest rate at dog dna test right now embark has an offer on their breed and health care, for our listeners, go to embark that dot com to get free shipping and say fifty dollars off your embark breed and healthcare. With promo code morbid based embark that dot com and use promo code morbid to say fifty dollars today, twenty May one. Twenty seventeen five years after the murderous Jenkins was sentenced to death. His trial has tried to appeal his case to the Supreme Court and twenty twenty, but it was denied because obstinacy ha. I know this has been a long and twisted tail, but I needed to share this story that had my hometown in its clutches for five years. Thank you very much, much more to the story, but it would turn this pitiful into a novel. His mom sister, wife and uncle were all convicted of their involvement in the case
They helped him here we are covered, less goodness stay where bonanza really make human sacrifices to an egyptian daddy murder. Someone in finnish their dinner and carved six x x onto your forehead backwards M, while tat was. I cannot believe neither of us have heard of thy. Never ever heard of that. That's in Syria Finally, while seriously, my goodness, that's absolutely while thou thank you for that seriously. Let's see when we have next men Journey, Silbury betcha really got a have managed in you slippery bet. She s right. Let's say I make a bigger because my glasses, hey weirdos, I'm Laurel go
I didn't say it: it's cool signal, our moral. I said it like. I haven't seen in school. I share this listener tail background, Halloween. After having a kick ass, spooky October Party, where we had a terror reader, a medium bloodbath punch, a mini booze filled Panada, which we broke up with a broomstick and so much more. Why were written by we ve got what are we to say? How dare you not in some clear you, my original email when I put it in the nice, my original email, when I put it in this nice double space pitiful, was for fourteen pages long so yeah Adeline, I'm yeah. I can see why you didn't get to at her. I'm tightening the shut up with hopes that you read it. They'll read my tail because you guys are the tests and I would be honoured here, although so not we found it, and this is just your wholesome family member murder tail wash down with a dose of. dose of psychic affirmation and later followed up with a mother's wisdom. I love all of this is a really good
let me start by saying that my entire life growing up, I was told that my Grandpa bill was killed by my Nana Jan now. I have blood relation to this Jan person. She was just the piece of shit that my grandpa married after he and my grandma got divorced. While she killed him, that's the story, the way they told it to US kids, or at least as I remember it, is as follows: a little more detail. It was the middle of night and the phone rang at my parents house, my mom got up to answer it. It was Nanda Jan, she said very quickly and abruptly bill is dead. He had a heart attack, but I'll take care of it. Then she hung illegal but I'll, take care of ages common, let you know bills dead, but I'm gonna take care of it. But what does that mean why care of it? My mom just stood there like why this was not her evils mother, but my dad's. Oh, my god, that's even war. I know you get the phone call and its you're like in law, and then you have to go. Tell your has ensured is step in laws being like hey your actual
it was dead, go tell son like what the bike said. Don't worry I'll take care of and yeah. She was to say something along the lines of don't you want to tell mark my Add yourself when the bitch, just how not as if it was a casual midnight conversation well I'll, take care it is kind of a weird response. Don't you think I did a sector to followed by the fact that this broad swift, we left the contrary. She took care of it already seriously. She took all of my grandfather's money to Australia, Poof w e F, what the fuck, what when the art, see came back. It was stated that he died from blood forced trauma to the head: that's not of a harder Also, do you not think journey here? I was literally no one knows are going to look into that. Do you not think autopsies? Our thing that happened at a forensic pathologists was gonna. Look at blunt force trauma to the head and go hard. It's probably a myocardial infarction. I would say I love like monkeys, ADA myocardial infarction, a loving like. Do you really think that there were like let's ignored,
Let's ignore the fact that his skull escape but ignore that my entire job is to tell what this is clearly not it. So that's it. She'll story. I always thought this was fishy like why? Wouldn't my dad of press charges, or at least have the detective look into it more. thought about this situation. So much growing up, especially now that I'm a true crime obsessed weirdo. That's really why you are exactly what Recent weekend, when my sister and I were hanging out, we got into a great conversation about my grandpa and what had happened to him. We were talking about the family. order, and we were a little sceptical, because why wouldn't anything had come from this? I was gonna wondering yes right. Why wouldn't there have in an open case. If it were murder, we agreed that before our older family members, I e parents, uncles, etc croaked, I feel this way that we needed to talk with the more about this and get to the bottom of it. We both felt that when we were kids me they were leaving parts out of the storage and protect us there's something that's probably a good assumption. Mia fast forward to the Halloween Party. We started the day with
group reading from the medium I just want to go to them, How does it pretty sends amazing? Nobody had really prep prepared any questions, not sure what we thought was gonna happen, but we kind of sat there. like statues for a minute. Did we think it's just going to walk into the party in some and angels and demons from the skies guess. Finally, her sister asked a question about work, pretty vanilla, but we work with kids in the on the autism spectrum and sometimes mediums can connect with them as they live a bit outside their head sat also. I love that. I did not know that. I had no idea that leaving me want to cry. That's wonderful, then, when I got the idea to ask about my grandpas murder. Yes, this is what I needed: Can I say about like you're, an amazing person. You really are on the spot Yang, really our law. What an awesome person when it was my turn. I said to her. I have this weird murder story. In my family it was my grandpa bill. There have always been family. Conversations about him being murdered by managing, but it doesn't make sense because there was never an open case or anything. She said he had a
attack. So I just want to know if you can get a hold of him and asked him what happened in hindsight that too much to tell the media when I voted that honey, you gotta, stop, don't give names, don't give situation, you just go when I family situation, what happened my grandpa boom. I love that you ll agree, but I love your legs time. I got the hindsight is twenty Twond illicit? I guess I probably could have led her draw some of her own conclusion lifted hey. It was my first time trying to summon spirits. I get it it's hard them the m nodded and closed her eyes pretty quickly. She started chuckling to herself. Then she nodded still with her eyes closed. Then she giggled again and opened her eyes with a smile on her face. She said, I'm sorry I! mean to laugh. It's just that he came to me so quickly, leggy, step to write forward and then said that bitch killed me We all laughed no sort of sat there shock to think my grandpa bill was talking to the medium right in front of me, then, must be
I've never has. I remember, rely and I've never experienced a medium. I've always wanted to me too, but it's like to know like to hear that your love to understanding there too. King to them, while you're setting minimum can't you like a really strange feeling like it out of body IX me ass, I would say I just sat there listening like go on so the medium closed her eyes again and continued to tell me that he was showing her how it happened with images they'd gotten in a fight, but he had left the room and thought it was, with that. He was sitting in a chair at his desk and she came up behind him and hit him over the head with a small but very hearted objects after she had him. Just sat there for a while. He didn't die right away. He said that actually had a brain bleed that caused him to slowly die over a little bit of time, home nope, not instantly. So that's awful and really sad, but also crazy them. grandpa, showing this medium. What happened through visions that she is in describing to the whole group, then
told us that he didn't understand why she never got caught. He was shocked. She got away with it. It was so cool to have confirmation about his murder after these all these years and from the source himself, a man I learned so much from this medium about so many tent things. It was truly an amazing afternoon. This meeting, was amazing and I believed everywhere. She said I was scared, going into it, but detail after detail about people that my friends and I had lost were so spot on the things that she was? but to tell us about the other side were so incredible. I know euro sceptic and can't wait to have this party again next year, New October of Tradition Fisher. Well, sorry, I'm not done yet I'll get there. I promise! Do you don't have to worry? This is awesome but before I finish, I have to tell you about what happened when I told my mom about this party in this experience with Grandpa Bill, my mom was sceptic about the medium but super interested. I asked her to clarify a few things about my grandpa's death because they see then makes sense to me about why this never would have been investigated. I'm so glad
I finally have the nerve to ask her about it because it cleared up so much first, my mom said that Jan and Bill had vicious fights. Often I dont know if they were physical or just verbal, but she would often call my parents in the middle of the night likes ray. I am in say things to my mom. Like do you hear this? I want you to hear the way he treats me. That's horrific. My mom said they would do. They were both drunks and basically just got together because they were drinking bodies. All of us, so for the medium to say that they had a fight. That night would not have been an abnormal at all. My mom went on the night that he died The coroner actually did come out and he found bill dead and Jane said he must have had a heart attack, so the coroner wrote that he died of congestive, heart failure and then Jan hustled off to have them cremated. While my and his brother heard about this, and they drove four hours to stop the cremation and demanded an autopsy that made it just in time.
When the autopsy was completed. There was zero evidence of congestive heart failure and it showed that he died from blunt force trauma to the head: zero lake. No, didn't just fallen hit his head after having a heart attack? It wasn't even possible My dad Crawley. I ate it just in time. It was a wild to me that like, and I maybe the coroner who came out was like. Maybe he fell after having patrolling just take tea, Leon jams. Word like he must have had a heart attack and he should like them to read or write it down. The younger boys like use taken. I really NATO's blade words and a girl. I wonder if I was a small town or something you may like me out. Other and Jane was like so trusting in origin or she was like. I know any at our title now, so my dad up this Jan be Arch and its Jimmy is going to be like hey what gives, but he can't get hold of her. He tried calling for more times, but no answer. Finally, he the Gens nine year old mother who is still alive, and he asked where Jan was. She replied, o Jensen,
strangely visiting candy like she does, after all of her husbands die. I love that whom I was just like. I'm out, you like, after all, her husband's die, all her husband's die. What was promised earlier for it turns out this real life. Black widow had five husbands, and my grand Pappy was her fifth to die on her duty, while them she's, like fuckin on any doubts that is so she had collected, his insurance money first and got on a plane, went to Australia where her daughter, candy, lived and then deposited all the money in an account over there. How well she ended up coming back eventually lived out. The rest of her life in Wisconsin, that's where we're all from the place where ninety nine percent of people I know, would take cheese over oral sex up. This is a fun fact we found out while playing and drinking game at said, Halloween Party. I do love chiefs, who doesn't anyway. I asked my mom widen Jan ever get charged. Five husband instead seems, like maybe she's the common.
nominated here a real and what's up with the coroner, why didn't he get charged thinking, and I am well- and I got pointed out because, unlike very concerned about this corner, he just took drunk ladys word when she said that he died of. How does this I haven't rendered to the Vienna was yelling rancher, while turns up, The coroner and nasty Nana Jan were drinking buddy. I knew it. I knew something great power. There was no way. I don't want to question too hard, but those idea why the fuck did that coroner. Just take off there's a random manners word. He must have died of intact sure because they love to go to the pub together, your share one loses drinking, but so like to Tipp back a few points together on the regular, he signed the paperwork saying it was a heart attack without any evidence, any evidence, but her word what the hell, who is the skiff? Thank you he never even got questioned. Apparently the cops did look into the case after my dad in her. His brothers demanded it, but they decided that both parties were drunk and he probably just slipped
fell in his head during an argument, and we certainly while rumble lunch force trains closely. What the fuck did you fall into like a fucking banister. They sought to like older people and we're like I'm driving into two hundred percent, no worries about five, hundreds of hundreds, no worries about five husbands and the life insurance policy, which he had taken out of all of bill on in all of bill sons, names and had put solely into her name. So FUCK says that says, cannot and got anything then took to an offshore account, no worries about that. It's fine come on with constant so anyway. Thanks for coming in there and I'm sorry, not sorry that this was so long you and those on the aim. I also have a ghost story about living in the old cars family mansion up in the mountains of Colorado. If you'd like dear that one just let me now, I'm letting you know right now. I want you guys are the best that I love all of your different podcast, though it but listen or tails really is one of my favorites. I hope you like this love loved it and don't forget to keep away
but not so where the you kill five guys and take all of their money to an offshore account, never gotten any trouble for it. Ok, thanks I love Laurel whirl attached to go picture of Grandma Bell and he's a stun. Yes, let me see the gun. Is he holding a cigar fucking yes bill. Oh my god, look at that. Handsome man he's holding like an old, tiny cigarette on he's, got like a cool. Your lady answer briefly outline bill is advising them he's, got out. I love you. I love a man with glasses. A married once landed here, hey I, while Laurel die as a person amazing, storytelling and, second of all, good for you really get into the box. love it and like asking questions, Syria's alot of people would just let it go in theory. I'm so sorry that had happened. Your grandpa bill. I know I'm really sorry about what happened that sucks I hated along and that's extra him. You know we should ever lived the rest of their life with some asshole who they just fight with all the time whom
really martyrs them, yet nobody, no one shot at all, no laughs. Thanks, Laura we ve got a very different kind of sponsor. For this episode, the Jordan Harbinger show a podcast. You should definitely check out, since you know, you're a fan of high quality, fascinating podcast, hosted by interesting people. Are you hi? That's us. The show covers a wide range of topics like such a wide range of topics. The weak interviews with heavy hinting gas, and there are a ton of episodes that you'll find interesting. Since you are fan of this show, I recommend that our listeners check out the feedback Friday episodes, because personally those are my favorite, the two most recent ones are. How can I expunged the family sponge and is a friend's fiance, despotic or simply erotic? It's like,
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set tweak that changes. How you see the world we really enjoy their show, and we think you will as well there's just so much out their check out Jordan, harbinger dot com such start for some of us owed, recommendations or search. The Jordan Harbinger show that each a r b as in boy I and as a Nancy see, our right. My next one also features a man I feel, like manners, are becoming a thing he I love that man is murder House might Anna was not the murderer, who just clarifying that approach could do hello. There mistresses of mayhem, bad babes of bad ass, three. I love your pod love that I love that, so I also of these had made him rats. I also love that said the two ladys that also live in New England and get excited. When I hear reference to apply, say no creepy way. I promised it's great because you can actually pronounced the names of things correctly
nobody else to us like that is the first time I've ever heard. Somebody say that to us so blinking, and for that I love it. You never realize your invisibility more than when you're screaming at a pod, castor how to pronounce something and they got here a darn thing. You say: oh yeah, it happens to me all the time anyway, live in retirement, but I grew up in mass and my families from North Idaho borough may I dont use to live there. I didn't go up there westward. Next store next door to Lizzie Board and River, and actually there is a theory that Andrew burdens, eligibility, illegitimate son, committed the murders and he lived in Westport, but that's for another kind of listener. Tail! Oh, that's what I want a weekend. certainly didn't, even though this is a list. Retail see what I done there. Oh, she said, but that's for another kind of listener malay. This is the listener tail. Only when I didn't I, I do I've been listening cheer podcast for a while now and thought you'd like the story but question whether I should send it you'll see why, but today, after listening to listener tales, twenty one I thought fuck it. This is a great story
so here's my story and involves paranormal, cheap, grandparents and adorable puppy named Layla. Amazing, like I said, I didn't grow up in Attleboro, but I did live there for about two years and my Nana and Grandpa's house, my Nana passed away in nineteen sixty and one thousand nine hundred and ninety six and my grandpa went into a nursing home in twenty twelve from sorry. I moved there to take care of his house or this house. While he was in the nursing home and also pay the expenses Exedra. I was living there alone, mind you. This is not the first time slept there. I used to sleep there all the time as a kid and spent many happy times their full of the water. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about the house, except that I always had a feeling of dread walking down the hallway from the kitchen to the den and there were these curious slit like holes in the door in the closet door. And the den that I used to be fascinated by his love that no hate it, the closet door is where those hollow would doors on runners that squeal, when you open and close them,
while justly I say I can hear it literally heard at about eight inches or so from the bottom were holes that looked like they ve been made by a flat sharp object here like a knife. I would be playing on the floor near those doors. May Nana would freak out and tell me to get away from their weird, but not an to alarm, I love the figs and people all over. You say guiding that I love it when we look back in hindsight really weird, I or the
until re, preferring moved into house alone that my dad thought it would be a good idea to tell me. Yes, these holes had been made by a nightmare. Those lie because a woman had been brutally stab to death in the house, my eye a budding serial killer named Thomas, not my dad told the whole story as if he remembered it, but in quoting from a new story here, because I feel they can explain it better than I can. The following is taken by a column by Might Kirby that appeared in the Sun Chronicle on March twenty. Fourth, two thousand thirteen. Fifty years after the murders occurred, creatures saving your sword. I know those wonder. Thank you. On January, twenty fifth nineteen sixty three fifteen year old, Alain Martin returned to her blank lane home after classes at Edinburgh, high school. Her home was ransacked and covered with blood. Then she spotted the body of her mother. Thirty, eight year old, Edith, Martin hardened police officer say they had none
Merci in such a violent act, seven kitchen eyes were used in the assault. Five were severely bent. Signs of a struggle were found in four rooms of the House: medical Examiner, Doktor James, shaming counted at least thirty one stab wounds on the victim wow, that's insane, he told the out over a son, a predecessor did his predecessor. Yet to have this newspaper that this was quote the most vicious and heinous act I have ever seen. No rational person could have done such a thing a young man, was seen leaving the property earlier that day in a car with Rhode Island license plates more than twenty four hours after Edith Martens body was discovered, partook, it police arrested, then seventeen year Old, Thomas, not junior of that city, not a track star who finnish seventh and a hundred yards dash at the New England and bench analysts, and the combination of the other conventional weapons, even until things about me like I by God, I grant the code invitation holes
really. I was invited to have up. I was in co, Captain Elect of the toll in high school football team had been question less than a year earlier about the murder of nineteen year old Nancy and friendlier of pataque it whose mutilated body was found in a pond three months after she was reported missing. I know that name, Nancy and friendlier. I am its unfamiliar this time after hours of questioning not confess to both murders. Police said he did not know either victim. In the friend your case, I am saying that right, not told police. He was in a pataque it parking lot when he spotted for near limiting leaving a story in what police described as an impulsive act. He forced his way into her car drove her too.
Pond where he viciously stabbed, are to death and dumped her body in the water. The Martin police, the Martin murder Police, said was similar. Ration was a similar, irrational. Impulsive impulsive act by a troubled young man p just had an urge to kill one investigators, as is so a little more on the case. Those knife marks in the closet door from the murder I knew it as soon, as you said, like slept sounds like that's like Jake's and he had been able to get into the house to murder Edith. ass. She had left her in the door. He had used seven of her own kitchen knives to stab her and he'd chased her throughout the house. That's a nightmarish, that's sherry, yes to the hall in the den where she succumb to her tat. Why it sounds like feeling that we can try to read going into that hallway, not so scary, This made me so freaked out that I never slept with or without the light on when I was there alone. I also got a sweet,
Oh rescue should see that I named Leyla. I love Shih. Her name was actually gorgeous serious, When I got the thoughts of peacenik edgy instrument anyway, Leyla was no help to the two decreasing. My fear that if she perpetually barked your face off at the attic DORA gone, Leyla was not a barker otherwise, but she seriously constantly tried to get up the stairs and go into the attic no way was about to go in there myself, especially since Leyla only seem to be interested in whatever terrifying goes demon. Animal was in the attic after dark. Oh at one point when I had a friend visiting, we went up to inspect, but, of course, there was nothing and Leyla, of course, her sassy ass, being a wimp when it came down to refuse to pass through the attic doorway, but just stood at the stairs barking. Her cute little face off and I met my boyfriend. While I lived here and he used to sleep over at the house, sometimes as you do, he always insisted he heard footsteps overhead in the attic.
only do I sleep like Iraq, but I always slept with your buds M despite the discomfort, because I didn't want to hear anything of my god. I don't blame you. Good thing dead or I'd, be writing this on an adaptive device by blinking. My eyes are something because I'd be recover and re honestly seriously. Apart from that, I always left my keys in the door where, when I lived there by accident, weird, that's crazy. Why Is that how you d think I was going to say it's like the same kind of scenario, just replaying itself at a different time limits creepy. Also that literally happened to me the other day. and before I even read this listener tail and I lost make he's really twenty minutes and I was like somebody stole the money. The George ruling, oh my god, whose like actually put them under please please condom use had over them. I'm really sorry. Now back to the story. I would also like to note that the column I quoted here was written while I was living in the house no holds me also weird. I moved out in twenty fourteen after my grandpa passed away and we had to sell the house
I now live in an older, but much less haunted house in Rhode, island with that same boyfriend of a cat named dancer and popped up named, fits in with the more about Lee Labelling Suppose you might be asking why the hell didn't mind at the why the hell didn't my Nana gripper replace those other door. I was wondering that that's where the cheap ass part converge, they knew what happened at the house when they bought it and that's why they bought oh yeah there you go not because their super cool weirdos, who love that sort of shit no Montana, was oddly superstitious. Actually, rather, they bought the house because with super cheap and because they were economic, bad asses who cared not about a brute murder that I've taken place there. They also didn't feel the need to spend the money replacing a closet with knife holes. by a deranged killer, whilst he brutally stabbed his victim in this
in Rome, where my Nana would later watch all my children and the golden girl. That is a wild scenario that is laid out. My has truly wild. That said, I still have many wonderful memories in that house and living there brought me my sweet little fir, baby Leyla. She and my dad became best friends to the point that they began to look up. sadly, both she and my father passed as twenty. Twenty has been a heartbreaking hell, spit health. Cape of epic purport I'm so sorry, I took up I'll even writing this light, hearted romp into murderous, actually and other quick tale that just happened. While I was writing this, my boyfriend and I spent last night. I my parents now just my mom's, I guess I sat by my dad's- earn and asked him to give me a sign. There have been many instances where both my mom and I have felt the his presence, but for some reason I wanted nothing tangible. I was also a couple of gin martinis in at that point I told him I needed a real glaring sign for him, so I knew he was there. My dad was always a witty person who like to make wisecracks at my expense, Walt.
Next morning, we woke up to a literal sign with nothing but a heart on its stuck in the front yard. A fuck, apparently my dad's friend, had brought it had brought it early morning, but seriously that so my dad Jesus. What else could you possibly need for me to appear angel about him say so. That's may never story. I would also gush more about the podcast, but I feel this is long enough. You can use, may first name if you read it on the show, which may also give me a stroke just like the footsteps. Good faith mentioned I attached pictures of my dad Leyla in the sign, as well as a link from the Sun Chronicle article four year reference. You are amazing. While why what a story? How is so good and we need to scroll and see the heart, my God, the heart sign, and now they call it. My dad sighing my god. I love, and it was they put it in the tree in the back yard, where his truck used to be only got in your dad is a precious precious man lit. Really I examined are you I lost him am lay while I love Leyla.
and he, then you know what he looks like a fisherman. He doesn't. Eighty just look for any was also my hero. She wrote. He also has like the most Massachusetts five does he just gives on value always know a fellow Massachusetts zoos, and you always do that's what we call them here. Also Europe verbal and I love you would lay low litter and I love you all of you all over the room. You crazy tat. I just the fact that they will. bring it imagine walking by that door no every day and there's just knife holes in the door, and you know what happened: no debts, a law, Syria, That's a lot like if I had known that I really crime on criminal like ongoing, follows I gotta go. I think we're going to get a new door for young, have we gotta gotta go and we need to launch golden curls and peace, not with this looming. Scary scare You have our in what c which what shall we end on here? I think we should end
A listener tail consisting of a chiropractor, a floating torso and a possible taco, stand yeah, I'm not sure either sure. I'm sure that I want to read this ray, I'm very sure are agreed this to my favorite fellow weirdos? Greeted my name is Lex C and I'm a twenty two Europe from Iowa. I just and listening to you to back in January when I started my new job at a Harley Davidson dealership, but about our just gonna say left You're. My drive to work is around thirty five minutes one way the podcast really helps the agonizing DR go by faster glad. On top of that, you guys is awesome. Storytelling and hilarious. Banter never fails to make my stressful busy days that much better and always fields. I'm hanging with friends around a bonfire while we drink booze and tell scary stories, which is literally my favorite thing to do you mind to us, is a sense of Maison
anyway. This is probably going to be a shorter listener tail, since it happened before I was born. But if you stick around long enough, you'll see that my family is technically connected to it. You may also use my name thank you, as I did absolutely nothing to hide yet daddy. Moving on this, we blew my mind when I had to do and Simon on it in my business law class in college, it occurred in Devon. Iowa, which is about, Twenty minute drive from where I grew up back and nineteen. Eighty three, a chiropractor by the name of Jim Clint was in the middle of divorcing, his wife Joyce when she mysteriously disappeared, but bet it wasn't somebody area a month after her disappearance, a woman's torso was spotted floating on the shore on the Mississippi River, by a few fishermen, the torso has identified ass hers and what a shocking to me but the torso was the only a part of her that they ever found out. I hate when that's ours is its horrified. and so heartbreaking for a family. The echoes, that's all you have
Also, I think of you. Where is everything now say, that's a person who it's like everything that makes a person a person they ve taken away. It's you know it's like an action Degree of yeah, since her murder happened right in the middle of their messy divorce, Clint became the prime suspect pretty quickly. He was arrested and charged for second degree, murder, which didn't make any sense to me at all and you'll see why, in a moment Ninety nine, due to interview almost ten years after the incident, Clint, finally came up with some sob story, which claimed his wife ran. him with a gun. So he hid her over the head with a billiard balls knocker out. He then can sue proceeded to tie. To a tree and he cut off all of her limbs with a chain saw my young. You read those capital letters words right this, I go used a chainsaw like whether face, some shit to cut off all of her limbs gone another crazy, fucked up hard. this that chain saw was never found either. So there's per,
probably some rusty old chainsaw and the rest of this poor woman's body at the bottom of a river somewhere. I wish we could find it that's what kills me when you know that that's just our like there and on top of that, clear, only served twenty years twenty fucking years, for brutally dismembering his own wife. I read somewhere that duty the old, I was sentencing guided guidelines. Clint sentence was cut in half because of good behaviour that such bullshit nuts, you, like you literally job to human being. He used a tutor other prisoners to read, and he also participated in a programme where he would train dogs for blind people and hear me out This man had become a murderer. I be all for it. I would be like you go dude or some shit, which I agree. It's like Melissa yes, Melinda level Melinda Loveless, it's like she's, literally training dogs linked to its like service animals, and it's a u. Won't you sit there. Nearly
That is what prisoners for rehabilitate you into a better person cause that, but it's like you know, it is a thing I don't know it's really who, because it's like, if there's no good person in there at all, it's not gonna, do anything wrong. And what is our even on you like chop somebody, you that's the with AIDS or light somebody on fire, I personally and might go out embarrass me, for I don't think there's any no. I mean oh yeah, there's no, but it's like, I can see what this, what Lamb O elect? Intellectually, so What would like you saying like that, if you're like you want to be good for you like that. no stay or history debilitating, like you're supposed to be doing good things. there are not just sitting around like pumping iron and getting a court whose tough to come out. Rightly, you should be doing things that are benefiting society, which that is
benefiting synergy. So it's like that's all you can take out about that's really all you can take out of the lake. I understand why she's like, but it would be like you go do, but it's really hard like the whole Local, having not body and about its, not black and white, and I think the death penalty, like some things, are just not black and white. There now Then, it's like. I said this especially because it's like everyone looks at prison like it's supposed to be that's what has to be an eye habiliments fashion, but it's like hard to wrap your brain around. I think it. I think it depends on the severity of the crime, a dozen interest, it's a case by case thing, but I get it but she says, but the fact that he committed one of the most heinous crimes and the city to date makes me uncomfortable at the fact that they would let that psycho be around animals. I agree anyway. Is, I asked my mom about this case and she would have been thirteen around the time that this occurred and checks remembers my grandma talking about the case. A lot apparently grandma went to school with Clint and they were acquaintances to some extent. She said he was very quiet, but-
he once actually tried to ask my grandma, but she was dating someone at the time, so she declined and God I can't help but think if she actually ended up with that man Jesus in what if she married in and ended up like that, poor woman hell, no man, I'm sure my grandma will always be thankful for the day she turned down Jim Clint. I would hold that far Thirdly, in my is Quint, be Clint was released, step serving twenty years and he got out in two thousand and four hours, bullshit he was in and out of jail lot after this, basically just for drug charges, a misdemeanor charges there, actually a short period of time in two thousand and six where he ran a taco stand. No, he appeared we learned how to cook while in prison, so he opened up his own business. Would you like to know what he named? It would ya know the fucker named it eats and sweets now. I love myself, some good tacos, but you ain't ever gonna catch me at fucking eats and sweets. Food those made by the same hands he used to murder. Someone did not only murder them but dismember them, while the talks
and at last, very long because Mr Jim Clint was unfortunately Pat, has unfortunately passed away. Oh no, whatever we do without him in his wonderful tacos. Please tell me you, since the Sarka us I sense to ah yes in two thousand and ten Clint passed away at a hospital and Davenport after what the media claims was a bad fall. The doktor said: Clint was close, code, blue and unresponsive when he was transported, he was sixty two years old smile. Well, that's about it for that crazy story all. I can say is, I hope, Joyce Clint is up there resting easy and Jim Clint is down in the pits upheld getting the shipping out of him by Satan himself. Oh, yes, you in Congo Jane. I hope you guys have a wonderful day also always remember to keep it weird, but take it away ash, oh gosh, not so we're that you do any of them but I could just literally no they don't keep about. We are none of that at all. While that
was a wild wild storage areas and the fact that it took him that long term like come clean with it and that he eventually admitted to it. That's crazy. I just Darwin was like really sorry men. Women are entailed it or I ll. Have you heard these were while yet these really really intent. We didn't even have like everything we had any like actually hunted thing, knowing at all brutal murders. Living next time will have to do a hunted, listen I'll, full DEC on the earth spooked. Toby exactly so they you guys for sending these in and continue to send them in. Please we love them. We will we're gonna try to get to literally as many as humanly possible in the span of the next million years, yeah probably continue sending them in because there's so much fun, so crazy and we love them MA am, and we hope you people the naming- and we hope you see it when it's really good or hot springs in those really could be other bell and keep it. So we are that you have to become a hero in the moment, because it's amazing,
roughly. Don't keep us aware that you murder somebody in an ethos of their Mcdonald's male, because that's just a whole fuckin story in and of itself. Don't keep it so but your Nanda Jan you just run off to Australia after you murder, spend and tell everybody like I'll take care of it. It was a hard as our got an italian dokey, but so we are not there. You know give it so we're that you're that Gemini, because I really fucked me back, I indefinitely don't keep it somewhere that you buy a murder house in you, don't like fixed the doors, were the murder happened, yeah fix the doors and don't let people now, since you in the middle of recording, I mean at least they waited for the big hurry? Love. You guys lay
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