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2019-11-30 | 🔗
It's your episode, weirdos! Another installment of Listener Tales is upon us and tonight we have a bunch of ghosts, a creepy phantom man, boobs with the power of resurrection, an almost recreation of the Salem Witch Trials and so much more. Hold on to your butts!Today's episode sponsored by VistaPrint!Make more merry this season at vistaprint.com with up to 50% off all holiday cards and photo calendars, plus great deals on photo gifts at Vistaprint.com. Just enter promo code Morbid50 That’s Vistaprint.com, promo code Morbid50 Offer expires January 5th.
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Hey weirdos, I'm Alina I'm ash, and this is more a bed the listener episode. in writing by you for you for me where the? U N about you saw about. You guys, let's do, but before we do this, it is thanks giving so happy Thanksgiving whoop is actually not even thanksgiving anymore because its troubles that night, but that's ok and it's you guys. I look in a star your holiday shopping early, which I am sure you are because its black Friday technically go on our website, morbid podcast, dot com and in our merge store. There are two existing shirts that
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sign, and we hope you love it too, so go check it out one more little order of business. If you have not already go get your tickets to our grammar see show on January thirtieth, twenty twenty in New York City, there are only a handful of tickets left. Guys which is in. pain but go get em. It's gonna be Lydia than a tidier, it sure is so go get em. Do it do it? You won't, but I hope you do. You totally go two and now without further ado. Let's get into listener story, shall we think we shall? Let's do Ok, I'm gonna start because I a really long, one in front of me right now and we thought to the death and I died, but you still here, don't worry about it. Mine is, is called. I think I was almost murdered by a bald headed phantom man, although well what a great one to start with
Is this really suddenness up here? This is from em, so here Hey weirdos before we start please, you call me am throughout because I'm a paranoid bitch, Sir no sir, Key phantom men who may or may not have existed can help me down and finish what he may or may not have intended still unsure if he was a real person. To your our souls. Shits about The come loose you sorry, that's amazing that was gonna grow, but thank you Also, I love you guys you're genuine in hilarious, and I really appreciate it how detailed yet respectful respectful you are of every case you share. Thank you. So much keep up the good work. Late Yes, and if you decide to share my story, thank you much really you're! So oh, come! Think you much league you're, welcome monthly kids. Need to know that they should never walk home from anywhere alone after dark. I agree with that.
Hopefully other weirdos, listen to my story and say yeah what the fuck made your a dumbass. I love it okay. This would be. It will be a bit of background about me, but this is likely to be a long one. So if you feel free to skip over this part, I won't do it. We could never never ever I'm twenty two years old and from the fucking. Nowhere in the depths of the british countryside, that's awesome! Yes, I have an accident like the one you here on down to navvy. That's literally exactly what I was wondering me too. In from the twat that run the UK, our countries both have shitty leaders ain't that nice. anyways. I digress. Basically, I'm young, dumb and british also a journalist, not the fun kind that cracks the code and leaks official documents incriminating our souls everywhere, but the talking about stocks and shares and financed things. It pays the bills
of that. I get it. I moved to a study to study at a university in a big city for three years and boy. Did it opened my eyes to the world? For example, it was the first time I could take order, take away, take out for the Americans and have delivered because I legitimately lived on a farm with nothing else in the middle the three mile radius, so dominoes wouldn't deliver insert crying face a mochi tat, tragic I've never felt it. having more in my life onto the spook spook things, universe yeah, I just feel really say those those like with a full body role and went sure did of real excited, so university is expensive as fuck and debt is. The Turkey's thing of all sure is, I feel you so hard on
There was no way I could live away from home without working. I found this job where I could choose my own hours and basically hang out around the various music venues in the city and go to gigs. I dont know if Americans call them that but concerts. Yes, we know except for free and then right reviews that something is awesome job. Basically, I got to see all my favorites and get super good seats. Ideal right yeah. I had been working for this online mag for a few months when I landed my first arena toward ticket depend mode. Holy shit shovel fuck up, I'm so jealous right now, I'm a huge nineteen. Eighty music fan, so it was also I was like, so I was so I was saying my mum was so jealous. I'm gonna go that's adorable, love it bright. I didn't bushy tailed, I travelled to the arena and went straight to the front of the line because journalist privileges, the reviewers and photographers were
I'll seated on one side and one of the side banks right of closer the stage, the general audience milled around in the centre and the was polite Marsh bid. I had ever seen and I've never seen a polite marsh pet gently bumping into each other in time with the rude Sandro storm which, by the way played upwards twenty times on a loop as everyone just filtered into find their seats. Oh my god, it sounds like a nightmare. Yeah don't like when songs play more than once, I'm just picture you did it, you did it do it sets a bunch of people doing those fake lake light balls with their hands that sounds like everything I ever one to hate that so the arena probably fits around. Fifteen thousand people, so that was a lot of second storm. I agree too much my Oh is completely empty and only a few
reviewers, slash photographers were scattered in the seats around me. I thought it was Philip more, but this was the third night Neuro for depressed mood that had played this venue, so I figured most reviewers had seen the show already the concert started and I sat back and enjoyed everything was fine. Apart from to older women, Sapper Jaime who are bitching about their coworker Susan, who had gotten pregnant by daring? The editor fuckin dare, and am I right so always daring as much as I love tee. Sipping session same it's not that time Karen, it was an annoying backdrop to an otherwise great performance. Actually notice. There was a guy suddenly I'll, see on my row, which put him about ten or twelve seats away from me he was on my left in the stages to my right.
I didn't really notice him or pay attention at first or care that he was blocking my exit halfway through the show in the two gossiping women had, thankfully left to go top up their veto in part to the loose. I was. I love this person right now with their british wave speaking. I love it. What is venal lino is wine, while I actually knew that. You just ask just cuz, I'm really tired know it's real late guys, but I love how you say: lose because that's not an american thing and I love it. I was scrolling on my phone looking a cue puppy videos as per usual when I saw the flash of a camera going off in my peripheral vision, I looked over to my left- so the guy holding up his camera as it was. The interval to push mode was an onstage and I'm pretty sure its common courtesy not to have flash on at events.
I am a hurt, so is obvious straight away. He was taking a photo with me in frame. I know you should judge a book by its cover. The let me tell you, I judged the fuck out of him because you I could instinctively tell he was a pervert you. I hate this. I hate when you have a feeling about someone. You just know that right. Oh I'm not into this at all. He was over six feet in height and skinny as a french try. His skin was pale enough that it could be lit up and technicolor by the lights from the staging area. he was bald and his eyes were dark and sunken into his face. He looked ill or dead. Oh, I just got full budget ills I don't like this. The sounds like slender man. He was dressed, Nondescripts leave, but the dark clothes definitely accentuated how pale he was actually feel him. I was gonna say I feel personally attacked, because when I go to shows, I definitely light up the colors that are there. I feel personally,
Victor vice by this description. He was the kind of man you think was creepy if he came up to you and started chatting, but otherwise you probably wouldn't notice. He was there and get I'd have given him the benefit of the doubt. If I didn't notice his camera that I understand, I assumed he was a photographer because he had no no pad and obviously use holding that pesky camera of his, but rather than one of those professional spaceship. Ask kind of cameras the really wide lens he was using. One of those three megapixel ones, grandma would use back in two thousand and five. When you went to a son seaside holiday in every photo, would come out blurry, definitely not a camera for professional but what was weirder was that his camera hadn't been pointed out the stage it had been pointing at me. No don't love this about turn on, I'm a fucking camera away from a more fuckin mug literally walk up to him. Take the cavern just smash it on the ground and the like. No pictures infectious, please let me be strictly,
this is a radio commercial for three small business insurance, we three, your entire businesses covered. So while you can see the following, seeing just know that this contractors business is protected by three There's been a drop in a heads up, looks expensive. Now this is an insurance moment, but threes got it covered three as a product, a Berkshire Hathaway Direct insurance company. Three, no nonsense! Just common sense! Let me be strict with you. This is a radio commercial for three small business insurance. We three, your entire businesses covered. So while you can see the following, seeing just now that is contractors. Business is protected by three hate us been a drop in a heads up, looks expensive. Now this is an insurance moment, but threes got it covered three as a product, a Berkshire Hathaway Direct insurance company. Three
No nonsense, just common sense. He noticed me looking at him and smiled all his teeth were gold, like the robber. From home alone, but every single tooth, hello, sir, get out of my presence. I hate this so much. I hate this man. He took another photo of me actually taking the time to zoom in focus it the audacity. They wrote that and I agree of dead, serious
He looked me dead in the eyes, still smiling with his cold ass teeth. They did not write that. But I said that, and I looked back at him with a Gorham, less expression, because I wasn't fucking processing then I said: can I help you because home british and politeness is all I have and stressful Andorra creepy such hum scream every fucking love you. He took another picture and replied, you'll, do No I'm leaving about I'll do I'll. Do the fuck out of here Bre I'll. Do you won a fucking? no you brought try. Meek, thriving bra there was something about his voice. It was really raspy like he was a heavy smoker, but he said it with a leering tone like one of them shitty, guys who approaches you in a bar. It gets mad. When you reject him, you know the type yes, his name is Chad. Always
but excuse me, sir. You for what I had no fucking idea, what that man, was understandably freaked out. Instead of climbing, over to the real behind me in getting the fuck out of there stayed where I was because Karen and her friend were back in the guy sat back down in his seat. At the end of the aisle I can I myself he was having a creepy few minutes and wandered too few photos of young women, but with other as harmless, even though that in and of itself is how a spooky dont do it. Boys agree for the second half of the game. Gig started and I definitely wasn't enjoying myself any more understandable. I was intensely aware of him, and my whole body was one big goosebumps at this point, but it gets worse because this Psycho dude starch, edging closer nope, no every time I looked over. He was another see closer and closer. He the more I could smell him. I've smelter few dead, animals in my time. I grew up on a farm, so I recognize this
sent of decay and that's what he smote like. Why lie spruce dead that gives. You can't get rid of the dead once this there's nothing, you can do shoot straight up decomposing next to her but if you're a ghost, why do you still smell if you're from us Why are you white? always a main girl connection somewhere. Let's see, Maybe he had an intensification of the case of Halitus. I don't know, but my true crime and paranormal obsess brain started, screaming dead demon math. Honestly, that's what I They come to be honest. The worst thing, No one around me seem to notice. He was being the total creep. In fact, no one seem to notice him at all. I don't think he existed. I'm fucked up two ladys by me had been close enough. they should have noticed his creepy behaviour or smelled his stench, but they are still completely engrossed,
in their theories about whether Susan's husband would find out her baby wasn't his and I refuse to believe anyone can he's so self absorbed, not to notice this was happening. Maybe they were. I dont know you'd, be surprised by this I'm depressed mode, was singing personal Jesus, great song. Oh my god love it. I was praying and I'm not even religious that'll, Father who art and haven't get me the fuck out of here police love. You, I love you so much. He settled in the seat. Next, fine and turn the cameras. If you wanted to take a selfie with me, I was beyond done with this shit before he could put his arm around my shoulders. I said: excuse the fuck out of you yeah, you did it, you did it and jumped for my seat. I basically hurtled over it and into the lapse of Karen and her friend who stared at me like. I was insane again, no mention of a guy. Next to me. I then proceeded
rush along the island out of the arena as fast as my short s, legs could carry me. I was freaking out. Unfortunately, though, I need you to get the train home in the train station was a fifteen. May walk away. It was almost eleven p m in the arena, with slap bang in the middle of a more residential part of the city, so it was quiet and as it was in quite the under the show, taxis, hadn't pulled up at the taxi rank. I should have waited, I would have been the only. I would have only had to hang around out there for ten minutes. The area was well let and they would have Andy Thirdly, based security cameras so close to such a massive venue below the dumb ass? I am. I started logging down the road figuring that saying in one place for too long was risky. I'm not fit enough to me. in that pays for more than thirty seconds same, so this led to a speed as to his speed. Walk as I headed down demonstrates and began my panic track to the train station, I'm like
getting anxiety for her. I know I hate when I can leave picture them in my head and, unlike I normally oh man, I want to help you. I was constantly looking for my shoulder and our shaking so badly. I couldn't hold my phone still enough to scroll through and pull up my boyfriend at times number to call him, and then I heard footsteps and we will take a deep breath: no bloom Nominal Nope Beagle. No, I had us caught the cut through a deserted alleyway. I know so dumb. He rode she read it. I didn't say it was walking through the city square, which was deserted. Apart from the bronze statue of the late Queen Victoria That was one hundred percent about to watch my death there's something I was crying at this point in my heart felt like I was clock. It was crawling its way of my throat. May God also your painting, a very vivid, wonderful picture here?
I looked over my shoulder and saw there was a tall shadowed figure just ten feet behind me. Slender man hey. I thought he takes undermine foreshadowing great minds. Slender man, hello, No for real, I just knew- was the creepy guy from the gig. He hadn't been there the first time in over my shoulder. Though we are in the wide open space and I would have been able to easily spot him from a hundred feet away, but he was following me. I could hear him chuckling, oh I hate it. I never want anything like this to happen to any one know, I'm really upset for you. I too the fuck around and lungs be damned started sprinting. Yes, I could hear booted feet pounding against the cobbled road behind me now and I screamed loud
smart girl, but there was no one around to hear me. I didn't know what else to do so. I just kept running phone in hand. It felt like one of those nightmares where you try and outline the monster, but you're just moving in place. I have those all the time I feel like it was getting closer and closer any second in would be grabbing. My shoulder, hey SIRI call Insert Ex boyfriend name here. I screamed because bitch I didn't have time to die book. I should have called the police obvious. Because my excellent forty minutes out of the city and what could he do against my attacker? I guess I just and I could let him know I was about to be murdered and the police could use the call in some way. I don't know it was dumb phone was on loudspeaker, but boy didn't even pick up the phone arsehole through our soul, straight up our I ran
the corner and ahead. I could finally make out the lights of the train station and would obviously go girl go. I could no longer here footsteps I dared to slow down and look over my shoulder. The dude was standing at the top of the high street about fifty feet. Away now swap didn't die in shadows. His head was tilted at an unnatural right angle, like he had just snapped his own fucking neck. Oh no! No! What the fuck I am! I am spooked. I know I'm not! Okay with this at all I blinked several times and shook my head because I had to be joining this shit, I started backing away again facing him, so I so I'd know if he came from me. I knew it was the same guy from B, because he had in his hand, was a camera he lifted up and there was a flash in the dark as he one more photo. This is a fucking movie. I have like us
War playing in my head like this is a very intense and very vivid. Some other dude in an anorak which was tightly drawn around his face, walked pass me a can of beer in his hand ass. He staggered along. He looked at me like I was insane. I guess I did look crazy I was walking backwards, crying panting and babbling to Syria and a messy panic. At this point, I definitely thought I had lost my mind was seeing things. the train, spotter anorak man, gave me a whole wide berth as he walked past and muttered, something like crazy bitch, rather than stopping to ask. If I was okay fuck, that fuck all these guys seriously what the fuck I wanted to warn him about the crazy do the head, but when I looked back at the top of the high street, there was no one there.
I knew he was real, because my vision was still weird from the last flashed the camera. I couldn't have imagined it. I have an experience anything like that before or after this hell a spook. I made it to this train station and got home safely. My ex finally call me back. He had been watching tv and didn't think picking up the phone to his girlfriend was worth pausing can Morty fuck that Amy written Morty is a great show, fuck that and didn't believe me when I told him that way: had happened was generally unsympathetic. I'm glad he's an ax. I stayed with him. Another few months before realizing. I was worth more and dumped his s. Yes, listen These you're always worth more your queen. To this day, I have kept the full story of what happened that night self, mainly because I didn't understand it. I thought I was crazy. Increments myself, I was overreacting written down. It sounds completely unbelievable. We believe you
Couple of weeks later, I did call the venue to report the creepy guy and told them the road that we are sad on with everything. When any everything went down get this, they told me, no one else had been logged in the system to sit in that row either. He had seen me and decided to say an assigned seat on the same row or no one else had known. He was there at all. I don't know which theory is creepier honestly. Both of those are really fucking scary, either way, I'm fucking terrified. After that I went to the con. alone. After that I never went to a concept alone. I still have nightmares I can smell decay and see the silhouette of a tall, skinny French, Fried demon men following me, silently like a phantom. The flash from cameras in the dark still keeps me out and that my friends is my long S story. Thank you for your patience and I hope it was worth the red. Thank you so much for for providing hours of entertainment to the thousands. Just by being your kick
selves? All the best am holy shit. Am I want to make this a full length feature film. it needs to be a fool. Ass feature fell like I was just on the edge of my seat floor leg Wes Craven is rolling over in his grave right now, because he didn't get a chance to turn this into a fuckin thriller thriller thriller thank ye, ll em cause. This I thought you were going to do it, so I heard you because you didn't. I love that. I love you, so mine is called listen entail a near death experience in the little boy hate this already. I love it. he'll, Lena, activated for awhile whether or not to share my story, because, frankly, it is not a spook spook. As some of the other stories you read but the narcissism. me has won out, looks or already,
Let me start by saying I excuse me, let me sir. By saying I am a huge sceptic, I'm not religious, I believe when you die, you die and that's the end. Well, that's did. That is bleak and also another mean girls reference. I don't really by into goes mediums, etc. However, I do believe that if there is something to see, people who have been near death would be mostly, made. It happened to that. That being said, just before my third birthday, I almost died. Oh no so here we go our host caught on fire of hope me. I've been buried, the lead that was shit. No, this is not a true crime story. Sorry it was just some hungry mice to trying to get a snack out of the coffee maker cord. We lived in it. I'll trailer, which I dont know if you know, but those things go up in smoke. It was just me my two older brothers home at the time very very early in the morning, my mom to drive my dad to work, and my sister was out of friends house. My eldest brother was able to get my
brother out by the way he was just scrawny kid and he had to shove my parents bed out of out from in front of a window because it was the safest out. He came back me, but I was terrified a terrified almost three year old. Also I was a chunk same and probably weighed the same event, but honestly say so he told me to say in my room not to move while he ran to the neighbors to get help when the neighbours to get me. He found me in the hallway between my room and my parents from apparently having had tried to follow my brother after realizing I'm sure here is how is more than more scared being by made himself was unconscious and the fire was up the walls and occur the ceiling above me, oh, my God obviously I survived yes, girl who blocked with you fucking lived, the girl who lived I spent a month in a hospital being treated. Oh, my god, sweet baby. We lost everything. Only enough this is,
really sad, it's horrible and by the way, yes, my big brother was is still at my absolute hero without his quick thinking and adrenalin adrenaline. Field strength. I do not think I would be here today. You are touch in alma heart strings. Right now, shut up to your brain AMOS. Your birthday so fast forward a few years. I want to say I was maybe six or seven. We had a new house and my sister and I share the room. She is six years older than me. I was who is absolutely petrified of the dark and my sister's porcelain dolls. Does Europe made it back. My mom to let me sleep, keep the hallway light on with the door ajar, but my sister is mean it would tell my mom. I was too old to have a night light, a fuck, her. leave for her. I would wake up frequently at night, crying and begged her to turn the light on all then one night I woke up screaming crying begging. My sister, please, please turn the light on after several minutes of ignoring me crying and yelling my mom whips. when the door as told by her, I opened the door and said what the hell is going on in here and you point
you're the dresser across the room and said tell him to go away and all the hair stood up on the back of my neck. What had me Such a state of horror of terror was that I woke up to see a young boy, maybe around eight or nine and full nineteen twenties, get up new socks button up shirt with suspenders page boy had chilling at my goddamn room, the roaring fucking twenties just appeared in your room and the levels of eight ok, but does that not so fucking familiar? Oh shit, I'm sorry, I'm coming in to your story is fuck right now, but at one point me and my mom lived my grandparents house with a lane and we all shared around me me my mom, and because the Roma's fucking huge we did trust me. We did It was unfortunate, but one night I woke up and I was like I work my mom up and I was a man there's a little boy reading your book and she wanted to neglect me. So she was I'd. Go back to sleep, and I was
elected and men. I woke up the next morning and everyone was all fuckin freaked out, because I was talking about this ghost ass boy, literally just like the boy you described, nineteen twenties page by heart, niece oxen, all like. I can still see him in my mind and he was reading. My mom spoke and my mom's book that she had left on the dresser was wedged between the closet. Where I said the boy was, I think it's. The same boy goes I'm spooked as far back to the story. She says my mom is a big believer in ghosts. Hell yeah. She is. She loves that shit It is my dream to one day take her to the Winchester. Mr imagine you have to all- but from the rest of the night, was sitting in the living room with my mom. While she spoke to cigarette- and let me have some of her coke seems like a normal thing, but with four kids pop was for my parents to drink, not us. I spoke to the hell out of her with that one Still to this day, whenever anything weird happens around the house, we blame the little boy. The weird thing, is even being a sceptic. I was six or seven how the? How could I have jumped up that outfit fast
it again to about four years ago, my boyfriend and his we're running this house as in the one we later purchased in living currently from his grasp of my boyfriend's mom stepped on, who grew up, and said house and whose mother had just passed away at the previous fall? Sorry, if that's confusing it's the shortest way, I could think to explain it. I think I'm on, I think, I'm on the same page. I got you instead of letting it set empty while they sorted out her well in such one night. I came to stay with him as I was falling asleep I saw a shadowy figure standing in front of the small opening of the bedroom door. I was most. sleep, but I could still kind of make out some details of the form before fully falling asleep. Now this and scare me because remember I'm a sceptic. I must have already started dreaming, or maybe it was his buddy walking by the door whatever, but the next day, I started thinking about it. It couldn't have been his body. He worked midnight and had long since left for work, and does return home until about seven in the morning. Still, I wasn't scared, I must have been dreaming. Maybe a
you're after I was helping lemme arouse helping my boyfriend's mom clear out some stuff from the house. His grandpa herself down was getting ready to sell it. she was describing to me how she didn't really like being alone in the house, a kind of creature out ever since his ever since her grandma passed away. I left and told her how there was nothing to be scared of that's not real. She asked me, had ever seen anything we're than the house while her son was living in it. I told her about my vague experience, falling asleep and seeing a figure she asked me what tells did I notice, and I mention that it looked kind of like a tall tall man thin. wearing a fedora style hot, and I was I think, the whole time because she looked so spooked, but I knew it was nothing. But then she got on the phone calls her cousin, her cousin proceeds to tell me that or passing away a decade ago from cancer. Her grandpa was it all thin man who often war of Fedora again maybe a sceptic. But what are the fucking odds on a true crime the house I loved and for the rest of my childhood, the one I saw the little boy and and where my parents, still
to this day is about five miles from the Nicholls Farm as in Terry Nickels and timid Timothy Mcveigh, the Go home city bombers, oh shit, oh shit use brought it right back around full mother fucking circle. I hope this that too long. I get a kick out of telling my stories, and I hope, if you read this, you get a kick out of it to best wishes. best wishes and keep her muff Huggin, weird Candice p S My brother in law has a sister named Ashley, and we lovingly call her tragically, please feel free to adopt the name o girl, my drunk there you go, is always to actually it's true. We ve called her directly before and also we didn't just get a kick out of this. We got a full mother, fucking around house kick out of this story. Jackie Chancel, like the fact that we have the same exact experience, really spooks me and I've end like the trash, silly things
I feel like you, have some kind of weird connection. I mean the other day. I tweeted that I was kindred spirit with Dolly Parton, but Candice I might have been wrong. It might be you. I think it is. I think it's true love you Candice! Thank you for that. So my next story was is called. My husband was going to let ghosts or demons have my soul, Well, that's route of him. I assure you, know your ex has, since this is from Amanda, says: hey guys, I fucking love your podcast. I listen to it on my way to events at my Nephews christian school nine times out of ten what I bought the parking lot there. I am listening to something about murder, it's my own weird little secret and if they knew I would probably be beaten.
I love that for you. I love that, for you also my niece and I are the same ages as you guys, which is kind of cool, except that we are both seniors and nursing school, because my dumb ass was more worried about drinking and being stupid than it was going to school. When I spoke to, you are definitely the ash of the relationship. I was just about to say that side, no, my favorite part of nursing school so far has been autopsies. We're supposed to go to see one each see one each hour junior year I saw three I would go every day if they would lead I'm pretty sure they're all scared of me now. I know what one Amanda I love you and I feel you anyway. I live in India, which is really nothing but corn fields and methods, at least in my area. Well
when my husband to know first mooted together. I was working nights in a group home for mentally handicapped adults. You know what you're a goddamn hero euro straight up, Jem good for you, man and he work days as a roofer. We worked into. We moved into a true story house in a shady part of town, because we're broke a. We all feel that this house a hundred percent hunted. I also feel that my husband used to say that he would hear my voice screaming his name when he was alone in the house. I don't like that. They got to use your voice. That's fucked up you! I don't love that I used to hear running feet up and down the stairs and above our head, where his son slept on the second floor. When I would go up there fully prepared to what some ass, because those boys were up at three, I am running around like cycles, they would be fast asleep and you never went back to sleep after that right. Never, my husband woke up screaming one saying
I'd smacked them across the face when I was most definitely in the living room watching the office girl. You are us. You are ass. One time that my husband convince me was a dream I feel like. I felt like someone was laying on top of me, and I felt hot breath, as my own name was being whispered into my ear. How fuckin law, did you live there says get me out of their immediately. He convinced me it was a dream until this happened, my husband was at work and I was in bed since I work knights, and I heard what sounded like a bunch of second rate musicians drumming out a beat on my pipes in the basement. Actually that my house always sounds like that sure does. I called my husband and Dick hotels, mean I'm crazy. It's just the oldest pipes clinging around and just go back to sleep for someone who is such a pussy.
But his experience, as he sure didn't, have much concern for mine. I love you. I laid their wake until the pressure of my bladder had built up so much that I bought it couldn't possibly hold it in. I grabbed the shank I kept by the bats, old pocket knife. They keep them hidden everywhere, always smart and make my way to the restroom in this house. The bathroom was actually in the second downstairs bedroom and you had to walk through the kitchen and pass the basement door to get there while that sucks fuck that I rushed through the area. Nothing was out of the ordinary and into the bathroom. Did my business and prepared to make the dash back to my room ass, I passed through the kitchen. I noticed all the fucking cabinet doors were open.
all of them values my night I'll. Yes, that is my nightmare. I stood there frozen version. She she froze. I am froze right now. That's when you real scared, you don't just freeze, you freeze its very sheikh, very she's, a very sheikh way to paralyse yourself with fear, no he stood there. Frozen and dishes started to fall out of the fucking cabinets, and then you ran out the fucking front door right right. I hold my fat ass straight, the fuck out of their good girl, negative grabbed. My keys got my car and drove straight to my husband's job site. To tell him how terribly fucking wrong you understood that it was not just the old pipes clanging, it was fucking, go sir demons who obviously had no respect for peace.
work nights come alive. We lived in the house for another year in there were more incidents, but nothing that shook me like the damn thing, rooting through my kitchen cabinets and banging on my pipes thanks reading. Maybe next time I will tell you about the crazy method in laws, one wrapped a dead body up like a fucking gourd data on a good Gardena. dear you do Telco Bell rang like that holy another murdered his girlfriend. Oh my god. We need to hear these. I really should have screened my has, its family before we got, you can keep it we're a man. I demand, grew all Amanda uses gave me life. I love you. So what's that, but honestly, the whole cabinets being open thing now, unlike most dear cabinets, don't have door his. I am that I picked this house specifically because of that I am alive
thanks a member. This one is called the time. I was killed listener tail: woe betide am. I was killed his own capital, letters about listener, tailors and small letters. It says: hey guys, you guys make my shit life interesting in the good way, and I will forever love you guys for that I'll say there my gushing till the end. Oh my god. I love you so I was going to add a couple of months ago. It was no! It was a note shit night, but I woke up at like three. I am, and I never been shit face, but this is how I imagine it would be. I woke up slowly, but couldn't live, I had a huge headache. If that's how it is when my Finally, a just- and I could see another person in my room- I should you not approved out all of my internal organs, because I didn't know if it is my parents at the time, but should is still scary. I still get scream and I still cannot move the person looking the shadow, my brain, mentally saying. What kind of thuggery is this worker thuggery is
kind of agreed being included ass, get anything or do anything for a while and I guided stared at it. But it's been awhile had started to move slowly towards me and then this puppyish. Ok, time. I think that people are making a typo with these AIDS booby behind US realize thing. It's look, for this cry guys. I show you not every time the whole tired TED Bundy Upper so that when the girl wrote to you about that bunny, I was like why she sings poop since the password ever guys. I don't I on the real ass stories, like murder, mayhem and tragedy. Be your listener tales get me crying all the fuckin time. I know it's funny. Ok, and then this puppyish, it's hard to say spooky
please sit up and when it began to whisper, no, no, no! No! No! I liked. I hate that, like that land girl said supremely fuck that it had something it said something along the lines of whole low sweet girl, goodbye, sweet lily- oh it least his charming. He said hello goodbye. charming, that's my name. You can use it. I guess you could improve. But at this point I was positive that there was a serial killer in my room and I was going to die. I thought praise and raised in our many something hard at my head and then I woke up. I thought it had to be addressed. I thought I was safe, but when I got The bathroom I looked in the mirror to see a giant, goose egg and bruise on the side of my head, where the person would have hit me It was a real mom. Pick me up. I'm scared moment: yes, beacon, girls reference. I love you!
I have no idea what happened that night, but I thought you would enjoy it anyways. I live in an important part of the EU as between the MID west in the West Coast outta. We have now thing to do here, except for drive around counting. Churches are gossiping about all the weird shit that goes down in school from the wrong side of the tracks. Ok, my school, but don't worry, there's enough! There but don't worry, there's enough board people and advance. You could totally seller to show here seriously I'll set up a show for you. He also up a show here for you. If that's what it takes to get you here all I love you guys so much and you guys are an inspiration. Best wishes, lily, lily, you're, fucking inspiration Slowly, I'm glad you didn't die, I'm really gotten
didn't die, because I need more stories from you Lily. I love that I just got to say spooky because it's a real word will year the spooky us and I love you as the sunlight booby dies like it's pretty in spooky all rolled up in one everything. I love poops it spooks good, their name, I'll call! You didn't. We named the podcast poop since pumps, because bad name is unity. The sleeper poops spooks Ardashir help We can raise your hand if you want that raises hand our it's mine is called hamster resurrection using boobs question mark. Ok, I read those that I was holding your baby. It took everything I mean to drop your be because I was laughing so hard shit, I'm glad you didn't, but this is often so. This is from Isabel PIG eyes. First off, let's get one thing street: yeah all maize balls thinks
of aggressive that one. Let's get one thing: mother, fucking straight you guys rock ass, you guys actually make me feel a lot better above by self, because I realized I'm not the only morbid freak show out there that finds death fascinating in these stories. Crazy interesting welcome. Welcome to the speedy puppy shellfish spooks, it boobs, so there or maybe we failed normal you're. Welcome, keep being weird. Please will do don't have a choice. all right so onto the story when I was about to finish, I hamster named Bailey. That's my that's my Bobo Baileys name, that's my puddles name yet was a fucking fat ass, soon ass. They do two. I try to buy her all of those sweet tubes. Nuclear test, their creditors, would you give getting stuck in urban those
but at the same time she was hell acute. So I could be to mad. Only gonna love this already anyways The time of this story. She was ending the near the issues nearing the end of her life about three years old I was staying over. It friends house and it was just my mom Home- choose actually in the middle of getting dressed in. For some strange reason, she decided she needed to go check on Bailey and make sure she has food my mom has always claimed she has a sixth sense or something because show have dreams and shit or get these feelings and then, whenever she felt her dreamed will happen very soon their or a very similar situation will happen and honestly freaks me, the fuck out. Times, so I'm guessing this weirdo love. You mom just had a feeling Then she needed go check on the fat hipster, so she went into the room. All up in spanks and abroad and opens the cage define Bailey just laying there. This was strange because she, would usually wake up if the cage got opened. My mom picked her up and even though she was still floppy, she was ice, cold and unconscious
she couldn't see her breathing and she could. She couldn't feel any movement or pulse at all. My poor mother disbursed into tears and held her thinking about how the hell She was going to tell me that my precious fat ball of fur had died, so there is my mother sitting on my bed holding Bailey bawling her eyes out. She sat there for a few minutes holding her to her until the hamster obviously got a little heavy and my mom moved her down onto her chest into her goddamn cleavage, pretty much that poor, poor baby is held her and stroked the how well she bald she sat like this. bed and respects the hipster between her Boobs Philippic forth, like fifty minutes Thirdly, this quota quote dead thing moved my mom shut, the fuck up that hamster almost fluke. Certain like Africa gave Superman. My mom said sat there sobbing, while repeatedly what the hell is happening as this. MR is coming back from the dead in front of her eyes after many
or to her eyes had opened and she just acted like she had taken every drug she can fit in terms of our biggest cheek badges because she was walking? Is me, after eating a three girl cheeses, because girl cheeses so get it, makes me fuck into and guess why I make a normally growled cheese with garlic butter, so you'd be stoned. Grew. My mom immediately took her to the vat and explain to these poor. is that a magical boobs brought this Hampton hipster back to life, even though my mother's stone claims that her boobs are magical and that they can read through facts upstairs it turns out there bet. You wanted Herbert, who hated hibernation mode, because she's got a little too Chile isn't so funny. I was dying. Everything She in fact did have a pulse, but it was so incredibly week that my mom couldn't feeler here it basically
Billy got a little cold and assumed it was wintertime because she thought she was all I'd Elden free out in the forest. So our body. wedded to hibernation mode. She would have died, very soon, after if my mom and her awesome lifesaving boobs having come to the rescue Bailey lived here, a few more months and dyed her second death peacefully in her sleep thanks fury here. We d or more listener tales, their seriously awesome, and I love them, and I love you guys, come to Portland or and soon for like live. Show. I killed him. You guys not literally, I swear ISA I dont my name's being used. If you guys decide to read this one on your podcast thanks, so much
and I'm literally shitting my pants laughing and laughing so hard to. But this is my thought what you thought I people are getting like. While I surely, I condemn- and I know it's a damn thing to say- but like we're, don't fucking pet stores get hamsters because one, if you ever seen a hamstring, the wild, when I'm pretty sure that his bread for like two messages but where did the first hamster come from? I mean, I don't know like I've, never seen a ham certain wild. I seen a chipmunk. I seen a fox I've, seen a squirrel Ives I've seen They squirrels, but I've, seen a lot of animals in the wild and hamsters are not one of them. I you know what same over to see a hams. Just a roman in the wild my hand His name is just a girl. If that's all so
the next one is called Kyle can go fuck himself before she reads that her hamsters name was Jessica, ECHO offence. I just want that to sink in earthquake Ok, go ahead, you who lost my hamster my ship bag, Martin anyways I can go fuck himself, and so can my mom my dearest eventually either ready for some dramatizing ship. Neither am I right and they replay do Salem Woods. Charles episode and I was flung back into a memory. I legitimate a flash I think I may need to look into that anyways it's crazy. So let me a girl in a journey to somewhere. I will name for obvious reasons. Wisconsin I was in the sector. grades. The air- probably two thousand five, so it was regular weaken school right wrong because my teacher- was a psycho and decided to make us do a play about the Salem which trials in the second greed. Sons are awesome,
sounds great, but like Buffalo young you're, like what eight and second great, if I could idea, some of the girls were cast as the witches and others where the little assholes that occurs, the others of witchcraft, I'm so sorry about that by the they're all little devils and they deserve hell while so I mean you're, not wrong. I grew so me and my best friend who will change her name to Marina for this work, ass, witches and honestly Missus, clear, couldn't have chosen to better candidate, for the two of us ran a literal which govern us at recess me too, and would sacrifice, all the time and wish a well passing on any dead birds. We found we were young and we were thriving and so of course, because poyser idiots they thought play was in real life or some shit, so they cause which witches and make hanging notions. Jesus because we were young bad us as we just wave in their directions and continued on our Mary way get a girl that
if the play we had all dressed up before recess for our part. So of course everyone in our little covered, including the marina, we're all dressed, up and ready to go mind you they're about eleven people in this covered are covered a virus. Like I said, we were thriving you worth thriving I think I like three people at my cousin anyway. They're very reminding minding our own binding, our own, damn best, damn business and sacrificing ants when a dude, whose name I've changed to Kyle, for this came over the bunch of his friends and they circled us. Few girls immediately escaped, but the stubborn of us which work excellently. Three May Marina and some other random chick, dumb ass You should have run they yelled as for being, which is because we were seven we played along because we thought it was a game while that very quickly when they suddenly grabbed us and yanked us over to a nearby tree there. stolen jump. Ropes, yes, the one with plastic beads on them or some weird ship, and then they proceed the tie to the tree. They yelled, that we were going to hang for our sins and we
bad asses, lush, dumb ass is the elder them that we see the in hell, then I love your reaction, hate that they told you to treat what's a buck, seven year olds are fucked, then Marina, goddess of just not giving a fuck. Oh my god, I wanna be that God I was just going to say. Can. Can I please take over that Alina Ash Goddess of not getting a hawk? Yes spit at them? Yes, she did then Kyle went ahead and said the most chilling words I've ever heard from somebody from anyone. One a little sample before getting there. Then let's burn you in your which threatens ok, Kyle, what's going on at home Have you ever seen a video words like what the fuck is Call your that's what everybody was figuring out, what the fuck you up car you worth! Looking back, I'm terrified of Stu, but my second great ass literally started laughing in his face. Making him laugh at my foolishness, like I said we should have wherein bright the fuck out of their marina actually spent at him
and this is why I am still friends with her she's honestly, the biggest bad us. I've ever had the honour of meeting anyways. We start. To realize that it wasn't a game when Kyle that really pulled a lighter out of his pants Yo Kyle What's going on at home? Again I say what the fuck is up. Kyle You know how the hell he got that thing, but as soon as we saw, we literally restarted. Rushing wildly against the ropes as our captors laughed at us. He was about this. the tree on fire, when a teacher finally fucking saw the whole ordeal and rushed over to stop Kyle India so knocking the lit, lighter out of his hands and making the grass around the tree catch on fire stupid. but somewhat helpful teacher. Thankfully another teacher had the right mind to actually there her jacket over the fire, so it would die of this teacher here, the only fuckin birds and common sense at this dumb, ass private school. Probably my life right then, and there anyways.
aftermath of all this was that my parents tried to sue CAT Kyle's parents, the school paid, my parents to keep quiet about the whole thing and we still did the damn play on a much happier night too much happier no Kyle godson counselling and is doing much better now and memory nurse still really good friends, and we all lived so yeah. That's my story, another event in my life. That's a lot more intense, but I dont know if I should even right, but I dont know if I It even send this one, then if you receive this that probably means friend, whose e mail I'm currently using has forced me to send it. She says that I did not steal her phone for an entire two hours typing this all out, so I'm pretty sure I'll get it it'll get to you, anyways. I just wanted to. Let you guys know that I live for your podcast and that you guys are hilarious. Your band just as interesting as the content you provide and soggy Itunes reviews can go into a dark hole and never come out. The best
I can everything Caitlin Caitlin one. I agree with everything he said and to Marina is truly the goddess of not giving fuck and three real glad that that Kyle got some therapy good for them and for or your fucking bad us- that story really through me for a live, because I had a covenant. Third grade says and like nobody ever try, set me on fire. Now, I'm really glad known tried to set you on fire and holy shit. Can you imagine if that it actually happened like it could have happened to me about MRS Gavin, put an end to my coven like a Bihac and the part about your parents trying to suit his parents, Criswell good parents, and second of all, my parents tried to sue and other people's parents. For pulling in school, so same girl, mods called somebody's mom and saying to them for hanging out with me, and I was like you can't do that or I'm not going to make money more friends dorable. I love them, they're the best
you guys are the best any listener tales are the best and there's so funded. Do guys. I wish we could do these like five days a week. Is there so much fun, it's been off podcast listener. To literally Well, we did this because it was Thanksgiving and we wanted to give you something and we know how much loveless their tails and later this week, we're gonna have a mini episode coming out. So keep your eyes peeled for that all You gotta keep an eye on morbid podcast dot com because we're having emerged say like we set in the beginning, but keep your eyes on it still because new designs and new styles, economic men out thanks to John John, is the last and while you are keeping an eye on our website, you can also keep an eye on our instagram because it so hot right now at morbid. Podcast keep an eye on our twin
because we love it. A morbid podcast do join our facebook because it keeps me living. I love it. So much morbid calling a true crime podcast and we have new, modern, hey, Corey, hey Madeline, I think you mean model and welcome to the modern family. We love, you guys, think you so much for all your help and all that you do also, you can send us a listener story to our Gmail at Morbid, podcast, edgy Melba come if he'd like to you could donate repatriation, it's gonna be so let you will find gasped no or on territories. Dark arms, lashed, morbid vodka. You just spit all over my faith, it's all over it. So we will be was the thing we hope you keep it's weird, but that's over the years listeners organism
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