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Listener Tales Episode 4

2019-11-02 | 🔗
It's another installment of your crazy-ass tales, weirdos! This one features a dead body in your bed, a stranger with too many knives, some ghosts, a killer co-worker, a recreation of Stand By Me and a few more! Come on in! The water is probably tainted with dead body juice.Episode Supported by Ned!www.helloned.com/MORBIDUse Code “MORBID” for 15% off your orderCheck out Silent Waves, a new podcast by Casefile Presents. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/silent-waves/id1398753375Silent Waves is a seven-part podcast series that tells the confronting true story of 26-year-oldRaquel O’Brien as she attempts to liberate herself from the trauma of childhood sexual abuseand a father with a dark secret. She records raw and brutally honest conversations with herfamily as they discuss the circumstances of their past for the first time. What emerges is alarger story as they find the freedom to confront their conflicting versions of events andreconcile with their past and each other.Find Silent Waves wherever you stream podcasts. 

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