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2020-10-20 | 🔗
You asked, Jon Allen delivered. What better way to spend your Tuesday afternoon than to listen to the poetic beat of a Jon Allen listener tale? Jon wrote to us about his experience as an 8 year old who spent the night in a haunted farm house and was, honestly, graced by the presence of a ghost named Rachel!
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a special extra ad free bonus episode, just because you know it is it spooky season in October, it's like our Christmas, so we feel very giving. We feel the joy wheel spread it around here. That's exactly how I feel, and we fear What better way to spread the spook and to spread the joy around then to give you guys a listener? Tail, that's been highly I leave requested. And yes, I know it sounds weird. When you're like wait, a listener channel has been requested, yeah Do you guys remember? Do you remember John Alan Donnelly. You remember that amazing eighties trip back to his neighborhood, where he just painted this amazing picture that it had us all like rolling on the floor laughing and terrified at the same time, the boy Strong, like writing, that I've ever seen everyone afterwards, because we mention that John himself is a writer like four?
his job like a straight up. Writer, yes- and I mean- as if you couldn't tell from that visit hello, series, Bud, we had a lot of people saying hey. I want to hear more John Ellen Gimme, more John Alan, and then you know what John Allen did he thus more. He gave us more John Alan, so you John Alan, provided us with a John Alice, so he Thus, a really long, really terrifying, but also amazingly written lessen our tail once again, and we figured covered so long and because this is so requested, because we think John is great, we decided, we know it. Let's do an extra episode this week. What's your third episode, let's make it, free and just haven't thee Johns listener tail here you go see no at everybody sit back, relax, relax have have some like weird potion drink that maybe,
as some dry ice coming out of it- to make its mooning it's gotta, be green, it's gotta be created or orange, or our rynch, it's gotta, be our guide. Us, if I dont know have some spooky potion. Drink intercept backs made, may be light some candles only the pumpkin once only the pumpkin borer labored one if you ve got the autumn, leaves like I've. Gotta crunch crunch smell. So so sit back and listen to this tale. Are you ready? I am because I have heard it yet. Some live reacting. They go so the year, nineteen, eighty six, Well, here we go in the MID west if someone needs directions. No one uses street names, but rather landmarks take a left at the Dalmatian behind the chain linked fence than a right at the gas station. The nice one, not the one, with the stones in the front
That sort of thing memories are similar and by landmark in my landmarks, are events, music and even sense of the day. This is how I remember the entity that would shape and possibly save my life whew thing is embellished nor scientific in my conclusion is just my opinion of the events. I'll say up front that my childhood was fucked, but I have always been able to not get too emotionally affected at a restaurant. Where I worked, we always had a burger of the month, one stirring, autism awareness month. I suggested the Asperger. I can tell that joke, because I haven't which is a blessing in that it helps me with indifference to wounds of the soul. I love you. I love you done so January. Twenty eighth of nineteen. Eighty six is where my saga begins. I looked fresh at school with my gear is absurd. Eddie ACID, Wash genes, I'd made by dosing. The Dunham with bleach and throwing in the drier, knock off converse high, tops that folded at the top to reveal a chequered pattern, chuck failures. We called them
my god, he man, sweatshirt and finally, a band aid to cover stitches in my forehead, the stitches I received because standing in for the bathroom, I was running late one day and quickly bent over two french cuff my genes. Maybe it was the fumes from the aquanaut slash airman visibility. That made me help me head, but the sharp edges counter. I still have that scar, today and I own up to its moronic origins. That's incredible due note: a french tarkas! Yes, when you I mean above yeah, you took it at the bottom Lincoln. the bottom of your genes as it like a regularly one on your shirt to a french ka, ask ten. France will tell you all. I know about the french Talk Vega I was sitting in Miss Helios third, getting third grade class that morning, drawing instead of book learnin, because a drawing of me as whole cones tag, team partner, bars proceeded history yeah see sides the textbook was so old I'm certain. There was a chapter outlining the perils of women and some real racist bullshit. I have a high iq, that's never been used
when it came to school. I was lazier than forest workers left eye fun facts. I still draw pictures of me as the holsters tag partner. Today his silken mustard hairs life may do so Malign Ladys, of which I was laying low, because I had received attention by week prior and prior to that, in probably for following we always the smart ass, I came in to class late and leisurely failed to shut the door. Last week's events came when the teacher said the George doors ajar. I asked if that were true, could I fill it with strawberry jam? So I was happy when Vassili had rolled into clunky asked nine hundred pound tv only av room lesson. Opportunity to get in trouble on movie days, Novi Hs, tapes, thou. Then I remembered hearing about a teacher in Spain. peace, and we watched the challenger explode into an airborne night, will remain alive. A firework display of tragedy
though, none of us knew that we were watch what we were watching at the moment, who that's that's, really horrifying Dealey about right, Healy, quickly, turned me event off and shakily told us to open up. trapper keepers, poor, Miss Healy Man, see I'm the guy who had just snap through that ray. I had the Purple one with the Miami vice palm trees, which is literally why I moved to Florida this year. it wasn't until I walked a mile and a half that I found out what really happened. I remember not really getting home until after six, because the mile and a half walk was littered with pop up football games, houses with Nintendo and US boys denting one another's karate kidding gremlins lunch boxes against each other. Adds to impress the girls, obviously spoiler, they were not impressed and we were likely concussed. The home I arrived too was much different than the whole made previously described in my last listener. Tail. The dire circumstances of my childhood life for this period would make a new scandal today, and they did occur in might be alarming to hear. But I know it's been thirty four years and I
never been one. To give many fox, I literally have a bottle of diet. Mountain do tattooed on me. If you need to gauge how Syria I take. Why didn't he s Ipad therapy since and I'm fine? Let's not make that the focal point of the story, though its hugely important too. The woman I today com married my dad and eighty seven, but an eighty six. I lived with my birth mom while their divorce was occurring, In hindsight, my birth mother had obvious mental illness. That was not accepted in the eighties even a demonic oppression, because she was into the dark arts, but going forward with this story. Let's just say she was fucking crazy and that her life decisions made about its much sense, the football bat tat make so much sense to me, eight straight to the point she partied with high school kids, didn't drugs stall, probably shared a bed with the court. Back and trained me to take the blame. If we got caught dining and dashing you get the point: Criminal straight out of the trailer
This day I came home and she was already fucked up. She had called the high school pretending to be several peoples, mother, that day giving them a sick pass and they all got hammered at the house. I was cool that because I could do it. I want I made sure to check on my three year old sister Kelly, that was a recurring theme. Reading burn steam bears books too and playing cabbage catch kids until she fell asleep well, dear mother in another world cast of glee played quarters and sang foreigner at the top of their never in the other world, hast lovely after Kelly, went to sleep, I watched CNN and learned about the shuttle disaster, because cable was more important than the mortgage. Then I went to the kitchen, their main party room for a sleeve of cell teens and butter to put on them. Oh my god, while thou just brought me back sleeve of cells, and you put butter on them- I never butter until teens, but I want to eat sleeves of salty own Afghanistan cell teens, with butter on them like that is in the time I could say so good who
As I was gathering my trash dinner, I overheard these road scholars, suggesting that one, a fellow teenaged party or named, will lived in a hunted farmhouse and too a rumour that bone Jovi had aids, not very pc. I realized, but this was the midwest in the eighties. Not exactly a haven of empathy are progressive, thought, I'm an l, GB to queue plus ally and can't believe how acceptable a prejudiced and bigoted outlook is now. So imagine how it was. Then this nuance will continue in the story, as I walked out of the kitchen pass the table where the preview vessel to choose waited for a ride on the powdery rail tracks, if that's true, flurried, understand cocaine. My mother said good night at the exact moment. Some kid blue we'd smoke into my face I still remember the exchange like it was yesterday because remember I thought I was hilarious. High teenaged boy giggles are you stoned me and my baby mullet do. I look
good dead, which idiot up you ve, probably picked up that even at I knew this situation was. I simply cannot even in that these people were rubbish. Yes, I took my crackers and butter to my room played go bots because we couldn't afford transformers and placid blasted the mix tape that I recorded from the radio commercials and all until I can rushed why our souls and all. For anyone wondering Thou Mix day pad. Thank you for telling us I needed in our energy one rendering that mix take Tad Madonna's dress you up DE barges, rhythm of the night and add four Pepsi free crank up the Google machine. Kids, a record Snippet of me, singing uptown girl. My all time, Jim Cruel summer by banana on the whole, all good song. I know because I still have it would have been nice to save my baseball card collection. That's now worth two grand, but instead I saved a nineteen eighty six to decay, sixty cassette tape. It's like trading apple shares for stock and blockbuster video. More nights
child services, wet dreams continued, but its whatever else on tat point walking in on naked teenagers is normal for year olds. Right by the end of February, my chip might Shovable shall be unlovable best friend ray, and I were fighting because he thought my earring was on. The quota quote gay here again: eighties, midwestern, ignorance, apparently having the left ear. Pierce made you straight, the writer gay in musical in musical notes, he wrote nineteen eighty sigh is no dude. I still remember that, because I remember getting my card lige purist everyone's, I don't get it on the wrong side drilling. Is it literally like that? It's not how they were won. The funniest thing is now that I have the left side of my card, which perhaps I should have the right. I guess so they gave me, though it it doesn't check out and increases in case. Anyone was like is not real. The theories raw debunked borders so thing is re was not to intelligent. He was mostly as confused as a partner fan factory
My god I left ear was pierced, but facing me I'd. I his right hand was parallel with my hearing on my left ear but His astute rationale was that, since his right hand would be touching the peer steer, it was also touching my right here, because right touched right or some pre printing press home schooling would maybe declare just couldn't comprehend this, and I wonder if, whatever job hired him adulthood received a tax. back of bus forage dude I fucking love, but not on. My back up best friend was Andy because Andy live two doors down from Amy and a court fancy folks called them cold to sex and Amy in her older. So
There's were basically the town Cardassians. He was the model, one that looks like an old young alley. Mcgraw Google machine Alima girl was Heaven in a ham basket. I would have given Amy my Huffy at the snap of a finger if she'd asked for what is a huffing up a major demands. It's a bike. I'd still give her my husband, basically, if any girl smiles at me, I'll co signed their Carl of any. Who brevity is lost on me fast forward to Amy's basement which smelled like harbour, Baba and water. Lip glass whoopee. I and unfortunately Andy who had already served his purpose as a gateway and could have left running a wager board. What can go wrong at work? It wasn't he eight years old, I think so. Lao disclaimer wager boards are trustworthy as a reincarnated, that hashtags YOLO we played around, and I kept asking the board of andy- should fuck off home,
I'll pushing the plant gentle. Yes, I felt like Ryan Reynolds and just friends when another dude crashed his date with Jamie Pella me now. Finally, we got serious fast forward again because this is getting longer than repulse hair during quarantine. Someone asked the board, who we are speaking too, are a ha ha andy. I'm talking to re hilarious, stop movement, moving the planchet Lieber die or something but sufi. Oh, never mind, H, that's where it stopped, because Amy's mom told us Eve because the cost of the community production of the Goonies was trying to make time with their daughter. Oh my god, I want to go to the arcade with us. This weekend I asked Amy as we are being shoot out into the blustery night Nope greatest We our romance ever instead of the arcade that weekend, my sister Kelly and I had to go with her mother to wills. The teenager, with the suppose it haunted house laundry because our water was shut off. I didn't really have to go because I was basically emancipated without
protest, but I wasn't leaving my sister and dog with a maniac Kelly and myself. and our dog, MAX climbed into the back seat of the red, show that the laundry got shark on this car had the lap belts only so rather than flying through the windshield should are drunk mother play. Chicken with a brick wall are risk, was being sliced and half final destination sail out to the woods. We drove that night, the same words that have been settled as far back as the seventeen hundred I've extensively research. Thus, because, like the goes to come, I have no life. All environmental must still stood everywhere. When we finally slowed down near wills abode, his father was never home, so is another party house I could feel dread or a sense that something was a right. We took a left onto the driveway along downhill slope of rocks that lead to. faded, White Ranch house from another era. I remember my legs growing numb the closer we got and the ensuing bubble got. I squeezed my huge rubber Andy, the laundry detergent
an action figure hole that was incapable of movement, thus incapable of being played with until my knuckles turned whiter than this freaky Ashraf I have no way of describing the natural smell of this house, but I can still taste it today for lack of appropriate words. It smuggling burnt red one in the end to overwhelmed me immediately and was so thick, I could barely breathe. We entered through the kitchen. The only way in her out, where will in some other guy would drinking vodka from the bottle because so edgy, I don't know the other guy's name so I'll call him db short for douche bag, right was a living room where the closed door leading to a game room. Everything else was to the left MAX the dog. Oh, would not budge shorts. The right I felt dizzy and took my sister to one of the bedrooms. It was walking underwater the sooner the laundry was done, the better mom state in the kitchen to party in pretension to enjoyed the musical styling of quiet riot with the teens. The bedroom was not the safe space,
I hope for since I'm not running a novel but kind of em. I won't build suspense, but rather get to the clear memories. First came an isolated heat. I would hear him. I would hear approaching footsteps from the hallway that seem to stop at the door. Yet at the same time, I heard the three voices of our mother and her friends drunk talking rooms away. These noises did not match in proximity and the footsteps had no logic behind them. Typical horror, trow bullshit. We laugh at until it actually happens MAX growled in a base that very white would soon over not long after came the crashing noise outside after looking out the window, I knew it was a huge slab of ice that fell from the roof. Not demonic.
a really fucking bad timing, but this did little for my nerves, as the footsteps retreated distinctive faint to nothing the heat dissolved. I come from a new school of thought based on the second love Thermo Dynamics that paranormal energy emits heat. The traditional cold spot theory is related to the human response to fear which matches our response to cold. That's my TED talk. It's open for debate anyway. Kelly was hungry, but I can only distract her with bonkers candy Little Debbie, star crunches and lame jokes. I remember take taken Kelly and MAX and crawling into a bed covering us with a blanket entertaining the kid while trying not to show my fear
I despise sphere. In the past, I jumped from my roof onto a bike seat without a thought, so I do not understand why and sudden to. Why had sudden fear. I think I do understand why I don't have children now after Kelly and the dog fell asleep. I had enough courage to contend with the inordinate amount of orange high sea in my bladder, unable to hold it any longer. I did my business focusing on my aim because something told me not to look at the mere I hate collation cliches, but those who have felt like they ve been watch before will understand that by I crept back to the bedroom across the hall. After five minutes of progressing Asian, because fuck opening doors and Mommy Dearest saw me in the hallway and told me to come into the living room. I have no idea. Why did as I'd stop listening to her crazy ass long ago, like you, ve lost the privileged to tell me to make my bed when Europe is always filled with dude. You found underbred. She look like Burke, survivor, sawed wow up everything but for
Whatever reason I followed her from the living room through the tiny game room door in the rear of the house. from was soaked with that burnt red wine smell and hotter than getting throw punched by sauna will indeed be were high and playing pool and blasting a scorpion album anyway, immediately db, started trying to scare me. According to him, the old Country House had served as a brothel at one point in the eighteen hundreds he'd seen a knife flowed on its own place. Plates crashed against the wall in the middle of the night, blah blah back then be Hs. Cassettes would record up to three movies and my vcr com Snowy played horror movies. With these same themes, I swear to God. I would have done the gym helper camera. Look right, then, if it was a thing, can be the only thing that spooked me at that at that point was Margaret Hamilton, riding a bicycle in a tornado and the wizard of OZ. Italy's continues and Debbie can't spook me, yet I'm definitely put off by something I was just ready to go ready for my own bed, Debbie qualifies, as
lorries by saying death is just a part of life. No asshole breathing is a part of life, but Unwell spoke with clarity for the first time in our history like refuse all rating a fleeting truce between the fumes in his brain. the old woman who ran the brothel gaming house after her husband died. He told us truly did still Rome around the old country ranch. She had been murdered in that very game room over money issue and he'd seen her all his life, he was so believable, suddenly hullo and her name was Rachel. Oh Sure, that's weird art sunk, remember. The wager are ace. H? Why now air all my mother, that Kelly was crying and wanted to go home She told me we were Snowden in spending the night. Oh my god,
he brushed a small curtain on the window aside and the mountainous hill outside was blanketed in white. I remembered dizziness like a panic attack, brings than nothing else until waking the next morning. Daylight makes things less frightening. They say spirits are more active at night due to lack tron, do do oh electronics and energy more tax. I don't pretend to understand Kelly and I and MAX woke up and found some sleds. While the quota quota adults slipped off their hangovers, I kept my eye on the one window connected to the supposed murder room at the bottom of the hill. This tiny little nothing of the window, but mostly enjoyed shredding it up and down the peak, even though the natural stopping point was that freaky room at the base of the hill in the winter. We take the wheels and trucks off our skateboards and use them as snow boards. No way I'd come back there, but I couldn't help think.
What a primo spot it was easily the best letting of my life. At one point I swore I saw shadow through the window in the curtain definitely moved who probably my mother making sure she didn't lose us, because you know child support check. We winding down, because three year olds don't have the stamina of an eight year old in an energetic dog at the bottom of the hill close to that window, because I wanted to test my limits. The three of us sat in the snow and rested, I'm pretty sure the dog was a better conversation than a three year old, little girl. But after a little while she said something that you're fucked me tat, lady as nice as she gonna pull with us. What are you talking about mom? What lady that nice lady? Who plays Dolly's with me max? What are you talking about? What
Eddie, someone from back home. No, the lady that lives here. Fuck me I looked at the small window with Naga. Is she here right now? I don't know. Probably Kelly went on to tell me that she played with someone's grandma and our room last night, and I was asleep the lady kept looking at me. She said, but she told her to let me sleep because I was tired, whelp getting late timed about like a bad check, no more playing a cool. I ran into the house or my mother and the two teenagers were passed out strewn about like litter. On a highway. not gonna, think about the window. Shadow, no Kelly playing Dolly's with those Lizzie burden. Stepmother hard pass screamed at my mother to get the shit up and let's go home because I was allowed to curse, given my circumstances, but didn't really know how
get the shit up. I packed up our joy at the third pillar, that is my packed up. Our toys in colouring books and undone laundry and drag Kelly MAX to the catch up painted Chevette glancing at the closed game. Room door gave me super speed. Dear mother had not even stirred. I knew how to start the car because she often leave us in the Chevy while bar hopping coherently. I want a leg punch this lady and I like to listen to music, like I'm, so glad that John had like another Uncle John, I'm really glad you had another Omnia. Finally, I told Kelly to cover her ears and max easier, and leaned on the horn for a solid minute. My mother Gluck gradually came to the front door and cursed at me feeling like the adults in the relationship and not about to stay at house on a hundred hill, because my birthing device had a headache. I furiously march back to the house, because I was done. She dragged me in and shouted more was some more while my sister and dog or in the car
jerked away and will grabbed me by the collar tearing the fabric. I'm gonna beat the shit out of will seriously fuck. Will this? Could this wasn't? regional macho man, Randy Savage shirt. So I kicked him as hard as I could creating a satisfying dull thought that I would relish in suing was a tsunami of chaos than the sound that lives with me for eternity rang out and stopped everything and everyone a piercing banshee like scream from the back of the house. wow from the game. Room only just got a full chill through a now open door. Everyone froze and wills eyes, told the story of a kid who had finally pest stopped, something that cohabited this house with his disrespect, still air and silence permanent permeated. The old walls. Next thing, I remember, is driving home in silence the burnt red wine stench clinging to my Jean jacket. It remained unspoken for many years as summer trickled. Then the police, led by our d
beating the neighbour, Steve, evicted, my mother, and soon thereafter my father was granted custody and the house. I guess we were fleeing and malnourished, and the house was wrecked. The old man band, my mother, from seeing us good for him and clean the sap, while rebuilding the house into a home I loved. I do. I look around me so happy in arms about it, did Howie later. I would learn that he spent his savings trying to get us out of their and even doubled the child support on his own merit, which unfortunately never saw us. I never told him about Rachel because he doesn't believe in this stuff and he probably would have turned Helen Debbie into GO says while the whole of good he pulled through, we pulled through an thrived. I even forgave my mother after she died. She was truly sorry and, I believe, mentally ill wow. This is like a good turn around automatics a law. I give him a lot for giving his mom. She did promise to visit after she died. Our paranormal believe spawning us in the final years, but I am still waiting for my goodness
I just got chills. That's my biggest fear is when my mom died. She's not haunt me like this. Is the exact time not going to make her promise to any of them members. Nothing, though I have continued to have experiences with these things. My youngest sister was born and ninety ninety three and every other photos of her talking or talking to her staring at an orb. Our Cincinnati home was built on native burial grounds and was definitely occupied, but the spirits were cool. My ninety three Euro grandma told me about an experience her best friend had in the nineteen forties. She died and watched herself on the operating table before turning away from the light. This was thirty years before out of body. Experience was even a term or publish thought so for years. I've searched for this once terrifying house, but it's the Midwest and we moved away and eighty nine and I didn't memorize landmarks, let alone the roads. I have searched local legends. I've looked for will on social media. Finally, I located a rage,
who lived and died in the same area, an timeframe that I'm pursuing she would have died or been killed at age. Seventy, five and eighteen sixty six. I would like to know the real story, and I would like to thank her if any one has ever heard of this house in Clayton Ohio. Please let me know, I think the ghost of Rachel saw suffering children who didn't know how bad they had it and lead a celestial smack down on the perks. After that scream our lives seem to become normal. I think she was good lost. Second, this realm, but a good person who pulled some posts, life strings while who this is like here that kneeling when you get like chills, but then your body kind of, like that's literally, which has happened, I dont products, I'm I'm making like a hand me yeah, I like and its own.
like a via its like a wave of immigration is a vibration. I discover that who, while I long for these days of my childhood, ironically in a small town, where nothing happens, I had one of the greatest adventures of my life. Nowadays we have everything at our disposal, yet I'm bored, maybe I peaked at eight, but the experience taught me that something beyond still exists. The spears and indeed ideation, that we can dismiss with these realizations early in life. I've been able to live freely if you're, rich and famous, they call you eccentric. If your broken, nobody you're just weird, I'm proud weirdo, because in hindsight I Johnny Castle Baby House Man, the shitstorm and had the time of my life and he wrote in legal musical notes. I know my childhood might depressed people, but to turn me into a writer and I've only carried the good parts with me. I actually loved and miss it this time. the great statesman Andrew Bernard of Dunder Mechlin, I wish there was
wait. I know you're in the good old days before you ve actually left them. Thanks for reading, I love you, girls. You have a way of making the listener feel like a friend having come Fifi. you're living room but as usual of hand off the football bat to ash stay weird, but not so weird that ok not so we had that you're off. I got eighteen minutes. Ok, that's it! We're that your birth ever good takes you to a farm house where, like some old lady affair, apparently died when she was like a brothel, but really she wasn't in Iraq. Learning was Rachel and she was the best Rachel than ever Rachel and apparently she evidently good banshee screamin. She saved you and made her whole life better and like your birth giver in everything and you and give you reconnected so great, but don't keep it so well, but you bring your could do our party would like teenagers and you smoke weedin stuff in front of them in the boat, a ghost person has to take care of them, yeah, don't keep it We all do. John, Thank you so much for sending these tales seriously. Thank you for your leg ability writing ability is a gift serious. I hope to read a book that you have
written? I know, and I I need is literally a need and I truly think every one of our listeners also needs to cause, I'm sure everybody's, like John alone, and can I just say I have so much respect for the way that he looks at his childhood yeah. That's in especially, you can like see it from if there was a law- and I can so- there is a lot of parallel sky child. There really was- and I have to say, like I love you, John I'm hardly knew how she felt you. I could see tat. She was like what my third scan novel, though the way you look at life, in the way that you look at your childhood is like really something to be admired admired and its inspiring and yeah. You keep writing. I now cause you're an amazing right now and I need you to write a book, so thank you so much for. Thus, we hope that this may, the you know was everyone gave everybody there. dream come true of another John Tail and we hope it was spooky enough that you felt like it was appropriate for October.
Had a little brain nugget just now. I almost wish that John could write us like a story of the month and illegal. I'm sorry. Nobody else can enter its just Johnny story of the month and we agreed on the part of a set of John story of the month. How great? Without being I mean, if Europe can we do that with you, John, if you're up for it, wherever it jiving ivy can great and I think a lot of people would love. I think there s a joy of the month from John of just saying. Let us now, oh, and also just as a quick little update, John updated me right before we were recording this to tell me that he spoke to his sister Kelly, whose, like this amazing leg person now who like grew com, ITALY from the childhood that they don't went slowly through your ear, and she said she thought that ghost was a dream, but she remembers that aisles love, not a lady like because
properly when John went downstairs and that's when cheaply dulls with her at last she took care of her. She said that it was when he was sleeping in the middle of the night. I guess Kelly woke up and he was like an he. She was like oh I'll play with you. Did you sleep earlier? I did that. I just ignored it. I dont want, and but I think she saw that leg. She she was in your house. She was unfamiliar with. She probably woke up scared, three years old, that's a baby! Lightning! my babies at three in Amerika who in an unfamiliar place- and she probably just- was like- let's play my god if I get the opportunity to be A ghost lady like like, hang out and take care of neglect a child. I think that's my ghost goal rights. While I thanks Rachel manage all our ass, I the most people are the most be Rachel out the feels. By remaining did.
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