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Weirdos! It's a holiday treat! This episode is the audio from out live show at AS220 in Providence, RI on 11/19. We apologize in advance for the sub par audio quality but it's a live show, so we did our best. We cover Leopold and Loeb and the mysterious death of Thelma Todd. Enjoy!Check out our sponsors!QuipQuip, makers of the quip electric toothbrush wants you to know the one single discovery that matters most for your dental care. It is simply this, that if you have good habits, you are good.And if you go to GetQuip.com/Morbid, RIGHT NOW, you’ll get your first refill FREE.The Bouqs CompanyYou know, good things come in flower packages. Celebrate life’s moments with farm-fresh Bouqs! Get 25% off your order from The Bouqs Company with code morbid at Bouqs.com/Morbid
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three. Are you coming home?
why We're going to do tonight is we're going to do two cases for. Happy birthday, by the way, we're going to do two cases I'll do my case, which is probably going to be super. Murphy split between breathing. We have seen
to be for anybody who all to us to do it. We're not going to tell you what it is yet it when we do it, but yeah. So anyway, you love it. So I think without further ado, let's get it we're going to get it. Did anybody. To the reflect, how we're doing the same. Mr Prodi is pretty well now. I really little story about him. In high school, I tried it out. I was under way and I had to respond to the person who said to me something. Injustice will be in my life, but I read it.
No, so my case tonight is one somebody might now hold him. We all know Yeah, So we have told them that we're going to start off. This is a night. We decided you like roaring twenties murders, because. Murders. Nineteen twenty four.
Sorry, you up into two quotes from the defence attorney and for the prosecution idea, so the prosecution says- and I quote this cruel and vicious murder. This gruesome crime is the most cowardly dastardly murder ever committed. Annals of american jurisprudence Attorney about this said, everyone knows that this was a most unfortunate homicide, those fortunate Is the cruelest the worst, the most atrocious ever committed in the United States. Pure imagination, without a vestige of proof, a death in any situation is horrible, but when it comes to the question of murder, it is doubly horrible. It's.
Greece of atrocity, and, as I say, instead of this being one of the worst is perhaps one of the least painful. We just like to I don't know if you can speak to that, I feel like. Maybe the victim should speak to beta. Okay, we're going to start off with is Gary Nathan, Freudenthal Leopold. Jr was born on November nineteen TH, nineteen, four to Florence and Nathan, senior Chicago Illinois yeah. He can use Jonathan Van Ness to help. the boy brothers, Michael and Samuel, his pants from jewish immigrants from Germany, and he was rather a lot about his fathers? Have a family was highly successful, afraid shipping. This.
And his mother, his mother's, a successful bankers, finance. His father, in fact was one of the wealthiest business in Chicago at the time and his family was super. Prominent super real respected. So you know doing. He was incredibly smart from a young age, pleasing shaving machine anyways. Nervous so he was super smart from a young age. Of course, being so, brilliant can be tough because it usually doesn't come with the whole social aspect of things.
Brilliant people know that right, so he had some tough time making friends, and this would also do the fact that he was brilliant, but also the fact that he knew he was brilliant and he thought this made him superior to everybody else. So he kind of acted that way. Unfortunately, you can know every single one of the first brilliant digits of pi But if you can't flip a cop or like chug, a beer funnel is also that was like was sufferable, insufferable he's also just super dick about. She was universally parents. Fifteen so, unfortunately, from Nathan, he was pretty ruthlessly bullied, which boy never believes with is universally.
Of shit, I think I can make that blanket. Save. So So basically, you started above and also because small you shine like sports and governance. The governor s name was Matilda sweetie. We.
And she basically took over as a mother of the house when Florence the mother went bedridden, they adored her, and she was apparently very outrageous for the row in twenty minutes in a second you're going to find out. She really was outrageous. That was an accurate. It wasn't just like- oh my god, she's wearing pants. However, as she was so, she was exactly what you needed out of her replacement mom for feeling part of the time, except that there was also this part where she started sleeping with his seventeen year old brother in him to. That's through the valley. I wish I was there. So yes, someone got Jim. I say that and no one gets it. I was like that's truly outrageous and I was like yeah.
Wages are received because appearing already complex stemming from his parents being wealthier. Then digits can comprehend at this point and he's a fucking governance, because his work and his parents don't want actually reason themselves. And the governess is sexually abusing him. So I mean so so small he's shy. He's a boy in the twenties who hates nineteen twenties gender normative boy things like sports. Really. What did anybody expect? Yeah? It's like poor kids, really didn't have a lot of options, who's kind of made for bullies. Don't feel bad for a long, a like! Oh fuck, you now. Normally there would be someone to turn to to give a kid encouragement. They could go to someone and be like I, but his brother's really in the ship.
One account and then his dad was off being a successful businessman. His mom had apparently become edred and with some like weird illness, when he was she's pregnant with him, so he was just kind of on his own, so he was alone a lot. We give to remember that one of his classmates was quoted as saying Nathan was very egocentric practically all the time I was with him in ordinary social conversation. He attempted by any sort of rule possible to monopolize the conversation. It didn't make any difference. What was being said or what was being talked about. He always attempted to get the conversation revolving around him, so he could do most of the talking. He thought his mental It was a any ordinary person did so. Harry took like a very intense interest in or nest ology, which also, is anyone burns.
So that's, it does being any kind of way. Person, I feel like you should just like you, don't want to transition from being just a person to like that person. I don't know I don't know just in diverse, maybe Sorry, I think this is my husband's a speak for factories like shivering the summer before enjoying the University of Chicago. However, he met a hot older guy by the name of Richard below hot is, like I mean.
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Who was a lawyer vice president seers robots in company with lightning. In the sense that he was a young prodigy too? He was like super smart like way too smart for his age. He also had a governance as well. His governance did not sexually abuse him. Point to her she just read his stories and made him study was at wasn't all around the mom to him. She didn't do anything wrong, but there is something that can make a little relatable. He was super into true crime. Alright, alright, I don't want to make Are you. To mandatory yeah. I actually don't
stories uneasy savage. He's also the opposite of landfalls, because he was outgoing. He was popular somehow he got both sides of the equation because he was like super popular super cool and also super brilliant. No he's. No yes,. It who always likes to Digital and in the closet over there. You know. I know The treasure of his class- you see me, we can all around here. Individual, unfortunately, is also a sheltered because this governess,
Was really obsessed with getting him to just study said she get good grades. He's was amazing person, so she kind of kept him in. He didn't really get a normal childhood. He couldn't talk to this about this. Was his parents because lightly, as they weren't really concerned, with actually raising him? That's why they got a governess they were like. Can you do that? He was only fourteen years old when he started classes at the University of Chicago. Excuse me, that's like I barely did freshman year when I was like supposed to and it was in. Ninety worry prohibition he's I do great at the University of Chicago. Even your awful man is in degree because it was just such a too young to be in college.
His kind of forced them to achieve it. She ended up leaving the family and at one thousand nine hundred and twenty, when he was fifteen because his parents were like. Oh he's, all done, Now, We work, He said that this really affected him, because she was a real, tough lady, but he relied on her for a walk, because she was basically like a surrogate mother, so he said quote when she left I sort of broke his. And that is like the fucking understatement of the. I know what the take is a little. It's like dude, just wait, I'm really nervous: what did you do? He did not so much so much. He looks like he heard something
in that case, holding sway. Leaving Leopold somewhere before Nathan answers University of Chicago at fifteen years old. He was kind of in a bad state, we use It's like he was six months younger than Nathan when he acted like he was like his older cool guy because he already did to college and he was like. Oh, I know the ropes I'll teach you. When they entered told in October. Love was not really and a shit about really just one. How do you do?
You know that. He was slowly slipping into rebellion now, and it was basically because the government's piece isn't it funny that once the hired man. He's gone his parents unaffected that he literally like lost No one like help me. I got my nanny left and I decided a person as good as it working Lepale, however buckled down and wanted to graduate as quickly as possible, because he really didn't like school because he got bullied so he's like. Let's get some out of here with my degree, so he got tons of good grades. He spent a lot of his time studying Leopold. Eventually, the other one was the uniform lease.
Our heels in love with employment, I will he has like a little bit of cheap bones going on now, like they're in there small? something Together, they started doing shooting things. They started cheating at card games with their friends just for the thrill of cheating, their friends head of fucking money, just friends, things next low started drinking a ton and you would make Leopold's ride him to a street near campus, where he would run out of the car. With a brick and smash all the parked cars windows, what leave old just like hung out in a car like
what love realized that his Keith his mother's car, which was a Milbourne electric car which fit all the cars in the same, make. Started stealing cars like that, because he stole her key and made a copy of it, so just steal cars and then just like we that was like pretty thrifty for him out of time. Well, the fucking rich, I was just like dude, you got a rich, just go, spend your money. Like, why are you doing the shit? That's what I would do about rich are funny and he was obviously going through sucking and the three. Being an absolute ship and use. It's just like along for the ride, but then later there's a moment where you're like, oh
The levels because. John So he started upping the ante with his criminal acts like each time I needed this was all ago thrill, this entire crime, that they ended up committing just for the thrill. There was no other reason for it. That's so fucked up there. This is Ford. So started upping the ante fires fires smashing windows of store, France? He was saying that these little ass, sexually thrilling to him and good. So, whenever somebody's like, oh when I like just Set fire things I like,
here here- so yeah, so it's going to end up real bad and right by side. This whole time with Leopold just feel like a little hacky feel like anything, It's you. Building in building and we must do more and more willing to literally anything. The second was being more and more ass it in his own. Our citizens is constantly for thrills was free for doing so. Much then an aging twenty one love decided. He wanted to transfer to the University of Michigan. They are our man. It was obviously.
Last his vocation transfer To the University of Michigan for no fucking reason, except to follow line. We impose mother, the Euro, finally passed away from that mystery loves that she was fevered and from so apparently it was real mom. There are people as Florence. He was devastated Chicago over the whole thing, oil and when he got back to school at the University of Michigan Loaves, like here in front of you.
Like out of nowhere, you know I'm over it, oh god yeah and he was like. You know why. I'm pledging data beta to fraternity come on and what happened was fine association told him. You can't be friends with Leopold because he's a effective gay and that's just not something we're cool with was fuck, you love also, little side note, I hope somebody understands this database. How keeps making me think of bring to light. Omega other people,
Only answered his is illegally and I really do think scream hi Vicky, Timothy Lake. No so now simply anytime. But instead he just transfers back to the University of Chicago. I know that's really it and that has been followed. Nineteen. Twenty two, I mean that's a lot, that's a lot! I don't know what the next slide. I went ahead Together, So
I was just unibrow like star right. No, I didn't take away the uh. I was like girl. So yeah So was crazy is when she got, but he was so are you. And he was super psyched- about birds again like in published two papers inside a scientific journal about birds? What I know like I, have a science have fucking published paper. I got it. Graduated with honors from in March, twenty three use planning
School at the University of Chicago LAW, school. Are now losing you know, mold graduated without honors, all of. From the University of Michigan in June, one thousand nine hundred and twenty three and having earned whatever grades and an undergrad, he decided to pursue graduate constitutional history at University of Chicago. Risky Fisher, Super September, nineteen, twenty three friends again, because we feel to be friends: Charm report's Panza, literally.
Is this. of course, low pretended. It still pretended outwardly to be a ladies man like he tried to be like Sebast ship from contention. Another is ongoing, jeez answer. As a person has re committing relatively small rise again
to discuss how easy it would be for two brilliant wealthy stock heads like themselves: the perfect crime. What is the perfect time to lobe? it was she having a child, said child and then getting the ransom, but not meeting the ransom. Because your shoe witches. As for the two of them, With revolvers in their pockets and they broke into loaves of fraternity,. The omega beta readership and they were planning to rob them, were like. Let's, just though they still seventy dollars. I you sure They sell odds and ends
they also stole a portable typewriter, which Leopold like almost like blue. Over everything I read about is like this to prove super awesome type. Awesome. It. But again it was just the thrill of getting away with being shit. So Leopold was kind of pissed, though, because he was starting to feel like he was just being the lackey to Lobe, which he was like, and he was like. You know what we're not sleeping together and that's for me to be doing this trip. It's good, for I mean what am I guys in there?
if you're, describing on all these fucking instructions set options. Globe was actually super annoyed by Leopold like Super extensively. Just admiration of amatory go on, but he knew he was in too deep, with his friendship and like obviously, we uphold new way too much shit now that he has done so. He was like. Okay, although you keep committing crimes with me that will only escalate each And will probably lead to a horrific murder that will forever be known and we will be hated for it forever. We have sleep together three times every two months. So schedule it like Tuesday, I'm free all you on that seems like a piss for offer to me like negotiate. This is why
How was I, the original version. I have two stupid funding for these cream or less I'm getting very, I don't know what's coming for me, so they immediately start planning the perfect crime, because load was like fired up like. Let's do this.
So they thought they would kidnap a child like they have talked about demand the random through some link, but they wanted to do some like intricate method of getting the ransom. They didn't just want to be like hey, give us ten thousand dollars and we'll give you a kid back. They were like no we're going to put it on a train, we're going to send that train here, so we're going to have to throw it out the window. So one of us is going to pick it up we're going to put it in an app it's going to go to a drugstore, It is just to stop. That is kind of the thing he just likes planning. He was a food planning, not in love it. He just loved it loved. Are you big time So after demanding ransom from the parents through some crazy ass method, of course, kill the child because they were looking to get away with this shit. And you can't keep someone alive that could possibly identify you for the useless.
That you are so up until this point, it looks like Leopold is sad lackey like you're saying like. Maybe we should just kind of like time, and maybe he said, because the governance was weird and outrageous and like and that unibrow I'm here to Room, so it's going to say start talking about this Leopold is like, so I have this little fantasy that maybe could be part of this one fantasy step back, because And all the groups. This is group of group of german soldiers, something of French. This came to see you,
sometimes in his fantasy. He a soldier who participated in this for some he was like. I just stood there watched. Fantasy you're, all so fucking uses lacking in your wildest dreams. So you say this: can we can never? So I can assault her job. Now staring at a school in silence, away, terminates ten minutes. You can't do that, that's not lying like french disease, where we jump. French. So, let's just now boy where young people-
throughout the winter meticulously plan. The scenario out during the winter quarters details of the kidnapping plan vigour. They figured. They would somehow get a random boy into their car, probably using Leopold's charm and charisma, The harshest somehow was unconsciously when he's a human targets which they found out. So so far, this plan is shift because it's like we're going to get into the car somehow. Somehow we dislike living so houses once they they would when we are freedom.
Permanent spot near the border of two states and they would hide the body in this random drainage ditch. So they figured the drainage pipe would create environments that we quickly decompose the body because the constant flowing water in the hot summer heat not wrong, but they stopped at so didn't kiss. Okay now little bit, showings diabolical side, because when they're discussing this and they like what how're we going to kill the kid, that's important, The main focus was that they both needed to be killing him. One of them was not going to be more comparable than the other, so they were like we're both going to kill them. At the same time, Strangle stream by hanging on a rope together. Would you I have no work.
You have said. So they decide. Ten thousand dollars was a good random amount because they didn't give a shit either way. Since the money was not the point in time grandsire. The point was just pure thrilled, but how they were going to get the random while still maintaining their and an amenity commitment come Anonymity, Things are still there This was Tom. So the Michigan Central TRAIN from Chicago to Boston, sports supported depart central station at twelve TH street in Michigan Avenue each day in the train left central station at three o'clock every day. Eighteen minutes later it stopped at sixty third street station, you're, probably like what the fuck
I figured you were. They! This point in him, To the pharmacy on sixty TH street next to the train station, and then they told you we're going to tell him to wait for a call when they called again. It would be to tell him to get on the train that would be coming from central station. He would be told to walk to the Cabos and look in the telegraph box where they would have the weather are of Tumors. Say way,
I was going to say: hey Roy Ransom from the train five seconds after it passes the Red Brick water tower that belonged to the champion manufacturing company. This random thing had to be in a cigar box by the way that was specific, so this president had to go, buy the Box Cigar Box, Put the rent in it, throw it from the train five seconds after it passes this like fun and brick. Building. That's too much calculation. The boxwood hit somewhere in between places around 74th street, and they would just be close to it. They were just grab it and run.
It's real done to me. This was we just gonna run out to be fine and then drop that they're trying to be anonymous here. They're like well just run out the mill. The street rather just five front. Alien, no worries. Now they rehearsed this. They went through it together, like they got on the train. They threw it out of the thing they were like real serious but the a lot of fucking worse, and they decided they needed a rental car because told drove something like fancy douse rocket cars. Suspicious car they adopted, alter egos.
The Squire Leopold lines which runs he asked for a pint of hydrochloric asked many casualties, and let me have a half time to ether, also because I'm feeling crazy today and then I was like hey. Why do you need that happen? I was just looking on sale and Leopold just like an experiment I like. No you're, probably you and so everything's Well
Lowering the hardware store, cottage growing avenue and he brought a robe and his sharp chisel casual Moreover, the chisel when I first want to commit the crime. The way they also compose also compose the ransom. No fucking time. Caesar- so once they may twenty one st they were like we're going to do. It is happening so the full plan was they were going to pick up a little bit eleven,
Go back to Leopold's house to get the sharp and a chisel the tape cloth to gag the kid, the ether, the aid of flashlight and boots. Because It's money, these fuckers are not getting money, that's for sure, they're like we need to and they were going to get the car from the rental place using the face name, Morton sellers. I don't believe one of that was for. Though they bring, we ostentatious briskly car back to his house driver answers. Restaurant Kramer's wash your then even dragged Johnson, far away through the kids to circling at a school. Aren't schooling.
And this is when they would choose a boy walking all alone in the Harvard School was like a private elite school, so they knew any of these boys were going to have rich as parents, so they were like we'll scrub any of them. Anyone kill. They wouldn't even kill the boys together. Of course, it was getting more of this than the other they're going to use the rope they're both going to pull it together. Both revolvers on their person in case shit, whenever I would was likely going too And they were like, I said they were willing to get Bradley any old kid that was walking through Harvard, but they did have their life top fantasy list of tunes that they checked out. So their dream there will be, Kids as they were watching them come out because they both had to agree on a kid. Of course One of these boys was named Armon Dude, Dutch, I want to say I was going to say.
He was years old. He wants an art school and use the grants. These rose rosenwald She was the president of Sears Roebuck company. Now remember. One of their fathers was the vice president of Sears. Roebuck company sounds like whoa. So these guys are thinking this is brilliant to go for kids that are connected. They let you know what we're going to go to kids that are like close to us, because it'll be easier in the car. And the next why they were thinking of getting worse with joy. Johnny's father was solid use, one of the wealthiest attorneys in Chicago the boy was nine years old.
We don T An older Johnny lies in the sea in class. Please you choosing kids. Why love is like yeah, I don't know if I want to have this to like all of a sudden, like you know what the connections might be a bad thing, Then he saw that joint come out of school jail oversight. So you just walked anyone Johnny, loves and he's like Johnny you're in my brother's class. Talking to you was like after school kid and the kid was like I'm going to play dates all on forty nine street. I guess.
Look I'll see you later and he was like this is perfect. We're going to go we're going to watch this kid play. Baseball was like what's. What's this. We're going to watch him play baseball that we're getting kidnapped, Johnny we're going to kill a bass and then the whole plan is going to go great. So this was the plan now Johnny Levinson, he's Leopold's went home to get his glasses because, of course, why. I know this is important. And he was like all right I'll go to the drugstore. He looked up Johnny's address in the telephone book, and this way they said they could follow him home and snatch him on his way home. Like monsters, As foster drug stores back then by the way were like they had like an ice cream counter and like candy shit like it wasn't like Friday today and you get like Roper floats and shit, and then they just had like telephone
The telephone books like it was weird because when I first read that on you went to the drugstore to look up the edge, I was like what no they didn't have Google. What are you gonna go? Do When they got back to the baseball were like: let's do this, but the game was over. Stu It's like you're, so smart, it's so stupid baseball, get less like a good amount to that's. Why? I need you to get your fucking. I say Julia Hole that has like an array of tortoise shove, love and like which one time one is gonna work today, so they. So the game was over. Johnny was gone. Opportunity in Johnny lives. So, hey Johnny! Can you imagine Johnny after this to be like holy shit at one like killed the other that other team in baseball?
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So at one point. They went back to Leopold's house and just watched kids play on the corner. And it turned out that, because they were like swap these trucking cases, they will wait for one of them to wander out by themselves and then we'll just snatch like the fucking booking bummer for them, because they were all hanging out with each other. None of them. Because they were all smart kids who were like buddy. So at this point it's like four thirty pm they've been out of her flowers, so leave falsely Zeus tomorrow I love is always just one more. Ok,
There's a life drove and Lob sat behind him in the back seat, a little past five Lobe saw someone a boy about fourteen years old, walking alone. He was walking around Ellis Avenue and according to the book that I was looking at a lot of this information for called for the Serena. I signed the ass. This fear. This vote. Where are you asking me for a few hours time any brown she's black and white. So please the Leopold says. And we have also heard is like that's your fucking Hudson.
You got it, that's not verano, but like fucking fucking cause, it was his cousin I see he's here, Rooms, His name was Bobby Franks. He was fourteen years old. He was moved, fucking cousin actually played tennis with him. The day before yeah Inside and low cost lives pushed open the passengers.
DORA, says hello, Bob I'll give you a ride. A job he's: okay, Robert and Bobby Raul. Boggy was like no thanks. Folks walk! Am I good for you? Mom. And then he was like no come on in the car. I want to talk to you about the tennis track that you had yesterday. I want to get one from my brother and this kid loved tennis, so he was like shit. Okay, we'll talk about tennis racket. Am I gonna cry on stage? Maybe some So far you re he's forty LISA. That's good Farming is illegal trade. What about the programme what about me
and he was like he don't mind us taking you around the block, do you and Bobby said quote? Certainly no, he wants to go for a drive or an older car sure. Then the two talked about tennis and when Bobby turned back around to look forward no load grabbed the shivel, the fucking chisel grabbed Bobby with his left arm covering his mouth and then he. The left side of the chisel down on his skull. Then he did it again harder, but Bobby was still conscious because remember you don't just knock people unconscious if now
so Bobby turned around to face Lopes. Looked him in the Spock Eye. His little kind of is like what the hell are you doing that are you. Why are you beating me in the head and he turned around? He looked at him and that's when Lobe smashed, two more hard blows onto his forehead, the fourth one created a legitimate full hole in his fore. He smashed through gross. I know blood went everywhere because head wounds are crazy to me. So when all over both of them the current the on ways of Egypt, nothing. This is still. The boy was conscious. Please please, please why
So we see so well just see patients rights and he took the clock they brought in his throat. So nice. We both of them like lovingly yanking, on a rope together. Now, bobbies on the floor in the back seat and the entire car is covered in blood, so they drove to that predetermined place about twenty minutes away and Gary. It was only a bit past, six p m and it wasn't dark out and they were like. We need nightfall dispose of this body.
And then they were like I'm hungry. Are you hungry? I have. It was like huge yeah, so you know so LEO. Poles grabbed some hot dogs, the two root bears and they just sat in the car and had some hot dogs on some Rober fucking things to you. Yeah. A fucking heart story. After you just like I don't know, murder or not so once it got dark, they rolled Bobby on the blanket that they brought and carried him into the ditch they removed his clothing. That leave holds towards the. Hydrophilic acid on Bobby's face. Oh, this was intended to burn the skin and render him unidentifiable. Then this makes me question his supposed intelligence. This is weird, so LEO told poured the rest of the acid.
Neither since he did this, because someone told him once you can be identified by the guardianship of your job. They don't show up to a dead body like, oh, my God, the baseline, no teeth. This must be true Cuban the show the body into the ditch and threw into the drainage pipe cuz. You like. No one will find it here. Another toiler alert I'm just keeping us friends. This is intense case. I don't want to shock anybody to month, I'm
so, as they walked back to the car Leopold, Saudi heard something fall to the pavement things like buddies, flash the flashlight even see anything. There the town they wanted, the drugstore purchased a postage stamp and they sent the random letter to his father. Now, when I read this, a key went straight to the pharmacy, both like completely. What do you want in there and was this? The same pharmacist was like: what's she doing with that, and he was like it's experiment. He was okay. He made him really still there experiment. There are so that's kind of weird. So they sent the letter and they went back to loads house. They burned all the Bobby's clothing, because they're trying to be smart about this, then they're
went back to the drug store and they called Jacob or Bobby Sather Jacob, and they wanted to. Let him know that the ransom letter was going to be on the way to mushroom which they were going to call if they like just stay by your panel. This is. We're going to die, leave all spoke with Laura because jail was out and he said quote. This is Mister Johnson. Your boy has been kidnapped, we have you need, not worry, is safe. Don't try to trace this call. We must have money, we will You know tomorrow what we want, We are we Europeans,
What we want or try to report it to the please we will kill your boy, then they hung up on her and Leopold drove load home now on the way home. Lobe realized, like Fiddling around in this pocket- and you realize what motion I have to choose is still in my pocket- that's covered in blood, so you just. Again super smart, topped it out the window, and at that moment, when he talked it out the window at. Wash It up we're. All there are no longer remember. Report later has divided in some ways. Leopold had a chauffeur because, of course he. England, and he
has to be later that he saw the boy scrubbing. The interior of the rental car the next morning and Leopold was weird and shifty about it and claim he just still lying in the car, lots and lots of wine Very what happened now I was an so they set up that whole train business where load left for any note and the Telegraph Box and the transfer booze all that shit, so Levo called Joe Jacob Frank, the boy's father, He said quote: this is George Johnson speaking. There will be yellow cab at your door in ten minutes, get into it and proceed immediately to the drug store at one thousand. Four hundred and sixty five EAST 36th street Jacob Frank's asked. Could I have a little more time and they said.
No, sir, you have any more time. You must go now: So yes, or no, also added to the train station, and they think they have. This shit like wrapped up Philly. They just notice like the Chicago Daily Journal, is out, and it's saying on the front page, that police have found a young boys new body in a ditch the body of Bobby Frank. Heaven found less than twenty four hours after these fuckers. He was unidentified at this moment, but that was going to change soon. This was obviously not turned on him. He was not supposed to be found literally. So they banned in the ransom plan now because they were like well now, he's dead he's going to be identified whatever so, whatever we don't need to rent it anymore. We're just going to go with this.
Everyone in their respective homes was also talking about the murders. This is huge news so, like both their parents are like. Can you believe that boy at Vertere and they're, like sitting there just like getting off on this whole thing, because everybody. Serbia is wild while threatening. And so lot even talked to a reporter the next day and said quote. If I was going to murder any bot buddy, he was just the co Coffee little son of a bitch. Like you, a lot of work to do. I didn't murder them before, if I did it doing
that copy little set of a bitch that I did. Oh, my god, you can't feel like a sweet little boys who could have done that? No, he just like yeah. I would have done that too. So also. This is like the discovering the dish, unfortunately, so Then it was revealed that the body was Bobby Franks and the hydrochloric acid had just discolored his face. It had not burnt his skin and the thing that lobes are Leopold. He drops. If you couldn't find anything with those glasses that was just his distinctive toward a show glad I knew it Thursday May 29th. One thousand nine hundred and twenty four Leopold was about to take a group of schoolchildren,
look at fucking birds. I told it was weird just to look at them about it. He could not and weird is like birds. It now case you just you're so hard for school children and then take them to see birds. So that's weird, I don't know I don't know, that's weird. It just keeps coming around. That's all police showed up at his home and said they wanted to take them to the state's attorney's office, and then they asked him. He let old do you have glasses and he was like sure do and they were like. Did you lose those classes? And he was like no they were like. Where are they? He was like, oh or somewhere, but because they were like Laci well rounded off. We could not necessarily because we have something to tell you- So. Both he and Logan for questioning separately.
The glasses matching handwriting samples from the envelopes in one of Lepal made confirming that he owned that stolen typewriter, that the notes that the notes were typed on the case was started just close in on that pretty easily and then spin England. The show firm he came in and was like yeah the boys were driving a second unknown car on the day of the murders, because Leopold Car was in this garage all day and Leopold had told the police. I was driving my du Tropic Carlton and he was like around quote He was not a garage all day because that Fucker came up to him was like six nice breaks and then just dropped it off. So he remembered that he was like he was a dick. Raise I'm just as you so he smashed to pieces variously. For an hour, HANS also testified TAT. He was probably
so on May thirty, one ST ten days after the murder lobe, which is shocking, was the first one to break down and confess, and then Leah polls followed each one of them put the shit on the other one so like it, they were just like. No, he didn't. So we have admitted that they did it purely for the fill it. He said to a reporter quote. A thirst for knowledge is highly commendable, no matter what extreme pain or injury. When two cars, a six year old toy, is justified in pulling the which lie in fighting, so he learns without wings. The flies helpless does not the same thing as military security should not be going wings
So off of things, there isn't his chain that I'll wear fifteen like so I the state attorney Robert Crow. The other guy. Adorable. He was up against the defense attorney, which was scary man, Clarence Darrow, which is a famous loyal. He looks like a character, a car Yeah yeah.
I mean that skin I see it. I like a little like hair, just I'm and the the door, situation. They saw July twenty four twenty four. Trial and it wasn't a matter proving their innocence, because. But they wanted to see if their age, which at the time they were eighteen and nineteen years old, are you me yeah? They were super young wow. They wanted prove that their age, their confessions, the fact that they said they keep guilty and the possibility of getting them denied insane could help. They were not in. Will you ask white the president of the American Psychiatric Association.
If either there they were completely neglected as children, and they said that view strongly. Governess probably has turned into a pattern president: the american logical Sicilian, William Crown Harold singer, were authors of insanity, law and Archibald Church, professor vessel disease and medical jurisprudence. Western university all said you know one of the invitation for vessels they all know.
The gods and goddesses of this subject in their societies, ten nineteen, twenty four- the sentencing- was broadcast across the city. There each is working from the gallows cause. They decided not to do. Think about it every day they each got ninety nine years for the kidnapping and then life in prison for the murder. The judge said quote: the court believes that it is within his province to decline to impose the sentence of death on persons who are not full age. This determination appears to be in accordance with the progress of criminal law all over the world and with dictates, Enlightened humanity, one very sex insiders,
prison James De James Day, a prisoner serving citizens for green larceny love in the shower room and despite trying to fix. Died at thirty years old Leopold serves thirty three years in prison and then got paroled in. Yeah he got it social work at the university he wrote about. Gilbert. Nineteen, since you hundred and sixty one, he some way.
What happened in August? Twenty nine nineteen, seventy one- he died at the right young age of sixty six of a heart attack in court where's your heart and and something to us in Prison love referred to as parents as sea and policy. Hey love were called sticky and babe trial, and now you have to know Didn't want to be alone, Their range.
You gotta get It's true. Sorry, we evolve. Z. Now she offers. Sure. Oh all, right guys, so I'm gonna talk to you. This girl, some Todd I have to because I always tried to pull in the same way.
It's really fucking hard. I was dedicated you're very dedicated in the whatever okay, found dead in her car on the morning of December 16th, one thousand nine hundred and thirty five. She was twenty nine years old, so she died. Figure out how to comfortably hold this, I feel like I'm reading you on. Can you start snapping next to me? What better thing to talk about this live show then possibly Reactors so we're going to go back to the beginning and I'll pay you this really beautiful, but like gruesome picture of what happened so Selma is more. In July, twenty nine to nineteen o six. And where is that,
yes, I was involved in the politics as superintendent of the streets. We're suddenly has a chargeable. What went on the streets was probably because it was nineteen o six working. Selma did really go to school and after high school she went to college. To pursue her dream of becoming a teacher fell with mom really wanted her to compete. A beauty pageant. She was like you're fucking gorgeous you doin dealing. Always sure, whatever
actually, loans, Massachusetts, nineteen, twenty five. Shooting, she hardly I'll homeless, scouts short films which, like silent goals at the time of the latter. Just start talking on her phone: if you go to the next slide, this is her and as we sit, they were like hair together. That's actually a picture, In a it's, not a good idea, so how approach was the producer director that had the idea of setting them up together because he thought it was
How many do it was his back? He also worked with easier familiar. As they relate to Admin Elma did films together, like show business. The pajama party, which I feel like that for sure like that salty road, that's very rough, and they also pleaded asleep. See we're sorry Did you just three years as we want more money issues? I am also a great silent actress. And how Roach was like yeah. I don't want to give you more money so that he left and is replaced by next slide. Please Pascal!
It was also sounds like beauty of us reach outside and ninety five. Although she started eventually, they started calling her a dna scream bond in hot time, to use its course here, which was directed by Roland West. What. So so he was like a lack of
These are below. And by hanging on the low I mean he was married and they were having a fair, not very much all below. Their affair was really off and on again so when Thelma Matpat, I think it's despicable and I want to say that cuz Nature. A question mark because it doesn't sound like love me, she was free to do what she wanted, because she wasn't tied down to this man. He may I. Needs to set our sights get married in nineteen thirty two and they have a stream of funding nightmare. A marriage.
But he's a fucking apple, he already is like she's already not having fun Selma. Unfortunately, at this point was basically addicted to diet pill, because previously, when she had started acting, they put a clause into her contract called the potato clause. Where she could have came more than five pounder she'd get fired. I thought that was just like everywhere I go. I need a potato. Where we going some form of between friends. All I can say. She was
thought? Oh shit, she rose and also they drank a time which is not a good combination, never never combination, nine times their fights and it really badly. She knows pool, but she had to have an emergency opened up. Yes, thank you for obvious reasons. The marriage didn't last long and they got the work out for like two years, quick fun fact. He was also married to my girl, Gloria Vanderbilt, oh shit, any of them is really really awful to her too. If you watch a documentary shacks all dog she's, like hey, beat me all the time. Oh, it's not nice.
It doesnt work ever since she was designed to obey her face, which was called. The talk was re along because for once in the Pacific coast, highway and others like fellow actors and actresses, let anybody with anybody
rivalries upstairs random worthy. Just hang out here with an answer to my fuck you I will be very well, then let us hear thereby gambling going on, but that was legal. So, let's not love being counter. She may change for people together and Jesus was apparently really popular about time. You could get a virtue very twenties and time pictures of reference to the railways.
The October of nineteen thirty five Valley times reported that the copy was doing so well and was also ready to spend about ten thousand dollars on improvements which, in today's money would have been a hundred. Forty thousand. Talking about two thousand dollars to imagine so we're going about this. Is that when that happens, we're not only railways but his wife as well. Print his, why was Jewel Carmen. He was a good show, is the rules because they all also led her. I found multiple. They lived together in an American about this ceiling. That house thing up there. One of them was up there and then one of them lived.
Srebrenica street on those issues that's your man such university, that was not at all So there is ways she has over to the cocoanut group, which I want to go there. She raises a lucky Luciano now, yes, I remember when I was on my way to go
yeah So He was a guy who is involved in all kinds of business, in the official head of the genies crime family and literally considered to be the father of modern organized crime in the US. Maybe you do assumption right now.
Who is it. I said you so easily forget. I tell you this story, because it's not beautiful. Nick you so good, looking what's going on so people talk about. So she has arrived
No. Fucking, rouse her and or as a bottle. Very on death row. Silver, no huge, ass master, longer nations too much stronger. Suggested Yeah, that's a whole good luck for for you, yeah, which, as you can see, is kind of felt this thing at this point: it's not killing.
He was pretty much you saw in this because, although this young gorgeous ridiculously successful starlight your house right now, she was hot. You're successful also keys really wanted to use the earth floor of her cafe as they suddenly legal casino run down as being perceived. Try and coworker to doing that. Well, let's get you back on track now that you're familiar with the shady characters, install with life the summer fourteen ninety very by those getting ready to go to a party being thrown for steel veto by his daughter. I was also an actress and issues like sixty. She got drowned, you gotta servitude
mom silver evening gown with inexpensive me and was gorgeous jewels you jack. Me I was about to get into the limo where her mom and her driver me Peters, were waiting for her Roland yelled after her. He remember the married guy that she's like on and off again with, because he's like her neighbor. How about you, you won't you will hardly decision runs into Nosey, does is to set out And a signal to the citizens Why are you here and he was so they get into the sooner
Also, currently, here asked now invite you to this party, but you see him sit down, he did invited because he knew exactly all those other true dear. At that time. Was I We saw earlier. Why. Later during the party she table- and he was really.
Chinese, yes, My mind Did you. She's hanging out with him for like a half hour. Or she asked him to call to tell him that she, because you should be able to say she gets into the car Herschel Versa, that she was unusually quiet on the way home, only she's, very Johnny
you John Gerasa three, forty five. I am so close to the hearts of the stairs where she decline in nice nice day. For me, they went ahead. Was the dead body at nine thirty percent over as well. She's gonna die
So I ve the drivers. I was wild and when she found it, which is a kind of weird so the doors to the garage where felt was horrified to eventually ruins wife's crush wishes, which is where the door to the ground was closed. But it was unlocked. So after realizing team not just to sleep, she rushed down to the copy and get rolling so dead. I don't know. California, totally. Yeah me, I've been dead for twelve hours before she was discovered, but a couple: when is this possible? Sunday afternoon, which is creating because the quarters. Market so that she got
the answer was okay, if you show up to a party that was out on that day was marked his party wearing a closed the to warn the night before, which was very on my fellow like she actress clothes, she fancied she photographs. Why would you be forgotten twice to some other file and others like you? Just wait till I walk in your fault, but really work. She said you all dead because she was bringing a surprise. Yes, Martha believe that she has spoken with Elma and not an imposter when she told the authorities this and then Joel Carmen rolling, said that she saw driving Sunday morning with a handsome stranger in the passenger, see we're just convenient. She killed her because it's interesting, though she saw elsewhere.
So TAT was officially road accidents. Many people disagree the police and ass. She was either warming up your car to get warm poorer like going somewhere or sleeping Erica's lottery house. It was to him- and she said you re flags. First of all, when almost now was informed of her eyes ass, she screamed at the top of her lungs. Is there not a scream because.
Just out of holiday, everybody solemn lovingly. She also because he wants, and apparently lefties previous only saw them out to dinner, and he heard the casino therefore, using over my dead And apparently you said that could be arranged and also was on a flight out of California at seven hundred and forty five, a dot m. So while she been involved with him, she thought of something that she shouldn't have also and that's why you decided to kill her and he would
Also rule it was because he was the one one yelled at this very back into two larger are the house, which letter is three? He was super jealousy and all without him into his mouth and after they have found a bullet. Tightening feminist has appeared before him because he was under the Meda Furtherances Insoluble ruined. Do we actually want to do that when the real details, baby. Now,
so, I'm sending this by telling you some of the weird shit surrounding the body in the crime scene, and you can do with that. What you will take care of joy and those hadn't been served so she had to have got somewhere in between the party and the car like nobody knows where she would have gone unless maybe show it to the cart. I'm not going to explain it, but it's a little weird number two is that, according to the medical examiner in the corner, Salma's only bodily injury was a split lip and a chip tooth, which was presumably from my caner face on the steering wheels when she passed out. But some people say that they've got roving along her neck and that some people say she had a broken nose. And if you look, I am living here to the portal system, but her autopsy.
It can be done, then. Somebody said it wasn't enough time to say These are really knows you pass. Hardly break your nose again after an investigation, a grand jury prose Scott, there was no evidence of murder and bureau decided to close the case, the visually listed as an accidental death with suicide. But all of fellas, friends and family were like there's no way she would have killed herself like it doesn't make any sense. She was in like a prime of her career, so nobody knows what happened for sure. A twenty nine year old Hollywood Starlette
Ok, I am mortal, but if I do I can this is my best. This is a and I am doing three fifty two people: anyway, so it was so. You guys want me how he shot in the back.
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