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Morbid Network presents: A chat with Rachael O'Brien from Seven Deadly Sinners (Special Episode Sneak Peek!)

2021-01-15 | 🔗
Hey weirdos! We want to allow you to get to know our little family here on Morbid Network, so we decided to start a special interview series where we chat with the hosts of these handpicked shows and let you get to know why we love their guts! With these special episodes, you also get a sneak preview of their latest episode to really wet your whistle to dive into a new pod. Yes, that was a disgusting sentence but that's who we are.  Today, we chat with the hilarious and delightful Rachael O'Brien of Seven Deadly Sinners. Get to know this wonderful creature and then take a listen as she guides you through some of the most horrific examples of deception, committed under the guise of faith.  LINK TO FULL EPISODE: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/seven-deadly-sinners/id1515042150 Follow Rachael! Instagram: Rachelnobrien  Twitter: Rachelnobrien
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My cats, having a really the only club I wanna be cars same will. Rachel o Brien is in case you don't know what you should know it. If you don't know now, you know Rachel O is the host of these seven deadly sinners podcast. It is fun Well. Maybe I reject the idea that in the best way, thank you. It's in if, if your listening right now you're definitely a morbid listener and you will it. This is right up your alley. It's so right up like weirdos will all over the Seattle one hundred percent. Just again, you guys, a little taste. We wanted you to meet Rachel. We wanted you to come here. What the podcast is about you, so you get to feel and we're gonna give you a few episodes that you can jump to to get your feet wet. So high, Rachel thank you so much for chatting with us. Thank you for having me Talking about the insane people I like to talk about my biogas and you have to Lily covered some insane, isn't even the word yes
of the strangest cases. I've ever heard of we're on a seven deadly said earlier. I think it's like the biggest group of Narcissus and they they don't. Have they don't even like the crimes they commit are also buried, indifferent without number one thing about them. Is there just like overconfident psycho? Yes, if that's what you need to be like a cold leader earning a religious leader, any kind yeah photo. I totally you. The bullet like, if you can look at people with a straight face and be a guide to God up in this way, you yeah confidence is key for that. Like his messages coming through me right now, this is the only one that he talks to listen to me millions of people on this earth. Just me, chosen this average, as sometimes totally below, ripping the most of the time acts. Or is it really so bar human eaters? It's big do so
I just wanted to point out Rachel, hostess, so low and I just wanted to say you are one of the best solo, pod, castors hands down like thank you so much truly cause. We were just listening to one of the episodes that actually the absurd that we're gonna be telling you guys to listen to its one of the new ones, it's about Tony and Susan Lama and voice in the way that you podcast cause. It's you like solo. Podcasting is a skill. We have done it like once or twice when one of us was on vacation- and I was just sitting there like shitting myself, the whole time like oh no leg, neither one failures, hard yeah. I, like you cuz, your guys is, is it isn't like? conversational more so than likes square. May I have a very hard time doing what you guys do solo, I'm listening, fleetly out, so it's like a little easier yeah. It's not like! I'm, not really improvising anything that boy, but even that is, because you don't come off like your reading,
No, you really don't off like a script comes off very like conversational, but you never trip. Bernie faintly. It's just not having someone to bounce, I feel so hard, but you Blake mastered. It will. Thank you. I want You guys feel this way like when you like the people. Covering our scumbags, obviously for sure but like Where do you, because I've always feel because I'm I make so much fun of these people and I make fun of their appearance. I make fun of bare, like you, don't their personality fuck em like everything about it and I feel, like you guys, do the same thing in life yeah, I always unlike nervous, someone's gonna, get like offended and unlike what why they're getting offended by making fun of someone that literally like Austria or destroyed people, yeah yeah, oh yeah, I get nervous about that. Oh for sure, because every once in there I mean it's, the smallest of small minority, but you get the people that are like you know
It really annoys me that you were mean about TED Bundy. Girl, you said Sancho evaluate hello. We definitely aren't you wanna baby. I, like he's like a really bad person with Greed We can see that we can say that. As you know, brow is bad, even like you to pay. Unlike his name alone, we should be like roasting, ammonia and like all of his crimes, but ok, so May Susan. We sometimes you just want alike, stepped back and nachos hard, but like we always just go hard. I also think it makes it easier to get through it cause yeah. You have to laugh at them, so you can laugh at something exactly total. I tell you aloes humor new needed to get through it like a real term gallows. You re really is its gallows. It's like a term you here too, we, like you, know a direct link with morticians or anything like that. Like I know we talk about it, it's like autopsy technicians that you have to have gallows humor and it's like you no way back in the day when they were doing public executions. It was like the executioners are built.
Let's make fun of me what they sounded under the black really could be for dairy sector, but you gotTa Vega, joke out of it just to get through it. So it's not easy. I to arrive later, but so The first thing I just want to ask you is cause European casting focuses mainly on these. Like cruelty, religious, I think we are talking about an earlier and we said that they, the requirement, is kind of like to be sweaty. Human hearing, these everybody needs to listen to them. Yet these people, that can really they gather an enormous amount of people to believe what they're saying Mondiale religious based like what made you wanna do an entire podcast about this. I think because it bothers me, is it like it such a specific type of person
you're here you're taking people that are in like their most vulnerable state like they need there. They need a religion, they need a soft place to land when are going through a hard time and you're there, much of a scumbag that you're gonna take advantage of that time like it's like it almost like a guy like that bus. You just did with the well sky, even though that the council's warlike abusing them, but let's say, for example, that counts they like that they set up a camp, Do you not? I mean absolute children, which has happened before it's like yours, the worst have a person, and I am ended. The hypocrisy of it, I think I just wanted to narrow and also I needed to narrow it down. Otherwise, I d like to them. Zero tomorrow. Are you ready,
I need it also for my brain there, as it really is such a good idea to do it about those because, like you said, the kind of people that prey on people at who are at their worst and are the most desperate and the most vulnerable. Are the scary and also the most fascinating say only ideologically you're like wow, I just see they often re on the fact that there are at their lowest like yeah general, like in the first things I mostly did televangelist they literally say God really knows. You love him when it's your last thousand dollars- and you give him me your last thousand dollars- that's how you Marilla Room dear yeah, it solemnly stars so scary, and you just one area how these people put their head on the pillow at night: zero million. This is ok on their silk pillow lady I'm dead,
its huge mansions, while these people are literally like living on the street like it so sadly, hours seriously truly is terrifying that these people exist and that they can so glad quickly and easily manipulate people, because they are the people they manipulator, very smart people. People you'd never see it coming so its clear scare to listen to it is. What I'm one of that one of the guys he spoiler, proclaiming whatever he got out of prison, for already murdering someone went to this, like small town in Michigan, became a pastor there. Got engaged to one of the women who was a calmer gets what had occurred. Sean her like twenty two year old daughter? I think I know that one. I think I listened to the sun and murdered her twenty two year old daughter in order
You're not gonna, give it all away, yes said, but like melancholy, how how vulnerable is that poor woman like she thinks she's, engage this man is just kind of basically trying to get close to her daughter its. We so master sound. An any of that he's. The town pastor like up It's like not only just this one woman, it's like an entire town or areas bullshit. You haven't seen it so crazy. It's that stupid conference line on God, I'm out of here a face like an elbow like you now other face like an elbow author with so much so he and the one of them things about seven deadly centres and one that I think like takes it apart from other podcast, is that you have categorize them into the seven deadly sins. So your differ. Cases go into a different sent like wrath, lust greed and
I love that cause. I've always been fascinated by the seven deadly sin missing links in London that movies phenomenal? I love you thought of because I thought of the Americas. Next top my photos, you where they had to be the seven deadly said why they suffer I'll see what I find your like. No, no like lie awake. You normally harmony by what would be Europe. What is your favorite sin so far like what are the cases that are fed into your favorites and so far I would say their gluttony or greed and name those words- are usually kind of bay there very similar, because it's like both of Amr like that can't, because let me doesn't necessarily just apply to like people. Bigotry, consumption, loud, economic and apply to like overconsumption of any
thanks. So it can also be overconsumption of wealth at the expense of someone else or or you you knows normal thrills aren't good enough, meaning like so that guy was just mentioning the murderous preacher. Fine he's a necrophilia kindest gave it away My name is gluttony, even though that's like, obviously not consumption related, but it's like you're you're desires are like unquenchable like you here. You have to just take me to whose honourable variant I'm an issue about those yeah, so it that one and angry, because they usually can cover alike yeah. So yeah, like all encompassing yeah sure and Greed Ivy League is so dark lagree. He takes you into a real target. Agreed will be ass dear and let's sit down Susan in our view they wouldn't we're living in like a thirteen thousand square but mansion and their there Followers were like two hundred people, too
who won one bedroom room like just a word. What's the evil, but on believable. It truly is it's insane and speaking of Tony and Susan ALARM out, that's the episode that you have just put out. It's one in four part series is he asked in a hearing for because, because there's their Estonians there's an alarm, oh when they're together and then there's what Tony Alamo mutate in two years time. Here. I couldn't believe it has a full psychotic break down my I can't even yeah I I don't think I'll ever get his buddy hall. Lots of literally and key girl out, which my psyche, which is so creepy and I'm taking eight year olds as child break my own a day. If a song is going little Yankee. Yeah. He makes the word girl what they like field,
If you'll slimy jails, disgusting stinks like moulds. He makes her word girl like a curse where glittering go down and you certainly do is playing on the speaker than a retired happen of a boy, but it will be so that we can listen to it louder and ozone. Oh my god! Oh my god, you ill like no. They give it so said it was real when you can tell you trying to do the buddy Holly thing and unlike no no son, you nobody our own. I wanted just not talent, and I also loved one euro, like you're from Missouri Leg Day, but little Yankee girl you're, not like European, like what is wrong with you again rose why? So why should people go? Listen to that series in particular? What is it about Tony and Susan Olano, honestly because It really encompasses
so many crimes that without these people get away with it encompasses the taking of money from people. It's a cold. It's mine control, its not that we really want to hear about this: its abuse of children. As you know, it's feeling of a body. It's you know. Casual Austria thing over the citizens resident to dad. It's got that whenever there is Clinton and calling him Roy Orison on speed there. That's enough to go! Listen like a media that's all you need to know so. Rachel thanks for coming. I agree that this is truly is like it's like a gumbo of like. It's stupid tom, mouldy, slimy gum bank. Like our casserole of, shall we, Can we play that clip really quickly? You guys can react to an army on yes, Realtime Duenna, pull it up on your phone circle, it silver buying
but the way now I wanted. I wanted a canary bird it before I want to pinpoint his last. Yeah. Why has very Yankee girl I've done May I do you enjoy to the point to mine,
because I'm a malicious? No, you do not long yeah like down with the sickness. Why Tony watch your phone like make? It look delicious? He could be eating like my favorite food and I would never eat it again. He could be going down on some sushi and I built while I have to leave suddenly. Have I not a euphemism to neutralize thinking as like. That is not what I then. While it is my favorite food like well, there was a large slice of words. No, that love yeah those real threat, then I would be very bill. Expel broken, I imagine being in the audience, is being like
yeah. Maybe you could hear their only yeah and he's gonna kill, like say out of appeal in Libya like really what we're talking about body is not evident that expenditure is like everything is exciting, since peanut butter sandwich Billy Chill. May I add that so much so now. I know that SL. I would like just to wrap this whole thing up. We gotta we gotta, keep it weird. The end so out of all the episodes that you ve done, excluding the Tony and Susan Alamo ALARM, Allama one pay it's annoying, because everyone wants essay Albania, as I do like warmonger thou it ends and, unlike the queen of Miss pronunciation. So you know, but out of the cases excluding that one which one do you think keeps at the most weird that you probably Hosanna Church, because it involves like
I know there is a whole like say to having panic thing that wasn't it oh I'm pretty sure. This was kind of a real example of, say, ritual, I agree with you. I even interviewed a guy. That was a kid in the town at that time and you like told me real stories. Like know this was really happening. My luck that's say that line or terms of like equal, a more of a funny televangelist Robert Tilton keeps it so well yeah yeah yeah when he speaks in tongues. Watching the lion and say no more. It asks you to another guy looks and pseudo it lives to us actually makes me happy. If I was in a bad mood, I could just want rubber gloves display. It's not as bad as I thought till you know it S. Guy exert smile so much worse. Everything must by I love. It well, tell us where we can find yoga.
Will a case. So seventy listeners podcast as the name on Instagram or you can follow me personally. Rachel are a siege, a yell and o Brien, and then you can listen is evidently centres on while the Pike S ups guy whereby yeah and go do because Rachel as part of the morbid network family so happy to be a partner bed. Where's like I want, like everyone like on our group, can so weakened funding. I didn't really is like just so weird little family. I love it so Oda. I know we have a home tax with all the people. The network shows all of us that we all just randomly will send each other like weird shit, things take time their labour, you ve fallen out of stuff. Maybe I'm drunk can't be helped me exactly. I wanted to say it, but allowed an alibi made. My twenty twenty, like I love you for that, and we were all dying over there, so video so guys I was annoyed up. It was
good. It was better than I imagined it would be to a hundred grand I gonna listen to and then, when I listen to it like yeah yeah capping that just succeeded when I wanted so guy. Make sure you go listen to Rachel, O Brien, seven deadly sinners. You can find it anywhere and we are going to have there's gonna, be a little teaser of the Tony and Susan Alamo episode after this single taste and then cause you're. Gonna lie and you know Tony makes you want to eat whenever he is eating delicious. Once you got that alone tastes, you can go, eat all bag with having to bear him say I was gonna say whom we literally just admit episode with a clip of employing so go check it out guys, and they do so. What a preacher who couldn't resist temptation. The breeze is accused of killings Margaret and Paul in the chapel strongest cases against a powerful creature in a tone of true believers.
Legal age of our marriage years their puberty, I'm not married any teenage girls, you don't wanna, be I am seventy four years old, meaning that in the Bible, Sir, you don't know anything about that. I see any kept stabbing in small four hundred and ten wounds scars upon.
Scars your listen to settle. Susan Olano died on April eighteen, nineteen. Eighty two at the age of fifty six revolvers were so guilt, ridden felt so accountable that one young girl later as an adult in the Ministry of EVIL Documentary, would remember the moment she found out Susan had passed like this. I remember the night. We got the message, praying for Susie EM, so I tried to sample my praise. I had already been up tonight before praying for about three o clock. In the morning I fell asleep. I woke up and they told us sissy die firing everything kilt I felt I was crying all my top. It says he made me the lowest ice, the brains behind the cold was gone and what Tony would become was even worse than anyone could have imagined the hell brought upon the foundation in Tony's. Next move was a christian colt level up. We haven't seen in any season of seven deadly sinners, yet he tries to resurrect the dead. Oh, you thought this fast prophecy would end when their leader past the great beyond. Oh, no folks, this was Susan's curtain call and Tony wasn't going to lead the faithful solo, while her body was still a fresh opportunity Knox. My friends, Susan had a hold on their christian cattle. She knew how to leave their followers in a fear of God, paralysis. But what her message possess? Its grasp, even from the grave Tony wasn't willing to find out, he was worried. The congregation might not follow him. He needed a solution. He needed a con programme so that it will shoulder on the plan was under way he's not burying Susie. He and his followers will resurrect her from the dead. He decided to place Susan's body in an open casket in the Speck House of his Arkansas Mansion, a large room. The followers could access. Then he behaved like he was Susie's Housebroken pet, who was now heartbroken scared and power hungry. That spotlight had been shining a bit too bright on Susie all this time and he would have you know he was born for the spotlight, just not with the name for it, so he ordered prayer trains to Susan's casket to our ships. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, followers would surround Susan Lamas, decaying body, praying they worshipped her ass. She rot away hoping their Savior would sit up and release them from Tony's pledge. I would have to imagine this was the edge for some of the Obama followers. This woman is dead. We can smell her rotting flesh and this bozo Tony says we will be condemned to hell. If we don't figure out, some witchcraft bring this woman back from the dead, because all this praying eight taken that smell away. But in many cases I was wrong after Susan died. Many follows were desperately begging, God to please not take Tony from them to they needed him. Then someone Susie breed the rumour spread like wildfire. Wasn't just a follower hallucinating from sleep deprivation or sheer emotional exhaustion, ordered rigour. Mortis finally set in, and some one saw a muscle Caesar, whatever the cause- the rumour turned into a living breathing prophecy and ignited this shred of hope, Tony needed to keep his con going. He claimed he was receiving messages from Susie in the afterlife and the washed up music promoter was hell bent on addressing the media for a new type of eternal gig, and he kept that gig up much longer than I realized. You could keep a dead body from burial, and I know the very specific stench of death
Tragically, I had a neighbor die in a former apartment. I lived in LOS Angeles, but no one knew they had passed away, and I remember within the week of their death, I smelters smell so distinct in the hallway that I'll never forget it. It wasn't until I watch the coroner's bring this person out that I realise what that smell was an guys that was just a week. Imagine a year the Paypal followed so that lie believe and how stale and add one year later have not been very and members of a called are still playing ball level action. Yes, you heard that correctly brainwashed members sat with Susan's body for over a year and when she didn't resurrect Tony screamed, it was their fault, but one brave soul. Finally pleaded to Tony that her flesh was rotting. This was not okay, something had to be done so Tony's response was the place her in a crept in their heart, shaped pool one less gaudy reminder of their opulent scam, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classics conflict, the obvious boxing recreation soon have meant plus pact pick up. Regional companies like eighty by of say by the Bell for all Europe's lose the poverty phase. Could a Peacock DVD Cobb get started you? No one can tell you how to travel as you are. Orbits wants to help. You discover where you wanna go, who you one go with and what you want to do and you get their desire for bits. Dot, com, slash pride to book. Your next trip, orbits travel, as you are
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