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Morbid Network presents: A chat with Tyler Hyde & Johnny Cann from That's Spooky (Special Episode Sneak Peek!)

2021-02-19 | 🔗
Hey weirdos! We want to allow you to get to know our little family here on Morbid Network, so we decided to start a special interview series where we chat with the hosts of these handpicked shows and let you get to know why we love their guts! With these special episodes, you also get a sneak preview of their latest episode to really wet your whistle to dive into a new pod. Yes, that was a disgusting sentence but that's who we are. Today, we chat with beautiful, hilarious and spicy Tyler Hyde and Johnny Cann from That's Spooky. If Tyler and Johnny's personalities don't immediately make you fall for them, their ability to tell a story with compassion, spice and lighthearted humor in all the right placesĀ  will have you swooning in seconds. We chatted with these about their relationship, their favorite paranormal happenings and how That's Spooky came to be. Come on it, friends. The water is fabulous. LINK TO FULL EPISODE: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6W9kRxlN3cBLNnka5w114d?si=MFYAx0PBTXSt94K77NXeiQ Follow Tyler & Johnny and That's Spooky! Instagram: @Thatsspookypod Twitter: @Thatsspookypod Tyler Instagram: @tee_tys Tyler Twitter: @tee_tys Johnny Instagram: @pansytwist Johnny twitter:@JohnnyCann
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Streaming. Only. I pick up a new original permit me punk bank. We are lady parts, it could fees ex hash anthems saw a girl, our repute, turnover from where we are leaving all the cells dreaming that only a bigger. Hey weirdos, I'm ashen, I'm Alina on Johnny, benign Tyler, and this is morbid and that spooky We need it now Johnny and Tyler format spooky on today. We're gonna do a little promo, further episode that just dropped and what's really just get into a shoe, only agree now. It's time for me to greet immediately that it. That's what I'm losing my girdle break out. That fan real, clear yes does before, but now let my stockings up to my garters. The only way to be.
this episode yeah. How are you guys we're good thanks for having us today were so excited? Thank you for coming. This is so exciting developed. We were just saying the last time that we have done this together is when we did our invisible man episode, which was like last year, the middle of the banana yes panorama it wasn't. The modem is wrong, and I couldn't Patricia just start is Russia alone. We are just yelling about. We want now, yes Yes, of course, do everything about. We want now will forever yell about. We ve got wherever it always leave. Now have you got in attention yet that's? The question has, I now know answered the call. He has not answered the car that here we are staying persist and we will pursue sentences key committed, keep it going. What did they say? The squeaky we'll gets the greasy. How are you
I wonder this greedy, we'll gets Louie come on wheels as Albert S about so today. We're just gonna do in case. You guys been following these. What all these little episodes that we ve been doing with our pod family are morbid network family. We just want you guys to get to know. Johnny and Tyler get to know that spooky, so you can say well. Why haven't been listening to that? and then you can run right over to their feet and start listening to your hearts. Desire, no longer love straight up. When I found you guys, I found you guys something like a hundred or so episodes at, and I was like how do I not? How did I not know this existed? We were just under the covers the whole time. You know what the monster under the largest irate Argo. Exactly. So let me that's the thing at night. Remember when you brought it up to me too, I was like. Oh I gotta listen, it was the Blackburn CALL episode up right, yeah Johnny did that story was so good
only because we were aware of each other and actually are listeners had started around the time that we got connected. They started saying to us, they aren't you listen to more. link. There must have been something of the universe and then all the sudden one day we woke up, and I was like what is happening with our listens- people and suddenly people of all when we were like coming from more bad and it became a whole new case that we just had to investigate bidding. I love when that'll happen. What will suddenly look at our lessons are like
what school did someone face took the cookie from the cooking exactly, but let's talk about your early days show so we gotta start out. First of all, the name that spooky to me is the perfect podcast name. Iconic link image is perfect. How did you and where did it come from? How did you come to name? Because I know the naming upon cast is no easy task. Nowhere its precious it really kind of came just from calling names of the air one night. I originally had the idea to do the podcast that you know it was two of us and it was zero dollars and two cents. one night lying in bed like what would you call a podcast that is equal parts, scary and queer unkind intersection? Oh and the idea that we always have show is that we wanted to build our pink furry Colosseum upon the pillars of humanity, horror and humor
so I want to live their lives. Could I do live there in my money? I all one. Let the annually in this the landlord it's wonderful Irene into our last week. Actually, I really took out or never felt sorry At the moment you start talking about it, I'm very convincing, but the thing is, I was just kind of going what he's all of that in the word spooky kept coming to mind because we wanted something that was a little bit scary, but also Campi. Candy is kind of a thing, because terrifying is aware that could describe the pie cast or scary is aware that could describe the pot Casper spooky. It's just a fun word, because,
It's gotten! Oh, you know what I mean. It's all you want to get into the letters. Oh yeah, it's got a hard carry carving sound, but just accidents per annum ology occur because you're gonna get to it and it did so true. Locust spooky, first of all, just encompasses so many things. So doesn't like box you until one thing he gets out, so we were concerned with morbid we're like we're gonna like box ourselves into only one kind of thing. We want to be able to cover a lot of different that really loved your crime, but we want to get into paranormal. And then spooky does that same thing, and it also adds like spooky where you can say league they buildings that are not super scarier like that spooky over. There rarely do so fun like totally encompasses both sides figures. We always colonel frame it like we are. Your gave ass friends who were skipping through a haunted forest with you like we'll. Take it
will drop off at the mall. Everything will be. Ok, we'll talk about some of the scariest things that you'll encountered life because life frozen out. You know life gets your spooky, we always say on the show, some spooky as things that happen in this world over things that human beings do to each other in the daylight yeah so true, but I think thing that we try to prioritize in telling the stories on our show is bringing levity in the right places. So we try to insert humor
Sometimes it's not until the very end or at the very beginning of a story you know like we can really get into it. In the middle, but we always try to find a little pocket to kind of have that experience because it round set out, and it also makes it a little bit more palatable, absolutely managing a yes. No sign loses its trade gallows. Humor is a thing and especially like enlighten me work. I, like I work in the death industry and its like a necessary thing when you are constantly dealing with like really heavy heavy heavy thing horse, as you know that you never want to bring it to the victim or to the actual event itself, but when you can sprinkle it in around the edges, it just makes it something you can take with a glass em about something. I hope we will be ready to act, Scooby do or the items family Scooby. Due in the respect like we have our kid, she found it gets scary, but we pull the mask off. the end, and we have that moment or
like we live out his family in this household, because we were taught him last night and it's like if you really looked at the given circumstances of like Avons family values like they are dropping a baby offer roof like there's some whore well shit that they're doing to each other. But I am suggesting is this kind of creeping kooky mysterious spooky altogether Oki items family by that gives it a different future in a different vibe, and you know that there is a heart in it as well that kind of tax as a through line, and I think that's kind of what we do show because tolerant I'd really like each other, like we're a couple, that's been together for ten years, so it just can work see in that. You just went right into the perfect next question. I was just going to say that those per family, yet his sake as some people for anybody who doesn't know what. How do you guys know each other over so gay its daily. So good. Well, are that way spoiled or what
I know that you always like to ask before the conversation starts, whether someone's or not, I just flicked Maria at the time, and you can't do that all I was going to say I wish this was a visual with whom we haven't. I feel like the voice. You know really mighty you now. Does that mean all of these four, not really not up, that's a thing, but we are to help all that's been together for almost almost ten years. I love love ten years merely again leave it in the gay world that is a lifetime and ass. Well, I was just going to point out because driven together for three years- and I thought that was why, the game is now, but I bet you started picking at the wallpaper two weeks in as we heard a lot of you like, I think on our love story. I cited that we send it like a month end, but it was a little more like two and a half We all those with whom we had like
was choked early armor? They are you not. People say that the gaze move fast and basically, what happened with us, as we got together over a summer, came back into the new semester of school and of a roommate that I started a new school year with. Essentially the long and short of it is that they lost the apartment, and I wasn't on the least yet so I just it up having to move in with Tyler, because I was like, while you know, going up to his place all the time, so it just makes sense. So we literally moved in together after three months. Two months is like I call it a self fulfilling prophecy, it's just how it works like we were trying to buck the stereotype and listen if they use in a word you together, there is a visa and you can't fight against the universe. You ever gathered me like a cheap ponytail leaving Ireland John on our love story was like yeah like months into stating I decided say I love you, don't Lina said whoa whoa whoa.
Slow down or that our house Straight Alina, really the palm pilot comes out and distorts clicking illegal flowers were not very, he really hang in there. I know he is he's truly I love that three months and you re like too soon. I was like two weeks and like it too soon. If I tell you that the lab Are you dance numbers? How you ve got the whole? Have material damage to be having their needs Essentially it gets a little. What everyone knows it's down. A lane is just ass. On the outside, like lorry met captors writing stuff into a notebook with national wages, even likes him up, what's hanging out with me
you ve got more terrifies. Me you're told that all the time so see that make sense why you have such good chemistry. Are you guys work really well together? Could you can tell that you just like know each other like you, we can see how each other reacts to things. You know what will get the reaction out of the other one. You know how to play off of each other yeah, it's just like so easy to listen to, and people like that. If you like, it's rare, you have a banter, yeah thinking and we respect each other at the core of it. So were able to carry out o their with our joking and understand where to leave it. To get all stared typical relationship but like where the kind of couple that don't go to bed angry. No, I have that. I think that the most important way in the same way I can and we have listeners we're like you to get along so well, it's like you, never fightin, it's like on a nominal. We just turn the MIKE's off. He added
That's why I told him we resolve me right, you, you argue it out, you discuss it. That's all! It's all about right! Exactly because we always say the same thing will never put our heads and on the pillow Knighton that are like leave the house, a young anything ever which is not worth it. loved? You know, I love that eleven, Mervyn alone Podcasting Energy mix and then together can stay at any level spooky gables Oh my god, I want you here. That's our period. We didn't even mean for about to happen. That was just one of the things that we ended up spouting outnumber you're like. Why? Don't we call the integrity, every episode, spooky gate, bullshit, it's perfect it so organic. I won't let it gives us a chance to kind of get Did you know queerness out of the way? Let's talk about spooky, stuff or stuff? It's just making us go like who isn't like balloon boy. You now to simple shit, new yeah yeah. Just stuff they can. I please just talk about this first
You can always the yacht linking our newest episode. We just talked about a guy who made a guitar out of the rib cage in spite of his uncle yeah, and then he played black metal It in honour of his uncle, who recently metal like, isn't that great it's so I mean while reasons it, even though that's your mind- boggling like how do you wow that's There was a heavy metal knitting competition that happened in the last few years, like a lot of people, get killed by chickens, and you don't even know like there's. A lot of spooky gable. Show that happens in the world. Tat chickens are all about his ashes. I think I have but one of my like very like deep rooted fears, and I'm not joking at all, like everybody get the smiles after facing us, is so serious. I hate chicken, really. I am so afraid
and I would like to point out our no. If you know Juny be Jones, no, no. She said that a chicken could pack your had to enough when I read that book, unlike third great and I ve never been the same put if it wanted to have you ever heard of a hug you, chicken ghost I should I or should I not terribly it's? Ok, it's very short, but if it was a goes, the big came from Francis Bacon, Francis Bacon, Anyway, it is now yet its basis, The precise invented refrigerator is more or less because he took a chicken murdered, it put the corpse of the chicken in a snowbank to see if it would preserve it, and then he died a few days later David and stop this headless plucked frozen chicken, HANS Highgate in English, I rise to speak out and you know we're I'll, never go there being used to it. Just comes in like pure chaotic evil it just drops from nowhere and starts running around squawking, but it's at the headless trick, but it's
and its frozen in its plucked, it's basically lie with economic grocery store coming to light, I think that's while most chickens are that chaotic excited love that never trust a chicken. Oh, my god. I need to go there and just sit down with you popcorn umbilical still Naomi. I hope you have a lot of fun covered on the podcast I will say you think chickens are bad. We recently talked about some gay penguins in the Netherlands. This not overblown opens listen to this. There was this couple of gay penguins who stole an egg from a lesbian, penguin couple that was at their zoo. and then try to raise it as their own, but it wouldn't work. So shady penguin, that should be like page six, four penguin essentially, and we in passing that I love the market means to never make stay there What do you need to know why? How angry Sir Shady d to I love that the little baby bang on was like no, no, no,
no dear you're, not my job and you ve been not only how to retrieve the egg because it wouldn't have hatched with those shady penguins. They had to give it back to the couple that originally had it MIKE As you know, the interview I was just imagine intervening unlike in that situation having to walk up to the gay penguins are being like. I'm sorry, sir. We ve got a split. This is not your egg. You'll have to fill out some paperwork and what you want. We need to go through the propulsion, yachts, Haven, family services says nay, nay. What in this there have been very successful adoptions of eggs by gay penguin couples, but this was just nodded. This was very pure thievery upper echelons Catbird would, unless they very that's your aid litter, and this is the Winberg aid not soon enough. Limburg penguin area that fill out the paperwork and I mean come on I'll, just do it.
Wow, that's something I did not now and I'm really glad. I know one thing, and this is why we have been able should at the beginning of every episode, because it's like ten minutes about them. We address any mistakes from the previous episode, ecology poop sees housekeeping anything like that's may think I favour it and then we get into two spooky stories every week. The can. the world's a true crying paranormal called strange phenomenon. Anything like that scientists that doesn't convince you to listen that you know. You're gonna get like that ten minutes of like what we just heard right. This is why mean those are just too little stories, but how does that labour hallo, but that's what we can get into right now, women also, so I need to know: do you have a favorite ghost or like Para, normally story both of you, someone, not true crime straight up like paranormal ghostly now will go paranoid. I mean that's very much good
son situation, because I feel that answer changes on the regular currently right now. I've been really intrigued with the story of Christopher case. I dont know if you ve ever heard of him before, but he was you the music producer that lived in Seattle in the nineties. Like ladies early nineties, he went on a business trip to San Francisco, met a which at a bar hook, Hearst him and then seven days later he die shuffle. Nobody has ever been able to explain it like the went back home to Seattle from San Francisco over the weak paranormal activity just started happening in his apartment, which had never, and before shadow figure, music, all of this kind of stuff and when the police came to his apartment, he was found dead in the bathtub completely unexplainable Campi, explain to this day, online. It's terrifying. I got. You know that go through your body and they go while
nobody can only I just gotta Daily Grady. I wore that's what they do if they re the sound, that's nuts. I wonder why, like I wonder if she D offended her in some way That's it I feel so he must have according to him. She wanted to, you know, do the business, but he didn't want do the business then he rejects listen honey if a which wants to do the business was new you're hurting her first and I mean just go ahead and do it for your options with a witch yeah absolute, either way: you're fat, yeah, that's a good one, and we talked about that went on. I pursued one team of tiny till I go back and lessons about why Lastly, allow me I would say that probably my favorite color covered recently an agenda changes all the time it would have to be Tom Tailors cabin. So I covered this episode. Ninety five get. Obviously you remember this one, yes idea of evidence. As the author of comic books and other things like graphic novels literature whatever
but he has simply went out on little writers, vacation or retreat out in the australian wilderness. In this little cabin and a whole bunch of weird stuff starts happening that he live. Tweets and stuff includes like hearing noises outside the cap. and then suddenly there's somebody out, there are shining a light at him from the darkness, a missile areas. It shows up that he doesn't want to open. Then somebody comes into check the cable, but he's just brooding around in this room. There's stuff happens from all angles. He documents it all on Twitter, like dear David style of love, yet a little bit more believable. This, for a movie yet so I'm a little bit more excited, I got the thing is he has never been commented on it since he's never come out and said that it was a hoax or anything, but it's really
can telling stories. Gatt will end. The thing is basically, the idea is that there was a couple that owned this air being be that he was staying at that had a child that died and the ghost of the child is haunting the home, but then he's also getting some like scratching on the roof top and stuff like that, when he's trying to sleep but again, it's all on a twitter thread- and this is what I love about. A lot of these new stories have been coming out because, like another, one of my favorites was gone Paramo it was something that we covered in episode. One hundred a taco spells their essential. This guy was live, tweeting, a haunting that he was experiencing in a new apartment and at one point he goes on live on periscope and he crosses by his bed. There's no one in his bed, but then he crosses by a second time after he shows something in his room and there is a lack form of a human being lying in his bed and he had been hearing they may body what more we have been hearing. The voices in the night like that we came up with you know, got experienced where you wake up. Thinking that somebody is like said something or give her breathing. He was.
Having now on the bed and then do stuff was popping up on live streams were there? nobody else in the home with him and the people there, watching the stream or just like dawn. Are you seeing this? So it's it's absolutely wild and again it plays out all insulting media and this kind of what I learned, because that people these news stories are popping up and twitter is kind of like an tik Tok, really the kind of like how we're transmitting folklore. These, It is and the like, the old time, a guy and that's the thing we ve covered. I tiktok haunting as well, and I won't go into like a third rate now, but if you want to fall down the rabbit whole, if there is a ton of stuff- and we started to cover on the show recently, the has to do with these kind of digital age hauntings at play out and are documented on social media, and that to me just brings it to this new level where it so relate a ball, and it really gets the hairs on the back of my next standing here. I am, I have Greece bugs all over. I now yet so scared, because when you can serve bringing like video and pictures into it,
like alive streams, things happening where you like now see that's went that's what makes me want to go off the ground and there is this whole idea of like this. Greek chorus of calm enters, that seems stuff in the videos. In responding select with twenty, or this happens, to real tweeted ATO and then, after a day, people are like hey. Did you see this in the corner? and there is in the end and sleuthing the whole thing so he's like now, it's just so interesting because it becomes this kind of dialectic, ghost story and away in a pair formal investigation in real time obsolete these people yak. Then it gets everyday people involve unilaterally. I remember teaching feeder design workshop in twenty eighteen, seventy or something with it, but it was when your David was happening, and I member hearing these, like sixteen year olds, whispering on break being like have you heard about dear David? Did you see the recent we all this, like yes, going into the story and like the Ets,
brilliant how everybody knew exactly what they are talking about, one hundred percent- and that was that Darwin went on for a long time. It is the other way Youtube Challenge, Oleg Damn it got a little wild. He got a little water we covered it on an early episodic. Think episode, thirteen a lot of people say it's our scariest episode. I think it has more to do with the audio quality the at it like its. We feel gallic. It's fine bug, you know, like everyone goes on that Arcas podcast. Everyone goes on that journey Althea. Stick! Your David hit hard
you just goes on a little bit too long, and then people start to think that I was asked by duty without the end and that he was like Tweedie Ass Hammond like I just I can guarantee that yeah. That's when I back down, because it straight this story itself was so scary, so well crafted at first and so well to us like, oh, even if this is fake, oh yeah, this is spooky, I'm like getting the chose just reading it like in the thought of like the story behind this, like a little kid who leg died in this respect way. Unlike us now hunting and then, as soon as it just is something you just you step a little too far. You see. That's like there are so many things about social media like we just I'd like a tower passing on like the folk learn about, then it's like were also ruining it at the same time, Moment tat, I see a little girl in a white dress with long black hair, or I hear that
a story I'm out right out. Oh yeah, like that, does it exists? You gotta you that tomorrow, Morgan imagery right at the window, data attack, TAT, yeah yeah about a mild. I am a head out of my head out, so why it so you now we want were coming to the end here. So what is an upcoming episode that you have coming up, that you are very excited about that you can't way for people was looking while I would say that it's the episode that we have just dropped. I personally cover the story,
heresy deposits on aid, which is known as the voice from the grave case I won't falling away. Yet there was a bad tv movie called voice from the grave made about it, and it's because there was actually a quote from the trial where the judge was being questioned on whether or not he would accept a voice from the grave as part of the testimony, because, essentially what happened was terrorists to Basel was found murdered in her apartment and a few weeks after her murder, she had a coworker at the hospital that she worked out in Chicago, whose started going into trances speaking as terrorists deposit in her sleep to her husband
didn't know anything about the case and basically said I'm terrorists to Basel. I know who killed me. It was a man named blank and basically gives him all the details that he needs to be able to find her killer over multiple trances and, ultimately, it's what's off the case suck holy shit. Oh, my goodness, I can't I'm literally is does this is over play one! That's the second story, that's my story. Tyler starts at ah, yes, a story that I covered on. That episode was actually the murder of a woman named Ruthie made Mccoy, and this was a murder that happened in Chicago in one of the Chicago projects, and it was a. report, it murder, but it ended up influencing a lot of the narrative in the ninety. Ninety two candy man moving. This sounded yeah. I found out about this murder through my interest in wanting to find out more about the candy man who bore the urban legend, because I
Europe as a kid knowing about candy man before I knew about the movie before I was at the source material and that research led me to this moment in true crime, which is a really heartbreaking. Sorry to be completely on. but I think a really important story to share and then again to see how that ties in the story and the movie, the candy man, because the candy is very racially charged. It deals with a lot of systemic racism, not necessarily in the best way. The new, We should be able to do that very well the original debt this story just really heartbreaking, but again sometimes I'm sure you'll get it too. When you're researching something you go into a research project. in one direction, and then it takes you in a completely different direction to a place. You didn't expect to absolutely that's my favorite thing. When that happened. Stick a whirlwind idle
that, and the murder of Ruthie, I have to say, is pretty terrifying because it really reflects some of the stuff that happens in candy. Man, like I don't know, giving it away no you're not giving away. Basically her murders were able to get into her apartment by crawling through her bath. Who mirror, and that is frankly there of pandemic tonker, you Americans, being some of this year I am so uncomfortable Alina, it's the middle of the afternoon. I hope you don't have plans because you're not leaving until dreadful, that's beyond, thereby who we are going through near what India kind of speaks to the stuff we do on the show. It's like you know, there's a lot at your karma there that we could cover. But honestly there is a lot that we decide not to touch just because you know there are some people that obsolete, yes, specifically cover
true crime in a very you know conscious, focused way, but for us we really focus on stuff. That makes you go through that spook yeah I examined spooky because TAT could happen and it did planets like my biggest sphere as somebody like being in the events like last, I told you guys I was sleeping in the bathroom, because bank kittens were needed to be involved there and I keep hearing this like. having an essentially just the heat, but I was like someone's on that. Then I, this is how I die than someone another one, either somebody's in the event or its petty, wise in either way. I not charity the ram and a dialogue with such a weak one way or the other, and I can say to a red balloon sullen thought I'm so excited to listen. So excited to listen to this. How spooky not so smoky are one last question to wrap this whole thing up. So not this episode, but who have you covered in the past?
that you feel captive the most we, oh, my god, ok on episode, ninety nine, I covered the story of the Halifax Sleep watcher yes, and that is truly terrifying, because this happened in Halifax. Nova Scotia were originally from Nova Scotia, where appear in Canada, and the sleep watcher attacks were happening. While we were university, students live, in Halifax, where they really were yeah and they weren't solved until many years later, but this guy's a total bucking Cree. It's only a horrifying. Did you hear about this story? Yeah think I heard I read about in my favorite murder, I beheld bozo scary. I think so I, rather than only heard it yeah. Well, that's the thing we were living in the house at the time and it was very uncomfortable because that's things we lived with some women- and you know what hang out with over the years and when you be at their house like them,
always, I think, in the back of your head, where you were like, am I going to wake up in the middle of the night and there's gonna be some asshole like creeping out of a door? He really started to personally over timely people started off waking up to the person outside your window, and then it started to turn into waking up to a scarf being dangled over your face, and you think it's your boyfriend, but not its. It was very late golden state killer, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah any killing. The escalation was scare. You didn't escalate that far, thank God, but it definitely could, guy, oh yeah, scary, that got heedfully kept at the most we're? Oh yeah. I can take it in a slightly more acutely direct room. This is a little bit weird bud. Episode. Eighty nine. I actually covered the story of Cynthia at a mannequin who was a mannequin created by Lester GABA American designer who essentially became part of New York's high society in the nineteen. Thirty is like the manikin like she was getting sent.
for she was being invited to openings. She was being invited to party is just a mannequin, and people are like choosing with her. She was an outline of the asian guy like she was being treated better than I have ever been in my life and Why should I Sonya Morgan, Bowler Sonya, more so America, yeah and then the thing like after the war and stuff like that? He tried to turn her into an animal. China can stuff like that, and I got really kind of uncanny and just to find pollution away, but I would say that Chancellor, and you know I gotta, say no minor all about episode, twenty five and say that x, ray diva activities. The different man named beneath the detail about that France will guys I mean the now. You can see like a little snippet of this episode right after this. You can get your your taste buds where a little bit and then you have I think we ve talked about eight different episodes right now. You have a lot of revenging to do guys. We gave you a lot of homework,
we like to cholera. Yes, I so! Where can we find you guys plug anything you'd like to plot? Ok? Well, you can find the pod cast on Twitter and Instagram. That's spooky pawed and, more importantly, you can find us on all pod cost platforms. As that's spooky, don't forget the apostrophe in there and we release new episodes every Wednesday yeah, you can find me on Instagram at tea time. That's t underscore t why ass yeah, and you can find me on Instagram at pansy twist. That's pansy, like the flower and twist, like the dance. Want to point out before we end this whole thing. Not only are you too, like super talented pod, Gasters Tyler is using and Johnny is an amazing, like the photography work that you do in the way you design like every photograph. That's on your answer, I'm real you guys are so talented. It's like every episode has its own little design that leg I get excited at sea every time. Yes, it's I'm Tellin, you, and even Chinese, like personally,
Sir Graham is homework. A fucking art or the bullet got Tyler's in illustrator and I do like projection and light and shadow installation stuff. I used to design a lot of feeder, so the reviewers backgrounds like how can I bring this into Instagram? just opens me up to a whole world affairs traps and my right exactly so. You have homework not only to listen but to go check out. There are then everything that they put into this universe. Stop looking lesson as what you need to do. Thank you so much guys. This has been amazing. You some land were so excited to share this with the world. Now the last gutless yeah go so much. We love having a kiki with you. Always we have to do it more often gas forever, No way, we ask you never, as we always liked to say Casey Kisses guess I love it now, the eight forty five p m on April twenty second nineteen. Eighty seven
nine, when one received a call from the grace abbot homes, The nine when one operator answered the call to a woman in distress and it was Ruthie, May Mccoy. Ok, the operator asked what the problem was and Ruthie Exe. Into the operator that there were some one who is trying to get into her apartment through her bathroom. mere oh shit. The operator was confused and asked for clarification. Ruthie reiterated that there was some one trying to get into her home, Ruthie said that who it was. They had thrown down the cabinet in the apartment next to hers and we're trying to get into her home through the mirror the nine one one operator was still confused by her explanation, but instead of asking for further clarification, the operator collected route these name and add and informed her that they be sending police to her at one would hope with haste right now
the nine hundred and eleven operator did dispatch the police. After ending the call with Ruthie. The problem was that Rufus called was blocked as a less severe disturbance with a neighbor instead of what it really was a time sensitive break in, and so they were unable to underline the fact that somebody was literally coming through her bathroom mere like a portal from hell yeah. They didn't understand that so they just the operator just interpreted as there is some disturbance with a neighbour and it was like affecting bathroom mere. I don't really know where the logic is yeah. I know it's not refuse fault I'll. Tell you that no, it is not. At the end of the day I mean I probably just what have been like: it's real life, bloody Mary. That's all that I can say right. Click now, at nine
two thousand nine hundred and eleven received another call from a grace. Abbott residents reporting the sounds of gunfire from apartment, one thousand one hundred and nine rooms apartment two minutes later. Another call came in at nine hundred and four and it was another neighbor claiming to have heard screaming and gunfire coming from Ruthie's apartment. After these reports came in, more police were dispatched to the scene Now police eventually arrived to Ruth S, apartment at around nine ten p m twenty five minutes after Ruth. These initial call for help to us serves remained downstairs, while another two officers took the elevators up to eleven floor. Now, remembering that elevators in the grace abbot. Highrise usually didn't work, Ruthie had Should we made a point to let the nine when one operator know that the elevators were in working order in hopes that that would help the police arrive to her apartment fast. absolutely and that's a testament to these living conditions, yeah the point that it's a known fact that the elevators usually aren't working exam.
ITALY, and that its noteworthy that they were when you're elevators reputations precede. It says something: that's right. Now, when the police arrived at risk apartment on the eleventh for they knocked on the door. It was about nine fifteen p m. At this point. The officers stood sighed the door and waited for an answer, but no one ever came to the door. They knocked a few more times and there is nothing. The officers then attempted to open the door, but the door itself was locked now, assuming that perhaps really was in the apartment, but unable to answer the door. Police asked the dispatch to call the ruthless foam, given the cause and the cause and effect of everything that down just gone down. Do they think that she's just watching an episode of listen if something listen, if you're trying to ascribe logic the police's behaviour, in this case your brains, gonna, hurt hurt by Philip? Well, we don't wanna fuck up the paint job on the door.
right one day, a little while after terraces death when he was working at the hospital late into the night when she decided to taken up on a couch in the hospital staff even now moments. After closing her eyes, though many said that she felt as if there was a ghostly presence in the room, she was basically like. I felt like I was being watched, so. She opened her eyes and fees, terrorists data in the room with her blue yeah or while these be walking apparition of terrorists, We are standing at the opposite side of the room. Just steering blankly at her now Remy is completely terrified on the couch. frozen where she is not knowing what to do be able to call out or anything like that, essentially in a state of paralysis, shirt and just like that terrorists to disappear, Rennie didn't really know what to do with the experience or where to place it. She was just terrified so ultimately sheet.
bring it up with anyone she was like. Maybe it was a dream, maybe it system I had. I don't really know. Aha bud. Rennie just goes on with her life, trying to shake this off now. That would be easier said than done, because two weeks for that first encounter in the lounge in the hospital Remy was home one day with Jose and everything seemed to be normal. However, all of a sudden remy starts to complain that she was feeling overly tired, so she ends up going to bed a little bit earlier than usual and a little while after she went to Bed Jose, was pottering around the home and then decided to pop into the bedroom to check it on. maybe now want to see her. She was like reading if he could get a cup of water any attack on a couple shit just being a nice human, be yes,
we could do for me every now and then I don't know shit no undercutting deriving from an app. You know better ass, any myself he goes into the room asks Remy if she is all right, but when Remy responds to Jose, he notices that her voice sounds different, almost like she's in a trance like state. Ultimately she start speaking to him in tug dialogue, which is you know her native tongue, so she says, help me in a rather breathy voice. That is not her own, very distinctively and Jose. Seeing that she said to be in some sort of pain starts to question her about what was going on share, so it doesn't really go anywhere, but at some point he asks this altered voice like ok. Well, who are you right now to which Remy responded terrorist see Tub Basel urgencies yes, so this confuses the fuck out of Jose because he has no idea who terrorists deposit is right. The two of them were really that call
so it makes sense that you know Rennie hadn't necessarily mentioned the hose ages, yet so he's just kind of letting this roll over him. Yet who is a stranger yeah, so he's like who is the strange lady in my bed? Let's have this play out so then Jose not really knowing what was up just lets. Her continue talking and it was at that point. There Remy tells Jose to tell the police that the name of her killer a man named Alan Showery, a Yes, yes, and she says that he was an orderly at the hospital that she worked out, o o yeah, I'm basically she's like they are trying to find my killer. I know HU, it is. It is a man now and Showery. Please help me and the whole I'm Jose, is just kind of like ok, this is cool. This is very Lindsey land I know hook
hold me, oh you're, absolutely all I mean like not to ruin the Mona bring Villona into whose Party meekin House Bitches behalf for real, so she thing. All of this to him in a trans like state in their bad into Gallic and Jose is basically this kind of taking note of all of this, and then after about Half an hour of this trance conversation Remy just wakes up a lucid and Jose doesn't really know what to do so, he's just kind of like hey Do you remember what just went down and remedies can like? I don't really know where they. What are you talking about, and he just goes nothing. Oh he doesn't explained to her. What happened? Absolute she's like what and he's like why you know. It's actually thing here, just responds to her question with winning louder question with more upward inflection jobs that the moment goes away. National speeches moves on not bringing
I'm hoping that it never happens again. Much like she did after she saw the operation weeks prior sure. I, like honestly, if I wasn't that situation with you and you're napping in you're talking as somebody else you like. I will tell you about it. I don't know I just feel like. That would be something we have concentrated well yeah, that's something that we would have a conversation about cause we're spooky bitches, but you know we can speak for every couple. refresh your summary blah blah Leap, a heap with our he'd crafted smooth easy. Measures or refresher are handcrafted with one hundred percent real fruit juice and green tea Berber cuban aiding burst of energy, try are delicious. Labour is like mango passion, fruit or strawberry dragon, fruit, refreshes and, mix barrier strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted keep you cool
repression your summer with our handcrafted refresher, since Moody's made brush your way at why why? Whatever you're funny peacocks got, it exclusively bears beats the office on pick up stream every moment from Dunder Michelin and Export bonus actors annex loses plus, if you're looking for more classic it's you consume every episode of hearts and our creation to an adventure and every season of ESA in the mood for something brand. New, sick, peacocks, original comedies, the Amber rough and shell and say by the Bell. With your pretty new danger familiar face, you can find sons of comedy hits on Peacock get started for free at peak on tv dogma
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