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NBC News NOW and NBC Out present “Pride + Protest,” a conversation hosted by MSNBC’s Joshua Johnson. During Pride month and with the backdrop of the nationwide protests following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and now Rayshard Brooks, Johnson moderates a discussion on being Black and queer in America in 2020.

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Large research, we're gay people of color. We experience different set of circumstances under which to live openly or challenges straight science to many matters this matter, but I am I
Hey there, I'm Joshua Johnson. This is pride and protest. A conversation for a turning point in american history. Social justice warrior had become something of an insult. Now it seems that millions of us are eager to enlist. How did that happen? the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman, was the flashpoints in United Americans like never before people from every walk of life, one for each other's lungs. In one voice they warn their elected leaders, no justice for racial justice for algae. Eighty rights have always been linked. Black lives matter is just the latest example. Two thousand twenty March fifty years since New York's first game liberation, day March after the Stone Wall Riots, the people who fought back could have been fired from their jobs if they got out- and the Supreme Court, says that kind of job discrimination is illegal and what
ruling based on the civil rights nineteen sixty four long past five years before still more focused on racial discrimination. The court confirmed that it also encompasses sexual orientation and gender identity, but that's the thing when it comes to the fight for equality. We are and have always been directly connected to one another's progress who do you think laid the groundwork for stone, wall trends, women of color like Marshpee, Johnson and Sylvia Rivera? They were the prime targets for police departments and thereby swans black lives matter aims, among other things, to prevent these neutrality and who helped to lay the groundwork for black lives matter. Belge be to keep people of color like at least
the guards them and they re moccasined. It's all one big push. Free quality always has been it's a lot to think through, but our guests, this hour, are here to help. So, let's meet our first Pennell Domini Jackson is best known for playing Electra, eventually stir in the hit ethics. Tv series pose she's, also a model, and an author Alfonzo David is the president of the human rights campaign and Ebony Bell is editor in chief of tag, a magazine focused on lesbian, queer trends and bisexual people across Amerika glad to have all of you with us and Dominique. Let me start with you left your take on these two movements merging so tangibly, so suddenly. Why now, while is extremely important for this to happen right now, because we have a lot of black trains
and being murdered. We are about sixteen seventeen, probably eighteen right now, and these are brutal and horrible martyrs and we as today- people rallying we everyone and we are always there with black lives matter. I mean from most martyrs that happened? I've known my sisters to go out and rally, and while we are rallying, we are also being targeted. So it's like. We stand out from people that one stand up for us so now for us. I gather it means that we are really seeing that it's about equality for all, not just for everyone else to get a passport to get the privilege that others have Alfonso. This is not the first time as we mention that there has been visible overlap between these movements. So how do we get to this point too? Where we, I know it's what you think about twenty twenty.
We are seeing this country at an important moment, and we are grappling with issues of racial strife than we have been grappling with the past one hundred years people had been treated. Such a way that we are not really realising the full dream of equality in the way that is reflected in our constitution, Domini is exactly right. We have to make sure that we appreciate that all of these movements are intertwined try did started with protest that black lion extraneous gentlewomen slot against police brutality fought against oppression, and that's why we Modern civil rights movement for algae, beating you people, but it is not divorced from the struggles of the past It is not divorced from civil rights leaders. Black civil rights leaders, who created the platform now stand on as we advance algae, be teach you a quality, so we do have to think about
st remember history and understand how our history informs the kind discussion about Greece in this country in our future. Where we have to go through. Liberation is the goal not only for eligibility key people, but for black people, and people of color in this country have any one issue at the blacklist matter. Movement has had to deal with. Is this push back phrase all lives matter, and so now we're seeing protests and writing. It seem like it was just an hour ago that there was a thing and now seeing protests and pride marches that say all black lives matter. What do you make of the merging of these two things? Does it concentrate the social impact? Does it diluted do you see all eyes matter, is completely separate, absolutely ridiculous from all black lives matter. Of course, we know all eyes matter. I think all of us in trying to explain this to people.
We understand that right now- our brothers, Sir siblings are being murdered right in front of our faces, also, as both at the other analysed spoke black trans within are still be violent. We abuse h the streets on sometimes at the hands of our own community are so important that we recognise. Black lives mare in all of our voices matter. We are front lines as it was mentioned before we had a black trans woman in black lesbian door, the first break door, the first so whilst we didn t need to show up for a black and unity for the Black Sea,
to start showing for us, because we really are in this together were not just gave were notches black. We are black queer but Emily. I think the other aspect of the that's worth noting, as the now feels different from then, because and all lives matter was meant as a sort of a throwaway to just kind of make. The argument disappear as if Everybody didn't already know, isn't everybody's life and portal, and it felt like the push back was we'll know if everybody's life was important, we wouldn't be have this conversation environs by example. Exactly the editing sites. You know little disheart mean they're so black eyes, for everybody to always cited say all lacks that never was a day and so likewise matter, and so my students People say all eyes matter: what is it about black lives matter that further
we really did about due to some soul searching for short, because we know the matter. Now the pandemic? here. We are again a pandemic determining how much room is there for black lives. Or to be more algae, BT, Q, inclusive I mean this movement is just fine. Thirdly, nationally, starting to see significant change happening regarding black and brown people, that's after years of pushing how much ban with do you think that it has realistically to broaden its focus, comets band, which is supposed to be there there we are supposed to be a part of this. We are black and we are brown. There should never even be a question about if we should be a part of it, because, to be honest with you, many people of the algae bbq, I plus community, have always been a part of black lives matter.
Black lives movement cell to exclude slaughter. Even it's kind of to be honest. He was kind of disrespects also means anyone for anyone to even say that you know They are wrong. We are black. We are ground, we are part of this community. We should never have a question of our own people killings. We should never have a question of us even asking to be a part of it, but a participate. We should have a home run its protecting us just as we protect that understood. I hear you on that are not upset. I think you're right, that there should not be a question of it. I think part of the issue has been pretty glee, whether everyone gets noticed but you're right, Dominic, that that should be banned, which should be there. I also want to acknowledge that you use that different term than I used and just for people who are watching I'd die Use, a term that is much more inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Queer intersect
sexual questioning allies, everybody I'm just using genetic. He was a shorthand but recognize that there are many different ways to refer to the multiplicity of this community, but not intervention. But This is how we grow. This is how we allow people to feel that they can the streets at night when we take the time to understand that is not just algae BT and is not just it is algae, BT, Q, I class taking the time to just say the plus you I plus will give those people that John agent identified under the algae or the t to be on a tea. To feel included in black lives matter for us to be included what we want. You cannot say your life mandates that black lies matter, look at another black brown person and tell them that they are
I'm an Asian, it's ok for them to be killed. I think, too, that point now funds that we should note that this community is not new to the black civil rights movement, either. Bayard Rustin organised the nineteen sixty three March on Washington them its insiders knew he was gay, but kept quiet for reasons of trying to not have out I dare say I see they gotta people they associate and try to was to discredit the movement of funds or how far have we come in your view since the days that people like me, rusted could work for one aspect of our civil rights but had to leave another one on time. We shall have a lot of work to do in workplaces across this country organisations across this country. We are ready to which identity is most important. We create a high key of identity and our various circles, and in some cases, if your elders, meaty Q person, you
leave yours tat for creation of gender identity door. If you, if you want to focus on your race or vice versa, we need to create an environment where we don't have to choose. I don T at all. And then my sexual orientation, that my gender identity, those identities are critically important person, weeny society to recognise identity, and now at the same value be honest identity is indeed value, others Russia is a perfect example. Is one of the architects of the civil rights movement, specifically the more Washington Edison. You know that As we celebrate try some people, don't we have more dvd q S, eyes, rights movement because of a black Next transgender women, like police brutality, so we do
think about deconstructing this higher identity. We have come a long way, but we still lack. We saw a few shots of pride celebrations before I ask you about that. Any clear! Just get your sense since we're talking terminology. What is your sense in terms of the way that we refer to another. I see, we're Dominique us from two percent I hear or funds is slow different term. I as a journalist, tend to follow journalistic and where we tend to use either algebra tea or I'll Djibouti Q. Just for the sake of brevity, how do you see it every day sure so also in the media industry, and so we take an allergy to you I know that we are talking about extending because we have to practise what we preach. We talk about things and city, So that's exactly what we need to do. We want to be a part of something we want to be a part of the voices, the movement, but we can't do that without the eye,
Plus I'm so I do not agree with the money. We need to make sure that were inclusive of everyone. I didn't you know as far as right down on paper or saying, if you now eyes a loaded, smoother allowing you say: algebra teach you, but it's time to bring in our other abroad. Prison sisters and similar the inclusive, because we can ask for the same the and then leave our whole another section of our community? and if I understand the brevity argument also, but if we can make time in the past to refer to homosexuality, we can say algae Tiki, why it is the exact same number of syllable so I'll, take dominates advice and I'm gonna extend it for the sake of this conversation cause. I do take your point about it, so we say and algae Thank you. I, for the rest of the day, it is decreed next order: business ebony. Let's talk about
I'd celebrations, I'd like your sensitive about Djibouti Cuba, a pride celebrations today, particularly because some cities a separate black pride celebration, separate from, or maybe as part of a larger pride of it back in twenty seventeen Philadelphia, updated the Rainbow fly to include a black stripe, brown stripe representing people of color? How do you see this gap between how white and full of color may express pride differently. So this really quickly I lost sound. There are missing in this question is for me, but you know I heard a lie times will say: why do we need a black pride, our asian Specific Pacific pry? Oh, it's all.
Everyone will. You know try here Deasey I was the same capital right, for example. I think it's important for people to understand that we need spaces where we can relate to people. I was explaining to foe sound. You know we didn't quarantine for a long time to three months. Now we can indeed negative news in an image. Is an administration that you know is the entire algae be detailed and, as always see and one of the things that were missing our south of farming spaces? Again, it goes back to a horse opera. Matter, I'll buy to make sure that we have that self awareness and also suffer for me space and that's what black pride does for black we're people
certain things we deal with arable been defined and other people. I it's important that we have that space to communicate Dominic. What do you think pride should look like going forward fifty years ago and was a liberation March, a protest today? It's pride parade mostly a celebration with some major companies either participating or sponsoring. The these we can highlight? You know we were just like you were just like everyone else where from your community, then it we're here, we're queer get used to it. I see the merits of both, but what would you I'm an equal? Would you like to see the future of pride? Look like well. Surprise, look like something that I would be one hundred percent about. It would have to include the transplant community in a great away. I believe that price has now.
Realize that, in order to be in order to be proud, you have to have something to proud about in your life is still marginalized. How Gonna go out there and support a movement that is not even a realising that your there is not enough. Realising that your needs are not met. Realizing that you are dying every day He now so for me, pride to be more inclusive, five has to step away from the book and aspects of it and come back to. Where is about having people that are so proud of what they are unapologetically, because they feel a whole from the inside finally forever before we left, should go in one sentence. Just one sentence: if there was one piece of advice- You would have given your younger self to prepare them for whatever too Twenty is right now what were they?
one sentence of advice be Alfonzo. Let me start with you. One sense of advice to your young yourself. Never never gay ebony state, in saying that Dominic Jabba shoes, baby yet the shoes and stand on their necks. They respect once that we had a little audio issued a first time. Repeat your sense, if you would please before we go never in never forget your capacity, that is often so David of the Human rights campaigner, Ebony Bell of Tag magazine and Dominique seizing don't Jackson of Pose Unex tv. Thank you all very much for being with us much appreciated
well much more to discuss as we continue. As you heard, Dominic mention a number of transgender engender. Not conforming. People have been killed here in the? U S, fifteen. So far, according to the human rights campaign, we say at least fifteen, because oftentimes these stories just go untold or the victims are miss gendered with autopsies that use their birth name rather than their chosen identities. Doing that is known as dead naming here is a look at them as they were in life.
To be black and to be clear right now to me his beautiful, but it is also hard. Born in african american woman has exposed to a world of hatred, misunderstanding and exploitation. I really saw- as you know about me- but it's hardly understand my game and other species, where's. My spirits is love me now that the whole world is watching a lot of us. Somebody made Terry linen revisit baffled Accepting our blacklist Anna Queerness, in tandem with the anti beating you place community, must all space for the Morrow allies to process the unbearable, as we believe that those meeting hostility, it has been a strong.
You'll, see the system continues to benefit and continues to thrive on our division, and I think that's another reason why all black lives matter is so important because of the way that the most marginalize up black community have been left out of that, even though it's all our movement would not have a five month to celebrate if it were not for black Trans women trans community to demand better for them last year universities stolen law by this first year, It is really fighting for rights and our only way- and that includes for our trains and block Trans failing- is the main message it needs to be expressed so long. We are the foundation of admiration and interesting. Are we going to forget about a black trans men and women? Are we going to forget about,
nine by narrow folks, we can now MRS De Lange Phrase women, please Lang. France, women wear black lives are worthy of respect. Queer black lives are to be loved. Queer black lives are to be protected. And I hope that we remember that this month and forever welcome back to pride and protest. It used to be the one we did it. Program like this? We assumed our audience to mostly be straight white people who needed a fair amount of handholding. Today, we're probably talking to straightway people stray people of color algae Bt Q. I people both white end of color, basically air body. It makes a difference to have the entirety focused on protecting minority, that support could turn out to sea
lives, especially for trans women of color. They have been and are now frequent victims of violence, including murders, human rights campaign recorded at least twenty seven transgender or gender non conforming people killed violently in twenty eighteen hr, see noted twenty nine the year before twenty three the year before that, and of course these are just the cases we know about, others have probably gone unknown or been ignored. Still others may have been classified by their birth name and biased. Ethical sex instead of by their chosen name and gender identity. Let's discuss that and more with our next panel Angelica Ross Place, candy ferocity on the hit series pose on ethics she's also producer and human rights address. Take MILAN, as a writer and advocate also with us, is
The apple is city, council, member, Andrea Jenkins, she's, the first black openly trans woman elected to any office in american history and e on field. Stuart is an artist activist and offer her work includes consulting on cultural competency, glad to have everyone here and council member Jenkins I'd like to start with you regarding those statistics that we just mention what is going on here What needs to be done to prevent this from happening and so to be On the same guys, with these amazing just human beings well needs to leave and support, lives continue along the narrow S arm.
Trends gender, not conforming identities. You know I just ass much, the Supreme Court on me the illegal horror, transgender, and more broadly elegy B. T to be able to. To work in the workplace is an important. We need to Pakistan, employment, Manderson so we can have more rights and in the workplace, as as means as american citizens as people contributing to It is a miracle We need aid organisations to contribute money to support trans lives, Trans activism.
The letter into Trans men and women about well we want to be Don t. How accepted have you felt as and how should be to cure a person in the black community? Does it feel like you're kind of sir? killing two worlds at once. Sometimes, or do you feel mostly welcome it is my my position Is different as a transgender man data, may oftentimes people don't necessarily weeny asterisk gender offers me a level of acquiring a safety that sometimes trade, women don't get and oftentimes there's, because what happens is we are more inclined to investigate femininity, investigate women in a way that we don't do with were always looking for the performance of femininity or indeed, a massive person is just need a mass of hers the right of scrutiny, but I will say this: I'm very cautious about women. The way I disclose their transfers.
What you need is not just in the black community, but just in the well general generally to be very cautious about what I'm trade and, at the same time, make sure I'm sure enough for Trans people, particularly black reason, women, when I see by us happening when I hear mine, was late like language. If you know how to intervene as blasted when I need I explained on that questionable, but when you say you have to be mindful about how you present yourself in the world, how much of that, if any, has to do with the kinds of stereotypes and expectations and images that black men, regardless of their gender identity, face the wider society I mean, I have to be mindful to an extent as a gay black man about how I percent myself, but I know I can like if I never told anybody I was gay, they would never ask so for me the narrative is different, I'm guessing than it is for you
it's definitely does also similarities. What is there to is this idea that, as a black man in the world, you can only look one of two weights. Why were you really look? One way is honesty. I promised, and had only allowed a couple of emotions were they just be like lust for anger and anything outside of dad's gonna call into question your masculinity manhood and when they start to happen, that's what people get. My people feel threatened by you presenting yourself as a different type of men as you being a man who is too is prouder because these were his gentleman, his emotions, Timor really frightened by them. This is why this house, to people's about what I say, I had to be cautious about how I present myself, and sometimes the ESA is performed it, but as I do, the loss or form, as is arresting people what is the preserve of my life, and the answer is yes, Angelo I see you nodding Tibet, that, what's on your mind with regard to that well,
I take said and first thought that you four have beyond your interests, be providing the space because, as I am looking at the panel here like these, are my friends. These are all people that I know and have been in the movement with, and so these are the voices that you know. People should be hearing from what I'm thinking about is as a black trans woman. Who has gained a certain level of privilege, with my access to Hollywood and being on television and then comes privileges with that. But we have come to understand that my privileges, whatever they may be, will not protect me because When I am out on the streets, I have had moments where I am. Being like take says, like surveillance, my femininity in the performance of his being surveillance. As I walk into the corner store or as I walked down the sidewalk through a group of black men who go from cat, calling me too, examining my femininity just a little bit closer and
in saying wait a minute. That's a man and almost certain my heart rate goes up and I'm Sure, if those are the last words that I'm gonna hear and can we just be clear, and then I will do what I come to you, but can we just be clear for people who are watching this? The person on the left for your screen is a trans woman. There is any man, the permanent you identify people based on how they identify themselves. That's why it's called I didn't it is how I see my cell circle. We dismay led down for everybody, please. This has been a public service announcement. I think it's fair to say many black households tend to be more socially served him at least when it comes to issues of algae, be Ciccu? I sat that's. How much do you think these current social movements are influencing influencing what happens with the people there
the closest to it's interesting. I think that in many ways we forget the indigenous eighty of clearness and therefore we will erase the fact that on that basis, Transmits has existed for far longer than we had language for it. So I guess that my reaction to that is that perhaps we're expanding the narrative of white family looks like when it comes to blackness, both including chosen family as well as including on biological family, but also recognising right that in the black me but I've operated it, and you know that I can use that. I've seen this always that that person that anti that Uncle that sanguine, whether it be like you, know the head of unit, but had a bad of music director at the charge. You know there is always someone who's in the community with God, just like a little extra sugar in the tank on little away, at whatever words that we use- and I think there is an indigenous eighty two,
clearness and blackness that were not ready to talk about yet, but it has always been there, and I think that in that way I do understand that there is a narrative about the conservative nature of black households, but I think it is important to recognise that we then from looked much longer time that we're ready to talk about catching up. Can I just exactly- extra and on the whole idea of Lady black families beam, you know socially conservative or what have you. I just want to point out that I think This is rooted again in. Why supremacy and to call me no sort of the routes, what they are, because I know What's really happening is, as so, many mothers and fathers are so concerned about their black child safety, fear or trans. That's why every black child gets a talking to about how to survive in Amerika. What not to do
address: how to talk all these different things and that x extends to the algae BT cute meaning they tell us. Why would you want to put one more layer of oppression of one more difficult thing to get into this world. Don't you know how the world is going to treat you when they dont understand it at home? Is the first place where you can model showing pretty your l GB take child for those who are watching who are still kind of these issues. I should just note Angelica Use that term sis or Trans she's according to Sis gender, and these are your sister under if your biological sex at birth and your gender identity today match, I was more male identifies a man. So I am a sis gender man justify Council member Jenkins. I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about that Supreme Court decision. Unemployment discrimination the court used a strict reading of the civil rights active nineteen sixty four. It was kind of a concern British sort of jurisprudence and justice is that take was a mentioned earlier, wrote the opinion how big
deal. Is that ruling in your view, how far it is that take us, she mentioned earlier that you think we still need an employment nondiscrimination act in addition to this ruling it is a huge step- because what it says is the law is is a law regardless religious feeling, plans or conservative means they are interpreted in the nineteen sixty or civil rights law, as it is written in so bad The son, a thin skin The Supreme Court last govern our society, but still, I think we need more. We
neither in plenary last termination from the water to have laws that can be enforced various communities and agencies that are with enforcing that you just go back to this issue around community you know a man on the floor for as long as I can remember how were you now remains The murderers, many and managed to destroy leading to this conversation. Here in Minneapolis Indiana, do you mean these, these, this violence is being brought pond
it merely by black people. And ass a huge problem. Do you this discussion. We maybe you know this whole idea, somehow families are more concerned families don't necessarily we would then there is the same level. And Transphobia in in communities the violence is manger. Bye, Please, let me in the huge bar actress and producer Angelica Ross Rider and advocate. Take me
Minneapolis City Council, Vice President Entry Jenkins, an artist and activists, the Enfield Stuart everyone. We really appreciate your being here with us. Thank you very, very much still ticking we're gonna look ahead. Demonstrators are demanding police reform lawmakers debating what to do. How does law enforcement factor into this solution has just ahead? Stay clips prided much about billowy. I think people see reverie been tension. Queer allowed. Damn you understand that are not alone. It important to focus on that. We are here. We love one however, what we are and where absolutely graduate, I'd my head so tat I may face the strangers. And loved ones ridiculing, because I'm a little weird and means
means, then they will know who I am being my yourself because going about it of those role models, and I didn't see myself in a lot of people in agriculture, and so you can at last and alone, and I want to be someone else visible this year. Everything on the protest, I feel like me, take pride back to its original roots. Be approach has to be a Martian sponsored by highlighting these later promised queer voices, prominent queer black Trans voices, slanting. That's how you fighting promoting even listening and giving space some other voices can ride is not a luxury pride
It is essential to mass survival or final panel will help us look to the future. So much is changing these days, policing popular culture, business and the way we look at each other. What should that change look like and what should be done to make these changes last joining us to discuss at our Travail Anderson, the co host of anti a pot cast about our love hate relationships with pop culture, Ashley Marie Preston, a media personality and creator of you are essential. That's a campaign to help people most affected by covert nineteen and mountain can Yadda is a Pennsylvania state representative. His district includes his native North Philadelphia glad to have everyone here and Travail. I'd like to start with you.
This has been a momentous pride month, historic protests, a pandemic and more how're. You personally just processing. All of this. For me, I'm just looking at how the protests that we have been seeing are actually a manifestation of the work that you know. Our trans esters have been doing all along I'm proud to see so many people getting out in the street, in particular at the Berkeley Liberation protest this past weekend and showing that they support and they stand up for black him round trans folks, my thing going forward, I'm interested in seeing you know folks, keep that same energy. A major sit in seeing folks make sure that they are still believing in saying that black lives matter in all black lives matter, including black trans lives. You know two months three months down the line representative,
you gotta. How do you see law enforcement role in this push for equality and for reform as a lawmaker? Are you seeing more support from police departments more resistance? How going, you know, there's there's always resistance to change, but ultimately it is our job as people who Was to make sure we're being responsive to what's going in what we face here is tat. Our structures are deeply deeply broken and just a week ago, Myself- and most members of the black hawk is in some way? wise. We actually I'm stage. Civil disobedience. Winds in our chamber stopped all movement all now splore demanding that we actually move bills. That would read it. Reform the way we do policing and the commonwealth, and because of folk to for now ten days now him Pennsylvania had been out every single day. Demanding that we discuss
these systems that have treated sore black and brown, who were algae Q, who exist on the margins, absolutely horribly. We know that we need big change and you know in Harrisburg we're doing everything we can in our power to do it. We don't expect that law enforcement is gonna, be an ally, unfortunately, and getting it done, but we're in a push ahead. Nevertheless, representatives should also asked you you'd district in North Philadelphia is an interesting one. It includes so neighborhoods that have been really struggling for a very long time. It also includes Temple University. I used to spend some summers at Temple in a program for minority students who are interested in medical careers, because I was going to be a doctor before I settle. Something study like journalism and it's an interesting mix. So I feel Maybe your district gives you a certain perspective about how communities
sit side by side with one another and have so much mutual interest, but still feel like there's a fifty foot wall between You know what the honestly there is a lot of attention. I say all the time that deep poverty- The moral and economic issues our time? And so you know As you know, you would hope that that law enforcement within allies there are moments where you know The tensions are very real and, as the person who was born and raised in this district third generation grew up amazing projects round the corner, but also at this deep history, a temple, my grandmother went the Temple my dad, what that was in some. There certainly is a balance, but at the end of the day, the folks who live in this community who are invested in this community beyond for years, it's their lives that really ultimately need to be centred. And that's what I do my work Ashley. How do you see
ally ship of the algae BT highway community to black lives matter right now, it seems to have taken this quantum leap in the last few months. What is interesting now that it's quite a quantum leap as much as it is people not knowing that black liberation, a mere liberation Larry and their dynamic, linked the leadership of likewise matter. They are black. We are women, and so I, about? One thing that we can agree on is that state sponsored violence and law enforcement have been added by means of our ability to thrive, and so when we, how conversations around what it means to define the police and reinvest in the communities that have been framed in its findings storms, it's a conversation that, and you should be able to come to the table today.
There are just ass. Why do you think actually that there's been that lack of of awareness of who all has been at the foundations of this movement? Is it wilful ignorance? Is it? Is it just what's what the line that it would be all of the above any. There also seems to be an urban meant within the black uneasily that somehow trans in we're files are immune to the toxicity and whites and currency and back we're sheltered by the politics of the anti beating you umbrella, and so, if you, two percent of GDP, to keep people of color according to name whereby the southerners on new ground and the transit and said that they experience high levels of violence by law enforcement and so as We continue to see law enforcement. Take black lives with impunity and now be held responsible were asked.
See disproportionate violence within the community toward black eyes and so in that? There are people who now and then there are some who don't now travail lately, a number of companies have expressed their support of both black and should be tissue. I rights struggles. Some of my policy changes, including the hook up at grinder. Psmith Company said it would remove a function that lets users filter out profiles by ethnicity. I think some people were surprised that grinder even had this feature What do you make of? It feels like one of those realizations that you know that asked Just talking about some algebra secure people may have about just how deeply prejudices can run within a community that Lamy to embrace everyone.
While the whole idea of kind of Horatio preference, racial discrimination within the algebra teach you the community is not new. Grinder has known that for as the law. As it was it's been in existence, and so I see that this particular move. It's just kind of lip service. In this particular moment, they could have removed it a long time ago. We didn't need to witness. You know somebody with a knee on the back of their neck in order for us to be moved toward this type of movement and type of change. Companies like Grindr who perpetuate lot of ways, some of the systemic racism, some of the oppression that algae take you people of color, exhibit experience rather within the community, there's so much more that they could be doing with the technology with the dead, that they have with the money that they have an end. This particular move is really it's really empty to me and to railways. Is it's not lost on me that
you're. Very, very much sought me leave many of us in the community we ve heard. You know that. No black men inside the community I mean You know I'm getting that right, Go very very much sought me leave many of us within the community. We ve heard. You know that no fats, no femmes right, so there's an anti vat in Anti Pham conversation to be had. There's also that no blacks, no Asians, these other ways in which members of the community primarily why members of the community other further other rise and further marginalize those of us who are at the intersection of a variety of identity? So, like I said it, it's not a new converse. Asian and I'm looking to grinder to Jack, to the other acts to do more and if you're not familiar. Any of these acts by the way you're watching this do not google them stay pure remain. Let's look ahead to the future representative can yadda what What are you doing? to ensure the best outcome for blackmail, GB tissue. I people
The November elections is there one particular aspect of policy that sure focused on for the future, so one of the things that I have really been looking ash is decided. Around data? since it is often an hour what policy we all can think of moments where our public policy, he is actually only antagonistic again spoke to exist on the margins of the things that I have often seen walking in a committee hearings, as only We have to openly algebra teach you members as one of the youngest members as the only openly. Algebra too, are snuff, colored and, what's so often happens, is that you're, not even a part of the conversation at all, and so there's been a national movement of
activists and others around clearing the senses and intensive angel one of the things I ve been looking ashes. Abyla introduce called the ETA for eligibility. Q lives. That would add a soldier question to all forms. Will we collect demographic information of violence, airy question about sexual orientation and gender identity, because the reality is that the state level we collect almost no data about our community in large part because people dont care, they don't think we should be a part of the conversation and we're actively ignored, and so one of the things that we need to do is make sure I'm not the only grimly algae dvd to person or queer person in these space. It's because what I've seen as they were in these spaces when our lived experiences are in these cases the conversation shifts and we need more that shifting to attack and ultimately dismantle the structures of oppression, and I just want a collar
Acronym Eu Sochi, s, oh gee. I, that sexual orientation and gender identity right correct, gotta before electronic. In one sense, if I could get from all three of you just one sentence, if you can give one piece of advice to a young black Belge Bt Q, I person whose watching this who is looking to the future, wondering what to do Look like what would that be in one sentence. Only representative can yadda what would you say. One sentence I would say that sometimes the most radical thing you can do is just do yourself, and I would incur I urge them such surely truly embrace thatch and every single space. Actually one sentence. What would you say I would say, take ownership of the moment. Our generation has bad movement that defiance and they are- and this is yours and travel before we go. I just add that
you come from a long leading edge of queer in Trans brilliants, embrace it Travail Anderson, close to the pod cast, fan, tie and neglect to diminish the president of the loss, Angeles chapter of the National Association of Black journalists. Actually we're repressed and creator of you are essential and Pennsylvania State Representative knock em can yadda of North Philadelphia. Everybody! It has been a pleasure. Thank you also, very much and hey we're glad you made time forth ass, ours. Well, hopefully, its clear now, just how very Pluribus autumn. We really are especially these days, black lives matter and the eligibility Q. I Rights movement are both making strides, but it all begins when people connect, when we discovered just how much we need other? In his letter from a Birmingham jail Doktor King wrote that we are all tied in a single garment of destiny. You see seen what can happen when that garment unravels. Until we meet again, I'm Joshua John
thanks for watching I've been getting out every single weekend and protesting and being able to really talk about what's happening in the world, then So it s all black lives matter mean that we should address the homophobia in our community and addressed racism. Analogy leads to community about joining some communities together and creating a dialogue in conversation about ways we can better each other as a human rights really really bring about lasting, sustainable change. Page crusades this way Am I podcast wisest happening? I sit down. Good Marian Kaaba about what it would be like to get rid of prisons and policing altogether restorative justice is people would say a set of ideas, ideologies, visions,
world that determine the ways in which we will interact with each other one harm occurs. It means that people who were harmed are centred in terms of their hearts, being seen and valued and address. It means that bystanders are called to be part of encircling that person and that the person whose harm is also called in to take accountability for what they have done so a different model than the adversarial system that we currently have one harms occur in the states intervenes in this case. The ideas that you have a community of people who will intervene as this week on wisest running find wisest happening. Where were you get your podcast subscribe now
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