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The president on Tuesday used a Rose Garden event as a winding 52-minute speech, and he focused his attention largely on Joe Biden. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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I used to bring killers out, they would say, don't bring up our country we want and what we have to. We don't want of. They wouldn't take em now with us. They take some day I'll. Tell you why! So, I'll. Tell you why, but they take him taken very gladly they used to bring mountain, they wouldn't even let the aeroplanes land if they brought him back by airplanes, it wouldn't let the buses into their kind, It is a widow autumn said no, but to country illegally and their murderous they killers. In some cases, if you had trouble, following the president's line of thought there you're not alone It was supposed to be a news conference about China, but present interim turned a rose garden event into an impromptu campaign rally to attack Joe Biden New York Times called it. A meandering monologue plus the White has pressed secretary insisted. There is nothing to the news reports The White House is pushing out
opposition research to news organisations to discredit Doctor then he found she it'll be interesting to hear her explanation today to a new bad from White House, traded, Visor Peter the virus entitled Anthony Voucher, has been wrong about everything I have interacted with them on. Ok, as virus itself with infections. Surging Florida has broken its record for most corona virus deaths in a day at the same, I'm in Texas counties are requesting refrigerated trucks, as morgues fill up and were So, following Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Pater Ginsburg, who is again specialized this time for a possible infection. We're locked You want her condition this morning, a lot going on get laid MAX by the way, denied bail and she's married good, more and welcome to morning Joe, it is Wednesday July Fifteenth Joseph
this morning, taking a break along with Willie and may we have em and we see national affairs, analysts, co host of show times the circus and an editor executive. Or of the recount jaw. Hi omen and NBC News and MSNBC contributor shot Thomas and Willie can have a rally bring the rally to the rose garden with a captive audience. Yes, he did for sixty three minutes only six of which were spent answering questions from reporters. It was hailed as a news, since it was not that Chief Whitehouse Forest land for the New York Times, Peter Bacon, describes the news conference this way in his leave peace for the paper quote in theory, president from some in television cameras to the heat baked rose garden early Tuesday evening to announce new measures against China to punish it for its oppression of Hong Kong that did not last long, Peter continues what followed instead was an hour of presidential stream of consciousness. As MR trouble
and seemingly at random from one topic to another often, in the same run on sentence even for president, who rarely sticks to the script and wandered from thought. The thought it was one of these most rambling performances of his presidency continues. He waited on China and in Verona virus in the Paris climate change, a cord and crumbling highways, and then China again and military, spending and in China again and then the corona virus, again and kind of me and energy taxes and trade with Europe, illegal immigration and his friendship with Mexico's president and the corona virus again, and then immigration again in crime in Chicago and the death penalty and back to climate change and education, and his article statues and more he could go on four days the president said at one point and it sounded plot alright speedier baker at times it was hard. Understand what he meant. He seemed to suggest that his presumptive democratic challenger former vice President Joe far by junior when,
get rid of windows. If elected and later said turbine would quote about the suburbs, he complained that Mr Biden had guns far right, he meant left even those who follow Mr Tramp regularly in understanding shorthand it in challenging to follow his train of thought, to put it mildly here, is some of what we heard yesterday from the President of the United States, Joe Biden I agree there has been a gift to the job These Communist Party, Joe Biden, supported China's entry into the World Trade Organization. One of the greatest geopolitics, an economic disasters in world history? As vice premier Biden was a leading advocate of the pair slime at accord, which was unbelievably expensive to our country. America, lost nearly ten thousand factories, while Joe Biden was vice. President is this is what he wrote. High speed
broadband we want high speed were well. Why didn't you get it through? because that's a long time and he didn't do any of the things, but now he says he's gonna, be president as President he's gonna do all the things that he didn't do never did never did anything said, make very bad decisions, especially on foreign policy. We save, tens of thousands of lives, but we actually save millions of lives. By closing, if we listen to you, I'd and hundreds of thousands of additional lives would have been lost. He said that the aid here. The China is, our competition is really bizarre. He's really bizarre but Hunter where's onto whereas Hunter by the way. John Hume and will give you the first crack at this, and we must see sir, but let me say first of all, this others violates not law but tradition president's using the White House, particularly the rose garden, to give campaign speeches into attack their political opponents
presidential campaign or at any time, but also There is a burning crisis going on in the country right now, and none of those sixty three minutes got us any closer to solutions about corona virus. What's happening in southern California, in Houston and Georgia, flawed in Arizona across the country right now or address, can Aaron's about whether or kids will get back to school. That's what's happening country right now. Instead, the present spent those sixty three minutes. Hacking, Joe Biden, often with lies, It's a good morning! Well liked your money maker. I thinking only to go back to the top of your question to go back to the top of your question. They know the ESA. So the tradition is know we ve all heard of the National Rose Garden campaign right president's incumbent presidents, who use the power The office to advance both countries rest and their political interests, that's one of those things power of incumbency, that's what you get when you are President so
this notion that that politics in government don't come together is of course false, but what the press instead on here is, is rather than doing what normal in common presents, do, which is to use the power of the Alps in that way, using their there there, the paddle Polish the power to enhance their standing with the american people as a whole you just using the rose garden, you attack arrival. The president seems to be curbed doing exactly the opposite, not always violating tradition. By watching this kind of person Invective a negative campaigning against his rival, something that generally in stone? Do from the White House grounds, let alone the right of the world? Are these room the wind with the press, briefing room for drug use, all those stages to attack Joe Biden. But this is the most glaring example, but he's also fairly to do what normal income and presidents would do right, which is to your point Willie. Just to say, you know, there's a crisis, country for most encampment press, that crisis as an opportunity,
to be seen as addressing it in a way that makes people feel more secure. Tibet that actually makes the problem reduces them the people are facing the hero, into what the voters are saying we are pulling yes, and show that seventy percent seventy percent of american parents are concerned about setting their kids back to school this wall, the present Today, not only did not address that in a way that would make them feel better or do anything about it in a way that will make them feel better? What sort of man the notion that parents did an interview, CBS ridden mock the notion that parents would have these concerns. It was asked about and said something like while, if you are a parent who thinks that somebody else should be can carry your kids? The present do not become behaving in a not just the way that violates tradition, but in a way that politically suicidal on a kind of daily basis, and this was just one more example of that, and so that political
suicide, suicidal behaviour John Home- and I would say especially on the schools issue- is that people are desperately looking. For leadership on this, so when they don't get it from your as Trump They will actually look elsewhere because they need information they need shit. We need to know whether its safe enough to send their kids to school one. Have to make their own decisions that they will turn away from them again, shows this road rose garden debacle. This completely inappropriate act in a completely a fine tradition on every level total abuse of power using rose garden as a campaign of banned, because you can, after pitiful little rallies, because people won't com So you have a captive. Audience of reporters and cameras, and you use it for politics, use it to go after Joe Biden, Trump redly Fox.
Tromp Friendly Fox NEWS tweeted. This that I know had president Obama done. Does he actually talked about this? He said. Had President Obama done, this people would have gone crazy. Take a lesson. Since in the past by tradition, have stayed away from overt I'm paying rhetoric from the rose garden of the White House, but it is the president's discretion is worth noting, however, to be fair that had pressed Obama made this kind of speech from the rose garden, Republicans Capital here would likely have been up in arms, some John Alman, it seems to me that his separation of an end. Maybe doesn't it seem more and more obvious that is desperate grab the limelight wherever he can and end with people looking for leadership, and our crisis and action they turn them off. Shore, of course make I am you know you ve made the point about the bag. The president
is trying to do a rally in New Hampshire claim. They claim that he couldn't do the rally, because ordinary thunderstorms, those thunderstorms, never really try to Storm and never never arrived in New Hampshire, the guy, I think they realize they are on their way towards another Tulsa. I call on you know: you're seeing it happened now. Action bill were the where the structure talk about more today convention. Their public intervention is now in parallel to their others. Discussion about us, scrapping the indoor element of it and pushing it having it be outside the possibility of a people- beef having to work asks there, which are worth of the appropriate thing from public health, but not with the present one. So the presence best laid plans, the things he relied on as campaign tools that is he loves to do that. The bigger rally people standing show but a shoulder he's now for the sake of public health, not really able to do that. So, of course, this is the perfect for hit from his. We view the perfect captive audiences, you said, but I'd say poor thing right, which is just even if you forget about all that. The the grotesque abuse of
public resources taxpayer funded stage you can forget about that. Just take, it is pure politics. If you just and evaluate what he did yesterday in terms of its attacks on Joe Biden. Did anybody here at effective attack on Joe Biden, here a frame and Joe Biden that might have a chance of improving its political stance. Taken Joe Biden down a peg, quite the if you listen to that thing for an hour yesterday, I defy to tell me what the press, the argument is against Joe Biden on the basis of what you said yesterday. It was just incoherent, rambling and I think it's. One of the other elements what's happening here is. The present is incredibly frustrated with the fact that in jobs, who is not we also say over and over again not a perfect candidate. Has flaws, has weaknesses, as all of us do, but the presence incredibly frustrated in that he could not find an effective, frame for Joe Biden this, like the nightmare candidate for him. Another sector relatively
culturally, moderate, conservative, even white guy. That is not what I also wanted to run against any as yet. You are now in July, and the president does not know how to make the case. Joe Biden that was vividly on display yesterday the rose garden. Yes on it. Probably not a good sign for your campaign when, in MID July of an election year, your attack on Joe Biden is that he wants to quote: abolish the suburbs and maybe even get rid of windows altogether, which was definitely begging for a couple of follow up questions about what he meant there in terms of climate change, but shouted to John point. This has been a frustration for this campaign. They're trying to put job in the same category with members of Congress who are progressed. Boggy men and women that they ve been using now for a couple of years, the label doesn't fit I'm in trouble knows that and Joe Biden that he's a wild left us that he is a tool of the radical left. So instead Yet what we saw yesterday, which is this kind of hodgepodge, this mash up of incoherent,
tax and Joe Biden and not really a frame, but he can he's going to November. In some ways, was sort of, as President Trump was playing his own version of twenty twenty bingo. He mentioned a yo see he mentioned Bernie Sanders. He mentioned green deal, and it was a hodgepodge. But in some way, as I can imagine a world where, if says all these soundbites, and he says all these quotes even ass. When you watch the whole thing together, it doesn't make that much sense. Then he creating ads for his campaign. You sound bites for certain shows on Fox NEWS or away, and he called out in a way and rapporteur and that press conference yesterday and he he is looking in some ways for the best possible sound bite. And so yes, if you listen to it from top to bottom, I didn't really Your standard. I have to go back and listen. Last night before I went to bed because I was actually doing work at five o clock in the afternoon by their
certain key words buzzwords that his base will like they don't like the green new deal. They dont like Sandro Cassio Quartet'S- they don't like Bernie Sanders, so he is trying to figure out what sticks. But when you take those things, passionately. You may have the makings of a campaign out for his for his for his actual campaign. That's not what you're supposed to use them garden for as Mika already mentioned. This goes against protocol. This goes against tradition, but I think we always to remember right now. We have to say that it goes and but we also have also to say yes President's. Do do this now because he president- and he is doing this- and people have to ask themselves- is that of president fit? You want is that the presidency that you because that is now the stand in some ways that he is setting. So we all have to figure out when we are figuring out, would vote for in November do you like this new tradition, yet really good quest?
and before his meandering rose garden, appearance, prayers tromp spend time earlier in the day weighing in on matters of race and a series of interviews, Peter Beggar Rights, they parents came on a day when Mr Trump seemed eager to challenge convention and at Times basic facts during an earlier interview with CBS News. He denied that block. American suffered from police brutality, then why'd, Americans, let's talk about wish for what you said. George Floyd's death was a terrible thing to wire for an American still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country and shore white people saw a white people, terrible question to ask so are white people more like level by the way more white paper, as the Washington Post notes, more white people are shot and killed by police when considering absolute numbers. However, blacks are fatal is shot by police
a higher rate when accounting for population differences, later on. In that interview, the president dismissed concerns over the confederate battle, I got an issue of freedom of speech back and twenty fifteen? You said the Confederate battle flag belongs in a museum. Do you still believe Walsh, as freedom of speech are simple, my attitude is freedom of speech, strong views on the confederate fled with me: its freedom, page very simple. Like I don't like it it's freedom of speech. Would you be comfortable with supporters displaying the confederate battle flag. Aware of it all depends on what you definition is, but I am comfortable with freedom of speech. Its version for you understand why the flag is a painful symbol for many people, because it's a reminder of seats, labour people love at another view, be, I know, people that, like the confederate flag and then not thinking about slavery. I look at NASA God, UNESCO you had those legs all over the place. They stopped it. I just think its freedom. Is
each whether its confederate flags or black lives matter or anything else. You want to talk about its freedom of speech. And in yet another our view. Yesterday, tromp also falsely claimed that a white couple in Saint Louis, who confronted peaceful sure, outside their home, with guns, we're on the verge of being attacked Trump told Town Hall die calm quote: they were going to be paid out badly and the house there's going to be totally ransacked and probably burn down as the Times Bay. No, it's video the episode, which became a flash point in the national debate over racial in it. Our. They showed that the protesters at no point physically threatened the couple they were in fact peaceful China? What stands out to you? We just ran several soundbites its to me that the president is choosing to say things that are wrong.
Bring the race issue, especially when it comes to police shooting as white versus black? Why did he have to say that. Why would he do to say that during that interview, politically first, I guess Catherine Heritage. Some, perhaps for trying to have a somewhat new ones in discussion with the president about this. But as we know, and as we ve been saying for four years five years, even it really does come down to President Trump space and at sea point? He has gotten the message that there is a part of his base that doesn't want to gauge and this conversation about race that we're having in this in this country that there's part of his days to be able to fly confederates lads, not all of his face, and he, and we also know he doesn't really have a grasp of history of this country. So I am not giving him a pass for not really being able to grapple with the issue of the confederate flag and, let them
stands for, but I dont think anyone is surprised by his answers at this point. You know. I also think we follow up question for the president if he is going to keep repeating phrase, freedom of speech over and over again do you believe in the freedom of speech of the protesters who have been in the streets talking about black lives matter talking about our need to reform we systems in various cities and localities. Does freedom of speech extend to people who mean your supporters, because that is also what the presidency stands for and I'm not sure we ve ever gotten a clear answer about about that. But this comes back to what I said about sort of twenty twenty bingo once you avoiding making anyone mad over the confederates lad. Who might want to turn out to vote for you it also freedom of speech? And you know your ability to not have to wear a mask and all of these other things that check some boxes:
and so I think he feels that the safest answering the answer that will please people is just keep repeating freedom of speech and if he can avoid that larger she about Greece? I think he's going to try to do that from now on. John Heilemann the thing about the twenty slash. Twenty bingo, though, is he's, got all his chips on the base, and he needs a couple of more letters. If he's going to be re elected when he says it was very tough I thought when his answer to the correspondence question about Africa, organs in their relationship with police. He immediately left not to address that question, but immediately leaped to the defence of white victims of police violence in this country, of which there are many as well just more Africa, consumer likely to be shot and killed by police on a per capita basis? That's just the fact so John. What he's got the base? The base that likes the confederate, flag the base that wants him to defend white people. Generally
What is he doing to expand the base, its a question that we ve been asking for months and months and months as he plows down into the people who already are going to vote for him? What about the rest the votes in its bright That's the question Willie and you know what a large part of the term reelection strategy before the pandemic hit was premised on the notion that one, the present would lose the popular vote against any democratic and certainly goes Joe Biden and that number two he could try to run. Basically the same play that he ran and twenty sixteen that worked for him, which still you now, as we said many times, pull that inside straight bye, bye, bye, filling up a narrow electoral college victory focus on those upwards Wes, Battleground states in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and the end because they had a huge financial advantage over the Democrats and had been raising for so long do a lot of advanced targeting in those states of, Find more of that
the voters who made up the trunk based before so fine white, Non college. Voters who didn't vote in twenty. Sixteen in turn those people in large enough numbers. Didn't in places like mission, was costs Pennsylvania, Minnesota soda that the president could win in the elect college again and twenty twenty the waited and twenty. Sixteen, the problem is that still, but that still the strata man and there and that's where there what they're doing their third there's an all base campaign in that, and now, of course, their fighting. This battle on just as those three stay for now trying to fight that same battle in states that should have been comfortably are, they fought should encompass way their columns, so in North Carolina in Arizona in Florida, those are the ones. We always mention that the course Ex Battleground states. Then you expand to other places. Now our trouble Fighting in Georgia worries Ruggles in Texas re struggling. We seem pulling in the last few days in places like Kansas. We saw pole from Alaska the other day, guys worth where the presence up by three points in a lab,
got which is within the margin of error. That's out this statistical tie in one of the most conservative states in the country. So what what's the problem The present as the strategy is still the same, but the problem is that every we're avenue for adding the boats that he needs has been cut off and in places that are our or purple states an increasingly even light red states, the present by just trying to turn more of those waiting on college voters. The rest of the country has gravitated towards not Trump this case. Not trumpets Joe Biden and you know, do you can. But we can run this racial playbook pyjamas talking about and that Obviously, there are comfortable for the boats. He already has in mind. Scare up a few votes that he doesn't have people? Would you good who live but didn't about former twenty. Sixteen. The problem is that every He does one of these things he just makes it imply makes headaches, I'd and stronger with disaffected republicans by the stronger in the suburbs and and
the electoral math tat, much harder for him. That's part of like he'd. Go back this question of political suicide. It's a comfortable places that plane that bingo matches cover over Donald Trump, but right how the math is really really not on his side, these doing nothing to change the equation, you were talking, John. We put up appalled that showed the present down ten points in that one pull in the state of Florida as well. Let's bring NBC News corresponding currently from the White House, Caroline New report that goes inside the trunk campaigns struggle to land a punch on Joe by Harold the morning to see. This is what we ve been talking about for the last few minutes. This work, supposed to be in some ways a campaign turn yesterday for president from in the rose garden. As you literally read from a list of attacks on Joe Biden, there was no coherent thread behind them, we're through them. But the press, and going after Joe Biden with his itemised list. What is this
Brad Idjit exactly what is that label? What is that brain that they're, trying to put on Joe Biden ass? We turned toward election day on second, question Willie and the president's advisers, according to sources that we spoke with soaking wet, have been trying for weeks ago. Him too, as they said, not make the election about him that if the election is about him, he will lose, and so they have tried to shift him to pivot too. Strategy of focusing on bite and looking at his record in their various their argument. As he has a very long record, there's a number of policies that the present could be attacking. He has a number of statements in his background. They could be reviving, and so they have tried push him into focusing on his opponent and attempt to deflect frankly from his three and a half years in office, but we ve seen the president instead nursing grievances, publicly he's embracing old tricks that he feels worked for him well, such as applying nickname
did Joe Biden like Sleepy Joe, but is one official told us you know sleepy sounds pretty good after four years of exhaustion, so they want him to move away from this. And yes, You tried to do that, but he did it in a way that was not at all. I think what his advisers had in mind the settings the rose garden, that's just it! You don't see. President stand and rose garden deliver the kind of speech that he did and then, if you look at this self. It was mano, toned his head didn't seem in it, as one adviser has told us, and he really just Ito headed this muddle delivery worry went off on various tangents and so to the frustration of his advice, Those who say that the present is acutely aware that he could win. He can't get engaged on a strategy that they feel is effective, where we have a clear attack on his opponent and the election is not about him and it's not clear that he's going to be able to make that pivot, particularly when he doesn't any other venue, then the complex here at the White House, and what we saw yesterday, where he pretty much delivered a speech
probably would have given on Saturday night if he had that New Hampshire rally not sure anyone has the gods to tell him that it looks desperate and bees is Charolais. Thank you very much to the girl. The virus now Florida confirmed Thirty two new deaths from covert nineteen yesterday, that is the biggest well despite the state, is seen since the beginning of the pandemic, does not necessarily mean all one hundred and thirty two people died in the past twenty four hours, as the figure likely includes DES that happened over the weekend, but we're not rope, where did until Monday. Previously, I, as a single day record, was said just last Thursday, with a hundred and twenty two deaths. So far, Florida has for nearly two hundred and ninety two thousand- the cases and over forty five hundred deaths.
Let's bring in the mayor of Miami Gardens, Oliver Gilbert the third. He was part of a round table floor to govern, two santas held with Florida mayors yesterday afternoon. Thank you very, Mr Mayer, for coming on the show this morning. I guess first of all to tell Us What is going on in them immediate area of what is happening with this rise cases parent rise and deaths, while Solomon Thanks for having been again, I ever knew appreciation for you all getting up this early in the morning, because I want you all over time, but an orange extent, what it is actually mean they dressed and talking to someone this an economic area then he earned in Florida we its. I really do think we opened up all too quickly and nothing that's actually borne out in the result, that we're saying. I dont think that we actually clothes long enough to develop the type of habits but actually allow for us to be the corona buys. So you see these huge job in cases,
and what we ve been saying. All along is when you see these huge job in cases eventually those Kay will translate its obligations and eventually those hospitalizations will translate, unfortunately, into debt, for a lot of our fellow Americans and so was problematic from that perspective, I'm also, we know now that we, to either. We can't maintain this rate. So if we do did I do something you slow down. We will have to look at lean back some of our openings, because we can, we can have thousands and thousands of people. There positive grown virus everyday oh and I mean just to go some first, some basic science- and I think, what's very frustrating about this, Mr Mayer- is that everyone, new from the beginning. It they'll listen to the CDC. If they listen to doktor of algae, it they listen to their own. Doctors that they listened. The doctors it came on. The show is that a few mitigate and if you wear masks and if you socially distance- and yes, if you lock down and you do it for Us-
never gonna maritime. Like other countries, you can this off, you can bring those numbers down and leadership was so quite frankly, sketch run on this. That people were not given the guidance they needed. So here we are so much my question to you, Sir, is where away with testing I know some people in Florida you got tests. Ten days ago and do not have results here. What we, the guidelines we have the largest testing cited hard Rock stadium. I think we tested more people in a single site in a state of Florida problem? Is that when you have this explosion nationally get the retailing agent is in short supply, so people actually getting tested through almost the entire life cycle of the virus and not actually getting their results back until the inn? And that's that's that's problematic from a cup of respect doesn't allow us to actually contact re sort. You are affected infected by someone and you ve been, and you won't
and we won't know to try to call you until that person test positive and so in, and if you look at the gate, criteria from the CDC one of the things they say for reopening was that you had to have a robust contact tracing programme if you're taking this long to get your results back, is virtually impossible to successfully contacts rates. And that's So, allowing the virus to accelerate people are being told that they have been exposed to someone tested positive and until well after there they're into the virus, because the test outcome back sooner it and that's gonna, be not just up toward a proper when that extra money they promise a national problem. It is evidenced instead, we weren't actually from air to actually open up at this level. So if you can't have significant contact racing, you need to have fewer will expose since you have more time, but we can't have the virus spread at this rate, in my mediation implored in the country, Mr Mayer,
Will you guys breaks out beyond this morning, even at this early hour we appreciated being with us? Let me ask you schools superintendence around there have started to say they believe the recommendation is that they should be one hundred percent online. When you I'll go about five weeks, but that it will be up to each individual school district? How are you and people on your school board? Thinking about that question? Right now. Is parents Willie two no really need to know because of the implications it has not just for their kids, but for their own lives and childcare and their own jobs. How're school looking in your city, what that does not in our schools are governed by this my midday county. We will wonderful superintendent out Barack Obama when I have a that's what member dot dot to stay gallon, but my parents purse and from someone who oversee the policy that the city perspective is very problematic, It is very difficult for me to say that you go ahead in and say you can schools. Now, when you have this record type of increase in here,
People saying, while the rest, the kids are minimal, but what does that mean? because these children, so when we send them back in the risk, is minimal but will be an acceptable loss if you sent your kids school in it with you hit the got sick and, unfortunately, was your kid that that might pass away their lot of kids with these products. In conditions like respiratory illnesses and asthma? What what do we do for, though so I understand the argument that parents want their kids in school body is tied up in their house with their kids, I understand that, but we don't want them to send the school into what could actually lead to their death. I think that when people say let's go ahead and do it there some very basic fundamentals about Schools are about how kids interact about how they are in the cafeteria. And had their on buses together and playgrounds together and have the gin interaction of adolescence is not, and do so with so few distancing my thirteen year.
His mask and hang out and we're together, but amenities not around me he's like I take this mascots, I'm not here it's. Actually they actually think about how this is actually going to work and what the actual real life results are because the minimal eyes risk that you talk about, means that somebody's kid get sick and so modest kit, MIKE and I don't know that and best gonna be unacceptable risk from us. But look we have a very capable still bore superintending the school board there on that and Mr Mayer also. Obviously, as we close here it s, things have been done right from the Gatt GO, kids might be going back to school so we're learning that the science works. If you apply it Mare, Oliver Gilbert, the third. Thank you very much for your plane. Talk this morning. You go back to bed, I get it I understand, but thank you still. I had a morning Joe, the White House ramps up its attacks on Doktor, Anthony Patchy even after president, Insisted this week that he and doktor of algae, a very good
working relationship. That is the northern version of bless. Your heart, plus the politics of occur I respect Richard Hoss joins with his latest peace, your watch him Joe we'll, be right back if you run a business, you have questions right now. So what exactly does the new normal me? How can I help my employees feel safe when they come back to the office? I have a small business. How can I get somebody to help me right now? That's why sales force created worked. I come to give business the plan to reopen safely and be for the next normal. Let's,
and business in the business of carrying together. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Join a conversation at work. Tat come to learn more untrue, mainly post of into America. A pod cares from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice and then, when you add health, is a health injustice into what is at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we, once a book,
new episodes every Monday Wednesday Thursday subscribe. Now? What do you tell parents and teachers who feel that its unsafe to go man? I would tell parents and teachers that you should find yourself a new person, whoever is in charge of their decision to terrible decision, because children and parents are dying from that trauma to their dying because they can't do what they're doing mothers can go to work because all of a sudden they have to stay home and watch their child and fathers what's happening. You know, there's a tremendous strain on that whole side in the version that New details are emerging about biotech companies more donors, more daring as vaccine, showing that it gave that
tired response from all forty five participants in a human trial. The results were published an online in New England Journal of Medicine and showed that the dough says we're safe and well too are rated Doktor, Anthony Bout, you called all good news and went on to say in an interview yesterday, the gold standard of Protection- against a viral infection is neutralizing antibodies and the data from study small numbers, as it may be, our pretty clear that this vaccine is capable of inducing quite good levels. Of neutralizing antibodies, the next stage Madeira, as study, is scheduled begin on July, twenty seventh and will test forty thousand adults with half perceiving the vaccine, half receiving placebos. Ninety different you locations will be chosen for this study, and many will be enhanced such as taxes, Florida, California and
Arizona. Willie. We'll take some Good NEWS on corona virus joining a present of the council on Foreign relations, Richard House, whose writing about the politics of a covert ninety Maxine reaching a morning to see you, so this has been held up as holy GRAIL because it is if we can find a vaccine, we can begin to get corona virus under control. It's been an unprecedented re sort of vaccine. Is doctors have told us, over the last few months No one has seen a vaccine on this scale so quickly. So if it does come, let's say by the beginning of next year that doesn't mean this is over. Obviously in that's what you're writing about there'll be a fight over who gets at first, who makes it how it distributed, how you get so many doses out around the world so quickly. So what is the first? problem you see, potentially, when this vaccine is established. Okay, we ve got at what comes next. Is too big questions really
say more downers vaccine works we know now familiar. We obviously hope it does at most they're talking about being of being able to produce five hundred million to a billion dollars a year That sounds like a lot, but every person will probably need to doses, but is a billion people on the planet through the man that sixteen billion with a big day says you need, they are able to produce, possibly have been my into a billion. So the question is catch it in what order who pays for? What do we do in this country? as opposed to the rest of the world, so and again it would take over a year, so it is possible, as vaccines coming on stream, we're talking about them being produced and distributed over the voice of
so people in their minds, think about a vaccine and they think becomes it happens. We ve got the solution is actually much more of a process. Not everyone will get it not everyone will react the same way. We don't know what kind of operational ray of immunity it confers, all of which brings us back to your other conversation. Even with vaccines were still gonna need need good testing, we're still going to need all the other things we do for mitigation a vaccine is tool is a powerful tool, but it's not a panacea so rich, and you also in your piece, anticipate vaccine nationalism to borrow your term, meaning. If there is a vaccine found hope it's in the United States that the countries that have lack will keep the vaccine because they obviously want to take care of their own people. First. What could that mean for really ships around the world.
Obviously, if we do have a vaccine in his country will be at this, we have our own national conversation Willie. Who gets you first in this country? Is it first responders hospital workers, the military teacher? and others. I think we need to be prepared for it when I'm having that conversation, who makes the decision should be up to Montana vaccine should it be the the government and then just shoot you only use it in the United States, or should we also make a percentage of it Well, we'll shore. Should our allies get done? Should we licence its production? If you do licensed production, what kind of a profit would would flow to model should we give some of it away, but to poor people around the world is at the end of the day. We need these other countries to get back on their feet or the were the disease will never go away and what's what worries me and the phrase Fraser using the pieces, catastrophic success in the Iraq war, things went so well. Charlie early on the planning never put up. We weren't ready for MIKE
sure now is of things in the laboratory go well and we obviously all pray that they do Willie. I want to make sure the planning is in place now Finally, an internationally, so we're ready to distribute the vaccine on terms that don't cause braids greater friction in the world. So richer. Do we want to ask you about? He rose garden situation yesterday, we're gonna take a quick break. On the other side will talk about that, we'll be right back a guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actor Chris Evans to talk about his new series defending Jacob and his step off of the screen into public policy in our conversation now, for free wherever you download your pot, casts live shot of the White House ass. The sun comes up over Washington DC. Add forty seven past the hour. Richard
This is still with us and Richard the event yesterday the rose garden. It was supposed to be about China relationship with China. What impact did it have It was a rambling, I believe, sixty three minute diatribe that when in many different directions, almost to know where to start Mika in terms of China, the President announced new sanctions because of Hong Kong, essentially going after individuals associated with the decision and the banks they work with, and they really is part. This larger narrative of a serious deterioration in relations between the two most powerful countries of this year of history. So I know this lots, what's going on, but just U S, chinese relationship is in freefall and they did the potential risk. For an instant, and I think it is growing dramatic they scientist, but that aside, no more broadly, this raises all sorts of questions about norms.
The use of the rose garden for something that is so nakedly political and got you all talking about it for the lack of a clear message it. I think what vice President Biden has. This articulated a message of economic nationalism that in some way steals as an answer thunder and its administration standards, those politically there on the defensive because of the economy and there in the end that handling all covered, and now the challenges and tell taken a march on on what would have been there for substantive economic issue. John Hammond. Hey richer. I want to stick with China and ask if this you know one of the things that we ve heard from when the President's allies Capitol Hill and from here inside the White House is that their fervent wish has been to the last few months has been. Please stop talking. Race? Please stop talking about culture.
More stuff. Please focus on something that we can actually make. Some ground on politically and they always point to China. They say China's really. We should do, and, Mr President, talk about China attacked YO by China, Solana Ass, you know, as you weigh it out, we think about were present. Trump is bent on the question of China. Think about where Joe Biden is on the question of China and you kind of alluded to this year previously but I wanted to be really clear about it. Policy in politics, talk to us about what what then the, if, if we China focused argument in this election. What's that gonna look like first of all, I don't think too many people at the end, the day John are going to push them ever or whatever you push now based upon China and with issues like race, Tens of millions are employed over a hundred thirty five thousand people dead from covert nineteen. I just don't think anyone it can succeed at putting China at the centre of the other,
The present problem is that his policy has been imposed, inconsistent, an incoherent. It's been forming large cheese thing obsession this narrowed trade deal. United States did not join the transpacific partnership, which would again asked tremendous leverage against China. We are allies in the region are regulation. You ve got that softness. On the other hand, you ve blindly, lately have criticism on Hong Kong on chinese treatment. The idea of the workers and much Four stance on the South, China Sea to the administration then, all over the place on on China. Vice President Biden represents what has been the traditional bring view for decades spring China into the world, it didn't bring up? the mellowing of chinese behaviour at home or abroad? people wanted to a the people around vice president and he himself are taking a tough line human rights, an answer
what China strategic activity is in the south fantasy. Sir right now is actually not that much of the different so where the two sides are, I think they're, basically selectively fairy thinking, surely the president was displayed those aspects of past statements in votes that look court on quote soft on China. China Thomas is with us, and she has the next question China Richard. You know, you're about the white houses or the administrations, pull back on the student visa role that they were trying to promulgate. Do you think I mean other than the fact that it looked like that was probably legal. What they were trying to do. Do you think the president agreed to pull back, because business considerations I mean you know: immigrants, you do bring a fair amount of money into this country and contribute lot of money to businesses? What do you think sort of was why they decided to just turn them back off of that
It was interesting. It was an uncharacteristic policy reversal. It turns out the businessmen of many of our colleges and universities is for while only depend on overseas stage and this one created a crisis around the country and a lot of places, colleges and universities, but they have tremendous problems. Then the town Some communities around them also do so. I think the immediate impact would have been hundreds thousands, if not more, students would have been affected. This would have had tremendous economic implicate. Transfer, all sorts of institutions and again the large expanded is not to mention- longer term issues for american competitiveness and I think no one supporting this decision and lots of people pushing back against it your house thanks so much for coming on the show this morning. His latest book is the world a brief introduction, and still I had the PS. Jonathan Le Maire joins us, but this latest reporting plus the trumpet,
restoration sidelines the CDC ordering hospitals to bypass the agency once ending, covered patient information to Washington, we'll talk to leading doktor from Johns Hopkins about the transparency issues here morning, Joe is coming right back every one. It's really guys thanks for listening now, I want to invite you to talk to us here at MSNBC, we'd like to know more about you and the topics you'd be interested in hearing about. As we look to launch new podcast text, podcast do six six eight six six and will text you a link to a short serve it again, text the word podcast to six six, eight, six, six standard text messaging rates, apply your input matters and were looking forward to hearing from you.
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