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Morning Joe 12/11/19


The Morning Joe panel discusses AG William Barr's recent NBC News interview and his remarks about the FBI and the Russia probe. Joe Scarborough calls for a higher standard going forward for becoming attorney general.

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Oh there's a lot of laughing, but it's happening right now, and it's not good for us good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Wednesday December Levin, along with Joe Willie, and may we have former aid to the George W Bush White House in state departments, alleys, Gordon former a Supreme allies, commander, retired forced our Navy, Admiral James to breeders joins us. He is cheap International security and diplomacy analyse for NBC News and Emerson They say a really important data. Have you on, along with cod, that's an associate editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius. And U S national editor. At the financial Times, Edward, joining us from Washington this morning? There's so much happening right now, Joe that Basically, if you view blank, you might miss it so nobody blank just look at yesterday, House Democrats announced this was the big story. We thought articles of impeachment against the president shortly after nine p m after we went off the air and now
later they were announcing a bipartisan trade deal at noon attorney general, William BAR, was back at it, putting politics above the FBI. Next, it was the tromp administration, giving Russia a bull horn to lie about its meddling in american democracy, the present spun his own stories later that even in Pennsylvania, airborne, including false claims about the progress of his border wall, In reality, a federal judge was busy blocking is attempt to fund the project with money slated for the military also last night, the president attacked Lisbeth, worn in jarring terms. Did that heavy heavy book to steal give credit. I thought is left for her. I've been there would like Little embers
and then she rose she rose and she became strong. But then she opened that fresh mouth of hers and stop it's that our eye, but wait more Joe there's a new pull out via this morning take a look at this Joe Biden, Bernie Anders PETE Buddha Judge, are in a statistical tie. Biden. What twenty three point Sanders up nine points since October now at twenty two percent boot Judges at eighteen, worn, was tied for first place two months ago, and this pole show now in fourth place down eleven points at twelve percent, also notable and nine gain for Amy Closure has or hitting double digits for the first time at ten percent, Joe, your pic story. Well, I guess you this morning made there so many stories. I think I think the eternity dates literally tearing a page from really counts,
once playbook and just blatantly lie. Lie attacking inspector general for the D o J, it's just what it during the discrimination case when, when Donald Trump His father were found guilty of screw emanating against minorities. And- and it was Roy Coun who went out and ends outrageous things attacking get. This attacking the YO, J and the we are in accusing them of being spies, accusing them of being under cover agency literally heeded literally is parroting. Aren't you bet you ve got Republicans parroting, Vladimir Putin, you literally William Bore parroting what are the most despicable creatures. Of what he had century in american politics the man who made Mccarthyism possible but he's
meriting Roy counselled, I'm trumpets, has found his Roy come well. Go to attorney general. Why embarrass exclusive interview with NBC News, despite the findings of the Justice Department Inspector General report. He still claims that the FBI may have operated out of bad faith when it in estimated. The Trump campaign in twenty? Sixteen speaking with envy he's. Pete Williams BAR essentially dismissed the eye jeez conclusion that there was no evidence of political bias. When the F b I launched its Russia probe, argue that is hand, pick prosecutor, Durham, will have final say bar also stood by his assertion that the trunk campaign was spied on. Are our nation was turned on its head for three years. I think, based on a completely august narrative that was largely flam, fanned
and hyped by, an irresponsible press and I think that there were gross abuses of Pfizer and inaccessible. The bull behaviour that is intolerable and the FBI, in one area. I do disagree with the ip, and that was whether they were sufficient predication to open a full blown counter intelligence investigation, specifically using the techniques that they did to collect intelligence about the Trump campaign, the core statement. In my opinion, by the eye g, is that these regularities these misstatements. These omissions were now satisfactorily explained, and I think that leaves open the possibility to infer bad faith You still stand by your statement that that the campaign was
upon all thoroughly spider. I mean that's. What electronic surveillance is. I think wiring people up to go in and talk to people and make recordings of their conversations is spying. I think going through people's emails, which they did as a result of the fire a warrant. They went through everything it's it's, I don't know where to begin Willie, but so here is that we let let me find this really quickly, while, while its socket work for me. So I'm very challenged this morning, we all by but again you heard him talking about them being spied on it, the F B, I again the this is the language that rule cone used attacking the deed o J and the FBI in the nineteenth Seventys, when the federal government caught Donald Trump and his father discriminating
minorities and and he's doing the same thing, but he's attorney general of the United States. He talked about a years a bogus narrative and evil aims it an evil, it on an irresponsible press Willie. I just we don't have to. I don't to remind you of the fact that the of the United States. First now National security adviser found guilty of a felony the president's campaign manager found guilty of a felony and will profit we spend the rest of his life in jail, presidents, long time, lawyer and fixer found guilty, He was in the middle of a bad illegal hush money scheme that violated If ye see laws, the presidencies sent campaign manager found guilty
and, in the same with the bandit he claimed one of his top foreign policy advisers found guilty. We go through the numbers. They are absolutely astounding. The number of people connected Donald Trump, who were found guilty of a federal crime spending time in jail and are turn states evidence against other people and administration and of Ass, Roger Stone, found guilty. You just Willie You talk continues his war on the department just as this was the work of the Department of Justice, not the deep state than this. Federal judges. These were federal judges that found these men guilty and yet the he's talking about how he's blaming blaming
This on quote an irresponsible press he's print. Acting when he talks about inexplicable behaviour. That is intolerable. He actually should direct that back at them who who is working for while the drop and speaking of projecting have our calling this a bad faith. Investigation again he's talking about a deep state conspiracy, is effectively as the attorney general of the United States. Echoing Donald Trump claims that this was all a deep state conspiracy, despite all the conviction, do laid out, despite all the good faith in them. The gate by the men and women of art urgent services, the men and women of the FBI he the very day that the the Idee report came out from his own justice department. He sat
P Williams, who do a breathtaking interview, worthy undermined every piece of that I e g report again from his own justice Department and David Ignatius. If that's not bad faith, I dont know what is he knows better. To say that I find approved surveillance programme is called spying. He knows better than all this, but again he views his first job now as defence the President of the United States, like you enjoy. I felt that a turn John BAR really crossed a line, and his comment just today for all as partners in ships seeming partisanship before this was different, and the reason it was different, was that he was attacking not enemies in Congress, not even really the press was attacking Own justice, development, inspector generals, report and public disagreeing with it and making
while the allegations of bad faith not supported against them. People lead our nations key law enforcement investigative urgency it stored in everything from attorney general. Do that that job and our government is different, for cattle lie on the attorney general to back up the orally process whereby the apartment investigates its own. That's what the inspector general something is really broken. He's now: gonna turn to his hand, picked past Durham, whose we come out with his own statements, rebutting the inspector general sure for absurd he disagrees, he's lying down his marker. My fear, is that we are now heading into conflicting legal narratives of what happened coming as currently in danger of becoming versions of with, with with two versions of
What's going on our part, I sat seems now to be embedded the justice soft and it's really dangerous. You know it. Is really dangerous and make you and I for that ass three years have had a debate on whether America's institutions will be sufficient to check Donald Trump and away where will be strong, our even stronger from this challenge on the other side and I've always said our institutions will check him. Macedonia and democracy I can't I'm not a big believer in going in, and talk about constitutional conventions are changing this part of the government or that part of the government. I would say three years and that is the one area where our system, obviously needs to be checked has to do with the appointing of an attorney general, and I was saying this before bar became attorney general there. I think there has to be a higher for
the pine higher barred and becoming attorney general of the United States. Maybe it's a tooth The vote in the Senate to tests alive and remove somebody wage. Can't have any president being an attorney general who will protect them from where, where no better than some some banana Republic reviews on Banana Republic right now and Donald and that's exactly what what is up and William BAR moving as towards there has to be higher threshold for somebody becoming attorney general of the United States. That is the one area of reform. I think a lot of people are going to be looking at when Donald Trump leaves office. Some people learn the hard way in the new age. Yo Film, bad education, Academy, Award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni.
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So, let's look at the conflicting legal narratives, TAT, David Ignatius brought up and what we are moving toward, which is what your mood toward Joe but Admirals to breed us twenty thousand feet. What is it look like I'm just it. No order of importance here, though house in the president, reportedly devaluing the truth, alternative facts, Ukraine scandal alternative fats. So what was laid out in the hearings with multiple witnesses, servants undergrowth telling Americans. What happened to foreign leaders laughing at the president on the world stage mocking him laughing out loud, three what we just saw yesterday, the attorney general in the President, a United States undermining repeatedly undermining our intel agencies, are Intel servants, people who
work for America. What is this look like to you, you're not going to Enver tomorrow, and I'm gonna give a commencement speech at Metropolitan State University, which is a kind of Many thousands student enterprise were sixty I presented this students are the first in their family to go to college. What I'm gonna talk about is the federal his papers versus the novel, the Lord of the flights, She is really a collision between order and rule of law, an increasing anarchy we see evidenced with this peace. You just mentioned, but also make up. You know Nature said a moment ago, returning general special position I'll give you two others secretary defence hand however, the CIA, those too positions are so central to these institutions and when we
have to worry about whether can inspect General is gonna, be overridden in one of those three positions. You start to feel that need or moving from the federalist papers towards the island in the Lord of the fox. So take a look at this. This is the president last night calling the b? I scum the FBI also sent multiple undercover human spies gears val and record people associated with our campaign, look how they ve hurt people, they ve drawing the lives of people that we're great people. That is still great people their lives. Been destroyed by scum, ok, bye, scum, and I lawyer forged took a male forged Ford. An email man used as evidence in that way is now the subject of a crime
referral what they did is so unbelievable. I look forward. I don't know I don't nice keep away. I look forward to bull dirhams bored, that's the one I see it in and there you go at Louis we ve already. We now have to I e reports that have shown that that there was no bias in this is in the investigation beginning The facts have been laid bare, and yet you have Donald Trump calling FBI agents, scum, calling FBI, agents, scum and and that's bad enough. Even even more disheart, you have people cheering the description of the poor the United States, calling FBI agents quote scum. This is
Something, no president has ever done unless it's a president of Russia some other enemy of the United States of America, it isn't is unprecedented in in this country should be, a dimension that Monday was you and genocide day while genocide day in them. The insect inspector general issue the statement saying that articles didn't begin in the gas chambers it began years before with hate speech. Now I'm not so. Think for a moment, America is going to end up with genocide, but the dehumanizing language that the president's, as used initially was mostly about Muslims and illegal immigrants, and the media is now is now spreading into political opponents, people who work and for the federal government, including in the FBI, Anybody who gets in his way and words are not just words. They suffer people up, they make the climate more permissive,
and as I say, they dehumanize the people the words are targeted at and calling the FBI scum the day after the, inspector general prayers. Agency of political bias in beginning its investigation of the campaign says There was no link between the steel dossier and the FBI this decision will only let several weeks later about the existence of this, he'll dossier. The FBI's decisions to start that have within minutes the president, and the attorney general and people across Washington describe. That report is the opposite of what it found it's just that it's it's a new level of of mandates of lying, but that I think you know he's gonna have consequences it's it's it's getting
ass. An AIDS is it's it's this information and yeah. Maybe maybe we don't want to compare it to Nazi Joe in nineteen thirty three, but maybe we, You compare it to Russia and Vladimir, and regime now too, urban regime in Hungary now two other autocrat, actor, who use language in a way to see average their opponents did today human eyes, their opponents and most importantly and and- and this is the key and in talk receives in democracies- that move to autocracy, the key is the iter, talking of the press, the attacking of an independent judiciary and the attacking the Intel agencies. You know Willie. There is a reason why aside is now
parroting, Donald Trump and talking about faked there's a reason why other dick taters across the planet when they get caught when rights, violations, Parrot Donald Trump and about fake news, why earn is doing the same thing? They're all reading from the same playbook and, of course, we a matter. Sony democracy that ice. I believe keeps a strong and will bring. Does as a nation, but every day drop and the attorney general. The United States now, and so many of Donald Trump supporters are doing everything. I can t make true we'll trumps vision of the constitution, that that article two the present, the United States, unlimited power, and, as you say, the present I'd say you can't do it alone. He's got a lot of help from his attorney general he's that help from his Secretary of State he's gotta help up and down the line create
this narrative around him that his campaign, Russia did not work together. That Russia did not somehow put its thumb on. The scale have help him get elected president, and you know who's enjoying this with Serbia Lazarev yesterday, as he stood next to my palm pale and said before the cameras. This is a This idea, the idea that Russia interfered in the election, its nonsense, despite what all the Intel agencies, if that, despite what the Molly Report said, she enjoying that's for sure She was someone who worked in the government. Take a crack at the human scum comment that the present made about the FBI. But what he's doing what attorney general bar doing are seizing on that part? True of the idea report that it was a mess, defies application that mistake at the mistake, was made in getting the five applications but ignoring the broader point of the report, which was the investigation of the trunk campaign was properly predicated. It was clear as day in the hygiene report.
There's so much a park or see just in abundance, heaps of it that it's hard to even know where to start when you have been barred lecturing about warrantless surveillance. That, I believe is General Council to rising. He work hand in hand with the government to implement now he's up on his pedestal. Suddenly a libertarian crews, later. You look at max is authoritarianism. The desire for authoritarian continuity For authoritarian, two new anti among Donald Trump. All of his enablers. That's through wine? It's not a fight for liberty, it's not a fight for them I you see Secretary of state mom, my palm pale. What he's done at the state department? You see how State Department, officials, who career servants making. Now what
happens when they speak out. You look at the Department of Defense and the war criminals that had been pardon by this president up ending military discipline and the values that so many of our service, men and women hold dear just because dear leader, says this is our value added to the list I made for you Two quick comments. One is in I've spent much of my life work and with the intelligence agencies and the FBI. These people are any but scum. These are terrific Patria too. Up every morning to protect the country. It's really extraordinary, a president use a word like tat and then Secondly, just back to labourer then leases excellent comment. It just a job. The position of president being impeached and then what happens the Foreign Minister of Russia, has a private
whose door meeting with him with conflicting reports about what they discussed really in the middle of investigations with Russia, Ukraine, that false narrative two are storm warnings, we would say in the: U S Navy. Well, storm warnings that David Ignatius. If, if we're in the middle of storm of our constitutional public in the middle of the storm, but I suspect, if we were able to fly at thirty thousand feet above it and looked down like the planes that looked down at Hurricanes ads are moving towards the shore. We, see. There is a recurring pattern and Nancy Pelosi revealed it weeks ago, when she said all roads lead the person I you just look at all things that we ve been concerned about. We could talk about Ukraine. Of course we can talk about Donald Trump
goes around the White House saying that Ukraine is not quote a real country. That's straight from the mouth of LAD, a mere potent you can talk about our against ISIS and Donald Trump, saying that Russia can have the Middle EAST where first time America's, let Russia in the Middle EAST, since nineteen, seventy three so now he's King maker and that area new you can. Let's say I wrote a few things down here: You also you have Donald Trump when calling the FBI Scarlet it. It's really. Actually quite consistent with him standing up in Helsinki. Telly Vladimir Putin, the world very trusts that Ex KGB agents word worth Does the word of our own Intel community when his Intel community leaders, who held press conference and said Rob. Imposes the greatest threat to american democracy than anybody, and, and
the constant attacks on the entire community. These are all well can even go back David back to the two thousand fifteen interview, meek and I had with them where we were shocked in December of Detail fifteen, when they set out potent kills people, but we kill people too. It is that sort of, and you know this better than anybody. It is that sort of moral relativism, ninety between the United States and Russia, but this The union preached first, the years so we ve talked since the days of the campaign, certainly since the inauguration of about this extraordinary way, the Trump in the beginning, has undermined our national security agencies, the CIA, the FBI that did not begin yesterday, for general bar and seemed to be taking, as you said, seem to be in the side of our greatest adversary, his wife food needs, in most key foreign
I'll, see in an that's continued. The only I'd say, is more democracy if people thank them. Pressure is, is not serving our countries siding with its enemies. In these instances the remedy is there and in two ways impeachment I've got. The resolution that you have treatment are worth that were put by the house yesterday, and then we have elections coming up in a member and in so many ways, this story really is about what kind of country we are and whether people take seriously this. The things were talking about this morning, take seriously this. The things were talking about this morning and reflect on them. Is it just, isn't right we're going to make changes? Yeah I'll use nautical term were drifting away from federalist papers were drifting away from this mad estonian democracy. We haven't put food speed on the ship yet, but we are drift.
And we need to be mindful of distant put about none that everything we ve been talking about here meagre yesterday, one person did speak out in defence of the FBI was Director Christopher RE. He said Brain did not meddle in the election, he defended the FBI and what did he get? A tweet the present United States attacking him. The message is clear: border, get out, hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
Back to morning, enjoyable, thirty, three ass, the hour joining us now, MSNBC contributor, MIKE Barnacle, high MIKE former chief of staff, to the DE triple c and former director of strategic communications for Hillary Clinton, presidential campaign. Adrian L, Radice is with us she's an MSNBC contributor endemic NBC political analyst and former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, joins us. Let's talk about that new pull out of Iowa that we showed you at the top of the show, Joe Biden Bernie Sanders and PETE Buddha judge our in as statistical tie Biden with twenty three points, Sanders up nine since October, and now a twenty two percent and Buddha Judge is at eighteen percent Elizabeth WAR, and is now in force, plays in this pole, down Levin points. First of all Joe. What do you make of it?
well, a lot of poles coming at us. This, I will raise continues to move, We still have a couple of mice as as Rios ACE, it is still a long way to go. Bide Adra, There's she dared trend lines here that are just to undeniable one. Is that by has held a zone he's, at least in this ball, he's infer its place in a state where a lot of people are expecting a third fourth place Finnish, just a few weeks ago, course, Elizabeth, worn continues. Her numbers continue to drop again. It's early. I'll, say what I've been saying from the very beginning. Joe Biden is in this. Position. Barack Obama wasn't two thousand eight. If he went Iowa here on his way to the demand, like nomination, because all of us who is survive until South Carolina chances are good. Those older like voters who support him in such huge numbers.
Carry him toward the finish line he's gotta get past. I went to win their what estate? that would make yeah yeah Actually, right Joe, I mean Joe Biden has really withstood some serious attacks in this campaign trail on the fact that he is Still, it is back in number one though never one spot, and I was pretty significant them very good sign for his campaign and to your point, He wins Iowa, it's pretty much in given that he's gonna win South Carolina if he wins Iowa in when South Carolina he's gonna, be a very, very hard candidates and beat going into Super Tuesday evening, because if they have so much momentum, I think Brinkley anybody who comes out of the first. We're states with two wins is going to be a significant place going and choose Tuesday now with war, I'm I'm Wilson. She comes back up? I think you're kind of you're still sort of saying that the song and dance with some of these candidates and campaigns to your point. So early
are starting to make decisions that they're starting the land on a candidate they're starting to come home, decide who they wanted. Lord, who they're going to be well for the long haul in if I, Joe Biden Campaign- and I know they're pretty excited about this Paul because I've talked to them. They are feeling pretty good about where they are, and I at this point well today, then it's just a snapshot of today, but today it certainly looks like by doing more than a holding serve in Iowa, that's what he has to do with Iowa New Hampshire. He has to survive until of Carolina might born, and if he does a chance, you're very good, looking at all of the poles and looking at the fact that now other candidate. This raises is why I can say this with such confidence, at least as of today now candidate in this race? Has support among older black. The Joe Biden does it is the most important demographic and the Democratic Party that
One of the reasons why Elizabeth Warren so badly needs to when I Our new Hampshire, because, like PETE Buddha, like Bernie Sanders, like other top contenders Does it have an end with black voters in the Democratic Party were a couple of points Joe, when you talk to the Biden people, it's pretty clear that this seven or eight days straighten ion is buster hell TIM enormously, because a lot of people get to see him up close to here and talk to him touch him. The other aspect in the book. Campaigns, progress in Iowa and elsewhere? They feel strongly. Is it he contrasts vividly with what happens in Washington DC. You see a very loud boisterous president, each night on tv, calling FBI, agents, scum and then use the former vice president of the United States, competent com, reflective familiar and they gravitate towards him. The other.
Second abiden campaign that they are acutely aware of this, that with Warren, despite the number that is posted on that screen, still has the best field operation in iowa- and it is only the second week in December- and as you pointed out- there is still a ways to go so be wary of Elizabeth, worn, she's, an electric performer. She could come back song like. I just think the crazier that president an ax, if you would consider its behaviour crazy, the better for biden- yes I think that on real, like equation that I out I'll what you hear from the Bible, people in Ireland and elsewhere, and you hear it if you'd just walk around. You know this people a lot of people just want. This country calmed dying, something's wrong at the very least, even if their worried about other things, undressed They play a couple of national poles to show you the latest from Monmouth University has Joe by Senator Bernie Sanders statistically tied Biden with twenty
six percent up three points since last month Sanders it anyone up. One point centre was with Warren, has been a boy. She dropped six point since support since November now at seventeen percent Mayor PETE Buddha Judge, has an ape percent situation going here down one end former mayor, Michael Umber, comes in fifth place with five percent of support nationally. Let's look at the new Quinnox University National Pole, Joe Biden up five points since last month, with twenty nine percent support, Senator Sanderson, worn statistically tied at seventeen percent and fifteen percent respectively outta. Nine percent down seven five percent of voters back former mayor, like a Bloomberg, run up to Andrew Yang has four percent. Also up to Six and ten democratic voters say they change their mind six and ten democratic voters say they may change their mind about who they
support during next year's primaries. Thirty, percent, their mind is made up. Pleader. If you take all those poles in total name, we don't mention enough- is Bernie Sanders. Gm Bernie Sanders he's up nine points in Iowa in this latest bullies hanging around near the top of the pact in the national pulling. He had thought heart condition allow, while back and peoples that ok, that might be the end for the sign that maybe he's too old to run for president. Well, if you look at the pulling, the opposite has happened. Surged, if he wins Iowa there be no question that he be front runner in New Hampshire. Is how and who knows what happens from there, but Bernie Sanders again coming right. There till the end, yeah you now we learn in twenty. Sixteen on Hillary Clinton campaigns. Never underestimate Bernie Sanders I'm here. Rebounded from his heart attack, and I think he also has benefited from the first There are a lot of Elizabeth Warren supporters had concerns with the high cost of her Medicare for all plan right Fit issued two trillion dollars, so he has been from that, but look when I
the things raised when I look at this force race now, I think about the fact that who's gonna get the I guess that's really what matters here sure stole in our nine eight weeks away from the forest caucus nation. But look at anybody's polling between twelve and thirteen and those are the ones that we really need to start looking at because they are the ones who can win the delegates. You gotta keep in mind you have to receive fifteen percent of the popular vote in India, congressional disco democratic primary in order of and delegate so worse, I look at short, Andrew Yang Great, that hit four percent, but his power but we're gonna have a hard time getting some delegates and that's really what matters in this practice of Michael Steel looks look at these head to head match up according to a hypothetical quinnapin, pull the new general election if it were held today, a mature voters said that they would back the top twenty twenty Democrats over President Trump in the hypothetical a match
Joe Biden by big. That's, not even close meek, and now it's not not even close he leads trump by nine point. Fifty one to forty two percent so Bernie Sanders- has an eight point advantage, fifty one while we but but burning- Socialists make it that's not close either. I now Warren leads tromp. My seven forty three Michael balloon bird with top the present he's richer, and he also means amend this pole. Forty eight to forty two gear up bad debt of judge. Forty eight to forty three senator Amy Clover Shore has a four point advantage over Trump forty, seven to forty three percent. Meanwhile Biden Trump split support among women and men. Fighting AIDS among women, voters sixty two trumps, thirty four percent trump leads among men. Fifty one percent to bite. Forty two percent. Those numbers say you Michael Steel,
Well, it says that's been zero dollars and one cents it it kind of justifies what you're, seeing in the Iowa poll and probably in the end of the other, The primary polls that Joe Biden has some resiliency that I think people really underestimated. The fact that he is too to Jos editorial comment there. Is as strong as he is relative to the president. I think is a is something that, despite all the bravado from from the presidency team, there are concerned Joe is competitive, and I think the numbers reflect that the other thing that what was interesting about those numbers is where Bloomberg is in this. Are you apple his rise for a guy who just came into the race a few weeks ago, drop thirty seven million dollars is a five percent running competitively against the president, not mad at the end of the pact, but getting close to the middle. The pact
is something also there's gonna be worth looking at particular when you consider a peep, outta judge what was the darling in- and you know the the candidate to ensure that everyone was kind of fixated on passing him in these types of poles says that Bloomberg May catch on, in some degree we'll see, I think, of getting those debts, gets, becomes a real problem for number these guys job by might take away, is in the best position to move beyond and Joe. If I could just real quick one thing that you said earlier, I think you're right while Joe in Iowa New Hampshire, but I must convey yet that he needs to when I what I think Joe rooms and a strong second or third in his, his firewall is clearly South Carolina he's still gonna that momentum. So I think, he's well position of all the canvas right now, as we do in the corner into the new year and the ILO caucus. I completely agree. He has to hold serve
and I went new hampshire- that maybe a second he's vanish in wine. A third place finish in another and he can still survive that if different fled, say Buddha, Judge Winds in Iowa and Sanders or war and aware in New Hampshire he's in really good shape as yet take the turns out South Carolina and, of course, Nevada, as well, really interesting about Might Bloomberg. The way Bloomberg is complete, going into Super Tuesday, as you have yeah? brooded Judge winning Iowa and Sanders winning in New Hampshire and then by winning in South Carolina three four days later, you have super Tuesday and its wide open, and theirs clear front runner and Michael Bloomberg, stumped tens of millions of dollars and these individual state that makes it, of course, very competitive.
Enough money to be on the air as much as has already been, and we see it. You watch those states he could in this will be a test of money in politics. Let's just say it I mean if you can spend enough money to be on the air as much as has already been, and we see it watch tv anywhere and you see MIKE Bloomberg ad, but in Iowa and New Hampshire and can creep up a little bit we will see. I was looking that we can go back to the last pole. We had up about the between men and women when it comes to Biden, Verses Donald, That is an extraordinary number among women. Sixty two thirty, war is Joe Biden lead over present at least you know it will not help. Is Donald yesterday at a rally, Pennsylvania. Talking about Senator Elizabeth, worn and saying she became strong, but then she open that fresh mouth of hers. That's Donald Trump talking about a United States, senator the first time by the way he's talked about Elizabeth twenty quote fresh among
among women to the man. Who could be your opponent. You may not want to talk about women in those terms, among women to the man. Who could be your opponent? You might not want talk about women in those terms, do you think it's a kind of language that suburban women in Pennsylvania that really resonates with them when they're not paying much attention to the election, but they just her kind of sick of dealing with Donald Trump and, as are the sound bites and make it on the nightly news, the rectangle into. I wonder if, with this race, the democratic field it's been so overly focused on being more progressive than other candidates, and you look at me Bloomberg? Being able to drop? Jumping he's not really a Democrat and
in national policies actually doing semi well, granted there only national poles you little is with worn. She seemed to be on the rise when she was moderating a bit before she said she was going to take away private insurance and then now competing over, that Middle Lang seems to be where these candidates still have an opportunity for pickup half exactly I bet you know you talk to anybody on the campaign trail and they will tell you that Elizabeth WAR and has such a solid ground game, and not just I away but also. This support is she's, had people staffers Ground for a long time, and that will make the difference, I think, having said on the ground has been working on this in voters and making sure that their voters get out. I mean that's gonna, make a huge difference. So counting or out. I think she's kind of coming back down to realistic numbers, and if I was but war, and I might not be too that, I'm not you now in that, you know what top one or two spot right now, because you're underline scrutiny and you're. Not you know, criticised criticized constantly if you're so
back in their number three or number four spot no, the ground game means everything, and I want you know that better than any of us driven by a bit meagre if we do have a long way to go with Warren has has a good chance of moving forward, we can all of these balls and it just shows how fluid the dinner Excite is only thing I wanted to touch on. Those national poet polls show Donald Trump there so badly to the guy. Here I'll Sleepy Joe Biden nor the guy the guy that day, he says, is a socialist who says he's a socialist himself art the wall, many girls Pocahontas, who we attacks clay talking about her quote fresh mouth. Like he's, back to the future. What what let's just say, lousy out, but here you look, look at all those national numbers me again. It's important to remember this race comes down to regard
so the national Paul's. This race comes down perhaps Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania, Florida, perhaps North Carolina and I think how to put Arizona in there is well those those states are all up programme. Right now and the question is: who is going to do the best and Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania order, especially I think more more Democrats right now we're starting to think it's Joe Biden, I've so gonna say two Bygones binds bus tour through Iowa May a wheel difference. You know he, wasn't hiding. He was out there on the campaign trail. He got it come back and forth. You may not have liked by all the german guys around get tat, although all the dumb dump, you better, believe it Jack, I believe, a jack if you dont, if you don't go, I challenge you to do? The push up by people, people like Joe Biden
and that's evident in that Paul. Its evident in that bus strip, across Iowa the campaign? Does it lead, keep myself aid. They need to keep your mouth there shaking hands with people have work, be they know what to do. When I write coming up at his pencil, Daniel Rally last live President Trump set as administration and started winning in court. When it comes to his border wall with Mexico, he must not have about the latest ruling by a federal judge, they had a morning. Job
Still I had on morning, Joe was disturbing enough when the president called reporters, scum now he's using that same word, for the FBI will tackle that straight ahead. But first, let's go to build parents with a check on the forecast bill. Coming up Joe, you ve said that if Joe Biden wins Iowa, he could be on crews. Control to the nomination, while we ve got new polling from that state. We'll talk about it next morning Joe Coming up on morning, Joe Wilbur Avail Time magazines person of the year, but first one of them and its top Democrat Stick. Durban joins the conversation morning, Joe back in a moment.
The president's upon his own story is later that evening in Pennsylvania, including false claims about the progress of his border wall.
We're going to morning Joe so here we are today away at loose from a critical one. And in the UK it is a race between is one former conservative MP called. It said it Pauling choice between a compulsive liar and a toad. Solitary and so happy days are here again in Britain: has the race shaping up yes You wanna, be shorter, poisoned, well,
until the last couple of days it looked like the conservative bars Johnson's conservative party was heading for a very a majority, but in the last for ass, also some fresh piles of come in to show it might well be much tighter than and the range of scenarios now for tomorrow voting is somewhere between never conservative, majority parliament, where no no single party holds a majority the bed a lot I had once been moving. Those numbers outweigh while this there's been an amount of. Obviously, about Boris Johnson's shy, with the media. That was even some that refusal to do proper, hard won. Set peace interviews with the BBC here yesterday? even head enough in a reference rate or a large industrial refrigerator from the gentlest attract sparking sparking we,
The line that, if you can't tat stand they hate, then hide in the fridge so he's here but he's made a few snuffers he's, also banned I'm fighting with some scale at the sort of puppet populist level by packing boxes in warehouses, delivering milk to people's doors, producing abreks it. Actually, in the last twenty four hours about play on that site, I'll see, you grab movie love actually where he turns someone's door. So I mean it's all quite Son of trivial celebrities wish the british electorate in a very fickle capricious mood and paused not have a good track record in recent british history, so I don't have to things could happen tomorrow. Our
at LOS. Thank you very much great to have you on the show this morning. Hey it's crusades this week. On my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and just information is, though, they're out there they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said but when it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes. There's more recent version of this, which is known as Brandon chinese book. They cemetery principle and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up, but it is an order of magnitude, large, than the amount of work it takes to create it. So really see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for wise as happy wherever, you're listening right now and subscribe
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