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As public health officials and the CDC are telling Americans that stricter measures are necessary to push back against the coronavirus, the WH and some GOP members are causing confusion and seemingly downplaying the severity. The panel discusses.

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Would you prefer a fourteen day, just sort of national shut down to slow that you now, I would prefer as much as we possibly could. I think we should really be overly aggressive and get criticized for overreact. Should more Americans be prepared to be hungering down there have, I think American should be prepared that they're gonna have to hunker down a significantly more than we are country are doing the top infectious disease yes, doctor in the country, Doktor Anthony thought she would that warning yesterday on meat, the press good morning and welcome to morning joe- and we begin this morning where we will most likely again for some time to come. The many fast moving developments with the corona virus changing public life, as we know it. Here's where things and right now, the U S is under a national state of emergency and the CDC has now updated its guidance, urging against any gatherings of fifty people or more in the next eight weeks stock. Future,
we are once again sliding, despite emergency action from the Federal Reserve, slash interest rates to zero. The sand It is now poised to take up a sweeping bell passed by the house that includes free testing, extended sick leave. And a billion dollars in food aid. Meanwhile, we'll states and cities across the nation have shut down restaurants and bars to sit and guests. California, Illinois, and New York City, among them. The city of me Work also announced last night that its closing schools, night clubs, movie theatres and entertainment values. The state of New York is considering whether to join to other states, Georgia and Louisiana in postponing their prime the elections, the governor of California, has call them then five million senior citizens in his state and those with underlined the conditions to ice themselves. This, as the number of confirmed cases
Ten years to search now closing in on thirty five hundred Lord, I saw a huge spite this weekend and West Junior remains the only state without a confirmed case, and ass was the result of the Trump administrations hastily. Arrange to airport screenings for travellers from Europe scores of people pram together such I mean in the types of crowds we ve been told to avoid, and that brings us to Europe the UK and Ireland were added to the president's travel ban over the weekend, ITALY, Spain and France recorded their highest death. Calls for a single day friend, twenty. Nine Spain, and his seven and ITALY, a star the ring three hundred and sixty eight deaths, ITALY, all recorded its most number of new cases in a day, three thousand five hundred and ninety.
In and France, have now joined ITALY in banning people from leaving their homes for non essential purposes with us. We have, as rapporteur for the Associated Press, China than the mere Washington anchor for Bbc World NEWS, America Catty k com an associate editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius and you national editor at the financial Times the loose joins us this morning, you know it things are moving rapidly with their does continue to be a disconnects David Ignatius Watch, you don't get it for mere first says in said, since its white ass reporter there said still Jonathan this disconnect between what we're here the scientists and what the present the United States is saying remember from the very beginning you, present saying that it was only a handful of people, fourteen maybe fifteen. It all began the zero when a week, at the same time, the CDC,
pressing real concern than the present talked about the chronic I was going away in April magically when things get warmer. He said. Was going to go away magically, was going to just disappear while his this war again warning Americans. Yesterday, you had the press of the United States, that it's all under control, while his science, We are all saying the same thing. It's going to get worse. We don't know how bad it's going to get you even had some ear. Possible members of Congress role Probably enough. Republicans, of course, I've gotta say that, sadly, as a former member saying go out to your restaurants, go out to work and Lord Endeavour Nunez instead go out to pubs that that is the worst actual it as I've have heard sense, a monologue was put on a certain network, a success, this was all a great hopes to take down the press. The United States, so the CDC doctors, scientists exports from
cross the world saying one thing, and then you have to as the United States, completely disconnected from his own staff, saying quite another white, what what's going on inside of the White House. They talk about the battle actually a the heart and soul but of of of this administration change in Amerika and the president, doesn't want to admit it. Joe. That's where we are right now is that he is is that he has. It is one for a commander in chief of the executive of the United States to preach com to tee to be reassuring? That's ok, that's part of the job, but its very differ. Now for the present, who seems to have at least probably his head in the sand as to what is really happening on Friday, after declaring an actual. To say, which is a step that was needed. That was, he was urged to do by members. The parties, including some, is close advisers. He reluctantly got because he was afraid that it would send a bad signal to the markets, acknowledging just the severity of this crisis, but when he did it
gets responded well on Friday. They did. He then proceeded to take a victory lap on Twitter, We saw him over the weekend, appeared at the White House prevailing twice once Saturday, one Sunday on Saturday wearing a bit other campaign hat suggesting that this is all going to be over soon. That Americans again stay calm. That's the right thing to say but did not acknowledge the severity of the crisis, is very different. Within the White House, we ve had a couple of different factions here. There is a growing sense amongst a vice chairs, including vice President Pence doktor Fouch in others, to be more candid about how, where things are going to acknowledge the american people, that things are going to get worse before it gets better. Others, including Pusher, Stephen Miller, are focused more on, China should be moorish prop up the markets to to sort of downplay the severity of this of this incident of the spread of this virus. Even though we are seeing, of course, cases take up day after day, the president, and the vice president urged Americans not to make runs on grocery store, saying just by four that we can and we saw
last night, the CDC that gives the backdrop. The democratic debate suggest that we now Americans share the next eight weeks should avoid gatherings of fifty or and that is gonna weird, maybe changes America's life. It works american life, but there's not a scientist. There's not a doktor. I mean I'm waiting conservative to have apologised for Donald Trump. For three and a half years when there was nothing left to defend, you are actually saying. This is serious. Listen to the scientists, you I mean I'm seeing it on blog posts from protein peep, I'm seeing it everywhere, and yet the as the United States, David Ignatius, still saying this completely under control. There's gonna be ok, you gotta disappear and David the internet using active it! Ok! Now you gotta have doctor.
How to get every other great scientist going out telling people the truth, but you have I am still getting emails from friends of mine who support Donald Trump USA presence as is overblown. I can still go about my daily life. You see picked some Disneyworld last night just shocking pictures Disneyworld with thousands and thousands of people crammed gathers cloak half like sardines on main street. Indeed, Nay world and you sit there. Thinking of meat just a view how many people there Have the corona virus into about it? How many or they spread too, and how many seniors are now going to die in the state of Florida and across a nation, but cause people like. Then they would go last night say what the present says: it's, how much of a big deal so signs that the present
that says, it's not a big deal. Then it gets out of the science is telling us how serious this is going to be, and people just listen to them. He's still responsible for this case What's going on. Why He listened to his own scientists in origin That's part of the mystery Donald Trump E G lacks the self confidence. The self knowledge, the wisdom, perhaps too, so those who really are experts, I find it a little child just to watch all of those experts. The key people were, depending on crammed up on a podium behind the present, because, once that show and they're all, I did not much social distance there. I wish they ve, given each other a little more space away by junior doktor fatty this, a period that we're living and I don't think any of us have ever lived through in a quite like this is giving us a lot,
what leadership is, in the absence of it when I look in history. I see in the early years of. Bullshit, I wore face terrible adverse. Nothing went right, you know one failure after another, and yet he kept the confidence of the troops and the country same thing with I can make search for the general good win, the defeats early in the civil war, the sense of despair, does it desired a ban on this effort same thing, Franklin Roosevelt during World WAR, two he com presidency crusted his generals, who trusted a scientist ass to the scientists. It conveyed that that sense that, that he was the nations. Father if you will, let me that he was gonna, help everybody get to where they it needed to be part of them, but a cordial. What sunning, Joe by the said last night in the debate. This is than any of us. That's the one thing that doesn't come through Donald Trump speaks is that sense of humility,
really is at the core of real leadership. Always It is an lose you you the disaster that that the testing roll out was again, I gotta, say Joe Biden easily at its best debate last night, talking about testing we'd handle testing, but the prince the since been disastrous on testing we're gonna talk about the airports yesterday in a second but but no pre planning for that either. That was disastrous across the United States. Again confining thousands of people in tight. Areas which obviously will spread the the pandemic as well. There you have begun. The president at the centre of all of this is still not too To take any of this seriously say again having as people it's all right moves now, but the press, his own words, he'll. Giving deniers
a reason to say whatever Nunez said: yes, go back to your pubs, stopped being a baby, hang out wherever you go, and what the present doesn't understand. Is that spooks the markets? Susan about me right, I think this about the media like trappist seasonable, me when the present We accept what I now the president. I know his failings, I know what he's incapable of it: some markets but when they hear the present, the United States speak. That way have it all under control, but he has no idea what the next three months are going to look like the more, is crashing, that's exactly what they did overnight said. The president was clearly delighted. The feds move yesterday to slash interest rates to zero seven hundred billion dollars of continuity easing use that
but what said shortly after the fat did that which, as we have tremendous power, and control over, this virus negating what what the fuck did, because it indicated that the leadership was not aware of this scale and duration of this problem, something that the feds by its actions, just signal that did grasp so again, very strong mixed signals that are being reflected by the market. We act this morning in Europe and Asia all down down future as all sharply down. I think you know that thing I always relate to, and I'm sure we'll do in our own way is that that, Nigeria, airlines pilot. As just a slight delay, ten minutes, we should be our and taxiing, then from our later saying, wax she's a maintenance problem is, give a couple of hours then for
they d saying sorry, the flights cancelled. If you give bad news early people trust you. When the Donald Trump keeps talking. Happy talk happy too happy to me. I keep getting contradicted by the people working for him. Well by the reality of what were you know. Living thing is meagre: it's something that we ve been saying, liver, They sang in view of a clear timetable for three weeks, give my the worst news. Prepare everybody prepare the markets, tell them, how bad it's going debate yet in front of a kid in front of it. Then the markets will prepare for that move on that and then, if you do, a good job we beat exe patients in Europe wanted for it down the road but edge like you said, continues to talk. Happy talk There is a string of quotes that are going to follow him for the rest of his political life. Saying that this only
people me down to zero pretty soon. This is gonna disappear magically in April. Everyone we're not one says: everything's, fine, ass. Anybody that wants a test gets a test. So it goes on your task here and he once again this week and talked about do moulding the feds chairman, the FED chairman decides. Whose interest rates down to zero. I complained last week and they were reduced, half a point. The markets crash because I saw that is panic. But you need to delete the fair needed to leave something in their arsenal for one things Illegal got bad because things is active. She said still going to get worse, we have nothing left in our arsenal when you do with the FED did yesterday, and reduce rates zero. Theirs slept and the arsenal for when things really get bad three four weeks from now. That is true, but
the use of a keeper the analogy of keeping your powder dry. Look when your front lines of being over run. You don't want to keep your pattern you want to use your powder, so I think what J Palace Signal yesterday was the FED will do what I, can do beyond. Instead of going into negative interest rates. That can guarantee lending too small can guarantee lending to small businesses, keeping credit for through the economy, but what J Pow emphasise very strongly yesterday's that this is a matter for fiscal policy. This has got to be Congress, it's got to be strong public support for businesses that are failing for payrolls that can't be met for health care workers to have child care so that they can continue to do that health care work? This is a fiscal question now, and so I think the FED is done whatever it takes and and said now it's your turn and that's gonna require
very strong political signalling front from tramp and he's gonna have to talk to policy at some he has overcome, is innovations on on the on that score, to say the least. Now everyone instrument MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet to see just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are canceled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are off when people listen to music there. Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same, spaces them grown virus? Is keeping us home but, as you hear it can stop the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits up in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your pockets
I must now listen as the. U S extended, expand on travel from Europe to include the Kingdom and Ireland. U S airports, fate, overcrowding, law lines and hours of delays, as travellers returning from Europe had to undergo screenings for the corona virus scenes from how goes o Hare Airport Jan Pack terminals, people standing shoulder to shoulder as official scrambled to set up the enhanced three screenings announced by the Trump administration how could I then so is ill. I dared Donald TUSK God knows this was coming, he could have called the National Guard at the two. We could have done anything why again so ill and look how close everybody is jam act in their lines and for our lives. President is ill prepared for a crisis so accord.
To the Washington Post officials acknowledge that forty thousand passengers returning from Europe over the weekend, created chaotic conditions and strained airports with many travellers from currently wondering why the health checks put in place or not after and did not generally include temperature checks? Acting director of homeland Security, Wolf said that they department was where the long lines and ass travellers for their patience Why? Why didn't they prepare for this? They nature was coming Elena Governor Jamie Prescott Lastly, the Trump Administration asking the president to quote dues thing now here's what the cover had to say on made the press, but I gotta. Call at about eleven o clock last night after that, tweet for a White House staffer who yelled at me about the tweet is what I got we're on our own out here. I wish we had leadership from washing that we're not getting it.
So so there there's healthcare crisis, actually care. Should I, yeah well, hair there Care crises at all of these airports where people are jammed packed and for three four five hours at a time. Forty thousand forty thousand people healthcare crisis, though The house is completely ill prepared for this, even though is the present who set up this policy and they had to know was coming and these people are forced to do exactly what doktor found. She and the entire scientific and medical team is saying now for weeks. And the White House, as a staff recall yelling about a tweet to a governor whose own people had to be exposed. The pandemic stay thing and those contained spaces jam pact for four hours and White House is worried about a tweet yet mean now that all of us have become conscious of having meter around them. I look at those photographs and I
literally, I'm sitting a feeling, my anxiety levels rise thinking. How would you cope being that close to somebody the the Chinese tried to shut down early whistle blower and it caused them a huge amount of problems. It cause people to die because they wouldn't recognise the problem. The one thing we have learned from the two things we have learned from the chinese experiences transparency is much better. The governor of Illinois was quite right to complain about this. This is a huge health problem we had sitting on its doorstep and the white has tried to shut him down, but the other thing we ve learned about from China is that you take massive amounts of screening and you do it super efficiently. You got on a bus. China, you enter the building in China. You walked down the street. Your temperature was being taken every time you entered. Market, your temperature was taken and it was done in an instant, and here they set up this point see whether you knew they gonna have thousands of panic people coming back from Europe, and where was this where was the fast efficient temperature trusting so that you didn't have those people stand
sing within centimetres of each other within inches of each other, not within three feet of each other within inches of each other. Knowing that that was gonna go The problem- and we have seen some of this before- where the White House announces a what looks like a kind of Stephen military policy very big, very bold, but then there's no follow up. There's, no expertise. There's no bank of talent behind that to get the systems in place to make sure that it works properly, Joad David Ignatius. So we we look like a failed country in those mom, it's not a failed country, but it looks like one suit. In these he is failed and we have failed leadership and why in these in our leaders. Dont know how to perform the most basic functions again. This up himself at a press com Prompt set up himself at a press conference last week This is a result these we're coming back. Our roads are a result of Donald
saying they need didn't, returned the United States and would be screened beforehand. I'm fine with that doctor felt. You said it was. A good idea seems Good, good idea to me There was no preparation for whatsoever, so what happened was we're having screenings to stop people from being exposed to those with corona virus. Here we have forty thousand people jam together. Obviously, there people coming from the most affected continent in the world, obviously there were people that had corona virus ere. It takes several days to show symptoms, obvious passing that along the other people, so that president of fact is causes spread we're on a virus by being ill prepared and who knows what the occasions, and this gonna be it would we know this was coming and still nothing about it, Joe
let's go out to the people. When you look at those photographs standing there hour after hour, annoying the risks. What can they do about it there just there just hot, as you say in somebody else's poor judgment when we think about what to those scenes in the airports. There was a rush to attempt, as we understand it by this, the presence of Thursday night speech to get the Alamo. This policy together get to get the travel ban and ass quickly? The european countries didn't even All this was coming it all in a sense. How could you Parrot prepare? Oh here airport, where one of the countries from which the people are leaving didn't know either in a kind of let's prepare a television announcement spectacular and it had the opposite. The desired effect. One thing that I just feel I know we all do. Is our hearts go out to the people who are caught in this
you know we each of us can think what it would be like to be standing in the in that line. Knowing your your risk of of terrible disease was going up minute by minute, there's nothing you can do about it. That's both of the people. We ought to be thinking. Actually, how can we help them out of this? ass, an Joe to underscore the dangers of some other misinformation as the along the same time as the Illinois governor put out that tweet crying out for help from the White House. On Saturday, the republican governor of Oklahoma Kevin State put on a tweet of him with his family. Restaurant basis, and this is what American should be doing. That was Saturday on Sunday he had to declare a state of emergency in Oklahoma and one other point two terms of the president. The contrast we talked about this weekend, Joe between the president, getting up there in the briefing room and spouting happy talk, is Este variation said fall by the vice president, who then Doktor Grouchy, who are giving more sober analysis of the situation and providing information to
Africans who were nervously watching while the president, according to our reporting, others part what is in This response would, of course, is fuelling all of his work on this, which has not been as serious as it should be, its concerns about the markets and how that of course, impacts his re election. It is all about his campaign going this fall and he not want. He has told AIDS around him. He does not want this to be overwhelmed and his words, so a negatively impact his chances. This November egg eyes Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for free, whereas you download yours and the stupidity and the recklessness of political leaders to say- go out. The restaurants go out to Devon, and I said you do you- the governor of Oklahoma, saying that, and
The next say having declared declare an emergency, governor of South Carolina last week saying he wasn't going to close any thing. In fact, he was gonna, go to the Saint Patrick stay Fraid himself. He had do announced yesterday that he was closing schools in South Carolina. What is it? What is it about these republican leaders did they think fit? They think you can shoot a virus, they think you're Fifteen gonna help a virus, they think some like might show display is somehow going to beat about now. You can see. Help me out here- you can't polio virus. Ok, you got out. Thank you can't be stupid taking your family outdoor rest fraud top scientists in the world are telling you to stay home and protect them. And then the next day you made a fool of you to come.
National emergency just admitted that you put your family at risk, everybody around your family at risk. Carolina the governor trying to act like a big shot, we're not listening to the world health borg, innovation work, people keep going go to pubs. I'm gonna be go into the Saint Patrick, stay prayed myself and then is forced to declare an emergency. It's really the recklessness as number. I know people were giving really dangerous work was monologues on tv but there's ice wake. Who cable, those people what aspire fire to be ass God. Of a state and you health and well being of senior citizens whose very lives,
better, you're calling is higher. You ve got to do more. You you're calling is higher. You ve got do more, you can't play for the cheap seats being an idiot, the hauled up, and our fifteen and wave and around and say I liked see somebody come take. There's like a member of and were still in his own room. I don't don't get into that. I find find other ways to symbolise your ear fake masculinity awry when it comes to this virus. Think about your mother. Think about your father. Think about your grandfather. Think about your grandmother. I see these cases in Florida, South Florida that are better exploding. It's gonna be senior citizens in Florida, senior citizens in the Arizona senior citizens across Amerika we're going to pay the disproportionate costs like the senior citizens in Washington, state they're gonna pay the disproportionate costs for years
pity you are literally with your actions. Killing senior citizens pull back, be response well listen to the scientists and show some leadership, because we actually are all in this together we're in this respect. There are other. Still at a morning Joe New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, in New York City Mayor build a blog here will be our casts, plus former House Intelligence Committee Council. Daniel Goldman has revealed years two positive for the corona virus. He'll join the procession via Skype, to explain why he believes that trust Ministration is shockingly on hair to handle the pandemic mornings. This moments away, Nothing yesterday that its cutting interest rates, the fad two zero and will by at least seven one billion dollars and government and mortgage related bonds in a drastic effort to curb
virus concerns joining us now forward for official and mourning Joe Economic analysed Steve Ratner. Bessie new senior business correspondent in BC, Anchor Stephanie rule good to have you this morning, so Stephanie we ve talked about this before the FED makes a move that this is the second time they ve done it, the markets respond, not the way. Donald Annul Trump thinks you're gonna respond, but they respond quite differently. In fact, crashing there to stop overnight trading and jurists trading, of course, in Australia, their markets, That's why I was ten percent. It looks it's gonna be another tough Monday. Without it remember, like the last rate cut, this was an emergency call, they didn't wait for the scheduled meeting and it was a coordinated cut. So you saw this. Do this with central banks around the world? What does that tell us that this?
these major, less serious and whether talk about the president or other people patients who are so kind and downplaying this the Federal Reserve just put the word, I notice that the economic impact, the spread of corona Irish and the precautionary measures we need to take. I e lock it down, are going to be crippling for businesses like Parliament must help me out here. Stephanie help me out here that ok, so we cut the zero and I'm sure J P all is Andalusia, said Jane pals, making the right move. You don't keep your powder dry when you're lines, never run, but how the imbalance, rich people, maybe go. Hey maybe I'll get me a house at a lower rate. Maybe I'll buy. Another car at a lower rate if you run a restaurant. If you We have a shopping mall Do you have any business? A lower, interest rates as low as you want the consumer
like you always say, work consumer driven economy. There are not going to look at lower interest rates and say: hey. You know what I'm gonna go with my family over the this weekend and we're yellow style now they're going to be at home. Ok, That's true! In a normal time when rates get cut- and you see we'll go out, spend borrow by a house they're not going to do that here, but you can't forget what this does is make it easier for banks to lend it makes it here for businesses, big and small, to borrow an any sort their revenues tank, but the cost I'm going to see their revenues tank, but the cost of art or in rates is positive for them. It's not just from rich people now will actually help that person whose losing shifts was losing their job actually help that person whose losing shifts was losing their job? Now you got return to Congress for that
What I was going to say: do we keep out these rate dropped at the end of the day, Congress. Isn't the prison at the present he's gonna have to get together with Nancy and aren't they, the ones who really are going to have to address this crisis by taking care of people who are out of work, You have to stay home because their kids aren't going to school, who all bad small business since they're not going to be able to make payroll for not only the two weeks, but for the next two or three months. That's where the relief really needs to be directed right. That is actually right. First, I would say: Stephanie is also right that has to do should have done what it did. It didn't scare them That's because they had a meeting coming this Wednesday. So why are they going on Sunday? And it's not true lending rates, also liquidity in the markets, the markets still the Treasury, that's what we call the retail markets restarting she's up to your point. Yes, what we need from Congress is major early saying this. Look this almost
doubt in my mind, absent summit. Stronger event that we are going to be in a very, very significant recession will be as bad as two thousand and eight. I don't think so. I hope not we'll be as bad as the one in the early nineties that elected bill plan, very, possibly very probably even at this point- business as stop functioning- and you can't solve that with a bill- dollar packages out of Congress that was important stuff, that they did. But it's a drop in the bucket A major league stimulus out of Congress. She need five hundred billion, something like that to try to get money. There to try to get the economy going again? I so senior senator last night see a democratic senator last night, who said at the moment there's no appetite in cars. To do that. Its view to someone a bail out, couldn't even understand the logic of why we shouldn't be doing it. We need stack in a major way now now the one last point Trump has proposed a pair tax holiday will give too
the idea that what essentially not benefit the right people and the right ways will give too much money to operating, comes not have to lower and so on and so forth. We need something like a rebate. It's not design. It's not hard to do. We need some leadership from the White House and we need some action from Congress so steadily talk about how lowering interest rates are gonna, make it easier to borrow what about other businesses that are already extended their lot of people that have credit extended and I've. I've talked to people the global companies where I've talked to small business owners. So this Saunders, large and small, have credit lines that their running up and they're not going to be able to pay off our banks really going to let them borrow more money. Well, if you think about this gel fundamentally before this happened our economy was in better shape than it was in two thousand eight. We don't have the systemic risk problems we had, so things do look
what's happened now: it's almost like a natural disaster, nine eleven or significantly worse than that so banks or will toolbar, because fundamentally they feel pretty good about these businesses. But what we are saying and Steve just said it is a complete economic economic shut down its as though the medical advice, we're getting is to put our lives on pause, and that also puts the economy on pause. So that's worth Congress has to figure out. How do we account for that? a national holiday. Is it simply riding attractive people to get them through this time? It's something we just haven't faced before, and in terms of business Joe, this things you can do to help business short of saying, while business camp are doesn't many money, there's things the government could later provide credit support problem through the banking system, particularly for small business, so that they and start to land again to some business without worrying that the banks themselves will necessarily take the head. There are targeted aid programmes should go towards small businesses. We can put in place for it
businesses, you're, going to see big bankruptcies, you're going to see companies in the oil industry going bankrupt, you're gonna likely companies in the travel in the airline business going bankrupt. I personally don't the occasion for the government providing aid at the moment to them, because it's not an existential crisis for the country we have process reorganise them, but you're going to see a lot of carnage in a lotta wreckage, and I don't believe that policymakers and washing Stephen Minutiae said yes, sir, he didn't they were in recession is the most reject. This common I've heard an official say, except for all the ones you ve shrunken your various various tapes and we are in one and we need to deal with it. And so I would ask that these industries that are gonna wanna be bailed out, with the exception of the airline industry, that you could make the argument necessary business. Cruise industry, travel and leisure. Are those essay so businesses. I know, there's a lot of jobs there, but are those assent businesses that need government intervention? There is a crucial that left for that left Miami this weekend and we know that Miami hotels or having poor parties if they are not act
in the most responsible way? Do they deserve a bail out, because you know they're going to be asking for government support they don't? Thank you Stephanie. We greatly appreciate it and me this is this? Is an economic crisis like no one, when are lifetime it certainly not nine hundred and eleven after nine Slash eleven there was recovery, two thousand and eight. Obviously what it was was a terrible economic and we did get through that in a couple of years. But Casey Frank Bit and business stopping. Consumerism is stopping people are the bees staying home. It certainly expect a big analysis, outside the White House this week. I think you're going to see the United States move now under way that ITALY, Spain, for There's? No other voice, most other western industrialized powers are doing because, if you down there is going
a crisis. It really will cripple the economy for years to come, so we're going to have to endure this term pay, but small business owners who operate on the margins. Entrepreneurs, who operate on the margins, who are fighting survive and to make payroll. Every two weeks there going there, hammered it's going to be ugly thing. They got to get relief Washington DC. You now I will say one of the things of Bernie Sanders at last night. You know what, where we're? Were infusing the system with truly- of dollars for banks to land, that's fantastic, we ve gotta help or small business owners to that are going to be left out to dry when that time, It goes out there be the ones to small business owners who are the backbone of this economy, who were again the ones who are going to be suffering. The most Congress needs to do something that president needs to do
opting out just worry about France that he eats where that more allow go here the worry about small business owners are gonna, get hurt, this disaster to make life and death decisions? You ve got the low income working mom, who has to make the decision whether to go home and take care of the kids who are not in school or continue to try and work, where it may not be safe. This is gonna, get worse, and there are new guidelines that are gonna becoming out, and I would expect if you look at the science and where the It is going that they will be severe hospitals around the we are pressing for an did surgeon corona virus patients by erecting tree edge tents out emergency rooms. Argue about four weeks: well, not out of sight merchants rooms, hopefully separated adding extra beds in break rooms even recommend, plans to cancel none urgency surgeries hospital executives
by the Washington Post the burden on the healthcare system in the U S could be crippling if the virus workers as fast as it has in China and ITALY. The latest data on key measure of how prepared the? U S is for the outbreak shows they I did at two point: eight hospital beds per one thousand inhabitants compared to Ray point two and ITALY and four points we enjoy now, not ready the department of runs. Affairs is reportedly preparing to absorb the surgeon. Corona virus patients in case private Those around the countries can no longer cope by offering backup beds, from published in the New York Times New York States. Governor Andrew Cuomo urged the federal government to mobilise the? U S military. This is what I was talking about to help. Mobilise the? U military. This is what I was talking about to help create hospital. Adds asking impart quote
slow, the spread of the disease, to a rate that our state healthcare systems can handle. The answer increasing their looks like know what we're talking about, though, here is Joe. Military hospital set up outside of hospitals so that we really separate patients which is not being done wanting us now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave Campbell, and infectious diseases physician doktor he but Delia. Doctor, but just want to get an overview in terms of our preparedness again the lack of testing which it they say one point: nine million test, which is not even close. Coming soon, we are flying blind are we not. I think that you know we're thing, of cases and many of the major cities and United States Euro and and that's not
really getting a bigger picture because, as you said, despite the fact that these tests kits her out there what your finding and a lot of state laboratories as that human resources, other technical, I know, ability of infrastructure and machines, is kind of limiting this well and even Marshall laboratories are moving towards getting super busy with the testing, and so we we don't. You have a sense of how big this crisis is Doktor Dave. We keep talking about senior citizens who were so at risk and and act as if younger people are now at risk by the IRA. For the whistle blower in China who the first person who get in trouble for warning about this the krona virus, air, fairly doktor died? Young healthcare providers in China died, young healthcare providers and ITALY are dying. Are we under stating the threat
Two younger people as this virus spreads across Amerika Joe first by my prayers, go out to the victims in and we are not under stating the risk. The problem, is that in young people in China, for example, there were three doctors, twenty to thirty years of age who died and the message. Young people in the United States have. Is that? Because there is a risk of death is low, they can relative we ignore this problem there, not recognising that by becoming infected, which they can they become vectors. They Come passengers to take the virus to older people, their family member, so so how the messaging has to be improved. So young people realise that, yes, they can become very sick, but it's rare, but perhaps more importantly, they can pass
this disease to their loved ones. They can become infected even before they are symptomatic. Now you know Jonathan DA mayor, that somehow young people are our infallible when it comes to this disease, obviously where, where learning day by day, That's not the case Tommy George tweeted yesterday, that a good friend of is who is really healthy. Athlete in college serve in the United States military, get the corona virus and started experiencing some very I went symptoms that this is not just a disease for the elderly, though it is, of course, the elderly who take the brunt of the diseases, impact now and certainly would hope that the younger people would get the message and start stay home I mean Instagram over the weekend, was pretty dire in terms of people still go out to the bars and clubs exploding yourselves and potentially putting others at risk. Doktor Brasilia. My question for you is this: I mean schools
pretty much everywhere. Now people are home, parents are home. We know the impact of this of this virus, on the elderly. But let's say here your personal that thirty sporty fifties reasonably good health and you start to feel sick. You start to feel it will cost. You ve got a little fever. What do you do that? How important is it at that moment to still get tested. Should you be going to the doctor? Should you be Goin emergency room? Should you be trying to do to do over the phone? Instead and what steps would you give some whose concern they don't have underlined health issues. They think they're a reasonably ok but they're afraid they're getting sick Fletcher. They do yeah I want to start by saying that we are seeing its wearer, but we are seeing young people get sick enough to be at least be hospitalized ghetto, and and so that there is still a concern. Everyone that you don't want to get this disease if you can avoided not just for the sake of others, but for your own sake, but for those who get sick? the main thing is what people are: not
I think, as a major EU cities were seen hundreds of cases, but what that hiding is that, on top of that, you have double triple that number of people who are suspects who are coming in with similar symptoms, who may have another respiratory buyers and that its has overwhelmingly the system already is stretching lot of hospitals across the country and so for people who are in good. How the main thing you can do. To call your provider before actually going to exceed care. They will it. I see whether you should stay at home or whether it should come in for testing. The other aspect of this is and should you actually go? They emergence hero, the good rule of thumb as what you would do for any other, As you know, if you had a bad influenza, what would drive you to seek care and emergency remit of warning signs here? Your fever? That's not breaking! Shortness of bread in confusion, new chest pain. Anything that seems alarming is what should bring you too, urgency. Rural shorter, that I think contacting your medical provider by the phone is probably the best strategy right now
and Doktor Dave the? U S, surgeon, general, urging hospitals to cancel elective surgeries. What's the reasoning I find that and why are people still going to regular yours and mixing with the general hospital population when they have symptoms meeker? That's too, questions, but they are both related. This in general, announced on Saturday in follow up to the amount college of surgeons that we should hall elective surgery. Starting now in the United States- and that also includes things like coal and ask bees and routine tests. The reason is that you, The resources which includes people, equipment and space is what happens. When you haven't elective operation, it's the risk of having the spread of the disease through the hospital? politicians are not pretty
when there is a lot of air flow, and there is a lot of manipulate The airway everybody, that's enough operating room, realises there's a lot of. Spray and an operating room so He also use a lot of gowns and gloves in masks and if a spittle worker die your anesthesiologist or nurse get sick. They will be taken out of the pool of available people. We're gonna use up a lot of equipment and that person who got sick might be in the hospital. That's the space problem, people equipment and the ace Dave Campbell and doctrine ahead, but Delia. Thank you. Both will be hearing from your both again soon We appreciate your ban that here lose, what a wet. And what do you expect to over the course of the next few days? Not only here but across Europe in the world? So I think we and start see more and more pressure for something we haven't
we ve been hearing, much talk of which is global action order action through the G20. The United Nations Security Council that the word, master I it will assuredly hang separately, and this is going to be a very difficult bullet for President, to fight, and I don't know whether he will bite it. But As we ve seen, this viruses, indiscriminate effects, autocracy democracies, South North EAST West, and the need for cross border cooperation for sharing sites, sharing research on vaccines, fashion, resources, respirators vengeance, it is their component. Active ingredients of important drugs is going to become. I think, a very compelling need on
our part- and it is a little bit disturbing to see President Trump attempt. Ouch german scientists. That's not the kind of signal. I think that we want to be seeing at the moment No, I don't, I don't think so. There's a young Ignatius, there's an article in politico that toxic the incompetence pandemic, and it is interesting that we find ourselves in a position facing the pandemic this globe, away since nineteen eighteen. Ninety nine, he will have to see how it plays out an area have leaders that are so desperately ever matched with the times that they are a it was leaders of the United States and Britain across Europe who oh, how the enraged their opponents in the United States. We call it. Owning the labs, know how to do that. They just
don't know how to work the levers of government I dont know how to work with, people who are in their party. They don't know to bring together a bipartisan consensus in a time of crime, since we are in fact, at war and there is just and incompetence pay competence pandemic, as Poland says, on both sides of the Atlantic. The incompetence pandemic is a. Scary, new additional our vocabulary, part of it concerns me is that it's not just at the very top. We watch the footage of present trump the mistakes made by the CDC in this hope process of trying to get a rapid testing out to the public, so that virus could be tested and we'd have a better sense of the map. This pandemic. That's that also is is worrying. Guess what I'd say
Joe is that in any more time and this this does now feel like a war people discover virtues and strength stated another had I talk to my dad is ninety nine percent per annum keep him. The aid always says the same thing about war or to weed we just we didn't know what we could do until we were there. We suddenly, you know, have responsibilities frightening that surround us? We haven't had spent and we and we found this- thanks. I think that's hat gonna happen in the country, and I see it. I just say one more thing. Every time I go to the store. I still want to go out and buy things, I'm always struck by the supermarket clerks still are working there, dealing with a thousand people a day I have a knows what they're carrying with him, but there on the job, because that's their job to serve the public, good Also for hatred that basic idea that we'd be better off.
David Andrews, bad crowd. Thank you both for being on this morning. Hey it's crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bird Ekstrom, but what we do and dont know about run a virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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