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As the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. continues to grow, more governors are issuing statewide stay-at-home orders for their residents, including Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis. The panel discusses.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America. The highly antics paid a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut. Sarah Paulson loser, Duma and Elizabeth banks. Mrs America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more We ve been working very closely with Doktor Deborah works in all of our healthcare care experts on a White House, corona virus taskforce to give the president the very best projections they call it modeling wolf where they look at. What's what's happened around the world? We think ITALY may be the most com
RO boy area to the United States. At this point, variety of reasons, and so we we built that modeling vice present my pants yesterday saying that the White House model suggests the impact of the corona virus in the end It saves maybe most. Similar to ITALY for reference, ITALY accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths worldwide from the virus recording over twelve thousand deaths that total death toll could be even higher, as one studies suggest, that some elderly victims died alone in their homes, because they never made it to the hospital and we're never tested for the Koran and Willie that certainly is sobering news with Vice President United States. Italy, of course, has been fighting through this for a month and is a Wall Street Journal Investigation uncovered a lot of people in it.
He died at home and they never bothered testing. Obviously, there were concerns about health and getting people in their detest, so those numbers are underreported. We ve heard doctors in the United States and earth essay. The number of deaths in the United States are under reported Not and not out of any malicious design, but just because in some places its not so fast that the members just get lost, but you will give this country over three hundred and twenty million people, and you put a per capita, member of the United States, comparing it with ITALY. That is grim news. Indeed, yeah that was another sobering number, the sobering number two days ago, where the statistics doktor works. In fact, she gave us about the one Thousand two hundred forty thousand potential debts and if you're ITALY's trajectory that's about the last trajectory in the world.
That you want to be on a lot of those deaths, as Mika just said not reported, because people never went to the hospital, they were only reporting deaths in the hospital, but many more than that and, as we ve said now in two thousand times in this country, not deaths, but in terms of number of cases we still I have no idea, we still don't have arms around how many people actually have corona virus in this country. We we doubt we got some news on lockdown said obviously will help us bring some ordered it s. There is news, of course, out of Washington State in California that lockdown early, like guns, are really making it. Difference and Willie? I look at those numbers out in California and I think a lot of people kept expecting the numbers in San Francisco and LOS Angeles to explode San Francisco Ben Banana locked down for a couple of weeks. If they ve been at a hearing that that lockdown, maybe they die, this this balikh. May I don't
don't want to. I don't want to say anything to early because again goes in waves, but the numbers are not explode. In California as much as is exploding in new, work. A lot of people are very beginning thought they would Yasmine very interesting Watch that, because remember San Francisco and ridiculous was way ahead of the game in terms of imposing judgment on the city and municipal locked down right away, a lot of people thought that was wild and crazy at the time they thought it was a foreign terry, and there were pictures of kind these roaming, the streets, because people were allowed to go outside but now just say, want to get to have ourselves but As of now that looks like the way to go so yes, Florida shut down yesterday, as we hoped it would governor to scientists made the decision there to tell people to stay at home. We just wonder weeks that we're lost out on those beaches and in those bars how many more lives could have been saved if they taken a more aggressive approach early. Well, you know
we pleaded with the present the United States to up to call the Santos yesterday he did call Rhonda Santa yesterday, and the governor of Florida finally issued that lockdown order. After weeks and weeks of reckless, the Haven T you just help make of it there. Senior citizens would get over twenty. Million people in the state of Florida, one out of four as a senior citizens, you, those senior citizens don't pay a disproportionate share of the pain and and this freeing the disease that death bed, but there there is no doubt in you- need to commend. Doktor Burke's has from the beginning. She has been speaking the millennials begging them. They take is seriously spring breakers and floor it did not do that we get the report's last week a fire. Students from Tampa coming down with it
on a virus. Now we have reports coming out of university of taxes, Austin that forty four You t students went on spring break in Mexico against the advice of health care professionals. Forty four, now I be a lot would now there were forty four now reported having krona virus and sure If they're happy and I have underlined symptoms v, going to be fine, but the impact of that as its it's out on the communities they go back to their grandparents on their parents could be devastate. You have arrogance yesterday, tweeted out about how you had a lease people driving quite some distance. I do a church service. Three people unknowingly, were effected in that church service, and the impact of it. The cross Georgia now is being felt because people left the church service and Eric Ericsson said that that virus
read. This is how it spreads its not a one on one spread as a one on three spread: wood which goes to attend spread, which does not happen in our case spreads exponentially. Let's wait so important is doctor. Works has said from the very beginning. For young Americans to take it seriously so that the number of corona virus cases continues to balloon across the nation more a nurse or now issuing statewide stay at home orders among them. Florida gum wrong dissenters, his state ranks fifth, terms of a number of confirmed cases here in the U S, but as they can has mounted and the death toll take up in Florence, dissenters resisted calls from public health experts to issue the order it was until that phone call with president trompe answer and also more than three thousand new cases over the last two days did the governor heed. Their calls
right. Now there are nearly a thousand cases and at least one hundred deaths and we're still hours from the order taking effect it said for midnight tonight The governor previously said he was waiting for directives from the federal government which prompted this response from the EU. A surgeon general. My advice to America would be These guidelines are a national stay at home order. There, their guidelines that say that look, the more we Socialists, the more we stay at home, the less spread of disease. There will be. Tell her what the surgeon general's comments earlier today. That should be your thinking on a statewide state homework. I did on this site, you know when, when the president did the thirty day extension to me that wise people are just gonna, go back to work out, that's a national pause button. I had concerns about how some of that would would affect different communities in Florida who
have not been hit the same way and I don't anticipate getting hit the same way as place like me. Me Dade cell, but I wanted to see what their guidelines would actually say and even guidelines. They never actually said to do that. The surgeon general you a surgeon general, never told me that that that's what they they were. They were looking for you, but I think that, given we're having a thirty day. I think that's a signal from the president that left this is this is well we're gonna be fighting for a month. Ok, that from the Florida governor is likely welcome news for former Food and drug administration. Commissioner Doktor Scott Godly, who yesterday expressed option, some that the? U S can avoid the striking corona virus death toll projected by the white has if states like taxes in Florida, act
wild card here and ended. The decision point on whether or not we're gonna have the bad outcome that doctor Fouch in Doktor Burke's talked about is what populist states like Texas in Florida? Do that really having taken aggressive steps even now, there are large states, they have large urban areas that have very dense populations and if they don't care, or dress. Then we could be on the cusp of some of those bad outcomes. I think of those states start to act very aggressively right now. We can keep this, hopefully well below those kinds of models needs Quantum Mississippi and Georgia have also issued statewide stay at home orders. The order from Mississippi comes more than a week after the governor superseded local efforts his state to promote social distancing according to state data gathered by the covert project, Mississippi the highest hospitalization rate from the virus in the country, which is up second
since it is the highest covered nineteen hospital rate in the three Jonathan or mere. Let's bring you end, also Jim Vander high with us as well. Then this is actually a governor. Who is, can She was just a week ago of these. It home orders. He in fact undercut some local officials who had stayed home waters, it tried to protect people and their town in their cities, and he said one and people of prey forum, but was, we continue to be reckless site in on a Saturday night and then saying hey everybody pray for me to Morrow morning in church. Now. Does that doesn't we help don't drink on Saturday night in and be much better get niche on Sunday morning, but this guy was praying for us, but I'm not gonna do anything, in fact I'm gonna know or health care officials and everything their begging to do, I'm not it can even
My local mares do what they are trying to do to save people in their town and now look what's up in Mississippi. All too predictable cases. The number of cases thereof have exploded. We finally saw yesterday Florida governor dissent as acted. I know we we d show particular has been championing for that for quite some time. The other images, even this weekend of beaches up and of all county near Jackson, but where you could see the line which counties had come the beaches and which carries had not in those that didn't that beaches we're still packed with people, obviously a real risk to spreading This virus there are still a number of states. Of course it don't have this. I believe Alabama is now surrounded by states that have say no motors, but it does not end. There don't expect there to be a federal, line on this, the president was asked about this yesterday he was pressed on it in the way our briefing any said that he wanted to get to you to refer to the states he device.
So they said, will they believe in federalism? The states that states governed and make their own decisions and that the wider, as at least for now, was not going to impose a national stay at home, or even though there is mounting pressure even from within the EU, and the distribution from doktor factually from doktor works behind closed doors suggests That is what is needed right now, because, as we ve been documented right now, the hot spots or in a lot of these big city On the coasts but their spreading, and there Eventually, we had two states, they don't have the medical capability, is that health care capabilities that say in New York City does nurses, hospitals, Rover run right now. There's no question, but there is that there is at least passively to handle influx of people other states density sure, but also, perhaps not doesn't have the healthcare system for the influx of patients that are coming, but at least for now the present continues to want to put the onus on the states. We saw that with in terms of medical equipment, slowness to invoke the relevance production at he's, the one
states to be responsible to find a respirator define mast and at least now, even though the president extended at home, guidelines, suggestions, ripple thirtieth. That doesn't seem too. In order come from Washington that governor tat. It was a present. They get the warnings back is, of course, at people travel across freight state lines and, as you travel across state lines, you take the virus the talk them starting in early January. In the present one states also present relying we talked about this for a very long time. The present relying on fifty governors, it's a patchwork, approach and it doesn't make any sense- and you know it. It was a president who get the into briefings in January warning him right that it wasn't. It wasn't. Governors wasn't governor K. It was a present they get the warnings back in January. It was a president.
Who has actually a secretary of Health and human services that try to talk. I starting in early January in the present, wouldn't talk to him for two weeks about the corona virus and when he did all Do was talk about evading, but the president had everybody in the White House in January, warning him about this and he kept ignoring it. Of course, Instead, I am going to push it off to the states. Will there's not a state a pro to a pandemic. It's a national crisis that pandemic sweeps across lines it swept across state lines, it infects people whether their report? kids are democrats when the weather red states are blue states and taking this piecemeal patchwork approach to a pandemic, just doesn't work for some people learn the hard way in the new HBO film Bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR,
as Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie, all Hugh Huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and the film from his assistant, twenty PAM at eight by M on their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and frank prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting Cast Klute Re Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan Film, Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad. Streaming soon? On HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly
MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell, off. When people listen to music there, feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home, because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress they re other risk is that you know it's not like every governor as Governor Cuomo, you had descended in Florida weak, feckless leadership, waiting for directives from the government waiting literally waiting as people went to the beaches and began to mean this. This does
by this governor in Florida, waiting for tromp to tell him what to do is going to lead to we're losing their lives here I've done more, he should have been engaged. He should have understood the virus. He didn't and then there's this Georgia's governor so relented and issued a statewide order after the south western part of the state was identity. As a national hot spot and get this in a stunt. Admission. Governor brine camps says he only just learnt that aid, Dramatic people can transmit the virus. I think, is the reason I'm taken Saxons dislike of continued. Tell people and found the data followed the advice of doktor. To me, her not both meant In our remarks, you know fine. Now, this viruses now transmitting before people see signs. So what we ve been telling people from direct it's from the CDC for weeks now that if you start there
bad stay home. Those individuals could have been in patent Paypal before they ever felt We didn't know that until the last twenty four hours and his daughter to me tell me she goes. This is a game changer for us will guide Where do I began? Where do I began everybody? We Avenue heard this from doktor vow g. Haven't we heard this from doktor bergs. I am sure the press since even set at parents, as vice president everybody's best new arrivals are correct. Me has even doing his job, but I haven't. We know first time that people who were asymptomatic pass this on. Is it that when we watch tv and hear that actors, Ale, warn that you can have it and one of them dangers that its asymptomatic
you can pass it on without even knowing your passing it on Deborah BAR tat, warning that that children and teenagers are often asymptomatic and they can catch and pass it along with all of these other peep, without even knowing it, and so this George governor yesterday says wages found out yesterday and its again changer. Can tell you is set to choke a native of Georgia, it's kind of embarrassing. Yeah of course, you're right. We ve known for weeks and weeks and weeks that you can be asymptomatic and carried around with you, but will govern camp is doing. There is covering his rhetoric of the last weeks and weeks and weeks where he effective. He said aloud the governments who sit being governor to scientists in Florida, we're not gonna. Let some flew bug shut our state in others, by like almost swagger to the way they have talked about it, we're not going to be like New York in these other places. The problem is, it can be kept
in a symptomatic people and it will come to Atlanta Diameter Mississippi, as you just read, and we ve known that and we ve known that an end You're, seeing Joe is what we said yesterday morning, the power of President Trump specifically with governor at this. Who is grateful to President Trompe Billy help them become governor of the state affordable. His campaigning present trump knows needs Florida present Trump picked up. The phone yesterday called Santos and compelled him to shut down the state once was done? The governors of Georgia and Missis We did the same so that the power of President Trump over certain governors over certain part relations, what he says, becomes law and Jim Van The president has an incredible power, as we ve been trying to sort of say to him on the show of the last few weeks to set in motion the kind of action that happened yesterday to stop people to say
from themselves to save their populations by shutting down their states, and it looks like finally, yesterday the president did make that phone call to govern the scientists and the damage fell from their here that you? What you see here- and this is A bigger problem for society is information, inequality Why did the scientists do what he did? Why did Georgia wait so long? It's because were listening to president trumped up until the last five or six days. They were what Fox NEWS, they were listening to rush limbo and they were found conservatives on twitter or social media, all of whom were down weighing less so people. The information was of air, but in that information bubble there were basically getting a lot of sort of noise. In news pollution, and it has huge consequences because all of these steps, which you guys talk about on the show every day, I ve been done months ago. Certainly could have been done weak. Go nothing new with the governor reacted to snap new news that wasn't a debatable fact. We ve all known that anybody who say
symptomatic tin- can pass it on to others and often pass it on to many others in their problem, It's only been rectified really in the last five or six days. You have seen a different tone from the president and you have seen a different tone for more people on Fox NEWS. There is still a lot of garbage out there. You go on Facebook, twitter. You follow some of these concerns who have big following that- maybe a lot of people who are watching the show necessarily follow or aware of their still. Spreading nonsense, still a lot of like a big government trying to jam down there dumb rules on us in that has massive. Consequences so short of a national declaration that everyone has to sit in you're gonna, states. Indicative tend to be conservative states who sit out, and I think that's. Why If you want to get to the low under that projection, you have to take strong national steps and trumped doesn't want to do it. One reason he doesn't want to own the whole thing in to their people.
The White House, you just don't like mandating what all the states have to do, but in the crisis in a pandemic is a crisis. You sometimes have to do that. If you were at war, the your country goes the war, and you know it is true. What gym saying is yeah, there's still so much garb out there every day and now a lot of the more extreme promised are doing. Everything they can to try to do to defend as that and his extraordinarily slow start trying to pretend that entail committees are there Intel Community, his own intel community warning starting in January about coming pandemic. It could be a pandemic. It can be very dangerous department, J J Secretary Aser was to see him for two weeks in the present what present wouldn't and when he finally saw I in them, January to talk about the pandemic. The present only wanted to talk about vapor and that continued on
throughout January there were other people in the White House taking meetings, trying to figure out what they could do and and when one staff member said we just Couldn'T- get him to focus on that and so they're going back I can tell you for me personally, I got attacked by somebody from a website. I will mention. Why give people you know? Why mode any website. That spreads lies, but I was packed along with somebody Fox believe it or not for wrecking the economy, because I was quoting the real college study that suggested up to two point: two million Americans could die and then, of course, after that the president on Monday. What did he do? Where did the same exact numbers so on Friday? I'm the bad guy a wrecking the economy for promoting cell at the present. Some people say can kill millions of people, but now they believe maybe a hundred
go inside the White Ass might want people inside the White House we're looking at the end. Rio College study, but that was the attack on Friday and then on Monday, they movie do something else, because, of course, that spot We ve seen this this sort of nonsense, in politics for three a few years with the president's most rapid supporters, and also there are. Of course useful idiots for Russia who are out there doing the same thing, so there still is even one we're talking about a pandemic that the presence on people, they can kill millions of people, but now they blew maybe a hundred to two hundred and forty thousand people. You still have all of this nonsense going on out there when so much is at risk when the presents own people are saying that an end, my god, we're gonna get to this story later as well, but doktor foul. She now has to get get this doctor vouchers
is now having to get protection because of the number of dead threats that he has received for doing what trying to save as many american lives as he can. This is the sickness of sir extreme rabid supporter bottom line of Donald Trump, certainly not ever body, certainly not the majority of people there is as rapid straying we ve had Democrats talk about in Bernie Sanders supporters. We certainly have it here with Donald Trump supporters, but and the man who is doing more to say you and your family's lives having the get security. Haven't we protection from. U S, marshals because he's getting death threats from people who think that this is spirits he to bring down Donald Trump, its
for so many reasons. Everybody needs to get on the same page, its mandate with the scientists, the top scientists at is coming at us. The president now appears to be listening to scientists. To be a signal that supporters should but Jonathan I wanted to. I want to back up really quickly and just this isn't a partisan strike governors weed about republican governors. Some Mississippi Georgia floor. Three states where I most of my life, but we can talk about Democrats as well. I mean again to make bigger point that this is a national issue. We are at war. You cannot trust governors, you can't trust mares trust senators to protect people war and you're the president and you get the Intel information in January. You have to take the lead. I we talked about
we can say reckless things they can go back to the late February early March. Build a blog. I remember, do build hammered for going to is Jim as they were shutting down New York City. The blog, telling people to go out and do things Andrew Club, Oh yeah, he's doing great now, but back now, a month or so ago he was tat, it was actually pushing back against build, oblige YO, and this stay at home order and that we get tweet. We got received similar point here is not that these people are. When a great job. Now, just like, I hope, Round Santa starts doing a great job now, for the sake of the people and our states, but just at this, can't be a patchwork opera people get sick and tired of saying that. But I didn't say it: you can't have a patch work approach to a pandemic It needs to be national eyes and for what
ever reason the present Ones Disaze Wartime Presidency wants to declare war against pandemic, but will, not take charge of he's scared to take charge of it, and it's called a lot other chaos across his country in our approach to building this virus Joe, you know how much build obliges Jim routine. Personally, offends me, but you We are seeing this. They were left in the hands of state in that state, houses and city halls. We get it right, they have resulted in yes. Certainly, Governor Como is getting a lot of laudatory evaluations now, but New York was in I'm way slower to move on some of the stay home guidance behind quit you mustn't did not move as quickly as Say, California, and why wait and state governor insulin, Newsome we're quicker on some of that, certainly the Wazirs for example, where he for awhile CAP nearest
public schools open pointing to the need a feed under private children it give children of rescue workers and, of course is the value of education, but it came a certain point: that was untenable? That's acceptable, but I think most health experts feel was unacceptable. Is that that last weekend let the restaurants and bar stay open and even encourage new Yorkers single, had I have one last night out at their favorite bar, which of course, at that point The virus spreading rapidly across the city was just a before disaster for president here you are right here- He is not wanted to fully embrace there. As much as he is now declaring himself a wartime president. It's all in the today's, where he has stopped downplaying severity them ass these level with the american people as to how bad the tall could be, how many people could die asking them to just sort of butter down the hatches prepare themselves were, could be a terrible two weeks as he that yesterday, but he still, fully mobilizing the force of the government in order
do that there's still degenerative government is ordered more body bags. To have delivered, but has still not really stepped up its production, making private companies product produce the necessary number Ventilators unmasked and mass in particular, as a final point, is going to be a real focus. These next couple days a president mused from the briefing podium yesterday that perhaps Americans he wasn't mandating it, but a path, perhaps Eric and should wear, masks or scars, and we saw the city of LOS Angeles last night say that they that encouraging all citizens to wear them where they do step outside at all. You know make a big deal. Three journal this morning, in their opinion, pages talk about the importance of these and a body test fallen behind in the diagnostic tests, we ve got to catch up, and if we get to the point we're we're doing a million a day. Two million a day where, if you want to test you can get a test, that's right still can't do it even in Donald Trump Zone Palm Beach County, where you get one point, four million people and a couple
thousand people are the only ones that have had test three hundred thousand according the palm Beach posed a couple days ago, desperate for those tests and can't get it, but you those diagnostic tests that are so important, but is a wall. A journal was writing about this morning. In their opinion pages, it's also important that we get ahead of the game on the and a body tests. That means, if somebody has grown a virus and we're all starting. I know you probably know somebody who said the colonel Iris and Gatt and through it, we know a lot of friends and have had the krona, virals left eye and get through it. There are a lot of people that have gotten through it to tell me that, they had it you if have a test, and we can get everybody to take that test to see those antibodies. If you do then most doctors most sign I believe that your Amanda, to the disease for at least a year you can go back to work. You can go back to school. You can go back to rest
you can start your life back. So, instead of five more true Leon Dollar a bail out bills, why don't we focus on where we should have focus from the very beginning, and that is testing Germany's out of us again on testing other countries are ahead of us on this testing according to the Wall Street Journal on on on this test, for immunity. Let's focus on that, get the immunity has felt there get the diagnostic tests, of course, out there that's how we're going to open up our society fastest and, Mr President, you are needed control of that. If you really want the economy to open up more quickly, if you want to be able to trace this disease track down and figure out what States are ready to open up. Why cities need to stay locked down to the diagnostic even in New York state. I know I lived in upstate
New York for while big difference between ups, State, New York and New York City. If These tests- and we want to my friends and upstate me your things here. Virus. He takes antibody test ends up he's got the antibodies. He can go back to work that day. That's the key here we ve got to do better on testing. We failed miserably one or two months. We lost too much, let's this right and we can get people back into their lives back to school, back to work and get Erica running again I feel a mere and Van too high. Thank you both to more developments before we get in a quick break israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, gone into self isolation after his health minister tested positive for corrupt virus Netanyahu's office, as the Prime minister was put in isolation. On the advice of his personal physician,
he will be in self isolation until next Wednesday and. This is the latest sport to be impacted by the corona virus. The Wimbledon championships have been cancelled for the first time since world war, two in in forty five they all England Club announced yesterday. It is also- first time since the tournament began back in eighteen. Seventy seven at the event will not be played during peacetime. Speaking of tennis here in the U S, the tennis court that holds the Eu S open in New York City are being turned into a field hospital for corona virus patients. Mayor build a bless. Yo said the part of the who s here, Billy a gene king, national Tennis Centre in Queens, will be converted into it temporary hospital with three hundred and fifty. Ads for non. I see you patients, the mayor, Then he and
its officials are still hold for the open, can continue as scheduled this August, who knows Still I had on morning Joe the top Democrat in the? U S: Senate New York's chucks tumor joins us plus it doesn't get much better than this Is the best hog ever amid work, travel restrictions and a quarantine in China, NBC Bc, sound generous Mikey prayer, reunited, with our biggest fan after forty nine days, how the corona virus impact
family, and so many others. Next morning, Joe hey guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. Welcome back to our morning Joe Joe therewith, do we have JANET Mackey Frere, where those guys ok, let's, let's turn Ecuador's, largest sweaty city, The wash impose reports that bodies are piling up all over the largest city in that country abandon it. Hospitals decomposing inside some homes, even wrapped in plastic and left on the streets as families.
Trouble to find cemeteries? The mayor of the city, new testing of herself said that for large drain and trailers would be set to hospitals to serve as morgues Ecuador, has reported the most corona virus infections and deaths in Latin America, while guys, following the news from the White House, health professionals that the? U S could see one hundred to two hundred thousand deaths the Pentagon, one hundred thousand body bags in anticipation, FEMA made the request yesterday for the nylon body bags, which are typically distributed to war zones. Bloomberg reports that a FEMA spoke then said the agency's, making prudent planning for potential future needs- and that includes preparing for more choice, contingencies from States Mika. It's not a fun thing that report those statistics, but it's the reality of where these projects genes from all those charts we ve seen from the doctors, take us
that certainly is symbolic of where we're headed well, and you know me and Willie. It is important both of you remember. Ninety in very well, and make a reporting it and Willie, obviously knowing so many people impacted by it. We certainly hope that Scott aggressively. They right that if Americans aggressively take the caution that they take that the death toll won't be bad is where hearing right now I remember you know, the ordering of ten thousand body bags, four nine, eleven and people, believing that the death toll was going to be ten. And are more than enough, of course, far less than that. Still extraordinary tragedy, but these body, eggs have been ordered, but this unlike nine eleven you may this is this- is really in our hands right now. It's in there the Americans and the disease
and they make how a grass we they self isolate, and and it's in the hands of this administration and our federal government how aggressively they get ventilators and the masks and the equipment that our people on them front lines need like we ve all said before. Those doctors and nurses are the first Your fighters and the New York City cops who were on the frontline's at nine hundred and eleven they're the ones in the front line in this crisis. If they get the support they need, and if we all do our job, maybe just maybe we can hold the death count below the numbers were here all its also in the hands directly. This precedent needs to message in a unit warm way in line with its top scientists, so governors who are unable to understand the science or are unable to live up to two, the leaders skills that they should be having they need to be able to listen to him
it is in the power of the presidency to communicate effectively and to try and save lives coming up amid the outbreak. The several hundred years ago, that falsehood flies in truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet of course, inside those centres and our next guest is shining a light on that will talk to an emergency physician whose reporting on the real life impact of the pandemic, that's next on morning? Joe hey, it's critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg. Strong, but what we do and dont know the corona virus. Once these things get out there- and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there- they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version.
Which is known as Brando in both book. They principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so. We definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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