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Wisconsin voters on Tuesday braved long lines and waits while defying the state's stay-at-home order to vote after two courts ruled that the primary election couldn't be postponed. State Democrats sought to delay the contest but failed.

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Blue dot com for more gave us a thinking. He saw it aware that we are here today making sure that we do. Everything is a testament to the people who have really thought about this election. They knew what they were doing really hard to make. Everybody was here that always working people were coming in her heart. Everybody is your save them very minimal. Exposure actually was exposed to view. Then you would get if you went to the growth of a warmer appalling place and they would say you have the ability to do her body here. Even if it's a different without Rivah holding you ve been requested. The person come out of the liver. You about your idea. You worry randomly sake alone were what kind That actually is the Republicans speaker of the with constant state assembly in full on protected gear this guy, who looks like he's in a hazmat sued telling, was
on some voters that they were quote: increased least safe to go out. What salute cloud makeup maker of all things That why my that I've, seen in my twenty five years of pollen, eggs and being associated with politics and reporting on politics. I've ever seen anything is reckless and irresponsible, or the public health is what I saw yesterday, where Republicans applicants jammed down throat of Wisconsin voters. An election with in the middle of a pandemic, where they had to stand in lines close to each other, and yes, you can say this. The Republicans that jammed this election through risk the lives of countless ways, some voters and those in other states. This is after all week if you want to know what this is about. As we look at these pictures this,
about a Wisconsin legislature and a whiskey and send Republican Party in Wisconsin that has spent the last decade doing everything they could do to twist and distort voting outcomes and elections you don't, but every in two thousand eighteen, the numbers here democratic can its one. By more than two hundred and ninety thousand votes for this state assembly right pretty much and slide yet the GEO P, has so gerrymandered and twisted up the state that, despite the fact democratic one- a hundred ninety thousand more votes than Republicans the GEO P held a sixty four to thirty five advantage in that chamber, Wisconsin its disbanded ongoing effort Willie by Wisconsin Republicans,
to make sure that black voters to make sure hispanic voters to make sure democratic voters. They don't get their say and that that its one person one vote- and yesterday was the most- extraordinarily reckless thing. I've seen in my pull your wife, the middle of a pandemic. Just not waiting till Joan, like every other, say cause. You know what they have Supreme court sake that they want do when they wanted. The Democrats who stayed home they wanted to win the Supreme Court, see so they could pay more legislation which were disenfranchise more black voters? It was a total trap. Stay and you're looking at those pictures of people standing outside any just save yourself. Why why every their state that had a primarily in the month of April, either moved it too.
June are went to full mail in voting. Milwaukee guys had previous A hundred and eighty polling places Milwaukee the biggest sitting Wisconsin five yesterday, five, holy places? So not only was everyone being asked to go out and vote in the middle of a pandemic, but they are are being asked to stand in line very close to other people for hours in hours and hours to vote. They were given that ways and God bless those voters who want to exercise their right. They were given the choice either loser but I'll stay home or go outside and vote in a pandemic, and you just ass again why? Why not just move to dwell that's that's Joe, I think we're Americans need to pay attention and look at what the president's pull back and look at the big picture. If the entire election process- and you and see the president are already trying to chip away at the process and Jim Banda highs, where this germ euro
Scots guy. I dont want to put words into your mouth, your rapporteur, I'll just say I was second by the images I saw we are a nation that is desperately trying to de flattened the curve of the numbers of deaths, more people of have died in the United States of this pandemic than died on nine eleven died in the Afghan the stand twenty year war died in the train. Today have a war in Iraq, and yet you look at the pictures from your home state and people, are shoved together because Republicans force this election today in about it people have died in Wisconsin half of those in Milwaukee, whereas what we pointed out, there is only five pulling places instead of a hundred eighty that you would typically have the recent people should pay attention to this issue, This can really become a national crisis, come election day in November, because if they,
a resurgence of this virus. This is gonna play out in fifty different states, and you, the present United States, say to say yesterday saying male in voting is inherently corroborate any in its and you're. Having only states have to make this choice between one and the other in Wisconsin is often a microcosm, because the Scots and used to have a pretty moderate politics. It used to be defined by people a governor, Tommy Thomson and over the last fifteen years, has become very partisan. Public and party there very conservative, very reliant, as you pointed out on the supreme and the States Supreme Court to people to back the things that they are trying to do, and now you saw the manifestation of and I it too far in the weeds, the Supreme Court, that said that they window- for the extension of absentee voting that allow. Yesterday too, all the way it did. They were basically saying. Listen here is a technical matter of the conservatives on the court saying they just don't think that a governor that, in this case a democratic whenever there saying any governor should be able to re, write the election rules,
one way or the other and if they apply, If you look at what the Supreme Court's been doing in general on voting rights, you could see a mess come election day, because work I think, a record number of court challenges on both sides to different aspects of voting rights for individuals. So if you know you think the conversation you were just having Jim with the admin. Amid this pandemic. We, and right now it is not safe to go out and stand in long lines and vote, and it won't be for quite time we're looking at many months of life being completely uprooted. Our children are not in school, nobody can be close to each other. And this is gonna- go on for months and beyond that. It Many more months even years for people to get After some semblance of normalcy. There will not be voting in that no way withstanding lines and pressing buttons. Yet Joe. We have to have our
elections are. Elections are something must stay right in place for the sanctity of this kind We, and there is a way to do it. Again the president wants to undermine the process. I say pay attention. The american people need to pay attention to what already beginning to do. In the midst of chaos. We still believe even in these times, even in the endemic. Even when we have a president who is desperately trying to limit the number of people of voting in even when we, for president, who admitted a press conference last week that, if more people got to vote, Republicans would never be elected again, I dont believe that, but that's his mindset. He believes if, throughout the that's a bad thing for Republicans. He said it the speaker of the House of Georgia the house of Rigour, Thou said you get more said out, get more people out, voting Republicans won't same elections,
that same president, who we ve been showing you this week. All the lies when he says things I got. Nobody ever saw this coming and we while the lies in early January, everybody in his administration saw this coming. How, in twenty nineteen, the Department of H H as Secretary Aser was asked what kept him awake at night. You said that going pandemic is keeping me awake at night when we have the next pandemic in its keeping everybody in this room awake at night, how, in twenty fifteen bill gates predicted exactly what's happening now, it's going to happen and said we were ill prepared for George Bush in two thousand five doing the same thing obsessed with MAX pandemic that came to the United States. Very have they saw it coming yesterday, Donald Trump lying and will show you they're saying: oh, I believe the same thing Peter Navarro, believed that this was going to be a terrible pandemic that can kill up to five hundred thousand people. We ve got all the close. Mr President, we ve got all the rest.
We ve got you saying, of course, at the same exact time that there is nothing to do. It is one person. Then you said it was eleven Peru people than it was fifty. It was going like well on this melon voting. Where the present said last week. It was all you know. This is this is are about melon voting, it's terrible. If we do it, we'll Republicans Never when election again and then he saw the lie he's to lie to you again saying how fraudulent mail in voting can be. Spite the fact fifty million Americans dated four years ago and stayed psycho organ doing it since nineteen eighty seven by since, since, like thriller and and and purple rain and like legs, albums and and and and songs like that were out he's been doing it that way. American voters have been voting system.
An old Reagan was present, they ve been voting by mail. I mean roughly thirty, three million valets twenty I presented the total and the twenty. Sixteen presidential election were cast by mail and according to the New York Times more than twenty three percent of voters had cast ballads by e mail and the twenty succeed general election, that's twice voters that did it in two thousand for and so. The present wise and I gotta say he's not a particularly good liar. In fact, he's one of the worst liars since Eddie Hassle, in fact, for you for you, for, for you, people that are not as all this I am Eddie Asko, was on leaving the beaver
I saw the reruns okay, but he's a worse liar since Eddie Hats go in so he's lying about by now the how fraudulent it is We care the while working by man. Happen happened when a reporter yesterday brings up an unfortunate points, Caroline that last year, Donald Trump funded by mail. You were highly melon voting male imbalance for using your body you up in part as election last month. I could rope by male further Well, that's called out of state because in a way about it I happen to be little white House and I will be able to go to Florida. Look for somebody.
Out of state and does a ballot and everything sealed certified and everything else. You see what you have to do with the certifications and you get that tens of thousands of people sitting in somebody's living room signing ballots all over the place. No, I think that In voting is a terrible thing, I think, if you vote, you should go here, so I really do not need to tell the rest of it. Well, I uh God he said I should be able to do it that's allowed, because I am not able to travel when I'm not able to have well guess what there were a lot of people and whiskers. Yesterday that really should have said we have a pandemic. That's kill more people than like five wars combined, we can't votes. We'll just melon our votes. This guy, a liar and a hypocrite on this issue he'd as it. He just doesn't want Democrats to do it, and especially.
That was Wisconsin Republicans and a lot of other come up. Republicans dont want black voters to be able to do it. Let's be, let's be honest about it. The present either didn't know or didn't remember that, one month ago, he himself voted by mail in first of all Joe, I can't believe you're defaming Eddie Haskell at this early hour of the morning will be great, Can I leave a out of this. You know its mail in voting is going to be important this year, as you guys have been pointing out, this pandemic is going to keep people away from the if you don't know how long it's gonna last year, Doktor found you yesterday talking about the possibility that many people won't go back to school in the fall that means it won't be safe in many communities in many states to go out and stand in line all day and vote. We have to start thinking now is Jim says about how is this election going to be held? How is it going to be held securely in fairly and part of that is going to be mail in voting and what you heard the president
yesterday is beginning, as he always does early to soften the ground and say the process is corrupt. In case he loses that election he's preparing his defence. There was somehow corruption in male in voting which, as you say, has been used for generations in states across the country and already been used this year in some of the primaries. So I think that's why it so important to frame this is one of the key pieces of news happened yesterday yesterday had so much going on, but it's important to note that President Trump feels comfortable cheating at the end, some process. That's why Ukraine might come to mind and trying to get dirt on a political rivals from a foreign later. Maybe someday Can this didn't understand what was wrong with that there's a lot wrong with it, because he has a very loose sort of framework as to what the President, thanks as right and wrong and again
being at away at the election process is something we need to watch very carefully. Yesterday also saw yet more chaos at the White House as Jonathan mere points out in four days. Trump has five one inspector general tied to listen. Peach meant castigated. Another he felt was overly critical of the corona virus risk Johnson sidelined a third meant to safeguard against wasteful spending of the corona virus. Funds, oh and by the way they acting secretary than They also resigned yesterday and the White House Press secretary stepped down and jobs and Le Maire joins us now. Also with us, former Whitehouse Advisor for Health policy, professor advice provost for global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania. Doktor Ezekiel Emmanuel he's also an NBC News and MSNBC medical contributor and hosts of the podcast making the call
to have you all on board. The DA mayor talk about the chaos going on in the White House. I get this sense the transition that Donald Trump Water, administration, basically to be stripped down to Donald Trump Jared Kirshner and his daughter and in this chaos the present is firing anybody any body beckons anybody any body that can show any independent. In making sure that american taxpayers money is squandered and making sure that he doesn't have Orban like powers, Joe you your right first, very briefly, backing up to the West point: it's not just that Wisconsin is state its proud these state that is going to matter the most this note I mean. Obviously, the electoral map is perhaps thrown in
a chaos now because of this pandemic, but most a lot of it Prior to this suggested, the whole action may come down. It was Constance, it's actually worth keeping an eye on going Ford there and across the nation. In terms of in the end we had the President s mind you tweet out, encouraging, was constantly to go out and vote, despite the fact that, of course, that would vote eight, the social distancing policies, his own cdc, has put out in terms the independent inspectors, generals you're, certainly right. We have since prickly, since the impeachment trial ended with the present presently acquitted by the report, Control said we have seen were. These moves to serve, curtail any kind of oversight within the federal government one inspector general go, he was partially critical of the ancient just one earlier this week. There's a certainly those in the White House, our arcs, anticipating there may be a move their two out of that one as well. He was,
fixated on the news conference that she had also served under President Obama, though, of course, that like a general, also serve for eight years under President George, W Bush but what we are seeing here is the as yet another example of the lack of of guard rails. Frankly any sort of any sort of within that. Why has this is the present doing what he wants? We did have the press secretary Stephanie Gresham be outlawed yesterday, you ve a not a favourite of new chief of staff, Mark Bellows, but more than that, and we have a replacement coming in a Fox news contributor who then went on to become a campaign spokeswoman, but we are seeing the presidency believes that he himself. Is his best, whether a as always. I hereby today, we in the podium Jonathan, we just just let's be clear. This is, of course, present soon spokesperson. What didn you predict about the past. Then the pandemic
now Joe you're, certainly Riah, was that just just a few weeks ago was she appeared on Fox NEWS predicted that the court of auditors never get to the american shores. The president would control it and it would never become a political issue, she peered in a show our Fox news host mind you has since lost her job for saying similar things and now with a given the country, is now, of course, the new aspect return starting in a few days, but we yesterday is also the president, is grey area air and revise the truth, revise hiss from the podium- and it was attacks in the world. Health organization- was the latest front of this, where he was shot the critical of them he accused of being in the pockets of China when, in fact the w H and perhaps their response, not perfect the pandemic, but they advised and now international emergency. They advised travel guidelines. More than a month before the President of United States to himself So again, this is just again the present people around him. R are terrible. Liars they're, stupid,
they look stupid there now, I'm not saying they're stupid, they look stupid when they live by the way they do the news, person at the White House told Treasury in a couple of weeks ago that president trumpet Never let run a virus come to the United States are terrorists. He was so great that terrorists kroner virus whenever going become to United States ever those couple weeks ago, that is about the same time, lags he's probably level for Peter Navarro wrote his mama, but you don't make it Talk about how the present such a ban liar how he looked so stupid when he lies and gets caught his eye. The gee that he fired a memory fired g and then he's he's like thanks said he got. Language was Then Carl Output Workforce tell us who I work for my work and he actually figs and better he's going to prove something.
When we find out the inspector general yes worked through eight years under Barack Obama. He, I guess I didn't know that the inspector general also worked eight years hundred George You blush and had been there since nineteen thousand nine. That's a sort of stupidity that passes for one upmanship in this White House and among members of trumps. Well, you just gotta, say people that would actually be convinced by that of logic or member of a call now they're, not even Donald Trump Supporters, so these are the cold like fire were to watch him lie on convincingly every day. Saying nobody could have seen coming one they're coming books written on the people even in his own administration, that warning that it was coming so President Trump.
Yesterday about the president, not reading, which is something we have noticed about him. He says never saw the memos is detailing potential pandemic from his adviser. Peter Navarro now does adviser here he's up on stage with him. This is one of his guys. He didn't write a memo or to really pleading with him too Look at some serious threats to this country's safety the memo, make up and lay a memo where somebody That is why they are so close. Aid says up to five hundred thousand Americans can die. If the White House is not prepared for right, so the president, however, says here course of action would not have changed if he had read those menopause. You see these memos orderly, Peter Navarro back in January. When did you see them and how does that,
these animals are swear, we will give our consent and nobody could have produced visit sounds like he was predicted. I didn't see him, but I heard he wrote some members talking about pandemic. I didn't see him. I did look for me there, but there is about same time as I felt that we should do with those about the same time that I closed it. Damn it I know, Peter and of our days you were still downplaying of ours leave ass. You were saying things like. I think it's a problem. That's going to go away with the cases really didn't build up for a while, but you have to understand. Really didn't build up for a while, but you have to understand our cheerleader for this country. I don't want to create havoc and in everything else, but ultimately one was saying that I'm also closing down. I obviously was concerned about it because I closed down our country to China, it was heavily infected. I then closed
to Europe Your staff for himself should have told you about them. Earlier we erect everyday issues of feeling. Goody head He told certain people in the staff, but it didn't matter. I didn't see it, but I did. I closed I don't remember it even being discussed. We had a meeting where there were a lot of people. Most people felt they should not closer than that. We shouldn't close down to China, but I felt we to do it, and I was almost exact same time, is the member of a couple things. We got first of all the President area he says he closed down than he was feeling the same thing, though he wasn't feeling the same exact thing over. I gotta keep Goin back to this when he said he closed down, he did close it down from China. You know four hundred thirty thousand people got into the United States from China from the time of this outbreak and even after he claims to have come, down. He put so many exemptions on travel
and from China that about forty thousand people get from China, to the United States after he supposedly closed down with, is toothless ban shut up, shut it down and then european about Europeans want then later on. I did you, you know what he's administration, was begging him just shut down. Travel from up his own administration. You can talk about with is where the debate shows that this is what now he people in administration were begging him. I think it was. The h h, secretary to shut, our travel from Europe, at the same time that he had this was ban shut, their that shut down part of travel from China, but he statements. Mnuchin, now we're not going to shut down travel from Europe, we're not going to shut down travel from ITALY. It might hurt the economy and so we're not going to do that at my panic, the markets, so we had to wait.
There are two or three weeks each other actually was banned from Europe, a ban from ITALY, a ban from some of the most infected country he's on the planet, so he's lying about. Shutting down and make us forest, we don't need a cheer later wait up. Anita cheer later we don't need, like Ponzi. A policy or whoever the happy days. Cheerleader was we donate part c and d house. We need presently the White House that actually followed the advice of scientists, of doctors, of other people of other people Willie who, who actually we're warning the president, starting on January, the third fourth fit sex, that a pandemic could be coming
president said of the Navarro memo. I basically diet and read it by basically did with the memo said anyway. He didn't do without memo said he had, as you say, the restriction on travel back to the United States, not for everybody for some people from China. What those memos, the pandemic. Playbook we're talking about is the preparation, that comes before that pandemic arise, which is stopping up on PPP. Getting it to the house I was in New York City they're gonna, probably needed first getting country, ready being honest with the country. Part of being a cheerleader for the country, is saving the lives of the people. You can stay hopeful and optimistic and speak truth to the people, but here actually is what President Tromp was saying about corona virus and the outbreak around the town? in late January, when those viral memos were written for your words about it. Damn it get this boy or not at all, and there, where we have a totally the control one person coming in from China
and where it under control, it's gonna be just fine. We have it, fifteen people and they are in the process of recovery, with some already having fully recovered. We're at that very low level. Do we want to keep it that way so we're at the low level as they get better. We take them off the list so that were to be pretty soon at only five people there. We could be it. One or two people over the next short period of time and again, when you have fifteen people and the fifth within a couple of days is gonna, be down to close to zero that's a pretty good We ve been so so Willie. We played to collapse there. The first club was, lay before them Navarro borrowed member, when he's probably putting together. That was the twenty second of January and theirs present now not worried about it at all. We got one person soon, as can be gone. We the second club,
because it was almost a four month after that Varro memo. Almost all my after peace viral tall, Donald Trump, the administration, half a million people could dive this pandemic. We are woefully ill equipped. If we don't get what we made. Half a million Americans could die and we cannot imagine what we need, and we could have gotten one wrongly road. We could have got that. Lasting ready, we could have gone the The EU is ready. We could have been prepared. We could have started social distancing it We are to save law, but a month later, the president says in that way up its fifteen people a month later, William, Fifteen people internally, the zero so bringing us back.
Why so much and these press conferences, I still for the life of me, don't Their stand. Why the networks, including own allow Donald drop to live two hours to the american people if he were giving good information. That would be one thing at fat. Tat is a lie. So if this network or sea Our fox is going to why the hell longing for two hours at night they need real time fact, because this case Willie. This was that the twenty six when Donald It's gonna be down to zero and, of course, that's again almost format. It's gonna be down to zero and, of course, that's again, almost a four month after Peter Laura, wrote his memo, a member that
I believe the same thing I was doing now. He didn't even a month later. He thought it was about fifteen people instead of five hundred thousand deaths. Yeah, and there was a second Navarro memo by the way right around the time of that. Second, clip we should, which was more dire than the first saying we ve lost a month now, here's how bad it could be now and it was even worse than the first member. So it's actually twice as bad, even as you're describing well, sir, I think some of the networks are figuring this out and adapting. I know we come out of it and our anger. Whether it is that day runs down a list of what the president just said and serve debunks if it needs debunking those facts, so there is some evolution there. I think that's a good thing and I I'm not wearing about Vietnam, although one second, we don't need glibness. When we come out of a press conference from the are people rolling, their eyes went out, and so he said this he's they get distracted. Sometimes I'm not just talking about
network all the networks they get distracted by the ground noise can happily the present said this. Can you believe you tweeted that now just get the facts, get his clothes get than death are you, gonna get the people and his administration that we're warning him from early January put up, His words, not your. George, we don't care what you have to say. We don't care about your editorializing in broke, get his quotes. His words cared. His statements can't the fact that he's trying to stop american from voting on the election by mail and then get where the president says now Goodbye now, because I had to do it, you're, not that basically what he said- I'm sorry, Willie Alike, gotta Jonathan, on mere right now, but these can continue unless they have a serious back jack or that COD Zan, while the present is lying to the american people, if it gives facts great am all for it. I said
the beginning of this we're all in this together. I said beginning. I want the present a succinct as went to use, exceeds we succeed, I can die, is now but he's not succeeding. He's not twined. This succeed, in fact he spreading misinformation, he's trying to cover up all the mistakes he's made over the past few months, instead of looking forward, trying to save senior citizens lives in Florida, in Arizona and Wisconsin in Michigan, in Pennsylvania and Ohio in North Carolina and always states. He actually gives it I'm about go and Willie. I'm sorry we ve been saying all along. I would take every day twice a day, a news conference from doktor crouching, Doktor Burke's, just giving us the facts of what's going on. The present, of course, will never let that happen. That's why it's good. We have like carefully who was in the room, yes variance at wait a minute. You ve, by male one month ago and put him on the spot
Le Maire. Let me ask you about the president. We ve been served tracking every day, he's finding someone else to blame for the failures of his own administration. Yesterday. It appears he found a new one in the World Health organization. As you are Getting a little bit earlier, he went through moment by moment things at the World Health organization he claimed had done failures. He claimed a couple of that. We're not true is this his new sort of bogeyman, the World Health Organization which, as you point out, has not been perfect obviously here, but is that his new person to blame. Will there's been throwing evolution? We obviously had democratic governors have taken some blame for the response to the virus the president was sort of quiet and were reluctant to criticise China for a time, is now a sharp and his attacks there. Ass though the World Health Organization appears to be latest scapegoat. We heard him yesterday's for smaller course note the president.
Ben skeptical of a lot of international organizations since taking office that the world has. The debate show excluded in fact in February, and that was for that. I was just as this crisis was was beginning, but before it had really the American Shores administration, threatened to cut its funding for the world relations budget by more than half. That was already in the work as this pandemic, with growing in China as it was starting to spread beyond the border of Asia, the travel industry. We are looking to slash funding to the Well world health organization and heap obviously pummelled them from the briefing were imposed in yesterday she's been a concerted effort to serve the two to pass the buck to sort of place. The blame elsewhere although again as noted, though the debate oh, has had some flaws in its response here got out ahead of the trouble ministration on a number of of guidelines, and warnings
and in the in the- U S here, still lags behind a lot of other countries, including a rich response, including of course, test While we should be rightly skeptical of a lot. What China has put out in terms their data. It should be noted that war yesterday, was allowed to reopen and that their peoples live in the province where this outbreak started are going back least in some semblance to everyday lives, mostly because of the thanks of widespread testing. Some people learn the hard way in the new HBO film, bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni STAR as Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie follows Hugh, Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work, and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin, played by Alison Janni
their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank, prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Cloots RE, Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan, film premier, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges, mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell.
Off when people listen to music there, feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits, we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress? So let's talk about two of those see, cities that are so key as Jonathan mentioned will harm is one of them. Also in London, we have NBC News Foreign Correspondent, Richard Angle, in Beijing. Nbc news, foreign correspondent, JANET's, Mackey, Frere Richard start with you in the condition of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Taken today. I see you a couple of days ago. How does he do today what status
We spent a second night in, and I see you in this hospital and british officials are saying that he is stable, that he is in good spirits that he was never a ventilator, never intubated, breathing zone requiring oxygen or they are not giving hourly updates, but they are saying that his commission, stable and that the government is is proceeding, is moving on that his foreign Secretary Dominic Grab has been deputized too. To do some functions of the government, although he doesn't have complete authority and the queen sent him a message, hoping him wishing him a speedy recovery, but so far, no indication that here taken a turn for the worse, and that was what happened a couple of days ago when he was initially moved from the hospital, into an I see you, but, but so far things do
seem to be more stable. But that is not the case. Across the country they they hear in the UK, they are bracing for a very, very tough, weak ahead. In fact, Twenty four hours had seen the highest death toll since the beginning, with about eight hundred people die in a single day in this country. So that's approaching ITALY and Spain. In its worst days, ITALY and Spain seem to be out of this, the UK trailing behind and many who are drawing parallels to the way the british government handled this initially and the way the Trump Administration handled it. Boris Johnson in this hospital bind me stone. I see you. A police, stable was also sceptical about the severity, also claimed that testing was under control and when pressed that they
tests or not under control that people didn't have easy access to them consistently said that they were in the pipeline and that very soon there would be wide scale, and even now there restart still not widespread scale testing bore. It also said that he wants you to practise social distancing himself and he quite infamously, was gave a statement in which he said he was going to continue to shake hands that that was part of his job that he met. I went to a hospital met with corona virus victims shook their hands. He thought so. This is a there. Are some parallels here too to what is happening in the UK and what is happening in the United States. We're glad to hear his condition is stable. This morning, Richard angle in London thanks so much will look for De Morbihan coverage this weekend on Amazon B, generous Mackey Frere in Beijing on the place where this all began has ended its lock down what gave the Chinese,
but the confidence to end that increasingly, the statistics have been suggesting that this situation is under control here. That doesn't mean that the epidemic is completely over, but it has reached a point where the authorities believe they are able to ease some of the restrictions that have been in place in war zones case for Seventy six days, this sitting has been sealed off. People haven't been allowed to travel in and out and for most of this eleven week period they haven't been able to leave their homes without special permission, special passes and a time limit even to go and get groceries thing about it. Will it seventy six days is how long the lockdown lasted and would add. New York City is, on day twenty of its say, a home order, and it's been twenty six days since the? U S declared a national state of emergency, so that is a sense of where
China is is along this time line. There are a lot of questions about the numbers sooner. The scope of the epidemic still is in clear. What we can look at is trends and what we have seen enough of a decline in the number of cases that the authorities that brought in all of these measures to begin with our now relaxing them. Some of the thousands of healthcare workers who have been brought into the province have now gone back home a lot of these temporary hospitals where people were being warehouse. Those who had mild symptoms have been closed and end the pressure that have been put on the health care system and will have, as has either to the point where authority say that they believe that they can now let people move around. There are still restrictions and there are still concerns. Of course. The last thing China wants is a second wave of infections.
All right, thank you. So much tat is greatly appreciated. It is important and, listening to her understanding, underline, In fact, is JANET said that life is not. Returning to normal there that, yes, you re the headline and it says, will HANS open up, but she had a little deeper into Did you hear what Janis, who sang and re deeper into the art? Will you find out that in China not be returning to the United States be the next month or so we will not be returned. Normal. We may be moving to the next stage, but it is not going to return to where everybody piles in the subway cars everybody gets to base games, everybody jams into elevators, were happening. It's going to be, there is growing, lay ever again to be transition: let's go there, manual who's been awaiting passionately, buys we ve been talking about politics and the president's lies and misquotes, and I want to talk to you.
This morning about a man the largest city and America largest state by population. Let's start with America's most populated city New York City, it looks like a tale of of two different data points talking about how the numbers of doubts fortunately went up again but Hoss with admissions, are actually going down the need for ventilators have not MAC stout past four thousand. Yet there seems to be some. Good news. There, a silver lining their along with, obviously the terrible of the terrible death toll. What's your take on where New York City is now and where we can accept to be in the next week or two well, as pointed out in New York, has now been weak three of its shelter in place order and that physical distancing, as well as people now beginning to wear masks, has decreased,
Man decrease the spread of corona virus and is leading to a decline in the number of new cases and natural reflected in that fine in hospitalizations. On the other hand, mortality death occurs afterwards, so you get a case and it takes a fourteen. Fifteen days before someone get sufficiently sick to beat, have a life threatening conditions, and so mortality is gonna, be lagging indicators. We say: it'll come after, you might get it. I'm in the number of cases? But while we ve had a decline in number of cases, it's not Cyril we're only three weeks into it. And you heard that it was ten weeks in will harm before they could feel like they could open it up. I would caution that you know I don't wanna make dire prediction but it's unlikely will hunt is not going to have a second wave. It's coming. Almost inevitably that's gonna happen. You're gonna help people
had east up and they had seen a very large rise in their number of cases and had to close schools and just close, not essential business. They had seen a very large rise in the number of cases and had to close schools and just close non essential businesses on Friday. So I think what we are seeing is the first phase where people can ease up, but we should watch carefully and I think in New York. But you know it's a proof case at physical distance and can have an effect, and that is a good thing so that people around the country will take heart that if they physically since then, there actually going to make a difference that this pandemic. So from the largest city, the largest say: let's talk about California, by most measures. California is outperform what anybody expected of it, of course, when this first here, There were dire warnings about San Francisco about CM
which obviously has had problems in Washington LOS Angeles all of the West Coast. Said, have such close connections with China that business in China Bit. Let's talk about, California, where gave a new some is reporting that he's not going the ventilators sea has and he's going Sending of those back east to help Americans who may be facing problem its expected. A month ago, Gabbett Newsome the governor. There was pretty aggressive. Also the big tech companies in the San Francisco area sent their workers home because they could mostly do that. Our work from home, and so you had this combination of shelter in place, as well as the employers sending people to work in
because they could mostly do their work from home, and so you had this combination of shelter in place, as well as the employers sending people to work in home from home, and so you had a very effective physical distancing process and that decrease the spread of, Iris and basically ease off the pressure on the health care system and decrease. The number of people who are dying and you see that low mortality statistics, Seattle, pretty similar story. Seattle got the first case of first mortality case an nursing home there, how the virus got through the nursing home. We don't know, but that triggered a very substantial response by Governor J instantly there of
closing the schools, closing businesses, Amazon and Microsoft, sent their workers home and again you had this very effective early physical distancing that seem to decrease the debate and on the health care system how it was very important to have these early responses, and I would just no going back to the president's comments He has been. He said he locked down China, but he did nothing to prepare the american people and Eric and healthcare system from the end of January, one where he supposedly shut air traffic to China to get prepare for this virus, and that was a critical time that was miss in this country. Getting the testing ready, get
hospital system ready getting search capacity, wreck ready? I wrote on March second in the Washington, but you gotta prepare for search capacity. You gotta have these hospital beds ready and we didn't do anything and now what we are saying is that the president, and by the way, is right. Wing clothes in the media, like Tucker Karlsson, are attacking people or say how bad this could be. So yesterday, Tucker Karlsson took after Bill gates, doktor, faulty and myself when we were all say: listen. If we don't do physical distancing, we are going to have hundreds of thousands of people die and instead of dealing with the fact that we need the physical distancing, they were attacking the messenger and the W h. I was just part of that. They don't like the messenger they dont like. The message, though, attacked the messenger rather
and confront the actual data and what policy we need going forward and again everyone's pointed out, we don't have enough cash. Think if we're going to ease up the way China has been able to do a guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever, download yours, doktor manual. It's really guys down. I would ask you get about some of those numbers inside of New York City in particular, because it is the at the centre of this crisis in the United States. I had a couple of days there's warned me, and I understand why Governor Cuomo wants to emphasise it. Some Good NEWS, which is at a little bit of a flattening up hospitalizations. A couple a doctor said to me yesterday take that with a bit of rain of saw because remember, we ve told people now and they understand now over the last couple of weeks there, if you feel I gave the flu don't come to the hospital unless you're having differ
the breathing so they're, getting fewer of those people coming in and also people being turned away at hospitals, because some of the New York City hospitals are capacity. So, if you're, if you're vision is bad enough that they send you home. So I guess what I'm asking that Romania was what statistic use earring and on what will you see in the data in some of those graphs that we ve all looked at that tell you that this is getting better. I think you need to a combination of three data points, first of all, the doctors are right. Our threshold for seventy people to the hospital in the threshold for admitting people is going up and up because of the shortage of beds and because you don't want people with mild conditions in the hospital, it's not good for them to be there. But I look at a combination of three statistics: the number of new cases now that's not reliable because
again. We have a high threshold for testing. We should be casting some asymptomatic people in community people which were not doing the number of hospital admissions and the ultimate passes the mortality rate, because, while its lagging indicator, you can't fake. Yes, you might say well, there's some datsun, you might attributed to something else had knocked the corona virus, but that is going to be your most solid indicator, but the three of them together give you
labour for what the direction they already is in a community and, as you have seen in California, there's enough direction. Reality that the death rate is low, the number of new cases is right, might be continuing to rise, but is relatively low, and so I think, there's no one perfect statistic in this country, but the combination of those three is what I think is useful to look ass. We had change american medicine, there's just no doubt about it. We ve gone to telemedicine, we say, don't come into facility, don't come in the hospitals, and you know that may be actually a good thing, because a lot of stuff can probably be handled at home and doesn't need to come into a facility, but it does make some of those numbers about hospitalization, and I see you admissions alive are problematic to interpret as the absolute truth, but you gotta look at trends over time. They get a really good handle on things and we're not out of the woods. Let's face it, we're not out of the woods yet seek me. So, let's talk about being out of it.
What is the realistic timing of being out of the woods when there's antibody testing and a vaccine that's widely available? Is that when we turned the corner and also physical distancing. Can that eradicate the virus from society. So for first of all, I do think we're gonna turn to what we think of this normal, both sort of pre cove id nineteen situation only with the back she or some very effective preventative that everyone can take. That is a ten months. And we need to keep a very, very clear about that. More, not getting that around the corner. Can physical distancing eradicate this virus? In theory, that's possible in practice. It's not gonna be possible because we cannot maintain their physical
something long enough and continue to live in this world. You know you still have to go, get groceries. You still have to go out to the pharmacy. There are things people do that is going to spread out of physical distance, he's gonna produce that numbers the real I'm asking once you about What's our doctors eager manual? Thank you so much for being with us. We greatly appreciated Jim and a high. What are you? What are you looking at today, I think, continuing to watch what you are talking about earlier with prompt in this part of the broader purge in the White House, because it's not just about the inspector generals member. He his Sunday Junior had told me that they think there's a lot of snakes left corner court. Snakes left throughout the administration the danger here. You talked earlier about this person work for George W Bush. They don't care they're, not looking for republican credentials. There looking Four people were loyal to Donald Trump and the reason that a most consumers I talk
So whatever every every party does that, no, they don't not. Every party has such a black and white litmus test in the recently care about. It is you really want- is many smart, capable people as humanly possible stack than the most important offices at the most important agencies for a moment, Just like the one that were going through? This is going to be, one hell of a crisis for the next eighteen months to to and you want smart inspector general. You want smart people at Hs. You want smart people at every level of government because, amid the pandemic, other things are going to happen. God forbid it's a cyber attacker or some kind of military confrontation, but we need more good people, that fewer exactly Jim bad. I thank you so much. It's great advantages, just a couple notes really quickly on on what six at first of all, they talked about from shutting down Chinatown from didn't, shut down China, he had a toothless ban as we set forward thousand people got into the United States from China from the outbreak of this bank than before
even after his so called toothless ban was vast. Forty thousand people got here from China to America cause you're sell me exceptions? Other thing was we're Tucker, Carlson's name brought up, Tucker was actually one of the first of these concerns one of the first people over it. Lesson. The many of them are coming up. A vaccine is still months away, but what kinds of treatments are available now our chief got a lot of warnings, didn't listen to many of them all coming up vaccine is still months away, but what kinds of treatments are available now our chief medical correspondent explains that next, plus the ukase and stir to the United States, will be our guest with an update on. Condition of private?
stir poorest Johnson I'll be right back pay. Its crusades this week on my part, ass wise, is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bird Strong, but We do and dont know about the corona virus. Once these things get out there- and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation- and this information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said SARA. Four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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