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Dr. Anthony Fauci told a Senate Committee on Tuesday that 'little spikes' could lead to a major resurgence of the disease if states and localities ease restrictions too soon. Yet the president is ignoring new warning signs. The panel discusses.

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What are the express, then and again is my concern that if some areas: city states. What have you jump over those various checkpoints and pray. Surely open up without having the cape? guilty of being able to respond effectively and efficiently My concern is that we will start to see little spikes that might turn into outbreaks. So therefore, I have been Being a very clear in my message to try to the best. Then possible to go by the guidelines which have been very well thought out and very do rest anything, but neither then you're carries the burden of the thirty million Americans. You have lost their jobs due to this debate. This historic effort is to save lives. I think you ve come together. We save model lies by our collective action, the trump. Why has pushed to restart the economy, income.
Track to that warning from Doktor Anthony vouchers. Of serious consequences if states real too soon good morning, welcome to morning Joe, what is Wednesday may thirteenth, along with Joe Willie in May, we have Whitehouse report for the Associated Press, then Le Maire, more now from your Anthony voucher during yesterday's scented hearing that if the economy opens but surely it could lead to more cases, deaths and a slower economic recovery. There is a real risk that will trigger an outbreak, and you may not be would you control which in fact have production, we will see you back not only leading to some suffering and death. It could be avoided, but could either set you back on the road to try Economic recovery turn the clock back rather than going forward. That is my
your concerns and doktor fancy. You have advised six president. You have that'll get viruses for Europe, s career so just like to hear your honest opinion The current desirest change Thanks for the question right now, it depends on what you mean by containment. If you think that we have a completely, I mean if you look at this, it advocates of the outbreak, and we are a diminution of processions at infections in some places, such as City chess Plateau starting to come down the wall. But in other parts of the country we are seeing spikes. So when you look at it, I of new cases, even though some coming down the, the current looks flat with some slight coming down think we're going in the right direction. Direction does not mean we have by any means. Control
this outbreak, usually Donald Trump and some of his more extreme supporters have been presenting a false choice to America, which is we can either worry about. Virus are we can worry about reopening the economy and right We have to worry about reopening the economy because of the thirty million jobs at the present Jared says. The present feels responsible for also he should fill the burden of two thousand deaths not that he could have prevented all of those deaths but that should also be wearing obviously in his mind, but doktor value underlines such an important point that that I think, he's lost by Donald Trump and some of its more extreme supporters. In some of those politicians on cap oil, and some of militia members that are our
brandishing military style weapons, whether it's in the Michigan legislature, artist, stand in front of barbershops, better Opening early, and that is is talked about, she said There is a risk that you'd frigate more outbreaks cause more sickness in cars, more deaths, but also on the economic side of things you risk future outbreaks actually set the economic recovery back. Sat there is presently they returned to greatness back You know the White House used to understand. Actually for a time thereafter, study came out from your college This was a medical crisis and that until now, crisis was taken, care of there would always be an economic crisis. I think they still
their stand that, but they have a president who is so impatient that looking pass. The future outbreaks and there is an attitude. Yes, people are going to die, as the president said. He doesn't stand. That's going to settle, Act more economically, As we move forward Workers- Americans, going go, get a hamburger. If there is an outbreak, Kim people are dying. It's just again: it's not an their or choice It's not an either or choice in Jericho, right to say that the present has responsibility to those thirty million Americans, but that includes thinking about their long term future, and I now understand it's difficult to see the long term when there's so much pain in the shower term. You want to rush people back to work with doktor fancies testimony yesterday. Actually wasn't anything different than he's been saying all along, which is that if we rushed back to quickly, he fears we trigger
outbreak and, as you say, that doesn't have public health consequences that has economic consequence you open, your rush, everybody back, then you ve got a closed again when there is an outbreak, that's doubly bad for workers, that's doubly bad for small this is in Jonathan than the we saw out in the open yesterday. This contrast this divide between the president and his doctors, the president up in the rose garden two days ago. Talking about how we ve gotta get back, we have to get back to work. Transition to greatness is new line that he's using on Twitter. We ve gotta, get everybody back to work and doktor falchions Senate hearing yesterday calmly explaining why he has real concerns. The press, and in the governor S get to make those decisions, but the advice of doctors, factory in books and others there. Here from this morning on the show, have to weigh heavily into his decision Willie. My personal trends in the greatest has been here
in the making, I will say you're right. That does still hasn't story. We heard yesterday I now I'm working on it that's my word yesterday. I, from from all the officials for particular Doktor Frankie, was like a bucket of cold water on what the president is relentless tone of. To try to push the nation to restart and the economy, to reopen a number of points and doktor fancied. He wasn't dealing with politics. He never once said these words of the president was wrong. He didn't turn to any sort of attacks. In fact, he was very careful way. He spoke ass. He always is, and he stuck to the principles and they were in the guidelines and the science and the medicine, and there are those of a few clear warning signs. He suggested that a vaccine which the poor it has been suggesting, suddenly might be will, by years, as he said, to be a year or two or more away heap. He suggested that when pressed
Senator, ran Paul rather contentious exchange year. He he said that, while we they scientists believe You have Covid nineteen. You will have immunity afterwards, if you would cover that they didn't know that for certain just yet he he certainly try to pump the brakes a little bit on the eye that schools could resume. This fall universities in particular, and then One thing that was particularly striking is he talked about the Deaf cat and we ve heard President NEA was now well over eighty thousand in the press, privately has been suggested. He thinks that's too high that he believes that those numbers are inflated. He's a cast a little bit of data. Publicly, the privately, even more so suggesting that the media others will try to pump up the numbers limit to make him look. Bad doktor family went in the exact opposite direction, saying that we probably have a significant in his opinion, a significant under account a number of deaths, but it's far higher than those that we know, though, that there are some american DES we'll never perhaps ever be accounted for
but they were too the blamed on this virus. Well I mean, if you talk to doctors, if you talk to nurses, you talk to people actually on the front lines and night politicians who were trying to score political points, they will all tell you that they think that there is an under count If you talk to local officials, they will say the same thing as workers will say the same thing that they found people dead and their apartment. Dead in their homes and didn't come to the hospital because they were to come to the hospital and apparently die come on we're going. Complications of some were turned away somewhere sent back home, but you know because the present talks about how peace a wartime president in this is like a war yellow yesterday that the dichotomy between why doktor found she was saying and what the present was saying. Something that cap wine burger, who was Ronald Reagan. Defence secretary came up, came up with
it was called the wine burger doctrine talked about the things that were required before America, they did it later, so we would avoid the mistakes of it now, but one of the most important Vietnam, but one of the most important parts of the wine Burger doctrine was public support needed public the porter that war, because you didn't have public support of that war. You would end up in it I, like Vietnam WAR you this like a war, it is the big crisis since World WAR, too, that this country is face and where the same place here. You look at all the Poles majority. The polls show that America and still understand, it's not safe. Yet to go. Back in the restaurants. We go back into bars to go back to the baseball games as much as we would all love to go to baseball games and other people to love to flood in the restaurant in America If you look at Gretchen Whittemore in Michigan, she's doing extraordinarily well,
american support. Her might do wine tilling better than anybody else, no idea we have on the show, all the time he balancing this everyday he's not just saying we gotta like kick down the doors and reopen the economy, and so again the presence trying to rush this again here ass to have support of the american people, because if you doubt you now you can look at the experience of Brian Kemp in Georgia, who has Harley low approval ratings for how he's handling this crisis and part of that, just as they do with the fact that origins feel like Rushing in their so Then, of course, doesn't understand this, and I guess he's not gonna understand this, but without public support the Americans feeling like their safe to go back to restaurant safe, to go back, two mall safe to go back to baseball games there
going to do that. It doesn't matter what a pity an isolated politician inside white House or incited govern magic size so well I mean exactly what Joe is saying is that what the president and doesn't understand is that when use phrases like transition to greatness and we have prevailed and you have a locked happening here in the face of a lockdown everybody's in it together and its our to the people who are impacted and who are the people in power. Did literally every. Why, everyone is going through this and they need honesty. Don't need phrases completely don't match their reality or a couple of decisions yesterday meagre that underline your point and that underline the point that it's not up to the president that both in the state of California
the California State University system, nearly half a million students, twenty three campuses announcing now in MID may that they will not hold on campus classes. This fall. So these universities, these institutions, are going to have to make their own decisions about keeping people say the When was the last angels County Health, commissioner, They are saying we're gonna, keep our stay at home or is in place for another three months with phase. Then they hope relaxing of the standards over that time, but these are places these are localities. Universities deciding for themselves were not taking our cue from down we're doing that. We have to do to keep people safe, let's break in the director of the heart. Global health institute doctors? You shot he's a practice. Physician also press professor of men send at Harvard Medical School doctor to morning. Your take on this testimony we heard yesterday from Doktor Fouch from the director of the CDC as well does at least
with, where you are in terms of opening. Obviously, politicians will make these decisions at the end of the day, governors and meet municipalities. But do you agree with doktor found she do of his concern. You share at about triggering some kind of an outbreak. If there's a rushed back to open society, hasn't been warning. Will you know what doktor fancies yesterday with I think pretty much. All health professionals agree with eyes the virus makes the timeline here, and you can't cancer. A happy talk, the virus. You can't live up prevailing antivirus unless you have actually managed to do so The evidence right now is based on the president's own guidelines for opening up is. The majority of states are not their most states are not there and if you who decide you're gonna blow by that and go ahead and do it anyway. We know the what will happen. There will be a resurgence, and this is not a matter of this is not a political.
Desire? This is not people trying to be critical, the president This is the reality of the virus, as we best understand it, and think what we heard from Doktor she was a real concern and I think it was by the others as well and not as clearly as what we heard from doktor patchy, but the others essential we were all saying the same thing. We have to let science rightness. So when its it seems There's this focus on this controversy, which this and just cancels out. If want a resurgence. We can't have eighty thousand people or forty thousand people dying again. Archer saw. So what is the way forward to we reopen it, and why is it so hard to understand that, when we're talking about, basic science yeah. What's really interesting, is I believe like. If you listen to the Republicans and Democrats, there was pretty wide consensus again
The words were a little different between Democrats and Republicans, but pretty white, sensors among senators, but we really need a national road map, and I some ways you could argue that the White House plan for opening up America get was that it was a start and it was pretty good was pretty signs driven, and I think what you heard everybody in the Senate, was a frustration that administration is abandoned its own plans and is now going off of sciences and that can we lived about places, So a new analysis by the Associated Press reveal that even as President Trump urges getting people back, work and reopening the economy. Thousands of people we're getting sick from covered. Nineteen on the job according data compiled by the AP recent figures show a surge of infections and meet packing and poultry processing plants and state presence, there
also been a spike of new cases among construction workers in Austin access for that sector, recently returned to work in the federal prick, system, the number of positive cases has increased steadily as of now. This there were to sell Sixty six inmates who tested positive, from seven hundred and thirty on April, twenty fifth Tennessee these trials Dale County, which had the highest work but a rate had nearly thirteen hundred inmates and fifty staffers recently has passed. That the privately run trousers, Dale Turner, Correctional Centre, the number County was Nobles County in Minnesota, which now has one hundred cases compared to two in MID April, the counties there is home to a port processing plant that employs hundreds of immigrants. Doctors the way the virus spreads, which I think Why does it has experienced themselves with people getting sick
when you have them working together. Not worrying, masks this virus they contained unless isolated or what is it? other route, so medium you see those cases aegis brought up what they are examples of his whenever you put large numbers of people together you're gonna get outbreaks especially if the underlying rate in the community is, is pretty large and now most people sitting at home. But when people start going back to the office, what's been happening in mean packing plans what's been happening, Construction says you can start seeing more of those happening in offices and how do we know that? Because the most important offices, are used. Them was important office in the country. The White House has seen his own outbreak and they're doing testing every single day. So the point isn't that we can't ever go back to work. We can
but we need to substantially lower the rest of outbreaks within offices within factories and that fires. Substantial testing fires, low levels of community transmission, it requires people wearing mass. This is not rocket science and we can do this, but we need a national road map from the White House explaining We need to do not happy talk about how it was conquered. The virus without her ass. She saw thank you so much for coming on early this morning, fair much appreciated and engine of animal meal. I guess that's what so frustrating and frustrating actually do some republican seminars and Democrats as well. It certainly has to be frustrating the doktor valid she and other medical lex. Since scientists who are advising the president, they have a road map. They laid out a national road map. The president went out.
And embrace that road map as own and immediately after doing that, and undercutting it in and is encouraging states tonight, follow Whitehouse guidelines. What it wants. The current status of those White House guidelines that Anthony value talked about again yesterday that the President announced a couple of weeks ago. Are they the bowl are they not applicable has a president, the present discounted them openly are easy discounting those. Why guidelines privately a world. Where do we stand there chair its comments of Tipp the hand if you ever We will judge where the focus has certainly been more about the economic impact of late than the public health impact. This is a present. His inner circle of both in the White House in his campaign team or are very
it's not happy about working stand with the economy. They were too certainly dismayed by the jobs report. The unemployment rate was really last week- and that is our barbarians. Jonathan excuse me for interrupting. I understand that's where the focus is, but not understand, is there your body in the world, its inner circle. That is explaining damn Then, if he doesn't listen the doktor fallacy, if he does not listen to him care experts who does elicited doctors. We doesn't listen. Dinners is if he Russia's in too quickly and if you, nor is his own guidelines it he laid out to the public that is done. Val di says he causes another wave factions which that's all recovery back. Even more is there. Anybody why else that is splaining, this basic reality to the president.
The short answer is not really. You are having some of the public health officials like Doktor, Frank change, The works are saying that both probably but also privately, and the situation in those taskforce meetings chaired by the vice meetings, mind you. The president himself usually does not attend but those meetings are happening was frequently now they're, even within the building. There's the focus towards the economy now less than the public health, yes to arson allies and outside advisers, who are still warning the president about how devastating it would be if there were a major food ups again over the summer or indeed that second wave, the doktor froggy yesterday again said he believes is come Then there will be a second wave, this fall and that that that of course would devastate. The economy in addition to costing thousands of Americans their lives. The president has on occasion bent to the public health advice. He d most famously, of course, when he backed off his idea of real, be the country by Easter. Instead, he pushed back a few weeks, but the citizen
I'd lies were created. States haven't met the threshold reopen, but you to put the White House is not stopping them either in some ways. That's because the White Ass is putting onus again on the states to have things go bad. Perhaps the president can blame others for what happened rather than himself, which is true par for the course throughout this particular crisis, but the way while, lastly, as it point he's patrol time and time again that they can't safely reopen until there is the widespread testing, and certainly there has improved in that Monday press conference in the rose garden that ended rather contemptuously. There was Thirdly, there is some good news there. Testing is better than it was, but it's not nearly high enough in order to Willie Safeguard Americans. They go back to work and that's the point senator Romney made yesterday during his Ass soon ass. He was very critical the administrations ability to test the nation is much needed, but tell them
The problem here, though, when you have this controversy, it's almost forty versus the president's Play view on this science versus the president. This argument over how to reopen is taken focus away from trying to solve the problem or safely muddle through it and it all is consistently highlights. One thing that the president is repeatedly wrong that he's either Picking aspiration away or falsely or dangerously every time the controversy comes up and the White House counters to science and people inside, White House get sick because they can't even country in their own ranks. There was there so busy over Mask son odor, meaning that they get it there. Showing tat the American adjust the politics of this but I dont understand, because if Trump is Mass
For one thing, it would be an branding in rebranding and just stamping on the truth, to move forward for himself and his constantly trick. Not himself and showing the american people just wrong, he has been every step of the way. We're and it hasn't caught up with him not only for the past three and a half for years. It has caught up with him for entire life until now, the end and the car The president has been wrong so much because the president's been lying so much in its briefings, because has since been sang since January. That there's nothing to worry about that. This is going to magically go away. I Jonathan brings up a good point way. Sometimes the President's lying in the presidency. Ethical thanking action, scares. The fact that We are making some progress over time white guys, we're America, because we get biggest economy in the world because we ve got
greatest scientists in the world, because we have the greatest doctors in the world because the greatest universities in the world we going to it. It does remind me of Winston shirt what Winston Churchill once said, which is that the Americans will always do the law. The right thing will all do the right thing aftershave exhausted all over every. Possibility we're gonna get their testing is starting to improve, not because of resident you know they ve been lying to us. My pants than the present been going outlined to us from the very beginning about how many tests we're going to MPEG, even with Washington, not working. America are slowly starting to catch up and Willie the press lies are starting to catch up to when we predicted this several months ago that we can live Robert Mauler and aching lie about the FBI. He can call the FBI, Dogs, Egon about crying Eli, but other people all care of members.
Look it's outcome of this Washington stuff. I don't want to hear about it. That's that's. The Democrats been. Does guy I'm worried about getting my kids The college I'm worried about keeping my that is so central to when the present sighing about something That is so central to Americans Life health services, their health, the life and death parents are their grandparents are their children, then they focus and there has been a tremendous cost and you look the scene and pull it came out yesterday and only thirty six percent of Americans trust information, the present gives them about the corona virus. Sixty two percent do not trust the information at present, states is giving about the most. Challenging crisis. Americans have faced since world war to end use. That in public and private
you look at it was constant upon. It came out yesterday seniors. By the overwhelming the margin, abandoned Donald Trump and I'll supporting vine, why is Donald Trump, just not telling them the truth about this? health care pandemic spread was gone. Simple among seniors was plus eighteen for Joe Biden over. That's amazing. The number right there, Marquette Paul plus eighteen among voters sixty in older, staggering number that should opens eyes in the White House, but he s Donald Trump, the problem for him is that this has visited people lives and in that same CNN, pull that you reference about forty percent of I can say they know someone personally, who's been impacted, contracted corona virus, so he can which it away, because it's in people's homes, it's in the hospitals and the businesses in their communities, and it is not up to him- he doesn't know,
to do because, at the end of the day, it's not up to you can put pressure on governors. Governor can tweet liberate Michigan, but at the end of the day, the governor in those states are going to do. What's best for their citizens, despite any pressure, they might feel governor can probably felt some pressure in the state. Georgia, he suffering because of that. His pole numbers are terrible as approval rating, so Donald Trump has some. In front of him that he can't control by his actions really right now or his rhetoric. Saying that he wants to do, which is to reopen the company, the country it will be up to the american people. Today when that happens, right make up. One morning Joe, the speaker of the House, Nancy Policy is our guest plus is Vladimir. Putin well on his way to stealing the next election. We ve got author of that review. When new piece in the Atlantic and lighter how american democracy is going digital from doktor fancies. Testimony to Joe
and live stream there's a major change under way will talk about the straight ahead. You're watching morning, Joe we'll be right back I'm sure mainly posted into America apart, from NBC News Msnbc join me as we go? into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America. Apart just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives, new episodes every Monday and Tuesday. Hey everyone, it's true, mainly Emerson, the corresponding and host of the pie into America. The day of a more are became national news when video this killing by two men in Georgia, spread across social media
look. Seventy four days before address remaining on the latest episode. I talked with the reverend our shorten about how a movement of public outrage took hold during this pandemic. What is disturbing is that the prosecutors had the video all along, so it wasn't that vase sorted video that made. The point is that we saw the video that made the search for into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe, we're on a campaign trail. Now everybody says you know widens hide and let me tell you something we're we're doing very well we're we're we're following the guidelines of the medical profession, we fought and following the guidelines of the experts and the doktor fancies of the world, we're doing very well and that matter fact were Wendy. If you look at all the Poli dad, I'm not saying that's gonna last November, I dont know enough to know that, but right now the idea that somehow we are being hurt by my
keeping to the rules and following the instructions better that better been put forward by the docks As actually bizarre, I reject the premise that somehow this is hurting us there's. No evidence of that Following the rules following the rules, the president should follow the rules and that is showing up places mask and all the whole thing. I'm sorry! sides. I he wins yeah every time he wins checkmate. Every time you know really be you I understand the president and people some people inside the White House Muslim understand their whistling passed a political graveyard, but you know Donald Trump, snubbing doctors and advice in the middle of a pandemic gets killed now already there. Some people we have new estimates. It's gonna kill under forty thousand hundred fifty thousand people after Donald Trump snow. Doctors, advice early on and said this is nothing to worry about.
He loses two dude who says I'm going the docks advice, because guess why Most Americans are following their docks advice. Vaccinate actors I mean job items right: demography, Republican Democrat he's doing Eric and most Americans are doing, and what was that up with automatic, wipe, our semi automatic weapons and military style weapons, trying to open up barbershops or not show up in them legislature with semi automatic weapons to try to make a political show he's not getting out in public, not wearing a mask to make a political show of its people, stand. They see what happens People inside the White House the US around them during a mask, but there are not just what happens to hold on hold on. Guess what it they get kind of ours. I you have to follow.
Your doctors advice on the most deadly pandemic. In over a century, it's that simple really mine Windsor contests every day of the week and for people insist that Joe Biden get out and campaign. It's not clear where they would like him to go out in Cannes ain't, gonna wrote line and spreading. There's not going to be any decided that world blind so he's doing what the doctors said he supposed to do. I think, concerns and they come from. Democrats reflect the larger concern and the urgency that day beating Donald Trump, and they want to make sure that Joe Biden in his campaign are doing everything past. In every moment sure they win because Jonathan than the mere, despite the the president has performed during this pandemic. He's gonna, be a tough opponent and followed Democrats know that and he has raised eight of money quietly over the last few months, much more than the Biden and campaign.
Democrats F no question Willie. The president's campaign manager by Pascal is taken a twitter last three days and say that they ve built the death star in order to their unleash a series of brutal attacks. It Joe Biden now perhaps I didn't see how that movie ended in what turn with its. They would have done it s star, but what we're, Here they do have financial damage or the Biden Camp did have a pretty good fundraising quarters. Last Sunday nearly match the Republicans. Now I've got a long way to go. Trump had a huge head start worse, we are seeing that from Joe Biden Effect, my colleagues, so she depress talk to campaign manager General Mally Dillon. For a story that move last night and she's racing? Voters don't give up blank about where he saw me from what they care about is what he saying and how we can act with them. That's where we are and Joan. I have been finally reminiscing about William Mckinley Front porch campaign.
Days and that's where we're seeing. We have imagined we're seeing with we have, but it's been. We could talk about more than perhaps we should but that's where Joe Biden is right now they feel like he needs to stay home. First of all, for that is simply is falling. Guidelines is fine. Precautions he's taking his own sit, seriously and those around him, but he's off a trial at an example a little bit further for the public and, of course, that there is a political issue. Sure they realize right now. The best thing I can do is just get out of the trumps way that the more Donald Trump we see them, but further aspects. The more we see his port numbers for then we see him What is true is trying to re engage with the world. He went to Arizona to escape. He slated too good a pensive EIA Allentown, not too far from Scranton later this week, but right now we saw he every curtail the brief. Finally, I want to get on Monday again it devolved into myth truths and with frontiers, It's the pine camp right now, we're there very comfortable with where they are their very coupled with the vice president for now
stay home, they know it'll get harder. They know this fault here, somewhere fall, who have to engage more with the president, who will be a tough opponent right now, they're happy to keep minutes basin Well, you know Willie, I remember guy several years, maybe two thousand eight, maybe even earlier than that, hey you known and was talking about how shoot to see a candidate do a front porch campaign. And talked about why it would be so effective, Alex reminds me that my barnacle thou, in contrast to begin least front porch, captain tat. Articles campaign is get off. My porch gamble so. Why is a factor in the yellow? Yet I ve been running that campaign for his whole life to Jesse. I actually think Joe Biden Spaceman campaign provide such in stark contrast to the search.
To the ridiculous. Horrific side show that president puts on almost on a daily basis, consistently wrong, consistent a dangerous consists lay mean consists lay often bullying people, and even sometimes with a splash racism just to destruction, you're, just a dash and honestly arguing whether or not Joe Biden is doing enough right now, when he's doing exactly the right thing, which is following the guidelines and truly wishing president, was doing a better job, and this focused on the pandemic truly from the bottom of this heart worried about this. What more can do but step aside, and let this ridiculous. You know I shall play out because the american people can see it is the same argument about showing the briefings revealing to the american people what they ve got as president. What Tom vehicles were actually tweeted a couple days ago. Please please keep doing the briefings,
every day. Mr President, as one who wants to see the present Lose Tom and a lot of other people understand the truth. As do people on the White House, as the president's White House staff, as do the president's campaign members, as do the president's, find so supporters that I am holding those briefings heart him. An artist what legal standing and her group, weakens as well. So you'll campaigns about contrast, yeah right now, you have, Are you supposed to be in charge? It was said, like a wartime present farming, is knows at all the rules which maybe people thought that was cool during it when he sixteen campaign to talk about beating up people having them beat up people and pay for their legal phase, maybe that way in China felt that way. Twenty sixteen. They don't feel that way now, when it's not so
but at the White House is making right now, as we must open up the economy in the middle of a pandemic, with no testing ice that are at risk, the argument that the White House is making right now is We must open up the economy in the middle of a pandemic. That the White House is making right now, as we must open up, the economy in the middle of a pandemic with no sting and no vaccine on a mass Rather they they shouldn't, listened without reacting. They should at least the doktor I entry for vision and listen followed the White House guidelines and thing is improving testing needs. Continue, improving need to do the testing and the tracing and and isolating and their treatment all the things that people have been talking about for months coming on morning, Joe region. Know everything about this virus and we really to be very careful, particularly when it comes to children
the more and more. We learn was seen things about with this virus can do that. We didn't see from the studies in China or in Europe, for example, right now children presenting with carbon sinks over nineteen who action Very strange, inflammatory syndrome very soon the countless Saki syndrome. I think we gotta be careful if we, not cavalier in thinking that children the moon, the Fidelity to fix. We'll talk about that dangerous syndrome, the doktor fouch you mentioned next on morning, Joe there are now more than one hundred children across at least fourteen states that have contracted a rare and potentially deadly inflammatory, condition likely linked to covert nineteen. Joining us now morning, Joe Chief Medical, corresponding doktor, Dave, Campbell and Doktor Dave, explain the connection This condition has with covert nineteen and
how could discern should parents be about their children Getting this. How prevalent is it still rare meagre This is a condition that comes on typically weeks after the symptoms of coal. Nineteen go away if there were symptoms at all, most of the kids that have this either test positive for the covert virus for the car virus, or they test positive, even more them for the antibodies, and this something is even Doktor felt she just mentioned is similar to car with Saki Syndrome. Which is a vascular diseases and inflammatory disorder of the blood vessels, and it affects simple organs at the same time, it usually not fatal, but, as we know now, there are at least three children in the state of New York that have died, and there are now nine more states that have patients, young kids typically, but up to
Eighteen years of age have been identified so far. They have this pdf. Multi system inflammatory syndrome associated with covert nineteen, make it so I'm just curious than thinking out loud here, but the relationship that this has to covet. Nineteen does that raising questions about the when a virus that there could be other syndromes out there that well But what does this tell us this? Would just that there is, immune response that happens to target the vessels in organs in general, because every organ of course is supplied by blood and blood vessels. So it's an immune response that comes after the virus has typically clear it doesn't just that we should be thinking of other similar syndromes, but it does link back to both, Kawasaki Syndrome and even toxic shock some similar type problem:
that our socio with it, although toxic shock, is in the aftermath of a cereal infection- and this, of course, is the aftermath of a viral infection. It's rare but it is still telling us that children are not immune to disease and problems, as we thought even a month ago, why I ask you about antigen testing, but let me just go over the symptoms for parents, it's a prolonged fever, lasting more than five days veer, abdominal paying diarrhoea, vomiting patchy, blue were pale. Skin discolouration trouble breathing and rapid breathing was G and a rapid heart rate, and that is signs of this syndrome that is market at least two hundred kids and three children that we know have died now the FDA, given emergency authorization for new antigen testing to help detect the correct
virus quicker and cheaper. Where does this? the grand scheme of testing and all the confusion out there, because we have so many different states and entities eating with themselves this good natural. Progression of the scientific efforts, so this new I think that just got approved is allowing this particular company to take a look. Pieces of the proteins come out of our part of the virus. So, Very rapid test, it is extreme the accurate when this test is positive, you base We can be sure that you have covered nineteen if the test is negative- you can't be sure, Still have to wait on the more sensitive test results from the peace see test, but that takes typically hours or even days? So this You test is very important because its inexpensive, it can be scaled,
rapidly. It can be showing results within minutes. So if you, the information quickly for treatment purposes. You're too earlier and emergency room. This test will come to be very valuable, but don't forget if its negative, you still have to wait on the pc, our test results. The preliminaries chain reaction test results which is still the standard, tat their maker doctrine Campbell. Thank you very much Willy Betz bringing down, Stephen CORE: when he's presidency of New York, Presbyterian Hospital and one of the largest hospital systems with ten hospitals, more than two hundred primary and special due care centres in the New York area? Two core and good morning, it's good to have you back on the show us would love a snapshot for new on your hospitals right now. Obviously we were also laser focused on the conditions in your ie hours in your I see use over the last several weeks if I walked in,
one of your. I see you this morning, how different what are they then say a month ago. Well, we're a lot better at all. We had over eight hundred patients in our eyes, use were now down to about four hundred still you, the man for its half of what we have we're down about eleven hundred total hundred patients down from a peak of twenty six hundred, so we still have a way to go, but we feel a lot more secure about this, especially as we see the curve moving down and continuing to move down so much better, what we have seen the Doktor Campbells point is: we now have seen thirty cases this sea am. I is multi inflammatory syndrome in children, percent of those require, I see you care
resting we. Seventy percent of the cases that we seen are cultivation children, which is unusual in terms of our usual demography. So we don't think that is. He is gonna have a high prevalence, but it still very worrisome in terms of kids carrying the virus in developing this syndrome, so we are now seeing that. So what is the connection for people not familiar? a condition that trade describing in children. What's the connection between corona virus and see him ass, every one of these kids either test positive for the virus with PCR the the pc artists or have had the code virus and test positive for antibiotic. So this is clearly related to and inflammatory response to the wires and in it Adults. Of course, they usually hybrid immune response is what happens in the lungs this,
cows Saki like Syndrome Agnes at the heart, the kidneys, the brain so it s very worrisome that when these children develop this post covert telecom apparent that the core, when in my child, has tested positive for corona virus and maybe recovered now, what am I Looking for because this will set up a lot of red flags, prepare whose children have had corona virus fever. Lethargy, G Donald Pain, rash Where is your breath in some cases kissing? In effect the heart, but typically hives, we're lethargy rash are the things that you'd love for abdominal painless is pretty characteristic of it As I said, a percent more of these children require. I see you care, so please get to your daughter with that. You think your child has this syndrome. Doktor Carr Porn
talked quite a bit over the last few weeks about some of the failures in preparation for this pandemic. The things we thought we are ready for quick testing is wanted Bp was another one. Now, do we learn from what you all have been through and you continue to go through what has to improve what has to get better as we confront perhaps another outbreak in the fall, but even in the longer term, the next big viruses that comes to this country? Well, the things we have to develop, rabbit Nerli testing. We ve talked about this because once you have a pandemic test, in Contact Tracy is very, very difficult to do. You gotta get the infection rates low to do effective testing in contact raising this energy. Test is being developed, will be very helpful as we move into the for all its very soon it's not as sensitive as we would like when you have flew and call me together, the ability to deter determined both of those will be helpful
clearly are gonna stockpile us people to a much greater extent than we did, and we want to make sure that our supply chain is much less fragile and we're already stockpiling more ventilators in case this research is in the fall, because we know what our ventilator need was and will be so those are the key things and, as you talked about earlier, Willy DE you have this in the community. You can overwhelm the healthcare system. So if we and may first do not get out. You gonna see, probably by Joan whether you think that this will be if we ve not carefully, and that, of course would die fatty, was concerned about yesterday. You cannot ignore the scientific fact in the absence of a vaccine or an effective treatment so grateful for all the work you have done, your doctors, nurses or health care professionals of the last few months. We continue to wish you good luck, we're thinking
actual in their presidency of New York, Presbyterian Hospital doctors, Steve Corwin, doktor corn. Thank you very much Mika coming up and you call em says president Tromp has one overarching goal when it comes to his financial records, slow, walk, this cream cord until the election is over. Will the just is obliged that conversation is just ahead plus our lives, Our view with House speaker, Nancy Policy, also the guy Rhode, Island, Gina Raimondo on her states fight against the pandemic. More
Joe, is back in just a moment. Hey it's crusades this week on. My part cast wise is happening I'll, be talking with the president of the appeal, Josie Duffy Rice, about how the pandemic is playing out inside prisons, jails and other incarcerated spaces, and what criminal justice and its inequities and contradictions look like in this band. Em they're just aren't enough doctors in a prison right, you're talking about places and hundreds of people who are malnourished much of the time who don't have. Access to any sort of ability to social distance or where I mask, or do any of the preventive measures, and then you have one doktor refer hundreds and hundreds of people everywhere. You turn that there is a sort of an insurmountable obstacle when you're trying to redress something this severe, and this fast moving and one of these facilities that this week on wiser happening. Search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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