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As the country reaches the grim milestone of 100,000 lives lost to the coronavirus, Morning Joe looks at the president's remarks on the pandemic and his attempt to make that number seem like a win.

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But again, when you have fifteen people, and the fifteen within a couple of days is gonna, be down to close to zero close to zero close to zero PETE Format, Lincoln Project which is responsible for the content of this advertising new ad from the Lincoln direct Welcome back to morning Joe. What is Thursday may twenty eight along with Joe Willie and may we have and Hey contributor might Barnacle and White House correspondent or PBS News, our meat, Alexander and political rapporteur for the she paused Robert cost. He's the moderator of Washington Weak on PBS nodded states went from one death to one hundred thousand in just a few months time with what you say today called the fastest killer in you
history. While the pace of death has slowed, The United States leads the world by far more than double the number deaths in the United Kingdom, which is ranked number to President prompted now questions from all quarters and the hours after the milestone was hit, but the wider did release a statement through a deputy press secretary, saying the president's prayers are with those who are grieving as Washington, Post notes, president Tromp has spent, is low, in Thrall to numbers, his wealth, his ratings, his pole, even during the deadly corona virus pandemic he has remained- fixated on certain metrics peppering AIDS abandoned statistics favor rosy projections and obsessing over the gyrating stock market. But as the nation reached a bleak milestone this week, one four thousand Americans dead from the novel corona virus trunk has been uncharacteristically silent. The
well said, the president came to addressing the death toll was a tweet from Tuesday and it was about him. It reads in part for all the political hacks out there. If I done my job well and early, we would have lost one have to two million people. I suppose that one hundred thousand plus that looks like we'll be the number Joe Biden did it stay one hundred thousand death toll mark yesterday with this new digital video post. My fellow Americans for a moment in our history, so grim, so art renews the river fix in each of our hearts. Shared grief today It's one of those moments, thousand lives, has now been lost this virus here, those days alone. Each one, lady, behind a family that will never again be home.
I think I know what you're serious like your being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. Is suffocating your heart, is broken there's nothing but empty history for most of you You are unable to be here when you lost here I can remember a best red for most of you are unable to be there when they die alone. With the pain, the anger and frustration, No wonder whether or not you won't be able to get anywhere from here, made all the words by knowing that This is a faithful milestone. We should never reached which could have been avoided. According who study done by Columbia University the administration to act to just one. We girl do implement social decency. When he had to do just that. Week. Soon, as many
thirty six thousand of these death might have been averted. To all of you who are heard so by me, I'm so sorry, MOSS I know, there's nothing higher run. You ask him dude dollars sharpness of paying. You feel right now we can promise you from experience we'll come the memory of your lover smiling lips before it brings a your eyes. Why for all of you that they will come sooner rather than later, but I promise will come when it does No, you can make it less each and every one of you and a blessing remove the one you lost. This nation, Greece, with you take some solace from a fact we all with you and will you in a moment
understatement great understatement. Providing said, I think I know you're feeling he does, of course, because of the scruciating pain that recently where the path never son bow and that he felt a newly elected member of the United States Senate where the path of his wife and daughter, but There is a question that pollsters have asked for years. Now and is about which candidate understands people like me right in it. That's where that Empathy question comes in, and that moment in that video Joe Biden, it is, it is hard to see how showed job I does it
that certainly for those that are going through the corona virus. When that part of the appalling on the issue of empathy yeah, we ve Much about the failures of the federal government and the politics around the last three months, and what the president has an hasn't done, that at the core of it, which is what Vice President Biden got to is loss loss of jobs, loss of life and that's what he was talking about right there. There are a hundred thousand people not with us today, who were here three and a half months ago, and that extends out to their families. Feeling that many of them who couldn't say goodbye to say goodbye over Facebook or through a glass plate of glass and a hospital room, There is real loss in this country right now. That has nothing to do with politics. Who you voted for and Joe Biden speak to that in a way, as we said that President Trump just is incorrect, bull of doing less just a truth about about who he is and you
I shall send- or I think this is a contrast- that the binding campaign would love to have to talk about the character of the men. To talk about fundamental goodness of the man and put those to split screens up where you had a paper statement. Yesterday from the present United States expressing his sympathies to the family because he didn't want to be physically attached to that by living, a speech that way and then Joe Biden from his home, yes, but touching the grief so many Americans feel that was quite splits brain we yesterday between president Tromp and Vice President Joe Biden, it's a split screen that the binding campaign hopes as working in their favorite does what split screen at the president's hoping it works in its favour. The corona virus have said it before and I think it's I have to say it again. The corona virus begs for a leader, that's gonna, be compassionate, that's gonna be sympathetic and who's gonna be credible,
want a nation to them to be able to look at the president and say this as someone that I now only trust to lead us through this, but also someone who will feel my pain. A hundred thousand people, yesterday was historic and Doktor Anthony thought. You said that its in the category of wars and nine, eleven and depressions and, of course, he's right in that regard. You have a split screen where the president of the United States, some part of yesterday, lashing out at Democrats, spend part of yesterday talking And thinking about reopening his style is one that he thinks he's gonna appeal to people who won a leader. That's gonna be pushing through this. That's it it's a forget, all the other stuff. Let's just continue go forward. Let's remember the people that we ve lost, but also lets push for without public without political convention. Let's push forward with opening businesses less push forward with list. Partly to the scientists, but also partly to my political instinct, and then you have someone like Joe Biden who saying I
stand you. I myself have felt the loss. I myself understand what it's like to lose somebody and then to have to think about them, and they have to try to come to that moment where I can smell about them and by the way, have also someone who believes in science who believes in data. I think November is gonna turn on the idea of who Americans think they can trust, but also who Americans think really feel their painting. We were talking about sharing petty peace, peace at its a peace that really get into that. You have a lot of people in this country, including state where President Trump thought he had a real stronghold looking at this krona virus in saying the leader, but I want a job, I didn't mean that President Trump get win, but this means that he has likely more work to do when it comes to convincing people that he can be the calmer and cheat the compassionate person and cheap as well. The commander in chief and so caused how Republicans or the hail handling this right. Now, Why we speak, moving ended June, where you have a new Paul came out in Colorado, showing Corey gardener
public incumbent way behind, obviously Arizona. Looking bad for the republican senator incumbent may Looking very bad for Susan Ireland's North Carolina. Five mm Tana obviously could easily break the democratic way You are now saying Mitch: Mcconnell wearing masks talking about how other people should wear masks there. There does seem to be lowly, but surely that an effort by Republicans to break it. From this president, as it pertains to the basics of of handling this corona virus crisis. What what what are you hearing on they are. What does your reporting tell you? My reporting doesn't reveal that in essence early. It shows a new did republican Party Republican Party that refuses to speak. Publicly about its private concerns about president tromp
Working Party, that is in public lockstep with president from as we near the election, they still feel his base and his political capital sorry if they have any chance of winning industry like Arizona or Colorado we're making sure they save their Senate seat and it really read state like Georgia, their anxious, but they don't have a plan about any kind of way to move away from him at this point and had been now for three and a half years in this, mode ground in privately about him, but not really sure publicly how to engage- and there is a resignation about president drums behaviour and his conduct in his perspective, He's not going to be able to change at all at this point Maybe the vague sinew what's happened. I guess this is why what can answer me, as is there no
the United States Senate that other than Mitt Romney that smart enough to split the deference to figure out what they can look back to two thousand and seven see what happened in Virginia regularly Two thousand eighteen see that Republicans suffering store Ec Law, Sir in two thousand eighteen, when it came to, to voting numbers. Regular. Look at two thousand nineteen see Republicans. Losing in the deep south due to new, no republican, especially in these states, Corey gardener. If he doesn't figure out a way to split the difference. He's gonna lose same thing with mixed yeah she's got more than Mcnally's going to lose in Arizona. If she doesn't figure out a way to split the difference, I think it's probably too late. Susan Collins in May the same issue in North Carolina again. This is not just spit. All NGO and hey this. My things may turn out badly for these people know. The republican Party is moving too
a possible wipe out look at these numbers if they dont figure out how this but the difference, or they will just going to know that occurred down. Do they know that and there is real real fear, Joe to your point that they could see a sweet, they see the Senate majority in peril, many topics can strategies and law makers? Is the house majority out of reach and they see a white house that could fall out of republican hands to your point about Senator Romney, based on my conversations with some of the top Republicans in the car tree. He is not someone who is a force. Shadow of what's to calm, he's isolated. In fact, many of his colleagues in the Senate dump it too We like Senator wrongly, even if they respect him, but they don't like in politically. They think getting out on a limb, and they feel at this point they almost stick together with President tromp and hope the economy at some level recovers? That is the plan. There is no other plan
So my barnacle as we're looking ahead to a jobs, were poor to an economy that is short of struggle for quite some time in passing The one hundred thousand death toll mark, it seems President tromp might be missing the moment on a number of levels in terms of communicating effectively to the american people. Can you speak to the contrast? In Donald Trump and Joe Biden during this time, and why that might so they translate into votes being cast my garden. You know I watched Joe Biden has reduced, showed I list About costs just explaining that the senators republican senators, many of them not like Mitt Romney. Now, that their headed for disaster, but their joined with the President of the United States, Donald Trump and all I can think of our two quest
and support and, to my mind what has happened to us and what have we normalized in this country? There are As everyone knows today, more than a hundred thousand people dead. Who were alive just a few months ago. There we forty million people unemployed, we are under a slogan, we're all together? That is patently not true? It's not true because we have a president of the United States who is divisive destructive. Damaging and has an all that message to the country nearly every day, and I would just say this: that of youth of every president in our lifetimes an alley include Richard Nixon unless there is never been a president of the United States when confronted with a moment like that, a national medical emergency. A moment that this
he has never really face before There has never been a president, a leader who has failed his people. His country so badly so miserably, as Donald J trumpets all we hear from him is division divisiveness damage and cruelty cruelty from the oval office and for we are. Well me shall send Dura Lex. Look ahead to today and know the president is working on some sort of executive border pertaining to social media again, We're distractions: what are you watching? That's what I'm watching as we have this conversation, its historic conversation about that two hundred thousand Americans or more actually dying from this virus. The president is focused on pushing back on social media company. That comes, of course, after tat
change, its policies to start trying to explain to the people that are on the site that some of the president's tweets are not our mislead. Including, of course, labeling some of those tweets, misleading and trying to provide information, including on male. In voting. The fight saying that President trumpets spreading with information on that the president is expected to find some sort of executive order that would push back. Then it seems like it's gonna, be some sort of regulation
possibly stripping them up some some sort of protection that they have a social media companies. It's not clear exactly in the White House haven't said exactly what the president's gonna be timing. What we do know that this is gonna, be in retaliation to what he sees as twitter, really targeting him in treating him unfairly. So it's in some ways. Another split screen where you have the nation still thinking about a hundred thousand and more american, that we ve lost and president focused on opponents that he sees focused on its proceed enemies and focused on what he sees as liberal people trying to get out and when, of course, this is really a social media company trying to respond. To the overwhelming criticism of the president, who has at times spread misinformation on its website and, of course this as the widow or of of that. One can, of course, who the president had said over and over again was murdered, which of course, is a baseless claim, Chloric close notices. So I think in some ways I think it's really it's really historic, but it also really it.
It's incredible that the president, it's gonna, be spending part of his time trying to hit back at twitter. What is spreading baseless, murder, conspiracy theories, well, Roger make it's all a distraction at it still van again, yet again we have to look. You have to step back, and you have to look at when this began and though the really outrageous stuff began, as we were moving towards that Sunday front page New York Times article that showed that a hundred thousand american we're going to be dead from the Koran. A virus and so now it's morphine defiance with cable news, costs. How sad that and in Twitter and in so as long as he can get people talking about that being shot. Standing deeply saddened about that they're not going to be focusing on the fact that one hundred
and people died of of a pandemic that he said was just one person coming in from China, but I'm seeing a lot of people even trumps supporters who see this as basically as they the corona virus? They see this president endangering their lives and not leading by example, pushing quack drugs that don't that actually are dangerous, that that help other people and other ways, but our danger in terms of treating corona virus, they see that its basic it impacts their basic safety. Well, when they watch him talking about this conspiracy theory in the light of the husband asking him stop in the light of a grieving families looking for mercy and begging for him to stop, and they see him running over that request, that's as basic to them as it pertains to decent
see. I think there are a lot of trunk supporters. I've been seen and reading that are just like. No, this is the bottom of the barrel of the court. A few who you are, and we can support this as others about is a grieving families? Obviously, but really you you grieving families just does not deserve this. There are other you're a hundred thousand, grieving families. Right today, We also talk about the present ridiculing people for where masks ridiculing Joe Biden. Public figure for wearing a mask for following actually the guidelines of the White House following the guidelines, vouch for following the guidelines of the CDC from following the guidelines of just about every doctrine, America and mocking members of the press who obviously cannot stay
speed away from people when their lined up find a microphone? Four questions mocking members of the press for us questions with masks and then calling them like using being politically correct. Now it's something politically erect its being safe and respectful of other people and making sure you don't spread of viruses killed one hundred thousand people and again it's that rapporteur. Its job following the advice of the president's own doctors and the president's own surgeon general, and that's exactly the speech that Mitch Mcconnell yes I'll, say his name again Mitch Mcconnell gave to a group in Kentucky yesterday, particularly young people. It is your arm
patient to wear a mask. I guess the president should pick up the phone and call vodka and Jarrett and asked why did they wear mass yesterday down at Cape Canaveral along with their children? I guess he should pick up the phone and Sean Hannity and asked why he gave a speech two nights ago about why people need to wear their mass he is out on an island on this and again we ve said this a thousand times, but it goes against his own political instincts, Stephen put public health to decide its own political interests. I should shea in that, if people, where ass to go out, then the business can begin to recover. People can go into a restaurant, they can go into a bar. People can spend money again in a economy can begin to recover. However, slowly that may take place, so you wonder about a guy who, in two thousand sixteen had a good got about politics about when that race, as critical as we of the way he went about doing that he did understand how to win reading.
This so poorly and casting his lot with the eight percent of people who told Fox NEWS and Nepal that they will now A mask and public. So there are studies and Scott got library tweeted it yesterday that, if sit percent of Americans, wear masks when they are out If this cuts down the passing of the disease by at least sixty percent of theirs that show it's up to eighty percent when it comes to the flu, but if it sit down that much then it will. It will cause the infection level to plummet and will help american not only restart their businesses, restart their lives, send their kids back to school and its annex apron has it get, has played football in the fall yeah if they do that, that's the best pathway foreign to keep this economy open to keep this
country open to get our schools open and keep on open to make this country make them country vibrant again- and this is very simple. There may shall send a robber CASA. Thank you both for your reporting and still are morning Joe one of our next guest says, we can't keep ignoring the possibility of air. Worn transmission of the corona Virus Stock frustration is hair. That's why you knew too, where mass plus it is president trunk courting landslide defeat, at LOS Angeles, actual times argues that most polling shows them for a loss in November common sense points the same way he joins us next morning. Job I'm sure mainly posted into America. Apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go
into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America apart asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and a pandemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday it there's day, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC correspondent in host of the package into the? U S, postal service promises to deliver our male in rain, sleep, snow and now through damn it in an election year. That means more people will be casting about by mail. In the least load of into America? Nbc news, business, correspondent, definitely rule digs into the financial and political fight over the future of the postal service. And what it means for November search for into America Are you listening right now and subscribe.
I'm wrestled with more than anything else over the thirty six hours. One fundamental question: why is the man who killed George Floyd, not in jail? If you had done it or I had done it, we would be behind bars right now,. I cannot come up with a good answer to that question, and so I'm calling on Hennepin County attorney MIKE Freeman to act on the evidence before him. Calling on him to charge the arresting officer in this case. That's the mayor of Minneapolis calling for charges against the arresting officer involved in the death of joy. Floyd. An unarmed black man who died in the custody of police has captured on terrible Vince,
for officers involved and flights. Attainment now have been fired on Monday video. George Floyd pleading with police officers, while one officer pressed his knee into Floyd's neck for about eight minutes later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Initially police said Floyd had quote if we resisted officers after they responded to a reported forgery in progress, but video appears to show the moments before Floyd's death officers, moved him from a parked cars and handcuffed him. Before leading him across the street, joining us now Minneapolis NBC news correspondent gave Gutierrez were protests overnight have turned violence gay more, can you tell us about what's happening on the ground there? Behind you extraordinary pictures and whether there will be charges brought against at least the one officer? Either good morning gain is an extremely chaotic seen here we're seeing Don
right now in parts of Minneapolis are still on fire. You can see behind me billowing smoke. This is a construction site that is on fire right now. Several buildings in this area have been burning for, several hours, if we walk over here, we can see looking in that direction. There's a cub foods store that part of that also burned down. If my cameramen, bill interlude can paint over here the our officers Wyatt fear that I've been trying to keep the peace all evening, not just a short time. Minneapolis police said that which started out as a peaceful protest late yesterday afternoon turn violent the previous night. They were about Thousand protesters here in Minneapolis Furious over the death of forty six George Floyd last night, no word on exactly how many people showed up at one point. Throughout the night they started tossing projectiles at officers. Officers moved out.
Try and clear the crowd. But, as you can see behind me, it definitely got violent, violent, theirs, car over there are several buildings, are still burning, even half this our question right now that many of the protesters are. Can use when, when or if charges will be brought against the officers involved. In this case, the mayor Yestirday came out and took their rare step of calling for the arresting officers should be charge so right now. There is certainly a lot of anger here again police trying to keep the peace in urging protesters to stay. Calm. Willie gave out many seeds early morning there now a lot of the violence we set place overnight those confrontations with polices with the police. Do they expect another day of confrontation with protesters there? They feel, like things, have come to bed
that is certainly the question. We should point out Willie that many of the protesters that are angry over these death did remain peaceful. They will tell you that some of the Demonstrators decided to turn violent, but for the most part the vast majority were peaceful protesters. But, as you can see, this is the result. We do expect more. Today the question of whether any more them will turn violent. There are still so many questions about what happened here and what to do see here there are certain people that are still hearing that even at this early hour here it is essential time, just after six, o clock is dawn and their people here that have been here. All night, so the question remains whether we will that be county Turning here, will you bring any charges? The investigation is still ongoing. Many people are asking for body camera video in this instance to be releasing mentioned at the start of this segment that the
initial viral video. That's what got everyone's attention. We ve seen now surveillance video as well as a bystander video from other angles, but we have yet to see the body camera video this for officers. Many of these protesters are asking for it to be released, so we can see in more detail. What led up to this confrontational George Floyd lost his life over an alleged forgery, and now this guy Gutierrez in Minneapolis Forest this morning, thanks so much will be right back and mourning Joe hey, guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together for a virtual conversation with Ben Stiller to talk about the passing of his dad. The late great Jerry Stiller get our conversation now for free wherever you download. Your pot casts. Joining us now Senor Whitehouse Report for NBC News, Digital, Shannon, petty peace she's here with our latest
according entitled. Trump finds himself playing campaign defence with core laments of the space and Jan and obviously we ve been reporting on trumped Lou. Among senior us. Are there other groups that are losing confidence? Yet there absolutely are meagre and their their somebody's groups. That republican strategists really thought the president but haven't bag going into this key crucial summer time period. So, for example, take college educated It's our non college, educated white Male said that was a group that was key to the president's victory. He got seventy one percent of their vote in twenty sixteen, a record margin for any republican running. President, while the latest pull numbers that we're looking at now show him around sixty four percent of that group, so he's not losing them, but he certainly law its ground there. It's a similar thing among evangelical voters. That was a group he won by eighty percent or so in twenty six.
He still has a commanding lead there, but its narrow now around seventy percent. According to a fox pull that came out just last week and, of course, dimension a similar thing for senior so not just him being down in these groups where he's always been weak, like suburban women or college educated voters. Also, these groups that make up his base, which is what is really putting pressure on his camp Kane, going into the summer or lotta people traditionally make up their minds, but through they're gonna, boat we come November. Now you know John, a man you look at these the chain and talked about he's down and temple yourself for Non college, educated males We started noticing last year that the press was losing support from college educated white, males. Of course, though you you look at Let's get really specific that Philly suburbs the present can expect to be.
Rouse there. If the last years of elections or any indication you look at the IFOR Corridor in Florida. Go up areas the Count County in Michigan ebbing Michigan, is falling further and further out of out of their grasp. So the question is, if you were in the trump a year on the trunk campaign, came away. What what do you do right Now do you just said and ride this out do because the attacks against Joe Biden are working to wait, and I hope that the economy turns around while so a couple a couple things here, Joe First year. We, u and I've, been talking last week or two about about where the trunk It is advertising right because my view about when you're covering campaign don't pay attention to what the campaign saying Pentagonal, what they're doing so, where they sending the candidate and where are they
bending money and are not sent there. We know we know Trump has been to Arizona husband in Michigan. He's been depends Albania, even in the middle of a pandemic ventured into those three states, but there's he's not do full scale travel schedule. You went down to Florida yesterday. Obviously another battleground It's a wait, that's important, but where are they? The air- and we talk previously about the fact that their on the earth and all six of the core about around states right, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, those in the six states that that Donald Trump by the narrowest margin in twenty sixteen. So all states he's he's advertising in none of those it's that are all states any one. Last time right, previous Would he also was on the air Iowa which, stay. He won by nine points and twenty sixteen, so he feels like it needs defend himself in Iowa, so that Tromp advise grown up next week show you know where that what at what state they add to their list right there, there Oh hi, say another state, the dollar, twelve one by seven or eight points in one sixteen. So every step
that their advertising and right now is a defence stay there, not the up on the air in Minnesota, New Hampshire Nevada, New Mexico, none of those states that he lost narrowly and twenty sixteen that they said they were gonna, try to compete in and take away from democratic he's, not in the air and any those states he's now in the air and eight states that he one in twenty sixteen creating a higher when I was that he won by that word. Close states right. Seven point. Eight point: nine points in those two states, so that tells you a lot about how poor defences and then we'll go to one of their demographic Shannon's reporting is, so we write on the demographic she pointed to. But all point to one more is not really a demographic, but it was a key voting block and twenty sixteen voters who not like either candidate. Can't last around. As you remember, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the two most unpopular disliked general election. It's in the history of politics competing in the same year and Donald Trump an overwhelmingly voters who didn't like both of them right,
this time around that voting cohort Joe Biden is crushing Donald Trump with voters who don't either one of them, and if that that turned out to be a d, I said, Morgan, that's what explained the whole voted for Obama twice Motor for Trump it in the twenties Tina Donald Trump can't win those voters. Those disenfranchise alot independent voters are really like either party he's alive. A trouble in so I don't know what the way out is about a time here, but I'm not sure what I would counsel them to do. But I will tell you what they're doing right now is it. I just want to double down what Shannon saying they are playing defence. Is not a single bright spot right now on the horizon for Donald Trump, not one in the data trying to trying to help the base, and will it real them going up in Ohio of all states which Donald Trump One easily and why they can't. Now am actually for Ohio. Higher voters isn't really necessarily between a republican, undemocratic. It's between a republican president
public and Governor Republic, a republican present who seventy people feel been reckless from the start and a Republic governor and Governor Dewie, whose done just about Anything right he's, listen. Do his doctors he's? Listen! The nurses he's listen the first responders. These listened to the smartest people in Ohio to try to protect, people of Ohio and he's done a hell of a job approval ratings up in the eighties, much much higher than Donald, In that contrast, is we a glaring, especially in the back. I say yes said the president, one that say easily and twenty sixteen probably one they thought they had their back pocket for twenty twenty. That's not the case The wine, as you point out, is a Republican. He hasn't taken. Good
HU, the shots at Donald Trump, just gone about his job and basically ignored Donald Trump to protect his own state. Interesting to as John talks about the trunk campaign playing defence, as the president has taught them calling the convention of North Carolina, the states, floated as possibilities, Florida of course browser Georgia in Texas, saying we might have our convention and either Georgia. Texas show Their minds are in those two states to places I assume they had in their back pocket another interesting demographic change and that you're writing about in the Joe is talking about is college, educated, white men and white women. The president down below fifty percent in both those categories he had a majority of those college- educated men, two thousand six, but dropping in those groups, many of them living in urban areas as well. One bright, the college educated women has really fallen off a cliff and an that's one that a lot of people knew
with a long shot, but there was this aspiration among the campaign that they could pick up. College educated women just by a little bit to help give some cushion Like Michigan and Pennsylvania, which we talked about a lot. Now it's down to twenty nine percent. I think that with the latest quinnapin pull support among college kid women and White College educated men? Also down you don't so it's really across the board and that's why they're seemed so much pressure in some of these places. Like Arizona, Arizona is a state. The campaign considers a must win, but in Maricopa County in the suburbs of Phoenix, you have college educated, suburban orders, not to mention a growing hispanic population. You have seniors, who are you guys have also talked about them being down with, and so that's where you're seeing these pressure points come into play and drag down this campaign, not just nationally
Of course, we know these national pulls out really representative, but in these state by state balls- and you mentioned Ohio with Working Class voters Florida course with seniors Pennsylvania forces, suburban voters, which means that they know this. Talk that the campaign out early on in the year about expanding the map. I'm not hearing much that anymore, we're not the interests of Colorado in about it you always it's interesting what it! What what remarkable NEWS their thinking about going to Georgia and going to axes. And yet are you may say making that that doesn't make sense that those two states are firmly locked up. Donald Trump. Will there is a recent poll that showed Joe Biden Donald Trump, I'd in Georgia and, of course, Alice morning, news Paul also earlier this month showed them tie and taxes as Well- not listen. This is probably the last year that those
who states are going to be considered lean, read you look at the demographic changes, especially in taxes, but though states look at. What's happened to Virginia, we Republican Jews to consider Virginia a Red State Republic, one the state of Virginia just like they always want to state of Florida. Florida went purple. Goods come back little more red, Virginia Thou has gone purple and really is turning into a blue state Georgia, taxes. If you talk to people who really have studied this for a long time, they ve been saying this for quite some time. As demographic change is continue. Georgia taxes, are moving in that direction to very becoming more purple by the year and certainly by twenty twenty four, and only anybody, regardless the candidates are for the Republicans or for the Democrats and twenty twenty four hour independence. Nobody
he's going to say at the beginning of those cycles because of demographics and cost changes that have been coming for decades- nobody can say, oh rely, we read. Taxes lie Billy Red Georgian, not anymore those two states just because of history, just because of demographic trends, they're, going to be going the way, a virgin, and precision, Shannon petty peace. Thank you for your new reporting. Keep us posted.
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