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As portions of the country are set to reopen, the Trump administration is privately projecting new cases and deaths from the coronavirus to rise steadily in the coming weeks, according to new reporting. The panel discusses.

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really safe and all of us here at our show, wishing you safety and good health. I think and it worked out fine, I think what we get into April in the warm weather that a very negative effect on that and that type of a virus. So, let's see what Prince but I think it's gonna work outside that was president round back in February the last time he was Arizona today, He is heading back to the state as the. U S, death toll from corona virus nears so, thirty thousand good morning Welcome to morning Joe it's Tuesday may face along with WWW may we have Washington Anchor for BBC? News, America, Catty K and call an associate editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius, he's out with it in spite of all his tenth CIA thriller entitled the paladin. Indeed, we'll tell us all about that, I had but first as President Trump
she's states to restart their economies. New scientific models are projecting sharp increases in the number of dead sprung corona virus over the next- weeks and months, one slash Jack as from an internal tromp administration document obtained by York Times. The other is from our public. Firstly of Washington model, often cited by the White House first, that government productions, which so the day the death toll. We are nearly double from about sex Nineteen hundred fifty deaths currently too about three thousand a day on June first. This is pretty dramatically different them where people were thinking. New cases are projected to go from about one to five thousand a day to two hundred thousand. The president was ours too two. The report in an interview with the New York Post, he said quote
know nothing about it. I don't know anything about it. Nobody told me that I think I think its false. I think it's fake news, the White House put out the following state. And this is not a White House document, nor has it been presented to the run. A virus task force or gone through in agency vetting this day. Is not reflective of any modeling any of the modeling done by the task force or data that the task Worse, has analyzed the other set of data from the Institute for Health, metrics and evaluation at the university. Of Washington has been cited by the White House in the past and researchers. There have also now dealt with their projections to one hundred and thirty five thousand deaths by early August. Back in April, they predicted just over sixty thousand by August, big Dick,
with the: U S now approaching: seventy thousand deaths. We ve already belong paths. That estimate- and it's only may, if you can believe The institute says the revised numbers are because people are moving around more and because social distance, guidelines are being relaxed. Last night Doktor Anthony found she addressed these new projections. When you have a lot of virus activity- and you that you're able to contain it to a certain degree by the media, Should the physical separations, the kinds of things But we ve been talking about gateway phase one face to face three, and you start to leap frog over some. These you're inviting rebound and He bound is going to give you spikes and spikes it going to give you the kind. Numbers I dont know if those numbers, because I have this is about models about their only as good as the assumptions you put into them, but they're not completely,
fleeting they're. Telling you something: that's a reality You have mitigation, that's containing something, and unless It's down in the right direction and you pull back prematurely. You're gonna get a rebound of cases, No, it's a doctor fancy said. Will you may want to look at these numbers and Willie? Of course, last night against the present accused birds that came out of this draft from the centre for this he's control that he that he dismissed. It is fake news once again, the president looking only at rosy scenarios, I dont know if you heard this or not, but in February in February the twenty second women about this and he said he was a concern about the krona virus. You said it was one person coming in from China and soon would be down to zero by the end of I'd be wary a month later, when panic real
over over parts of the world and certainly help officials very concerned. It's a month after Joe Biden warning Joe late January, January that this was going to get much worse and Donald Trump is leaving us unprepared for a pandemic. February. Donald Trump said it's. Eleven people going be down to zero fifteen people down to zero, kept saying during this. During this time and in March that this was go away and April, don't worry about it. He told republican senators in It's just like the flu, the numbers into just like no, he said in March and they had shut things down so in April hee hee I'd, and he said that there is now. This is not going to come back in the fall doctors is very concerned about dismissing more estimates, as quote Fair,
knows when he has been peddling fake, marries. Dangerous news from the beginning of January. Let's go The CDC draft that talks about two hundred thousand people. Let's just go. The University of Washington Study that predicted sixty thousand deaths just three weeks ago. Now they double that two hundred and thirty five hundred thirty six thousand and let's look at the president himself. I know that drives him absolutely lies in this representations to the american people have made his numbers tank politically, but just look at the present he's review he's revised the death count. I think, by my less last count, he's revise the dead count. I think four or five times recently and as recently as a week or so ago, saying goes can be fifty or sixty thousand were now basically Willie. We are moving towards that seven
Eighty. Ninety one hundred thousand mark will probably be it. Seventy thousand by the end of the day today, Joe and as you said, if you actually believe a report the city sea basin. Modeling from FEMA is fake news. Ok, we'll put that to the side, What about your own words? He sat at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. The other night and said we are going to lose anywhere from seventy five. Eighty two hundred thousand people, that's a horrible things He himself projected more than twice what he said two weeks ago, that there will be a hundred thousand deaths in this country from Corona, so this actually as sufficient. It is this viruses. It's actually not that complicated Stan how you slow it. As doktor factually just tried to say in his diplomatic way when ease social distancing when you have this man quality of people moving between states and spreading the germs you're going to have more Kay
this and the movement has been too slowly reopen economies across the country. We understand I wish to why everyone wants to get back to work. We understand why small businesses are hurting, but his doctor, Fouch himself, just said. If you up on social distancing, you're going to have an explosion of cases, and that was the warning that we got yesterday from this again internal document put together by to see the sea basin. FEMA modelling and then the public model as well, showing you're going to exceed a hundred thousand deaths from corona virus, by the way. Speaking of hazardous, the president's words, presidents assurances about this pandemic, its it its head its hazardous to your health. You can't listen because again, he's predict time and again, starting in January, that this is gonna magically go away that the Chinese, for being transparent, that it man
they go away in April that it was one person sunni, busier, zero people, you know in April we losses. Many people we're lost during the Vietnam WAR, fighting the Vietnam WAR. U S, troops pretty soon, Matt Louis yesterday tweeted this. I thought it was chilling pretty soon more Americans will die from this pandemic. The Donald Trump told african american leader back in February, would magically go away more American you're going to soon be dead from this pandemic, then were killed in the battle of Britain. British civilians who died in the battle of Britain against the Nazis, nineteen, forty more Americans will be dead from this pandemic. The Donald Trump said was thing to worry about time and time again and so, as if said all along, I mean I'm, I'm a bad this
believe in late life. Conversions, even if we're talking about a pandemic, keep waiting for the president to wake up, grow up, be responsible, and he just can't do it and instead of working through the weekend, he was raged tweeting instead of, working last night he was raged tweeting, and this is one of the things that he was right tweeting again suggested that the truth he raged tweets against the truth. Let's take a look, there's morning in America today, more than sixty thousand Americans have died from a deadly virus. Donald Trump ignored. We the economy in shambles. More than twenty six million Americans are out of work, the work, the economy in decades trumpet, a Wall Street but on main street afternoon. Millions of Americans will apply for unemployment,
with their savings run out many are giving up. Hope millions worry that love one won't survive covered. Nineteen. There's morning in America, and under the leadership of Donald Trump a country's weaker and sicker and poor and now Americans are asking. If we another four years like this, Will there even be more vibrant and project which is responsible for the content of this advertising? You're, not David Ignatius for those of us who were old enough to remember the original morning in America at nineteen. Eighty four completely different time, but I think what so chilling about that add and all of them
Typepad come out that by the time they dropped the add the numbers are old, baby bait, they mentioned sixty thousand people dead and an ad just drop, we're gonna be up to seventy thousand dad and the next day, or so he put our. I remember, people putting out adds talking about three thousand people that within a week it seemed like a doubly. This is and were hearing from the government that this is going to exponentially get worse it by June. The first the number of deaths per day is actually going to double and eve, and against that background even against all of the lies. The false assurances at present is given senior citizens have given the rarely have given the physical. Impaired, have given them Some of us who have family members who
underlying conditions, even with all those lies and false assurances he's still added, saying: don't trust this CDC draft that was made with the help of FEMA, basically other people on my tail force it. My government don't press that, and he's trying to push people back out to open up their businesses before they meet? Not my guide, not your guidelines, not makers, guidelines, Nancy plus guidelines, not Bernie Sanders Guidelines, not like the American, Marxists leagues, guidelines, Donald Trump Sk Guidelines is on White House guidelines he's night, even following his own, guidelines in it's gotten so frightening that even a lot of his close allies are now condemning p Well, then, are going the rallies with guns and trying
intimidate legislate later is this is this is at present who eyesight its himself more only from reality, but from a lot of support David show that line its morning in America with sovereign music is, as we think, back on this horrifying month of April. We ve just slip through the net is really painful for all of us we want to be looking forward. We want have some sense of how warm and come out of this, that we look to the present for that kind of leadership. I'm on the numbers He doesn't know what the members you're gonna be these or similar simulations at models. It's less that that the body, maybe the numbers change at that happens. It's that what the country desperately needs is leadership to mobilise the resources of government that are there and on
the key issues of of testing tracing it may even moving toward therapies that leadership still seems to be lacking. I've had a chance this week to talk with the Sea or Ford Motor Company, whose, trying his horse, he can't keep his business going keepers, workers, safe and employed, and what made me Joe, was just celebrated, do this all by ourselves. We made a seventy page booklet about how to reopen production as soon as we can and we ve got all the best practices. I said three you getting eggs from above? What agency do talk to, but we don't like it any issues. Nobody really there were sharing with other companies so, where are dispersed disorder as country craving leadership. I'm getting it and we're gonna have morning in America's earth is a theme for a for some months now
I just worry that we're going to begin the really the threads of that country a part in this period, because people are frightened. They want one government today a blamed somebody further for the difficulty. So it's just. It's it's at it's a terrible paired with women says we know you know what changed someone get better. Let us let us open, pray but Meeker without Washington, without them, tat running this crisis. You said he was a war president. This was a war. It's like he's affair. Fifty malicious out how state going to fight world war you decide you. Fifty governors decide how you decide you fifty governors decide how you're going to land on my heart beat and scale. They cliffs Liberate Normandy and liberate the rest of Europe. You figure it out on your own this case, where every state
so in their own. Every company like Ford, are on their own. You don't don't have a government official. You don't have a government agency talking about best practices when Ford calls up. We know it since finger asking that question. We have actually a manufacturer out in Nevada. They did. This also your business might be more like the one in Washington State in an in Seattle. They did, they did These practices, you may want to give them a call, here's a booklet that they and I will send you a pdf. You can look at over and talk to your executive are hey here's what they're doing in Florida that without that. It is literally every man for himself for too for himself every every governor for themselves, and this is says instead just a president
been lying to the american people whose been telling the American from the start that this is just one person sign was gonna go away. This was just eleven people soon, as going be the zero. This was just fifteen people soon, it's gonna be down to five and probably zero that this is good. They go away magic regulating all night long. It's going to go away like magic. This guy. That said, hey, you know what try Hydroxyl or a coin or whatever it is? rambling on and on and on about bad until his own government agencies had to say, don't take that it causes heart damage and that even souls auditors, and so then, yes, the next day he moved disinfectants. He moved the pudding lights inside of people and the government had to say right. Don't do that, This will cause aims in the same week meagre he was saying it is. I don't think this is going to come back in the fall, so not even back in the folds. Of course,
so the scientists and the doctors and nurses, was the same thing as the presidency who's, gonna, magically go away and April analyses now he's doubting the CDC now he's doubting FEMA now Doubting. Draughts of reports will we the University of Washington Report, then just in the past three weeks, has doubled the number the estimates of the number of Americans who going to die from this like sixty thousand. Do a hundred and thirty five thousand, and this is a president who false assurances are hazardous to your health specially viewer a senior, especially if you're afraid, remember who has loved ones that have under lying conditions. Please be careful, please take care of yourself, the president, is detached from reality, Ireland and its honestly safe to say that if you listen to this president- and you do as he says or takes his advice- that very much could be hazard,
to your health and even deadly and carried beyond the fact that too, thank you. Even you know somebody who perhaps vote Four tromp can see their own eyes that he's not focus on this when he's tweet through the night about cable, host, or whatever not divide press and he's saying things like put disinfectant into your body, you get a sense that perhaps he's not focused. Imagine that potential, if a President Bush or an Obama to take the reins. They may not be perfect, but there would be collaboration between made. Companies that actually produces concepts ideas and moves forward quickly. There would be collaboration between all the governors in all the states. There would be the use of the defence production act to streamline the process, we would be a very different place for sure
there are so many and growing numbers of experts, especially in the science and medical fields, who believe that we have wasted valuable time doing thing or not enough or the wrong thing in terms of dealing with this virus. But what's fascinated me the United States, usually helps other countries. We use go when and where this motion and at this point they not states of America, especially given these new numbers is still very much at its knees. The UK, is doing badly as well, but the messaging there from later very different. Yesterday we had a global conference. Virtual global conference on seen experimentation and the big country that wasn't there was the United States. All european countries were that China had a representative there too, but the? U S even a ten that conference. I
see what they had to lose by going and having a presence. Why not collaborate on something as urgent as this, but they want their nothing. We, in a really critical couple of weeks. Right now and that's why them thing is changing so dramatically and so much for the worse because, as we start to move around- and we know from GPS cell data that people are starting to move around in the- U S, man, I've. I felt that I can hear sitting in my back yard Washington. I can hear the noise of traffic again. I wasn't hearing that two weeks ago and what we need Above all, right now is clarity of message from the top we need to be told. We know you want to go outside. We know the weather is getting warmer. We know your fed up with being inside, but we ask you for the sake of yourself. Families in those you love and for everyone else. Please do not move. Please do not go back outside, because that is we're going to see these numbers ready, spike and right
beginning. The message we ve had from the White House is ambivalence, while on the one hand the president will say here, the guidelines stick to the guidelines on the other hillside, but I'm not wearing a mosque say yeah, but you want to get back to work yes, but these are good people who are out there protesting yes, but let's liberal Virginia and Minutes Minnesota Michigan them in that kind of mixed messaging sort of giving way on hand, but taking away with the other is exactly the wrong kind of messaging. For this moment where we're on a kind of precipice right now when looking over for the next two weeks. If we open up we're going to see the numbers double as we ve just seen from those modelling, and we can choose not to We need, as individuals is a normal human thing. First want to get back outside into the parks and get back outside into shops and to give back outside that. We really need that leadership right now will than ever to say. No. This is very clear. Here's the clarity of the message. You cannot do that right now, for the sake of you and your loved ones. You can't go back outside and, I have to say, look around here now the message is clear: its
clear here in the United States from the top will the interesting to see from the top is Caddy says when president goes to Arizona today and visits and end ninety five manufacturing plant will who, in fact, where a mask himself. My pants, of course, did not wear one of the male clinic last week I think too, it's interesting when you hear New York, which has been at the centre of this. For a couple of months now, when you hear Governor Cuomo start to save the worst kind us, when you see that ship believe New York City, when you see the field hospital in central park start to fold up, I think the rest of the country perhaps can get lulled into a fall sense of security and there's a line and that CDC report that yes did cross the President's DES that was delivered to the White House where they say there remains a large number of counties whose burden continues to grow. That means when you see that New York is getting better relatively, although two hundred twenty six people still died yesterday and in New York, it's now
over in the rest of the country and that's the message that doctors, vouches works are trying to get out there that ok, we, on better. We ve mitigated in these places where it was worse, but it will be back and it will visit new parts of the country if we don't remain vigilant on these questions of social distancing and people moving, when states one. That's a great concern if the present the United States is is giving American false assurances, if he's lying about this virus, if he still trying to bully this virus. If these, riding the lies in May that he was spreading. January February, about it magically going away or now not magically coming back. That's too we're still Americans, health and now not in New York City, your ride in New York City has figured it out. But what what white
has long been my fear beyond New York City, of course, which just this horrific was what and when this got into the area where I've lived most of my life. What happens when it gets outside of New York gets offer. The east coast gets into the central time Zone five years, that you find an older pocket asian demographics are trend and were all America the hospitals. Now I've talked to hospital admissions writers, people their running whirl hospitals across Middle America, they're scared to death. They don't have the capacity to handle. Patients coming in some only have one or two ventilators in their entire hospital. They ve been over the past five to ten years by Medicaid cuts that Republicans pass thinking that they were being responsible. Now, it's there hospitals in Red State America in many places that are ill equipped to about
about the corona virus, calming the Middle Amerika and the present delivering a very coming to Middle Amerika and the present day having a very mixed message. Bluntly makes a lot of his supporters and Middle America in these areas. That could be bat so badly affected and that are so ill equipped to handle this virus making a lot of these people still call the corona virus a hoax? I have heard it from friends you say many of their associates still consider the overblown. We hope said over that it's just not the case. That's deadly! Thanking, yes and that's thinking this ban muttered by the present as allies, and we ask again that the press of the United States, darts listening to his doctors, starts telling truth and starts following the White House guidelines, salad
Governor Gavin a announced that some retail stores across the state can reopen with specific I'd lines as soon as Friday? The new changes are part of for stage plan laid out last week to gradually transition This has allowed to reopen under the phase. Two guidelines will include book, clothing, toy and sporting stores, as well as music shops and florists, but will not food malls offices or sit down, services in restaurants, speaking of Retail J crew, filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday, making it the first many brick and mortar retailers to file while pushed the brink by widespread closure. In response, so the corona virus, the New York based chain filed for banks, see and Virginia federal Court under the terms It would eliminate it's more than one and a half billion dollars of debt in exchange for sea
ownership to creditors. In addition to closing more than five hundred stores during the public health crisis there now make fall out a market turmoil stemming from the covert nineteen pandemic also resulted in J crew, show the plans for an initial public offering of its made well business As you said maker, the first of many of these companies that are expected to file bankruptcy. We heard about Niemann Marcus. Omni of the stores that have solutely impossible environment that we've grown up and they were already fighting reads at three tail online they're already fighting Amazon, damn I'm so often we got over the past several years. If you go the store to buy something for your kids, more in the not you'd, be told inside the source role. We don't have it here, but would you like us to ordered online and they didn't put into that position because there was sitting
mining demand even before this pandemic. It's wrong. Still. I had on morning Joe, the White House wants to limit agency officials and corona This task force members from testifying before Congress this month, we'll get it take on that from the top down my brother in law, you at transparency has been operating there. Still the lack of prince at a time when and arrogant need information about this virus check. Shimmer will join us discuss that and a lot more plus Willie mentioned that Fox is interviewed the president, a sort of state. Down at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. Well, there are new tales about the special permission the White House received to make that photo happen you're watching morning. Job will be right back. Mainly posted into America apart,
from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go. Into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music, is to keep our spirits into America apart asked about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday. It here It's true, mainly MSNBC responded and host of the pack cast into America. In our latest episode, I see down with the man leading the. U S, efforts to find a vaccine for corona virus, that John Mescal that the director of the ban. Seen research centre at the National Institutes of Health, which are public pressure. The Anti Maxine and what a realistic timeline looks like before. Americans have access to a corona virus vaccine search for into America. We are listening right now in subscribe.
Two revelations about China's actions amid the corona virus pandemic. U S I believe that the chinese government covered up the threat of the corona virus in order to stockpile medical supplies, that's a court to a legal document by the Department of Homeland Security Intelligence service obtained by and we see news, the dear just report says quote: says the chinese government intentionally concealed the severity of covert nineteen from the international community in early January, while its stockpiled. Cole supplies by both increasing imports and decreasing exports. China reportedly increase its import of masks and surgical, gowns and surgical. Office in January, but in February imports These supplies significant, significantly declined. The four page De Hs Report claims that China covered up that trade,
that he backward publicly denying it is ever imposed an export ban on masks and other medical supplies and laying the release of key trade data so far is no public evidence to suggest that China's Miss steps in the early days of the outbreak were part of an international plot to buy up the world's medical. Plies. Meanwhile, chinese authorities are clamping down as grieving relatives and activists, press their government for D tales on what went wrong in war on the city where the virus killed. Thousands before spreading to the rest of the world. The New York Times Report, quote. Lawyers have been warned not to file suit against the government. The police have interrogated bereaved family members who connected with others, them online volunteers who tried to thwart the states centres, ship apparatus by preserving reports about the outbreak have disappeared.
The paper continues. The parties fear that any attempt to dwell on what happened we're on or to hold officials responsible or and the states narrative that only China's authoritarian system save the country from a devastating. Health caddy K. China's lack of transparency continues, guy continues even six months after the outbreaks, the in there outbreak. You remember this story. The the doktor who worked in The hospital who tried to tell China and the world about the virus actually was was attacked by state authorities. He ended up a dying of the Mai, some himself. But here we are Two months later, the lack of transparency continues, yeah and the problem with that lack of transparency is that you start getting sick
is and conspiracy theories emerging and you just don't know which ones are right or wrong because there are some indications that the Chinese have tried to suppress the new the virus within their own country and externally as well. You know it's very easy to start believing every worst possible case scenario, so The news now that they were stockpiling medical equipment then makes you start wondering. Is it possible that this was actually produced in a lab, is it possible it was deliberately produced in a lab? Is it possible that it was deliberately least from that lab. Now we have no evidence of those things that I was suggesting about the lab, but you can see why people start to believe that right because we don't know there has to be some, I how you would do it because I don't know how the Chinese would ever. Let you have access to that information, but there has to be some clarity in some invite investigation into how China has handled this so
we know the degree to which China was culpable right from the beginning. When it came to this virus was it was it didn't, come from a lab than it had security problems knew that web market before, and it was a mistake that I got out or or not, or is there something more nefarious? Madame and its opening all. Four people, like my compare to float theories that may or may not be valid, but to paint China in the worst possible case and for China's own benefit in a way it needs to get clarity. Illness that needs to be seen be more believable on this, because otherwise everyone's gonna start believing the very worst case scenarios David just the president? Yes very accuse the media of quote going wild to protect China, which is ironic, given the fact that the president and while to protect China for the last several months going back to January, including in late March, when
weeded out about how closely they were working together? He wrote much respect. There's the January twenty fourth tweet now infamous thanking president. She say it will all work out well talking about this pandemic, that was on January, twenty, fourth as we know, and as you know well, having talk all your sources in the foreign policy community David. China did suppress information, it did silence doctors, it did manipulate the double HIV. Now we know that the United States intelligence services believe all that to be true as well. What are the implications of this When you have a president who was out whose reflexes to defend China, China running roughshod all over all these international organisations early on allowing this pandemic to happen to spread this disease I think it is safe to say that the world is watching the nose. It's our democracy
police, state, authoritarian government and trying to figure out which one seems to be doing a better job trying to figure out which one last six, eight weeks trying to get them. Its citizens, I've been working lasted six eight weeks, trying to get to the bottom of what I call the origins story of Covert nineteen o this viruses swept the world. Now and what's clear to me, is that in the beginning the Chinese deliberately sought to suppress information about the outbreak and move on I was discussing earlier arrested a heroic doctor who was looking up, he's dying and saying something going on here is something new. He and his colleagues were imprisoned. Denounced by the party and then In January, the Chinese began to realize theirs
thing enormous happening here, panicked began, ordering all the supplies we're talking about sent the top party grazing on set top, but chinese army officers and take control of key places but even in this locked out of one we hadn t, had no idea. Don't have any idea to this day of exactly how this pandemic began. I think that's The point the caddy was making. We hope we all should make, the world needs to know how this started more Louis the great events of our about our lives. We need to know how it began and not simply to protect ourselves in terms of making vaccine but to prepare. At our against future outbreaks, future future viruses or her variants.
Why this investigation isn't simply a matter of political tit for tat, sometimes listening to compare and tromp. You think that this is really about global politics. No, it's it's! It's about The world said to deal with the underlying causes of what happened. What happened couple things clear from my conversations with intelligent sources. First, there is no evidence whatsoever that this was delayed Lee engineered by the Chinese in a laboratory. This is not a man made virus that they deliberately put together. That said, it is possible in the two virology labs in whew Hon, where the outbreak started back there was an accident that material. I was highly toxic that had been gathered for research for study. Some got out if got thrown in the trash accidentally? Somebody I get it out and the unwittingly on their on their person that that is
is possible and the Chinese to help the world understand what happened. In that case, what this is either a natural acts and jumped from animals animal or its action in the laboratory and we do need The answer- and it's only the Chinese who can help us get it so, Sir David, let let's talk, fly about what this says about. The chinese government just celebrated their seventieth anniversary, been projecting power across the globe. But with a belt and road initiative, trying literally went over the hearts and minds of Hungary of millions of people across every continent. Trying to show that their system was preferable to America. There's some understanding that we would be complete competing together on the globe for supper.
See over the next fifty years, mainly economic supremacy? But what does it say about this government that Six months later they are still acting more like Brezhnev's. Soviet Union in the early nineteen eighties then a country that many people expected to take the lead and in The economy take the lead in in in diplomatic leadership across globe in the coming decades. We vote. Talked about. China was looking fifty years ahead. Now we look at them and they are acting their living. In an all reality from fifty years in the past I stress this was that it is this the face of the future or that, where the face passed, and I honestly think this period
be the great test of whether China is now poised to be global leader respected coming into its own way. Such I speak of the chinese century, or whether people will have seen that a police state really can't maintain the trust of its own citizens in the world and respond to something dynamically again. Evidences is ahead of us with all the disorganisation in the United States. We talked about the first half of this year, Today. All back and forth confusion about numbers, poor presidential, you should even so our care this organised way, we are racing too vaccines. Other therapies New things, I've, pure from my daughter's Othello Johns Hopkins every day,
Stan believable things at their trying? Thinking about there's a dynamic interplay in our crazy disorganized society, but I suspect, is our greatest strength, well now, somewhere next year? Many have to wait for a story to tell us in this great test. Between the two systems we one in the end work better. That the Chinese suppress the truth. Manipulated try to terror or are What crazy system Will we in the end, get it right? The way through said, we always do an end will see coming more on that new report suggesting the daily death toll could spike seventy percent from where it is today our achievement we'll correspondent ways and on that plus a New York City or a physician not only traded other people with corona virus, but all- herself shades
and says, started had a morning, gown beg eyes, Willie guys here, reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed for inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for free wherever you down, yours joining us now, medical contributor for Yahoo NEWS, Doktor, Dara, CAS she's associate prefer serve emergency medicine at Columbia, University, an incident I also a nineteen survivor. I wanna hear her incredible we're in just a moment also joining US morning, Joe Chief Medical, corresponding Doktor Dave, Campbell, pullback, big picture. Doktor Dave this
model from the Institute for health metrics, evaluation at the University of Washington. The White House uses this source forecasting. A hundred and thirty four thousand people will die of covert nineteen What's the reason for this dramatic increase This model actually had started to show some decline in the middle of April we see increasing mobility of people across the country in certain states and decreasing. Social distancing, those figure. Are going into the revised really doubling of expected deaths that are going to happen. Getting near the end of the summer. Is it's a tragic concern that everybody has now, as a got through a very nice weakened and see that, in fact, Creasy human activity is going to contribute to increasing spread of the virus. That
cats, its Willie guys thanks for being on this morning, and thanks for all you ve done the sacrifices you ve made us as make mention you contracted corona virus. And you ordered back in now the emergency room working after your recovery. Can you just talk a little bit how you contracted it, what it was like for you to have it and what it's like now to go back and just a snapshot, what it's like in New York City, emergency room right now we talked to a month a month and a half ago about the chaos and the lack of p and hospitals means walked in some regards. What's it like now take present, I dont know exactly how I got the growth of air with a new Yorkers. I live and work in New York and I could have got you anywhere, the related spread, but most likely got it at work in the emergency department. Probably honestly from touching surfaced in touching my faith inadvertently, I think we forget how easy it is to contract the corona virus.
From a surface alone, and that's why we do or encourage mask even outside on a regular basis is foreign to getting the virus myself I was one of the lucky ones I was able to recover at home safely. I was able to man you're my symptoms do you like tyrant or remote training, drinking from fluid never really lost the ability to treat myself. I need to didn't need any oxygen. I didn't need to go to the hospital in New York City were seeing the evidence of the social distancing and really the objective metric that were following to understand how to address this disease public health perspective want seeing our numbers of was always go down, flattened the curve, so we did and we want to remember that this was always our goal to flatten the curve. So we didn't overwhelm our health system, we get our testing up to date. We can get our tracking up to date. So we can you to start to realize this new normal. We always knew
We will get a little overconfident if you well once so the numbers coming down in that's what we're seeing anywhere, but I'm so proud of the work that Europe has done in really addressing this virus and are true public health. Objective measure that consistent and allowing us to move forward to the next phase of treatment. So doktor causes. You seen those hospitalizations go down, thank goodness that's great news and that's because of all the social distancing you talk about. What is that you from inside and emergency room. I have friends some of them? You may actually work with can the emergency room will work. In the I see you who were texting, and telling me of the horrors they were seeing in that they were totally unprepared and they didn't have the equipment they need, and everything else I've seen stories. Come down a little bit that at least at the equipment you need. What does it look like?
you from inside that emergency room. He felt when this direct hit New York. It it s hard hit us everywhere, but worse in community color, in low income community in half, the headless resources and we were in a very, very bad place. We had limited capacity, we had to absurd our beds, we were wearing our people need to be and capacity the mask shortages and making sure that we didn't get. We never got to the point. We didn't have anything to wear that we're a mere pass that now, because we ve been able to really get the number of cases there
and that's why the new guidance is. They have died today, a ppp rascal, but I dont want to minimize how close we got to true capacity and one of the things that the doctors in York City are trying to get the rest of the country to understand. Is you don't want to get to where we were, and we don't want to get back there again, because that was nothing we ever wanted to ever again. Doktor Dave, I'm I'm looking at how company move forward in a given the fact that these numbers are jarring for People who ever really scared uber is gonna sing. Requiring drivers to wear face maths and writers Certain hair salons are putting in a liberal barriers between them and the people, working with an all wearing masks, they're going to have to say distance, these businesses. Do you think that this ball happen.
Across the board and will prevent the spot the corona virus. It better maker and I certainly see what you're saying, which is face: mass being born everywhere with exception. Certainly every doctors office every hospital, every patient encounter every action between doctor offices and their staff but he's wearing a mask gloves are very common surfaces, being wiped. If we don't take advantage these opportunities to mitigate this spring of this virus with every possible means available, we may see ourselves back to how New York was in down here on Molly eighty miles from Miami? We certainly could replicate New York's problem in Miami and other cities across the country, so Buber should be applauded and other companies airports. Airlines should be
plotted for implementing these measures to mitigate spread, because new modeling that shows increasing numbers of cases, an increasing number of deaths, as we do. Greece are social distancing and we increase our mobility. Is it to be very, very, concerning and master where maker, our eye doctors, Campbell on Dara CAS. Thank you both very much for your answer this morning in coming up with the new normal is already here. What is this? Is it Eugene Robinson, tackles that, in his new column plus form our homeland security, Secretary J Johnson is our guest you're watching Joe we'll be right back
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