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Morning Joe 5/6/20


The panel discusses the president's handling of the coronavirus and new polling that shows 63 percent of Americans are worried states will lift restrictions too quickly.

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what did you do when you became president to restock those where's that you say we're bear well! I'll be honest. I have a lot of things going on. We had a lot of people that refuse to allow that country be successful they wasted a lot of time on Russia, Russia, Russia, that turned out to be a total hoax, then they did you, new brain, and that was a total hopes. Then they impeach the President of the United States for apps. Me no reason, and we even had a hundred and ninety seven to nothing vote by the Republicans present France reason for not refilling, but he claims was an inherited empty now I'll stockpile for emergencies, use present by the word for three. Now he has a lot of things going. I sat with his hands, are, incidentally, Poletti fact rates. Blaming the Obama administration for lack of national emergency supplies mostly false tat. Interview took part
Cindy Honeywell Factory, that makes and ninety five masks, which the press toward roses: mass without wearing a mask himself, and no one around in was to wear them either they chose on their own. I doubt it, despite company protocol, and assign saying that everyone is required to wear ask and also playing in the background, live and lead die that song terrific good morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Wednesday may sixth, along with Joe Willie and me, we have White House or for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire and for or White House Advisor for health policy, professor and vice Provost, global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania, Doktor ASEAN Emmanuel he's an NBC News and MSNBC senior medical contributor good to have you all on Board and
the. U S, death toll from Verona, viruses now topping said one thousand. As president from continues his pushed to reopen the country and busy news has learned that over the coming weeks, the White House plans to one and down the corona virus task force. A move that comes the virus, continues to spread rapidly in ports in one country, present can speak of the task force anymore, without being I mean and its installed these being art politically at this press conference. If he can't talk for hours, he doesn't want doktor faulty or active bergs to talk and educated man, there's more bad news coming in in places like New York City in Chicago new hot spots are countering, the progress? Also New Orleans, we'll get to all of that?
just a moment, but this virus you does not getting better, though it's getting better in those hot spots. Unfortunately, it's getting worse across country and just think about it. If you were Now how erratic this president is thinking? How he's he's acting in a way that shows he's unmoored from reality thing about the fact Oh yes, of course, he's going around and he's not wearing a mask when everybody supposed to be wearing masks. That's that's a small thing, but think about the fact that. He sets out guidelines that that the dark yourself put together And then he immediately tries to get people to break his guidelines and he's talking about stopping the corona virus task force at a time when
Let's go over. Seventy thousand think about this. We get over. Seventy thousand DAS in America, seventy thousand deaths. You know a week ago, we haven't got the sixty thousand deaths. Ten thousand people have died in one week in the last week, more people die died on nine eleven. Died in Iraq. War died in that this more over nineteen years, all combined. Just in the past seven days, that's from sixty thousand seventy thousand thing about before that. We get from fifty thousand deaths to sixty thousand deaths in five days. And the city whites, the White House a draft a few days ago. They get it this weekend using tromp administration numbers use
Tromp administration members They warned the president. They warn the White House where we heard this before the White House gets a warning. They warn the White House that the number of daily debts one did double between now and June. The first and the White House dismisses it just like they dismissed the warning back eight January from White House officials that could end up killing five hundred thousand Americans, and yet what happened the next month, the present one he'd go to rallies, tell people what was a hoax. Well, let me, let me tell you. The present can talk today, the more Muir he can try to blame Democrats, but what he can't do, but he can't
is excuse what he's done over the past several months when he, should have known better and what he's doing right now, I I saw your daily news. Conservative I see cap wrote did. The president is not well reading from is. She said if this Here, try intervene as quickly as you could. Then you would. Giving them the help they clearly needed. Likewise,. Friend or acting this way, you might say They go see a therapist to work through some of their anger issues. In this we are co worker you'd, probably I think they're I that's actually gracious. You work alert someone in human resources and what, if this were the president of the United AIDS acting this radically not only are these behaviors the norm for President Tromp, but things
to have worsened at the most precarious and critical time that our current raise face since world war, two as we face. Pandemic. That's kill over seventy thousand Americans listen, two weeks after all, arguably suggesting infecting disinfectants, might kill off the corona virus. The past few days in seeing Donald Trump Spiral out of control. As the cap continues he's proven himself utterly incapable of staying focused on the biggest crisis. A president, face. What's he done? Instead, he spread unfounded. Spirits? Z theories about the origins of the corona virus about former President Barack Obama.
And about and MSNBC Cable NEWS, how much lower Gideon go. If you're worried about me what else is either, as a cup says, he's in statements that can only be described, Delusional like comparing aims the Abraham, Lincoln. In writing. A non existent letter of apology from Joe Biden spilling non science about his favorite drug, It's his obsession high core acclaim packing to female reporters for doing their jobs, lamenting that they don't like Dinah Reed the actress. Where the gender role abiding kitchen dwelling nineteen, fifty housewives that you play on a vision more than sixty years ago, he attacked their female, no news house calling our a third rate lap dog
the middle of the night. Just a couple days ago, at twelve forty five, a m, he went on eight one hundred and thirty four word ran on twitter. Complaining about it add released by a Republican. Andy Trump grew whose leaders include George Conway, of course, husband of staff Kelly an its Donald Trump use. Words like terrains loser of a husband and moonface to discuss I am yes Donald Trump Card, about somebody else's weight. Isn't it ironic, don't you think is alone is worth that might assets me not ass. He As you captain closing its frightening commentary on the sly, normalization of this completely abnormal behaviour that we can greet the undeniable deteriorate
the presence of the United States with mere shrugs and the only concern from his inner circle, seem not to be about the middle instability itself, but the political ramifications of it being exposed in daily press briefings. As he cap may your daily knows. She really did a good job with that really crystallizing. Why this normalization of their presence behaviour is now making people unsafe well and radio. Well Don T, if somebody we're doing this in real time, even out in a pandemic if they were your child s, face your parents
if they were your grandparents if they were a c section company, if they were a coworker, if they were a football coach for your children, they are a basic, you would be worried and, and you would take action and yet the Republicans just sit quietly by Now we're up to seventy thousand deaths, the presence, disbanding the corona virus task force and he's action, pressuring governors and business owners to actually not follow there's some guidelines and now he's making out about an add that republic instead a and a Baptist Chris, and whose voted republic and his entire life been. How who helped put this add, together with some people, buncher republicans,
certain about how Donald Trump is handling this pandemic and This was once freaking out so much it lets, let's play let's play this- add that that that's made the president of the United States warning getting worse. Today, more than sixty thousand Americans have died from a deadly virus. Donald Trump ignored with economy in shambles. More than twenty six million Americans are out of work. The work, the economy in decades build a Wall Street but not main street, afternoon, millions of Americans will apply for unemployment, with their savings run out, Many are giving up millions worry that a loved one won't survive covered nineteen there's morning in America. And under the leadership of Donald Trump countries weaker and sicker and poor and now
Americans are asking if we have another four years like this will there even be in project which is responsible for the content of this advertising really alive. Digest there from speak up, and also that add fact check true when just everything that I saw there, but the president is getting We women been sang it for three years now. The present is getting worse, like all someone out. There will be in America whenever President please leaves office so that the have noted that, when add yet look, Yesterday we saw a president who is ready to turn the page who realises that this pandemic that's killed. Seventy thousand people infected more than a million Americans getting in the way of his presidency. As he says, I created the greatest economy in the history of the country. Fact check not true that he won.
To move on here and where the mask that's a signal that it's ok not to wear the mask they're going to that meeting slowly for the task force that slowly like go away because they feel like said, crossed the threshold He said out loud yesterday in an interview with ABC, there will be more death, but with or without vaccine it's going to pass. He says it's just going to pass: doctor a manual. We know why President Trump wants to move pass, this its hurting him politically Heath. It's obviously ray during the economy. He thinks so too heard his chance to be re elected. But when. Does all these things and when he says all these things and when he talks about that, it's going to pass. He is, of course, defying not just doctors, like you, public health experts, like you, but the go on his taskforce, who are advising him and so that it becomes up to doktor fouche to go and do an interview at night and politely contradict everything. The president
said during the day, but obviously yesterday really crystallise the president ready to turn the page despite the menacing. Despite the public health. Yeah, I think the real worry, certainly in the public health community, is that we're gonna have wave to waved three and you can hear. Premature, loosening and also another unregulated loosening of the public health measures that we put in place now large gatherings The distancing, the wearing of the mass that have made a difference. I mean we have a plateau. The unfortunate fact is that plan I was not really going down a accelerated rate, which you would hope you would expect with their work. Factions and you can see from the map that you put up. There are places where it's getting them. A real, serious concern, Minnesota, Nebraska out of the heartland of the President,
You know, I'm not a lot. The political brothers I like to say that I did studied nickel science. Any president who here twenty percent unemployment three million people who are out of work. We wouldn't be in this light that person off just snake of Herbert Hoover during the depression Was a blow out election and I think that has to really worrying the president. A lot, on the other hand, ignoring the publican. That's not going to get the economy going. We have a lot of poles We also have a lot of empirical data and behaviors that show that people are afraid to go out because of the health concerns, and you can open up all the stores. Some people are afraid. They're not gonna, go to the stores hard to see how we're going to assuage people. Unless we have good enforcement of the public health measures, you have some therapy preventive medication or vaccine, and those are simply going to take time, there's no way of Russia,
I mean we're doing everything we can to rush time. Everyone keepsake, if we get a vaccine until Eighteen months, that's gonna be record time by what and yet you know we have to wait That long that doesn't mean the economy is frozen, we can do innovation. Lots of experts, like me, have said you know much protect the very vulnerable. Those with more broadly these in the elderly, and we can slowly open up some parts of the economy. But you can't do it Higgledy Figel, that you have to do it in an organised, and I think the president is trying to get past them. Well, but you can't get past that, let you could add testing to that vaccine clearly, but with testing I dont know one person especially on the science or on the what level that says using the dp that events production act to stream testing would not help testing get to the american people faster, everyone believes that would in this present it refuses to use all of
this power to get to testing you. I have to ask the Republicans one is not he that he's negligent. Doesn't do enough one. Is it not okay? This move to disband the task force and reopen states comes as the virus continues to spread rapidly in parts of the country. The New York Times is out with a new peace detailing how new hot spots are countering the progress made places like New York, city, Chicago and New Orleans. Times made this chart showing occurs in the New York natural area compared to the rest of the country. New York is true, didn't downward The rest of the country is trending upward for it ample Dallas County yesterday reported its third straight day of rest. Cases. On the same day the governor of Texas announced. A wave of openings, salons barbershops on Friday, gems, and manufacturing plants in less than two weeks the times
The following the country still in the firm grip of a pandemic, with little hope of release For every indication of improvement in controlling the virus, new outbreaks have emerged elsewhere. Leaving the nation stuck in a sense unrelenting march of deaths and infections rural towns that one month ago were unscathed, our suddenly hot spots for the virus. It is rampaging through nursing homes may packing plants in prison. Killing them medically vulnerable and poor and new outbreaks. Keep em and grocery stores Walmart. Act raise an ominous harbinger of what a full reopening of the economy will bring. And here is the point. Yesterday discussing the sacrifices he's willing to make.
Yes, what some people be affected? Yes, will some people be effected badly? Yes, but we have to get our country open and we have to get an open, soon, Jubilee: That's the reality were facing that that lives we'll be lost to reopen the country it's possible. There will be some because you won't be locked into an apartment or a house whatever is, but at this time we're going to practise social still saying we're gonna, be watching hands. We're gonna be doing a lot of things that we ve to do over the last period of time and we have to get our country I'm feeling are great. Citizens of this country to a certain stand and to a large extent as warriors the warriors We can keep our country because we have to open country Johnson, They are clearly in the White House and for anybody who is worried about the impact of this pandemic. The economy needing to reopen. It is clearly urgent.
I mean this is an economic catastrophe that is clear. Nobody denies that, but without testing and without using. All the powers of the presidency to get their history anyone in the White House telling this president history Remember him as a president who did not do enough. It's an economic catastrophe one that could be overshadowed by the public health tastrophe if reopens too quickly, again meagre and what we are seeing from its president and this White House broken the last couple of days. Effort to simply almost will, pandemic out of existence to try to move forward but not to do so safely without the widespread testing and there are voices who have worked to bid. Leaders, one thousand seven hundred and twenty two allies. The president who are urging him to slow down at right now those voices are being ignored,
internet near times in my colleagues. Associated Press did a similar one yesterday, looking at the data that suggested. If you were to remove the drop in cases in Europe, see mature area. Just remove that for me Braun numbers, you see, the restoration is still rising and there are hot spots growing in places that will not be as well equipped to handle so many situation. Like a New York City with all of its hospitals were able to do so. There's also, of course, the concern of some flair in some of the big cities as the weather gets better and more people are willing to venture outside, perhaps be a little careless some of their social distancing. We saw the present yesterday referred to wear a mask. Ego is part of his effort project confidence at that on a mask factory, it should be noted, but it also we need to be you're about something he can projectiles. Just just round that will be on cable it in the newspapers about not wearing a mask of not being sixty depart from some monsieur AIDS, but those
house exists in through the bubble of unreality there being tested every day, if you're, if you the White House, you, you haven't contact with president you're having tat those fifteen minute tests to make sure do not have the corona virus. Of course, the rest of the nation still can't get those the rest of the nation is unable to have that sense of confidence when they try to make those tentative steps back into the workplace and right now you heard Has it in that interview? You heard him short of state plainly He understands there will be more people getting sick. There will be more people die right now. This White House is focused on the economics, the economic crisis of this, and they want to move forward their terrified of the jobs number coming out later this week burdened concerned about the unemployment rate feel like they need to try to push pass this, including making promises about a vaccine that the help public health experts say or twelfth. Eighteen months away. The president taken to say without proof it could be out by the end of the year.
The White House wants to move on at his death and points out. The american public isn't quite ready. A majority of miracle say they are concerned. Their states will begin lifting stay at home. Restrictions too soon pointing to a New Monmouth University, Paul, sixty three percent of Amerika say, states are moving to reopen too quickly. During the corona virus pandemic, twenty nine percent say states are moving quickly enough. Fifty six percent say preventing morphine, from getting sick, should be the more important factor in lifting restrictions, while thirty three percent say it should be preventing an echo but downturn, forty nine percent of independence. Eighty percent of Democrats say Healthcare, there should be the presiding fact. Deciding went to reopen fifty four percent of Republican say the economy should matter more. And a majority of American say they do not support states opening some businesses according to a new Washington, Post Universe, Marilyn pull that. We first told you about yesterday here those numbers. Eighty two percent say movies.
Should not reopen seventy eight percent say Jim should remain closed. Seventy four percent believe nails and dine in restaurants should not open their doors. Seventy percent want gun stores to remain closed and sixty nine. And say that barbershops and hair salons should not reopen so doktor manual. You have their evidence from the american people again? Not just Democrats, not just progressive, but America if they are concerned, they going back to quickly means that more people will get sick there obviously everything. That's in the background is about the economy. The terrible unemployment numbers will get another one to Morrow around this time. You have economic growth, slowing the second quarter. Numbers will be terrible. Everyone knows that everyone wants to get back to work, but it appears, even if the president is in the American. People are listening to the doctors on this. It is remarkable
Again, a lot of studies have shown that the american people began physical, distancing began stay. Shelter and place orders for with little put it paid place in most states and even in states it in paint place in most states and even in states. I didn't put them in place. Americans began physical, distancing began, reducing air travel and interaction with people, so the american public has been listening to this and risks. DE, I would note that the opening of things like air salons, barbershops Jim's, goes against the president on opening plan phase one does not include opening those kind of facilities, and yet we can see in Texas for Governor Abbot and other places that the rushing to open the kind of This is that even the president's own plan says should be held. Later. Only after you have declined and by the way that plan has
metrics one of the most important messages they have to have a decline in the number of cases for fourteen days, that's clearly wasn't vacation Georgia, not the case in Texas and around The country in most places is not going to be the case. So we have this disconnect between what public health requires and the economy, and I would say to those governor too, and the president who keeps saying we ve gotta, reopen the economy can reopen businesses, but unless you have the man must customers are coming unless the american public is willing to shop you're, not going to have much economic activity and the economic compromise, the public health benefits of keeping people at home and physical distance. He just with few people going up that contradiction is going gonna, make it harder to recover and make it much more likely. We're gonna have a second They set their way are coming. At the end of the summer or in the four. I think. That's what public health official
I worried about. Zeke Emmanuel. Thank you very much. A fundamental problem focused purely on the leadership over this. Thank you see. Can I had a morning Joe, the mayor of New York City Bill De Palacio is our guest, but first wall treat rallies even as the death toll mounts. Is the White House focused on one or, on that plus Embraces. Julia aims lay with her new reporting on law enforcement. Is Julia the with her new reporting on law enforcement officials, U S and the UK concern of malicious cyber campaigns that are targeting hospitals and medical care, Institutions will be right back.
mainly posted into America. Apart, from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go. Into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart. Just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday Thursday. Here It's true mainly MSNBC responded and host of the pack into America in our latest episode down with the man leading the: U S, efforts to find a vaccine for corona virus, that John Mescal, that the director of the ban seen: research centre at the National Institutes of Health, which are public pressure. The Anti Maxine and what a realistic timeline looks like before. Americans have access to a corona virus vaccine search for into America
We are listening right now and subscribe. Economists are predicting sixteen. Send unemployment for the month of April twenty two million, perhaps jobs lost in April? Do you think those numbers bout Right Kevin, I'm a little bit above. I guess right now, as it has got to be north of sixteen percent may be as high as not wearing a twenty one percent, and so we are looking at probably there unemployment rate since the great pressure. Was White House economic adviser, Kevin House it on an unemployment rate projections for this fraud is jobs report. But despite these massive unemployment numbers this morning's Wall Street this morning, Wall Street is set for a third straight day and positive territory. Joe questioned the market on twitter writing, quote the bizarre machinations of Wall Street. Our dizzy, from day to day, but the market sitting at twenty fourth thousand makes no sense right now to me eight
thousand, maybe too many questions, lingering about infections, death, counts, re, openings and failed leadership and basis Stephanie rules as the Wall Street gains are not only bizarre they worrisome and she joined us now staff. Why we worry that the markets are doing so well. Why isn't that good news? It is good news that Markets are doing well, it's good news for investors, but we're worrisome is this idea, that the markets represent the economy and we can say all day long, although we know that they don't, but the president absolutely loves the green markets and what happens when he uses green on the screen as a green signal that the economy
is a k when the truth is the real economy at this moment couldn't be further from the truth. Willie set it just before the break. You ve got over thirty million people in the last week going on unemployment. We know the unemployment number coming this week will likely be in the double digit and well. Yes, this White House wants to push to reopen just reopening doesn't say we're going to get back to normal and look with those markets doing well and America reopening we're doing a okay. The reason that a huge risk is what that becomes. Our governments reason to say that we can turn off the spigot
how bout economically? Because the numbers of this virus are only increasing across the country and in places where you don't have the medical support and facilities like you do in places where it was already hit. So if we misconstrue these positive economic numbers from the market and say we're doing fine, it's going to put us in anything worse situation. TAT, you ve been all over this PPP story: the Paycheck Protection Programme, that's supposed to get billions and billions of dollars to small businesses, damn right out, however, along the goes on and hopefully keep their employees and save their businesses. Is that money? Now, even with that big second wave that was passed through Congress getting into the small businesses. Is it doing that job? It was intended to do it's getting to them. Small businesses. So that's! Ok, it's a band aid, but this is a giant gaping bullet hole. Think about
small businesses that are now opening right. There are only going to get payroll for two months and there Janine, significantly more money than that. Earlier this week marked any office. The ceo of Sales force said the money from the Cares act. Ppp will take it, that's good! That's just phase one! Businesses in America are going to need significantly more money from the government in order to reopen thing about all that we're going to need. Willie think that the images of how are you going to reconfigure offices, water than people you're, going to need a higher to do the temperature taking think about the thin margins across so many businesses who is going to pay for that? The government is going to need to step in so yes, The debate is getting into war of those hands, but that's pocket change compared to the real dollars that really gonna need and base Stephanie Ruhle! Thank you very much and by the way tonight, at eight p m Eastern on NBC News now Stephanie
owing to a breakdown. All of your questions that tell you consent, then she's hosting how small businesses have been affected by the crisis and Then, tomorrow and Friday, at nine o clock Eastern right here, MSNBC she will die. The latest unemployment numbers and what they might for small businesses in Asia? a economy will I step? saliva? Meanwhile, law enforcement officials in the? U S and UK say that quotas wishes. Cyber campaigns are targeting hospitals and medical institutions to you as a he'll NBC News, hackers working for foreign governments like China are looking for patient day as well as research on a possible scene was bringing NBC News corresponded jewel. Angels Julia Good Morning. I want to talk about your excellent reporting on cyber attacks in a moment. But first can we talk about be merry welcome back to work.
It It can see whether these circuits, the all of you, you her son, leap right now. My. And I, as we ok, you know we want to get all about. Mary wells were having a little trouble with your mic right now Julia, but you know what we're just going to live in this photograph. She's, absolutely adorable, we're going to fix microphone and we're going to talk a lot more about both Mary Wells
and to analyse what can come back and mourning Joe Egg eyes. Willie guys here, reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode. I sit down with the legend himself, Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed for inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for free wherever you download your So I think that, as far as the task force, my friends in the task force have done a great job, but we are now looking at a little bit, Probably set up for them former safety and opening and will probably set up for that. You you saying mission accomplished: The mission accomplishes one it's over. I say it will get a voice that
greater dry, soil, great people. Great doctors we have great medical people. Retired people, running us now, in fact, diseases, position and medical director of special pathogens, unit at Boston, inversely, school of medicine, doctor no heed but deal? yeah she's an embassy news and an MSNBC contributor. Thank you. So much for being on this morning give that the president's talking about the corona virus task force winding down big picture doctor Oh yeah, is the virus winding down make egg and clearly, as nodded, covered only just this morning that you might be seeing some of the urmand epicenter is actually, thankfully seeing some stabilization of disease, but now that diseases shifting to Prairie states you're seeing larger increasing number,
in exactly two areas that you and I have talked about before rural areas that already have a potentially not as much resilience in their health care. Gems and were really at this pinnacle right now. Wear it I even the hospital, like my honour on clinical service right now, hospitals across the country, looking at rolling shortages in many personal protective equipment enhance advertisers and, and that needs to be a national strategy for supply chains, but then even looking ahead in I was thinking about vaccines, is not just discovering an effective vaccine but having a strategy about distribution about production, Unita, national how you and all of those aspects as well, it certainly nowhere over and in it worries me that we don't have the CDC doing briefings worries me that we don't have any age doing greetings and the one form on which we could hear that national strategy is now getting close down as well. Well, on top of it, there's this total confusion on reopening with the president's sending mixed
such as by the day, clearly wants the country to reopen some say that more worried about the political side of this, but scientifically reopening strategies are confusing and worrisome to most medical experts and then the Sure of reopening could be easily simplified by testing Will there be a national strategy on testing. Exactly and and and try to do that actually takes the results from the testing network collecting too to better work. Ass was coming up, I mean testing has has benefits for the individual patient and by putting out widespread testing aside from just what the ambassador bricks is talked about. Just looking at
Command would like symptoms and using that as an indicator. Testing gives us a more accurate idea of where the disease is moving next, and so we need that we need, I think, would be cut with Ireland, Do this dichotomy that has to be either the economy of health or health rather than looking at. This is what it is a challenge opportunity in a chair to solve how we can get help work out or workers back to work, and so and then the human right of keeping them safe and that's what a national strategy would do. That's what testing would do that was with us? Will contact tracing the do? Why are we doing the hard work to get us there to open safely? We should be asking for both. Doktor today, it's really guys great to see this morning. Let me take the their side of this cause. There's a not insignificant portion of this country, whose looking at this insane Those early projections that we heard the screaming have,
I've got a million or two million deaths, or even two hundred forty thousand deaths that doctors, Bert works. In fact, you discussed a few weeks ago have not come to pass that ship, it sailed into New York. Harbor turned wasn't necessarily needed. The field hospital in Central Park wasn't necessarily needed, in other words, the worst case scenarios we're not borne out, and those people are saying people were being the numbers I just want to get back to work. It's not as bad as everyone has been saying. What your response to that play eight hundred. I look at what cost we brought those numbers down. We basically shut down the country we stopped going outside those numbers reduced because we put in after vices, and now it's almost saying that halfway, they know not even half ways you her doktor, John and Doktor austrian talk in the past. Where the beginning of this game, we don't have a vaccine, yet we will have one for twelve months were basically throwing in the towel, and in saying it.
Without having all the infrastructure into place. Let's just go back to where we were in February. I think that when you look at Spinelli, including my own monasteries right now, like a mention there, every it's a surprise when impatient comes in that doesn't have covered in it. It's he'll high numbers of patients that are coming in that have. That is an insult, it really needs to be an understanding of the public level, and it doesn't help that the public is getting mixed messages about why we had the isolation or is in place in the first place and that's really why you need a unified public health message out there, which I don't feel we have yet already. Anxious diseases, position and associate professor at Boston University, Medical school doctrine ahead by Delia. Thank you very much, please come back. We we appreciate your ear, your sound expertise or
bring it NBC News, correspondent, Julia enslaved by phone, because we think her baby is messing up. The total like system always take. They always take president. It's fine. This is getting on a long road for you. Julia Mary Wells is adorable, but now, let's Go to your top notch reporting here, you're, looking at you as an U K, officials concerned about I bought a on house, but and research facilities- and there are looking at China- tell us about it. That's great meagre, yesterday, the United States that a UK law enforcement agency then out an advisory not just to hospitals but to all medical institution, including that you're doing medical research could tell them to password protect their computer than devices with passwords. That would be unusual for hackers who think of because they are thing increased,
fifty from people who are trying to take advantage of this time now to sources that I have spoken to say that a lot of this have fingerprints of China on it. What that means is that China, often books boy times like this they try to gather as much information that they can, especially as more patients are going to at all them giving their information, and then there they're trying to steal biotech. We know that there was an incident last December our two chinese nationals were arrested, trying to steal cancer cells we even had a vile and who thought and it back at the airport in Boston, Boffin, Blowgun airport. These are the kind of things they seen happened before and his officials say that is really important- that the medical institution heed these warnings, because with this company Tunisia is a race for a vaccine and of China, or other countries are able to advance and get to a vaccine faster by the
The information that countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, are advancing. It may be able to get to a vaccine faster and have a leg up economically while how many unforeseen consequences this virus having an, who is trying to take advantage of this moment, jostle a mayor Julia. First of all, congratulations and welcome back beyond China? What sort of other who, could be looking to do this. Who else can be looking gesture of information or even to wreak havoc with these medical facilities such as such Paris time as in other foreign actors, potentially terror groups, even radical radical groups here at home, Jonathan, it's interesting highly profitable no matter who you are. If you can get there
information, it is worth a lot of money, whether that be mass data on patients or proprietary, medical biotech information and so people could be individual actor looking for the highest bidder with this kind of information. But as you look closely at these advisory, they very carefully without saying, with specific countries, keep pointing back to the fact that this in for me, I would be in the interest of government to eventually have and to have that information and her hand, though we can think of a number of countries, you would be trying to economically compete with the United States with the United Kingdom to try to Amazing NBC, Julia Ancillae. Welcome back! Thank you. Thank you. And Julia Ancillae. Welcome back. Thank you very much and coming up, you have to think her name is floating the Biden team as a potential vice presidential running Mate Congress
Val. Deming joins the conversation straight ahead on morning, Joe Plus, President son in LAW Jared, has played a our role in the administrations corona virus response, but there is new reporting that he has largely relied on annex, in spelling tears you're watching morning, Joe we'll be right back.
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