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During a National Nurses Day event at the White House meant to honor those first responders, the president contradicted a nurse who said that access to sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment 'has been sporadic.'

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And we have delivered millions and millions and tens of millions of mask solar proceed on here about that anymore. You don't hear about hospital beds when I first started was hospital Vets hospital that you don't hear about ventilators, you don't hear about masks and Didn't we hearing about testing, so people has been sporadic, but it's been man. And we have to do where nurses sporadic for you, but not for a lot of other things, because the opposite, a look at The president does and does not want to good morning and welcome to me in general. It is Thursday may seventh, along with my who is he? What planet is he from TAT Can I nursed he? Has the White House corrects a nurse it has been sporadic?
he saw the New York Posts headlines, p S where you got that sends a specific measures as yours is carrying garb having the where garbage bags in New York pose showing because yes was president. It was sporadic, but your performance has been sporadic from the beginning. I don't have your member Ivan said they shed on the show yet, but on February twenty second, you said it was just one person coming here than China Yang, merely said that like to repeat myself that said it by talk about sporadic, saying that talking about this big ban- and I feel this four hundred thirty thousand people came from China to the United States from the beginning. This pandemic, forty thousand, but even after his toothless spam This is our leadership at all, and he is.
Again to attack a earth for telling the truth that everybody on the planet knows is a truth. Willie back just seems to be par for the course. It does it and has gotten better with PPP in places like New York City, but think of the context of that, where you had a nurse who works at a public clinic in New Orleans ahead of us. This organisation who, on national nurses day making it the point about PPP in the shortages that their Ben across the country and the president's marks at her after she just told the story of watching, afford ailed patient and talk about the horrors of being in these icy use. He's yours and treating these patients again? It's the them totally missing empathy gene number one but number to the lack of facts and the desire to see in this story to spend his way out of what has been a disastrous response
exceptionally terrible. Second, the David Mere interview Mika when David Muir basically talks about how we're going to be facing great depression, style, economic hardship, Americans are going to be in pain and he asked surprised at how bad is it to be in the and the Trump says, Well, it is what it is and, but you know, Democrats aren't even blaming you get. He doesn't think about other people being hurt. He thinks about how a great depression is going to impact him personally, no empathy. Why so ever it's just like I mean what I think one of the most credible moments show how little empathy this president again a guy who said it was one person come.
From China on February, twenty second, those we gone and then at the end of February, saying they would only eleven people coming into be gone. Then it was fifteen people, it was gonna, be gone and what a great job he was doing and then start talking about this. In fact, and since this is a guy, that's done such a terrible job. You think that he would learn from it. And they become a pathetic, but remember and Peter Alexander asked what Say to Americans that was a soft power, That was say here that our chance to share your willing there, the american people and and bond with them over what we're getting through together. And what did he say these started screaming, adding Are the yellow and adding saying your fake news, your terrible you're, the area that all because he was asked to empathize with Americans who are hurting who are suffering and who are dying.
Kansas ran through what s different then, and we saw again in that clear along with show willing and may we have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press Johnson, the mere NBC News Little Hill correspondent in host in case it is, on Sunday night son, MSNBC, Casey Hunt. Have you all on board and one day after suggesting that the White House, corona virus task force should start winding down. President Trump is now reversing course suit in a series of tweets yesterday residents said, the task force will continue on indefinitely and its focus on safety and opening up our country again it may add or subtract people to it as appropriate. The task force will also be very folk done, vaccines and therapeutics. Here's. What the president reporters about his change of plans,
between what you said yesterday about winding down a task force and well, I guess you think we're always winding put you know it's a question of what what the end point it is is put it. I think it is a change a little bit. I thought we could. Why did down sooner, but I had no idea how popular the task force is actually yesterday, when I started talking about whining and down again calls very respected people say I think it would be better to keep it going. It's done such a good job. Jonathan Le Maire, I mean it's it does he know that when you talk about shutting out a task force one day in twenty four hours later, you say: people call them that he's thinking and flying off the seat of his pants. Does he know he's exposing himself by the day as to not being fully connected with the gravity of this problem. Is anyone helping him.
This will come as a great surprise guys with a president racks to media coverage and two forces when it comes to decision That's it, we that's what we saw here. He said there was no Coordinated effort per se, but the White House have had discussions last few weeks without being too wind down the task force, as it was looking to pivot more towards the economy looking towards Rynch, reopening parts of the nation and wanted to deal with the is certainly publicly some of the health crisis response seeing the briefings go away. Although a lot of that, of course was because the present advisers realized, they were doing damage to him politically, but it was also an effort to not make doktor crouching doktor works the public faces of any more, but dead to change, attempt to change the conversation to be more about the nation, reopening and its economy, but the, but when the vice president
set the other day in a meeting that the task force is going to start her, while I'm down by the end of may or early June, and the president himself reiterated that on his on his trip to arizona- there was some real blow back from business leaders, rational Republicans, the president does listen to from time to time, calling the White House late at night, but also the media but also the media coverage. It was. It was a major story yesterday on the shore when others we know the President watches he response to that. So has now decided to bring it back, but a note of caution. The tenor here is still going to change to the briefings are not expected to return, we have the White House Press secretary yesterday we haven't seen doktor foxier doktor barks from the podium at the White House in some time now They are still very part of this, but they ate them. The president and his team want them to be less visible for the public. They want the focus now, Even ass cases are still going up across the country, even his taste,
outside of New York continues rise. They want the focus to be the nation trying to get back to work, trying to reopening thinking that is more put it. We advantageous for the present Cs Jonathan says if you listen the president's full comments yesterday, he said final keep the taskforce around, but he was very clear, but it's not going to shift to its focus on the opening the economy not so much mitigating the pandemic, which is still with and growing, which is important to point out, he wants to look at opening the economy. That instinct will be. Sad at eight thirty. This morning, eastern time, when we get our latest unemployment number since become a dreaded time of the week Thursday will get the month of April on employee, numbers. We got retail sales numbers yesterday were bad. All of this will add to the pressure that the president's feels to reopen the economy and to insist that governors help him do that. What well seems like he declared himself.
More time, president against this virus and now he's trying to declare victory and go home, but the facts that Americans across the country are living out every day, don't bear that out. Yet and you know- I don't know how many times we ve been over this, but the real it is still remains that if you want to pivot to be trying to clean up the economic damage there are so many questions still about where we are on testing. I mean is the president's promise from months ago that if you want to test, you can get a test. True now from what I am hearing when I, when I talk to people who you know across the country and others at on Capitol Hill. You talked to members of Congress based are still saying that many of their constituents can I get test and if they can't get test, we can't find the cases, so people aren't going to feel safe. Going out and that fundamental reality is still the case. Obviously, the economic pain of this is show dramatic,
an intense no one is disputing that at all, but again for the reopening too. Surely work, and in I'm I'm hearing this four members of Congress. Frankly, on both sides of the Isle there, an acknowledgement that you know what not where we need to be to start solving, that problem. People don't have faith yet that it's safe to do it. The testing again We need something that the business opera, better, see egos it something that that members on both sides make. I have been talking about for us it's a long time the importance the ramp up, testing the president, his ignore Bans refuse to use it, and I am instead of holding press conferences talking about testing. He talks about bleaching and asks doktor works if they can inject disinfectants, whether they the put in lights instead of talking about testing? This is a president who who contradicts Doktor Valley.
It says out this may not even come back in the fall, while Doktor Voucher, saying yes, it's definitely going become involved. We talked about this erratic performance. How horrible? How weak is called ban was with China what he said on February. Twenty second about this was going to be one person coming in from China don't worry about it from say you have nothing to worry about four months, saying that this was going to go away and they have all seventy five thousand livres dad. You know where now coming up to seventy five thousand people dead. There is- and this is something John Highland. I talk about all the time there. There are consequences. Do this horrid leadership between Global Donald Chumps, never held took out. Yes, he is rising Hell due account, not not for a pandemic coming, but how horrid his response is banned. In January February, March and April and yes
even in the may- economic of people on line. They see who's, doing the good work and it was doing terrible job financial times just broke there's just broke over the poles. Seventy one percent of Americans likely voters. Seventy one percent of likely voters say they trust their governor to make the right decision more than Donald Trump. On window, reopen government apparatus, comments have been dangerous and people know that so suddenly percent. Thirty, four percent: only thirty four percent meagre likely voters say that they are better off. Today, economic, We then they were when Donald Trump on that's going to chose took office at that number is going to keep getting worse and Donald Trump. Males are now I've been trying to tell you this from the beginning. I sorry to keep repeating myself, maybe one day
listen and get it right. This is a health care crisis. You take here the healthcare crisis. You take care of the economic crisis. You take care of the economic crisis. Then you will take care of your political. Ices but you're being a date trader. As you been your entire life you're worried about the next ten minutes as Maggie hey woman, said always trying to survive the next ten minutes. Never thinking ahead, you're incapable you need to think had here. Ok, then you need to understand few rush people to reopen their businesses. If you keep lying to Americans. How things are gonna get get better? Just like you, I do American saying it was only one person and it was
go away in January and then in February you said it was eleven people and it was going to go away and then, in March you said it was going to go a magic lie in April, so you were looking for the day for you talk to african american leaders and get told them it was going to be like magic. It was going to disappear. You keep me in on you start telling talking to doctor works, I'm not a doctor doctor look into disinfectants and injecting downward inheriting lights in the people's bodies to see if that beats the virus and continuing the lie? The vaccine was going to be Eddie, Sir. He said that back in any I'm going to have it in our anyone who wants a task more than sixty say anybody that once a test can get a text test, these are the sort of thanks. That's after their confidence in you. So I will say it again. Follow your own White House Guy
eyes for reopening America, the ones that doctor Faculty and Doktor Burke's put out the ones that you announced the one the chair and supported, followed those guidelines and everything will be ok. But you can't do that and maker because he has had any discipline whatsoever because he can't even follow the White House his own guidelines, the death toll will continue to rise is what doctors say and beyond that. His Paul numbers will continue to clap even by nine working with us in a new Monmouth universal people. If the elections were held today action were held today. Biden would win. Fifty percent of voters support up two points since last month, tromp would receive Ray Biden. Support includes fifty six percent of women and a twenty point laid over president from who sits at thirty six percent. Among that demographic,
and among that demographic among men trumped up two points. Forty six four: to voice our so Willie. We ve been over the past several years, rolling numbers it. They have surprised political analysts. First, women, suburban women, breaking away from Donald Trump quickly in two thousand Then, a year ago we started seeing poles showing that working class women also breaking against Donald Trump, making things people its support in the past. Now this post Donald Trump, is within the margin of error among men, voters with Joe Biden that gender gap among men completely erased because of his poor leadership Yeah is shocking, as that number among women is a twenty point spread which would be fatal if it lasted through six months until election day. That's
studying number, but the men number. That's where Donald Trump dominated, of course, Hillary Clinton its he won Casey Honey those numbers and again it's a national Paul. We should first say it's that this isn't how we conduct our elections and its six. Months out, but Donald Trump has to know that his presentation, everyday as president his trustworthiness is unfavourable. Eighty in this pole and others. Adding up to in this pole, and others are adding up to go with the economic numbers that he's trying to undo by sending people back to work would spell doom if they lasted until November this gender gap. If it persists in this way, This is actually how voters are. Are you know people are still telling pollsters. The truth is sometimes I talked to them and they said
There are still people who are not willing to say that they support the president to holsters. That was a phenomenon we signed two thousand and sixteen. But this gender gap I mean, is going to make if it's if it holds and turns out to be real, going to make two thousand and eighteen at you know, pale in comparison to what this could. Like in twenty twenty, and, let's recall you know, suburban women went out to the polls. Overwhelmingly sent a message back to Washington that they wanted a different style, different kind of of leadership from their leaders and no we read we read a lot of you know anecdotal stories and reports about how the corona virus pandemic is falling disproportionately on women, and you see this a little bit in the polling as well. When you look at how concerned and worried people are about how this impacts there lie. You, know: they're the ones by and large shouldering the burden of home schooling children are the ones who are. You know lysol in the food when it
was in the door they're the ones kind of thinking day in and day out about. What does this mean for my fate Really, that's not to say, obviously, that men are playing that role. Of course they are. But when you ask asked broad swathes, the public, a lot of women will say? Look this is falling on me. I am really worried about what is going on here and I think that contributes and plays a role in setting up a dynamic that has already existed and and really underscoring it and, if anything, I'm making it worse for President Trump. In Jonathan Amir, the numbers we ve seen. Numbers just collapse over the past month, or so they continue to collapse in it just about every area. Nationally with swing states we saw the empty Even among the likely voters? People just don't trust Donald trumpet or when it comes to handling this pandemic, the greatest crisis since World war, two What? Oh, what is the latest that you ve heard from the campaign? I know that Donald trumps very angry at Brad PAR scale
because he's made millions off of a fills a par scale, hasn't done. Anything hadn't, gotten rich, awful Donald Trump after they spent and millions of dollars online and trumps numbers just keep collapsing. So blaming your campaign manager for getting rich off of you might make Donald Trump feel good, but it's not going to help. All after all, I meet them, whether you like it or not. The buck stops Donald Trump. So why why? say, campaign saying now: what's a campaign thinking now, what are that? What what's there next move their getting beaten by a guy in the basement, that's what the president has said and enduring his angry outburst, that Brad PAR that we reported come weeks back declared that he wouldn't lose to Joe Biden and made reference the basement and mixed in some colorful language that I cant use here.
There is real alarm from the campaign about all of these pulls out a couple of France, Do you guys just hit one there Casey in someone with when they know that their there, They broke away from significantly and twenty seventeen twenty eighteen. There were It's going to be an effort to try to engage in a first with women. In the first months of this year, the whole campaign has been, and theirs, Energy has been scrambled by this pandemic. They want spend the first few months trying to define Joe Biden trying to use your singing. Financial advantage to do what the Obama folks did to Romney in the spring of twenty twelve sort, legend hand with ads and end with F a negative definition from what you would not be able to recover. That can't happen because of the pandemic. They were meant to be in road with women that have now also been put on pause because of the pandemic. Other groups There is a real effort from the trunk campaign. They were a lot of resources to try to win, some minority pursuers support, particularly among african and
can men, there was going to be a real push there. They thought that they could get even if they could the mob around and they expect it would be so slim this November that if they could even Swede office, slice of that support of african american men. Some latino men away from Joe Biden, either true, the trunk campaign war to get them to stay home. To think that there wasn't much of a difference between candidates that might be enough to tip these battleground states? But now we are seeing the brunt of the corona virus falling on minorities. African Americans Latinos have suffered. This Fortunately, so that's another thing that this campaign is struggling with, as they try to try to reverse some of these poles and they are very anxious about the economic numbers, the jobs numbers, the unemployment numbers coming out this week. That was going to be the president's best argument for reelection that is now gone and remember: Mika win african American
leaders came out at the end of February to talk to Donald Trump about this. He said Can I just go away, don't worry about it. It will oh away like magic. Now it says, Afric, american leaders who have seen their communities ravaged by this pandemic. The Donald Trump guaranteed them would magically go away. Still I had a morning job we're gonna talk to former FDA, commissioner Doktor Scott Godly also live coverage of today's important jobs report as it crosses plus. You know the thing that the president does when I spent a week attacking taking a book that he doesn't like only to help pushed to the top of the best sellers. Lesser used for well he's doing the same thing to one of the most effective political ads in recent memory, we'll talk to one of the strategists behind that add Steve Schmidt right, I have your watching morning, Joe we'll be right there.
mainly posted into America. Apart from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go into the numbers? Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work, and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart, just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives new episodes every Monday, Thursday. Here it's true mainly amiss in music. Responded and host of the pack cast into America in our latest episode. I see down with the man leading the Eu S, efforts to find a vaccine for corona virus that John Mescal that the director of the ban- seen research centre at the National Institutes of Health, which are public pressure. The Anti Maxine and what a realistic timeline looks like before. Americans have access to a corona virus vaccine search for into America,
we are listening right now in subscribe, here now is more from the piece of sound that we played at the top of the show President Trump during event. Yesterday at the wheel, House honouring nurses. Contradiction a nurse practitioner who described her access to personal protective equipment as sporadic. You re seeing now the suppliers are, women need to be used, sir. I returned to my colleagues around the country, certainly in their pockets of areas where people is not ideal, but this is. And unprecedented time. I've been reusing, my ninety five mask for weeks now I just broke out a new one to come here in case I needed aware so PPP has been sporadic, but it's been man
and we do what we have to do- we're nurses and we learn to adapt and do whatever the best thing that we can do for our patients to get the job done and get the care provided, and that's what we're going to continue to do as Pope. It contains continues You could not sporadic for a lot of other things, you're pregnant workers, the opposite that they are loaded with with gowns now pay internationally. We had nothing. We have empty cupboards do you share. We had nothing because it wasn't put there by the last administration, and I ve, We have just signed yesterday when they making millions of masks a month, actually from In that case it was Arizona his grey the factories being built now for masks and for the most part I have been done was fine, but I've heard we have.
Tremendous apply to store places, treatment, supply. Two important sky having some of our supply go to other countries which are needed very badly. It's just so embarrassing on somebody levels joining us now, epidemiologist and profess. Boston colleges Hunt School of Nursing doctor. Yeah well, as I'd like to point out from what we just saw that had these says and these professionals in the White House, frontline workers, not wearing masks and not six feet apart obviously in a very nervous situation with the present the United States and that the president run over them. Doktor wells are you hearing reports of tremendous supply of p,
My understanding of what's happening here at local boss and hospitals, and many of the larger hospitals with resources actually have supplies of p p. It's really the smaller hospitals, other community based hospitals and those that are providing outpatient care that may be struggling to maintain their supplies. I have also heard that hospitals have been getting creative ways to sanitize their masks and make sure that they have and ass a surprise for for their frontline workers, with your experience, obviously with frontline workers, but are also epidemiology, What do you feel about business? his reopening in the next few weeks in certain parts of the country. It does make me a bit nervous that way
in many states is actually still an increasing number of cases and an increasing number of deaths, and this suggests that we're not released from the worst part of this epidemic. Yet so it's really concerning that some states are going back to normal. It does suggest that we may see an increase in the number of cases in these states in the next few weeks. Of course, those cases will act, next few weeks. Of course, those cases will actually lag behind the reopening. So it may seem that everything is ok for a week or two but then the numbers may start rising, and that's really what worries me about these situation? How much would rapid testing change our ability to reopen safely. I do think that. The reason why we ve been in lock down. There are a number of reasons. One is to allow our health care system to keep up with sir. The demands
another reason is really hopefully been to buy a little bit of time to start improving our testing capacity start improving our capacity to contact trays and isolate people who are positive certainly an improvement in our testing, whether that sort of quick diagnostic testing or whether that's just simply providing a landscape of test, trace and isolate. I think These are all things that we should be thinking about improving during this time of walked out and, as you mentioned, some states have decided to move out of walk down with out that's supply chain and also without a system in place to try to prevent new infections and spread, and area, Willie I'll, throw it to you, but just highlighting some key points here that most experts that we talk to say, testing gets us back much more safely, especially the rapid testing and again driving at home here, The reason we are locked down is to buy
time to get our act together on testing, and yet the president refuses to invoke the defence production act, to get it together more quickly, more uniform, organised, coordinated way. So we are stuck in, down, because we don't have our act together on testing and this president refuse- It is to do the one thing that could make it actually more effectively happen. The unbelievers across the country. Called for a national programme, because it is an ad hoc system going state by state. Trying to get people tested doctor would ask you just four year as an epidemiological whose looking at this and kind of can taking maybe a little bit longer view than a lot of people who are trying to survive the day and get back to work I know a lot of families are thinking this summer about whether or not their kids are going to summer camp, whether or not they're going on vacation but they're, not even in the fall, their kids may go back. How are you looking at sort of the the scope of this and the the spectrum
this, how long it may last and how optimistic are you say that kid's we'll be back in school in the fall? Yes, I think a lot of this again depends on the system that we can have in place to be able to test people to be able to contact trace and make sure where protecting all of the potential contacts to be able to isolate p and then also to be able to a tree and support people, I'm so really the time I M going to hand on our ability to get that the sum in place. I do think that this is going to be a bit of a longer lasting epidemic than people might be expecting. I think that people should really plan to maintain social distancing for a bit longer, especially to protect their families to protect the vulnerable in the population? I'm so, in my perspective, I dont see this epidemic any anytime soon. I do think that a vaccine
how will really be needed in order to make this sort of an official stopped? I have an official stopped, the back to the epidemic, but again this system needs to be in place. We need to be about the tasks we need to be able to do and we need to be able to isolate, and until that happens, I'm not sure that it would be really safe to go back to all of our normal activities. So what would change that projector in your mind? Would it be a national testing programme because, as you suggest, you're not alone in saying we're not on that project? right. Now we're not testing nearly as much as we would need to be to get kids back in school in the fall. So what would you like to see as an epidemiologist. If you had your wish list, what would happen then? Morning to make that happen, to make it possible for people to go back to work and eventual go back to school share. Any It's really important to note that before this epidemic began, unfortunately, our public health system was under funded and, in fact, de
really we need an investment and public health in this country. We need an inn, Seven international testing campaign. We need investment in contact tracing supplies that involves a huge amount of human resources digital technology, we really need investment in the public health pipeline and I think that that is going to require strong and effective leadership. That's really invested in again this campaign of test trace and ice. Doktor now here as well on. Thank you so much. Please come back. We re I appreciate it and as in we heard the president. I just want you to facts. This blaming the Obama administration for leaving the cupboard spare for for not having enough emergency supplies. Aside from the fact that the Obama administration did a severe multi day many hours of warning this administration during the transition that a pen
Emily was a mass of possibility and gave them like a cheat sheet for idiots as to how to deal with it but Susan Rice met with the national security about an adviser about five national security advisers ago, who is now in jail, warning him, but he's in jail. This could be a national security threat is what I don't think he's in jail but he's not in jail he's underline yet might might be going to jail one of many of former members of this administration. But let me ask you this: what's the fact check on those elements. Is the president right making the president's not right now early is a claim. He makes repeatedly he's not throughout the pandemic any certainly he did it day in his ABC interview and not only do Obama former a former Obama officials dispute the claim so do it
with little research news reports from the time these reports and twenty fifteen twenty? Sixteen? Yes, there was some reduction that supplies thanks to congressional budget cuts. No one disputes that, but the stockpile was still pretty robust across the board they bombed. The officials have said the date they, as you indicated, they gave them a road map. It gave them briefings as to how to handle a pandemic as did it, should be noted, George W Bush administration prior to that that administration really wrapped up efforts to be ready in case there were a pandemic the about he took it from their attempt to handed off to the Trump Administration and there was coverage were not going. The cupboards not entirely bear, but the present trump has been present now for more than three years. So if there were deficiencies, if there were reductions in the stockpile, he certainly had ample operate.
To restock it by his own admission in the interview he said he was preoccupied by other things. He of course blame the Russia probe. The Ukraine impeachment, instead of taking any sort of responsibility to bolster the supplies needed in There were a crisis like this, the end again, Jonathan ready. He was present for three and a half years. In January, when started, getting warning to start getting warnings and and his administration get warnings and January warrant little doornail blaring red line is gone. The intel chief and tell communities started, giving presidential briefings and we January live without you, you had, the head of a change has tried to talk to him even the middle of January Donald Trump. Finally, talk to me, but didn't want to talk about the pandemic. He wanted that instead yell at the head of H, H ass because he Donald Trump on it,
favorite faking they get out there. I guess he likes teenagers having flavoured vapours, I'm not exactly sure why you're talking about that, instead of a pandemic Annie You can go to the end of January when Donald, saying that, there's to worry about here and praising present she and praising China further transparency? Yesterday, I just get it. I guess it's gotta. Take this there's offering for one second yesterday, the knot Donald Trump zayigo. I never praise China's transparency and ever talk about China's transparency. In fact, Jack RO on January. Twenty. Fourth Donald Trump was tweeting his gratitude to present she spoke. Quickly, for China's hard work and transparency told the merit. Willie. Everything was going to be Ok, then, and then said on behalf of the United States of America. We, what is really there is willing. Yes, will you there?
Are you a moon base for wondering if I can see where we want to talk in the Welly Welly? This is This is what the Donald Trump sat on January. Twenty fourth, China has been working very hard. They contain the corona virus, this January, twenty four by them same time that China was nice. Airing samples with people in the swamp administration who are desperate to get help from China, but they weren't, providing it the United States rightly appreciates China's efforts and transparency January twenty four, god I'll drop instead of ramping up p p ease the actual shipping PBS to China. It will all work out well Donald Trump says in particular on behalf of the american people. I want to thank
president she's, so there we are January twenty. Fourth, instead of getting prepared for the pandemic, that was coming to America, that his kill somebody one thousand people now, I am sure, will be up to eighty thousand by the beginning of next week. Donald Trump wasn't Perry was present for three and a half years. He wasn't even prepare in January it was too busy cow. Knowing that China and praising their quota transparency they get. Americans prepared, not democratic Americans. Republicans, independence. Democrats alike is too busy, telling China and praising China's quote transparency to prepare even in January, for the coming pandemic to protect health care workers in January, and you don't have
although back to January he was saying nice things about China and the job at present. She was doing in late March until he realized that China, Hiding information had been the source of this outbreak, You know there's a reason that twenty seven percent of Americans believe the words that come out of the way, since about only twenty six percent. That includes obviously people whose support who do it's important, don't believe the words that are coming out of his mouth because he counts on tonnage, accounts, a volume of news and stories and tweets coming out so that you won't remember the thing he said the day before, let alone the thing he said three months ago. He can read eyes. History can rewrite history as he did with nursing. Oval office yesterday we have now the PPP story is fine batches. You complaining about that Embarking at a nurse who was there to mark National Nurses Day He knows and he's always for five years now that this
volume of news that comes out. He thinks the he says today wipes out the thing he said. Yes, but we unfortunately for him have the documentation we have. The tweets will have the sound, listen. Nigger. You know I don't like competing myself Willie now. It's too that's one of the things when you work with people long enough they get you get to get there oh, how they work on the air and everything I might have repeater us just want to say this once and I'm only because you're right about that Mary involves audits. I gotta say one time, someone TAT Molly said again: I've never heard this, or you don't say I I'm going. So January. You know what would it make it we'll do it makes on but get sick, and I take a chance, Twenty second thou, I'm just gonna. Let me just say this agenda during Second Donald Trump said when asked,
the boss he's hang out in Davos,. It's working class here are weighing out in Davos. While a pandemic, January, 22nd is a spy CNBC. What about this crown? Only one person coming from child one person it'll go away soon, nothing to worry about everything I can, a month later a month after Joe Biden is warning. Americans dial trumps not prepared for the pandemic, the waiter Donald Trump saying it's only eleven people, since, can be down to zero, then he goes its fifteen people soon I'll be down to zero. He chose african american leaders schemes disappear like magic. Nothing to worry about, he tells republican senators are starting to freak out in early march. Just stay calm, nuts the worry about we gathered undercut. Oh, it's gonna just go away. That's in early march, he goes through. More
talking about how, in April it's gonna magically your way when the weather starts getting warm. He starts bragging about this ban. Don't know if you knew this. Megan Willie, but four hundred and thirty thousand people got him from China. Yeah the beginning of the corona virus. Four hundred and thirty thousand people get. This is just such a toothless and that forty thousand people get in from China even after the ban was put in place, and he was bad guys, H, H S, officials to We made a ban from Europe, but he listened to stave managers. Unless I do that, it might spoke the markets, guess what the markets get spooked anyway, when all those people came from Europe to New York City mainly and infected New York City and in the markets she so yeah Willie's right. There is a mass tonnage of it. I just wanted to get that up my chest, because you know you go back to January. Twenty second and February
There's there are a lot of markers there that I don't know. Maybe we'll start talking about a little bit more, so it's if you ve noticed this the frustration here this is president's eye, has been off the ball and we heard the doktor in the previous segment exe explicit, lay why we are in a locked down right now and the reason why we're in a lockdown is so that we can. I time to develop rapid testing and, by all accounts, he's not doing What most people uniformly is believed ass, the best possible- I don't if I've said this before as well. The best possible way to get right. Protesting to american citizens is to use the defence production ACT and this president fuses to do what we need to get back to work tirelessly test testing. It's what he heard for months. It's what he keeps ignoring going to be.
Known in history as a deadly watching of a catastrophe. Coming Video has emerged that here's to show a George, a man chased down two armed men while jogging and then shot and killed Reverend sharp. Ten joins us next, as the fan like cause for justice egg Eyes, Willie guys here, reminding you to check out the Sunday sit down podcast on this week's episode, I sit down with the legend himself Shaquille O Neill, to talk about his success on the court, but also off of it, including a second act as a prolific business man and analysed for inside the NBA. You can listen to our full conversation right now on the Sunday sit down, podcast get it for free wherever you download yours. New cell phone video has emerged showing a twenty five year old George, a man shot and killed out
two armed men chased. Down his face, claims. He was just our jogging and are now calling the killing a hate crime and basis snow has the story and a war, for you, the video you are about to see is graphic in the the elite on social media. Twenty five year old, african American Ahmad Arbitrary, is seen running on a Sunday afternoon in February in Southern Georgia, as he approaches a pickup truck ahead very swerves Gregory Mc Michael and his son Travis, who are white, we're both armed aspires a shotgun and kills armoury in a police report that day Gregory Mc Michael, a former police officer who worked for the local DA's office had he saw someone he thought was the suspect in recent break ins in the neighborhood, hauling down the street. He and his son attend to intercept him thinking he could be armed, Michael O,
said armoury began to violently attacked Travis and Travis Fire just two shots, but three shots are on the video, an attorney for Arby's. Family says he was unarmed and there is no evidence to suggest armoury was committing a crime. Arteries other says her son was just out for a job. He really breaks. My heart He didn't know where he was in the last minute. At the sight, she answered It of the family have been demanding justice to prosecutors, refused themselves from the case over potential conflicts of interest. One writing. He thought the Mc Michael's actions were perfectly legal and they were acting in self defence. Since the skirmish over the gun. On Tuesday, the DE now responsible called for a grand jury to consider criminal charges, but because of corona disclosures that can't happen until June. There's nothing prevents law enforcement, this man other than their lack of desire to arrest. Why do you think
like a desire, because of the law enforcement as this community in their protected by their the Georgia Bureau of investigations now on the case, and we see news, has been unable to reach the Mc Michael's. This Friday would have been arborous. Twenty sixth birthday is a saying that hit here is thing is now: well it s gone forever. Kate, snow, NBC News, bring in those two members embassies, politics, nations present national action network revenue shopping. Reverend? I looked at the video. I'm sorry I'm confused that looked like he was jogging and he gets shied I am I missing. Something: are there other angles of this video that shows something else? John you, by the way, by the way these making amber houses, I don't think he's gonna be. He was quote hauling ass, it looked like a leisurely down main street in a well, let alike. Middle the day
a couple of weeks ago in national action network and our garden wall We have not heard a case, and now we knew the lawyer Jeff married when he reached out and when were told the story and looked into it. We did get involved. I Jeff married the attorney in a modern politics, nation and Sunday night, and then the voice your came out after mid weak and adventure vindicated everything the base the video. So what do we want to wait? What do we see in that video? Because it looks as though it looks like he's jargon down the street? These guys are in the pickup truck he jogs around the pickup truck. The you here, three shots. What what? What? What does? What have you seen by looking at this video that we may have missed the first time? There's nothing that we see. As you know, Joe there's probably was there to make an arrest if it was the all the way around every day had been
someone shut, that was black, said he got out of a truck, stop the jogger. Why, Many of us feel there would have been a right away, causes probable cause and they would have told the black assailant tell it to the judge. What then, they ought to say to this man and his son tell your story to the judge. Was that video clearly says that you would know there's no self defense, shot and killed a man, that was merely jogging while black. This is outrageous, and I think that it demands rest immediately today, his birthdays tomorrow, we couldn't think of a more appropriate way to make sure that this love those gaunt mother's day, what our sun and far them deal with the fact that, at least there is a step poor justice. We didn't so the rest is not a conviction and arrest starts a process, but to not even start. The process is blatantly disregarded. Alone.
But this man who no better since he was on law enforcement for thirty years, will either looks an awful lot like George simmer deciding to be neighbourhood patrol, be judge, jury and secure sure at the same time when he shot down travel is trade on heads and scandals in his pocket. Yeah I had the same thought as I watch this and I would say we want to know a lot more and there should be an investigation that goes deeper into. This. Has happened back in February, as Rev pointed out and were now into may readily needs more answers on this, but it does appear as you watch that for a fine horrifying video, and we only showed you a part of it there that these two men deputize themselves saw someone. They fought, looked like the suspect in a robbery jogging down the street and then the claim of self defence. Here is a man whom these two guys attempting to defend himself. If that makes any sense was ended.
M self, as the young man is attempting to defend himself. If that makes any sense what end you do have to ask yourself, how do they deputizing selves saying he looks like someone was breaking in unless it's racial identity, so again. We are calling for the arrest tomorrow on this young. Whereas birthday we having virtual rally, since we couldn't call a national rally lies we did do trade on we're The virtual rally on Facebook live in national action networks, a page six pm eastern mother and father in their lawyers will be with us, and I want to salute Joe Biden. The former vice president, presumptive democratic nominee put out are strong calling for justice saying this video, maybe don't clear, and I think he should be given credit for saying that the national leaders come out saying what about Donald Trump Zone, tromp come out, condemning the shooting of a black man jogging in and in down the Middle EAST.
Straight in the afternoon that has anybody in the administration at the Justice Department come out and condemn this shooting in broad daylight, Donald Trump and said nothing despite the fact that we just heard yeah earlier said when he wants black men devolve family stay home where he has a black man shot blood. Mr President, you can large idea right now, your opponent has come out would know prompting, Are you you have something to say about everything, Mr Trump, where you here? Where is your justice department? What we heard from Donald Trump, well I'll, say it in the language of favourable way as trunk towers. Crickets, that's what we heard from damage wrought Reverend Al Sharp and keep us posted, rightly eyebrows. Thank you very, very much and coming up is blame China, the twenty twenty version of build the wall, calmness, Kurt Bardell
that case in the USA. Today- and he joins us straight ahead to talk about It- plus Clare MECCA skull channel the law of us with tweet yesterday about living and locked down, quote important news today: I got into my genes. Clare joins the conversation. Next, morning. Joe. We're back in a few minutes
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