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The Morning Joe panel discusses new NYT reporting on how as the country is rapidly shifting its attitudes on racism, President Trump is sounding out of touch with voters.

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Even Doktor kings assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George toys death, because, just like tell him change. The civil rights movement for the better when they saw Oconnors dog can the clothes, often elderly like women going to church and fire hoses, ripping the skin off for young kids all those folks around the country. You didn't have any black populations heard about this, but I believe it, but they saw this impasse Close your eyes George Floyd happened of George Floyd. Now you got how many people around the country, millions of cell phones, This change the way we look at this look at that millions of four march around the world, the world so My point is that I think people are really realizing. That is, is
for the sort of Amerika. The Americans are good and virtuous people. We have to work together to confront big it. In prejudice wherever they appear but will make No progress and he'll know wounds by falsely labeling. Tens of millions of decent Americans is racist or yes, we have to get everybody Together, we have to be in the same same path: If we don't do that, we have. We have problems will do that will do what I think we're going to do it very easily and go quickly and it'll go it'll go very easily. President! Ban Joe Biden, those speaking yesterday about combat racism it'll, go easily and go very quickly like to correct a virus. I mean, besides a guy, we got a lot to talk about here. While this is a guy who is badly out of step, even with his own republican Party,
whether in Height shrine well with the country but the renaming from bases which the military service is willing to do. Republicans are willing to do well, Donald Trump, is standing alone. More and more, every single day on this issue, of race a relic from a different. It is the New York Times rights this morning. It is, Friday June dwell along with Joe Willie and may we have pulled surprised colonists and says it ever of the washing two MSNBC political analysts Eugene, Robinson com An associate editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius, is with us and NBC News corresponding carefully at the White House. So much to get to the zoning Joe Willie yeah. Do you want to go through a rally? Would you to go to a rally right now like let's go to Iraq,
a crowd in with a lot of people. Five thousand people there inside what to do that and drop rally. You know I'll drop you so cool he he goes to where he goes there a plant may where they making swabs and he doesn't where a mask, as you think. That's cool, of course, have to destroy all the work. They were doing forecasts because you get where then you remember meadows who, couple days ago, looking at brass going yards. Where'd you learn fanny in your my asks, german city we don't want to die here that yeah sure your mask armies is fake, macho bs that there they're trying to pull off body Zedillo, Donald Trump.
And in a more words across brow, when the rubber means the road when it has to do where the bottom line when it has to do with Donald Trump Money, so only. He believes in science the line. I've seen the lie. Praise Lord I've seen the lie of the message on the campaign website for Real Donald Trump entering jeep without a man like says, this is register is rally in Tulsa by clicking below, You are acknowledging and inherent risk of exposure. Over ninety zero in a public place where people are present. My combine gaining new rally you in your voluntarily assume risks related to exposure to covet nineteen and you agree not to hold. You agree
not to hold you re man O Donnell, Jane tromp for present ink or the stadium Employees, volunteers, etc, etc. Liable for any l is are ends there is another way they could have written this, I tried to help them out with a succinct, tweet wearily, and it goes something like this, come to our rally, p ass, it could kill you. That's your problem! Why Oh, my gosh, where to begin with that, I was a stunning reading by the way very dramatic, well done. No, I don't want to go to any rally in a factory. Now barely go to the produce, islet stop in shops. I don't want to go to the impact rally in Kosovo or anywhere else with all those people, given the state of the disease right now
they this arena the box centre? As you like to say Joe, it's time to rock the back with the hashtag and fire, I only say, has cancelled you always has cancelled its concerts well into July, deepened July. They had bonds we come in, they had Bieber come in, they had point, come in and on the twenty. Third, for Heaven's sake, those have all been postponed. Why? Because of corona virus, because they don't want people packed into their arena now a week from today next Friday, the president is planning this rally he's not going to cancel the rally given every swirling around it, even given the corona virus, so instead of cancelling it you just read. They put a disclaimer at the bottom of their website. That said, if you walk through those doors signing away any right to sue us to sue the arena to sue anybody else. If you come down with corona virus from being inside a pact arena, extraordinary idea seriously, they hypocrisy there. They do this fake
macho thing which, by the way I did, I never realized like denying science was a macho, but they knew this vague, macho, definitive denying medicine you know and and and when push comes to shove yards you're funny you're my share like Fanny Don rob trying to be shown by being the only person not wearing a mask where everybody else's weren't a mask while their desperately trying to get enough bob. So we can get our test. They have to destroy. Let Boeing push transition. When the rubber meets the road when it has to do with Donald Trump money. He's You know come into my I could kill you and, if you come to mind, rally. I'm not responsible sign right here in my problem. If you do you know, if you pay attention and and do, as I say,
and do course you don't have the secretive the round, you all the time, you're not being touched it rarely for covered night in having the people around you touch it recovered. I think you're not in the public eye and self, I'm not particularly worried are you are you you know? My loyal base, my greater I can people to you just might die. If you come morality, and so dont, certainly is Make us feel you could not make this. Don't you really good you real? I can't You have been a lot of our open eyes poison. Mr Zalm, believer as in the mirror, I grant you guys are going to try not to die what you're doing at its past. I make Amerika great again, but you might die an dishonor. We're not responsible. Ok for more years
So Joe, you mention the article that talks about tramping severely out of step with the country. Parliament me saying, enlarge, show like a relic from a different age, no early an effort to remove the names of confederate leaders from U S. Military bases is gaining support from lawmakers on both sides of the Isle, despite president from voicing up, listen to the move. The republic can control Senator Armed Services Committee has adopted an amendment problem. By Senator Elizabeth Warren. That requires the department of today and rename military bases named after confederate generals. President Trump criticized measuring yesterday, tweeting, of course, about Warren calling our Pocahontas saying she just introduced an amendment on re. Aiming of men if our legendary military bases from which we train to win two world wars, hopefully our great republican senators, wild fowl for this is that a threat
but on capital, no, yesterday a number of republican signal that they are open to the idea of renaming basis, I think we ought to try to rewrite history. Think is always appropriate to review the people and the places that we are to see if they filled the context over times in which we live, I think we should look long term had what they're really means. I've been pretty outspoken, think schools, I dont, like schools, should be two confederate leaders in general. You ve got a role model issue. There often you said the same thing and military bases. The message is that, if we're going to have a basis droughts, United States. I think it should be with the names of individuals who fought for our country. We don't want to forget our history. We don't want to forget what happened in the past but at the same time that doesn't mean that we should continue with Post basis
the names of individuals who fought against our country. All right. Republican senator Roy Blunt also said yesterday that he had no problem changing the names of military bases. He told reporters quote if you want to continue to name forts after soldiers, there have been a lot great soldiers who have come along since the civil war. The senator noted that Braxton brag, who is honoured at the sprawling basin. North Carolina was quite probable. The worst commanding general in the entire confederate army he's interesting guy to name afford after Jane you kind of first, let's just put the get better the issue, a sigh diary, because you really can- they need rename it, but even
these guys were had fought in the french indian WAR. There losers mail. I still lose when I hear that travel document as they are on the wrong side of history. They are on the wrong side, morally and they lost militarily, bigger it is as generous and they lost the war and they literally should be consigned to the dustbin of history. It is just that it has always been a wilderness thing when other nation dames its army basis for the army, had been forthwith for traders who hold the who fought against United States of America, you meet, you know you don't have you don't have like for Hitler in The in France is its break the killers and always has been added, but its fascinating.
President reflex too, to no, never there, you there their guys and this man to think that somehow that's gonna be In that sense, base wants and and and he's gonna write that to you now it's another wedge in the culture war that even arrived when the country is saying now you know this is this is terrible, brainer. So when you have been waiting for it in and these other republican senators from time to time those names where external promptly stays where the Blair names incited on here at I guess, but that the public winner is, it is not by an adventure, stop mammals, Your time said what I run a second, the guys on his he is he
isolated unease isolating themselves or members of the Republican Party on the issue of races, isolating himself from military leaders on the issue of raises isolate itself from people in his own, the Cabinet as America should some racism, the New York Times Rights is wanting tromp digs and again. This is a guy and end it's his problem. It's why his poles of job so precipitously, wise at thirty nine percent of brutal rating. A lot of poles is because this began he started talking about. You know shooting people. When the looting starts, a shooting stars talk about his vicious dogs and he was going to sick on protesters. Of course, we remember what happened in June. The first and we're gonna be talk. About how general Milly upon judge Esther for being there. He is off on his own right now, and for some reason he is digging
I do want to talk David Ignatius about the military response we ve seen since June. The fur I will tell you: do the first, a very Day Familia very bad day for the sector, but Joe this June you're. Seeing examples of of where The military leaders and hired military leaders, generals in animals, military standing apart and them military first of all, that's apologizing- for mistakes made on June, the first, but also the military leaders talking about the importance of independence from politics, all politics, and now on on this issue of of confederate names on on basis, David wants it, a moderating influence on Donald Trump.
It's. It's really is a transformational moment on so many different levels and the military and militaries forthright statement today true we do not want to be dragged into politics, that we have no place being their american troops should not be called Anderson. Mass demonstrations by american citizens. Gentlemen- I couldn't have been clear in that. I found it just riveting to see that big guy looking right, the camera. Graduation speech on line to the national France University and make up pieology, the the wax, which I'm not sure I ever I've ever heard. What pray pressure to be worse but Where is it very much and I dont know why don't we show our right now David, who show right now and any comment on it. Let's run it, a senior leaders everything you do will be closely watched. And I M not a meal, as many of you
saw the result of the photograph of me a Lafayette Square last week that sparked a national debate. But the role of the military and civil society. I should not have been there. My presence in that and in that environment created a perception The military involved in domestic politics is a commission uniformed officer. It was a mistake that I learned from boy. I tell you, I David why a great message to every one, those men and women. He was speaking too also the troops across the armed services its yes, we all make mistakes, it's how yours Under that mistake, that matters- and in this case Millie. Let's take that down. Let's take the pictures down. We get the idea in it. In this case general Molly, said yeah, I screwed up eyes, good or bad, and you know what
I'm here to tell you about it: gonna make sure make doesn't happen again. A split an example from the chairman of the joint leaves it was extraordinary just to say that a bully I should not have been standing. There should not have been doing this and, by extension, because he's a German, dried she's, a staff he's the senior military leader, saying TAT, every single man and woman and uniform you should be in any position that compromises you're independence this this is this This is not as a risked get fired when he said that Norway has known from the beginning that he had the separate himself from present. Present property was deeply embarrass almost ashamed of having
period and uniform on that day when the present after the tear gas, walked across the street and Billy newly done along thing and has been trying to signal first in a message to the troops that he sent out the next day and Watson different ways and consistently argued the present do not send us in nobody there were troops ready to go into Washington, the third, Anthony. Regiment had been mobilized for Meyer. The a second airborne had been thrown up from Fort Bragg to Fort Balfour, ready to go in the streets Emily and some others a stood against, sat and said. This is a mistake to not do is, and here is finally taking account of his own mistakes. Having appeared in uniform- and I think its symbolic Jordan, because of the fact that this is it, transformational moment, the military doesn't doesn't do this and merely saying ok, you know a few feet if you
If you don't like what I'm saying you can fire me, but I'm not gonna betray basic ideals and principles of our military. Nice, not gonna. Do it. I know a lot of people can look back to the first. And criticise the general for what he did I'd rather than look at what he did yesterday, because there is it concerned it has been a key concern, but there is and it concern that if Donald Trump was not re elected that he would somehow use a military to stay on our I've always thought that was absurd and I I said I thought that was absurd because they knew the men and women that ran the armed forces of the United States of America have or a quarter century, and they would never allow that to happen. So we saw yesterday No man is above the law and in No politician is going with a military actively get them involved in a political campaign.
Really aside note here. As we look at David Ignatius is shot, he I'm certainly hoping that room writer will take. All of that the it that that, if you take out the brother printer, lighting, now looks a bit like a from nineteen sixties. French existential fell, I've been thinking should get at least nine out of ten for that, and you know why you just walks the re middle lottery is, it is, it is Harry would die a remarkable performance by David, despite the fag, his lighting, not helping him out right now, but it will help in on room writer. Kick you know those I dont know, then that is coming out of greater rights. Color Son is coming up here, high above screamin, watching these microbes in a minute and room reader will be happier above Surrey,
I'll get it right or like representatives of various they. Like you said, wait one guy got nothing on that. I got nothing from french existential Film to Carol Lee talking about General Milley, but I'll try my best Carol. According to people, I've talked to. You have the reporting in your piece of Courtney, Coolby an embassy news that car right now when an agonising ten or eleven days for General Milly, he said he was led to believe that he was going out to survey the troops, the National Guard troops outside the White House too, some hands and then he was led on a walk to that church and made a part of that photo up what him to that moment yesterday morning where he said, I should not have been there while really what we,
learned is that General Milly? We knew that he was very upset about what happens. What we ve learned is that he actually considered resigning over this. He was calling friends and mentor of his. Night after this photo up, and essentially talking through what happened and raising the question of whether this was something that here resign over here spend a lot of that night. Looking at social media and and news coverage of this and was really distraught, right needs. Told defence official told us that he now he sate up most of the night. Looking through social media and and really was taken aback by all the criticism and a lot of the criticism was public We have also learned that he can There are a lot of criticism in part because he wore his combat fatigues. Now defence official tells us that Ito heat. What happened on That Monday was. He was honest,
the FBI office, where they were the command centre for monitoring the protests response and he was wearing his combat fatigues body. Be there for a while, he called to the White House for the President's role art and statement- and he didn't change She didn't have any change of closing the car that aid said it didn't make sense for him to go back to the Pentagon to get his dress uniform, and so that's why he appeared in and those combat fatigue. We know. We know that he clearly what its was striking about. His comment, at his commencement address is that he didn't want next generation and the current and current military officials. To think that this was ok that he felt that this was very wrong now he decided that he was going to resign. One thing we don't know yet is whether the President Neue was going to say this and how the present feels about it. I think if you just look at recent history out said he was, with defence secretary Mark asked for a four
distancing himself from him about that photo up? You know that's an indication that the present has a different relationship with general. Who hasn't even been in the job for a year, yet the present really likes him, and so Whether or not he takes the same sort of aggressive at stance with him, as ever needed with us for, remains to be seen an extraordinary seen in your story inside the oval office, wary of the president and vice President Secretary ASP, is there an attorney general bar along General Milly, where the president begins to make the case for pity active duty, United States, military into the streets of this country, and at that point according courtroom year reporting General Milly becomes quite animated in making the case against that
We thought it was wrong and he wasn't alone. It was also the defence secretary at the attorney general who thought that now wasn't the time he really was adamant about this according to the way to talk to and an that's just sets the tone for how they d be that they began for General Milly. That was a meeting that was in the morning in the oval office with the President, the vice president, the defensive. Harry the General Other AIDS and he got very fired up. It was how it was to us and was shaking his first at one point to make his points, This is not okay. This is not what you should do and ultimately, the President facts down for the time being, but in the way that this president tends to do, which is all I'll hold off for now, but I'm going to I'll. Do it if you guys don't take care of this and what ensued after was a scramble by the defence secretary.
Others to really get governors to move in National Guard troops so that the president wooden invoke the insurrection act and use active duty troops. So what's reader get the National Guard in there, so you wouldn't have to do a carefully. Thank you very much. So, as you talk about the present serve standing alone, it big measure of where things are right. Now that Lindsey, Graham yes, Lindsey Gram yesterday said I support General Milly. I support his statement in the substance and the Spirit he was right. This. The president was wrong. One or two, eight, eleven billion on article, the New York Times rights, whether its suggesting shooting pro as or sick dogs on them. Preemptively defending the confederate of military installations or argue that is, supporters, love the black people, Mr Trump increasingly sounds like a cultural relic detached from
just a left, leaning protesters in the streets, but also the kind its political middle and even report can allies and its own military leaders. They continue. While Mr Trot as a long history of making insensitive and tone deaf comments on race, including remarks widely seen as racist. He has now appeared more isolated on a dominant social and police. A moment in the country, hunger down white house hiding tweeting conspiracy theories about injured protesters and describing men's traders as thugs. He reckoned re use is harsh and violent language that now their american leader employs vocally, supporting the views of White nationalists and even defenders of what supremacy, rather than the views expressed two by majorities of Americans and Poles, time when the country is confronting three overlapping crises? Trumps Ability to demonstrate empathy Allison
the limitation limited, sense of his political arsenal and that lack of empathy, Joam That is a predominant in all of these crises from corona virus too. Social unrest, were he just doesn't get it well? so disconnected from the strain of Amerika, That's now, including from the United States military air, not only its leaders with the rank and file on these. Shoes, but but also a growing number of evangelical, certainly growing number of white Catholics. If, if you look at the poles and the New York Times, about his harsh and violent language. Of course, we remember that play clips of that during the campaign. Where are we talking about? He like the good old days when people get knocked down and
take him out on stretchers and if you beat up that, guy I'll pay for your legal phase and, of course, its continued, but in the middle of these protests in the middle of it on rest, after the president has seen that his pole members have collapsed before talking about shooting people are protesting vicious dogs being six on people outside of the White House. It would think he would is Paul numbers drop and understand, he's gotta take a different tack June. The first again is going to be a day. That's going to be it's going to be that day. I believe That historians will look back and say we allow, maybe at once Donald Trump could have gotten away with shooting somebody on Fifth avenue and its supporters and still loving buddy.
Couldn't get away with what he did on June. The first clearing out peaceful, oh testers lying about it. Having his people lie about it and saying that they didn't used chemical agents on them and beating people up beating up our allies media outlets Who were not provoking them at all? All the hold up a Bible bizarre way, that we can Senator said he Racine. Anybody hold the by that way, and he read the Bible every day and in an precipitous drop. Thirty nine percent approval rating of fifty eight percent disapproval- writing head had met shops he's losing an ahead had match up spy, go anywhere from eight to twelve. Image points. And yes, it's early bite,
He continues to use the harsh and violent language. The New York Times is reporting about in a way that is going. Thing, is to use the harsh and violent language. The New York Times is reporting about in a way, it's going to continue to hurt him. Politically, I must say even cynically speaking, I don't understand why he keeps going like yesterday here. Actually, a round table with faith leaders want forcing a fish, in small business owners gateway, church in Dallas and now raise the National guard Instead, he admired he's at which they forcefully cut through the crowd. Large Minneapolis, take a look at this Minneapolis They went through three nights of hell and then I was insistent on having the National Guard go in and do their work. It was,
like a miracle. It just everything stopped and I'll. Never, Get the scene that's not supposed to be a beautiful scene, but to me it was after you watch porn, we're running out of a police precinct, but We are very proud of the fact that, I called, I said, I'm sorry, we have to have them go in and they went in and it was like a knife in butter right through a long enough, and you saw the same on that road maybe in the city Minneapolis. They were lined up warm. They just walk straight. And yes, there was some two years and probably some other things in the crowd spurs delay went through by the end of that evening, and it Shorty We was fine and you didn't hear too much about that location, having problems anymore. You know I remember lack in December of two thousand fifteen when Donald Trump was talking about
muslim bands and muslim registry. I asked: is this: what Germany looked like in nineteen thirty three you always have to be careful, of course, using analogies at why this present with anybody. I won't say that the present I did states saying that it was a beautiful thing. Police cutting through marchers like a knife, Cutty butter. I won't say that fascist. I will leave that to our viewers to go back in history and see what fascists leaders have set about. If anybody said anything similar to what was a beautiful, seen like knife cutting through butter, but I'll just say this. If you can't fight exam, the fascist leaders talking about violence against protesters. That way, please
your homework assignment for the weekend, if you so choose to take it, is defined. An american president. That's ever talked like this. Robot but we are very proud of the fact that I called- I said- I'm sorry- we have to have them go in and they went in and it was like a knife in butter right through a long enough and you saw the same on- that- wherever it may be in the city, Minneapolis, so David Ignatius, Dal Justine, you you're gonna, get the assignment. First, have you ever heard of a sitting a man can present. Have you ever heard of a major politician in America, national politician in America so lay in the last twenty thirty years, glorifying police violence against protesters in sales abuse
four thing. It was like a knife cutting through butter, hey everyone, it's true mainly MSNBC, correspondent in hosted the PA cast into America in response. To the killing of George Floyd, thereby cause across the country. They found the police last week, LOS Angeles Eric our city to step in that direction. Sing his city will cut the LAPD budget. Episode. We get a closer look at least plan to take funds away from policing in order to put them back into the community. Defending the police is about shifting resources to other things, so you die vast from police but invest in things like housing, four into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe? I'm sure mainly posted into America apart, from NBC News. Msnbc join me as we go.
Into the numbers. Eighty three percent of her patients don't have insurance right now into the choices I have to plan a funeral in the age of the coronavirus. How is this going to work and in away through the importance of music is to keep our spirits into America apart. Just about everyday people and the power that politics policy and epidemic head and shaping our lives, new episodes every Monday and Tuesday, He just doesn't understand that he is talking about american citizens who, for the most part, were. Peacefully demonstrating their rights as citizens. Just so completely out of touch with that and the thing add, show that I find encouraging that he's out of touch with where most and seem to be, the way who that he's using that you sometimes worry animates this base animals. Many millions of people it doesn't seem to be working is tat when you have NASCAR
NASCAR does traditional american institutions, you could find saying No more confederate flies thats, yet we ve had it. You have replied comes lining up say, wish. We shouldn't Some of these military bases is just not right I have been interview and corporate leaders that present a Microsoft. Yesterday, the ceo of sales Force couple days before that hearing how they look at their companies and their their thousands of workers, and they say, would never be the same again Microsoft's thinking. How do we invent technology, though citizens hold their police more accountable, we know that America has changed this these in these months were different place and I that in a way that I've never felt, isn't outlier He uses language, as you say that we will weaken. I can't ever member present using. I would not like that, but the point to me more is that other people aren't using at that
if he is standing alone, and that should give us some encouragement as we had toward November. This isn't Parker America's indifferent place in the present right now, robust publicans arts, most Republicans, are not following the isn't here, they're calling him out In many cases military leaders rank and file. Military people are as well and yes there there is, I can, I can think of no president, I can think of dictators going violence again protesters, but certainly no american president, that's ever done that Willie again that the president's talk about shooting protesters, sicking vicious dogs on black people protesting outside of the White House are, if not specifically, black people, certainly for March, for rights for civil rights is a boycott or dead in Birmingham, the nineteen sixties,
and now yesterday again at an Angela Merkel, church at an Jellicoe church. The present talking about how it it's a beautiful thing that police cut through Americans that were protesting like knife through butter, and my may, I might not be beautiful the laudable, but it was beautiful. To me, TAT is, I again somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, that seems deeply seven on American, maybe they're been exam mother other presence and spoken that way about american citizens, but but, but but like a knife cutting through butter, it's just this is a present increasingly isolated, increasingly alone, and I
Just don't understand is it I don't understand I just started. Dead and on so many levels, but again we're we ve, always been told that Donald Trump is playing three dimensional chess. We ve always been told that he understands the electorate better than anybody else. We ve always said that he's just get this guy instinct and always gets him over the finnish way out, is a no no and again, no certainly not in this case. Yeah for a guy who seem to understand the electorate and how to win in two thousand. Sixteen, obviously using some of his darkness, most cynical impulse, to win the election. He doesn't seem to have any sense of what's happening in the country. Right now is David said, and Jean Robinson, if you just look at where the country is moving right now, the president has always counted on saying something outrageous and letting his people falling behind and because he's him because he said it, but now he ever
lookin centres saying now. Actually we should rename these bases that are name for confederate soldiers yeah actually know the statue of Jefferson Davis, and Robert E Lee Monument Avenue in Richmond Virginia probably should come down. You have military leader saying no that photo up where you use the military and cleared applause. It took a hold up, a Bible that wasn't such a great idea. There's a new who pull out yesterday. Gene that showed fifty two percent of Americans now support. Nfl players right Neil for the national anthem in two thousand. Sixteen, when calling Capron it did it. That number was twenty eight percent, that's ordered handling, there's something happening in the country right now, that is undeniable and the president is flat footed on it. Treated more than five hundred each just impeached is totally clueless at me
We have to look at them. The simplest explanation is probably that the correct, when this is just really is you know: it's not an accident that is using patches, I'm just not if he were running to be president of the Confederate States of America. He'd be doing ok, because only really a great guy would be eligible to vote and and that's it seems to want to old White So you think the water reduces constituency to that end and it's not of course, read dimensional chairs, it's not some deep three alter the american trade. It's it's that this is. This is We have as presently United States now we never. We can't remember a present, but talking about violence against a lot,
Americans in the way that it be talked about that night through we never heard echoes, presented its nobody's ever internet nobody's ever spoken there. Why is it deeply aberrant, president in every sense of the word any so out of touch with with the country he's made a sermon like statement about about the basis, for example, will never consider renaming them. Now his own party is moving in that direction. We can't leave. These values are a rule that out for all time, the hours that smart politics or something smart about it. It's crazy and an auto, and maybe it will soon be over idle. More to get too. If you can believe that coming up at least one
You're. U S. City is preparing to reimpose lockdown orders following a new spike income. Virus case will have that a much more straight ahead. Are moving in the right direction. The data shows that we are moving in the right direction as a nation that we reopen the basic points council recommendation with emphasised remain important. We flattened occurs, but that doesn't mean the covert it's gone away. It is any less contagious that if any less deadly to vulnerable communities Are that's? U S. Surgeon general from Adams with that warning yesterday about the corona virus and its playing out, Texas, where She just an area officials announced yesterday that they are preparing to impose stay at home orders and reopen a covert nineteen hospital football stadium after the loan star State recorded its highest one day. Tally of new cases, since the pandemic emerged how
county judge. Lena Hidalgo yesterday said impart quote: we may be approaching the The purpose of a disaster, it's out of our hands right the Good NEWS is it's not severe severe out of hand any plan to reinstate local locked down, however, may hold litter. Legal authority after governor, Gregor that issued executive orders to reopen the state that super The county and municipal directives joining now morning, Joe chief medical correspondent, Doktor Dave, gamble and Doktor been Gupta, he's apologies to as treated critically ill corona virus since in Washington State, is also one NBC news. Medical contributor, Doktor Dave all start with you. There are public health experts, Europe openly worrying about a second wave. What are you hearing and how? How big is it going to be compared to the first wave?
make it it's not even a second wave network starting to hear that the first, I've never went away and almost half the states in this country are seeing spikes the last count I saw was twenty one is going, regularly. So we're see some cities show the highest counts. They ve had yet summer, where we thought that he would bring some some safety isn't turning out to be the case, in fact, lot of the states that are hotter. That states that use air conditioners are seeing spikes in their cases. As we speak Mika really a doctor, That's really good Abbe on this morning. Obviously the country as a bird its eyes to another issue for the last couple of weeks, rightly so, but you as a doctor as a public health experts, not been averting your eyes, you ve been watching exactly what's going on
Corona virus continues to happen. So where are we right now? The thing psychologically alot of people think that we sort of turned a corner here and it may be safety to go back out and resume our lives this summer. But how do you put it? Where are we right now. Well, I was good to see you. You know what I would say: It is useless to certain generals, com, I'm not sure where he's getting his data, and maybe from the president and vice president, but certainly not Dutch pass your dutch works because the curve isn't flattening in twenty two. It's at least certainly globally were saying very alarming findings that far from us, Brazil, Mexico, not superpower from us all, even outside Europe, in Places Africa and Asia. So we should be concerned about the global landscape. One that means that fall wave is probably going to be in August weight and right now, what's up is. Are we actually in phase two of the firs? What first wave
really went away and were, unlike March There is an appetite to say: ok, we'll yields two inch Such measures on our lives was will not go to work in any economic catastrophe. Then incurred. We don't have that one way anymore. We don't happen. Billy said what's: gonna stay home or you get a mass, plays a governor camping order, basically saying no more masking in restaurants, made no sense. Doktor Campbells point temperatures is not going to bring a free anything most alarm, I'm about to enter the go to a certainty. I see you Arizona? I see you are completely bat that that to us, as was clear, worrisome here, any add protests. The ad people's locker Willie, as you said, lack of appetite to comply with masking anymore you from getting tired. This is fair. Alarm- it's warm very much, not flattening the curb the curve as we expanding. We just need
openly about in the surgeon. General should be at the Tipp of that speaker not try to convince us that all is well so the curve, is expanding, as you say: it's not flattening across the country, its footman flattened and some of the hot spots like New York City, which got so much of the attention in the early days and weeks of this crisis. So what. Do now we ve talked about testing for three months: testing testing testing. That talk is but have subsided as if testing is right the available to everyone who wants it is testing still the most important part of this story, Cooper, and where are we on testing can it be important, will end. That is a fact of life and a pandemic, but I think these two things are weakened, potentially do up bright, three things. Rather, I think I don't think this is ever gonna happen at this point, but we need the president, and vice president, did not undermine be adversaries. The public health world, the president about to have a say,
we spend all that and it the fact that he's asking for informed. Can and of its supporters before rally where this can be. A social distancing masking is a grievous. That's what I do before do a procedure in the ice. You because I know there might be harm, but this potential benefit. What's the benefits they supporters other than applause, the present, it makes no sense. We needed stop that we need a ban political rallies. What are you doing? courage masking and frankly make it mandatory been saying that for weeks contact tracing I'm worried about the ability to scale contact tracing because it requires public trust requires people a say. Lead and our public institutions in our elected leader should feel if you don't have it That is an app being. No one's gonna was sent to it. Really. Those are the three things So we need a really focus our attention on that requires high level leadership. I want to extend.
Question to doktor Day, because I know he has the same concerns to doktor group at group does, but there are also political protests taking is around the country and a lot of health officials have eggs concern that the corona virus can be spread among those protests, so Doktor Dave watch people do if they want to participate in these programmes. Or go to rally to protect themselves it possible- hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with actress, carry Washington to talk about her Broadway play turn new Netflix Movie American son. Get it now for free wherever you download your PA casts. It is somewhat possible. I think the first thing that they should do is think seriously and hard about whether they should go or not. Think about what They have someone at home. That's order.
It has an underlying health condition. Think about. There. There are health care worker that has to go back to a clinical area and may have exposed during a protest or a rally or in a theme park. Theme parks are opening up in Florida. So the first thing to do, in my opinion, is really hard about what you are about to do and ways. Doktor group too said the risk versus the benefit, and then, if you go where a mass don't share your water, don't share your food. Try the socially distance doktor win had told us how you could make these little buddy groups where you have several pro esters or friends or family that you're hanging with anyhow and stick together try to isolate from others around you as much as possible. Six feet does not seem to be existing in protest and when you're all done with you with your protest during in your theme park, The rally for President Trump GO, get tested, Git
Ass did sir. You can know whether you have converted to being positive for the corona virus. So you don't, then spread it to others at home, or at work were around. You make a doctor's Van Gupta. Doktor Dave Campbell. Thank you both very much for being on this morning and fight play. The our David Ignatius, your latest column in the Washington Post, is entitled MIKE Bumpo for us a telling explanation for why he fired Steve Linux. That's the state departments, former inspector general, you write in part this day, David Pale likes to be the best yes and he advertises his swagger got that as compare likes to say, but he chafed. The essential reality that he is a public servant and that Linux duty was to question in even that's irritating Alexander Hamilton promised in seventeen. Eighty eight here, Sir, the people govern in Spain.
Turn general like Hellenic, are paid to meddlesome like audited, as they are supposed to be intrusive and sometimes a little disrespectful, disrespectful of authority cabinet secretaries like Pon PEO, are paid to take the heat and to remember all ways that they are the servants of the people now their master and David. If you could expand upon because it seems might Palmdale has he doesn't seem to understand his role, and this is confusion that many cabinet secretaries and people who work for tromp are struggling with. So I said in the lead that column maker that prepared made a telling comment in explaining why he fired Linux. Personally, the watchdog, the auditor, the public's representative, in effect and and prepare said,
he works for me worse from me, I'm ahead of the agency I didn't think he was doing a good job this. He doesn't work for for the boss he works for the american people is these inspectors. All are an eighty different agencies to try to make sure that money is not being wasted. That people are now the wording public funds for their own personal use, one of the things that Linux that Linux, then investigating is whether pay are used as a per staff person, who was with him and his death district office in Wichita Kansas from two thousand ten thousand. Sixteen brought her to the Sea ice sheet, call now she's a senior lies with the state department. Has she sometimes been doing little but personal odds and ends errands walking the dog fur for prepare? As I say, in a calm, walking the bosses?
is not a capital crime. It's one. Those petty thing that most cabinet secretaries are smart enough not to do because they know that they are somebody's gonna pick up the phone. Say this. Isn't right compared doesnt seem I understand that he s got the weakness of this temper, the temper blue on this subject, I think we're not we don't. We have not heard the end of the tale of Spectre, general clinic, our idea that thank you very much and coming up when politics collides with public health. One of our next guests ran the cdc and the should be willing to quit or be fired when truth is compromised and science is ignored, plus a word of caution, from filmmaker an activist spike Lee about the defend the police movement. Also ahead more about General Millie's break with the White House combat veteran
congressmen Anthony Brown Morning, Jos can a moment pay its crusades this week in my as is happening I'll, be talking with my friend and colleague from mainly about this moment in american history. There is a feeling of being under attack in Black in America always feels like you have a target on you having your back in your heart and your soul and you're. Getting your pocketbook always go. That's all we ve ever known in this Jerry and we're fooling ourselves. If we ever thought anything and that's why at this moment, the veneer and fail has dropped in a way that again, we ve been around the block. I've never felt this collective sense of anger and anguish and grief and as much as is inexplicable. It actually makes perfect sense because always been sway that this Why is this happening? Search for wise is happening wherever you're listing right now and subscribe.
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