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Arizona has become a new hotspot for the coronavirus, and President Trump is set to visit Yuma to mark the construction of more than 200 miles of wall along the border. Trump is also slated to hold a rally in Phoenix. Jonathan Lemire discusses.

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If you add up that the network streaming numbers Facebook, you to all the various live streaming sick, that we have information, so far, I don't think there's any question is that it was the largest watched inauguration ever Finally, one thing that I just want to point out that was handed to me wow, a whopping, seven point: seven million total viewers turned tune into Fox NEWS to watch the rally, Saturday night, big numbers thanks so much guys, spicy the more things change, the more things stay the same good morning and come to morning Joe. It is Tuesday June twenty third Joseph this morning, along Willie in may we have White House report of the Associated Press Johnson, the mere Pulitzer Prize Communist and assess it at the Washington Post and They see political analysts, Eugene Robinson NBC.
Capitol Hill, correspondent in host of Casey DC on MSNBC on Sunday night, Casey, Hunt an historian John Major he's the author of the forthcoming biography John Louis entitled his growth is marching on which published, in October. We look forward to that that we ve got to going on this morning. The president, lives for Arizona. This morning, giant and Le Maire will be travelling with the president. He can tell us what we can expect there's a lot happening on Capitol Hill sentiment. ITALY or Mitch, Mcconnell is planning to hold the vote for a GEO. P police reform bill this week. But Democrats may Why to block the measure and house Democrats looking too Tina Attorney General Bill BAR Casey Hunt will be reported those stories and much more and an emotional seen at as NASCAR drivers and their proves rally behind bubble, Wallace
one day after a news was found in Wallace's garage stall. Look at that beautiful moment will be talking about that as well but, as I said president trumpets later to visit, you met Arizona today to mark a campaign promise the completion of two hundred I of a new wall alone The? U S, Mexico border it the president's second visit to Arizona in the past few months after a star over a new, my tromp is expected to head to Phoenix too never remarks at a church event for a conservative student organization called turn. Points USA, but in a statement or Phoenix said? The event quote: does not abide by current CDC guidelines during Covet nineteen, Mayor statement also reads: impart quote: well, I do not believe in it of this magnitude can be held safely. Calais as Arizona Zis, rising covert cases, the president
has decided to continue with this rally. Everyone during tomorrow's events, particularly any elected official, should set Example to residence by wearing a masks. This include the president look here, I'm wondering if you can, first of all back up a little bit, because I see a lot of content, mercy on Twitter. The president his wall and the way print media outlets or covering at he wants a certain story out there about his wall, not sure he's gonna get it but then also the safety issue, the trail of jerk, left and Tulsa after sixty two hundred people crane. Into The lower seeds of a convention centre is going to be bad. Alpha. Now he's hopscotch hang around the country send, a signal that masks or about idea made this president constantly is putting American peoples live
at risks as he demands their presence. Make it. We have a lot of storylines coming from the President's tripped Arizona today of which I will be travelling within and start with this. When it tell me a hundred, degrees in your pocket but what we have we have had into the water was, you say, find you change the subject from from what we're seeing all around us he's trying to go back to twenty. Sixteen talk about immigration comes in fields from signing executive order yesterday, that cuts outnumber visas they can be issued for the next few in relation to the to the pandemic, the White House says: he's marking, Two hundred mile children, twelve miles the president will yesterday of this water was, it was his signature campaign- promise four years ago. He did indeed fight on twitter last night with Fox NEWS, suggesting he wasn't getting credit for the number of wall than the amount of work that had already been constructed. That's ones
it also comes on the heels of the White House trying to make the case that some of the rise covert infections are seeing in states like errs on in Texas or because of crossings from the mexican border, which occur a lot of of emigration groups and democratic deficit. That was a scapegoating tactic. White House is not provided any evidence to back up that assertion, but it's not just the border. This today, of course, with the president's first political event. Since the debacle that was as we can and tell so when he drew a much smaller than expected, crap to his first come back rally, leaving him furious and his staff in turmoil. It's a is not officially a campaign rally. The campaigns are organizing it, but as a political event, speaking at this group is young Republicans group in Phoenix, that's founded Charlie Kirk, whose ally of the present eldest son, Donald Trump, Junior and there's gonna be thousands of people in this mega church in Phoenix and as the mayor said, she doesn't believe that it can be held safely. She's urging
We want to wear masks, but, as we know, the president has yet to wear one and in a public setting its clear that he will today we're not sure if the attendees will wear it. Comes Arizona becomes. One of the leading hotspots drives a surge in corona virus infections turn it to dry, one hundred and nine in Yuma, so you've got that going for you. I think you'll be just fine in your wool grey suit there, my friend, but let me ask you about campaign themes for two thousand and twenty your eyes and listen to that rally and Tulsa. The other night, you could have replaced a few names and dates with it Sixteen rally, and it appears Again, as you say, with this issue in the executive order that suspend temporary work, visas in this country and immigration play their going down to survey the wall, a tiny, tiny sliver of which actually has been built as new wall. Since he became present the United States, it does look he's leaning back on the twenty? Sixteen playbook going too
familiar themes. Is that the idea with these two acts- the e o yesterday and the trip to the wall today, I would it back on the line for the chateau our morning. Very sunburnt, Willie yes, I think that is the heart of it. Here did it goes to show the struggles this campaign, this time has had to really make a case two reasons. First of all, it is yet to really define its opponents. Joe Biden we're talking yesterday about how even at the rally and tells us a lot of the attack lines that drew applause, we're about Hillary Clinton, Iraq Mama has yet to really land on something about. Joe Biden merchandise vendors outside are still selling stuff, but Obama and Clinton not really about Joe Biden to try to make a case for four years starting point to his accomplishments and in their struggle. That is well politically and type in terms of this pandemic with so much so many questions about how we handle it there course, hoping the economy revise itself. They still want that Neither main argument that thought it was going to be all along, but with
still uncertain their pivoting back to some other twenty. Sixteen issues Willie so Cultural WAR, stop we're talking about flags again, we're talking about means, net kneeling and it fell. Players need international anthem, particularly immigration, visas. Yesterday, this trip to the border, while today were told to expect further action in the coming days and weeks for the question. Is a mean everything else is going on with immigration play, have new the residents that it did in twenty sixty speaking on twenty sixteen president former campaign manager, Coy Lewandowski, said Thou trumps. Reelect campaign made an embarrassing mistake by touting how big a crowd was expected at that tells a rally. Speaking to Iheart Radio Lewandowski described As an unforced error, I think a fundamental mistake was made. Over promising and under delivering. Is you know that the biggest mistake you can make in politics, and even if you re thieves
million, or a million two hundred thousand hours be peace. It's always about the turn out. Jack. I live this. As you know, I did it when candidate trumpet We want a thirty, eight primary and carcasses under my stewardship, obviously all due to Donald Trump, but we never get something I guess I'm. What tat means is we have to go back in evaluate the system in which people were getting those tickets. Determining if they were real. There were robot reporting additional protocols and place, though this does not happen again. Jane it's a rare data. Accordingly, when doubts who speaks out against President Trump, I think he was more preserving his own record for years. I'm going after ran Pascal the current campaign manager, but symbolic firstly on Saturday night in Tulsa that image of the president returning to the White House, stepping off Marine one with his tie, undone and kind of trudging his way across the south lawn backing. The White House
Did you read into that night? What did you see as you watch the President perform why'd you see in that crowd other than simply who perhaps didn't want to go out in public because of corona virus. I thank you for this work. Chapter worker or their border reboot series of them from see it would be called in search of lost mojo and that that seems to be what they want. The President S, trying to find a reporting says he really looked forward to that. That rally because he'd be doin. It was going to tell you that we feel comfortable. That's that's what he took away from the twenty sixty and paid out those railway step that brought him said. Success and got him such such wall to Wall coverage and then so excited his base, and, and so too you know,
hair and to see it visible in a rabbit, spectacular fashion with the entire upper part of that all empty no outside event at all, because there was no overflow crowd, there wasn't a crowd to fill the arena, and so did so to see him trudging back to look to the White House. As you said late at night, with the Thai done. That's that's an image of Donald that. We have not see really, since he began It came down and escalator
the instruments campaign, it's all about moving forward its all about. How did it go and ninety miles an hour, and here he was gone about two and a half thousand our looking deflated and defeated, and so we don't read too much into one night, but this has been a bad few days for the president Looking deflated and defeated and knowing that that image was gonna be seen by the cameras, it does show a level with him that we haven't seen before, but make no mistake today in Arizona the President Team in both events cramming audience it s. Full of people will be making sure it looks like so many people showed up. People will be stuff together to sort of give that optic that people want to see the President and John Major networks
talk about mail, and now we have to talk about the southern district of New York, one thats all about, but right now somewhat here we have a president who knowingly is so freaked out about crowds that he's going to danger. The lives of his staff. We have eight members of his. Vans, team and Tulsa that have tested positive for corona virus. And who knows how many others that they infected by working on that bans team- and that's before that, even started. We got a president wants crowds crushed together, painting in a pandemic, having tend to temper tantrums over the amount of people there. That more traumatized staff and force them to get more people to show up. In terms of like that, pole question a new cares about you. I think we can check off the box at this president does not care about.
Health of his supporters or his staff as it pertains to whether or not should work or show up in the middle of an extremely contagious pen, MAC Mean, this is a level that I can't eat imagine, I'm just wondering, can you think of it presidential personality that matches this moment. No, and in a field that does not exist They attract retiring people, which is politics. This president has remarkably weapon, his own narcissism to use as a means to power a means to prominence in the public sphere, at the cost of virtually everything else. Me, I don't know how much of what the president actually says or type c believes it's a pretty diminishes. Number, I think,
a rate the EU, where the sea region just in passing, almost which is understandable. Given the polar climate, the pandemic, we're the the deadly pandemic. That is not all that different from where it was some some months ago, and I chuckle, which I shouldn't do It is a remarkable thing that we have in some is allowed ourselves and I think, will be a lot of time? We as a nation trying to figure out levels of Responsibility- locking ourselves in this repetitive drama, with Donald Trump It is almost like an abusive relationship and we do in naval him and right now its entered a different phase myself, historically, is that way moments of what you hope will be aberration end is as it will Joe Mccarthy people get tired.
The sheriff- and We don't have what we're not Americans are. Not. Americans are not known for their remarkable attention span. What Martin Luther King said he was standing at President Kennedy Funeral in nineteen sixty three and water fought role. Said to him well. Lay at least will get the civil rights bill now and king turned to him and said where it Andy Nation, Walter. We focus on things for about ten days, I used to think that was overly generous. I think that that's about where we are but look the other way is going to anyone who thinks that, How else is a genuine Inflection point I think, is being overly hopeful. It may be a data point. Maybe a data point that, in fact the country is beginning to descend Thrall itself from this fever. We ve been in
about this man, the forces quickly, the forces that put him in office are not going away, no matter what happens in member of the forces of tribalism and native ism isolationism, isolation as those are going to be this forever and the bad of the american public sphere? Is how do you make those forces ebb and get the better forces to flow. Well at that rally and tells you ll. Remember the other night, the president's said he had asked his people to quote slow our testing. Now Whitehouse officials are delivering mixed messages about what the present actually men initially saying he was just joking. When the president said at the rally that officials should slow corona virus testing is AIDS. Claim you kidding what in interviews yesterday, the President to say that he was joking.
For us. This forest people is not true. It was a common that he made ingested common that he made in passing, for specifically with regard to the media coverage and pointing out that the media never acknowledges that. We have more cases, because when you test more people, you find more cases poverty is a joke about virus, one hundred twenty thousand people a year is not joking about krona virus. I just said he was joking about the media and their failure to understand the fact that when you test more, you also find more cases do more testing than any country in the world. By far twenty five million tests, other countries do one billion. Every time you do a test. As you do more just it shows more and more cases, so we're so far advanced both in terms of the quality and the amount. And we're doing all these tests, and it shows cases countries are doing, or we did so or we want a nearly as many cases you showing people that are asymptomatic, usually people that have very little
problem you showing young people? They don't have a problem, but we do it. Oh much testing, twenty five million tests nobody's. Did you ask slow it down if it did so Frankly, I think we're way ahead of ourselves. If you want to know the truth, we ve done too good a job, because we can we go up with twenty five million address. You gonna find more people so that they say all we have more cases in the United States a resume more cases, because we do more testing than others country by far
Also rally when media is hitting you all now will you said I told myself: stop the test inside their say: was a tongue in cheek surmised, Jonah Cheek? I say it all the time, but I know some people thought it was done. The Jake it's unfair, but just to clear up there wasn't a direct order. If you will to staff to stop the testing no, but I think we put ourselves at a disadvantage. I told my people, I said we ve gotten so good at testing number one. We have the best s number two. We have the most tests. We can do much more than any other nation. So you hear about all these cases. So, instead of doing twenty five million desolate, so we did ten million tests we do like we're doing much better because would have far fewer fewer cases Jonathan Romero, asking the question that David Brody put to the president yesterday is there evidence is there any reporting that shows the President United States actually did ass public health officials to quote slow down test. As he put it in Tulsa. It's not clear that he actually
a direct order to do that, but we know that he has set this tone from the very beginning that he's been nerve. That he knows his estimation that the more test you get. Therefore, the more cases, your fight and, of course, that lets take. It has stepped back here and go that that it was systematic massive testing failures in what falls in the early days of this pandemic that really lead to but the death totals and a number of people to sick with it. We ve this. Was the country itself failed on testing did not nearly as well as some of the others would keep pointing back to South Korea. South Korea, United States had First positive case. On the same day, South Korea put in place a massive testing programme and got the epidemic the pandemic under control. Far more quickly. The United States, which still hasn't were seen this is of course, still rise in huge portions of the country right now, remember in those early days of the pandemic, when there is that cruise ship that was docked offshore and cut off the coast of California, the president wasn't sure
one of them to come doc. These are a sick people, sick, Americans, and yet he didn't want to come doc because once they touched, Eric and soil. He would therefore feared it would inflate the number. The statistics and the total number of cases would go up and it reflects badly on and that's where we are seeing right now, these far more concerned about the messaging about the appearances, his critic say, of the corona and the failures of testing that he's a blind eye to the actual problems of that so much as countries still having we're sings I will surges in places like Arizona but not just Arizona in Texas, Florida, California, others as well and as much as the White House just trying to push them such a blow reopening the countries going back to normal. You need to adapt to this. It is still for a lot of people in a lot of places, a real crisis in their lives. So let me get a step further. I may what you have here on the two major components of helping this country through the pandemic, since we don't have a vaccine since
We started late since the president ignored. From day one saying it would fade away. It's just a few people coming from China. It would magically go away since he didn't actually spawned to this pandemic and take it seriously compared to Joe Biden was riding in USA today in January that this was coming, it was gonna, be epic, it was gonna, be bad and we needed to prepare since this president didn't respond to this pandemic and that is clearly logged in the history books. For Americans to see and hear and read for years, come now. You have a president who is actively working. Against the health of the american people. In his words and in his actions he will where a mask he makes fond of people who makes who wear masks. He make sure his staff makes funds.
People who wear masks masks can keep this by words from spreading the president, while where one and makes fun of people who wear them and actually said an example that you actually should not wear a mask one. It's the one thing that could actually keep this from Spain. Because we are so unprepared for this same with testing. He keeps saying of we test more will have more cases. Yes idiot. We want to know where viruses and where it isn't so, we can protect people had we had setting in place. Maybe at this point we could be a mass testing. Maybe there be testing where people go into concerts and run he's so that we could make sure that these arenas and these public values are safe, so that we could make sure this economy could reopen. So again and again and again, the president work against himself and the health of the American.
People and continues to botch this, that's what we're seeing happening. This is not me no having slant on it. This the reality look at this hence talk to your doktor talk, this interests, you trust and tell me that what I've isn't exactly the case in terms of the example that he is setting as a leader to try and keep this country safe and I'll say it applies to the exam. That he is setting around the world. Other countries are doing better on this, and there is a reason, because leading on this. Other countries stepping up now and embarrassing us on this we're number one in areas we don't want to be with this virus. You nowhere else countries our leading on racial unrest. They are holding protests around the world about what happened here in Amerika and this president once again hold blind eye to it all and makes it worse. At this point,
we're looking for more from our leader and it's not even about his campaign. It's about keeping the american people safe, Casey anybody in Congress. Any Republicans want to step up about anything that has happened in the ass. We allowed the Berman story, to it, add the corona virus a look at racial unrest, any republican speaking out in any way Well, maybe I mean we every single. There is one of those things and you just stacked. You know four or five examples. On top of other of situations where report and are having to answer for a president that they have fully embrace and you know Senator Bill Cassidy was asked by a reporter this yesterday in the hallway is about one of these one of these issues.
He was ass. You know, do still support the president and capacity said yes do. I have an alternative which I think the kind of care yours the entirety of that situation, that many Republicans finally shelves in so you know we still have five months till the election. That's a long law time. It's plenty of time for in a Republican to decide. They want to run this campaign different but I don't think we have a great body of evidence that says that they're gonna start to shift and change. The way that there are approaching this president. It's been this way for quite some time now the case up on Capitol Hill. Obviously we haven't seen doktor proud. You doctor works in a long time, but today we will see a friend. Our committee on health doktor, Frau to the head of the scene. You see that the FDA health and human resources officials as well. What do you expect to hear
Obviously these questions we are asking about whether or not the president told officials to slow down corona testing will be top of mind. After what president set on Saturday. I think that's going to be the first question: and out of the gate, obviously- and you know, doktor fouche human. I think there are a lot of questions right now about how often he's Speaking with the president, we had heard it had been a couple weeks since they had last spoke in our questions about the rules the corona virus taskforce is playing or not, Currently, I mean it's very clear and that the White House simply wants to if we move on from a pandemic that isn't ready to we move on from the countryman, they broke down the tents that we're taking people's temperature is out. The White House yesterday. So now you can visit the White House Campus without a mandatory temperature check, which is, of course was something that was keeping everybody on the White House. Campus safe? So I would expect some focus on that
What are you still doing? What is our public health infrastructure? Still? doing to try and alleviate some of these problems, because there are these states now across the country are grappling with a version of what New York went through early on in this pandemic and you know, while certainly yes, test more. You will get more. You will find the virus. You will get more positive results if you do it correctly of anything see this in the in the results that are currently coming out of New York state. They are doing more. Testing now than they had been, but their rates of positive tests are weighed down and that's not true across the rest, the country and necessarily in many of these places. There is having some of these seem struggles with PPP with patent, you hospital hospitals, really rattling with cases that, but they can't necessary. Handle their worried that are going to run out of bed. So you know the idea that is over. I think is is one that the administration clearly wants to present. I think you're going to see a lot of push back from Democrats on these officials today,
on whether that's actually the case I'd still, I had on morning, Joe Doktor, Anthony Thou, isn't giving advice about quantitative easing, yet economist Larry could low continues to moonlight as it in anxious disease expert The latest comments from him straight add on morning Joe wondrous podcasting, big idea- is back with a new season full of world changing idea for you to explore from business and science to health and culture. The next big idea brings you fascinating conversations about big ideas that will change the way you live work and thank past episodes have tackled topics like decisionmaking, overcoming racial bias and the biological power of friendship. This week, Adam Grant, speaks with award winning writer all because on about viewing being called weird as a badge of honor, and how an outsider in a world of prizes. Insiders is actually a superpower
subscribed to wonder is the next big idea on Apple podcast or wherever you listening now and stay tuned. At the end of this episode for a special preview Here's a headline read every day. Yesterday the press of United States accused his predecessor, President Barack Obama, in this case of treason, on Obama and the spine situation. Is this idea that they respond in your campaign? You been asked before about what crime he would have. Potentially but I remember you talking to treason journeys as both extremes. It When I came out a long time ago. I said they ve been spying on my campaign. I said they ve been tabling and that was in quotes, meaning a modern diversion of taping. It's all the same thing, but a modern day version, but they Spying on my campaign. And no evidence of the spying in the series of tweets. Yesterday, President Trump continued to spout baseless conspiracy,
series about mail in voting he claimed without evidence Quote Riggs, two thousand and twenty election. Millions of mail in ballots will be printed by foreign countries and others. It will be the scandal of our times. Will many parts of the country move toward mail in ballot options during the pandemic? More than eighteen million Americans voted by mail in two thousand. Sixteen, with no signs of widespread fraud, foreign or domestic president Trump went on to add we ve during World WAR, one and world or two with no problem, but now they are using, made in order to cheat by using mail and so John meet him as you say what I wanna get mired in all Donald Trump tweets, but these are significant tweets number one, his accusing his predecessor press. Obama of com. Treason against his campaign again without any evidence of that, and also this latest series of tweets, where he's talking Male in voting. He appears to be falling back on that and perhaps softening the ground in cash. She loses the free and fair
action he will say well, it was rigged from the beginning he's using that language already now That was the most significant thing that happened yesterday is exactly right. Is he's laying predicate for raising fundamental questions about a result. He fears will run against him and so, if you want to know the significance of tolls or the significance of their folk show up and in the desert today I ate it, really about the results of the campaign that he's thinking about and one of the things we know from the last for five years, is that the more He says something the more easily never against part of the population will believe it or at least pretend to believe it for what whatever purpose- and I think that's the in many ways. I use the word advisedly the scariest thing about this because without practising cycle.
True that a licence is accusing somewhat out yesterday of treason on this one day. He was talking about subverting our democracy, so you wonder if there was some projection there in the thing about about, this is our trump got to this party by raising racist questions about the silly raising questions about very Obama's birth certificate right That's that's one of the reasons he is president, that is the ticket. He rode to political prominence in this particular era, and so his hostility to Obama is of a peace there very few coherent elements actually of the trunk of a war and trump world, but a discomfort with this. I got up and disdain for Morocco, vomit is one of them and I suspect the things this driving him a little crazy right now is that Biden
More elusive and is in some ways- and I say this with respect: a more conventional political fate prices harder, Brocklebridge was the first after american President, Hillary Clinton was trying to do female President, ITALY that gave try with this kind of Archie, Bunker, ism, etc. Bunker was fictional, gave him. Gave him targets, binds not that right, by Biden as someone who comes from culture leave the world that gave tromp alot of inroads and twenty sixteen, and I think so. We all there is an excess your fear, that Biden will take those folks away. Now Ballads are a big focus for Stacy Abrams, Madeleine Albright. I've been talking on the phone very concerned about really trying to shore up
election process, that's where they feel the president's gonna go to try When president trunk continues to rail against mail and voting he's been doing so on twitter, but interesting, his closest AIDS, port, lay, have embraced it for years. According to election, occurrence obtained by the Associated press. Vice president, my ants and half a dozen other trumps senior advisers repeatedly have did by mail. You know why, because it works military. Does it too? More than three years after leaving the Indiana governors residents, pen still boats absentee from vat address education sector Betsy divorce has permanent absentee voting status in IRAN. State of Michigan trumps campaign manager, Brad poorest scale, voted absentee in Texas and twenty eighteen and did not voting General election two years earlier, when trumps name was on the ballot. Meanwhile, too
other senior trump campaign officials have repeatedly voted by mail in New Jersey, while one senior campaign. Adviser has voted by mail in Georgia, since twenty fourteen. In addition, White House. Press secretary, cayley machinations, has voted by mail every Florida election that she has borders better than since twenty ten, according to a Tampa Bay Times Review of her voting history and accord to the Washington Post vodka tromp attempted to vote absentee for New York. May in twenty seventeen but sent the ballot too late. Her husband, wider Senor adviser Jared Krishna, requested in absentee ballot for the New York. May your election and twenty seventeen but didn't return it. Why does else, though Kellynch Conway voted absentee in New Jersey and twenty eighteen Republican. Show committee chairwoman, woman Mcdaniel also voted out DE in Michigan, multiple times and of course, Donald Trump himself who voted
some tea in New York and twenty eighteen and florid as March Primary guys and LE look he's losing in swing states, he's got nothing to say about Joe Biden, except that is sleepy and the show was tired and the seats won't fill. This is the next a ground for this president? Somehow whether it be asking for foreign help in winning the election or tampering with the election or just trying to undermined the process. Would that be fair to all? you that his focus might be on how to win a different way they make a that. Certainly what you're stay out here is is causing rising alarm among Democrats and government groups and who are wondering where the president is going with all of this. We have seen him for weeks now. Really rail against the idea of mail in voting, suggesting without evidence that it could lead to widespread voter brought
member that, in twenty sixteen he claimed there was voted fraud, then, coincidentally thought there be about three or four million illegal votes, Coincidentally, that was about the margin that, if his defeat in the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, heave inside a commission study that there is no evidence that that happened either and I do we ve seen disturbing scenes in Georgia. There's real concerns about the election, Kentucky the right one and was HANS and that was held during the real height of the pandemic in that state, about restrictions to access to voting think that there is a sense here that that is one of the places that the Republican Party is trying to whose has tried to simply make it harder to poor people to vote
they'll have their arguments as to why there trying to do that. But Democrats or say there simply trying to take away one of the fundamental rights of the american people because it bread. They believe that public its thinking, whether one agrees a lower turnout race, probably helps Donald Trump and you're right re right now. There's stumbling sorry, I didn't tell Sir was meant to be the big campaign Reboot, we start energized president reassure nervous Republicans we're seeing these poles and instead they have just been faced with more now faced with thousands of empty seats, but real questions about the message and direction Campaign the status of his senior staff and when they can ever passed We elude the virus, which of course, is infecting more members of his own staff, I'd still ahead on morning. Job Kobe nineteen is now spreading at an unacceptable rate in Texas, and it must be corralled
we have several strategies to reduce the spread without having to shut Texas back down. From cause to coast. Corona virus infections are on the rise, but some, state and local leaders like Texas, Governor Gregg Abbot, who you heard there are still pushing to lift restrictions will talk about this urging number of corona virus cases in the. U S. Next, on morning, Joe. Covered. Nineteen is spreading in Texas at a high rate. Yesterday, republican text Governor Gregg Abbot addressed the rising numbers urging that it must corralled but stopped short of it. Producing any new policies. The governor iterated that closing down taxes again will always the last option, Texas,
broken its record for a number of people hospitalized with the virus for eleven consecutive days. For the past week, this state reported thirty. Five hundred new cases each day in an effort to curb the recent spike, mandatory mask policies are popping up in Dallas and other cities Austin and San Antonio are now too of the top five hot spots in the country. Willie and there are now more than one hundred thousand cases of corona virus in the state of Florida. According to data released by officials, there, the state is added nearly three thousand infection since Sunday. The death toll role, Yesterday, nearly thirty two hundred thereafter, the state reported twelve new deaths, including that of a seven five year old woman in to ninety eight year old women, amid this surgeon Mrs Florida officials now are changing guidelines for hospitals, reporting of intensive care beds in the state.
And status system. The change could reduce the number of occupied. I see you beds being reported to the state according to Florida, politics that come, for surgeon general, who also, as the Secretary of the Department of Health said, he no longer wants hospitals to report to the state. The number of patients in I see you beds. Instead, he only wants hospitals to report. The name patients in those beds who require what he described as an intense The level of care join is now was doktor Vince Outta he's a poem analogous to is treated critically ill corona virus patients in Washington State and in they see news medical contributor, Doktor Group, a great to see you again this morning, I'm so! Let's start the state of Florida. What exactly is going on? There is a product of reopening some businesses there, or is there some other layer to that story will I see you have to say. I M actually stand by that news report and see that end
its puzzling, because I am actually I see right now- carry patients with covered by night. Admit it for me, I can. I have your own outbreak on the West Coast and we report every single bed that is taken up and being Therefore, by ice you doc arrest, growth, Airbus and a nurse, because, oh by the way that I see that can be used for another purpose, so that, that's data. Manipulation must be clear on that and that's that's. That's fudging the data so that they can. Numbers and has really dangerous, because the now for Colombia can each year point places that are moving more rapidly, opening up more rapidly place. For they have initially lockdown. It's really dangerous for people for local county health commissioners, as they actually know what sir Lastly, there are many dialysis nurses. They need what what
swell and said. Are you need to know how many bed you actually have at a high level so that you can staff appropriately, because beds is one thing we actually need people to care for those beds This has huge implications and is concerning. So thank you for highlighting that we're on doctor. You bring up something so important. We need to work with the data we have. We can have bad data on top of the fact that there are still much mystery around this virus, how it spreads at long last different levels, let's bring morning your chief medical correspond to Doktor Dave Campbell and you been looking Doktor Dave. Two recent study that shows that covered nineteen antibodies, disappear after only two to three months? What is this? in terms of our overall sort of effort to get her arms around this virus,. Make. It means we need to get back to the basics. The bay we are facing
asks social distancing. So this that came out of China recently looked at a little less, one hundred patients and what they found it's an early study, but what they found was that, after a couple months, the number of Anna bodies starts to drop in particularly drops in those patients that were asymptomatic, so we, and hoping for and waiting for news that there will be an immunity, That's long, lasting after you, ve been infected with covered nineteen there, five million people in the country, in the world that have recovered from covered nineteen. This should put all of those people who have recovered on notice that perhaps they are not as immune to the disease moving forward coming back and catching it again, then we all would have hoped for make it's it's a big scary study that needs,
be reproduced and looked at again with larger numbers, but it's a signal that we perhaps have to go back to basics face masses. Social distancing me so the W H reported the largest single day, jumping cove at nineteen cases around the world. So there's a lot of Are we in a first wave or a second wave, but is the world headed for sort of the second round to this end, where's, the? U S, fairing We have not got out of the first round, and here we are in the summer, hoping of course, that the heat would the virus go away and, in fact, all the heat. Doing is pushing all of us inside into the air conditioning, so we can be closer. And, as we all know, say masks are less common in homes than they are in expenses or public areas. So
The numbers are surging across the country and across the world, and as the world goes so to the? U S goes. This is exceedingly and scary frightening, and should everyone on notice that we need to pardon our defences against this virus, and now we know that's just simply washing hands in face masks physically still seeing from others and, if possible, things outside rather than inside maker. Reactor group did a state of Texas for eleven. Consecutive days has set a new record for hospitalizations uncovered. Nineteen. We heard from Governor Abbot yesterday You said, we've got a corral. This thing it's coming, it's coming, but he said the last resort b, to shut down businesses again, why Do you see as a public health expert between here
and shutting down the business is. What other interventions can the state of Texas make to stop this trend of record setting cases in hospital patients The truth is that there is a lot at this point there there having their in their peak right now, so we don't need ATLAS leadership. We need strong leadership. This is the time to shut it down. Unfortunately, maybe it's targeted Chios, like Dallas Hoskins, Antonio, that are having the doors outbreaks and terror If you are willing to do that, one of the things we can do and build on, we need what was happening science here that since we haven't afterthoughts your doktor books are not allowed to talk I'll. Do it real, quick, we're seeing this fort? De Quarantine policy from the CDC. It's been anachronism that this twice last three months, We're today's through positive for Self Quarantine turns out. If you're older, with symptoms, you might carry the virus for six. And still be infectious? Why are we not hearing about guidance here? We ve
This is one of a series of studies published last week suggesting that quarantine. True to be different depending on age and demographics. We need guidance, don't we soon and base screening it look. It turns out that if Europe, if you're at screening childhood or an ordinary school classroom, for example. They tend to be me hey symptomatic, prescribing a nursing home filled with simple individuals and simplifies the who tend to be symptomatic: soup, symptom, basically in schools doesn't make much sense as it does in a nursing home. We to hear about that guidance masks. Healthier study just published last week shows that counties that implemented masks and a three percent decline in point problems. We have come my team, just a few weeks. Let's message on this- and hopefully people start to listen as our young innovation, there are not listening there, not wearing mass. As part of the reason why you seen these folks data, then good doctor Dave Campbell, thank you. Both
for your expertise this morning and on that point of needing guidance we used to it is tat of the corona virus task force and doktor Fouche, IE and Doktor Burke speaking to the american people and answering questions. Every day we don't that anymore. So we just have the president and his bad example that doesnt follow any of the guidance hazy. Rapid fire, three big stories. First, the policing bell and Capital Hale. What's the status right now meagre, it looks like Senate Democrats preparing to block Mitch Mcconnell for moving forward with this theirs procedural vote plan for Wednesday on Senator Scots Bill, the set among Democrats, and I spent last night reaching out to offices come across the hill, Senator Doug Jones,
Alabama, probably the most moderate, a member of the conference, certainly the one that's in the most electoral danger. He actually told me on Sunday night he was inclined to move ahead with this, even though he thought the bill was flawed, but that doesn't seem to be the posture of Senate Democrats at this point. So I think that that effort is going to stall, at least for a little while the house, of course, is looking at their own bill. Their plan on voting later in the week on that Mika and House Democrats Set preparing a subpoena forbear bar, where does that sound, so learned about that from sharing Adler, the chairman of that committee last night, they had initially sort of thrown up their hands said. You know what it's not worth the time. This guy has shown that he is willing to stand in the way to go to the courts, but that changed with the firing of Jeffrey Berman late last week. So we now expect him to he's preparing this opinion. We expect that The coming days are right and finally, it is primary day in a number of states, but also especially Kentucky
where a couple of candidates are hoping to take on Mitch Mcconnell. Where does that ray stand. What does it look like right now, so this has taken a pretty dramatic turn final weeks Mika and its largely due to the black lives matter, protests as well as a sustained campaign in France are gaining Charles Booker, who I also interviewed on my show that Democrats had turned behind any Mcgrath who I know we ve talked to on this show. I've interviewed several times consider is considered a rising star, retired military, Fischer? However, she's raised, you know forty a million dollars as people across the country say that they want to try to beat Mitch Mcconnell. But you may. Couple early missteps, particularly in how she would have handled the cabinet nomination that alienated some liberal Democrats in Kentucky there are some good He Booker has really caught fire here at the conclusion of this primaries got endorsements from Alexandria, Cassio Cortez from Bernie
Andrews he's running on a liberal platform of Medicare all in some other things, but you know it's a pretty interesting race in. I am not sure that I am interested to see how the Mcconnell team takes on Booker considering how emotional the protests, have been in Kentucky on the streets of local Overbury, Yonah Taylor. So It's it's going to set up a particularly interesting. I think contrast for Mcconnell in the fall of Booker does underpinning this race. The end by the way Those candidates will be on Stepney role show right after morning, Joe and more lunacy from the president to adjust? Tweeted cases are going up in the? U S, because we're testing are more than any other tree and ever expanding with small testing we would have fewer cases still
had the Trump administration is targeting foreign workers, where they knew freeze on visas and BC, Julia Aims, laid joins us with that new reporting plus president tromp to Arizona today as the corona virus rate skyrockets in that state MSNBC Jacobs over off, joins us live from Uma you're watching morning, Joe we'll be right back we're here, to make you feel good he just came up, and he said I saw you sitting over here alone and he said: do you mind? Haven't some company, for she said, go right ahead. I introduce myself she introduced are still cut out August story, I'm lucky boy, you're, a host of wondering new podcast to daily smile every day. We're gonna bring you stories both big and small. They were warm your
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