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Joe Biden is leading the president by 14 points nationally, according to NYT/Siena polling. Biden is also leading with independents and senior citizens. The panel discusses.

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However, in other areas of the country. We now seeing a disturbing surge of infections that look like it's a combination but one, things is an increase in community spread and that's something that I'm really quite concerned and about their. The next couple of weeks are gonna, be critical in our ability to address those surgeons that we're seeing in Florida, in Texas, in Arizona and in other states It is another big news morning. Doktor Anthony vouchers and other health experts appeared before lawmakers yesterday. To address this urging number of corona virus cases in the United States will also right down results from some of the extra base, notable primary races, including one in Carolina where a twenty four year old defeated the republican candidate, endorsed by president round boy and it wasn't even call hell up and
fight over police reform. Senate Democrats will oppose the republican bill to reform policing guidelines setting up Stalemate in Congress will talk about that good morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Wednesday in twenty fourth, along with Willie in May. We have Whitehouse Rapporteur for the Associated Press than the and busy news Capitol Hill, correspondent in host of Casey DC on MSNBC on Sunday Night Casey Hunt the host Emerson, be seized, power takes nation and president of the national, Action Network, reverend I'll start, and co founder and see eel vaccines, Jim the winds, and we have a lot of news to get too and you know well, are you and I were he's going back and have we're about what our favorite Bible verse verses. I know a couple days ago, you talked about how the Lord loves we will give- and I agree with you there, but you know why
baseball any way we can get it and we don't care care whether they like it or not. We're late he's gonna get sixty games, whether their job Careful givers are not. Summits. Is absolute the ten year old pole in my house was ecstatic yesterday. So that's what I'm gonna get that x on gains. It's not a hundred and sixty two, but I yelled upstairs bedtime when the NEWS Cross George, the aching, plain in a month and he was thrilled. So I hope the rest of the country feels that way. The as we ve, been away in a long time for sports, for any sports really and to be able to sit there. With your son or your daughter, and turn on a baseball game at night, we'll take sixty I know it's a pretty get in here, but we'll take it exact lotta get to look at this Joe Biden is leading President Trump by fourteen point nationally in the latest New York Times, Sienna College Paul Bognor sits at fifty percent to trust
thirty six percent of support, the former vice it also has a two point advantage over Trump among voters. Sixty five and older, a group, the president carried by nine, wings in twenty. Sixteen, it seems things are changing I dunno so an eighteen point, advantage among independence and is up twenty eight point among college, educated, whites and three points among college educated, white women while Tromp is ten points among whites without a degree a group he won by thirty six points into sixteen. What does this tell us job or tells Us Willie National pulses early, don't matter, and we to keep saying that. Ok, this time of fourteen point lost by the sitting incumbent down among seniors groupie. One handily down. Eighteen percent
points by into of and down by massive figures in other areas that he needs do much better on. You know what may It doesn't matter a whole lot we'll get history and there's just there's no evidence anybody this far down, we'll be able to catch up, but long way to go still You're right to add all the caveats, but at some point, when you have a series of all showing the same thing, there's then going on here. I think people were so. You know gun shy because of what happened in two thousand sixteen that they hesitate to make any judgments based on these national poles and, of course, is that a national referendum, but the Fox Paul had the spread it twice. Last week this weekend. Our times this morning at fourteen and, as you say, was really most interesting as you go through these numbers, and you can hardly find in this New York Times, Sienna Paul a place where Donald
is winning he's winning without white voters with no college degree by nineteen point, but other than that. Jim Band. I, when you go down the list and you look among women he's down twenty two men he's losing three points. Older vote he's in a statistical tie, younger voters he's losing african american latino. You go down the list and the independent spread of twenty one is signify and for all the obvious reasons, when you look at this pole as someone who usually gives us the grain of salt, that we need a national Paul. What do you see I'm with you guys you can ignore appall here a pole there. The trend is devastating for Donald Trump and he knows it Allison for in coins. We talk what data might be hidden votes, there's one up. Fifteen point hidden got out there and lot of indicators is not just a national Paul. Another pull yesterday in Texas, basically tied there was
All the Minnesota calls the Pennsylvania calls Michigan calls Arizona, calls states matter, pulse all bad for him, then look at that event which did not Not coverage, even though I think we put it covered a lot. It also means talking about a million being interested hundreds of and showing up syphon. Who happened to be put up so that the applicants star appearances by an invite hence in almost nobody showed up thirty. The arena is empty the devastated afterwards lot of turmoil inside the campaign. Why? Where does that term all come from not from one all by the New York Times, but from all the poles at their seen by five by the New York Times Bike, but its yet by internal bullet? That shows the exact same thing. Yes, this can change he's freaking out its first. The day now, is at five thirty, a M with Jason Miller. His campaign
strategists linking the latest calls, and indeed the latest gossip about politics and now they're all worked up about. How do we smoke Joe Biden out and making a referendum? Joe Biden did. Nothing me there's no way referendum on doubts up. That's what he's not show and any idea that that vitamins suddenly taking big chances and come out into a lot more. Why would he misses? pretty well for him make it about Donald Trump play it safe here the scene alternative him right now, like a smart strategy under the problem is meagre. Rita- and we say this every day and I actually look did the new. Yesterday. I just came to the conclusion that this does not look like a man who someone who wants to be re elected, you know Yet I remember remember when he asked China to help him yeah get elected the out.
Erica Rubio came round set out these just Josh and New here either the communists, chinese People's Republic of China the regular elections following day to get involved in market b? I said: oh he's just Josh. You said that a funny joke he just joking and then done came out a couple days lodged an orange joking and energy. He'd, said again, and so at this event, and Tulsa. The president said that he told people but he wanted to slow down the testing and every always Joking presence is a step and pursuing always just joking and the president after they were insisting? You was joking. What he said and told are rarely on the slogan the testing he said now. He was joking, and he said you know I don't I don't get around exult again,
Time and time again, this every day acts like he does get reelected he under cards. Is AIDS you're trying to cover up for pre. Mistakes that he's making and that such patient just keeps getting worse, and you have to ask yourself, wizened guys. Ten point, twelve points. Fourteen points, Why doesn't he just white meat, obviously he's in noble of adjusting but at least improve, and do thousands extinct that he knew when they keep quiet. But now. And yesterday, while he was speaking, the reporters ahead of his Arizona trip. Donald Trump once again basically told people assume lower, still me at all times. I wasn't joking.
Let me make it clear: we have got the greatest testing programme anywhere in the world we better than anybody in the world s best in the world and we have the most of them by having more refined more first of all, I just can never let that pass without. Raising the Protestants lying down the ignorant This incredible, we don't have the tests in the world. Even yesterday on Capitol Hill. You, you had doktor value, the CDC directors, and we need to make the test better. We don't have the best test, or they also so well, nobody told us to slow down the testing but again make up I'll just give them
back to what I been saying. All along the President, United States, continues to say something, as is about to lose for yet another super spreader event that, but there is because that's what they are, that every American knows is a lie that that, that somehow, if you stop giving tests that The infection right will go down and people will stop dying. Even if we hadn't done any tests meagre. We would. Still despite the fact, we only have four and a half per cent of the world's population and the scientists the best doctors, the best everything like we we're still maker have about one out of three debts in the world from the corona via from cover nineteen, which, of course, the presence, and where did they get the nineteen from play Joe when you really look at this presidency he's never joking and
you- and I never want to be on fifth avenue with him, because he is never joking and you're right, these events are super spread or they may be rallies. There may be some sort of campaign event, but they are before any. Thing, ask any doctor the perfect petri dish to spread a deadly virus. This is crazy. With this boy is visiting one of nations, various maggot churches to talk to Arizona column students, yesterday off together, stuffed together listen to this rhetoric. The Democrats there are also try to ring. The election by sending out tens of millions of male imbalance using that China, the excuse for allowing people not to go to the polls, and we have a virus government. We have to send they give it California,
he's gonna be sending out millions and millions of ballast well Where are they going where these values going? we're getting them not getting them section. As Republican we'll, be in my opinion, the most corrupt election cannot lead happen. They wanted to have so badly. There's never have so many names. I could give you nineteen or twenty names for the right to get all for names rule Hans was catching on, the virus right coming from nineteen covered, as it works
I deem covered nineteen. Some people can explain what the nineteen Gimme that Nineteen- that's not me! I could give many many names so, people go to Chinese, flew the China flew ride a god. China, as opposed to China, China, I never really like it, I really Willie, I dont know where to begin for some all all the present had to do is ask any staff member, the White House, it would tell him the night he came from the year of the outbreak covered. Corona the virus disease say with make of it,
nineteen the year of the outbreak. That's I remember back in December, two thousand fifteen after seeing Old, Frumps Press conference on the Muslim Ban and I think we talked about how it helped him in the polls. Send the Republican Paul's. Remember asking is what Germany look like in nineteen thirty, three get to ask the question: what are people? going to be saying about us? Willie fifty years from now, when you have the president of the United States working himself up into a sweat, no lather talking about naming the virus, something that millions of Americans find deeply offensive and the crowd breaking out in the world. Applause, I'm fifty seven years old. I can
safely say that. I've just never I've, never heard anything like this before before them. I'll and I to guide, paraded Jesus. We, as a country will never hear anything like this again? The present makes a racist remarks and Proud of college students Break out in wild applause and getting back to earlier theme that this is the guy that doesn't act He wants to be re elected. You ask any republican state each year person, they want their candidate to win what that dies. The Asian Americans, who used to be a reliable republican faction, and thus will it just hearts us not only with Asian Americans. It hurts, as with people of color. Or it hurts us with a will? the majority of us
bourbon voters it hurts us with women whether they have college degrees or not again. This is a guy that his driving this campaign off the coast every day it seems that he is working or does he can do boil down his base to thirty percent and he's enjoying it, and that was the manifestation a literal manifestation playing to the base as he went through the names of covert ninety. In corona virus, you can hear the crowd waiting for that it is time that he used. It was almost like the old rallies when they do the lock her up chance. They were waiting to say there were there to hear that hit song to hear one of his his lines and he delivered it and he delivered at twice and it ugly and its racist and imagine being an asian American in this country and hearing president say that we have
that side of the ugly rates aside, we heard the ignorant side that he didn't know what the nineteen stood for and then we, The truly as John Major set on the show yesterday morning, perhaps the most damaging side, which is he's, laying this predicate already that the election is rigged, and why is he doing that? Because we have that show him down. Fourteen points that show I'm getting crushed among women, suburban women, the people he needs due to win over to be realised. He's, laying the groundwork to look back Jonathan Le Mere after action day. If he does loose and say election is rigged. We should not go quietly Then you are on that trip. Yesterday, all day, what was it like? First, to be will talk about the border in a moment, but what was it to be around him when he was making that speech oily what we saw the campaign gotta yesterday is they wanted to, but enthusiasm with their seeing also has. The president is in
simply talking to a smaller and smaller portion of the electorate that face me. This, the diehards true hard core portion of that base. As you said, I was yesterday in Arizona that Mega church Phoenix about three or four thousand people there where the estimates there was packed in one area and even tell the President drew lottery energy from it after the through the debacle, Tulsa where he started thousands of empty seats. He was clearly revive to see a large boisterous, very loud crowd that indeed you mention locker up. We that. Yesterday we heard that yes, they too it was hitting. The notes like use, talking, simply viewers on Fox NEWS: or in this case, young republic in some of them are college students trying to make the this is why the last three years, why is grievances are, what they are and lay, as you say, potentially laying the groundwork for the old
that sort of the altar play of unfair sports play this off with the election, few things you ordered. The crowd was going on when he was going to the names of of the corona virus. They were anticipating. Through them shouted that racist time before the President said it back in and revelled in it, we heard him talk about the election being. We heard him talk about Joe by not being able to get out of the bail out of it. Seven and so on in there was a somewhat of a coherent argument. We heard a little bit and tells the two here as well trying to paint Democrats as the radical laugh price suggested Biden you take it Then there are going to control him. We're going to see a lot of that the boy his advisers have told us. That's argument there trying to make make their case in that in the months ahead. But it's drowned out by the other noise and its drowned out by today headlines once again I am using a racist term that even summoned his own staff have urged catch. The last few days urged him not to repeat
by the way, Jonathan Le Mere looking pretty good. This morning after being in a hundred and eight degrees, hey yesterday by Jonathan tell you it's a dry rhetoric, Let's talk about again. The present continuing uses raises term, and a term bids deeply offensive, no out of Asian Americans and a lot of other Americans Annie, sit back and wonder, Mitch Mcconnell was asked what he thought about it and he wouldn't response he said he ass. My wife, I wonder what Alain Chow is thinking about. It how long can t stay silent she stood by him aftershocks. Its veil. He had her stand behind in a press conference, he defended himself in Charlottesville. She said nothing, she saying nothing now, but we will see if
she decides to ever say anything. I we really don't want to read about in your book after the administration chinese now, for millions of asian Americans who need a voice to speak up to this present, but but Reverend You know politics extraordinarily well, you're, one near says: you're, one of the most important players in national park, take certainly for the Democratic Party I just I just I just wonder about forget about the morality of it for one. Second, let's just put that do this, it's a moral, it's wrong. It's demagogic, get its racist in speaks ill of our President speaks ill of our country, but just a politics of it. Stupid and self defeating getting. Does this Every day you have known him like. I have known him for a long time, does Sky want to win the election.
Becoming more and more clear to me that you are I really doesn't real one wonders and he's not doing anything. There would demonstrate otherwise from the immorality and outrageous racism love the politics of Is that he's saying that to vote? For me is a den of fire with outright bigotry deadly disease? Less less, not act like he just making a racist term about something. That is why the people die and they have died about this disease Can you use this racist term to really of course something that is so devastating. It is also lad thing, Joe Biden is so far and in steadily hid in the polls because where he's trying to make him sleepy Joe Joe Biden one, would
Mohammed Ali did when I was a kid he's rope, Adobe's laying on a ropes and let the guy himself out in these states. On the robes in the basement, this guy will it himself, then all jobs gotta come out and do a finishing off he's eating himself to a pulp. Any seems to be enjoying it well We are talking about the national Poles really representing, maybe perhaps the shifting mood of the country, let's bring it. To a local race in the race to be the republican candidate for that was Carolina House seat vacated by now White House, chief of staff Mark meadows, a twenty four, old motivational speaker, defeated the Trump backed candidate to Madison, car Thorn beat Linda Bennett and Carolinas eleventh congressional districts, republican pro run off a twenty four year old Bennett wasn't First, by both mark meadows and President trot
who not only endorsed her but cut a row We call for her as well, so he put his stamp all over that candidate Catherine will face Democrat mode it s in November, and he will join us, this morning in the star of morning. Just so so K c we ve been. All of us have been talking about the terrible choice republicans have had to make over the past three five years for themselves. I think it's a simple choice, but they consider it to be. An agonising choice, driving from the base to subordinate I'm trying to get the Republican based support these. These can grow. Lower candidates. While not losing general election support and that's been impossible lap. I may get wiped out. You look at the Senate Map right now. It's ok, really bad for a lot of republicans better This case we move to the next stage. It seems that not all
This double job not have coattails in general law action? You look at this race, the more medicine he doesn't have coattails now in the Republican Party. I don't think there's any other way to look at this, then in an embarrassment for mark meadows for the president for in its own smart metals own. Seeing here now, I am really interested to hear from Madison Cawthorn later on in the hours. I think it might give us a sense of me know why he clearly this wasn't even a close race right and he was doing something interesting and different, and he does have a life story. That's pretty compelling as young as you point out, he's be the youngest member of com ass, he was in a car accident was paralyzed from the. And down there's a lot, there's a lot there, but I also think it's to this reality that voters are tired of being told who too
Four, and there has been a long standing strategy from the national parties to try and pick people we'll be palatable back them up with money kind of org as the map in a way that is favourable to them, and we were seeing time after time after time, Voters are saying no you'd, you try and do that at all, listen to you anymore, more part of why we have Donald Trump, but that's all What makes running for re election if you're, Donald Trump, so challenging only being an uncommon, is a huge advantage He ran as a guy who was going to shake up the system completely and Instead, we have seen in the last three and a half years have while you He certainly has shaken up our norms and calm the baseline for how we consider how governing is. Post to work in this country now he's also in charge. He's gotta own all of this and people. Frankly
still angry there, even in a harder position now than they were in twenty. Sixteen, from an economic perspective with the pandemic and now Where's? The racial unrest that we're facing, and that too back to the national coal. We started the show with Joe Mean one national law in the presidential race. A hundred percent doesn't necessarily matter, but what we have seen in time after time in recent years is that these are wave or wave elections and twenty fourteen cross the Senate Map in. I went I travelled. All those states are covered almost every single competitive rates. That year I wrote grey. Or stories about what was going on and all the Democrats loss none of that little stuff matter and because the wave just swept across the map and these numbers, as well as from the way we are talking about this, the nationalization than you know the demise. Local media, quite frankly, which is unbelievably sad for so many reasons.
I see a wave shaping up again this time and that's why I think Republicans are in such a difficult position. And when we ask some questions and, however, day as you said, will have twenty four year old, Madison Catherine, who beat not only his opponent but present trump. Mark meadows, the incumbent in North Carolina I'll, be on the show in just a few minutes on the democratic side Casey in Kentucky the race for who will, gone Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell in November, is too close to call right now between Amy Mcgrath and Charles Booker. Wrath leads by about two thousand votes at this point there still counting in New York to Democrat. Incumbents seeds could be in jeopardy and the states twelve congressional district primary democratically Carolyn, Maloney, who chairs the Oversight Committee, is narrowly leading challenger Shiraz, Patel and in on sixteen congressional district, Denmark primary long time, congressmen Elliot angle who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee trails, Progressive,
mall Bowman their casing. What are the surprise, as you see in these rates, is undemocratic races across the country. Last night Gets extending to read this, as you know, progressives have you. No voters are looking for somebody. That's that's more progressive, that's not part of the establishment. I think it's a little bit of a mistake to look at it. That way. I think it's action of many cases, the of our politics of people. We have been in office for decades in that. Cases, the Kentucky race is fascinating and we start a lot accounting to do in that raise. It really could right now go way by the turn out in that primary election shattered previous records and Charles Booker was someone who Under this last minute, energy really was a part of the protests that we're swelling in lieu of all around black lives matter, and I think
showed how you can you don't have operate inside the systems that have been built again and that's kind of the theatre. That I see here is voter. Candidates. In saying I don't want to be told what to do. I don't want to be told who to vote, for and While we talk so much about kentucky- and I still think it's incredibly unlikely that Mitch Mcconnell would lose this race in Kentucky sure he is incredibly unpopular, and it is also true that this is a pretty unpredictable come on man. They ve been running against aiming Mcgrath for a year, and I think that, given the current environs it's gonna, be tricky to figure out if, if Charles worker wins this race, Mcdonald's gonna have to figure out how to run against a young African, I can man who has captured a lot of x, men and seems to be expanding his appeal beyond the traditional
centres of of Louisbourg Lexington than a Democrat would vote for their there. You know they are looking at Appalachia. I will see if that's actually real funny, a lot of trends going on here. That, I think, should make Republicans nervous then and river. Now I'm curious what what? What are you take? A ways for from the raises from North Carolina Kentucky to New York. I bring more than rebellion against just the candidates are in common set of serve for decades. Is that their face in candidates that represent the Spirit the times and that some belies the issues that are prevalent in people's minds because are many veterans. We re renominated yesterday saw We should not confuse the the two or three that seem to be said with that is based on a new form of leadership. What a leadership that a with the issues of now
every one of these. If you look at the angle race, in the other races where people that were involved belies as we see in Kentucky the act. Issues that people care about now and that's what the veterans missed the wretch, that a with that one handedly yesterday I'd still ahead on morning, Joe, the Senate GEO P bill on police reform is about to hit a roadblock. As Democrats argue that the sure is adequate enough. Senator Corey Booker, who calls the Republican Postal, not salvageable, will be our guest this morning, to explain why plus the key take away from- Anthony Thou cheese testimony on but all hail yesterday, you're watching Joe we'll be right back wondrous podcast, the next The idea is back with a new season full of world changing idea for you to explore
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haven't, we talked about a moment ago. President Trump yesterday travelled to the: U S, Mexico border in you, my Arizona, hoping to revive his campaign. His message on immigration, while touting his efforts Stu build more than two hundred miles of an border wall or at least to renovate it's a fact recently of Homeland Security report found only about three miles of new border wall system, have been constructed in locations where no barriers, previous really existed, the rest are replacement of existing dilapidated fences or vehicle bear so Joscelyn, where you were there physically with the press, the states and that one, oh nine heat along the border, the present otter I think the three miles of law it has admitted nation has built the other two thirteen miles, just bigger wall effectively has been put in place. What was his message down along the border there? What did they try to get out of that day by day was hot. We our
but I think what this effort to try to talk about any other than the pending that was the plane here is to revive a single signature. Twenty sixteen issue to point towards a progress made any says noted, is actually not me she terms of new new construction, but the war, but the walls I spend structure that you're, seeing behind the president there what you did autograph it is tall, it is imposing. It is black, it's very hot to the touch he was trying to talk about how he really crackdown on illegal crosses the border, but he also said something else interesting. He said that he believed that the pandemic we far worse in United States. If that wall there, because he thought that Mexico would be hotspot bringing cases in the United States that war was keeping covert out. Now, let's stop for a second here, first of all, States has been far more hadn't, far more of a virus problem than Mexico and also he's talking Giving cove it out. Arizona is one of the states where the cases are surging and I was sort of the backdrop to the entire
yesterday as much as the White House is happy with the images they got. The president at the wall, the president speaking for that pact church Arizona like texts of Florida are the states that are really buckling right now, under the surgeon actions, and I will say to me We noted earlier that that Mega Church in Phoenix there are no temperature checks, there's no social distancing. It was packed shoulder to shoulder in their only very few I'd say dozen or so of the three thousand or more people I'll wars in there were wearing. The only mass that you were wearing most for those of us in the press, both for the most part prevailed on safe in there, and I think that sort of the concern is that you can have a try, moment like this. What are we gonna see cases spread from one like this. They will and we'll just see, further rises, two or three weeks down the road. You know Jonathan, I could ask a doctor what that is and if that would be defined as a super spreader event,
sure seems like it and purposeful, which is real at this point lunacy, as as I mentioned, the President's visit to Arizona came, the number of corona virus cases in the state continues to spike. See you put us first brighter event in a state that having a problem with the virus, it came. Very same day, Texas, Governor Gregg Abbot, urged Texans to stay home to fight the ramp spread of the corona virus after a record spike of case, in his state and as the actions leading infectious disease expert doktor, Anthony FAO Gi was tat. Buying on the hill in other areas of the country, we are now seeing a disturbing surge of infections that look like it's a combination, but one of the things an increase in community spread, and that's it.
Think that I'm really quite concerned about their the next couple of weeks are going to be critical in our ability. To address those Sir things that were seeing in Florida, in Texas, in Arizona and in other states, so hey don't go in a crowd plan b, if you do make sure you were a mask and we still in the middle of the first wave, before you start talking about what a second is what we'd like to do is to get this outbreak. Control over the next couple of months. Joining us now clinical assessed in professor at the end, my? U Grossman School of medicines. Department of Population Health doc but be Roy she's, an NBC News, medical contributor, Doktor Roy, you know just looking and analyzing the facts. Here you haven't. And in Arizona state that saying and uptake hospitalizations in corona virus cases, and you put
people in a mega church sitting next to each other. With wearing masks close to each other chanting. Clapping singing for hours. What would you call that? morning Mika took her doktor fouche it's. This is nothing short of disturbing the community spread of this virus all over the country. Yes, we're seeing it the client elegant states at New York, New Jersey after we went through a hellish period yeah. It's that that scenario that you're going footage of in that church. In Arizona I mean it creating the perfect environment for this virus to thrive. Its indoors people are close closely congregate being so. That means a restaurant via the virus doesn't have to travel very far at all, and what's the key point here is that those? kids are maybe what teenagers twenty years old there the ones that are gonna get severely ill there
go back to their homes, their communities, and they can in fact grandma who has congestive heart failure there uncle, who has diabetic kidney disease even a ten year old, niece, her cousin, who has the key me I'm thinking of my own father, whose over eighty has had quintuple bypass and now congestive heart failure, visa the vulnerable people who are going to get sick and, unfortunately, probably intimated and even die, that's what's really disturbing Mika. Well, I'm not like to point out that they have these these these people, this captive audience sitting there other, not worrying, masks again. The president, the United States, refuses to wear one he's the leader by example, there was even someone who shouted in no more masks or something as they were all shouting locker up. They were chanting. They were listening to characters like Don Junior and others for hours in the run up to the president, so this also characterized and I'm just laying down
facts here as prolonged exposure, as opposed to just walking by some one you're sitting with these people for hours, no Europe right, make a we already have data showing that the the risk factors for increased transmission or increased risk for viral try mission, is close contact for long periods and with interesting is that if you notice of the footage, the president was on the on the stage when two young kids were on the podium, did you notice how far apart they were from the president? He actually believes in science insofar as it applies to him. Meanwhile, the audience not almost Bailey en masse to be found amongst these kids are so closely. Congregated I mean just it makes me feel feel ill at how reckless conduct doctor
Will you guys good to have you back on the show? This morning you have public health officials, including this morning, the former head of the FDA, saying that hospitals intact this Florida in Arizona are monitored? during to see as you describe what we saw in New York a couple of months ago, adapt to suspend elective surgeries to be overwhelmed to create covert units in their hospitals. The governor of Texas, yesterday without issuing a former orders said you know what it's probably if everyone stays in doors, unless you have to go out so what you see over the horizon in places like Texas, in Arizona, well, WWW, three Concerning Texas medical center, I actually after Hurricane Katrina, was a second unmet student. We evacuated to Houston To this day. I have such a warm of feelings that entire city and that medical communities, one world class,
medical centres with multiple hospitals- and they are all going to be burdened in fact, Texas Children's hospital is actually going to be opening up to adult beds. It's going to be really serious, but I gotta tell you that that congressional hearing yesterday, as a doctor, I was so happy to see to hear from Doktor Fouch in Red feel every data, we have a pandemic. We need to be hearing from these health officials. Every single day so that there is no mixed messaging. So the public is very clear in terms of what needs to happen. Wearing the mask, keep awake heaving with physical distance and Do not. I mean avoid the congregation of of mass gatherings. Alright, will it be Roy. Thank you very much for sharing basic facts with us this morning, some stuff, need to hear them coming up. President trumps job approval rating has fallen to thirty nine percent amid nationwide protests, and an ongoing pandemic or dig into digging into the new Pauling with politicos Jake Sermon
stunned morning. Job. And they now in a store. We brought you yesterday, an FBI investigation has concluded that the noose found hanging in NASCAR driver bubble. Wallace's garage stall at tallow data, Super Speedway in Alabama, had been play. Their nearly eight months ago, long before the stall was assigned to Wallis, who is the the full time black driver in Nassau, cars top racing series, a joint stay. From the U S, attorney's office and the FBI reason part after a third Review of the facts at evidence surrounding this event, we have concluded that federal crime was committed. The investigation also revealed evidence, including authentic video, confirmed by NASCAR that the new- found and garage number four was in that as early as October. Two thousand nineteen well. The news is now known to have been in garage number four in two thousand nineteen. Nobody could have
Mr Wallace would be assigned to garage number four just last week, but Interview last night on CNN Wallace question: the findings: have you seen like that hanging from garages is, that is typical. The damage that I have and I have seen of what was hanging my garage is not a, is not a garage I've been recent. All my life, I've weaver, instead of hundreds of garages, that never had garage pools like that, so people that want to call it garage born put out a living and those of of not being and now and then and there as their evidence, go ahead but from the So we have I have it straight up news. The FBI is, did. It was an is over and over again NASCAR leadership has
stated it was a news. I can confirm that I actually got evidence of what was hanging My garage over my car around my thicker guys found that it was a noose and never seen anything like it. So Reverend sharpen what bubble Wallace's referring to there is that other reports that that was actually door, pull for the garage, the weight to close the door when it's up and bring it down, but the The eye is mobile. Wallis said right there again and again referred to it as a noose we should take. It is good news that someone didn't place it into his stall, specifically as the only full time black driver NASCAR, who pushed to have those confederate flags removed from NASCAR, as a NASCAR did take that step last week, but it doesn't. There was a new says: the FBI is calling it placed in that garage. Last fall:
the every identified it as a noose. Nascar said it was a new, so one, along with the FBI's characterisation it was a new, so the question even if they did not know that Bob Wireless who's going to use the stall Why was the news in the stalled is clear what a noose represents and I think to go whether or not they, that sooner or later the one black driver would use that stall. Ray it doesn't answer why it was in the stall at all, and then did someone know that it was in. Store when they did, belatedly, aside Bob there so I think these answers a lot of questions and clearly from what we just saw while as it does not see he who is the victim and some will target in this matter, see be satisfied with this. I do not think that we
closure in this particular inquiry. And rabbit doesn't take away from that scene. We saw at the track and tallow data two days ago, when all than ass car drivers and pit crews push and buy a wireless card to the front of pit rode to the top spot. He came out his car in tears, put his head down on the roof of the car and the ordinary scene. I say again for people don't follow, NASCAR. First of all that the confederate flag is now banned from those tracks, all cross NASCAR. That's a huge step. If you ve ever been doing NASCAR race and bubble. Wallace ran along the edge of the track Rev the other day. He was five in some of the fans who were there were wearing, I can't breathe and black lives matter tee shirts at a NASCAR It may seem like a small thing to people who are fans of NASCAR, but truly in the south, culturally for NASCAR. Those were big steps. Is a huge step, given climate and there's one has been at the forefront of the latter
protests and a lot of raising these issues this summer and even do George Floyd's eulogies. I think it is a big deal, ass to see in the end mass culture, which is the cause of the deep south, then pushed is car from an and woman embrace. It means that we can win, we can change America. I don't think that we should underestimate the statement that made the impact they made at all I think it really shows that change can come if we keep fighting win that anywhere near vey, yet but gives us a lot of encouragement that if we keep going we can change that. You cannot get more sub base Southern grounded culture, then NASCAR and these have that happen was a u Judea, whether you a mask fan on that question
Reverend AL sharpening greater Vienna's always will see soon, rather thanks. So much will be right, morning, Joe with an update on the police reform bill. Where that stands this morning, in the United States Senate from wondering I'm Rufus Cresscombe, and this is the next big idea. I found the next big idea club with Malcolm Well, Susan Kane, Daniel, Pink and Adam Grant. The connect people to some of the gold is in shaping our culture and our future each week on the pie we bring you one idea with the power to change the way you see the world this week, being weird, can work to your advantage
when you think about being weird, you think about it more in terms of being a misprint in your context than having just quirky qualities as a person. I really struggled with how to define weirdness for this book, because there's the research on weirdness but you're right, it does tend to focus on like the person who was wearing a red jacket instead of the black jacket. Obviously, right now we have a tenant polarisation in the: U S and a lot of right, verses, left conflict and some of the people that I interviewed for the book actually were trump supporters who moved from California to Texas or that they could be more accepted by other trump supporters, and they felt like you know if they were wearing Trump Tee, shirts or praying or something like that openly in California, that they wouldn't be accepted. So factually hooked up with this organization called conservative move
which helps Californians moved to Texas, so they can be with other Republicans. It sounds far fetched, but it's actually now like a business model. That was just a preview of the next big idea. Be shorter, subscribe to wonder is the next big idea on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening now,
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