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As the president brushes aside a question about lying in office and the Senate adjourns until September, new polling shows Joe Biden leading the president 53 to 42 percent.

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The spread of yours, you regret at all all the line you done lying all the discrepancies in whose don't you have done. tens of which place. You can now answer my answer that pretty easy You should regret it President trumps non answer when asked about all the lying that here done in office, the wash imposed kept tally. I mean it's just every single day and now about a life and death crisis facing this country good morning, Welcome to morning Joe is Friday August Fourteenth with us. We have lots of. Calmness and associated wash their post and MSNBC political analysts Eugene and say white House for border the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, COM, as an associate editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius National
security, expert, columnist, USA. Today, an author of the book, the death of expertise, Tom calls. Also with us, NBC News Chief foreign affairs, correspondent and host Andrea, mature reports. Andrea Mitchell is with us Joe, has the morning off. Let's start out by giving you a sense of all is happening today. The ECHO like downturn hasn't adjourned. Even if the Senate has law makers head home without reaching a deal financially for those hit hard by the pandemic, what it means for the millions of Americans left jobless. Amid this national crisis plus President Trump fans, flames of another birth or type conspiracy, Bertha resin his back this time, such didn't come alive. Harris may lack the legitimacy to see Enough has seized going back into the wheel house this The brand new national Paul out this morning shows, for
vice President Joe Biden with a sigh a bull led in the race for the White House. A latest PBS News, our NPR Maris Pole, finds fifty three percent of Russia voters back Biden. Forty percent back. President and therefore he starts start acting extreme, we'll get to olive that we're gonna begins with president. Fraga, adding new fuel to the claims that he is trying to tip the scales of the election by sabotaging efforts to vote by mail he went on the record yesterday admitting that he opposed this additional funding for the Post office, because they would help male in voting there three and a half treaty, a billion dollars for a male and it's ok, universal mail in balance through day after day twenty five billion dollars billion for the post office
I need that money in order to have the post office work, so I can take all of these millions and millions of balance. Billing mean time they aren't getting there by the way, those just two items, but if they don't get, those two items. That means you can have universal melon voting because equipped to have it if the poster office if there are going to approve a girl and the post office Therefore, one of the money and if they're not going to approve a big Billy A bigger bill and they're not gonna. Have the three and a half billion dollars for a universal mail in votes. How can you have those words? There are still ongoing about whether to get more money. Postal service. Why not more resources and more money yourself find a way to do that. To make sure there isn't way to do it very easily. All they have to do is make a deal if they make it the postal service is taken care of money they need for the mail.
Balance would be taken care of if we agree to it, that does it mean we're going to agree to it, but all you have to do is make a deal so handsome. Is the quiet part that you're saying out loud when you're trying to cheat general using your whole corruption, stuff that you do know. You watch the Americans are that did see you think the knocker here who actually saying the quiet part outlined that want to cheat in the election President's remarks, follow reporting from the Washington Post that the Republican National Committee and conservative groups are pursuing and us president in an effort to limit the expansion of male balloting before the election. Spending tens millions of dollars on lawsuits and advertising aimed at restricting who receive ballots in who remains the voter roles show by
This heading back after President Trump Signal to opposition to funding for the post office. Here's the former vice pray along with comments from how Speaker Nancy Policy True, true king. I look up the president is afraid of the american people. Fraid for a while. He knows that on the legitimate be hard for him to win, so he wants to put obstacles. Are progressing but we do not agonize we organise and However, the reality is that we have to deal with if you fuses to honour sacred right of the boat, enabling removing obstacles to participate and if you want to undermine the postal service for the moment we'll be here in January that most unfortunate.
Yeah. This is Dr El Amira President undermining the post office amidst a pandemic, the post office might be the only way some people can leave can get things because they can their homes, including medicines and again. The president saying things saying the quiet part out loud, that he's afraid of Gatt seize the poles he's losing and was gonna find different way to win, which is basically to try and undermine the alive. In itself by undermining the post office by saying the results can be counted. I just wonder how did see and stupid? Does he The american people are and question to you is how stupid Republicans are they going to stand? This will first that you make a very good point it this not just about the election. A member of the postal service is a vital. U S, institution all the time, for particular now during the pandemic
for many Americans. It is it. Is there a way to reach the outside world where they can receive moving from a birthday card from a family can't see right now because of the pandemic, or course vital medication that they need, so that should have It should be stressed off the top, but you're right the game here, is point that, as you say, you saying the quiet part out loud. Did the republic Ultimately there and not a conservative groups have been found, tens of millions of dollars of lawsuits too slow mail in voting throughout the country. Even though republicans in the past have benefited from the practice. The president has asserted time and again without evidence. It will be used to conduct widespread photo fraught. He had convinced himself he's told AIDS privately that he feels like. That is how the Democrats why to steal the election from him, so he is doing here is chopped It off were already seeing. Delays in postal service throughout the country were sings basically, I both Pennsylvania last night, a vital battleground, which is going to have
far more male at about this time around, because the pandemic is artists, sounding the alarm, but they're not gonna, build a handle. The capacity there with the post office be so diminished. The president has fought effort Despite what he said that in the one out yesterday, he is fought efforts to expand funding. There is one of the major topics of disagreement between his to go Peters, white, ass and Democrats trying to hammer out this bill, and yes, this is in part two. So chaos doubt in the most american institutions the ballot. This is you slow things down there. The result We ve been say on the show for while make, as you know, it is unlikely that we're gobio declaring, you're on election night. This is going to because of how the pandemic, because of the process to count these votes, it's going to take days and weeks and then a lap actually and that is going to allow him to assert fraud to open up negations ingested results are not legitimate, is gonna harder for Americans to vote and dot
the truck lives easier for him to claim fraud so I'd like to hear from David Ignatius and Tom Nicholls about this, whether it be historical parallels if there ever and could be one and our wilder, Machination but also it is this the moment of truth, where we should be hearing loudly from the people who could make it in closing on this president, David Ignatius, I just wonder I feel this, as I read all the details about it as an emergency for our country, am I overstating it no you're, not in my judgment maker. This is right to attempt to suppress votes trump couldn't be clear. It is cutting off, funding holding on to funding for the postal service because he
by doing that, will reduce the number of male involves. It has already said that he thinks that those are threatening to hammer are fraudulent. I increasingly felt that This is a subject. We need to be writing in talking about in the remaining two months for for war This forearm, the only way we're gonna have any ass a dealing with famous drop is gonna, try to throw the country and in the final days, is to have thought about them talked about them. Make it after the talk to state and local law enforcement within it. Do between November third November, ten as well Sir counted and already here, Trump saying this is fraud. I warn you, I told you and you'll have people on this Reed Sue, will be angry problem both sides. People need to think about what that's gonna be like They need to prepare the legal infrastructure for four challenges. I hope the Democrats and Republicans both are going to be very attentive. In places providing a poor washers but
of poor workers, but you, actually right. This is one where it's not a surprise he's announcing. It is telling us what he's going to do this a magician telling us what the trick is up to to the treated to be smart, take appropriate precautions, talk to people who gonna matter like like said local law enforcement and get ready. Because it's come ass, yeah so too, to your point David Ignatius, if you look back over the past few years of this presidency in the patterns of this president, has often told us what he's going to do often told us out loud. What do you think ok, but there would be getting on a political rival from a foreign later or whatever, he has said quiet part out loud, and I'll just say. I never want to see him on Fifth avenue ever
never be on Fifth avenue, with Donald Trump Tom Nicholls I wanna play for you, some of ramps sank offence. People who work for him who what do you say? No matter what here we have cut, look Larry, could low, saying the quiet part at loud. We couldn't reach a deal with the Democrats, asking too much money three and a half million dollars. We worry spent over three trillion Selma democratic. Asks are really liberal, left wishlist as we wait awhile, but your body. Rights and Why alienates and so forth way? That's not our game and present can accept that kind of deal. We will wait to see how the negotiations, travellers sectarian munitions, is working on that, but so far it sits down. Let's take up Tom, Nicholls
before warned does David Ignatius puts it? I think I know that I need to ask the same question that all these great minds show this morning. We're stating it to feel that we are sort of in an and situation here in terms of the sanctity of elections and the safety of our democracy absolutely not, may think Tells you something about how much Trump has warned us down corroded us that we could even ask ourselves the question: are we overreacting here? There's no precedent for this business historical moment- like this in a man there's plenty of them and banana republics, but certainly not in modern american politics. The president, says I intend to suppress the voting. If the vote doesn't go my way, I intend to so utter chaos and burn down the election.
I think it was really telling the other day when someone says what are you doing to protect a free and fair elections in the United States, any kind of shrugged and again basically said the quiet part out loud, I'm not really interested in a free and fair election, I'm interested in one where I win anything. It's fascinating to watch his civic decisions. And be wrong footed by this, because of course, four days before this, they were saying things like. While you know the post office will be fine, he's not really trying to do this and as usual. The president comes right out,
the podium and says that's exactly what I intend to do, and he saw that limb off right behind them, and then they have the scramble to double down and get us used to the new outrage, and I have to get us used to the idea that we're over reacting that we don't really, you know, see things clearly in and all the gas lighting start all over again. This is a national emergency and the one from that would stop. Him is an election where the results are incontestably large Sal. Mitchell. I can't even imagine what you're thinking watching this play out so tell us about it. We have the president's saying the client part, the corrupt part, that cheating part out loud clearly telling us what he's going to do now. What about member the administration or leading Republicans. These are the people who could make a right
friends, are they going to save the correct part. The patriotic part, the right thing out loud so far not, and I would not expect that because I think Republicans now even some who had been critical in the past Mitch Mcconnell, who has not been critical of ass. They are so worried about losing the Senate, which is now a really fulfil a real possibility. They are not Jack to anything- and they ve seen what happens in primaries when he exert its influence, look of what use praising the Georgia candidate, who knew just was erected completely outrageous candidate. The fact is, this is a president who is the first in American. History was not asserted after seventy times being asked that he would honour the results of the other which it not alone should be enough to raise These alarm bells what's happening at the Post office, is really criminal. The fact that Friday night,
rings inserting this postmaster general with no experience and then again last Friday, night All of the top officials, with any experience of course, reinforced by the fact that there have been some not fraud, but some delays in counting. Maybe that's because there are so many more than anyone would have anticipated prior to the pandemic. I think this is really critical. There is I don't want any way to properly educate Americans, to how important fixing this post office problem is before the election and getting some men money into that bill. And again he was equivocating last night as to whether he would would not sign it. Every single he's sending? It cannot be relied upon now to avoid a real catastrophe for our democracy, so Monica and here the United States postal Service is reportedly removing male sorting machines from facilities around the country without any explanation of this is vice news reporting that in many cases
the same machines that would be tasked with sorting. Ballots ahead of the November elections were still working on different ass said the story, but according to interviews with postal workers and are you official nineteen male sorting machines from five processing facilities across the: U S have either already been removed or are scheduled to be in the near future. Now, in a statement to NBC News, a: U S, p S person set import quota, normal business adjustments, the postal service routinely equipment around its network as necessary to match changing mail and pay its volume, so that could be it. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia enquire reports that the postal service has warn the state of Pennsylvania That's some male ballots might might not be delivered on time, because the deadlines are too tight for its quote. Delivery standards morning, came in a letter made public yesterday in a falling to the Supreme Court. Asking
to order that mail ballots be counted as law They are received up to three days after November third, Jim Robinson calling money for the Post office, a liberal left wish list, I mean we're not just talk. King about balloting, and we are very worried about the election and maybe more people on the left are on the right, but I would think they would be worried. Tomb and Donald Trump is doing. A melon ballot assuming his morning for himself. Doesn't they wanted to get there a lot of them? doesn't make sense, but if you're watching trumps patterns, I would suggest everyone should be very, very worried. I beg Republican Lee to speak out Andrea, says they're, worried about losing the Senate. How about losing our country as we know it, you you have to try and hold on to the actual function of voting,
in order to retain this democracy that this president clearly seems to be breaking. Our day by day by day life after lie after lie: corona virus death, corona step after corona virus death, which he could have prevented. No? How much more these republicans need? I dont know how much information the american mexican people need to be as worried as I am so you tell me what what is it that would hold back? body, whether someone working in the administration or a public and later forests king out, right now and getting that money to the Post office, So there are more interested in holding onto power than holding onto their democracy, as we know that, as we ve grown in Tibet it a crime to preserve it to any forty years, lay down they care less about that and take care
about keeping the Senate and then and then growth dear to us, about doing Reelected and It is. It is amazing that were sick, we're sitting here this morning talking about trying to defend our democracy from the President of the United States from are the commander in chief, it, internal situation, but none of us ever thought we would be in within that situation now that that, The unalienable brain is born of the kinds of measures that have been asked to go forward. There was actually a Supreme Court ruling that gives some hope about how the court will look at tat, these sorts of cases that that allows a road I went to to relax. Some restriction. Some restrictions on
male in voting given the pandemic and- and that was sixty three decision by Supreme Court- it was it was kind of hopeful actually buy. It is again why, we have to make these court violent. Why we have to if you have a landslide victory, Donald Trump as opposed to AIDS toward him. Made a bundle, decorated, mercury, but that's a situation where we are trying to defend our democracy under and tat its that's where we are heading Mitch Mcconnell wake up, wake up and smell the He don't you see what you want I'll hold onto the site. You can have nothing at the right you're going out there. Your letting him go. I'm in this obvious he's told us at every step of the way, what he's going to do and what is not going to do, and
here. We are it's time to wake up still. I had on morning with Paul showing him trailing Joe Biden. President Tromp is promoting another Bertha conspiracy, this time about common. Ah ha, us and with corona virus cases still on the rise breaking records in deaths job as urging governors across the country to issue mandate Ray Mask orders you watching Joe, we'll be right back. Hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC correspondent and hosted the pack into America, it's hard to believe but Eve Scooby nineteen continues to spread the school year is right around the corner and seventeen of the twenty largest school districts are choosing to go fully remote as their back school plan that affects more than four million students
the San Diego, unified school district, is one of them. So that's where we're spending this week on into America, with its report series were calling corona virus in the classroom, a working man opens up about her frustration that are some can return to the elementary school in person. A teacher in a low income school shares? What remote learning has exposed about the digital divide and Doktor Linda Darling, Hammond President of Caliph, you, stay board of education talks about the tough decisions that were made this spring and why she believes this week, Ex ego are ready for one. My learning this, for, I hope, you'll, join Us conversations episode drop every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore, in
america- where were you listening right now in subscribe, untrue, mainly post of into America, a podcast from MSNBC, join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice, interracial injustice any when you add health is a health and justice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America, a podcast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday Wednesday Thursday subscribe. Now we want to go to the middle now and Israel and the United Arab Emirates, striking a major diplomatic deal to establish full normalization of science and the coming weeks countries are expected to sign agreements on security, trade, direct flights. Reciprocal embassies, among other things, is relevant.
For now to suspend its plan to annex the West Bank, However, israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu says that, despite the deal he still committed to annexation, ok press Tromp yesterday praised the diplomatic breakthroughs saying the deal will soon be signed in Washington, but one of them Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visual and Crown Prince Mohammed Benzene ahead of the United Rob Emirates to fantastic people for their vision and their leadership, and I look forward to hosting them at the White House very soon before we signed the agreement will probably be doing it over next. I would say three weeks and they are becoming to Washington Response, the palestinian government recalled its ambassador from the. U S and the deal is a betrayal and an aggression against the palestinian people.
Yo coms, as the Sunni Arab world increasingly looks to Israel, has a potential strategic partner against Shi Ite, Why? For rain and Egypt cheered on a deal as White House officials signal that more our country could soon follow is currently has a peace deal with only two other arab nations. That would be Egypt and Jordan, David Ignatius. Confused about this messaging on the West Bank? Will the deal essentially trades, normalization with e way, something that Israel very Watson will be a prelude to a broader waiver of normalization for an israeli promise not to go forward with annexation of the West Bank. The language that used in the formal communique says that the Israelis it had not to add
areas that are described in present trumps, so called vision for peace, peace plan, which was announced in January. What meanwhile about the precise errors have been defined yet so s heart and now, but I was assured yesterday, by you ass, a new EU officials that this deal means no annexation period, and I think that something that people should should celebrate. I think this is a significant achievement, for Israel for the for the USA and four and feed I'd states. Since Israel was created the dream that our countries would accept normalize relations exchange ambassadors has been one of the more that millions upon for around the world of shared it move forward today. I think the heroes of the story really are the MRI diplomats who demanded that it be net
the Prime Minister of Israel give up his is campaign rhetoric about annexation. If they wanted normalization, you made clear they had to give up station. In the end they made their choice good for them good deal for everybody and in your piece, David for the Washington Post. Its entitled trump is right that Israel do any agreement as a huge achievement to write import. This Netanyahu and Mohammed been Zaire to our drawn together by shared interests. They agreed IRAN and its proxies threaten the Middle EAST. They mistrusted, they'll I'm administration and its secret nuclear diplomacy with IRAN. They favour more, trade and investment across the region and they are front administrations trends, factional real politic. Commissioners.
He's plan when it was finally announced seem stillborn cushion argued that if he could peal of several countries that we're ready to make a pragmatic deal, the process self arab normalization with Israel dream, since the jewish state was founded, might finally get some. Traction. What still need to be done. Anything that concerns you moving forward looking at this, so make other, Four things that that concern me first making sure that the terms of this deal at ten dance so that there would be bites edges of the West Bank. That would make a future palestinian state impossible. This deals and because it preserves the idea of a possible two state solution. In doing that, I think, satisfies or should begin to satisfy Gaston End desires for for a homeland that work
so it's important to pay attention to that. I hope will be momentum with other upsets joining. I don't think that Saudi Arabia will join this time soon, the situation politically and said here is just too fragile right now, under under Mohammed been summoned, but Bahrain is likely next. Three Oman which should be Netanyahu is visited personally is likely next country, Morocco. So if you had that kind of momentum, that kind of fact the vision of a Middle EAST. That's more Europe, where this free transit of investment of goods Services ability share technology, sure good ideas, something when I we all deep down love to see coming that. That comes a little closer just to say. One final thing: although this success for now tromp, it's also good fruit for Democrats. The Democrats perennial live, then the strong. Supporters of the arab israeli peace. I think this makes it easier for Democrats in Congress to deal with the Arab Gulf countries like
in Saudi Arabia makes it easier for few environment administration if he wins to open the gates to two to dealing with EU aid dealing with Saudi Arabia and indifferent, gender to push this forward. So in some I thought yesterday's announced its in August. Surprise, regions coming, but it's one. We should celebrate and Nicholls your reaction to the deal. Do you agree with David Ignatius? I do you think you know it's triumph for a word that we dont use very much anymore or lately, which is globalization and connected, miss in a smaller, more connected world. It was here to do this, one dark shadow all throw over all of this is TAT the rise of IRAN lose over this, it's great that it made possible for
new partners to reach out to each other and to make these kinds of arrangements, but in part, it's happening because of something potentially NI happening right in the middle of the region with the rise of IRAN, but I think you know four for today? That's that's equivalent meannesses overall, a good thing and I think it It's a win all around. There's the if Israel at an end and neighbouring our state reach out to each other and mention armies relations, that's a good day, Jane Robinson well, just couple of slots are being denied. Guy might disagree with David nourishes on the Middle EAST because he is He is an expert as credit for so long, but it seems to me there are a couple of areas number one the there, the Palestinians see. You are likely to see this as dogmas
Yahoo promising not to do something I believe in a national law considered. Only illegal to start with. And so I don't think, they're gonna be happy about this. I think you're brine is likely to feel more threatened by the Us Iran Eyes time says, does The region is in many ways gaining strength, but it also Iran looks across the gulf and sees it were being confronted by the Sunni Arab world in what it must perceived ass aggressive manner and now, with Israel joining forces with
the? U n. So I wonder if this does not to use the diplomatic term of art, freak people out my government in Tehran and lead to it was with consequences that we can't wait or see. So So I am not sure that it's all sweetness and light from here, but it is, it is a step forward. And told that works out. So the deal is bill Let's get some, maybe backstory from the White House, Johnson Le Maire, about how this went down reaction in there. It certainly give them something to focus on yesterday obvious There are major stories just swirling around white house that we will continue to cover, including the ever growing number. We're virus deaths, the absolute failure in this White House
To deal with this pandemic, that has put us in a terrible place: geopolitically g is strategically around the world. We are weakening by the day and that, of course, the corruption from the presidency on down as it pertains to the point, so service, the president saying out loud. He wants to mess up the election but they had this that they were pushing a lot on. Social media really goes to your be sure to check out this week's episode of the Sunday sit down podcast with Oscar winning actors, Biota Davis, to talk about her extraordinary career and her journey from poverty to Hollywood. Z list it now for free, wherever you download pie, guests. Here, I'm a guy and also we should not forget the presents return of authors and which I assume it get you shortly in this right. Show yes. This was a certainly a this was certainly a last friend it is it a data and everything that was just said from Gina David in Tom echoes that I mean this is a positive development. There are weak.
Signs Turkey's another country that is already expressed real happiness and anger at the EU aid? This deal went down terms are politics. This was something it was indeed a surprising Jarrett pusher. As we know, the presidency or adviser in some law has been charged with delivering Middle EAST peace. No small task there, part of his rather expansive portfolio in the White House, but this is something that he worked on and they put him out there from the brief room yesterday and they sold as it is, a good news story, and certainly you most for the most part it received applause, applause and deservedly. So we should note the National Security Adviser Robert O Brien, also took to the podium regional yesterday and flat out said that he thought this would win present Donald Trump, the Nobel Peace Prize winners, river, remarkable moment of politicking from that room? But I guess it's another Norman convention- it's been tossed aside by this. Administration, but as a final point, it goes to show also
at times. How much this my struggles of the politics of all this this could it have a story. It could have framed the deck and won the day for them. Instead, when the President TAT is briefing hours later it was twenty five minutes in before he mentioned it. He was asked about it. He deferred to others in the room aids for questions. This was not what we want to talk about yesterday. His focus, of course, remained on Joe Biden Mass. Which he seemed yesterday. Frankly, the president to back away but you should. Finally, after Joe Biden yesterday, mast mandate for the country and, of course, Hungary, assault on post, ok, still, I had the president wanted to slow down career, virus testing, so fewer cases would be reporting. Can I just help me out here: he won't to slow down the testing, so he doesn't have as many cases so that his numbers look better about. When you slow down the testing, you obviously can't traced viruses that you find some
more people, get it and more people die? He's literally slowing down the testing for his political benefit, not carrying that the american people are getting more and more infected every day and dying every day, testing, has slowed, but the nuts cases of course has not and deaths are up. We will discuss So I had on morning job. Unless we all pull together to get that and we don't have parodies in some states are doing this in some states are doing that way. Continue to have this up and down. So that The thing that I'm concerned about, because I believe We can. We have a within our power to be able to get that down bottom line. Is I'm not he's good how things are going in an interview with national teams.
Big yesterday, Doktor Anthony vouch. He said he's not happy with the state of run a virus outbreak in the United States. Meanwhile, Computer virus cases continue to surge across the country, the? U s- is cutting back on testing. I just believe I'm saying this accord access nationally. The daily number of tests perform do about seventeen percent lower than it was at the end of July. With testing all declining in hard hit states, although exports reduction in testing has helped clean. Away delays that They lag in releasing test results. Conducting fewer tests may also hinder the country's corona virus response as citizen hindered already hindered already at the end, the. U. S was conducting more than eight hundred thousand tests a day this week it
around seven hundred and fifteen thousand even states particularly bad outbreaks, pull back on their testing the number of positive test results is still high. An indicator that bore testing needs to be conducted in an effort to stop the spread covet nineteen Joe Button called on governors across the, U S to issue mask wearing mandates with President Trump pushing back, claiming that I'm a quote: putting a left wing politics before facts and evidence. Every single market should be wearing a mask on there. Outside for the next three months at a minimum, every governor should Mandy every governor should men mandatory mask wearing the
Miss by the experts are, will save over forty thousand lives next three months, forty thousand lives the p act responsibly, and it's not about your rights. It's about responsibilities, as in America, at every turn, but has been drawn up. The virus. Knowing the scientific evidence and putting left wing politics before facts and evidence. Sleepy Joel both the China Andy Europe Travel and you know that pose the channel. Level bandit. I used to do that very early and a Europe travel, but as I get out of this, I mean this is just the president. Just like four times in a row, and I just cut short because we don't need to hear him lying
says, Joe Biden has been wrong. Every step of the way was the wrong in January, when he penned in opinion. These four USA today warning of a pandemic warning many lives would be lost if the president and get his cdc and build team. Around this to combat a virus was wrong or were you wrong? went to the CDC spewing your germs, all over the place, saying if you can get a test, I wanted, as you can get a test. No one could get a test or maybe were you wrong. When you said it would just no way miraculously may we were you wrong when, as you said, it was just person coming from China, maybe were you wrong when you said. Perhaps you dont want to use the defence production asks act. Mobilise the nationalized response to testing and intact, tracing like other
please have done and their numbers have gone down and while you might be keeping the testing numbers down by slowing down testing, which is just utter stupidity, talk about, did, see, talk, did see. Stupid botched responds to a pandemic that is killing tens of thousands of people. Overall. More than sixty thousand right now. This is You meant those deaths. Mr President, our on you and your terrible response to this virus vs terrible response. You can't even show leadership on masks, and now your poet sizing your lies against Joe. The who sang everyone should wear masks because they reduce the number transmissions of the corona virus, which is what Calgene saying, which is what all the dark
we are saying and former CDC director saying people who actually degrees and decades of knowledge in studying pandemics and infectious diseases, and yet you go out there and just below us do but ideas about injecting clorox into your body and taking I dropped, explore our queen when it isn't past isn't saved enough saying you took it it's idiotic and it's killing people and you get up and talk about Joe Botting being wrong. There Nobody been more wrong about this. Then president, Donald Trump look at the facts. Look at the numbers looked at the record making deaths families losing people by the day, mothers, fathers, sister Brothers and yes? Yes, president Trump little children actually die from the corona virus. May not as many, but you said,
children miraculously just don't get it you're wrong. There's one who has been more wrong, then you on this and you're the President of the United States and your botched response, So this is to you losing so badly that new pathetically have to cheat like a sixth greater looking at the paper next to him during a test. You tell everyone you're, gonna mess up this election undermine the post office so that the ballots can be counted said that the election can't be Sanctum. You are pathetic at this point. Every network that shows this lies everyday. Please do it because every day this president looks more ridiculous. The clothes fall.
Off we see the lies for ourselves. I do think that every network should pump out and fact check when he is just blatantly lying, but it is so obvious that if some network news directors don't want a bump out, His lies hang out there. Its painful to watch because how many people are dying in those people who have lost loved ones? They know you're lying. They know now they should have saved themselves. Maybe listening, listen to the scientists and not their president, but it shouldn't be this way and it doesn't have to be this way and it didn't have to be this way, but it was because of President Donald Trump. The one and only joining us now state attorney for Palm Beach candidate, Ehrenberg Dave. Let's talk about me
asks mandating mask use? You could look at Florida as an example. It simple, but it's become a political issue good morning mecca. Yes, it's a shame that people are politicize. This pandemic. You gotta sheriff in North South Florida, who is doing so, is that only telling people to master the optional that hunting is actually bearing them outright. Isn't it s about political Cultural wars is lids is that of public safety. They share comes from at county and more central flora, this large of republican- and I think this is way of getting a good graces of the far right. But what he's doing is harming pop Safety is creating additional mistrust between police, the community they're supposed to serve because wake up points that we ve seen effort to try to bring people together. This does the opposite. This makes it less likely that. Member of the community will approach a police officer or trust a police officer, because a police officer
carrying the krona virus and because of this policy that police officers Not even allowed to wear masks, and one final thing on our local share of Europe's image county has. Is that he's where Mass, whenever they come into tat we ve individuals in the community, and he said that it has never impeded the job that they have to do. So this is wrong, headed up its jeopardize of public safety, and it also could put lives at risk. So I just ass. I was going to ask you about law enforcement, whether or not they could charge someone who refuses to wear a mouse get an answer that, but I would like to take it further legally. What recourse to the american people have right now when there are it is in the hands of a president who won't do the basic things to say that at what point is it malpractice at? What point? Is it something worse? I'm thinking of Tulsa
where the Trump campaign took the social, distancing, stickers off the chairs and squish people together and made them click on a waiver saying you can't. So if you get the corona virus and die from coming to this rally, how stupid can you be at this point? Did you follow this precedent? I beg you not to be for your life, but I ask you Dave Ehrenberg. Is there any legal recourse? If you this virus, because at the stupidity of this president- and you can go officials have level of immunity, so you're really mockery of the city and the currency may peoples wave our, so they wouldn't sue them civilly, so I think the way that people can fight back against this is by voting in November, the only thing that's gonna save us from this mess and its part whether police can arrest people or not cooperating, cause they're afraid
deal with and officers, not worry, I'm ass. They can't may have the discretion to fight criminal charges to make an arrest of someone who is resisting arrest or obstruct investigation. Those are misdemeanor crimes here in Florida. The case within go to stay, turning office, my car for in marrying county who would then review that potential the facts of the case and if the crime is prosecuted, then defence lorries would certainly pursue in assessed defence, saying that the defendant, was reasonably fearful of contract and call a virus, and here she perhaps as in high risk group, the elderly and the whole case, can be thrown out So this is the kind of policy that can actually backfire against prosecutors and the police One other thing to add on that. Even so not charged we're we're sitting. Tangible, dangerous escalation in an otherwise routine traffic. Stop in other
normal encounter with civilians and why in the world, would we want to do that in the wake of George Lloyd that we need to bring people together, not operate more barriers between police and security, supposed to serve eve. Maids Many good points, Dave Ehrenberg. Thank you so much. You know if your sense in a little intensity here, I'm a little abduct, because this is an emergency. It's not just me Its David Ignatius, saying at its Tom Nickel, saying at its Eugene Robinson saying at our country. Right now is really to breaking point. If we find a way to hold this president accountable with his attempts to undermine Post office and also his parent negligence, perhaps purposeful, on saving the american people's lives in this pandemic. Coming up since centre adjourns through Labour day without a deal on economic growth and what this means
for the millions of out of work, Americans plus Donald Transformer, fixed Michael Cohen says in his new book that he's condensed the pro when he loot. If he loses the election, he won't leave peacefully. Yeah, we ve been talking about that darling. George joins us at the top of the hour to discuss the revelations from his long time. Friends book morning chose coming right that hey it's crochet since we go. My podcast wise is happening all be talking with Pulitzer Prize Winning author Isabel Wilkerson about four wildly ambitious new book on cast what we view as established almost now
or a law is in fact a creation of man. It actually is not real. It is an artificial hierarchy that was used in this particular hierarchy. This particular caste system and other cast systems. There might be religion that uses a metric. There could be geography disease as a metric other forms of lineage, but in this case it was raised, is the tool raises the signal, races, the queue as to where you fit in the caste system that was created with the founding of the country that this week are wise, is happening. Search for wise is happening where releasing right now and subscribe
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