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Former First Lady Michelle Obama spoke Monday evening at the kickoff of the first-ever virtual Democratic National Convention, and the Morning Joe panel discusses her message.

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slash m j. I think it's under control a day what how a thousand Americans are dying day or dying. That's true and you it is what it is. Donald Trump is the Wall President for our country, he has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job, but he is clearly in over his head, cannot meet this moment. He simply cannot be who we need him to be four? ass? It is what it is. Is what it is: Michelle Obama, using those words from President tromp inner keynote speech last night for the Democratic National Convention good morning and well morning Joe, it is Tuesday August eighteenth. Along with Joe will I welcome back and me we White House, Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan, the mere politics
journalism, professor at Morgan, State University, politics, editor at the and MSNBC political contributor. Listen Johnson and senior opinion rider at the Boston, glow, better limit, MSNBC contributor Kimberly Atkins as well. It's good to have you walling Joe, it's good to have willing It certainly is we'll lines, and I started talking of Red Sox Willie's been on assignment. We can't really talk about where assignment wise, but on assignment, but really the conventional ass, an eye. Judging from the reviews from across the political spectrum, was actually its success. You even had the Fox Couple Fox NEWS anchors talking about Dana Primo. Talking about how Michelle Obama duck the landing and Chris Wallace talking about what a great contribution she
I gave to the Biden campaign that she Slade Donald Trump with our small, it's great back I'd rather be in a restaurant in a bunch of people. Do Shell in Milwaukee, but here we are in this strange year and it was of course the convention was weird, but we knew what was going to be where you have to get used to it for a little while, but putting theatre criticism aside close, with Michelle Obama, with opening acts that included Republicans whose which their minds and want to support Joe Biden over Donald Trump. You had the family of George Floyd. You had victims of covert nineteen Gillis Rating Donald Trump failings on all of that, the leader including Bernie Sanders which solidify the progressives, who may still be a little bit disillusioned with Joe Biden. Thinking he's to moderate, you couldn't really put together a better package of speakers. However, it came across through those tapes.
Messages than then that and of course, will get into a but closing with Michelle Obama, who said again last night, I hate politics, but I think that's precisely why she's such a girl? speaker and a great messengers, because she lived somewhere above the pole go round where she can speak human being as a mother, ass, a wife and as a former first lady, about the failings of Donald Trump. Me guy. I thought it went off very well last night, it was a show in the show when very well considering the circumstances of it. There were some people, online that we're talking about how it was it the most exciting thing in the world and the responses online. I thought were fairly accurate,
Do you remember what these things were like when they were lie? They were even more boring, even Moors S day, seminar, even even more sleep is then they work as we would get up there and drawn on mess. I mean it's not like that. Stuff suppose some really weird people I deny so I thought it was. I thought again for the first night, I thought it was those very good performer, so I strongly said they get everybody from Republicans the Michelle Obama Bernie Sanders. Who really did Moreover, the most compelling message to progressive, which is aid, listen the consequences of failure or two, the areas, though he did not quote General Douglas Mc author. He in fact fact said there is no substitute for victory
and that was the message that he had for progressive human right and love Joe Biden. But right now, unity and the consequences for failure with the convention were high, especially when have so much material speakers. As we said spam, the political spectrum from Bernie Sanders and other former prime primary rivals to Republicans like John K, sick and then Michelle Obama headliner. She assailed president tromp, while making the case that a man, ECHO needs Joe Biden leadership now more than ever,. More than one hundred and fifty thousand people have died and economy is in shambles because of a virus that this president downplayed for two whenever we look to this White House for some leadership or come
elation or any semblance of steadiness. What we get instead is chaos, the vision and a total and utter lack of empathy. You take one thing from my words tonight. It is this. If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me they can and they will, if, Don't make a change in this election if we have any hope ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe I'd like our lives depend on it. I know Joe, he is a profoundly decent man guided by faith. He was a terrific vice president. He knows what it takes to rescue and economy beat back a pen. They make and lead our country. And he listens. He will tell the truth
and trust sites. He will make smart plans and manage a good team. And he will govern as someone who's lived alone that the rest of us can recognize Kimberly Adkins, its fascinating that four years later, Donald Trump. Some message has, And turned on its head, not just by Michel, but by a hundred and fifty two hundred and six a hundred and seventy thousand that's what it Donald Trump say to African Americans, Why did he say to black rotors four years ago? Why do you have the lives and last Michelle Obama message after four years of death after four years of economic devastation,. What did Michelle Obama say if you don't think things can get course you're wrong. They can and that especially for black
voters, but for senior citizens and for small business owners and for Americans have been devastated by this pandemic? The Donald Trump has been. Down from the very beginning, though, his words likely resonated last night
really did I mean you're, absolutely right the answer to the question tromp posed for years ago, we ve learned what he said. What the hell do you have to lose demeaned, learn that the answer is your livelihood, your jobs, your health care and, potentially your life uncertainly. Now your ability to row to be able to get your prescription drugs through the male Michelle Obama did a very good job of underscoring the urgency look. We ve been hearing for months now about not just within the broad democratic Party, all the factions, and can they get energized and will Joe Biden be the right person? What you saw it last night was from Republicans from progressive from Michelle Obama from everyone saying look weather Not Joe Biden was your guy in the primary. Whether or not Joe Biden is the guy in your party
This is a moment that is urgent and requires your action. She used her own words about going high when others go well. She said that voters, king hi by doing everything. They can, by voting like their lives, depend upon it. So she put that there that's the urgency. It's a pandemic. You may have to wear a mask. You may have to pack a dinner because you have to stand in line, but that was the call to action and she was the the best messenger of that she was the best speaker and twenty sixteen in Philadelphia. If you recall, she'd lit up that place, the electricity which is really hard to explain- and I didn't know how she could possibly bring that kind of smoke last night and she managed to do it. Former first lady also delivered a message with her necklace, which said simply, vote earlier in the day in which concept in presidential
ass to who wants to listen to Michelle Obama do at taped speech. Well, some folks, a Fox news were listening and here's the reaction after the speech from them very different. To try to connect with an audience without an actual audience there with you, but she has the ability to connect with people through the scream, and you just got the sense that when you talk about anticipate she has it in spades, I think of the day and see if they look of course the night, the first virtual convention of our history. I think they would say that Michelle Obama stuck the landing and Michelle Obama she's doesn't like politics, and she said that this speech was remain contribution the Biden campaign it was about contribution. She really Slade sliced and dies. Donald Trump. So so Willie, Dana pre now present pushes fair press secretary said
but Michelle Obama start the landing, and Chris Wallace talked about that being heck of a contribution to Joe I to Joe Biden election efforts. It really was again a speech that, through praise from all quarters. It did and she didn't get into policy, and she did that. I think deliberately: Bernie Sanders gave a long policy speech about progressive values and protecting those and why he believes Joe Biden will do what she was able to do. The former first lady is to talk about the character of the country and that we're better. Nurse and that this is not a president whose up to the job that he was elected to do closing that line. It is what it is Jason Johnson. Also by wearing that vote, necklace that wasn't the
of her message to people who are registered to vote in this country, who did not show up in two thousand sixteen, she kind of laid out that three million vote margin that Donald Trump One, the popular election by those slivers and there's like Michigan were ten thousand votes, decided the election and something a hundred million registered voters didn't show up to vote in two thousand. Sixteen her message was not about policy. Specifically, it was about telling people if you like what you see right now get out and do something about it. Yeah, really when she said that in some areas it broke down to basically two votes per precinct. You can tell that that the former first lady had really done our homework. It was, and it made be so good, will see if Maloney tries to lift some of this, like you did four years ago, of which it gives our speeches, We for our and see this as this The thing that I thought was was most interesting linguistically about what machine
Obama said last night there were so many key buzzwords that she used several female friend smashing married friends of my takes me last night, Michelle Obama. Kept saying, Donald Trump doesn't listen. He doesn't he's a man who does it listen to you, all of my married for info like oh, my gosh. Yes, yes, a man who tells it listen that were so many different when she said I hate politics, there were lots of people who obviously say I hate politics, but I was amazed for woman who's been in public life for the entire we offer husband, Barack Obama, she sounded like. Where do people? Why talk to me like? Look, I don't like policies that are really care, but these are things that matter, and one thing I also want to say it was so resident to me, John Glad that you mention is made of the four year anniversary of done. Tromp saying, what do you to lose, the black people in a church in Detroit is tomorrow we actually have a special day of cover the real. What we're talking about? What have lack law?
over the last war, you were talking about healthcare, economic, we're doing a whole day of coverage on that tomorrow on the real, but what pointed out. It's a hundred. Fifty thousand people died over thirty two thousand. African Americans had died at weeks three and four times what Americans because of the mismanagement of the cuban pandemics, while she hid it out of the park yesterday, she in Bernie Sanders really the highlights of a night that, for a lot of people, was kind of boring, but people watch those two clips and those who Messrs isn't, Dnc want one to get across, that's frank and President tromp attend to counter programme the DMZ yesterday by stumping in Wisconsin, a new Paul from the battle by the way, shows Joe Biden continuing to hold a lead in that state, the This morning, console Paul finds Biden in front of tromp in Wisconsin by six point, forty nine to forty three percent among likely voters there and looking at the polls- breakdown,
Biden is winning the states suburbs by eight points, women by ten points, college educated voters by twenty three trumpet. With white voters without a college degree by twelve points, and they said, Joe a little place where he could speak to folks when he land which again now necessarily safe in terms of social distancing guidelines, small crowd, you know what one of the things that I really felt good about. Looking at the crowd the tromp rally was the fact that almost all of them, will, there were wearing masks, at least in the pictures that I saw but the mere we saw this happen in New Hampshire, where Donald Trump had to cancel that because the crowd sort as big as expected, This is a man who is used to going insane five. Ten fifteen thousand people rallies Yesterday was yet another small crowd
GOSH. Perhaps that was because there is not. The excitement out, therefore, that there was four years ago are. Perhaps because the Americans understand even trumps most I didn't supporters understand we are in the middle of a pandemic. It's really not safe to go out and congregate around large crowds. If you're, older american or if you have underlined conditions Joe. What we're seeing here is these are considered official rallies by the campaigns. Parliaments are more invite only their deliberately meant to be smaller and we are seeing. Is this what you deceived pressing forward? A lot of airport hangar amounted to yesterday when it was content and one and then a soda that gives them the feel of a rally, the connection with the crowd, but yes, certainly not the site that is used to seeing and I'd say from my colleague who is on the ground yesterday said mask wearing inconsistent somewhere for sure. Why not
We want in the social distancing kind of one out the window once air force. One landed use that, as this backdrop, the to take- ways that we should say from the president's appearances yesterday. I was content I'll swing state Minnesota one where his campaign thinks they have a chance, but they're down priests in ITALY in those one is, the president was considered a visit to the George Void site in Minneapolis in the Governor Minnesota says that he warned the present not to do that for the fear of what The meeting in the objects of unity wouldn't want him their sex The president in Wisconsin said paraphrasing the basically, the only way we can lose this election is if it were rigged. And I think that is obviously a message- we're all going to have to watch going forward here. Planting. Those seeds has been so in chaos with his assault on the post office, which we have currently here on the show and again. He's leading into that argument. Yesterday, his response to the convention? Last night, most of his tweets were singled out of New York under Angel
oh, who appeared early in the evening, was very critical of the president's response to the Krona virus pandemic, and I It is an echo what was said before a Michelle Obama egos. Did she hates politics than delivering such wicked? If Sir at times daggers to the president. Using his name only once, I believe using his own words, it is what it is that powerful. I think it's telling the president is this: far hasn't saving about her or as a final thought. What might have been most powerful moment of evening when they had some real people up there? some real people whose lives have been changed by the present policies and its responses. It, including one woman, does end with this quote. We said this was said of her father, who was a troops of were he's only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that we pay with his life. He died of the corona George is so Jonathan. Let me ask you: why is so that event yesterday and in airport. Hangar was invalid.
Should only These are small groups. These are not. These were not widely distributed tickets. This was for locals trump supporters, local groups in states acceded to yesterday. I was talking one another so that at least for now the trunk campaign is still shying away from trying have a big rally. We saw what happened in tone so, they didn't dry anywhere near the crowd they would have expected, and then the health officials in that city believed that that event help spread over night infections and then yes, as you mentioned, there are other attempted was one knew, was one New Hampshire where they cancelled its public the rain the privately, because they were afraid that nowhere watch that are now trying to have much well mauler events while getting the President Ben Willie that's interesting. I mean I've followed a lot of present campaigns and a lot of gubernatorial campaigns and at this stage of a campaign,
I must say, I've never been to an airport hangar event, That was restricted to invitation only. It obviously is meant to stop the present. Big embarrassed again by low turn out. Yeah. There's no way, Jonathan said Tulsa was a huge wake up call for the campaign about the number of people who on it to come out or were willing to come out in the middle of a public health crisis. To see the presence of United States. So yes, this is definitely by design Kimberly. I want to talk to you for a moment about this pole just going back and areas concern inside Wisconsin? That really are reflective of his areas of concern nationally Wisconsin, of course, another one of those states like Michigan that he won sliver in two thousand sixteen needs to again. But if you go through the cross tabs they're just And a lot of areas that look good for him, including senior which is so interesting. A grouping cleaned up with nationally in two thousand sixteen he's down there again by double digit and this data was Constance
Sixty five in older, and these are people for me impact and quite bluntly by covert nineteen, unlike any other group absolutely these are people whose lives have been up by covert nineteen, the sheer about how much more susceptible they are to the virus, the inability of them to see them. Loved ones. I spent my vacation through the Midwest, including Michigan, where I visited my parents and I couldn't get within six feet of my own mother and father. Because of this, people are being impacted by this in a real way, and this is he knows that this is in. These are important states for him. If he loses those states, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for him to be realised These are in those small margins that you talked about. Ten thousand votes in Michigan, where
he won back victory and twenty sixteen. So clearly, they are not trying to expand the biggest they're not going to other states trying to expand their voters there, trying to make sure that the voters that they have come out. Rest assured, I saw a lot of trump signs throughout Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania last week, but clearly there are signs that that support is eroding in a way that could be devastating to let campaign. All right, Kimberly Atkins. Thank you so much and There is no doubt that Donald trumps campaign, as there of millions of dollars, and they are going to use that money to focus on getting their people out many people who they believe have never voted for before and that even vote in twenty sixteen. They think they can get them to the poles. This share too, to win election. It's interesting that we get really talked about seniors and we ve been talking about this
since March Betsy, citizens understand there on the front line of this pandemic. Yeah I've killed a hundred and seventy thousand people. The president is, saying that it was one person coming in from China, and it would go away that it was fifteen people that had but soon would be down to zero, kept saying with magically disappear in April when the weather got warmer said he they to reopen the economy by Sir Easter said he wanted it kids to go back to school last spring. Here we are this fall. We saw what happened at you in secret, oh hell we're right. I d get students to go back to school they had to shut it down already will there's apologists came across financial times? Was an empty PETE Petersen Foundation, Paul one Americans view about sending children back to school and once again, Don
rob, finds himself in the minority over two thirds of Americans believe it is unsafe and they fear that it will be unsafe, descend, children back to school. Now. Can we there that's the case or not. Whether schools can figure out a way to see fully send children back to school and take care of them, and that is of course up to each individual school word there, trying to figure it out, needs school system, but again to show you how Donald Trump is I'll, be out of step with Americans, as he has been wildly out of step with senior citizens throughout this entire pandemic. A president who has been put king for schools to be reopened now for several months, is the wrong side of a two thirds majority, and that's happened- time and time again through throughout this cry,
and it has to be the reason why he's having such problems with senior citizens also I didn't have to be. This way we could be opening school was more safely had this been mitigated, correctly. So these schools, but being super spreader events. Religious highlights how poorly this has been handled in terms of that event. In Wisconsin. That was invitation only. I wonder if made them click on a waiver saying you don't have to sue the trunk campaign No, you can't see the trunk campaign. If you get her, the virus greeting the press and the airport I mean, because those people were squish together. Some wearing masks and they were invited by the trunk campaign. It's like they don't they don't listen to the science, they don't learn or they don't care. Which is something were where we're assessing every day, Joe
watching you hunched over a desk for many many months, and I think it's time now that we share with our viewers that you have a book coming out printing of Amber its entire saving freedom, Truman, the Cold war and the fight for West civilization you're always rating is spent you're alive. Studying history, presidential history, but why Harry Truman and why now rod was hunched over the dusk, of course, because Williamite making the dogs and try to pick writing, I didn't rioting and when I wasn't looking it exists, Actually it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it, but now what So what I wasn't doing that I've been I've been working on this book and riding on a long time, Harry treatment, of course, had an extraordinary biography, written about him by David Mccullough several decades ago and There was a part of his story than I thought, is extraordinarily timely and that was what he did following
old war to you. Wouldn't we obsess so much, and I obsess so much of my reading about world or two in the great as well, in Churchill and after your in either now or in the allied powers. But what happened after the war so he shaped our world is much as as any presidency. Truman, of course, had stolen met Stalin. End of the war and its harder but the Soviets where our allies took the brunt of of the casualties during World war, two enemy We following more this guy, who was a failed haberdasher from Missouri, a simple man had to. Surely lead western civilization and its fight again. Stalin's aggressive over across Europe
So it's it's a story of an accident or president a guy. When, after your and nineteen forty fourth, the Chicago Convention found him and asked him to be, as vice president said, go to Hell and empty are. Who was it used to being crossed? Responded back to said. Well. If you want to break up the Democratic Party in the middle of a war, go ahead and Truman We decided to take that on, but was nineteen forty four. He become president in April of forty five. He does even now about the atomic bomb after your had kept framing bade only met a couple of times when, after he was selected to be, take it. He then had to make the decision that fateful decision, and then going into nineteen forty seven agrees in Turkey were endanger Stalin and the Soviets we're looking for westward and it was
Truman who, after the British, sent to now suit who diplomatic Minoan saying we are exhausted. We can no longer to defend grace. We can no longer defend Turkey. Harry trim, The decision to make did the United States back in through their isolation, this mode, which we ve been end since George Washington's fair, well address, or The United States actually create a doctrine which the follow up to the Madison argument. Oh doctrine and end that would actually contain the soviet threat, and this is credible story of how he did that, how we did that would republican support, who were isolationist at the time and how we democratic support as well, and we, the world that we live in right now. The foreign power see structures whether you talk about
NATO, or whether you talk about again: the Truman Doctrine the world we live in was shaped by Simple man from Missouri, nobody would have expected it. David Ignatius called Truman I can miracle and that's exactly what is life proved debate, yeah and like David Ignatius. This story in this book fits in perfectly to our times, because foreign policy experts, like David and Richard House when they talk about the unreal, levelling of all the work that America has done since Truman, creating the of world war, two era and the can century that points to this time that you're writing about. So congratulations on the book. I honestly didn't know you were doing this. A lot of us picked up habits during Nineteen, you said Diana wrote, a book about it and so well done. I play key, no doubt I believe everything I've done but Joe. I want you mentioned accidental president. Any really was, I think people
realize or don't remember that he don't even vice president for a couple of months after our died right, and I think the story is you'll know better than than I do that he was having a drink with SAM Rayburn and in Re Burns Office gets a phone the come to the White House and Eleanor Roosevelt. The first lady inform them that after has died- and here you go Here's the oval office in the middle of world war, two. In the Middle World WAR, two and, of course, that famous exchange between the two Harry Truman new that, after yard was in a bad physical shape. At the same time was shocked. By the news and asked the first lady there anything that he could do for her, and she said you're the one in trouble. Now what can we do for you and your ride? He they were still what war in Europe he would have to make the decision
like I said whether dropped the atom bomb on on Japan to eventually or whether they have a fool scale, invasion of Japan that could cost up to a million american lives. But here he was such an accidental president and he was a guy who is just to simplify this. The ride need danger, field of chief executive Z, its entire life. His mother in law had no use foreign from this he met his wife, till she died in the White House in king. You never seem to be able to get as many people's risk, he only ran for Senate in nineteen thirty four, because the first or man, but the party wanted to run refused IRAN, so they push Truman out. There were a shocking VIC
nineteen, thirty four he ran for reelection after six years of supporting after yard and nineteen, forty here Consider dead in the water by the Saint Louis Dispatch, Sdr refused to can endorse him again. He was dismissed as a rule by the New York Times. Once again, it was that Harry Truman was going to lose, he said, somehow managed to shock of political world and nineteen forty and again, and then, of course, the nineteen forty four when he was selected as vice president he- was treated with contempt this strange little man and- and I remain- and I tell the story briefly of my parents, my mom telling me that that you They were a royal family in Dalton Georgia struck
through the great depression it felt like they only get through the great depression, because that, because of empty, are in the new deal and I member. My mom saying that her family would just laugh every time they heard Harry Truman talk. They were. Dyed in the wool Democrats. They were a bad. This just like carry Truman, but the clerks Alt and Georgia felt like the press parent, of New York City This guy just was up to the job, and yet he everybody wrong, didn't it strong Mary job, especially in the field of foreign policy and we heralded the world than heritage and here's one of the big stories of those spoken and then I'll shut up. I promise Harry Truman surrounded himself with some of the greatest minds in foreign policy, Harry Truman, Dynamic, ensign, George Marshall Cannon-
go down the list. He had giants in foreign policy around him. He asked their guidance he took their guidance. He was very decisive in the decisions that are made and believe that the buck stops with him and and most of those decisions he made were the right ones and changed the world we live in, ensure that world we were born into was the world in the middle of the american century. We looked for it tat ten. I look forward to you being Tom with writing. Still I had a morning Joe another state that rush to reopen during the pandemic reaches a grim marker in terms of deaths, will get the latest on the. U S response, and this programming, note untried. I, the morning after Joe Biden, accepts that My product nomination, the woman who knows it's like to run against Tromp Hillary Clinton we'll be our guest.
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tell them it took decades of Mars. Jeanne, organizing and standing up to folks who thought that democracy should be of by for only some of the people and we had to fight for decades more to ensure that women of color could cast their It is well these victories or hard won, but the struggle was worth it because our for mothers news that our vote is our voice One hundred years ago, on August 18th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty, the 19th amendment was ratified, guaranteeing that the right of citizens of the United States we shall not be denied or a bridge by the United States or any state on account of sex and joining us now former White House, director of communications to President Obama and Director of communications for Hillary Clinton. Twenty sixteen presidential campaign, gender
Paul Marais she's, the author of the new book entitled sheep claims are a declaration of independence. For. Man's world. Also with us. At large forward. They nonprofit newsroom the nineteenth and Most NBC contributor, Aaron, Haines goddamn view both era start with you, because the nineteenth newsroom, obviously name after an important moment in history. Lately maker and we do mark the ratification nineteenth amendment. Today it is the member our unease is named for, but with an asterisk maker and the reason that we have an asterisk isn't recognition of the women of color, who did have to fight twice as hard for the right to vote, even though, we're right there shoulder to shoulder with suffragists in at the turn twentieth century fighting for the right to vote for all women, but frankly, were sacrificed so that white women can get there
to vote, they would those where we now get that right to vote for another four decades until the passage of the Voting Rights ACT of nineteen sixty five and so while it is important that we mark the centennial, it is a milestone, it is a landmark. We must That in taking opportunity to tell the whole truth about the Nineteenth amendment so that we move as a country together as women? Absolute They worth remembering and an commemorating and and respecting this moment in history, Jen Palmary as we look back wheels look forward. How do you think women our galvanizing today in this? Next? election. Do you think the turn out will be something different than we ve never seen before, or Maybe something like the mid terms. I'm in the majority. What we saw we'd never seen before. You know we had for the three big benchmarks. One was their women's March nineteenth and nine and twenty seventeen second was image
turn out, and then the third was the widow bonkers turn out. Well, Biden on Super Tuesday, Annie men, women, let her not about then, and it you know, I'm just not going back I've. That that Mary, the moment I saw the turn out, I'm two thousand seventeen for the women's March was that there was some in about Hilary losing to this guy that told women at our God wow. We are by the one set of rules. If we can have this kind of out, I'm in America and its Michelle Obama said last night: pillory can win by three million both with bill lose the president fate. We are doing wrong, and you see women just this third in themselves and waves they haven't done before, and now that I try to in my book. I try to draw lessons from the from suffering in the suffrage light and there's too, lessons. Wine is when women band together and fight with each other, a fake
and they have enormous power to change the world and when we put ourselves against each other, we put ourselves against other marginalized populations, and described, then you hold everyone back and what's rate about what you see happen in the women's movement now is. It is as errand described as the name, the news outlets embraces, which is all women, all people of color fighting together. If it's the same power systems at ultimately became a power so that women from you in our potential of the same power systems, are keeping all people follow from from doing so, Erin its Willie. If you look at me NBC News, most recent Pauling general election match up the spread among women is nineteen points for Joe Biden. If you look at major polling that, somewhere in the middle around twenty three percent in an Paul lower in the teens and some other poles We knew for a long time that job I was going to select a woman to be his running mate. But what do you think this section of this woman Senator Camel Hair Ass, a woman of color approach.
United States Senator now elevating her to the national ticket when you think that does to gas. Denies women of color in particular. I am thinking about even yesterday and television, Senator Doug Jones of Alabama went out of his way to say yeah, I'm here because so urban women and black women put me here because they turned out in my special election. What do you think com whereas on the ticket means to Joe Biden, prospects with women, It was interesting. Senator in the interview that I had with her on Friday said that by Joe Biden, picking her, she called an audacious move. But she also said that he has moved this Congress. Nation forward decades. In terms of when a woman can be seen in roles like the vice presidency, or the presidency I know a lot of a black women voters and organizers that I've spoken to were calling for black women were thrilled to see the choice of cinema common areas because of the combination of her qualifications, but also lived experience as a
woman, we know that when black and though they do it not only for themselves or their household but for their rights, their community and their country, and so you know when black women vote Is it pushes us forward as a society, and so the choice of camel hair is something that we are already seeing in. Some polling is energizing some voters. I think, though, that it is in to teach you asked, because I am hearing a lot of black women asking because of twenty sixteen, because you saw fifty three percent of white women voting for our President Trump over Hillary Clinton they are wondering if white women are going to be excited and are going to get on board with with Joe Biden, choice of the woman of Common Harris running may: will they get behind the women who are excited about this ticket in the same way that black women got behind Hillary Clinton, overwhelmingly. Ninety four percent of black women voters, Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen
their wondering if that will be the case in twenty twenty and last week, Press Tromp tweeted this? He did it again. The suburban half housewife will be voting for me. They want safety. There are thrilled that I ended. The long running programme were low income. Housing would invite. Their neighborhood Biden. Would install it in a bigger form, with Corey Booker in charge and hearing as yesterday, during his trip to Wisconsin, I keep hearing about suburban women. I made well, you know what's wage recently, I call you, urban housewives. They all loved it, but what I
they sent siren of that's politically correct as it don't worry about it. They'll get all her and write a guy's Willie Guy steer this week on the Sunday sit down pod gas. I get together with Amy Humour to talk about her life in quarantine as a new mother. Her new series expecting Amy and her breakthrough in train wreck get our conversation now for free wherever you download. Your pod casts General Mary, our women gonna get over that most of us are knives and when you see I've been nineteen point gender gap, Muslims, most of us are not heard that there are some women whose there- and you know, I'm sure, or generally are in your right. There are some white women who work in its four Donald Trump and there will probably embrace a suburban housewife, but it's really you know that moniker bites really telling bad e hotspot great book or a match weakens you know. Who's really popular in square bugger actually happen.
At supper and women re bad is how wise, where Bugger United States senator because suburban women in New Jersey, both for though this is heap, Mean Trump hegemony, really it's obviously really troubling him is he keeps coming back. That's it. You're trying to use adds just Are women em into voting for him and, if not working, they ve done. I believe that their fourth round of an that gender gap heaps of moving and violence for action and same comments so much racism, Jean Paul Marian Aaron Haines. Thank you both very much for being on the show this morning coming up the controversial head of the: U S. Postal service agrees to testify to households whereas, as president Tromp denied claims that he's trying to cripple the agency for his, political use, even though he said that's what he was going to do. Casey Hunt join but her latest reporting morning, job is coming right back
Under this administration, or ism has taken root in our country together. We must build a nation that is more portable, more compassionate and more inclusive. I know they're Joe Biden we'll begin that fight on day, one to everyone who supported other candidates in the primary To those who may have voted for Donald Trump in the last election You're all about democracy is at stake. Today, is Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden chief competitor during the two thousand and twenty campaign, and you Jason, I you know I have always done counted endorsements endorsements, don't really matter most of the time. What one pot location says about another politician. It just doesn't really push somebody. The poles I'll make an exception
their when Bernie Sanders reaches across the aisle and said state, his fervent supporters, this guy's going fighting from for us on day one. I think that maybe we have an impact in this election. Well, the euro I got- I gotta admit Joan. This- is one of the the myths about scientists that I think people forget more seniors, voters and twenty. Sixteen voted for Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Voters voted for Obama. Two thousand eight right like I. I think there is tendency to believe that the loudness of some supporters of Bernie Sanders represents majority of regresses in this country, and does it most aggressive realize it Donald Trump as a threat, most progressive are going to end up voting for Joe Biden. It was significant about sanders. Speech last night is the way in which it about jobs and policy perspectives. Like look, we have different is on how you get the full covered, but this guy it's gonna, listen to me this guy's gonna work with me
Obeid has done a very good job of integrating Sandra Supporters Sanders advocates as Paul. People into his campaign, and I think anybody can be honest, clear and say: Bernie Sanders, way, more n for Joe Biden anywhere for Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen and well we're not going to have the huge rallies that we had in the past that helps for me, of his team, the from many organisations on the ground for like ok, birdies. Okay, with this and we can be enthusiastic about when Jonathan or mere. This is an example of where having a virtual convention for either party stop support some going on the floor. Talking to us and their supporters has now Joe Biden Zella, that you know, and you find the two or three or four people which reporters will do, find the two or three or four blue disagree and suddenly cable works. Newspapers are quoting those people and
case, perhaps it's because it's a virtual convention, but certainly in large part, but the burning speech last night. This Damn democratic party looks far more unified than it did in twenty sixteen or even in two thousand when there was a split between healthy and Barack Obama, there's no question that there are it showed the virtual convention. As we noted earlier, there was some thought that early on last night, things were a little slow asylum is, where alludes maybe didn't land I do think we deprived to some of the images that that make these conventions so special and not just the balloon drop, but I think we can. We can thank you imagine that tonight's, from now in southern Harris, becomes the parties nominee for VP. Yes, I'm the kind shots, but that would be like other women of color reacting to that historic moment, and those are those images that I think the party will be sorry not to have last night, though their problem, glad to have to not have those images exactly right. Let's remember in twenty six
There was a lot of tension in the crowd there in Philadelphia. Some Bernie supporters were not on board with Hillary Clinton, and that became certainly a new story there for a couple of days. That is avoided because not seeing no shots here, and I think we also should underestimate part of a region I've centres is. Is this went much more quietly? To summarize, the personnel is between him, Joe Biden. The two men get along well these were certainly tensor between he and Secretary Clinton, certain can't be overstated, the value of trying to bring progresses into the tent here. Will you're from representative ambassador across her Cortez. She speaking out tonight the convention on that effort, as was the case address for night, too, of the Democratic national convention will be given by Doktor Jill Biden. Who will be bring her speech lie from Brandywine High School in Wilmington Delaware, where she was an english teacher from the very classroom
they taught her students in the early nine nineties here now, is an exclusive first look at the video that will introduce Doktor Barton when she second lady Jill, told me that she would buy to continue teaching at community cause and I said that's insane. You cannot possibly do that. I said I I can do both jobs. I now never saw her on any day of the week where she wasn't carrying a huge stack of papers to grade second lady. She was teaching full time for eight years credit semester, these students who wanted to be in your classroom- and I saw- their tenacity and they were taking care of Chile, and just like I had done- he gave a hundred percent from her
Changes to days, she's a great teacher tissues outward your does its. She is just simply cares. You may get way when you were interviewing jail early in the campaign. Ask her about those two when she is second lady and she was also teach, can you be so you tell us the stories of kids two three four weeks anyone come up and they re like. I saw you on tv, hoo, hoo you will. I saw you standing next to Michelle Obama would what's she like noses that just one So much with me, her story around the we're second lady will be our guest tomorrow morning, right here a morning Joe look forward to that, and still at this morning the Wash
imposed. Robert Costa joins us with his latest reporting on how the Biden campaign plans to fight efforts to undermine the vote, plus Eugene Robinson with his new column after Michelle Obama, Dnc Speech entitled for someone is as she ate power dicks. Michelle Obama is a poem medical powerhouse morning. Joe is back in a moment. Hey everyone, it's for mainly MSNBC responded and hosted the pie cast into America. Presidential election is less than three months away, so this week into America, we're looking at some of the biggest factors that play as Americans get ready to vote. Black women are one of the most important voting blocks for the Democratic Party, but they face decades of exclusion at the polls. This week marks one hundred years since the ratification of the ninety head limit, so we're looking at the role of black women in a separate movement
then, and now plus, would dive into some of them were subversive forces influencing voters like you were not approach from conspiracy theory that is gaining influence in this pandemic and as the Democratic National convention rose out virtually we'll talk about whether Dnc signals about the party strategy for November. I will join us for these conversations. New episodes drop every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday search for into America. Where were you listening right now and subscribe to.
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