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The Morning Joe panel recaps the second night of the Republican National Convention.

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The economy was rebuilt in three years. Then came a once in one hundred year pandemic. It was awful health and economic impacts were tragic, hardship and hard four everywhere but presidential leadership came swiftly and effectively with the next, ordinary rescue for health and safety to successfully fight the call this virus That was something when we were in the Madeira member we are in the middle of that pandemic. That was something man. We never thought that would pass. That pandemic was bad suicide cancer. That was bare remember when people used to get cancer that terrible terrible wait. There's still people dying from the front line, swear, moving towards a hundred eighty thousand dad. So I'm not really sure why Larry COD low, who used to talk about it?
going away quickly. I'm not Why he's talking about in the past tense? But of course he is consistent if nothing else good morning and welcome the morning Joe, it's Wednesday August, twenty six along with me, we get Willie. Also, B C News, MSNBC contributor, Charlotte Thomas host of MSNBC politics, nation and present national action network. The Reverend AL sharpen Oh you act tomorrow in Willie we're gonna, get to the big take away from night too, of the Republican National Convention than a mere put it covered gets ignored. A check violations, galore rising twenty twenty or stars and palm pay. And the like the present ever showman mixed up show business with campaign it takes it always very, very First Willie there dumb. If, if you looked at them,
snide. It really was an alternative alternative reality. You had record low. Talking about the current of viruses. Past tense, you all had millennia actually criticising People who were mean on social on social media and gossip is, of course, never hurt. Her Criticise her own husband when he said that make it was bleeding bad, from a facelift. Or when I was a murderer when Woman who had passed away tragic nineteen years ago. Her huh and was begging, Donald Trump being so hateful and causing their family extraordinary pain begging the stop, and he just continued over and over again cause in paying for that fact. I'm just never heard
Why you say anything there never hurt or same thing when Donald Trump talked about bleeding badly from a face left, but somebody used her child. And upon and oh my god, locusts we're descending from the Heavens. It was the end of the world, so I guess she's fine with Donald savaging other people every day causing Immeasurable pain being extraordinarily hate, formal malevolent force in american politics on the net on a personal level in his car the daily attacks, he's going to stand up and lecture about gossip. She is in the seed inside the house. Gonna look like you're about gossip. And she's gonna lecture about the meanness of social Emmy seriously talk about.
Being Sheng was absolutely shame was speaking that nothing person. I know former our attorney General PAM binding She saw the conspiracy theories on Ukraine. Why PAM why? What in that, for you, it's crazy So do I really some credible, a night of turn it reality? Alternative facts, if we're in that world than I can tell you that last night, the boy the Red Sox took yet another step towards the twenty two. World series. They came back six ones. Halfway through again, they be Toronto the six and how many times have you and I are grown up when we little kid sitting on our fathers labs and our father, saying son.
You can go in there. Buffalo on a Tuesday night impede the balloon Jays Then you can win anywhere. You here I told you that right he did. He always said son that neutral site Buffalo field. Little break your word every time, if you're not careful that somehow the Red Sox manage to get out of there. I know of complete coverage of the red sites in Yankees coming up later, but you're right about this parallel universe. I mean, I think, Larry cut low, captured a perfectly talking about that in the past tense talking about a pandemic and being dismissive of very little clip again said he ass. It was bad. There was death and destruction then comes the but and this entire convention. So far has than about an invented, but the President it states stood in the breach. He stop it from being worse than it was Joe. A hundred and seventy eight thousand we're dead, thirty million people are out of work and their touting again. The president's response to that
a virus crisis in this country. It's amazing we're coming out now and a hundred and eighty thousand at now. Actually so Larry cut low I was just one moment in time, but his dismissive nets and his willingness to to raise president trumped up to be the hero of this crisis. It just defies reality when we cover this and watch this, and not just ass, but American, who live there. Every day more, we ve seen it unfold over the past six, seven months and again If Larry Cuddle is going to say it's over and again, if they're going to say that done, tromp is somehow made this better than a was looking at the numbers of Americans who died compared to every country across the globe. We will, without a doubt, have the worst record by four on every level, but. Again. This is a man who said that the chronicle this is one person coming in from China. Person coming in from China.
I was going to go away, and that was in January. The same time, Joe Biden said we weren't ready for the pandemic and begged the president to listen to his scientists in this doctors who were warning him and at the end of February. This is the same, As an who said it's only fifteen people and soon it's gonna be gone in March. He said that it was going to go away very soon and told senators to stop worrying about a republican senators that everything was going to be fine. He said he was worried about it in March setting. Going to go away in April, when they is warmed up, said told a group of African Americans leaders and the White House that it was going to magically go away, then he started talking about drugs, that his own doctors and scientists said worked for When an wouldn't work, and then he started pushing that. Then he started pushing Collins Why why? Why were you in disinfectants, injecting distant happens in body. That was this
in time that his administration had to put out a message saying basically please listen to the president. Doubt put disinfected in bodies. Are you ve lights in your bodies? It will kill you please, don't listen to him. Many said it wasn't going to come back in the fall. Then he said it was going to go away and again it is still with us. We still, of course, we, the world in tone, corona virus deaths. The press his wide every step of the way, every TAT by the way, telling us not to worry about it It was going away. You see the number of deaths in ITALY. Remember when ITALY was with was the great challenge and we thought well at least we're not ITALY. Now we're
the issue about four and a half per cent of the world's population. We get about. Twenty five percent of deaths in the world has nothing to do with testing that's debts. Then on Mars and TAT, Donald Trump said we're prepared we're doing a great job with it. It will. Go away just calm, it'll go away, that's on March the and will you write despite all of this, despite the fact that he said not coming back in the fall. Despite the fact is, people. Now he's been wrong time and time again, this was a present who pretended to last night like it wasn't there, you didn't see, masks people wearing masks those events and you had a wary cutler going out talking about it in the past tense They ve made that deadly mistake over the past six months a hundred and eighty thousand people soon to be dead and the united
states and it's just been. It's been strong, narrowly bad leadership and with a deadly deadly, consequence, yeah. The presidency its magically going to go away, and if you watch the first two knights of this parallel universe, you might have thought it had gone all gone away. Unfortunately, the reality is much different, we're gonna to talk through all of what happened, not only are and see there was a lot to get through, but we want to begin this morning with Jacob Blake. He is twenty nine year old, black man who was shot multiple times by police canosa. Why Wisconsin on Sunday he's now paralyzed turning said yesterday that damage to Blake Spinal CORD, as well as to his internal organs, is so severe that it would quote, take a miracle for him to walk again. That shooting has sparked protest over racial injustice in cities across the country. Some of which have a rapid into violence. Amid the protests over Blake Show
overnight Canosa Police, reported, who fatalities and also that, Third gunshot victim was transported to a hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries. It mark the third night, a violent protests, that of through Canosa Shop, police, fire tyranny ass to subdue big crowd surrounding the courthouse pass. The eight p m curfew about two hundred fifty law enforcement officers in two hundred fifty national guards. When we're on hand, Tony avers has declared a state of emergency yesterday, Jacob Blake's parents pleaded for justice for their son and for an end to the violence. My son, so the pine, seven lucky then
but my son matters is a human being. That is right here, city. I noticed a lot of damage without my or my family knew what was going on his part that the violence and the disruption would be very see a family full of grief, but also full of grace having to go out in front of the cameras and address pain in their own family. The pain of what happened to their son or their daughter, but also to make an appeal to the country astounding, took you watch Jake legs father, his mother and sister yesterday, the grace that they showed,
It was very moving and, at the same time, challenging Blake Father called me day before yesterday. Support. In fact, he's joining us at the National March in Washington on on Friday They did Martin Luther King, the third night already call, and when you look at the facts, This young man was shot in the back seven to love. Probably will not be able to walk again, prevalent maybe we'll, but certainly is paralyzed now and in any way shape or form does not seem justified at are now threatening running away from the policemen, and His mother and father stood there and had a Greece about. What's going on calling? peace calling for people not to do anything. This young man himself would want to stand, for they should
grace dead. The country and law enforcement officials have not shown them and I would hope, This not only speaks to those that would go out and and Miss represent, would Jacob is about our it speaks at all that investigating this case. This needs to stop it. We too have laws that will enforce protection of those of us that is subjected to police that take matters. Above the law beyond the law, rather than enforce the law. Ass would fridays about and ass with this firm They reminds us as families in the press is not just the video is the law and in full another law. We are a video twenty years ago, twenty five years ago, would radically king. We haven't had is a willingness to say the police you will pay can be accountable if you go beyond and above the law,
yeah it was. It was so incredible display of grace by the family. The mother also telling those protesting not to resort to violence that that undermined everything that her son stood for also said she was praying for the police, but all that she expected justice. Obviously, there has been response across the country. Did this Jake shooting here is Zella clippers, head coach Doc river speaking yesterday about Jacob lights, plight, where's sends out to me, is just just watching the Republican regret our convention and this viewing this fear right like Donald Trump and all talking about fear, where the ones didn't kill.
Let's get shot river once it will deny to live in certain communities we ve been home. We ve been shot in all you do is keep here. Fear is. It's me We keep loving this country and its country does not love him back and it's just is really so sad. Just be a coach and so often reminded of my color No, it's just really sad. We gotta do better the man better like we got you funny reproach us
and they soon riot guards right, decent people riot outfits, The girls of Michigan, with guns and their spending on cops and nothing happens, all the time and asked to change the police force, the unions have to be taken down, in the police force, my dad was a cop, I believe in cookouts we're Try to define the police and take all their money away. We're trying to get them to protect us, just like they protect everybody else. Want to talk about it before the gang. Because it's so light just keep what The video, If you watch the video you don't need to be black to be outrage.
You don't need to be a merchant and outrage and held them. Republicans talk about fear really wants to be clear. Whether one's haven't talk every to every blood shall what whites Other has to give his son a talk about being careful. You get pulled over yeah you rather the convention dockworkers extraordinary. You have at the convention the signs of a billionaire no inherited four hundred million dollars talking about fear, during fear trying to stir fear among white voters in the suburbs, at the blacks are coming to get you talking about the fear making up just making things up talking about here, they're coming for you, there going
abolish the suburbs, gangs are coming to your neighbourhoods and are going to kill you and your families. They talk. Fear, Shanna and yet is doc. River said Donald Trump never had said his it's down and have a talk with his son said: hey, you know if he gets stopped while you're driving in your porch, or your Lamborghini or whatever they drive in as you going down to Atlantic City turn lights on inside the car keep your hands on the dashboard, because if you the wrong move. You may get shy. Jonah. I think we, I think we lost, or rather to you that same thought, that dog rivers extraordinary point the dock rivers may I think it was
extraordinary point, but I also think it was extraordinary was that rivers When you see a la Brown, you see a dark room. Is you see, people that are not activism there are not enough. In movements for decades, but that step out side of the zone. A lot of people and clearly from the polling. It is true a lot of people there ordinarily give the kind of attention they should are to look at this then you contrast it what a president who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never had to fear anything but getting. All up in some real estate schemes of discrimination start trying to put fear in the hearts of people. He has people than Hell, what on non violent protesters in Saint Louis and indictment for doing so, frija to speak at the republic. Man no convention
That is why people like Doc, rivers in all our calling out, and you can't scratch that last Joe and and and we look at the fact that the mother told the story. The mother, Jacob yesterday told a that when she was standing at side would have sung and said less pray there was some one in the room and officer and sunset. I owe you a person of faith said yes, and he said pray with us, they could prayed to gather. Would people that you would think they would be angry at a time. President stoking fear, fear against who and for what this has to stop and we the only ones that it will be able to stop it and ass. All of us to get China, back now, Shawna watching Doc, rivers, I've been a basketball fan my whole life. I watched him as a player in a coach think that was the
ass moment. I've ever seen him what a beautiful message and a beautiful speech and obviously wasn't easy for him to do, but he felt like those in power with the additional meaning, as you pointed out, that his father police officer for thirty years and May would Illinois where Doc grew up. What you here and that message from Doc rivers. What did you see in his face? What did you hear in his voice? I mean I heard extreme pain- and I think that is being reflected throughout the country I was watching. The press conference witnessed
makes family us today, and I just want to read a quote that ended up texting. One of my friends from his sister quote. He was not treated like a human that day he was treated like some foreign object that didn't belong, and that is that when we see these be shootings on tape, when we see these things happen, when we hear coat River say what he said: that's the reality that many people are living and forgive me for bringing this back. The politics, but part of the issue of the Republican National Convention is that it is like to reality than this What Doc rivers was talking about that vat juxtaposition between this idea that that a woman's brother went out and wasn't treated like a human versus the idea that it wasn't really being acknowledged by an entire party in the United States during a presidential election is unique. It makes it in some ways even harder
to deal with and part of why I think Maloney and- and I heard everything just said about Maloney speech as well as all the things that our president has done and said. I heard all of that, but one thing that stands out to me about the convention last night is that Only a trunk. The first lady did acknowledge some of the division and it wasn't like the entire convention was in this. This alternate universe, but but the thing that is, it is interesting that you decided to sort of need this because what Doc rivers are saying is what so many people are actually living every day. It is that, since a fear- and we want our government to at least it knowledge that and at least try to work towards that- not even not even including what's happening with covert nineteen right now. On top of that, all of these things make it pre stereotypes,
that person in this country and we have to. We have to figure out a way to work together to get beyond that, and we can't do it if a heart large chunk of the country is ignoring fact the message from the convention from the White House is just the opposite of that. When you have that couple from Saint Louis sitting in their parlor of their house talking about there, coming for you. Next, the suburbs are going. Be abolished. We all know what that What language needs is the opposite message of what doc, rivers and what China was just talking about. We will go back to no shall later in the show, but still I had on morning, Joe get into night too, of the Republican National Convention, which blue the lines between campaigning and governing Jonathan. Mere joins us live from the White House with his latest report, but first bill parents has a check on the hurricane headed to the Gulf Coast and picking up steam bill.
Will it is one of those pit and my stomach mornings? Waking up knowing this norm was undergoing rapid intensification, seeing this satellite image behind me now feeling the entire gulf. The storm is intensifying quickly and it's getting order in size a little push more water towards the coast. So let me playing. What all this means and tell you where the words to this is going to be, and I certainly hope that the federal government getting its resources together. Now, in putting in place to head to Louisiana, they are going to need a ton of help when storm is over with massive power outage. Our state homes just devastated like Charles, is in a lotta jeopardy too. So one hunter a ten mile power winds. This is going through rapid intensification, its met that class asian, it is still rapidly intensive. I hope, without stopped before land thought, but right hurricane centres as category four, this avenue landfall later on tonight about midnight. The two a M local time round, lay Charles Beaumont Part Arthur the forecast has not shift towards it
to an area. That was one piece of good news, but then the store kind of the self out as it goes up to the north. But we really care about. What's going to happen where the devastation destruction is, if you're being told to evacuate, you have to go a ten to fifteen put storms. This historic, that's gonna, be like Rita, that's going to be like Hurricane Ike is often the boat What are the area all through the southern half of Western Louisiana its coastline? That'd be a accurate and just let you know how for England it gonna go, thirty miles is how far inland imminently Charles is. There spitting a nine twelve foot. Storm surge at thirteen feet, river through, like Charles Floods, have the city. So that's how serious situation, this is right now and of course, that we still to deal with those hurricane forest winds. Moving emily- and this is the wind forecast- lay- Cameron area over one hundred mile power windows expected, so the kind of get an idea here first to concern
and later tonight, this devastation of the storm surge that will destroy communities down on the coast, specially Cameron, parish, and then we deal with a story. Moving they inland, then we deal with heavy rain. The gusty wins the power. It is now spreading. Shreveport could Gustus sixty seven, so power outage is all the way through the Louisiana. Even in areas like little rock, we could see windows to forty to sixty miles per hour with and then, as we mention the rainfall too, but I think the stores urges the thing is going to kill the most people of people don't evacuated, and never the deal out of falling trees and power address four days, if not weeks in here he's right along the Texas, the wee wee sciatica, so obviously hermetically Stating storm is on its way for the Gulf pay attention to emergency managers. Get out a harm's way. If you pass, we can you still have about twelve hours until the storm will be a protein You want your morning. Job would be right back here.
One, it's true, mainly MSNBC, correspondent and hosting package into America. Tens of millions of Americans are preparing to vote by mail. This election at the same time, new postmaster general is cutting staffing and services to shape cause this week on into America in Tbilisi President their jobs and tell me why his organization is soon the? U S p s, and why this fight over the future of the postal service is really a fight for civil rights and found the Dnc. It's the Republicans turned the party hold their virtual convention this week and I'm talking to a representative of a bone black. We don't hear much about Like Republicans, plus as the country is watching the shooting of yet another black man by police, many black
kids, are asking, is now the time to buy a gun. I look back at the unequal history of gun rights in this country and talk to one woman who is considering gun ownership as a means of safety and survival. I hope you'll join us for these conversations. New episode struck every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday search for into America. Where were you listening right now in subscribe, untrue, mainly post of into America? A pod cast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational, and just as anyone you add health as a house injustice into was at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America upon cast about who or as Americans, and who we want to become new episodes. Every Monday, Wednesday Thursday subscribed now Democrats convention, we were told look at Joe Biden as the model of integrity. But when you
look at his forty seven year career in politics, the people who benefited or his family members, not the american people take a closer look. We are now about Jones Son Hunter biting a corrupt? You indian oligarch, put kind or on the Lord of his gas company, even though he had no experience in Ukraine or in the energy sector. None yet he was paid millions to do nothing, he owned, had one qualification that mattered here the son of the man in charge of distributing you essayed aid to Ukraine. Jos S help build back better yeah, build the binds back better that is former Florida attorney general, as is mutual defence lawyers. Hey? I'm bonding, repeating the debunked claims that the former vice president improperly intervened in Ukraine to protect his son Hunter bandies, false claims about Biden in Ukraine,
The very conspiracy theories present tromp was trying to get Ukraine's president to expose and, of course, what got him impeached. She argued binds family had benefited from his ears in politics. We will note that president prompts own daughter of vodka and son in law. Jared cushion are top White House advisers and they spoke ahead of several members of the trunk family, including the first lady and Tiffany tromp, and Eric Trump. Who can t? used to run the Trump organization. Just this week, New York, city, a general files, legal action against the Trump Organization and has asked the courts to compel Eric Trump testified Joe. Are they really going in this campaign? With frame? Is an attack on Joe Biden when the president was impeached over Ukraine? instead, the more we find out the more we learn that.
Actually, all the presence, conspiracy theories were lies and been called out is lies by Republicans and descended Intel committee. There is no truth to those lies. The end community said there's no truth in size, but again just a series. They really allowed. Somebody delivers speech on nepotism again. I just looked like what's wrong Jonathan Wellmere, here still trying to recover from the magic that and last night in in Buffalo he's going to be writing a new, more men work on Tuesdays in Buffalo and also Washington, but amateur corresponded David, Drucker, easy, contributing, rider, eight vanity, fair, but Jonathan I want If this, right by the back, they're, trying to paint the binds as corrupt. If I'm not mistaken, incorrect me from wrong isn't
New York, city attorney general actually going after the Trump Organization for corruption and didn't. We get a ruling a couple years ago that they were banned from future nonprofits in New York state, including the children, because they handle the money so badly, Joe. All of that Correct, our trump didn't arbitrary general is looking to speak to him. He refused to interview as part of their ongoing investigation. The nonprofit indeed has been spent. Because of what you just said it certainly last night the currency was, can competing for viewers ship with fear that area in Buffalo in Buffalo on a Tuesday night what we also saw yesterday, we pay Monday, as you guys we're saying her attack on nepotism was delivered on one of the cable networks when the current below actually had a graphic speaking Ex Tiffany tramp tramp really illuminating the issue. There are that wasn't the only thing last night job where
I bet I wanted to take on this for a second Jonathan, forgive me, but they met in a vacuum. Didn't vodka, get get all of these sweetheart deals with China after after the present met with China is forest licences for her pride. I mean I know it would take us too long to talk about the nepotism with a Trump family, but Can you give us a couple of examples since he's been in the White House of just the agreed Jes nepotism. That's taken place here forget about the fact that this convention looks the convention of South American, strong man and his family members running it, but but They brought up nepotism last night, just like he brings China. When he's been embracing president, she over the past four years and praising President CHE Yellow. We
could go down the list, but again nepotism. They actually have the nerve. The Trop family, Donald Trump, had the nerve to bring up nepotism last night they did. There are but a number of apples and Joe, you mentioned the trademarks and the branding licences that about a trumpet our company received in China. That's one certainly the organization, though they have said they have suspended all new international deals. Since President Trump took office, there certainly still contain one of the ones at work. Licence before concluding ones that we are in a very early stage of origin has not ceased all international business, let's wherever the present, never fully divested. That was one of the issues and write the beginning. He says he walked away, turned over the keys to the company to this sunsets Eric Trump rather tangier, who does the heavy lifting there, but he never fully divested self- and there have been questions also about some of the Accoucheur companies and their transactions, including
the sale of a better future office building our fifth avenue they had been looked at because raise questions of hope. Perhaps closer relationships in that the members of the trunk family and their laws have been it'll, take advantage of since Donald Trump took office. So The Drucker. Let's talk about more broadly what you're, seeing at this convention last night was an attempt anyway, despite last three and a half years of Donald Trump to show, then he cares about women reaching out to suburban women. Voters, presumably also about people of color, here naturalisation ceremony, which was actually beautiful for for those five people standing there done in the White House, in the middle of a political convention which raises all kinds of questions. But what are they trying to push here. What is the message, besides this alternative universe that we ve been talking about, where covered this pandemic is in the rearview, mirror rights think what we ve seen over the past. Two nights is a republican convention is trying to undercut vice president by
course strengths. The fact that we see in his apathetic the sea now he's seen as having integrity and that he cares about me all again and would offer a more but sort of commanding leadership and the president's sometimes not chaotic approach at least a chaotic attitude in the approach and at the same time their addressing the president's weaknesses right. So you for a lot of speakers, talk about the fact that, while the breast- might seem like is not always a nice guy, but that's what it takes to get things done. Or he may not always act the way, you'd want to act but he's delivering what you want. To deliver in a normal politician who conducts them EL. The way you would like a leader to conduct themselves, that's actually detriment most of those people patients, don't get anything done? They ve also position the president with people of color with women. They try to play
the fact that the president is a lot more care and in compassion and underneath all of the lustre and a masculinity. Then you really think so two things here: they're trying to bring Joe Biden frugal ratings down, and if we remember twenty, sixteen won't one of Donald Trump poor strength was one. He was running the candidate that was disliked and seen as brought number two he won, a majority of voters, a healthy majority of voters. That said they just like both trump an Clinton and Poles has led in poles were people civil I dont like buying and alike Trump, but I'm in a vote for Biden. That's what we ve seen an end, and so I think That's what we can expect to see over the next few nights. He is an attempt to to bring by these favour, billowy back down from where it popped up two after the democratic invention, not a final mere talk about what they were trying to do. Last night at following up on David's insights,
and White House visuals that you talk to. How do they say last night's festivities play into what the plans are for MAX two nights, but certainly David said part of that mission last tonight, is going in a trice soften sum of Donald Trump's rough edges, remember his re election campaign, general election campaign began in October. With that world Series add were literally, they said, he's not a mist, not MR nice guy. They say that needs to be taught to get the job done and certainly They try to these last few days. Innocent humanizing stories not from his family, mind you, but some from Congress in Jordan still less in others, acts generosity from the President check me on your sick, family members and so on school east after he was shot. The presence, but time limit is hostile, that and so on. But there's a little purpose for this courses in just two This is already in the works before last week's democratic convention spent several days
really showcasing Joe Biden, legendary sense of compassion, others, no provision in America frankly that IRAN grief then Joe Biden that Europeans can like compete on that, but there are hoping it. They show a slightly different side to the present day, to win back some supporters lost. This is not an effort to swing Democrats new voters over, but rather some Republicans, particularly suburban women I've seniors were really disapprove of the president's tweets. Yes, but more importantly, perhaps sometimes Kalis handling is lack of empathy with a pandemic hoping that this can reassure some of them. Voters who want to vote for the President but authority, themselves out of it because of the events the last few months. That's part of this mission really you they're making an appeal here to voters of color. We saw the naturalisation ceremony at the White House, the pardon of enough a man that was done during the event last night and attacking the presence, criminal justice reform. Mind you most of yesterday could have characterizes a wild.
Violation of the Hatch ACT, which prevents pure political activity on government property. Republicans you're trying to get around that was a loophole secretariat appears speech in Israel same thing. But that's where tried you right now with the present. Last night which try to touts what he's accomplished. The same time, presented ultra reality were covert, barely exists. We Saleh could not speak about it in the past tense and striking that the first lady last night, I was on her after her rather disastrous nobody. Sixteen speech, which included the entire passages lifted word for word from Michelle Obama speech a few years prior, that she was the one who took on the virus had on that. She is the first she no major republican speakers to express sympathy to express comfort, to express grief about those who have been dealing with this devastating note of it. Here the grief over the last six months, but they got around to it. In later.
Yes, David Drucker. Who is the audience precisely for this convention? I mean we know that president trumps bases with him, as he said very. There could shoot somebody in Fifth avenue and they'd be with me if you're in less NBC viewer. You can't believe what you're here because you are living in the reality of what's happening with this pandemic, and you can't believe that its being ignored here so who are they talking too? Who are they hoping to win over? What are the states their address and what are the groups of people right, let's remember to that as well as your buying is doing a national balls in a battleground states that are going to decide this contest. Things are closer and are likely to get sir, in and the president's campaign has always felt, and it's funny last year, when I interviewed him, he said you know, I base is a lot bigger than people think so that the president, leave that there is more to squeeze out of what we think of ass. Oil based, but I think that the Republican generally looks at the
universe of voters that will vote for tromp as long as they show up, and they think they can improve upon those numbers from tool. Sixteen and clearly they have to improve upon those numbers from twenty eighteen. Then there look to try and sort of it with the traditional part of the report in coal elation that was so crucial to his victory for years ago. We talk so often about Luke Collar voters and outline the truth is given how close. Those states were the reason and it was able to pull that. I was not just then he kept the tradition, I'll, suburban part of the coal it should. The exit polls show that he won suburban voters. So if you can improve his numbers, will have the transitional part of the coalition that doesn't like the way he conducts himself and doesn't like populism, can reassemble what worked for you a girl and in part of this, is to try and communicate that if you're, a disaffected Republican
that thinks. Joe Biden is an ok leader where you just would vote for twenty four years ago, but hey Biden is somebody. I know, unlike even if he's a little bit liberal there say actually he's a lot worse than you think. I think that show they had with binding. Is they ve been brewing? Spaghetti a wall with attacks trying to see what works for years ago? All you heard was crooked Hitler, every single day and every single night, and it was very effective and also It was on message and what you're here in this time around is one minute. It's about his family and the next minute. It's about his vice presidential tenure. The next minute, maybe he's now that liberal, but his supporters are and they have found a way to deliver a cohesive message as effective, so they're trying to talk to their base there trying to talk the traditional portion of the republican coalition, because people forget that that's how he was able to put it together last time around hey, it's crusades this week in my pocket. Wise is happening.
I'll be talking with Leah Stokes political scientist who covers utility companies about they are the key to our climate future. You don't get to choose who you by your electricity from electricity, is an essential service. So if I don't like that, my utility is anti climate action or is using money from my rates to you. Don't fund dark money campaigns. I dont have any exit option. I can't go choose to buy from somebody else, so I think that there are real legal questions as to whether or not monopoly utilities with a guaranteed profit and unlimited funds to spend on politics from a captured customer for any central service should be allowed to spend money in politics at all, as this week on wise is happening, sir, for wise is happening where realistic right now and subscribe to your point, a couple of times last night speakers talk about
go by miserable the leader of the defined the police movement. When he has said again and again and very explicitly, he does not support defending the police, David Drucker, always great actor perspective in the summer. Beard is really working for my friend. Looking that come up some weeks just over two months to go until the November election to the present top allies, including his new campaign manager, break with him the issue of mail in voting will explain that just ahead on warnings a rather I want to show you some video that I saw yesterday that I found disturbing you get your take, take a look at this
So there are other angles that shall even more rather than white protesters claiming to be a part of black lives matter, went and harassed, Other white diners indeed say screaming and yelling at them, for it is trying to force them to raise their fists and joint action. In this. Social distancing were this poor leaned back with a mass trying to keep this crap That's shouting at our constantly out of her face distance away, just keep going in and an Rev it was was a moth sane and you are slave now, John, was for a very long time. I worked with him for eight years of no need for a quarter. Century. I see this sort of activity and tell me If you're takes the same, is mine this sort of activity does
I once to John Louis's legacy and to us life's mission only does violence to the negative of Louis Does violence to those seeking justice for people Jacob Blake and George George. Floyd and in others we us We trying to go to trial on George Freud's case. We are still trying to get a job. Who Brianna Taylor and for the public debt of the poorest option that some mobs out there that violate it. Only friends too, defence of those who want to say I had to do it. I had to do to join Freud Brianna because look at the violence I know. What's gonna happen, they become agents of the people. We are fighting and, I might add, a lot of people get a claim to be blood, lives matter on that black last matter
the a tional connection. We we work, indifferent tactics, different fields But we are NASH, action, network and other groups or a good black lives. Madame many chap the sum will be with us and washed and Friday get a tactical into strategic. We may express I and outrage in different ways, but to go and what is the point of achieving justice to just babble mob get a restaurant and not observing social distancing. It might express our feelings, but it doesn't help this. Energy and is not discipline. The war, then John Louisen in June, bought and Jesse Jackson that generation. That taught me is that, if you're angry misguided. You become a. Weapon for the Enemy Donald Trump wants. To be able to use scenes? that is commercials as to why they, want to have law and order and why they can triumph Sleep promote these, we're gonna ruin your suburbs run. You out your house's run. You watch it
so as we should play into that not who we are I'm gonna take the liberty of quoting Jonathan K, part whose joining us in just a few minutes, and he rode on social media, as he watched that clip yesterday want to be an ally, dont do in other words, white people screaming at people to raise First in the name of the black lives matter, movement does not help the Black lives matter movement. It doesn't persuade anybody or move any one to that side. I think that point in the key is that if you want this, be a larger conversation about. How do we make this country better? How do we make everyone feel like they are humans in this country that in action is not going to convince that woman who was sitting down and I'm not seeing that woman
sitting down? Wasn't supportive of black people or black lives matter? But if you have a bunch of people yelling in your face, it does not make you want to engage in that part of the conversation, and so I think the other thing we do have to be careful of as members of the media. Are. If this it may dree that were showing is emblematic of what we're seeing across the country- and you know I am produced a lot of protests. I've been a lot of places. It is very easy to take the foot age that is the most explosive and is being that the biggest bang in the most angry and put it out there, because it shows something, but we do have to remember that there are a lot of people who are not conducting this. And the way those people in Dc Sea were conducting courthouse, but we need to have the conversation and it can just be straight up. Yellin. We need to have the conversation about what's happening there what's happening in Portland
and an obviously as as We owe Jackson said the converse. Asian about violence. And OSHA it has to stop. She says it has to stop her son. Wants it to stop, would wanted to stop it. Doesnt represent who he is does not represent what blacklist two matters in other protesters for civil rights, pursuing right now. Violence does nothing but set back the cause and Reverend AL said play into the hands of those who would like to undermine all efforts. So Jonathan mayor. What are you looking at today? Other then, of course, born burner in Buffalo later than I the best About playing Barcelona choosing to play, there are Wednesday providing the backdrop reversal. You just said the mother
their unconditional, very powerfully. I think what happened in Cadeau she's gonna prevail over the backdrop to what happens today, of other national prevention. There's a re fleeting mentioned yesterday. Of those events, nothing else will that shapes. Some of the discussion tonight remains to be seen. Certainly also the powerful hurricanes about to make landfall also provides a backdrop, a split screen, if you will for the events happened here in the Washington area in terms of politics to things foresaw this illimitable growing worry among Democrats about that. The lack of kind of programming from their ticket during this convention will remember the last week during the Republican during the Democratic National mentioned. President Trump was everywhere you sort of on the present holding events across the country, including one and Joe Biden sold backyard in straightened Pennsylvania aggressive set out. So sorry, it's and talk you boys will really haven't seen. Joe Biden are commonly Harris so that receive Changes in the see the main event tonight, of course, is, might pence he's gonna, be speaking in Baltimore. What Mc Henry beside the battle
Thus far the STAR Spangled banner, we should also expect some more surprised, cameos, but one dollar J trap right and, of course, Willie. Traditionally the party- that's not holding the convention during your weight, always laid low kept their head down said we have to give them the with their weak. Let em blood have their weak and then what splendid data, the Whig Donald problem where's can never stay out of the way. I personally, I think the old doing things. Let him have their weak stumble over themselves away, get all we need out of that weak and then hit em at the end actually does seem like a better strategy to make. Yeah by and large Democrats have done this that this week as Jonathan points out Jonathan. Thank you still ahead. On morning, Joe Hillary Clinton has advice for Joe Biden. If the election is close, do concede under any circumstances, will play her argument for you in mourning. Joe comes right, back
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