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The president on Tuesday held a large campaign rally at the Pittsburgh International Airport, and the Morning Joe panel discusses the impact of crowds on the spreading of the coronavirus and Trump's use of violent language.

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Tromp campaign rally where the president's celebrates violence and goes down We rode on a number of levels- salaries. It was really something last night and it was a super spider event was the super spreader event, but that's what he does, and people obviously like to go out risk their lives and that, of course, their choice. It's a free country, but really of course we're going be showing some clips where the press it makes comments that like hell, I don't know, we woke call them fascists garments and look people's garage together. That is what autocrat stew and say, but it is what autocrat, stolen, say when year, once again glorifying violence and is a presidency long died. You now celebrated the fact that a p, could get hurt in and rally if they exercise their first amendment rights and
later on in the rally the present all basically set. A member of Congress was not an american that, in the whole yeah what how is her country doing why she telling us what to do in our country. Is I'm sorry if that's not what If a, I would love for a professor of or somebody who studies fascism to let us know if that is not the practice of fascist leaders and if Donald Trump may not be trying to imitate them in and wiping his crowds into a frenzy. Yeah we're gonna walk through all those. But you're right. Rarely do you see bigotry so explicit, as it was in that one moment last night from Donald Trump talking about a sitting member of Congress who came with me
as a refugee as a child will get into that make it touched on those pictures. We saw totally flock flooding flaunting excuse me all of guidance from the CDC all of the guidance from his own doctors about distancing about mass thesis. I did a handful of mass in their. Obviously the people behind him had mass on as I've done before at these events, not all of them and then, as you say, glorifying violence, salad, eating injuries suffered by a colleague of ours are reporter who was shot in the knee with rubber bullets. Again celebrating that drawing large cheers from the crowd, so he has created this culture where that those kind of things using bigotry against a sitting member of Congress celebrating violence and not wearing a mask, are all celebrated at these rallies Listen. This is this is an issue. Obviously artists. Whether Donald Trump winds are loses. This fall. This is
This is a country that we have to look at and wonder how forty forty five percent, forty six percent of Americans share an off and celebrate when a member of the press gets hurt, our anybody gets hurt accedes. Not just members of the press is long talked about. Beating up people are carrying people out on pictures it rallies who again exercise. The first amendment writes that Hamilton and Madison and Washington and soldiers and sailors and Marines have fought for four two hundred and forty years and he's up there. Talking about a strong man from South America mocking outsiders suggesting again that a refugee that came to
Eric had alive the american dream and then because may member of the United States Congress is not an american and she shut. Tell us what to do with our country just underlining this. Before we start, I know he throws a lot of things at the wall all the time. But again that doesn't mean we should stop every day and call fascism. Fascism, again you don't think this is fascist. If you don't think this is, how are they crass try to whip crowds a frenzy. Let us now I mean maybe we'll have a discussion about it on the show, but it certainly is what I've read throughout my life certainly does look there, way from here and looks that way too many Americans he's making all these people sick
along with Joe Willie and me, we have MSNBC contributor MIKE Barnacle MSNBC National affairs endless co host of show times the circus and executive editor of the re count, John Harmon Politics and journalism profess. Morgan State University Politics centre at the Rio and in a mess and bc political contributor, Jason Johnson joins us and and basic NEWS Capitol Hill, correspondent and host of way two way too early with Casey Dc Casey Hunt. John a highly? Let me just ask you are. We are we being hyperbolic here, a president talking about violence, celebrating the fact that, if somebody this, that it would be dangerous for them and laughing and drawing cheers drawing fears for the shooting of a member of free press who was where he was three legally get shot by a rubber bullets and the cheering them
he was an extreme pain and misery, and also declaring that a refugee that came to this country, was somehow not a member of this country led- let's listen to this by where the president they basically says, set a member of Congress is not a member of our country, because she's Why it s not a good student, not good at anything, but got a good line, a crap I'll tell you how I she's got a veto. She's radical left, but she's This ban of about Omar
I've been waiting to win the set of Minnesota, because, if you still it is a country do where you came from, how is your country doing they're gonna tell she's gonna tell us, you told us how to run our country. She selling is how to run our country, as if it's not her country, because, like Donald Trump Mother, unlike Donald Trump parents she was an emigrant to the United States. Of Amerika so, John I'll before we get to the top of the stairs and tell me if it I personally are this is night again what fascist? leaders have of done throughout throughout the decades. Not hyperbole job the morning make a commonwealth and everybody else that night
Probably- and I you know, I think all of us the sad port about this. It's not that it's not knowledge and not hyperbolic, but this is not the first time you know the whole reason why I think we all but who are reluctant to use this kind of language. Even after seeing tromp trump. Do a lot of very disturbing things in the twenty sixteen campaign, I would speak for myself I think, for a lot of other people. You know you didn't want to go to to leap to two two notions of fascism, the kinds of language that now not only seems not hyperbolic but seems inevitable. Like out avoidable, you can't you can't it's all like all this. They're, all these other labels right, xenophobic, racist, demagogic, all of those things, there are things that we are reluctant to apply to any politician. But trumpets sofas has been so
insistently all of those things, racist, sexist, xenophobic, autocratic. Fascistic for so long now that, even though everyone whose car resisted that language. Now, it's not even that that that that you apply reluctantly, you put your reply it because there are no other words and he's done it so often just what these women just with them. Deciding right here what they see with what, with Congresswoman Omar with with cars from ITALY you know what the squad who he has chosen to Denmark to demonize from the moment that these women got elected, he's done this that that get this not first time he's done it with them. There has been some newspaper said Joe to your point at the top. You know this thing that is so disturbing about the entire thing is not I'll jobs, a fascist and not the downturn, has is an aspiring autocrat, and, but is that, is that the response to All of that is only gotten more intensely positive in his crowd. Rang weather,
Trump Windsor loses this ball. Those people at those views that they cheer They embrace in I'll trump that slice of the electorate will still be here and that is why keep saying over again the man is dangerous, but he is he's a symptom, Renate cause well, but have been spineless. Republicans who have allowed this to go. Many would argue that we have been too on reluctant to call this out to on reluctant to more than shocked, but to act in a specific way. People in the administration, Republicans in Washington. You know those who have emigrated here from tat. Whence fleeing tyrants, Joe they ve been set all along exactly what this looks like and what frankly for years it was oh, come on. Oh come No, he just says what he thinks he doesn't mean it oh come on mark my words. He means it
and he doesn't care that he is standing up on a stage, far away from hundreds, possibly thousands of people that will die ass. They came to the event or someone else will because they will pass the corona virus. He doesn't care so another mark of a behaviour. If someone like a fascist or a tyrant or an autocrat who makes it all about themselves who wants to change this country into a dictatorship? Does it sound crazy it shouldn't? Because that's where and, of course that's where, of course, he it love began there. I think even people that vote for him know that, Donald would knock down the walls of any constitutional checks and balances? Would one run any matter sounding checks and balances of America's institutions, not held him in check for the most part over the past three and a half years he has become a president who governs by gesture because he can't use
normal constitutional means to achieve any of his objectives data, Go by we're a federal judge doesn't overturn one of his more extreme rulings. Right Jason, though we have after Charlottesville I think it was maybe last summer I think, is when the president told the squire to go home or whatever YO, again just sure, fascist rhetoric. It is. Everybody's called out before it does seem to be more extreme. Now and, of course it state is clearly fascists language by Jason, can we just step for a second, because everybody's focusing on what's come up in five or six weeks, and can we just once convert? What's gonna happen over the five next five or six years or the next five or six decades America is going to cease to be a majority
white nation, and if the Republican Party had any interest, And being a part of that nation, and not just turning into a modern day equivalent of the whigs, figured out a better way, they did not not present themselves as racists did not present themselves there, their present lease as fascists. Telling refugees and others they get out of the country. Or our there's someone. I remember this country, that's the thing about. It is it is terrible. And yes, I will say it: it is evil and yes I'll, say it. I've. Never another american politicians. Talk like this before Donald Trump, but it's also stew, in short sighted, because a the way is gonna fall on this republican party.
Even in four years, because the demographic changes are sweeping taxes, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, other states, Republicans, probably not going to have When again, especially with this kind of rhetoric, this is this: is it Why shy? Well, though, a cup things I got a point out. John was talking about this before lots. People were saying this is gonna happen in particular, of color- were screaming about this and twenty fifty that this man wanted to be an autocrat that he was a white nationalist, and I want to be clear. We ve had presidents and politicians who raises a white nationalism, for in a white nationalist someone who says, I don't want anyone who is not why to be in control of the levers of government or policy or economics eradication. He was a white nationalist. We ve been calling for years, and I want to put this in context you. I am glad that you started talking about
fascism monsieur store in early tomorrow morning? We wait any ideas on how the adjacent I just didn't. Stop you for one. Second, yes, black journals We're saying why journalists are also saying it. Hispanics were also saying it in early December, after Donald Trump talked of his muslim ban in December of twenty fifteen, I actually asked after I can never vote for a man like Donald Trump in December of twenty fifteen. I asked: is this What Germany look like in nineteen thirty, three. Is that where we are now, is this german, but seeing that's the thing. We saw that a lot of people say in twenty fifteen, but I must only when twenty fifteen, I never thought I see the crowds of people cheering on language like that vat.
Standing, that's what is still studying the media that nothing about Donald Trump Study rose crowds Cheering on rapacious rhetoric. That's frightening! So so a couple of things about energy and I M glad Instruments in Germany that arose starting and twenty sixteen. I was on a speaking tour with it. German constant going around the country talking about the twenty sixteen election. I was talking of a german equivalent of in and Frankfurt and but it was asked to meet you, gonna get elected, you're, gonna, get elected, the Germans really really worry. There's an older woman there and I said, look the numbers probably not you know, etc, etc. I said he says, he's really crazy, races things. It seems on Equally, the electoral college doesnt work in its favour and the old woman and our room who was in her eighty said we were saying that same thing about Hitler in the thirties. In Germany,. So you're right Joe I'm here I was, I was across the ocean.
And had german saying. I can't believe you, Americans, don't see that this is coming and I think the most worrisome, but I have to say in all this is your right: there were people called another black We call them outlets. He also call the agents are called it out. I think it to long for many more of the press to accept that and people who are saying I'm in twenty fifth, we sometimes call you know, you're being Football is using its language, it won't get that bad. Other people keep them control and that's why we're where we are today willing. I think that really is right. Now. The question make will go under yet our news, but the question is: how long do the institutions hold up? Donald Trump is reelected. That's that's really the question here, again in the federal judiciary has done pretty exists. Laurie Job of holding Donald Trump worst instincts and check.
Press investigative core of the press. They done an exemplary job, in many ways as well, but where he breaks through these norms and aware polite society is not allowed to say this is he's talking the way Fascists talk. That's where there is a concern that I will say again. I have long had faith in the institutions of this country, the whole Donald Trump in check. I believe the institutions of this country have done it a job for the most part other than the spineless Congress, the Spineless United States Senate of holding this man in check and his worst autocratic, fascist instincts. I think so White Marcia guessing the sad what an apple Miss said what J rose in his underlined it and why? You is the fact that
We haven't been as good in the media of. Moving beyond our current political lexicon, the political lexicon the language the the boundaries of debate that we use over the past two hundred forty years, because we never had a president. That's spoken like this. I Congress whither, complicit hd whither, complicit Congress, yes, this is that it will have a complicit administration. Anna complicit in this has been approved. Horrific storm in a number of different ways, and I think the you know com Patients will have long after this. Hopefully, if this country survives it we'll areas survival, be fascinating. I want to get Willie. But just to add to this because we're about to get to the new cases and positivity rates of the corona virus, will I
thing to add to what Joe was saying, the one that may that may get through to fervent trucks supporters and I mean Republicans in Washington, members of his administration and the people you saw. Those rallies is science there, people who get the corona virus. At the rate, these numbers are going, whether its family. Where's or whatever, and it's going to be a clear view of the president said one thing: onstage, it's not it's practically non existent to losing a family member may come down to science that shakes people to see that perhaps he has and have the kind. Is best intentions and we certainly really dont want that to happen. That's why it pains us when we see people crowded in together, Without faith it is horrific and its frightening escort task. We pray we pray for even for the people there.
There. Last night we pray for their health and health of them, the health of their families, out of their children, the health of their parents and grandparents, the health of we pray for all of those people who you know, I will say we believe are being terribly misled yes, while the problem is with president trumps encouragement, it's become a badge of honor now to attend these rallies to not where mass we heard in Ohio two nights ago and lieutenant governor was holding up the mass. He was booed. That's because Donald Trump has created a call where this has become serve a middle finger to who to die. Here's to science, to whoever it is that Donald Trump has told them, is the bad guy and all of that And one of the reasons this is increasingly concerning as because that new cases in positivity rates of corona virus are contained, to rise at concerning rates, the Washington Post, analyzed public health data found twenty seven states and Porter Rico have shown an increase
the seven day average of new confirmed cases since the final week of August, soda Montana, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Wisconsin Wyoming in Utah set record highs Monday for their seven day, averages before President Trump held that rally at the Pittsburgh International Airport last night in front of a densely packed crowd. As you can see in this photograph. The president said this at the wheel House Miami had anything when anybody else today. What do you want me? While I think it's a shame, I think if we didn't do it right, you'd have you'd, have two and a half million deaths. If you take a look at alternative, you good Abdul, I have really deaths,
or something there about you. Gotta have a number that would be substantially more, but it's horrible they shouldn't never ever happened China, let this happen and just remember them. So my barnacle, the present saying quote it shame. China should have never let this happen, creating a number two point: five million pulling that out of thin air and comparing it to the two hundred thousand two deaths that you now see at the bottom of your screen and say well in comparison to that: it's not so bad at the present is doing more than wanting to always play it down, as he told Bob Woodward he's ignore it literally in the case of that first question, ignoring the question of what he would say to the two hundred thousand families who are suffering right now. What could he say? It's my fault I choked I didn't do my job is not going to say any of that Willie. To tell you the last twenty minutes of this conversation is both enlightening and depressing at the same time,
The conversation that I think the nation has to have going on until November and maybe even beyond, and it is the realisation that thing. We heard this morning: every snippet we heard from Donal J Tromp, the President, the United States, is further indication and prove that he has changed our country. He has changed our country for the worse. Now, whether its irreparably changed we're going to find out as time goes on, but thing. He has touched every he has spoken about. He has altered reality in it's, not just the two hundred thousand deaths He has managed to take the fact that more than two- thousand people are dead from a virus that he didn't know how to wage war against and knocked down in terms of people's focus, because he talks about the Supreme Court he talks about Congresswoman Omar from Minnesota. He talks about things like that to get people off the track,
and sometimes we follow him off the track In addition to the two hundred thousand deaths, there are millions and millions of people today, families today fractured economic, because the United States Congress, specifically in the United States Senate, the Republicans in the United States Senate, will not bail them out when they are drowning, economically right in front of them, so they can. Free has indeed changed, and what. It's an changed, we're gonna find out, but it sure is pressing and if you look at the election results since Donald Trump Dad into office. Whether was two thousand seventeen with those in probably long lines in Virginia with women standing in line all day the vote against Donald Trump. And in that in the form of aid Gillespie or what you saw on special alive
since in Alabama what you saw on the historic landslide victory for Democrats in two thousand eighteen is Donald Trump treaties, racism and bigotry and caravans and Disease the emigrants, disease, refugees against against the democratic that didn't work? There was a landslide victory there. We saw the same thing in two thousand nineteen Democrats when governor ships in Louisiana and Kentucky, and if you look at the polls now, Casey, it doesn't look like it's working now and yet the present stumbling down he's trickling down on this sort of logic on this sort of campaigning that appeals we still believe. To a minority of the contrary to maybe forty percent of the country, forty one percent of the country, forty two percent the country, but I will say yes
As early as December, twenty fifteen, I was asking if this is what Nazi. Germany are what Germany, like a nineteen. Thirty three before the rise of Hitler At the same time, I never imagined that my republican Party, never imagined that my republican Party would fall line by them. Like this, who continues to use fascist language, and yet there they are silent, no proud asked going along for the ride. I have lost count of the number of times, I'm a number of issues and a number of comments that I have asked republican senators on the hill about its it feels like it's something new every day and the reaction is almost always the same with a handful of exceptions
The one thing I will say- and I might add I'm with MIKE in terms of its feeling depressing, but there are there- are a couple things. First of all, let us remember that Hillary Clinton did in fact, when the popular vote there were more people that voted for her then voted for Donald Trump. So that says that there are Americans who saw what Donald Trump said sought out language and said you know what this is not not for me, and the second thing is that when Mitt Romney lost Michigan and twenty twelve-
did it with more votes than the votes, the Donald Trump got in Michigan and and he won in Michigan, which also tells me that there are a lot of Republicans out there. That also, you know, don't don't like this language that rejected lot of republican voters, and I do think that the most important thing for Americans today is. If this is not the country they want. If, if living in this is not what they want, then the majority of those people should actually show up to the poles it's gonna be harder than ever because of the pandemic because of the corona virus, we're all covering the issues related to ballots and making short
safe as you go out and do that button. While in a Republicans like to talk about the silent majority, I think there is a majority majority and when I go out into the country- and we have been able to do this as much because of the pandemic. But there are good people across this country who maybe they have disagreements. But at the end of the day they don't like this rhetoric. Man, that's what you hear from even people who voted for tromp. When you say you know what what is giving you pause. They say the tweets is usually how they put it, but what that means Is they don't like this divisive, chaotic language and the reality is the one way that people have to express. This is on election day. We saw it has worked, make get certainly didn't work in Wisconsin when Donald Trump went to Canosa tried to join up the base by making it what he called the law in order that sort of were around. Can ocean was concept but his
Phoenician of order was celebrating a teenager. I'm out of state rushing through this reach shooting people whether they are fifteen people Wisconsin. Now, if you believe the Paul's they disagree. There's so much to see here from what you just mentioned: two fronts: racism last night at the round, to the scottish decision, which will win this constitutional right, which will upset many. But I I really that we have already and we need to stay focused on this. I think voters should stay focused on this. We look at the rally yesterday. Look at all the people squash together. This is just like Tulsa, remember: Tulsa. The numbers Grown virus cases in that area in the days and weeks the Tulsa event popped, her Cain died? We don't know if he got it there, but he was at the tolls event. The Trump campaign took this
shall distancing stickers off off the seats at that events, so they could wish everybody down to the bottom of the stadium so that they could have their Photoshop these are super spread over events and the president is using his followers and their joy and fervency to come. And see a president to get a photo up to try and get more to try and gender mop to use that racism to make them laugh and blew at people and to spread that hatred but stay focused because your president isn't serving you in terms of your safety. If you go to an event like this and obviously every, body we. I pray for the health of these people who show up to President Trans rallies. I also pray for your wisdom because Your health is at risk. When you go to a rally like this.
You're, putting yourself at risk you're, putting the president over top scientists, and I think, if we It focused on that. We may see the way forward here, because most America, we want their family members to lead health. Happy lives and that's not how as long as this virus is mishandled, so terror two hundred and two thousand people who were dad. We, we ran a clip before we're Donald Trump. It said it. China's fall them, and it should never happened, of course, Inter paper over the fact that he has lied to you, the american people, every step of the way Donald Trump said that it was one person coming in from China would soon go away when he said it was fifteen people, but Cynthia would go away that man Donald Trump I ve been told by his national security adviser that this was going,
be the most grave crisis he ever face when Donald Trump lied to you, because he didn't want his precious stock market to go down, because he didn't want to lose money and all of his trop properties. He had already been told even by his trade advice And a long of frightening memo, at the end of January, that five hundred thousand american souls could lose their lives Donald Trump even after that, Willie called it a democratic hope. Said it was the latest democratic coax where his supporters on tv called it a hoax, even after Donald Trump had been given the formation throughout January. Donald Trump kept lying about it, not to stop a panic on main street.
But they keep the trillions following on Wall Street as we are finding out now, we have always said that his Donald Trump doesn't seem to understand as a great divide between six Ass on Wall Street and survival on main street anchor everybody, if they haven't yet really to sit and re Bob Woodward's book, not just because it's a good read, but because it's a document for history in it so much worse than were even able to capture in a three hour television show every morning. He new, as you say, from early on in January, he knew how It was, he knew, was airborne, he knows he knows he knows and yeah he's gone out and try to downplay at throughout and I would just end by saying mika- that to your point- Americans are focused on this. If you look at polling, if you go out to a coffee place, they can't help but be focused on this
they can't help but be focused on it, because someone in their life is sick. Someone in their life has died, someone in their life, for they have lost their jobs. Their kids are not in school. People's lives have been turned upside down. So as you can talk about law and order, he can talk about it. Omar if he wants to the corona Europe is not going to magically disappear for him. Still I had on morning. Joy could say to most the place is weaker, where we ban and we ve been a few places north and south. So the places where we ve been the people that we have come in contact with a lot of Donald Trump supporters backed it extraordinarily, cautious and safe. And have worn, masks and don't go buildings where a lot of people, unless everybody in there is socially distance. And wearing masks I've seen it among prompt supporters.
Hung by supporters among a political people like really sad people, know what's in front of them. I understand how serious it is. That's why those events are so jarring even their eyes. After all these years, they frenzy, for putting their lives in danger, because Donald Trump lie down from day, one about the worst pandemic and over us, still I had a morning Joe. The latest from Capital Hale, as republican senators appear to fall in line of president runs push to fail, Ruth Better Ginsburg Supreme Court seat and ass. We go to break a no that shows new book saving freedom from the cold war and the fight for western civilization is coming. November, Seventeenth- and you can pre order Now- you're watching, in China will be right. Back
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that again, his shown all the Georgia Poles have shown over the past month or two race. That's tied this land Journal constitution Paul does same Donald Trump, forty seven Joe Biden, forty seven, and then an eyelash cells. This pole, gold standard Paul also shows Iowa, is now tied in Iowa fast? Eighty members, if you, if you paid into the numbers that gender gaps astounding Women supports Joe Biden Fifty, seven percent to thirty, seven percent and Man Support Donald Trump, fifty seven percent to thirty six percent. What a pronounced gender up to me is that right- and I mean it's worth pointing out a couple things about those polls show number one.
Where'd, you and I were not battleground states and so the fact that they are battleground states in terms of our close it is. These are the. As you say, system we now for months. We ve seen these two states be taught statistical ties and As I said, remember always six core about aground states wherever boat worth, both campaigns are competing with money with effort was godson, Michigan Pennsylvania, North Carolina Florida. In Arizona. Georgia is a state that our Trump one easily and I was The Donald Trump won easily and twenty sixteen right. Now, both those states are toss ups, which I was you about how deep in his own is on his on his own, ended the field jawdropping fighting from right now and the ILO Pole. I think both because we How good and soldiers poles are That way is bear that gender gaps
darkly, and that state tells you has implications, not just for that, for I want that. I was very much in play, but also think about. You know what is about to happen with respect to the Supreme Court Pick where there no doubt- and I know how to talk more about this on the show. But there is no doubt that the installation of a conservative Donald Trump It not on the court whether that happens, before election day, as now seems increasingly likely, though not certain, but What happens now, or it happens, In the end, the lame duck session is a huge victory for conservatives in terms of jurisprudence. The future of american life on a vast array of fronts right, but there political risks and political costs that could be entailed here, and you look no further than I. What we're that gender gap could be wildly exacerbated by the chill
The selection of an anti choice, anti Affordable care act justice. If Democrats, said Joe Biden, DR those arguments in these closing weeks before election day, you can see that gender gap widen and an animated feet with women part with female side of the electorate in states like Iowa. It could look like twenty eighteen all over again, where at the house level it was women. Both democratic baseball among women, but also in the middle of the electorate, with a true, though the fact that women turned against Donald Trump made all the difference in those mid term elections, and they could be the thing that caused the presidency and cost Republicans the Senate way oh it is. It is so interesting in Iowa I was reminded put out a list of the voters who voted for Donald Trump, your approach, choice and states- and you had so many say, is that when the twenties, including Ohio it twenty percent people identified themselves, is pro
choice, fathers who still voted for Donald Trump in that state, that member higher John then Iowa, it's a twenty five percent, which means one in four. Voters were Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen consider themselves project This is not good news for Johnny Ernst. It's not good news for Donald Trump. I think it'll keep that raise clothes. So no one other thing really quickly. Johnny you ve always brought this up, and that is that we get the horse raised. We get their dad raises. But if you look at industry, Incumbent presidency usually end up a bit where they are with their approval ratings and, in Eve Eve, always brought this up and what does that mean for Donald Trump. Why means like, if you look at the look at pulling over the last, two years and maybe stretching vacuum we certainly have. The last two years, trumps
prove a rating has been very consistent. I mean it doesn't mean moves in a very narrow banned, but it sits, sits pretty consistently somewhere between forty one and forty three. You know if you have to take that they, if you took the air I urge all these Paul's now and then at the national level. Trumps. Basically out of forty two percent of providing an that's correct, showed shortly. You know it's necessarily true challengers. Their approval ridding sometimes doesn't correlate with They are both share on election day but incumbent president's by the time you get your today, the approval writing a big when president and his boat share his national almost always are almost always identical. I mean it's a state's stunning correlation over for many many elections cycle, so it tells you that it Donald Trump performs election day on the national level. Now we know that national love is not your play presidential politics, but there are implications because the president got forty four percent of the of the of the popular vote in twenty sixty. If he drops to forty, two percent of the popular
in twenty twenty doesn't mean you can't win, doesn't mean you can't point inside straight the battleground states, but it is Really hard hearted without third party candidates up any of any consequence. This time a world where Donald Trump is it. Forty two is a world word or Joe Biden is in the MID fifties and that's it's very hard and how you wouldn t win intellectual without stealing it under those circumstances, Casey we're just some loopholes in the last couple minutes ABC knees, Washington, Post Paul in the state of flux and the state of Arizona Florida has Donald Trump up. Four points among Voters over Joe Biden, fifty one too forty seven Arizona in Nepal that doesn't reflect what we ve seen another pulling tied in this. At least forty nine forty eight for trumpet statistical tie their the lead for president. Looks like, as I looked through. These numbers is on the economy. Still, where he's plus eleven over Joe Biden in Florida, plus fifteen over Joe Biden,
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visit Madison Dash red dot com now to find your perfect shade, the economy is but one issue in its part, a wife and yes, the Supreme Court fight is clearly a focus for republican base voters, but it also in some ways does distract from what is potentially the president's. You know best message available, which to try and redirect the conversation, but I mean it that Florida number is real and I think you know, I think we all know it's a little closer than that in Florida, but if they take it stick floor
the map for the president and it becomes so incredibly hard for him to find a way to two hundred and seventy electoral college votes and just to pick up on what John Harmon was saying about the President's approval rating? You know that also has huge implications for the Senate Map. I mean this. This is the crop of people that we're up in twenty or that one in twenty fourteen and I covered all those individual races and, at the end of the day, all of the Democrats in those seeds. You know why Republicans hold so many these seeds, because they all lost none of them could overcome President Obama's approval rating it just. The down, and I do think there is a question in there could be. There are obviously individual circumstances, but the female vote in Iowa that we showed it down in that Paul, but you're also potentially talking about all kinds of other places that that our farther down in Montana, I think, is a real sleeper race to watch if the president's approval rating is stuck down.
Me too, the way how men was talking about Lindsey, Graham, I don't necessarily think, is in real danger, but he's working hard. I knows he's got arrays, you know I had a source say to me privately it works. If we're worrying about you know, Lindsey, Graham in South Carolina we're looking at a blow out across the map. I do. I dont think that republic ins haven't thought about that as a real possibility in terms of trying to overcome this approval rating number this wash imposed. Paul has mixed Sally and Mark Kelly tied in the state of Arizona again that pulling especially at the presidential level looks a lot different than the other we seen out of Arizona that show Joe Biden with a leave their Jason Johnson I will, if I can just say all known those Senate races to what a lot of times when I'm looking at pulse, try to figure out how accurate they are. I compare night the presidential races to other presidential poles in those days but also the Senate races and how much they line
with all the other poles. The Arizona poll especially is wildly I'll be out of staff, is an outlier if you believe, just about every other pole, that's been taken in the Senate race, especially I dont think you would find a single pulsar who took that over for the Washington Post that we pay. Money on Martha mix being being tied in the dead right now, with more Kelly, same thing with the Arizona both above those poles are, who knows wait. We always wait and see, maybe in a week that their poles will catch up with the these Washington Post balls, but they certainly look like outliers and in the most dramatic of wise, so Jason Johnson and give you a crack at these. Take your pick of the states. What are they tell you about this race right now Well, I'm a for a while. I said I think, for this kind of red It's going be very, very difficult, but I will pay attention to Georgia.
George, I think, is a very interesting case because of voter suppression. We saw this in twenty eighteen and- and I think sometimes we talk about the context in which we talk, thanks? I dont think you can talk about elections in Georgia. Without talking about cheating is kind. Let you can't talk about that. The ass rose. You know what What outside stealing- and it is Joe Biden is tied now would Donald Trump and Georgia he's. Basically, when it I mean to me to be able to be a Democrat who was tied in that state, your basically winning the question is going to be. How much can Democrats get out the vote in the face of the voters? Oppression? We seen from Brian Camp over and over and over again that's going to be the real issue, because I think a lot of these places. The polling has been consistent. Joe Biden over profoundly Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is underperforming where he wasn't
when you succeed, Donald Trump is dragging death and Republicans across the country, but can Democrats protect the vote and can we make sure that we discuss- and I think this is always important in terms of we can't forget about what's happening at the post office? We can't forget. The fact that Republicans sued in Iowa to get fifty thousand absently balance that we're sit, sit back and rejected so that there still a legal battle going on and suppression battle going on that we have to put in the context of the poles, even if the poles appear to be very good for Joe Biden right now United Nations General Assembly is meeting virtually for the first time in the EU when seventy five year history amid the corona virus, and Denmark and inner recorded address from the White House yesterday prison tromp has some tough talk on China. We boast old, accountable the nation which unleash this plague onto the world. China
in the earliest days of the virus, China Lockdown travel domestically, while allowing flights to leave China and, in fact the world China condemned by travel, ban or their country even if they cancelled domestic flights and locked citizens in their homes. The his government and the World Health Organization, which is virtually controlled by China. Falsely did that there was no evidence of human to human transmission later they firstly said: people without symptoms would not spread the disease, the United States. Buzz Hall giant accountable for their actions. Kay Now the president of the council on foreign relations and author of the book, the world, a brief introduced Richard Hoss, I guess Richard first, your take on what we just heard from the president. Look meagre
president, is right in the sense that China did not meet its international obligations in the opening weeks up it's what became of academic world help organism Should we fail to hold whole China to out that said, what we saw yesterday that border the fibers minute speech suddenly short sunlight. Yet spiking we thought was the flesh. China is not responsible for the fact that the present in all the like rally where people go where mass is not responding. Failure, em up without it with on the scene, result testing. Go on and on and on about silence, and so what you re basically saw yesterday was. I am paint speech, not a foreign policy. My barnacle Richard The constant chatter from Donald Trump about China would pose the thought, inch
mine is mine. I would think that all he wants to make us a real enemy. So what is the future? With regard to United States relations with China? What would be the most optimistic view? You'd have about the bed way to go about dealing with China, you're you're right, my it. Let me put it this. This is the defining relation at this moment of history, just like the? U S, soviet relationship dominated for decades, old war, this world, as the U S, China relationship goes soul. A lot of the next few days. It's a of the century. The most optimistic, I would say, is the United States and China some profound differences over China organizers its society its economy over what it does it has reason we would push back where we must say and the shell trying to see or on Taiwan, but in its important, but we would prefer. We are vowed area.
Where the United States and China could still cooperate, say on climate change, for global health or maybe dealing with North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile that I think the best we can hope for at the other extreme is the United States and end up in some fat about by the year over the South, China, Sea or over Taiwan, but things gets poison us in the economic space that spills over and not only does our trade relationship assent, the unravel, but on our ability to cooperate on any deal political issued disappeared without right. Now is in the balance lights they one other thing, regardless of who wins this November. This is gonna, be an off with it, the relationship to orchestrate If you look around and Vice President Biden writing it saying on China is also very varied up managing this relationship, I think, will place all sorts of demand on both governments and I'll be honest with you, I'm not short, either countries up but the managing this relationship.
Yeah no prejudice. This reminds me a good bit of the nineteen. Ninety two campaign were bill. Clinton was our. The critical of China throughout the entire campaign. Obviously, people are talking about the butchers of tea and air Bill Clinton was criticising, George W Bush and, of course, criticism seeing as National Security advisor for raising a toast shortly after Tiananmen Square, Brent Scowcroft explained extraordinarily nickel position. He was at that time, so history, explains that far better than it looked in the moment, but then Bill Clinton went in talk to George. Hw Bush and it's as if, after the breathing I a he understood that that simply confiding China and and starting a cold war with China was not an option does not the Soviet Union and nineteen forty seven, and I find it hard to believe that.
Joe Biden and Joe Biden Steam and at least a few members of Donald Trump Team, don't understand our do understand that we the option of just turning our backs on China and walking away like you said this is the defining relationship of the next fifty years. Question is: how do we make it work? What are your suggestions? Which are you look you you make your really good point. That's why all this talk about uplink, United States in Verona having an economic forces. Spock. You I say from China to ignore twine China to present everywhere economically, would after we're gonna have to work it out, but I think it's all through that she's Cheeseman things. China is qualitatively different than what we seen for several decades now. Look what happened in Hong Kong and they violated there internationally agreed.
Instead, they they crack down hard, look at how their dealing with millions of wiggers putting them in and permit that look at what you're doing up against their border with India. Look at how the Millard rising islands in the South, China Sea, putting more pressure on. I want to ban. This is a much more assertive China time is essentially say were powerful. Well, we arrive deal with it. So, even though Abiden administration or from administrative might wanna work out some kind of a viable relations with China. My point is simple: It's not gonna be easy because it the much more assertive China much more powerful one of the critical things we have to do to make it work is we ve got to stop? doing it unilaterally. United States has tremendous abandoned we wake up every morning with dozens of allies in Europe in Asia, we should analyse them collectively, put pressure on China to empower the kind of behaviour we want to see the discards, those we doubt
Gotta give up on this on this unilateral approach. I venture thank you very much for being on this morning. Still I had marked Leibovitz joins us with his new reporting on the Biden campaign and but he's calling binds stealth campaign. Alice and covered is are on the rise up twenty percent compared to a week ago. Is this beginning of the fall surge that officials warned about mornings. This coming right back. I only want to destroy raid, I'm so excited to tell you about my new MSNBC show the retail every week, I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of President Matter and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them. At last,
mayor casual Lance bottom, we need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions. Antibiotics science and the data Senator Kamel Harris, we send folks into a war wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed, officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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