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New polling shows Joe Biden is leading the president 52 to 40 percent, and polling also shows Biden is up eight points over Trump in battleground Wisconsin. The panel digs into the numbers.

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Space on some in recent weeks? I do you so clear. Opposed to everybody else where they refuse. So So here we are in September, and we thought We have to go back like a couple of to find him mocking somebody wearing a mass nope, yesterday I tell still in the middle ages here? Why doesn't he just? recommend leeches to bleed people out to help them with the Koran My problem is White House Rapporteur from Reuters chat. Amazingly many kept his mask on at the President's news conference good morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Tuesdays September. Eight, along with Joe will, you don't just say, look good will Looking this morning, you blow past Ludwig Airlines looking like the money Edward our moral of our time? How is your powers you we're your labour day week and Willie? It was good
was relax. It was different were in New York and now the kids are rolling back into school, so we're trying to assume some semblance of of normalcy but unfortunate. That's not pass well, as evidenced by reporters having to wear, masks and goods Are the President asked who still to take them off? Despite everything we know so how is new? I'm been back to New York, the end of February, how is New York City doing as they like forty patchy, the Bronx, because I get somewhere worse now, it's five and a lot of other people say man You come back here, not going to recognize it at all between the imported buildings. That. It's just so many people have moved them times square this morning I means Six a m nobody's there. So what's New York City like well, it's Strain
I mean this- is there were Tuesday after Labour Day, where there should be this massive rush of kids going to school and people going back to work and saying goodbye to summer. To me when I was back this summer, it just felt like summer, which is to say there were a lot of people here here, I restaurants or outside, so that in a wad way felled normal, but now is when I think people really start to feel it when there is in Times square looks like that right now it shouldn't look like that kids are not back in school right now, so it strange feel unsafe now, as you ve read these blaring headlines. Of course, I don't it's New York City, we're gonna be ok, but it is different and I think, people are settling in for the reality that it's gonna be a while now I may, if they go back to school, it's gonna be staggered. They might have to stop and start school again same goes for work, so I think realising we're in for the long haul, not just here in New York but across the country. So so
Let me year are intrepid reporter here and gone into an area that very few people have ever gone before New York City. So let me ask you about the island You said that you feel safe there. What we read in the newspapers, far away from you, big city, full, That crime has gone up. We ve friend, saying man. I don't feel safe lake in the seventies, after Dark which, of course, the Roma The about New York City Post well I'll say it, let me just say here: Post, routine Giuliani is after dark You can walk around most of New York City and actually feels four and then in most other major american cities. But all we're. Reading. All we are hearing and even friends are telling us it is dangerous, Joe it's nothing like it spent over the past twenty years. You don't feel that well, I don't feel
but I think there are a lot of people who feel it who are has it to go out. At night alone? Or you know I mean you read the headlines and yes, there is some truth behind the headlines, but if you look at the statistics and violent crime, it's actually not up by get there. Before going to leave the city. That's true, those are probably people of mean, people can go to another home or by a house somewhere else, but it does I? I was a kid in the eighty, so I can't really speak too that even though I lived around here, but it's different for a lot of peace. But I'm just speaking for myself, around New York City does not feel different or unsafe. To me- and I think, if you look at the crime statistics- that's probably true, but there are more shootings, there are more murders, but across the board I think New York is gonna, be New York and some people will leave and I think it will change a little bit temporarily and be back like it always is. Yet. Let's doctor, Rather, we obviously you spent an awful lot of time in the EU
or card, hardly laugh, but you ve had to leave at times for work. We have heard some when, in the Middle EAST, the fund that calls to defend the police, who actually heard black. There's the Seti cities are now now don't to fund. These things actually you're getting worse right now why don't you give give us your your view of New York City right now really quickly before we go into? The days knows it. Do you think it safe as its ban or are. Are you seeing the new year city security fray at the edges, We ve always heard about the tale of two cities on the side of city did I come from, which is baccarin and poorer. We see more in terms of gun usage
I got a lot of attention when I did a eulogy for George Freud's funeral, but I also a month later preached a one year old, kids funeral in Brooklyn, who was killed by a stray bullet. So we ve seen both six people were shot over this labour day. We can add a festivity in Brooklyn, so I would say statistically win that much higher than we were, but on the ground. It is certainly feeling more violent feeling on safe in unsafe communities. If you know what I mean I don't mind communities where we were asked. What having to deal with war crime. It feels more in many ways a dangerous and and the fact that you have people at are disposal Jimmy essential workers that happen to go to work. They did not have the summer or the pandemic of so it is been. In stressful areas, slightly more
stress wall. I don't think they headlines exactly right, think they embellish it, but clearly are those that fear the worst has gotten even a worse during this pandemic period. I hear the fears of up again that defunding the police are cutting the police budget by billion dollars in New York. Will this Fortunately, impact to the poorest people in New York City and also disproportionately impact people have come rather with school safety monitors being yanked out of there and either Other police officers been certainly many people of color and their representatives in New York City feel or his sensual workers themselves. I've said, and you and I have discussed this week, the re, imagining how we do policing. But when you, talking about the fact that a week
in areas where that is inundated with guns. Tat. Has this serious problems of our people being Given guns, it can't even get a sum of programme to take policing off, is something that I think a lot Liberal make Gulf WAR They sit around the hamptons discussing this as some academic problem for people living. On the ground need proper policing yes, we need more resources in different areas like mental health, but we do meta grandmothers prayed to those that are The uses of products of the big gun man factors in this country also with us. This morning we have MSNBC national affairs, analysed, CO, host of show times the circus, and negative editor of the recount job Haldeman Column, Stan Associated ETA for Washington, Post, David Ignatius and then
see NEWS Capitol Hill correspondent in host of Casey DC MSNBC say, hunt and we have believe it or not. Everybody. Fifty six day, until the general elections on twenty one days until the first debate. An early voting under way in a number states a new national Paul from CBS News you Gov, showing Joe even with a double digit lead over president tromp fifty two to four two percent. A look at Wisconsin now, though, morning consult daily tracking pole of likely voters, there shows Joe Biden up eight point. Seven, President Trump, fifty one to forty three percent, the latest Press Mason Paul, shows identical numbers in that state and the sea as news yoga Paul has Biden with a six point lead over president trumpeting with constant fifty two, forty four percent, that Six point lead is the same as it was prior to the start. The unrest unrest
Canosa and our voters in Wisconsin our siding with Joe Biden when it comes to those protests. Forty five percent of what content registered voters approve of the press. Its handling of the nation. Why protests, Fifty five percent disapprove. Fifty one percent approve of binds handling of the protests. Forty nine percent disapprove when ass, which can it would make them feel more say. Forty five percent said the former vice president, while forty three percent said. The current president is today we'll die within the more the Poles margin of error. Now, let's look poles nationally. In this latest CBS News, you got Paul forty four percent of proof of president trumps handling the nation wide protests, fifty six and do not, whereas fifty one percent approve of Joe Biden handling of the protests, forty eight percent disapprove and in the latest ABC News: excess Paul, fifteen
percent think Biden would do a better job with the head handling the nation wide protests. Thirty nine percent thing, President Tron Point, fifty nine percent also say Biden- would do a better job, reducing violence in the country, so a lot of death, Paul to look at a national and also those Wisconsin there Wisconsin numbers we obviously so many people looking at Wisconsin, because their parents East Timor assert the late great TIM russet. If two thousand was about floor to Florida Florida then many believe twenty twenty would be about. Wisconsin Wisconsin, Wisconsin, vaginal minute looks like all of you we'll troms efforts to stir up racial anonymous in Wisconsin to run, and purses and am campaign in Wisconsin to somehow, closer to Joe Biden. Wisconsin content have failed, is he's down as we say ten nationally, so it has moved
meter national, but in Wisconsin the last two poles it came out yesterday have him down eight points I wonder if we file this under another fail experiment by this White House to preach a racist brand of law and order that has fallen on deaf ears,. Yeah sure you know I was. I was in Wisconsin all last week, so I feel like in addition to seeing that the data that's been coming in in that state ever since The situation unfolded in connection the initial shooting, a black and then Collaret Mouse afterwards. Feel like evident cartooning on this story and anywhere, and was there week when trunk there. Anyone Biden was there and talking a lot of people, and I the numbers I had it. Let me buddy, who knows anything about politics who thinks the who thinks that jobs gonna win, that state aid points on election day, not a single person, but I do think
What the numbers reflect to your point is that, after all, that convulsion around the outburst guess I said the shooting objective: Blake, the poor, the protest riots, the burning the the two. It's coming they and making at ground zero last week? Not much has the mentally changed, just since then, but since the two conventions, if you go back and look at the pulling in Wisconsin all year, we ve had basically Joe Biden it at that, like a high single digit, led everyone who's. There, republican experts, democratic experts assumes that we're gonna end up Trouble in the state by twenty two thousand votes and twenty sixteen, that the things get it heightened and it's gonna be a couple of points of a race. But what I think we ve learned this last week, and why found really improve on this from the ground kept hearing over and over again was that job out a doll trumpet came to Canosa dolls,
came and looked at the at the better debt. The destruction looked at the burn buildings, TA about riots, Joe by came and met with the community talk to Jacob Black family A lot of people were very tuned into the fact that before Donald Trump came to Canosa, he wouldn't do what Joe Biden had done, which was thick condemn violence on both sides and people, saw that speech that I, before that the press conference the night before trunks. The canosa when he wouldn't when he refused already refused to denounce it now sand of individual lads ISM there. But he defended him on that, coupled with the way cut trunk himself on the ground was gained in connection which was seen throughout the state. The compare contrast between Trump Biden Trump is seen as a force. Division among the in the middle of the electorate of Wisconsin, and I think that is one of the reasons that there's a ceiling on ability to come, but a poor even pull close to
in this race up in that state and a lot of other about aground states. The same dynamic is in play when it comes to these protests, interracial justice and police violence. One you know Willie I think one of the most one of the biggest tells during that time was Donald Trump. Refusing to size, in fact, I believe retweeted praise for, seventeen year old boy who of a cross strait state lines with a may, our fifteen and started. Shooting people up building a guy with a skateboard and, of course, tromp and other tree Media outlets can sit and try to defend Kyle Rittenhouse all they want to go. He was under attack and that at what you have courts can decide that. But if you Wisconsin, you don't want a president who
won't even condemn a seventeen year old running around your streets where they are fifteen. Anybody any community across Amerika would want of present day condemn that sort of lawless behavior any couldn't even bring himself to do that. You can't do the easy things, but we ve seen that before in these explosive situations, when the focus of the country on Charlottesville or Canosa Wisconsin for him to come in and take, The side of someone else than the victim in all of this, in this case that seventeen year old, that you're talking about and to your John Harmon. This focus this world this focus on what the President calls law and order about making the street safe in places like New York that we were just talking about eight ignore the reason that the streets are emptied the ones we showed right now, which is this pandemic, which were at six months now, since people less their jobs since people left school
The reasons that schools are empty this morning, this Tuesday after Labour Day, the reason this office building and others across the counter empty is because of the pandemic and because of the response to the pandemic, so isn't this. At the end of the day, what's goin to decide the election, this the centre of everyone's life. Right now I mean this is why play we are living. The way we're living in the present is still at press conference is asking people to take off their masks because he doesn't think they look cool or they look weak or whatever. His objection is to match which every public health expert says we ought to be wearing at the end of the day. The losing jobs, people losing loved ones, people not in school, at work because of the pandemic and because of the response to it, yeah. Well, Willy you would think, and- and certainly that's the thesis of the binding campaign is that when that they're, all these, these these diversions and distractions, and attempts to frame
binding negative way that tromp his campaign keep throwing up and the binding painters thrusting impairing, but in the end- coming back to the argument, which is everything: that's that's, problematic about America in September of twenty twenty is the result of a failure to manage this pandemic, the economy, the economy. Bad wildly, these social stresses. Why is there a rise? crime in some areas. Why is all this stuff, schools. Everything that's wrong, comes back to the pandemic and its on not terms for for the pandemic existing, but his men failure to manage it the Biden campaign argument the thing you saw yesterday on Labour Day, was one I think, is what we're going to see over the course of the next eight weeks and we'll see Donald Trump, you a lot of different things, but yesterday you saw both Trump and really at a bird in a very direct way. The Biden campaign trying to being bring me. We went back to the pandemic and back to the connection of the pandemic to the economy, and that is where I think the election
be decided in one place where Donald Trump continues to have some hope, which is that it continues to be an amid all these bad numbers for two per Donald Trump. It still is the case in the past. And capping knows this. It frustrates them that that dollar travesty, ahead of Joe Biden when it comes to people's perceptions of who will be, to rebuild the economy and the buyer but try to chip away at that for months, and they said we'll find themselves in this day the day after labour to fifty six days on the election, they still find them but on that question, and they still feel like they have a lot of work to do. They know that the plane trump for this account but they don't necessarily think that that that applies to which you candidates would be best to rebuild it once the other side of the pandemic, and that's that I think it's gotta be a huge focus of this fall Well and what we ve learned make also over the course of the last six months is just how terrible Donald Trump is at managing thinks he's man
the pandemic and just an absolutely disastrous way. A hundred ninety thousand Americans dead, almost two hundred thousand we're coming up on that, too. Thousand number that we heard in the spring, which Donald Trump, of course does manstin and brushed away again saying it was just person coming in from China, gone, it was fifteen people coming in for but soon it was going to be gone. He hasn't been able to manage that they did started miserably the lead story and a lot of newspapers today, we'll drop the New York Times, especially Donald Trump. Have been able to manage his own money is campaign, bright does billion dollar enterprise. Please blown their advantage staid, and when will we'll talk about this in a little bit by bit, they they had to go off the air because he's wasted so much money below so much of his contributors monies will talk about that later,
But this is a man who just does it know how to And thanks that's why he went bankrupt. While it. Why is companies went bankrupt after his daddy Gang four hundred million dollars this as major elements of the Atlantic reporting that the president may decide, encouraging remarks about. U S! Soldiers and war casualties have been confirmed by other news organisations. His descent, two in finding captured soldiers, has now been reported by the wash them most and the New York Times his discomfort with wounded veterans, now confirmed by the New York Times his seeking what's in it for them, while Standing at with joy Kelly at his sons, grave has been reported by the Associated Press and the wash imposed the claim that the press then didn't want to visit an american military cemetery in France and twenty eight because it was put filled with losers, was also report.
By the AP source is also told the post in the times that the President quest and the intelligence of those who serve in Vietnam because, unlike in they didn't fuck and a way to dodge Service and this what National Security Rapporteur for Fox NEWS, Jennifer Griffin, confirmed spoken with two senior? U S, officials who were on the trip to France, who confirmed to me key details in the Atlantic article in the quota attributed to the president, my source of former Trump Administration official told me when the president spoke about the Vietnam war. He said it was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker. The president would say about american veterans. What's in it, for them, they don't getting money the source,
It was a character flaws, the president. He could not understand why someone would die for their country, not worth said regarding the french trip to mark the end of world war, one according to this former official, the president was not in a good mood. French present, Mccrone had said something that made him mad. He question why he had to go to to cemeteries. Why do I have to do to regarding the president's July. Fourth, military parade planning during planning session at the White House. After seeing the best deal day parade in twenty seventeen President Trump said regarding the inclusion of wounded, guys quote, That's not a good look! Americans, don't Like that mean The president yesterday continue to deny the report that he has disparaged the military. At the same time criticized military their ship The story is a hoax. We made up the stairs to totally made up story, who would say a thing like that? Only an animal would say a thing like that. There is
but that has more respect for not only are military, but for people that gave their lives in the military units The military is in love with me. The soldiers are the top people in the pantry. Probably art, because they want to do nothing but fine words, so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the plains and make everything else they happy. I said that's good, let's bring or so just back home. Some people don't like to come home. Some people like to continue to spend money one cold, hearted, globalist betrayal. After another,. I really don't know a painful what to say about that. Did you just complete ignorance. The men and women who were our military. You know David Ignatius, and you know this better than anybody
I found in my ears on arms, serves this committee when we were getting briefings from generals and Admirals military leaders, they were the last once you wanted to go into war famous. Why Dwight Eisenhower, loathed war. Ass. He had seen it so much. He was always a voice and caution. He was always the one trying to tell politicians before he was in the White House to send people war. It is said that for the korean WAR that he inherited not an not another, american soldiers died and combat the remaining years of his presidency, he did. He gave the warning. The military industrial complex. He knew that civilians like Donald Trump and presidency getting too Klaus to war profiteers and getting too close two as Donald Trump has done, with with a lot of
Military companies could cause potential problems by day David. Even Colin Powell, who of course, is only remembered for happened at the. U win, call George W Bush was asked why he didn't see Colin Powell Council more on the second Iraq war. He said because I knew he was against it. I knew it I want us to go in there and of course it was Colin Powell that famous down with our dear friend, Madeleine Albright, talking about toy soldier, saying again the general and through Vietnam, as so many of these generals had been through Vietnam, no war is a last resort and David you found that time and time again is Donald Trump. It insults are men and women and uniform that the generals- it is the admiral's who have seen war.
Are the last ones who want to go back there, joy, you put it exactly right, there's a deep, the conservatism and caution among people who had to order their troops in the battle and have had to pick them up off that off that battlefields, just to think about the little semi we heard from from yesterday. Put aside Jeffrey, go bergs. The proper reporting about what trot said the past put aside and criminals confirmation, as we just heard, the foxes reporter, who found these same terms, that this ppm Voltaire suckers for having gone to Vietnam. The trumps reluctance to get to go to the Milton Paul at aside and just listen to what he said yesterday on Camera especially accused our military leadership of pudding, young men and women, in
harm's way, exposing them to turn to violence and death to serve the interests of war profiteers incredible comment. If you wanna take an instance of Donald Trump contempt for the men and women whom run our military, you don't have to any further than what he said on camera yesterday, in its of a pattern, I am in my reporting over the last four years. I travel off for the military would have been with the Pacific Command Commander today. If things are going to have to work out the way, we hoped heard more and more people who wanted to give tromp everybody. Further dad who were happy to have Trump exercise less of authority lest in insistence fewer meetings in the situation, and then they like that they made they end and for the first few months they really prospered under it. Lets them
Terry saw something and enamel drop, I think of it as a culture clash did. They saw. Somebody came from this instrumental world of New York real estate. Where are you now everything's deal everything's a transaction and the military with its culture, professionalism of sacrifice, just didn't, get it and the division began to widen, starting in two thousand, seventeen, it's got worse and worse and again must not quarrel over Jeffrey Goldberg quotes less. Listen to what the president said yesterday and yours, you you'll know the essence of the contempt he feels for the military. Well, and Willie is always David puts it so well, because, even though Jeffreys Quote, and the Atlantic has been confirmed and, as you read them you, who, for the most part the sources work just by reading the quotes. Put that aside,
if you're not gonna, believe your own lying eyes. As the saying goes just Donald Trump accuse me and women who have dedicated their entire lives in no form to sir in this country. Accusing them. Of killing young soldiers for war off its this, of course, is especially ridge coming from a man who continues to refuse to condemn Vladimir Putin. For putting bodies on their heads of american soldiers, which is unknown and tell agencies. And begging him to say something since March. But here we have Can we saw it? We saw Several years ago, when he was in Helsinki, where he took the words Vladimir Putin over his own intel agencies? And here he is
going to condemn his generals and animals as killers of kids for war profits. When actually they are the most conservative, with a small see when it comes to sending young men and women in the battle, and yet he won't criticized: Lattimer Putin, whom he knows has put a body on the heads of the Americans yeah, I mean all this apps that you just laid out led us to this Atlantic peace. Where people read those quotes and said yeah that sounds something this man would say which is an astonishing place for a command and she for oppressing the United States to be where the american public can say here. That sounds like something he would say. As the press the United States and in Know Fox news has corroborated the story, the New York Times. Other outlets have corroborate the story. Casey hunt what's been deafening, as the silence from Republicans who leap to defend. The press whenever they can, they don't
to criticise and very often, but if ever there was something to criticise someone on boy would this be it? Have we heard from any leading Republicans any Republicans at all criticized the present or leave in talking about this story. Really. I think you said it best when you said the silence has been deafening on this, and I can tell you having covered Republicans democrats- Congress for on and off for most of the last decade I have never heard members of Congress with regular They talk about our true, the way. This report characterizes what the president said, or even as David pointed, What the president said from the podium yes This is not something that has ever entered the consciousness of most people who run for elected off, to serve the country by the way when you run typically fork,
hunger. As you know, you get paid less than you do. In the private sector, as well and while, yes, obviously lot of politicians are driven by their own self interest and ambition They also are interested in public service and recognise that the people who serve us in our military are serving on a higher plane than any of them, essentially, but Right I mean there hasn't been any any talk about this because men, what do you say about it This is another opportunity for them to potentially criticized the president. We know how they handle those opera It is in the past. They continue to do that here, just a few. I of an election, there's even less incentive for them to go out and crossed the president, I also do think. The reality is the way the president has now. This shows you how he knows just how damaging this report is: and while we are at a ton of pulling the military community the military times does do some good work on
and while the president is right, that officers tend to be more inclined to decide move of the president's job and enlisted core the numbers among both groups, have changed and even among unlisted service members. This the soldiers, the President trumpets referring to any said the soldier, are with me their Turning against him, because you know this is certainly the most extreme example of what we ve seen from the president on this topic, but it's not the first by any stretch of the imagination and that's really taking at all and, of course, every time the present opens his mouth. He undercuts his apologists, who denying what Fox NEWS confirmed repeatedly about Jeffrey Goldberg, article. But then it goes out need says that generals and admirals are more profit. Bears. Who will kill kids just to make profits far? The military industrial complex
its breathtaking and, following up on What Casey said Rev than allies was on. The arm serves this committee, in Congress and to say. Over my time there I probably served with about seven hundred eight hundred thousand members of Congress I never heard one member of Congress, a liberal I conservative a libertarian, regardless how anti war they were? I never heard one Did member of Congress question the integrity of our. Military leaders in the house, in the Senate on the hill anywhere ever heard. Anyone July the honour, the virtue of our generals and animals.
The way the present the United States. I think the current commander in chief the way he did yesterday saying that they will take care in the battle to get killed, so they can make profits. So they can be war profiteers, its breathtaking and it is so far out of bounds that it is hard to believe that current members of arms serves this committee. Republicans, our appeal like Linsey, Graham who have haddock This relationship with the military community through the years aren't going to come out and speak out in defence of these generals. These admirals of these Americans who ve debt, Kate and their entire life too. Soon list of this country. There is an astounding statement. You know. I grew up at a time that we were protests
the Vietnam war. When I was in high school, we protested, the war have never heard anti war activists called military men suckers and I did the field that the press, in the United States would say that is a horrible and I grew up. Worn in Mohammed Ali for not going to following doctor no problems in the world, but then he doubles back He's denying it Joe saying that's absurd hook, believe this only an animal could say that had by the way, your offices, the general of the military are using you as suckers give getting you killed for some profit of their friends. He is actually confirming in a the way of speaking what quoted here my saying: why would be in this town? Did you trying to deny that you a bit little the actual worth of life of others
military men that put their lives and live all of us. Why would you come back in a cue those that are in leadership there about giving their lives for the profit of some people that are in the military. Business me if it shows did he can't even get out of his own way to tell a lie. Why would why would he said in the first place, but cause He believes it which once again leads us, to the saying that when somebody tells you who they are believed them the first. I absolutely and still I had a morning show a lot of news to cover, including the number you see at the bottom of the screen. Hundred ninety thousand people dead from corona virus colleges, our cracking down on students who do not, Here too corona virus rules will talk about where the cases are exploding, plus posts,
asked our general Louis Louis to joy, is facing new scrutiny after accusations that he pressure to employees to make camp in contributions well and said that he was going to pay them back through bonuses, eggs, that as a crime and will that do that go to jail yeah they House Oversight Committee. While some answers on that you're watching morning Joe, we will be right back. Do you love good? and learning where it comes from then everybody loves. Caliph you figure is the podcast cast for you. It features conversations with growers chefs retailers dietician in more anybody at everybody who loves California, Figs and that's a lot of people. Figs are growing
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ease of his former company to contribute to it publicans and then reimburse them for the contributions through bonuses, five people who work for the joys former business New Breed Logistic said they were pressured to write checks. And to a fund razors. The posts rights too, other employees said the joy would instructed bonus. Payments do staffers, be boosted to help defray the cost of their contributions. Instrument that would be unlawful house oversight coming, chair, Carolyn Maloney said she now is opening an investigation into the matter and called for the joys, immediate suspension, a spokesman for it, Roy told NBC News in part, Mr De Joy, never notified by the new breed employees reference by the Washington Post of any pressure, they might have failed to make a political contribution and he regrets any employee felt uncomfortable for any reason so John Harmon present Trump yesterday said he'd be open to an investigation into this matter, but this is patent.
We illegal if this is the way it went down. If this is the weights described by employees, to both the Washington Post in the New York Times,. Yes, indeed, Willie Illegal, if, if as reported true- and I think there elements here beyond a look of inherent. What do we know about about about Mr De joy, what we know is that we knew before this report was that he was ape. Michael had been a donor who was put this position as a MAC, the pure political patronage by President Trump. That's consumers and why there is so much concern with the things he's doing ass, postmaster general of the ways in which we have been concerned now for months that he might be doing things to undermine the postal system at a time when mail in voting, it's gotta, be more important than ever, in fact vital to the cod. Free and fair election in twenty twenty under the spectre of a pandemic? So we knew this that this was not a person the point of this job because of its administrative skill or because
He had a history of managing the post office or any commitment to public service or anything else that would normally entitle. Someone or bore me commend someone to a job, that is not just important, always but important, particularly vital in this particular election season, given the strains that are going beyond the postal system, I think for those who are sceptical of him or critical of him who were prone to be worried about what they have already seen in what they might see between now and election day. This report, beyond the sheer illegality of it. That uses pointed to this reporting is gonna craze, gotta, put him more and more in the spotlight is gonna, bring more more congressional screwed me on him, more more press scrutiny, and I don't think this is going to be a a situation that subsides the cards this year, postmaster general. The joy subside between out election day. It's gotta be he's gonna, be
in the hot seat? I see, there's gotta get hotter and hotter every day for the next eight weeks, well, Missus thing that is done This is something that is illegal and this is something since people the jail, Casey, the numbers are all out there, the joy. In fact, we have these former employees that have come forward five of them that have said he for thus to make political contributions and then said, get it back to us in bonuses well regardless of whether he perjurers himself front of a house committee or not. There are receipts there are FCC records. This is something unlikely will be unable to escape from I'm about to come my own hair at home, something I never thought I'd do and at a fright, none of the cost of going to a salon. All thanks to Madison Reed, see my friend cat told me how much she,
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A thing where I think, if your Louis to joy, you're, probably worried about the answer, that question- and I think it's pretty tough waking that the president is actually said sure go ahead, but President Trump, if you look at how he's too, and it or not, his appointees and people who worked for him. There are some people stand behind kind of no matter what in public and then you can I tell which ones are about to go because hills or to say I'm in a wash my hands of this. You know sorry so their social more turns to this to this story. But he is not going to be somebody that Democrats, as you point out, are gonna forget about in the weeks leading to the election when there are also so many other election related in an issues with with the poster and so many concerns about its functioning. Go again. Maybe this is a crime, the added something that he and his lawyers have to be worried about right now, because
here he is guided by former employees there claiming he pressured them pressure these people to make Our will look on look at every stage. Report see that made the contributions and then all yet it was followed their receipts did they get. Bonuses then covered, though contributions, it's pretty you connecting these doubts, and this is again why some contributors get sent in jail for running the sort of shell games coming president Trump appear to take a victory. Laugh after the August Jobs Report was released last week, but is economy as amazing, as he claims State Ratner, joins us next with charts morning chose coming right back,
doctors in Germany say: Alexei Novotny, a prominent Kremlin critic poisoned Russia is now out of a car, and is responsive than comes after the german government confirmed last week. That Novotny had been point and by a soviet era, nerve agent called Novi chalk? being a flight in Russia. Chancellor Angela Merkel called the quota, tempted, murder, here's my President tron pad to say those it gives it its tragic. It's terrible shouldn't urban we haven't had any proof yet, but I will take a look. Would be very angry that's the case. It will take a look at the the numbers and the documents, because we're gonna be sent to a lot of documents over the next few days. So he says he doesn't know, did it make it be very upset if you found out who
I bet you will be looking at Luxembourg documents. Damn that Luxembourg, Belgium, me look what Luxembourg, the Swiss always due to people who aid Vladimir now. This is what fighting progression available years. This is eggs actually what we ask him about in the middle of December. Two thousand and fifteen, when he I do excuse Vladimir Putin Is of political opponents and journalists Nothing has changed. Of course we didn't expect to over the past. Five years is still giving Vladimir Putin Free back. Yeah and there's denial on the russian side. Any involvement Russians deny and suggested that the allegations are part of a westward homer disinformation over stupid people were divided country. You would believe that David Ignatius. What do you think the? U S response a stronger more.
This fall more connected with Already? U s response would be well, because the evidence it gets firmer and and now with divinely out of a coma. We have the likelihood that the Nevada himself will be able to speak to what happened. I think you have a real nightmare for Vladimir Putin. Beginning of all new has been his sharpest, most emphatic in some ways, most charismatic critic, not for nothing. If these allegations are right did did prudence team work, why kill him using the same portable nerve agent and he seems to have survived it if the volley begins to speak as the intelligence evidence makes it it's way from Germany to the? U S, I think Trump. In this case, has no choice, you just he's got to respond to it. He it be setting up slowly that response, but I think that the hour
it should be and what this means for Vladimir Putin Putin's gotta growing problems in Russia. This frustrated that's suffering from the pandemic like everywhere else in the world and and have them all may survive in Germany under german care and then come back. That's gonna be some well. Angela Merkel, meagre. You asked what America's Why should they wealth? We ve seen what strong leader does Angela Merkel verses a week later, Donald Trump cleaner says nothing because again, he said nothing about the placing of bodies on you, a soldiers had so he's going, say: nothing about this, but Angela Merkel said it was attempted murder, murder, attempted murder, plain and simple final verdict of those convicted of killing Washington, Post journalist Schumacher shows. You has been here down in Saudi Arabia.
To sound state television sounded court, sentenced five men too. Twenty years and three others to a decade or less the idea these are the ape man are unknown. As the trial has been conducted in secrecy, turn the sentencing caches fiance said quote: the saudi authorities are closed that case without the knowing the truths of who is responsible for Jamal's murderer, who planned it, who ordered it? Where is his body these? most basic and important questions that remain totally Answer to David Ignatius, he obviously was a colleague at the Washington Post. The Washington post has been in the forefront of demanding answer. So what's your reaction to these verdicts handed down in Saudi Arabia?
Jamal Khashoggi was a colleague he was. He was a personal friend these verdicts. Release released. Saudi Arabia are the opposite of meaningful final resolution. In this case, they that took the people who were most responsible. Of senior generals and rough court officials who are believed to have been the organizers of the plot to kill them all. It took them out of the trial they were, they were exempt the trodden every than touched. The crown Prince Mohammed, been some man who, according to our CIA and analysed around the world, must have been responsible for ordering this
the brutal killing a high degree of confidence among our soldiers analysts, but he was that he was involved and- and so the Saudis try to claim that they have now resolve this. It's it's over. It's it's! It's just a sad as spectacle setting a for its own future needs. To be honest, it needs to have accountability of the prominent journalist wash the post contributor was murdered and hacked to pieces. People who are involved in that killing know exactly what happened there? they are in the room there. Mr Monti is still not available. Their names have not been disclosed by the boat by the judge and the trial. What what kind of a process did the Saudis think this is? How can we imagine this will have
Billy with a world wants answers, and I think they thought this trial with put it behind them. But, as you point out, most critics plan did not get the answers that anyone wanted David. Thank you very much. I was good to see you. I only want to destroy reed, I'm so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the redoubt every week, I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time. Like Joe Biden, the words of president Matter and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do a stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last. Mayor casual lance bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions antibiotics, science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a more wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed
officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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