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100 - The 100th Episode

2017-12-21 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia celebrate their 100th episode with a surprise case.

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This is exactly right. gonna. My everywhere how will we allowed Stephen some one hundred episode of my favorite murder remember the park as you listen to ninety nine point? Oh
times wholly crap on my Stephen, a glass of this beautiful realisation, pain that day. I was a dense and our walking by this. Why? Instead, I call on you, go get a vital for the hundredth episode and, unlike this thing in this key girl with blue hair? Like casts, like I think, and then man, behind the counter. Her owns the places like I love it to certain like talking to me about it and it was really sweet, and so I just wanted to say thank you. Email me now to Suzanne at Ino, Reno and John Span Photography more exciting. I have a cup of tea but he and we have a cake come from carvel over even want in particular at the one.
LOS Angeles location, that's been there for a long time. The other been therefore for a while they were very Sweden, yet even after eyes from case to give it your ass, yeah, amazing, so fuckin cool. I mean I don't even remember having the conversation about talking about how we are going to have this cake on this day. I d Amour shocking about ninety episodes or them things out her. Here we are on yet we're just gonna keep on talking bloody blah lets a first. We have presence from Stephen yeah, listen let's just described because we walked up stairs into the beautiful podcast laughed and the podcast coffee table there too. What island? I refer to his hat boxes. Gorgeous read like gilded, have boxes, spoilers, Alchemy, ok,
that's another. Oh, my god, this is beautiful, is Lou. These are these help. Each other, like these, like german Jackson, might receive, makes this is work. We're having a hundred bog who are you sure you were gonna record, we're gonna record my gamers do women when they record themselves, for you do it's totally true when you can deal you dance moves in every
Stephen, like you, can move your body, though you ve always wanted to carry on more according I've wanted one of these. My whole I've just never had a reason for love ass demon. Do you think we didn't get we're going to like, maybe just like they're just so fine there, just watching Ghana Jackson's just like, we're gonna be Ex level can you plug them, and now that might take a while carrying them on these meetings. Where that I've had a thing that kind of look like like retained the retainers boy had here, they look like a kind of Europe. We need a visual totally like what somewhere like than top kind or something like I am, and they like, I'm you ve got foam. Just really intense, I feel like I get very Not that often that someone gives me the perfect gift, because I do I don't
Talk about what I like how much I only talk about in focus, homeward, ay and this is just such a fucking hello. This is it a generic they give to such a lovely. It's so perfect for such a lovely gesture, her ass, for this occasion, everything about it and they never in my life, was the fear. Plashing then think he's forced to listen to her. So he has. He has to pay attention to what we say doesn't want them make to keep from thinking. It's my teeth anymore and I can already say that a foam on teeth is road grows. To begin where
How is Europe the background noise of just give? You wrap paper, constantly being touched to mean that new somewhere thing so, oh yeah, I think that you're just gonna start wearing this. Always, I think, you're gonna. Let me to sleep when you're in the car on the phone, I have to say, I have a lot of the same feelings that I had when I was. I think I've told you the story when I was like four or five and my son, my aunt Jean gave my sister pair red go for her birthday and the second I saw her open the box. I screamed grab them, put them on and would not take them off and I will more than four like three years and this,
I have very much the same feeling. What can I say so you and I and Bob Bob Said- lay we'll get each other presence. Another episode looks great idea. Does my God, you look like you look like you were gonna call center. Thank you. You look like you, like an rule in the seventies has Andy. You look at your next. It had by me I'm trying to help people, but I am also making friends with one of the most legendary sailor serial killers of old eyes. So I was I border. I get care and live in, stressing about it for like a week, spoiler alert. I got you nothing which is totally my style. I stress and stress: don't you about you froze, so I have it, but I have good ideas and actually mutually those red. Can we do to fact about? I was gonna, get a cake made that were red cowboy boots
No, I didn't do it, then it is a matter that should make an idea I haven't. I have I had a couples. I want points for them. Even though get points for Red Kelly, bouquet, evergreen, imagination and crippling anxiety. Doesn't let me do anything about its follow through, but I am honest believer in its the thought, the cow you too, I really am. I am too ok great, so that was gonna, be one van I was thinking. I either go, get a tattoo a tattoo artists come here for us and give us Sd Gm tattoos. While we were important, but I couldn't remember if you wanted one or not well, then I got mine, but I mean I love the idea that yeah, but I only got one just around me. I have a tattoo that I shouldn't have gone in the first place and in getting it realized two person, I get that,
So that was another idea at all, and then I was just can wrap. I was gonna gift rap, really, while a beautiful a Christmas gift bragging gorgeous just pan of cheesy potatoes, like my lady from
the obsessions, are one of the tools that show is oh yeah zeal of cheese invitations than backstage alive, so is given to some version of potato and cheese or past and raise urging that country. I make a good makin cheese, maybe that Greece's make us cry. Someday, she's, potatoes, yeah save our life. While here's thank you for all those thoughts and first dressing about it. That's even more of a gift of treating citing over. It means a lot. I came up with the idea and when you said oh really like and then I was like yes and then immediately forgot and haven't thought about it since I walked in the door and you are like adding get your meeting, I like, ok, why would you don't ever get me anything like what we both know? What I mean I was like a thing you forgot to her. She like didn't, do it either, it's so classic me. There would be like my bossy idea, I'm just like I don't know you're talking about anyway. I will go there and follow through it. As you know, memory of it- and I have Nepal with her and together lets a hundred episodes. Man did, we are we, it was a match. Men have invariable really was because it's like it's
a friend of mine the other day I forgot. We had made dinner plans and then she takes me as like. Now like I had to move one night on her, then she texts into is like now. I have to move a night and I was like you like: it's never bad news to me. Yeah flake cancel and I love or just never hear from your guests, always a relief to me. If you see me out at night, I really like you another Mohammed yeah like our or youth. You already think I'm a flake and they can be used up all my flaking miss on you. Yes, your scare them a couple friends are like actually here, but then are always like, but you always make me come to your side of town when I'm like. Where shall we go unlike down the street? It so great over you, you won't, but here's the thing. And this is how it is. Sometimes you gotta cop. If you live in an area where it is not that cool like you can go out. This is the thing They have to like master plan. You have to think of everybody in the plan, because there are people like I'm married, never kids. If we go to dinner, I don't give a shit where we go, because it's all the same to me, but if you're
a single lady trying to maximize your time, because you finally left the house after two weeks you don't want to go to fucking the grandma restaurant at she. Also don't wanna go like when your friends like we are seeing on your friends like just come over here and will make I'll make Eric. Now I one way possibility of seeing a hawk. I had a bar, we don't waste my time in front of your tv. Now I a hundred percent at the yes yeah. That's like, if I, if I'm going to make me monstrous effort area of pudding close on this body and roll and on outside, we ve got to actually do something. That's like worth. The wireless there's no way you're fuckin, whatever salad you throw together, can make that as a cheese plate from the fuckin nice restaurant yeah, endless spend some money come on, come on. Let's jail cares, and did you hear about the asteroid that came within three miles of the earth? No, I love that. I mean guys her
clock level. My guy maximize this fine, her leave this Christmas see. Then I went to my Hanukkah Party last weekend over the weekend, which was superfine and all my young sweet cousins, listen to the part can now how young or there in there that I just had a college answer. There are cool Savannah Gillian, highlighting its high you're, just like Sweden, angels and then- and I love them very calm yeah. I am, I the family too, who are like its people that you don't expect. I was the young like twenty year olds, that I know that that leg Lauren and an Conor Johnny no art, my family. You know I'm always like they don't care about anything from my
slick. Why would they re? There were boring old people were boring all people they're all making their own homemade porn like the life. The way we live is so different that it's like we might as well be from different sides. The planter, so good God bless, go to your thing. So when they come in there like whom I got it. My friends like you, it's what it honestly feels like this has walked through the wall and then like. Oh, my god, we like you, reside allocating you suddenly, it's like. Oh my god, I'm not. It's a valid eating! You from people that you like, I have a drink, dismiss your group because it's sad when old people want young people call for pod casts there's something about them at all people. It's mine, control its mind, control. Who has my headset look Look I still Gloria the cellular, look like nothing on earth from HR and
every time you say mandate to touch her the earpiece lightly. That's right cause, I'm also I have to be honest. I am a little bit playing news. Therefore highlight like I'm in traffic reporter right now and you can sky. Guys, I'm looking right down at the eye five and everything's on fire on I'm on my way, we're leaving it going to say that's like the only time that Britain, Karen Chaotic, so there's a fire in the cell, planned always on fire, page twenty, eighteen and we're outside sorry. I did a terrible radio voice, but the exit to come here there is. There is a slow down, of course, and I went five miles an hour the whole time for this. It's so fascinated talk about it later. I run up it, but when I took the exit there was like,
huge tow truck and then when we all had to drive by a real slow, it was a miser. Roddy that had rear ended like a key, and it was like laughed so hard because it's a majority is why do you drive a car, no you're, just forcing you're just trying to make people think you're, Morton, ratty God and learn wine listener who drives a Mazarin hours like? I thought you knew it brother told me was cool. I thought I can now you know I'm taking this work. We brought force appear, I'm I'm digging into this carvel K a eating food on applied, casting no microphones. Now, Amazon S, I'm alright, it's as America as a pig. My is not so good. Five. Spoken, cooking general, unique sweets thus form an idea that denies M yeah
even our uniqueness souvenirs work, but you the whale cake work. I said, rob the cake and forth and three four x you out so excited that I didn't say: plates yeah cause, there's no fuckin, chancellor, cutting this important players, monsters eating. We argue up this isn't second tea time would guarantee Georgia whenever it it's an ice cream guy, but there's like a layer of marshmallows laughing at its core she from the lake cookie. Peace is not what it's like as for re right, and it's got there like Fiji, staying and just a little bit a cake. It's on atomic haggis, there's barely an account. But there is also a strip of Carmelo. Oh, my country need this budge from saying I didn't think I'm my mouth watering Amman eating at the same time. That's how good it is really time about Certainly my rough with really fun about eating a thing like this. When you become an adult as you gotta eat it and make as big a mess as you want.
Also here's what really funny I think there's a lot of people in these costs are probably think this is an area where describing a thing that be like Oh, my god. It's like the p and butter is right next to the Jelly everyone's had. Thus, you don't mean to describe this, as our child had already hares and single person, others were their birthday party. I, like you and me I didn't know. I've never had that my life, neither its the best fuck let's get Shanghai and party. You know, what's so funny you can get an early quickly. Someone tweeted today at us and said ok hold on similar. They said, please eat a whole cake on the show, an ice sounds great when window I'd love to you said you know, I like a great idea. That's I give to you
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Twenty one, eighty nine Texas address here. Percent, so you guys talked about the stairs his death a lot and the start of your podcast days, but you guys never fully got into. It may still have no idea what it is and our question mark someone sent us that today, really yes, that's hilarious. Where is that? Because our first episode and Stephen went back and listen to it, We have some nice notes for us. It's called due diligence, that's rallied did he did it, he did he did as diligently. He did his duty, so we didn't have to do now duty exactly, but we talk about the staircase. We both believed. For while we believed we had covered it, but it was just conversation in a long conversation. And then the funds bill that you told me was, then, when we decide ok for the hundredth episode.
To cover the staircase together efficiently. I just realized, I might China, surprise everyone by telling them during the staircase, but then I just really they saw in the description of the pilot cast episode when they press play. Probably yet it's not a surprise, and you know at some point you gotta reveal the surprise. What Stephen even then description. Surprise hundred episode case ok, oh my god, they're gonna fuckin shit guys surprise associates it, but there is a surprise because then, what's what was? Your reveal? Ok. So yesterday s last week, this house, back in this professional, is by gases as currency when our walking out of my door after recorded and we're trying to guess like what up which we were gonna. We want to cover story together, Bob LAW and as we're walking out the door. Are you working on that aren't like stare? One of us like staircase grave by hunting media
credit, thank you, but I don't want to. I don't need a turn on the staircase to watch it and realize I have just been bullshitting at this past couple years when people are like, have you seen the staircase and I'm like yeah, because I don't want to be like no, You know a hunter presented under four hundred percent and I kind of convince myself tat. I had seen what you have just one: I've like only got him. Never, how can I watch the forensic files about it and I read a ton about it, but I've never fucking watch the actual documentary it so funny. Basically, the entire relationship and our story are ours. In story is, located on the fact we will talk endlessly. About the staircase at that at Matt. My party and That's a lie. That's like a miss said. I remember you about. No, of course, I didn't know, I didn't know you know one after watching most of it. I did.
Now, when I was talking, you lazy, ass, to show and a flag in glass of whisky or do, but you did in that way where this, this is one stories that's been around for so long and we ve talked about that where the first couple. True crime, like you, know, four, hours types of shows that I saw about at present very clean, clear cut where I went back and watch the friends exiles which will talk about once we get through it, but it's
definitely this is the story, and then shit just keeps throughout the years getting added on to a yes and it's really crazy and I do have to say watching. The documentary gave me a completely different. Some guys go watch the staircase. It's like a ten part documentary young forty five minutes each or something like this. What I love about this case is it's all opinion. I mean there there's just so many potential. This is. I feel this is the part of two crime worth people started to go: oh yeah, the justice system, and I should say this white people more like not people of color started to go. Oh, the justice system could get swayed one way or the other based on what the people in charge, think of who they are trying right and that I don't think anyone really really looked at that much before this case, where there's like now,
this way and then you're like, oh, my god. They hated him because of this that I mean this is the original Jenks. This is the original making a murderer like. If you have feelings about that F you now. You need a watch this that this was way before, in our time and I think this also two years before could write a kite seems a vintage does well be like the American, just as I watch today was supervision yeah. Well, I watch the forensic ok, let's talk about the second case. Let's get into this million into it. So this is. This is the death of Lane Petersen Period the episode of the american Justice and I watched starring Bill Curtis from two thousand for welcoming blood on the staircase. Ok, with a forensic files is Cobb
novel idea? It was on you as a novel as it's a novel idea to kill your wife. I mind of man, yet Levitt blood on the staircase. Ok, Sorry, sir, I can I just a waiter Rebecca then and herwig his George you're gonna have to get something and ass. She walked over to this curse, stairs, started, walking down and get this my god. What if I fall down the estate degree of died, they evolve.
There's so clean hundred that possess comes out about a staircase fall about service. While you can't see anything so Stephen, I can actually say anything we why app and yeah, and as long as we're on the same pay than the recording would be played in court over and over again, because as a yell, I go no care in and see then right. But I M for no reason and then I'll be like your honor. You can clearly here Stephen stroking, his moustache. You know he's sitting down yeah Army eating Cape Verde and drooling about fucking. Where was the cake place at the time? Was it on the staircase? It was into my mouth and the whole time. Should we just read them at the same time? Ensuring, and then I was thinking for review, mean to be altered alarmed. I promise inherited on December going on ninety ninety and early. Seventy two also also, I think the beginning of this. We should say what we think like what we thinks. The truth is, I think we should say that till the end. Well,
When I convince you as my truth. Ok, what about you well, I was just tat I mean. Maybe we just talk through ok, it's as we go and emerges and then we're yelling at each other than we have different opinions. Yes, if we're like building each other up If love can build a brig, then we think he's guilty. I definitely think he's got a meter, SAM metal. You know what's funny as before I watch the the staircase, I was actually how own theory make so much sense which That's all you guys, yes, but now that Oh no you're, so sweet baby angel using that Fuckin Ufos exist and an early do now. We know that now we know they do they them alien, unidentified alien alloys have been discovered. Aliens exist, we ve,
I've known that anyone that watches ancient aliens knows it and has no net for quite some time. An idea at asinius cat knows that they're fucking alien that aliens live here they were here. First did their planet worsening everything wait no, but I was going to say that I, the reason that documentary is so amazing and effective is because You never see. Or you rarely see the murderers family featured the way this families. So you go through it with the family, and you want what the family wants, because there's so much pain and horror going on and the layers keep on peeling where you're like. Oh no, so then you start to understand why Do the things that I have it was so watching it was so problematic for him because
it made me what's so funny about that. The document is clearly made from a standpoint that he is innocent which is so, I recommend that it made me a hundred percent sure that he's guilty, so there's something fucking off there and what is off is Michael Peterson's, personality, hell, yeah, how fucking creepy and nurse assisting and wrong. He is- and I swear to God, though, the to adopt two daughters there A second called don't call your dad rate because he's if you want to get off the phone with your dad, those you have our old man. It's very sad but its, but I think will, I think, that's arguments. He was necessarily on his side. I think they were doing the we're just marriage, hey we're here to record what's happening and what happened? How balanced out so much evidence that that, I just something that's possible. Oh well, but I think it in pretending that its guiding you this way? Who opens the
door to let you go. That way I mean writing of, like you can come all the way into the house, because we know he's innocent and, like you, I smell a rat edge. None of that would have happened if they D hadn't done it. That way, it's like it's a case of second, this guy who thinks that he seems very sympathetic and and seems deep and interesting. When really everyone is so onto him. Can I read what he saw, what he Just can, I start by me saying when he got out when he got out on bail of prison First thing he said: if we, wherever this, to say that I do have it on the ordinary head, and then we will see if it's the same thing Kay cadmium in my life, whisper her name in my heart. A thousand times she is there, but I can't stop crying
Are you sure it's just like? That's? Ok, we allowed for whatever I have some concerns about those last ceiling. Sale. Oh my god. Let's get into this! This is gonna, be fine, because those nasty lines gotta have, though guy but really quick. So you and I just picked out the exact same moment where, because that was also emphasised, the waiver he's an asphalt parking lot when he says that we can't, with news cameras in front of him, and he is doing the worst acting it's like us of sorrow. It's it's.
Is there a whisper somber and then, like I'm, a really good writer? So here you can see him practicing there in the mirror. It is the famous fucking thing you ve ever seen, and it is such a presentation here. It's so much artifice in the background is his poor daughter. Ok Yes, I was gonna say starting from the nine, when one call, which is also insanely, Faye. Ok, here's what I told Sir your upper than we might well, you just are doing things at this is the same one at this episode, one hundred and one one hundred through again and the one hundred and ninety nine as to their knowing that we know the gaze of either that or this is because we both want to say something: the most irritating Rita the biggest cluster five inches wide. Like some people who don't know if this cases are like, can you just tell me what happened first? If you don't know the case, is you know he had of our pleas and have to hang up the phone
ok, I'm December ninety two thousand and one the pseudonym Michael Petersen. You heard his voice he's a creep called nine one, one to report that he has just done his wife of fourteen years. Forty eight Euro Kathleen Unconscious and he said he thought less he fell down the stairs of their food. I still home and Durham North Carolina Michael said that he had been outside by the pool and had come in to forty a m defined Kathleen at the foot of the stairs. He maintained that she must have fallen on the stairs up because they have been drinking and she had taken volume all night interjected, any fuckin, Lamellosa Nancy. Its volume is kind of a one off thing. In my experience in smaller Eu Party, with it all night long Ray you take the one you're gonna go to bed and destroy ok bone police arrived the amount of blood on the walls made them suspicious. So toxic report show that has let that Kathleen had an alcohol content of point zero, seven percent. How make Karen? I want to ask you something right now of thinking,
before we gotta. If we got a brother lies, are made stealing get drunk and see. It's not. That John and I may say that's stairs for healthy glasses of wine here, because point O eight is legally re. That's that's! Not illegal in North Carolina too but see what? My point is it's not that high you can get arrested for buzz driving because point O eight is not sloppy, drunk crazy, Bueno aid issues and drive, and that point you have impaired yourselves but you're, not well so I you know so those ok, it's not impossible that that at that point, eat phenomena, serious if you're running up them now, not yet but sorry she's running up here and she a falling backwards, not not from the top of the stairs, but almost from the bottom of the stairs. Let's get to that too, so
echo claim that he had been outside by the poor with Kathleen they had been talking, Khazar madly in love with each other, according them until she went in around midnight and that he had come home would come back and around forty five. Minutes later it too for another ten lines where to find her at the foot of the stairs. So but The thing it was fuckin December and he sang he's sitting by the poor, finishing his drinking shit, yeah shorts, imitations, it's fifty to fifty five degrees outside the union are you do great, which like a year couch and your warm house settlers, whatever forty feet away. You're just gonna go sit by double unless it were fighting or forty five minutes their ways, but it's also a fucking palatial mansion. So there's eight hundred rooms, radio, undue yes, but I mean
if they got into a spell at the pool and she stormed in a if she fell so badly that she was killed. You would hear that you would hope that you at the clock, even if you didn't know for sure you'd be like my maybe I should go to even I've. Even if I'm mad, I should go check. It doesn't do that right for an hour. The s! Ok. They're, ok and then I see so he caused nine online and before the ambulance- gets there between that time. His son tide, A previous marriage is like it in its twenty. Is already there. Why are you doing there? Ok, oh! He lived at the house that when are we did it? Oh, I thought he did. He did he do that he was out of the house at a party. Yes, this was an american justice, a language he was down the street at party, ok and then came home. So the autopsy report concluded that Kathleen sustained severe injuries, including a fracture of the thyroid net cartilage, which isn't the high bone now Sakharov at something similar and
seven lacerations at the top and back of her head consistent with blows from blunt object com. By homicidal assault and died from blood loss. Ninety minutes to two hours after sustaining her injuries. So here I was thinking since we those things He's guilty Tal bullshit If we listen to the nine, when one call now, ok, you can play comply with its. And we can so- we can say it to its normally. Nemorin calls upset me because it's a real moment of the worst it like makes my adrenaline Gaia like, but this instead fills me with absolute discussed because its insanely fake. That's why I want to listen to it. It's like do you have it I told you, gonna have already just, but it's just so
unbelievable to me now allow or your markets by way of breeding walk out of action. Nor have any fair I made by many dire com. Now now, right away back in April the boy he in the factory is he wants to get off that far MIA heed He is
apart and he can't sustain he's delivering his per then that's all he can do, and he is that thing in like acting words like. If you scream really loud, then you are either nowhere else to go. So he didn't. He didn't start trying to be calm, which has, I think, what people normally do or, if they're having a reaction. They they listen because they need help. So they want to listen to what the person who can give them help. Isn't he rang and saying, and because the person on the line is going to tell them how to potentially save this person's life. You need to come down and listen to the that's. What they're trained to do yet, but he's any of those things cause. He just wants the big show of how upsetting right and he wants to deliver his information, a that she's still alive to to lie about the time line and that she fell downstairs. The fact that he doesn't mention- and if you see the photos, it's an insane amount of blood and the fact that he doesn't yell, there's so much blood all might mean I like most people, what they see them up. A blood would freak the fucker yet
nl the blood part when you like in the when the woman I was watching the second the camera goes in and they have like the police camera walking in the IMF no blood. That's there is so ridiculous for Astaire fought for a slip in fall downstairs here, which is not if you think about like when you fall down you skin. Your knee, if you could shake your head, you'd, have a little bit of blood, a berries blood everywhere at the bottom of the stairs, cooling, poultry and then smeared and then splattered over, like its nuts and everything that this so this person, Ursula Franco, has a criminal and gestures are really great. Website o k, e crime notes Is she does the thing? I love what she breaks down the wording and in a lot of his speeches and things he says, and one of them is that when he said when she says how stairs. That's it! should he did not expect to hear and it takes him. Sixteen to twenty nine seconds from the begin.
The call to answer that, because he wasn't near the body when he was asked tat question. Ah so the thing is, and she says most people were someone is hurt, our next to the body because they're ready to help and they want direction on how to help that he was in another room away from the mass, and so he stalls by saying stairs and- it's only because he has to run over and see how many stairs there and they said when they did the moment all tat. They showed barefoot, try away from the area and going into different parts of the house really was in the blood. He was standing over her body and then left. Which is like, if you, if you are loved one, the person that you love the most in the world was lying in a pile of blood where are you going here like what that's doesn't. It doesn't really try now seemingly bs, now we're always right so love of a bad at it. Ok,
also there is a bloody shoeprints. So so clean- is found in this prone position on her back at the bottom of it staircase like Lang up the first couple stairs riot session. On her back yet, but on the back of her my pants is, shoeprints that matches the shoes that Michael, was wearing that night, but when the ambulance arrives named, he arrives, he's not wearing shoes for some reason. He's fucking Barefoot, Agnes his son since these are often like mere her body, why is that cause it in on track? It probably right out her she how it has shoeprints end up there you mean like when he kicks her down. The stairs are kicks served from behind break something. Where will also that when they get into- and I mean we're document will do this carnal logically IDA lay its rex- it further discussions on like in the in the case where and when they talk about the when the defence
is talking about what possibly could have happened to make that much blood if that is not and not an attack, and that many and that many wounds on her head because it seven will. So it's not like she fell down on the stairs and may we would have a sustained to head injuries. Let's, let's be. It s, because we also know she didn't far from the top of the stairs yeah. She fell from five or six years up yet so to get seven head. Injury is: how did they explain it? It's fucking hilarious. She falls she hates her head. She gets up spits blood like kid. There they're trying to rationalize how blood is everywhere. She sleeps and falls back down, which is explaining the fact that she had blood on the bottoms of her bare feet, even though, if she had so if she had fallen and become unconscious, she wouldn't have blood on the bottoms of her feet right. So didn't have like they have to accept, not to write so that then they said that she does. That mean
several times, tries to get up, falls and hits her had hard enough to lasserate your fucking skull. So meanwhile, her loving, loving husband is sitting out by the poor she slipping and falling in her own blood and dying, and he doesn't hear it and doesn't come inside for forty five point: zero. Seven one intake and a volume. I just keep it in the time I fell down on the street and further movie theater and whom I legendary story her skin. My me, when you fall down even like, say eight stairs. You break a hip. You break your kneecap You don't think anyone ever does that's what I'm singular story. You guess you spraying your ankle. You get a concussion on your head. If you did cut your head, you a little bit of blood. The aid here that there is a pool of blood blood splattered on every wall. Smeared all around to be fair, the we all know the head. The scout bleeds profusely yet fair enough,
why, when seven lacerations be present, if the United States and all in the same spot. It rang, like all like she's falling down and hid her temple at the back of her head at that. It's all on the back and lower part of her head ass if she was running up the stairs away from someone yet and they had our or something clocked her like D. Politically beat her dahlia, essentially What I think is interesting is that there's a spot of blood on the wall as if the first TAT had happened, someone tried to clean up the blood and then she wasn't dead and theirs there's blood spray over the spot or someone was trying to clean the blood off the wall, yes so that means either. I think it's either that she became conscious again, I wasn't, then he beat our again or
He tried to clean it releases, wasn't gonna work and so try to cover up that clean spot with more blood just kind of sprayed on their she's a student. I mean yes, that's a dark. I mean like the idea that then he is to its he's. Just like this. It has yielded like that. Tell the difference between the blood that was already there in the bud that wasn't that came later, yeah yeah, I mean There are so many things in this case that make it so he'll. Never so people can questionless forever and one of them is the fucking spatter analysed ye, I mean who doyen way, might zero that joy, really my favorite part of that documentary, because he looks like he was cast by the Kohen brothers there. He is the goofy us looking mother and
the way he talks about the blood spot on the way he gets excited, like he's the expert here whatever and then of course come to find out later on after this case, after he's, tried actors convicted this blitz, better guy turns out wait. I have the details here from Sea in time line and also from- I wrote, dirty doin deeper, a government ordered inquest, found the agents of the SBA, including doing diva repeatedly aided prosecutors and obtaining convictions over a sixteen year period by misrepresenting blood evidence and keeping critical notes from the attorneys. I was thirty four cases where he falsely represented evidence, so essentially what Michael Pearson gets home guilty? He spends eight years in prison and then fuck and dirty layin comes out that he is lying. Layer lies yeah and all this shit comes out, and so, even if his fucking, even
his blood spot or analysis in this case was totally corrected, doesn't fucking matter which, Some of it is somewhat, I understand, is, and will it make it a lot of? It is just him everything, so it's like him at home going well. If you do this than then, if we here, I'm gonna, be this wise he's doing a lot of leg. I I've approximated. Its rise is scientific evidence like he does it enough times and tell it fits the story he wants to tell right, which is so problematic Thea I am crazy and the idea that that amount signal as they say it was the amount of blood and the yen. To me it's open and shut. In that part, words like if you're saying she fell backwards down the stairs a couple times. Still does not it just explain that amount of blood red. It doesn't right. Well, he said It appears that also have blood on the inside cry
of his shorts so that in ELM the dirty dwiggins argument was that can only happen if he was standing over her beating her rest blood, spatter probably fucking, true, yes, but but then I guess scientifically, you can say, but you could sit here and go or if he hates me, black tissue up and there some, like. You, can't attack what happens to liquid in a certain re scenario. The thing, I think is super fake. I mean like it sucks, because that guy the him help being a fraud made everything we were still its theme of blood it whatever direction, spattered and whatever. This is not a. I fell down the stairs and hit my head, couple times reasonably here. This is like a murder scene theirs, but there's like four thing, will get all of amateurs for things that make you go this. Isn't this
open and shut case, and in one of them, is dirty Dwayne and who gets airlines. Will end the daughter. I never saw this in the staircase, but the daughter Caitlin, who was Kathleen starter from her first marriage. She said that when they first one Kathleen MIKE First got married and she moved into the house with the family. She saw him with like a hair trigger temper and rage issues several times. I've never heard of American. This episode American, just as they have her speaking and she's, not in here that, as far as I remember she's, not in the circus she's, not because she was every on his to buy. Logical signs, his two adopted, daughters and Caitlin, who is Katharine's daughter,
we're on his side and then Caitlin saw the autopsy report yet and changed her mind. Machines up suing him to my hunting him and winner and winning yeah wrongful death. Sorry who were ring has it it's like he didn't just from the Gatt go back. Ok, let's talk about the fucking problems that pop up and they pop up it's so interesting and circus because they pop up during their recordings running into those sure the gay porn thing. I love that guy he's my favorite pardon staircase. Oh my god. What did he's oasis argument on the stand? What did he say verbatim New Delhi, I mean a lot of good, let's get under way, so that when I wrote about ways that like there were, there were two motives
and one was the Kathleen had a one point: five million dollar life insurance policy. Why? Aha, more because achieving higher she was very fucking. Wealthy had a good job, but so on two million with all of her assets. Whatever her death and that Peterson's work more fate at that and we're facing financial issues. They had a hundred and forty three thousand dollars and debt at the time of Kathleen staff. Catalans company was undergoing major lay ass. Having was in danger of losing her a hundred and forty five thousand dollars a year job and her benefits and she had deferred alot over salary, so they didn't have a lot of cash, which is why there is so much debt. Michael hadn't, had income for a lot of years. So
and also, I think, secretly, the sons or in a lot of debt as well, because there is an email to Michael Peterson's Ex wife talking about how they were in that deal with their sons, debt, and in the email it said Michael says. I cannot speak to Kathleen about this, oh because the money was such a huge issue has. Who knows why? Because money was initiated because she was sick of it out this speculation because she was to go to helping them, because you know they weren't her biological signs for whatever reason I got an illegal trouble in the past, which is true so so there were some secretive step going on about money So there's money which I don't think is. I think this is a crime of passion and I think the money now
I don't think the money and I don't think the gay porn which he had organs up now in American, just as there like Kathleen, was on his hour on his computer two hours before her death and they, the theory is that she stumbled upon. I don't think it's a game for him. I think it says that he was trying to hire a SEC. Gay sex worker to have sex with and sheep. Stumbled upon. That information. You don't think it's that now We know what eating the motive is. I don't but I mean you could her going on his computer doesn't mean she found anything yet, but ok, except that she never went on the computer. They only reason she was doing as costs that the next morning she had a conference call, and so she didn't have our homework. Her work laptop at home with her so
of her colleagues centre some information that she needed to get off the computer, so she checked before midnight, which he never did she to ask Michael Petersen for the password to get into that their length joint email account so she was never on the computer and he had printouts of a conversation he had with a male escort about the kind of sex that they were going to have an like one could come over. I read all those in the emails between the two of them. It's fucking, intense, well, but is a sure that she read that what I mean, no, but if she opened the drawer one drawer and get a pan or whatever and then found this or will we know clicked on one key mail it in their Emil chain. Inside I mean it. So easy. When she's on that pc to find, Evidence of this gave this now his bisexuality, his hiring escorts his affairs with men,
that he had had in their relationship, it's so easy if she had not some of the upon that and then died. That night I mean it's there's theirs. Much of a link between those who things to me. Why? I just think if he'd been doing that secretly for a long time, he wouldn't have them printed up and sitting in a drawer, like you only got away with it for so long that he was, he thought was that I mean it's like what they were together for eight years or leg, and they re going to ten years before they got married well, so
I guess my point areas this I don't. I don't buy the idea that all the sudden she's clicking things and like that's it big and also because he that's her being enraged at him. I think something happened where he like. She was like she's, like I'm gonna. What the fuck is, this I'm gone, expose you get the fuck out of my house, you're you're, not a he has. No money has another job in three years, she's like, but that's like so you're, saying that the marriage was like eroding anyway, and then this was hurt, like left final straw. No, I think her fining email that he is literally planning for that weak a meet up with gay escort to and in the emails brim job he's a top like. This is how big is thick, as he's he's had sex in the past, with these man he's done, like the emails are insane and a conversation of not someone who is new at this.
She finds US emails and and realizes and comes down stairs and confront him. What the fuck is this the citizens like this is not who I married. I'm losing my fucking mind Has the emails in her hand, goes to walk upstairs he fucking Panax his head. Life is about to be sorry. He is so do we know for a fact. Those emails were printed up, yeah, that's daddy evidence that they have not to date the lawyers printed them, but my else heaters imprinted on hearing the forensic files. Yes, they were printed in his in a drawer in his office, we'll just I guess my point is that's all very that just seems like if he had a secret gay life. That would be something I just didn't see that relationship in them and the way I guess it was presented. I was thinking more of she did some said something to him.
That was more like her attacking him. I wouldn't let me you're fucking gay. It can. What is that? I'm I'm just telling you that its seems really it's convenient because, it's the one night. She uses the computer the one time and then she finds everything like he's, not hiding it all a and then be the lawyers use that in the courtroom as this huge thing of like. Oh, my god he's not who anybody and it was to me that was one of those moments in the documentary that was so amazing, because then you watched all of those people in Durham be like this is disgusting. This is horrifying. Oh my god. This is insane words like actually there's townspeople. I do it all the time, but I think, which is why I love that fucking sex worker, because I live there and just like yeah. This is what its happens. A lot, not a big deal, but I dont think I dont think that the people in Durham and in the end, the documentary Michael Peterson's, talks a lot of shit about clothes mindedness here in North Carolina, blah blah, but I dont think they were upset with him being by sex.
Our having homosexual partnerships. I think that they were pointing out what a liar Michael Petersen was, and Michael Petersen was saying that Kathleen knew about his infidelities with man was opened to him being bisexual and experiencing that outside of his relationship with her. But I think the argument was he's he's a known wire he's light about key lied about getting the purple heart in Vietnam. He lied that his injury. He had gone some injuries in a car accident in Japan years before and said that he had gotten them in Vietnam, his Ex wife and he divorce. Because he was having affairs with men and women, so there were showing him as a known wire and and saying that she knew about the gay relationships takes away the motive that he would have killed her because she found out about that night. He flipped the fuck out women. Look I'm It's not like I'm saying that! Isn't true you or I'm arc, I'm not arguing that. I'm just saying to me that seems like it
all through the Fang, because in the documentary they do in the courtroom, people act like Holy FUCK, it's on camera. It's like one of the biggest parliament's documentary. I mean I'm so that no that's my point of people in Durham, more freaked out about a pale interim were it. It did become the way that that woman, Frida Brown, the prosecutor start saying about him, and this yeah so evil its latest, like the wicked witch of the west, is so that to me I felt like that was a card that they played to cast him in this late in the courtroom to make him look bad and then, when you watch the documentary like will those people are bad, and that makes him good and semester playing against. You know I mean it's like yeah, thereby he's good that enables do when I think. Maybe the card was he's, I think They were surprised to hear that a married straight married man
was having these illicit relationships with man. I don't think it was that he's having relationships of man this man having ocean of men. I think it was definitely do I mean not so fuckin stupid that I think that our people dont get surprise when They find out someone's gay, obviously, but I think part of it was dead cat mean it's such a it's such a great narrative, which she found out this thing about him that he, you know, even if she knew he looked a gay porn, found but he is he's planning on meeting up with. In paying for sex from a a gay escort ash.
And out that night that's the night. She died like the fact that she was on the computer that night even the she's, never on the computer and the little chauffeur. Let us have no fat for a fact that the nine she found out. We just know that he had printed up emails or had he erase that, like that, the cops found out. He was racing, stuff office, computer and then they went in a more like your computer's filled with gay porn and I are having these affairs. Why don't you go on, but she went on the computer for for the first time in a long time that night, but she died. Yes, I get that, crazy coincidence. Not, though I mean I just diamond, I guess not a crazy coincidence. It's not a coincidence. It's like that's the motive, she found out that he was paying for Saxon Regain guy. Yet it my thing is: I think it's too much of a coincidence to say all those things happen because she was like. Oh, I gotta check my email here
I, in my mind, that's that's a thing that got pulled through so that it would be like here. You know salacious so would be against him and and then you know and then, when the documentary comes and everyone end like twenty fifteen or whenever it was looks at that they're like we thought those southern bigots here and then in that makes him look good somehow, but I guess my point was: I think Something else happened that would like when he talks, and he is so rich, and calm, and always so affable and so intelligent, and so has library that thing works like, but the one That would turn him, and I don't I'm not saying I know what it s. I'm just saying it's a thing. It makes him snap go, enjoy rage and then beat her
the whole fucking stairwell is bloody. So, like it's, not it's not like hey you. In your view, this new did our her like being shrill and I'm anything ever been abusive before he'd know me ass ban has he yes but the well, then we get Anko then we get into the family, friends that the woman in Germany? That is ok, yes, so than other, we're in farm shall they came out during the during the staircase being found, will its during the case, but immunity has her. Catholics is a catholic sister or his first, Why sister halls and says you do realize right. Sorry, it's the girls mothers sister. So it's our guys ants that that Michael Petersen is there he afterwards and aunt calls and says you do realise their mother was
died at the bottom of a staircase after he walked them. Home has earned last person zero yeah. He walked the mother and girls home after they ate dinner, the persons house, and Then a neighbor saw him running out of the house later on and she was found at the bottom of the stairs, with seven lacerations on her back or have exactly the same fucking death, twenty before that insanity, ok, so dear so the two decades four Michael Petersen found Catholic with a bundle of her stairs he Friends with another woman named Elizabeth Ratcliff, they acknowledge in Germany. Michael Pearson was married was first by the time how to see Elizabeth,
early died after a fall down. A staircase and Michael had been lost persons you're alive, they were ruled authorities, ruled rattlers deputy of natural causes, concluding that a surreal hemorrhage caused her to fall and strike her head, which it's, absolutely no right, so they're saying something basely. She was at the top of the stairs one. Oh, my god, my head and fell down the stairs got seven lacerations. My aim thing at one time: you want you, can you get what happened you get why they concluded that some like yeah. Ok that could have happened, fell downstairs re, not looking ass. She had headaches before, like with suppose they had had experts or weeks for what happened. So she also looks so fucking, identical, elude, haven't in bright, cliff yeah in Kathmandu, look like they could be fucking sisters, there's a Mars ain't. Why? Yes, there's a part where their side by sides of Elizabeth, in that
like seventy is primarily an Kathleen and you could completely go. Oh that's her in the seventies. That's her! Now! they looked so similarly distancing. Then it's listening like you know. He killed the first woman. Did he kill Elizabeth or did Elisabeth just die that way, and so, when he killed Kathleen. Twenty years later, he set up her body to look the way Alice, but you know like maybe he didn't, kill Elizabeth. The first, one- maybe she actually died that way, and he- and he in this moment of like wine, to set the vital to look like it was an accident. Re created the same scene, but that would mean he was at the same rate
cause he proudly. You know he found her body that he came. He came when the nanny found Elizabeth Oraculous body. She went and got Michael Pearson, those whom he saw it. Yeah, ok, but I also don't believe I think you can also use it doesn't explained the seven lacerations. It doesn't explain it I come in the. What was that fucking, You just can't be I'll, show Altea the sinner member when she stabs them the exact same when it's done it reminds me of words like seven seven headless orations words like if it was a blow poke or if its whatever the thing is. It's like someone goes fuck you walks away from him, goes up stairs or were, however, it happens and he just walked up and down another and lacks his muscle memory. That's what he does to stop someone and its rage. Haulage explosion, where it's like this crazy attack and it happens the same way and then I mean
This is all obviously bullshit theory, but we're right, but but to me he does really seem like one of those people. That's like he's gonna, keep it so chill material at because he does it all the way through the hammer husband, a camera in the staircase is like one of the most infuriating things to miss. Why part of the reason why didn't I couldn't watch more than five episodes are just like. I do not want to see this man again and hear him speak like it was one of the servants had a bullock, ok, Georgia. We need to go to bed because I was screaming at him about not screen, but I was like Ogier INA just yelling at him, because he such a fuckin narcissistic, any doubts he's a little bit of a like Mister Mc Gowan, whereas I bow worthy right he's, making jokes he's like his brothers there and Earl just kind of oh, very interesting, annex, there's, no shame, there's an doesn't seem to be any real has so here
like you, don't see him, he knew the only time you ever seems like worried or to have real human reactions. Is one they're talking about how much jail time is saying other than that? It's like oh gasoline shoes on that. Doesn't heed there's things in a way is incorrectly like so I write printed out this thing from the milky crimes notes where so bubblegum, ok, so at they. At the end of that, I whispered her name bullshit. He says I would never have done anything to hurt her heat. The way he says that it's an unwritten, so she's this chick first, a Franco says it's an unreliable denial saying I would have never done anything to hurt her and then you can add and unless,
la unless she sat on the G8 Jan. Something wrong would have never done anything to hurt her to reign, went right and then the also has hurt and set a kill to minimize and distanced himself from what happened to deal with the negative emotions, and she says it's a common strategies by guilty people to deal with feelings of guilt, and then he says I am innocent of these charges doesn't mean he didn't, kill her he's innocent of the charges he's being brought up on right right, so its is another, is not reliable. Denial to affirm to be innocent is different from saying I didn't kill yet, which is expected when people say they are innocent they're just denying the conclusion that they are guilty and just when they say and when they say I didn't do it, they are denying the action. So using his guilt, he's not only the charges, leaving but the charges are again not telling you, I don't listen of killing my wife,
and is that it's, the super ego maniacal thing of. I am innocent, yes, ally and I'm being persecuted, and it's so sad for me. I didn't kill my wife, you I would never. I would never hurt Kathleen. Yes, that's enough! I will. I would never hurt Kathleen conceptually Ray. I mean not really yeah, but yeah. It's suffer, oh and many he says. In a way. I am truly and some of these charges supporting you say truly, it's like. Why are you making? Why are you making a cool like a qualifiers by law as opposed to irregular and a samurai. Yes really, but then another court. He says as when I think of Kathleen IRA, and he says, is on the staircase. When I think of catholic- and I remember unfortunate glamour, unfortunately, is heard dying in my arms- that's true, she died in my arms. Why did you say that
kill Eads he's like goose, sing the sympathy and its also like if we think she died hours before that. So him saying it's true: she died in my arms cause, a first Emmi call nine or when he said she was still alive in the second time. Isn't she wasn't, but based on the neurons, which we need to talk about the red blood? France in her brain she died hours before then he says, then he says he says something about how the last time that was, he said, when she was walking to go back into the house at lemon sitting outside that. That was the last time he saw her alive and then he goes on, except for one I found like he has to be? Let go fuck I am on my story- is that I found her alive at the bottom of the Stairs Yahoo Cheetah. He forgot right. He forgot. That was the story right with something I was gonna say. Is they talk about the Is it really bugs me like I, when I was watching the
the documentary, the dead prosecutor, oral team which he hired before there were charges against on and one another narcissistic crape. Yes, that that lawyer, what's his name, I remember a rude off, but but basically he tries to say there is no way that somebody could beat somebody else with a blow poke in that staircase like with any instrument that that would have given her those seven deep lacerations in the back of her head at the bottom? That staircase there's not enough room that that you couldn't pull that thing other your head over and over and beat them with? which is able shit, because you don't know that
the blow book itself, so then it's like the EP predicate everything on this one concept which is like we don't know. I don't know if it's a blow, but let that's the murder weapon, raise what I'm saying here and also or could he could just be holding it right up to this the hill and not it it's not like he's got it at the very end. Languor. I read and another thing that maybe he just hit her head against the stairs, assure and that's that's and that would take a small hit to open the scalp up, and not cause brain a rascal skull fractures, which is one of the points that people made as if he were beaten. Are there we skull fractures and there wasn't so, listen up, close head. There wouldn't be skull fractures maybe because she died by bleeding out, she didn't die from the skull fracture Ray
which normally I think most doctors would say. If you fell down the stairs hate your head, a bunch of times, you still wouldn't bleed out, rang, wouldn't bleed out that quickly and you have a concussion. But the other thing is that then later on, they try. They attempt to get a retrial, because the neighbour fines attire and then they say they day withheld this evidence that the press, prosecution withheld this evidence and so the defensive like it. We need a new trial because they withheld the possibility there could be a prowler that how to tire oranges. So all of a sudden the same people are arguing the exact same the, opposite again: you're saying which they also a prowler could beat her with a tyrant, but he couldn't be her with a blow Mariah, except doesn't it's so create also that the blood was missing and later in the in the documentary? One at the other son finds the below poke in the garage.
Which is where it well. In the end, the police, who we all now I, like you know it's were very biased and ass by the police in the american justice are like. We went all over that garage. The blow book was not in the garage and didn't even the blowpipe without the at the end, the Tipp yeah, I'm in the end they all they did was they didn't find it leave it where it was called the calm. Raggedy go, take pictures they presented it in court to say we found that yet and it was on video right like while they were recording the documentary yeah. Yeah. So them we're like here it is. We found it here. Does everybody and then they're just like wool here you could have any you with that there and then the camera was recording, my oh, my god. This is so perfect. It doesn't mean anything, but they were introducing. They were doing that tricky issue. Of introducing a ideas that are like resembled out now? also There's all these injuries to her head and neck can do
and Oliver her arms and the back our arms and she has a zero injuries to her knees and legs, which you think foreign minister she'd, happily at your fuckin, laying a hundred percent. So then the other thing talk about doctor and really make him spitting that catch leg it so and also you know they hired him really early. Yet hired they made sure he was available like basically, these lawyers knew this thing was going to blow us. He was like semi famous Arthur said they knew they'd just they got here all their heavy hitters it like lane of alienating yeah and they could lead and make it a big thing that that they're gonna get. If he's the guy that God, you know that wasn't a football player re basically exonerated for murder, then
he then they also like all get doctor and release from OJ trial and we'll get these people and light just line everybody up. So it looks like here's that shares what it looks like a team of people who get people. They wouldn't payments amount of money if they didn't think he wasn't uranium ok, so here so rare red neurons, ok basically there were these neurons in catholic nuns brain that, we're consistent with the brain having a long period like a couple hours lack of oxygen before dying? So essentially it shows that these injuries, her had happened hours before he call nine one one and she died and to me, that's ITALY under that another smashers unconscious a while before she actually died right. So that too,
That's all you that's all you really need link is its even longer than his claim. Forty five minutes of like I was out drinks out by the whole, and then I wound her and he's on I'm the one who's like she's alive, so that would have been forty five minutes and that's not consistent with the camp neurons. Don't why re? That's that's. Do that's deep science yeah also d, fi, worried cartilage that was, that was damaged, cameramen IKEA? How they described out was at lake. If you can't break cartilage right, so it's like but it was hemorrhaging me and so basically
at means when your thyroid cartilage, is damage that strangulation has fracture of the thyroid net cartilage. Ok, so you can fracture so but its indyk. It's not that it's indicative of being strangle, but it also has hemorrhage, so she was being strangled. She was alive. This isn't a thing where she fell down. The stairs broke her neck ia and that's why that was damaged. She, it it was strangled while alike there, like someone was holding her now yeah and also had their foot on the back of her leg, to keep her in place and was straddling are at the same time and that's how he got blood's matters on the inside of a shorts, yeah and just hid her on the back of the head and she was sitting on the stairs flipped or over. So there You look like she interrupted. I tried to clean up a little bit. She came back she came back to consciousness, conscienceless conjured, and
he had had her again covered up those blood, spatters come on, I mean or A prowler came in and hit her with an owl.
Those together. The law can do as the owl theory. The idea, the Algerians remain neighbour, Lincoln Nosey neighbor. Who has nothing to do with the case, but he's like I. I know what this isn't. It can't be him, and this is really what it is when you form he won't believe it fully believe we're gonna get to that, and I get the thing where people who I was looking up our injuries today, as I was like one of those look like compared to what these both of these cases of both of these women with seven lacerations on the back of the head, what they look like, not the same cause, owl talons, look like puncture wound ray, and these and the lacerations are long dragged Marquis cut deep they'll do the impetus, whether they put it when they put the talent over the wound, to show what it looks like. But actually our talents are it's not three clause. A friend and one in the back its they have three in its most. Yes, I'm not a second now,
it's mostly just those three that go like that re, our kind of like they take up all that cities and the one that I am here and fine and cool- and I like reading about it, but it's not true, I dont think, is true, because youth was there are you'd. Then saying you would have to then say that the that What's the woman in Germany's aimed Liz, Elizabeth AIR, Ratcliff Rat, Clever ATLAS, Ratcliff that she was also attacked by now, like it either it doesn't make sense, because it's the exact same dad he's, the common denominator leg? You may fuck, and our found the gay porn Could you imagine that now, as I never use this computer yeah, but tonight, that's how ridiculous. It is I mean look also. That theory. He it was long ago enough that he could have been keeping all of his porn and a little file that said porn on her knee that she was like
you know what I'm asking true: what kind of women does he like one? You know I like the Navy, he was maybe she was fine with him being INDIGO porn. Like that's my thing, it's like. Maybe he she did now he was bisexual, is ok with ya, like that's fine, nothing's wrong with that, but I think when you get over into second paying for sex territory, yes, having affairs is a different having an affair with a male s core in your home. While Europe work yeah, you know and Catholic have divorced her fuckin first husband because he was having an affair. So why did you not ok how United cheated on her? So she is not ok with affairs based on effect on our history. Fuck now will no one's ok with a fairly between affairs. I mean like Ino, open marriages yet, but he didn't write in in one of the emails to this duty was trying to hire a married man to a wonderful woman.
And she knows- I earn a you know something I got so it's like just such a weird mindset, it's like he does, whatever he wants rate and rationalize it, probably I think, you're freaking out even more. Is that the way the cap? and Michael Matt was because, when they when asked Michael got divorced from us first wave and, and I think, earnings Patty and they moved out. She took the sons and Michael stayed with the two girls. The two girls started playing with Caitlin in the neighborhood and that's how Kaplan Michael met in the first place, because all the girls were yeah and I don't know why that freaking me out so much, but it's like it's not like they they can together in this weird way. That was a thought, there's others like family photos of them. Let make me I come from LA like. Were there standing together as like this radio bunch family. Yes,
how over the the drafted girls when a call and cackling got married. They were older year because they had day. I think, though, girls met each other when they were like it. Routines. Maybe then that they were together her like a year, so the fact that they called Kathleen MOM It's me a little uncomfortable just the whole lit Michael just seem like a cult leader to me and these these two, who adopted girls who lost first, they lost their biological father than their mother died in is insane circumstances. They go to live with this man, Yamlang Friend and his wife they divorce. Yet the two girls are with this guy. They in this great woman and, like all like it's almost dislike, it did Michael tell the adopted. First car Kathleen mom in a manipulative way, because it make her once took around you know them
or is it just that they wanted normalcy right and they just for like ok, gray, the seas are landed, burden sharing mass like we're, build their own family and we're going to make this work. Will the sun's called her mounted and they yes, but no. They couldn't have they had their online like up living mom. I think they did, but that whole dynamic there's something off about. It's me well because in this gives argue relic it's my pride and joy in this American. Just as there is a part where they
are all, and I wonder if the the producers of that show manipulated them, but there are sitting around looking at my Christmas pictures and one of the doktor says oh yeah, this is she loved her stare. She always had to put her Dick Christmas decorations and basically she's telling him at the front like the staircase, which has a photo of them together in her wedding dress on the stair yeah, so great big and the end, but basically it's just her. It's them talking about it like. Oh, she loved her stairs and day and its but then she goes did so Q and it's just like them all trying to act like we have the bet. We have the right to life, we had the most perfectly or so in love, it's almost like, if I guess what I guess in the staircase a daughter of the adopted daughter, steel, like there being paraded too to show to give Michael Petersen, sympathy that he
the family and supports him the way their shown emotionally so much in and talked about as enemies. They speak on camera. So, like you know emotionally that their dad can never do this. It almost seems like there being used by him and his side. Way to shout to have empathy because he has fuckin none will I mean they? It seems like it's absolutely their choice, so Ray it's. What they want to do and I feel like they understand the importance of if someone is accused of this terrible crime, especially if their innocent, which they believe he is, or at least that there's no room for them to even grapple with that idea, why are you? I don't think you could in that area, because it would be like this like now. It's us against the right now, there's no room for greatly or my lad. What happened? I mean you, I might add, to not have done this theirs.
Could you imagine because then, if you did that, then he also it opens the door to their own mother. They fuckin end up. Ok, hang their own mother, their biological mother, Elizabeth Ratcliff, being fucking zoomed. Yes, has the end. I think it's going to prove him innocent right and instead it and said her cause of death gets changed to homicide because they see this fucking lacerations and it's all mirror in it. But instead everyone is against Petersen and that's the That's his Marin is instead there against him right and they're making the stuff I wish, maybe it because it's fucking blood out analyse was making shit up. I mean that's, though,
The thing is simple: it is simple and nothing is ever all one way of these are the good guys needs about. Also, ever I have room for the fact that I can be totally fucking wrong about all of this and he might be innocent hunters. I am not. I will never be like not never, but there's. For that, yes, there, this is just how the schemes based on the information that I have
It was fine and a vibe symbolise it's that vibe bit. That's the thing addressing the craziest is I just want to go. You dont think you're, convincing array of all people, because I don't buy your dumb pipe because I have risen up paper, not following me and also its is the dilemma. Unlike I'm a connoisseur of good acting, and this is not acting in an air you axing to begin with. Yes, my calendars, bad, it's a given still tell acting whether it's good or bad. The admire you bothering the thing that we both named the thing that I played a recording of is its terrible. Acting. It is inappropriate and who gets the there is absolutely nothing genuine about it, not so whoever it is, as were Hearst it's like bad community theatre. It's the first time of him. Speaking to the media, to thanks that's what's going to make them get on his side, yes cause it doesn't understand. Sick, human emotions such as b
your crying and you are freaking out about. What's going on, people are on your side because they're, like that's a real emotion, rats, how Israel and now I can hear the people that would argue like nobody grieves. The same reason, the bazaars and raving he was in a position that nobody could anticipate or imagine wasn't while enabling hertz, corneas, fuckin state exactly right he's not this isn't like they. They after him on the street and forced him to give a statement. This was him breaking his silence to the press and giving a an official statement of the leaves of the words he thought would work. Yes took you yes, it's so crazy and No, I told you that that's the way I realized he was. He was good. Tell me I had better, watching is the last season of breaking bad, pretty sure as last season, and it was right the end where,
everything's, going crazy and walk he's having to leave, and then he comes back to the family and that you know his wife's like what the fuck and he was always lying, and there was a part where he is trying to Inga thing where he would always make breakfast so he's trying to make breakfast and look. I'm has pancakes our mobility, normalcy and he is, as I think, either his son or his wife are trying to talk to him and he's opening these drawers and kind of going. What no? Yes, of course unlike keeps talking with the cupboards and doing stuff, while answering questions, unlike trying to pretend to think, but then doing so with the cupboards. There is in most exact scene in the staircase Michael Petersen, is in the kitchen and their leg, asking in some really kind of crucial. You know
and he's opening these drawers and kind of going. What? No? Yes, of course unlike keeps looking with the cupboards and doing stuff while answering questions and like trying to pretend to think, but then doing so. The cupboards there is an almost exact scene in the staircase Michael Petersen, is in I can see why didn't Jonathan overhauled was listen, there's a Jonathan grants and out there. I bet you anything. I you went to high school with them. You loved him ring. I want to know I lodged breaking, but I've got met from him fucking crazy. I know just got this where chill wars like oh
France and made that acting choice, because that's what it looks like when you lie and when you are trying to make it seem casual and to give yourselves time to answer yet because you look like you're focused on something else: yeah and you're, not I'm so distracted by pancake way, I'm in the middle of a what's. That, yes, is like the weird and for me I was like that's it it's over. If I was on the jury, I'd be like full on Rwanda penalty. Will at the end of my I can just years your favorite Might I heard America as they were, our tv show ever. Thank you both Curtis for your service to us as true crime, less norms waters, You don't know how much you may do us as he Jakarta City. He does Oh, you know you know me.
Oh, no, I don't think he could possibly understand how much we love him here as a member at the very beginning, the very her life shall we did. Was that in Chicago that was set as a sure I guess that's my new bill, Curtis somebody said that they might be able to get us a bill. Curtis walk I'd like oh, It was like that we were so excited for so long, but Bill Curtis, our Lord Xavier. He was, he was busy anyhow The end of this year could just might tell them, show that I produce bears jailhouse interview with Michael Peter. In it, he says, I'm in in here, I'm as free as I would be out. There and to me, that's that thing of lake
with a truly anywhere he's basically saying you haven't gotten me here, you can do anything you want, but you haven't gotten me. It's also like this. This system is so messed up outside of here, like the government in your life and stuff. It's the same as in here when really, instead of being like I'm in here, because I killed my wife right, or I'm in here, because of a huge miscarriage of justice, ITALY's yeah, something seriously wrong. He's ok with an innocent, I'm innocent, I'm a dial! Her that's happening, he's like look what life, he basically trying to say some bullshit theory of like you know you. Wet weather your life has haven't or hell it's all in your mind, he's like at peace with that he's, space there, he goes I'm not saying I like jail, obviously, but like, but it's this thing where to me It's what it is about, Michael Pearson, which is to me what's fascinating about killers, and
psychopaths and novelist people where they have They have to do it. They have to win. The thing had not say that things are even if it's gonna make them look even guilty here that's his Emma Lousy, letting you know he has to tell you didn't get me. Yes, I'm wearing this jail outfit. Yes, I'm in here, but but no I'm, actually freeing ratio this like he thinks I have himself as this beautiful Miss miscarriage of justice yeah and this like a martyr he's a martyr, yeah yeah yeah Do this isn't the here? Wife is downright there's. No there's no talk of her yeah I I now, but that the that american Justice was
made in like two thousand four or five, so they had no idea that this story continues for quite some time after that's what's funny about this, this a novel idea episode of forensic mountains, but you can watch youtube- is that I think that they get said of course, it's before we find out its issues around it and our friend dirty Dwayne. It s like being interviewed, as the guy who saw the k is yes ends, problematic, but I think really, if you ignore that, I think that the episode gets it corrects. The whole thing is correct: it's just that. The shit that happens afterwards is problematic, so itself It is this like dated forensic files with d you now second addendum and shit yeah, I think its correct- I do too
but it doesn't really want to show you exactly why he's guilty and then so much it comes out later. The whole thing was like what Israel nothing. I mean blood, spatter evidence, experts are fraudulent, the core, where it's not even a real thing, you can't even they can rely on them Who can you rely on whoever the other person is it to made up their specialty of like? No? No, I did this in my basement. Don't worry. I tested it out on myself with a great time. The video we laughed we that's fucking the murder of Kathleen Petersen by Michael Peterson. In Stevens Timeline that I was reading off of. He said that those french documentary ends another as yet to be released as of December twenty seventeen, but they have a third Yuther working on a third documentary he was released this year.
So he did and Alfred Plea, which we know from the west. Memphis three basically says they. You know that the state has enough to convict you, but so you're We are agreeing that they have enough to convict you, but you didn't give Europe still saying: you're not guilty yeah you're. Now pleading guilty right yeah, so he's out now yeah. He had a time served situation, rights which, when I'm either get into I mean I just accused today that he served eighty say now in its concur, yeah, all of the the way he gets out and gets bonds and in between shit and all that him going in and out of jail like it imagine. If that was a black man, oh, you would have meant I've never seen that person again now that the way this keeps just getting entertained. Is this does happen too,
people when it's like, oh yeah, this all of this has to get thrown out and they don't have entailed alley marrow up a bond and like hey, let's get this personnel yeah, hey this blood spot or analysis has lied in thirty four cases. I bet he's Leyden these other ones as well. Now doesn't turn around like a dozen at all. No wonder Christmas is like this. Second, oh Petersen, who do you think this Christmas is gonna, be like for everyone so at the last second addendum french documentary, the staircase to do electric Bogle em, have to say that time in that one one of the daughters I like it or not naming names, because I feel like they are they let them live their lives. And also just there there really kind of the subject of the Sacramento ere it so much pain for the area; it spend so horrible for them, the whole way. I almost want to go like if you
to fight and believe it please do that, because, yes, because it just the fact that there are other sister is. On the other side, The by writing the part two one of the sisters no longer as speaking out for my computer's, while the daughter, Caitlin Catalans, actual biological daughter, said that when she saw the autopsy there's like this beautiful quote by her? That's somewhere here says. The only thing I have to say is that about the trial and all the subsequent fall out is that if there is any closer to possibly come from. All of this came after sitting through the entire trial and listening day after day to all the evidence on both sides and after the closing arguments, when all is said and done, I thought confident that I knew what happened. I knew
happened to my mom while there's no true closure that can ever come from an event like this for a loss of deep. I was ready to walk away and start moving forward with my life and that's Caitlin. Now, thinking that Michael Petersen killed her mother right, yeah, so sad, and not feeling caught up that gap said: Father was also being persecuted or air. She just is kind of like many rascal s. It's awful as its intense region, together. Yeah sure we So are happy about this week. Go for it, so we should it be like something boring, or should it be like thanks, everyone happily boring, tried to do in a very flat, ok voice. So I was just thinking about how did both of our lives were before we started this podcast or when we start this punk ass. Similarly comment: candy
there at that point party, and I lied about how much the staircase, because it sounded right and just how grateful I am from this part, not by this podcast no listeners in the community, and I mean it's kind of rough living there what kind of endeavour reasons in rough points of our lives and going through some are aren't shit and despite gases chain that completely and made my life into this beautiful fucking thing, I'm so happy for and grateful or end in L, a volley ever do as a hundred episodes. This is then pilots of my life for real, like one it feels like a dream it sojer. It's been insane I love you very my levy to Karen and I love you thought to do this and made me come to your house. To do a dilemma. Is that ok,
but it was one of those things are just like in starting to do it. It was just like oh yeah. This is like, even if it's just for us it. So much fun the conversation we just had about the staircase employer, arguing about certain things with so much fun? That's all they want to do. I was that it so much fun when also because- and sometimes it's been- I will say this- I am, I totally agree and every let me in that part of the part of the fund for me has been this experience of. Basically kind of standing in the centre of an explosion in and getting through with you like, truly growing with you, I feel like I've, but there have been times where INA we still when we start out. We said whatever the fuck we wanted, because we re just in your house and then
of course, and we went through like a teenage phase, where we got super self conscious, because people started going you're saying this word wrong and you're doing wrong and you have the wrong thoughts in view of the ride like have to do this right. Yes, and then we got will worried about, would lose. People are what a free you know and there's just all. It's like the natural growth process and now so that conversation wages had felt so much more like one of the four episodes, because of course. In my mind, I'm going. We can't say that that's liable, that's whatever we're talking were putting words as of now but overall, that's the point of this podcast- and I said this at the Kansas City- show, I believe, was
I'm trying to be forty. Eight hours were sitting on the couch watching forty eight hours talking about forty hours to each other yeah and we ve never wanted to be broadcast professional, broad nationals or or news castors or anything. We just want to talk about the thing that freaks out so my right and fascinates ideology and we're sitting in this room. This laughed pod laughed surrounded by are made by these incredible people who we have somehow fuckin touched in a way and, as we have so much in common with Ray, I'm just honoured, I'm honored, I'm amazed, and thank you Stephen too, for being here. It's just that. I feel really lucky it's weird, we are two of the luckiest people, I can't believe, or sharia and and were filled with ice, can cake. Oh my god I mean, and for all,
those that have been in one of my favorite favorite things is at some note when we meet people shows and they say, I've been listening since the beginning and then I'll go? Oh, you have the first one another, oh no I mean like. I came out and Episode Vivier and on that line on the last time we were out somewhat. That I go from the beginning and she s day one I found you remember that storage Sarno, remember your name but she's I opened it. I was in a bad mood. I opened up my email, Itunes, Parnasse saw the thing and was like that seems interesting and clicked on yeah. She was at first I hate of your voice. At first, I thought your both annoy idling Amerika was barely loved him. I couldn't that Lisbon is cool and we read all of the notes and all of the messages on twitter, and I mean it's just doesn't it doesn't make any sense when minus fucking blown or both do you guys and change our lives. Thank you so fucking,
we love love you hundred episodes sofa and thank you for being here with those yeah were very it phobia, and mostly we want you to stay sex and we also want it. I dont get murder of a swan cookie
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