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Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Christa Worthington and the case of Typhoid Mary.

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This is exactly right,. We have all morning the morning and welcome to your favorite morning. Talk show I favour murder. The morning talk show, screams in your face. Two way: go get down you gotta, get up, get down, get back down, get back up again like what that what they want for me. We want just We want to act as a couple. Crunches, easy simple dislike you up fun, fun uneasy at the black going out, Berbeus
sudden. Sir burping Berbeus were not an exercise with just belching. I would be a fucking be in your fucking. You absolutely you'd, be internationally known. Are burpees the ones where you jump up and go down into a push up at top up cuz. I was thinking of her keys, which is a cheerleading jump where you kind of look like a check return, your body into like a check mark and I was gonna, be like when we were like. Oh you mean your legs. Go forward, Jack, my get straight out and then the other leg comes up in your knee. Comes your test. Don't think! That's just back problems fertile your life. It's like
spent in the air again take over me, everyone and home I'm web Ameer Ali. Just she just showed me one in the mental illimitable was also what am I talking about. I don't fucking know what a hierarchy is like. Surely it's like I'm trying to get people to email us about? I wasn't cheerily, oh by the way I was a song leader junior year of high school weaker, as are the ones that like did routine while we, we are a small school, so we only have a certain amount of people anyway,
but you know we did the answer. Team JANET Jackson's control, its all about control, its all about control. That's the only one! I remember just that. We had no gloves that or white on the blue on the outside. That you're, like blowing my mind than you do like this. I need someone to do like a clown light toilet like I'm, I'm a bad light, blue light like your eyes. When is this? Why is it so? It's my blue! That's right and change in the mind and then Channel five. So in an hour and then says my favorite. My picture gloves by your face? Are they wider? Ok, this is one of my favorite part about having this podcast. Is I get random texts from my beautiful friends who listen to depict it's time to listen to it? Well and then, but there
you make sometimes month so the other day, my beautiful friend, SAM Pancake, that's his real name who is who plays Dorothy in the live golden girls that I told you love, so I have the mug. Thank you for being a kind. You got it, so I can see the dough Campo. They started a new run of it today that you really should go, but he said The attack solid said was fingers and face may make a so called fingers and faces the best Eurasia blame the best worse beauty, shabbily aim of all time or heard just cut to the basics fingers face on the LIVE Orlando boot better. In my life I endorse it. I was at a very reading, my mom. Whenever one of us is very important- and I just see in the audience whatever fuckin production had happened the night before- maybe it was who could it have been- let's say someone like not to Bay Nazi small, but so you ve heard about maybe
see it could a ban and you could have been like who's. The you might as well be walking on the sun, smash now, don't do that here and maybe all around you might as well be walking on this are all but it'll do you? You might as well as well one sad confetti peace that had been sitting there since the night before Slow Lee, Then this lovely Ladys laughed in the front row but will have irish slate is actually was blessed or she's I don't know I mean it could have been the deaf confetti that could have ended up good I've been so many things, daddy, what state is dawning arranging papers upstairs at digging with an inanimate objects gaudy You, girls were human secondary all day the joy. Ok, the joint kittens the joy of kittens joint thanks x.
The joint kittens, but that's the illustrated book. You need the guiding and I have the joy of sex. Copy economic areas, books or using one up solely by the December did anybody right now I don't know, do they write me? I mean that's, that's the first time look for as, like somebody folded up a piece of paper and stuck it. Insight like trade eyes is with care. Has maybe theory will love you carry to please do this. I know is that we got me and my friend Katy newer, who lived on the street, he's the one whose family lamas and they had the old abandoned house on their property, will no longer, I believe, I'm almost positive. It was at her house that we look it up because her mom was also a nurse and it was so. We were starting to look at it like yeah, and the illustrations are so technical and lake,
an atomic all that we got bummed out very delicately rely interesting. Maybe we should just go swimming instead. It's like em. I said this last week I talked about Murdoch, dress and their hilarious tee shirts, but they have one. That's like you know, and you see like a cow and which, as you, the cuts of beef, the one that's of agenda and it says the cuts and I met a hope. It is just like the kind of system just met style. So. Where is? I just saw one of theirs on twitter and it said girl who promise not to tell anybody, only told to flee, and then it's in the pictures self monies. It's a girl phases right next to a bunch of flowers like she's all smiling out what about bitch. This bitch brat loose, leave tee to a fuckin donation and, like some thought, you can tell this batches like some hippy register that we're make it pushes gorgeous nigh kosher.
This bed loosely tee. What about where did come from german apple? Oh yeah do with the fact that guy who looks like George Cassandra yeah and his wife actually looks like George contains his parents, let's showing them having a baby, and I my mind was blown well. What about the part? There is a poor weather explaining to their child about sex and it's like heat. They basically stay. They rub on each other, really the ass or something, and it just remember staring Stevens can have an earth. You can't talk bearing accident hysteria D had said that in MR well tell you well, you isn't that little Carson's rub against each other.
It was very like I remember, syrian and just like it can't be the sexes and just friction re. It can't be that this law man, it was very confusing using time the eightys the eighties and that age and like before you know and then what you think when you find out and how funny it is, but she still can't get rid of the things you thought you knew. So it is still a little that and the thing I thought I knew, as God can see me and it's wrong. I can see you but he's into it. Sorry, blasphemy! Is that what their teacher in the temple? HAL there how I'm going there. You don't think there's how goodbye now there's something by how goodbye how you do as hell he's out mother fucker,
what do you have that sweet time? Let's see besides friction, frictionless access describing sex cartons from well. This is a great email. We got Ladys. This is from Aaron High Ladys. I was at the second Balboa theatre, show back in October that Santiago Rain and what's happened, get a chance, until us that first others recently posten it's not funny Of course, I do immediately. Google, the buddy, broader murder house, it's it down. The street were meal and up first sale, some great real iter spin to quote a home rich and his degree as you to tell re, it says, have two point: five million dollars lying around two point: five million dollars, let incendiary house and then She'Ll- is she listed I could say the droughts re an empty out here I mean like or just streets on its own
Cyprus Avenue where Van Morrison lives designated get here, that's kind of AL area, Jim moving, no place of nightmares had happened. There would you care liquids I take her paws and ask your girlfriend's. Ever drinks are like when you, because I think it just depends on the house like if I think you too have. I would have to go in and like feel it I'll, but if it was some really old house,
yeah, don't now say like in the Eightys and Ninetys eating, and there is a murderer, two thousand sort of whom I wanna. Do you know what I'm being cavalier right now, because I want to say I would, but I just thought of the first night in that house any. I would just be out of my mind. You like I'll, be fine, but I bet I what I wanted to know. If you hurt you, but I don't care, I don't hear that. Do you I mean, but if you alone in the house I mean anything, I feel agreements should be more creeped out than I would, and I would pretend that I was saying no to the house on his behalf really benefit as high as regards couldn't admit: Agatha, murder, Bagua. Yes, that's right. You have to use them as a human shield and you can always- and he can use me railway lines when he came and wrestling and can't talk about re he's really painted himself into a wrestling corner. He asked love it for the rest of his life. He there is no fucking doubt in my mind that that person, Vince Averil,
the love of my life? What lover ass for the rest of his life is going to two shows in the next few days, and I really I hear it's there's no worry. You know what's really hilarious, so many people that I follow on twitter love wrestling that I I felt a guy.
Good historical back log knowledge of I mean people post stuff. You start your own wrestling outcast yeah, you know, and I well. I want to call it my favorite wrestling pocket. I went home after our last recording and watched the end of the fucking world on ethics. It's such a good. You have to watch it. It's everything. Georgia said it was and more I binge did all at once. Aramis. I forgot to mention that things. I've sing Wes Anderson, Harold in mind my friend Dahmer, almost so, but only I am just so gorgeous is really well done. It's just those Brits. They know how to do some storytelling and dry humor. Yes, so that those kids are such good actor me base such I like, I never want to watch teens. Do anything announced teens weren't birth, Subject: weaknesses as such a good show ya want it in the bud, you that kid his dad was
my son's missing and the cops we're like his prior runaway and the now like fuck that shit and hired a fuckin helicopter and found his kids crash in a car and or of even so alive. Thirty hours later, shit so like a couple of kids are trapped in the knowledge of his son by himself yeah found helicopter search. Our search found the kid crash in a fucking ravine, Stoa, thirty hours later he's like holy shit, kids, not a fucking runaway. I thought you were in us mention be alive, Stella, the kid was founded I've. Yes, he sees arrived either you're going to talk about the three kids that escaped the house in order I count jeez, that's were twelve, like children between ages of nine and twenty seven chained to a walls at fourteen heads, yes and air emaciated, they couldn't tell how old they were in riverside and also the
my friend Karen ever since the one who told me to look at it and she goes the data so upsetting. It looks like fifteen heels and dumper dumb indoor. No totally has the weird things like page boy haircut, it's very disturbing parents, looking very problematic yap then, and have proven to be right and poor children linked to the old. Still in prison. A twenty seven year old means you have had some fuckin blue a flop conditioning of this poor kid. I tell you that when a kid knocked on their door, you. This is my theory. He kin going on trying to sell like magazines or something and knocked on my door, whoever open that door whenever the smell was lacking was like sorry, I forgot something on my bike: ran away like don't, don't listen, gals like that, it would just be like Like one weird candle and then in the back round- and everything else is dark- how many yeah
or did they have the perfect veneer and like no one cadeau they're, probably not I want you gotta, listen, you can't. You got to lose that veneer after a few kids after that eleven childish change in the law. Yeah Jesus here. First, this way I guess I am. I correct
you're. Ok, so I have been on my couch. I sprained my right also to tell everyone. I saw the bruise, it's fucked up its I rolled my ankle. I've already sprained, both my ankles twice as not. I don't find talking about medical problems interesting at all, but this was kind of great because I was walking my dies with my friend on he said: hey didn't, did they really that house? I look over my shoulder like it's a gene, tat, commercial, locking the door one direction, but looking backwards and I'm like over there and just stuff like on the edge of this man needs the grass all my ankle. Wasn't it snap. My friend on who is behind me said, turned at ninety degree angle and then I went down he said. Look like I look like a stunt woman. I went like I went down like hand hip laying like in line he really liked it, but it
I knew immediately that it was bad there inside just got up and went in and carefully couch guy, yes, ice, elevated iced, whatever so tonight is the first I have gone out and my driven. It was fine. It's if I keep it. You now we're doing then status and that a long time to study murder really caught up in doing mental story. Like oh yeah, that's right! I'm trying to talk about this, so I ve been Langen for on the cow. Now, talking about that as if have a dream. What It's kind of a dream will also I do it anyway. What I realized is this sprained ankle just made me: go you have to stop living like your ankle sprained. You have to stop it so much your Ngos not frame,
start limit late, leave the how ya go ahead and Iraq somewhere. I know it. I guarantee they'll be spring mingles in the future or you're gonna be like. I wish I had lived my life outside of this. Yes, I always would know that I'd be back here at some point, you enjoying sprained angle, the couches forever you might as well get to go over round. I am- and I feel like my body, because I'm so indignant and I'm so like defiance disorder base year, I filled my body- has two sprained. My ankle, like every eight months, should be less up off the couch. Now get you really sick to be like, wouldn't you loved and not be here right now and I think out, stop living like sick and all of your joints don't work. Ok, but since I was there is a Netflix movie called murder on the cape.
I don't know if you ve seen it it of course immediately came up when it went onto Netflix. In my suggestion, Netflix knows us. What's amazing about it cause I was, and I think you'd I talked with this little bit, but I got really addicted to those hallmarks, Marianne over Christmas has my sister cap. Putting them on as a joke, but we'd watch them for animals away christmases, for it is right cause it's you get like some hot chocolate, we're all sitting on the couch and then it's just make vanity is blather. It's it's a guy in a huge sweater, pretending he works at a Christmas tree farm right for early and it's always then it's like oh she's, really smarten type bay, but she had to come to the small town. To do some, ok, so I see murder on the cape and I'm like that, doesn't look like an actual movie and it does
look good and I'm like, and also I wonder, which murder on which cape this is checked. All your boxes rang that what's the thing and hurt all your baby in her keyed right into all my books into this, but so Look it up on line first before I act, I didn't want to watch it hold Edinburgh waste. My time and the first thing that came up with an article on decider the website, decipher called and the headline was murdered on the cape is a Bonkers crime story based on a true story, so they had already watched it and reviewed it, and we're like this thing is like the room. Basically, so I stopped reading that article because I didn't want to light in case I had some of the same thoughts. I I want to say that I just read the headline and then there's the beginning. The description I was like a candy are played rising sea at the word. Anchors is amazing bonkers, as my favorite is more it's so funny I mean
friend AIR Dorian on Twitter changed his name to lend a K. Bonkers lack every time. I see it. Ok, so, this, and I highly recommend that you do your substance of choice and that can be the Bible can be a glass of water, but do something to get yourself in the mood to accept what the television is giving you. You could poor Glasgow, Arrow Bible, lack a junior thing and then we'll haven on fire. But what you should do is at some Y Y know, Lord Israel and southern comfort. Ok, how about some Malibu, cocoanut, liqueur and Santa OK lime and got it vent alive and some and then a twist a lemon,
what I mean airy guarantee just suddenly about her her death bed wish that serious Zambia and bring me a grasshopper. I also when one the hawaiian nuclear strike thing came tears. Like I mean I might as well just is really bad point being we I mean the I'll, get it right. Now, I'm gonna, back on that are off that wagon. The second I have valid governmental reason. The minute it happens. I'm gonna come over ambulant cave which do it. Does it with one of those huge bottles a sham. Now I'm not gonna break I'm gonna. Let you because I know one it enables oh you're just can discover. Melick, hey, hey just wanted to check in on you in the near to be like. That's where I guess I have champagne tell it's gonna, be champagne party? Okay, so murder on the cape. The maid for Netflix Movie is quite
the thing- and I highly recommend you watch it. It is very much like the room meets a it's. Not for me, I would actually say more it's not so bad as the room when there are definitely actors where you say, did you like acting before your friend, is I didn't make this movie or is there something that was like you wanted to do that this weekend, along with your friend, who decided to make there's a lot of people making big choices can huge slings really going for it. There's a lot I can. I could see in my mind's eye these out. There's going aid a check or whoever that are under, as I'm really gonna go for it. This time, though- and this is what acting is ready- yeah I'm kick my leg and do a dance for some reason it doesn't actually connect with what my characters alluring seeing so that's cool the leave guy I
like I saw somewhere that somebody in this movie, It was in a soap opera sometime, I make sense. I didn't recognize anybody and the story. The way the murder on the Cape story is told, is very much against the victim. In my opinion, it's very much making her look like she tricked him and like, and then I thought, oh, I shall put this up and see if there's somebody that was in the real case that is connected with writing this movie. I guess it's just
just median quality enough. So pretty much anyone could have written it. Like a conspiracy theory on the cape, I mean you never now you have to watch it, but she it's like. She tricked him and to sleeping with her, and then she tricked him into getting her pregnant and then she it and then length ensure updating the learning yeah there's it's it's it's a very problematic presentation. So then I looked up the actual story cause I'm like that story sounds familiar, but it does not look familiar in order on the k rate and granted that they open it up by saying that is based on a true, but that don't you They claim it is exact. Okay, so there's the real story again and then you can here this story process it and the horror of it then like clear you're palate and then go back and watch that thing as its own separate, pour your glass of water on the Bible and then go watch click turn on tv. Ok. So
this all takes place in a town called Truro Massachusetts, citizen, which I remind myself just it's like you're, saying Churchill, yeah T says t true are, you are, I believe, whatever? That's not it sure that's worth tomorrow at ok. So it's ninety. Ninety seven- and this is a tiny. Fishing village, basically at the very top of Cape cod and its busy in the summer, obviously with vacation errors, but then in the winner is dead and that is really cold, except for all the fishermen and the families that live there array. Obviously and a woman named Crystal Worthington move there, one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. She has a very successful at the time. Forty year old fashioned writer, she's written for L, Harper's women's wear daily, the New York Times, she's also co, authored.
Books on fashion, she's, a successful writer and she had been writing international and she'd been doing stuff in Europe and basically living a very high stress, kind of high fashion lifestyle, yeah, and so she wanted to get away from that and go up to the cape, so her family. She came from a very prominent family and her family owned a lot of different houses and places in Truro. She when she move there, she moved into a pink bungalow that was right next to the Harbour Masters Shack! and couple months later, she moved out of that in into a larger house at her family owned a really beautiful cottage me yeah.
I mean I was looking at these places in that there's a forty eight hours, the bid one of the main ones. I watched a forty hours, eight hours all about it and they just keep showing clips of like a ship just kind of going around like a long, the coastline and unlike what we know an icebreaker, it's just awesome. Look, however, too so you're born out of your fucking mind, I mean twenty bucks. You know,
you, gotta, have your Netflix chirp got maybe like some crossword lawyer, no life. I s body out their yeah, that's true! That would make you not re you'd get you begin on that jitney back into town, a cup of bunch times, jitney him from it as a german member manner, and before so I couldn't tell you give me is the word I learned from my New York friend: they jump on. Do it to take two: it's like a little bus that drives strictly to like the hamptons or some from Manhattan or some like summer. It's the summertime jitney out at the beach. Ok, so on January six, two thousand, until at four Twenty two five and the afternoon, a guy named TIM. Arnold too, is Crystal Whittington Neighbour, on the other side of the woods
by her house to return a flashlight an inside, he finds heard dead bodies been stabbed, on the left side of the chest. And she's on the kitchen floor her two year old. Utter EVA is their next to her clutching her ears, also yeah she's with the body for awhile. Jim grabs up, EVA and runs out calls on one one he's come they find that Chris has stabbed through the chest it if, Mr Heart, it pierced her long and sheep, let out on the kitchen floor
this. Murder is the first murder that Turkey has seen in thirty years. So, like nothing happens in this tiny town anyway and like nothing like this, so of course everyone's freaking out- and you know they later on. The defence lawyer- will claim that the am tease were slow. Be in an and compromise the crime scene. They did throw a blanket over Christmas body when they got there to cover her up. She'd been raped, ends please. Please did fine dna on her body that they ended up sending to the lab, so they knew that there was somebody else's dna on a body that could be a good lead. Unfortunately, the lab was insanely backed up. It was one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. The of this was like you know,
so they start talking to the people increases life. They talked it's him, Arnold, the neighbour they find out. He wasn't just a neighbor. He was also her ex boyfriend they needed for about a year. He says he has nothing to do with their death. Then in talking to her friends. They find out that Avis Father is a married man who was born and raised in euro and his name is tony jacket. What the why don't you names now. It does to tease
but I mean that's right on par with Jimmy buttons. In general terms of a now name buttons jacket, there's an onion, I mean it just is. If the. If this was writing, it would be lazy, but if it's just how it happens, so it turns out tony jacket he's lived inter all his life. I am only going to count on a jacket alter any six kids he's married and this is in the forty eight hours and by his own account, he saw Christa when she moved into that pink bungalow right by the Harbor Master Shack because he was working there as the fishing more than in the forty eight hours. He calls himself the fishing warden an article I found on a b c news: dot com referred to him and I'm not joking as the shellfish constable. Now I don't know that right,
A frame seniors outcome was bored and just being funny or just reading cartoons guard to Lord or pitching an idea for Spongebob Square Amazonia, where the shellfish constable rules and the same, that's our two man, it totally the movie, the network, film murder, on the cave, the character, the plays tony jackets character is very ashamed to be the shellfish constable and he he was, I think, a contractor and he couldn't get work. And so this was his way of like cause. They were. There will be no having financial for the family, ass, bronzy, six, kids, Asia seriously, so he had, you know, take the job anyway, as he's working as a shellfish constable. He sees Christa this
we therefore very you know very fashionable there in all the pictures of our she's, just a gorgeous woman and keys immediately, they immediately headed, often are attracted to each other and she's, like this. High society uses a graphs smell over China, hot local, probably yes, he's very he looks like he should have been leg third string character in the sopranos. He has like big lips and squint eyes and Lang Comin back hair, very kind of like Mama, Italian now I can't explain it got it and I am not against it. I'll say that just like get yours scare see constable your shellfish constable italian pc, ok, so she
when they first get together, Christa tells Tony she can have kids she's been told she can't have views, they have their affair every year they end of breaking up in the film murder on the cape they make it look like. She won't leave him alone and is like always trying to be in his business and finding him at the grocery store and stuff, where I'm like, prove that it seems like she had plenty of duty in her life and it was unction yes, but romaine, let s or else a chicken and egg and it's a tiny das, early, tiny town right I run into my fucking acts at the grocery store, and this is Fucking LOS Angeles, Labour, Rio, maybe stopping me actually
don't run into MAX. I have never run into anyone. I didn't want to run into, and this I swear and why I have enough on what would I ever say that out loud spoke? I just want like open the nightmare door basically next week, so that we may talk about who you are and then you better start wearing so much mascara who make up the constant, constant mega it'll, be so different, ok basically She comes to him and says: I'm pregnant, manage your baby him and he's like you, told me: you could not babies and then she's like what's marigold. That's why I'm keeping out care what you say, and I know you don't need to be a part of area and here he said in the forty hours he was like. I was dumbfounded and kind of thought she tripped him, but she goes on and has her life and starts to raise her bade her daughter, EVA herself, but it some point
She asked Tony not only to pay child support, but She wants him to tell his wife. Then he has a daughter so too, actually ends up. Tony jacket ends up telling. His wife of like how many years of six kids. In years later, he had an affair, and now he has this daughter jackets, the Jack Ass, the speech that gets caught off the I had to come off that night, So so basely his wife Susan of Course, is very upset at first and livid at him, but then it
simply they all. She ends up, meaning, Christa and cause to comes over for dinner and brings the baby and they start to make it worse says. Susan herself tells the story in the forty eight hour than are the best people. Women are just like this kid. That is not gonna lie. I have her life, be bad because of Gaza, because a fuckin jackets area has of Captain Jack. I fuck a married man, oh so, and she says she actually lighter Well, maybe I know but but also Susan, provides Tony's alibi, huge. He was home with her the night of of Christians death. So please her leg. It's all a little we area, but then they also discover crystals having issues with her seventy seventy two year old Father
They were you know, as I said like this prominent family and apparently the seventy two Euro father.
Now had each twenty nine year old girl from her name's porter. She had been a sex worker and she had been a heretic, and now she had Gunnar life together and choose dating the love of her life. Seventy two you dad you're, embarrassing me and Christa, was like you're spending too much money on this woman and then they cut in the forty hours they fucking do us hard cut to this woman. Elizabeth Porter walking down like a courtroom thing and Gmos yeah like to take measures that may dahlia, and she s like this insane cigarette voice and she's just yelling at all the cameras at one all like handling Hirsch, it at all he wasn't like do. I met this classy dame and listen, I'm not talking, should honour being a sex worker or heretic date, sex worker and aromatic, but us twenty nine year old and the seventy two to get near old don't belong together. I mean you, don't know any of the same reference, and now you don't use any of the same emerges: no or put our hair products or gifts or anything you don't listen to the same party I mean over. All the rural is don't date, someone younger than your children tat I mentally dad for being a fucking, creepers Lloyd. What I mean, I know a lot of people that have had that happen where they're like and now my stepmom. Now, let's just and I could obvious now, I know I shouldn't a lot of people. I know one percent generate if you know a lot of luck, we re so umbra. These are the tiny ways I constantly lie just set out as a lot of people, and am I just the one, but they are not hurting. Anyone can cool it's only
if it is so that was actually there were like. Will this? This could actually be she because she was complaint or father basically saying starts any color off so then, and you know so it it does become and it sounded like it was this thing where this is almost like: a vacation town, it's the elite, the people when the money in the town and then the people who make the town go right and they are coming hate each other I mean nuke it could it all. Could get real, you know we're heiresses them, so the police are dislike. It can be any british there thinking dad's girlfriend hired someone to kill her living or they're. Just looking at that girlfriend that she doesn't have the best background and she would have reason-
rid of her to be like yeah. I want to keep my money source open, not made out his poor, because I me otherwise it says, solve a lot of me: no intimidate, no twenty, nine european data unless you're in love with them- and they have my fuckin bless and that's nine and I will be nice and unhappy manner. Ok, so, a good, the police there. So much going on down there. So many suspects, the please go to the FBI to get her. And to get a profile drawn up the profile that the left me. I guess I'm doesn't help them it. Does they don't have anybody that matches it. Finally, a year after, Chris murder lab results come back and they find out the dna that they found on her body doesn't match any of these aspects. So none of these ex boyfriend, not nobody and there like what the fuck so they
have to start all over again. So what they decide to do is ask for the dna of every man who lives in holy shit and theirs. Reporter in this forty hours, who was like the reporter from day. One who is now has also react, and he was like will them that was just crazy in them and Jesse you. Clearly they have nothing in there. Just lay re trying to do whatever, but how many men? How many men are we talking? I dont know offhand duration. I would normally I would have line, but I colonies active in hundred lets. You complete just go ahead with differing thousand it's fun and its its again Amber it's a really small town. Let's say two hundred lives h between two and three hundred and nine thousand grit, okay, so tune five years later, the D
Michael O Keefe announces they ve gotten a match back from the dna, and some any killer gave him or DNA. Well, yes, and it leads to the arrest of a suspect name, Christopher Mcgowan. He is her garbage man, so police first bring em for questioning the police. They do. You know Crystal Worthington, he says No, I just know she's a stop on my on my garbage road. But I've never met her and I done our and they say okay. Well, we found your dna on her body now. What You have to say- and he says a well Actually I went to her house Thursday, which is the day that he is. He picks up the garbage at her house and then I went inside. We had consensual sacks and then he won't. He says he went back Friday. Had
Exeter then beat her, but his friend, Jeremy Frazier was there his friend, Germany, Frazier, started, beating, rob and he laughed and german Fraser Islamic State and kill time well. The police are like well that's a great story: Ex Upper Jeremy Freight, your friend German Frazier, you're, good friend that you're setting out as water. None of his dna is anywhere in the house and he there's no way to prove that he was ever anywhere there lag and so then, basically There are six hour interrogation, he signs a waiver that says he doesn't want a lawyer and then he confesses into the murder so this guy does the same guy Chris if ur Mcgowan, the garbage man, ok, so basically The prosecution that so the trial starts across she's entails everybody that Crystal Mcgowan went out french german Frazier and they got drunk and then at one I am. He drives of your house, rapes, her and kills, or by
christian Mcgowan's defence attorney is a guy named Bob George. He claims Chris ahead, consensual, some them go and on Thursday, the day he brought he picked up the garbage. Then he laughed and that her murder took place somewhere between Thursday and then, when her body was found on Sunday and that it at his client had nothing to do with it. He also suggested that Christmas, Mcgowan and Crystal Worthington, I've been having a consensual affair for awhile. And that it was just the leaders of this town that didn't believe that a white woman, who is this fancy fashion writer, could be having a consensual affair with a black man. Who is the garbage man who
He also submitted that Mcgowan's IQ was in the low seventies, and so that's why he went. He waved the right for the lawyer. He didn't have. He had no chance once it was in the police, but he basically set. But then you know so he's basically saying here. Accuse really low, so he was tricked and all of us and he's just makes basically the perfect Patsy well than the prosecution comes back and says he will he's smart enough to have lied to say he didn't round in others like a lot of evasion, tactics or whatever. So he clearly it is not, Just because you score well on IQ test doesn't mean there isn't tricky in doing what everyone has. Their defence also alleges that the crime scene was totally contaminated by sloppy e m tease because those aunties came in and put a blanket on crime body when I first saw her, and so the
DNA. He who knows he was on the blanket whenever they kind of just keep introducing reasons to doubt so critical ex boyfriend who lived in Manhattan? Who is in this forty eight hours who says if Christa was having an affair with the garbage man, because he had visited our two weeks before her murder and he said that would have been the first thing she said when I walked in the doorway ass. She would have loved that story. She would have been very proud of it. She was having some kind of like you know I was it's not made December, but it's like the wrong side of the tracks affair listed ass. She was gonna person. I would love to talk about the early so up until two weeks before her murdered. That was not happened right, so he basically kind of it. It was interesting when he talked about that words like you, can totally see that yeah. Basically, the trial goes the under number. Sixteen two thousand six he's done
Tristram Mcgowan is found guilty of first real murder, murder, with extreme atrocity, aggravated rape and aggravated armed burglary and after the verdict is red. Christian Mcgowan makes a statement to the court or he says I never meant for this to ever take place and then after he says that he claims to still be innocent la which is a really weird yeah way to say it. Air ass. He is serving three concurrent life terms in prison without the possibility of pearl. So after the all of that, the verdict comes down. In January, two thousand eight several jurors came forward and claimed that there was a racial bias in the jury. Room during the deliberations, so all twelve jurors got called back to court by that judge and they all were questioned over those claims and their testimony revealed that there was racial tension in the jury room who so because of that crystal from gallons lawyer use
information as grounds to file an emotion for a retrial who, but that was struck down as all three appeals that Mcgowan's defence attorneys have failed on his behalf, since he got sentenced. And then into twelve the design. Attorney. Bob George was convicted of money laundering and he himself served three years in prison. Yes so we. Very much. I mean I don't know there's a lot of things that get introduced in this case in this forty eight hours and that this that defence a turn. Bob George He actually did a really good job of introducing all these points, no doubt this case At the end of the day, its dna yeah ends
his was the only dna on her body and she was raped and murdered and she was raped, murdered which with Went there with them in someone else's dna there right, yeah yeah. And its funding has that forty eight hours of old and they It's interesting how it feels like they keep pointing to this idea that she quote had a lot of boyfriend that that seem to be at play in the way people kind of like judge this year, that, unlike she had an affair with a married man where it's like this she was not to be trusted and somehow yeah yeah yeah our there is. I don't know it's it's. I didn't like it like and the movie did, that to the movie was crazy. The movie was all about Fuckin tony jackets, the wall, the character that was representing him and like how tough his life was and how these all these women were, making his life really tough and there's no one's whore fuckin baby. You have to see you
to see it. It's pretty amazing and there is also the sarcastic is fascinating. There's no. Who plays Tony jackets wife a couple times, as is that Bridget Everett? You know how many area could look like her, and it was this kind of like everything. How look was right on the verge of being Campi. Air and images come back every time and to boring when they made the movie did they know who that the killer wasn't than they they showed. That's what happened. Yes, although I am pretty sure I fell asleep before the end of the month, because how can you victim bland throughout a movie and then it turns out it's just a fuckin other guy psycho murderer, yes, unanimous which has it wouldn't matter if she was let's say, promiscuous or not, and not saying she was, but it wouldn't fuckin matter. It doesn't matter anyway. Zoellick that thing that happened happen. We have the case. It needs to get salt I mean
it's crazy me. I think at the end of this thing, it's that there they leave it super vague like. Maybe he did it re limits I now he did, but I recommend everyone gets because it's this bizarre crossroads of its almost every bad reenactment yourself. If all the main actors headlines cheeses, whereas, like you know what play with the scene and figure out what happened with you is, I want to see more easy. Susan jackets gets her group back. He or she leaves are fuckin husband Go Sir Ireland as a citizen, Susan jacket is now Susan how that's fucked up it's crazy. But the little girl, the goodness area from little girl. Went to live with the person, that Christa Worthington it chose to be her blog to be thee,
the guardian and which is a good friend of hers. But tony jackets answers- and I have visited her and now she's, like in college and she's doing great gap fly Euro Area Bird fly, animals fledglings my words of encouragement. I bet that a work stretcher spread your wings and stuff wow crazy. I merely it's almost like a good thing that your ankle got twisted go as he said. It was a good thing, but I watch tv twenty four hours a day. Finally, something good came out of it my murder of so you know, I'm obsessed with black and infectious diseases and plagues and flew epidemics. Now I love others share. I sure that's may pass
illness like end of days share great level stuff. Ok and right now, the flu right now in MID January, twenty eighteen flu is already an epidemic. Yet this year, which is fine, I just got us Sean no good its irritating and I'm gonna die, but anyways At least you have the fluid guy you're. Secondly, so that no cause it so fine. I thought I would do the ito. Our good friend I thought Mary marry. Harry in the summer of one thousand nine hundred and six on long Island, oyster bay. Have you been there? I haven't, I think they take one of those little trains, a jitney to get there
I'd or allowing us exigent need better. They have cars. They were made us draw out now, maybe a horse to me so long, island, oyster bay. As the tony playground of New York's fortune famous Teddy Fuckin Roosevelt none other than the hottest his summer White House, there was off fuckin, rich people, sure and everyone freaks if I cow when in a span of just one week, six of the eleven people in the home of wealthy banker us he's a banker to demand. Even Charles warns household comes down the typhoid fever. While there are there on vacation typhoid is a bacterial infection. Let me tell you about an ogre due to salmonella TAC and its viewed back. Them is a disease of the crowded slums and tenements, which we love to talk about. Yes, then, New York, its associated with poverty, lack of basic sanitation, immigrant,
assume to live in disease. Radio, crowded housing are scapegoats of typhoid, so rich. I can family gets at its bananas. Typhoid is the twenty centuries, most terrifying killers, because an infection could spread through a house before anyone knew what was going on in the first week. The infection seems almost of like just then I flew, then there's the fever, some abdominal cramping, but thing really crazy does show that its typhoid? men during the second week fever this crazy. The patient becomes delirious blood clots form under the skin. The entire abdomen becomes distended who the third week inflammation of the fuckin brain and intestine hemorrhaging intestinal hemorrhaging and then, three of those infected is anywhere between one in ten and three in time. So
really easily spread, spread by eating and drinking food or water contaminated with the feces infected person. Sales ya think about that now hundred Merlin eighteen hundred in now, and they didn't like wash our hands and stuff and like water was you now cleaned and shared? And now I don't like how citizens throughout the world yeah. What that I mean that was back still when people get up and just p in a bowl under the bed rain right, just like slosh of back under audibly thrown out the window where it says, is that when they first about the window, the baby out with the probably I bet it. I bet they didn't say yes, but I like the idea that people dude and riches- it did so that a thing like they did. Answer is really weird that this typhoid per was an outbreak in rich house. So people off. That's why on oil survey there were like this is a fuckin something's wrong,
not here not my family, not my back. You re not in the tony playground of the rich and famous cell, now now but a ninety two hundred killed thirty five thousand Americans, there's no clear an ivy out Ex didn't exist and of action was not yet available for, if I so scary, so the
What Charles warns landlord was freaking out that the family outbreak would prevent him from leasing his summer house again he's out there. They were burnt the fuckin ground because of typhoid so he's I fuck that shit. He hires freelance sanitary engineer, George Soper, freelance sanitary and mere doktor George Sulphur gauges, like you sound, but it parties you sound like a you ever made up job, get tee all the janitor. No, no he's like he investigates sources of typhoid fever outbreaks to determine the cause. Like he's the dude who, like Doktor House, that he's fucking houses, I come over to my house. Figure out what happened here. Ok, wiser ruin SEC, he's the dude who figures out like what was his naming a stud George Soper, Doktor, John Sober and tax. So he's like he's like, what's his name, Detective Colombo, look. How can you have
It's! You can leave that Vernon he's like the Colombo Sherlock on Miss diseases. Ok, ok! I was an essay diarrhoea die. We don't use that word. No leader is that were so. Everything is so sobered tests. Everything he's like super excited about gross staff, which apparently he test the house plumbing local shellfish company. Everything comes up negative for typhoid, but then he looks into the cook who had worked for the warns weeks before the outbreak and discovered that a female irish cook who fit the description of a cat who had worked and other households where typhoid had broke out broke out broken pass that she had worked there right before. Everyone fell ill of typhoid and had also just cooked for the warns so I don't know why you to hire Irish,
we can't fucking come in here only saw rose like red potatoes. Even I think that back then they the simplicity of it all man such a bummer. I mean I rattlers inciting amazing. To me- that's all I want is progress in replicator. Are you serious with some horseradish yeah about Jello, with Peru cocktail floating inside of it fruit cocktail? Yes, and then, of course, my grandma special when she got a thousand island hard, stop that's an iceberg. Let us know that irish cooked by migrants dinner. I want. I want iceberg, let us with thousand island and they won jello effort cocktail. I don't want them to meet each other. Well, sorry, my grandma says you have to and that's my job to make it happen. Then you have to finish it. You do. I mean Tirana, Do you not see that ours is to eat spinach as tiny babies, and very few of us have ever broken bon voyage? But you
by contrast, rank all the goddamned heroic, but downright grandma, ok group, my group about he was ok, so we can't find her because she left after the after every outbreak brigades begins she fuckin leaders out of their and doesn't give affording address sober learns of an active outbreak in a penthouse on park, Avenue where too in a household servants were hospitalized and the young daughter of the family had died of typhoid and she disc, and he discovers sober, discovers that the family was the same woman who had cooked for the other families its forty year old irish emigrants, Mary Mallon, Mary, wash our hands Mary go mad, I what does she say and she's as I just need to start the soup with my hand, click again now you're gonna do this home. Like I'm sorry, we need it. Ok, Soper starts stocking, marrying alum and tells her and
tells her she's transmitting disease and death by her job, but he sounds very bad at like telling people thing in explaining in a calm like Reno self possessed manner. To an irish emigrant, probably cause he hadn't and prejudices against irish people, so you think use like too nervous seller he's like screaming. I think he was screaming in her face this thing of transmitting disease and death and she's the slick irish and whereas what are you talking about? so he didn't explained to her how she, as a woman who was perfectly healthy, could be infecting others, the typhoid he attempted
gets men and money goes under tend to get samples of Mary species here and any blood I think, just by yelling interfaces, namely samples of Herpes, urine and blood Jesus Marian Joseph Man get away from me, not surprisingly, this just pissed Marianne and one time she chased him away with a large kitchen for community driving, come on. That's my Irish get out of here get the kitchen. You always have to start way: high goddamn, really low,
send a merry refuse to give samples. He decided to compile a five year history of her employment. He found that of the eight families at hired Mary Mountain as a cook members of seven of those families claimed to have contracted typhoid fever, even though Mary had never shown signs of the element, and with this Soper becomes the first author to describe a healthy carrier of salmonella typee in the United States, so the person who can carry it never get l by it will pass it on other people. Now, she's been basically immune to this thing. She has She has. It means giving its everybody and share, and part of her argument is like what I'm fucking fine Academy getting its anyone right. So also let me use my whole arm as rights during an iceberg. Just want a star this fucking still, I just want to touch the bottom of the pan, with my fingernail may, put those under my finger nails and put it into the still
in the United States, so the person who can carry had never get l by it but passing on other people's she's been basically immune to the sanction. This morning in September of eighteen, sixty nine in cooks, county, cooks, County- I D Rome, cooks, then, what's how could a small village in the north of Ireland that was among one of Ireland's poorest areas? She emigrating I'd states in eighteen, eighty, three at the age of fifteen, her aunt and uncle, who should then living like dives if she was living in swaller, While it housing in the lower east side fan for herself, she found work as a domestic servants and apparently her proclivity in the kitchen led her to be
a small village in the north of Ireland. That was among one of Ireland's poorest areas. She emigrating I'd states in eighteen, eighty, three at the age of fifteen, her aunt and uncle, who shit and living with dives. If she was living in swaller, swallowed housing in the Lower EAST side funding for herself, she found work It's so good, and I was getting behind. It- was like a combination of propensity and decline to, but am boma positive when your ear search for quantity did not mention any search per propensity. Is that right, Well, I'm never copying and pasting from Wikipedia again the garage rod. So it's not there's no, the others that its propensity hover, that's like it that action, the correct, oh yeah, maybe maybe they just spent correctly orders propensity aright
nine that out, because this is who I am and a second show that at times we get words wrong. It's ok, my proclaimed in the kitchen. It sounds like four cleansed and sounds like like four men who are losing their hair shampoo. To take me: per cleansed and night right, ok, in nineteen hundred she worked and memoranda New York heard of it no, where, within two weeks of her employment residents, develop typhoid fever in nineteen o one, she meant Manhattan or members of the family whom she worked for developed, fevers and diarrhoea. That's a bummer to having the same time! Yeah, that's horrible, you don't know what's happening and you have diarrhoea right. Jesus laundress died their own name, they don't mention anywhere, which is like listen. She someone to the trade in Mary Mountain goes on to work for a lawyer, she left
after seven of the eight people, not household became ill. She fuckin layers, shaking leaving now, he thinks you so innocent. Well it so it's hard to tell because it's like did she leave because everyone got second, so the house stood still than they didn't need anyone, or what did she not only help the mouse? It's true chicken soup doesn't cook itself. We have similar long, isn't upon those stairs together, the selvages, that's good, that's ok! Chicken suitcase stir itself about an arm and a can't walk upstairs, actually so some an anathema sex? She goes to oyster bay and within two weeks ten available family members are hospitalized. Le typhoid changes again, something happens, so the Warren same thing happens: blah blah blah
doctors theorize, that Mary Melon likely past typhoid germs by failing to vigorously scrub her hands before handling food
usually the elevated temperatures of cooking food, would have killed all the germs and bacteria shit, but then they found out that Mary Mountains, like most popular dash special dinner specialty, was ice cream, that she cut up raw peaches into and froze. So nothing had gotten cooked. Can you imagine as wet fuck and peaches, with her little like cutting knife under and all the nail under her nails as she's cutting peaches she's also cutting a little bit of her finger if she had a real poor clumsily for getting up her own flesh carefully, like other guy, the near health, their New York City Health Department finally may try to get her to tell
look out and she wound. Finally, they send position Wall she's, like fuck you and airline. Last year's, like an angry and angry woman. She had to fight for her like her Livelihoods in have nobody. It remains so I just started watching Alias grace, which you it's talk to our liking. It reminds me of like she came over on a ship in that fuckin in that nature of absolute bullshit yeah. She is like fuck you I'm working to like live my life. I mean it's dodged, the ship journey alone, so upsetting guy, most people coming to this country, dramatizing just horrifying ten and they show up, and then it's like. I hope you have a jolly good luck with that. Also you don't wash your hands and a visa. Are you talking about? You know their reminds me real quick. Yet, when I lived in Scotland there the commercial that was on, like you, a tv and it was Are you a wash or a walker and it
just a kid- was pretend camera like hidden camera in a bathroom? Is people walked up check their face and walked away or wash their hands alone, and since that commercial Before that, I was very like who cares one where the air? I know, if I need to wash my right since I commercial I've? Oh I wash man's every single time. We trust. Doorn arms. You just can't trust your handles. You just should wash your hands as much as possible as I do and uncle out of your fucking mind. I do like do your best, don't they. Hocker underlines that my dad s, he won't sit down. It will go to lunch. Anywhere he had just gone out of his car is untouched. Anything he won't he's. GonNA has a cd though, but he'll go wash his hands were force it like every time you can't even start talking am oh wow I should have. I wonder if that's like gave his pick Pancho really strict about that, like this for eating yeah. Maybe it's a good idea every once in a while
look at my hands, especially during cheap Jean now, and there is nothing worse than have dirty hands as an adult at like a meal. They live only airs putting food thing into your mouth and me like one last time I wash my that's my work if they are like and then you there's only so many times. You know, I'm I'm strengthen my immune system. Rail must deserted me or not you're, just putting someone else's second urine hands in your fuckin mouth and I mean the neurons. We don't have much stronger immune systems of that really were right and I have a bit of a no city about washing Will your Marty's daughter, I Marty sire through and through a hard stark, doesn't let her hands desert ass does on us. Ok, so near its details, right send them physician, Sarah Josephine Baker to talk to Mary, so the singer, all known as the amazing a night? She was this man, hey, that's like
beggars said that by the time she was she said quote by that time. She was convinced that the law was only persecuting her when she had done nothing wrong. Summarily was like hardcore fuck, you yeah, we're like that bakers. So this chick Sarah Josephine Baker, her own father and brother, had died of typhoid when she was young, and so she had felt pressure to support her mother and sister financially sought six years old. She decided on a career in medicine wound this, and this is like the early mating hundreds elated gingerly. This shows us that asthma, Tucker and right and people should slackened, study have etc. From communist reasons, she's fuckin awesome that she goes to find Mary now and with her help. The New York City Health Department takes Mary into custody in nineteen o seven and places, or into force confinement inside a bungalow on sixteen April North Brother Island.
The rancher. So if you live in Luanda Manhattan Urban in Manhattan, you see it's fuckin island over their language. I am sure that you can like see its arms like Alcatraz in San Francisco right, so
The only thing only companion she has and tell me if this isn't an amazing she's in confinement. All she has a Fox terrier like a living on a lie. He might please saw it. I think I mean I can find that right now picture is about Mary melons lacking, couldn't buying. Where we're all all irish women are doomed to live. The life of Mary Mail just repeats itself says she it's so they out in this brother island was the Riverside hospital, which is where she sat. It sounded in eighteen, fifty as a small Pox hospital to treat and isolate victims of that disease, so they just fuck and put them on this tiny island outside of Manhattan even see Manhattan and you're like I want that and now you're sick to eventually expands to other quarantine of all
Diseases like leprosy and venereal disease is so they just like later people on that island. Did they really yeah? So you get you get some of the narrow disease yeah. I get so like us stay here and failure in the same room with all the other people, venereal disease and sons. Geiger party I mean those are the people, a party, let a great personalities in that room. I mean I'm sure, ok with you course confinement Mary. Eat. Now, I'm everyone, the media, goes fucking nuts, because this woman has been spreading this disease and killing people with it. So media goes not eventually in nineteen o eight in the Journal of American Medical Association. She is nicknamed typhoid, Mary, oh shit turn him, so the professionals relates there who came in to shed honor. They were doing top notch journalism. Continuity of everyone.
So so turns out Mary mountainous Immune to the disease herself she's, the first personally I'd states identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen just pretty Funchal, while chastity Mary Mountain Typhoid, Mary scholar, admits to poor hygiene she's what other mother fucker an Irish, candidate. Those for those ideas you to say who cares shares this marriage owes us, as other things are about vacuum, as people starving in my country. She said she did not understand the purpose of handwashing because she didn't pose a risk girl. You're could hear the cook you pose a risk, it doesn't matter Healthy Europe
they thought is illegal. Let's get rid of your gallbladder because that's where they believe the typhoid bacteria resided in and she was like fuck now, fuck you, I don't even have the disease and she was unwilling to cease working as a cook tool that will let you go just don't work as a cook and she's like nope. I may what wash my hands I fight fire light. I area five where so angry doesn't make sense, Irishwomen, Irish, em and fight, and then I heard he heard me,
she is forced to give a hundred and sixty three samples and Mary s bodily substances to the doctors there. A hundred and twenty of which tested positive for the bacteria she was teeming with this disease have led to the hilt ill ongoing ills so Merry Caesar for three years and tell test results from a private laboratory. I send that up came of negative for typhoid and with this information in Nigeria, nine Mary Sue, the health department for her freedom, but everyone's like word. She get the money to sue the health department in and then and then it's like a secret thing that maybe William Randolph Hearse was like. Locating the money. If you give me like an interview like he was like springing people, so gene and he s a smart, but the New York Supreme Court's like go fuck yourself now: but then in nineteen ten there's a new El Commissioner, he let her go if she promises never to work as a cook again and she's like ok great.
Fine. I didn't like them. Anyone here. In February of nineteen ten Mary agreed that she was quite prepared to change her occupation and would give assurance by affidavit that she would upon her release takes such I Jenna precautions as would protect those with whom she came in contact from infection, meaning you're fuckin hands how much we finance! No, I just I felt like I wanted to defend, but there's a big. It's an indefensible go ahead, eaten! I don't think it. Some people think what that her being top is indefensible. No, He killed a ton of people because she refused to what she is like she wouldn't give. In anything words like ok. Well, if you're, the cook, you have to admit, handwashing is kind of key. I realize it was. That was clearly a new idea back then, but still well. The thing is that she thought there are to get her knowledge shit you're, like decades later there like well, if she had
pay for it her whole life. Maybe it fucked her brain up a little bit. She was paranoia crazy, but wait it gets worse So they let her out? They lose track of her good bye to that idea, five years later in nineteen fifteen, a title outbreak, happens at Manhattans, Sloan Maternity Hospital struck, twenty five workers and killed two of those workers. When Soper our friend George sobers back here, looks into the outbreak and he is like this looks fucking familiar. Oh no races it back to the cook whose an Irishwoman, Nay Mary Brown, this time she her name ass. He found a good man nope. She changed her name, so she could become a cook like she was doing it now now she's response
therefore, as you may know, daddy, you know they re now its criminal. I think it's Mary Mountain Fava turns out. She changed her name and during her years really she had cooked in hotels, restaurants and institutions ass. If she was like she gonna they'd, given our job as a laundress, you make no fucking money. It's really hard work, doesnt smelled a dozen small god. She was like fuck that shit and went to cook wherever she work. There are outbreaks of typhoid, however she changed shop so frequently says she had eluded the blame she's, sure and again confined in North Brother Island, where she continued to refuse to acknowledge that she had any connection between herself in the typhoid face at that point, it so stacked up against area that she might as well. Just do that because she's so guilty that this second, she Briggs it's over area exactly so after this sector is the second apprehension, she spends the next twenty three years of her life. As
a prisoner in forest isolation hundreds. If not thousands of asymptomatic carriers who had been identified were allowed to walk the streets of New York freely, but Typhoid Mary lived alone in exile, partly because the public were fucking pestered her because she winced and the kitchen like ass. She had just not gone back to cooking. Yes that, second time around exactly she I mean I didn't need salad. She lived in isolation, but you. Why are you being so stubborn, yet come down Kara?
having been a union. My face just starts to follow her, why they really do work of your day for dears running out on a lad of a vast into the kitchen and unavoidable eleven nineteen. Thirty eight Mary Melon dies of Minamoto at aged, sixty nine still in captivity. An autopsy found evidence of life, twice toy typhoid bacteria and her gallbladder, so they re yeah. There were it, her bodies, cremated ashes, were buried at Saint Raymond Cemetery in the Bronx. So merry now on AIDS. Thought that she infected fifty one people and three of those illnesses. Rural resulted in death and that's based on jobs,
suppose, you know looking into it, but she she you so many aliases that its thought that sheet the true death talkative in way fuckin hire some estimates that she may have Cuds. Fifty pay talent is which I just saw that in a random article, so I don't have that even trail historian say she contaminate at least a hundred and twenty two people killed five, which sounds a little more likely. Oh crazy them so the twentieth century type. If he were suddenly declines, do interaction of vaccinations and improvements in public, sanitation and hygiene. A k, washer fuck, enhancing and today, typhoid fever is considered a rare condition among developed countries. Raid is approximately five cases per million per year.
The second brother Island and Riverside Hospital, real, quick, this fuckin island of Disease off the Manhattan sounds amazing grounds, amazing that Ireland has been abandoned, since nineteen sixty three after was attention of his last a detention facility for juvenile drug offenders and nineteen sixty three. How badly do you wish you could go and sit on the lawn likes her people there? You know there's some black light posters in that another. Some people out there who have stories of lake their alike You know my mom is working in the mental. She worked at a possible cuddling reporter in San Francisco, upon the hell, yeah and and people in the sixties used to send their kids. They got caught smoking hot one time they sent their kids to the mental off. So she said there were in its in the lake mentally sixties. All
is kids. There is like an influx of kids are like their incorrigible in their drug addicts. They had only done like seeing at one joy on labour and were saying no to thing exactly. I went leaving our house with people who are legitimately in need of mental mental Health, health issues, and I am sure those kids were like. Well, I'm never doing anything bad again. Yes, the shit that they saw Latvia or they were like Yes, I was really sad and bummed her Ottawa, its clearly complicated subsidies. Can't these kids got sent their nineteen sixty three finally closed its. Uninhabited and designated as a bird sanctuary away its illegal for anyone to go on the island without permission from the city. All the buildings, though, still lacking stand, and these photographer sometimes go on there and take, but, as you can see, a bunch of the photos Lucia Pinamonte surround of these gorgeous, like
Rick buildings that are falling into disrepair and you can see the rooms were merry, Malin was fuckin housed in New Zealand, typhoid will wing and you can see the fuckin crematorium and it's like its insanely gorgeous. I am asking any murder Reno who works for the city of Manhattan. Please let me in care and I will come and get a disease of our own or our cell in since it's like under you know, under watching you, it's really hard to get on their everything is still there are so like people haven't graffiti than people haven't stolen should from the island. That's amazing! You need to see the photos it. Everything is covered in wildlife, its origin, it's amazing, but like the island they threaten to send or that they promised to send doktor Lecter to silence and lambs and ends up to be that there are like pixies when she recited that thing. You are allowed to walk on the beach every day. Whatever whom I want to read the saga certainly be allowed, were you will be allowed one welcome one day a year. Will you can walk freely on the beach with armed guards or ever ciphers? I don't now knows they gave her. I know my friend, my friend Amy, who you met one. We were in
with constant sheen as she has sounds lambs memorized eleven I've watched over there and shall just say the lime, real quick before it's. My favorite thing that you will be allowed to work should be able to do that's right off the right after down. So nine is dumps. Ok, it's illegal lobby block, but you could still see them the building the room where typhoid bury spent the last twenty three years of her life do in their old man. She was bombed, but it's out I it's just like there's varying accounts words like some say she was like actually helping out there like a maid and some say that she was just like in seclusion and they abandoned her unused harass like a LUCA Typhoid, Mary. You know when people would come to the island, MECCA things you don't really now. I hope there was a Fox terrier, now and then I also want to mention: there's a podcast. If your into the shit like I am there's upon, casts, that's gonna knew its host
by to these two young Ladys, who are grad students in disease, ecology on this package will kill you and it's just about infectious diseases from history and every is that these these two girls earning their boat them Aaron, are alike, it's just an awesome black ass. This tat S really South is born decimal. Gill lover. I, like t, imagine that typhoid Mary sat in seclusion in her room on the island and fantasize of all the different things she liked to put her hand and then like GB, like corn, child or whatever, and then like mashed potatoes, and then both are managed. Visas like both bear arms, go all the way and likes it cleans her fingernails in the chowder. Yes, I wonder if she like were requested, liken cooking magazines and, like red recipes, stick: stick your arm completely. Andrey like this looks good, but you know and needs
my arm, my arm, my fingernail clippings Anderson, funny you build, suits disgusting, it's terrible, but isn't that amazing? It's incredible also the idea this did you watch the neck when it was on and they have an there's, an episode involving her. I watched the little scene where they they and the US where they confront area it's. That was such a good show and they did that arose from our. She was great, but there it did that where they would take those things out of history and be like me as what were you don't have any sense like
things before modern medicine array, modern stuff. It's just the weirdest idea we ivy like somebody come in and maybe like whelp, we tried to stick a tube in their arms and then they died last weekend. It's just it was so crazy, precarious Benda Nick is such a great show. I love that their into that kind of thing we watch. It was great also if you ve ever taken cocaine to the point where it is a problem for you. I warn the sugar warning huge cocaine for your warning for the neck opium to adapt. Our new colleague Albert, I know maybe you're in opium, dense shoe trigger warning drawers. You love delay back with a bunch of people dressed in traditional chinese garlic
this will be hard for you to get throughout? Can it make you not, but if you love surgery without gloves are anesthesia. Ah, this is this outbreak and I shall or Clive Alan right. That was great. Thank you. That was fun. I love to learn. I left, I loved teach ILO safeguards. Are I looked? I love to learn. I loved a lie. I love to make up new words. I ll just to have fun with essay shit. I m you know I don't have any proclivity For carrying I mean I have a real plenty to just say what I want, and I think we all do measure freedom and in these proclivities. We are in this for clumsiest time. Here is a freedom it. So the funniest thing about typhoid Mary issue should
public to cleanse scantily may not allow that there was a second valiant effort. I tried, but you can see me make em at. U turn for miles away. Would you have made that attempt to years ago, before this park ass? Absolutely none at all and I were real, biased against ponds. As you know, and I applaud the here and now I think it's the fact that we're that you have on my life, I'm sayin, making you stupid or you're breaking down. There's someone I am super hearing here. Do you now real? Are space you happy. Let's see falling down and snatching my ankle loudly in front of my neighbour. A kind of Heaven yoga had occurred. The thing that makes me happy this because, as book that I'm listening to thank you out of all it's safe, I fantasy and it's one of those books that make to me that some
the thought of this narrative and thought of this, like you know, I d makes me happy that humans that certain humans exists. You know it's like so fucking joyous that, like people, can think of these things and write these books and its corridors, and I love it. S called the chill that's called children of time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Its size? I fantasy. The book is really fun to listen to its fuckin weary, shed its like pose two men, space stuff with their spiders I've never in my life, but I would ever have sympathy to spiders banal. Do it's like some a good book and it's making you really happy to exist while than a lotta. What like their thy, hitchhikers guided the galaxy and I'll get. That's the last work. That's done that for me, which has made me like so happy that Daedalus add ons existed and I like air big theories and thoughts and Jean, unlike wow, someone thought of that. My brain are bigger than you know,
for clients, a still more everything feels kind of proclaimed. Right, and I know I'm not gonna write that Fuckin book and I appreciate that Adrian Tchaikovsky has yet so that really sat down and because that's making me happy agreed agreed, what's yours, ok, mine is this. Is it this was a tweet that I received two days ago. You did too from a woman named Molly on along. Oh sorry, hunted trained personnel. Fucking loud. it's each year neck on Twitter and she wrote to us and said, don't alarmed if there a body down there and quotes and then
the headline of the article that she sent its centres as sink whole, reveal you didn't room below families garage and then there is a picture of shelving that they can see through the hole and on the shelf, there's toys, but it's also all dark and creepy, and it's like this article, so it happened in Idaho, Falls, Idaho, this family, apparently when they like the there's like an inch of some men here and then the sink hall happen and be equally there had been an hidden room under. Their house and in a place where there is normally not seller rise, so they're like they think
possible that could have been like a bomb shelter but probably not a bunch of stuff. That's down. There has been down, therefore like forty or fifty years. That is how I couldn't find how long it was it's like forty fifty and I dont think that similar letters and yes, but they thats the crate. Let me see if I can get a year that eight low, the hum built in the fifties, and it was built as a basement home than someone came in the seventies and re model. Then added the second story. I bent the seventy someone put it down, then yeah but they say it's definitely not a bomb shelter and that it, sketchy and the insurance provider and the engineer the ones that said, don't be alarmed. If you find a body down their hats, amaze dont be alarmed at the body that has there'd basically duck going down there, looking through its it's just like that,
picture of the old kind of water, mouldy letters and stuff. It's just creepy a story of all time, so I'm very, as I think you know, but I am not sure of everybody knows, but I'm obsessed with sink holes, housing elles. Are truly my passion, anytime maker, I was, I was never more livid member. This thing called it came of Laurel Canyon. I was up and Petaluma I sought on the news- and I was like this because you couldn't go meet it in person. Yeah can, I would not have great, I would have
right down there. I would pay top dollar, for that mean great and then like high. Where did you come from? What's your deal? It's happening down. There is this: are you a hidden river or you something in entirely different, laissez sing, Colon hidden room command? My parents and call them is there's little novelties review the simple and a hidden and because the best part about usually single still back up with water cause. That's why they're there in the first vice like the water table, got your clothes on bloody block. You I'm it's made up, but water involve Jana. That's why sure it's erosion, but its underneath k anyhow there's no water in this in that
sellers like they can go down and look into and now is algae flooded immediately are filled a silt. Now I want to go. I gotta go it's an amusement park. Let's go Idaho is not far away thanks for listening, everyone yeah that was fun, one there's all kinds of crazy shit, and that was a good run. With do your thing, I do if I M Hurricane Herc, but that they do or her key I'm if its please, if you're going to correct Mama her keep positioning dont, do it. Do you have to be a professional chair later? That's all only take emails from professional cheerily. They had to send a many of you doing Herc. We need the correct Turk and
we'll play the audio visual, the very many Drake bag hierarchy, thanks here listening friends, day sex and don't get murdered a guy. I know it s, you wanna cookie, and the little one
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