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107 - Live from the Revolving Stage at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix

2018-02-08 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover killers Winnie Ruth Judd and Jodi Arias.

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This is exactly right.
This is too much also. I do not like there's like how does it look?
no gender. This is like some terrible. Like political, special on comedy central legs, early AG, liquor opinions manner the mullah this earth, I can tell my guilt just picking and cause. I just feel really bad for everyone immediately behind me and my view lambs are supposed to work now HANS. Who are you mad open? Are you mad like thanks giving, but have you noticed, guaranteed Artie started to turn you yeah? I thought my pill was kicking and about it turns out at Let's do this? Let's have a moment of silence for one whole routine yeah. This is this
see anything ever, listen the first thing that needs to happen, as I have to apologise, my it for my hair. For this second night in a row, my hair has gone insane. I can't control it. I didn't bring that the proper instruments to get into it and train it using a very small straight nor as a curling iron, which a lot of you know was a huge mistake. You, sir, you know what that's like it back here. Does it lets partners worried about also front? I just can't win in show business. I didn't have to burn for alive First have to limp Rome, my back
oh shit. I do in fact mine failure. I did a thing. Why do I shadow for like two hours straight and then and then there like it's time to go into my but much more than I am shadow to be taken care of on this thing? Has it worse still, yeah, I don't know, I'm not sure do we do this wording, but you're gonna get man in a minute. We can't? We can't be attached to their emotion, ok, I am we can't. We just have to come here and do our thing. Ok, rang on a low this I feel like we are only going to have what is called in the round. I feel like we might need to be doing some sauntering numbers. That's what I would like to be doing is not what usually goes on here. There's a lot of this kind of this type is it you could,
I can't not wanna, do run around my baby. You can, I was brain angle, but you think you can get oh. I forgot. I also have a veto many rounds. I can make you do this revised last night we were texting each other in the hotel room which will get to after the show, both watching
this device. Then that's what that felt like that broke the camphor. What have you got? Cynicism Santee its so called Steve all students, American injure warrior style yeah, but just with like the hottest men you ve ever seen, and there like a stone house diva like body. Are you ready now, like yes, sir, and then they threw a fuckin huge log on their shoulder and run straight up like yeah, so give us and so sweet he's not like everyone else is like eel. Wants. You, like you, ve, got this kid. Oh you can do you go wow, it's like. We were in of course, separate rooms last night it would be cute if we are in the same room where adults and but we do these shows and then we go. We immediately go back to cartel hotel, unlike lay in bed with our eyes open, like so much adrenaline just happen, and then we watch terrible tv. So I texted earners like please, tell me you're watching Stevenson's broken school camper, whatever the fuck and name the show is and then
It often- and I got so into it my way contestant his name was MAC chances of winning. Thank you and spoil our alert, and he as clearly. I think in the military very use being held by a stone, cold Stevenson style voiced man here and every it would be in the Middle EAST. I mean these these the thing the challenges they too have to do. It is like basically scale the face of a building with no, how like insane thing when their shirt off the oh yeah but this would be in the middle of doing this thing like climate wall of tyres or whatever and stone cold, see thousand museums. I grant you that broken skull, camper, whatever the fuck and name there so is, and then they took it up and I got so into it. My favorite contestant, his name is MAC.
we have like up when they were like MAC, you ready, and it was just like someone, Rais D, wealth, nice or ones, not him, but people people he's just a positive about obstacle. Course it's just I don't know it's the firing and we'd love to watch. So we have the Single Steve Awesome Ranch here for character. I was We were talking about how long we would it lasted based on my lap around here, I'm window, at that stage. One programme this goal can do a circle pie five, and you said three days later, we would just sitting. There you'd be smoking cigarettes on one of the obstacle courses young Hunter presented. I would gone, their early and hidden them around the asked to put forth. Why are we talking about a different tv, but we don't have a division
This is, there's a little bit of like us look at us we're at the disco feel in a way. But I've never participated in its very foreign yeah the building was most be doing. My a silent play like a one on one where we have this. Like you know, yours, it's like so tell me about the knight of the like your questing me a walking around the room and then I'd also walk around the rule in question that any fun, usually the court person being questioned, sits I sudden get up and walk. Let's see, let me answer detective, assault over cabdriver, then really bad yeah. Well, he started and he started to be fully started. It himself, lizard.
Ten more and you intend to use really sweet, though by the heat book inserted a he goes, we will vote against doing in town and
our answer, its really easy, it's easier than explaining the speckled thing. Just our didn't comedy show yeah causing you want to get in explaining tat. Will people applaud costs are no offense and young people. A lot of people have no idea what that little purple button on their phone, as for just don't, never looked at it and that our explaining how you love murder, but you don't love, murder, rape, siege, we're doing of Asia, and many was like old. No have right is long enough for that nation. Just like you know, on the block again, I just want to talk about when I was little saw this book and he goes o, which one of you, ladies, are funnier. Icy silence in the cab came in the data in silent absences sound in the cab, like our therapists should have a hologram down there's. Nobody answer for this list is actually a real issue brought up psychic asshole cab driver. It's like clearly Rio's, now shared by it like how the fuck do you answer that you either sound like you're, like only care and be the funny or one, and I think the definite we heard being found funding we have gone. It's me
but that's right ourselves. We always a job here. It's me it's me but instead Georgia's solve this problem, which have you two ladys or level Ladys are familiar and when those dead silence, Amigo HORIZON
its use, sir. I fuckin slammed the cab driver into the ground emotional way, practically chipped spoken too, he was like we're. Sorry are everybody me too? He really sound. It's not a lady like he really sounded bomb. He was back and then, but I said bull because he, of course, when you say you're here, do comedy show he made a joke about. Oh I'll pull over and you guys get out and do a comedy show for me. We're like keep button driving and so then after Georgia said that and of course she- and I start fucking cackling like ass. All this and then I go see, there's your company show or you're right. I, like your hotels right here. You gotta, get help us with our bags, knows I didn't know.
and he told me I'm does incited to Christmas this year down to the river spending through spinning and I mean occur. we're so excited to be here with you guys think you were waiting for. This is the first just tell me what train, my uncle Toby S, our stories cell, everyone. Why you? This is the saddest thing oral because we're now so women on tour. We just have to we're just constantly walking places dragging suitcases with us. That's just all we do. Then we do shows, and then we go demagogic suitcases some more and
Putting such a cramp in our airports speeds dial, because I'm like an I'm trying to be kind of chill about it. It's not like I sprained at last Sunday, so it's deafening getting better, but it everyone smile just hurts like box, then you don't want to get the realm. Where it might, you might go, direction so dismal them faster than it really is consciously say, excuse me, but I'm not I have the highest of the letters on where they were. You know me and how much I love my blacks are whatever color thing journey we were. I care on board show you're working on, but I said we always, shit. You show like as a pilot for IE, and, of course I've seen em for at least seven minutes. You know what they're doing over there, and so they kept bounds.
back all our vital as there are just like. That's too weird, we don't understand it. We what's this comedy or whatever, and finally, I typed up at a whole idea that was called shoe. Shoes use your shoes. They don't like, I thought you were gonna say, and they gave me a million, I'm Kim Kardashian every got. I didn't I I know so little of it. I told you that these are like fuckin target shoes, yeah. What did you do the whole outfit? Let's see this specialty item on that dress, o back
I propose you through the mice there's a sound. I beg livid right now are beyond live animals. He brought he's from home, but also watching a person run in a circle with their hands in their pockets is insanity. I don't think I've ever seen in my life is a really would do. You know what we have three more running in circles where the shadow ok, we're gonna save on. Yes, even for the middle and second right. What about you? Do you wanna talk by Europe? It oh target. Twenty nine I mean I can't be bothered, be bothered offensive to the valley by incentives to where I wanted to go right away. This is my favorite Mary,
Pike ass. It were in moments like that. I just love to picture the people who work here who are like what the fuck is going on. What is really where these in, while we cannot drivers you're right, I'm Stevens not year, though oh yeah, sorry about that Stephen Steed
under the stage cranking at around harrowing mysteries had not at all. We have a whole machine for that. We're like take it out and see them he's going to push. It got three cats line and wiping sweat dripping off. His moustache dress. You can barely record had, among others, are cumbersome by. We are legally. We passed a move that the airport today within it had all these headphones and one of them were headphones. Had tat ears on top of the headlines was it you are Vince ever like. We should get those receiving and forced him to wear them all we want or Malta.
It part of your job is now you have to dress like a cat. I'm sorry, it's only like cats will like you. It's minded thing you don't like to talk to each of us. There is no age should we no. I wasn't gonna says it down. You aren't you want me to. I dont know what I want anymore. I don't make you guys hate us, but these hotel rooms last night that we state shit we're gonna, keep talking about I'm due for the rest of the show. We have faded a casino and for some reason they didn't, must Now knew we were then wait will accept, is very low because they burn us. They thought we were too silly. India has they put us in these Swedes Karen
goes whirling them all together and bends may, like caring goes in events, make you blocking, and we hear her go like we're like. What's going on, it was late. There is so much marble in one room I was like is bizarre, mall lying four tvs for backgrounds to better heated seeds on the toilet, lower toilets. I met wealthy sitting warehouse. Am I wrong I actually I'll admit I just would go in and sit on that oil heated seeds and today day that you could just a just. As you are sitting there rose like in countries. days are normal. People ever get off these fucking, sorry that their great Adrian growing their great and they had ok,
is inappropriate. They had also a front today. The tax issue is a plus that's right, you're allowed to say at its twenty eighteen, then I got ray and put on your little hat and sit on the day. All last night I was singing like Georgia. What is wrong with you, announcing a long stay visa, paying customers are liars like not old couple here who has like season tickets? Are scared, so scared? If that's true, this is a true time crying This is a true crime. Comedy
Kennedy Karen, oh yeah, you're gonna pick one of those things they come together. That's right! You! It's not your child abuse! We can't help it if you don't like it, get the fuck out. That's usually what we see is that it's, what we usually say to everybody, as you know, is a warm up hello to get through the leaves and we tackle into the microphone. Ok, oh that's not. Are you kidding me? I saw miss it made him and whose waters is line taken a sip of mine, drinking your drinks. This is by mine. I think,
this is my near my riper, ok shit. We should have heard this morning, as I am so sorry, Miss Rehersal hope this is the dresser her sorry. This is dress. This is tat, dress and some marinade as the full great but I do my hair with an actual curling. Let's sit down. Ok, Oh, I guess I don't make sense if we face you face in I'm getting a little noxious seasick. So this is perfect time. Dissidents, of this rug. I've gotta say this way. Normally we normally we have kind of like a rug, age rag. A page. Oriental rug. That looks like someone Their last forty dollars appear one that this just pure one here is one wonderful store, threw down the wonder.
all the european effort in areas that are from like seven years ago, thereon sale, darling. I love upon of color in the middle of a rotating stay nicely lover, so everyone knows where to focus their eyeballs. That's right.
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Oh that's right! Right! That's right! Are you doing This would have this control to stage a weird bus steering wheel. I very opposite way. Perhaps, but it's like this what really slow and with microphones This is your your trunk murder. I don't know the term earners who turned out. member. What photos I bet she is. Oh, that works solved it ok, so that that Europe is your friend Winnie with mechanical. She goes by Ruth disorient our lot aenigmas new powers on this one. I'm gonna take a look at Winnie,
What does she just fucking ass ever take a love of grain. My other she's doing it for attention. She has a nice finger wave and my wrong. Yes, you are right, but she the Babylon. Yes, she is maybe o or maybe not spoil uses that that was so much? I know I hate everything. She's Laurent, genuine, try, nine nineteen o five in Indiana; She must be an exercise in doubt after marrying a dude, I'm not going to mention again he's a physician spend a lot of time on the road and also on more You said you weren't any mention anything about it. That's all Oh he's spend time on the road and on morphine. That's all you're. Sorry for me to say I say they do it again so
twenty six years old friend raised here takes a job as a medical secretary in Phoenix Clinic to support herself at this time she needs of our friend name. On J Halloran, whose nickname happy Jack. I wanted to gas, sir. I am going to say junkies. I don't know why no happy Jack, happy Jack, Halloran, the HANS and up means he's drunk he's. A forty four year old will produce Phoenix businessman. He's like in the political and social circles is like well known, dude, he's married, but that doesn't stop him from get laid by land. So Ruth and Happy Jack become friendly. They saw hook up
also she meets at work of women, Name Agnes and Leroy she's authority old X, Ray technician who worked at the clinic, her real may twenty four year old, head debate Samuel, then being fearsome old, fucking fashion, whose named Agnes anymore, I hope someone so someone asshole in L, a name their child that life. the four year old running around someone: he don't touch the what did Mommy TAT, what mommy tell you about the fresh salmon? We organic ok, unfortunately had big is going by Sammy, so unfortunately, we now have name, our lives anymore. I think we have a photo of happy jack. There is a thought:
He seems like a holds up jack. You boy, that's that's a will overcome em back and I was There- was men, Saint Slam. You have an oval cranium good day. I said good day thoughts, feelings! Well the eye just set out. last night we did a story last night where there is the billions martyr LAS Vegas there's. Somebody in the story I can remember who was referred to having sex, is laying piety Surely it wasn't ass? If some one truly, it was a direct quote. It was Wikipedia rip rips from the computer, so I was just going to say, but it's a an old reference that some people would get winters
that guy lays piled, apparently tons of. so much by the I mean he's like the Department of Energy that guy rocking Lange so Agnes and Sammy are also friendly with far from happy friend, and they become friends, Ruth even moves and with the two women for a couple months in nineteen thirty one they are all like kind obsessed with happy jack, financially and emotionally- I don't know man he took care of them. Somehow he gave he found means that I guess a physician morphine attics husband can't fell check their poles but really slow stuff like that. So ok and then they were, but they were all super defensive for Jack's attention. Now, ok, all loved him
so. Unfortunately I wrote the women were in his work as we are today. Some differences develop with Ruth and the other two women I guess it was as jealousy over happy. I wrote this is stupid, reported to be jealousy over happy, Jack's, happy jack. That's that's stupid that it's very you gotta say I mean I wrote I like it. I left it in here. Like seventeen weary, you know we clearly some fuckin thing in my mind you liked until you were in the round, and then it got scary yeah, but I felt like I did it honest, ok, see, said tack and Ruth get the fuck out of their mood out and are back in our own apartment close by really quick clarification. Yeah they were.
fucking happy jack. I don't know it's really hard to title like. I think Ruth currently respecting happy jack. I think and maybe somebody else and maybe there were others were love. Maybe these two women were interrelationships together. It's come on down. Oh ok, so we don't really it's all very vague and it's like good, close friend, raftlike guy. Exactly ok, I think there's a photo of the two Ladys as well: lifelong humming. Oh yes, there's no lifelong remains Agnes. An Leroy and Sarah had examined so Agnes and it is an and family are their names Agnes and head. They come come on. You guys are the best people barbarity. Do ok, they're not as well. leaves. Ok, that's not true the ruthless ok, but I guess there are still friends. So here is the story of the murder according to police. Prosecutors it's this. October, sixteen nineteen thirty one,
Missus SAM, either remedies have It is an argument with Ruth over half Jack's affection, and then I read all these other articles and it could also have been over someone new had a friend who had syphilis and they that's how on her or it could been over a friend who was a lesbian and they all thought about it. They were eating rice, pudding, maybe was about the rice pudding. I don't know, it's really aren't tell all we know is there was a fight about a thing There was rice putting overweight creating that's all we know was this on a recipe website: Syrian three tables murder, hate silly. I get in a fire rules, was grabs a gun. I guess her gun that she had left behind for some reason, and this fighting and an Ruth shoots.
and Samuel within twenty five caliber hanging in the air in the Bungalow Fucking hills, whether those living there the way we use. I shot him in the eye and allow our lawyer- and I was an old fashioned way in that area. enough front door, so then Ruth and maybe an accomplice, dismember, the body of Sammy and gets me Puts our head torso and lower legs into a black shipping trunk and soon Is upper in a beige, Belize and HAT box
this. Second, you just call her arms her upper legs because that's rad did you know our use other upper legs database that you have got every. He tell you have your legs, but then, if you pull on them, more leg comes out. Ok, that the extra leg as any other relating to do next, I am probably don't ride around there's no crying in the round a mile, no crying in the round
No. I was up her legs, so haven't who wrote this money in her hair, torso at lower legs and then her upper legs? And yet where the fuck is arrest, everybody there's not a ton of body left after the neck. where's the where they put that fucking now listen. I want to know why
professor, I can't tell you how valley there soon microphones on the ground right there like poorer than on town- and I just want to lay down and start telling my story and take your ass. You can stretch your upper legs out and take you ve got ill you time we're on the first page of just spoken authority. Do those people working year texting their honeys like it's gonna be a long night, I'm not I'm, not gonna get home by three thirty, I'm not gonna make it sorry. Sorry richest is too fuckin women. Did you know that the debt everything's, ok and then and then Agnes his body. I feel like Ruth after dismember bring Sammy's bodies like fuck this ship and she puts Agnes his whole body into a second black shipping trunk. I mean it
to get a bunch of stuff down at once. Anyway, I had to be like if there had to be an account, three. It she's like a little thing and she's dismembering I got buy or sell area. I would also just for the impact alone of just I mean how they not. Sorry, we lost, you didn't write, so maybe happy Jack was their re. So two days later so the bodies are anything Two days later on Sunday October, Eighteenth nineteen, twenty one Ruth whose left hand bandage from apparently a gunshot wound sustained during the five so she's gonna fuck. Call it in her hand, check out of the bodies. Now that doesn't make any sense yeah that's
a little crazy take forever. Just going on how long it takes me to get around the airport ever take a really talking on time, yes, member, a body with a shot him. I also like the idea that happened in the house. It was just like gunfight in the house. It's the hell still stands is a true after party in yes get on the bus. Let's drive to a house and there's just drive away as you can't go in five when lives there like raising children and they have a liar. I don't like you there that the debt, ok, so her hand and her luggage. She boards the train from Phoenix to LOS Angeles. That's what and just next morning, the baggage agent at the train is like why the FARC other fluids escaping these packages and all my guide. It also states that is not a direct quote IRA you are taking real liberties story am paraphrasing. So sorry,
the trunks arrive and allay and there's fluid annoying out of them, and they smell knock because it's been three or four days now, he's like I'm an attack visa move. These aside smile, he asked it's for the keen she's, like I don't, have and over rather fix or up and she disappears, wrote, isn't owning other crimes and leaves behind their birthday police, kinda, the train station to check out the trunks crack the law They discovered the bodies there. a photo of online. Don't worry, I didn't posted, I don't, with its real. It looks real and into them. king into a trumpet the dead body and signed a ship. It's just good body, its back. I have seen some things. This was back when the police, when crime would happen somewhat to be murdered, rant and then there are laying their dead and then the police would gather round and then be like await. Sorry,
Rapporteur NL here now investigating a crime but come on. Let me let me look smart. I think we have a photo of the trunk slow and don't worry. I don't think the bodies are the other. There lay like gold tie me. They look like something that beyond sale at a store in Beverly, for like four thousand dollars: Hautala yeah fuck it We purpose shrugs, therefore thought like everything. Ok, so they're like oh shit. They found the bodies ok, but soon after leaving the station Ruth hit out for several days still the fucking bullet in her hand. It's now turn and again Urim sure yeah, and she then finally is like this. Is our working surrendered to the police, October Tomer, twenty third nineteen, thirty one! This isn't
as you like, tries to take a handful of grapes or whatever they escape falling through the whole. This is insane. I can't live like this anymore, nine, when one once you're more well. Ok, I mean great thing for Greece: the murderer is like crazy headlines across the country. They call her the tiger woman and the blonde butcher intervention. The case comes to be known as the trunk, martyrs and she's to tap the trunk motorists. There's a photo of her when she turned herself, then how fucking, glamorous guy is this real. It looks like we make in the seventies. Can you see
Yes, I can see it, but also to get from here it is it's. Ok here looks like her head is so much bigger than her body that it looks like one of those illustrations. You get a Disney landwehr like I like, skateboarding and horses or whatever, and then your hands like this body's this big skateboarding anyway. This is where Israel, I don't wanna watch you watch. I have to get Lasik That's right now, that's First of all, does she have a fox toll on her shoulder s because she fuckin stole that box door. Like this like place, she went to the NATO, that's for real yeah. Oh that's factual,
I believe that sounded like total bullshit. I blame the one article I rather than get on upper legs, dotcom, relax, God, dammit, Bulgaria, boot feelings, that's her showing up at the police station. I I didn't. yeah and I'm here to say I am my hand hurts. Maybe it's me Maybe it's maybe land? Ok, so that's! My phoenix police had already found the crime scene at the bungalow, and at that point neighbours and reporters had been like doo doo doo all over. They like stumping, on everything in the crimes as they do not always do that. Yeah, it's after police by reporters and then a used to be like now, let's get the neighbors said: vestry, ok, now
next we will go out renewing our foot prints on the walls. Please children that want to see this murder. Let's get him in front touch everything please. Okay, so, In fact, the day after the crime scene was found, the bungalow landlord put an ad in the newspaper lemme guess it was like bright orange them on governance and are not that's not operator tours of Angola for TAT sensibly. That's. Why doesn't let you go? over the next three weeks, hundreds of curiosity seekers again like an old, tiny marinos- that's right. We ve been around for a long long way. Now. Spare us a model, I just told you gotta do is emulating. You know my stolen from one million other people get the onto prospector as a bit. That's been around for generations. ok.
Then the police, the police, their eyes that Agnes and Sammy were shot well asleep. Also they weren't really sure the mattresses, like one disappeared, one was found with no bloodstains on those that must not happen. Trialon, one thousand thirty two number one aspect of a double slaying is never addressed in court, because Ruth was trying to only for the murder of Leroy, whose body was not dismembered and never tried with. order of Sammy. For some reason, happy Jack was present at the trial every day, but never spoke on record and was never called as a witness and people think it's because he had a lot of connections in the scene. Oh yeah, I saw suit yeah swam through me. Or maybe anything to do with it. I don't fucking. Now, ok, the state argued that she acted the premeditation and that she inflicted the gunshot wound. To her hand, try to bolster her claim of self defence, but then, unlike why run then, if you're like bill
my hand now and which otherwise have been leave Maria and get gangrene. This is the perfect allopathic. On February eighth, eighteen, thirty, two Ruth is found guilty and sentenced to die by hanging, woe and allay. Nor any Vienna now don't worry we're. We would never have thought that they were not like that will allay wears a decent. So, oh, she was sentenced to die on good Friday, your friends, that we love that Dame Catholicism we made it up. But finally, I thought when she was like a right, but this the governor getting fucking eyes. She told her lawyer, she wants, I wanna talk and that job Happy Jack had told her to exact, had told her that to exonerate something up, something That if she agree that that they had said that it was her fallen and an accident, she would
off said. Don't say that I was involved basically such as like I was involved, but there wasn't and everything will be. Fine ratio is like guess what he was involved. But her sentences overturned after attending hearing because they found her now mentally incompetent. I think she acted crazy or she was crazy, maybe see here so then it's discovered that that sorry to do so he's indicted than Happy Jackson, data as an accomplice to murder, with Ruth as the STAR witness so she's, like I'm, testifying bitch against him on the love of her life. Oh yeah, that's her husband I don't know I think he's like minors. I actually is like I'll be here on morphine. If you needn't worry, that is just in the courtroom, shooting I'm a doctor
she said, I'm am going to be for something Jack Halloran is responsible, for I was, can did murder but shot and self defence, and then she said he removed all the evidence in. He is responsible for the whole thing like sending her. He told her exactly what to do and then so she testified that she had gone over to their house on an invitation to play bridge and basically killed them both and suffering. And after they all thought and the women physically attacked her, because a bridge never has a rice. Putting all right. My ring So she said then, then Happy Jack came over, took care of everything and then Michael. what to do so? On January, twenty nineteen, thirty three, the judge freed Happy Jack, saying the same case was inconsistent. So her death sentence overturn she's committed to the states, only mental institution, the Arizona state asylum for the insane in Phoenix
rigour. Bus must in from the outside. You just can't take a visit to the celebrity theatre. Welcome. I don't think it's called that anymore. Unfortunately, She escaped from certain. I just ask the question the worst idea, but I'm asking the question anyway place haunted. Is that why people are chairing? Thank you. That's how to do it right opened the door, and I slammed in your face So she escapes through throws away. She escaped from the institution between one thousand nine hundred and thirty three and one thousand nine hundred and sixty three between thirty years of staying there. She just gave six times. Yes, they gave her a key because everyone liked and and back and she got a finger waves. She was like that how you mention your finger ways.
the finger way of queen and like people in society would come to the institution they get finger. When you know do you think- and I know this is wrong to ask- could You ve been using the hall on her hand as their hold on standstill days, MRS Carvalho Data to do more I don't know. Why turns out so good? I just don't care the twenty three to do. I can't remember as written on the thirty sixth, so in one instance soon she is. She walked all the way from you. My Arizona said the old Southern Pacific railroad track along. We all southern, preserving railroad tracks. Yes, and Oliver Shoulder- I don't know she's
the final time in October, on October, eight nineteen sixty three and lived in San Francisco for six year wholly she started the happy movement using a fake name and worked as a living made for a wealthy family. Her identity was eventually discovered because our fuckin shitty nephew, who helped her escape, was like Gimme money, I'm fucking turning you in adding I'm paraphrasing. I know that's a call from Wikipedia and she was like fuck you, my nephew and use like turn therein wow. Apparently that's what I read. I just I ought to say I just had a moment of fear because my ground there was a live and made a nanny for rich people. What was hold on
second, what if it all comes the other tonight and feed it really late put that picture up again and then I have to go really close holds. Maybe they work together, though I have enabled the city that I don't remember it let's find out of San Francisco. yeah, I meant likely may area. Oh ok, I said City Pacific ice. Yeah, So hurried on an aim neighborhoods the mission identity is eventually discovered. Second backed Arizona in nineteen, sixty nine. She hires attorneys, basically she's paroled and released on December in the summer of nineteen. Seventy one and she moves to Stockholm. California stopped him. I'm with you you and me. Maybe it's you and me. I am not drunk button. I just
a touch of anything as far as we now have to give it up at the start, I actually suffer from stopped instant. I could go back as I am very drunk in nineteen. Eighty three Arizona issues are an absolute discharge, meaning she's no longer pearly. She died in October of ninety ninety eight at the age of ninety three yeah. How badly yeah she's there, go on there. The other is eventually. There is a confession. Letter written wineries, hand too, attorney and its she says it's her first and only confession: she's that she alone planted hurried carried out the murders with him it was because she only aware were allegedly competing for happy, Jack's affection and she stated that she had not plan to kill Sammy, but did so
Sammy, had heard the gunshot and walked into the murder scene. It began fighting with Ruth and acted alone and the whole thing, and here the letter had gotten suppressed but eventually came out and that's and other sheep did. She really did it like. confess heart disease. Its cause had he been really satisfying as an ending? Yes, yes, I think I think she gonna by accident, not accidently, job them and then Happy Jack helped her.
other shit yeah. He eventually fell out of favour with the local phoenix population. Wonder I slept with Germany why? That's? The city was literally filled with pilot. There were still it was everywhere. You can walk, horses were falling down or what have you any view died in Tucson in nineteen, thirty, nine and The letter was anonymously donated to the Arizona State archives, the content the latter are well and that Arizona Phoenix, especially, is your trunk martyr. High grading here the best part of these murders in these cities is that for the rest of my life. People are going to come up to me and say you know my agreement, Ruth and here's what really happened, and then they give. It is little TED bits of information that you're just like after the FAO, the Jack O, my god, I would have never know, it's really call. It happens in a vip p lie.
Over time. Our people come up there like. Oh, you know the one thing about your things, like other thing that would have made a great thanks call at that meeting great liner reason like assholes, That's true vip. Why are we not? I mean yeah, We had our campaign when everybody gets a car right. I just want to say that I feel even more disoriented being on a spinning stage and I want you guys to now that I'm using you, as my mark of where we are willing to help Europe to full hair dresser. Then everyone at every time I mean you're, all great everyone's gray, but every time we come around, I'm like ok, I'm home everything's. Ok! Is it because you can't see anything but great color? I can't see anything. I love bright colors. I love my little pony, I'm just when I like. I don't know where we came in guy link.
Why don't you just pointing it's gone now a thing came down: it's got. We can't go back out that way to climb out of here Stevenson, but my offer legs, or so we might have four legs can't take the climb. All right. Ok! Well, I hope
I hope you all know that the one thing I would do if I'd come, the Phoenix as the Jody areas again for people at this is your first time. Are you bought tickets, unaware on a dare we're, not cheering for Jody area? Heads? That's not what's happening, it seems like that's, what's happening if you are not investigated. That is what just happened, but it isn't really what's happening, not really. If you weren't twitter and saw the headline which has happened, the outright amene thing without reading article, that's right that you'd be wrong. That's right! but it doesn't matter our then here's, the funniest part of her and for me I really didn't like this What was happening real time, so I never checked into this time. I never paid attention to.
Do it or listen to it? because to me it just seemed like it had become. This five times worse than the OJ trial, type of thing we're there like. Ok, hot girl, committed murder. Let's just talk: dirty things and that's really kind of what it was, but in our view, boiler down. But it's it's a pretty fucking incredible story so Most of this information is from a timeline that a guy named David Bore wrote for the haven't imposed, but I also watched the two parts snapped on idea. They had to give her to harder, says so, legendary and then, of course, I watched this superb. for tv movie, Jody Arias dirty little cigarettes in runaways her. Oh I'm glad you asked a woman named Tanya Raymond who was
fucking, excellent, I'm not being sarcastic. She. These Jody areas with is complete, like she's, like sexy, with dead eyes, has won the scariest things you can do to a person like I'm Super India, you, but you have like doll. I said, Gondy see, TED Bundy and she's really gorgeous, and she just is kind of, like always just low level kind of of manipulating everybody all the time and she also is used to getting what she wants. Obviously, so, when somebody's like no thanks, she button kicks it overdrive, so our girl Tanya remind nailed it her she's, very good anyhow so also a lot of us there. She is that's the real Jody areas as a blonde. You might not recognize her. That's not courtroom Jody when Jody well Librarian for the court to prove that she was. I don't
smart or normal, just what she are normally look like well, she started out as a kind of a but she had blonde hair for a while, and then she was burning By the time she has a mug shot. She has Burnett hair. She looks like my sister in law that, where its Grey Yolanda She does look like a Yolanda. Okay, ok, aren't you ninth two thousand, A woman named Mimi Hall, whose friends with Travis Alexander, is worried about him. because he has not answered his phone or showed up for work for days for five days. And she and all their friends were planning on going to on a trip to can't Kuhn and inefficient day, and so they were trying to get a hold of him to make plans about this trip, and he wasn't it Anybody's calls so, finally, she called a bunch of the friends of let's go to his house and checking on this, because this is really weird, and it's not like him at all.
so they get to the house and he he was very sick a small businessman whose thirty years old, but he had a four thousand square foot house. He drove a Bmw use like doing very, very well for himself, but he did have a room in the. I think a couple. in this house, and so when the friends showed up, they were like is Travis Ear and the friends go. No, he went on a trip to Cancun. fucking scary would that be when you're the person going on the trigger them? We're like now, that's two mile. So they all realise something terrible is happening, and so they go to check his room and when they go into his room it is a fucking blood bath. He ate his dead body is in his shower and the bathroom is covered in blood there's blood every where, in theirs up to six feet on the walls and there's a bloody pomp and very clearly on one of the walls.
Body is he's got he was stopped twenty seven times in the back. His throat was slit and then he was smart, I'm shot in the head. Why? so just fucking overkill like crazy. So also, His body had been sitting there for between forty five days, though, isn't ended, advanced state of decomposition, so this fucking friends found. Am I a horrifying a common one one and when they explain what's going on police are on their way. One point there. operator asks this girl, who call me she was does he have any enemies? You have any idea who could be responsible for this and she goes yes. girlfriend Jody Common, I'm on one call away. So all the friends of course didn't like her they went out for like of almost two years and there, of course bear it was like. Why are you dating this girl type of thing?
So when the cops are investigating the house, nothing is out of place. Nothing is taken nothing's, missing, nothing's, even just herb and that's why the roommates thought he was gone? Has nothing had been used? There's like the the house, was perfectly clean when they check the washing machine they find a digital camera. and it had been run through the rents cycle, but the cops take it and they give it to the lab now the digital camera lab and their life see what you can Laughed ass, Yang, so bitter background. this all started on in September of two thousand six, so Travis Zander met Jody areas at a world conference in LAS Vegas. They both worked for a company prepaid legal services and it's a described as a multi layered marketing firm.
Red flag, we re in the thing they just right, I think was on now. They were like kind of like anyway, and I was like tat. So She had just gotten hired there, and this conference was basically all the light top sellers and it's like a bunch of motivational seminars where they're like here's, how you can sell too, because you're a special and you can do in its like what is it it's some kind of weird? illegal insurance, something's, that's very specific, but he is in the film Jody areas dirty little secret here. Kind of presented, as this is like almost like a motivational speaker and she's sitting into she just started there she's sitting in the crowd watching him immediately into him. She was like right off progression. What's the dirty little cigarette she's fucking, crazy. Does it's not a secret that she killed? I really do think that the name would be Jody areas. Second, crazy.
It bears like something is not a secret. It may have been. events, because he was like a good boy. He was very active in his dinner Mormon Church Guy you get up and do stuff. I won't be able to focus, as I said, already sphere, of leaping what an ok you'll be there. Ok, you know what you tell people, you need them and they who finding no polygram appearance there. This comes the Mitchell you I will always view, but if it is just being a puppet, let's get us. Let's get a therapy sock put it far enough away from your face. You won't be able to tell those rare I think she's really here she's in the tenth row Ah I interrupted you know it's ok So the dirty little cigar, or none at all, I have to tell you now
because he was very act and the Mormons church I'm so she he David Herbert everyone's like by and then he would break up with her and like them. They give me- and it was all that kind of deal type of stuff about it. The dirty little she herself was the do too little sea currents. Look inside yourself in fine volume. The dirty see the duties, the good all along that. Ok, so so Jody at the time living California. She lived in palm desert. We note yes, that's. Methods in the audience So there is in Jody, our external secret. There is a scene or, He comes onto him after
he gives his speech and she's like. I was very high priority. and it is also bear a thing like this goes so full core press on him. I would like to make to the tv act my cheeks not read in the living room. I was like she is going for it and he said no thanks, oh because he doesn't believe in premarital sacks, ok, and then she is like. Well maybe this is add or whatever this is in the film and then he goes and really I just wanna get in are you and then she's like hard eyes there, but crazy once the hearts have hand show, and so from that point on they spoke every day
court records would later show that the couple exchanged. Eighty two thousand email, eighty two thousand email- I don't know- events, and I have said it. Eighty thousand words stage there and we really like each other. Yeah also They sign them was at best they change of every time. I sincerely yours here, it's a great Christian, Solomon, questions she we'll drive out, she was the one going driving from palm deserting Mesa come and visit him all the time essentially what I inferred from the Jody area. Sturdy little secret was because he didn't believe in. Here I can drive,
didn't believe in carrying about her at all, in putting in the most basic fact highlight touching him yeah we're we're not a man. I think what it was this she would. Let him You ain't, or am I right? Maybe that's the dirty little secret prisons like we can't do premarital. Sorry, sorry, I can't you remember that p only Am I right in the Bible on Jewish. We can you ever fuck. I lay that jewish girl,
Ok, so essentially sheet their hooking up. She thinks she's gonna like in you know, get hand under her spell or whatever, but here Keep it shell, she's, always kind of trying to push it a little bit more about our names like gnats, okay, so she comes up with a plan, so November of the year. This is two months after they mean she decides inverts Mormonism doom. Two months I don't think that's how Mormonism works. I don't think you're. Just like me. That seems interesting golden glasses. You the one with the solemn manner, we talked about magic, twenty whore David's than the snakes
Maybe we shouldn't get into bed. Maybe we should make up things about religion. We don't know anything about. Let's do highly disrespectful manner reminders, so I mean those must have done some good emails. Guess she converts his religion. I just can't get over that and like there's scene in the film Jody Aria sturdy little secret, where his friends are like. Do this she's converting I'm saying, like I mean it what we do we're we're on our missions and we're trot. We want to get people during the church like is but I mean, I don't know how was more like in this velvet. He just seems so casual and laid back all the time, he's always kind of treating her like. Ok, whatever so this didn't scheme.
the living shit out him, which it absolutely should if there's ever been a red flag in the world it someone converting dear religion, two months after you, first took just maybe I'm being just now. You guys are being very quiet right arise, so it thinks then it's three more months after she converts did his religion that they start officially dating. So Do we wait it out and then finally, like fine, You can go out our together and take pictures and so That's what they do. They actually go on a bunch of trips and I think we do have a picture of them together. They travelled a law that I think we're furred their work. He traveled Olaf's or she would go with her in the film
Jody Aryan secret, we all wholly arrive, hoping you there to hoping I'd, say: different moving. Theirs is more crying scene where she he's having a barbecue droughts at his house and she's. they China play the wife like I, Decorated you want to. I saw my home and lent a made in your disfigured, none of this and other until I saw you guys, gonna get mariners of what's happening in these like no no she's just excited or whatever, and in the film she overhears them and then she's like. Oh I'm, just your side, peace and his kind, like oh yeah, I mean, but he so so big, basically She was super crazy possessive. She didn't like him talking to other women. She didn't like that. He had female friends and she checked. She like look,
his fallen all the time. She checked his email over time, but he thought it was cute. He like that is obsessed with him. Oh sorry, the net! Sorry, the next picture we have, Keep your job now Phoenix is to go out to the thrift stores in this day and age. You imagine if you found that fucking shirt at like a saint Vincent de Paul you're, just like some back here, I'm telling you this is the kind of thing were like in sixth grade. I would get an idealized nordby like here to my sister of you like sit down to tell you something, never put a guy's name on your shirt. I mean so. He basically she basely, confronts eminence and says, are you you know
there's about me and he's like I'm, not I'm thirty admire like looking for marriage right now and essentially like and that's not really what we're doing or how I see it. after four months of doing they break up and, of course but he does what anyone would do when a guy breaks up with her she most to his town. So she picks up from home. Desert goes ahead and moves to Mesa You know ten minutes away from his house and he starts hooking up with her again. Always a great idea. You go through a break up, go straight back to that person that you hate as quickly as you can thought that behind our friends back make sure you don't tell anyone it's great great idea, so, but it like when, as I was you know, watching the film Jody areas, journalists like I kept thinking this
guys thirty years ago, but it doesn't make sense someone it's totally like clocked on him and then just been like we are making this happen. I was it all issues like that in my school, your fuckin bananas, how crazy people who just greedily its cue or you're like we're gonna, be married marine forever right, but in high school reared we we met and we weirder, as our song was Slayer. So much more. I could say no that's true. Dance o slayer do here. Ok, so December, two thousand and seven, which is you know
December of that year. He decides that his this part of his life is not good for him and he needs to start dating women that he wants to marry. He needs to be more in line with his police and stop fucking around, so He asked about a girl, that's his church, that's a front of his and what he Doesn't know they start dating and he's separately with an Jody who still live in me, Sir followed them on their dates and took pictures of them from across the street and it was fine with a review. So I think this is just checking on their day. Attacking hope. It's very well is the date happening. but now I know what's happening, then pictures of course too
she's. Last his tyres twice lash the dates tyres one. Well then there just stuck together longer you known as not thinking of rail she's, acting from the heart that make me crazy that let's have a stake in making it leave us right. You ve got one of theirs our total rate and they make them go to the empowerment right. She got really good at breaking into his house. She would. There is a sliding last order. She knew that he never locked and she would go in that way. She asked, but climbing the doggie door, which is, I feel like you're home alone, and yours is kind of like. Can you imagine if why do you like him this much? What happened. You're? Not winning him back. This way, see yourself as the objective witness clauses are
push that plastics lap up I'll dirt. In majority dog pause, honey hug me honey. Ok, so one time my favorite, then this lugging gave one time he found her hiding behind his Christmas tree, is known by the visual, the visual
even as a Jew icy out bucket creeping. It would be like if someone put Eleanor on their had to translate everything's. Ok, I gotta do get it again, it s so disrespectful anyway, moment after think about barrier hiding behind the guy. You loves Christmas tree because he's not dating you any so secure you and then he's like Jody your life in them. Where'd wrapping paper back out through the out. She only enters and exits only enters through the doktor safer
in upsetting case it's one of the most of aspects of up to me his family's all sitting on the calendar. I had so that the new girl in your life, ok in the film Jody area started a secret? He comes home once I'm in this seems like bullshit to me, and I did I couldn't find it in any like the timelines or real things is very Hollywood too, but I also it's so creepy jack, because it would make sense of tug refer. That was like a big interests of hers knows, and I think she did and she did TAT pictures of him on dates with other girls there's one scene. He comes home with the girls date with any. and there's a wall covered in a collage of them on deeds, but so creepy than unlike
That seems Hollywood's timing, symbolic there like there is basically what it was like you. does have their homeland style. Crazy, red string attacks it all up and exerts for no reason to use This date is connected to this day. Ok, so on April, twenty of two thousand and eight, apparently, he oh they after after the after all of that that insanity he was like this is good. this is too much. You got my life. Well, then it's like. A couple months later he sent Her text saying I'm at night right now and help me to come to the conclusion that you're one of the prettiest girls on the planet. I think he's
The thing where maybe he wasn't the great like the most solid drunk in the world like he drink like three Darzac easily, like I got attacks some shit inner me like couldn't, handle his shit. It seemed like here because he he wouldn't, he would kind of get back into it with her convenient and I think she was never letting him sexual obviously right, you just start going the other way. Thank you. I thought I was the Seas Start Recounter when our powerful way or clockwise This isn't like along one of those long table games where they try to show you like trick Unita which marbles already lost two hundred dollars. A big show: ok, Basically all of this shit happens and then at the end there,
the sexting goes on for a couple months and then, in the first week of June, of two thousand eight Travis tells US friends that he found out the jury broken his facebook and that's when he said get out of my life. Facebook in gay spoke was the fact and not the house, not a dog door, not big fucking Christmas tree Facebook. So. Aren't you a second two thousand a Jody areas, rented car from budget rent a car in ready, California, so she's from why Riga Red is up there all of Norway Northern California, it's very scary, place be careful when you go there. So she she rent a car from there and then they also fat later police found receipts where she had bought gas Cannes in. I believe it was in writing also that she had in the car so
it then drives. She arrives at Travis House on June. Forced to those needs Your birthday, you just think words- are sexy God bless you. So she shows up and she's I miss you and you know blob whatever, and then he goes. I get the girl he had been dating? They had just broken up so easily you come in, so I can tell about my feelings and First, they start having sex now in the film Georgia is irrelevant foiled. They so they have sex and then she starts taking pictures. They start taking pictures of each other in bed has photography
her interest as she has shown everyone. He gets up to go, take a shower he's in the bathroom and in the film Joe? You sell cigarettes and I agree couldn't find it any proof that this is actually how it happened. So this again could be the Hollywood version, but she sickly seize on his phone. The acts that he just broke up with is trying to talk to him and she s hand is like I'm with Jody. Now and then she is like basely like that dumb slot or whatever and then she goes craziness like telling this girl the girl. Basically said, the hunter shed light. But use. Tat? She was just aside peace that never meant anything. Do you and data and all this shit, so the next thing that they know what happens is she goes into the bathroom with the camera and she's. Taking pictures of him in the shop and she's like yeah, you look so sexy or whatever basically sheet
the picture of him that there- the picture. You can see it online and I'm sure you ve already seen, especially because Europe, if you're from here and looking straight into the camera like the wet from the shower, and then she told them turn around just like taking this back and that's why she stopped him now: crazy. You spoke in part, is okay, so so, basically that she's doubts and kills him and then three days later June, seventh, she returns the budget Randal Car. In writing. California, put two thousand eight hundred and thirty four miles on it and what figured out later. Was she bought those gas hands so that she can get gas great heap it so that she was never? No one could prove that she was ever in Arizona. So a week after that she posts on mice. Is a photo gallery. That's like in loving memory of travers.
I am hometown. The trick was like you now she had data my our brothers blah blah blah the night. Then she took it the brother officials and shape the brothers was obsessive about them the night before she had to go. She was here, a bar back home, and why we got that. I didn't know it was said that way and the brother like along with me and she was like handling. I wake up early to go like tested together question by these investigators. My my axe died link a concrete measure and then start telling all the details of it where this guy's trapped in a bar like I thought we return and play, pool and she's like and then and then so she goes into police station and she give voluntarily gives her fingerprints and her dna to the police. She told the detective that she talk to that
She and Charles had had a romantic relationship, but they had broken up and she hadn't seen hens and she moved out of Arizona in April. So, while they're waiting for the lab tests to come back, then they the the people that we are working on recovering that the chip in the camera there like and maybe maybe this is cause it's in a movie that doesn't make a ton of sense. You get swap for dna and then you put that in the microwave for five minutes and then over here. This evidence comes at, but basically it all came in at the same time, in real, like a dead, the people that will work on the camera memory chip sound theories of photos. So it's all the nude photos of them in bed all and it is time stamped social. Like I haven't seen him since April. Will this is junior forth and its them in bed naked?
and it's him in the shower and then those pictures that are better like fuzzy that they had to work on and they have a picture of her hand, cleaning up the blood with his body in the back ground. So she accidentally took pictures of herself at the scene with the body placing herself at the scene worth You see the picture, I could Stephen. I had to look forward today and we couldn't find it and we saw so many times. So much for stealing, I'm gonna start a cat pod cas and to be so find my life's going to be so happy. It's just gonna be happy a nice guy. Is your Karen and Georgia record your Password Opel's all pull a couple pictures off of Google images. Uri we broke, see rogue him and broken. They get
but they get the dna the fingerprints than they match with her finger prints they match to the Palmprint that was on the wall. Her blood was in the bathroom Everett there's there. We said that there they ve never seen more evidence against a person. In any case they. That was a quote. What the fuck yeah? What is what so when all of that comes in their like, ok well, then, were were going to indict. Her for first degree murder and they call up the police up in. Why Riga to go arrest, her she's, arrested at her grandmothers, home and ashes. Being let off to the police, she says. Is there any way I could get my make upon for real, and then was like now clicks in the car? And so we don't. I dont have this headshot either, but her headshot agent does not make a buyer
who, in a way it is a there. I mean she needed or make it for her now ruined, ruining, wrote Karen this fucking podcast. it she has like look like she just like straightened her hair and select, really pretty Bernard and she's kind of like. It's like the other woman. It's like the woman from urban Headshot. She looks very it's a very natural look. I e g and psychotic. An insane, so she gets extradited to Arizona. She enters a plea of not guilty, the miracle, because,
attorney's office files and notice of intend to seek the death penalty for committing first real murder in an especially cruel, heinous or depraves manner He gets out of jail, makes bill and Ngos and doesn't interview with the tv show forty eight hours now. I don't think she should have gotten out of jail. Am I wrong things like she may be? I know that dozens of it seems unfair. Forty eight hours bail her out straight on to the said she on that show claims that she did not kill Travis, but that in fact it was a home invasion by a man and a woman who came in CIAO Travis they murdered him. She was just standing there and then they went to murder her the gun jammed so sheep the gun away. Ah, her purse had she specified that and then last time
I have the wall but the bloody we another, and then she drove to normal our foreign ya, gotta straight through without a alerting, the coffee and reliable. Why wouldn't you call the police, even when you got there just like, I would speak for my life, so then later on. She doesn't interview within sight of and that she is quoted as saying no jury is going to convict me because I'm innocent- and you can mark my words on that. One no jury will conflicts, Why would you ever putting say that oh cause a psychopath, ok, Opening arguments of this trial began on January. Second, twenty twelve She changed her look and that was that picture written, so lousy lawyer, so she's
doing lawyer cause play is actually she's, like my life seems respectable. My lawyer for my trial murder. It turns out, I am the lawyer, so no joke soon. this. She asked to represent herself. Oh dont do I know she did it of course true psychopath when she decoy yeah she's. Like me, no one, you know it. Back bangs. I got this line and the judges I'd, ok and then ass her acting on her own defence or whatever. The first thing she does is try to admit into evidence letter it's from Travis admitted. to her that he is a why yes, she's, just trying to fucking destroy,
Dead man's reputation that she killed the prosecution immediately took the letters, prove that there were forgery and then so they were not admitted into evidence and then she said to the judge. I think I might be in over my head here. Can I get my boy or bacteria, so there She gets bangs back. Then story changes, and this is in court. Historic changes that the reason that everything happen because she dropped Travis Camera that day she was there. They did sex, they had the camera. She dropped the camera. He got so angry that he attacked and she had the it was self defense. She was fighting for her life. Having him twenty seven times so back right in the fucking back here.
He was attacking her way back that judge must have em like one. Shit. So then she starts this. She starts this story that this has been a relationship of domestic abuse and very extreme physical violence, and that she was. She was basically a battered woman which fuck her for lots of reasons, but especially for fucking that one like coming that that specific kind of why you don't owe me, because that's the thing that later on people hold onto we're like oil, this happens all the time where people aim and is like, no, it doesn't what psychopaths do and there's not that many of them sorry you ve, really got fired up there for a second. Then the Christmas tree, of course,
There is a slew of character witnesses. The comment and are just like he for hooking was a church going man. He was a good guy, he is self made it. He grew up his both his parents were mathematics He grew up with two fucking, not so awful parents, and when he was ten, his grandma came and took them and Basically, I guess not custody and that's when he started going to hurt it was she was the one that was Mormon. He started going to church with her and the second. He started living his grandmother, it's ok bloomed in everything's great, and so like this- is truly a self made man at thirty and that's basically, everyone came in at least just like. He had now are not doing this at all. So
and long story short on, May twenty, two, a helpful Jody errors and in there's so much more shit, and I am sure that there is a million people sitting in this area and for an outgoing. But there's like seventy million die. That's I didn't know. I didn't understand why everyone's watching this one, it's like I'm gonna, go back and watch it all. I thought it was all just like girl, this guy and like oh she's, hot, so whatever it's like, it's the twisted MIKE I see grace was right. The twists and turns were fucking nuts it can. We can really quick does Nancy. She really is eating. At this stage, is
I think that one day that I decided not to get involved in the Jerry Areas case was because I was watching Nancy Grace Talk about Jody areas. Nose like I might be on her side, euro lunatic. Looking at how she's doing like a Courtney like nineties, Courtney love in the top right corner, see barrette failure, so I dont know I did too and I was like eighteen and array of gray I did. I did too when you're bangs are growing out, you know it you know what it is she had. A hair person was like. No, you know what it looks really good on you. She was like the two young very near you, man, man,. she was so mad, but then
here's how, because on May eighth, twenty twelve Jody areas was found guilty of first degree, murder and sentenced to life in prison without prolong the, associated press. The case was a circus and a runaway train and that it grew into a worldwide sensation. Is thousands followed the trial the alive on edited web, see, which I didn't know you could you could watch that thing in real time, which is equal, sounds Billy insanely, exciting and then like the most boring can cause between time in court cases is like. Oh, I like her motion loudly blah blah blah. I don't like to cut the motion. We don't need every motion If your fans, the areas trial, became alive, daytime soap, opera with its jealousy religion, martyr, insects, the Jody Areas case
what happens when the justice system becomes entertainment answer grass and then I accidentally left on a picture of a beautiful young detective men, Nathaniel Mendez. Just on my last. I wasn't taking him off, as I was gonna show him to my sister. Like did you ever see a guy Anna got printed in color, which going right into the memory? He was their news like this crazy bid Clark, gas cans and Northern California out it's a strong chin he's got there. No, he is a he's, a detective.
Then, he's gonna detect some shit hair, a hooker sui I'm here to help you to do a magic, my dear he retired from the directive as it now is a sex dancer and I'm sorry, probably left out good stuff. But that's the case of Georgia is a good one might well. You know what you know what it means when the state starts terming other way. That means we have time for a home town murder. Now let me just tell you a couple important and crucial rules we went over a couple on before be drunk so that you can follow your own story and have a good time with it. But not so much that you're just going to yell or do I about?
we want to be local, like Arizona yeah like around here and then also when you,
beat. When you tell the story put in your mind, it's gonna be a paragraph long and we're gonna have a beginning, a middle and enhance their more just gonna. We're gonna pull right through that in a timely manner. We have an added layer of fuckin weirdness cause we're spinning yeah. So if you ve ever been and musical theatre thou be agree, is of a great time per year we ve loved if you're a metal soprano. We would layer. Women loved her of Libya, and also the onus is on. Georgia, has she's really good at picking people right barrier. She just like. Ok, so he's over others that policy Cynthia. There were also forgot guard numerals. Who is that everyone's mad that they didn't get picked said just don't worry about, and they are still pressure is on, because these are- and this is now an audience of people who don't want to hear the stolen that it's a lot. I very sorry occupations we ok near for ok, we're spending on my friends are,
I do have a long term story actually the second hand story, because I'm a really small tell mom related everybody, but my mom found out, I was talking about like a cousin. I'd have to explain what apart ass the night, he said just sixty five million when we're you know. I did hear the story from a coworker when I was working at Missus. Israel and it's about ten years old, but it is definitely always has stuck with me and so was kind of my We were murdered. The first can introduction into the sort of obsession which you crime, but it's about a small town near the port gallus, so you are familiar with that. We have a lot of border towns, Course in Arizona, and these border towns, we have these groups of people who their militias who basically patrol them so think of a lot of untrained, Patriots, you semi automatic weapons, one around a bizarre train people from crossing the border, so we have all these militias who
not in the higher by name one to do, though. No there, their private citizens who have taken upon themselves to keep. You know when in children out so dangerous lignite around the borders and staff. As anyway, there was a particular women, her name was shown afford, and ass, she was basically a great person. She was like a concert promoter- sheep, percent first or something like that. She was a beautician. She also had extensive. background FRY personally I saw which may total sense that she was a part of this militia to look back rags obey during the day. She runs sitting all see, rabbit, misty, never with elected, but somehow go get Erika YAP. Thirty ways you, the part of the militia and the militia decided she was too crazy for them why they kicked around. She took them prize with her and she does.
Melissa a hard. So she recruited these two gentlemen, one ain't, Jason blushing other was was name Albert Galaxies. and Jason Bush was a white supremacist who again assaults drugs battery, just a stand up guy rattling, I deeply guy and then Albert, I believe, had a lot of drug problems than drug history and he was a drug, inform it. So You knew the only way there we're gonna get money to fund this militia was to go and rob immigrants we're gonna, go to immigrants, houses and look for drugs because they knew that all immigrants, just You have drugs, I guess letting your other. How will just piles of cocaine on every happy table? I get there to kick start I've had it before the whole. Go I'm right there or though and they also they also knew that if they had robbed and immigrant that they were less Please support the crime, which is crazy, because immigrants are more likely to be victims,
primary and actually commit them, but anyway, so they go into this. Thank you said: murdering of the color was a day the three of them get together and they break into the home, Gina Guns, Alice and roll floors like five a m. They wake up the family and be half of them all into the room and they start searching for drugs. But the problem is they don't find taxes, there's no drugs there. What did you find this and and money. Well, though, they have the family in the living room and what they were gonna do was basically just leave. The problem was these were not immigrants. These were. U S. these were Americans just like you and I who just happened to be hispanic, so this wait there's nothing to lose, so they proceed, to shoot, Gina and then Shoe Raoul and
poligized sugar warning. When there and your daughter, presenting such decry the sea to her. So as this leave the home Tina actually was still alive, but she had been playing dead because she knew that she to get to know Why? So as soon as they leave, she goes to her bedroom sugar? her husband's gun ass. She called mine when one it didn't I won right every the transcript and she's, essentially just telling him Haiti's people broken in my home region. my daughter they shut my husband and either they heard her are they forgot, something they come back into the home, won't like a friggin,
bad ass, Jim Gonna, see because I dont see shoes at them and she actually strikes. Jason was so she showed him. Then he ran and then they they run out what she they want to describe these people very clearly to the police, and there arrested wall during the arrest and trial Albert who was there but didn't actually doing the murders he gets life in prison. Now, when two reasons in jail, they actually than tie him to another murder of another hispanic man in New Mexico He gets so he gave convicted of that murder, and then he also has the death penalty for the death of Romania and Raoul yeah so then shot. I first. Oh, I wasn't there because you know she was out of Islam. Would ever since you wasn't there
Regina and the other accomplices are like know, you were there, so then, finally she says: ok! Well, I was air, but I didn't do any the shooting I was just there, but they the prosecutions like no you're. The masterminds you're the reason that their there, you can't incite violence, cannon, fight, hay and then washer and when somebody does something that you basically told him to do so. Thankfully, a Tucson jury agreed with
since their death and she's one of women on death row near me. I have to say I'm a little bit now that you are now you just did that better than any episode with my eyes shells your crying. I cried, I did I'm broke and you'll get there. You'll get very handy. I cried when I said ever legs, but not the horrible sorry, my therapist Polygram, whom I gotta. Do you guys you also for our thereupon we on why member states stops
I was just going to say I feel, like you know, when you're like on a cruise or whatever menu adjust to something and I go now, I'm gonna have to go and get my while my sea legs or whatever I can only be on a turning thing. While this is so amazing, you guys her being such an incredible audience with us so long to come here. You guys don't be mad later Lebanon halfway through, shall, I think, to myself were putting this one up real China here with you leave me save us all the time, but we have to say it because we really mean it
we want the lottery. The fact that this is what our job as now is fucking nuts, and it's because of you guys. Thank you. So you and please please, stay sexy.
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