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Karen and Georgia cover the Van Nuys Courthouse shooting and serial killer La Mataviejitas.

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this is exactly right hello high and welcomes and my favorite the pocket weekly true crime cause hosted by buy caring failure hard start and that's us and their stephen over there on the ones into make making it even happening here he's my hand happening or his these men you ning and making it happening or because he took an impromptu knows how to heighten he s ended he ascended our yes colonel improv there is this podcast that's exactly what i want to say and
and he asked and benefit but that's correct the hanging an hair how're you how i feel like a lot of bits a lot of actually relevant things have happened since we recorded the air france to catch up on yeah cause we could last you can have alive episode so we did when we met last week we miss the talking yeah so let s about la asker forged a monologue we'll know the one i was going to say which i'm excited to talk about is the four part i d channel series called the golden stay killer is not over bs it's not oh that's the full time always port yes every time that card would come up i be like it's
ok we get our yet so the golden say killer now is on the back end tipp of everyone's lips that's right because michel mcnamara's but came out yet ends begun in the dark which i have been listening to obsessive lee yeah most on and i dont want to finish it so i'm listening to other shit i don't have to yasser lumpy over yeah yeah it's not over now i know it's scrag is not over you know it's funny as i so patent oswald who is michel's husband sent us copies of the book so that we could have it cuz he knows but i forgot that i pre ordered it long long ago so i had two copies i was holding yours cuz he sent the both of my house then a couple days later about a third now me you and stephen all have copies of michel's book but coolness is their patent just sent me a pig
today the new york times book review best sellers less shell is number one on the nonfiction last yeah she's number one in it so cool lake it so as a person who followed her from the i'm diary and i used it is poor over that thing i remember the posts that she wrote when she talked about how iran's original night stock or that it was too confusing and i added a better title and she its it your idea to call him the golden state killer which is so like forward thinking yet it in a way that's like this needs to be people need to know what this is because of all these victims who are not getting the attention that they deserve to have their cases so if we give it a better name people will pay attention to it more exactly so smart something i would ever have thought of you know of lino that that's
potent and why yes she was she was very masterful now whole her whole approach to it was so that she got cops to start talking to share and from it is it's very cool story and i am sure most people listening this are either rain our leah unto right now in some way i'm sure that has a lot to do with those numbers are not so good job you guys i'm so excited and thrilled that she gets that kind of morocco and also that it gets that level of exposure yeah you know i was going to say is that i d channel i was actually looking because it spread so well and a company called sirens production which makes you think it's the ladys but they have survivors they have vagueness of the golden say killer when he as the east area rapists in sacramento and something from down here by and think those first when the first couple of his
original victims were talking i dont really nervous that it was like how is this gonna get handled ray and they were the it was just that thing of like people who had been through the shared wrong people the victims on that were interview here an like the victim's family members were interviewed as well are yet strong fucking resilient people it's that are just there to be like we want this solved we why anybody who knows anything in we because it's it's really frustrating and like i've knee deep and airy now from watching them from listening to the book and end of core after you know i'm listen i go on read it and i read all the message boards and i mean all the theories i'm so i'm kind of in that phase of like being inside of this insane case and yes really frustrating and angering because it doesn't make fucking sense it hasn't been solved that he hasn't been found it doesn't make any sense except for the fact it was the seventy beginning and then he saw did the classic thing that that every time it's like when you switch cities or
jurisdictions but if you wanna cases in us as soon as they found that our dish and there should be there is enough evidence and i am saying this for like the cops too there must be so frustrated with this is like a piece of those then together we like okay this is the suspect we thought it was and now it can match up because he was an irvine too and it almost make it more solvable now by its night we'll yes because it there doesn't mean there is it's not like there is a database thing we're when you try to look anything up from before nineteen ninety on it there i think there because it was all paper or it was documented in some other way like that was the i loved the fact that they had to detect a female detective work done in the seventies who is
the woman who is speaking she is telling georgia this she was speaking at that very infamous this the town hall meeting where a man stood up said i don't understand this is impossible that anybody could if there's a man in the house that anybody would that their wife would be attack right blah blah and then like later that family was attacked horrifying in and they know then that that meant he is there any was this really high level predator but she detective in this meeting is telling the women in the room she literally says the words dont be polite attack and try to injure him around if you can all if you get the upper hand in any way try to injure him and
hearing a woman in nineteen seventy seven really oh don't be polite to be we what she says like we ve been raised to be polite and to be in don't do that and bob oh yeah yeah i'm kind of onto did to this day she's a sharp as attach amazing she's like right there and she's everything she said was just so it was very it was all about we need this illuminate the families i have gone through so much that are still living with this weird fear has nothing was resolved that they need that resolution it just the hosts the whole story i am like kind of obsessed with and gives me the creeps and i think for you and i will leave it being in california and our there for you southern for me and these new in our neighborhoods yeah that were from any kind of i think so freaky is that he he went to these planned communities that were you know
family communities and just terrorize them like didn't houses next almost next warehouses yes attacking and writing women inside of them it's just the whole story is a nightmare and the vote had been planning yeah like the that it wasn't in the week he's weird there's something wrong with him yes like not just obviously a rapist social around with him but the stuff that he takes eating and hanging out he's like he's got some there's you can tell their some narrative in his head and what's croquet and also can we just talk for one second about how what are the odds that you have a story in and case it's this insane and compelling in years long and then one of the lead investigators is
is simply beauty of her tea ready it did happen doktor arrived at right angles every time he spoke i was like your teeth are perfectly why oh my god here like robocop yes he looked keenly look like is hunter member that old he's tv show now where the guy they literally at the hoop fcc came and said you afterward underwear you never heard about now hunter my mom was attacked me shears linked go to bed mommy's gonna want hunter failure i keep doing in my oppressiveness is like who ok who did my mom data at that time because he was an irvine in nineteen eighty six i was six years old so i'm i could bear mom date any one at that time is are you the murderer scary o scary that guides it's just like it's i was my mind it since its it to her
she gets all he now and it's gonna be really exciting when it does it also bitter sweet from a show and like listening to the book every time they say a reputation in the book it says like the next chow there is a cumulative from her notes yet just hurts me in the heart every time i see that are here that he has its just and then the obsession and and i can't ever minded me a lot of that obsession that i used to have a desktop when i would just sit and reed blogs like that stories like that which i weren't written in that way than they were kind of just like stories you had a kind of purchase there are based on read it and stuff like that she's yak has her writing is so it's true crime written gorgeously so when i used to read that blog you would just read these stories and like i have all these stories stuck in my head not because oh it's it's because she wrote it almost first person in this like she so into what was happening
a person's life and then they disappeared and it's just she really got what it's like to be obsessed with truth to be a person who can't sleep and justice obsessed with true crime yen obsessed with a case or cases or anything it definitely feels what people have said to us such as like you ve made it need may not seem like they like a weirdo because i had it feels like i'm not greed for liking for being this obsessed with regard to the former can't sleep at night will because it these questions that its the worst case scenario something happening and then just unanswered questions so it's what what are the events leading up to this how did it happen why did i have them like those are things it it's better than a tv show or something like it's like it read it better more
interesting and engaging and kind of like this is a fellow human being that just disappeared off the face of the earth and aunt em it's like an this in that but the way she makes the way she tell the story of the victim tells you who they are you know before would have to them happens yes is it gives it such a more vivid and such a fuller picture picture of how horrible it was too to live in that time to be a victim to live in our neighbourhood at the time the abbe scared i have no clue i couldn't picture until she can unexplained right yeah she'd like that book starts off with like her at like how its first started for her and it was because there was a murderer and her town fascinating about murder was fucked up to omega canada start reading any on which i am going to yet very it's it's just a its bidders
its but it's also cool that it's out barony i'm gonna be very very interesting to see that her name will forever be enough when they do catch this guy her name will cause are going to allow way it's not gonna happen but her name will always be connected to this page that obsessed her yes witches and when i also this goal and that special is how they really featured the what were they calling them the like the basically the people that return a solid online citizen sleuth citys arm chair slew citizens lose and slew i think are set at which we are we laughed every time i said yeah but it is a sound so stupid but i was true i get a and when you like on the surface but this guy's put taking
digging into this research my talking about live like doing the did the hardest work of all which is just like we went through records this is the company that was building houses at this time like they're taking the police evidence and matching at two records and then going let i think i mean it's amazing and i think all of that combine the fact that there isn't some fuckin one coming for being like yeah so my stepmother was a crete back then and we might want to look into him re lived in sacramento are grandma lived in fact in the lead and you need to look into how macao is that not happened yet i don't or maybe it's people who don't either some iron out it makes me think of like someone has a hunch that it's their whatever
man i don't know maybe they don't want a visa or they dont want to be real i sent events when they are talking about this kind of thing is like and then work now tat kosinski s brother is the one who tucking was like that you need to look into my brother hard that must have been and i was like would u turn in your brother if you found us unless music absence second minutely edward in a fucking hardly like its people like us they were like oh yes i ve so stuck to be like a look back as i wanted my brother to be a murderer but because it's like you can't do that it's not ok but then i was like what if he's not suspected something about me and he was like we'd have to have a long talk like i don't know about me you get one final breakfast rate target over arrival earlier does that you get one murder not yet you know in this relationship will give you one freebie it's the murderer had passed no yeah anyway it's kind of it's just so strange and it's all kind of coming
for now but it's also gotten ah we now this is an email that's even found for us that just pull for us georgia stephen and assorted pets first off you're columbus ohio show is great i just wanted to let you know that my husband greatly appreciate your huge shout out for his website w w w dot pumpkin show duck people i think your mentioned just increase this shows foot trafficked for this like the lumber marinos lumbering expecting to have a mean up at the show oh my god the pumpkin show yes i love it is ok my husband is a native circle a native of circleville and he's been involved with the pumpkin shows since the late nineties and has done their websites and then even pay
just the domain people share when no one even knew what a domain name was he is also the photographer of the giant pumpkins in your sign the pictures on the site we were cracking up old timers circleville is serious about their pumpkins it is largest show of its kind in the country and maybe even a world thanks again for the shadow my show save travels around the globe lady oh my god like going to the pumpkin shown right maybe the guinean kevin as kevin's the webmaster for palm w w w pumpkin show dot com like that's amazing so funny i love with reaches justs far i mean here's the thing in our experiences when you go on to a website it's a high quality website you keep give credit has
credit is due how many websites are they're out there it was just sitting out there excellently unknown waiting to grab waiting to be seen and talked about and they now we did it the data we did we oughta be debate together united now we start the pod glassed that's all about lie that we wanted to start originally remember when we talked about it yeah about pumpkin pumped in life it's basically a podcast where we
why you're out a way to sue kevin for w w w dot pumpkin show dot com if you take ownership called scored gourds we could get a hacker to please her pumpkins your website democratic now that hacker is hackers like her hands like overlooking a horrid about it to be like doo doo doo doo whenever the fact they day on she's got yeah she's got fingers list glow and cheese now hours are going number amber's numbers and our has drinking coffee annoying line cm dislike i can remember like way melissa holder don't do that what's her acronym it's some model eight well it's a hack your pack your u r life it's dark web molest arc where lesser left in the dark here laser with his eliza matter that the whole thing was her name what we just got caught dot net
hackers really like let us if your hacker there the people when you're out the coffee shop and they have a full computer there and their using eight outlets set the letters are them they're not cool there always it's it's hackers who is working gap is wait i don't want to consult them actors low because i would have done all the lights go out a lady you watch mr robot arena for the hard now goes i'll tad it was good has saga it's really good packers below el unite we have attributed they all looked like angelina jolie in the movie that's right hackers was a green hackers and the show hackers some members movie hackers narrow i know the movie you're talking about its head it's where just where johnny miller the british actor and re angelina we was wrongfully ban that picture i think stevens gonna tell us care i think it's called something like
their mother bore now then sancho why do you know what movie you're thinking of antitrust with wrathfully bang we just mash up to those heather classic mash up cast a hacker he was like it was like bill gates was played by tim robins cooper i get what his name is but he like was like a bit its type and we need a stephen to look up i don't know i think our stephen dry he was like areas like me i was like a bill gates guy who's like stealing like young people's technology and rightfully bay was like uncovering young can either spirits aid whenever i am dv website we owe this hackers was from was angelina jolie was released and ninety five i was called hacker they just want with the lowest common denominator generally miller did it have ozanna no fortunately that's terrific
now what was the movie the motherboard that aren't they make up and weather or be movie in the sixties about women with children who get tied to boards or just like the mom is born likes ok whatever the mother board or it could be female ceo of children and their mother board she is the entire exile their decision may you know and i'm gonna try i parenting is not working i'm gonna try acting like a computer eminent tear i'm gonna make a computer version of me mom yes as a stand and it looks exactly like her but its she's controlling it from her from san
your picture path from her listen what's this gap why did i take it may my gets eight i dont know central pays french okay now if your apply more another from bora borough if you are if you were ten years older you would know that because it's from the band so lay commercial theme song annesley back when we didn't know anything but as pdf or skin cancer anna bandits le was essentially western oil in a beautiful bottle and in the same way it smelled so this baby oil to lay in the sign up in yes and give yourself cancer and there is a little bit of orange diana so that you kind of now it seemed tat just by putting it on and the themes are the you the jungle was band is so far the sand
pay tat lies a white lady who was the brown possibly but in a tight wet ban may shaded like a like super occurs during became a string bikini inverted stuff like eighty skinny air with like pearls or whatever but next to a pool but so oilfields that she reflected the sun back onto other people around the poor is so high glamour mike it's all i wanted i wondered how did anticipated what i mean still there are many honest then does so amusing that commercial stephen nobody's seen as i'm like the last
fucking wait right now i'm so and i am only me and a handful of people now my references that reminds me you're gonna we ve been sighted remember that you're gonna be birthday i birthing when were in europe pray in when we're in oslo birthday let's go find like a reindeer restaurant beckoned reindeer rebirth ok right let's eat a library less catch and kill rape yet gorgeous animal lets you do you remember in chefs table i think it season one maybe season two there's the guy who hook his restaurant is viking food no did you not worse that syria i don't think i dead men too i tell you i thought you
i just automatically seemed you wouldn't let think that you know i gotta he he gives you a dish and it's the he lights like pete moss on fire and then cooks like three herring like it's like a bull in a bog water yes it's like to be the bodies in the bag you mean than the ones that are always manner the bog bodies yeah the ones that are kind orange have hair nails yo yeah look that if you guys it's fuckin that's it that's a big bog hold it down get into that bottle so you want to go to a restaurant do you want to go yet making yes i think he'd have to drive like fora hurts nor events of oslo or wherever we i'm not even sure it's in norway events which is the worst part that's prevents defined outlets or tour manager seasonable you look really could just are not a total full in case if this is like in a very obvious other like the nordic country i'm gonna to get really depressed i think it is norway
will you under the name of the restaurant ears asking him to look at what yeah just as is my day while confirmed and just affirm i hear you i don't know how you could hear what you're saying i hear i hear that you're saying hackers and i'm gonna tell you you're wrong the motor for what ok ok can i just say this we haven't really talk about the alias recently oh yeah smiling yes loving and my machine isn t knowing it is it not cause it's not a tv show one it's i can directory but too in addition it starts at say excellent record it is a good it's my eyes every episode twice ok an eyelash because i love the fucking direction yeah i want to go back in time i am pleased i just want to see what it would really look like to
down the street in like lower aside here's what i think you would notice not what it looks like but the smell yeah begun or at least to think about that man s dunk so badly everybody's stone can it stunk but still i just the visual that they even have toilet paper back then you know that piracy right from the bible swinging back around the restaurant was like in in and its in sweden so does the eu sweden only our you'll be in stockholm so doesn't say what city i bet it's only seven hours outside of stockholm or nine mcdonald's like now we're getting real complicated i'm gonna be like now just like the mcdonald's here is better deals more real sake i can take the clocks
but i say there's some fancy restaurant that yeah that's their yeah shit sorry guys now whenever i was actually you know who knows what about norway norway genes is our accountant thrilling yeah that's why she was talking all about if we got she was so excited that we're going to europe only i'm so excited that we're going to amsterdam yeah started naming all these places we need to go in amsterdam and things we need to do i'm down there that is one one thing she said is so worth it us and go two tulip farms big huge tulip farms in his walk around and see
they're going to people in power there i loved you i saw where usa i'm in the ground and i must say that i am growing big big words burns god go or and you now all his friend all his friends are there and their happy for you and the right every hour it's gonna be the vast feelings the best it's gonna be a tool at farm we're going to me god in amsterdam and go to a total farm with him all the facts and religious people just some subscribed tulip le ray unsubscribe what they should be i know why there's a man it as we are starting their fine relate now fuckin blow in them operate now we're like oh do you like those we we like what you lad tulip marinos are like
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now some column from columbus ochre norm northern how so when i sat down to do my murder this week tonight four hours ago i was like here's what i did so and we talked about this two weeks ago as somebody accidently ordered they meant to order themselves packets of the shoe crime trading cholera and they then ordering boxes are they gave us each one year was sitting there and i have this really weird habit of like when i'm like those processing my mail quota quoth i just put things in piles on my counter and then spend days figuring out where they need to go in my house and that true crime barks at your crime cards are sitting on my counter unopened and
moving it around like people had come over and then live right well i decided it does fuck and need to live i'm opening up box i am opening every five yet my box and why am i gonna like save it lay i'm star wars nerd sorry and then unsubscribe of subscript stephen gets up storms i'll throws himself over the railing my guide us but i like where my saving this is this is my thing that i like i want to look at areas go crazy so open all of them the problem was i got half way through unrealized these are always going to there's only like save five sets right angela repeating them so you have the eye serious things but my worry was i would think that was true and then miss ascend so there just open every single one initial says so much about the how different you and i are because i am like that must be
free i cant open mind it's like no you'll ruin air you're gonna ruin a georgia don't ruin everything but how do you ruin the thing that supposed to be for you know it doesn't matter a hundred percent that's when i realized cause you know that thing i had i have my friends over game night which is my wife it was so fine and is the first time i had people over in a really long time and it was i kind of like felt like i had two because it already gotten hosted a couple those times so you're like waiting agraea bs basically put up her shut up oh so when i was clean in my house i was like there's some clutter and bolgia in this house that i dont need or why but i have a weird connect like i feel like i'm not allowed to throw it oh i get it so i tried to start doing that thing of like desert bring huge in your hand from greece and then throw away anything you don't need or truly want and when i look
that box of things i might i want to know what our riccardi so what am i just find out to it i love to know the stack this big oh my god i have some true we ve done this already i've never heard of this i've heard of this and now i have my new stack which is the best organised eleven that has nothing to do with this story i'm about to tell you why because i was just saying are going like think of like one of the original well it doesn't have to be a whole story and i thought about this event so i looked it up i'm here to tell you on songs i know all about and tell me if you remember that area from too doesn't three the van eyes courthouse shooting now i don't remember al girl oh honey okay so when grandma was in her early twenty us was before the internet existing comics is too weak to pass around video tapes with what essentially work today youtube videos find them so there was ended this
thinks comics did all the time said be like we're all gonna go over disown says isles and watch so ass miss patent was the one patent or blanket patch usually are the ones that had them and or just compilations of things you couldn't believe you're watching so be like the the first one i saw had the farting preacher on answers that guy that they dubbed over forty lucien andy i everyone cnet then there was there it's like cnn bloopers when cnn first started they used to fuck up on tape all the time and there was people that were just record it and they would make like one of her real the cnn stuff like you know bernard shaw was the original cnn anger he sleep on camera it was awesome there's amazing stuff then there really awful things like there was a orchestra that was playing one time that the entire stage lapse while orchestras playing and
that was on their just random hats awful crazy shit who so this is one of those things that when a rat knows this much later is it like what how every like everything is terrible came about or its lay totally before that was a thing is that what you did as you made combinations of fucking weird shit yeah somebody really at home and they'd be like what just children show where a weird adult is teaching yoga or this cause i don't understand what's happened i owed by low at the other side this is this was a clip that was would have been on one of those videos and it's the craziest thing i've ever seen so i just tell you here in the house on halloween october thirtieth thirtieth two thousand now if you're from
the south land you know that then eyes is one of the most gorgeous send you can have is if you she's getting its jeff conquering its concrete and discount furniture stone totally up exactly what it is but out in the middle of all that there is a what eight story the van eyes court has an event escort house is where you go when you fucked up in your car which everybody died i haven't been there because i fucked up unlike what would you do i don't remember i must have i don't know a moving violation probably yes so i had to go there i'm still mad about this at a friend who on fucking ventura witches down here for anybody known from down here then it is the big it basically afore lane highway that's a street it's an item patties on even yeah man terrible about enter boulevard it goes
four miles through it basely by sex or get runs up the middle of the san fernando value you can get on it in at the like hollywood where the hollywood bowl is actually and you can drive down for so long i mean line on you know how far does so we were on mentor at i think it was like cold water and under and was like ten o clock at night and we're gonna go to a party and friend had just gotten a like very fancy sports car and i'm a metered parking spot she flip a u turn on ventura crossing for lanes of traffic to do this u turn and we immediately got pulled over and i haven't even touched my seat belt yet knows when we got pulled over these two traffic these two policemen i now know what kind they were but they were both
and they were hopped up in a way it scared the living shit out of me and i was like imagine if we were a car full of blue activity i always here would be beyond and they were so aggressive for no reason and they were like by i need your he was like vixen discovers tapping on the mighty you my window you and its army on the window let me see your idea like common at us and i kept going like i'm passenger i didn't i'm not controlling carries your seatbelt i go with you pulled out of the parking ma course i was stephen it up i got a fuckin three hundred and twenty buy ticket for not having it my seat belt on now for some in saint and this was when i lived in a did you apart yeah i mean it was dark time re could not afford it and not only did i have to it is really high number i had to appear in court for not for this moving violation site by want to murder my frankly say our name
work work through it now here so you have to go to the they're nice courthouse i was so nervous to be in a court room i was like dying well you are to sit there are four forty other cases before yours and so it was just like one teenage boys for another as second depressing share so depressing most of the teenage boys it was for their car stereos we're up to yes there are all like that georgia be like
young man this is your fifty violation you can't drive with your stereo up this law there is like that happened like fifteen times figure it out kevin like just turn down a fuckin des of all turn it down i understand you're trying to make your friends yeah bad i never went around here you want them to nazi fuck with the accuser scared yes are all scare has your scandalously they really you haven't i may tell you as a vague and thirty seven year old who used to turn shut up you can't hear anything when you're in a doll anymore the damage that i have done my hearing oh yeah is amazed half my friends i can't fucking hear anything because we all used to go to shows like ie just on its there's no if not be boring its eyes calls you take many when so by the my get up there i bet similarly the judge ended up producing the dollar amount because at one point i just went he was he was
sing me like i was the driver and i finally went i was the passenger and i went really and then he was just like a hundred and thirty dollars or something like a hunted down thank god but the entire experience was nerve jangling any sure in fury so now i've set the scene bananas courthouse very striking a large building kind of ominous yeah right a mayor what i'm there with you there's a discount ranchers across the street there's this coverage or across the ocean there's a donut shop in the strip mall right there yet thoroughly great doughnuts and that's the only thing in that strip mall everything else is closed there's also nelson oh yeah others prepping there's two nails lawns and extra julia s otherwise there's nothing there's nothing and began its van eyes always ninety one to go oh my god i and ninety one unlike unlike but in a hot way yes stifling way as stifling yet dry where like put then there's not one fucking tree in
entire city funny that you should say that i almost as if on key pert perfect set up hey yeah there's no shade except where the height of this build right the cement building its dark times serve and oh at this time because it was october thirty first two thousand three norm it's yours so far out there the only people that would be at this court house our people that have business there it's not theirs you wouldn't go there for any other reason you're not for your time they're still followed he had not a great restaurant say nothin about is now face imminent nothing melvin go oh it's a vintage kept hearing you now to get like all the other court houses have nice things got there some great at the l a county court house gems however people do go to pasadena carouse cause escort us is it true it's the one it's the one they use it as the court house in pony in parks recreation oh yeah right come and say yes i am
as i am mugger granted to any myself it's like this parliament is eventually but an image pretty architect yes gorgeous so that's not happening here at the vienna van eyes courthouse they were like we want to me tall and upsetting morning her in the end it was probably they did that nineteen seventy two at the time on this day remember one robert blake had to go to church on trial attempting to kill the attempted murder or knows learner murder of his his bodily basically this is an amazing overlap that i didn't realize until i started researching this so for those you dont know robber blake was after he was a child actor who he was the parada here you know he was kind of lake the theme is almost like a serious ted dance and of the seventies nothing like
dance and in an almost there that really but does the first television purse i could think i've so he magnum values like serious true yes yeah didn't do a lot of do lacombe though i feel like ted has been arranged so he and his wife or eating dinner and a very famous old italian restaurant called the tellers which is onto hunger and you tell us clearly done there since the fifty years and they left the restaurant and then he said wait here i want to go back into the restaurant i forgot my gun and he and rubber blake went back into the restaurant get his gun and all you ve got his guys out as a gun in the italian restaurant gun i mean schemes that's where the gun would be it when his re wife is being shot in the head out in the parking lot he's not and his gun as in the rest so that was
suspicion and that's why he ended up going on trial and the trial in abundance jet took place at a very nice courthouse is amazing and i didn't know that because they were there there is pre trial hearings going on because there was there was a conspiracy charge between robber blake sing rubber blake and his bodyguard whose named earl shit i can't you just he actually pulled the trigger no they think the conspiracy was that he went in to get his gun really publicly while his bodyguard earl was outside shooting bosnia so they think that he shot balmy the the security guard and write a budding i asked i got yes so they were at the courthouse that day too the pre trial hearing about this conspiracy charge it eventually got dropped
they ended up saying they didn't actually really have a lot of direct evidence real material evidence and am we will do that story some other time but beak as that pretrial hearing was taking place the vienna courthouse that day there were please news camera set up from all over the place internationally set up one robert lake walked out they would have the shot him leaving the courthouse yeah whatever that verdict was for that pretrial hearing they had not gone into the full murder trial yet at this in time it was ten i am that same morning and so all these cameras are set up and meanwhile fifty three year old wilson probate attorney general a curry had just ahead just appeared in court himself as a they'd attorney because he was representing client who
the trustee of a special needs trust for a sixty four year old man named william striker and the hosty had said that striker had been threatening her life am and so she wanted out of this trust striker had been in an injured in a car accident and he had one settlement money more that injury but the money was taken and put into this trust big as in the what i'm gathering but i dont know for a fact that what it seems like is that he was unstable could he has of the accident no it doesn't matter i stay of all that there is some for some reason he couldn't manage that money by it was put into a trust and then this woman was placed in if the trousers she had no connection like family or otherwise what this guy she's like i'm not sure of is that these are the details it will that was the case that harold curry was in charge of and she was here
turn lawyer ok the truth trustees and basically the trust he was like this guy's threatening my life ii we keep saying if i dont give him the money he's gonna kill me i dont want to be involved in this my guys so that's what why there were there at the courthouse for the hearing about that that trustees position only god so he walks outside of sin that i can now i now do you know i'm talking about now cause you said this even earlier keep this video handy yes as buckings in this video now this video its economy real like happy unaware away the way maybe an thing anna wrong video none i think you're thinking of the right video it so incredible insane and the idea that this happened on the day that all these cameras were already set out beyond bizarre ok ok tell no so girl hurry the attorney walks outside just got that thing taken care of its ten am gonna go get a coffee blubber blowing attorney for the trusty is like yet
you're right i'm gonna go to that amazing cafe outside of the man s grounds yap galleon and maybe you'll get my nails i'm right he's standing there in the so it's like the court and the court has is there and then there's this kind of long rectangular courtyard and that's where all the cameras are set up and as he standing and it's the courtyard has bushes and trees and things plant and ok member this power her so as he standing their job stepped out of the courthouse a stranger walks up time these never seen before and says is your name gerald kurt now what is our answer of some a stranger walks up and says is your name gerard stark no no it's not nope i dont know that what are you what wonder and efficiency if i was george arts are what can i pass the message along to georgia hard said i know her i've heard of her it's not it's not me but if you wanna never fucking
a cop to shit of a stranger is asking a question why do you ask would be there is my they'll ask why do you ask what's going on or even this excuse may go by get the fuck away but i am sure that gerald curry was just like i met a fucking courthouse everything's ok so he says yes i am gerald curry and this and pulls out a gun and start shooting shack to show sir fired and all the news cameras are like the one in my ongoing on roll and they start recording mutilation you wanna play that video so this is as happened he lived he said i had arrived slackened straight up and he says he
now the person although here even see the gun he hears the pops he felt blood his face many realized he was being shot so in his mind he said have to be a moving target i have to start moving so he this starts trying to dodge the guys this video this dude is legit leg fact and tap dance and get the fuck away from this bullet and he hides behind what is this honest tree and recorded history here it's the most of setting least small hurry airs there's nothing to high bind it he's doing a thing of a cartoon or like a mighty ministry you know i'm not it's this crazy it's beyond meanwhile the whole it is in this video when you want to see it there's a girl on pay phone in the background like what the fuck like like ten feet away ass like this this is like all the sudden hand on shooter so apparently everyone that was nearby in the courtyard that all the caravan start rolling
people that were in the cure courtyard run around the corner so the who was that at the same time l a county shares reserve deputy david cat was off duty as a result as far as the sheriffs deputy so he was at the court house because he was working in the traffic court where i work where i like that he's your friend he was their working traffic court but he's wearing a suit and tie and he doesn't have his gun on him he's totally unarmed he only has his badge so one one the shots start popping off everybody runs like around the corner and onto the street and he does to then he hears someone run up to a tow truck driver and say common one one a deputy just got shot and then he hears that and runs back into the courtyard even though he doesn't have a gun and there's kind of nothing he can do he pulls
his badge and he's like i have to go back and i care were i can't run away from this and those back in and as he goes back in here the first part and that's walking by he says where the deputy that's got shot and the person who he asks her break stride and doesn't turning his head to look at him and goes he's back there and and key smoking totally harm as their comedy a cameraman sees that exchange and start yelling that's the shooter announced the shooter so basically david cats walked by the shooter and asked him that question and the guy was like as if ok now area walking away from the scene and so he realizes that's his one moment and he has to get this guy so he turns around
runs and jumps and tackles him grabs him by the neck pulls him down basely said he tried to hit him ass hard ass he could guess he knew that he would like this was his one chance and he knew he had it he's one gun on him so david cats tackles em and he it turned out he did have a second am i just never got the he just never used it and then once data cats tackles him than a bunch of other deputies it out of the building there all on him jesus yeah and apparently one witness said that when what the southern shooters name was a man is a man named william striker and he was the person who here an injured in a car accident
he wanted the money from that trust as he does he think happens in life in law but that is our new show a coming far too abc what's happening in life in law in its just now in then log in life in law at a she's trying shit it's motherboard as organs idle but oh i can relate to it here yet what the fuck i know it doesnt work like that you're you just proven you shouldn't have any money because you don't understand because you're going through life if something fucked you you just threatened to kill it totally that's the reason that they were in court is because he had already threatened to kill the trusty here and then they comes out he d i never found what the actual ruling was i imagine it was not for him sure but he knew that gerald curry was the lawyer that was prestige lawyer so it has nothing to do with you and it won't even help you
to punish this person because there there to step oh two facts when they call it degrees away from the fuckin problem our having made a king proclaim bacon yes we'll and also he had already made the bad mistake vouches you can't you know and to threaten people say to me my money or i'll kill you so that you now disqualified yourself from the money but you want to be someone else's fire that you don't have that money so you decided that this lawyer is keeping you from the money ray and apparently a witness said that he heard striker say when the shooting was done he shot at him six times and schreyer was hit for those six time exists i mean i'm sorry joe curry was hit for the six thousand but then once the shooting was over before he calmly walked away a witness at he heard him say that's what you get for stealing my money
he and his fuckin mine he thinks that these people are all trying to steal money yes so at the trial williams drier appears in court lying on a hospital gurney because of his claiming it's because of his long standing back injury so he's in bed in in court bed which is a dream i've had during you have that thing or you're in a dream you you like wake up in your like i'm school but i am also in biology or the weird one in bad young lena it's not like the naked dream but it's like you didn't get the memo that worse your spouse vienna battering now was a get out of bed yasser then you're trying to play it off and just gonna be like and now it's i'm just in bed a little but i actually had the or like why they're like wait starting to wake up and you think they're people their meaning now i'm not bad i'm not really being more acute leaving a couple of my in
dreams have been in dealing on people's front lawns man where i think it's because my first moved to allay it was so weird to me the people live so close together and so many people is a close together that that idea of lake i like or basically on each other's fuckin long yes the hour and each others like and i'm just gonna sleep here they are just gonna be out up anyway ok basically his loyalist so the shooter william strikers lawyers say he needed immediate access tat trust fund because he needed a back operation so badly but here being barred by the trusty and that's why he was so upset many also was on denmark all week incredibly strong painkiller what i remember of friends being on denmark it's like a like it and style a yet i think it's by its bigger i think it's like goes into the oxy cotton direct opiate style sure i think sir so they were kind of using that to date the end
the judge is named judge reuben noted that schreyer had shot a neighbor four times in nineteen sixty nights in sixty nine he got into it with a neighbor shot his neighbor four times which he served ninety days i'm gus who years probation this is the way this misguided dealt with everything in life and the first time around on that though the way that all got play down the judge this time around was like you try to use that i'm on pill there's something wrong with me thing before they fell for it last time it's not handling this time it's like do you think we wouldn't check that come on yeah you got a bit of a history that's that that's gonna stick with you william striker asked the judge if he could see addressed the court
and then to get out of bed to do so and it is like sits up and values like he's ambient a justice of pyjamas he goes but ass the court but he starts to veer off track and he starts to say it's the cameramen fault that they didn't stop him from shooting waggery so he starts trying to blame the camera standing around and that's why the judge was like no no you're not doing this anymore not only are do not get him make a statement to the court now you're not allowed to be in this room you have to go put your bed in the hall when you have to listen through all i was with the remainder of the proceedings through a speaker so he got sent from bed out of the corner go go to your bed garrets like could take your bed to the does role that motherfucker out little my way you don't even get to be we're not even get a look at you any mark so that
funny my sister was in she got hit by a guy to a shit face it eight in the morning she had really bad that back problems and this guy pulled shit like that he showed up one day and court with his daughter honestly carrying his daughter on his hip saying where drugs i used i didn't have babysit is like people doing all these plays to get empathy and and sympathy and to get people on their side she one that's the goodness judge women was basically all over the shed and he was like the deck deputy district attorney basically was lake williams drier tried to execute mr curry it had no remorse he never accepted responsibility he was
still making excuses by the time he was in the court round and blaming it on other people not stopping have yet that's bananas yes it's insanity and also when you see this video like as that is something maybe that would go through someone's mind like why did they why did they roll record on their video instead of doing something bates with a gun like i get it i get doing both yes you know what also but who would really it's a gun they were going to run up to this guy and knocking back lands on arm and even a sheriff's deputy was like no you had to take cover if you don't have any way to fight it it doesn't make a ton of sense to be like no i'm going to go take care of that right they those cameramen who recorded that then also are the ones that were like he's right there like they're all over it they anyway that was the hook that's bullshit anyway bosnia basically williams who was convicted of attempted murder
two thousand six he was sentenced to life in prison plus twenty five years and handed of dying in prison as he was already his sixty three fine how did this job currie went to that sentencing and he told reporters my main concern is my safety in my family safety and so he said he felt satisfied with the fact that the fact that he knew william far was going to prison and he would be imprisoned cause he was so old already for the rest of his life he was like that's all i care about that's fine unfit currently the shooting left about lodged in the back of his neck and he had a really bad ptsd after it happened jerry gerald com died in twenty twelve which is very sad david cats the church
deputy got a metal valor for going back into that fray and tackling him and he went on to work as a reserve dupree deputy of an charge of search and rescue unit before the allay shares department and that is the story the very fascinating an horrifying story of the van ice court shooting do not that's that's not it's on video is so banana so crazy it's like a time yo and you didn't see that shit now i remember us whoever put in the video i remember david cross was there like i it was it was early nineties arena can have an early nineties but it was like early ella time of my life and we were standing watching the video like holy shit so crazy i was almost like girl curry
defying larger nearby yes you didn't even look like he was getting shot out like a here then i shot like he was avoiding the shots but that leads the gunshot just kept coming was whore unlike what a scary situation to be in that this is happening and so far you ve made it in your second dodging these bullets bad keep got mike it's terrifying so crazy i mean anxiety i'm like simply waiting for someone to just start shooting at me now whenever i am in fact and public yeah and so to see so i think what i meant when i said that this made me feel better is to see some that happened to someone and he dodged but when he was ok rights so like it was like the thing china might happen but maybe if you could also be ok yeah that's that's crazy that's crazy funny story it it's not awful as well
you for telling you i told you forgot that i remembered that that's from my new segment remember this horrible thing then had a tiny piece of video attached to hay member this already i want to get this right is important to tell you about l might have a heaters a k a little old lady killer oh shit yeah ok back and buckle the fuckin hale up pay up of mexico mexico city mexico setting have you heard me eyes ears saw gonna geography ending you got it did you know that the third the world's third most populous city according to this wikipedia midnight i hope it's up to date from nineteen seventy four it's ok so
its estimates that one million of its residents are over sixty years old well yeah so in ninety ninety eight when brutal murderers of elderly women begin to dark popping up in mexico city the press start suspect that there is a serial killer and they dug the serial killer el madam harris but police like now now you a fact freaking out calm down this is media sensationalism does that elderly women keep getting killed his method of zero gathering to link them together calmed down its eyes circular by mexico has no shortage of serial killers gregorio cardenas hernandez was as the strangler took to cuba he became a celebrity in mexico after he was caught for murdering for young women in bearing them in his backyard
authorities there was even a fuckin poor and based on his crimes cheeses yes says you ve like a celebrity he was in prison for thirty years but in nineteen seventy six he was part end and celebrated as a hero because he had like changed his light he like fuckin play the piano and present learn a little frightened piano so they recognise his change in the panel's nice i mean no one who plays a piano can be that person heart and soul will get a couple round the heart and soul do i got all he learn how to play manner they deny their like he's reformed and an anthem rising please stop doing that god there's also s sisters delphinus and maria day has zeus gonzales known as la polynesia cheese the little pony chief
that sounds of our right from the nineteen fifty then tell an nineteen sixty there though the women older women their sisters they run a lot sale prostitution ring oh and they murdered at least ninety one people these two facts in middle aged women what floor because they whenever one of their sex workers that they had kidnapped and force them to sex working wasn't couldn't do do it anymore they would kill them they would kill it like that john came who had money on him they would count like these should hand bananas their guinness world record called them the most prolific murder partnership oh wow yeah and actually one if they both went to prison one died there and the other one served her time and got out and no one never attract her down are you syria some gonna mean the fact and this is not media sensationalism this this might be a serial killer i yet site i
just say this really quickly as you are telling that story i sergeant think about my favour one of my favorite things in the world to observer listen to is and it happens a lot and allay because there's lots of people who are bilingual or probably raised unlike multi language households don't you that when you're standing by two people it's for some reason it's always teenage girls in my mind and their speaking spanish to each other because i think they're trying to tell expired stuff for cigarettes but then they'll just say interchangeably with english now just blew they'll say in english word perfectly like almost valley girl acts so it's like a thing you don't know or understand and adobe the car wash aren't i right yes there's phrases in it it's like it's my favorite lay thing yeah and i'm also very bad eavesdropper
our very goody is our and the bessys or listening to people like our washes lieutenant i wish i could speak whence he had different language and then that like the idea that you can do that just slipped back and forth like to say something private and i know that this person there's probably lessening so like i'm deeply embarrassed as someone from southern california born and raised that i dont know spanish like it it feels like i'm being fucking ellie destined rude it's kind of routes as well as its yet it's easy for me to learn my sister my dad went to the j c and took a spam lastly another that's cool i know i love that the irish i wish i did it to and also i wish i hadn't taken french just serve me it's like
i think it will menus its help me a couple fancy dinners and pretty much that's about it and my fuckin sister in law is mexican and el salvador answer my nephews part of that is well on the fact that you now he can't talk to his aunt and when i was fuckin languages yeah it's makes me feel shitty let's go to los angeles community college time rate down there on like on mailros and like western thereby college rate i went out of high school you really unique in spanish let's do that i i've superfine or can we yet sponsored by what's that whereas at a sound rosetta sound come on let's have it our minds are open you want to learn please teach us ok booby whoop but an l okay so back to back an minerva horace model i figure the heated up
you got the accent maravedis yeah yeah right i'm ready you i think you re inside i know a little yiddish i can fuck and turn them into some of you got the ear listen why they say once you have yiddish spanish becomes an immediately afterwards they set great at luck is analysed community laws that there might be pepper once you have yet the world is your elicited the work will open up to them baseline it's kind of the it's the latin but for yelling and yelling at your grand kin your grand georgia and yet is latin don't you
it's all over my chesterfield grandmaster why am i sweating on her texts are no bigger furniture i swear i did what i thought your grandma would say and then added something my grandmother used to say to be like get off the chesterfield does she for some reason sensing couch or sofa you know me well enough tat i saw them constantly sweating which is bucking true about made no that i've not smiting as the only getting worse i have like on ass good allies not personal risk of minors one of my favorite what's that it's just blithering like touching and going through my moments i don't risk don't worry scheme under the cats risk a modern well i always come the catholic alone do not risk amount of the cat
here's what i learned in i n gaelic travelled here can you give me more whisky please i want to hire someone is saying over the really stronger now about scared i'm in a repeat that took a long journey i try it on were in war in dublin that when i try to many use use hidden you gimme malt whisky please yes i have rage i feel like i want to punch suddenly my hunch someone it'll help me and then and i'm still gonna punch someone yeah monitoring a netbook before you get the third word out there to be like we aisha don't worry i know should have him oh we're gonna buy there ok so back there in the early two thousands so authorities said that the murders of the old woman aren't connected and aren't the work of the sierra killer but there's a second clear path her into the murders all
victims are women and their sixties or older and they are found in their own homes all of them either bludgeoned or strangled and after it's our robbed them never any sign of forged for a century and most of them lived alone and so you i went online and a lot of research cause there's not a lot of english stories about this but there's an english but i found it that has unexpectedly every single fucking crime scene photo low the bodies in them oh just one of those like surprise and then i start scrolling and it's like of them well it's really hard and it's so it's essentially like you're a whale it's like a boiler a boiler every fuckin grandma like mexican grandma you ve seen with her like house of her like with her newspaper from the morning and her shopping and her you know
they should have crosses everywhere it's like every mexican grandmother it so but like i think you gotta live a life of like comfortable dresses with pockets and leg feeding grandkids too much sugar it's like that that's the women s and it's really fuckin sad and i had it after a few scrolls had it stop stop looking at i worse it was really depressing so the chief prosecutor in mexico city profiles the killer its bernardo but tease saying that that he has a brilliant mine he's quite clever and careful it was signed whoever was doing it was you my time to gain the trust of their intended victim is because there's no for a century so went there
the person might be posing as a government official providing them like an opportunity sign for welfare programmes at the door and they like in the sweet as well as invite the man i'm years drag on bodies pilot like there's just many murders of these older women and authority these have all these different theories but they really don't know what's going on they sent there might be multiple killers they find that their one really where detail is that three of the victims owned a copy of an obscure eighteenth century painting line between grace zoos boy now red waistcoat oh which turns out to be a red herring and just might be a fuckin that a whale is love that fuckin painting yeah so it's like some the it was like the thing that was here sail in market array like yahoo answers so it just turns out that like that
that's how that's how little they have to go on as their like what's a connection while they all had this painting in that the connection like who soul you know they don't know somebody that hates waistcoats i mean who among us but baboon back ok so just to show how desperate they are these killings would start and stop again or top and start again in mean that both directions they would go all over the place movie star in no information service ok the king have eighty two year old carmen camilla gonzales miguel on september twenty eight two thousand and five she's an upper class women and she's the mother of prominent mexican criminologists louis or fell raphael murano gonzales so that and we police are like airing now but can pay attention and less and less but he is a gallon so they start the operation of parks and gardens till i tried to find this person so
officers patrol the areas where the killer was active and pamphlets are passed out telling you know the elderly women what it handlers run templum i did not wish just like one of my nostrils clothes and as i said i didn't pamphlets i thought it was a spanish word that i just never heard of you now hamlet they will want to hand out on the panel ass now pemberley doesn't even without a dirty word ok pamphlets you ve heard of him you have you loved you know them you love path i loved nice pants one thing about you i got if its glossy and color given come on the river they tell them telling him to be wary of strangers so
catches are distributed and they like they even pay elderly women to act as bait and parks what's like fuckin undercover elderly women hanging out being like who's gonna come murder maybe mercury are in their local promised will stop them before they can murdering please tell me they weren't genuinely elderly that as they will address sad real that's what this sad and even paid elderly women to act as fate in bulgaria wow you now let's go have a good living as if nothing happens you're like will thanks for my thirty but yeah and are also like will they kill him at home so like the park is the safest fuckin place to be right now they are actually scamming the cops they were just like me out the sounds like a great project and i bet your catch him for sure but you gotta pay me i swear i saw someone weird yesterday maybe look at today's and evidently in this part and not at home i need money to buy my waistcoat boy to boot boop ok so
a witness reported seeing a large soon after one of the murders a witness reported seeing a large woman in a red blouse leaving the home of murdered woman oh so police are to speculate at the killer could be wearing female clothing as a play now and cross dressing and so the authorities launch a massive round up of mexico city is transvestite manila yes how that goes bad lad lee guess how the transvestites are treated in mexico city horribly orally sir ultimately forty nine of mexico cities transvestite sex workers our detain and questioned and fuck it and so on suffer through meal any investigations before being released when their princeton match any collected from the crime scene two months police there just what the fuck is going on they think maybe that person died so they start checking fuckin your prince at the morgue what
they think he committed a guy like a war torn that he committed suicide they like make this insane bust of the like clay bust of the persons face similar even find it actually leg best based on sketches yeah i like who he is then in january two thousand and six the landlord of eighty two year old ana maria dolores lo rios comes home and fines and fleeing the landlord finds when fleeing this woman's home ok he goes and checks on his tenants and he finds ana maria dead on the floor and he calls police gives a detailed description of the attacker police get to this fucking immediately and they are able to track down the person whose fling let it turns out that madame harris is a lie might have a heart that means girl dent in tat room yes killer
actually buck there's a woman little or lady killer as a fuckin woman wow twist a rail wanna veronica is for forty eight and she's a single mother for she had close crapped tightly real short died blonde hair me no on her face and she looks exactly like this bus there's like photos online owe her standing next to the boston its previous fuck you they now the nose is a little off yes she looks like this the killer based on witness accounts but she's not a man she just a masculine woman catch her ass she linear alas victims house she's carrying a stethoscope jen forms and caring and identify a card again i her as a social worker oh yeah so her emma would be that she would knock on the door smile introduce yourself as a social worker show her stethoscope and then
when she wasn't in them the fuckin umbrellas like come on like that it's like come in that's a the lady doktor here like help you out help you once inside though there was little conversation she would strangle her fiction her victim usually with the stethoscope well or some kind of cloth that was already there and or a stab her she then ransacked the house and when they rate when they re dead wanna bars barrages house they discovered her trophy room where she had arranged newspaper clippings about the murders also had stolen from the victims and had a shrine to hay seuss monteverde and my party who were said that release and i'm jewish don't i can't saunter merit it is where tat day sounds like murderer death ran sent him where today too under cover elderly women hanging out being like who's gonna come murder maybe mercury in their like will promise will stop them
at the thank you like ok here's this gets bomber time like many sera killers wanna browser had endured a horrific child swans particularly shitty really want is some do have happened for a woman to be a legitimate straight forward serial killer not eileen mourners lake now my life has gone astray and i'm we're on the verge of adopting the outlet shooting a man and stealing his money and then being like oh this is a good way to make easy money like the idea that she was so classical like straight forward syria land like she was ransacking their house and stealing shit so you could the argument could be that i see a path that wants money re but but way ok all right so she is born in nineteen fifty seven and he'll doll go a rural area of mexico her mother's a second
crazy alcoholic she's a verbal and physically abusive and often trades her daughter to her thinking bodies for alcohol and there's no heir like fuckin knots so she when she's twelve years old one is mom trades her permanently to her drink buddy see two year old man first three by errors were basically sends her off the stated this is like mary bell yeah this is how merit that would happen ameri bell rang avis little it's just so scar san horrifying young the dark dark so one later gives birth to a son and she has four children total though and this is another trigger for her her oldest son died from injuries sustained mugging he was mugged and he from now on
so she eventually gets away she's a single mother in mexico city and she at all then obsessed with we shall which the popular crazies angular fucking ok i just in putting this scenario do you know if you heard of the yes because people have told me the very shortened version of this unlike in the ip lima and it's the most fascinating thing yes argo yes she was obsessed with fucking mexican masked professional wrestling and she as an older woman was like fucking fuckin joining and want to do and so she he calls herself le dot madam dama d less alessio note madame de the lady the lady of silent aha come on lady of silence she wears a butterfly mask and hot pink spandex and chickens bench press over two hundred pounds a year later
that's why you're so she's real enslaves let's right she's really in a mexican knots rustling so again yeah it's fuckin crazy yet wrestle professional wrestling and murder look over on that side of the pipe caswall there's wrestling this a little side who hard sark emerald dream a haze that we both her bummed about by the time she starts murdering older women her own mother was already dead but she is by all accounts a good mother she lived at home with her two youngest kids a boy whose thirteen and a girl his eleven supports the family through a mix of domestic work street vending and petty fast but she's upset a good mom like kind to her children in africa when a glimmer of some positive rights so using
fingerprint evidence mexico city prosecutors are able to link wanna bars to at least ten of the murders attributed like period said the only ten she says when she gets caught i only killed the one little old lady the one that she was called for not the others and don't pending others on me and they were like what's your motive and she said i got angry that's all she said she it's just the one i killed ok but ten of them based on fingerprints are attributed to her ultimately she's connected to as many as forty killings woe so she held possibly killed forty little old lady i just kept from the late nineties to when she was caught in two thousand and six the first she's directly attributed to that more a hundred percent sure she dead is on november twenty four two thousand and two when she
bear handed beat and strangled a sixty four year old woman named marie della loose gonzales were so she could have killed way more than that at this point she goes to trial she's fifty years old little old lady kilograms on trial to an aid the evidence lifted well said that she would crews public places in search of elderly women on their own should follow them home she gained their trust access to their home to help with their shopping bags or whatever or request a cleaning like can i need a job cleaning your house or whatever and then or soon pretend to be a nurse or social worker offering a free check up information about benefits and i now it's fuckin dark she's guilty on sixteen charges of murder and aggravated burglary she sentenced to seven hundred and fifty nine years in prison were hopeful of just the cup yeah she
like getting married in prison but then divorces and she seems became a happy there well yeah and she's only minutes i'll ever admits in alas killing and she says the motive as the lingering resentment to her own mothers horrible treatment of her but everyone thinks that she too forget it old women as a way to get back of her fuckin crazy awful alcoholic mother make sense yeah and so got some kind of satisfaction out of killing his fucking poor women but there is an element lake and i can't remember what one it is specifically but the not talking to aunt like going oil only did that one when proven that you ve done the kind of its that thing that always happens us we're we're talk when you into the details of a serial killers life it change because then you're like whenever a chance so sad or ever but then yes you did have a chance like that that it was just
terrible combination of like whatever was already wrong with you better bringing or whatever but now for old ladys like ours killing at all lay now i wonder is part of you and you don't admit like they're so many people that don't admitted even though the facts are clear and drive me fucking crazy am i just want you to say you did it and captain it's easy doing under affairs as part like with her where it's like i don't want to admit that i am that that i have those that i have that in me ass it can be a good mother and my can pursue my passion of second illegally brave but all i am someone who's so does functional that i murder old women like you don't even want to admit to yourself yes exactly like she's there's parts of her life if she was a good mother truly then she isn't a sociopath rage means then she's doing this thing or that even like
she doesn't want to admit that her her horrible mother affected her so much that caught like then he is your long surville part of you yes and you know you wanna controlling i'm over it i fixed it by being a good mother but no you're still doing this thing and you're having a react that you're not just like your mother for being that way now your worse than much worse that i mean the air worse than her it's so sad and like they're so many i know i grant like the grandma culture is so you know as someone who had a cold let the grandma was a huge part of your life and audits it's i just can't imagine having to have that with russia i thought your grandmother was killed them off away horrible so sad in dismay me think too of in mind hunter but member there is that killer in sacramento whose doing the exact same thing he was packing old ladys lying on their front poor and in that their so upset like the cops ourselves so crime that that when they
how to get there to say hey maybe its beak there's this reason or whatever than there like it's just a monster can't see because it's a thing that's like culturally weave you're no what level of asshole you are you're not going to be an azure lady you don't mean it take it takes it means your beyond a certain point the out what we need to realise that there are people who are it's going to be waived more horrible doing can ever imagine them they're gonna be people who who are picking them most vulnerable people on purpose which is just like both at so crazy the wrestling element to lively i'll definitely i didn't like it just like the fuckin media in mexico city and makes a balloon fuck loves a story and when really is about it and the truth is like she wasn't that big and literally re she just commented at little their land to end their opponents have her in and there's like an interview with her act like one of the matches
and she seems like a lovely normal one so creevy its rays and also women never i mean the percentages like one percent ray i like even if she'd may be only killed us ten people that a woman fucking killed ten women yes and then not poisoning wealth the usual way and now with a gun it's like a personal fucking attack of a strange or a stranger that you don't know there are some deep seated fuckin psychological shit going on their civil there's all i think on instagram stevens been posting shits butterfly maskew eyes and a butterfly bell and how second neon pink is that share her wearing a butterfly mask seems especially sinister ha it's some kind of like that she's
she is about or fly she's gone from you know whatever life is lying now she's the secret identity mast wrestler and she's blooming issues academy other lacking in her chrysalis ensure that then there's also like so amazing gold tiger stripes like a camp take my eyes off this picture gotta and surveillance civil oppose that my favorite murder its let me take this time to fuck and plug your fuckin social media good idea ray i think a great person that's how we transition out of the dark areas that was the el madam horace ok the old lady keller awesome dark eyed how also just if you live in a city were old ladys were getting kill haughtily how like sinister eat yeah it's the devil no at least find someone you i please you someone young and irritated like one of those people with the
it young websites like you're like a hacker a young it loud mouth half her with a computer at the fucking cafe what are you if you built this computer yourself why would you transport it down to the catholic you get one outlet for two hours tops and you can't bring power straps no power straps air hundred percent now unless you're gonna let me use but you're not you're using all of them in the whole yeah you're so your printer re doing what's happening you know someone's gonna take a photo of you then it would not depressing thing i really that story and i also like the idea that maybe we can set a short term gold like within the next five years we can become moderately conversational in spanish and stuff so that's it a half decade
stephen can your model mass three hour stephen can check it and then we can eventually build to be like the girls that we hear too having private conversations publicly throwing in the alike lucky charms for whatever the abuja segment cereal all the time left on car wash cereal gossip do you have a thing that you like for this we here have a thing i want to shout out it makes me feel not horrible ok where is he gonna be holding this thing i think calling it like the good thing of the we yeah not catchy not sought this doesn't sack this isn't hey this isn't murder corner now else or not tapping did that it be by the the performer corral
it takes too long while this one is so a bunch of murdering i've got together it was hosted by i think law a woman named sarah norman is marino is a person who put this together but it's it's a murderer reno run so just put the word the run in murderer run now in enemy like arioch runner and they did a like a virtual five k which means like you have to say you're gonna run a five k ok you know no answer check your work but lake dealer do i don't mean asshole everyone would raise money for the five k and they raise they all dead and all these fuckin word arouse they raise over three thousand dollars for the joyful heart foundation which is a foundation who whose effort is to end the backlog of untested rate cuts in the u s lauer since thirty two hundred dollars that's amazing and they went for runs that's
all of that oh yeah i mean it just such a cool organization that i'll this sub group murdering no sub groups of pretty incredible growth through a tense dizzy somebody at a meeting re told us that there is one called the complainer renounce where they just go on and they just get to complain and everybody goes yeah you're right and there they can log on and just say something that you're mad about and the idea that makes me laugh so hard of like just to save space ago plain get it off your chest and they go back to your life economic this podcast is that a little bed that's we're doing that definitely at each other i love it wants to see its that's nice it's so good and what's yours i guess i guess i would say
if you like minor always netflix based we gotta get those recommendation i get a look i gotta lay on the couch indefinitely avoiding the rest of my life definitely i started watching the mind of a chef and it is bourdain need the norte narrator but it's about this chef david chang who is the he has the restaurant mama forego whom mama full go is it forego folk now yourself ok ants anew to place in new york or maybe others and it's just a really good is a cooking show or or like one one of those kind of we know how chefs eleven but their love what they like or whatever but then he also shows you how to make things are in a very natural and not like slow way and not he just kind of
talks you through it as he's making in a way makes me oh i bet i can make that and there's one for restoring about learned chicken soup it's the easiest thing in the world then you can give it to someone you love on their second its learn to do it there's no reason you should learn it just a super enjoyable show but it's been out for a while and then that same guy is the one who now has the series ugly delicious re that's his serious air which is pay is basically a continuation fails to me like a relation of that old episode and just making your happy and between its work and golden stay killer yes exactly or food shows or the best span they really are ended set thing of idle i'm not interested in making out there i love to watch i feel it these issues are so different that media like i'd
nothing about that appeals to me like the work it takes nouns humanism asian the fuckin there like so rigid their schedule on your life and everything you do and the timing of it so easy to fuck it up like a makes me want to quit just thinking about how hard it would be to make a dinner like that and then at the end of the day it's do you have the servitude bucking bunch of pleads who might not fuckin like it are one of the most more salt on add or another the yes exactly where they might just be there to criticise it so like men like they're so all their about his excellency i'm just constantly excellent he has really impressive yeah but then like so then when you're watching a show like this and then in their personality their car cool and chill gap in you're like oh you're the most fascinating person ever anthony word anna's like which is the crush you should take a husband the why are you so cool why are they so cool now it's like they ve taken lake they ve taken it
being obsessive and made it work yeah main it make popular here and also good food yeah i really like to highlight that that's cool that's a good like that's a good likes wings when you need a minute of something beautiful and good and happy yes said so happy fugitive happy it's a celebration and its also like yeah watching him edith angers apart were they like in japan and he was trying it there it is pino world famous sushi bar whatever and he's trying these things and shift diverting is trying these things and he is it so much the food he's being served is made so perfectly and similarly there like having a nervous breakdown cause he's like i could never do then it's the most fun thing to watch one person whose excellent at something warship someone who's you're really excellent at something
like that whole world it's just a world i dont understand yeah thy love to watch i am therewith you yeah yeah withstood yeah to dinner more correct and rename every night and dover george nancy silverton episode of the chefs table who is it amos allay restaurant you're and chef she's fuckin awesome it's just an amazing like her dedication and the reason her restaurant modes so insane oscars songwriters about every single item i've met her she's fuckin cool to really yeah she seems super cool his dislike just a cool lady yeah you love it
thanks for this thing you guys tell us stuff you know what the hell you are young stephen loves to read your emails or write them about who i get my government or gmail let that thanks for listening yesterday sexy and don't get murder again i allus smug cookie all but it's like a frog
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