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2018-03-15 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murders of Rachel Hoffman and Bonnie Lee Bakley.

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This is exactly right. Hi, hello, er. I welcome your job to my neighbour. Advertisement very. Are unreasonable, switch off they? It immediately feels like I'm inciting gray our. I want to ruin it it's you mean, like just say the line that isn't airline me. I could I hate it it's. I know it's really dumb like blow at about the moon. You know me. I thought that that's the feeling I got to but also it so easy to follow. Is sinews know what to do in its catching there's a Jingo compromise Airlines camp, my favorite,
camping story, do. I have a right off the bat well now. We want a right off the bat, the same corrections corner myself, get out in front of even the show itself to correct yourself at last, I saw sale, Benjamin. Our last week during my mom I said the word transvestite I should said transgender think even in my mind, I wasn't totally like clear on on the differences ya think person who wrote to us, young and lots of people are saying to put a good call in another call out. The person said it's the modern. As Trans yeah, so iceberg that up in a hundred percent will do my best to move forward and back end do or I will the thing and was was so such a lovely, lovely phrase tweet, but I am
I dont know like when someone says you know the common parlance trans I just em speaking from what I've known from when I heard people talk about it, you know it's like. We do need those up day after lately. Unlike you know, I think I you didn't pasted some fuckin thing from Wikipedia Andrews was reading and I need to stop and think about it when I'm doing should like that, and I now even though I think I'm like, was so hard about being corrected when you think you're, fuckin, liberal and woke as fuck and light on it so hard to be like I screw up. I support everyone will rightly so screw up sugar and us but just it's just that fine tuning of its massive group, it just a person going that just I dont it makes me feel disclosed it or it makes me feel bad or its perpetuating a negative stance
entirely a hundred percent. Don't want to be my oh, no, no there's no time for that in on this package of other things were trying to do. That's the last fuckin thing we're trying to do absolutely it also, I will say in that same vein in a correction name who maybe not all the way in the corner of somebody on the flutter was like. Have you never talked about winder ever and I was literally standing in my back yard. Like doing one thing, and then I just wrote we did events I was in early thinking about it was like I was getting for their heads down at once. We didn't and then that She took it as peppered like because she jokingly was like I chided, but an eye, but whenever an eye, but I really meant this- I was like. I really didn't mean it that way. Of course, it seemed that way: ass, twitter and my letter, but what I it like that she was bringing up. Her point was what and when Our point was when we talked about it on the podcast. Is Winberg such a great movie? These? It's fine, bringing light too.
The murder and missing indigenous women, America, and also of Canada right and then they mention the pond costs that I had meant to mention I'll, go and hadn't, but so that passes cotton missing and murdered mend season one I listen to and loved it called who it was about who that was titled who killed Alberta, Williams, and that was really good and the new season just came out, and this once called finding Cleo in its hosted by and like You know made by Conny Walker, whose an investigative report are an indigenous woman herself yeah. So it's really. It's really good. I can get a list of Iron Cleo now by the first one who killed about Alberta. Williams was really got ya, can't wait to listen to what I have to look up missing and murdered as the name. The name of it is missing a moray yeah. I was I like because I was also going to sound twitter and then I was like never explain anything actuator set its a pointless, but I want to say like one
he did our Vancouver show last the last time we're on tour and we're in Vancouver. I wanted to do the high at the highway years, but the There are so many victims and there's no there. Kind of no single story. It's just all these disappearances and all these some really sad stories so is like I wanted to explain on twitter. You I've never tackled that, because once I started looking into it, it was this expansive and they each have their they each in their own episode like Albert hunting. Is that in this one issue is one of the women from the highway of tears right at it has not. You know it's. Maybe it has nothing to do with any of the other women and in its own. It's like Reno, Multi part story itself, so it's YO r D, each one of those cases should be it it. It's like its. It gets so vast, it's very much like the grim sleeper it had. It went on for so long that there are so many people that you're talking about they can't not under under
like serve radios victim and they I went story. I was gonna. Do like three ever that three victims are one of the victims was it was solved when I found out that it was this killer of cotton, really cool way. But then it's none of the women who this was solved about or indigenous. So then I was like I'm not only do the highway tears with a non indigenous women in that doesn't sound rights. I know that one will that's kind, that's kind! Yeah! That's not the point right for what. That story is so it's very cold that there are people that are dedicating entire true crime podcast to that area. And thank you guys for who to the people who brought all that stuff up for us on Twitter. We appreciate it yeah no fun times in the sunshine. Let's go. Let's have some pellets gotta camp. We had a little Campi kind of event, because on
I cast. I said I want to take a tour of jet propulsion laboratories, which is a place here and I'm very close to where we are right now in Pasadena, where they build things like the Mars Rover and things that they put on Mars and other planets. Mars, the only one I know, but I so in saying that on the podcast we got, I'm responses from people who actually worked a gps or like I can give you a tour: the person that I guess it either Stephen Pact or seem the most credible and maybe even the most high in the air. Like you, we got a guy, letting Stephen was go, use only gone for the superstars. We got a guy. Who is an engineer, name lugers and he is in charge. Right was nervous, shit he's, charge of entry, descent and landing systems, analysis for the Europa project. Europe debate
a moon of Jupiter sure which Georgia now sharing. I didn't go because our SEC, that's right. It was me it was Stephen. It was our friend Scotty land us, and we took along tour of this place. It's like this gorgeous college campuses, but only smart People which that's the way colleges should be, and did you see a guy when we were walking in a building. There was a guy that walked out any of his wearing a totally blues brother suit, but he had kind of like longest like early eighties guy Hair- and he was- I was like look at that rocket scientist he's cute like everyone everywhere I looked. I was like that's the most fascinating person, like everyone just seemed so cool and smart and they were all working on putting things on two different
like it, it was incredible. Can I say kindly a love story sure I know a girl named Nicolet in her shared her like super gorgeous husband is a super smart rocket scientist loving it. I think he works a J P L. He was sending when they started first started dating. He was sending listen, I'm getting all of this wrong, but essentially he sends a thing to a planet Maybe it is the moon. I don't remember is the moon, a planet, earth just armor and I'm fuckin rock? He sent it to a thing to a place and he How can I wrote her name on machine that was landing on the moon or Jupiter? Erst Mars chemical at either end its veto, it stays there forever or they can send them back. So,
you really like so I really love it is all in all. Just it was an incredible experience. Lou was the best. He was the best guide. We have to see the coolest things he's an incredibly friendly it smart, cool guy and his wife. Linsey is also listener. So how you guys and thank you so so much we act. That's a shop at the appeal gift store at the end, but my dad had got my nieces sweatshirt up myself as such I was gonna buy. You are sure, then then I looked at it. I was like this is cute like this far and I was like really do and then I'm like she will never wear the shit like this is not your usual I'll spend money. I did. I wish it was so fond of shop and they like
receiving you buy, I buy about space ice cream. I love it. I haven't changed the package since our children re astronaut, neon color in the airports in ice cream, and how was it wasn't? I took one by night turn a colonel all. This is bad, but it was like that they like. I would see that I'd want to. Of course, my daughter my moment be like no yeah and I finally was like money, it's my life. They were re elected. Just like oh yeah. This is what substitutes as ice gray in the furthest. Darkest Spain, because ice cream is good. I schemes get so anyway. The next time you hear about any kind of em moreover, of any type being landed on Europa, which is a moon of Jupiter. That's Lou
that's LEO baby thanks, Loo Loo and his team and everybody else. A J p out the coolest milk cooler scientists around the costs. There may say are a peace, even hooking up- oh very nice, nice folded, full then and cap did you see my tweet, where my dad texted me at eleven forty five at night and goes. I read thing. We're Stephen Hawking died amazing, page I think he met like when I live a bit. He meant a bite of selling. I didn't write such a dad made me laugh so hard. Amazing words like that you mean die. Being a human being is a laser. I love it. I also found out. I got some information from my dad, my mommy's, to give my dad shit all the time because
he used to have a jewish girl run when he was in his twenty and she she would be like. I know you like her more than me and she knew her name for some reason, it was like a running joke between them and last night we were talking when I called my dad to consult him about his amazement about Stephen hawking death. Somehow that came up. Oh she because he found out. She was next door neighbours with the earth. New and told me, she was neck next door, neighbor but Dick Vandyke Winter is growing. I am like, oh so she was like a wretch rich Ngos. Oh yeah, they lived in Bel AIR, Emily I go down, I'm going there you could have been rich arranged can rich, I could have been half do, half Irish, which is so bad. I imagine the confidence and the guilt.
Anyway, so I told my dad I text my dad that I was going to find her dress and go ring the doorbell and say that I was the families. Long lost daughter DE wrote down embarrassed, making any Madame unembarrassed my family, so much on stage on Friday, do it anyway, I thought about them. Now: it's not it's! Not it's about you it's about me that the police focus on what's important me in a jump suit. That doesn't look on me here. To get you the south, you know we're gonna do gonna, keep getting ready. You can't we're gonna, get your big chunky, necklace, we're gonna Samuel, yet at the way sorted out we're gonna, belted uncensured, we're neighbors banks, arms leaves that's fucking. I remembered if our air and we're like long gloves and tat its enemy, amazing, you don't really do- were to send my tits out by themselves and just Let them do the shell opening number lead with that set the eighty absolutely I actually thought of that were unlike what, if this is the show, I just go out Jim
Ella style and leg, Angela, Inclusive and a fan. Ass. Well, ass, my face you can if you hold on a second you not we haven't talked about. Did you see that thing that someone posted on Twitter and Peter who you're in the that Britain should. I want to talk about all my guide. Me laugh my ass. I they said you're in the observer, some tat like newspaper, and it was only a picture of Georgia and its the best about such a good picture. Thank God will you know I was thinking only me is hilarious alive and that happen. I take one of a couple reasons, but I don't think there's any pick.
Any decent picture of me, where I'm standing like full body that I would be the same size as you and look normal next year, is a really great photo that Robin run. Spain took of us are like programmes it. Wouldn't it in that line up, can never trying to fit those five people like five pod Anna look like I'm fuckin hanging out with the Oslo and see you you look like you are on a red clay, ailing Hollywood sty. I was, and when I looked at for white fur, this we're like this, the food video food taste towards like the fellow yards- and this is like three years ago- clearly look like that's my back I'll ever be doubted now you ve got so much more ahead of you girl. Thank you. I was, I have to say insanely relieved, like I, don't know a picture, I can imagine being put next to that picture that I would be like. Oh great, my mid section as in that newspaper, but what's also really funny, is Josie. I am not sure we remember her last name offhand
she's a little bit further down and she's them on the issues of british from that used to be on whose line as it anyway, when work proofs nine styles, all the time who, like the original one, she soup I want to Josie Moran, but that's not right. In is truly one item number of it. She's one a funny as people on the planet of another, and I wonder if the girl that tweeted it to US gazettes Eliza if she thought that that was me by I doubt it Josie Lawrence Josie Laureates yeah is one of the best improvised there is, and one of the funniest women on the planet. So I was like
Maybe she's mistake: ass were sassy. I like, unless the I know I know who is that girl, good luck with your fuckin podcast are eight. It's my turn. Irony I like her activity. It look at yourself how such a good picture. I'm happy about the ok. I found a new ok. I wonder if you ve never heard of it, like a new police crime drama hit me on net. Ok, I'm a guy, be like. I wanted a text. Yoga weakens I've been sickened and was gone so just fuck invent watch. This shit like that, like a metallic Karen, its Norwegian, the break its Norwegian, we know, which is great. Because- you read at its subtitled seeking eat. Crackers, really lovely better louder me out, I realize, are really can integrate. That was and is a border liner. Yes, I just started it only got. How hot is the cop creates
easy and he secret gay secret guy was going out with the other hottest guy has a lawyer I'd for some reason. I didn't see that coming when you're watching of foreign show, I always from watching. So many of our like, I know what this usually contains areas set up like the haggard mother that still getting it I'll, just the cop oil and the female cops gonna come along and she's Hutton they're going to make our yes, you just think you know all gay troops so that and that I started kissing that other guy, like we were only in it for two and a half minute totally it was kingly hot. It was surprisingly excited. He is the guy who plays a cop, Am I don't have an probably couldn't pronounce. If I wanted to raise its rynch dogfish daughter bright, is a beautiful yes, oh such a handsome car than any I'm like almost no other, and it's really good shit keeps happening. She keeps happening where I like. I would suggest
told already lake. They keep getting. Those deeper and deeper. Oh, like yeah I now sometimes they you, like. The line of you can't to spend disbelief long and I get it whereas I well. If I now tell him and even more trouble than I should have told in the beginning now, in fact, in me, skip happening yeah. But it's gettin there's a strong female plead. His like on to everyone's lies in its just like going for the truth. Jesus fucking detectives well Mamma one for it. There's some about those foreign. Procedurally, maybe it is that the subtitles that I really love yeah, it's I like it. They make it very clear here. I've spent all day by myself, oh yeah hyping her answer. In some version. Most of it with you, but just lot,
lots of typing in writing in silent Thea, so I'm really just getting these words up on their feet. Right now, just try. Some stuff out- and I just keep saying things and then going like dont Y know I spent the weekend alone and didn't I left the house for fifteen minutes. Maybe citizens has gone and I like didn't change. My clothes then shower. I was just like peers Then it was a good reminder of like here's. What you're, like alone, not everyone, but I am particularly by a single person. Yes, so it was nice. A nice reminder, and then not talking, but then I realized I was talking cause I was just having hold conversations at my cats. Yes, and no that's that's where we go to narrating their lives, I mean it. I see fake arguments just to entertain myself, for I mean what are you doing in here and there just laying there's like watching me would only with their eyes moving yeah
Some there's nothing like being a hermit shall we say to let's just get into a I. I feel it just add one more other thing tell you, though, oh I'm just gonna say I'm really excited fur Ellie show we have an ally, show in two days super excited, but I'm starting to get insanely nerve. It's so much higher stakes. Yeah people window are going to be there. It feels like it feels like we have done is all these great shows with all these amazing people all around the carrier and have these amazing experience as they were, all people we didn't know rate and there's no way. We can prove it doesn't matter, then all that things have happened, because now it's just like now, you're gonna put up shut up in your hometown. It's gonna be like some of my girlfriends are coming and my fuckin mom and dad or coming unlike my aunt, make Herman and then
our agents are gonna, be there is carrying it's like feels official, and it also feels like you know I'll, you like last time we played out did, the orphan I didn't do it was. I was new at a yellow. I wasn't my gain. It was a while ago yeah. I feel like I'm. This is now my time prove so always Ella people that I dont sock anymore, which Russia has, if you haven't been performing an posting live, shows where you'd it's in no way sack allay, doesn't know that no, I know allay, does know anything and that's the problem. Is it like it? It's very one. We when this pop cast started to actually get popular in a way that of that act, they matter to me where I was just like now
Lastly, I begin I just didn't buy new show me things, I'm just build. This is a bunch of bullshit. You can't stop getting excited, it's gonna end. Don't be I just needed to curb you're I want. I didn't want to see the heartbreak. I just wanted to get it over with this thing is gonna fuck style now on both of us, so ardor you're gonna regret the day that you are happy. Will rue the day you asked me over, but so to have one something matters and allay I just it's. Like I've lived over twenty five years. Nothing fucking address like nothing errors through rate, so then to actually punch. Do you think that's what you want to do then? It starts happening in your like? Oh my god willing. That's like that for anyone with success with loads, self esteem, or with like of worth is when you get success, he doubted so much that you're, like any kind of successor like Bush, whose, but why fucking with me, you know and set a day like this- is great Norman joy. Maybe he's you planned for what you planned for
What's gonna happen, Anna Lindh Dark ass. For me, I worship at the altar of doubt, and so anything good that happens. I'm like no one hears. Why and its good that I feel is yank has now I'm taking care myself right, isn't it time to catch up, and then I feel like I'm just catching up these last couple days rose. I shoot I meant to lose forty pounds. Oh shit, I meant to do this in that. Like oh shit, we were going to decorate the stage or whatever they get felt it gives. We were supposed to do some big like do our listening for our own show it's Wednesday and I just was like. Maybe we should get our make up my email them like our friend and I liked she's gonna have a job that day, she's not going to do a here's. The thing I know it's gonna be fun, and I know that when I'm nervous for something which doesn't happen that often because I'm an old Ben around the Black Sea Raddle near south about asking is that they mean friend ok, all right,
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I think it's you re deny do less eyes out. I've ever sent yeah great. This is This is a case I brought up a while back could remember the name of it and never. Told me, of course that was listening and I couldn't I couldn't but I was so obsessed with us when I first heard about it, some so surprised I haven't done this one yet this. Is the murderer Rachel Hoffman, ok, the creation of Rachel's law and- heavily leaned on a twenty twelve New Yorker magazine, article called the throw ways by Sarah Stillman and, like she wrote the pc like one awards. It's so good, ok grants us, she listen. I just need a lotta, her stuff, cool and she's, and thank you so Rachel Morningstar Hoffman, was born. Or in December, seventeen nineteen. Eighty four she was his bright friendly, open love. The person
Everyone who met her loved her by twenty I was in a oh recently. I can get by two thousand and eight so she's twenty three years old, she had just graduated from Flora State University in Tallahassee. Also, TED Bundy, I heard em with an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and psychology mom so She's asked should also in turn as a mental health, at until Health Institute, and she had just been admitted to a masters programme in Mental health counselling, which was also considering Color school because she wanted to use cooking to connect with youth and leg and council them through cooking last choosing a fuckin good person. That's a great I'll, get him yeah right, the picture like yeah pre? Oh, my god. What the Miley Cyrus Shoe cannibals,
like that, like Little Hannah Montana, before she transformed the I don't I don't watch the show, but I long hair yeah lay on pretty red hair q face you. Look like shit like like a hippie like happy jack that you would now and she, going to like fast music festivals, but not like her child. You know were with the second night. She wasn't using I'm culture appropriation and going to like fish concerts and jam bands and share my lady. Why, using that, like that, so much better, I mean come on. I mean there. I would both rather stay home, but I'm not a twenty three year old. Am I it's none either or there so many other option you right, she's, jewish, it didn't you know whatever and she had a The social media count for her cats, her cat, whenever two thousand need social media cows, sheep made one for her cat just last month on Myspace
but but but but she's gonna, these music festivals upon her friends and she'd Wally's, where this crazy purple fluffy hat. That was her thing. Her signals with alarm Iroquois appropriation exactly exactly so. She was an only child and she was close to her. That's what they didn't know she was in a court ordered substance Abuse programme because in February he doesn't seven while she was a senior in college police and pulled over four speeding and found almost an ounce of pot in her car, which has no power. I don't think so, but but don't drive around with oh, no, no, no, no don't do it in Florida, Ok now may mean way out for you don't do it grant Florida, don't don't do yeah, so it worked air that she take regular drug testing by so instead of being charged with anything they just made her go to this court ordered substance abuse programme. Quite right,
she wasn't in prison. I mean you shouldn't stay there and in like, but she had a gun and keeping that from her family. I don't think so I hope that the pressure that she did smoke pie, though regularly and she also sold in small quantities to her friends round campus college shit. Yet you know not done that. Fuckin saying it's ok at all, but if you're wearing a big fuzzy, happy you're, probably gonna smells cell small amounts of an smell at Amsterdam is not like small amounts upon, while it just so happens that her neighbours, a year later in April, two thousand eight cents, alpine spending that segmented into her coming from her apartment and were alike called the cops were like do you gotta check tat I think it's a drug house of the peninsula, ok, answer really chill neighbours: cool combats neighbour,
I just remember: when light we lend our old place in earnings were like up and up in our faces, land lives so close to our sight ones like yelled at some kid to be quiet because you scream Yes, fuckin, head off in his mommy. I know what you guys do. Smokes Haswell that fewer rules like oh no good, come back and get up your right. Your child should be able to scream as much as you want citizens we smoke, but ok, ok, suddenly, when they start, they searched her apartment because of this, and they found I'm just wondering order pound of we'd for x the sea pills and two volume pills, and I asked them how very how much as a corridor pound of marijuana any like looked up and told me that he said it would cost at that time around eight hundred two thousand dollars such is probably its intent to sell. Probably as while you don't have that much fought because of this, she could face serious prison time for felony charges, including possession of cannabis with intent to sell and means
drug house, so she is freedom. The fuck out over that she had just gone. Fuckin administers Masters Programme Reno. What am I gonna? Do blah blah blah officer in charge at this point: Ryan Pender now that she was just a small time. A good person supplying to her friends, wasn't affecting King pan or whatever so offers to make her ideal she has to do is identify other. Marijuana dealers in town. You know this one I feel like I've a shade of of, my God area has Hasta identify. Ought she has identify other pot dealers in town and she'll get off? They won't even charge her with anything. The answer has to be now and always now I went away, you can't be snatch, don't be a snail daylight only were rust that that's, what's going to happen rates believe that they are
concept of anonymity, please from all movies tv. We know that will be broken by area poker. So she was like. No, I won't do that. Some of those people are or her friends and she refused to snatch on her friends. But then they were like well how about. Then. Instead, you become a confidential and format, see I they call them the drugstore strict sting operation like a bigger one. And she thought that any charges would be reduced or even drops as she agreed to become a c. I wrap next day. She first try to set up another suit and flora state who was a small time campus dealer and she felt so guilty about it. Then she called the guy and was and told him what she planned to do with she's. Just like a like look better photo she's like sweet baby angel, not that it's ok but she's. Clearly in her fucking head, yes, we'll see, that's the thing is,
the idea that you're gonna here's? How many solve things here? I'm I'm gonna get a little extra spending money by not getting a job staples. What I'm gonna do is is so small amounts of lay know everything about you and it's like that's fine, except for you are now in the drug worlds. Actually, and that's how things spin out past, your control budget year, just pretending that you will have control and you keep doing that and you keep making bigger and bigger bats we're talking about Actually like a norwegian procedural drama. Yes ask always get a lawyer, immediately get that lawyer- keep your mouth shut, so the guy who should call me like I'm sorry he he forgave her, but also agree to help her with police o stuff. So. He, though, had told Rachel. This point that run of the mill pot thus would not fuckin suffice. And no need bigger dealers, so this was wholly not Rachel's. Fuckin thing,
She didn't know bigger dealers right, but the then the Lord, the student that she had called was like I know someone there's a do a car detailing shop near campus, who he's seen dealing drugs, and he said I bet he can you up so shooting now this guy So ratio to the car shop and speaks with a guy. His name is Demille of Bradshaw he's twenty three and he It's his brother in law, Andre Green, his twenty five, to help her as well. Let them know she needs a bunch of cocaine Fifteen hundred ecstasy pills are now and as she described as a quote, small and pretty hand gun what so and they like why the fuck do you need you? A little thing need a handgun and she said I'm a little jewish girl. I need to protect myself so
I mean she got caught with four ecstasy, poles and they're, giving her the total amount that they, but for all this would cause. They were gonna. Give her thirteen thousand dollars her so list the amount that is that way beyond her level, comprehension as it person, yeah thinking behind this of, like we're, gonna get a mole, a person who is not truly in the drug world. Hautala legged such a sideways approach, re so on the afternoon of when the drug bus was supposed to go down when she was gonna bust them. So Rachel goes to the police headquarters. An officer Pender places, a surveillance, wire and recording device in her purse, which I guess is totally against standard procedures. They usually hide it more and it's not in her purse yet, which also has where that she had. It would have to keep her purse honour the whole time yet firelock suspicious yeah, so they gave her Thirteen thousand dollars and marked bills came out in character
it has managed idea. I do like that's just that. It's how I'm comfortable just so I can get what I want in always in cash. I need you always do. I always have to borrow like dollar bills for the valet, if only offers onwards, I'm never how dollar bill. You know it's really funny. I can remember what happened, but I something happened where I didn't have use of my atm card. I'm sure laws yet origins, a thing I often do just entirely blank on the pen like I'll just be staying. There'll, be like me, no idea that, as they use every day, no idea I've done that look twice, but so I keep Somewhere in my house, clear, ever savers emulated I keep cast so that I can always have it, because that's and if my weird fear, I also squirrel it away like just put ire, but like three dollar bills in my car somewhere. Do you remember where you keep Oliver known are now just like? I don't.
Think about. I don't want to look at it yeah. I know something is there just in case I mean they say like for the end, as you know, like you told, keep your gas thankful yet, but also hide money in your house had money and make sure that money is gold. The blondes, because neither cash money won't help you. Oh you know my bike and dad by me, silver. Please like It's true silver paper monies knocking any value during the end is right? Silver will always have value. He thinks sensor, that's a tumor happen was are you a whole bunch of bananas movement? Third man max fresh? brutal has just trading irons onto something member. Just Gatt of bananas, have seeds or if you have to grow a tree or whatever amatory there. Many banana trees. This complex is that true can't imagine there at along just build a little fence around it and say please. This is my per person out the says this is my yogurt don't eat these banana
have a lemon tree, but that's in that's just gonna give me a bunch of like canker source. I wanna know everyone's gonna need. What's it called illiteracy, abbot item D, for so they get scurvy. Ok, then I have to build my fence out be around my lemon Amazon Drink, your poor water. Frank early drinks, the poor, water, Falcon, Frank Jacuzzi gathering, sit back and pour water too, and they they do it. I'm I can guarantee that the owner of jacuzzi cat there they have like a One of those tat are things that has like a waterfall area and they still won't drink that animals. Right. Am I right make him a myspace page? My cats are to have an instrument. Macao. Ok, so they left police assure her that there that they would be watching her, the entire time and listening there are nineteen law enforcement agents, tracking her and a drug enforcement administration, surveillance plan plan or plain was
circling overhead, so they she thought that they were the stake care of right. So she said Austin meet the guys, the drug dealers at a public park, and then weird things happened like on her way there. Maybe she had met them and that we could go to a different location which she wasn't supposed to. Do they go to that location and then the agents have you know she had been breaking out because it was like an outdoor park. There is now a lot of cells. Service was not hand or partly was hardly while there was not the bio down there was it. This is a I just think her boyfriend when she Texan, that she's on her way. Her boyfriend joked texted I don't like you, so be safe so then she. So she loses contact with the officer she's on her way to the second location and by the
I'm he hears from her again. She tells him that there she's following them to another location and this one at the end of a dead end, road and force, This is what Pender officer Pender says before he tell her not to go knowing that a dead end, rows of really bad thing to be caught in here. Contact with her completely again but she didn't know that day, at last contact, not a fucking cop she's, not a trained anything. Exactly, oh, oh, she didn't know they lost contact. She didn't know that they couldn't even hear her wire I would she no right cause. She had been on the cell phone with her that dies and she's like well, I'm so tired. So so she did and there was a helicopter some points. They must be monitoring me in some re. So at this point officers in frantically searching the area trying to find her and
the d, a circles overhead, but there's like because it's an outdoor park, there's all this tense brush. I had overhead, so they can't see anything By the time they find the road and the turn off Rachel in her car gone everyone's gone and instead they can a spent twenty five however, round and to live ammunition, rounds six cigarettes. It's a single black flip flock which Rachel had been wearing when she left the stage now I remember reading about this when it happened. Two thousand and eight I like twenty eight, unlike just being so sad, but also is picturing her and what and how that how you know when she knew something was going down and how awful that would have felt, but also you know, I'd dabbled in dry, before, and how you like you know she was a jewish girl who was just fucking around and travel this time in her life and she was trying something new, and
it bad decisions which I totally dead to yet there's no reason I I wouldn't have. That situation is well rain. So it's it's just and it's the thing which, which happens to people of all walks of life, all the time which, as you did about, we can't you doing a minor bad thing you're now during ruin or even now, you have to get involved in this. Other thing that you, Now you just have no choice. Now, you're kind of our pon ray and just so frightening just civilian, no choice, in no way to get out of a situation. Now you always you even if it's fun, I'm going in jail for nine months. You know that happens, Take the hit like Henry Hill and just fuckin. Do your time What am I saying, never herons go out in a blaze ion no way, no, I'm going back to jail, no way, so at this point.
So I've been working as a c I for the police department for almost three weeks, that said and sheep, and so let's fuckin veer off and talk about C eyes for a minute Rachel was just one and this whole article. This amazing article by Sarah Stillman has a lot of information about this, I'm just kind of picking some some parts. Obviously So Rachel was just when a thousands of people every year that how police build cases in exchange for leniency of their own cases, as we know, and its estimate up to eighty percent of all drug caisson in America involves the eyes now. That's crazy. Eighty percent to eighty percent- and this is partly because police departments have these crazy budget issues they dont have the kind of money to get under cover, officers and an untrained see eyes are the only way they can best. These people in its small, is a small town. They know
cops. Everyone knows who the cops are than they had a son, one them in fuckin, fake, moustache and delay I'll have some drugs please? Yes, you can just Donnie Brass, go it up when you're and like small town Americans actually, but it also means that they're sending up untrained, sometimes juvenile, juvenile juvenile. I thought your they sometimes do a ship and sometimes even doing you believe it occasionally as young as fourteen or fifteen now sometimes addicted people. To do in play some as undercover officers. Yeah so oh another factor that came into play with this whole fuckin fiasco is. That, though, is the war on drugs? Yeah member, our favorite? Second, hop: acquiesce in the middle ages, Congress enacted federal sentencing guidelines that impose harsh mandatory minimum Sweden fuckin petty drug offences, which Some sentences for marijuana sales were longer than those for murder, yet its horrified
secular and of course, that meant that the? U S prison population over the course of a decade doubled and an dragon for informants surged a moment to see. I system is that it totally unreliable. It's usually young people from lower income communities, often black latino, who are for pressure to be informants because they face you know. So much more, but if they get caught with these drugs and if they get put technological and they have no choice. Yes, let's do this in one Second insane case Leubronn gave her here. Sixteen year old student public high school in the Levin Kentucky. So in a young drastic out him. He gets the argument of this, his schools assistant principle and plunges him in the face. Oh he's the capacity for Jus Gmail salts, without a lawyer or parent present, the
The servant. Kentucky state police tells him he could go prison, but he if, unless he agreed to become a local drug, informants listening and a fuckin drug charge after us Ding Leubronn had to testify before a grand jury against the drug dealer. He'd set up, Jason Noah. Jason Northern makes bail and the very next day the police and Leubronn back to him to do another. Staying long. Why he had just testified against thinking. He that he didn't know who is the snitch? What? so they sent Leubronn wearing a wire to buy more drugs from the stood at that turns out that a core ass, Jason. The drug dealer knew that Leubronn wasn't when it was snitching on him, because everyone finds out everything right.
All and also those drug dealers, it it's their business where rights have to be like three steps ahead here and it's like if it was another officer that was being sent out under cover his officer buddies. Would make sure he was safe, but it's just some person that they don't care about an hour. Not you know it's their business to make sure that this person is. Neither trained at nor really safe. I so so, active lose track of LE brine during the sting and Jason NO drives off with him, Leubronn is tortured being with a bat shot run over by a car and dragged by a chain through the woods and dies in it. Wasn't it twenty fourteen, so this was an eye Ninety eight a generator twenty fourteen, each ten years after his death. Yet what's the matter?
The Supreme Court ruled in favour of is so. They fuckin ruled in favour of his family and wrongful death it got over. Fucking turned was so frustrating then. Finally, the Supreme Court oh return that overturning and in his wrongful death suit, and there are one or two hundred and forty eight thousand dollars which is not enough now. None of it is enough, obviously in, but I bet you'd, that's that thing of when their theirs. They built a system of around this kind of like he's kind of set up here. So one that system crumbles. They have to make Our people can't than retroactively sue there. I because there could be so many people that could do that. As you said, I mean people treat these things on Twitter, all the time where the like California, in places where drugs imparts legal or becoming legal or whenever theirs people are like here's, this woman, who made three million dollars in her new pot business, Peggy animals aren't these q and then it's like- and here is the
black teenager sent to jail fifty years because they dealt pot and it's the like. There's somebody you'd tweets it all the time and its really mine, blowing of like the without without white cultural filter of one white people make for each other, it's cool because we have cancer and we have pain and cd oil, blah blah blah and one black people deal part you're, a criminal and you should be. You should go away to Jeff, never and its super factor. I mean an end, then, in an a couple years, in a decade into like when pot is decriminalize everywhere ever gonna, look back and horrified. Yes, at how you been treaty People who are addicted and smoke pot, and I mean more than anything, that's the problem is you need to treat the people who are addicted to drugs and her and need help rather than I wouldn't prioritize pot or not? He is so many people are able to live there last doing part. There's people were
oxy, cotton who drive like city buses and shit like would there's an odyssey cotton problem in this country. That's that's ravaging, like certain states, and I mean that's why the war on drugs almost like bidet self, inasmuch as an hour now we just have pharmaceutical companies are like our drugs are fine yeah. You can't do those drugs and will pay the doctors money if prescribed them even that are necessary and they know their addictive and were lying to you about how fuckin addictive there it's very dark estuary, Dar its I watch intervention. I want a hollow shell. Ok, there also a case- and this is so Leubronn was African American Shelly Hilliard she's an african american teen from Bitch,
and she was caught with half an hour of marijuana, which is not threatened with jail time, but it was especially scary for her because she is is trans, and so she would have been sent to me. A male prison o notches super scary for her. Yes, so associate is to become a c. I they set her up to set up drug dealer. He finds out and ultimately, Strang mutilate burns. Dismember, sallies body. Has she set him up? One witness in the murder case testifies at the police. Had revealed Shelley's identity to her dealer white offer announce a weed I mean I know back to Rachel till the morning after her disappearance, she's disappeared. The cops call parents and their like hey, have you seen Rachel? You know she is and they don't even
so they're like what the fuck they gotta Tallahassee. There only told Rachel's missing, not that she was a spy, the circumstances of her disappearance. They don't tell her than her parents, anything they go back, Two Rachel's apartment await an arena for next steps or whatever they turn on the news and that's when they discover that she had quote provided assistance during the police police operation, but they find out on tv on the tv and that then they find out that they slip. Officials suspect foul play is going on said. They don't even know that there is foul play. So then unmade ninety two thousand and eight after a two day, search after Rachel too, Paris, the to suspects are caught Nero Lando and they lead police to address. Creek bad in rule Taylor County, in which a South EAST Tallahassee were right. This body is found one. It turns out Rachel turns out that the two drug dealers had can pegged her as a mark from the beginning.
They had never intended to sell her any drugs. All the extra he was fuckin aspirin elsewhere. We're gonna tracker to begin with, so it was even a stupid, fuckin thing to begin with. And then it's totally if not totally clear, because no one knows exactly what happened but its thought that they found the wire and her purse. Free, the fuck out they should her five times in the head and Chaska, so that a press conference the fucking seen while her body is still there officer day, macaroni Mccrae any of the Tallahassee Police Department says at some point: at some point during the investigation she chose not to follow the instructions she met. Green and Bradshaw on her own, the meaning ultimately resulted in her murder. Their immediately saying it was her own fault because she went to another location which is I can you I didn't should talk, let one location there like that's gonna another one and she was like now and refuse to ranch, and she thinks there's a plane
maintain officer she's being followed. She's never done this. She never done this before friends and family Rachel are fuck impasse that the police were trying to portray her, also as a hard core drug dealer like criminal, even though she had never been convicted of any crimes. And in the media, and that, because she didn't follow directions, her murder was wrong. I thought that's what they were trying to make. It seem Rachel. Her flock and pest I'm. So half minute Margie Weiss. They decide if at all their energy into making policy changes to the way see eyes. Are used so they wanna answers to questions like. Why was Rachel used in such a high risk police staying when she had no training? Why we send to buy a semi automatic pistol luncheon had never even fired a fuckin weapon before
why would she pressured into taking part in the up in all this before she consulted a lawyer in and there also not reddened Miranda rights and not given their amendment fuckin things because they're not under arrest You know right. That is so it's basically like look. If you want this to go away, then it's it's under the table. Terrain you're not under arrest, so you, maybe they don't. Think too ass for a lawyer They won policy changes to the programme like not using people in drug treatment programmes, which makes sense because part of being a drug treatment programmes are not allowed to hang out an associate with people who are dealing and doing drugs right in the first place. That non violent, low level. Drug offenders like Rachel should not be used in stings targeting traffickers with histories of violence, yeah yeah here. Additionally, see. I should be given the right to council that was their thoughts
and then they then other California was one of the few states that had any rules governing the use of teenage informants an prohibited recruits young. And then thirteen like isn't a great like that's just election for junior high like that and there the best example of Russian. Well, I was thirteen or those using drugs. Can they couldn't? Second, have me on all these kids, I was also your thirteen like that idea. That you're, just like yet yeah, blackmail this this we're gonna, find email just teenager to get another teenager to get the totally when I warrior old, who sells a little more pot in this town, and he has a little more upon this town, which is like getting getting and not the street, whose danger your second, yeah, perpetuating the sting of enough than these kids get out of prison and they can get a job because ever record, and so California, thirteen dedicated to that that relevant
the place after seventeen year old Chap Mcdonald was brutally murdered and as fifteen girlfriend, raped and shot retaliation for Chad's work as a low low level drug c. I a ninety. Ninety eight o, my god so then made this. Kid Chad, B c I but everyone knew he was dealing math, and doing met at the time and the police actually knew that too, but still used him. And everyone knew you is to snatch and that so happened. Ok so Rachel's parents began working on Rachel's law and they got the father went to Rachel's. Friends was a Florida attorney name Lance block. He agreed to work pro bono to help them. May seventeen thousand nine one year after the one you're anniversary of Rachel's murder. Rachel's last signed by the governor of Florida, but its stripped of so many provisions it so basic.
Does establish new guidelines for law enforcement when dealing with confidential informants or does starts a conversation of changing the way it's done, and it's the first comprehensive legislate legislation of its kind in the nation and are still working to get policy reforms on a national level, so they're still second working on it, then, and twenty twelve in a rival death, Lassie Rachel's parents, one two point: six million settlement, from the city of Tallahassee, along with a formal apology, wow as way different than what would our island of my men of court. Yet. Over the police departments conduct the grand jury who are not like judge Duty and they don't fuckin, usually tell people. Why don't I mean get? They said letting quote letting a young amateur women get into a car by herself, with thirteen thousand dollars to go often meet two convicted felons that they need
who were bringing at least one firearm with them was unconscious, was an unconscionable decision that cost Miss Hoffman. Her life and in an internal affairs investigation, said that police officers have committed at least twenty one violations and nine separate policies with this. Wound. So grand branch are now certainly sentences for the murder of Rachel, Hoffman and they are her. I think her parents put together an annual sick and arts festival, ah called the Purple Hatteras ball. Member sure that people who I am and its created to celebrate the memory of Rachel. It's fuckin, her favorite jam bands, and it's like these painting, and now these lovely things and everyone was purple, and
next festival, is in LIVE Oak Florida, this June first and second of tying some murdering us and she was a fucking criminal justice. You're, saying no. She was in a true crime, probably so that was the murder of Rachel Hoffman, amazing, so sad Sosa ends Frustrating frustrating here. Ok. So this I'm doing this story this week, because I mentioned it, last time. Remember it's! The murder of Bonnie Lee basically gas I envy you know, eventual trial of Miss Hollywood, actor robber, Blake FUCK s carriage and its centres around one of the most popular and exciting italian restaurants in the valley, vitiello scar re. No, I think they re did it it's still. There. Ok, just totally different noakes easterly like Davy. Well, it be let you know that was it was leg. Clearly it was like
built in the sixties, seventies, probably early seventies ever say so. The inside was like these big Naga hide boots were like red red plan, vague leather love. It there's a huge like wall. For us go who have actually right of like I don't know. I can't remember if it was like Venice and grapes, ceramic grapes and draped on everything in their dusty is no one hour cleans, like literal like plaster Europe's like look at the bounty of MILAN arriving wherever and they had left the house, a glass of house can't ever three dollars or yes and they have those like multi red candle. It's just the whole. It's exactly like the classic italian restaurant am the foot like the the girl,
bread is just a big love, a soda cut in half with garlic on it. I love logical place like this, so fucking much. I want to cry yet it's you know exactly what you're gonna get and they tell us is good. Food is examining care if it's like a if it's fuckin on the answers on point. I'm good we'll. Do you like opera singers because they have said yes, they have all the system opera Cyril bust out singing. Can I tell you something really quickly? Do you know the one? That's look just like this on Vermont called Stephen, you know, hold on its undermined, or I don't know it's unromantic crash in the house, a pies we Vincent I, oh yes, its wish to order pizza from there. I lived on Alexandria, Hoddan, cut. That's like dominoes its leg. It's not it's time. You know like its com, etc. The pieces Charlie pits pits.
No, I'm sorry! I didn't get this out. Why am I doing? The public could really has polio? That's why they leave. You did at Palermo. It's eleven an imminent Palermo us just like that, so when you go in and you're waiting for your table even get a glass of like dollar box twine. Do let us so went out. Vincent went through the first time are like this place is amazing: and it was raining AIDS and they had their a guy with a he hung out of the car and accordingly accordion walking around singing tables, and I go My god that I fucking That's the chain meant at my brother's permits Y know Ives concerning Fuckin Israel whenever was, and he was like freaking out to it when it was the make up our own is that I remember your brother of data, so that's amazing noack ignored it is it's the not chain hometown restaurant
and Petaluma its glum its lobbies, where we go out of my family and half of it. Is the original grocery store from the twenty. Oh, my god, I took the like counter and put in tables so that you're sitting in the old grocery store earned dying. It's really awesome and that's up the street from hotel parliamentarian into saying I come with apparently moody. You would, I think, when we have our sacrament or shall we should giant we say Laura's totally that's? That's so that's it tell us it's its neighbour hoodie, it's very Italian. Like it's it's if you I kiss your fingers, you note style, it's bullshit, it's that's! It's their act! There saying That's actually painted on the sign review. I kiss your fingers style italian bullshit. This is your jam Moreau, so this was
Ok, so is giving the wagon thing, because it's so insane so we'll just talk. First about Robert Blake RE, he'd, famous actor and up and This point this kind of one of those he was like a Hollywood stalwart. I would say he started. He was one of the kids on our gang. Oh really, yeah. He was for any little rascals original. They call them the film series Lily and another again, and it was basically he grew up. He was born and neatly New Jersey to a vaudeville family, Aisha, his father was an actor and an alcoholic abusive and asshole Lamar Unfeeling and the three siblings they, a little like a vaudeville show with the little kids called the third little hillbillies put em no work
so they he's an he described. His childhood is feeling like he was like a like a monkey with a monkey grind earlier. I just out their begging for change around town and that we need to see we just I am sorry I got all the things. I'm telling you right now from a show that I couldn't live the title of more rich and acquitted spoiler. Now we know, but I mean yeah, but we know because this was a famous case anyway. How I'd and that show in India means I mean it's so funny cause it's. When I looked when I looked up on Youtube, there's like a whole, there's a whole realm of rich and acquitted any and their real cause. I when I first started listening to those like God there being real judging about like money and they keep talking about his money and then it's basically talking about
When you have money, the entire justice system works totally differently, hurry air and the whole approach and strategy to the justices. I'm so system, I'm not drunk so so, even though the three little hillbillies have you no minor success in not leaner jersey surrounding area, so then, but it's it's a mid thirty's. So because its after the depression, the movie business is exploding. Everyone's like I've got, I do, we have twenty five extra sense. I want to spend an entertainment. I want things to be fine. I want to go and like watch egg cell follies or whatever something big and in a movie theater and advocate time. So his father moves. The whole family out to Hollywood. He thinks he's gonna be the movies are bad news, so poor. They sleep in the car. You know it's really hard, but defy.
Because a job and a hardware store and his Mickey was his name at the time. Mickey goober toasty was his original robber. Blake's them is rubber, Blake's, real name honey. Born is making good Patesi making, because he, is five years old when he gets the job on the hour, Gang Series and he starts as an extra and they showed clips on the show. Any is the cutest you see him he's got this. A twinkle in his eye, but he's also like he's like a little tough guy and it's so cute, and then, with our I mean our If you go back, you ever Deaf free day and you just want to have some dumb fun or her. The arguing series was the cutest sweetest thing and all those Kids were really talented. Now there is extreme fucking racism because it was the thirties but cool thing was, or I won't say, cool, but the thing
made it slightly different was that buckwheat was one of their friends and hung around right, but being there's also as anything from from before it run our lives. Ninety five, its veto at a different time, any so he basically he's the one that makes a big and here for from our gang. One. That's over. He kind of like is basically emancipates himself runs away from home. He joined the army here, marrying eliminate Sondra occur. He has two kids, a thorough search. This family, it looks like he's about to fade into obscurity, is like a character actor. That leg was a child, actor in area, because people he's really cool. They had interviews with like other little kids that had been on that series that grew up to also be actors seek. Recognise them, as they are talking talking about how Robert, is a child. Actor was really good he's a really good after he was a really serious child,
The key was there too, like killer, which is very seriously exactly not just cause. His parents wanted him to her. He right not just because he would get the shit beaten out of him when he went home, but Does that thing where you know like when those when little kids have it? kind of way. Why am I looking at that kid? There's six kids and that's the one? That's? U I hear is that, so right as he begins to faded into obscurity. He gets that part in in cold blood and if you haven't seen the movie that Robber Blake stars Murmur Blake Stars, as you know, one of the two killers and in cold blood, and he so good in its really. I only saw Clippa that I've never seen the entire movie starts finish here, but it's really amazing. I think I worship it didn't realize it was him and you to watch it again, yak as its old. It's like a thing Aegean am see here, but it's it also and then started making me think of how much I loved the version with Toby. That
Diana. Its own way in that that short british actor that's in he was in tongue, he's Valentine studies so good and he plays, human capacity new member that one and they go out to start interviewing the families it shows how trunk about he wrote that book. He ate a strategy that was what's his face. Sylphs Mount Hoffman did one, and then there was, and so there was one with Philip Seymour Hoffman, and there is another one- was Sandra Bullock and Toby Mccoy no British, Toby British Toby Stevens going I am ass day than one he's done. Grooming as mustache Toby, Keith Otto, till we Jones now
I have no yeah, but he's such a good actors and everything, and that oh infamous, is the name of the biotech from two thousand then there is also the the the filter. I've been one which is given a lucky, it's God I liked it I just love that story that he now semi like make. A pony was just such a insane one of a kind beyond belief that was a side bar to beat Alcide Bars, because, basically you in cold blood. He comes back and that the kind of brings, has relevance back and then he gets the lead on the cop show Barretta dear Member, that show was too yo. You are doubling two young because I was like it was just in my consciousness. That was such a mid. Seventy show Barbara was the cop that had the parrot and of you I have is. He is
the italian looking cop with a white parent on her shoulder and any kind of had that Colombia. We thing where he was again man. You know me and every man I use this work that impression just with you, but you can look up old episodes Brenda and, if only for the opening theme, Song Hezekiah, it was The full version is recorded and by Sammy Davis, Jr Malaysia and it's called keep your eye on the sparrow. As I give you a ride on the spare row, you have you have to look at this happening. It's so like it so egg, disco that the seven billion look at the lake harder horrified like weird solo bongos at the air like hearing our streets- people- yes, yes, you have it. I shall know it
it, has this show, had everything any end of appointing an Emmy for that for that role in that show went on for four years whatever, so he sickly, then becomes a hit and he he does. He invested money wisely. Any builds his wealth. And he also became a fixture on the tonight- show and so sporadic was over. He was still like a big presence in Hollywood and in the winter of to the year, two thousand- he He goes through jars club one night any meets a woman named Bonnie, Lee, basically and They headed off immediately, so they and she didn't know he was a celebrity and she had to call her sister and say. Have you ever heard of this name cause he sings famous what that was in acquitted, rich and acquitted? but they really did headed off. Then at the end of the night, no judge
Events lego out to his van and do it like the alley behind the jazz. That's the first night they met is is did that so then there. That is where their fate is sealed. That's where, in the alley, in the alley behind a jazz club in the picture that they showed enriching acquitted. It was this. Purple van on these big old, like jacked up wheels like it looks, it's like half scooby. Do half Lake monster Truck rally her ear like? Where did you get this fucking car? You invested your money, so guy in two thousand to this car as from two thousand and nine all my diagnosis is not the seventies Radagunda Parada anymore, but he was truly keeping his eye on this barren and keeping it real, keeping a real in the alley, but try so now what
switch over to this woman, this romance that he's having with bodily basically so she was born. Nineteen. Fifty six and Morristown New Jersey issues also were growing up their brethren literacy, both from Jersey, about twenty years, apart or so there Does she has a fascinating history and this woman? If you talk about somebody: they got fucking maligned after her own death bodily Basically we all heard, every single thing, this woman ever did where she was not there to defend herself or even even just be a presents. Now she did a bunch of fucked up share and that ended up getting proven and court before she met Robert Blake. But as the cops set in written acquitted, doesn't mean she deserved, get murdered, hole and it doesn't mean you know doesn't mean she's any less of victim right.
I just remember when this case started how often they like on the radio, and You know, like our western style, talk shit on this one and parenting it was the lawyers plan from the beginning. Yes, they were ready once the alike indictment came or we know what the charges were filed. The lawyer had already of like or here's the victim and here sure passes. It's pretty intense, so now I'm back to where she came from, she was married for the first time and divorced when she was fifteen, then she dropped out of high school after she had a marriage and divorce with AIDS. What what I ask? to be sophomore year then she was like. You know what I'm past high school now
which I should like once again to go back to where we had to go to the spring form Ray. I don't think so. I'm a divorce, I'm above you all alike, social. New York City, her she wants to be a model. She's, really beautiful hurried features, he's kind of a one bottle blonde. But in you know, she's like up this big open face, she wants to remodel Schwann, serene actors, and she goes right for those needs. She is like just like I'm ready to do it I. Why, and let's do this thing she nothing pans out which sometimes happens when you take Nance. People are just like the up put him in the I want the other. Now, sir. Marrying her. Second husband. Was her first cousin. Now it does you last yes, she did it and she three kids with hand. I don't do that either yeah. I've only doing I like what are on years, then this is the
it seventy says this is like them early. Seventy on their having cousin care, cousin, kids and kind of like I want to be famous but net, but maybe I'll just do this. Instead, that's fine, but dont, merrier, cousin, right yeah, whatever the fuck you want, don't merrier cousin. Unless you love hemophilia, then we're talking about it rose hears us. Kind of cool So she has all these pictures that she took China get break into show business essentially she's, visionary she's, it's a mail order, Good photo mailing leg service s. She puts personal ads in the back of like smut magazines. That's like Here's me, Germany, son, you might need photos, write to me here and send me this amount of money, software she's. It's working making bank one ass. He asked her she's like the original deck pig,
I don't like New DE gown, she didn't first and then she said she wrote send needs please, yes, Yes and now she dinner there. Like I love nudes. I was just reading this whole magazine of nudes. I'd love, mourner yeah from her home and she's like I've, got this. Oh she he eventually make so much money off of this business shaken can buy several homes in Memphis area, as issues she's she's support, family she's like getting it down the wrong business. I mean you have to be willing to and some of the picturesque as their exercise, some ass get on all fours of the cow. I had no idea what to do that. There is a lot of that kind of stuff like compete. Its share, it seemed very, it was like seven seventies porn, had an innocence about it. Where is kind of like look at.
It would know, shirt on. That's how they alot of this picture. Yeah I've seen doubted as ours. Have you yeah is again no, it's fun good soil. I know something less powerful, Spoiler dairy does down who know the whole. Nighttime soap opera, ok. So now this is fascinating. Time it shows you the mindset but also like you know she's from ten seizures living in Tennessee. At this point in her right in the Memphis area, Mfa Sancy doubled, became with myself and she's. Try She still has that things like celebrity she's, always been obsessed with celebrity ever since you locate she wanted it to be around it and want to be near it, so gets this idea in her head, I'm I ain't you hook up with Jerry Louis yes, cousins. He left cousins, Sheila Rights, that's that's! They live in the area where the cousin shit is
entirely supported by the community. Everyone's in their cousins people are used to comfort, go to third base with your cousin, we love it says. Imagine may be mine tissues thirty. Three years old she's been married for title. We share he's been arrested for drugs k, which it's the seventies. It can happen, they earn will now it's the lady. Ok, now the seventies have existed so I'm getting our impasse, I guess and areas or even worse, in the eighties word a bit nuts, but so it's not nice. Eighty nine is when she gets Jerry Louis Plan and actually ends up hanging out and sidling up and she's a gorgeous woman. So she eventually meets him. She it's a hang out with them a little bit. I guess she put me up with him. She gets back and tell him it's her baby and his eye
it is. As I look, this is my baby. It's her, then there's no way you can prove her on Jerry lose. Like sounds great shit. I'm sorry, I'm sorry cupidity! Now, let's get so. Basically Jerry lose, as I pointed out, and take a protracted you test for their being. They have those anymore. Yet there were very popular back then, and of course he was not the father me and said that she basically takes her It has been like we're moving. California like she just gets out, an act should actually have you looked up, because this is the best way of on Neely. Basically, she takes all that money from her home, nudes business and buys herself. A billboard on sunset and such like Angelina annually, except for its just on the right side. It's her headshot, her eighties headshot are just like, and then it just says, Lee Bonnie, that was her stage name
Lee Bonnie, with a phone number nine hundred. I say this, I need this is really it's so eightys to me. It's just very like look here It's an actress on a billboard, it's so annually and if you're, not from L a lawyer, but you seen her like if their. If they're going to do the beginnings of a Hollywood movie, they will cut to an annually and billboard and that's at lady with the insane breast implants. She's got the eighties. She looks like the rocker chick who would hang out at like whiskey. Yes, in the eighties who'd, like hook up with metal, do mental she's she's got a big kind of we face. A blonde hair, though, is a stable of my childhood. When we come to allay to my grandma
has anyone had a billboard there, and I was just like I wanna- be like her when they re. I am that look. If you look at you- and you saw yourself in that british tabloid you ve made, it will also she was being bankrolled by some business man. It was just kind of like do you like this person. Put them in your movies. Tv show and that's kind of the way some people were trying to get famous, because nobody cares they haven't figured out. They can do stand of comedy If I can find this, where you got damages, bit. My cheek sewing artery. Okay, there. It is that was on sunset, oh well, it looks it looks like the state. We have now is very reasonable here and it is very, very beautiful Vieira and its use Skype she's. Just basically like, If you drive by this new Wanna, put me in your same wholly feel for
Ok, plus I've homelands the Iphone four days. She, you know she looks like it somewhere between moral Street and Bonnie rate yeah. That look care. Like severe angles, but pretty yeah. And a nice tall forehead and be a little scorning weaver Gonna, there's a little weaver in them. She started writing. So this is around the time or Christian Brando ended up, go to jail for involuntary manslaughter, bright, Merla, Merlin Brand S son, yet re yet he's going off the fuckin rails, yeah, that's a whole other I didn't want to get into. It is unlikely that we should say that, whereas that's a whole insane story about how these Hollywood murders, but so he's in jail, so she's one of those people she starts. Writing him. Letters and jailed Senate
the hum per homespun near absolutely he's like this is great. Thank you so much and it's out of jail. They start having a relationship. Oh shit, yeah. That's basically kind of this. This iron off thing make a lot of people in a special say like their seeing each other like. Ah, we get it know what means in a in the alley bind the Jaws club but Then when she seemed Christian Brando in real life. That's when she means Robber Blake, that's where that story overlap sky, so Bunny kept flying back to Arkansas to pick up her male because, apparently, when she lived in She was she I'm getting arrested their big, she had so many fake ideas and so many fake social security guards for all the different. People that she pretended to be when she had that huh
its business. You never gave anybody her real name, so she she had a ton of fake idea like fraudulent idea. Basically, she had gone home to pick up her male because she was had been arrested basis. It should have pulled over a cop said. Let me see your idea. He pulls out one fifteen other ones for allowing the cops like what the fuck she gets arrested over fraud or whatever So now, she's on probation in Arkansas she's ever has to have address there. Yes, she keeps she stays now for a little while goes, checks are billboard to see if there's any takers, and then she goes back, she has to go back to our consortia. She's been doing that on and off, but one she separate rubber, Blake, so its aims, nineteen, eighty, nine now she finds out she's, pregnant or yeah, so she tells both Christian Brando and Rubber Blake, that there, the father and
she's kind of doing this thing of, like I'm, not sure which one I want to marry and I'm still trying to pick because rubber. At a time of money, he was really stable. Any is actually interested in Hearn, unlike into her christian Brando, was young and good looking and in a kind of like the You know she was just trying to decide like who she was gonna start a life where so sheet picks rubber Blake, but then, when she tells him so I'm pregnant and Balboa he's just You lied to me an age. He turned on her arm, like those yeah he's Superman they have so ass. It turns out later on when this one this trial starts. She recorded almost every single phone call. She ever had shot so they like when when this, case started vaguely remember this, yet they had, they have phone calls of theirs. They have phone calls or other people she had eat like she just
accordingly also unclear as they could go through all of them and that's when they start to find out her very chequered Pass Cooper like the actual proof of it, but basically sheep? Is she thinks she's gonna? Do this kind of like well, I'm pregnant, and so let's hookah finally might made my decision of my boyfriend's. In my we would like and run, Blake as like no fucking and is so mean and like demanding she get an abortion telling he's going to make her get an abortion like all the stuff that she actually ends up. Writing a letter to her lawyer, saying, if anything happens. To me, Robber Blake responsible for my God, oh my god, so she ends up going back to Arkansas or Memphis. I think it and she has the baby bids this be, If a little girl I mean we ve all seen when the case is a million pictures of her name's rose and she is
so cute. She looks like she's wearing like a little black hat of hair and she's got leg. Red lips and the second the robber Blake. Saw the picture of her. He called body Blake basically and said and a precarious task is that's my baby and they do. The end, it proved that it was his base of he knew he knew it looks exactly like, especially when you see those like Argo, yea less or whenever its she's look just like him and she's really cute. So he's basely says to Bonnie Move back to allay make a life with me like. I want him like. I love that baby. That's my baby! Let's make this work, and so she gets on a plane, even though she knows she's breaking her pearl are violating rural. She gets back on a plane to allay TIM Tim This happened once she's in allay robber. Blake is like
the baby to the nanny for the day out. Let's go to lunch and one there out to lunch, two cops walk up, and you're in violation of your parole Arkansas you're under arrest Sab air and take her away rubber Blake's, like don't. I'll take care of the baby we ve gotta covered Those two cops bring her. They don't arrest her they barrier to the airport and put on a plane, no backed Arkansas stricter here they are so it turned out those two guys weren't. No, they were too kinds of Robert Plague and they base and miss the entire time it was his plan to, custody of that little girl. So, basically he's got the baby. His ground daughter is rate, like you being the baby at her house and he just basically sent her back and all Angleesh trying to get rid of her. So, She realizes the whole thing was a scam she's furious. She dreaded to file kidnapping charges against him, so they
are to work on a deal cause she's like I will. I will vote the budget year. Deal, is he agrees to drop the charges if he'll marry her shut, so they asked them romantic thing. I've ever heard. This is remember the story told about the guy writing. The girls name on the fence is better sending it to a planet so how'd. You guys me what exactly invents we well. Well, I tracked him. I threatened him with mapping charges, he retaliated, of course, and then, and then I made him sign a piece of paper that side in the air should be. He didn't love man, I'm never alone with him cause, I'm scared of what a fine so crazy. So in this pre up their basically, it was like she was allowed to see the baby once a month and deceive Robert Blake once a month, that's the agreement
it was, the exchange he will marry you if you sign this arena should get out of it there and if she doesn't even get to be with her bit shooting care Lockerbie. Well, she does but sheet there's nothing. She can do because she was at his island of our all her and they already kind of got that. So so far. The only the only way you can see the baby still be alive. And still get the thing she ultimately is always wanted, which is to be married to celebrity. Man feels I'm gonna move out of Ella right now. It's this town is bad feelings. Also while lore good night, I mean anyone who comes here has bad intentions he's going to have a bad time re or better get there. Intentions? Are you're gonna get screwed screw before you get screwed, that's for sure,
yeah, just real good feeling place. It's the recent people come here, try to do something and then there like. Oh no, you know what I am now and even jellicoe. Christianity has I've I've already lions, polish or scientologist, or I'm going to be so vague that I try to kill you like its people, They have to reassess their entire life. They, like Anita thing, to focus on other ways of oak, is on or of all cause they're, nothing or they'll by themselves a billboard legates this kind of town, where you feel glad you're, so nothing for so long that you're, like I'm, just going to buy a billboard. It's the only way I can break through. It's a nightmare so anyway I like it. Here, though I mean no, I love it pretty happy. It's really gorgeous we're. Having a great time and guides, get to do a show at the Orpheum into darling. It's amazing. She signs this brain up basically gives her. They almost nothing.
They marry in November of two thousand. I wish I could have been at that fuckin ceremony. I bet there. Is rose, petals and love galore everywhere, just like after he has used the word galore, and I think I might never stop using the word galore. It's so fun to say it's out of that time. Fields of this era. Yes, enemy, like you know, it's two thousand. They like this fuckin thing, yeah six months later, one to her probation ends in Arkansas. She officially moves to allay. She must. The guest house on his property, not into his house, her husband's house She moves into the gas House and they never share the same house. They only ever set it up like that? Also, it's not a real. I dont get it it's very strange so than this all leads up. Now we are up to May forth
of two thousand one, this point when Robert Blake asks money if she would like to go out to dinner to they ever go like on dates, are anything like that? Do you know it doesn't sound like No, it's not like our real bummer man. It sounds like the most toxic relationship and the most codependent back. The intentions from every direction. Also it's that thing of like. If you are You get together with a guy and the only way you can see stay in his life is tricky, amended thinking, he's fathered your trial I'd go. Back to Square one, go back to their jobs, barn pick somebody else or start. You know it go back even further started going therapy start, there asked some question so that when you get to the jobs bar, you pick you know kind Percy yeah. You maybe drop some of that work, happening and junior high drop drop some my first marriages. When I fifteen c c,
even started now. Yet none of this is helping anybody or constructive and anyway, so they go dinner. He says I want to take it of its aloes she's like hell Yeah yeah, I love fuckin dusting great fate, grapes I love red sauce. I'll, have melted mozzarella, ants gone, you know it's pottery box, scanty favorite, What's that wine, the one that so funny Chablis then rosy. That's my grandma hoisted order. Mining are then rosy sanity, weird in accent, issues from San Francisco. Ok, They go to dinner just how to recur recovered memory. It there used to be a stand up, show at the tellers yeah, MRS, like late mandates.
I've gotta things. I would be like Charles you that show, and I would sharp and emulate I'm not doing as the most severely I'm going, I'm in a drink in the corner of the opera guy. Take myself, okay, so rubber Blake tell funny that he's brought his nine millimeter pistol with him to dinner, because all the unscrupulous business that she's involved than in and for her safety, I'm sure she's, like sounds great I'll, have the It sticks and shorter. The reds just breads debt funds, fucking great. You know when you're trying to be lady, like I'm a day european, I it I'll just get seven broad status as the breadth of pitcher by sea God I love the tellers. So. They leave the restaurant at nine. Twenty four and between nine twenty four and nine forty body, we basically a shot in
wherever Blake's car in parking lot of the tellers he she's here so keep they get into the car and then he goes sorry. I left my gun in the restaurant I'll be right back in and goes back into the restaurant to get his gun that he says he left in the birth rate. There are no witnesses from the restaurant that say he went back into the restaurant. No one saw him go in and get his gun, but while he Key clams and his alibi is that when he, while she was getting shot outside, he was inside getting his gun, but nobody saw him no one time,
super vow. Why? Because, like boy was inside with my gun, just save whence I d p like. Why did he have to introduce a gun power? I guess to cover the fact that that's where his gun was like, make it real clear that, oh, you didn't even have a gun on him you're the gun wasn't anywhere, but in the restaurant. Why didn't he actually do that and and wave in areas with a gun hi guys, so they all said they saw him waiting with a gun in yonder. Now, listen, I'm a master, fucking Cremona criminal I mean, would then have held to be like hey guys know thanks again just got this ones for the opera singer shoe and at the same time I'm sorry I'm making light of this I mean what we're making light of is the plan the hall were making light of his life and health.
Stupid and also how Hollywood makes you think you can do things you shouldn't and can't do that fuckin money and acquittal which the tv showered acquitted has shown us anything. It is sure it's through why people line so badly. Is it get you to a place as right, regional quitted? It gets. You too is where your untouchable and that's what everybody wants. That's real power. So let me touch of all oh do you don't wanna be untouchable. I think you're silky, soft and totally dodgeball really thank you, so Nine forty robber Blake rings the doorbell of a neighbour of the tellers. Why? Because he went, air to call nine one run to the neighbors screaming going a king the neighbour, is it's a guy named Sean Static. It's his house, he goes
air to his house to call nine nine on one when he leaves and the cops go to let go to the crime scene, keel key call. He wait awhile, because police again and he asked them to come in and looked through his house cause he he thinks Robert Blake might have hit something there. While he was there, he said this behaviour is so strange and over the top and bizarre, and even screaming and being super crazy about my my wife, my whenever that he was like I don't I just you guys to come and look I feel like you did something I didn't catch it I think, is amazing, and so You're cool move. Words like I just didn't value as battery like heaving and try to look for it himself. He was just like some slackened off and I am not getting my fingerprints on it. No get the authorities in here absolutely sap, well down transact so and other neighbours in the neighborhood we're like yeah. He was just running around screaming, unlike unlike just so clearly present day, I'm freaking out
but a little vaudevillian and over the slaves to the back. What exactly played in the background? So So police are like, while this is strange because again No witnesses actually saw him go into the tellers. The second time- and he also Bonnie. Had cell phone and was always on herself. She was like, as we now fervour recorded messages, obsession she a big own person always had her phone on her. He could have taken her phone on call time on one right. There are any Do it care. He also he was taken in for questioning after, like they are left the scene, so Bonnie shot twice in the car. She was sitting in the car and passenger seat shot through the window. Blood all in the car. She was taken the ambulance Karen. She was taken the hospital, but she died.
I spent replace, was taken in for questioning by the detectives, never asked how she was now so there like the couple. These things aren't adding up in there. They do There then residue on his hands test inconclusive they end which is super brilliant idea and, like you now for two, thousands pretty advanced there. Dumpster that the car is parked right next to and instead of going through the Dempster there they just take the entire dumb, Sir back to like them, ex labourer whenever and go through every piece of garbage piece by piece. Software defines yet to find anything and they end up finding this it's a nine millimeter, very rare world war. Two german officers gun that's a p thirty, eight nine millimeter pistol, no idea, but when they find it it's covered. In motor oil, so they can,
get any fingerprints offer the more even do any ballistics on it. I just completely ruined they think intentionally India. I wonder if that was a fuckin plot line in an episode of Barretta. They should a fuckin with that at Lamb. That's fucking genius idea can is double jeopardy. Still, then bring him back bring em on back That is such a good idea. I wonder if anybody looked up all the episodes of Parada and just been like this person did this that person this was the plans are ok, next day king, he got he lawyers up immediately, of course, and the next day is when the lawyer starts. Releasing the I'll tapes of Bonnie starts. Trashing her like he had a whole based,
kind of like a media thing ready that has nothing to do with that too. Well, it's it's! What it is like they were trying to build the case that that she had enemies, all accommodation that she had. She had conned men all over the place and there are lots of people that that were her enemy, not just Robber Blake. So as well, having contentious and horrible and loveless and nightmarish as this marriage was that she had just entered into he's still. He wasn't pop. Perhaps wasn't the only suspected and locked out where we re she and they find out that they start like one certainly Sandy's phone calls and they finding these old man all around the country that they they thought she was his they thought she was there, wife, no, they.
They thought they were married. They, but she was married to lots of people, get married a lot and she would take life insurance policies on them and she also had them change their will to include her bed yet happened. That was a couple of them now this also this was in rich acquitted, but This also was all the information that the lawyers like anybody to listen to any mail. Tell that story one person theorize that she had been married over twenty five times only provable amount was. She was married, nine times for sure. Ok, so So at some point like in the end, this process, rubber, Blake, air is that of initial lawyer and he hires Thomas Metro. You ve seen him on tons of true crime things he has strange like little
dutch boy, hair but gray occur. It makes very little sense and he's gotta defended MIKE Tyson and Michael Jackson. So you seen him on such a huge area, and so it he hires that guy then he hires media consultants. Start the story spin and they get him on Barbara Walter's so from jail in is orange jumpsuit, with his hair, now turned white. He isn't dying is hair black anymore level. We had up until that time. That was like a big thing written. They say he did it for sympathy or whatever, but from jail. She's. I did you kill your wife and he's like of course, I didn't easily as if he's irritated with Burma elvers overdoing it alot offer even it there's a yeah he's, there's a touch of lily. Building, so I can't tell if that's just how he is. These is a child actors never had a normal life here. Well used used are now he ends up
eventually end up going free on a million dollars, bail a million dollars, brick rich, acquitted, rich and mailed No other themes on rich, rich ridge and click. Ok, so then the trial starts on December, twenty two thousand, for good old, fuckin venture court. Had I mean I am I an ice courthouse? That's how it all ties back in love it now now that I'm together, I know the pre trial was of the Van ICE courthouse. I dont know if the actual, let's go, if so there's two different stunt men who come testify that replace solicited them to kill his wife months before the actual murder. Why them they can prove he talked to. Found the morning of the murder of Robert, but in
US examination he gets this miserable ends up resigning from the case, whatever that's called, leaving it wedding. Quitting. I guess, quitting the workers. Looking worker you're welcome, he leaves eats gets a third lawyer and always a bad sign when you have to keep back and getting it look at TED Bundy, for example, its knocker endear non agreeable. The day hate you yeah. They hear that ten, even like their lawyers, and they cannot in fact India they can't deal. I don't have to be around you that much and are just like what the fuck is wrong. You just do what I tell you and everything will be fine, no, no! No! No I'm a rock and all actor, I'm smart, okay! So the new lawyer is based, just like well, I'm just gonna eviscerate any of these witnesses who even cancer so little evidence that they have to like, so that
who stuntman that come and say: oh yeah, he asked us to get his wife. One of them They pull up a report that he had recently been hospitalized for, Cocaine! Psychosis! Oh no! What's that it's just that you do so much cocaine, you fuckin, lose your mind, cocaine, mean. I do night's work. Maybe two knights were interesting, it's a! U just! You started and you don't start and then you just fuckin Goebbels early okay, so that comes out on one guy. So then he just like his all of his credibility is done and they basically do the same thing to the second guy there. Just like oh you're, both ear both these drug addicts you're both these ino, whoever you'd, say anything for money, you'd, say anything so basically, once they get rid of those two people, there's no real evidence. That's that's musical! In court! so. The jury deliberates for twelve days, a March six days, two thousand five rubber
like a sound, not guilty of murder and not guilty of one of the two council solicitation of right or not guilty, not even like I'm not getting yet not yet. No, that's fine! there, the other count of solicitation of the of the guy, the cocaine psychosis guy that was dropped. One of his reveal that the jury was deadlocked eleven till one in favour of acquittal, so they were gonna go we're anyway, and they are just basically like forget that one who's, this guy free, the awareness that went off the whiteboard yeah they're, just like oh you're, rich bureaucrats, De Los Angeles. This is from Cambodia in LOS Angeles, less annual, district attorney, Stephen coolly called Blake, a miserable human being and the jurors are quote incredibly stupid fall further defences claims. There's one woman in a special, rich and acquitted, where she goes
Of course. I believe that Mr Blake would left his gun inside a restaurant. Haven't we all left things inside restaurants at one time or another? Lady it's a fucking guy. It's not your lips, sick you're fuckin retainer that you put in the cloth. Napkin costs parents three out a dollar. They were so pissed enemies CAFE in urban Basically, you did that Public consensus was that he hired to kill his wife s unproven all right, but a lot of there were lots of character. Written says that were like no he's the best and he would never do that, and there was no evidence. So ok go on on the night of his acquittal, several fans celebrated at the tellers and Karen Caldera was one of them and I was up there sing an opera just advance on November,
seem two thousand without its way. Yes, it is. That was verity. Everything straight out your nose in our progress as the border of Seville, whether they are seeking about opera, its opera behaviour and how they sing opera. That's right! This is a musical about adding, there's, no actual opera, wherein a vagabond lawyer plea guys on November eighteen thousand five rubber Blake as HUN Liable in California civil Court for her wrongful DAS, it'll corporal always bucking, come actually and I'll come back and I'll be like hey. We see things a little bit differently than our Czech about the Fucking Oj Simpson and those are the next I'm goin over so sorry, based known at that time.
Since that time hand to filed for bankruptcy, he's in three million dollars in debt, unpaid, legal fees as well state and federal taxes. He said tat. He might return to acting because he has such financial problems now values like work at brow, the hourly we're like we got we're gonna cover brother. We're gonna higher than the parrot and said twenty ten state of California file, the tax lean against Blake for a million and a hundred thousand dollars that one million one hundred and ten thousand dollars in unpaid back taxes ouch it hurts Now. This is a very famous inner you. He was he went and joy, sixteen twenty twelve he went on, Pierce Morgan he's wearing a sleeveless, cowboy shirt and a cow black cowboy shirt, and then a cowboy have not learned don't, and he is
tax, so crazy, you how to look it up on Youtube and its inexperienced of, and he starts, attacking peers Martin for asking him any questions at all, and here's Martens IKEA, but this is what we came right or is like the interview and he each snaps and as super fucking crazy. I wanna watch need Avdotya, it's it's a It's pretty legendary he told the people that writing his autobiography that he hoped from one last great film all, but the butt he was in last highway, that's very nice movie and ninety ninety seven, and that too, date is his last acting wrong word in March twenty. Sixteen. This is that this is one of the saddest endings not satisfied, but like one of the most like, oh endings, of any of the murders that I've done in twenty sixteen March, twenty, sixteen, he
it told a reporter that he had a private nurse and that he was suffering suffering, and continents and that My friend is this sad ending, murder of bodily bay owing my gun and the bridge experience of Acta robber plague. That's right now is eighty five female Eliah Cecile alive there, I think he remarried for a third time married him again, of course, it's the fucking minutes is a town full of people who want their own billboard. Some We have only been eighty vibe fuckin, The ce marking is what was it like? Seventy three select such bullshit. I wish explain God's work. I wish to a mystery. This is just how he as a next time we have to talk about the OJ, if I did it that they. Finally, oh
Thank you. That was amazing. That will not happen. You're welcome. That was so. I don't wanna call it fun, but it was a wild ride in who is always reminded me of. Is that do the dad from fuck the staircase? Like just creepy in that way. Yes, whatever their sovereignty and energy about him the earth, but but you can't tell actors so Creevy creepy. Then it's like it's that yeah Who is this really? There really were, as are another failure. Yeah. You never know how to not be acting right. And you just think feelings are weird mass to put on so you can manipulate they re, like incentive, actually having a real time. Experience is like here's. How feelings look like and sound like? Oh ITALY, I love this place. My gun Odin dawns everybody. It's a for one, type a shit,
Are you going down immediately? The severe economic down but you're talking about. So there is the Oj Simpson it like an. If I did it special right got work. It got film. Two thousand and six, and there was a guy back and public outcry, and I was like down put it out, but so they finally dead you. Watch an autocrat next week. Ok, it's up, he did it admits to in fuckin. She was locked up. Ok, so. Two women who were one of They were murdering us, they were lovely women. They were murdered this week here. This is it one of the most awful things we leave then contact and had a bunch of people tell us about this, but Stephen just so. You guys know- and I think sometimes people are unaware of this like
see. That's so good about he's on those message boards with you guys, and he knows what everyone's joint he raises. Email so like he lets us no especially when something this horrible happened and so we found out that on Tuesday, as one day when we choose ever found out this morning, yeah that that too different murdering, as in Seattle, more separately from its says so, leader burns and Samantha field, or both murder you go to them. My favorite facebook page there's more information. We actually dont know a lot of information ourselves, but we just to acknowledge them in our so heartbroken over it and not just because of their for the sins of the pact, obviously, but because it is really breaking and me. We feel like their friends of ours and just feels really. It feels like war. This club and we ve lost,
to members, and it feels horrible and in such an answer the terrible way like just we're thinking about you guys, because they are your friends- and you know this is this- is your guys community that your building, and so you are all connected and the idea that something like that would happen? You and your community is just heartbreaking, so thinking about you and and were so sorry and were so sorry to the families and hopefully they'll be quick, for the for the one that that is right now there they dont know as much information and hopefully that That case will be solved quickly. Neither one is just an incredible tragedy here I mean they both are but yeah, there's just so much loss and were so sorry here. Ok, so my positive thing this week there. I just want to give this shout out to this
This movie that I can put on in the background and Vincent, I put it on at night when we get home from going out and we just want to watch something, and it's just even started at any point. It just makes me so happy. It's called Lawson. Less plays itself. Oh you seen. I know it's oh good. It's a documentary about LOS Angeles in the movies and shows all the old school movies in other places and things in LOS Angeles and the background rebel that cause all these places and its use is really lovely lovely, thing to put on as a nice traction and weaken this watch at an end, you're. So I'd love to see that's so good at surly funnier. After all, this shit with you couldn't saying much like the perfect being like doing what it actually is. Really Bernie Sanders bang itself yeah. I therefore address on their there. I mean there.
I think he was in new york- will never might well that's in Asia to its like. There said this is New York, but here's LOS Angeles downtown him the orphans, and there is well, oh, that's ratio downtown outlay and what its pretending to be or when there to live and die in allay and what parts of our aid and its married it by the skies over them a soothing, lovely monotone voice. Oh such a fucking, it's such a good. She said good living creature. That I really like amazing anger. I love I looked to live Dinah lays a good Maria O minds, also kind of on the same. It is making me laugh, There are people, they were giving us suggestions for what this segment of July and it was smithy here people had some hilarious suggestions but we should think of an actual for here, because people are. I need you ponds, of course, which God people of panic, but I think we have yet How much I can think of one. Why say this one of her? I just
last night I watched my. We all got to write to episodes on baskets the season and my second almost on last night and it made me laugh now. Look I mean it part of the reason it makes me laugh is because Zack Martha and Louie. They re so my ear. So we get credit for stuff that we did not write and its awesome. I mean like watching Zack Riff and knowing that the things like he just write, he just rights the best cook. So I remember when I can't remember what the actual joke, as was to be but Christine best, its says to chip she's like Chap it's not a competition and because, yes, it is mother, everything is maybe Lazard. That was totally sacks joke, but the there were things in it. That were, so finally to make up- and I remember when I was making him up thinking-
This is gonna, work like having that feeling and it, but it's so hard to believe in that when you're just making something up in writing on and of course I was targeted. How much I love Jonathan Chryslers, my boss on that show in the director and the visionary of that show and the one that makes it work it's his doing, but he was like no, no. No. This is exactly how it should be in this ending scene where they are all in this hollowing store having a fight as a family is just like I was laughing at my own writing, which use Anything I watch of my own gives me great pain near gives me lots of like retroactive shame. Regret- and I should have done this better and I shaved on this- and I just purely enjoyed myself long- it was really fun and I don't know those guys are just we get it. It's just the coolest thing to be a part of so that was exciting.
Ass. I I know will call it bragging corner. Have it that the positive plays positive, positive, vibes, positive, yes, Sire Party vibes party vibes, yet my every party lives the hashtag. I think party lives what he said This gives me party vibe here I mean I'm going to be sarcastic everytime, I say it if its party vibe smoke as it's stupid, I mean it as a joke known I knives. No, I mean I like pretty via slower. Ok, let's keep work shopping that you know it lets could opinion and with
king workshop and let's do party vibes is best of right now. There's all these people are like, I tweeted something better on India. You did you re here now, you're, absolutely right about your own idea. Don't ever listen at anybody else's outside insular, don't bother party viruses what it is until we think of a better idea, ok and we'll get there, that's the one to beat, cash thinks listening, we we love this community and we love being part of and were so fucking great far yeah. We really, Are you guys listening and for what happened or lie? We don't talk about it because, like we said, were fucking terrified, it's gonna fall apart knowledge and we say that live shows would doubtless it on record episodes. That's true how insanely incredible I? I want to say my life has become because of this podcast its share in a way that I think
it fell and through wormhole, when I was a kid and ended up here because just no way that this is real. It's so true, it's so fires, because I was a today was my therapy. Today, the therapy day. Where, which is when I get especially like raw kind of like am I saying there: I did have a moment where I told my therapist. It really does feel like everything has come together. It's like it's that feeling I get the end of a prayer for Owen, meaning where all the semi understands why he was doing that trick, shot with his friend the whole time, because then there in the war together whatever had that feeling of lake, That way, you know I've been doing lately where I'm like. Oh, I got it. I've been trained for I know what I'm doing here and it's fine makes sense layer, its think What we are saying is. Thank you. Thank you guys for listening. Thanks. A part of it. It's we're having the best time, we're glad you guys are having the best time fuckin.
Hurry. We're so grateful end and say: Saxon, don't get murdered by by Elvis cookie. Where you, what do you want a cookie double one cookie. He got that you could not answer. Keeps justice.
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