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124 - Errant Duct Tape

2018-06-07 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the unsolved crimes of Mr. Cruel and the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft. 

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This is exactly right. Begin hello and welcome this is my favorite murder. This is it true crime podcast, where We get real serious and then there's a weird for sound. In the background that was Did you hear that c o
was probably coming, but really throw me off. My aim was not enter start. No. My gave an outright my aim and your high game. My pod, can't pick podcast name is usually real tight. Now, when you train record, you use a small rubber ball just for dexterity and just like to throw against the wall or against Islamic Hacha and, like you, can tell there's a montage usually or it's like. My brain, getting bigger podcast part of my brain is growing and what songs plain during that montage? Would you say soon? I ought I I of the tiger all day every day. That's all us, my brain, it's not the other hit song by that same band. My brain is swelling causing in cranial crusher. No, it's it's just clowns laughing zest, song clowns, necessity, sound of multiple clowns laughing! That's pretty soothing!
is it the kind of clown laughter where they have a there's, a raspy wheeze, where you can tell that they are also a hobo on a train guy say that kind of cloudless got a cigar that looks like a just blew up like how to trick blow up a thing in a colleague crusty the clown. Exactly do you know that somebody mentioned somebody cited this and actually sit in? Maybe they were just being sarcastic, but you know how named one of our episodes breakfast wine or morning? I like this, why they think it's from arrested development, Oh really yet something it's it's something that the mom says, which I'm sure
If I said it I stole from like that's that's all I do. I think I've had breakfast wine before. Ok, it's those traces letter in the little elects a kind of an actual end of inaccurate and all I just think it's funny that people would be giving us credit words. Like Ireland shows from eight years ago, but now he sat at first rather good assembly with a murderer, you know that's from the Simpsons Eddie, that's how I thought of it does now. We didn't know that, but now we know now. We know now that somebody tried to get the patent on the added. Everyone went. What the law are you doing that went away, quick, as I think some weird person in Canada not to say Canadians are weird, but you know your we're now tried to
again trademark the word Marino and after all it is. I can feel or like fuck you and then they were sending cease and desist letters to people on Etsy or making fuck like if you and I haven't done it- that person, whoever the fuck. You are yes, some third party words like sorry wait where. How are you involved in any of yes nonsense, and then they responded we're just trying to make sure that it's not abuse in any way we're trying to keep your job. Not your business is back off here, since it has also it also and also know, you're, not also don't lie. You tried a greedy move that we stand by it and be like I well I tried to make a greedy measures thing. I'm sending a seasoned assess to that person being a fucking count the system into says, being a fucking cutlets, you start seasoning and assisting people, I'm gonna send a cease and desist too.
Arrest development for stealing our ideas eight years ago, ok and putting them on secret yeah before we even met taken. Take that I was working at present. As they exist and unless fan mail with no and twenty two Twenty and I believe The year I decides up and get a divorce and moved to New York. I was like dealing. I change. My fall look here straight up. What's her face, the throwing her hat and their marriage ILO, yes to do is make a gesture in euros a year, marital more but the wrong city, and never will you did there. I had married s or no, I threw a hat at people, I'm her son.
But I will use one as now close my clothes. What's a club and hosts the nineteen twenty is like little. They like kind of flare up. There may look like german helmet, oh yeah, unless little Nell S, although she have you seen my fucking humongous figures. I have you seen my I can't fit into like hats and of normal ladys eyes, whose small, yet I might giant, had no huge head you have a huge area, you do. It does not look like it at all. It's a secret huge had really your keeping a great secret over there can get me I'm all over the map with this, I'm telling everybody with my head, I might add, is couldn't be bigger. There's nothing worse than people are like This is sending me into a spiral of thinking about having to get ready get ready to friends house where you're like say you guys want to the beach older than you make a decision. We ass at six o clock. We're gonna, go can I borrow dress or something great great. They give you the ugliest. Yes, they have the hay,
but this it's been lying about my closet this, because I know you and I know you're never going to return this to me. Let me give you something: I don't care, I don't care. If you don't look better than me and you will it better to be, and I dont actually care about your feelings are being so just put this phenomenon and ran up. I cannot tell you how many times or unlike well, I simply won't load for second location with that's from thirty rock, yes, nature site, you're, always site footnote that notes Irene. Yes, yes, I am just that idea, hats, or what made me think of one time. My friend I was I can do sunglasses I was so hung over in my friends car. She opens up her glove compartment and pulls out no joke. They were
checkerboard sunglasses, but they were also big, rounded cat eyes. So I looked like ours from cheap trick. Has it's like I say it? Can I not be the one I dont, like attention, raising your hand and being like I'm hung over to everyone who works by I'm on over like and I might be able to sell you. Ecstasy. If you ask me, with the right code, were very nice I learned that luckily we got that offer China guy. We talked about that yours and you haven't watched any true crime shit. No, the I've been deepened to things like cowards and which, if you haven't seen it and you like a period peace, they write at first stars. I believe, and it was with the best. Mister, Darcy Matthew, make saddened and a woman who you seen it a million things, but I don't know her name. Sorry. It was so good. It was so recently done it's. Better than the movie, which was with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, I can.
Believe, you haven't seen this because I think I slipped into your brain and watch this show on Netflix Cotonou COD safe. British procedure all o. This girl goes missing its of its based on a book by Harlin Cobain, who, I guess it's like a mystery reiner. Ok, I think I've heard that it's all british people covered with a beard, H, Cohen C, o b e and no ok. Ok, main dude: it's the dad he's the guy there. Some change tack on our what's goin on its blackened Michael see how, with the hardish british acts at you ever fucking Dexter yeah. Oh, I have two so distracting, but is also like distracting cause. It's so good, but its dear clearly a good fake british acceleration. These not originally Britain, he no! No, it doesn't seem to be, but I would love that as a reveal now like I've british this whole time, because I went to his house once I've been to his house why, my friends friend those having a party there- and he was very nice- not british, ok
Although what if the party he was putting on an american axes like people want me to do my Dexter thing when I'm supporting and I'm studying, Thoreau usually battery, no really everything we do is I really gonna carry out. He turns out also have a half an hour left of killing Eve and I'm really excited about. I just started killing low. You re Loveday, though I mean loved the those those two Ladys Sandra and the woman she's good she's got a foreign name. Therefore we don't have to remember. I don't even think that's true. I was she but she's great. That's a good show. There's also lots of great british actors in that show how the dude, who plays the bill, the boss, the asshole boss, cool boss. I love that guy yeah he's from I knew you'd know him. I'm happy
about that for leviathan. Anyway, that's a delightful shaggy actually and then did you see somebody treated at us that they went to say, worm ordering o shirt and then a bunch of people yelled at them, and they had like a moment. I love very cool. I hope I hope sender O heard. That knows that we think she's Brad. We love you Shanter Alcor. She placed this bumbling detective. Yes, I love it, but lake. It made me think of cause. I don't watch grace anatomy knives watched it a little bit. We underline obsessed with Greece and Adam. I know I'm not a grace, may craze american anatomy and then added Meyer there. It is I'm really trademark that women at Anatomy Anna when she as in the mother tongue, when she was in sideways, try just re watched once again cause I get so good
She is so sexy in that, just like you, Massey Hair and then in sin. In this one killing zeal with killing Eve attitude. That's a movie! Is God, with Norway and pretending to be like to know who's in anything killings, always a different launch, its with the guy who was in the mask, extorts and then and then Julie Duffy. Whoa home, because I had a big crush on her Julie's Althea K gone anyway, Well, you know what I want to say is she's the different when I first started, watching killing Eve all think of was, I can't believe it's the same person who was in sideways being the sexy girl. That has the affair here, because she is doing kind of like my dumpy thing, so funny she's girl, she's, Graham, I want, come and do a quick flag in. Piece of business, would you it's not that
give. This park has some fucking structure. I will not. So we have a fan called now. A fan club that you before you go on my favorite murderer com. You can join it, you get a free teacher, the faculty, shirt and enamel pan, and then we also do like we're interposed videos or of his old live shows that we know are posted before you. I think that's a big deal. Action rightly demanding an early mention that English is urging this week yeah the fan called right now. It's like you know you pay money and then you get to be a form of the Elles gets to be on and we that's when we're like posting tore videos and such like that when we could
We are going to start releasing old live shows that we ve never released before higher on the fan called yet. So, if you are one of the people, the likes to tweeted s once a month for three years straight about how you want your episode of the show that Europe be posted. Well guess what join that Fancourt, because then that's how you're gonna be ok. Well, actually we should start a chat room. Is that such a thing? I dont want to in the forum on the Vancouver and say which ones you want to see that our final, which lie like started three, because I dont remember what any of them were like, but ok So now people are posting. So happy we'll just started: posting photos our pets in the fan club t sure did I get for free and it's the bower. So for I, love outweigh made seed and put a Slide slight, a slide show up on Instagram, and so I want everyone to now. Hashtag fan cult pets when you
your pet in there and we'll make slideshows like once a week of the pets with the t, shirts cuz it's cool like, and then there was one who posted a fucking goat and a t shirt today, and it just made my day. That's a funny thing because, we need couple times I posted. I took the dumbest picture in the world of George and then I had to postik ass. She looked so stupid, because I was weirdly over her, so her eyes were cross, but it looks smiling and she's these tiny little teeth anyway, every am I post a picture of either of my dogs, people spawned with pictures of their die lover, and it is the curious most fun things. Then it's just like it's as morale returning dogs are talking to each other. I love it, nor, as I am sullens exactly inside us, as I I think in this day and age, where we think around us is an onslaught of horror. You need like picture of a dog and assure thank you,
and having van cult pets and some day I'll, put Marty in his fuckin fan culture that my party join the ankle on his own accord. God bless him, even though I would have given it to him for free, I'm, not a fuckin cheapskate I would have given. I would give you twenty bucks seagoing half on Marty's membership. I have to say that people have mentioned this, but I think a pretty good deal. Forty bucks for one full year so my very exercise, because if you rash, if you work it out like one of the great accountants of the world's try not to shit on, counts anymore, it's kind of that works out to you paying about. Quarter and episodes one it twenty five cent piece for
episode of this pot and you get a t, shirt and a narrow pen and you get to talk to money and if I can talk to people and you get to be there on the inside line when we start doing actual shit that people carry out and when that when we do live. Where are we trying to us and do or no there's no try, and will you wrote that Georgia is not like that? That's mine and I might the bird dog tags note at the end of the day, but that does not be whether or not you are to make friends of actually I'm too over the ship array. So last episode was alive, one from Dublin. The episode prefer that was our famous Paul's episode night. Karen is still recovering from dude age, I listen I mean to listen to the poles of yes. I like this will be for the first time lake. I do come and myself for a not cry, be not
not leaving, I actually really really wanted to leave when he first was in the room. I know there is that value or I was like I could here's what I could do. I get a hold up my valet ticket like there's something wrong with my car and walk out that door and there's nothing they can do like you just have to keep on with our next time. I see you, I know what I I'll deal with that later, when I was a paint, it was fighter flight and I really was a thing or as like. I can't do it. I didn't realize you did great value Haiti's arising yourself. Yes, that was, but also trying to form sentence. Were you, presenting your fucking, dumb theory to person who worked on the king, I know I know I felt really stupid. I felt so stupid, but I guess. That's just how it's going to be a mere is I'm just saying there was like he was very patient with us, considering like she's the best person on the plan, everything you need to know like he was he's. Not just like that. When he's
recorded or whatever he's. He is like that in person he like deserves all the accolades he gets. He was such a lucky. Nice person can help. I have never been friends with a cop before wrap them use them. First, it was so nice, you know that's the thing is I do no cops yeah, you guys are people, my family and the out over my panic in that moment of he's actually in this building was I didn't want him. Come through that door and be what I thought I outlined, which is a swaggering condescending. Unto, Sir he's a science based. I had that fear of, like you know, as I've said, a million times working in television, you learn very quickly. You do not want to meet your heroes right. You do not that person that you're, like that person's great thereon, grace anatomy, no fuck, no you're going to have the worst experience and you're going to be heartbroken, so that was part of I like a lake now with this guy's corny
or laying down just tell later be. I have this self esteem issue where I don't think professional people want to talk to me, because I can drop that a community drop that it can you cause you they could tell from merely add knowledge hungry you it's a thing of like when you go to a party and like they're, your friends and then there's some girl there and is so where so, what college did you go to reign? Someone asked me a question. I wanna get mean, but I know it's only because I am really sorry conscious of it, but also like. Why are you asking me that I'm thirty seconds having years on me at all, so some people- that's all they have. I point was, but I felt very comfortable around there's a lot. There was a lot of reason to be insecure, Le Loggia reasons to be insecure and He was hit his whole person, personality and demeanor was exactly the kind of made you go he'll want to hear my theory out why he was he looked one when vice area like he made us feel like he did want to hears out, do bid bullshit totally stare
exciting he's a lovely person and I have to say I know why we didn't take picture we should have taken video coming, suddenly scared and pay, and yet we are panicking, but but I was not say we had a lovely conversation after we stopped according to cause. I was like waiting just leave here and then make an excuse. You are to be like girls. You're welcome goodbye, but here is the best part I dont think. Did we say this? The last on the many solar something by weight. He told us afterwards because we assumed he was just in town here. He traveled down from northern California, specifically to be on the pot castle, but no that was magical together that we were very lucky. My thing, Karen, I say to myself, dont realistically episode. Have it has a nice memory in your mind, and why
away clean. Knowing that you didn't let your pants or do anything you didn't write and to give it a an italian style, kiss little walk away, long away on the next kiss him to the face of it. Yeah onto the next investigator, who seldom a massive called case, steer surest during opposite. Perfectly white teeth, he must not drink coffee. I can't how do you get through his teeth are perfect, why I know ok, Missouri, Maybe they pass out teeth minors on first class southwest there.
You see you get your own crest white stress at the beginning of Friday and you take them off the runway behind me. I got to say the we're not being paid by them, but those motherfuckers work criteria, by which I mean clearly I dont know, have you ever used. Look at my fucking run tea. Now I had my teeth professionally whitened once and I was like going out there waitin, but there too now they're, just still all short irish teeth. What's the point, that's like don't wash the curtains on the front of your shitty house. I shouldn't current on the part of your city, I'm getting the curtains fully replace with it. I'm gonna get teeth so big and white and Hollywood that they're gonna look like cartoon t. There are just one strip in that. Have you no individual teeth it just gonna. Look like stuck in one big thing of earlier replaced the whole Fuckin house, european, demolish the house and your inability to economic mansion. I mean in its place iraqi. It could be a Fuckin houseboat house, but with teeth made of tea. Let's get why
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I'm. Just it's less further caffeine and more just a brown, my teeth down a tiny that more than just gotta, get that perfect mocha, I'm tanning, my t tat are it the Allison look at spy a second time looking lesson: guy to Mister Crow. Oh fine, now good good wine, I know re paying yeah I've been starting it forever and then, just with this whole gonna say killer thing, which I am sure everyone is sick of. Hearing s talk about. Who cares fuck man? I will never stop talking about it. I've I'm I'll, never stop by. What were you? Are you starting with this, because the Mr Cruel, the First piece of news, the day of the arrest or the day before the arrest the day that it was announced that the golden state killer, a suspect had been to apprehend it, and so wasn't even like yeah
gonna. Why are you familiar with industry because I have golden secular and IRAN's on my google, or so I get those news things whenever they come out call, and it was just a news piece, it said- is Golden Stay killer, MR cruelly, like that's we're just out of the blue somebody's, just like asking a question and then it was like several hours later, where they're like they have a dna right so but also they were like gold and secular linked to MR cool cruel, which is really exciting. The thought of killings. Like two birds, I guess that's a bat whizzing like fucking catching these two elusive. You know I'd, say equally fucking, traumatic cases, yeah at the same time- would have been awesome, didn't happen, but about that. What's our, I won't talk a lot about that, but what about actually would have been beyond crazy guess. It's like golden secular, inhabit self is mine, blowing and crazy, and there
the idea that works. Like then you're, just just pulling down yeah, ok, the case. You knew he says this, so Mister Crawley. I want to say it with similar, but at the end of the of what it did to the public, but I think it it's consequently were so little known and it wasn't known his scope and how much later wrath. So it's hard to say that, but it did. This is one of those cases where it changed life in the suburbs. In Melvin moments like outer reaches forever, and eighty is one of those o. The eighties are fucked up. We can't let our kids play outside yeah it it just latin and fuckin indelible scar on that, yes, elsewhere, environment by wearing out, they don't make up a word. You didn't you, you used it. You used correctly in here, and you didn't even stop until the Andrea didn't even question myself into an until the right. Here we go
late eighties, too early nineties in the suburbs of Melvin, Australia, a serial pedophile rate, this known as Mr Cruel was fuckin. Traumatize everyone right. Here we So on December, twenty seven nineteen, eighty eight in Ringwood, which is a working class suburb of Melvin and about I'm thirty. I am a man wearing a blue scheme. Ask and dark blue overalls breaks into the home of John and Julie wills where they it. Therefore, daughters first goes to the parents bedroom and puts a kind of Mr Welles Temple, Jewish, screaming to her daughters to fuckin, run our egg o. Could you imagine waking up to your mother screaming round? Yes, no, I can't believe he tells you to stop screaming and asks at he tells her soft screaming and asks the dad. If he's going to be a hero,
which is such a fucking threatening thing. I said when he forces them to lie, face down on their bed and ties up with copper wire. He he tells them- and this is one of his bruises- that I'm just here for money. So are compliant, so they let them Let him tie them up and they take thirty five dollars. The scant extorted acknowledging the nightstand air men this man heads for the kids room cuts. Telephone cables in the bedroom, where ten year old Sharon and her siblings or sleeping I know this is fucked up and hormone children are involved in its big. You know that it's one of the most famous gangs. I would have Australia and when we were there, we people, talk to us about the timing is like for life shows. You just can't do these. Yes, as this is the kind of one year We do want to know and forgets these and the horrible party not like the atom lost one for us. It's it's not solve than it's fucking insane and very solvable yeah. Maybe ok.
So sharing is a ten year old, she's, a quiet girl. She plays a lot of musical instruments and she sings the victorious children's choir. He addressed her by name which he may be new, because their house had been a feature in the newspaper six months earlier after the hum cut on fire or maybe from being in the choir. But that thing I like you, a child in the newspaper and these fucking patent like we should stop printing children's names in newspapers. Maybe I mean, if only that, would solve that correct seeber right so he lifts sharing from her bulk blue falls and gags her and after grabbing a few items of Sharon's clothing, he leaves the home with her takes. Mr Mrs was fifteen minutes should get free. They see that the daughters, missing and their function. Kathy, go next door, wake up the neighbours and they call the police there's no trace of Sharon and no witnesses could be found.
Have press conferences. The cops are going crazy to find her. Eighteen hours later just after midnight a woman finds Sharon standing on a street corner. I forgot to fucking as late as six kilometers from her home under the issue a couple miles rate, I think it's like three miles or so yeah she's three miles from home, she's wearing a man's sure and wrapped in garbage bags all she's alive. We live in a calm voice. She says to the women my name share in Wales and I was taken from a whole, my home, this morning a man Ask me here and told me to go and ring home. This woman was like what the fact he asked She scribe, Sharon is being brave and calm and police were called and sharing has brought home She had been blindfolded throughout her whore hull eighteen hour. Ordeal says she couldn't describe her attacker, but she was able to give them many other details about
her time in captivity the man had taken or do a house in sexually assaulted. Her She said he was occasionally grasp, but mostly soft spoken and seem to be carrying, and she eating is the word. Gentle just sofa creepy he gave her a glass of milk and a regiment sandwich and some lemonade, so he was like feeding her and caretaking. Her before you, Her go thou. He made her shower thoroughly yeah. He brushed and soft. Her teeth. And he trembled claimed her nails. Thoroughly washing away any forensic evidence. So clearly he was a wearable, even nineteen. Eighty eight he was then I just go cod caught rights at ever went back and think of the key lay a sheet down on the bathroom floor maker, stand on it after the bath and and dressed her there like, wouldn't let her feet The ground wound
and she describes police house. She he made her stand in a large plastic garbage bag. Was she pulled up and taped to her shoulders? Put another back over her head and taped it her body before cutting our small hole for her face and then draw you're out of females warehouse telling her to walk to the nearest house to call home. So a hunt, an hundred dollar no thousand dollars. Reward is offered for information. Sharon's abduction This is the first word offered in an abduction case in the states history who also they never offered roared before there were some. Couples aspects, but nobody pan out his now Abduction took place eighteen months later on July. Third, ninety ninety in Canterbury just we're ten miles from Sharon's house. It's an affluent suburb authority you're, a girl, Nikola Linus she's interference sister Fiona their home alone in their families. Rented house for their parents were out
and they were only he was to be done for like two hours. So please think that the sky was canvassing area. The law, his family, was moving back to England after the fathers three or transfer had ended for his job of price Waterhouse, so they were packed and are ready to leave within a few days. Then the party that there are those where the parents were out was a farewell party for them. Nikola is dry, is described by her. Parents is a hard working girl, one of the top students. At about one thousand, one hundred and thirty p dot m. Both girls are shaken awake by a masked man armed with a long knife and a handgun after a we're window of the house wearing a black scheme, ask fifteen fear, is tied up and left on her bad wealth. Thirteen year old, nickel is forced into another room and told to gather her school uniform, Blazer tuna and writers are issues for those yet not from Australia
before leaving with her mister cruel, tells Fiona to tell her father that he would release Nikola unhurt if they pay a twenty five thousand dollar ransom. So Mister Crow, then walks Nikola out of the house and uses the lot steals lionesses family, rent, a car and fuckin takes off a car, so Mister and Missus line is to write home about thirty minutes later they find Fiona on her bed. I tied up a massive search begins and Mr La spoken, a press conference and offered the ransom. Many that Mr Cunha didn't reach out. They couldn't get a hold of him. He's Fulla shit is another fuckin red herring, so they would look into his his business dealings. All that shit o rate and be strategy by something else just like in the past when and where they were like. He was therefore money. He was stealing shit right now,
instead, they they found the rent a car, a couple blocks away, so he had just driven it to his car as another like waited throw off police the following day. Nikola is left alive. The electric and electricity sensation in Q about three miles from her home. Just for two am she's fully oh she's, wrapped in a blanket it was her fortune birthday. She went home called her father. She went to her home and called her father. So she had been gone for fifty hours, shit, shit, police about her that her abductor had driven. Her too the area and then, when he was taking her MAC, he had driven her. There walked around a little consequence, views her eyes or tape, shut major sat with her head between her legs and took off, and he was gone by the time she removed her blindfold that she had been worrying for fifty fuck it. Shit. I believe that she was masked and bound throughout the ordeal, but was
threatened by the violence she had been, food and drink she described your attacker as affectionate and chummy like what a fuck psychopath yeah this it also it's making me think of a policy on twitter is somebody said: do you think that the EAST Airy rape, as are the golden secular, could also be this case and they brought up some other northern California store it. Maybe it was the I've I've strangler emitted, just somebody another case, and then he was talking about the different between the one. Is he I remember this like one is a friendly person, one as stroking the hare, pretending that it's a consensual situations, hack and then it golden say killer is, as I say, I say, Sung s arrest and psychological asked leave out an I mean what if we you tat, saved up and I'll just read. Paused wonder, however, no on your stories are used as near impossible. The sweater,
I might have to get a therapy more there more there being. He calls her Missy, fantasy games. He played with her. She said, The meticulous in covering his forensic tracks- and she also told them that he had watched the press conference where her father had spoke alpha with her in the world and he was commenting on it to nickel about it, like can you imagine, being kidnapped person and you're in the room where your father's pleading for your fucking return and he's just like commenting on that so our colleague so darn. It must aid so disorienting and upsetting anyway and then and then you're just kind of Lake Erie the looking glass, I think that, like I think, at some point in the past ten years. It hit me how terrifying being blindfolded must be yeah. So I Jaso Iconic gives me a panic attack whenever I think about that yeah, so that and then to be hearing. What's going on on the tv to us to be so scary and ok, it was then reported. So then the cops at this.
The police are able to connect these two cases, Sharon and Nicholas, and they didn't make this public Lately they connected these two cases and then they realized there. Been another attack that they could link it to beforehand in August nineteen, eighty seven, so this is the previous one What about an eleven year old girl, she's never been named, for? I am aware a mask and carrying us a small hang on and a large hunting knife. He removes a window pane and wound of the house in the suburb of lower plenty? Is the name of the suburb Melvin number one we member like this so cute here now it's scary place, but they have Q, dresses Lastra, says So he first again- and it's in a couple of these stories that I run online it it sounds like he went straight to the parents room like he knew.
Rooms. Everyone was end, meaning he cannot anything that he's watching now exactly so he for heat appearance and forces into land. Their stomachs ties their hands and feet. He uses exe. Thirdly, tied knots commonly used by sailors and those familiar with securing loads. Again, the knots are like distinct, he gags them and put surgical tape over their eyes and locks than in their bedroom closet. He says, get into the wardrobe and sit down one is money liar liar, the like, of course, are complex, complacent complicit. Some client comply all of them being complacent. Thank them because their light he just wants money. I dont need to defend my family. Let's just go on with what he says. It's it's such a great ruse, because if you were like, I just wanna kill your daughter they'd be like fuck that shit, I'm in a kid I'm in a fight to the death rate. You know
Yes, exactly it! There's a element of relaxation is right here. Take anything you want. Yes, what everyone says that a marble situations just like who care take, I want don't hurt us and who, like I'm, not gonna, I just want money. They go along with it, which is evil there's. The next thing I have, as is our six year old son as blindfolded and gagged, and he's tied to his bed, and then in the moment of this is the first known MR cruel attack. Then he spent the next two hours in the house, sexually assaulted, the eleven year old daughter in how he stays in the house. He doesn't kidnap her, so, This is truly his first attack, which we dump but as a course then he's he is clearly with these other two cases. Irish acted out escalating, yet he takes them away and keeps them for longer and longer times when this one that happened before he doesn't it
Fuckin house he's in no hurry. He even takes a brick to make something to eat in the kitchen, just like the fucking golden secular, and I wonder- and I don't mean to collect question you on this day it well if the knots are the same at these round in similar to the golden particular member. Has he spent some time in the Navy in Australia? That's why they were wondering if he was had something to do with this Katy Angelo did yeah legal, say Keller gossiped Angelo spent time in the Navy in Australia, shit yeah, but in time framer before way before, like unless they late sixties. So he was familiar with that going. There would have been a weird thing for him. Well, but I wonder if those knots were taught in the name of God it or in Australia for some reason he, yes, he also search the home and he did steal a box of classical records and hope
but they think that was a red herring too, but unless we re just fuckin in classical records are maybe he's like one of those fucking. Where does that's all grabbing? Unlike, I need something decided roses thanks illicit girls and guys check your dad's record collection and see if he has an errand box of classical music and then turn him into the Melvin police, australian, classical music. That's right! the girl later toll police that he had made a phone call near her wash while she was tied up and threatened another family with physical violence. She said he told the person on the phone to move their children or they would be in danger and that he called the person he phone bozo. You like
I was one of his like nicknames for people, but one please check the phone records it revealed that was no phone call made. So that was another at herring for her to tell him about that. But I don't understand. I believe it. I dont know why. But that creeps me out worse than everyone talking to nobody on the fake phone. Yes, I hate that so Maya, it's like dear. I get because I hate bad acting, as you know, was bad acting, but leg but that idea of what I'm doing something like it sit, there's a control element to it of one doing something, and it's not for any one. But this girl right here and the police who come in, It's like a shocking. Ah thing of all is that you don't know. What's going on and then you more don't know what it's like: it's it's a call was coming from inside. The house have a thing again, but then workers have been shitty back, then cause what let doesn't make any sense unless he's just trying to make this girl, think that he is a referral of full time, twenty seven criminal
You know rapists threat that where it's like he wants a bad guy white man, I'm going to go, do than my other thing re right, so they they think those gesture at hearing which was one of his stupid signatures. This fuckin asshole, ok, so this connection main Mr Poul, a household name and that the name is cruel comes now when he is described by victorian police, an elite, the two a police- nordic Dorian values goes out loud and clear time travel anything visit, Jack. The ripper investigators, like Alan, really really quick, there's gonna be a future case. No, madam you. What's my mustache really now went up in Victoria police in the late eighties describe this guy in the papers as super cool and super cruel, and so some fuckin smart out joint journalist was like, That's his name, mister, crow
wait. Sorry who would describe this has cool mistlike cool as in like cooling, cucumber God like he's tongue out at the house and shed he will we not ask any area not like you know, who's cool not wake up the funds HU, the only call person I can think of our annual array- and I was thinking of this- the worst people- ok name, one person, you're thinking I forgot already, you know, Cato Kalen cool you know we ve been married. Her departure would afford Kate, ok, you know what I know is Cato Gale and no it's not and we are not suggesting it now. I met him very nice person very nice. Everyone says he's the nice and cool and cool one thing. They say about a super. Ok,
The police are now cuts Mary concern because in the police they want to give them credit. The investigators were fucking on this shit, hard core from like from guy like they'll, from get from get links up there, double anywhere. But I'd say that later, ok, so Police are worried because the time last week and his attacks is decreasing, while the time he holds his victims is increasing, and so the police announced that they believed MR cruel to be responsible for at least six attacks for this since nineteen. Eighty four, but they didn't give descriptions, but they did say that not all the victims were children that they didn't like tell you which attacks at work, but they think that he's escalating beyond these other ones. These older ones fed his Emma also the idea of children being the victim as an escalation. Marker makes a lot of sense because it's like you attack a person near you to attack another adult or whatever, but it is especially evil and disgusting and and awful to be
like take a ten year old out of their bad? Absolutely, but you think the guy that wouldn't be the escalation, because you'd the kid first because they ve been easier at her handle than an adult your woman, another woman, and I mean it, solves its Alice and don't do either. Look look and listen. Don't do that. I'm so do! Oh! Oh, are you the serial killer listening to this park, as do us a favour? fucking knock it off. Please get help You need how or just go go into the woods for awhile yeah just stay away. Just don't do it! Please people have plans, they have fun stuff. They want to do so so because very little evidence is left behind because he is so good at hiding his tracks, the illness and the investigation in finding him is a total debt and even other fuckin crazy. Looking one piece of evidence that emerged and later interviews with Sharon and Nikola was out
was girls. The surf and greedy recalled hearing low fine planes over the house where they were held captive, o o What do you think that met four per second argument? with their her low lying planes like days before it was getting parachuting ailer. I plain, like you, reek on how these so scary. That would be her is like The red baron is come after you know, that's not what happened low, but that's actually it's the other thing of your blindfolded, and so then you can fucking here ran your traumatize, so you're, listening to everything in your email and largest laying their the ethical so bad for them, so they purely flying plans where they are held captive. You said that it sounded like the plans were coming into land, which is like girl get it.
Its work with the civil aviation authority, to pinpoint flight paths and based on description from the girl based a minister from the girls about the frequency and loudness of the flights, but just so interesting that, like every little detail counts, you know never ones like as our anything else. You can think I've. I've told you everything. It's like you just, don't know what can matter yeah so they're, so based all of that they determine at the girls, had heard planes on the flight path to tell a marine airport, so they like pinpointed the Fuckin Airport near Melvin, so Miss whose final known attack or a list is fuckin depressing. Unless your girls file known attack, place nine months after nickel as attack on the evening of Saturday April thirty. First, that's my right April. Thirteen Ninety ninety one in temples toe it's a high and suburb of Melvin, close to the other attacks. Thirteen Harold Carmen Channel is home, babysitting her chew younger sisters.
A totally normal occurrence, as their parents worked long hours and the family is successful. Chinese restaurant lose just ten minutes away. The high the chance or hardworking couple they built a small restaurant and property development empire since migrating from Hong Kong. Sixteen years earlier, they worked like fifteen sixteen hours a day there home is described as being like a fortress. So too eighteen real house and its protected by to meet her fence with electric front gates looking around on security, so leaving their three daughters at home is not that big of a deal rightly taken measures. Yeah Carmen went to the same school is Nikola, which has earned coincidence, or is it a red flag herring? We don't know is Herring wrapped in a flag. A red flag herring is anything
carbons principle describes her charming polite, enthusiastic and lovely shed a large group of friends and was extremely hard working. So the sisters are watching a documentary that Marilyn Monroe incursions bedroom, went around nine p m, the two elder sisters Carmen and the sister would decide to go to the kitchen, but their stopped in the hallway by us. Any man in a balaclava and He's carrying a large knife now you ve seen this fucking drawing up the violet Clodagh. Let supposedly handmaidens has he's crazy white stitches around my eyes around the mouth, so upsetting we're gonna posted Uninstall Emily pass the episode tomorrow. It's very terrifying. It should like worse than a regular balaklava, somehow and also one we oftentimes, these kinds of tourists come up the idea walking you're in your house. You think you know what's happening Norway and there's that, like,
therapists described as being mirror neurons. Where, when you picture something happened with someone, you actually sensation feeling and this stress reactor and strikes rash hormone has that's us empathizing with each other, that idea of
You know something weird happens in your brain like you can't you feel yourself, not registering it, because it so weird or you almost, I feel like. I saw that I would know. What's going on it, like you, think, it's a joke exactly well! Consider that its immediately a threat, yeah, there's as Tang time yeah, where you're just like there's, not someone in the hallway brain ass, the catch up to and what it means are, what status dad playing a trick on exactly they get so upsetting the awful. This is why I like pepper spray, first, like if you actually pepper, sprayer, daggers he's playing a trick on you in your dad. Fucking deserves yeah. I think that's a great way to teach practiced, thereby eyes. Internet media kicks someone in the deck if they jump out and ski area under another site. If it turns out that it's your friend fucking with here than they deserved it will, then they won't talk with you. Any maps allows for sure no one will fuck with the Lord who get around no one, but no one was to talk like that. I like that. I just explained why somebody on the hallways scary, as if that was my new idea for this, but ask com
we can say whatever we were. We really can certainly sell it. No one could stop, but no one, but now That is the current system of observer. Ok, so George Club Bit here's what scary that it's like that he has. You know like even in the golden say killer when he's wearing the Balaklava Scheme, ask you can see what is shape. His eyes are with yeah, maybe like the skin around or color, and as this one is made to its just people yards off, you can see his mouth. You can't describe a lip shape. Anything like that. It looks like something out of a metallic, a video or in like low. This is it's this creed That's down at the bottom of a clay pit. Are you suggesting James Hatfield is lit mysteries, mister, Crow? I'm saying why don't we look at him when it so I went was where was he and where they touring Australia, where they I do know they kicked off there,
it kicked off one of their tours in Petaluma at the Phoenix which is so hilarious. One is there a barrier band and deliberately were small and we were small and they were like will start there. These these people Hicks undesired weave. We are yet exposure of ethics, but we contain so much more multitudes. Ok, stop! This is horrible. It's the worker, ok, ok! He grabs both the girls, Norway by their hair forces, carbons, two younger sisters into a closet bars the door with the bed. The two younger later tat police at the intruder called out. I won't hurt you. And by the time the girls pushed their way out of the cupboard. I think those like fifteen minutes later there's, no trace and no sign of carbon police dogs trace com
sent through the House pass the families car in the driveway which they find a spray painted with the words pay back, pay back asian drug dealer and more to come. That right now, I'm onto it now you know they are there they track across the garden. Then the tennis court, through the gate at the scent, is lost on the street, based on the Emma Course depletion like its mother fucking, MR across this, is bad so and unfortunately, search for Carmen starts out badly because a re for last lesson, a second amen they. They were all these tasks just put together around tried really hard to solve this didn't work. Look! Here's a negative thing like and lessen the initial police officer in charge that night set up. Command post, inside of the car, the Commons House, the crime scene,
inside the hell? Oh, oh, so he brought everyone. An area like this is a crime scene. Everyone get in here meet me in the middle of the house that what but it's the ladys. Ninety once a basically I Nesta, that's might be too late to amend the air. What do the town, the tennis court or something Yanza in eighteen room house here outside, so so that is it and I set up as a people or swarming the house which was supposed to be a crime scene, which meant it wasn't sealed off, as it should have been possibly destroying right. A lot of evidence. But knowing Mr Cruel had released Sharon Wells after eighteen hours and nickel Nikola Linus after fifty the chance had hope that their daughter would be home soon, but those mine's past, and there is no sign of Carmen and no word from Mr Cruel so because of the statement in the car police also spent months. Sifting through every aspect of MR chance live to see if the abduction was maybe drug or business related.
Have to yeah. They did it's a goddamn, it was they built a kind of new it wasn't but had to deal with. It's like work time, Jani exactly fuckin waste. They found Mister Sherwin Squeaky clean and that the slogans where another at herring and had sent the police on another wild goose chase. So Nikola and Carmen went to the same school. Carmen had been inductive abducted during a school holiday and the other girls had been abducted around or on school holidays to so the investigator surmise that maybe misrule has worked in education or had a partner who did and then had that partner had gone away out of town for the school holiday. Oh yeah, so they fuckin last every one of these crazy questions that might have been another adhering to two legs spend time asking teachers and principles and people who work with a question so that didn't have anything to do with its findings are already are so many red herrings and gay out like this and then just adding more to the piled since it please
In fact it would a cop rate right. So dramatic quote: police need your help poster, and it's almost like that to me this reminds me of when we used to see the milk carton. The kids are not cardinal like terrifying thing. Your kids. This poster showed photographs of the three known victims and offered a three hundred thousand dollar reward for information, leading them. Mr Crewels conviction its it was sent to every home in Victoria and some in New South Wales and South Australia, which was a first every single home. Well, huge versions were plastered on hundreds of billboards and smaller ones were displayed on melons buses and trams. It change life in Australia forever. In the standard we thought it was safe or no, it's the eighties. No one is safe, but he's my quote way. That's right, Phyllis Chan, oh honey, the mother, Mother K. I, what
on a pod cast. This is the part, will just start playing her talking at the press conference, which is the most traumatized sad scary thing. I've ever heard of my own knows: I'm not doing because she's so upset. She If you listen to it, if you can handle shit like this, but I I was listen. Picture as walking through reach an m and as was the case my eyes I lose out and then she starts playing and why I got just chills down my whole body. It's so like you, the grief you can hear in her voice is heartbreaking. Yeah. So she makes these emotional please to him to Mr Prodi, to bring her daughter home. She offers rewards she offers to switch places, shoppers her life for her daughter. I know that's also a person etc. I mean like obviously that's when any mothers gonna feel, but then it makes me go she
She wasn't in a good place to be making any statement whatsoever if you're they know he's watching sailor like let's just let her tar and she calls she says. I won't call you, Mr Cruel, I'm calling you, Mr Kind, because I know your kind and you'll let her go like just trying to fucking. That's good psychology re trying to reason with him. It's so heartbreaking, so for almost a year? There is hope of Carmen safer churn by on April. Ninth. Ninety ninety two four days sure short of the first anniversary of currents, abduction, a man is walking his along ignores Creek and Thomas town. When discoverers a shoe scrawl in some in a land of dna confirms its arm school and she'd been shot three times in the head. They were able to find some other bones, but she'd been shot three times the had the head of homicide squad sinks carbons body had been there for nearly twelve months.
Maybe, since the beginning, so heartbreaking adds up. That's the worst here, they invest interesting, that it's the most likely reason for the change from kidnapper to killer is that Carmen somehow managed to see Mister crewels face oh yeah, something He had painstakingly avoided with other victims through the use of mask and blindfold. He had told one victim before did not to look at him saying my freedom is more important than your life carbons, mother, Phyllis, told police at her daughter was not the sort of girl to accept captivity without a fight, and she thought the Karmann may have ripped off her blindfold and confronted Mr Cruel for nearly three years after Carmen sound forty investigators in the Spectrum tax sport task force for ten thousand tip off steps, one of the victim said she saw a camera and tripod at the end of the bed. She had peaked,
Finally, I now which are for which the firms speculation that Mr Cruel likely created homemade pouring to keep us trophies. So then like has to look through all this shared homemade pouring and see if they can find them, porn made of these girls, which, like you gotta, think about the people in that task force. You had a then watch fucking hours and hours and hours of child poor at its heart. How awful is that yeah there's so much there, there's so much even thinking about something like that is really upsetting yet, and the idea that those people do that. As for a living, it makes you understand the whole like the whole truth. But like coming home and to not wanting to tell your significant other how your day was because you ve just watch hours of child porn to catch a killer is none the less you know and like you yet why they like kind of disassociate and become like you
that isn't Mps, as is the world that then this is how the world is to them now and then a wine let their husband or wife or partner no yards like, of course not sucks. But prepare okay, so another versus less than they can't may have leads what they know. One pans out, there's another burst of public no publicity and nineteen. Eighty three after police release, details and sketches of the interior of MR crawls. How swear held his victims because, they cause the girls peaked. I'm at one of the girls, Peter Blindfold, even though is like fucking risking her life Sharon and Niccolo were able to provide police with aspects of parts
inside of the house were like, including like like that in their sketches online, you can see like chronic crude but like loud of the bathroom, where the toilet was where the sink was, where the bathtub was. What color the fucking carpet was like little we're details that if you live there, you wouldn t know you would be like. That's my bedroom well, and also just if you read those and then you're like wait. A second yeah Georgia's bathroom is like thy area and how they have a carpet that screen, let that so creeping so creepy also like one of the girls was able to tell them what side of the house she entered the house and turned on from the parking lot to like even those little things that they could search houses and they ended up searching thirty thousand houses based on the all this information, all the information that was given since saying ads They really worked ass, gay ass, o er. Operation. Spectrum was Victoria polices largest ever investigation of the time it changed the way all victorian detectives conduct investigations for,
must have four million dollar manhunt, though turned up little in the way of answers to whom Mr Cruel was Ro block was that some of the evidence from prior Mister Crow attacks from before we had been lost, including tape. Mr coolies turbine one of his victims, earlier Kay that wasn't one of these and because people, because they skilled more skilled with time the older ones are so important, because maybe they were less skilled, they were little messier yeah, but they couldn't find that there is so there was no dna that could be found from that and the stink that Spectrum operation Spectrum detective Kick kicked out because they couldn't find those exhibits record some earlier sex crimes, prompted a review by the Korea police and introduce Trent direction of minimum standards for all future major car. Investigation and covered such things as forensic crime, scene preservation and other aspects of the investigation, and because of that
this force became or professional. It strengthen legislation regarding sex and child pornography, as well in the Tax Force disbanded, though, in January of nineteen, eighty four after detectives had eliminated more than twenty seven thousand suspects but they didn't catch Mister Crow, but the investigation led to seventy four people being charged with offences, including rape in as blackmail didn't beastie reality ya. Now, possession of child pornography, threats to kill, making obscene phone calls and firearms offences they worked for twitter. Nine months. I said all that. Ok, since commons murder, there have been no more apparent crimes committed that could be connected to Mister Crow. They ended, and remember one second GS, candid and eighty six there were like he had no died, people don't and yet people that he says about Start Ryan theory is that than the actual
Mr Cruel, was in interviewed and feared that he was on a suspect less. So he just was too scared and stopped at one theory. The F B, I got involved. Their analysis stated that he's a functional individual who has a steady employment hegemony, we as a good neighbour, quiet, Palais, someone introverted, may be involved in certain community minded projects like so just a fuckin everyday. Do doubt they built. Profile of a man aged between thirty five and forty slightly built with sandy or ginger colored, hair softly broken and quite carrying in his own monstrous way. In fact, one of the victims to a police that he, when he bathed her after he bathed like a mother washing a baby, I know-
then he's having this in totally separate area. Fantasy experience us where this is a consensual, fucking relationship with a child right in saying to them. He said to one of the girls: I'm gonna bring you home and fifty hours he brought her own. Exactly fifty hours like this to him is just this list moment, yeah, kids, just somebody needs to do, and I are things I cry and he is not a monstrous because not killing them in his mind. Probably you know so then, in April twenty, sixteen the lead to the twenty Fiveth anniversary of Commons murder, Victoria police released and nineteen eighty four dossier to the herald. Son newspaper sickly containing intimate details of the case that hadn't been released and contain information about seven possible sucks suspects. I hadn't been ruled out since then. Oh so include details the prime suspect so the prince aspect is, as it was then a seventy five year old
like now, seventy late Seventeenyearold, former Melvin University lecturer, who name Brian Alan Elsner, Who were on all these. I creepy fuckin, like Marquis Assad, style papers, evil and how doing evil is like an art form and oh grass, in the In the nineteen seventies, he was arrested and imprisoned for ten years after cleaning guilty to a series of rapes and other violent sexual offences against young girls, and women include attacks at knifepoint in their homes, but he is like hey. I know, I'm the prime suspect I didn't do it leave me alone. I paid my dues but
yeah yeah I M Eads. He got he serves ten years in prison for being a violent child rapist and then he's like, and now I'm gonna get a job at the Fuckin University and I think he went back to his job as a lecturer like he had already done the eyes it's gotta chain. We got a nice, we got it, we gotta keep it there's gotta, be a qualified lecturer, he's not a fucking child rapist. There's gotta be other joys that there's gotta be someone else in the bunch. I can't just the idea people being like. Oh yeah, I'm I was a serial rapist,
went to jail for several hours. Now it's that's done and like, but with its been proven, it doesn't endless. Now am it's like an even if it did you dont get it? You? Don't get a free pass after I know it's like they pay their dues? No, you did. I know, that's not enough. Do that's enough dues million years aren't enough. Do you're, not a fucking, sexually assaulted, rape, women or men like it's just an especially fuckin children and you're gonna get it for the rest. You fucking life's too. Now these like newspapers relic following him and he's like you'd. Yet what you're doing me is the set you know, you're harassing me and I'm a victim to now sing like he was like when our body now young African say your goddamn named Brian L, canary piece of shit. You will also is a thing of a here's, the here's, the thing you know,
If you're gonna go choose to be a serious way best, which is what the choice you made. This will be something that impacts your future life, yet, like maybe you'll, be suspected of other things. After right, you, you, don't just get to wipe the slate clean, there's a reason and he's like a police commie. After every time there is some kind of in a predator Liliana dummy yeah, because you're a predator yeah yeah, or a private. I don't give a shit if you ve, never fucking done it again. You will always prove you ve, never dare I am right. You can't breathe so they trained police have confirmed that the investigating ruled out a connection to the states infamous and identified offender. Mr Cruel, to the GS guys to those they Keller bad? They should tunnel trades, as we already said in their both highly premeditated and sir veiled neighborhoods for weeks. At a time, eight from what I can tell they dont have dna on Mr Cruel at all, but I
Could I could see them having it and not telling anyone weaker than how do we know that they ruled about they just by timelines and stuff? No, they didn't ruling out o the gene. Gotten secular, yes, he but yeah. It's not him Olga Mayhem, DNA, but hopefully also they they do? Have it and they'll be able debt through that shit and solve it soon, because I'll be another great fuckin land gathering, amazing yeah, while also that's just such a m gathered an awful you. What kind of things can't just sit there like we're all fine with India an end that they do because, obviously it like it's very hard. To hear that they put together a task force with forty cops on yeah. That's amazing, when's! The last time we ve something like that. You're, it's like usually the task force, has five people who are working overtime. Here too, try to sell something. There's some number two, like the amount of unsuitable.
Unpaid overtime hours, that these police officers put answer this ammunition all these numbers about it, but it's, Billy horrifying into B. I feel to be from that akin from day period. That bogeyman is still fuck out. There could be anyone no scary and our chance family who have no peace of mind over. Thus it's just awful yet is so that Finally, Mr Cruel, while I was great thank you, I think we really enlightened alot of people on what's bad and how bad things should be dealt with that I shall get about, should be dealt with by can why cheers? Here's the commercial for canned wines unique
Can you cut out every time I hung up flam like a fuckin greek fishermen, god dammit, I see the twitter excuse me in Greek. Fishermen are actually excuse me, my dad's Greek and I'm broken hearted that you would say, show people. Actually, I think I just saw out from Paul Tomkins. He used to call himself a greek fisherman. So forget a footnote credit. Every fuckin aspect of this showed an eye, and I think we should. I agree. I'm shouting out to Paul Tomkins that that's the greek fishermen line as his way. You call this the foot, noting the great fishermen starring pulled on Polish tomkins. The greek fishermen is a greek fishermen nearer to her. First kids, that's what this ever that is called, but we'll do it just all initials big, empty aid: all right. Do you want it no. I went away, but then- and I want to stop you in the middle of it-
wait you wanna go to better known power through the snow? Take your time, I mean I bet I brung this year. Just like that. I remember that loved that other astronauts. We never talk about that story. We should actually do that when I just remembered it is an attempted murder, cs madam making notes of appeal, you make it It is something lawyer in the Bay area. You don't do you sacred thing in the world whose case this ok, so this one I've been waiting. I've been thinking about this one for a long time, because when I think of us and murdering ideas and people who loved her rime and people who pay attention to do crime all the time and just ingested like
when you go to your for me, it was like go to your hotel room after doing a terrible stand up gig and Fucking Peoria Illinois. U turn on tv and you of your choice of all the shit and you're gonna go to you know a marathon just isles. The American just overruns accepts all that yeah this dumping to get ready for bad. While that's on the background cause it's fucking soothing and company and its your friend, yes, and its also feels like, I think, there's that you're watching people take care of me. Where's, like I just did stand up. I failed miserably people don't like what I have to say now, I'm here and I'm perspective, the actually I'm fine and I am my life- is good fella, whatever this story and this crime is one of the ones that you seen on all of it, because it's not so crazy and it is the murder of girly chew, passing coughed, so
Let me know when you remember what I'm talking about this was suggested to me by my online friends, Zoe Clark, who loves the show, and I know her from twitter. We hung out at a wedding once she's supercool girl and she was like dont, forget, dump the classic, and I was just like you're right. It's it is such a. It's just one of the ones I think of this murderers face. When I think of you ever like think like. I can't do thou and everyone knows that one, but then you're like no, this one's great and I shall do yeah we'll be you know. I think I change my mind about that, because we ve met people in vip lines. Who said, why haven't you done air sea and if we ever give that answer of like we just felt like people heard it too much, they say, but we want here you which I read as we want to hear you fuck. It sounds like you, I can't I can cut with real good. So thanks way for suggesting it and
of course, there's an american justice on it is you know- or somebody knows I want- I mean- american Justice there so many season, but I couldn't find it on like normal you to normal in, channel I couldn't find it bizarre netflix as on anything, I guess, I'll, just go home and look it up on Amazon. I would, by twenty seasons of American. Just absolutely that show is the shed enemy eyes, while Bill Kurdish, still Curtis, just whether he's wearing a blazer or a brown leather jacket, it doesn't matter, love him he's the he's. The original I mean night soccer. Are you ok even though one show that I could find this on was on like what's
daily motioned video channel, like super obscure, and it was a show called crime stories which is a great show, was trying to figure out if it's like Canadian or something because I don't think I've ever heard of crime stories, and the narrator on crime stories. As a man named bill courage, like three cheers for bill courage, holding down the Ford on crime stories, all of it all of that sounds like stuff. You right in a tv show to represent a true crime, show any oh! I get it. Like a frequent. Yes, let's just call him build courage, it some. You know the host bill, courage, whatever can bring it to me. This! This takes place September. Ninth. Ninety. Ninety, nine! Ok! Here we go one hundred miles south of Albuquerque New Mexico merrier, it's an abandoned starch of highway
cause. You know all those weird crazy roads outside of lighting breaking ban, be. I know now that law should happens there, the it's the kind of road- and I don't know if this is accurate to the rails place or if this is just what it all looks like. But it's a thing words what the shot the bureau shot was on one long highway and then its shimmering hot down like in the three quarters area and they're, just like a Mason distance that shit I am the most. I know that is driving home from Vegas and fucking sack yes and its bleak, and you can I had a body out there: Arab such heavily okay, so there's a guy he's a road worker and he has been he's been like fixing his highway or whatever when he finds a pile. Bloody clause that that look like a young girls club, and so he called the cops they come and they start looking around near by the clause. There's suspicious looking duct tape because its
auspicious, as is sucking doctor, you're bloody, close, isn't suspicions looking there like look, we can explain all this away, clearly clearly, you're driving out here the heat got to your finger into directive. Detect is suspicious, he had done on its own, laying on the side of the road is scares the living shit? I'm absolutely. This duct tape was in the shape of a like. An a figure was duct tape that look like super specializing. Other handcuff know also that poor road worker, who I hope to God he wasn't by himself out there and that's even then, an eagle screams in the distance and you're like this scariest thing all the time, but he grabs all that shit. He calls the cops they come and they find another piece of duct tape near by that has long black hairs on. I know so.
They start looking into what this could mean an end: the police. In the beginning, this crime story show we're talking about how they thought it was children's clothing, so there were freaking out and like it looked really by may start, looking up, missing. Persons were or recent, MRS missing persons reports to see if anything compares, and it turned out that There was a missing worse persons, import fight for a woman named girly, chew, hoss and coughed huh oft with a tea at the anvil her. So she was a malaysian bank. Teller thirty five years old, very well liked very responsible big you know had. A lot of friends at the bank, and when she didn't show up for work, they immediately know something's wrong. Because you a super responsible, but also because she had recently filed for divorce and her, and she had told everyone at the bank, my husband, then threatening my life and
like she Maistly told them, she was really scared here and that her husband wanted to kill her. So the second she doesn't show up. They immediately call the cops they immediately till I take all the action they media. I also think this is just my opinion, but it seems like because she was she from Malaysia, so she didn't have. Unless she had a large family here You think her friends at the bank were like, if we don't do it, who yeah I'll do it, for which God bless him. Thank God, and I have to I really like the name girly the scariest really cute, but then compared to the horrible things are about Tommy at its awful. So just this, this is the all all part of the true crime world. So they please. Go to girly choose apartment, and They find three damp stands carpeting and fine bloodstains on her couch
the whole place smells like bleach, so they're like Diane Dang, all red flags. What they do and they talk about it in this episode of crime and crime. Story whenever it's gonna come stuff. Started Chrome stories, trimesters his crimes during an hour or two words that we know it's. Their easy words. It's not just remember, and yet here we are but they'd talk about how the best move that the cops made in this entire case was in that moment, will instead cutting out a swathe of the carpet where they were worried about they pulled the entire where oil and took it to the lab. They never did. They took an apartments width channeling of carpet narrow, just like all of it goes the link which is so cool because then they have everything. So this was girlish use new apartment after leaving her spend who, when she said you, leaving him went crazy on her told her that
he could make her disappear and when she finally actually got that apartment left their apartment, was when she found him loosening the tyres on her car. Oh no, that she's like finds him doing that runs through the neighbor's house and then goes and is like in hiding. Essentially, Souci gets a new apartment. They can. The cops know that she would have never let him into that apartment, and so they know that when they're looking for trace evidence on that carpeting that that's gonna be keeping costs which is like all of that is just like a cop stuff low. It else so one of the main reasons that she felt for divorce and they got married in ninety. Ninety five care. Three, three, you I mean maybe maybe three that's what I'm at ninety ninety five, three met in the night in the early nineties at sea world. How Fuck you how nowhere knock you, I mean also
Bedford orchids but how they ain't someone at sea world- hey! Hey! Can I finish my? Are you can finish that whale burger? His work in this work in a food court uneasy world that they meet. They get married in nineteen, eighty three, because her husband, a man named and I'm not kidding, dies and Hoss and coughed Jesus. He is. It tells us that he's a geneticist and a doctor and that he is, helps people who have cancer. He has these very danced like what you call it it in advance like serum, that can cure cancer and that he can't get it like. He had this whole story about it and he actually,
if you told her but later on, he told people that cause he, of course he was a con man. He s not the things that I've said, he told people he cured his own cancer and that's how he knew that the serum worked now and that's how he sold it to people who are dying of cancer. Will he built for thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars so he's insane person, and but he is like a con man. Extraordinarily. The cops are one point, an especial talk about how he actually at one point, joined up with a second con man and combat con man out of thousands of dollars in getting me so he's like a diabolical lunatic, and anyone who seemed is because this is an old and very famous case. He really tries to play the part of
of the of the evil when he finally in court, he's really kind of trying to do a Richard Marmara. Charles Manson, like I'm the evil genius behind all this stuff, why consumers needs a recognition yeah. So he went to college and he studied like science in college, but he didn't get into med school and that's when it turned so he basically it turned into weird con man fantasy life as if we, if I had gone to bed school. This is what I would have done, and these are the things I'm doing some to get some cards printed up and tell everybody I might do geneticist rate and that I have. He not only told people at the cure for cancer, but he also made a lot of money and that a lot of women telling them that he had this. Basically,
like a thousand of youth, Sarah Mermaid and in this special one of the best parts, one of his ex girlfriend who he was by the way in humans, engage to one. He was engaged to a couple, but you seen three other women. While he was married to girly, chew and that's what she found out tat, he was basically all over the map near these women- and she was just like I'm out of here- like go fuck yourself, and then he went crazy as he was like. Oh, I thought, because Europe from Malaysia, and I thought you were going to be subservient and submissive and like not fight me and just care business and she was like go fuck yourself, that's not equipped. The girl friends who it dies and has engulfed by the way his real name is Armando Shove, as lotta names happening. He made up. The name. Dyson has enough because he believes
that. Germans and Japanese, are the master races, which has a very new approach: it's too soon to supremacy is So he made up a name that was an amalgam of both. I bet you he own like a nazi memorabilia or somebody like so obnoxious, there's only like the anomaly yeah but he's Armando Chavez, yes, no business being in the world of whose the master race Buddy, this works against you another way in in his claim of having this anti aging treatment that all though eventually you come to find out that he was also telling people it would make you immortal that's what I'm getting out of it as a trail. You are you're on until then absolutely you're good, with bilking cancer patients, and I was guy thought it worked a lot and now they are works. Yet you here's wiles, you. You won't think at work here and there, according to Julia Maguire, who is in the special and she's is she is ass, a story to tell me she immediately
like on the outset. It was like I have this year sermon, if you, if you do this year, Ino is gonna, make you it's gonna. She set its key said: it stopped dull growth like entirely, which I think would be good for you like death than yourselves or daddy. I think that means you'd die, but he eventually letter in on his secret which was that the drug he was giving her was created by aliens to stop cigarettes growth so that they can travel from planet to planet, have an impact them and it's an you imagine if your legs, her and your black here I am a member with this. Second, this anti aging thing garment and then some of the present legal lemon legend of a secret and yep. It's like aliens me like: oh shit, yeah, it's almost like that's when you make that decision- and I am I am- I just gonna yeah I'll enormous, unlike push all my chips into the Moray voters at this, when I can't be like
When I look back and stupid, if I like guess what I got out of this thing, because he ended up being crazy and islands like we knew he was crazy, yeah if the devil down on it. But you have to remember this: you never have to double down now and always get out of it because think of any friend you have, they ve always had a worse boyfriend. Then the boy Frontier Diana and also who gives a fuck. What anybody asks you gotta get out of that you can hear allowed fuck ups in your life and it's ok, even at a Julian requires age where she was like an aunt. She didn't actually, when she's tat like talking about this in the special she clearly knew he was insane became I don't think she thought the way she is saying it anyway. Maybe she did but she went along with a while. She wanted them beauty, treatments girl, but there is no magic here, except for Botox. I have to keep. Why must I keep telling everyone Lima stifle each the word, but also they found out that his his
and you're treatment was vitamin, be twelve who, when he was pays making women pay thousands and thousands of so he also fathered a sun with a woman in Canada and ninety. Ninety, six, these or other things girly chew, is finding out and he was oh yeah engaged to three different women. While he was married to her she's a including no no, he short and human like a character actor. You pretend to be, or is it the what were they after? I think he had not that that was a horrible things I When I was a tractor, I think he has that that sparkly glow of a psychotic person I mean- I see their fascinating like if this guy is the kind of guy he was super smile. So end quote: he has that psychotic because, as part of a psychotic person is only fair that when you meet a truly crazy person, it's a breath of fresh air when they're like I'm in
not crazy in the way that I need that like to be asked laser medical help, but I'm a diabolical. I believe my own bullshit, yes, and I believe that I can trickier like there there's an energy to that and also one comment or trying to con you. You get his detention which lots of people want and don't get so like. Suddenly you have like, even if it no matter what the the face looks like or the higher the waiter. Whatever you aren't, you have a person. That's got like kind of like dialed, India, Russia yeah. I E. I think you hung the moon and suddenly like. Maybe I did. I give you some and I wondered if I bring them in his eye, fell slashing I've always thought specialised. Like I had this gear, you gotta be careful. Ok if people are like yours a special year that's an egg and back the biggest Fred Zagat, while you're fucking. Not neither am I in and none of us a man and a that's what you learn a egg so
That's when girlies, like oh your ear, engaged to three of the Roman I've gotta go Peters. I ok. So when the police go? to interview, dies am, and I, I'd pronouncing that slightly wrong, here's, how real! So it's ok, it's his idea of what a job- and my name is we're just like it sounds like a bad vcr that you would have bought in maintaining, and I was thinking the exact electronic and electronic by that you hope I've, my blood they got. Designs house. His house is empty, they find out. He moved out the day before she girly chew, went missing, and so they put out May p b for his now points bulletin. I love that right before his car he's. Fake, doktor fake though also a con man also
a bill, polygamous Darwin area, how that a big amounts to view Mary tons of people who, what kind of what kind of car color and make do you think he drove a second ran transaction? it was a white easy issue there is is to obscure, but I just gotta be fun darling. That way, I would guess like Subaru something for some reason when they set in the special they put out the output points bulletin for his White Zuzu. I laughed aloud in my room save your separate than the dining am like us. I don't know what it looks like why Thinking is easy: trooper, which looks like I like the poor man's jeep, it's just a family car, it's no, it's kind of like a while the one I'm thinking of his almost like. Going to college, and my dad won't gimme that, like her, ok, we don't know what that's like it. Ok, so here's when their searching his place they find out
that he belonged to a view. I fell, believers Club K, and so they I have to go down to the: u have a believer club and start interviewing some people that has gotten a fun day. This is this. Is the thing were. I want this special like if we start really making the kind of true crime specials that everybody wants here. It's you get all those cops together in your like. So tell us about the: U S along these lines and every in detail yet about them, because you know there are some people who were who were wonderful and hilarious and early on, and then you know, there's some people who are like the people know and who want to keep like. I know I can give you information, though, like a nosey Nellis, and then there are some people who are like jointly on Saturn They go talk to the people and one of the first people they mean. Is a woman named Linda heading who they? eight or find out he was engaged to pursue us so Linda, hang, they dont think much of her Linda heading and I'll, probably know this boy,
if you haven't seen an eye- and I don't know this one- will you don't? I dont know this. Oh yeah tell me everything I kiss you will love Linda heading. I highly recommend that you go back. There is video of her talking. She is why those people- I can't go back, that's there's! U cant find it! There's individual video her being interviewed by the news cash you got arrested and, he is I don't- I won't diagnose her- do it, If it was my mom, I might be like she's she's gone organic. I think she might be. She might this schizophrenia, but she has a lot of those things where she looks like the woman who is the star they stewardess or the air hostess, an airplane whom framed Julie, something the long hair she's like its seventies, eighties actress. She looks almost exactly like that. Woman she's, like actress beautiful big hair, you know like in she
This is, of course, from Hollywood. She had been a model, and then she was a fashion designer now she's in New Mexico, with her fucking government UFO conspiracies, and she is a serious believer, so they keep on pulling up. He's cliffs of her drawing the she drew herself going. These are the lizard people that run our government and she's completely serious and seems almost like a new. Castro like convincing what issues right. She could be right, there's other view, I think this is not just a right, but she has an intensity and she's. Also twitchy. Oh, no, yeah, so she's got a little bit of that, like you can see her resetting or snow girl will see that I was enjoying watch hit, takes soon seriously is his spouting about aliens and twitching. At the same time, yeah there's two two things don't go hand in hand. The triads, z, lister twitching was subtle, but that was my. You know where I am
Let down the information, so I can do the one woman show about her I've there will be subtle, twitching and it also she social it was. Her theory is like people run the government and also many. Citizens are all lizard people which I'm interested in. Like tell me what you got us here, but all she did was in this thing. She had attract. She drank drawn a triangle on paper and she had put a circle inciting she went. This is the Mason symbol ago, and I was like no its, not actually it's a pyramid or than I share the one who like will describe the dollar bill like what's inside, of all what every living means that when you folded this way, do you see a little better that comes out yet I was down. I am down and ready for that. Get me a beer. It lets us how the lizard people are communicating our money right, word cycle Tell me about it. Folded up symbols on money. Samuel anyway, and then what are you gonna do? Then
Let me show it to me. Ok, why don't we just talk, so you fell believers club, I'm calling it that, like I don't know what the actual now is. Ok, but I mean it was people got together because there were like this is real, no idea she had a when she joined them. You have all believers club and then dies and joined it as well. She was engaged to be married to a different person. She immediately broke up with them and They started this lever, love affair with dies and they bonded over there. I believe in the impending alien, take over of our planet and chicken wings, then they load of chicken. I wonder where I want put that into the script. Chicken wings. Wait. You like chicken anyone like Chicken Way ranch obliges. Oh my it has to be Baluchi marry me. Ok, so they go Interview under heading
because they're everyone in the UFO Believers Group is like oh dies ends really good friends, Linda Heading and this other. I bill no go talk to them. Well, Linda anything, her house is, whose totally normal com I'm a low key, but then, very quickly and start beginning to talk to these investigators. She, is dies and an alibi for the night, the girl each and basically tried to tell them she was, M all night, except from one hour. And they're like okay. Well, that's a bid advance for this conversation. So later on go to bring her in for questioning and she gives when she goes over questioning she gives them hair sample of dna sample. And when they ask about, doesn't she acts like she doesn't know that. Well she caught business pronouncing his name,
I M d or dark. Instead of an English. She says she doesn't want pronounce it when I relate to, but is she claims she has no idea where he is and that she's never met. Girly chew, doesn't know where she is doesn't know anything about her, but then, when talk to Linda's coworkers. They find out that he's, told them her and dies and are about to get married. So when the police go back around to talk to Linda and ask for some follow up questions at her home. She there and she They're calling her saying just go ahead and give us a call she's avoiding them said. Then they start surveillance her because there what's going on, she's checked into a hotel and then she moves hotels and then checks into another hotel and she's ways. They like try,
I want to be found or seen before, but which will I love about. That is that, like it makes it sound like and the calls for a following her as she did it. Just let you see you? Yes, you just want from days into a motel sexes as not criminal behaviour. Ok. So these, her car. Sorry, when they go into her, they search warrant they going to her house, her filled with you, F, o conspiracy, art that she has made her about its gorge. You noted it reminds me, have you know when you're in like Highschool chemistry class, and you start doodling and you're like we I'm good at here. I, yes, its debts, all less like it's like kind like em
it looks like women and in cat suits lizards with half human faces when it's all like Lena Blue Ballpoint pan. She thinks it's important to lay its someone's communicate with her through ass. She very much believes that this is real and it is its you can tell that it is a big problem for her like it. The concern, and it's not it's not fucking around overwhelming and it's tat. Yeah she's like she believes that our plan, that's being taken over by aliens she's, one of the only people that knows hang its classic schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, but but I won't label but like theorize about people's mental state as its fun. I just had status as british and unwise happening, but yeah she's her house is filled with his aren't and also she's got a lot of colored art sand in her garage, which is really odd. They showed a picture of a garage and it's like
that thing real economic get into alien to heart said it fell, bottles with different color animist sell it at the flea market. But it's it's like a bunch of crates full of just get one kid. Now she was like into it. You really anything. Do you have to spend five hundred dollars that you have to go to join fabrics all day you? You have to make a problem, so I did that once grass needlepoint. Did you really? I mean I didn't, spend that much money on it, but I'd like to get into this too. Now I don't. I want, I'd same with me and paint by numbers. That's fine! I'm goin! Back to it. I think people Here's my only problem if ominous sit at home and do nothing I'm gonna do that a watching tv and be laying down can and do a projects. Why? Because I love to lay down that's my problem project, you could do. I lay down sleep,
carrying catch up until it has been dreams. Ok, so they go to her house. They find this crazy. Fucking shit, that's makes them go she's, not your average member of the USA. We, U Ethel Believers Club she's, taken the you if a believers club- and and she's in like a airs and Ford movie level crisis with the? U S, overly verse, where it's like impending, do very. Very sad and awful Clia are, alas, no answer It's also also the art is terrible. So it's just comes. I laughed. There's lots of alum wishing her well goin know you How does she did better than I but your car they find out it's just been washed and that there is a receipt for having her tyres balanced and the cops immediately think the the area and that highway. Outside of Albuquerque, where they found early choose bloody clothes was. All crazy bumpy roads. While road workers are out there
If she drove out there, she would have to get her tire, so they basically They would have the more they look into south. They find out that They look at Linda Headings, bank records, Linda heading. Who had claimed you have not no early, she'll, never met her know nothing about her had actually switched banks and ads Are you going early choose branch of her bank girly had been her. Tell her at that. And several times since your legs, spying on her suit, is up in our business, big time and absolutely no issue so light or cops Ding Ding dong. He booking Lizard year, the lizard. Yes, I know it is in general leg. Firstly, we want to be that obvious about it. She views your bank, teller, dumb, fuck, it the cops about it will also. I guess it's different now, because there are cameras every renounced have, but it's just that
those when you see those people who the people who make up crimes to do and thin they're, going to get away with it because think they're, smarter than cops words like you. So now, you're like one of the most severe people we know, but you think you're smarter than not like the people who think they're smarter than the cops and we'll go. I wish it are the most idiotic people, yes I'll stay. It makes sorry sorry, quick sidebar. My friend bridge or want to go, and I went and some of you called american animals. Did you see the impostor that documentary it's the same director? It's really fucking good. In its true story, about which one of these guys, it tried to steal these really rare, valuable, Audubon books from a college and they a college age themselves, nerds, it's a really good movie. You have to go to everyone asks you ok hanging back to this piece of paper,
so then, and I'm not sure exactly where this happened in the timeline throwing it in here our friend Julie Maguire, who was getting the beauty treatments and was told that she was gonna live forever, one of his girlfriend too, who called the police, because and told them that when she, when girls, who is missing, then told her he was livid about that he was going to have to pay girly Sixty thousand dollars in their divorce settlement, and he was lying out of his mind, livid about it and said down of why sorry motive, I thought you said noted just like Iraqi near listening at home. He actually said to Julie, the girls would never see a dime of that money that she was supposed to be getting caught It was going to disappear and to re and then said to him. Would you
Talking about people like you can't make people disappear. Assign them like that, and he said to her not if their dissected shut dude and which is also, but also that such a weird and it does not mention. Like no yeah, also, if their dissected right and just in general, it is you're, not gonna, get away with it, but anyway, which would we love Julie, Maguire because she's, like guess what that guy was my boyfriend, but this is bad bad out earlier for her so much comes back with some results on that full apartment. Carp carpet, That they pulled out of girlies apartment, they had small amounts of blood evidence had found, and this was the reason they were like that, they would have just cut out this strip. That was just those three bloodstain kissed. Blood was girly choose, but when they pull the whole carpet, they find bloodstains and the blood belongs to lend a heading.
Why? Yes, then, and they weren't, expecting it either said they're just like holy shit. So, nay, now she's indicted for murder only dies and hasn't court is nowhere to be found Then no one knows where he is: then they please get a tip from one of his neighbors saying she just gonna call where he threatened her and then hung up, and so the cup like dial STAR, sixty nine incessant does mill and yes and it turns out he's in South Carolina. So the cops go arrest him. Yes, so the in when I was in high school, when whatever was eighty d or whoever dear came out with that package, where you could get call waiting. Affording install star. Sixty nine changed lives. I change it changed everything. It was a really really couldn't prank call anymore. Yes, do you wanna hear it? Yes, Sir Ray secret. Yes, why I very first move to town
In ninety ninety four or five four- I had a big crush on Jack Black, who is in our social circle here and one time I called somebody gave me his phone number. I don't know why I called it and then when he answered, I hung on you didn't and he fucking stone over here and I am and I say you know that he was doing that or do you just answer the phone like as normal? I am the phone, because I think expecting recalled from samarova, gay and Rita I think that the answer I sixty ninety just picked it up. I picked it up and then he goes did you just call me and I went it was a mistake and then I I acted mad and was like. It was a mistake and then I do just hung. That's a perfect givin. You act, man like you're only with someone else, and what do you do. I don't know you knew I waited. We want that. We didn't. I didn't know him that well at a time, so I just like hell
my breath and waited at I'll, never never heard by then the next time you ever since, and you ve been we're he's like show me some weird around me. I don't know what I did to piss our no. No. I think, then we got to know each other after that and any was round and age. It is that kind of thing was like. Maybe I did call your house and hang up. Maybe I did maybe that's how I express my enhance love, Jack Black who talk about, I don't think he's psychotic, but the first time I met him. It was like the whole Russia. The room went away so dynamic waste. So talented, like they had just done tenacious day, three songs everyone's. What who are these yeah and then just to talk to him in person? He's just got charisma coming out unaware Telephone Procope it that's why they're businessman Jack Black Corner? I don't know I'm talking about that. I'm trying to tell a story okay, so they go
they go bring amount of South Carolina? His perfect hiding place our sixty nine? You out. I thought please one of the copse that pulls amount of South Carolina. He had only been alma Lamb for three weeks already living with a woman in well. He was entirely as I'm talking about you gotta. It's like everyone. We all need group therapy till eight get ourselves that that we now need guys like this before
or just be a guy like that, like what do you do to get to be the person that can be on the lamp? Firstly, you all this stuff to do of like avoiding the police there, and then you kick up our relationship with subsidies and during this time, for a little you make time. I think that's what that's just thirty one and then brought that can a wine right up to relax. It's how you will tell me about being I'm a laugh and in relationships are sorry, so they find when, when he's arrested, he has girly choose address book and a piece of her jewellery too. Said she had not left at her house when she left him to think
that she had on her personal also. They were like MRS Ewing evidence here. They also in the place where he was staying in South Carolina. They found guns and they found a steam cleaner with human blood in it. There is evidence of human blood, these stupid it so there they bring back to New Mexico he's charged with making interstate threats, because that's the only concrete evidence that they have they dont nothing. Nothing ties, mocha murder pull them, but they have. They can hold him for first forgetting star, sixty nothing, calling your neighbor being like paint mentality, hurrying up so they start law. King around the area going back to search cause they're the baseline. Now they need the body girl she's body. They have to find what happened to her so that they can tie him in there like this guy's they live Jim for it as cops like the thing
good for it, but they have no evidence. So well, go out to that desolate the highway outside of a fucking Albuquerque, the the area on the sides of the highway is our is dotted mine's abandoned mine shaft and they said there so many out there, and some of them are so deep that you throw a rock down and you never hearing. So like all what are at the bottom of the re, so so the he's tried to search. Some of them are where the clothes were found, but after a while they are just like. We did funny thing and you, they're not even map, there are many minds out there, but I just that idea of that type of police work like that's nauseatingly is endless searching com. I have just a thought that you could throw something down. One of those and never be seen is like yet makes me feel empty yeah, it's very it's very bad. Although it
you had say, see rode out a story about an embarrassing thing. You did to jog black or her. You could ball that up and throw it down in mine and not say it on a pot gas, but what's the vine and that I will slapped him what mean yeah, you're just a little bit, but that can wait. I hear my shames wire. I give you one only really get on my friend and I could each other. We are on the found each other I just dumped did I was teenagers are broken with a guy and we're on the phone, and I was like, let's listened to his voicemail like outgoing workmanlike was our saw, a lucky changed song. Let's call it and you can listen, so we called and will listen to the voice mail, namely like or completely leg. You feel bad and, like I just don't like I was dragged down like just like talking talking to and then it was like. Your message has been sense now to hang up after relay saloons back on voicemail
how long will as we can. I deserves give you the answer. I worry one drop me. I was not under just stupid, just nineteen, don't appreciate how these days, no one uses the phone ever monster. They have taxing the wrong person. Yes it starting that workers in Europe, including social media, leaving their thing from three months ago, embarrassing thing, but God there is
so much bad behaviour around only answering machines in my past also one time I was super stone in my apartment, and I was listening to my messages and my sister left me such a long message that halfway through I forgot it was a message and I started fighting with her and I got really matters stop talking over me. What are you doing everything they can then it was like are exactly later. Holing might send us here. There is a story to tell my favorite murder Gmail way, horrible thing. If you dont on an answering machine round or mounds around texting around you can make the modern, but I guess texting ones are good. Modern is fine in India GO, it ok, my favorite murder, Gmail, dot com, a car like a guy, So then, I guess what happened to me: the suspense I'm just trying to re. Ok, so there
yet more evidence back. So it's this trace evidence that they're getting off this humongous piece of carpet and what they they find a single hair from Dyson according to a single hair, but there Ok, this is enough. So we only known areas. There is not enough, Korea, but now we know we ve got a time to it, but they also find. Colored sand, glitter wake and arrive animal died. I am, and gray, human hair. So they're, like their people were in that apartment yeah. So just girl each year, wasn't just as I wasn't even just Linda Proposal, and then they find a lizard skin, and then they find the entire Bush family firms oh album, victory that the Bush family, our lizard people, how? someplace they,
ok. So then they find a picture that Linda has drawn and Linda's. Ass They find a bunch of love. Letters between Lindane dies, but then they so find a drawing level for your queen dress for battle against Alia. May guess: that's her Thea in a letter to design picture she's wearing, like the instinct. It's one of the cat issue, catwoman essentially with like slow, different decorations and she's holding a sword. In the ceiling of Linda his garage at her house they find. In men just sword with blood on and it's not enough blood, they couldn't pull dna, but I can tell it had been cleaned and that there was trace amounts of blood. So the investigators were like
a samurai sword is a warrior sword for like war about a ninja sword is for assassin, also smaller of inner laid I don't know much about it, so I can say that the answer I get them sword people mad at me, but but then they go okay. So this is here. Let's re, look at the shirt that we found that belong to curly, chew that have blood on I and start comparison. Comparing comparison now exercising compares eyes it does she wiped the blade off with the shirt would that the stab wounds or from that sword, then that is what they were track testing and as they do that and they re examining early to shirt, but they had found the fines dies and housing costs blood an saliva on one shoulder of the shirt. So now they have evidence that he was there when girly choose martyr, link per curly and they
other person. It is their cause. They go back to the euro. Folk group and re manner view that Europe and they find out from them that there was a third person in design and Linda's groom and it's a guy named Bill Miller. He was Moreover, the UFO group. He was an older man, he was a survivalist in and out or iron and the three of them Linda Bill and dies and used to drive the UFO believers meanings together and they also did stuff on the weekends and they show that they were the most boring pupil to hang out with. Well, I Beth conversation was hard to follow. These seem like the kind of people you're, just like guys, you're, just argument movies and now now we're back in this area are like a right is following your alien. Take our wishes, but this is like a. Why are we warrior princess? gray, is how we do one weird topic: our car Ryan just pick a bunch of ugly. I don't just listed Linda, Linda hold on when they already are usually Linda.
Keep sorting topics theirs serve the three of them at like it looks like they're at the river together like they look so fucking normal and is not is another wave that I got of like that. I think this is personally for me. The appeal of true cried, These are the people that live next door to these are the people that are standing at the river taken, a fucking picture and meanwhile they have kidnapped, murdered and hid in the body of a lower their woman. Oh my god, it's just so goddamn sinister, the banality of evil. Look it up civil, Ok, so it turns out that dies and had told, Linda that he was a. Ten thousand old space alien that had been on the planet since
before these new or aliens showed up can end. The newer aliens were the ones who are trying to take over and he was actually here put on the bananas. The good guy he's the good alien that was here to keep it from happening here and he said the only way to keep these new aliens from taking over to kill their queen and do you know who the know the Queen Ass, his wife girlish took advantage of her kind of crazy brain hundred percent, which is the last thing it's cool ass, a con man of what's your weakness. What's that? What's the thing that's got you all turned around o me too. I can't believe I'm just like you me to wear a team of it. So far is very sad and very crazy. So he's like he's high level con man. Capacity. She would give a girly if she didn't think that she was
She needed to do yeah read this planet of the aliens. I got my guy that yes, errand she also, while still but there's more to it. Ok, so the trial starts, though they may have enough to bring them to trial, and when that, when he goes to make his plea, he surprised everybody and plead guilty, and they in this special they talk about how Mexico has just put someone to death and they think that that while he was being held, he was like oh shit. That could happen to me, so he was just like fine. You got me, but he would not tell them where girly choose. Botting lies he says that he and a man named Bill Miller who's. The thermal guy from the UFO Believers Club they did it, and that Linda Henning had nothing to do with, he said that he didn't even that Bill Miller wanted to kill
a person that he was excited to do it. He'd always wanted to hunt a human being, and then he didn't even have to pay him to help his wife. Yes, Then Linda heading so make comes forward. Oh Anne, It says that Linda Wench, just one up to London was like what did you do with that woman's body and without words, Linda made a gesture indicating that eight they had eaten her please use our Hearn beyond how they never watched this one. It's also you have to watch it because we to see this guy kind of inaction he's like when he's doing the purport of his life, a thing really loud, like he's doing us things where he knows everything as a decision being made about what, like the impact on tax gonna get caught later. Yes, I think two percent I mean he's. Thousands of dollars,
leukemia you. Pretty good. The communists me pretty good to convince you to spend, like all the rest of your money away on a on a cancer curing taught like that's crazy, so she miles eating them the sheep- that's just what that woman Yad occur and it could have been. Who knows what it meant decent housing com. Yet sentenced to life, imprisonment, God, but but they in getting him to agree to plead guilty. The death sentence got taken off the table Linda goes to trial Roland handing denies all invite involvement in girlies murder. She said quote- and this is one of the videos that you can watch within. This is one of those ones where she keeps a resetting every thirty Daniel I'm innocent. Never done anything to cause the death of a two legged or four legged creature. It's always been my belief from day one that the blood was planted. I wasn't there now.
She also says in every past life I've been murdered. So what am I a porno, the death penalty like isn't that ironic, alas, Martha, oh honey, fuckin batch grey, when she went to trial they have the death penalty on the table for our way, yeah and then her friend testifies- and this woman's testimony is in the special sumptuary concedes M are She says that Linda told her that she that Lindo had been appointed the queen of the World then it was her responsibility defend the world from other queens, we're trying to take over from their coming from other planets to take over your friends are that to you a relic Mamma says I just feel like you fuckin, not away I'm going down for a while. You wanna stay at my for my four legged animals or to legged animals. Ever I am
as positive that one I wouldn't do stuff like say chores around the house. My mom would call me the queen of the world, but that I might be rewriting that just because it so funny, but the idea that you would turn eternal formulate look. I gotta tell you, know now things been we're lately, but I'm the queen of the world, not America, the whole fucking that icy shell you'd get you like. I need to turn my friend over to the house. What else? How are we gonna do as yes, I'm in a back away? Hey, you know a great failure place, a high reward, subtle follow me. They have the best frozen yogurt, but you have to commit yourself to a forty eight hour. Eight our whole exactly but it'll be worth area than a crush ups and fuckin as I caught acts into her brio. Here's everything to if you think the queen of the world and I mean in this way where you feel like you have to kill other people, because you have to defend the world, you don't that alone by yourself commit yourself
to a forty eight hour, cycled and figure out what actually going on get some other voices in their get some get. Some do you think I'm acquainted the world, no, no you're our reviling you're doing now. We re fighting I knew you did. I think I was the clearing. Elvis is an alien, but that's a come, not gonna kill anyone over it. Do you think he's the king of the world that this is the king? Ok, let's focus please we gotta get thriller assignment. Wanna put my paper all the way down, but we need to focus ok this for our efforts. It really is so so
then dies on housing. Coughed comes to testify, Linda headings. Try, oh dear, and it's the full show he's grown out. His name is the grossest they a man he's smiling like a lunatic he's just got that thing. We're it's like it's very Charlie. It's it's like poor man's Charles Mamsie itself and he's talking here Does a little speech about how he hopes girly suffered more than anyone on the planet like he. Does this whole speech about her murderer that's so horrible, but he's doing it with this weird smile and you're. Just like this is all damage year, horny haggling over the top, but he still maintains that Linda hang had nothing to do with the murder and he said that he he says that he planted Linda's blood in girl his apartment to throw off investigators
when visitors are like yeah, that doesnt throw anybody off. It is evidently do us directly to you and also what we would. They honestly think it was as they think he was setting Linda hanging up for this. They think he was trying to lay that out and then it was like he got caught knows it was out of his hands, which has even sadder, because when Linda having talks about dies and even after her arrest, she's, clearly still among them who know? Yes, she thinks she's amazing. She, she's, the greatest I it's still nuts she's convicted of virtually murder and kidnapping, but she does get the death penalty. She gets life in prison and the time it was the most extensive forensic investigation in New Mexico history, folks, how I never heard of this, it's so crazy, Bill Miller, the thirty hurry he No charges were ever brought
A grand jury found that there was not enough evidence to charge. I I like him, I don't either any doesn't seem like a nice person like his profile a special as article title here, like somebody that would yellow you at like outside of best by the air, and that is the fact that our of girl each year factor they give her. Thank you. That guy mean thank you and really think caught crime stories for really letting me retail their historic events load at an end. Thank you so glad for reminding me of this. I feel like I've seen at least The episodes on the second crazy, because it EC fodder. It's like perfect yeah, you know, crime show fodder, it's got everything and it makes me want to join a UFO believers. Clubs like what's going on. Let's do it does to open up our
social start. What are we actually ensuring to call it be good for the programmes? I would we people again, then they rescue us all of you so far. Only some am I right fuckin hurry. What's What's in making a happy lately, well Legal cases new album is called hell on it. Just came out oh, it's so fucking a grey, its but she's always perfect. I think she's, most people, it suffers from the act, that she. From when she first started going she's doing like Nikko case in her boyfriend's on her first couple projects. She if she's always been so like out of ten stars perfect, that
it's almost six years and get appreciated enough anymore. I feel about there's an area like this transcendent one cause they're all like its ivory song. She writes you're, like how did you think of that Lyric most is the best tune. I've ever heard your voice makes me want to cry it's just my favorite. That's amazing! Also Courtney Barnett hasn't Alamo love. Her call tell me how you really feel and It is amazing and want to it such a good job as well. Her songs. The course of it is and are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them. That's the date such I am not sure what the eighth Karen, what the song is called, but it's such a good job on the it's really good. Mine is I'm trying to get my fuckin brain wrapped around deal.
Money matters and like dealing with money and like what to do with money and like already put if a son and Heir mattress Lake now south pike, s about it turns out that, and there is one that I found called her money matters by Jan Hamperll, that just interviews money experts, but in a way of, but it's for women and its, it makes it makes a lot of sense in every episode is a different topic, so you can find the topics that speak to you and now so far, it's what your curious about yeah. So there it's really good and now that's a grey area, its eat. It simply makes it really simple. You know that really smart too, because its length, Roper did that was Susie Armand, where it's like? No women, you have two, you have to keep your eye on it and you have to be business. People yeah it's important, and so the topics are like stuff about
at an is being scared of money and how to have emotional and not having motioning to its everything. So if you like, but I don't want to think about money, there's like an episode about that. So then you have to do. I see you're lookin at me and I really mean George. I see a liking for the queen of the world and I think you're greatly money. I would only in the work programme, and I mean because here's the thing about money, I think women their story, lines of like with the women be shop and storylines, like whatever I'm upset, so I have to go shopping. Are all these things that, like you, get told that almost like? It's like you're playing a part here, instead of like no gobio fucking business personnel, there's also Jensen sought sorrow, who wrote your mad. If it's you are about ass, she also now as one about your about us at making money. Oh goods free notes its directed to women, but it is for everyone, but it also is around this things. I'd like it shoot she talks about like
does money mean to you that great the first five things down and it's like based on when you were a kid all that shit so like when I was a kid we used to go going, grocery shopping was called. Let's go bound to check as we had no fucking honey. I'm gonna get chaise down the street and, like a rest, like you share our view year, emotional attachment of money is so deep and affects everything. That's right. Life such as you can get a hold of it as an adult woman in and make it about make it work. Yes and you should reserve doing a feeling. So smart, I feel really gonna buy yourself. So that's also check this out. Oh, you know what can I just say. One more thing: is this not is not a fucking wraye, but it's almost is more of a sudden. Some to put out there, because there is a couple things on twitter last week and it was a couple of things that were related to people talking to people who didn't like gas.
This is one of them was a really well written kind of analytical thread about what she thinks about what the pod cast me. Are you reading the shed notion, it came up and the other one was somebody who was upset because they heard somebody there on another part does not liking Arbogast and actually. The person and adding in being like this broke, my heart, and I think this- and I say this first of all, I know that both of those things came from love and they were trying to let communicate like. He care about you and whatever, but we don't that's fine. If people we, you know that this progress is not very buddy and we're not interested in converting people who don't like us. We don't need to do that. We and we're fine with it. So we certainly don't want to hear about it when it's happening, but on top of that You don't need to feel like
You have to change that situation or convince anybody of anything like we have our little community and we were doing great in my homeland site, Graham and on our little community. Is that its filled with people who, like they were each others allies in in a thing that not everyone is into an it. Don't you didn't convince people here, and there are many, don't need rising like each other, so much ass. They were the ones who are into it and it's it's like from the beginning when people would be like. Oh you have local fry or whatever it's like Lindo Fucking lessened the party. We don't give a shit like if you don't like it, is somebody doesn't like it? You don't have to convince them of anything. You can be like cake call the end. And also I think, though, the person who is at The person who is on a par cast iron like to say this. I don't know who the person was. I dont know Bulgaria, but if it was a woman, on your need to correct or tell someone they can't say something big for me all
when I started stand up. All I did was criticized people and say what I hated and the like something: that's your that's that person's right to do here. They get it, have a critical thought. This is Very popular thing right now, like criticising popular culture, is what most pack. Ass are all about. If you want to do that and say hey, I dont like this. They can And I stand by that, and especially if it's a woman going hey, I don't like this thing: do not correct them. Do not tell them. They don't get to say that in its just, like think of it in that way of, like all these, things can exist simultaneously, people have to get along, does not seem wedding and all does not show together. You can have all these different lakes and things the end. The only of the horse and the only person that we need to convince like us is powerful, suits ego
and Paul halls and everyone else. There are tough bereavement as they would say that, because people have already harassed Chrissy taken because she was like. I liked your crime podcast, which I listen. She asked for it. Ok, but I mean we're. Not I'm really launching that fucking is. I watch that wave go where I was like any time that happens. I'm like please ended as soon as possible we're gonna say as we fuckin love you guys leaving us of your eyes. You guys fight our fights for us and we appreciate that so much. I love when someone's me on and ceramics. I didn't say anything because like and ten rag marinas like fuck you and Here- is why yet will I never worry about that shit because there's always somebody comes in and adjust? usually in a really funny way out there, just like yeah, whatever did so dollars, is we're so fuckin lucky that we have this community and we don't mean
back in haters is alien worry and the alien lizard robots like we ve got each other, and that's a lie were great. What's that from that? It is our firm, gonna hold onto, were, we know yet is over you and that's U S. Bondo thanks for listening. You guys in the mass say sexy hand, don't get murder, get Elvis Elvis one cookie here
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