« My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

128 - Live at Albert Hall in Manchester

2018-07-05 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover serial killers Mary Ann Britland and Trevor Hardy.

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This is exactly right.
This must be with knives.
First daytime show? get a festival and art verse church the first church. That's right, I don't come in a burst into flames at any minute. Same grounded, that's the name I think, I'm a person of flames faster, because I was supposed to be going to this place for the past thirty It is now just dipped out. Yeah haven't shown up his. They vein. However, there is no doubt then his dad back- I say no those two now who how's it going you guys this is so really excited severe. We like this place and we drove by the Hacienda today. It's now hotel or apartments yeah apartments such not as drug fuelled
we don't know about it. I don't know that's true. If you can afford those apartments, I being disarmed there, may to sell some weekend. Drugs we usually don't have to look into everybody's bay. I now, let's play a quick recital on our organ: ok, is a lie yeah
there it was. I can't I actually the guilt. The catholic guilt is so strong that I'm like. Are you seriously sarcastically singing a ham in a tucked in shirt? Are you out of your mind or doubling down on that house right now, and that's that's how you do it In travelling through Europe perfection months, It's been quite some time these down the smell of the dress, I'm wearing might now. You guys are lucky you're down their cause. The smell is happening. It's like my at this point, because also my deodorant broke nowhere in Stockholm, when I just didn't make the time to get more so brave good at it just quit. It was like an go under those armpits anymore. Please leave me out of this problem. When I put the dress on tonight, I was like this smells like four,
speed or angry cats. Angry tat passes the word here really is when their hand, it's different. Like lime, Aramis, angry, it's like acid, Cat acid under armpit thing when you add at the hacienda actually cat acid, oh yeah, lacks the courage to iron out o just I don't know what the rules are actually here, but this is probably the worst angle you could take a picture of us from kind be Cairo motors allow you guys are great really your idea, perfect, yeah! This site is my best. You guys highly current. I'd know they'll swank picture. I got no flight,
is there anyway. I we're just on the wrong side. It's fuckin freaking me out. I don't know why we did that we all go out and landed. Let's go ahead. Take what you don't know how I can be funny air. We got home, I got high now re finally, and then there there and whirling luxury together and now we sell you anyway. This is so weird an afternoon he does and the spaces haunted promote. We ve heard that's right. It used to be get this church re bad. Then it was a bar and then that's why it's haunted as the bar of her here other regret, and so corners Gub, Gub carved in angry ghosts hearths. Ghosts are bad enough, but when thence the ghost of old barn it's so why do you have to say
that's true! see and that's what you call improv she, yes and it. What I was saying was stupid, bullshit and show yes landed. Me anyway, listen get, someone is your height man, no matter what the fuck Outta and Neil does always shown is where we get your best get Europe as your what Oh yeah. I got it It was pandering. They absolutely we're not. Having was out of sight of now share tough crowd, their noses. President, tough without in the daytime, Do you think anyone in Europe actually was like oats church everyone's going? I wanna go understanding each other, like one discharge star. Why jewish version on stage we usually don't allow those insured years. This be great because My mom JANET. Oh, it's mother's day, back home, yet in America,
exactly exactly right. You know there's really bummer day for anyone who doesn't have their mom round doesn't like their mom. Many other things young, it's just a day for people to put hot photos. I'm from their younger on Instagram to prove that they are going to be when their older to Rep ray. That their window of hardness has passed so yeah right or likely. You're like oh, I see the feed your features in your mom space, but your mom, but she but you're bad If not, how dreadful did I hear you ve been right? The gene pool shouldn't have clearly or debt as a great back in personnel. Congratulations on that as well. And, oh, she said to me. She called me before I left for this trip, because we never talk, when I'm on leave somewhere in case I die, she has to say. I love you like the day before anyone
to me. Are you going to France and light? Was no mom we're not going to France she's? Ok! Well, if you do not, She can't know off track. She can't improv, no she's like I had a buck and point to tell you, and it was. It was second political inherited dont worry Jewish Darwin, you gotta! When you go to France, when you inevitably reference, but you're not like well, there's go all my outfits, and now everything I've planned is out the fucking window and you know it was political, but I couldn't come back and be like jobs like nothing, really that we ride it does. But now I want to tell her I'm doing a buck and show in a charge. Oh man, she's gonna be present, and I love it. You're gonna be like Mama off my jewish star like use, and then I then I got baptized in Manchester area, and can
he beat of the Father, some all Ngos dry. It I mean they're, not that bad mom dies other comparable. And she asked me for a base. You know when you Travelling in the thing you want a pack of fucking basis. I asked her. She wanted me things, I'm obsessed with all your pharmacies in bike. I bought you guys a coating over the counter. That's up on Friday night, you just as happens in calm syrup and listen, don't you drive? Sometimes I fuckin backards yeah right Tylenol isn't gonna cut. Sometimes you just bored This latter reasons yeah How are you hurry so house her? So you went ahead impact a vase, so I wouldn't bought a vase or her because she is my she's controls you I have now European, to get over her
we'll get there we'll get there Oh I pockets in my dream, thought on the story of this fine dress. When I bought it now that the part about your time Oh right, well so I got this dress, for LOS Angeles, show that that we posted the other day and thanks to you and those with ghosts in its bar. When I walked in LOS Angeles when I first powers over that's very plunging neckline and then the father and son, the holy ghost showed up, and there are like you better cover that fucking up right now. You will burn so in LOS Angeles. I wore slip with it. When we got our first night in Dublin Ray
pretty fun. It's been. I pull I open up. My suitcase I forgot to bring my slip and then I was just like us forget who care at this point a gesture forty eight aren't gonna get me higher. I might well show em off while they're still up here in some way. I agree. Let's get those park ass numbers, let's get sex cells, everybody, so tits, podcast member its works thou. Our new Elvis's out too it's our and I'm sorry, you ways you did what no I'm just saying Twenty nineteen, I'm just saying. Oh no, that pits We hope that we have a mass got Why not? You know somebody Brescia vessel retire or he'll, moved to the forecasts to tourism,
Oh man be hard not to look and flash you. You think oasis ever sat in these chairs laces avenues to eat and they said different. They said, separate these chairs immediately We saw that super hands is gonna, be here he's playing well look shocked, the army play I dont know, or did he do something scandalous and we're not supposed to out he's got. Ok, ok, he's gonna get that just keeps like an apple happening, everyone's a petty file, Oh, I can't say that word near allegedly, allegedly alleged describing this. The place to say at the most. Actually, if we're gonna be on we're gonna be honest which is what we're all about dead on us
under pedophile chunk already examined as high a top about pedophiles. It's not funny. It's more like lesson: you'll, learn It gets weird a guy lobby. I'm sorry to interrupt you. Can I just want to say this: is the pod cast my paper murder by the way is being yeah yeah the daytime by Canada Daytime this is We do not want any vampires succumb to convene a church where, in Manchester it's an old fuckin town for every single person in this room. This is normal, nighttime and they're. Just like. Why can't they fucking get her son doesn't set very quickly here were really used to, but it's not a big deal. Americans
but it is when you grow up it's it's so much easier when it's all dark in there. Just one big noise by I can see what you're wearing over there I can send your all wearing your all naked. I can see that your arms or cross- I don't appreciate such negative body I have it here, not unlike any not only laffer motor you're gonna need to do it tonight, because we need a wise and he's gonna go poorly. Indeed, I've eat off of you when you laugh. It would really enough in again that sounded lot like a laughing now admit that would work when you You could do like jazz. How does that? Definitely if we used out there is nowhere if you're new to this is like asking someone distract you along zero, not busy during the day. Oh geez, so sorry that's why you look like that you're just that
why Well, when you over, what is the only one I didn't want to join a cool. It's like I said I wanted to go to the movies it can with the media lab at its grey. Don't worry about it. It is like a movie it. This is a true crime, comedy podcast, which is in the most ideal. Combination in certain places. Try telling Lanceor cabdriver that's right, hungrier customs agent, when you're crossing the border, do we think about it and then, when we landed in iron, lay ass, we had to go the customs and other guy says what is the purpose of your visit here. And they were like. Well, we're here to podcast and then he's like. What's the name of your pipe we're gonna get arrested, significant didn't know upon casting was maybe so Georgia tells him the name of the park gas and instead of being like offended her. Stout, are calling the manager without our and button he goes. Ah arise. There is
Eriksson girl come through through here again to the access to you, you're doing a cellular. I can do the accent in America and I think I'm good at it, and then here I just like I'm already flop. Sweaty miss acts that so far ever I've never heard you like back out of that. So many Tina tributes buck and true I've area simulated by all of great Britain. I just love your television system. Look like a real! I subscribe to fucking acorn! That's how much I love british TV. That's american app for a basin like BBC America should have said BBC America, we and he said oh so, instead of any kind of a native group, negative reaction egos. Oh yeah there, an american girl come through here on Friday. She told me all about it and then last night,
You will hear a yell from the audience dont do it by along here she's. That's our sister grass roots campaigning for us all across the means under the podcast fitted out anything come he couldn't incompetent or wouldn't Annie He called his manager nervous because I don't remember where we put our murder Is this when Reigners asylum, your as well? We re? Oh, that's right or page, I I won't know, no wait Yes. Now I can't remember how many pages long as there is the name of hidden bottom in your account- and this is my when this one's mine
what if there was a Hagen bottom in each of our murders tonight at me, so fucking nuts, seven, ok, you're going and our I remember. I added it Hagen Bottom, Mr Gama, last minute, it's fine he's not a good part of the story. I didn't ruin it. I'm mopping it, my water up that I spent everywhere. It sees not a key player, but I too no I'm sorry it's by everyone's fine. This The horrifying tale of Dale Higgins now never happens. Yeah yeah, I think so. I think should we do Irma, I mean here's the thing I would just like to say this normally when we record this programme,
It's me in Georgia and what are they just started playing the organ from somewhere any like blue he's, your damn higher origin player wow. That's the best kept secret and broadcasting that even the vampire, oh, I get it the your least expected most mustachioed friends trust millennial there. Always there always vampires Sudan's like normally its some cats, a couch recording in a quiet law. Georgia's apart tennis outside is like. Could we do right? But now its noon-
in a fucking sure her back and Sunday and everyone's eyes looked three times bigger than they actually are, because we can see your faces all of you. I can see the entire I've never wished for like poor vision before in my life, I actually have very poor vision, but it came into very clear. The new offers a sudden like now, it's like I'm an owl, I'm in a panic, owl situation who know whom I thank you for uncrossing, your arms. That's really nice did it. She did it shoe and to show that she cared about me. Are you gonna do They found someone in front of another couple hundred people and that's right. Whatever you tell them to deal some on MIKE bullying, we'll get people to put their arms wherever you fucking asked them to. We actually would ask my dad if you're one of these people, my father, watches TV like this I don't know why.
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we have the two ladys angry at the Fuckin Macneil learners, our whatever the hell, you watch entities in a different language and is trying to understand its yeah. So if you're a rage watcher, you have like a rage faces, you watch things that try to soften those features tonight to it. You can have a couple extra years on us. I mean from. I mean near us about us around toward us right. I can also see the two emphases over there and when those mother fucker who they're gonna, get acts that can see ominously everything their tattoos that are paving cry. Workers are fighting on the way over here, which is why there lay. I mean I'm trying to think of what a great praying would be. They walked in and sat down, and all of us did some p l higginbottom, but dont yellin until there's their bucks hit this thing, that's there like a sneak in real quiet now announcement
Hagen bottom, but you have to remember to do at the for people. Do it around pick pick yourselves pics. You go first and I ran you. Do you care what first last night this. Now this guy's inside of personnel. I just tell you. I made a grave error. Last night I decided then look weight limits that lessons are there. They were at the show. There were their nodding, London, he it's Fuckin theatre, humongous theater and I did Jack the Ripper and, as I was ok. I was just like everyone in this audience knows this murder so much better than me and their mentally. Correcting me right exactly. You did great lakes,
you can't lie in search? Sorry, I was not facing per compliments, but I know that I was actually. Where is this? We are also trying to do it like not hecklers. They were just like Manchester Sign language. Thank you actually from my from here, I was thought you are like this. In fact it up. Let it go Sorry now? What does I love it? I am also I want to say this, but then I'm afraid I'm in a tip yours, but don't you well we're on stage last night, air, the famous. Serial killer Dennis Nelson die while we are on stay yeah. I think the power of murder are our family. Yes, killed him of our family discussion about murder to build up
people rolling up into that VIP mean greet like we're. Sorry, Rudy Gray, those I'm sorry o K. Ok, here we go Tommy at any time. Ok, I think of anything. Oh thank you! So much luggage. Ok, tell you the story of the first woman executed at Manchester Strange Ways: prison Marianne Brundtland, had lady allows a mouthful of their friend gas that origin. Don't go sit over there, strange ways is right over there. I think I I think I mentioned are done. Now you are in trouble you're, even those it's in the dark people can just are all they want. They have no idea that they're doing it stop pointing over there. I see, I see everything about you. Ok,
I'm gonna tell you guys a story of this girl's great great, great aunt. What good so until you get me, I am Brookland was born in eighteen, forty, seven in Bolton Lancashire, in future, Thank you, sir. She nineteen, she marries a dude named Thomas Brit Land that he's a domestic servants. They live in a small house on Turner Lane in action under line Kay That's the mare, thank you so much for being here tonight, they have two daughters named Elizabeth Hannah and Susanna others run. Three names, those who now, Elizabeth Hand as the first daughter, gotta gotta she hates her name.
At the time Mary errands children are in their teens she's in their late thirty's she's got to jobs working all day in a factory, and then she works at night in as of barmaid and the local pub house so probably not the fuckin cautiously ever her feet. Her speak are killing her where she she also sucks because everything began in the furthest, on February. In February of eighteen. Eighty six, she Mary notices that her family home has been infested with mice. So she did what A person in eighteen hundred would do at that time and went to the town chemist and bought a shit ton Arap poison on ice, I don't know is different. It just comes in a little bottle. The queue mice, poison, specifically she'd bottom Harrison's Vermin killer. That's what it was caught. My eye like the name which in both strychnine and arsenic. Great.
They were really already onto like the. We know that your poisoning each other game because they had a poison register to be like we, we know so it poisoning got so popular by this time. I think so they were like. There was a wedding registry, but best of luck. You say you have rats all re, Mr Higginbotham, but so and she signed her real name which I'm sure like they Baden. That's right. Back, then right so probably meant that she didn't have any intention of killing anyone. One would think, but at some point next month she was like wait a minute. I hate some people Let's anymore than mice, let's see what can happen So in March, eighteen, eighty six, our friend, Elizabeth Hannah, she's, eldest daughter, she's, nineteen years old and she dies effectively. The cause of death is given, as
oh causes as most nineteen year old. Second, although it was back when we had to work all day and night, you re that's right. That's historical knowledge right, therefore, ask me anything about the past and Mary Ann claims, the ten pound life insurance on Elizabeth Life. That's would be nine hundred pounds today or for you carry a thousand dollars Lula. I now I understand a thousand dollars so might have turned a money. Mary must have been like this is fucking a minute. Do this again because too later on March, thirty, two six a merry goes and paste brinkmanship, but she doesn't seem very smart desiring no offense to your family life. She goes and pays the premium on her husband's insurance and, like, on her way home basically is like a fuckin kill him because, like within a couple,
is he is dead, Thomas Britain and he's forty four found at whose diagnosed with he's death is diagnosis, epilepsy and again she claims the ten pound insurance on him as an epileptic. You, Can you do you care but it was told you can't tell someone lie to you, I'm kind of holding onto that you now pretty tightly well, it said it don't worry, it's has only really happens, but when children and old people- so it's just learned forty eight- I guess yeah, I guess forty four as pretty old back then probably re related right of old age, young back then like Jesus, that I made it a point of order and then now, the neighbours are like hold up, there's something going on do what they do and neighbours do. Is they start gossiping yeah of they do cause they're like to that? months. That seems weird it does, though it does
their right to Gaza. They are, and it turns out that Mary had been having an affair with her neighbor his You guys don't have that it like this is what we came for. They were smooch. They were totally fringing under the stairs, and I get this. Thank you that's how the neighbors were gossiping industry can. Thank you know that was the wrong hurry up by Bangkok, Dirty Bass,
his name, the duties of the cap, which is also named Thomas, because every guy back then was named Thomas a severe. It is their mostly meeting clandestinely a night and Mary works in a puppet night. So it's not that we are that she's, like you, know, gone all night she's like I'm, I'm sorry to run back to the mega room, really clear I'll, be right. I meant the ok, so their secret love affair is threatened. Good now, Decease daughter, Elizabeth Hannah. She had turned it. Teens or she could go to the pubs and share and the baby. She was fuckin catching them hooking up and like not happy about so they were trying to be more discreet, but a few times she was sure that Elizabeth had seen them together. And so she was thinking that Elizabeth was gonna, tell her father, so she did the only thing she could think of doing and she killed her daughter. It's not a solution now now I mean it is, but it's not that ok you're right, it's
an option, but there are so many other area and then she's like. Why also hate sneaking around behind my husband's back, so I'm gonna kill him. So that's what happened? That's why they're dead? That's problem with easy solutions like that, then you just keep going back to the same thing over and over, like as like, for instance, the The thing left in marries away is her lover, Thomas's, twenty you're old wife. Oh shit, also named Mary, so Thomas and Marion live across the street from Thomas and Mary of areas being up. Remarries husband time is how to those gossips keep track of what you're saying I itself like. Let's get it all people- that's when all the nickname stuff started in due time, their name with some weird thing- we're last night, my nickname that I made up. Let everyone booed member, it was bad,
not telling you tell them. They won't react that way, because they know that were then. It scared us an absurd that we were joking around and making a dumb nicknames based on why you're like husbands job is one of the victims of Jack. The ripper World city lived with a guy that made wire sifts colder Mary, severe civic, something just horrible than Georgia's like well. What? If my nickname is based on Vinci's our tour manager, so she called herself Georgia Tory I know I know you're, not a blue ass I will raise, is making the boot twice as bad as normal booing. A time boys, sour Mary, the twenty we on life. Mary is like, oh, my god. I feel so bad for the other Mary for old people dying in their family and she's like old.
Murderer. Mary come live with, come stay with us nothing heritage for a couple weeks, while you agree no, yes, that was idea. Airy she's, like I know I mean so a couple weeks after Thomas's death killer Mary. No young Mary is like killer Mary come over. It Thomas is going to be gone. Come over. Let's, hang out will have some rose, AWOL lacing airbrush is in about the other people on the street which they Gaza, they didn't tell me anything really would have helped me out if they told me what is going on, so they make and everything then then a part ways and the following morning made fourteen to eighteen, eighty, six tom comes home alive, Thomas comes home or antennae, Emily finds it has. A wife will assume that people come home if they can earn their living from now on. In the story, I don't know
and didn't you didn't Jesus just coming told they knew broken back, ok, winning Thomas come. Some comes home, finds his wife's thickened dying or no. She dies. Sorry! I now its act. Mary was like great now that the other marries gone. I can talk. The other Thomas If you like stopping come marry me, I'm so excited about this talk to live. Gets twenty nine pounds from the death of his wife she's like ok hang out right here and wait for him to come here, but instead the fuckin police come because The neighbours are like well wait a minute. This is no coincidence, This is bad for our street. Just keep dying. I wrap points over on Tom. Is Thomas Street
it's a Thomas and Mary Lame during early inaction. Underline line, write a letter that symptoms nearest okay, so they're like this crazy, let's call the cops. The capture like great, let's beckoned resumed the bodies which they do and then is running Lindsey. Yeah, but your name. Ok, in her email, she says my favorite thing about Tal case was in times article my mom found about the trial, where the pathologist gave details to the court about how we tested the victim stomach contents by tasting no You like that was my favorite part way. What I'm crazy that she's up what, if that's just gossip its Es Gaza. It runs in her family. No Mary doesn't gossip. She kills people. Oh you, everyone else here, gossips ray!
neither man they ve been mad for a long time at me tasting stomach around and he's like that tape. I believe all amounts of strychnine and arsenic system. A bowl of roast and almonds, and can you growth grows so Merry Brit Lindh and Thomas Dixon are are brought into in for questioning it said that Mary confesses immediately, but it sounds workers later she denies it and She said that she murdered her daughter because she thought her daughter suspected of having an affair than she killed her husband and mare like for the region. I just told you That's ok, ok! The tree. Starts, and it's just only against Mary Dixons murder, because I think they just pick one and do it that's. They can only taste once how much kindness and all of the doktor died when he tried to find out what the other person data he died of being grossly and pretty quickly the
Thomas is acquitted. They don't think he had anything to do with it at all which some people and historic, like I'm sorry, doesn't seem right. You know Let's see so Susanna Brit Lynn, but that the younger daughter testifies against her mom emotionally. She said she had heard me. Dixon say that he wished he had a wife like Mary, which he did have a wife named Mary. What more do you like me? They can't have been that different. Right does not have that. Work is a tight. Then when he goes to have an affair, it is some person, then he does not attracted anyway, and. Let's see- and she also says that she had heard her dad pissed off- that this do the neighbour Thomas use over all the time. So she is like they're, probably fucking right, in court she set out in the EU, can you believe it and
she said she knew that remain in the house, but she didn't know anything about the purchase of any mass powder. So I don't know what that means in the latter, mom didn t like I've. I've taken care of everything with my right. The thing I am only going to use for one reason: that's right and none other. So in the end there is in, This evidence that Dixon had anything to do with it, an he's acquitted, but they fine Mary guilty and all charges and she sentence to be hanged and she's I am quite innocent. I not guilty at all, but apparently she actually fucking loses her shit when she'd like she just kind of breaks down and part of the reason they think I, I read it somewhere else that she just like. Wouldn't it was for only three weeks until they hanged land wooden aid and she was just screaming and praying, but apparently her presence was just like right there
from the gallows, so she just hung out and stare ever fuck and we at the place she was gonna, be hanging out. They did that, I think so too, and they said it was in the like men's prison area because they ve never hang the woman before so I'm sure it wasn't fun there. Oh god, Other prisoners hated, her guys shut up some Ariane. Britain was hang three weeks later at strange ways: prison on August, ninth, eighteen, eighty six: she had, they been forcibly carried to the gallows and held over trap door? I e and they like, handle. Couldn't stand or anything, so they just. I know it's. Ah, I'm it makes sense they should have said they should have em like oh no you're. Just Come over here. Really quick, Vert, a pint it'll be fun,
that's gonna! Let me use your legs. Who among us is what will be losing our shared and she said earlier roads or Lord forgive me, I must have been mad solve or corner seems, like you know, I keep hearing myself in the face with a microphone and since I can see everything you are saying and doing you can probably see them. Ok and then there's a chick M Cassie Ritalin she. As she's a blog called archives and arsenic, because she was its journalism school in Sydney, Australia and there were like look up your family and write some shit about your family and she was like ok and then she's. Like oh shit, this person was my like, great great honour and oversee cousin and in fact, in Sydney so she's like researching, actually came here and went all the spots and took photos and she's writing a book about. It shows an updated her blogs, twenty seventeen I hope, she's? Ok,
but I got a man, goes blogs or hardly does member and that's the thing about law. They dont there's no end of him. She he says so then she was like she's trying to find out what happened for we, what happened to this daughter, Susanna and so she looked her up She found that she had married a man named James Higginbottom Whitworth. Sorry in Ninety six and that when he had died, ten years later so Susanna hadn't had any children and she was a widow and then she was like couldn't find any more information about her. There twenty eleven census She wasn't counted in it and then she did, but she did So she did all this research and it turned out here in twenty eleven and one thousand nine hundred and eleven, I was going to say she
empire. You were going to say I wish you had the like of which has got going. So I've seen a livelihood. I was the one that called White Chapel White Castle where I, who am I to say really. Who am I to say what year anything is or what the name of anything is. So it turns out that here and interests in mind team! Eleven! All the suffragists were like yeah. We can't go, then you can't fucking count on us and they hid the census, wouldn't allow anyone to count. So there's like no record of all these women during that time until she was a widow with no children, she didn't have a husband to be like, like gives a lot of them. And turn their wives in and made them doing. Well, so, like the point, but we want why we want to vote. I can't just kind of fuckin program like our point, so she did this girl Cassie.
Find a date of death for, My name's Susanna Ritalin in nineteen thirty, two So that's probably her argument. Pretensions, its upper deck, that's ASA, yeah, I'm stubby, get that's good for the movie, exactly and that's the story. Marian Britain, the first woman executed at Manchester Strange Ways: wow, that's good. Be this story of the suffragists hiding senses. Takers makes me think of when we were in. I think this was in stock They told us the story afterwards, because I did I did it the story of the serial Killer, Thomas, Quick, It starts out in the beginning of it. It starts out. He does he realizes he's gay when he's like fourteen and at the time in Sweden. That was a date conserve than us.
Like a psychological issue, and in the meat and greed afterwards, a woman. Told us that the way they are that law in the seventies the gay people started calling engage work and they just there like. Oh so you think this is a sickness. Well then, I can't come to work as I'm sick with Jane S may turn it around. I forget I was that's all That's another part of doing these live shows they are so frustrating. Is we know, as we tell these stories, there's people sitting in the audience, but I don't want to tell you this one thing: I swear to God I'll, be ok, I story to night is Trevor Hardy the beast of Manchester, and it is bad and I ve never heard before
and still so Stephen when we go on these trips even finds a bunch of ideas for us here, help send us both as we can't know what the other person's doing is part of the fund. And part of what that means. Is that we asked Lucy seeding. Can I do this murder and if he says no, that means you know what the other person's doing so you he has to give us poor guy. Has they gave us each a list of different order? We are like see, tries to do like eight, maybe or when our place that we go do so. If we pay him, we pay. What would you do? We pay maximally? so on this one. This was on the list- and I think I dont know this for a fact because I haven't talked to him, but I think the reason that he found This is because, just last month, there's this incredible article that was written for real crime it's by of hers named Abbe Bentham it maybe wise pronouncing Abbe Tabby might be eighty but ends the articles.
Manchester forgotten monster it is basically Oliver how this story never really made it to the press in play it should have, because the thing is that this man did we're so incredibly atrocious and terrifying, and yet he just kind of got lost to history. I feel like if the press is like, he can't write about that. Then it's really fucking bad. No, you know it was a key. His crimes fell within the five year range of the Yorkshire Ripper. So is it she actually or he they I should say, is I don't know who this person is, but they talk about an article that it's really, trusting they talk about the them. It is a concept of the ideal victim? What like what they think the best thing, as to write about and it's a thing that we kind of deal with. Where it's like what the story. What what's the story? That's me, interesting? How we gonna tell a story? That's the most interesting and and
Oh in the media, the ideal victim is either very young or very old there very innocent. They live this life and that's why and when you have marginalized murder, but the murders of marginalized people, sex workers. You know people that that people can as they read the story and go oh well, then they were asking for it that happened to them. Then the press won't report on it as much these. It's not good everybody that salacious, like, oh, my god, this The whole thing happens, which is the really one of the more fucked up things about the India and about through crime reporting that I think now that so many people are dead, are so interested in crime and and participating in it. I think it's the thing that it's going to change or hopefully will be changing soon.
Anyway, because you had my then I put my Eurovision had my gone and start TED talking's, all of you, I got all of that from the aren't this our girls. Who knows that I mean I know they just experience that unite. Add because there people that were really met for a long time linking the begin, There were stories that we didn't do and its beak As there is so fraught like the that, grim sleeper in LOS Angeles, is a man who, in the basically in south central, essential, social, predominantly african Americans. He killed when, therefore, twenty five fucking years and not only nobody talk about it, and not only was there no media reporting on it at all, but the police,
when these murders would happen, they they have like a nickname for the victims of where it was just like It was basically I can remember what it was off hand, but it's just like these people. Don't matter with the less dead. No, that was that something else, but I mean it just that there is theirs. An old way. I think there's an old procedure within the police and the media of this idea that which, when their reporting about these people, these aren't human beings and I think that's the thing that changing the and that's what the thing that's everyone's realizing is that kind of bias The judgment is what's keeping fucking serial killers free to roam the planet because they're just saying: oh, it doesn't matter. The matter had that all of these people have been murdered so there will be who is late anyway, anyway, to rougher hardy ok Trevor Hearty, was born in Manchester June. Eleventh nineteen, forty five by the time he's eight years old. He appeal
court for stealing actually in front the fucking judge and you're all think of the average eight year old that you know going too or to be like not guilty your honour not guilty, and that appear some didn't scare him straight because then he arrested after a committing a series of twenty burglaries- and he made the record at the age of fifteen as being the youngest person ever to be sent to strange ways. Prison is not precious and there's only a bunch of inmates up in short circuit, and people in the threatening to steal people's bikes all over the prison. Ok so this begins his life long journey of crime there. The other thing about the story. Is they didn't because they didn't report on it? There's not that much information. There is nothing. I would love more than to find out what the fuck was going.
With this guy I mean he may have been one of those people that was but like born a psychopath LISA sociopath because start so early in it go it's so bad, so early, so his first crime, it's nice! seventy two and he gets into a fight with him. Friend, Stanley O Brien there a pub having drinks they get into a fight, and he tax Stanley with a pig acts It's not a pickaxe there, like theirs, an umbrella, stand at the front door. Then, of course you can put your pic acts right over that there are not even like easy too. Carry around. There is also like, maybe an eighteen hundreds. I could see a pickaxe stand, but this is nineteen. Seventy, I don't think they have those anymore unless it was like hung up on the wall for declaration and the like. Are you fucking kidding. I owe you
really. You think that MR rips down the decoration Europe has a pig acts that was like on a wreath anyway, so we fuck taxes friend with a pic acts in a pub he sentenced to five years for assault at the Isle of Wight Albany jail, the judge. Tell someone he senses in that he's a menace to society. He's dude, I now it from doing this. As I can, I remind you, a pickaxe a pic. I know so, while he's in prison, he said planning the murders of both Stanley so he's like stand. She thinks Stanley has double cross them. So he's like. I'm not kill Stanley and am also gonna kill, so he had like that. They use the word girlfriend. I don't know
a fourteen year old name, Beverly driver, oh hell, decision a he in nineteen. Seventy, two let seas bordering already five and its ninety or semi chew none. So he is- and I quote, when tea a twenty eight, I said: one eight: did you guys? yes so he's going out with or he's like a girl, half his age, literally okay. So while he's in jail, Beverly has write him a letter gone binder paper, that's says. Basically, I found a boy my own date, fourteen Europe had a fire, and my parents say I can't data pedophile, so there such as well guy liner. So she basely has right my dear John Letter in in its broadest sense,
you're going to have a better social that letter and so basic. He's furious its. It sounds like he's, always very radio, so here its planning, the murders of Stanley and Beverly. That's his thing. When he gets out of prison, so is being set up five years, he's like when I'm out of here, I'm not go home, I'm fuckin kill both of them. Well, lucky Two years later he is released from prison and he later told the police that on has the train ride home after his release He said I sat on the train, saying o Brien Beverly over and over again, as I did on the train over here today, I was like what bananas rocking back and forth. Ada sandwich set it again. Well, so he when he gets home, he
his parents tell him that over so sorry, your friend Stanley, O Brien, has dashed up yes and he's fucking live a life of us live you got what you wanted to do, but that's not. He wanted to do it. It was his. It was his idea, ok, so he moves on to his plan to kill fourteen year old, Beverly and his plan is he's go over to us to Beverly House and throw an ax through her window. I don't think it's gonna work. It's not most accurate way to do it. Definitely medieval, but you know what I'm gonna say: it's not act! really I was right applause you gotta there let them have only those directives- is about to get really bad. It's going to be off. Ok, we all indicators. Ok, that's nice, Ok, so its new year's nineteen. Seventy four and
Trevor goes to Bed Beverly House Church and throw it acts toward her, but he camp under and while he's like walking round looking for her, he sees a girl get out of a car that he thinks is Beverly, but sadly it is Fifteen year old, Leslie Stewart the ambushes. Leslie he stabbed her in the throat. Then he takes her body to a clay pit in Newton and he berries her in a shallow grave, but first he d capital, and our head in a late. So this isn't just like the spurned lover type of disguise, super fucking nuts. Then he said the worry every does that that that her body might be discovered, so he keeps going back to the grave site and and basically desecration the body thinking if he berries the different parts in different places, it'll get less likely that shall be identified. Yachts horrifying,
any also at one point one of those trips going back. He steals her ring and he gives it's to his girlfriend cheap fucking bastard. So because of the way he attacked Leslie, there there's. No, there was no evidence. It was just like all the sudden she disappeared on New year's eve, so there was no proof of of anything like crime are wrong doing so her parents just tat, listed as a missing persons and she remained that way for two full years with no one, knowing what happened and I'm sure back because it's nineteen, seventy four, the capture like she ran away back, desires, age party. Ok, so then,
a little over six months after Leslie murder. Seventeen year old, Wanda Scala is walking home outer fishing finishing a night at work as barmaid. At the light bone, hotel, she's four hundred yards away from home, which is sickening and Trevor Hearty, tries to mug her. He tries to steal her purse of bushy fuckin fight back. She start screaming. He sees it, there's people that heard her scream, so she he pulls her, into like around the corner and starts hitting like attacking her with the brick and he he re it. He takes. The purse like. She falls of course, he's hurt terribly takes a purse. He starts to run away He realizes she can identify him cause she seen him. So he goes back and he, Sir Paving Stone, strangled her. He and sorry this
really really fucking bad, and this there's a thing we once said on this podcast were because it so often sensitive. We said once leave the eyes and the boobies love he does not fucking do that and it's really horrible, so so also weird thing: cuz, basically he's like a frenzy killer. So, as he goes back and you start attacking her. You know he's angling her and he bites offer no And then pulls out. Yet it's awful. He leaves her mutilated body, partially varied at a construction site and he takes her bloody clothes. Curse and her. She is a trophy and leaves there is in this article. They say that it there's a copper retired cop who had to be there, and the cop tells a story that when they got there, they were all the cops routine
but they had to search the construction site. Try to find the eyes they were buried in her. Demanding yeah, I will if anything like this is ever happened in this church. The worst fucking for asking all the bartenders just walk. When I quit engine they went on strike. You know it This guy is the worst two days later. He takes her. Shoes goes back to the construction site and leaves them they're too fucking taught the cops yeah so because you legit psychopath. He then, a couple days later is drinking with his brother call in, and he starts to brag to him that he's the one that killed Wanda and tells tells his brother. How did it when they got home he realizes Collen. Might longhand he's why these people, that dog shit and then thinks about it afterwards to drive me crazy. So these, like apple,
you like, oh you can't fucking tellin me and then he beats his brother until he is unconscious to, like you know, put the fear about him. Not a fucking tell on him then, why did you tell em right? Cause he's like a drunken bragging shall be yourself up, if only, if only so, his brother, the next even though he scared of his clearly lunatic criminal brother calls cops anyway, so call Trevor parties arrested under suspicion of murder cause the mantra? police are like. Oh, oh, you think, pickaxe boy, more, ok, yeah we're we're with that. That adds that makes sense when they the men custody they tested saliva against the saliva that found on wanders body. It's a match, then, that the with his dental records they match the bite marks on her back to his dental records? But for some reason that's not enough.
A whole tat, I know, but he wasn't gonna be held because it because I too more pages yet last always like this. There is also no Trevor has girlfriend named Sheila, Pharaoh, she's, divorce say his ten years older than him. No judgments I'm ten years older than everyone. I know and Andorra or say it's it's a fun life she's. There's a police station and gives him an alibi. She's like oh, he was with me. It's not hammy yeah Sheila, take about so so this three is published in several newspapers. Okay, this is this. Is gossip basically because they there there's a dental legal expert or whenever that The saying Ghana, I don't think that's true, but the story is that, while he's in custody the way he need that
record. The craziest is that Sheila Smuggle file into jail for him and he filed teeth into points set up. Ok, keep our colleague I mean that is that alone, but I also think that's that kind of thing: that's it that's gossip back there, reflects how scared people in Manchester Word there's a fucking lunatic horrible, like serial killer out on the loose and once you know once find out who is just like. Ok, well, he's a monster that idea that, like it so much easier to believe that werewolf skills for you know. Instead of that, no answers are actually human people that live next autumn. Ok, how that's a fine thing to take over tonight eight months later, a March fifth. Nineteen six Trevor Hardy twenty one year old, Christian Christian Campbell, he accuses her.
Kissing his girlfriend Sheila and she? He, acts so viciously. He tries to strangle her to death and at one point she bites part of her tongue off like fighting fighting him in the beating, but she actually gets away from him and escapes so now its awesome and the grouping She knows who you yeah, so he to go on the run, so he's on the Lamb sleeping, an abandoned houses. You know he's basically to try to disappear himself and he's gone back to burglary to keep himself lived, money anywhere stay at, but unfortunately during one of these break ins is when he kills us next victim. So, eighteen year, old Sharon Mozart is on her way home after an office party, and she comes upon Trevor Hardy trying to break into the marble mill and he these her realises that she's a witness and he steps forward.
Screwdriver and then, basically, in that the beginning of the killing, of course goes into his fucking frenzy and does the same thing to her. During over there and their bites offer nipples Then he rose her body into the row stale canal. Afterwards again, He becomes so paralyzed afterwards that the dental the the bite marks will he be able to be identified by them. This tunnel is partially frozen and he jumps into it too an desecrate, her body, even more Yanza having sixty force lashes and stab wounds, in the canal he's a monster. Her bodies discovered the next day. So she he actually escapes catch capture for six more weeks, but meanwhile the play have started surveillance, she'll affair, so on the on April, twenty third eight seven
nineteen somewhere. What church MA am nineteen. Seventy six. She goes to a house on Wellington, Road and start port and they find travel hardy there and they arrest him I now again, so she basically ends up recanted, the fucking alibi that she gave her whom he had. I have launched a smarter, yet and once he finds out that she's recanted and they basically have em. He writes a forty huge confession, letter and details: the murders of Wanda Skull, Sharon Moser and then to the surprise of the police. Leslie Stuart about it. A great writer I bet it's just well written and well thought out and She waited erectly really nice hand handwriting in court. He tries to claim
he's mentally abnormal angry disagree. I dont disagree but clearly he's it's not me round mental incapacitated, he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time, so he to get manslaughter because he says he's amounts unelected about hated and that's what the judge did know. The judge giggled like a girl. I thought you might gave him. No one or other of the Judge Manchester Crown fortune is like a girl. Immediately was like a go fuck yourself and wherever our course, One point, however, hearty viruses on legal team, which is what every it's a serial killer psychopath does, as they think they're smarter than everybody, and it doesn't matter because on May second nineteen, seventy eight Trevor heartiest It's a life in Wakefield prison for triple murder. In it's good news.
In two thousand. Eight he's asked to be released, we still alive and do not be international. He was still alive. He had served thirty years link and that was like the them minimum sentence. Thirty look like did he look crazy. No, can only look like I can't think of theirs, like a character actor that doubling looks like, but he is like a little mustache, okay, any kind of balding, but he has like a widows peak his greasy, I'll bet ya. I think I've seen how he kind of looks like a waiter that would creep you out. Yet if it like like Peewee, Herman and as a waiter, no disease Doc ear and hear some. There was something mentioning the article about how he was five foot: six like yours. Like bats, attributing to do what he was doing. It he's all mad that he's five foot sex IDA. That doesn't seem that towards me. But yes,
oh essentially, he asks he's like ok, I've done the thirty years and even that plenty air like no fuck you forever. His plea is rejected and on September twenty, there are twenty twelve he collapses in his cell and two days later he die. In prison at the age of sixty seven yeah yeah. Just it I need a bit more there's. No. Visiting him in prison for the last fifteen years of his life and the only person at his funeral was this estranged brother call and call on went funeral yeah, man, just one guy standing there, like I fucking hated this mom- would want me to be
and that's Trevor Hardy the beast of Manchester oh wow. I was here awful. I know I'm just look at photos of him tonight before bad there's up, and I don't like that. It's the seventies he's always wearing a blazer, it's the set he's! Just that, you can see like in law. At Starbucks like one thing goes wrong and like everyone's, like we gotta get out of here, is as he's fucking, going bullets and a nickname variant like crazy yeah. What exploding Trevor, something like that. It's gonna fucking explode or is it do? Should we do in homes our hometown terms? Even it finally got dark in here and now we have to ask you to raise their lights, so we can re. Look into everybody's may lead to sell you the rules for oh, yes, I just do this very briefly
so we like, when people come up here and tell us their hometown murder, cousin. But he's got one, but you have to remember if you get picked Georgia's gonna pick, someone randomly we have to remember, you can be super drunk if lobbies still have to be able to tell a story. That's keys, you can't repeat anything: you can start whispering, see. That's none of that shit or fly. You can only say this one time. This is crazy. One time you can't talk about power in a church. We did all that already the whole time. Let's see, we want it to be local. Those are the best. We love it if its, if if it's a Manchester One or somewhere near by around them here from Arizona FUCK off there. People from area always my sample being, and our people like the week either prepares literally flowery
it has to have an ending? That's also just not for tonight? But if you ever tell a story in life, you don't fuck and start a story like here's, this horrible thing, and then this thing happen and yeah. That's all! Ok, don't do that! Oh Anne, If you get picked everyone else's gonna hate you so make it snappy. Ok, those are the rules who has hometown for us, whereas a system directly opposite me wanting to her, I am really there's been. Area thence well done,
everyone everybody. Where are you from crimson so incident which is harmful to Manchester, as I previously What's it known for Ruby, gloves being, the first one Ruby rupees, it's kind of like Murkison Well, but we just don't hurt me looking at it doesnt not my example, not help you I'll. Just pretend like I understand and looking on return on them.
My hometown murder is the story of Helen because the disappearance of homer caught it does have an ended array she's trying to kill in February nineteen. Eighty eight Helen was twenty two. She rings her Monseigneur went home merely fancy. I know what that is here: the T s dinner in the north. Sorry, I'm just really proud. Now she steps the boss, she's got about five hundred yards towards her home. She doesn't make it witnesses. Scream is cut off and Helen has never seen again. So the priest s investigation and they go to the public. I have seen how insomnia pasta and they guy called him since he was shifted.
And very quickly the police like this is our guy and half. It sounds like Definitely organic, not so After all, it is gone downhill so very equally they thinking that guy pay they must get house and his car on in his car and house. They find bloated What they do is they take a day and dna from Hellenes parents and using them giant should realise that that would most likely definitely belongs to a chair, There is an Italian is an only child is clearly how is both yeah. So while this oral question, somewhere along the canal in Ireland, not too sure whereabouts, that is, they found Hellenes close covert implode.
Five is from in dogs length of cables also as bite marks in which they traced back to IE ducks so now the Porter S implicated in crime, and the like, This is our guy he's going to court. So it call in like its clearly not me what's happening. There is someone broke into my house and stole my clothes and stole my car, which I moved the body its deftly. Not me. Please don't give it to me. I'm Jerry's like it's probably can you make you're convicted. Yes, yes, they can victim him. It's one of the rare cases in the Uk Workpeople committed without supporting purely on dna evidence. So as you say, Helen Helen, he suddenly her remains never found. So her mom worry, who is an obsolete, bought us she
that's a campaign of campaign for Hellenes law. That's basically, convicted killer in the UK. If you dont reveal the whereabouts of your victim, Eunuch Emperor we are not alone is no longer just yet. She started the campaigning twenty fifteen. We could do a lot more signatures online to gather in play ass, nice. It's it's unchanged. The oak, which is the government petitions. Are you probably all know it? You ve signed so many things, maybe just Google Hellenes law than the position will come up.
Still in jail, still plead in his innocence, and he still Rwanda and thus my hometown motor Undistorted hurry back late hours per week will, from now on, I'm not going to list the rules on doesn't go. Can you just do a leg? Chloe? Did I tell you this is why we fucking love you so much and recently may front thanks them. Saying you're lucky you it's not like and then, unlike no you don't understand again people
fucking listen to this are the poorest people, the best people and were so lucky that we have the most incredible listeners and you guys do shit like this and were fucking. Would be part of it. It's very these tours are so amazing for us, because normally you know, as I said before, We just record this in aloft in an apartment in LOS Angeles and its it's like having a private conversation, then we find out there are people I mean. All fucking around the world that want to come to do this in its is an honor, but also like an entire unity has sprung up out of a true crime, comedy podcast. Its total insanity you did it all yourselves and we get a ton of
right it forever. So thank you sell your size really. It's amazing honour! Thank you, man, just having us. Thank you Manchester say sexy, and
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