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129 - Coincidence Island

2018-07-12 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Honolulu Strangler and the Galapagos Affair.

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This is exactly right. And welcome this is if ever murders, it's your crime, comedy podcast, where we tell you horrible things and then we'll just leave it to the millennium nightmares Senor on your own. Sorry, by gangs are you're all alone in this world by yeah. That's us, scaring killing era announced Georgia. Hearts hark. Thank you who are still here, you said. Thank you! No thank you, Georgia, hard stark. Can I just
Speaking of us being at your grandpa coming upon ass, I was going to tell you really quickly. Okay, so I saw my mama today that I'm just like a place of my primed and ready for her insult me. All the time sure it's on me. I don't know I think that's moms and honour lazier, so she's tell rats funeral. Ok, I'm very Billy. I literally we barrier that wherever thing there's like this and relative and she's tat we broke bragging about me. She also has somehow got it in her head that we have the biggest pike ass in the world and I just I don't think she wants to be corrected on it. I'm sure I does a shrine. And then she such they have the biggest Pakistan the world. It's a mystery, and I like a fucking, mystery caraway worked really hard and chickens.
That's a mystery podcast straight her act or like oh yeah, just better go. She used to think it was a ghost bypass. Oh that's, true, she's getting closer to use she's, at least it's a mystery. You ma am. I worked. I tried my orders mystery pocket, so maybe it's so maybe it's me. Did she let it slide? She acted like yeah leadership and a girl. Like you know
good. I didn't get it the man that I was just being a complete deck orgy ignored it. Hey look, look JANET now and on me lingering Deanna. Sometimes it's hard you get into the patterns. You ve forgotten. You hear what you hear. What you think is coming. How do you not here, I'm prime, when ready for her to insult me, is in some special way they sent mastery and how is your or weaken, Fucking Hawaii dude? I was so in Hawaii Imperialism, wind walking around in a bathing suit cover up at the gross who I was so on vacation then. Not only did I not have my debilitating and cripple crippling body image issues, but I was like you I was just have
it was so gorgeous sends incredibly regret what a weakened now yet was a long time. I think it was eight days three. He has seven or eight days amazing how many times by text you like not at all, you are leaving. You just did that. One just think how we haven't got time at a joint meeting last week, you're like so potent comes in. Can we just wait, because you know many able to earthquake that nothing happens. It's ok! Do you like this? Are this which I know is I've never ever bigger. Quite as I did, you really do eggs every one time when I gotta Lynde, Linda Belcher, gifts of Linda Belts, dancing in Georgia, going, I avenant goods not- and I was that- was the coal Vienna's eye to Eye Texas, you as a friend, and not as a what's right as partner, which I love and appreciate- and I think I told you at least one anecdote. Oh yeah, oh no, we had. It was the kind of thing we're, like I realized I haven't been on vacation. I mean I've gotten to travel and have a good time, but still had the words of different
so different when you just get up to nothing and you're with we were with lakes therefore families, altogether, a ton of people that I think we're you, no matter how early you got up someone else's hardy and like this person's, like I'm gonna, do I'm gonna practice. Somebody breakfast this other persons like let's go to everyone, the grocer shopping and yes, that's the most fun. It was really. We had a minivan. We drive around in at one point, rob and sows Us Mccullough Systems and the policy you know, columns its Adrian's family, ok and the remarks he family, which is we got to stay JANET Rumatiz House and fourth visualized their big holidays. We all got to be there for that which was so gorgeous. We are on this beautiful, being offshore inquire here when you looked up and down the beach
but he brought their own fireworks so an end. We did too because Gordy, who was the one who told that amazing told me the amazing things giving so last things giving his when this whole idea started, because it was kind of like this mishmash thanksgiving of a bunch of random people who had never had thanks giving together before, and we had the best time Superfund and that's when Jane Jane, it was like we should all do for the joy at my house, that's so we got a second house in her name like gray, and then I would never speak to them exactly. What am I gonna have that the only like, I don't think, I'm really invited where it's nice and MRS you'd, like no, you have to come, it's gonna be so great and there is little I would love to go and that it sounds like a dream, but I didn't wanna like be invasive. Will in end it up. I was get a hotel room there, of course, where none has its quietly summertime time. So anyway, it turned out amazing and it was like couldn't have felt more welcome and it was so it's so funded
on families. I'm never around laughing at their share is an affront to watch a family like interactive. They, like you guys, are that saying shit that no one else but can seize on vacation. It's like no there's no elder moms or like yeah. I'm irony made my breakfast I'm going out onto the land. I like it was truly every man for itself. Love we ever Adrian has been Robin started. Having nor a drive from eleven year old needs, the eleven year old needs deriving from one rental ass to the other he's sitting in his lap. She was only doing the steering, but but she was fully steering the minivan with all of us and she's going to remember that for the rest of her life she was giggling so hard. At one point, she turned all the way around the look at everybody in every vote. It was later it was just a bunch of stuff like that, so fun. Also one night. They started playing drinking games in the garage and there they taught us how to play baseball, which is
crazy, like it's basically quarters but advance, is now everyone does like quarters with ping pong balls and cups and shit, and I can go to college so I know I can they re same here. I've never even heard of it. It's just that. It's basically like throwing ping pong balls and two cups, but then, if you steal a base than you have to do that cup, flipping thing, the kids were really into couplet, I'm gonna cap living. Are you really? I say that and not knowing for sure, but I think I am its it. Was funny how all the over forties adapted gazettes like I've got four beers in me, and I want to kick your eye on the competitive you little shit like. Suddenly everybody was nineteen and it was rich yeah. It was a total joy, but on fourth of July the as you
up and down the speech like as the sun was setting people just started, kicking almoner, Piccolo, pizza, home, and so it just as far as the I could see was just little fireworks. It was a whole. Is that travel leg, dreamy yeah, so relaxing, like I do realize how much I needed to just plain relax and do thing in kind of like Joe go to the beach yeah tomorrow, I'll there's nothing to I was Arthur mine have instead best don't we're fine or incinerated or learning how to communicate effectively. Tell me. Please give me some tips, and here I didn't know how badly we were like we're like lets us, I'm so preemptive therapy girls, let's just go at all or some shit- cause our assembly
our communication shit and then we're like oh fuck. This would have gone like our marriage. What have been over in ten fucking years, if we haven't figured this it's the hardest steer, it gets the Gue between men and women, everything right very differently right. Well, he was telling ask as we're going to fuckin why next week, but we're going for three nights and our therapies. Basically was like what is wrong with you. You are. You have a brain change when you go from more than like fibres, say, is something: click signorina you'd know the next sands, nothing and next day a vacation. It changes leg, you know can you tax and days on, nobody can go, go somewhere else later. Ok, yeah occurs. It's very true like I started calling it vacation brain because people ask me something very basic about my own life. I'd be like an ice me later, like a truly. We felt, like my brains, like no we're gone for the weaker harass yeah, especially like
the past year has been really fucking heart an insane and I think we haven't been able to which it, because we would have broken yeah legacy. Spinning top and it's like, don't stick a fucking thing in it. No I'll, let you gotta let that things ban and keep spinning at the ice I can't tell you guys the things we ve been doing, that like we're going to have to tell you pulling the next month and their big and there really fun, and some of them are so exciting that I really really wish. I could tell you right now a lot nothing to George! What is it her?
Paul. I will say it again: oh god, you guys would die. You guys would die you're going to die soon. Dont worry apologies to Paul Owen, who that is Poland. I miss you stole my really I'm good at flipping. Ups embedded now reading we're gonna work on it. Yet we have funds have to tell you and things are we ve been working very hard on an, but also it's hard. I think we are very similar in that way. It's hard for us to relax I've. I feel, like I've been in this mode for quite some time, so relaxing is as upsetting as being struck me. I'm not only the personality as someone who can chill out like everyone, I, if I'm gonna watch a movie on tv or whatever the fuck I have to like, do myself
projects paint my fuckin males are. I have to clean out a drawer. I can't just show that's the beauty of eighty. Conversely, that's the beauty of hope, Hawaii Hawaiian Island right, because everyone there goes real, slow and they're, not gonna speed up for your crazy cow. For now is ethically not used. Specifically anybody everybody's just like yeah. We don't do it that way here and try really cool I'll do my best. It also smells the heirs. Male role in its insanely clean will see how it fucking go near. Eleven really excited it. Just unwinds your spine, yeah, it's it's very, very good, free online. Your spine last nine remind me yes, ok, so we got this email that is number, one is number one for me. I M excited, I don't know yet than you were laughing aloud. I lost my mind. A little bit that subject line is John Wayne. Gacy is a fucking fraud,
So I work with correctional officers all over the state of Illinois, and sometimes I get really good stories from them about how horrible inmates can be healthier. Permit parent, theoretically, so much thrown p that Ireland be that's rough and every once in awhile a story. The story I want about infamous murderers. I was talking to some officers from Maynard Correctional Center or Menards, sorry, which formerly has John Wayne Gacy after I brought him up
This is no shame. They told me he was not about inmate considering, but they did tell me the following that I had to share with you rise. So apparently all the paintings Gacy sold while he was imprisoned more done by how the kings of the God Damn century. We have like an assembly line of inmates in his art class. I would all contribute, for example, one would do the trees and one would do the face, etc. Gacy frequently only contributed his signature to the whole thing. I was told that when these paintings or sulphur stupid amounts of money he gave money to each inmate worked on. It will that's kind of nice. I really don't know how it all worked
and how it was even allowed in prison, but the but shit the eighties were a different ball gang. They sure, where am? I gonna give credit for daisies entrepreneurial spirit that, even though he is a fraudulent sick fuck, I just wonder if he made the inmates working on his paintings call him colonel serial killers. Works of art be well. I kind of love that cause. We always talk about. Dont, like progress on yeah. Like me, I don't want you to me or not. We can lines make Neuber we're not obsessed with serial killers. You know we are obsessed with stories and the other people think that we are obsessed- and I just love that it's like you, bought juggling daisy painting Actually you motherfucker, I just never understood when that kind of that seem to me.
Up in the nineties a little bit, and I do remember, I did have a t shirt with a huge picture of ed gains face on the front of it that I gotta pee k on Vermont values like, but that's like you know, like only certain people, would know what it is now. Yes back end very you know underground. It fell edgy, unlike us versus that we're doing. Nobody like no one better than our thinking was an urgency now esoteric as terror. Excuse me, I love that word, but point B I never wore it. I bought it cause I was like. I know it is now more credit or my mother comments that I know that our industry regular yet, but I dont want walk round, eyed gainsaying, but it always reach me that people would want a piece of one of those people in their home and how much that that's
the definition of bad vibes, our work, if you leading goes Sir COM, Erlich their lives and shall be. I like that, John, I guess would be putting his you know it your internal, the work is like her internal HIV man, I'm still on island time, even have even seven jailhouse paint spheres and ye. I wonder if this is just one more a terrible blow to Johnny depths whole financial he's in so many did. You read the rolling stone article that Johnny two recent
now about his financial. Should, oh, yes, the Ladys, but spends like five hundred thousand dollars a month or someone wine was is bunny. I did. I did read the thing where recently he punch somebody in the face on on the movie set no local issues, man, whispered, cerebral, say, look at her. You know, and hopefully the proliferation manager is just like. I'm just wanna do my job without giving punched majority to yeah. I make let's see eight million less dollars, then you so how? But you keep your fucking hands over there. Yet I ask you. The Big Bang Fancourt. What's up we're getting your were posting,
equally videos and were posting live shows an were about to come out with an exciting new March line YAP like really sound. We ve got it all things in the chamber like we keep saying will be, but we do. We just have to organise ourselves and deliver it, but some really good ideas. Also, last night on Twitter, I started post because really late. I was just kind of in a weird place and I was thinking about all the hotel rooms I loved on our last. Actually, of tourism. So I just started posting pictures of hotel rooms that I've loved and people are like. I want to see all of these so alike. I feel like that's for this fault or I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna keep a hotel room diary? I love it because some too one other times. We just stay it wherever the places. That's like mid love, air or whatever we do not always splurge lotteries landed, stay put
the exactly, but sometimes like on the european tour we splurge than a couple places where it was like. I can hear it Lee Birthday, you guys another kind of snobs, sluts and use our birth is so I had to stay somewhere and I soon I can't be saying an effect in you know no offense I actually feel it's me making. I actually we get an offer from the lake days in their legal and heard you talk shit about we'd love to work with you. I actually asked ments if he would make you stay somewhere bad. While I M a good, he said now because he'd have to say there with me for your life, reactive, therapist, Dag! Look how much he loves me Doug Proof, then your head on even remember the last time recorded. So I can't think of any yes, I do
yes, I do corrections corners. Yes, here we got, you know the one I'm gonna say. I think I have one and you have one look at you go for. I can't remember minds. Eu first, this is, I would say, could be our sloppy is so far so good so far so bad. So we do have a correct. I have a conscience corner and luckily love that this is our. Everyone now gives us our corrections, the nicest sweetest wave months impalpable so, and this fields, especially dumb to me, but for on my part, so Bambi wrote to us and the road, even though Karen and be Org or it before we ANA Bantu, not some been around for a long long time, no shade intended. Just in fellow, where was like a thank you Bambi Omega though so nice of you, but if
intimated in any way that I thought be York invented those yeah. It makes me feel so do because in no way did I think that. So thank you so much for it began, be wrote. No shade was who was so hard warming to make? Those like we get- and I mean like I can take shape- can serve up the shade of their past, but anyway, so, thanks for that, good job Bambi, yeah thanks baby. Get mouth watering season, recipes and pre. Measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal: kid they make looking at home, son, easy and afforded
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you wanna go first now know why You whisper dammit it Drinking my can't line and after slow down again wine? And now it's I'm covers? Ok, I don't know if I might like get it out of the way person with everything. Always let's just get. Shit out of the way that's gonna be fun on vacation, though its grave hunger. I M really Joe well so as I can't let go of being in Hawaii Actually, while we were there Mary remarked, see who is, it was her moms house that we're staying at listen, the bog ass high Mary and she was like
Have you ever done a hawaiian serial killer and at first I said? No, then I remembered there is Randal, I'm not Camilo members, last name, but he's the guy that x escaped from the mental hospital you made it away. He made it to California rate until you rather's house, some shit yeah exactly he was six dreamily scary, but I like. Are there any could, of course, at the time we're like the palm trees were swam. The background away like there's no way I would anyone, will then I Wikipedia and there was one. It's still hold case, the case of the Honolulu strangler or so I don't have to tell I think most people about Hawaii art learn arrest people results estate. Let's start there so why are obviously is always been this gorgeous tourist.
Destination is, if you haven't Ben, I her. I highly signals that you go to really any of the islands, including Molokai, is to be a leper colony. Now, there's about eleven people that live there, my sister's gone because we have like distant family that lived there. It's like my cousins, wife's sisters now and my sister said it's incredible. Unlike very remote, and you it's just that thing where, when you go invocation of why you really are just gone your loud in the middle of the ocean and it's it's me, it's an amazing spirit. So anyway, so huge
location destination, the fifties, and then it had this resurgence in the eighties, because after unlike the Sixtys and Seventys the tourism had fallen off, is huge for so long and then, like everything you know there was the recession and people from started, stationing with no name or cute Buzzfeed columns about it, but it does them go anywhere in the light of your it don't fuckin go anywhere is called we're. Fuckin broke if you want to go into nature, stand outside but by the MID eightys. It was ramping back up again the island of while who, which is where Honolulu S are not going to act like a total expert because we like I think when I was growing up, I just thought of Hawaii as higher LULU right. Just like there is a picture of our fridge rater of my grandma in the fifth. Is standing in front of a big pink hotel in Honolulu wearing a lei, and it was like that was the shit that I like Our can dreams bodily, let in the in the eightys. It came back so that you'd
People like baseball shirts. It said Hawaii, eighty two on the front of Burma and were those tourism shirts hers like the it looked like a football sherbet Hawaii. Eighty to remember like I was like the ooze where are you going to live? Hawaii like it was like the place to be at our over someone at school, saying that all the drinking towns had pineapple Jason them. Like my guy, like that, how much paradise it was like a truly fair pineapple Jews and all the water about low issues like blown away, although I have to say the first time I visited Hawaii with my ex, we sat and eight fresh, apple and trinkets and cheese for like a week straight. That's all. I was like this. I'm fine entropy, no Nina the tropical smack of Truscott seizures does achieve look. Here's my thirteen out of grain and nowadays pineapple pineapple pint of eye, so amazed so ok, so
in the eighties one of the main reasons tourism kicked up again and also there is military personnel and people coming to work at telecom companies. So all these people there is an influx of people coming into the state of Hawaii. A half million. People visited the island's during this time and this well before the stock market crash of eighty seven over time I dunno existed or eight eighty seven. We can't get into start the stock market right now, and this is not a stock market. Five guys guys could do much. If I just started it was a bull am bear market like white. A pronounced city names, but you can talk about the stock market crash of eighty seven, but it was so for Hawaii, huge
the economy, great for business, but of course, because with all those people brought the influx and increase of robberies, rapes and violent crimes stab at and up until this point, as far as they knew there had never been a serial killer as far it like in terms of the police ever knowing about it. On May twenty, ninth nineteen eighty five Vicki purty, She leaves home around six o clock. She's gonna go out clubbing with her friends and she's gonna, let you know: go dancing and drinking essentially she's a she's, a tourist or she lives there. She lives there with her husband she's gonna go into Waikiki and go drinking dancing with her friends. So do the husband says at home and she's gonna go or our party. She parks are car at a place called the shore Bird hotel, She ends up calling her friends. She doesn't mean up other friends until she calls him at ten p m and
She tries to make a plan of meaning up at them, but they did she never shows up and they never see her or hear from our again. Her husband, Garrick isn't at midnight when, when she's not home, her husband starts to worry and she has a pager whom he starts, paging her and I've yeah, but he never answers and the last person to see her alive is a cabdriver who dropped her off at the Sherbert hotel to pick up our current midnight so she had gone somewhere but it wasn t meet her friends. Yeah, they dare not sure like hurt her we're so in the morning, get he pages germ pages or goes to sleep assumes she's. Just gonna get home late in the mornings. He sees that she's never come home and he s frantic. So goes into Waikiki to look for her himself and he finds her car at the shore, hotel,
keys and purser gone, there's nothing like of her own in the car, but there, dent in the car that was not there when she had left before there and then next morning. Gary's worst fears come true. Vicky's body is found he lagoon. She was wearing the yellow, jumpsuit and the red belt that she was wearing when she left the house. The night before her arm are bound behind her back and she has been raped and strangled. So she had been working at a video store. So Her husband Gary tells police. He thinks it. Related to her work, because the video store has an adult shall connected to. It looks up her aunts and six months before Vicki started working at this video store. There were.
The double murder hats at yeah at that location. Ultimately, the police decide it was a coincidence and it didn't have anything to do with it with her murder. But I think that's insane well, I guess I d better. Let alone word was. It was just We don't know what the devil murder was now and it goes a cab driver. So eight months later. Nineteen year old, Regina Sakamoto, leaves school at why? pow, who end up I apologise for these. Pronunciations are some of the artists, your trunk. So like your arms- and I bet I can tell and I and that they should cut you break I did look up, can t he that lagoon height. I watched a news reporter from who I say it about twenty nine times, but it still when you look at TAT is doubt it because you know
There are so many ease. So why pie? Who high as where she was its or senior year? She plans to go to Hawaii Pacific University. That fall and younger brother, Omar describes her as a fun, loving person and someone. Everyone looked up to sew on general. 14th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, it's seven hundred and fifteen in the morning, and she calls her boyfriend from a phone booth to tell him she's missed her school bus and then she's going to be late for school and that's the last time anybody hears from her. So Next morning, her body is found by fishermen a mile away from where Vicki parties body was, and they can a he lagoon. Regina. His body is naked from the waist down again hands bound behind her back she's been rate. And strangled and
for that location. Only a mile away its its exact copy of a pretty smart. How far, apart with these to the location, none of the time eight months, ok, yeah, fuck, yeah, so then too, after that, two weeks on January thirty, twenty one year old, Denise cues, is on her way to so she lives in the neighborhood heard called Pearl city, which is north of Honolulu, and she is a secretary she was or a phone company and commute to work by bus and nieces mom, told her since she thought that prose, he was too remote too far away them enough people who live there and she didn't like the fact that she would come you by bus in weight at that bus. Stop by yourself or a mom told her. Wait until the last second, when you know the buses coming and then go out to the bus, stop so that
not just standing around by yourself and that's normally what she did my good idea yeah, but that day JANET the thirtieth nineteen. Eighty six Denise never shows up for work, two days later, three teenage teenagers are craving air, the MILAN Lula Stream, which is two miles upstream from the cat s he Lagoon and they come across something that's wrapped in blue material in the water yeah. It's the body of Denise Hughes and again her how hands were bound behind her back she'd been re. In strangled, but because her body was in the water. It had a lot more de composition but all three women so far have been found out of their homes by the Honolulu Airport and close to, if not in water, so
Please can no longer dismiss that these murders are connected and the way the bodies like are still bound behind their hands painter back yet rape ever Think about the m. O is so matching creepy. So, but up until this point hawaiian authorities have never dealt with a serial killer point where, when they finally make when talk about it in the paper. They have to explain what serial killer me. That's how untouched the community had been up to that point in the mid eighties, so the Honolulu police set up a serial killer task force and that will eventually, over over that year it grows into, consisting of twenty seven people and they actually end up enlisting the help of the FBI and the Green River killer. Townsend, worse They were really smart may like reached out to all the right places, but they have nothing work with almost nothing to work with clause on the bodies or in the water. There's no blue
evidence yeah and it was before dna evidence. Re was, you know in the in the foreign anyway, it's just such a new concept in general. Tell everybody because so police make us now spent and they think is to the women possibly could have accepted rights from strangers while there are waiting at these buses and because of that the parties caution. All women, not against taking rides were hitchhiking at all for them for the eyes. You know not hiding it and being instead, we yes like safe, the first of the elimination we like a man stop killing women. Of course we know that, but re edition. In that sense we know that's, never that's a note that won't be taken recently by, but what they do tell woman to do is that travelling
groups where clothing that they can move quickly in which I think is kind of amazing, because I've always been a big believer in reasonable. She is like a high heels, are fine for when you're indoors and looking pretty well, like you know, That makes me happy. There's like where clothing that would allow freedom, the freedom to move quickly, don't carry package's, so dont be bundled up and weighed down, My staff? Is yours and don't get close to cars that approach you asking for direction, so they got real specific with warning people and they said they told women quote if you feel like you're, being followed trust your gun, which is rad, yeah They even set up a sting using undercover cover policewomen around Honolulu Airport, but nothing ever came of that shit yeah. So about six weeks later on March, twenty sixth, five year old, Louise Madeira, us from why PAMELA Shield
Leave the island of war who and she's going to visit her family on? Quite that's where I was there oh Louise's manner had died recently and she has to go there for the reading of the will, but she had she has two kids and she's three months pregnant she's, trying to make it the fastest possible trip, because she after two kids, with her boyfriend and she's, just like night, I gotta get back her family, wants her to wait until morning. So did she doesn't have to take the boy from the airport late at night, but Louisa like no. I have to get back as soon as possible when she gets offer airplane in Honolulu. She disappears and week later on April. Second, Louise's body is found at the north end. The key he ll a gown. She is naked from the waist down. Her hands are bound behind our backs and, like the three that
as before, her she's been sexually assaulted and strangled, but the whole Emma was the same here and then three weeks after that cheeses year on April, twenty ninth thirty six year old, Linda Patchy, leaves work in her car, so she also works for a phone company. She's recently been promoted there she's a single mother died but it took her daughter, she has remained and she tells of remained tonight. I have a meeting a summit to be home later than normal when Linda does, arrived home that ex by the next morning, were roommates really concerned. She calls then finds out Linda left work at six thirty boom, the Herman. My calls the police, because she knows that Linda would never go anywhere without her daughter analysis didn't would never happened. Yet. Linda's cars found on the Nimitz Highway at the north eastern end of the cat. He look at it from
but the police put together. They figure that her car broke down. Ass a mile from a bust. Oh yeah, so they immediately call oppressive press conference. They warn the community that Linda, is now considered a missing person and they tell women not to leave their car if it breaks down. If your car breaks down the side of the road stay inside of it with the door locked in and the police say which is very touching and sad, this involves everybody's wives, everybody's girlfriends and everybody's daughters. We have lost our innocence as a community. How terrifying and also when you over there, it's so tiny hanging really is a community. Everybody knows each other. On all these islands I mean I can't speak for a while, but the places I've been witches molly and
quite a really seemed like you're coming into a neighborhood. Yes, not like you know a whole island, Julia Little Neighborhood, where people like wave to each other as they drive by forty years later, and this is gets fucking weird as health care. A forty three oral mechanic calls the police and tells them that a psychic told him that Linda pashas body was located in place, called sand island all share and he tells police that he followed the directions that the psychic gave and that he thinks he found the bottle, and he also explains he knows Linda patchy because she tried to sell him a pager one time. So that they they had had a connection at one point, is she a so police check, Linda's appointment book. And they see that this Panics name is actually an information is in her appointment book and she had written in their the day. She disappeared. Sir
Oh my god. They go to sand islands. The authorities go to sail on sand island with this mechanic and he shows them around the whole island. I dont know how big it is. I met some little place, the size of a grain of sand, I'm not sure, He walks around the whole island, avoiding one smart and then like. Oh, I guess it's not here when police check out that spot, that's where they find Linda Pashas body do she is face down covered and dirt, a concrete block on top of her in he's been raped and strangle. So, meanwhile, when, when she went missing, the police actually put up a roadblock and they started asking they stop. Com There is and asked them about what they saw. The night that Linda Scarborough down side of the road and one witness said that she saw a caucasian or mixed race. Man, its thirty's early forties, driving a light colored American made Van that had
back lettering on in and they were saying he was seen and his van on the side of the road with Linda and are broken down car, the Mccain fit the description. The mix the brought them the sand. Beach fits the description of this guy that the mechanic the brought him the sand beach has a light colored American made Van with black lettering on it he's forty three years old he's like right in there and he lives in that you a beach, a w h e web, each area which actually the task force, have you know, and they do that thing where they re elected with us. Companies are whenever an it's like? This is the area that yeah probably lies Huxley's like right in the vicinity in the middle of reality, ass like that, so he was right in that spot. Evil beach was right in that area. I'm sure some FBI profile- or I don't know specifically that's who it is, but they had been they figured that he worked at an air cargo company or a place near or at the airport on lagoon, Dr Police,
here that he worked at the airport or near by the airport, is gonna cost airport the. Yet the lit the mechanic who called them and talked about the second who worked at an air cargo company near the airport on lagoon, Dr Loot, which is that runs along the kick a hay down there s this guy no prior record, but he does have relationship its issue yeah, I mean why we all they start to sir this guy, and they see they catch him, trying to scrape the letters off of me out on me. Ninety six days after he had led the police to Linda's Glinda Pashas body. They bring the mechanic in for questioning he. Sits in the interrogation room from eight o clock until three in the morning to barely moving arms crossed head down He won't say a word about the creep.
Yes thing. I've ever heard they gave him a polygraph, he fails it, but the police know that they only have circumstantial evidence that, basically it's just eye witnesses, and so they go and talk to his ex wife and his girlfriend. Both of whom tell police that this guy's into bondage specifically tying hands behind about yeah. Also, the oh friend says, they got into fights and he stormed out of the house on the nights these girls went missing. No, yes, But again, this is all hearsay and he said she you imagine realising that we will put the nights together in your like the slow burn reveal this person is not not only. You know, I think it is, but perhaps it yeah, yeah. So
course, of course who heard? I don't know, what's happening to me, a horses, a horror of horses, a horse of course, where he lawyers up and never tax police. Again They go to the d, a saying we have all this, but it's all circumstantial and the DE says. If we take this to trial, you lose and he'll be gone forever when the mechanic walked out the police station door the low the press. Was there waiting and someone asks to be new, Linda, petty and he started to say I haven't talked to then he stopped and what does that mean? realize. He should not be saying anything to the press at all. I was going to say that he basically started to give an answer I haven't talked to and then Linda since the day I killed her, I mean so months after this a woman, this forward and says, and she she says she saw a man
by the side of the road and woman broke down car, the whole thing they put. Both a graphic line up in front of her and she picked the mechanic out. Are you can't well but knew she saw him in the news months later that what we well but here's the thing she will not testify because This is like an actual eyewitness but she says when asked ass, she passed He turned and looked her right in the eye and she was so scared positive if she has a vice he'll kill her. That's how scared like scary, he was. Did you see his picture? As I say, I did see a picture of course transition lenses, so he looks like every healed, any of the zero villars yeah like a Dahmer style. Yes skinny, he had come around face. It was just like, but Could it could completely be circumstantial and he just got caught up shots, not him. Now he ended up. They, continued surveyed him. He
and goes to the MID west. They call whatever state he goes to and they continue to Seville him. While he's there, they call the FBI, they fell on tee, the F B. I followed him to Europe. Twice the fire He then moved back to the east. He comes back goes the EAST coast, continue surveillance in them. They never catch him doing anything. They never see anything suspicious, nothing at all. He ends of dying in two thousand three laptop back, so twenty sixteen, the Honolulu police said that their stepping up cold case an older whole cases, investigations, which is what everyone's doing now, which is amazing and their there. That the they want. Ray TEST the dna they have on file they're, not sure if it still viable because its whom almost forty years ago now we we were fine. With that. We ask us DNA experts, ya, like me, you you can make it work. We work. Ok, good
they vague. They say that they consider. All cases open until the suspect is identified are caught but another one didn't happen after that, correct it all stopped. After that it was an as that of the hallway strangler doesnt. There's not that much about it, because it's a girl, ass classical case, but there was a case file, has an episode about it. Ok, which means that I couldn't be more detailed, are awesome, so I'm sure there's, there's more seven there and then I did find there is in I did channel, of course, if you, Google, the Honolulu strangler theirs. I e channel there's an episode of a show called something yeah. It's like a bunch of cases and think profile is one of them, and it's one of them. You can look when you, Google, it can find a couple things, but that's awful, You ever heard of it I've never heard of it. I mean it's it's crazy.
So, just one those when it is such a classic Cyril killing case yeah and there's no, it couldn't even be like it's not it's us, our power like the first and there's eight months began its just like this was a month or every two weeks. That's like its classic serial killer. Like this guy just drive around Hunt at night I mean and then like his ex girlfriend, who just like every time we gonna fight that was thousand men. I mean yeah. Yes, so many coincidence and re, but they but they art yeah yeah, that's fucked up yet job. Thank you. I can easily When will you accept that I wear glasses put them on and I'll do will do night ass. I have no, but where I always think Karen, I always think they don't hide my shit enough and I think Karen.
It's gonna, know five seconds require. I tell her what mortar I'm doing. I feel like Was your sister or brother sneaky with you? Did they do weird shit like trick you in the thing all we did with each other was sneaky drinking at each other, like with every man for himself, I'm gonna find any kind of dirt against you. I can she's Descrie reader fucking diarrhoea ones. How mom, how far and it's not a mystery- see Laura was the exact opposite. Laura was like the dawn Draper of I never think about you at all. Where like if I put something down like that as she would never even pay take the time to look at. How are you gonna get? You know you do all the time it drives me fuckin crazy, because all I want to do is look at it as you dont close your like you,
I know you ve dimension. That's me one thousand times I just feel like I'm going to see something that you don't want me to see that I don't want to see that I'm gonna get then see play because you motherfucker people's homes, but I won't do it and I don't do it don't do it otherwise, a generous how similar, nay, he heard them like a lack of checks in alike to deposit, oh yeah. I can I look on your checks if it was just like, what's less far, what's a sport like I'd totally that that might be rude under very well, he would tell, but you know that I was a good no friend he said I ll tell you, but I would say no. If I didn't want you to- and I said I would have asked you if I knew you wouldn't care yeah yeah yeah, that's really funny. I love people like we're. Pretty am not per diem, buy. What's a cod residual doubt yeah! That's where it's like,
How did you get a cheque for four dollars and ninety four sided right? Where in China show you are on for three minutes play? I still get checks from the drew, carry shows our eyes insane, but they truly like crazy or nine cents. I was so long ago. It was over fifty two years. It doesn't make sense. It was fifty two years ago, ten tonight, Karen report. All right, listen! Let looking listen! fucking stunning coincidence, sue we're going to remain on the island. The fucking you you and me and Stephen are on the fucking coincidence, island yeah, yeah, we're the only inhabitants are about. I can do they Galapagos Affair, O island time, island, fucking time, and now I just you know I'm on this island, but I'm not here to make friends left Slayer my throw you under of us literally ok,
Ok, we're sorry rhythmic! There's a documentary about this re. Yes, I've been told the watch documentary problem, if fifty times now- and I hear it's amazing- were right- everyone was right. Ok, I know we're like shut up. I know everything I am like yours, it's fuckin good! Ok, but I'm an age or help so that every character in it looks so much not like anyone. Ok, I can't describe them by saying they look like a young so and so great song and you're gonna, thatS Mohammed or how Eden showed events occurred as this look like you notice my friend Dave from go. Now he did get wondered when ok, ok, I just tell you sorry homey, always you giving me a job you just you just picked up. Its second greater inside of me, I'm your sit up. Reels hall. I ran. I have a job at your gray eyes. I'm ready can't wait here. Let's just start, this is saying this. This story is told by
the inhabitants of this story like based on their letters that everyone row the books that we're later that they later wrote about it, so that what is fact than what is someone else's saurian isn't true in its true is like left up to fucking conjecture. Amaze are some word. That sounds like that. Yes, so. But here's what we now and here's how we are going to do it. I just really quick. That's all the only the way we tell all stories is just through the eyes of either put the police or remove border or a family member like yours, forget that cause you're like no. This is fact gray and when we do our research, we try our best to find stories that are they like to look for. The story is that everyone is telling us that peace together, what sounds like the most plausible, based on what word telling you and so were fucking wrong to probably is aware, adding to guarantee so, but we're right, always Florina Island. Let's start there it's one of the islands that make up the archipelago archipelago,
archipelago, didn't know that word before. I although MRS Pack has see archipelago, great. Thank you to the park ass, the conspirators nice for expelling the archipelago, so here we are archipelago that makes up the Galapagos Islands form by volcanic eruption. It's like another little tiny cluster of islands like near Ecuador that work like that you're in the middle of fucking. Nowhere, Let's see that Florina is named after one Jose Floris he's the first president backward or he during it is administration. Ecuador was like you know what this because I once are ours Debbie, while in the islands are of course known for their unique and wonders creatures like giant toward us, is that are used as an inspiration for Charles Darwin's, the oars, species. That's what everyone knows its nose. It bore you know
the aisle who so mother fucking. There was like all these like Europeans and pirates and people who would take over this little island Florina, then one dick was like a play, a joke. It I'm in a light a little fire burning, the whole fucking island down now and it's he thus see. That's not a funny jirga. Now it's the helmsman of the Nantucket wailing vessel, the Essex in eighteen. Ninety does that and the captain of the vessel swore retribution on the culprit and but then the ship is round and sunk by a sperm whale and that's when Herman Melville got his fucking idea right. Mobile shit yeah, so there's like history. Even though I don't wanna fuck an island and dick session on an archipelago and archipelago mark up alone. The nineteen twenties Ecuador is broken their like. We need some fucking money, let Let's sell the islands to help with our economy. So
Then Europeans are like great: let's go by some of these islands and fucking live there its Siena Perth Post World, where wine there's an economic crag crash in everyone's freaking out that brings a wave of european settlers and they want to buy the lamb and they want to live on. A tropical island paradise like this idea that this can be Paradise, so choose These people are Doktor, Frederick Red whose forty three and his lover his fifteen years younger than him door. Stretch so she teacher and aboard Fuckin housewife there from Germany and they had met there are when DORA become a patient of doktor fried reach rhetoric, so they met when DORA became a patient of Doktor Ritter he's done test. I think, and
she hadn't door had been diagnosed with em ass and all of her doctors like as incurable. You can't do anything about it. Fucking deal with it go by, but Doktor Ridder was like fuck that shit. He believed he like Super Antin Nietzsche, and he was like here here's what happen if he believed in the healing power of thought. He mansplain to her that she didn't have to submit to her illness and she fell in love with him. He fell in love with her the day I decided to leave their spouses for each other while he looks like Steve's on you know nice, you know I mean I love Tee Tsar like a rugged Steve's on. Oh, like a ragged, not liking. Do online gun. Did you ever see sunshine cleaning company? No! is deeds on in that movie, is a cop of has always insanely yoked. Yes, like no longer hippies, tease armies, like he's evil
upstairs he's like Steve's on and pop. I had a baby yeah. She looks like a young Emma Thomson. Ok, it's a nice combination right. So, Doktor Ridder he's an eccentric. He centres need he studied studies Nietzsche. Like any got angry hipster arrow churned, that's like only I like if you wanna, J, with a guy like I'm really in a Nietzsche I'd, be like It's you, sorry, really quick! That's my friend over there and I would fucking run ass fast ass. I could easily faker Baker by so he's into his fellows philosophical principles and Annex II for life and a vegetarian diet, and they aren't you gonna. Do an idyllic Pacific island existence he just fucking hated. My life is like get me. The fuck out of here. Everyone works to slow the saga
No one doubts, Kyoto, a tropical islands. Let's get the fuck out of here. Everything is like all about buying buying shit, it's impersonal, its valueless. I hated him. I can get behind ass, sure sure and DORA was that character, and sometimes it's fun to live valueless life. Ok, It's a DORA is like fuck that you know she's fifteen years younger she's, like oh, my god, this guy is the smartest guy. Ever I'm obsessed with him, I'm in love with him looks like slaves on public six years on so ass. She also hated this boozy lifestyle. She didn't want to be a fuckin housewife for the rest of her life and she was piss off that she had this like diseases ravishing her body. And her I guess her husband had been a deck, so she said existence poisons the spirit which is
just mere existence narrow that existence, though, that lighthouse life thing you know, so she caused doktor rigour. Her teacher and her guide and her fate she got a bad idea. Wanting to leave civilization, they decide to leave their spouses and they said the spouses take care of each other? don't do that, then you are looking across the room at some strange area is like really when I had so they leadership as they get the fuck out of Germany and they travel to the uninhabited Florina. Were they and indulge in his raw food series. Oh now, and he could write his Magnum Opus, which is a philosophical. Feel fear this book,
and I wrote and where he could mansplain her in privacy. Now, if you're a doctor, that's not man's blaming lets you no way more than two percent. Ok, all right, and ass he just cause you're a doctor in you, like memorize, unplugging, medical books. We have, if your doktor tongue, the patient, that's not man lab at its now. His fuckin lover right. You know She was just because I'm more slowly, editorializing fair enough. Just put him out there with okay, so the pair lived by the strict Nietzsche and principles that Doctor Ridder had imposed on them, including nudism vegetarianism. I hate his people slip on fire like he socks off. She went with him for some reason: she's like young and thinking. I don't think she's that young NOS forty three and his fifteen years younger, so how many years is that lets thirty says she's like
eight torn so it's not that you she's not like, and he in his hand and seventeen year out, but I get it if you have some kind of disease room just like yeah away, I better grab life while I cash or- and this person is telling me that I can overcome this disease where everyone else's like great you're an invalid now she's like I want this. Yes and I'm sick of this boring lifestyle and her husband was a deck she's like fuck that shit. Ok, I get it lit, I'm I'm behind us in my earth like late. Twenty is that fuckin do thy crashes on. It's all, I care could garden fucking egotism, shit, you're, just like you're, so different in no small part on eleven am I got. This is groundbreaking. Philosophy is job, everybody you're, not err, lazy and is that you're a genius? It's not a normal hire you it's that you don't care about money. I get it now. I also don't care about money. I have to pay rent again do ask rate
without a care about that money, but here's what our excess didn't do. So he had this Ridder doktor render the dentist had this obsession he had he was also really into obsessive mastication. Does exactly what it sounds like chewing, chewing, epoch time back them up to it. Now you know yours was: did you thirty five times per bite? Did you know that I didn't? I don't do that. I rarely but everyone all remember, and then I start counting and then many by this is insanity get yeah. I hate it. I remember reading sorry, I remember reading sorry, there's no sightings here I reckon
recall, called shoe your juice one time there was like you need to do that to use as well as food where it's like, because you're you're saliva acids needs to break down the thing work, and I was just like none of them, then I'll, never get cancer area and I'll be beautiful, get it Dat. Forget it. It's like it's like the brushing your hair, a hundred times thing or it's like, but somebody like now and I'll break your herons. I can everyone just shut up yeah our habit, they just do whatever, I presume as is out and my worst S and his worst was that so the purpose of this aim to understand our birth cycles are matching, oh, my god, I'm so sorry. I do not think any more merit keeps asking is use. You aren't because, ultimately, some shit, ok, so this rule is obsess investigation rule destroy doctors, teeth so done so before they left Germany for this Fuckin island, he was like there's not going to be done so,
on this island, so he pulls all his teeth out. Why and he instead gets steel, dentures stainless steel, dentures known before, leaving Germany now he's got a fuckin mouthful enough him, so he is a bond milon on, on an uninhabited island and a do they like, but it's like they were leaving the night before and then he did that and she was like. Oh shit, I already told my husband to go off with his wife might have been a mistake issue. I gotta go through it now: yeah, ok, so not surprisingly the doktor readers actually kind of a bully he or she is they get to the island great. Yet he refuses to allow DORA simple pleasures that his philosophical principles like coffee and her teeth. No, once on the island heap completely removed. Her teeth is now garden tools and together they share his set of Densher know when they need to eat,
So then they had to sit there toothless, while the other one choose mould. The time, and they pass back and forth like my mom and her boyfriend do that through the cute thing, where they like have his glasses and she and someday enable yet a man you, together with yet lasses areas. We adorable now imagine out with fucking, and this is where we have got into this island and I'm so disturbed. It doesn't matter what happens after that. It gets so much worse. You also just just like the whole story. Just just remember that they don't have to be because why
will, you could have moved from like or were you Cologne, Germany you? Why don't you just move over to Berlin and it out go on? What's the island, the English and where they have the cows internet girl, like you, don't need to go to the lap ago, yes, tat TEST Island, for which is heavily airline like even even there's like Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz, it's like kind of inhabited by like a mention or region people, its people are doing their best there, but it's not like you can just beer person there like back now, and they were to this fuckin place where the closest neighbours were sixty miles away and us I dont know Oh and its also not like it's Paradise, if you look at the end of the documentary on these photos, it's like this crazy rocky lot, like black Lava Rock Beachwood at like sticks and stuff, and then they get and then they get there and
they're like great we're just gonna, plant food and soften. It's gonna be amazing, but it turns out that it's hard to live on an island because they had to where they put that ok actually constant, fucking labour instead of the life of contemplation that DORA had envisioned so a year That is rather reappear, so they said there are like we want to be. The second agony, adamantine sure great so year and a half and finally, there eating is starting to come together door. Had tried to keep up with the doktor Ridder. I'm calling on doktor doctorate or cause he's like you, know Popeye and she's, like what I am ass right, but she's again, no tee in at Essen achieve an he keeps telling me how it's like mind over matter like my camp in oh, I can't be sick
he's. I can't imagine, he's a guy's gonna bring you like a little cold washcloth when you are just imagine a cold washcloth on your forehead. Why do you need a real one right? No coldwater here so condemn all the water is boiling high. There's no way you know he's not gonna baby, you ye, I know you're the way we all kind of need when we're sectors. We just want to monitor. What can I bring you he's like give? Any more to you like a pull out, do you did I leave one in there? I love to pull at least five Marty. There's gotta be something it's turns out that the doktor writers, man, splaining bullshit, had not cured DORA her and ass yet, which would flare up and make it hard for her to do any manual labor, unlike their points like indicator, they're pulling trees down and carrying the giant banana stocks and shit yeah, but that only made Doktor Ridder pissed off that she couldn't get it
together and ignore her Emma S, nor her fucking didn't Nietzsche. Her way out of Amelia all this dislike, when you pay bad boy friend to get away from your current friendship. Grew yeah sometimes happens you're like now. I just need to be with him all. The time is right of the people that you are spending to the life you have a like a mine was I going to let you know dancing in going to clubs and drinking Fuckin long island. I steal yeah sorry patented boyfriend like by now, I'm all about this guy now and it's like, but you didn't move to an island to San Francisco same thing: They actually air will. So you know exactly what doors painful, but how are your teeth in San Francisco alertly? There are fake their huge. I kick it occur. If now you shouldn't get over it, so NUTS Ladys, ok, ladys. Looking listen, so DORA in her writing complains,
doktor redder hissing. Frederick but its rhetoric. But I don't wanna Ino, say it wrong. You commons! It ran like it's the european spelling of Frederick yeah but has not read Redskin. Let's come Doktor Fred, ok, she's, like fuck doktor, Fred, he's dissatisfied with everything I do. He stern with her, even when she sick and he would write home, and he would only speak of her negatively in his letters life. She can't keep body blots expect she came to a fuckin island with you young and took her goddamn teeth out
She cares. I love the lesson it doesn't need to be in here, but she's like. I can't sign kindness in patients with Doktor Fred. So instead she because, like her borough, her donkey becomes like her best friend Nile as like video of her playing with this like sweet on he's like a dog and there like playing and dancing like. Oh my god, it's her baby. I think your baby, so Q own and then fuck in Doktor Frank, gets pissed off about how she loves animals like mad about it. Yet Exactly as I need you was big into animal bs right and then I wrote this, but this bitch shook her teeth out for him and he can't even baby her once in a while.
I wonder how long they were together before they left? Germany. Oh that's a great question. I was six months if it was a three way and if they were to gather and had left their spouses yet so they had never like spent than real night together like a week together, even a weekend, which is what used to happen to people all the time. Yeah super in love with this person, but you ve never spent the night with anxiety, exactly yeah, ok, ok, so they re letters documenting their lives on the island. They send they sent home and they send to a newspaper in Berlin. Hoop abolition of these letters and without them knowing it lay become fuckin like kind of famous eyes, the Robinson Crusoe up the Galapagos Islands. So they're like on the cover of newspapers, being like look at this like modern day, Adam and Eve, and there like living off the land and its paradise and like everyone's I got home credible. This is they're doing less elite in your well smiling in any piggy when they fight.
But their famous their fuckin pissed off about it and the press had Gran aggrandize their lives on the island and called them eccentrics and the law, the firs. It's like this. You know noble thing they're doing and not they don't right about proudly how bad they smell. Guess that dog, like other send over here. That argues like ie, so even a ship full of scientists from America knew ass, your documenting all the exotic animals throughout the galactic, stop by Floriano, just to see the quote modern day, Adam and Eve, so they were like we got add. This is a stop on our way. These, like famous fucking, this couple like a cruise ship, would go by its like their big yacht. Ok, you so they wrote, lay all the scientist got off the island and they all made friends, and you know it was a positive thing, even though Doktor Friday was like, but I don't want any more visitors but
and then he just like opened his lips. I don't want any more visitors anyway, glare de our teeth so three years and where life on the island, in the summer of nineteen thirty two fuckin schooner, arrives, carrying Heinz Whittemore and wife, Margaret his five months pregnant onto the island and Heinz son from previous marriage name Harry his a teenager, so his Harry's Harry, hadn't, fragile health and he had gotten sick reseca recently and they had been reading about the his adventures in the fucking tropics. So they were like fuck this, let's get out of here and bring our family and go live on this island. They were also german. They had sold all their possessions after reading about this, like we're gonna do this once it pull up on, the beach they were like, oh shit. This is not we fuckin guy. It would be They find a day
so let island with only one stream. No, Heinz and Margaret are added. Comparably. Very normal, like they're, a normal couple with normal wants, etc, and the doktor and DORA are like this is the most boring couple that could have come to this fact and I like we're not going to have the way or each other, as they pass teeth back worth. Yeah you're right there boring there, the boy lunatic so and when they saw doctor the doktor and DORA start fuckin blogging blowing about Nietzsche. The winners double what the father of these are: not normal people difficult, but an annex, and there are like we. What did we do? We should come here then Margaret also who simons private. She expected that this dude Doktor Fred would fucking doctor for with her pregnancy.
Do you like for free in an adapted and he's a dentist, a hundred percent sure he's a dentist. It said it and some others shit and some of the other as a donor, but its it is less. Mistake you could make where it is the council's doktor right. Could be a doctor and be a researcher. You can be a doctor and be like not just wrote. A super long paper does mean I know. Had I live in your day. Let's ship yeah so and in doktor front was like I don't wanna, be a fucking doktor anymore fuck. You normally anything coming to deliver a fucking baby, and then did is happy to normal if they just shut their whole life down and then we're like we're. Gonna go live with people from a magazine. Classic seems like they have this like fantasy of what it was gonna be like, and it was not like that at all course DORA immediately dislikes Margaret the pregnant women because she is I meant to be a housewife like it's
Just be a mother and a wife. That's all she wants yeah. So it's immediately like disdain for each other. So doktor friends, of course, tests to have these boring uninvited guess so he is like yeah. Let me show you where you can stay and like walks them for like an hour citizens, Cavan pirates, you select a goose like here's, your home goodbye, but unlike many of them they're fucking than for those set up such a dick, our guest, Cave Gauvain, three thousand than the way back they look like bats, become even pay attention. I'm sorry about it! but it turns out that the winners are good at island living and quickly. There little enclave is thriving o which of course, pisses Doktor Fred off, because that they didn't have the same. Experience will. You noted, as is that they had three sets a teeth:
and ass a kid island levy at an ash. You gotta golden lash, you gay everyone on an island. We ve always said that you and I went I that's. Basically, I can daggled nor this biogas of ok, so they're doing well at the k that doing great at the caves pisses doktor front off, but quickly they cannot fall into this understanding of lake. You know they're not best ease, but they they're doing? Ok at our neighbour, as you know, my own lumps are neighbours through and everything kind of settles down and everyone settles into this life pine great. Then,
a king Baroness, shows up the baron sucking bear that it is not my part. This is caring. Comes caring, comes in no joke. Writing a fucking down as a second donkey. Yes, oh hell, yeah earth. They let you out with a steel, the other minor as donks. I don't know which I tried to find this fucking happy dont like the friend donkey. So like the name of it, my couldn't find it was calm Clive, a guy club, added to that is that ok, she comes up with woman gets there. She is the baroness Ella Wheeze were born, do Wagner, Basquiat is hurting hell yeah, we're gonna cholera. The baroness though I do love than a is
she comes to this second island. I think she'd been reading about it as well in the newspapers and cause she's. Also german. She says she's from Vienna and she's like S white motherfuckers, I'm hoping a luxury hotel for american millionaires millionaires on this island. What's up I'm coming in on a donkey margarets. The first went to see her fucking pulls up. She's got a gun. Edge and she's flanked by two men there, both her lover see yes, my role of alive time. She looks like our here ego. Here's where I need your help. Ok, ok, Hueless yea, this my favorite story of all time. Tell me, I need you to tell me what she looks like, and I need you to tell me also if she kind of looks like me, she has my mouth. Ok, please stay teeth. I am. She has them straight out a galapagos So this is she, here. She is ok with her two lovers: sweet. I went to chew lovers.
Get going well, yes or no, she kind of looks like me. I feel like it's like a clear. Do all you know, She looks like Maggie John Hall, total area up. You are much much prettier than long this, lady, the Baron s down the baroness. She toilets ignite the I need no this year. This is my speciality. That's Magdalen how'd, you wanna see the toothless wonders. Yes, please wait. A second I'm just gonna say her lovers, look like I was gonna, say the blonde. When looks like Prince Charles, a young prince Charles now, you can do better than that. Will it's the ears you now that cause he's talents guinea, but You actually looks like James Cromwell, the actor James Cromwell Ella. Confident when they're like. Can you believe James Grandma was this hot when he was young, yet that aid whereby city? Definitely then this guy in the front? No one
like a maybe a steed Martin character like like from the jeweler. He totally Steve Martin phases like squint eyes, but also standardized good. Looking like a sea more in doing a character, a hunting isn't like we're curly wavy hair. Yet he is very twenties hair. It looks like yes, he puts a headband end to make it look like a hundred percent lonely find long. So I don't doubt that those two guys might not look over the affections of each other. I ran so I think we all slept in a bed together can only mean I think these guys kicked off pan sexuality la eighty years before us cool what here? So here's the thing: ok, here's here's! What did it Steve, Martin show me now, learn the guy who, as I said, the toothless April, wouldn't like. Oh, yes,. Yeah hasn't he kind of how can we kept firmly avant Aragon Zaire?
you think. Even one looks and they are guys deadlines. She's, a young Emma Thompson made. I think, there's something better there, but I can't they earlier is something better, but you know it is not actresses, look like this woman because she had her nose is kind of big So you don't get very many mainstream actresses that look like spending on land, mainstream accuracy is usually put in fake t after they are, but it had. I wouldn't go full dentures for a man. You know who he looks like- and maybe this is, why you're thinking I'm a Thomson, he looks like Kenneth Browner to that he used to be married to Emma Thomson. Member that I know the Miller. You know I don't know anyone Braun brought out here. He comes
Brian. Let's see oh yeah, I'm all right now guys I'm doing that when you pull the air for semi trucked on you she's, so and then the women look murders are just so boring that they don't even they're, not gonna. Like anyone. Ok, you know, yeah. You want to see them now, there's sure they're, just not they just like any, but like anybody, they look like nobody and anybody who combash mine, I'm in a picture. Those two people from the american Gothic painting one guy looks like an old are my guide. As that area has I'm psychic hug monetary value warned batch, ok, but the baron I just had to say guys: I've been drinking cold broke off and I have lost my my hearing came over. I'm not a water so like those who hold brooch and as a key poor, and I dont want to like make it for you, because I know holidays and she pours yourself somebody
Oh shit, oh shit, like she portal that much in her and I'm only had hive only not even half son yeah. This is the greatest experience in my life episode is to warn you about the dangers of Colebrook coffee. That's right, and I tell you when it my satis things that happen on IRAN. Yes, really quickly, you miss me sidebar! Not unless you ok, hundreds out, ok, states ale close by and they had a photo on the fucking listing of the a case that when and that you'd get you'd seen health class when a cop would come for like dare or like more on your drugs, yet Jesus that they opened up and showed you all the drugs they had a fucking, an art like a narcotics example case. Yes, and I lost my mind. I went
early in the morning, I'm like I'd Thursday morning before therapy. I was late to fair. If I didn't tell her why we have talked about my shopping addiction time. Everything sign is gone already. That's where I got you, the fucking pay numbers. I thing is amazed and clearly wish I'd taken. That price tag out so you didn't know, is to change those like I think, at this to care and but like through the week since you been gone, I've been like used to it liking. It knows I take it that you can have it when you came in and let gives guarantees you have here, then suddenly, it's missing from the wall in my house like wait. A second. I swear to God that was pointless arise with super worth at Bubu perpetrated at, but they also have like four hundred dollars on Ebay. I found out sense what paper? members painting no, not drunk suitcase online. Why someone who's dad was a dare counselor, go India,
basement. I promise you you're going to have one of those like there's something that causes that it says like Heroin outfit and it shows like the heroin shit. Enemy at all, is not a heroine out there and then someone on my answer groundwork. Don't you hate when you go to a party in someone's wearing the same him? I love that I want one anyway suited to the two lovers. Has her lovers, our raw Robert, Philip Sun, and rude off Laurens he's
blind eye she's. So the baroness is described as a flamboyant and ill tempered woman hell yes from Vienna care. She both couples are on the island. Are a fuckin scandalised, a shit by her and her lovers arrival. She is way before her time like feminist this foxes, brash abrasion. She dominates her lovers, who are, by all accounts terrified of her but clearly turned on by right when they say fuck an island with Harry. I know she's. Nice is definitely a narcissist shaggy. Yes, she even later convinces those scientists when they come back on their yacht too. Like visit the island again, she convinces the captain to make a silent film with starring. Her and she's a man hungry pirates pirate tourists pirate tests in in, movie. In there,
silent your movie, amazement you! It is in the fucking documentary or you can just watch online. Why does it take a silent notions ran like a mesh like you can her titty is like a mesh sure nips are out like, and apparently she walks Rum Island in Braun underground doesn't give a fuck tag with a fucking pistol and inkjet. Oh yes, sports are writing crop and an ivory handled pistol, pistol, which is fond of pointing at people who displease her no care and kilgour new names. What you're gonna be like an old woman. This is, I cannot wait to well. We don't like this part that ok sure like to shoot animals in the leg so that she can have the pleasure of nursing them back to how ill was faster, and she once stole a bureau, and I dont know if it's cleave climb levies at night. I don't know if it's guy, but she took a borrowed from the Doktor Freds house. Put it into the patio of the wit murders.
And Oh and then the Whittemore was like. I thought it was the inner wild and shot it so like she's during shit she's a kind of a true yes she's, trying to mix it up on that island. She has fine fucking with people of all the people that could land on that island. The baron s shows up will she's, like I'm gonna make a million bucks with this fucking I'll era, hotel of mine, amazing visa. This is a case of bright crop. Later Ok. She even chase vizors off the island. One time shot, one though she didn't kill him, don't worry of course pisses everyone else off and she continues to do so by the anytime, like people would become by passing ships and leave them gifts of like food and
to help them live. She would fuckin be like mine badge and then I go sailing through their boobs back and wore a guide common fight me for it actually an she would open their mail and so the outgoing mail she would rights or own version with her as the star. So like the shit that went to the fuckin newspapers would be like this, baroness, whose is hot fuckin. You know, lady in so she became like the start of the island. Has to everyone off. Was she D deserves it? Does she? Ok, yes, probably should change the wording of his letters and she became something of an international celebrity. The ashes and the public loved the scandals tales of her so like, like you, would come to see her and bring her gift censure Ipad. Yet the everyone else's like fuck that shit. They complain to the governor the Galapagos and he pays the visit to the island to be lying when we sort this out for
totally falls for the baroness bullshit. You horse, charming, Spock, yes, and he's like he. Grinned are four square miles of territory for her proposed hotel in Collude. Votes includes that stream that everyone shared o the winners and doktor Rigour and DORA only get fifty acres each. Is there not interesting I don't know, I think, dark your router and DORA pretty funny or doktor friend or a pretty interesting, but they took it in such a weird direction of removing their tea. I feel they are buying and their interests soaring, and they seem crazy, like enabling variant really interesting. Yes, it's like fake. The Nietzsche. Interesting is not truly interesting. Is that's not original you're just reading something in repeating other people's idea and then point each other's teeth and then, in addition to that, yeah, listen unpromising, nature wrong. I don't give a shit. I find it. I said Nietzsche hundred each eye, Nietzsche, listen, I've been go to college, look, don't care, look and listen, can't not interested
loop of our as a network of the email from Nietzsche himself. Bulgaria he's dead, carryin corrections, coronary notice for at TAT time exists, it is easy and governmental or not time is a flat circle. Is that's from true detective? No, it isn't. So now shit, hurts start sitting the fan in nineteen thirty. Three, the island is hit by a year along droughts, or course everyone's like up on their fuckin crazy, time. Ghana, sure that stream becomes very important. I would imagine that stream becomes a trickle of fuckin water who share. I saw the plants and should start to die. That's our food source, especially this fuckin Nietzsche, vegetarians over there. They they can eat borough me the winners, blame the duchess in her entourage for the drought, because the stream doktor Freds pass that so many people are on his fuckin island baron asses fucking, with both her lovers and pin them against each other. Her former
favorite the blonde. I rode off Laurens becomes like a slave and hustling build a hotel for them he's like a whipping boy to her and he has to do all the difficult labour did. I tell you that the hotels called the hacienda parodies. You know that's right. That's rads! Also at your house is called now that sure. That's what Europe He is so many donkeys avatar now, whereas now added that out- Ok, he and learn those barely fat enough to survive, and she let her lover beat him as well, so she's letting one lover beat the other one. While she starves him, he does all the work on her there's no way he wasn't into that somehow, like he's, that was I believe that research will definitely probably ok, so
and then there are rumours. So like me, your Whittemore unslackened doktor frat are both like hate, this woman, but there is rumours of them both making regular visits to her fuckin ding dong, nor let hey I just wanna come up and say I saw you
you're, booby smiling beach today, and I just want SAM a big fan and thank you so much and so then pay the wives or pissed or the women are mad about that too, I mean. Listen, I'm not going to be a maybe they're hooking up with her two. We don't know anything can happen, but you know when there's like, especially at this time a strong woman, that's like bossy and caught making waves yeah there is that as a scapegoat waiting to happen like DORA, goes there too, the seemingly to be subservient to this man that she is so excited to have offer her linked to herself like when I was that young and I would date older. Do they be like only want, is to be somewhere along with you and like for you never to look at another woman, again rate just pay attention to me yeah. You know so changed my teeth impossible. I did my deed ever you, mother fucker. Then you learn that you have to become the person that the other person is like all I wanna do is below with the ability for our that's right. So the indo, nothing or you both have that and then your me invents start dress, call that their best and cancel all your future appointment or fine,
so my come here. It's all silver tv, shared silver. Did you guys didn't do it? Please tell me you didn't do Elvis is turning into a bureau that remain Clive is correct. Jesus Clive Jesus clients at Lord piss out the baron Asperger. Ok, wait! So an lorens, this, the fucking whipping boy, is like one took over the liner, like you didn't, listen to my say for it or something I didn't get. The fuck out of Erin goes to the whip. Mercy first goes to doktor front and always like get. The fuck out of here and the like. No, no. We like the baroness, we'll be pissed at us, so he goes to this. The sweet Whittemore as we like they seem like a very sweet, normal family. She has her baby, children on the island like they surely just trying to be light, it really seems like getting away from it all. Let's get the young as Matic to get some fresh area stuff. I think they have really good intentions and they were boring. A normal and sick wanted to live this island like ok, so they did a lorens in and now
course peace, the baroness off, because then Lorenzo tells them that she isn't a fucking baroness at all. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know that she had actually been cabaret dancer in Constantinople during World WAR, one that might mean that used to be a symbol and now it's kind of a noble and it's like basically shit, yeah, ok and then I love her more now, she's insane element she had met and married in a french merchant. Together they move to Paris. I this is a little foggy. Lorenzo might have been the mid like the man who put the money up for them to open a boutique, in Paris or just met him. There are currently tell, but then the other whipping guy, the other Ones Phillips and gets here
but at the Baltic and then she's like what's up you're. My lovers yes- and there like- is this included in the minimum wage right, we're making yet turbine by March nineteen thirty four, the drought had already lasted for months and its two hundred and fucking twenty degrees in the shade. Oh yeah, now very hot, I M just stupid bucking cut in the he. I can't you with anything I can deal with much over eighty five, no eighty, seven la yet fine, then leave me alone and, of course all the food growing on the in the gardens die and a ship isn't showing off. Like usually there's a ship every month or two a ship- as I come from months, so there's no extra supplies and then one evening door here's that she's
axing, trying not to sweat tee thou. She hears a blood curdling scream of a woman in the forests two days later, Margaret and Lorenz show up to her house, and this is according to her liking story. So, MRS, according to DORA, the ok, this is what she says happens Lorenzo I grant so the fat boy and more normal, mainly in the normal way, are they show up and their acting all like fucking cagey, unlike rehearse than shit right, ok and there like hey get. You know, I guess what's so funny that Baroness showed up at our house and she was like our friends just showed up on a yacht, so Mean Phillips in the leg. Current fat boy were totally leading island to go to Tahiti for a bit see later like see, I wouldn't want to be oh, like they just left. Ok, he's left so divided.
Her stuff, where exactly oh and she said the baroness- was I keep an eye on my shit or donks. I may not be back go by and so Lorenzo Lorens is like well hate DORA drawn by the shit cause. I need to get money to get the fuck off this island. Now oh, even though, like maybe she'll come back or maybe she was right and or like we didn't see a fucking ship like you see a ship if it's coming, and yet we do not see a ship yeah Dora goes with them back to the Sand apparent easier: we do they actually build that place or build a play. They built a place, a Hudson things and one of them who look like science he showed up was like it was fucking discuss. This adaptation was terrible like it wasn't a hussy and apparent easier. Ok at all, now it's just the name in cash but so door.
Super suspicious, but she goes to the hussy end. I with them sees a bunch of her stuff is gone because Margaret took it said they like Margaret, has really nice beautiful and it's not like I tabled and shit and then door goes into the bedroom and likes Greek, has chosen her spine when she sees on the night sand. The baroness is prize. Sitting there on the night stand that she never fucking left the house without guess what it is her way Now Europe are even now. How do I get one more? It's not a weapon. It's about a tariff quota guide, all the tumor guesses. What book it as my book that like in
colleagues, you were like this is the book and like I know this, but this is everything it's not catch on the right, because it's too that's we're not written for awhile like Canada has no, it's usually colony, of the infinite Jeff. It's like it's, because I have no it's a picture during great, oh interesting and that was her prize. But I was a prize possession her good luck, charm. She carried with her everywhere. It's like such a college girl thing to do come down. You know it's such a fake baroness thing to do is actually in the camp is basically pillaged by the two families like they just take everything So shortly after Lorens is like I gotta get the fuck out of here, so he Hopson or like a Norwegian comes by from Santa Cruz. He hops
His boat and later the fuck out of their ok sees that there's gonna be a big, but on the other I lend so he is trying to get this fishermen to take him to that other island and the other and the fishermen's like war. No, because its private thirteen and I refuse to vote no, on Friday, the thirteenth Laurens offers him enough money that he's ok, while they mother fucking disappear, no yeah they disappear. Just both is gone and they're both gone everyone's gone wow. Let's not worry that him right now: ok, because maybe he killed the baroness than her lover, so I don T care what happens to him, not no, not necessarily, but it just. I love a mystery and the mystery to as like who actually the baroness The stewed are never seen or heard from again they don't show up into Hedy. There's no boat that may became came into Hedy like who who killed them. Yeah right. So personally, I think it sam
Mr Weber and Lorens, but Margaret knew what was going on or like shouted up at the she was in on it in on it, like ok. But who knows and also they have these trees there. This would there that you could burn and it would burn so hot that it would burn even bone. Well, yeah, ok, that's bad, so am I right so that happens and then like this is the fucking dismantling of ILO. This is when everything falls apart at this point. Clearly, then so doctor Fred. There, a pig and it's sick, and he can the peg, and then he feeds a pig to the chickens and the chickens all thy own, no, like less get rid of the chickens. Let's can the chicken cause if you boy the chicken long enough, it'll kill whatever the fuck the botulism, let's in there and then we'll be fine. We can either it's fine and even offer some of the witnesses and there like no thank you way, but they
but door eyes like none o. It's fine cooks, the chicken. My borough, Elvis's, being a very bad way. Ok Dodge cooks, a check an annual away their vegetarian, but all the plans had died, so they ve nothing really be eat me. They have to eat it. Yeah she cooks, a chicken. She feels it to herself and doktor friend and doktor front immediately become super sick botulism symptoms, early MIKE paralysis and difficulty, breathing I'll know hung it's all sworn in shit shit. DORA didn't go to get Margaret to help her until like he was very, very ill she's had it with him. He's a fucking had it with her she's, like ok you're really sick. I'm gonna get you help, but just
as a test you on a little more than just a tested out, and then she was looking meeting some two and then she does the thing where you like Britain to turn your because our near rotunda put it in your place. You drop behind your shoulder. She steadily behind a screen. Look I'm eating chicken to like that trick. Everyone's doing online with the dog blanket when they like do the blanket, may drop them Lincoln. The dogs like where the Iversen go. It's like lab with chicken watch those nuclear, maybe just like two fingers making a rabbit. Also, there's that lads easier, less named tracks so by the time Augur gets our. He can't even fucking speak he's dying, his illness progresses, it's getting worse and, worse a course indoors
She writes about it. She is like you know. We had this moment. He looked at me with his beautiful intensity and we and I read me cheetah ham, and he was like Mark that passage. That always remind me, you have me in all this, like romantic shit, Margarets like fuck that shit I get there, he can't fucking speak. He gets a pencil, asserts writing some shit, and its final moments in rights, a note to DORA it so man take. Are you ready for those houses like his last words? Ok, I Kirsty with my dying Brad Can you imagine a function The hope is really opens her mouth and shows her him. The lack of teeth. Failure to do you know I know laughing at people die it's terrible, but well, but this situation is not random violence. This is not some unplug. This is they
all chosen to put themselves in a situation that is insane yeah. It's like who do you think you are that you're gonna go to the Galapagos Islands and like we're happy normal life, I'm just so grateful that to live in the time where the internet came into existence where you we all know now the utter than to adjust it. Just all moved on Ireland, like Busby, will tell you the top ten places to go in the world and me you need a Latin, a number eleven doesn't matter or never go up those that's fifteen men, men, a mom the body of law. Oh so short the actor he curses her with his dying brick. Surely I think causes are with his dying breath the collie smelled terrible cause. It's fucking guns were arriving as I have already taken those deep out. He was all gone before she buried it. I'm sure she's took the stainless steel teeth are linked, is our main no mean the missing Norwegian, fishermen and Marines found it turns out like they must have
gotten into a storm and blown off course and landed on this other island called Martina, ok, there are photos Their mama side body is washed up on the fucking shore. Fuckin sweet blonde Katy was just like all they want to do is kill my fucking tormentor get out of here. I think that's all he wanted but the Lord says now. The Lord is like no an we're taking this fucking Anderson and innocent norwegian fishermen, who just was trying to somebody favour just needed. The money had like kids in a wife and shit. It's so creepy. It's like the boat is tiny little wooden schooner and their theirs fired on island. They had some food, but there was no water. They died of thirst, tone, no yeah, and shortly after Doktor, Fred is buried on the island. Dora layers, the fuck out of their guns back to Germany, so everyone else, you know, dies departs or you know whatever the fuck bales bales shit
happens to them. I can't tell what's true or not: ok, but you and then with a wet merged, leave to know a whit, Merce Fucking Stay fuller rash on that, because it turns out, there drag us, they are vampires and they have an. Thirdly, even at an end, so they have seven sets of lizards. Exactly they's lay still populate the island. Whittemore people, while they built a hotel in shit like just, she fucking wanted. Yes, and you know what that was a good idea. You know what we're taking it in running with it, Margaret Whittemore, the fucking matriarch. She passes away at age. Ninety five in the year two thousand and one on the Fuckin island wound she stuck to her story that the Baron s and our lover I had hoped to passing yacht, even though they were never ever seen again wow and that's the Fucking Galapagos affair. I
times are eternal. I'm glad I never saw. The document is that as friendly as a fresh, your work is the best exposure, since I am a document or a maker fits you, it's You just told me a series of lies: it couldn't have been crazier. Thou has long been an episode of drunk history. Is this region kissed or as it is in this? fully had drunk and cold Colbert coffee, his oh, my god I had always like seeing the photo, unlike known, that there was a slight crazy story, but there were so many names and I got confused and stopped pinioned.
Here too, the story so many times when I finally decided do like this is gonna, be great summing up my stories straight, his great fuckin story to Jersey, Ella people when you're on a party yakking- and you know- have you ever heard this stock someone's gonna break up and go back now and you're gonna tell them all the plays stories and showed us that so good also it is. That was a time where people a we shot on them a lot, but the oven, They think that was the end of it that adventuring internet, like I'm, gonna, go there and start all over whenever people really did do. For a long time, what's really cool, so that documentary is called the Galapagos affair. Satan came to Eden what you're like come down with. That turns out. That's what fuck, em doors puckers called gaining they actually like in they. It's really good at. It is really can they interview other families, members who did go to the Galapagos to live and make like life there. So you kind of understand what motive
people. Also it's it's cool kind of its call me that how's that story and net. It's their letters and shit. It's really good amazing ya. Secure soothing, Peterkin, Bertha Letter back Demi tat. Can we please get that on a balloon alumni Lara balloon at the grocery store? Can we please group please get, though with them. You know this path: heart necklaces lets us that's great greeting card anything are all on. Is some black his eye kersey with my dying browser that is high level storytelling. That was amazing here, What is your What are we gonna? Fucking hurry, the fucking hooray? Well, oh, I do want to say that this made me think of its where that I did this, because I want you to get your two quick points. Ok, because one is really fucking depressing. Ok, listen
I can not well ok, we all have to watch Nan at I haven't finished yet so I can't plug it, but we're getting Yes right. I cannot tell you how triggering this This thing, I'm about to fucking plug is ok. I don't watch it unless you have therapy plan the next day. I almost caught me peace in the middle of it down watch it alone and don't want you did you have a hiss? Ok, do watch it, though its key the tale its by day humanity, filmmaker, Jennifer Fox, it's one of the most insanely beautiful movies. I've seen. I know at this end and think about it yet stars, what's your face, is it a thousand janni know? Is it the other one? Yes, it's lorry MAC have no, Oh it's! You know she's, so good! You know what I'm Sarah Paulson seamen Laurie. Shit it's ours, Laura Darn
this woman, Jennifer Fox he's a documentary filmmaker, that's what she does and then she decided to make a movie about hurt her. Experiences, is thirteen year old, being basically groomed and sexually molested by someone she trusted and and as an adult suddenly realizing that the narrative she had in her head of it, which is that I had an affair with an older man, is not what she thought. It was yeah and it's so well at its really really triggering, and I normally wouldn't bring that but it's so well done and so important and hit me in so many fucking places of my own thirteen year old issues. It's really beautiful, but it is incredibly triggering I would say, watch it and pieces lad. Isn't it for a really important meaning? I hadn't heard about it before this, so I just wanted to. I really do want people to watch it. In its I mean It's really moving well yeah
doubling heard about it, but that there is. Also then gets bees comedy special men at the. When I hear about those that seem like it's a heavy subject or it's it's, you know, there's parts that are really hard to listen to your there's lots of crying when I you know sit down at night. These days? I he also stressed about the reality of the world that I am deaf. On two percent, an escape mode on I watch stuff. So I very wearily want to go into that heavy stuff, but I've had a couple people, especially about net, be like no. No, no. It's there. Important. Yet as I could, stay off the internet from one then watches important thing, their own power. You because it in all events was out of town, and I watch this thing alone and at thirteen years old, specifically, which is the same time period of this woman's life. I thought it was this in adults. I thought it.
Making decisions on my honour, I know made a very poor decisions of my life and then you come back and you have to do your head around them and understand them, but it's so beautifully done it kind of, Every single woman you know, will relate to it in some way amazing and its and Lord earnest. Just such a treasure, oh and then fuckin, Jason redder. Yet soon he's the best. I don't want to see him this way yeah. He plays a creepy character in it, but he I pair will you like? Had this pause filming to cry sure and all these other little things at your like? I don't want you and ready to be like the scale of him, but it's almost makes him better because he then talks about a neighbor S, important subjects up and it is important yet it especially if you're apparent to a young girl or both
It's important will end when I read that he played that part. I thought that such brilliant casting, because those are those wolf in Sheep's clothing daily under, seem like the kind of person that would do that nothing they're they're, the ones that can be like I'll drive, your kid home, no glass eel, I mean yeah, Ellen unseen plays the mothers of it's just. I burstin yeah I'm in a color Bernstein. Where do you live now? I just confidently say words like I don't care about. Is the theme of this shell confidently failing it's just a really really. I just We wanted to go hidden because it's such a hard subject matter and see how hard the watch, because it really is important, good and it didn't make me understand myself more good here, but it by tail. But if you have issues around at you be careful watching a right. You know. Ok, Claudia Array and also hashtag Big lava flow,
then putting me to sleep at night. What's that mean there's an instrument called it's just called epic lava underscore and some do two lives on Fuckin Hawaii randomly. This is what I meant you lately filming lava flows and it's the most relaxing thing you ve ever seen in your line when, nonetheless, lava bursts and lava flows, and it's just really cool, and I guess they had that they had them of major anti corruption. Where did you see those like the video of the lava that just coming down the street? It has a shared by close up of of that, but I know it's horrible, it's like people's houses are being ruined and shit, but it is as yet, but as a it's almost like a s earmarked for your eyeballs need the Africa. Can I guess this was very exciting on when I got home from vacation. I did have a bunch of stuff on my dvr that was waiting for me and I really
I probably have given this one before it is. It is a british procedural, but is the British pursue their season? I believe it season for of endeavour. And it is such a good british procedural- it takes place in the sixth like the late, sixty as it and believe it and oxford- and he is its you know later on. There was a very famous sear british areas called inspector Morse. So this is him as a young man how he started being a detective and the guy. I want to say Sean White, but that's this that I wasn't no border. Oh no ears evensong his neighbor Sean Evans and here's this british act.
And he's so good he's like this really smart guy detective that listens to opera and you're. Just like you know they aren't, you would have a crush on in college and it's just a really well put together beautifully shot show. So that was waiting on my dear and then there's the new season of Shetland, which is another. I believe that as the scottish procedural and it's the visuals talk about ass, a model for the eyes the I watch these shows- and I'm usually asleep, like twenty- maybe in because they take those long, panting shouts of land, Rover driving down lush, an empty road with them moors on either side or whenever the moss everywhere. So gorgeous and then, of course, the sing song, a beautiful accents of of our friends in the UK
I just had a and then I'll, just real re up on seedy strike, which is now the show I've already given. This is a fucking array, but it's now the show I wait for that comes on either on Friday, night or Sunday night, and I literally waiting around for it because I loved the lead actor. I loved Lily doctors and it's so well done. Seedy strike on all. The one that baby, Europe, the UK in stars I think it stars and it doesn't matter so I isn't about, of course, cinema sinks. Seven cinemas when I grew up with just the dirty chant Cinema will its new. So you know this: isn't your father's dirty dirty oil channel wrap your head around a yet so just a lot of good tv. I guess I so vacation did brain, have it and then of course vacation. I love the song by the Gaga Labour on it
extra listening. You guys guys this. This has been. This has been a real. This has been a doozy. This has been a clusterfuck of an episode, MRS Bend, my they were murder. They hope you didn't spit your tee thou. Second and please stay sexy and don't get murdered again. Elvis I want a cookie heard. A very good job
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